Burning Blue (2013) Movie Script

One-Zero-Four, Pensacola Tower.
we're busted, Dano.
Roger, Pensacola Tower.
got a local resident complaint.
Touch-and-gos unauthorized
at outlying fields
without emergency
crew on-site.
You're gonna have to
wrap it up, sir.
leaving the pattern.
We're meeting the
ladies at 1800 anyway.
It's time for a cold one.
Your stick, Wilbur.
Let's take her home.
Birds! One o'clock level!
Punch out, punch out!
Two, three...
C'mon, buddy. That's
it, c'mon!
That's it, come on, Wilbur!
My brains are all
over my hands!
No, no, no,
it's bird guts!
Birds? Birds?
They took out our engine.
Fucking birds.
We punched out?
Like a couple of
Roman candles!
I should've
seen 'em, Dano.
Bird strike can
happen to anybody.
No! The sun went down.
I couldn't see shit!
You're tired,
that's all!
There's gonna be
an accident investigation!
They're gonna find out
I couldn't see the birds!
What the fuck
are you doing?
I'll tell 'em I was
in command of the plane.
That I was in the front seat.
They'll check my eyes.
Not yours.
And when they
figure out we lied?
They won't!
We'll never
pull this off.
So what am I gonna do?
Go there alone?
five years from now,
we will be
the youngest pilots
ever selected
for the space program.
And then we're gonna
be the first astronauts
to go back to the moon.
We're a team.
We either do this together
or we don't do it at all.
Damn straight.
We're gonna get our
wings in a week, Wilbur.
I guaran-fuckin'-tee it.
Beat! Beat!
Beat Army!
Your bride is
a beauty, Lieutenant.
Thank you, Admiral.
I got to pee.
on your wings.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Same old stuff. Do you know
where you'll be stationed?
No. Well, I've got a temporary
stay here in Pensacola, but...
Are you going to fly
F-14s, F-18s?
he's practically married.
To who?
The Navy.
You look so pretty.
Well, thank you,
Look at you! Whoa!
Jeannie would've been
so proud of you, Will.
Ah, Dano's the one, Mama Lynch.
Without him, I'd be toast.
I heard you executed
a textbook ejection.
Saved Dan's ass.
It's all smoke and mirrors,
Shut the fuck up.
Susan wants to see you.
Come on.
Lieutenant J.G. Charlie
Trumbo, Naval Aviator.
Oh, my!
You ladies
Stewie, Stewie!
Stewie, Stewie! Whoa! Whoa!
To Danny boy...
Thank you!
...for crashing into
those gooney birds
and making me
numero uno!
It is hard to believe
that 34 years have passed
since Admiral Lynch
and I sat on this very bar
guzzling for gold.
I guess time flies
if you're lucky enough
to be flying!
The wings on your
chest are proof
that you have accomplished
something great.
You have
uncommon abilities.
Now, all of us
are counting on you
to keep the barbarians
from the gates.
To accomplish that,
you'll have the support
of the greatest
navy on Earth
armed with the most
sophisticated aircraft
and weapons systems
ever developed.
What does this
all add up to?
Exactly nothing
without the man
standing beside you.
Respect him. Protect him with your life
because without him,
there is no us.
And if there's no us, there's
no point to any of this.
p, space.
May you know
only fair winds,
following seas...
And the thrill of victory!
Thank you, Admiral!
Hey, come on, pal.
Let's crash
the wedding next door.
All right.
Yeah! Babe!
Lieutenant Dave Marshall...
Who made
the ultimate sacrifice
in service to his country.
He was a good shit.
All right, fellas.
Rule number one,
if you've got a situation,
don't forget to fly
the fuckin' airplane.
All right, what's the gouge
on the test pilot billets,
Shuttle budget's been slashed.
Too many men on the pipeline.
They'll be looking for every
reason to disqualify you guys.
Athlete's foot, gingivitis,
excessive ugliness,
you name it.
You don't qualify
for TPS this time around,
you can kiss it
good-bye forever.
Come here, mama.
Okay, get the money,
get the money.
What are you doing,
sweet lips?
Stewie, Stewie!
Fly hard.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Jesus, Stewie.
You look like shit.
Come on,
let's do this thing!
Maybe he should
sit this one out?
He's good to go, Skipper.
Come on.
Let's go.
Are you in 71 Zulu?
Okay, check
the rudder trim!
The rudder trim?
Yeah, I griped it yesterday,
but I don't know if
maintenance got to it, okay?
fuck! Plane in the water!
quarters, general quarters.
All hands to your
battle stations.
Which one was
Lieutenant Kelleher's bunk?
The bottom one.
Standard operating
procedure, sir.
SOP my ass,
have a little respect!
u can't
take this personally. Yo
What if that was your
bunk they were cutting up?
You can bet your ass I wouldn't
just stand by and watch.
Like we did last night?
Stewie guzzled
half a bottle of tequila.
Maybe we should
have stopped him.
Yeah, and flushed
Skipper's party
and our chances for TPS
right down the shitter.
I shouldn't have let him fly.
He's a big boy. He's
flown rougher than that.
We all have.
Anything in the
maintenance gripe sheets to indicate
a problem with the airplane? No, sir.
Wife's pregnant.
Everything was fine there.
What about booze?
We all blew off a little
steam last night, Admiral.
You were the best flight
lieutenant I ever had, Duke,
and you are a standout
skipper but you lost
two men and two airplanes
in as many months.
You know they're gonna
be sending a suit out
from Washington
to get some answers?
Yes, sir.
How's Dan doing?
Still number one, sir.
Yeah, yeah.
My dad gave me
directions to some path
above the Bay of Napoli.
Where he met your mom? Yeah.
Huh. She didn't speak any English.
I think the only Italian he
knew was "pizza. "
Forty-eight hours later,
they were married
and on a plane to Omaha.
That's how it happens,
at least, that's what I hear.
When you know it,
you know it.
You just ironed those.
Line ain't straight.
You're the one ain't straight.
C'mon, Dano, I got
things in store for you.
Where are you goin'?
I can't tell you,
it's classified.
Classified? Come on!
Mmm-hmm, absolutely.
You don't have
that clearance, Officer.
You mean
he's not tall enough?
that's not necessary.
Yeah, that's not
called for.
Hey, you can get in
tight spaces. I can't.
Feast your eyes on that.
Where the hell have you been?
Oh, my God. What?
You know, we were passing this
little jewelry store
and the cab just stopped.
I can't believe it!
I'm so excited!
That is amazing.
Are you a little scared?
Thank you.
Congratulations, Dan.
Wouldn't she have known if
something was bothering him?
Since when? We're
always the last to know.
Could Stewie
have ejected?
Aw, I hate to interrupt this
beautiful Neapolitan blizzard,
but we just got word
from Pax River.
We're down to two TPS slots
for the entire air wing.
The heat's on, boys.
I have this grim feeling
the only shuttle
I'm ever gonna fly
is the DC to Boston.
Because you had a bolter
yesterday? Big deal.
Looks like we've met
the competition.
I'm telling you what,
Iron Man, my dick
was so hard a cat
couldn't scratch it.
I'd recommend keeping
your little head on deck
and your big head in
the cockpit, Boner.
I was locked
on your six
and the next thing I know,
you're on my nose closing fast.
I thought you were on
Dano's ass trackin' for guns.
I was, after
I nailed Stephensen.
I called "Exit, hard left," didn't I?
I didn't hear that.
Well, you gotta get your thumb
out of your ass and listen up.
Hey, hey, hey, whoa,
no reason to get testy.
Iron Man, we're all your
homies now, right?
Good flight, Lynch.
But Lieutenant Kelleher
allowed me to...
Spare me, Gorden.
You fell asleep on watch.
No liberty in New York.
My mother right now
is really...
Hey, next time you land
in the brig. You got it?
Yes, sir, Mr. Blackwood.
Gents, this is John Cokely.
He's a safety specialist
out of DC. Hi, guys.
He's gonna be sailing
with us to New York
to see if there isn't
any more that we can do
to stay on top
of our game.
Welcome. Matt Blackwood.
Oh, thank you.
Charlie Trumbo.
Will Stephensen.
Hi, Will.
Dan Lynch. Hi.
Are you related to Adm... Mmm-hmm.
Wilbur's daddy's
an admiral, too.
Goddamn it, Boner.
My daddy's a pig farmer.
Look, any suggestions,
observations you guys
might have,
no matter how small,
please feel free to...
I got a safety tip
for you, John.
Oh, what's that? Stay
away from the sliders.
They're like heaven
goin' down,
but they tear your ass
apart on the way out.
Honestly, I look forward
to seeing Susan
a little bit more,
you know what I'm saying?
Kind of ridiculous,
I mean, we haven't seen...
Mr. Stephensen. PAO
wants to see you, sir.
Aw f...
I'll wait. Nah, this could take a while.
Meet me on the pier
at 2100.
Roger! I got the camera.
Can you feel it
in the air, Dano?
Love. It's everywhere.
Oh, God help you!
Turn it around.
Turn it around.
Hey, the guys from 53 got
a suite at the Waldorf
and passes to
the opening of a new club.
Well, knock
yourself out, Charlie.
It's gonna be ladies on tap.
Yeah, from God knows where.
Make sure you
double bag that thing.
I love the way
you take care of me.
Hey, guys, come on.
Hey, brother.
I thought you were
meeting your wife?
Nah, something came up.
You lost?
I've always wanted to see
the Empire State Building.
Follow me.
So that's it.
No, that's
the Chrysler Building.
How'd you find out
about this place?
The building superintendent
belongs to our parish.
We used to come up
here and watch fireworks.
So what came first,
the guitar or the sax?
Piano. How'd you know
I played sax?
Your wedding reception.
Our winging party.
We ate all of your shrimp.
Molested the bridesmaids.
So, you must come from a
big musical family, huh?
Yeah. I grew up in
a castle in Austria.
My governess was a nun.
You're funny.
Actually, it was split-level
on Long Island.
It was just me.
My dad was a Lutheran
minister and my mom,
the devoted wife, until she
skipped town with his brother.
So, do you have any kids? No. You?
One day, I hope.
Well, what about
flying for the Navy?
I wanted answers. Thought
I'd find them up there.
Did you?
Hey, what about
a magic trick?
I thought that's where
we were going?
We were, but if you're
in it you can't see it.
Susan? No, he's crying.
I don't want to say "Hi. "
He's crying,
I can't hear shit. Susan?
Hello? No, I...
Hold on, I have to put
in more quarters.
Susan? Susan!
Looks like you could
use a drink.
It's, it's that thing.
Everyone experiences it.
And the first... No,
it was when
I was in a glider.
This craft that's just,
I mean, just soaring
above everything else
and you've just got this,
this freedom.
The sky. It didn't
work like that for me.
You're lucky. I mean, me? My dad flew,
his dad flew.
I'm meant to fly.
I'm meant to be
good at this.
You have no idea
until you finally pull on
that throttle and pull up.
That's from the
lovely lady at the end of the bar.
We drink these, right?
We absolutely do.
Cheers. To her.
To her.
It sounds stupid.
Where did you
park your airplane?
What makes you think
we have one?
Only pilots
or drag queens
talk with
hands like that.
You are not drag queens, yes? Yeah.
Uh, no. No, no, no.
He means no.
Our airplanes are
on the carrier.
In the harbor.
Do you like to dance?
Like to dance?
I... I... Yeah.
This is your first
time in New York, yes?
It's his first time.
Okay, come on.
Okay. Okay, okay, let's go. Go.
She's fuckin' sexy.
Two more.
So, where you from?
Oh, yeah?
Hey, what's up, man.
Petty Officer Gorden.
Maybe I could
show you around.
That's awesome.
Next ACM I'm gonna
make sure Blackwood's my bogey
and hand him his ass
on a platter.
Whose ass you gonna
have on a platter, Will?
I wasted my whole night
waiting for you.
I'm sorry.
Damn it.
What the fuck?
Ship's Captain must be
usin' his blow dryer again.
you take my shampoo?
Yeah. It's right here.
Here ya go, big guy,
just squeeze
and apply to scalp.
What the fuck!
You sick piece of shit!
He's on your six, Boner,
c'mon, move it!
Ah, fuck.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
I'm sorry,
I didn't realize.
Forget it.
I came to get those
shots for the PAO.
That's it?
You and Blackwood
have fun last night?
What'd you do?
Checked out the city,
couple of beers.
Oh, I forgot
about this one.
Oh, God,
we were so trashed.
What's up with your
night vision?
You said
it'd all cleared up.
Not everyone's
perfect, Dano.
If I don't make TPS now,
I'm fucked.
No space flight. Ever.
I'll see a civilian doc
when we get home.
Navy arriving.
Six thousand men
afraid to fart.
So, did you
find our jumper?
No. We did an expanded
SAR pattern for two hours
and didn't see anything.
Ah, he's probably
hiding in the fridge crying.
Ha! Probably. It wouldn't
be the first time.
Lieutenant! Excuse me.
Dan, do you have
a few minutes, please?
See you later, Hals.
No problem.
What do you think
was the cause
of Lieutenant Stewart
Kelleher's mishap?
You've read the
accident report,
you probably know
better than I do.
Right. Right.
Okay, well...
What were the circumstances?
It was a daylight launch.
The cat shot looked good,
but his plane hit the water about
a hundred yards off the port bow.
Sank without a trace.
Well, what about Lieutenant
Marshall's mishap last month?
What about it?
Word has it his wife was spreading
her legs while he was gone.
I wouldn't know.
So, Lieutenant Kelleher had
drunk too much the night before.
I... And if Lieutenant
Marshall finds out
his wife's cheating on him...
You know, you've been the scheduling
officer for the past four months.
Shouldn't you have taken
them off the flight?
Lieutenant Lynch,
report to the flag mess.
Sorry, John. My dad.
Of course.
Oh, by the way,
heard you had a wild time
in the Big Apple
the other night.
Not really.
Cokely asked me
where we went last night.
You didn't
say anything, did you?
No way.
Navy departing.
I need some advice.
So talk to me.
You can't be objective.
Why not?
Because you thought I lit up
the Empire State Building.
Hey, ladies, debriefing
last night's secret mission?
I'm pullin' chocks.
Catch ya later, Wilbur.
I saw the eye contact between
you and lover boy just now.
You guys got laid
in New York, didn't you?
I've gotta get some more
shots for the newsletter.
Hey, I'm not lettin'
you off that easy!
I need your help
with the copy!
Keep it short and sweet.
Stick to the facts.
Join the Navy
and see the world, huh?
Pass you by.
Selecting zone
five afterburner!
Show me what you got,
Iron Man!
You can run, but you
cannot hide!
Give 'em hell,
Where the hell is he?
Right up your ass, big boy.
Trackin' for guns.
I've got a lock.
Yes! Goliath falls!
Fight's off!
No way, you're mine!
I repeat fight's off.
I'm headed back to mother.
Holy shit.
Now that's a first.
What's a first?
You scared the
bejesus out of me.
Sorry. Did Dan just
nail Blackwood?
Yeah. What can I do
for you, John?
Nothing, nothing. I was
just hanging out.
You wouldn't know where
I could get one of these?
Squadron issue only.
Oh, right.
Look, I'll talk to
the supply chief.
Deal with it, I was right
on your tail, Wilbur.
No way, Boner, I'd shaken
you long before...
No, no, no!
What happened up there,
big guy? Lose your balls?
Hey, hey, hey! I ever tell
you guys about the time
me and my cousin had a date
with a pig? Wilbur?
See, I got this cousin, Larry,
lived in Colorado and every
time he'd visit, see...
Wait. Hey, we had this
600-pound sow named Debbie,
we used to take turns holdin'
her while the other one
hid the sausage.
You're so full
of shit, Boner.
Anyway, one time...
Actually, it was the last time
cousin Larry ever visited,
see I was goin' to
town on Debbie
and he was holdin'
her in the corner
in the pen in the
back of the barn
and all of a sudden his
face just goes all long
and white as a ghost.
So I get up, turn around
to see what he's
lookin' at,
and there's my momma
in her hair curlers
and her old pink bathrobe
just staring at us.
I don't know who went down
first, but we all did.
Yep, we all went
down in the end.
Boner, you're stranger
than fiction, man.
You should meet my
cousin, Larry.
C'mon, Wilbur, squeal
like a pig for me.
You piece of shit,
I'll fucking kill you.
Goddamn it, Charlie, you
piece of shit. I'm gonna fart on you!
Hey, I'm sorry if I pushed
you too hard out there today.
Forget it.
No, I mean,
I could've rolled out...
Give it a rest, okay!
I fucked up.
Taxpayers get nervous if they start
hearing their warriors sniveling, all right?
What's up, Skip?
These just came in
from Washington.
Holy shit.
We got it. We're in!
Congratulations, boys.
Sorry, man.
Them's the breaks.
Oh God,
I can't believe it.
Good shit, dude.
Don't tell me, they're
sending a monkey in my place.
No. It's your father.
What happened?
He's at Norfolk
General Hospital.
He had a heart attack.
All hands
report to battle stations.
This is a drill. All hands
report to battle stations.
...more than 30 were
injured. The ship is listing to port,
but not in danger of
sinking at this time.
Fuckin' Habib
in a dinghy!
The Cole had a
crew of about 350.
It's based in
Norfolk, Virginia...
We're stuffed.
President Clinton
had this comment
at the White House,
this afternoon.
If, as it now appears,
this was an act of terrorism...
What's changed?
What do you want,
It's like...
You and Nancy.
Baseball and
apple pie.
You fuckin'
love each other.
It's that simple.
It's not that simple.
She's got the number one
aviator in the fleet.
What the fuck does
she want?
She's got a rock on her
finger the size of a car.
It's complicated. It's
my shit too. Mostly mine.
It's decorated like
an old lady lives here.
Shh. Be nice.
This is my wife,
The pleasure
is all mine.
Can I take your coats?
Hi. This is
my wife, Tammi.
Nice to meet you.
Your home is beautiful.
Oh. Thank you, but I didn't
have anything to do with this.
This is Dan Lynch.
So, how do you
like your quarters?
They're still
being renovated.
We've been in a hotel
for over a month now.
But a huge suite. So,
I'm not complaining.
But enough is enough!
Enough's enough.
So where exactly
is Susan?
Listen, you just follow the
sound of the blender
and you'll find
Susan, okay?
You know what? I will
take you to go meet her.
Oh, thank you.
You guys want
How's Wilbur's dad?
Where's your fiancee?
We decided to
take a break.
You okay?
I was hoping
you'd come.
I'm gonna give
this to Wilbur.
All right.
Happy birthday, Wilbur.
Thanks, man.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Deja vu.
You are drunk!
C'mon, Wilbur.
Ah, fuck.
Take it easy.
What're you doing?
How do you fit four
queers on a bar stool?
You turn it over.
Help me up.
Happy birthday,
old fucker.
I'll see ya, all right.
You stink.
Please brush again.
Happy birthday,
we'll see you soon.
I hope you're driving?
You have fun?
I always have fun.
Later, buddy.
You bastard.
Happy birthday, old man.
Thanks, man.
Don't kiss me, get the
fuck out of here. Ooh.
Hey, beautiful.
You wanna dance?
You're drunk!
Goodnight, baby.
You okay, Dano?
Yeah. Absolutely.
Wilbur, there's
Is everything okay
with you and Nance?
Everything's fine.
We're fine.
See you tomorrow.
So, you got a date
with Iron Man?
You've got an appointment
Monday morning.
Hey, I know you're
worried about your dad.
He's gonna be fine.
What's going on with
Dan and Nancy?
Are you gonna talk to me?
I'm turning in.
This is a tough
place to find.
I still get lost.
I made a commitment
to Tammi.
I gotta make it work.
How do you make
a relationship work?
I didn't plan this!
You think I did?
Dudes in leather, drag queens.
I've got nothing in common
with any of that shit.
Neither do I!
Actually, I do.
I do know what it's like
to fall for another man.
Cut that.
If we're careful, we
can do this. We can.
To get to the top,
you have to make
some sacrifices.
Leave some
things behind.
Even if one of those
things is yourself?
Fuck you, Lynch.
In the words of the
great German poet, Rilke,
"God speaks to each of us
"Before we are
Before he's formed us
"Then, in cloudy speech,
But only then
"He speaks these words to each
"Driven by your senses, dare
To the edge of longing
"Grow like a fire's
shadow casting glare
"Don't leave me bare
"Let it all happen to you
"Beauty and dread
"Simply go
"No feeling is too much
"And only this way
"Can we stay in touch
"Near here is the land
That they call Life
"You'll know when you arrive
"By how real it is
"Give me your hand"
Yes, sir, they were
both there at the club.
Lieutenant Blackwood was
all over Lieutenant Lynch.
What exactly
were they doing?
They were dancing,
quite close.
They had their
shirts off.
They were touching.
It was...
It was of a sexual
nature, sir.
Was anyone else there
besides Blackwood?
Yes, sir. Lieutenant Trumbo
was also there.
Lieutenant Trumbo?
Yes, sir.
If you can think of
anything else, I wanna know.
Yes, sir.
G. No.
You're acuity
has improved,
but your low light
response time
has deteriorated
considerably, Bill.
I recommend you take
a position that
doesn't require you to
be on the road at night.
I'll talk to my boss.
Oh, sweetheart,
thank you so much.
Of course.
Looks like it's gonna
be a fun day. Oh, yeah.
Yo, come here. All right,
turn and face, let's go.
What you got?
See, you gotta
be more ready.
More ready for the heat.
See my butt,
it's in your face.
What are you gonna do
about that?
Ah, you're goin' nowhere.
What do you mean, be
careful? Look no hands, Mom.
Hey, come here.
Hey there, buddy.
Dano got me a basketball. Oh yeah? Cool.
We need to get a hoop. I guess so.
How'd it go?
Good as new.
You ready, Susan?
Yeah, where'd you go?
Just an annual.
You ready? Okay.
Come here.
Can we finish
The Space Shuttletoday?
Sure. After you take
a nap, okay?
But right now I just
want you to dream
of rockets and spaceships
and all the beautiful
stars, okay?
Sleep tight, mister.
Another TPS slot opened up.
The same class you and
Will are headed for.
Detailer penciled me in.
What do you think?
Go for it.
You think so?
Man, we're gonna set
that town on fire! Shh.
What? Oh.
I'm staying here.
I'm going back on
tour with 53.
I won't see you anymore.
Look, we had a drunken
night in New York,
so let's just chalk it up to
experience, what d'you say?
I've got your number,
It's the same as mine.
What about your wife?
You said
you wanted a family...
Yeah, I do!
But that's not what's
happening here! Not now.
I've made up my mind.
Shit, wait,
wait, wait.
What? I've gotta move
my gear back to the BOQ.
The Q?
Tammi and I split.
No more.
I'm on duty.
I promised Attie
that I would spend
some time with him
this evening.
Right, and I've gotta
fly the avionics hop
with Will and Boner.
Well, then maybe we
could grab a late dinner?
I mean, you can crash at
my place after the hop.
The key's above
There's beer in the fridge.
All right.
I've been working
on something, too.
Maybe you wanna
give it a listen or...
Above the door?
John, your assumptions
are based on the accusations
of an insubordinate
sailor who...
Who knows more about
your men than you do!
I don't think you realize
how serious this is.
Okay, the CNO'S
son is the target of
a gay cell which is destroying
the cohesion of your squadron!
A gay cell?
Blackwood. Trumbo. And
that's just for starters.
You are a safety
specialist, John.
A fucking civilian. Okay?
You don't have the
authority to do shit.
Special Agent John Cokely,
That enough authority for you?
How's a buff guy
like you still single?
Why, thank you!
Guess I just haven't
been lucky enough
to meet the right
person yet.
Ah, but you like girls,
don't you?
I liked girls when
I was a kid.
I like women now.
Get your clothes on,
I would, but you're standin'
in front of my skivvies.
Yeah, well,
Petty Officer Gorden told us
he saw you in a gay
club in New York.
You have anything to
say about that?
Well, I do remember
a lot of men
dancin' with men.
Were they homosexuals?
What exactly was
Dan doing there?
Was he there?
All right.
Can you explain this?
Well, that's embarrassing.
That's understandable.
When you got... No,
'cause I can promise you,
that this makes my johnson
look half its actual size.
Wouldn't you agree?
Dan and his fiancee,
they're still doing
the dirty deed?
Are they fucking?
Look, let's just
cut to the chase,
you wanna know what
makes his pecker hard.
Well, I don't know and
I don't give a rat's ass.
As long as he can
cut the Grey Poupon
when the shit
hits the fan,
he can hump a tree
if it revs his engine.
I'd love to sit here and
chat, but I got a date,
with a very sexy airplane.
We'll be talking
soon though.
Afternoon, Skipper. Sir?
Iron Man.
Why didn't you tell me
you were having problems
in your marriage?
Where'd you
hear that, sir?
You... You seeing another
girl on the side?
No, sir.
Look, I'm filling out
fitness reports.
I need to include
something about your wife
or your girlfriend in order
to justify your TPS slot.
Cokely is crawlin' up my ass.
Either you're part
of the solution,
or you're part
of the problem.
Sorry, Boner.
Where's Iron Man?
He went lookin' for you.
Everything cool?
Let's roll.
Okay, try and look ahead
of you, like you're looking
at a player who's gonna
try and stop you, okay?
It's official.
Everything's over cooked.
I don't know what
to say, sweetie,
I mean, he should've
been home an hour ago.
Watch out.
Be sure you give
this to Tammi.
I will.
Matt's dead.
Tears won't bring him
back. Will, please.
We'd better get a move on.
I loved Matt.
Of course you did,
That night in New York,
I didn't forget
you were waiting.
I blew you off.
I was watching Attie...
He came by
and we kissed,
and everything just...
We've gotta get home.
Dan! I need you
to come with me.
You can circle the
wagons, but
you're always gonna
be surrounded.
Well, well. What's
goin' on here?
Uh. We were just...
Gettin' acquainted?
Did he tell you about his
bailout over Pensacola Bay?
No, sir, I didn't
see anything.
That's 'cause it's
been expunged.
Bird strike.
Five years ago.
He had command of
the aircraft,
took a direct hit
after an unauthorized
touch-and-go from
an abandoned airfield.
He's new at this.
There was an accident report,
a thorough investigation.
The case was closed.
Then, why do you think
you're here, Don?
Any ideas?
Not really.
Last week's mishap,
why do you think Blackwood
lost control of his plane?
What makes you
think he did?
You're stalking me? In my
business it's called surveillance.
What were you
doin' here?
There you go lyin' again.
I'm not lying.
You and Blackwood were seen
in a gay club in New York.
You fuckin' homo!
If you guys thought less
about your dicks...
Secure him!
Step back.
Special Agent John Cokely.
Where's my husband?
Maybe you should
take a seat.
My kitchen?
What do you think they
might be doing there?
Your husband and Lieutenant
Lynch seem to be unusually close.
I think I can say with
absolute certainty
that my husband is...
You've got to
be kidding me.
I told you, I didn't
meet up with them.
Do you know where they went?
"Sightseeing"? Is that code?
Pink triangles,
rainbow flags?
How much more of this
bullshit do I have to tolerate?
Can you identify the
men in this photo, Will?
I'm pretty sure that's
me, Stewie, Dan,
and Boner in
Italy last year.
That is you in
the middle?
We'd been to
the Sistine Chapel.
We were recreating one
of the murals we saw
painted on the ceiling.
And who instigated
the gay orgy afterwards?
We posed for a picture.
That's it.
You do realize, Will,
you are subject
to certain expectations
regarding your conduct?
Gimme a break.
We were on leave.
There was nobody
around for miles.
Pensacola bird strike.
Five years ago.
Something's fishy 'bout
the post mishap medical.
What are you
hidin', Lieutenant?
Says that you waited
in the woods six hours
before the SAR team located
you... On the beach! We were on...
That you both returned
with hemorrhoids.
Scared your daddy's
gonna find out
that you like gettin'
plugged by men?
You ever punch out of a
plane at 400 miles an hour?
Do your homework.
Jet jocks get hemorrhoids.
I'm not gay.
We'll see about that.
Your buddy was seen engaged
in a homosexual activity
with Blackwood during your
last port call in New York.
He just confessed, Will.
Looks like they had a secret
life that didn't include you.
Turn around.
If you're not back
here by 0700
Monday morning,
I'll have you locked up
where nobody will
ever find you.
Where you goin'?
Gotta talk to my dad.
What the hell
are you doing?
You sure you wanna
throw that away?
You know, you and Iron Man
weren't the only Navy guys
in that club. What were you doing there?
C'mon, Dano,
the music's better
and the people
are more fun.
Did Cokely question you?
I did not bilge you, buddy.
He sure was a
handsome dog.
Keep it if you want.
Did you talk to Wilbur?
He's all right,
he'll come around.
He's just freaked out
about the accident.
What really happened
up there?
Wilbur called a rendezvous.
Matt was on top,
Wilbur was in the slot.
I was joining from below.
And, uh...
My whole life I've been
waitin' for somebody.
Can't imagine how much you
must hurt right now.
Fly safe.
Well, I thought,
a candlelight ceremony
in the National Cathedral.
You're kidding, you can't be
serious! Don't you think it's fitting?
I told you...
She's an actress in New York.
She is blonde, gorgeous,
darling, perfect manners.
They must be a perfect couple.
They are made in heaven.
Oh, Romi, I was just,
I was wondering...
See if you could... I can't
quite... I don't know why.
Can we talk?
I've already been briefed.
I thought you were at
home taking it easy?
Had enough of that, son. Full
speed ahead. No other way.
Yes, sir. I understand you're getting
some heat from
the spooks downstairs.
Nothing I can't
handle, sir.
Well, I'm gonna
check into it.
Don't let the bastards
get you down.
Yes, sir. Thank you,
Gorden says you were all over
Blackwood in that night club.
He saw us dancing.
And you don't remember
anybody else in that club,
other than Blackwood?
You sure you don't wanna
make this easy for yourself?
So you break up with your
lady after eight years?
That must've been difficult.
She's a lot of things
I thought I wanted.
Things my family
wanted me to want.
Life would be a lot simpler if
you'd just accept who you are.
Hell, it took me years, but
I found my peace. Eventually.
So you're gay?
No. I'm black.
Hey, hey.
Go back to sleep.
We don't brief for
another hour.
Agent Cokely called.
He said you implicated Will.
He wants names or...
He's a liar.
I don't know what to believe.
Have you spoken to Nance?
Just call her.
Dan, I'm sure
she'd be happy to
come down here.
They'll see you're
with a woman and...
It's okay to have
sex with a man
as long as it's
an isolated incident.
It's true.
It's in the rags.
Don't you see that's
what this was?
An isolated incident.
I was in love with Matt.
Oh, D...
Dan. I'm so sorry.
I didn't...
I'm so sorry!
Take a seat, Daniel.
If I may, Admiral,
I'd like to start by...
That'll be all,
Special Agent.
Sir, I'm the only
person that knows...
I have copies of
everything right here.
You're dismissed.
Sit down, son.
Your lack of judgment has put
me in an impossible position.
Yes, sir.
Not to mention the Navy.
Yes, sir, I know.
That punk out there believes
all three mishaps can be
attributed to some kind
of perverse cult.
Sir, you should... Best
not to talk right now, son.
If the press got hold
of this it would
tarnish the Navy irreparably.
I'm gonna take care of this
thing so we can get on to more
pressing matters and pretend
this never happened.
Given that you had
no intention of
setting up house
and that you do not identify
yourself in that way
or with that group,
et cetera.
Sign this affidavit indicating
it was an isolated incident.
Blackwood coerced you
into the damn place,
forced you into
lewd behavior...
That's not true!
The facts are unimportant!
This is damage control.
I went there willingly.
We danced together.
You're a disgrace
to the uniform.
That was it, son?
No, sir.
We are warriors paid to
defend this country
not spill our guts and
frolic in the daisies!
What the hell are you doing?
Daniel, please,
just sign it.
No, sir.
Personnel will have my
letter of resignation.
Sorry, Dad.
Go back to bed, sweetheart,
I'll be up soon, okay?
For months I've had
the same dream,
night after night.
A Casualty Assistance
officer tells me that
your plane was lost at sea...
I'm a good pilot.
Nothing's gonna
happen to me.
The Honor Guard just buried
your dad next to your mom.
C'mon, Will, didn't
it destroy you?
I have my own way of...
I'm so sick of this
sensitive man crap.
Where would this country be if we
fell apart every time someone died?
It's part of my job
to keep it together.
We're about to sell your
parents' home...
And you... Will!
I wanted to catch you
before you left town.
This is for Attie.
His birthday.
Would you come
in for a while?
Susan, we gotta get this
stuff out of here,
there's an open house
in the morning.
Susan, thanks anyway.
No, no, that's okay.
Susan, you're going nowhere.
We gotta pack this stuff...
Dan, you two can
talk for a while.
How can we talk when he
won't even look at me?
Yes, he can. Will?
Come on, buddy.
Last chance.
Say it.
I know you want to.
Say it.
Say it, you fucking coward! Faggot!
No, he didn't mean it. Will...
Would you just talk to him?
Please, Dan.
There's nothing left
to talk about!
Fuck you! I'm the guy
who's always been there!
I'm your best buddy!
Then where the hell
have you been?
I've been silenced and
harassed and humiliated.
My career's in the shit-can
and I don't have a single
person to turn to.
What the fuck are you
moaning about?
What the fuck
have you lost?
I lost you.
Where do I fit in now?
It was my fault.
It was just like the birds.
I should've seen him.
Maybe he should've
seen you.
I'm done flying, Dano.
What about all our plans?
Our kids?
I tried so hard
to stop it.
I'll threaten to go to the media
if they don't reinstate you.
There's gotta be
some way to fix this.
No. It's over.
I'm not hiding anymore.
No more lies.
What are we gonna do?
I don't know.
What do you want me to say?
Just tell me what to say.
Say anything.
Ask me anything.
Just don't stop
talking to me.
Bill Clinton's 1993 promise to end the institutionalized
persecution of lesbian, gay and bisexual
service members was thwarted by military and
political leaders hostile to the new President.
Instead, the controversial Don't Ask, Don't Tell
policy was adopted requiring LGB soldiers to hide
their sexual orientation in exchange for the
freedom to serve without being harassed or pursued.
The deal was largely ignored by military
commanders and a record number of witch hunts
ensued ending the careers of more than
14,000 highly qualified men and women.
President Obama repealed the policy in 2011.
There are more than a million LGB Veteran and Active Duty soldiers.
Fearing continued discrimination, the majority continue
to be selective about revealing their sexual orientation.