Burning Cane (2019) Movie Script

[birds chirping]
[woman] Jojo has been my best friend
for the last...
Thirteen years.
Now, hes scratching himself to death.
The mange stretches all over his body.
All below his belly,
all around his legs,
his ankles, all up his neck
and around his snout.
I did just like Mrs. Greyson
said to do it:
I mixed a cup of hydrogen peroxide
and four cups of water.
I added three tablespoons of
borax on top of that.
I stirred it until the
borax was dissolved.
I poured it on his skin and
let it sit for a few hours.
I repeated that two days
every week for five weeks.
Nothing happened.
I tried the apple cider vinegar;
I mixed together a cup each of
the vinegar and water.
I put it in a spray bottle.
I combed him while I
sprayed him
to make sure it soaked
into the rashes.
After that...
I brought him out into the
sugar cane fields and
tied him around a
cane stalk to dry him in the sun.
I repeated it at least three
or four times.
When that didnt work, I asked Marsha
and she said I should pray on it.
I told her that I been praying.
She said that when she
was a child,
she had a dog that got
the mange and
you got to mix half a cup
of apple cider vinegar,
borax, and warm water,
and stir it all together
in a big bucket.
[water comes on]
I used a clean sponge
and I soaked it up.
I scrubbed his whole body
hard as I could
until the poor baby
started crying.
Then, I tied him up to the
cane stalk and let him dry.
I did that for a few weeks but,
Jojo started scratching with more
vigor than before.
I tried the sulfur soap and
I wetted his fur
then I rubbed sulfur soap around
him until he got real foamy
and I let it sit for 30 minutes
to give the
mites enough time to
move up to the top of his skin.
Then, I washed him off and tied
him to the cane stalk to dry.
[dog barks]
I tried that for one month.
And after that he didnt
even try to get up,
or... except to eat and
scratch and shit.
Ernest Walker told me that
vegetable oil would do the trick.
He said that you kill 'em by
cutting off their air supply
and I soaked a clean sponge
in a bowl of vegetable oil.
Then I ran the oil over the dogs fur.
And I did that twice every day
for a month...
but nothing.
Olivia Newton said her mother
used honey for their dog.
She told me to get honey
from the local harvest
and put it all over
the rashes.
The honey was the worst.
I brought him inside and tied
him to the door handle
because if I had let
him stay outside
he wouldve gotten
bitten up by the ants.
I cut up lemons.
I cut up a lemon into small
pieces and put it into water.
I boiled the water and after
it was at a steady boil,
I turned the
stove off and let it sit overnight.
In the morning, I scrubbed
it all over him and...
Youd have to kill me before
I take Jojo to a doctor.
Theyd just tell me to take
him round to the
sugarcane fields and
shoot him between the eyes.
Who do they think they are?
They have no right to tell
me when Jojo needs to die.
Only the Lord can do that.
[radio playing in background]
[organ plays]
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming forth to carry me home
Yes, Lord.
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming forth to carry me home
Well, I looked over yonder
and what did I see
Coming forth to carry me home
A band of angels
watching over me
Coming forth to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming forth to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming forth to carry me home
[organ plays]
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming forth to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming forth to carry me
As we go through life,
there are two kinds of things
we can give our lives to.
Some people try to
accumulate possessions.
They are constantly trying
to get more,
and more, and better stuff.
It is attributed to
the late Malcolm Forbes.
He said, you know, "he who dies
with the most toys wins," right?
"He who dies with the
most toys wins."
Now, however,
since he has died,
he has learned that is
not to be true.
Thats not true. "He who dies
with the most toys wins."
You can go out there and
try to get a pretty dress,
but it dont mean nothin if
you gone lose your soul.
"He who dies with
the most toys wins."
He knows that not to be true.
Because when he died,
he better have good
because that didnt get him
across Jordan into Heaven.
No toys get you into Heaven.
Its the friendships that you have,
its the kindness that you do.
Did you clothe me when I was naked?
Did you give me housing when
I had no place to live?
Did you feed me when I was hungry?
Did you drink-- give me water to drink,
when I was thirsty?
"He who dies with the
most toys wins."
What good is it for a man to gain
the whole world but lose his soul?
Malcolm Forbes, I hope you
did better than that in life
and you are
in a better place but,
he who wins with the more toys
is not what we believe.
We believe in a higher calling.
Someone who means more to us than
just things and possessions.
Now, thats a good God.
A God who loves you.
Loves you more than anybody
you ever thought of loving,
loves you
more than you can imagine.
A deep love that is deeper than
your own mind could understand.
Thats what we believe, church,
brothers and sisters.
Were not looking for toys,
its not a plaything.
This is our life.
Our eternal life.
And for that,
we must invest in love.
Love for your neighbor,
love for your family,
love for your children.
Love for your
wife and your husband.
Thats what we believe in.
And the greatest love of all is
the love of our God almighty.
Praise Jesus.
there are those who die like
Mr. Forbes and forget,
and think that possessions and the
accumulation of possessions
are the things that truly
mean something.
But they never mean anything.
You will never truly be
happy and fulfilled
if youre trying to hold
onto possessions!
They mean nothing.
But on the other hand, if you focus
on what is really important:
building relationships
with your mother, and your father, and
your children, and your good friends.
But most important, that
relationship we have with God.
Hes the one we must always keep
in the forefront of our minds.
Thats the most important relationship
youll ever have in your life.
First half of Proverbs eight...
The first half of Proverbs 18:24, says,
"A man who has friends must
himself be deserving."
A man who has friends must
himself be deserving.
So, church...
Are you deserving?
Do you have friends?
Have you taken the time to build
the relationships of love
that are the most important
things in this life.
[thunder rumbling]
Martin fought in the war.
I cant compete with that.
And daddy...
he worked hard everyday.
Worked himself to death.
Thats what killed him.
AIDS killed your daddy.
Why you looking at me like that?
You know your daddy
was a hoe.
Im worried about Jojo.
Hes a sweet dog but...
You ain't tried to treat him?
They say the motor oil will cure
those rashes right on up.
I done everything that I could.
[television plays in background]
[footsteps approaching]
[man] Come on now, drink some more.
Go to sleep, now.
Put him to sleep a few hours ago.
[woman] Is there something to eat?
[man] You didn't eat while you were out?
[woman] I was working.
What's wrong?
[man] Nothing.
[woman] Well, obviously, theres
something bothering you.
[man] I said, "nothing."
[shower water running]
[shower turns off]
[door closes]
[car engine starting]
Im starting to question
your taste in music.
[music plays]
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
I got a girl,
say she long and tall
She sleeps in the kitchen
with her feets in the hall
Show me whatcha got...
Hot tamales and they're red hot
Yes she got 'em on sale, I mean
Yes, she got 'em on sale, yeah
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
She got two for a nickel,
got four for a dime
Would sell you more,
but they ain't none of mine
Hot tamales and they're red hot
Yes she got 'em on sale,
I mean
Yes, she got 'em on sale,
yes, yeah
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
I got a letter from
a girl in the room
Now she got something good she
got to bring home soon, now
It's hot tamales and
they're red hot
Yes she got 'em on sale,
I mean
Yes, she got 'em on sale, yeah
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
You got some moves.
Hot tamales and they're red hot
Yes she got 'em on sale,
they're too hot boy
The billy goat's back in a
bumble bee nest
Ever since that he can't
take his rest, yes
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yeah you got 'em on sale, I mean
Yes, she got 'em on sale
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes, she got 'em on sale
Man don't mess around
'em hot tamales
Now 'cause they too
black bad
'Messin 'round with
them hot tamales
I'm gonna upset your backbone,
put your kidneys to sleep
I'll due to break away your liver
And dare your heart to
beat 'bout my
Hot tamales 'cause they red hot
Yes they got 'em on sale,
I mean
Yes, she got 'em on sale, yeah
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
You know grandma loves
them and grandpa too
Well I wonder what in the world
we children gonna do now
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale, I mean
Yes, she got 'em on sale
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale
Me and my babe
bought a V-8 Ford
Well we wind that thing all on
the runnin' board, yes
Hot tamales and they're red hot,
yes she got 'em on sale, yeah
Hot tamales and--
[woman] Lately, Ive been thinking
about a story...
about Pastor and Johnnie-Mae,
God rest her soul.
In the 40 years since Pastors
been preaching,
Id never seen that chair
empty before that Sunday.
So after service, I went over to
congratulate him on a wonderful sermon,
and I asked him about Johnnie-Mae.
He said she was at home sick.
And I wouldve left it
at that but...
he was sweating and...
he wouldnt look me
in the eyes.
I asked him if something was
wrong and he yelled,
"Helen, I already told you where she is
now mind your fucking business!"
Everyone leaving the sanctuary
turned around.
Then he pulled me in his office
and closed the door.
And he sat on the floor.
He said that
Johnnie-Mae just wouldn't stop.
She kept calling him names and
she was goin on and on
about how
unhappy she was and
how she didnt trust him and
that she wanted a divorce.
Pastor said thats when
things got blurry.
He said the next morning,
he came down the stairs
and there she was,
mopping up her own blood.
She tried to tell him
good morning...
but she couldn't.
Practically every false doctrine, comes
from getting things out of order.
Gods divine order is salvation then
change, not change then salvation.
If one has to be changed
to be saved...
thats how salvation works.
Theres also salvation by the flesh.
The truth is,
one is cleansed from his sins
by yielding to the Holy Spirit.
Letting him do his work.
Man is the same today that he has always
been, he is a rebel against God.
He may, in some generations,
hide his
rebellion a little more
carefully than other times.
But there is no change in his heart.
The men who built the city against God,
back in the days of Babylon...
had the same hatred in their hearts...
as that which possessed the men who
nailed the Lord Jesus Christ...
to the cross.
[food sizzles in skillet]
Come on, now.
Eat 'em up.
[man singing softly]
[toilet flushes]
[coughing and choking]
[breathing heavily]
[toilet flushes]
[hands clapping in rhythm]
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
Since I laid my burdens down
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
Since I laid my burdens down
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
Since I laid my burdens down
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
Since I laid my burdens down
All my sickness
All my sickness
[Pastor] Seems like were losing
our futures to a
generation of girly men
who don't know how to take
care of their families,
their businesses,
their woman,
or their church.
I call it like I see it.
On Johnnie-Mae's grave,
this church
is dying off and ain't nothin'
we can do about it.
[woman] What is this foolishness that
youre talking about, Pastor?
I realized... something
that was concerning me,
very concerning
when I was with a very dear,
very young friend of mine...
These young people don't
believe a goddamn word
I'm preaching up there on
that stage and I know it.
And if we...
are being truthful to ourselves,
deep down we all know it too.
Yeah, I don't blame the children.
I blame y'all.
For telling them
they can wear dresses when they
got a penis between their legs.
I blame y'all for telling them they
could do whatever they want to do.
When it's God who tells us
what we gonna do.
Ain't nothin' we can do about it.
[Pastor groans]
-Hey, hey!
How you doing there, babygirl?
What can I do for you?
Where you going?
I'm going to the Piggly Wiggly...
grocery store.
Yeah, I...
That's one of the things
I got to do now
that Johnnie-Mae's gone.
I got to tell you,
y'all don't get enough
credit for this shit.
Well look, umm, I'd be happy
to show you around.
Why thank you very kindly, Helen.
Alright, so move on over.
-What, you don't trust me...
-Oh, Pastor...
with my liquor? You don't
think I can hold my liquor?
Helen, don't play dumb with me.
I know damn well what you doin'.
I also know that,
I don't care how drunk I get...
the good Lord is looking
out for me.
And he's gonna see that I get
to the store and home.
You'll see, babygirl.
Listen, I'll give you a call
when I make it home.
I'll prove it to you.
You gonna be
home by five, Helen?
I don't know.
say a prayer for me.
Now, back on up.
Come on Pastor, why
dont you let me--
Back on up on. Come on,
back on up now.
-Come on.
-Come on, you come on.
Back on up, youre gonna
get your foot
caught under one of these tires,
back up now.
Move out my way, Im not gonna
ask you more than once, Helen.
If you lose a foot,
don't say I didn't warn you.
-Come on, Pastor--
-Back up now!
[Radio] The body was found with
visible trauma to the head,
ribcage and spine.
The genital area showed
signs of forced entry.
The Coroners office has released
her cause of death: strangulation.
In other news:
Lionel High Schools
standout receiver
Winston Sheldon has
committed to Texas A&M.
This comes as a surprise
to many locals,
who believed the Louisiana
wide out would commit to LSU.
The canned food drive at
Our Grace Baptist Church
has collected more canned goods this
season than any other year previous.
And now is the time to stock up
on blue crabs and crawfish
because the sale ends
when the door locks.
On behalf of KLCC,
we wish the Boudreauxs the
best of luck this summer.
Its hot out there, guys and gals.
The temperature is ninety degrees
with seventy-two percent humidity.
So unless you have to
work in the sun,
we recommend you find a way to busy
yourself in the cool of your home.
Everyone be on the lookout:
Gina Porter has lost her
golden retriever, Maggie.
She is 7 years old and
about 60 pounds.
Maggie does not bite.
She is not aggressive.
She is a very sweet dog and
should come when called.
[phone rings]
Fliers have been set up around town.
So, keep an eye out.
I'm Gus Ladeaux; this has
been your morning report.
And from everyone here at--
[woman on phone] Hello, is this
Mrs. Helen Wayne?
[Helen] Hello?
Is this Mrs. Helen?
This is she.
May I ask who's calling?
Mrs. Helen,
this is Mary Sherman
Mary Sherman...
Oh, Grace Sherman is your mother.
Yes maam, your mama used to care
for my mamas oldest siblings.
Thats right, isnt it.
I recognized the name as
soon as I heard your voice.
Mrs. Helen, Im calling on
behalf of the Sheriffs Office.
Youve been requested to retrieve a
Mr. Joseph Tillman from his vehicle,
located on Laurel Valley Road,
nearby the slave quarters.
Mr. Tillman is described as "too
inebriated to operate a motor vehicle."
Will you be able to pick up
Mr. Tillman?
[birds chirping]
[thunder rumbling]
St. Martin de Porres
His shepherd's staff
a dusty broom
St. Martin de Porres
The poor made a
shrine of his tomb
[women vocalizing]
St. Martin de Porres
Wake up, Pastor, youre home.
[choir continues singing]
Helen, I cant thank you enough.
You want a shot of whiskey?
All you need
to be drinking is water.
Take care, Helen.
Your receipt is in the bag.
This humble man healed the sick
Raised the dead
His hand is quick
To feed beggars and sinners
The starving homeless
and the stray
- Oh, Black Christ of the Andes
-[phone rings]
Come feed and cure us
now we pray
[phone continues ringing]
Spare, oh Lord
Spare my people
Lest you be angered
with me, forever
Lest you be angered
with me, forever
Put the rest of that
beer in that glass.
[piano plays]
This man, this man, of love
Born of the flesh, yet of God
This humble man healed the sick
Raised the dead
I'm alright.
[guitar strums]
[radio playing in background]
Drink some more.
[man talking on radio]
Wipe your mouth.
Get back to coloring.
I'm alright.
[phone ringing]
[Woman on phone] Daniel?
Daniel, is that you?
Hey, Ma.
I was trying to see how
y'all were doing.
We're alright. Can't complain.
Didnt Sherry tell you I was
planning on calling y'all?
I made that very clear.
We-- weve been busy...
Ive been trying to get ahold of
you since Sunday, boy.
I apologize.
So hows work been?
You been working hard?
Yes maam.
Im off this weekend.
I think theyre finally
starting to appreciate
the work that I've been putting in.
Might even be up for a promotion.
I called your job, Daniel.
You lost your job.
You went to work drunk
and started a fight.
I said, "Oh no sir,
not a son of mine."
They said you were lucky that
boy didnt press charges.
Have you lost your mind?
You got Marshas daughter
taking care of you-
I can explain.
No son of mine gonna lose his job
and let some girl take care of him.
Youre just like your pa, lying
through your fucking teeth!
You are a failure, as a son,
as a man, and as a father!
Ma, I promise you, they been
out to get me since day one.
I swear to God!
You always got some
fucking excuse.
Hows my grandson?
Where is he?
Hes great.
You wanna talk to him?
Get his things ready, and you
can explain that to your wife!
Ma, what are you talking about?
[dial tone]
[Daniel] Howd it go today?
Mama came to pick up Jeremiah.
No stories about Wanda and
her bitchin' and complainin'?
Sure aint been none in a while.
I talked to Pastor again.
[Daniel] Whatd I tell you 'bout that?
Them people in town dont
nothing but talk.
Tillamn ain't no different.
Hes a good man, Daniel. He wants
nothing but the best for us.
Aint no deacon job worth the
investment of buying a car
just for me to be going
down there everyday.
It ain't worth buying
another car...
It's not everyday!
just to be driving down
there or for you to be
taking me down there.
We cant afford that!
How would you know?
Daniel, if you think Im
asking you to get
a job just to get a
rise out of you,
youre more selfish
than I thought.
Daniel, did you hear me?
Daniel, are you fucking deaf?
[bottle crashes]
When you had time to get drunk?
[wife screams]
[woman] It is such a blessing to have
Jeremiah in Laurel Valley.
I wish Marsha would let me
keep him over here,
but she said she wants
him under her "watchful eyes."
The same watchful eyes that
crashed a Packard into a tree.
Shes worried that if I watch him,
Im just gonna let him
do whatever he wants,
and hes gonna lose himself in
the woods or drown in the swamp.
I dont know what
happened to that boy.
Marsha and I have been helping
out until he finds a job.
I would tell him,
"Daniel, its hard to dance with
the Devil on your back."
Every time you try to
move your feet,
nails as sharp as a cleaver
cut deep into your flesh.
When youve got the Devil
on your back,
you oughta just stay still,
let him do as he pleases.
'Cause once hes done,
find a cleaver for your throat,
because the Lord has
seen your treason.
[Daniel] You look good.
You seen my limp?
Yeah I seen it.
I went to Mr. Marks store and
I was reaching for something,
I dont remember what it was,
but it was something high.
And next thing I know, my knee done
gave out on me and Im on the floor.
Lord the pain went
through my left side,
I didnt think I was gonna
be able to get up.
I swear, I laid there for
five minutes before
anybody who saw me asked
me if I was alright.
Lord have mercy,
people today, I tell ya.
It was Mr. Marks son, Todd,
who helped me to get up,
and by the grace of God,
I could walk away.
I was scared I was gonna have
to be in a wheelchair.
But you know,
with the help of the Lord,
Ill be fine and Ill survive.
Well thats great, Ma. Im glad
to see that youre doing okay.
Father, thank you for this
which we are about to receive,
to nourish our bodies,
in Christs sake. Amen
[mother] Daniel, come on down here
and help me cook.
Daniel, didnt you
hear me talkin' to you?
Boy, why you ain't answerin' me?
I'm not feelin' too well, Ma.
I think I got the pneumonia.
What would make you think that?
I got the chills.
I got a sharp pain
underneath my left rib.
Its sorta hard to breathe.
Lemme see.
The Lord is my light and my salvation;
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is my lifes refuge;
of whom should I be afraid?
When evildoers come at
me to devour my flesh,
my foes and my enemies themselves,
stumble and fall.
Though an army encamp against me,
my heart will not fear.
Though war be waged upon me,
even then will I trust.
One thing I ask of the Lord,
this I seek:
To dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
that I may gaze on the loveliness of
the Lord and contemplate his temple.
[guitar strums]
[Daniel] So you been talkin'
to the Pastor about that?
Just need a little more time.
Im gonna be workin' by
the end of the month.
[woman] You said that last month.
That church could
be a blessing for us.
All my life, Pastors been
nothing but good to me.
To us.
[Daniel] Tell your Pastor I dont
need his help.
[woman] Why don't you tell him?
Answer my question.
Answer my fucking question.
Answer me when I'm
talking to you--
You're a child!
Are you gonna clean
that mess up?
If you think Im gonna pick
that up, youre crazy!
[Pastor] Our Father
which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who
trespassed against us.
But lead us not into temptation!
But deliver us...
Deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power, and the glory.
And ever!
Oh, this little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine,
let it shine
Everywhere I go!
Everywhere I go, I'm
gonna let it shine
Everywhere I go,
I'm gonna let it shine
Everywhere I go,
I'm gonna let it shine
Let it shine,
let it shine, let it shine
Yes Lord, yes Lord.
Well, well, thank you Lord for
getting us up this morning.
Went to bed last no guarantee we
gonna see this morning light.
And here we are let the
church say, "Amen."
Now church...
What would you do if I told you,
that uh,
there is someone so perverted,
so sick,
so disgusting,
so vindictive, so vile,
So obsessed with our children that he
would do anything in his power...
-...to destroy their innocence,
ruin their lives...
-rob them of the word of God,
-Wake up, boy!
Wake up!
And murder them,
yes murder them.
Take their life, not only
physically but spiritually too.
This is a person thats not found
on some bulletin board at
the post office, no.
You aint gonna hear the police
put out a APB on him.
Registered with child protective services,
oh no, none of that.
he is registered in the Bible.
Yes, in first Peter,
chapter five, verse eight,
they say he is our adversary.
"He is a roaring lion..."
[sobbing] Help me! Get up!
"that walks amongst us,
seeking whom he may devour."
His attacks are so heinous,
so insidious,
so malicious,
so meticulously calculated
that often we dont
know that he done already
come up on us,
without us even being aware.
Captured our children!
And taken they life away,
right before our very eyes.
[woman] Talk to 'em!
He wants to keep you
away from Gods message.
He wants to keep you,
and our children,
away from Gods promise.
[woman] Preach, Pastor, preach!
He wants to keep you from the
living life and light of the Lord.
[woman] Preach, pastor!
He wants to keep you away
from Gods promises.
And he will use anything in his power,
every trick in the book, to keep you...
[woman] Yes!
away from God!
[woman] Preach, pastor!
He is cunning,
ruthless evil!
And hes coming for you!
He is the fallen one.
The father of all lies.
The father of deception!
And he wants you and our
precious, little children.
These babies.
These children of God.
He will use your family,
your friends,
your neighbors,
anybody to turn
you to his side.
And make you go away from
the light of God.
Why did Adam and Eve eat
the forbidden fruit?
When they knew better!
They knew the gift God
had given them
but they turned away and
ate the forbidden fruit.
Because they were corrupted.
They were corrupted by
this evil one.
The one, whose name
I shall not speak...
but you know who he is.
You know that they were lied to!
They were lied to by the
most convincing liar
who ever walked the face
of this Earth.
And oh yes church, he walked
the face of this Earth.
Hes still walking the
face of this Earth!
Hes walking around us today; out
in the street, out on the corner.
Wherever you go, hes
right behind you!
And you gotta say "Devil!"
[woman] Devil!
Right to his face!
Find out where the snakes
are in the grass.
You say to Him, "Devil", you need
to be able to do this.
Cant be afraid, get up in there!
In his face.
And say, "Devil,
you nor anyone else
will ever pull me away from
the power of the Lord."
No one can do that, pull me away
from the power of the Lord!
You gotta say "Devil!"
Repeat after me, "Devil!"
[all] Devil!
-[all] Devil!
I will not be corrupted.
[all] I will not be corrupted.
-[all] Devil!
I will not cheat.
[all] I will not cheat.
-[all] Devil!
I will not lie.
[all] I will not lie.
[all] Devil!
What ever you do,
[all] What ever you do,
no matter how hard you try,
[all] ...no matter how hard you try,
-...you will never...
-[all] ...you will never...
-you will never...
-[all]... you will never...
-pull me away...
-[all]... pull me away...
from the kingdom of the Lord!
[all] From the kingdom of the Lord!
From the kingdom of the Lord!
From Gods power!
From the only one who
can save my soul!
Save my heart!
Make my life have some purpose!
-[all] Amen!
-[all] Amen.
Thank you, church.
Have you heard from Sherry?
I called her job; they
havent heard from her.
I havent talked to her.
Can you do me a favor?
Can you ask Daniel if
hes heard from her?
Ill ask Daniel to reach out.
Oh, uh-uh. You ain't smokin' no
Marlboros in my house. [laughs]
This house, we smoke Winstons.
You remember that ad
they used to have?
No maam,
I cant say that I do.
Oh, you remember it. Oh, wait. Now,
it mighta been before you was born.
No, no you was born.
Remember it used to come
on The Flintstones
and they used to sing,
"Winstons taste good like
a cigarette should!"
You remember that?
Boy, I believed em.
When they tell ya you're
smoking the best cigarettes,
you better believe em!
I still believe em today.
Can I have one?
I thought you was a Marlboro man.
[flicks cigarette lighter]
When the last time you
heard from Sherry?
I think shes still going to work.
Thats about all I know, Ma.
I find that mighty strange.
Cause that girl would cut off her
arm for you and Jeremiah.
Are you tryna' drown
yourself in liquor?
No, ma'am.
Whatcha sad about?
You depressed?
I dont think I get depressed.
I do get sad sometimes, though.
Well, something terrible
musta' happened.
do you think I'm simple?
It's an easy question, Daniel.
Do you think Im simple?
Mama, I dont know
whatchu gettin at.
So, now you gonna act simple.
Do you think Im simple?
Sherry had no respect for me.
Everyday she asked me if I
was checking the newspapers,
sending out applications.
She saw the stacks of papers
under my bed.
Yet she still asked the question.
She told me every time
she go down to
the Piggly Wiggly with Jeremiah,
the manager come over
and talk to em.
She even told me to take
Jeremiah down there
with me next time so I
can get a interview.
She said having a child with me
might add a little sympathy.
Every time I tried to tell
her about all the work
that I was putting in
around the house,
she wanted to act dumb.
She wouldn't even look
at me, Ma.
Sooner or later,
she was gonna be bringing
another man into
my house and Jeremiah
was gonna hate me.
You have to understand that.
She deserved it.
What am I gone do? What
am I gone do, Pastor?
[Pastor] What am I gonna do?
This is something you have
to keep inside the family.
That's right.
You're gonna have to deal
with this privately.
No outside influences.
Just you and God.
I know just the verse
thatll guide you;
it's Ephesians six,
verses 10-18.
"Finally be strong... in the Lord.
And in his mighty power,
put on the full armor
of God so that
you can take your stand against
the Devils schemes.
For our struggle is not against
flesh and blood, but...
against the spiritual forces of
evil in the heavenly realms."
So, therefore,
put on the full armor of God.
When the day of evil comes,
take up the stand of faith.
With which, you can extinguish
all the flaming arrows of evil.
Take the helmet of
salvation and stand...
with the sword of the spirit,
which is the might of God,
and perform... as God might.
Coming for to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home
I looked over yonder
And what did I see
Coming for to carry me home
A band of angels coming after me
Coming for to carry me home
[continues singing]