Burning Ambition (1989) Movie Script

How do you like it dad?
Not bad
If you want western food,
this is the best.
I'd like to take it over
if you do not object.
It's less than $5,000,000
including decor and everything
Within a year it will return
every dollar spent
Master Hwa, sounds profitable.
God brother, you were born for business.
But it's so little in annual profit.
Why don't you help me instead?
I've done so much to groom you,
and I don't want you focused
on such small business.
If my operation in Canada is successful
and all goes well
I'll be back in six month's time.
If it isn't, then bye bye for good.
Therefore, I am giving
all my business to you.
Dad, you might want to
hand it to older brother...
I want to do some real good business
Stop pretending
I know how you are,
I am the one who raised you
You brother is better at partying
But you have bigger ambition
and you are more daring
Eat more, you are so thin.
If I am not upfront,
Once I go to Canada,
you two might have issues.
Let's be careful
If you have a beef
Then the outsiders can capitalize on it.
That's final,
You will take over everything after I leave
Uncle Hsiong and Uncle Chen
have been with me a long time.
You will look after him,
won't you?
Of course brother!
Don't worry boss, Hwa is competent
Let's have a toast to your new position
Where is Wai?
1, 2, 3
White Sesame, Black Sesame
White Sesame, Black Sesame!
Black Sesame!
I won again!
It's lonely at the top.
How can I help it if I am so smart?
Hey, where's the dividend?
What do you mean?
Are you serious?
I can't stand you.
Wai, the boss wants you
It's lucky for you all today.
Stash that, we'll drink it later.
Just this and you want to go? No way!
Bitch, are you serious?
Check this out.
Challenge me, I'll make you drunk for days!
I don't want others to
say I'm a dipsomaniac.
What then?
How about this master?
He who loses writes obey on their forehead.
How about they write it on their ass?
Fuck that, let's make it obey on the ass
Sounds fair!
Great, we must get Wai
to write obey on his ass.
Fine! You be the umpire then!
Miss, warp up the chicken for me
Yes sir
And give me the bill
Yes sir
You must admit you lose. Put on your pants.
That's it, you trickster!?
What do you want,
as long as someone admits it?
Don't piss me off!
Boss is leaving!
Dad, why are you leaving?
Get in my car, you must eat in front of me.
Turn and face me.
Put down your hand.
Tell me whom you obey?
I obey you Dad.
Don't you argree? Say yes!
You see dad?
Master Wei, you are so eloquent
We should have drawn a
turd on your forehead.
Get lost, tramps
I will drink you all under
the table next time!
What's so funny?
Nothing man.
Master Hwa, a call for you
Sorry, you have to wait.
Cool your jets here.
Who's the VIP?
Don't worry about it.
Watch out!
Everyone down!
Dad, are you alright?
I'm ok.
Boss!? Are you OK?
Boss, are you alright?
Dad! Dad!
You fool! Call and ambulance!
Call and ambulance!
Forget the ambulance,
take him to the hospital at once!
Hello, how is dad?
Tell Hwa, his father has died.
The god father is dead!
How is the boss?
Dad is dead.
Who killed dad?
I know who,
it's me.
Why did you kill my father? Why!?
Because he gave your brother
what he should have given you.
What's that?
but why?
He intended to give all the control
to your younger brother
All the power?
Who cares about power?
I don't want to compete with my brother,
why kill him!?
If you don't intend to compete with him
Take revenge for your father
How can I compete with him?
I never could
Dad never laid an eye on me!
I was just garbage to him!
Just garbage!
You would never have a chance,
Unless he died.
Your dad didn't cry to get power
He came out on top, and..
Besides his ability
He was alway high handed
You must be willing to sacrifice
if you want achievement
Today is your father
Tomorrow is your brother.
You have to decide
If you don't have the will
Just kill me now.
But why me?
Your younger brother won't be a good boss.
I don't want to see
The business your dad and I set up
To be ruined by him.
It's all clear to me now
I am inferior to my brother in every way
This is no joke this time.
It's full steam ahead for us.
You believe in me?
I believe you
We are all in!
Big brothers.
Let's have a look
What do you know about these guys?
They just came back from Toronto
From what I hear
They had fled Hong Kong
who were they hanging out with in HK?
Him I don't know
But this guy,
Is Ah Ching,
sticking with Fatty at the fruit market.
That means they were our men.
Uncle Chen
How do you account for this?
Why should I?
I'm not a rookie here
If I planned to kill the boss,
Would I have assigned our own men?
It's a frame job
Some kind of set up here
Frame you?
Who would?
There are two suspects
One is you
And one is you!
It's you
Everyone was there at the shooting
Except you!
Where were you!?
I had a phone call
A phone call?
Who was it?
I don't know
The line was cut when I got there
Oh, so a practical joke then?
Your case is a practical joke
and he's framed, huh?
That means I don't have to check it out
Master Wai
You must remember
Boss was not shot dead
The doctor said he died of a broken neck
But was it really an accident?
What are you saying?
You suspect uncle Hsiong?
You must be crazy
If he wanted to hurt dad
He wouldn't have covered for him.
Would you do the same?
Am I right Uncle Hsiong?
We will find out soon, who is the murderer
We should now unite together at this moment
No group can be without a leader
and succeed.
We must have a leader for our group
Now that boss is dead
We must have a new leader
What for?
The boss already said
If he died, everything
would be Hwa's hands.
You were there,
weren't you?
I was not however
You can say whatever you want
I can say dad wanted me to take over
But until we find the killer
No one can lead us!
Do you agree?
You are right, Master Wai
Hold on, hold on!
I will take charge for the time being
Let me know whatever there is we need
I know what to do
with the boss's assasination
You should have spoken up earlier
That goes without saying
Well that takes care of it for now
Let's go.
Uncle Hsiong, what do you need?
What about me? What about me?!
I want to call uncle in NY
He can handle the situation
I don't know that we need him here
It's really uncle Hsiong's doing
Just kill him and we will have peace again
Will uncle coming really help?
Things will just get worse.
You think he's that easy to kill?
As well, Hong is my god daughter
What will this help?
Time for your medicine.
Brother, uncle.
Take it
You may as well go.
Let's go to work
Brother, Uncle
Bye bye
Ma, what is it?
You better go home
Just go back, I'll be fine
You don't need to keep me company.
Have I done something wrong?
It's not that
I don't want to get you
in a difficult situation
Hwa and Wai are in a serious conflict
While your father is on Wai's side
It's awkward for you to be around Hwa.
Take care of yourself godmother.
I can take care of myself.
Give me a call whenever you have time
Why all this trouble?
We are one family
How is your father
I don't see him much
Your father doesn't ever stay home
He has always been like this
He never cares about kids
He should spend time with you.
But he is busy
He is going to spend time with us.
We are having dinner at
Sha Ye Yah restaurant tomorrow
Welcome in.
Please sit
You have a phone call madam.
It's your brother
Come to the Nan Bei Restautant
Not the Sha Ye Ya?
Come here first
Hong, come here!
What the fuck?
Hold tight!
What the hell?
Your car should catch the motorcycle
You are useless!
What are we gonna do now?
Why ask me?!
You're asking me what to do, idiot!?
Look in every restaurant in the whole city!
Find them, or don't come back if you can't!
Thank you, have a nice night
What's with all the mystery?
Thanks, come this way please.
Here she is
Here comes sister
Dad, is it hide and seek?
You wore a dress
on a motorcycle?
Trying to shame me again?
Why are you so happy?
Today is...
Here, look at this
Did you give me women's jewelry?
This is a birthday present from godmother
But even you forgot my birthday
We did remember
Wait, only a key chain?
From now on the sports car outside
Belongs to you sis.
It's from daddy.
Thanks daddy!
Let me go try this baby out!
What are you getting me?
See you in a minute
Dad, it's a long time since
we had dinner together.
It would be perfect if
brother Shau were here.
Don't worry
This day will soon come
Yes, Princess Dragon restaurant
Come on, you have to come
Be quick! Bye Bye!
Do you know where the
Princess Japanese Restaurant is?
That Hong is a dope.
Madam Peng, you always guess right!
You are flattering me
Old Hsiong
He would never think
of dying for his daughter.
Sister, make a wish!
I hope when godmother arrives
dad will reconcile with her.
Then I won't be stuck in the middle
It's good to be happy together.
What!? You told godmother we are here?
Dad, take it!
Daddy! Let's get out of here!
Don't let any of them leave alive!
Dad, let's go!
Dad, get out of here!
Chi Chung!!
Chi Chung!
Hurry! Let's go!
Cut them up!
Don't let them go!
Daddy, this way!
There! Kill them all!
Old Hsiong
Fire away, but mind you bullets,
go and try!
Come on, I dare you!
Now's your chance!
Don't be chicken!
Don't shoot!
He's out of bullets! Kill him!
Where you going!?
Hurry up!
You will surely die with no shoes on!
Hong, put them on!
Daddy, watch out!
Hong, are you alright?
I'm done
Step on my back, there's no broken glass,
Daddy, bring sis! Hurry!
Honey, let's go!
Step over her.
I'm so sorry sis!
Siao Tao!
It's a massacre!
Siao Tao! Let's go now!!
It's dinner time, piss off!
Take the cash!
Fuck you big shot
I can buy two cell phones
Holy shit, a brawl!
Don't move asshole!
I'll blow you brains on the dashboard.
You can go now!
Calm down!
Calm down, it's too late.
Don't blame me Hong
I didn't want this
I was forced to do this by your dad
Uncle Hsiong, Master Wai is here.
Uncle Hsiong,
About Hong and Chung...
How many times did I tell you,
don't tell him about this?
Why don't you listen to me?
Uncle Hsiong, don't be angry
I got this
Uncle Hsiong, I will leave now sir.
Uncle Hsiong
Why didn't you tell me?
Because your mom killed Hong and Chi Chung
I didn't want you to know, just because
I didn't want you to be ashamed
Or have you feel you owe me something
You don't have to feel sorry
I should feel sorry instead
Because I am their father
They had no choice to be my son
and daughter
They were destined to be used by me.
It's fate.
But I can choose my friends
But now
If I had not chose you
Nothing would have happened.
I am commited now
I would even sacrifice myself
Uncle Hsiong, you are so good to me
Why couldn't you be my dad!?
Forget the past
Let's discuss our next step
What's our next move?
We need reinforcements.
I've asked Chi Shau to
come back from Holland.
Come at me!
Watch it!
That settles that!
Yes, you've won
But as your brother, I'll give you a tie
Fuck that! One more round!
Where is Hong and Chi Chung?
I like the bikes in Holland
What are you waiting for?!
Brother, why did you toss the bikes?
Sister, these aren't up to snuff
They might hinder us
These are my gang in Holland
I am Siao Tao
Nice to meet you
I'm Chaun
I'm big eyes
I am Bad ass.
As you can see, I am big nose.
I am Triple Irons
I am hamburger and I am clueless.
Siao Tao
I want to send dad something,
can you do me a favor?
What is it you want?
Uncle Hsiong
Shit, wake up!
They're taking off!
Uncle Hsiong,
Uncle Chen has men following you.
Min, get the boss on the phone
Uncle Chen, phone call for you.
Idiot, why doesn't he call my
wireless phone?
Boss, Old Hsiong is running away
What, how do you know?
He's headed to the airport.
Boss, did old Hsiong show up?
He will be dead soon
Boss, let me handle this for you.
It's safer that way.
Take everybody to join Mickey
Choose a quiet place to do it.
Take my gun with you, clean kill.
Well, don't leave me hanging.
Here you go boss.
Better safe than sorry.
Pull down the gate and leave someone here
The guests can leave.
But let no one in.
Go around these assholes.
There they are.
It's not this one!
Fuck which one?
Who do I follow?
We're fucked!
What is it?
I can't hear you
Speak up, I can't hear you!
Speak up! Mickey, speak up!
Boss, it's Mickey, can you hear me?
What's that?
You fell into a trap?
You might have to go to
Uncle Chen's funeral?
Is there a floral arrangement
you want to send?
Talk is cheap
It's your funeral punk
Kill them all!
Don't hesitate!
Kill him now!
It's me!
Watch out!
Kill them!
Kill them
He's done for
No don't!
Please let me off
After all, who taught you
kung fu all those years?
I was once your instructor.
Please let me go
Get out of my sight this minute.
If I every see you, you're dead
Your brother let me off
But his sister didn't.
What about our deal? Let me go.
Boss! Boss!
This was personal between
Uncle Chen and me.
Anyone want to say anything about
my brother and sister?
I don't want you in trouble
When the police get here
Tell them that a gang from
Holland did all this.
Let's go!
Why do your friends like
foreign girls, but you don't?
I met a lot in Holland.
They have a funky smell
I think so too!
I've smelt it
Is it a sexy smell
Let's make sure
That's enough,
what if I can't win?
You must win
Alright, I will!
How do you feel
Since you've been away so long?
HK is getting more and more beautiful.
But our family is getting
smaller and smaller
with brother and Hong dying.
Dad, we have sacrificed so much
Is it worth it?
I have never cried for women
But I did cry the day your mother died.
I can't make it, there's too much pain,
just go on
How are you, Yen?
The baby is coming now.
I can't make it.
Dad, carry mom!
I'll carry sister on my back
Follow me, be quick and be careful.
Brother, be careful, OK
I got you honey.
Dad, are you OK?
Forget about me and run!
Go now!
They might kill you if you stay behind.
It's better than losing my whole family
Just go!
Take a look ahead, the rest follow me!
Got it!
What are you doing here, go with Daddy!
Dad, where's mom?
She's over there!
Dad, what about Mom?
Get her, get that bitch!
Go away
What do you want?
What do we want?
You are lucky to live Hsiong
But I'll make sure you never forget this
for the rest of your days
Dad, why didn't you save Mom?
Stupid cow.
Hsiong, watch this!
This is so unjust, why
is the world so cruel? Why?
Why is it so unjust, why!
Why is the world so cruel? Why!?
You are the most helpful of my
four children
But I can't let you stay around me.
I'll never let this man be a witness.
I trust you the most to handle this for me.
Our organisation is in your hands now.
Don't let him get away!
Our character is the same...
Except one thing
What's that?
Your problem is, you are too sentimental
Really, I don't agree.
Don't agree?
You shouldn't have come back,
It's too dangerous now.
But as we are father and son
You were sure to return no matter what.
If you were me, would you have come back?
Yes, but not because of sentimental reasons
But my perspective
I am sure I will win this time.
I know what happened to uncle Chen
What do you think he will do to us?
You should ask what I will do to him.
Ma, I want to take action first.
Uncle Lio Jin and Uncle Chin told me
They will help us handle Uncle Hsiong
Think about it
Getting a loan from a bank
Is nothing like fighting a mob war.
Save your breath.
Don't ask our rivals for help
Go to the antique shop
You'll know what to do
How are you master Hwa?
Fine, keep doing what you were doing
According to the pattern this
is from the Ming Dynasty
Are you alone?
No, there are several of us here
These guys are killers from New York.
Are they competent?
Are you kidding?
They have been with me over a decade.
These are the best that money can buy
Moreover, your uncle would
neglect to notice foreigners.
Which makes them even better
Do I have to kill my brother?
That's up to you.
Hey brother
Why are you sitting in the
company's Rolls Royce?
Someone invited me to a grand opening
Grand opening?
Only you?
No, there are many famous celebs
Singers, actors, that type.
Movies stars?
You better not go.
They want someone representing
the company?
I should go, as I am your elder brother.
Read it.
That's my name on the invitation.
Why the fuck did you do that?
Just be quiet!
Hold on brother, they want me to make a
speech, can you handle it?
Of course!
Why do you want to show off?
Why not?
There are so many superstars,
hot babes, you know!
You know,
I never participate in these events
Could you help out here just once?
I have to make a speech.
But I am not eloquent.
You know me, I might say something wrong.
It's arranged, I'll
wait for you in the car.
See you there!
Hello Master Wai
Uncle Hsiong, I've heard that
Uncle has returned.
I have to take Wai to a ceremony.
Take Hwa with you.
Yes sir.
Is he going too?
Uncle Hsiong
Master Hwa, please
Uncle Hsiong, don't let him go
There's no point.
You realize he is your protection?
Hey, wait!
Don't try to show off from now on.
Take the company's car if you need to.
How can I go in such a cheap car?
Well, you can go in Siao Tao's car,
or stay home.
Come on Master Wai!
This is even worse!
Why? There's no traffic jam.
Are you hot?
They're getting a ticket.
Of course, it's a cheap car.
Be careful, they might give you one.
Driving license please
Thank you!
Finish him!
Watch out for your dad!
Where are you going?
Check them
Follow them!
Hurry! Get in boss!
Sia Tao, speak to me! Siao Tao!
Are you OK Siao Tao?
Brother, it's cold here
I've got you
I'll get you to a hospital
Just hold on. I'll get you there.
"the Godfather" Brando got shot many times,
but he lived! I will get you there!
Where are you going?
To kill your brother!
They are drawing attention
to the wrong side!
Get them!
What's up, that hurts!
Nothing, keep playing.
Got him!
Everybody run, real guns!!
What the fuck!?
Triple irons!
Move it!
What the fuck am I gonna do!?
What's wrong?
Chinese can't even do
their own Kung Fu well?
I'm a foreigner but I can do it better.
Fuck you!
I dare you!
Fight me man to man.
If you've the guts.
Put down your gun,
you show him!
Fuck him up boss, go on!
Rope dart?
Good, good! Chinese Kung Fu!
We are Chinese!
Drunken fist?
Chinese are shit?
Saliva of Chinese drowns you!
I haven't lost yet!
Little shit!
You dare hit a kid!
Beat his ass!
You alright? Come help if you are!
Look out!
Strangle him!!
Strangle him! Harder!
I don't weigh enough!
Dare you put down your gun and fight me?
It's a hard job
If I knew it was this hard,
I would have done something else.
He's at the exit!
See where you can go!
Come here you!
Where is he?
What are you doing?
You too!?
Officers, help!
He's got a gun!
Hold it right there!
Don't let him go!
Stop or I'll shoot!
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Move!
What are you doing?
Get off!
Don't let him go!
Stop him!
Who is he?
Don't know!
Then why run after him?
Don't call an ambulance
unless I ask you to!
Officer Lau!
How'd it go?
Everything's fucked up Uncle!
They know your involved
be careful
They're coming now!
Are you listening Uncle?
I went through all the trouble to come back
But you sold the club without
my permission!
Then you say I'm late!
I'll kill you!
Go help my uncle!
Why didn't you tell me you are back?
I could arrange a banquet
Those idiots make me mad!
I came all the way back here
They've framed me
I must get my revenge on them!
Uncle, listen, it's Hwa
I'm at the police station and
given a statement
I've revealed every detail.
They're going to give me immunity
so they can get Hsiong
Never go against the family! Piece of shit!
You should have been an actor
It's quite a performance.
Brother Hsiong!
Please forgive me
Let me go this time!
Give me a chance please!
Please spare me.
You would do anything to survive,
wouldn't you?
You should know...
If I am going to let you off...
What would you do?
Brother Hsiong! Brother Hsiong!
Don't worry about a thing, Mr Hung
I've sent men to save your uncle.
Thanks for supplying all those details,
Mr Hung
Officer Lau,
You must protect me round the clock
Of course
After all, you are the most important
witness to the case.
Don't worry
Be careful
This is the time to get rid of
old Hsiong
Thank you
Not at all.
Back off!
Oh fuck!
Miss, we got an order to rescue someone.
Let us go!
It's cold!
The person you must rescue is here
We're here!
We're here
Freeze or you'll die!
Master Wai
Uncle Hsiong said something about a
mysterious gift
Show Master Wai in
See if he likes it.
This way Master Wai
You caused a lot of trouble
at the police station
I don't want you to stay in Hong Kong.
Kwang will take you to the airport
Go pack your stuff
What about my men?
So many people together brings attention.
I'll arrange for them to leave on
another ship.
I've got nothing from these years abroad.
Only these friends are what
I gained.
I want to take the same people back
In the same shape as they arrived.
Promise me that'll happen.
You've never asked me for anything
Your first time!
It shows you are mature!
Not mature
Just getting to know you better.
All your children are not with you
You are all on your own
Come to look for me in Holland when
you are done.
Alright Dad?
I hope there is a day.
Say Uncle, why do you give me such
a big TV set?
It's not a TV set
Open it.
Not so cool are you now
The only man stopping you
from being top boss.
Now he kneels before you.
If he vanishes...
Then you can become the top boss.
Master, why should I do this for you?
It's a matter between you two.
So then...
Therefore, I will let you settle this
on your own.
There will only be one boss,
so make up your mind
Big brother
What's happening with us,
it's all wrong.
I didn't do anything
You and your mom forced my hand.
We were wrong
But now it's obvious Uncle Hsiong
set a trap for us.
We're the only hope for our family
for their sake
We must unite
Don't say unite!
Why did you compete with me
I am the eldest son
You could never become the boss!
How can I compete with you like this?
How is this fair?
Fuck off!
You become the boss!?
You have never beat me,
not even once.
You want to be our boss?!
You're not fit to shine my shoes!
Get the fuck up!
Get up!
Get up!
Don't shoot, don't shoot.
Go down to hell and talk to dad.
Ask him how to be good.
Good bye!
Uncle Hsiong said to kill you,
But I didn't want to!
He said you would force me
to kill you!
You asked for this!
Kowtow to me? I will accept it.
I am you older brother!
The most painful moment
Is to see your child be killed
That day I saw my children killed,
one by one
Now you know how it feels, right?
You know how I felt that day.
Stay here and take it all in,
I have a meeting to attend.
Uncle Hsiong, there is someone
from the police to see you.
Good morning Mr Hsiong
What do you want?
Mr Chau, the police are asking for
your cooperation
To help with several cases.
I'm only an average citizen you know
Mr Chau, you mustn't see that
Hung and Kau Chun were murdered,
along with five ex-pats.
One important witness, Hung Tat Hwa
is missing
I believe if you are willing to help us
you could give us some
really good information.
So many things happen in Hong Kong
If I was involved in everything,
how would I be able to handle it?
I'm just being a policeman
The law tries to be fair, right?
I will tell you, if you come here again
Bring all your evidence.
By the way, I am ill.
I can't be harrassed and stressed out
You can ask my doctor if you like.
If my word isn't good enough
I'll get a note from other doctors.
Are we clear?
Mr Chau, you may be sick,
But your mind is healthy.
Superintendent Lau, you must know
very well
Under civil law in Hong Kong
I can use necessary force
to remove a trespasser
Show him out.
You can't hide the truth
If I find out that you are involved with
the Dutch guys, you're going down!
Dad, it's Shau
Why didn't you leave?
I miss my friends, I can't go without them
I already sent them on their way
Go back to Holland
Uncle Hsiong showed me how
Otherwise I will be in trouble.
Why did you do it!!
Why! Why! Why!
It wasn't us! Uncle Hsiong
asked us to poison them!
It's true, we were just
following his orders!
Killing us isn't going to change anything!
Since I was young
I am nothing to you.
No matter what I did
or said, you never accepted me as your son.
Instead you just looked at me as a turd!
I ask myself
Why me? Why was I even born!?
Do you know
Why I didn't avenge your murder?
You got your just desserts.
Not only that, I won't get revenge
I even follow your killer!
I listen to him now
I will use him to kill
everyone who has looked down on me!
I got revenge on you
I killed your only son.
Drove your wife mad. Now I'm the boss!
How about that!?
Who is it?
What's your problem?
I wrote this long ago.
But I haven't written the last stroke
As I know to be successful
You have to be at the right time
with the right people
And with that, Master Wai
is now the big boss.
Many of you have made effort,
but some have hindered.
But all this has gone away.
We had many different bosses
But now that is fixed.
We should reconcile
now that has been fixed.
From now on gentlemen,
There will be no more objections to
master Wai or myself.
If you don't like it, you can leave now.
There's the door right over there.
From that moment
we will become enemies.
Lau Jun,
Chin Siu
You are our elders
And the late Master depended on you most
What do you think?
Go ahead, tell us.
I am adaptable to the situation
I go with the flow
It's rough in the wild and cold on the
Safe and warm inside here. Comfortable,
you know what I mean?
Don't you agree?
That's right!
Of course, of course!
Fine, fine.
Since you say so, I am sure we are
united together
If no one objects, I'll put this stroke on.
What are you doing here?
I came to say goodbye dad
Thanks for taking care of my friends.
You are not supposed to
be here today
This isn't the time to talk
We can talk at home.
I have no home!
And you will never see me again.
If you don't make it clear today
You'll never have another chance!
Who do you think you are talking too?
I am your father!
If I wasn't respectful I would not
have brought my friends to help
and I certainly would not have given them
over to your care.
Or have them be killed!
I already told you once
When I went abroad I had nothing,
Nothing but those friends
And you promised, promised you would
send them home
And you failed to do that
and just murdered them all!
You not only killed all my friends
But killed all my respect for you!
Are these words important to you?
How many of your own family have been
sacrificed for you to write these words?
How many friends have you betrayed?
Was it worth it!?
It was
Everything I've done was for myself,
I planned it.
Everyone that died or was betrayed
They were all just Go pieces for me to play
Including Master Wai and these clowns.
You are also my Go piece
This is all just a big game
And when I play this game
I play to win
give it
Here, take the gun
If your friends are so important to you
now is your chance
avenge them!
Take it!
Kill me!
What's wrong?
Can't do it?
You are too soft, to be a man
you have to take action
you must do everything!
Not like a woman!
If you betrayed me,
I'd kill you at once!
This is the difference between
you and me
Something you can never learn
You understand!
Right! An eye for an eye!
Oh shit! Master Wai is dead!
Smile! Smile!
Damn it!
Go on, kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!
Do you think this is a game?
It's only a dream, just a dream!
Only a dream!
Bullshit you little punk!
You dare to bullshit me! I'll kill you!
Let's get out of here!
It's not a dream! It's real! It's real!
Wai, Wai, listen, listen
Listen, I said you would be the big boss,
I kept my promise.
Listen! Listen! Listen!
Get up, get up, no one can stop me!
We will be on top of the world!
The world will belong to you and me!
We will rule it all!
No one can stop us!
Don't sleep, come on, wake up
Open your eyes and see!
Don't blink!
Watch me! I will make it right!
Look Master Wai, we've made it!
Look everyone, we made it!
I made it! I made it!
I've made it!!!