Burning (2018) Movie Script

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85 customers
not here
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Is there a girlfriend?
What should I do? This is a ladies' watch.
It looks like Im looking for a girlfriend
Li Zhongxiu
Lottery at this time
Can't you remember me?
When we were kids, we were neighbors
Pakju City Carbon County Wanwanli
It's me, Shen Haimei
I have a facelift
Is it beautiful?
Are you free to chat?
I will rest later
Are you in military service?
anything else
What else
Also graduated
Now working part-time in the market
Actually there is other work
doing what
Is it convenient to say
What do you write?
That's the writer
Not quite a writer
Just trying to become an official writer
quite handsome
Li Zhongxiu
Are you happy with this job?
Very interesting
I like this kind of work
Manual work
Usually there is a job and call me
I will come out to work
More freedom
This is better
Looking at a few more eyes, you can really see it is Haimei.
Do you want this?
Just the prize
I was wearing my watch for the first time
Good soil
Hello drink bar together at night
Hello, I'm going to Africa soon.
I have been spending money on travel
Why did you choose Africa
This is a mime
I was learning a pantomime recently
Why did you learn this
Want to be an actor?
Not everyone can be an actor
I just learned this
When you want to eat oranges
I can eat at any time
You are very talented
This can't be said
In fact, this is...
Don't think of oranges here
And just need to forget that there is no orange here
It's that simple
What really matters is that you want to eat oranges
This will naturally produce saliva in the mouth
Will really feel delicious
do you know
Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert, Africa
It is said that Bushmen have two types of hungry people
Hungry English is hunger
Little hungry and great hungry
Little hungry people are physically hungry
The great hungry is a person who is hungry for survival
Why do we live
What is the significance of living?
People who are always looking for these answers
This kind of person is really hungry
They called the great hungry
So you go to Africa
Is it to meet great hungry people?
Is it handsome?
Great hungry
Zhong Xiu Li Zhongxiu
Want to ask you a favor
I'm keeping a cat
During my trip to Africa
Can you feed it?
Do I need to take the cat to my house?
Not you come to my home to feed it
Because ah... Cats can't easily change their living environment
Thank you
The next stop Houyan Cave
How do you hold your luggage?
Ah, I want to move back to Paju.
Who lives in Paju?
My mother left home when I was a child
And my sister married someone a few years ago
Dad stays there alone with a cow
But something is wrong now
I need to move back to live
You don't ask me what the problem is
There are always questions, arent you
My family is here
The house is very good
I used to live in a house
The toilet is next to the sink
The house is northward so it is cold and perennial
But every day there will be sunshine coming in
Sunlight reflected on viewing glass of Nanshan Pagoda
Take care of my family
But that time is short
Good luck to see
Boiler, come out.
Is your cat a boiler?
Hum boiler
When it was a kitten, it was abandoned in the boiler room.
I heard it calling back.
Once outsiders come home
Our home boiler will hide and never come out
Serious autism
Boiler is not what you imagined
During your absence
Did I come here?
Feed your fictitious cat to feed
Big old people let you run
Is it really possible for you to feed non-existent cats?
Do I just need to forget about not having a cat here?
Do you remember
You said I was ugly
Did I say that?
One day home from school
You suddenly crossed the road and said to me
Say I'm too ugly
When we were in junior high school, you just said this sentence to me
Lets talk about the truth now
Why don't you talk
and many more
Put on
damn it
Let's eat kid.
-what are you doing
-what are you doing
If a boyfriend does this, it will feel very
Feeling Feel Feeling
Very good very good very good
That's right...
Although the phenomenon of youth unemployment is not a day or two
However, relevant data are available
The youth unemployment rate in our country has appeared
In OECD member countries
The fastest rising trend
Please read the report of Park Xuhou
Data show the unemployment rate in our country
Retrograde speed is fastest in OECD countries
President Trump claimed to give the United States new directions
My government has provided a brand new vision
The happy life of American citizens and employees will be placed first
Washington Post and ABC Television
Survey results show
The voters who voted for President Trump that year
94% of people
- indicates that he will still support him
Expulsion of immigrants Mexican border wall
Repeal Obama's medical reforms, etc.
This behavior of his performance of the Convention
Got a good comment
I will also take steps to reform our immigration system so will...
Where are you, boiler?
Boiler Hide and Seek
We hide together cats and cats boiler
There is such a thing
What is this?
If you want to hide your body, you should hide it first.
Did you just say hello to someone?
The face is still not exposed yet
Are you coming
Don't know what to say at the moment
Where the defendant refused to make a statement
Nor will it suffer loss of interest
But in the case of making a statement
Its statement may be unfavorable
Do you understand?
Ok, so please prosecutors state
All public prosecution facts in the indictment
The defendant as a person engaged in animal husbandry
On July 20, 2017
Facing the Public Servants of Paju City Hall, Dangerous Goods are Chairs
Impede the proper execution of official duties
It also leads to
Victim's right hand fracture and other injuries
Recovery requires six weeks of treatment
Did you receive an indictment that says just now?
So do you admit everything you wrote above?
If you want to say let's say it
The defendant admitted all public prosecution facts
Good Mr. Li Rongxi. Is the lawyer saying the truth?
Mr. Li Rongxi
Have you graduated
Haven't you found a job yet
What profession do you read?
I am a literary creative professional graduate
Literary and artistic creation is the profession of writing articles.
What kind of essay do you write?
I want to write a novel
What kind of novel do you want to write?
How about writing about your father?
I think your father is the same person as the protagonist of the novel.
His life is plentiful
Really crazy
The madman was originally the protagonist of the novel.
He is the first school in Paju First High School.
Not achievement but self-esteem
He said when he was suffering in the Middle East
Let him use that money to buy an apartment in Jiangnan
This will never make him regret
But he said dont be self-esteem
Later, I said that I would go home and do husbandry.
All the money is lost
So you get this look
This is also the case now
Take care of the victims
Write a penitent book Show a petition to the judge
In this way, it is possible to be sentenced to a suspended sentence.
But he said dont be stubborn
Even the words of a lawyer do not listen
So I met you
Go see your father and convince him
Let him change his temper and write a penitent book
Let's pass tomorrow
Now you know
Hello, I'm coming again
Don't want this today?
After half a month
It's me Haimei
I really have a hard time making a phone call
May break off
I am now at the Nairobi Airport in Kenya
What is it near the airport?
Because the bomb exploded, I was trapped in the airport for three days.
Are you OK
It's okay.
It seems to be like this often
In short, I finally got on the plane.
Tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock
Can you come to the airport
Okay, I'll go
Of course going
Hello Li Zhongxiu
give it to me
Ben Brother
He is my unique friend, Li Zhongxiu
My name is Ben.
We are Comrades of Nairobi.
An uneasy three days spent together in Nairobi
Only two of us are Koreans
Just sleeping on the plane, nothing was eaten
I really want to eat Korean food quickly
For example, fertilizer hot pot
Do you have to eat hot pot?
I am strangely
I just want to eat hot pot from the very beginning
I know one of Seoul's best hot pot restaurants
Zhongxiu ah, lets go and eat the hot pot.
over there
Um, on the way
Take a friend's car
A friend came to pick me up
Um, very healthy
Health is born
Because DNA is very good
Really crazy
Why are you so pure?
Age is not small, ah
That should be recorded
Because this is a very important thing
it is good
I miss you too
Um, I'll go back for a trip this week
Good mother
On the way to the Kalahari Desert
There is a route for a sunset tour
Said to see the sunset in the desert
So just go
But that's a place like a parking lot.
Nothing at all
Only a bunch of tourists throw trash
Others are coming together
Only I am a person
Can't wait forever
I always feel that I am alone
Im still thinking about why Im running here alone
But the sun goes down
Near the endless horizon
The sky is full of sunset
It started with orange
Then it becomes blood red
Purple to blue
In the end, the sky became darker and the evening clouds disappeared.
Tears fell suddenly
Ah, it seems that I have reached the end of the world
This idea has emerged
I also want to disappear like the sunset
Very afraid of death
If you can disappear like you dont exist, youll be fine
I think other people's tears are really amazing
Because I didnt flow tears
It may be like this when I was very young
But in my memory I didnt flow tears
Really amazing
But you will feel this feeling of sadness
I do not know either
Because there is no evidence of tears
So even if that is not sad, you dont know
Can you ask what job you are doing
Just do it that way
Even if you say that you do not understand
In simple terms, it is playing
Are you playing?
There is no difference between playing recently and working
Can you ask Zhong Xiu what writer do you like?
William Faulkner
Ah Faulkner
When reading Faulkners novels
Occasionally I feel like I am telling my story
I heard Zhong Xiu you write novels
I just want to talk to you about another day.
I want to tell you my story
Cute, right
If she's sleepy, she can fall asleep anywhere
Do not use 10 seconds
come yet
Big brother car parked in front
Thank you
Wait a moment
Did you go to the car wash?
Only from the airport has been following
Nothing at all
Keep pressing the throttle and release it.
I go first
Haimei Haimei Wake up to go home
Do you want me to send you back?
That's it. I'm far behind.
Zhongxiu is very happy to meet you
me too
Please say something
When you call, you must speak.
Who are you? Why don't you say anything?
Name: Li Rongxi
Address: 202-1, Manchuria, Char County, Paju, Gyeonggi-do
ID number: 580621-1043418
The respected judge must first express his trust and respect for the hard work that the judge has paid for judicial justice.
We wrote this petition in order to request the judge to be obstructed by official duties, violence, and damage to property.
Li Yongxi, the defendant who was detained and tried for trial, was dealt with extensively.
Li Rongxi, the defendant, was usually a simple farmer and was also a neighbor of an affectionate nature.
Hello there
excuse me
Does anyone have anything at home?
Is there a problem
Is your uncle not there?
Not at all
Is there a problem
I want to ask him to sign the petition
he is not here
Then I will come again
I'm not quite familiar with your father
He doesnt even come to us
He also often works on his own
This is just a petition.
There will not be any loss
Here is written that Li Rongxi is usually a simple farmer
It is also a full of neighbors
Truth is not full of emotions
Very well written
I have a calf in my family
Does anyone want it?
Male or female
Is mother
To ask about it
The next stop is the Tonggu Exhibition Hall.
Is there anyone yet?
Zhongxiu is very happy to meet you
Because Haimei wants to see you
Its the brother whos been saying its coming out
It's not hard to find here
No, I got it from my cell phone.
Here is the cell where my elder brother lives
The district is really beautiful
very quiet
Brother, let's continue
My brother is helping me see my hand
Haimei has something special
what is that
Something in my heart
There are stones in my heart
That stone makes Haimei very hard
Because that you can't be 100% happy
Because it does not feel good to eat
Even if you meet a favorite boy
Can't say like him
What should I do
Need to help me?
Can you come up with her brother?
You just believe me
Holding my hand
Close your eyes
Now open the handle
what is this
What else can it be?
I took it out of your heart
Where does this stone come from?
It was just picked up in the flower bed.
Just to do this?
So did you come from over there?
As long as it's fun, I can do anything
Zhong Xiu
Do you like spaghetti
My elder brother said to give us food to eat at home
-Hello there
-Hello there
Did you come back from the country?
Yes, it's back.
Hello there
Your craft is awesome
I admire the people who will cook
Zhong Xia, can you cook?
Because I live alone
But only a few dishes
The reason why I like to cook
Because I can do whatever I want to cook
And whats even better is that I can eat it myself
It is like offering sacrifices to the human God
I sacrifice for myself and eat it
Are you offering something
The sacrifice is actually a metaphor
What is the metaphor?
You ask Zhongxiu what metaphor it is
Where are the restrooms
Where is the toilet?
At the end of the corridor
How old is the man older than me?
6 years old 7 years old
How can we live this way at his age?
Travel leisurely
Driving Porsche
Cooking pasta in the kitchen
Maybe even if he's young, he's very rich.
There are still houses
What does it mean?
Don't know what he is doing
But it is very rich
Really these young people
There are too many such people in Korea.
Have you ever wondered why that person wanted to be with you?
My brother said I like people like me
He said it was fun
Hello there
-Hello there
-Hello there
Hello there
He is my new friend, Li Zhongxiu
He writes novels
Is a writer
No books have been published yet
Just practicing it
The writer is a writer.
Man using a lighter
Just ask it
I advanced to
me too
I remember clearly
Bushmen will rise to the campfire in the evening
Dancing in a circle
They have been dancing like this since long ago
The oldest and most intelligent grandmother will play drums
Then other people will dance to the rhythm
At the beginning, both hands are facing the ground
This is the hungry dance
Hungry man dancing
Jumping and jumping, both hands gradually
Towards the sky
This is the dance of the great hungry
Finding the secret of life
Dancing from late evening to late at night
The hungry dance
Gradually turns into a dance for the great hungry
This can't be expressed in words
To see it with your own eyes
Then you jump to us and have a look
Try it, it should be fun
Then I'll skip it
Have a rhythm
Clap everyone together
It gradually became a dance for the great hungry
Little cow
Sitting by the stove
Oh, ah, haha!
Ass is hot
Little cow sits on ice
Hello, Hello.
Where is Zhongxiu?
are you at home
Ah at home
-what happened
I think you will be at home
Im going there with Bens brother
What to do here
Just drove past there
I said this is where I used to live
The older brother said he wanted to take a look
Now is passing
Hello there
What is this sound?
Ah, this is North Koreas broadcast for South Korea.
There is North Korea over there.
Ah really interesting
The house I used to live in was gone. It's a pity.
There was once there
No trace was left
I also found that the well was not there
We havent had a well next to our home.
I fell into my childhood
Do you remember
You said you fell into the well
When you are old
Maybe it's seven years old
When you play alone, you fall in.
Looking at the bottom of the well for many hours
Think if no one finds
I'm afraid to die like this
Suddenly he saw his face
At that time, Zhong Xiu found me and was saved.
But he didn't remember it
I bought some food
It's like returning to my house
My home
The atmosphere is good here
It's a bit of cow dung
that's nice
Today may be the happiest day
I want to smoke a
Do you want to be together
What to smoke
I will laugh when I smoke
I hate my dad
My dad has anger control obstacles
There is always anger in the mind
It will explode like a bomb
As soon as an explosion will destroy everything
Mom left us siblings
Running away from home is also because of this
The day the mother left home
I burned my mother's clothes
In the yard put a fire
This is what Daddy wants me to do
I want to burn my own hands
I still dreamt about things then
I occasionally burn plastic sheds
what did you say
I said that I occasionally burned plastic sheds
I have a good idea of burning a plastic greenhouse
Pick a plastic greenhouse that is discarded on the field
Then burn it
Once in two months
I think this rhythm is just good
to me
Is it rhythm
In other words, will you burn other people's plastic greenhouses?
Of course it is someone elses
Needless to say is crime
Just like Zhongxiu and I'm smoking marijuana now.
Obviously in crime
But it's really simple
Just throw gasoline on a match
It's over
It burned in all in ten minutes
Just like it didnt exist at the beginning
Can make it disappear
What if I get caught?
Will not be caught
South Korean police do not care about these
It is really a lot of plastic sheds in Korea
Not used
Looking at the upset messy plastic greenhouse
They are just waiting for me to burn
Then I looked at the burning plastic greenhouse
Feel joy
That will be from here
Feel the bass from here
Resonate with the bone marrow
Is there any need for you to judge?
No, I dont judge
Just accept reality
Accept the reality that they are waiting for me to burn
It's like rain
It's raining
The river will rise
Floods will occur
People will be washed away
Will rain be judged?
Which does not exist correctly or not
Only the morality of nature
Morality of nature
It is the same time
Is there both
There is also there
There is also in Paju
Panpu also has
Seoul also has
Also in Africa
That's it
It is this balance
When was the last time it was burned?
Thats what happened before going to Africa.
It's about two months
It means it's time to burn it.
The next plastic shed to be burned is already selected.
Well, it's already selected
It is very easy to burn off
There should be a long absence of fun
Actually, today is a pre-examination
Do you visit beforehand?
Is it near here?
It's close to here
Particularly special near place
I love Haimei
TMD I said I love Haimei
This tree grows a lot
Why do you take your clothes off so easily?
Still in front of men
Only deafness will be undressed like this
I will pay attention to the plastic shed later
In a very close place
The call you are making is temporarily unavailable
Connect to voicemail after you snoring
And will incur additional costs
Take a call
Please come in
Come here
Reported to the left
One two
Three or four five six seven finished
Where does your home live on the 1st?
In Paju City, five minutes from here
- Can you work on night shift or overtime?
- Yes, energy.
Where is your home on the 2nd
I live in Bucheon
How are you going to work from here in Bucheon?
Not to spend two hours?
No, I can go to work
Number 3 Where is your home?
Where does your family live on the 3rd
- Hello, Number Four
Where is the house
I live in Wenshan
- Can you work night shift and overtime?
-Yes, sure
Gaoyangpo City Map
Shen Haimei
The call you are making is temporarily unavailable
Connect to voicemail after you snoring
And will incur additional costs
What are you doing?
I ask you what
Look at it
The number you have dial can not be reached
Your phone will be forwarded to voicemail
Billing starts after billing
Hai Mei Hai Mei Shen Haimei
what happened to you
Has not been able to contact Haimei
I have to...go in and see
Feeding cats in
Can it starve to death?
Where are the cats?
We can't keep cats here
No cat
How many times have I come to feed me?
You have a master key
But you can't just open the door.
If this year does not work well, it will lead to major events.
Where are the cats?
Did you go out for a tour?
The rooms are clean and tidy
She is not a person who loves to clean up
Did not seem to travel
Glad to meet everyone Welcome
Welcome to Ganzhou Grain Terminal Celebration
Dont look like them
No one knows what you think
Many people are kanu
The debt reminder to a certain degree will disappear
Shen Haimei is also
I do not know when it will not be possible to start her mobile phone
Actually, women need too much money.
Woman is tired
Make-up to say demon in the demon
Do not say makeup
Wear too much and say too much
Casually say that you can not trim
Have you heard such a sentence?
There is no country for women
what happened
It's nothing
Luzhou Grain Terminal Celebration
Everyone came in quickly
I hope everyone can spend more time
Now come in. We prepare a variety of activities for you...
Excuse me
Her name is Shen Haimei
It's been a long time since
Can't contact her
How did you come
There is work right here
Just saw your car
So come in and see it. It really is you
is it
You can sit down first
Want to help you?
Do not
No, I have to hurry back
Are you still writing a novel?
Im trying very hard to write it down
You once said that you like Faulkner's novel
So I also want to read and read
Yes, I want to ask you something.
How about a plastic greenhouse
Plastic greenhouses
Do you still remember
Of course burned
Clean and clean
I said I want to burn
Is it near my house?
of course
Very close to your home
William Faulkner Short Episode
That day... after I went there
After a day or two
really weird
After you came, I went to see it every morning
I have a round of plastic sheds near our home.
I went to see it every day
One does not fall
If I have burned, I cannot possibly not see
But you still missed it
It was missed because it was too close
really weird
If you are too close you will not see
I am sorry
I'm late
Suddenly there is something in the shop
I'm really mad
It's ok
But I'm sorry, because I'm late, I have no time for a cup of tea
Do you have any connection with Haimei?
I can't contact her for a month
Yeah, I can't contact her.
Haimei she... disappeared like smoke
Haimei, did she tell you anything?
Say what
For example, she wants to travel
I don't know but I shouldnt travel
Because she has no money to travel
As far as I know, Haimei is impoverished.
Broken contact with family, no friends around
Haimei is more lonely than you think.
But Zhong Xiu, do you know?
Haimeis feelings for you are very special
She told me
Say you are the only person she trusts in the world
Say you will always be on her side
Listen to her this way
I suddenly gave birth to
Who I have never seen in my life
Zhong Xiu
You are Zhongxiu
That's right
Exactly the same as a child
How did you come
Is Haimei letting you come?
With Haimei...
It should not happen to happen
Hurry up
Show really should get married
The end of the child also has
is it
Are you in touch with your mother?
It should be Haimei calling you to come
Help to tell Haimei
I don't want to go home until I finish paying my debt
Do you remember Haimei's activities in the well when he was a child?
Out of the well
Is there such a thing?
Hai Mei was 7 years old
Fell into the well
Crying for a few hours at the bottom of the hole
While crying, look at the top
Just waiting for someone to appear
Always look at the round sky
What was Haimeis mood at that time?
Imagine it casually
Nothing else
If so, how could we not know it?
Is Haimei saying that?
She likes to make stories
It's the same as true
There is no well beside our home
Hello, long
Hello there
- I want to ask you
-Just ask
Will you ever have a well there?
Deep wells that people can fall into
There seems to be no such well
Through Christ With Christ With Christ
By the Holy Spirit as one
The Almighty God Father All Glory is to the Lord
Amen Amen
Isnt this correct?
Two people have couples
Children like dad
See yourself first
I want to see
Zhong Xiu
You are Zhongxiu
I am mother
Call from time to time at home
Also came to the department store toilet I recently worked on
Wearing black clothes
Live like that hell sender
What is 5 million?
If I'm younger
Can also sell organs
Really have to
Seeing his son after ten years
I'll give it to you
I said I help you solve
do not worry
Do you have money
Where do you come from?
Did Haimy's home not be in the middle of the village?
Do they have a well in their house?
Dry well without water
is that true
Haimei said it once fell into the well
I don't know exactly
But there are indeed wells
what happened
Ben Caller ID
Zhong Xiu Where are you?
I am in Jiangnan
Jiangnan where
here is
I say this car looks very familiar
Really, you show me?
Why did you come here?
Are you coming to see me?
About Haimei, I have something to tell you
Then call me.
Enter the house
Come here, come in.
Car can park in my home
Elevator up
For a while my friends will come to dinner and drink
Zhong Xiu you also participate in it
It was a friend who met you last time. It doesn't matter.
The fourth floor arrives
Is it a party?
Not a party
It can be said to be a party
Very comfortable party
A lot of visitors
There are also a lot to prepare
Nor is it
It's like a flying party
Each will bring food over
I only prepare wine and simple appetizers on the line
Someone said to come in advance to help
It's a bit late
What is this sound?
Ah, there is a cat at home
Did not come when I last came
Um, I brought a stray cat a few days ago
Because it looks so good
Really nice
Do you like cats?
What's its name
not yet
It's hard to name
What kind of novel does Zhongxiu write?
Can I ask this question
I still dont think about what novels to write
I think
The world is like a mystery
Borrow a bathroom
I'm sorry.
I want to come early
How to bring so many things
Buy it and buy it
Close the door or the cat will go out
What to do, cat went out, I'm sorry.
What should I do?
What can I do?
Where did you go
Where are you cats
do not move
Wow, find the cat
so amazing
How could you catch it so easily?
It's very agile
Can I hold it?
How did you come down to pick us up?
Specially come to meet you
Together with cats
-Hello there
-Hello there
- You change your car
How are you?
When the Chinese give money, they will throw it directly
like this
Because they think money is dirty
We do not cherish the money
But they are more casual about money
May be strong self-esteem
Chinese peoples self-esteem is particularly strong
Make banknotes wrinkled
Then I spoke to the other party
The feeling of "for you"
Chinese people and Americans are like
Others will think that our country is also a Confucian culture
I thought I was almost like
What do you mean?
It's all mainland China.
That's right
Their focus is on themselves
We dont all care about people in our country
- That's what you said
- That's right
Samples are also justified.
The shop on the street is not just given
But our duty-free shop is to buy high-priced products will give gifts
I clearly said no
Recall that there is no sample
But they have always stood opposite and said
Didn't you guys give me demos?
But honestly
I would like to see Chinese men
Lets socialize
Chinese men are not good for women
Very cherish the woman
The original Chinese cherished women rather than money.
Money is thrown casually
- Rich money
- How good is it for me?
Better than throwing cash or throwing a credit card
And then cherish the woman
Korean men are not even in the kitchen
That's right.
Where do they know what kitchen?
Chi Yings family will enter the kitchen.
What did you do in the kitchen?
In the kitchen...the main thing is to eat
Like me
You can eat too much and you need to control your weight
You see the meat on your stomach
Is it obvious?
Zhong Xiu, how did you go straight away?
How good is it to play?
Didn't you say something about Haimei to say to me?
It feels unnecessary to say now
Zhong Xiu you too seriously
Seriously boring
To enjoy it
To pass here
Feel the sound
Call out from the depths of your heart
That is really alive
This case is the defendant
Cases of violence committed against civil servants who imposed administrative sanctions on themselves
The nature of the crime is very poor
Impeding the execution of special duties
Damaged property All guilty
About the victim's thumb fracture
It takes six weeks to recover
Although the defendant said that he did not intend to commit violence
But wielding a chair caused the objects to fall
Injured in that process
Judging it as intentional injury, there is no doubt
The defendant does not reconcile with the victim
The victim wants the defendant to be punished
The defendant had also received similar punishments before
Consider these points
We judge that the defendant needs to be punished accordingly
Will sentence according to the contents of the instrument
Sentenced to defendant to be sentenced to one year and six months in prison
This concludes the sentence.
Come and come
Go in
Lets go
What is it talking about?
Zhong Xiu
The plastic greenhouse here is really a lot
Where is Sea Beauty?
Not that you want to see me with Haimei?
Didn't you come with Haimei?