Buried in Barstow (2022) Movie Script

[siren wailing]
["the calling" by the rigs]
I see the clouds
they're rolling in
they hide the sun
but not my sin
the judas kiss
still on my lips
can't walk away
from where I've been
oh ohh
hear the calling
woah oh oh
hear the calling
walkin' on the water
darkness under my feet
gonna make the devil holler
my name is hazel king.
Sometimes I look back
on my past
and it feels like it belongs
to somebody else.
But then it all comes
flooding back.
And the girl I left behind
isn't really gone.
She's just buried with him.
And I know better than anyone..
...Nothing stays
buried forever.
what will it be?
What's in the tuna melt
besides tuna?
Why don't you have
garden burgers, hazel?
Because no one would
order them, rudy.
Why won't you go out with me,
Because you're broke
and unattractive, willy.
- Is the club sandwich on rye?
- Nope.
Well, I'd order the garden
burger if you had them.
- No, you wouldn't.
- You're right. I wouldn't.
I'm not unattractive
once you get to know me.
You're more unattractive
once you get to know you.
Ah, that's what my ex-wife said.
Who do you think
I heard it from?
What's the soup of the day?
Minestrone. Every day.
How can you call it
the soup of the day?
I don't. You do.
I call it the only soup
we've got.
How about garden meatloaf?
Why don't you have that?
Okay, you fellas have
been coming in here
two to three times a week
since I opened the place.
Every time it's the same thing.
Willy wants to know
why I won't go out with him
even though you know
you got a better chance
of banging carrie underwood.
And carl wants to analyze
the menu even though
you knows it hasn't changed
since the bush administration.
And rudy wants to know
why we don't serve healthy items
even though you know
you wouldn't order them
if you had to.
So, what'll it be?
- Tuna melt.
- Minestrone soup.
Bacon cheeseburger.
Fantastic. Javi.
What, diego hasn't
showed up yet?
No. Yo no soy dishwasher.
[speaking in foreign language]
- Anything else?
- No, I'm good. Thank you.
- Oh, stop. Get out of here.
- Thanks.
Mom, you can't afford
to keep comping the cops.
A little goodwill can
make the difference
between them showing up
in five minutes or five hours.
Is travis going to order
anything or is he just here
keeping an eye on you?
He's not like that.
Okay. Um, did you
check back on five?
Steak and eggs.
Moving like he's on death row.
Well, you got more tables.
Four's having coffee
and two's sharing a donut.
I need to ask you something.
- You do?
- Uh-hmm.
Can't wait to hear that.
Mom. I was wondering if I
could get that college money.
Oh, are you returning
to college?
Well, yeah. Someday. Maybe.
College money is for college.
That's why they call it
college money
not hand-it-over-to-your
vegas money.
I'm wasn't going to
give it to travis.
And what makes you think
he's a tweaker?
you're so evil.
We want to get a place together.
Over my dead worm-infested body.
I'm 19. We love each other.
Joy, his love
will get you beat up
or knocked up or dead broke
or all three.
You don't even know him.
He's a good person.
And he doesn't have insane
ideas about who I am
like I'm some sort of genius who
could make it through pre-med.
So, you're saying he swayed you
with low expectations?
Honey, come on, give yourself
some credit, okay?
You made it into a great school.
Will you stop always trying
to make me what you want?
You don't know me.
I don't even know who I am.
You're my daughter.
And who's my dad? Hmm.
Are you ever going to tell me?
'cause I've been trying to
figure it out on my own
but it must be some
sort of state secret.
Please keep your voice down.
Forget the money.
We'll figure it out.
Anything to get out of here.
My girls, too. At that age.
Always in a mood.
Why did you order 18 bucks
of food if you had no money?
- Another deadbeat.
- Knock it off.
Can't pay your check?
I'm so sorry, um..
Lose it all in vegas?
I lost it all. Not in vegas.
get that deputy back here.
- Come here.
- What?
Don't judge.
Unless you've lost everything,
you can't know what it's like.
He's robbing you
and you're nice to him.
Go help table seven.
you know, I mean, she's not,
she's not wrong to be angry.
Well, I've never been
a thief before.
I just haven't eaten
in a couple of days, so..
You got anything? A watch?
Pocket change?
No, nothing, nothing
that you would want, no.
Well, you're not
from around here.
No. La.
Did you come in off the bus?
Yeah. Bus.
What did you do in la?
Cardiothoracic surgeon.
[utensils clattering]
I'm not a dishwasher!
Can you wash dishes?
Job pays minimum,
free meals.
Your bathroom will be
the men's room in the diner.
There's a outdoor shower
behind the kitchen.
I promise not to peek.
I'll take it.
Thought you might.
- Hazel king.
- Elliot.
Elliot morgan.
- Stop!
- Hey, hey..
Ah, it gets colder here at night
more than you might expect.
I-I'll bring you
some extra blankets
and a towel and a bar of soap.
She doesn't get it.
I don't fit in at college
or anywhere around here.
The only place I fit in
is next to you.
You know somebody's gonna
take that place out
from under us if we don't
rent it quick.
That money is yours, joy.
You better come up
with a way to get it.
Come here.
Alright, I gotta go.
- Get outta here.
- See you soon.
See ya.
[car revving]
some homeless guy eats your food
and can't pay for it
so you give him a job
and a place to sleep.
Are you running a diner
or a shelter?
I don't think he's homeless,
baby. I think he's just lost.
He could be a serial killer
for all you know.
We probably won't
wake up tomorrow.
We can't keep going through
dishwashers like paper plates.
If I give him a place to sleep,
he's more likely to stay.
- I don't understand you.
- Oh, get in line.
You've known travis
for two years.
He's the man
that I want to marry
but you wouldn't piss on him
if he was on fire.
You've known this deadbeat
drifter a couple of hours
and answer his prayers.
I know people, joy. And
hopefully someday you will, too.
Leave those.
Give me your feet.
- Really? Oh, my god!
- Uh-hmm.
I was so hoping for this,
but I was too scared to ask.
- About my college money..
- Ah! Joy, not again--
I'm not asking
for you to give it to me.
But maybe I could borrow some?
- Nice try, but no.
- I'll pay it back.
[car screeches]
[horn honks]
I said no.
And I assume my continuing
to remind you
that travis will bring
nothing but misery
will only drive you
closer to him.
Hey, I need you at breakfast.
It's gonna be a busy day.
- Love you, too.
- Joy, 6:00 a.M!
[indistinct singing]
I tried.
Even said I'd pay her back.
She's hanging onto her fantasy
that I'm gonna be
the world's greatest doctor.
Maybe your family could--
I'm not taking anything
from them.
- They've got the money.
- Yeah.
And they'd make me pay for it
the rest of my life.
Okay, so..
If we got married right away
it could be mom's
wedding present.
[both laugh]
[car revving]
[speaking in foreign language]
but joy no love travis.
[speaking in foreign language]
a thing.
[speaking in foreign language]
did you just say when your
cousin dated a chicken?
He dressed it up.
Took it to restaurantes.
It was a thing.
What, like, a chicken?
- T-the bird?
- Si.
How is your cousin
dating a chicken
similar to joy dating travis?
It really pissed off his mama.
- Uh-hmm?
- Yeah.
A chicken?
[knock on door]
- you up?
- Yeah.
We're gonna need
all hands on deck.
Everybody's going in to
vegas for the fight.
Let's go.
I'll be right..
I'll have the club sandwich.
No, wait. Scratch that.
What kind of cheese
on that club sandwich?
Why don't you have soy cheese,
Because it tastes like
bubble wrap, rudy.
How would you feel about going
line dancing with me, hazel?
Like a torture victim, willy.
What's the soup of the day?
- Manhattan clam chowder.
- Really?
No. Minestrone. Every day.
Which we've been over.
With the fat-free beans?
Yeah, sure. Diet beans.
- Diet beans?
- Diet beans.
Hey, I'm getting
the hang of this.
We're falling behind out there.
Just go bus some tables,
You, you want me to finish?
Let it go. Go!
Now, go.
You're late.
We went to the races
in laughlin.
You could have called.
I'm not a child, mother.
No, you're an adult and adults
have consideration.
That's part of what
makes them adults.
Why are you hiding the
side of your face from me?
- I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
No, I'm not.
- That piece of shit.
- It was an accident.
Javier, you're in charge.
Mom, don't hurt him.
His family's dangerous.
[speaking in foreign language]
- que pasa?
- Su boyfriend.
[speaking in foreign language]
bad news.
[dramatic music]
[music continues]
'judge janice?
Total screamer.'
dude. She's like, eighty.
No, dude, screamer.
I can always tell.
Yeah, like hell you can.
[car revving]
hey, who's that?
Man, just keep your mouth shut.
I'll handle this.
Hey, travis.
Can I have a word?
I'm busy.
- Won't take long.
- What is it?
Can we talk in my car?
'why can't we talk right here?'
'cause I'd like to
speak in private.
Well, what you say to me,
you can say
to old conrad back there.
- Damn straight.
- Alright.
I came here to tell you that
you're a walking argument
for birth control and you don't
have the balls or the brains
that god gave a field mouse.
And if you ever go
near my daughter again
I will kill you and your
entire inbred family.
- Are you done?
- Not even warmed up.
Well, conrad here and me
was just wondering if
just by looking at a woman
you can tell if she's a screamer
a moaner, or she lies there
like she's dead.
'now, I'm of the opinion
that a-a fine looking cougar'
such as yourself has gotta be
a world champion moaner
even though I-I personally,
have never been
all up in your business
to find out.
'can't say I haven't thought
about that, hazel.'
so, what is it, cougar mama?
Are you a screamer? A moaner?
Or you dead?
what the hell?
- get up!
- You're dead!
- Get up.
- Bite me, bitch.
don't hurt. Alright, alright!
Get up.
You broke my nose, you bitch.
- Yeah, I'm just getting st--
- I'm calling the cops!
And that will be the last thing
you ever do.
- Turn.
- Oh..
- Oh, my god!
- Don't move!
Hazel, please just let me go.
- Get in the car.
- What? No, no way.
Get in the car or I will
shoot you in the face.
No, my nose.
'wait. Hazel, hazel,
I didn't mean to.'
[dramatic music]
now, be still.
Come on, sunshine.
there you go.
You're alright.
There you go.
What is that?
[travis whimpers]
yeah. I know.
I know, I know what
you must be thinking.
What a bizzare coindence
that a grave dug to the
exact dimensions of my body
is out here in the
middle of the desert
where nobody will ever find me.
no coincidence.
[travis grunts]
I dug this hole
the first day we met.
Because I knew this day
would happen.
I knew you would hurt
my daughter
and I knew that I would
then have to kill you.
you know, people think it's easy
digging a grave in the desert
but I'm here to tell you
that's bullshit.
This took me two days.
There's nothing that
a mother wouldn't do
to protect her child from harm.
And you...Are harm.
seems like a, a shame to waste
such a hard dug grave
on your bitch ass, but..
...I can't have two days
digging for naught.
So, here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna find out..
...If you're a screamer
a moaner...Or dead.
Argh! Please! Please!
Wrong answer.
It was an accident. I swear!
Please, please, please,
you don't want to do this.
The hell I do.
[door shuts]
'that's right, baby girl.
We're free.'
'we're finally free.'
[mellow music]
[instrumental music]
- tu mama?
- Si.
I'll help you find your familia.
[music continues]
I want to know
what happened, mom.
Travis and I exercised
a robust exchange of ideas.
And he's leaving
the state immediately
and will never go
near you again.
No way.
Struck me as firmly swayed.
give me the keys to the bronco.
No. You're working.
Or you're supposed to be.
I have to find travis.
No, you have to bus your tables.
Mom, what happened?
Travis said that he thought
it would be best
if he left california entirely.
You know who his family is,
They're criminals, like,
violent criminals.
So be happy they're
not your in-laws now.
They're gonna want payback.
Joy, I am not afraid
of these people.
And I'm gonna do whatever
I have to do to protect you.
Then I'm going someplace
where you can't protect me.
- That's your prerogative.
- Yeah.
- You're damn right it is.
- Language. Volume.
did you even think
for a microsecond
how kicking travis out of the
state would make me feel?
I don't want that.
- What is our mantra?
- Ouch.
Say it.
"he raises a hand,
I raise a fist.
He raises a fist,
I raise a gun."
words to live by, baby.
Yeah. You get the gold star
for parenting.
Joy, it's my job to teach you
how this world really is.
Like your mom did?
My childhood is my childhood
which will never be
your childhood.
I love travis.
You don't know jack squat
about love.
That's funny coming from you.
Knowing that you've never loved
anyone in your entire life.
I love you, joy,
more than you'll ever know.
That's not what I mean
and you know it.
Everything good here?
You know that guy?
Nope. No, I don't.
It's my hobby.
I, I love old diners.
Can I get you anything else?
No. Just the coffee. Thanks.
[dramatic music]
[horn blaring]
- You alright?
- Yeah.
Fresh air...Bad dream.
- You wanna talk about it?
- No. Not really.
'hang on a sec.'
...Joy seems to think that
you're some homeless killer.
well, we all have our secrets.
Yeah, well, if yours come
knocking on my diner door
like that guy taking pictures--
hey, I told you,
I don't know him.
Make you a deal..
...You tell me your secrets..
...I'll tell you mine.
Oh, that's a deal
you don't want to make.
Look, I worked my ass off
to build this place.
I can't have trouble.
You are not gonna get it.
Not from me.
- Okay.
- Goodnight.
[dramatic music]
[car engine cranking]
[dramatic music]
[music continues]
who are you, what were you doing
in my diner this morning?
Freelance reporter,
taking pictures
of your dishwasher, lady.
- Why?
- He killed his girlfriend.
Check the computer.
'drunk driving accident
in la, 2016.'
he did four years
for manslaughter.
Well, how is this news now?
Because before he crashed
that car...Your dishwasher..
...Was a famous heart surgeon.
if I catch you in my diner again
I'll use your nuts for chilli.
[speaking in foreign language]
- hang on, javier. Hold on.
- Rapidisimo. Gracias.
Hey, the other day,
you had a girl in your van.
- Who's that?
- Que?
The girl in your van?
[speaking in foreign language]
- my cousin. She's shy.
- Bring her in next time.
You want to keep having this
conversation or help me cook?
got dishes.
I'll have the patty melt.
No, wait. Scratch that. That.
How big is the patty
in the patty melt?
- Quarter pound. Butter.
- Cooked in vegetable oil?
I'm going to the drag races
this Saturday.
That sounds life changing.
Haze, could you do a kale salad?
Can you do an irish jig?
What's the soup of the day?
What I'm really thinking
is how I can ever get you
to go out with me.
I'm not yanking your chain,
hazie. I'm serious.
You might be surprised
how good we get along.
I'm not talking permanent,
just...Company now and then.
Get a dog, willy.
She didn't say no.
[joy sniffling]
He knew it was wrong, you know.
Right away, he apologized.
Yeah, they do that.
Doesn't mean it won't
happen again.
Mom, he's good.
He's so good.
You'd know if you'd just
let yourself see it.
I'm sorry, baby,
but good doesn't do that
to somebody they love.
I gotta get out of here.
Yeah, okay, you can clock out.
I wish I could clock out
of my life.
hey, don't talk like that.
Joy. Joy.
leave me alone.
[dramatic music]
[softly gasps]
- phil.
- Well, hello, hazel.
Long time.
I'd say about 20 years.
How you been?
- Surviving.
- Von's out.
One of the counts got reversed.
Okay, when?
Tomorrow night, 9:00 p.M.,
same place.
- I'll be there.
- Oh, I know you will.
Oh, isn't that joy, huh?
She's a beautiful young lady.
You did real good there.
See you soon.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Did you eat?
- Yes.
Javier left some fried chicken
for me. It was very good.
Very good.
Yeah, he's the best.
Is joy still upset?
For now.
Wel, it's hard to let go
of someone you love.
Speaking from personal
What are you guys talking about?
I'll let you ladies
have your evening.
- Goodnight. Goodnight, joy.
- Night.
Feeling a little better?
Trying not to feel
anything at all.
Okay, let's get
something straight.
I'm allowing you to sulk.
Allowing me?
I don't need your permission.
Joy, you've had a shock.
But what's happened
has happened.
And the best way to get over it
is to plan for a better future.
Because trust me, little girl
I want you to get out of this
town even more than you do.
Oh, after keeping me in
a cage my entire life?
Yes, I made you study.
You made me the weird girl
that nobody wanted to talk to.
- Except for travis.
- Oh, god!
Well, I'm not going anywhere
until I figure out
what happened to travis.
Poof! He disappears!
And he just leaves his truck
and his business?
And he doesn't call me, or his
family, or any of his friends?
You know, the only possibility
that makes sense..
Is what, joy? What?
Did you hurt him?
You don't actually believe that
I can hurt someone, do you?
And for the record, I would
do whatever I needed to
to protect you, but I give you
my word, when I left travis
he was very much alive
and leaving california.
- I believe you.
- Thank you.
And I don't believe you.
I think he might be dead, mom.
Baby, he's not worth this.
Joy? W-where are you going?
'joy? Joy?'
[upbeat music]
[people cheering]
put it all on the line
put it all on the line
[cheering continues]
they see me..
- hey.
- Thanks for texting me.
I needed to get out.
- What happened to your eye?
- I fell.
If you say so.
So have you talked
to his family yet?
They hate me.
Racist douchebags.
I wonder if they'll make
a missing persons report.
They don't want the cops getting
involved with their shit.
Travis's dad is doing time.
So? They've all got records.
Well, we were gonna
break away from all that.
You know, get our own place,
make a new start..
God, I-I can't stop obsessing.
this is it, right here.
get in on this. Yeah.
[siren rings]
oh, shit.
Cops, let's go! Let's go!
Oh, shit!
Hey, joy.
Let's go.
I'm here to take you home.
Let's go.
[fire crackling]
[car rumbling]
- I owe you one, luis.
- Oh, don't mention it.
That was the most excitement
I've seen on a night
tour since, um..
Well, long time.
Uh, griddle's gonna be ready in
about 30 if you want breakfast.
Actually, my partner and I
really need to get back.
You know, paperwork.
Plus, my wife will have
breakfast waiting for me, so.
Thanks again.
[keys rattling]
[speaking in foreign language]
[speaking in foreign language]
where's yours?
I-I have no time.
I have to casa.
I'll see you tomorrow,
I have to go casa.
- Okay, adios.
- 'hey, see you, javier.'
[elliot sighs]
hey, boss.
Mind if I join you?
Yeah, sure.
so it's a hell of a day
today to be on our
on the floor all by yourself.
Are you okay?
No, actually, I could
use a quadruple bypass.
Do you know of
any good heart surgeons?
I've been googled.
You know that guy that was
here the other day?
The one taking pictures?
The one you said
you didn't know?
He's a reporter.
And h-how do you know that?
I paid him a visit.
What do you mean
you paid him a visit?
You do know him.
[dramatic music]
Yeah, his father
was a patient of mine
and he died on my table and..
...Walter blamed me for it.
Like a dog and a bone
he just keeps draggin' my name
through the mud and..
well, you know, eventually
I'm going to get my medical
license reinstated.
The medical board is gonna
have a issue with this so..
Well, I had a conversation
with him.
I might have persuaded him
not to run it.
[music continues]
you know the thing
he never got right is
that they, they painted me
as this rash, arrogant..
...Vain surgeon
with a shiny career.
A fancy car, a beautiful fiance,
but what they never get right..
When I asked her
to marry me, she said yes.
Her love, it changed my life.
And I was so happy.
And then in an instant,
I just...Boom.
I lost everything.
[music continues]
[clears throat]
I'm sorry, hazel.
It's, I didn't mean to
just take it out..
Dark road of my life,
so thank you for listening.
- It's like doing me a favor.
- Sure.
I could actually use
a favor myself.
Yeah. Anything.
I have to go to vegas tonight.
For fun times?
I'm from there.
It's never fun.
- Uh, joy..
- Yeah.
If she does anything
or if anybody shows up that
you think I need to know about,
will you please reach out?
Yeah. Absolutely.
I should be back by breakfast.
Are you sure?
You don't sound sure.
I'm sure.
I can never get out
of vegas fast enough.
[music continues]
[instrumental music]
[doorbell buzzing]
heard you were coming,
but I didn't believe it.
last time I saw you,
you were in high school.
You were a lot smaller.
Yeah. I believe I was, yeah.
Uh, arms out for me. Thanks.
I told my baby sugar..
right on time as always.
Well, well, well.
My little girl hazel.
Welcome home.
It warms my heart like
a microwave to see you.
It's poppin' corn right now.
Congratulations on your release.
Who knew the world had
little luck left in it? Sit.
- You want a drink?
- Uh, no, thanks.
No, no, no, no. You want
some of my good bourbon.
To celebrate our reunion.
Did I ever tell you
where I found
this little gemstone, phil?
Remind me.
Squatting in an alley downtown.
Hooked on smack.
'servicing salesman
behind the el cortez'
for ten bucks a pop.
What were you, 16?
But I saw something in her,
same as now, no fear.
A pure predator.
So I brought her home,
cleaned her up.
Trained her for what
she was born to do.
Man, did she prove me right.
Hey, phil, where's
the burbon, huh?
My girl.
All those years...
You never came to visit me?
Couldn't stand
seeing you in a cage.
- thanks for caring.
- What do you want, von?
Our work continues.
Perry gamble is in town.
I need him...Met.
[instrumental music]
you must know a dozen
other contractors--
I've never known a
contracting artist like you.
And there's no one else
who can get closer to perry.
I'm retired.
I'm...Rusty as hell.
I got a bad back, bum feet.
Advance up front, per usual.
I can't do it.
I'm sorry. I, I know
I owe you big time.
But I-I-I can't do it.
I won't.
You're worried about joy.
'a mother's instinct.'
'her boyfriend's disappeared,
'...Emotionally unstable.'
'god forbid she does
anything reckless.'
that would be a tragedy.
[music continues]
I can never say no to you.
Perry's got a suite at the ibis,
he's only in town a few nights
so you have to move fast.
I don't have to tell you
there's no room for failure.
And when have I ever failed you?
Good girl.
No. If I was that,
I'd be no use to you.
[upbeat music]
mr. Chen? Perry gamble.
Thank you for coming.
'uh, let's talk
in my suite, alright?'
[indistinct chatter]
[music continues]
[tap water running]
[door shuts]
[dramatic music]
Turn those off.
thought you were a burglar.
It's the only place
where there's no drama.
Join me?
[instrumental music]
so...You made it home.
Safe, sound.
Fun times.
Have some.
It's, uh, good stuff.
[exhales deeply]
That is the first alcohol
I've had since the accident.
Oh, god. I'm so sorry.
No. No. I, um..
I've wanted to experience
as much...Guilt and grief
and self-loathing as possible
without anything
to take the edge off. See, I'm
some sort of a-a champion
at numbing my feelings.
In med school, it was lithium.
No shit.
For depression and anxiety.
I was a heroin addict.
- Jesus. When?
- 'uh-huh.'
fourteen, fifteen.
No shit.
I just wanted to escape.
Felt trapped.
Story of my life, really.
Always wanting to escape,
but just ending up trapped.
I guess that's sort of
what joy is feeling, huh.
Well, that..
...Is a feeling that I
do not want her to have.
that feeling can make a girl
do horrible things.
Like what, hazel?
Well, let's just say that
I've...Secured the
presidential suite in hell.
Actually, I would say
that the only good thing
I've ever done is raise joy.
You got sober.
How, how'd you do that?
A benevolent master.
Only that ended up
being a trap, too.
There was a time that,
that I felt free
where I was raising joy, and
starting the business, and..
...And the monsters were the
ones that were locked up.
And you, how do you feel now?
It's okay, you know, the secrets
you tell in the dark..
...They don't count
in the daylight.
[elliot clears throat]
goodnight, hazel.
I knew you were in here.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[shower water running]
oh, I forgot.
- I gotta grab this. Alright.
- Okay.
[clears throat]
You promised not to peek.
That was before last night.
How'd you sleep?
- Not long enough.
- Yeah.
Yeah, me neither.
- Last night--
- was awesome.
Yes, it was.
Umm...It was a first for me.
First time havin'
sex in your diner
or first time havin' sex
with one of your dishwashers?
One of those.
How about you let me blow
my first paycheck...On you.
Take you out, proper dinner?
Um, I can't. I have
to go to vegas again.
Okay, well,
another night, then.
Yeah, yeah, we'll see.
- Mom.
- What?
- Customers are coming in.
- Okay.
I'm gonna..
I-I'll see you in a second.
[upbeat music]
oh baby
...Then the girl puts
the silkiest piece
of otoro on my tongue.
I swear to god, the best
I had in my life.
- Whoa!
- Watch it.
Oh, my god.
- Hazel?
- Perry gamble.
Damn, woman.
What's it been?
A dog's age.
Still fine. Still mine?
You held up
pretty fine yourself.
Girl, we gotta hang.
I-I-I got a suite upstairs.
A-a view of the strip..
Um, no, I, I can't.
I'm-I'm waiting for everyone.
It's, it's girls night out.
Nah, we got us some
serious catching up to do.
[music continues]
Okay. Yeah, yeah, we do.
Yeah, we do.
- Come on.
- Okay.
[hazel giggles]
- damn, you look good.
- Thank you.
And then when you karate chopped
that kid in the throat.
You're not supposed
to remember that.
You know what? Enough with..
How is business?
Umm, a whole new world.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I'm almost completely legit.
You? Legitimate?
- It's true.
- Really?
On the inside, I developed
relationships with people
who know people who have cash
they need to park somewhere.
Substantial cash.
So...You're washing money?
Investing money.
Vegas is growing again.
Stadiums, tech hubs,
arts complexes.
[dramatic music]
'growth needs cash.'
and that's where I come in.
I am sort of a...Matchmaker.
Sounds legit.
you and me.
Runnin' and gunnin'.
Best times of my life.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Why did you leave?
That night. Our last night.
All those years ago.
You just took off.
And I never heard
from you again.
Until tonight.
I just had to change things.
Yeah, I guess I can
relate to that.
But still..
...We shared a lot, you and me.
Yeah. You can say that again.
I've never had anything
like that since.
Me neither.
Then why did you leave?
I mean, really?
Perry, I knew if I stayed,
I wouldn't live to see 30.
I loved you, hazel.
I loved you too.
Ever since then I've
been trying to find
that kind of connection again
but I never have.
Me neither.
[instrumental music]
to us.
To us.
[knock on door]
I'm busy!
[knock on door]
I'm sorry. If he-if he
knocks a second time--
yeah, go.
Sorry, boss. Mr. Chen,
he wants you to join him.
'and he's insisting.'
uh, tell him I'll be
right there.
Um, my, uh, biggest
chinese investor--
it's, it's fine.
Go, do what you need to do.
Not gonna run away?
No. I'll be here.
[music continues]
I'll be back.
'let's go.'
[mellow music]
[music continues]
[phone chimes]
how's the storage shed, elliot?
It's comfy, joy. Thanks.
Bet that's not the worst place
you ever slept.
You'd win that bet.
'what's at the bottom
of elliot's list of crash pads?'
mom, did you know
that he's been to prison?
Yes. Can we drop it, please?
What crime?
vehicular manslaughter.
Told you he could have
killed someone.
It was an accident.
A drunken accident?
Yes, joy.
[metal clanking]
I was drunk at the time
of the accident
and at the death
of my then fiancee.
...I'm sorry that that happened.
I was a husky.
U dub. I went there.
- Really?
- Med school.
Elliot was a
cardiothoracic surgeon in la.
Prior to
aforementioned accident.
Our dishwasher is
a heart surgeon?
Bet you didn't see
that coming, did ya?
'joy was pre-med at u dub.'
for the eight months
that she was there.
What happened?
Why'd you leave?
College is a joke.
- College is a racket.
- Exactly!
Well, see, what you gotta do
is you gotta figure out
that they're playing you,
and then you have to play them.
Now, if you want, I can
teach you how to game
the entire pre-med curriculum
'cause once you learn that..
...Then college is a breeze.
What made you want
to be a doctor?
um, I've always been broken.
And I thought that if
I could fix other people
that I might be
able to fix myself.
[mellow music]
did that ever work?
For fleeting moments.
I guess it did.
What about you?
Why do you wanna be a doctor?
I want my life to matter.
What matters more
than saving lives?
[elliot chuckles]
that's right.
When you're right, you're right.
[music continues]
[upbeat music]
hey, phil, you remember me
telling you about a punk
on the inside,
begged me for protection?
Remind me.
He was so scared he'd vomit
just thinking about the showers.
- Then he came to me.
- You gave the word.
- Nobody touched him.
- Not a finger.
What do you think would've
happened without my protection?
[dramatic music]
nothing good.
Right. Nothing good.
All that stuff
could still happen.
And worse.
I saved her goddamn life.
She would've died
in that alley if not for me.
And now, when I need her
and what, she's goes straight?
I put you in there
for a reason.
- My reason. You understand?
- I understand.
I can't control her.
You-you have to understand that.
Don't you tell me
what I have to understand.
- All I can do is--
- just shut up!
Time's running out.
I need to know everything
she does before she does it.
- You will.
- Get him out of here, phil.
[instrumental music]
can I ask about something
you don't like to talk about?
Are you in money trouble?
- What makes you ask?
- These trips to vegas.
No, uh, honey,
that's just business.
What kind of business?
Old business.
It's nothing to worry about.
You know, I do worry.
Even though I'll hate you
until the day I die.
And I was thinking..
...If you need
the college money--
what, no. I don't..
It's-it's just an old debt
that I gotta pay back.
- That's all.
- Thought so.
It was either money
or a new man. And must be money.
Seeing how you and elliot are
such happy little bang buddies.
Young lady..
Don't even.
It's so obvious.
Well, for one thing
you can't keep
your eyes off his ass.
- It is a great ass.
- It is.
- Joy.
- It is.
but it's not like you
to mix work with pleasure.
That can get messy.
And you hate clutter.
'it's not messy yet.'
have you given
any thought to
what he said about
you going back to school?
Well, it's not like there's
anything keeping me here.
So, is that a yes?
Don't get your hopes up.
I just haven't ruled it out yet.
- I'll see you in there.
- See you.
it's too late
I'm sorry..
he made his mole today.
Oh, then you know
what I'm having.
Hey, hazel, how many
people coming through here
every day would you
say you know personally?
Well, probably half,
maybe a little more. Why?
We're getting multiple reports
of young girls gone missing.
You know, coyotes bringin'
them over to join their families
in the area,
and the girls never showin' up.
- What do think's going on?
- I don't know.
Could be a lot of things.
None of them good.
Yeah, hang on. Javier!
[speaking in foreign language]
...Missing girls?
It's very sad.
[speaking in foreign language]
they need to be protected.
If you see anything suspicious--
I've got your number.
thanks for waiting.
Something to drink?
well, lunch just got
a whole lot prettier, joy.
You were here the other day.
You know my mom.
We go way back.
- Way back to what?
- I got this.
- Four needs a check.
- Introduce me to your friend.
And two needs to be cleared.
- Nice meeting you.
- Yeah.
I assume you have
a message for me.
Von wants me
to remind you that
perry leaves town
tomorrow morning.
Well, you can remind him that
I've never failed to do a job.
He'll be glad to hear that.
Joy seems to be
doing a lot better.
Joy is none of your business.
Oh, well, you see
that's where you're wrong.
Joy is very much my business
until the job gets done.
Clock's ticking, hazel.
[dramatic music]
hey, joy.
This is for you.
Nice to meet you.
What did that guy want?
Nothing. Just some jerk
from high school.
- Hey. Can I help?
- What? What do you want?
- Can I help?
- No. You can't.
Alright. Do you wanna
talk about it?
No, I don't.
just need to think.
I just need to think.
I'm not your enemy,
you know that, right?
Well, I don't know
that you're my friend.
In fact,
I don't know you at all.
Well, actually, you know
a lot more about me
than I know about you.
Well, I can't help that.
I'm not as notorious.
Whatever that guy said to you
inside, don't take it out on me.
I warned you
I'm not always so nice.
Yeah, well, you weren't kidding.
- You wanna know about me?
- Yeah.
I am cold. I am calculating.
I never drop a grudge.
And I always have an exit plan.
And everything that
I care about is in there.
Joy. Javier. The people
that I see everyday.
This place that I made here.
And I have to protect
the people that I love.
- Okay.
- Okay!
[instrumental music]
I have to go to vegas.
- Again?
- Yes, again.
And with..
...Any luck,
it'll be the last time.
- look at me.
- Hmm?
Hazel, look at me.
- Look at me.
- What?
I'm not goin' anywhere.
I'm right here.
[instrumental music]
it'll be okay.
'where you going?'
[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[knock on door]
Can't sleep?
You look, you look hot.
Uh, I can't.
I have to leave now.
This late?
Why are you goin' now?
Well, the guy that I work for
sometimes keeps odd hours. So..
Listen, joy's really
thinkin' about
going back to school
and, and I wanted to
thank you for that.
Don't go.
Don't go.
[instrumental music]
whatever you
think you have to do..
...Don't! Don't do that.
I-I can't. I don't,
I don't have a choice. Um..
And this, this is,
it's very sweet
but it's not happening again.
It's good.
And it's messy.
And I can't have clutter.
You're the boss.
[instrumental music]
hey. Yup.
She's on the way.
[instrumental music]
[gun cocks]
[music continues]
- bellman brought this up.
- Ah, okay. Alright, thanks.
- You can't stop me! Get away.
- Ma'am. Ma'am.
(male #1)
'but boss doesn't
want to be disturbed.'
I'm his wife.
- Think you could surprise me?
- Who snitched?
Nobody can keep
secrets from the boss.
You really set this up for me?
Baby. Baby. Baby, baby.
It's all for you.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
he said he wanted to see me.
- Alright. You know the drill.
- Yeah.
What the hell hazel?
Hazel, really?
help me get a bourbon, philly.
It's hazel.
- Check it out.
- I got it.
[intense music]
[music continues]
[gun cocks]
[instrumental music]
hazel, what are you doing?
[music continues]
come on, honey.
We can work this out, huh?
After all we've been through,
it can't come down to this.
[music continues]
you're my girl, right?
I'm finally gonna be
free of you.
We're a good team.
A great team.
Don't let your..
Don't let your emotions
take you down the wrong path.
This is the right path.
It's the only path.
You need me, hazel.
You'd be dead a long time ago
without me.
And I'm the only one
that's gonna be there
when you slide back
into the shit.
And you know you will.
You think joy's
gonna stick around?
- Or elliot?
- You think this is funny?
Elliot works for me.
If you don't believe me,
you can ask him.
I own him like I own you.
You don't own me.
this is for mom.
And this is for joy.
And this is for me.
I saved your life.
The only good thing that
came out of what you made me
is that I can do this
and still live with myself.
[instrumental music]
[horn honking]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
hey. Morning.
[speaking in foreign language]
javier, how much
do I have to pay you
before you get a new van?
That one runs bien.
How long you've been
working for me?
Sixteen, no, seventeen years.
- Yeah.
- Since my youngest was five.
Since joy was two.
I'm gonna buy you
a new set of tires.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Yeah.
- For your loyalty.
- You don't have to.
[speaking in foreign language]
after all, if we don't have
loyalty, then what do we have?
[instrumental music]
honey, you don't have
to do breakfast. I got it.
Oh, that's okay.
You had a long night
and everything.
- How did it go?
- Good.
- What about that debt?
- Paid in full.
- Get any sleep?
- No.
Will you ever tell me
about it someday?
- No, you won't.
- No.
- I love you, baby.
- I love you too, mom.
(male #2)
- Hey, mom.
- What? Yeah.
- Can I borrow the broncho?
- Now?
Some friends want me
to come over.
I won't be long.
What about break..
I'll have the denver omelet.
No, wait. Scratch that.
Now, on the denver omelet
can I substitute the
ham for wheat germ?
If you hate yourself.
How'd you like to go to
a john denver concert
with me, hazel?
- I'd like that, willy.
- Really?
- Because john denver's dead.
- Oh. Right.
Was the denver omelet
invented in denver?
- Phoenix.
- Get outta here.
Uh-huh, in 1862, union general
wade jefferson denver
created the, "denver omelet"
in phoenix, arizona.
- Well, I'll be damned.
- I made that up.
Why would you do that?
To spice up the day.
I don't know.
How about
a kenny rogers concert?
Also dead.
Of course.
What's wrong with me?
Can you do an egg
white omelet, hazel?
I could, rudy,
but I choose not to.
- Toby keith's alive.
- His music sucks.
I don't even know
what I want.
- Me, neither.
- Me, neither.
For the first time ever,
we're going to introduce
breakfast roulette!
That's where I choose
your meal at random
and you accept the result
without complaint.
Willy. Sausage scramble.
Rudy. Blueberry pancakes.
Last but not least, carl.
Bacon and egg sandwich.
No substitutions.
That'll work.
Sure, yeah.
Sounds good.
- Where's javier?
- He went out back a while ago.
You and I are gonna need
to talk at some point today.
[instrumental music]
jav. Javie.
Are you okay?
get the girl.
hazel! Hey!
Okay. That's okay.
You're okay. You're okay.
Alright. Okay, I got you.
You're gonna have to
trust me. Okay?
No, no, no.
Okay. Yeah.
You're gonna have to trust me.
Put pressure here.
I'm gonna put pressure here.
I got you. I got you.
Alright? Stay with me.
Right here, look at me.
Yeah. Look at me.
Look at me.
hear the calling