Burning Sands (2017) Movie Script

It's all about the brotherhood.
It's a feeling...
Of something to strive for, be proud of.
Brotherhood is forever.
Lambda men are leaders, scholarly,
honorable and proud.
And sure it's rough.
That's the point.
After pledging,
a lambda man is ready for anything.
Only a chosen few make it
to the other side.
My pops couldn't finish.
I'm gonna prove it's worth it.
I'm gonna see it through.
Hey, you know where you're going, square?
- Crack baby know where he's going.
- My name is not crack baby.
All right, man. Whatever, square.
Hey, nigga, turn up the heat.
How do you see where you going
with thick-ass glasses?
I told you the heat doesn't work, okay?
My nigga, stop spitting.
Yeah, we don't wanna get pulled over
for anything.
Yeah, yeah
You mutts are fucking late.
I said 6 A.M. what time is it now?
It's 6:03, big brother, sir!
How bad do you want it, boy?
- I wanna be a...
- Shut up!
You don't have what it takes
to be a lambda.
Get on your face.
How about all you mutts?
On your face!
Count off, number 1.
- One, two, three.
- Get your fucking head up.
- One!
- One!
Two, three.
- How bad do you want it now, boy?
- Two.
- One, two, three!
- I wanna be a lambda, big brother, sir!
- Three!
- Three!
- One, two, three.
- I don't see one worthy pledge in here.
- One, two, three.
- On your feet!
Get those knees up!
Fish must be freezing right now, huh?
You lucky, boys.
You're a fucking lucky-ass mutt today.
Go get the fucking ball, boy.
Move with some fucking enthusiasm!
You have no ID. Snap!
Get in the fucking position.
That's right, motherfucker.
Let me tell you something
about getting into this fraternity.
You gotta want it.
You a brave motherfucker.
Now get your brave ass out of here.
- You fail.
- Bro, bro, this ain't right, man.
Any of you got something to say?
- You can drop my line right now.
- You know what?
- This fraternity don't need none of y'all.
- Yo, z, I'm over this, man.
Man, get the fuck out of here.
- I'm over this, man. Let's go.
- Man.
Get your bitch ass out of here.
Get back in line, boy.
Three weeks of pledging!
And this how the first day
of hell week going down?
Who, who
- lambda phi
- who, who
lambda phi - who, who
lambda phi - who, who
lambda phi
We made it through the first day
of hell week, motherfuckers!
- Hell, yeah.
- Thanks to god.
Day's not over yet, man.
Oh, yo, my hands are numb.
- I can't fuckin' believe it.
- I thought you were gonna drop line.
No, man. Ow, man!
- Fuck this.
- Come on, you can't do that.
Yo, you wanna...? You wanna pull over?
- Don't pull over. We got shit to do, man.
- Five miles back to the dorms.
You ain't learned anything today?
We underground
and anybody that jeopardize that is out.
We just can't leave him.
We? I don't know none of y'all.
I'm not doing this for you,
you or you, bro.
Man, square, yo. Pull the car over.
You fucking football head.
You guaranteed in no matter what.
- How will the bros know?
- 'Cause I'm gonna tell them.
Quitters walk alone, man.
Simple as that.
Welcome to what-a-burger.
Can I take your order?
Thirty sausage biscuits, 30 hash browns...
With egg and...
Egg and cheese on those, please.
We can't afford egg and cheese.
Thank you. Pull up to the next window.
Hey, so, y'all sure y'all just don't
wanna do 30 sausage biscuit meals?
It's cheaper.
Look, just give us the 30 sausage biscuits
and the hash browns.
Whatever, okay.
That'll be $92.40.
Hurry up, man.
Go on, hand them.
Thank you.
Don't forget the ketchup.
How many ketchups you want?
Uh... 100.
Thank you.
Thank you, girl.
Bye, y'all.
Who dat, who dat?
Who dat, who dat?
Hey, who dat, who dat?
who dat, who dat?
That nigga you been waiting for
Enjoy your breakfast, big brother.
...just a week ago
rappers was bullshitting
fuck it, I ain't hating though
'cause now a nigga hot enough
to fuck with one of Satan' hoes
Please, big brother!
I been through hell conditions
wishing for air conditioning
feeling god was never listening
now I'm on television
and did I fail to mention?
Boy, you must be daft.
Where's my OJ?
My paper?
No, no, no.
See, that just won't do.
Y'all are the sorriest group of pledges
I have ever seen!
Live life, might as well
only way to learn
is try and fail
clientele the only way to earn
Hey, what the hell, homeboy?
Make sure it's mean
so them fiends keep on coming back
who dat, who dat?
Bitch, I got that flame
who dat, who dat?
Hold on, now.
What, you ain't got no napkins?
Bitch, I got that flame
don't worry 'bout my motherfuckin' name
Dinerez is not pleased.
Get into push-up position.
And it better have egg and cheese
on it next time, too!
- You hear me, homeboy?
- Now get.
Get the hell out of my room! Get!
Your ribs.
I'm fine.
- You're not fine.
- I'll be all right.
Shit, shit, shit.
Hey, girl.
What's up?
Why she always got attitude with me?
- Okay. I love you.
- Mm.
Can I have one more?
Bye. Love you. Bye.
Did you get some?
Get it how you can, man.
Damn, dude.
You stink.
That's it?
Not everybody has maid service,
Richie rich.
Help yourself. You stink, too.
Dude, I thought
you were gonna drop this morning.
Why go through all this
just to quit in my homestretch?
And miss out on the girls.
Girls. I keep getting girls either way.
What's wrong with you?
changing the game, man
let's go
take one
uh-huh, going hard
I drop these rappers
Owen hart
I always did my thing
they used to give me funny looks
Holy shit, holy shit.
It's the eta probate. Look.
This early? No way.
Yeah, it is.
Come on.
It is!
Check out them eta motherfuckers.
Yo, let's get closer.
- What?
- Come on, man.
Are you crazy?
Shut up.
Just keep your head down, man.
It'll be all right.
All right.
Yo, look at them
crossing the burning sands.
Introducing omega rho eta neophytes!
Z, let's get the fuck out of here, man.
- All right?
- All right. I'm coming, man.
Hold up, man.
You know what happens to GDIS that get
caught in the yard during hell week, huh?
Don't let me see your ass here or you
won't make it to your own probate show.
- You hear me?
- Yes, big brother.
Yes, big... yes, big brother. Sir.
Get the fuck out of here.
- What did I tell you?
- Shut up.
- What did I tell you?
- Shut up.
We're gonna pay for this sooner or later.
You wanna get beat down again?
It was totally worth it.
"In my bag here, I have a fool-proof
method for controlling your black slaves."
I guarantee every one of you
that if it is installed correctly
it will control the slaves
for at least 300 years.
My method is simple.
"I use fear, distrust
and envy for control purposes."
Thank you, angel.
Good job.
I assume everyone read
the Willie lynch letter as assigned.
Yeah, well, according to my research,
this document is made up.
Some of the language used in it
is from the 21st century.
I read something similar, but regardless,
slave owners did use tactics
to divide us as a people.
That doesn't make the document real.
It's the truth that similar things
happened. How is that not real?
I'm saying the document isn't real.
It doesn't matter if whatever was written
in it happened or not.
A fake man made a fake account
in a document written by someone else.
This argument is real
because this topic is real.
- Is that real hair up in your head?
- Ladies, ladies.
- I paid for real hair.
- Exactly.
Just because the hair is real,
it doesn't make your weave real.
See, it's a weave. It's fake.
Real facts, fake account, fake document.
Okay, ladies, let's stick to the topic.
- Yeah?
- What are your thoughts?
I don't really know much about weaves
to answer, professor.
Well, for me, I just...
I don't see how
we address the real issue
by adopting half-baked urban myths.
Don't need a real document
to wake us up, you know?
It's good to see you're awake
behind those closed eyes.
Okay, believers, non-believers alike,
write at least two pages
presenting your thesis statement.
Your paper on Frederick Douglass is due
in exactly one week.
It's in the syllabus.
Need I point it out?
Mr. Condoll.
Come in.
Sit down.
"If there is no struggle,
there is no progress."
That's his most popular quote.
There's not many people left
who understand Frederick Douglass'
significance to history.
So, uh, what did, you, um...?
What did you wanna talk to me
about, professor?
Whatever you like, Zurich.
Well, I have to...
I mean, I'll have to go get some lunch
before my biology class, so...
You know. Thank you.
I'm always here whenever you want to talk.
About anything.
I will keep that in mind, professor.
"It's easier to build strong children
than to repair broken men."
That's my favorite Douglass quote.
Have a good day.
How you feelin', yo?
Fast life
I don't deal with slow
takin' flight like every night
that top spot like vertigo
life's sweet, high speed
nobody else like me
on a mission, my competition
on the sideline like spike Lee
you know what's up
we pullin' up
whole crew, we rollin' through
you know it's us
how you do it
I don't think, I just get to it
wanna know why my life's so great?
'Cause I work too hard
and I make my way, let's go
gotta put in work
gotta put in
you gotta put in work
work, work, work
if you want it...
How you doing? Come out and donate.
We're raising awareness of the effects
of breast cancer on our black women.
- On our sisters.
- Our sisters.
All right?
All right? Hey, have a good one.
Look at that. All right.
Hey, boo.
What's up? Are we still on for tonight?
You know it's a hard week for me.
I just... just give me a week. All right?
- A week?
- Yes, please.
- Wait, what do they have you doing?
- Shh. Can you not be so loud, please?
Yo, look at your boy.
Yeah, right.
Come on, z.
- Get that fool off the yard. Homey, now.
- Right, sir.
Okay, look, I have to go, all right?
- Zurich?
- Hey.
Hey! Chill, chill, chill.
- How you doing?
- I'm good.
You know you shouldn't be on the yard.
Brothers catch you on campus
during hell week,
you'll be in for a world of trouble,
young man.
How you holding up?
They treating you right?
It's good. I'm good.
Listen, I'm on your side no matter what.
- Okay.
- Okay. Now, get on out of here.
Make me proud
that I nominated you for my fraternity.
- Yes, sir.
- All right.
Follow me, number 4.
- Turn the heat up on this fool.
- Put this nigga in the zone, bro.
Yo! Yeah, wait
until that shit get nice and hot.
Get your mind off the punani.
Is that sweat, number 4?
Or is you crying like a little bitch?
It's about to get real hot in here,
number 4.
I got this, c.
You got what?
Better not catch your ass talking
to the Dean again, number 4.
Hell week is a mystery, boy.
- You never know what you're gonna get.
- Yes, big brother!
Y'all think it's tough now...
Just wait for hell night.
Punch after kick for no reason
other than just to see
how bad you want it.
Mind over matter, you know?
You look like shit, number 4.
Nothing a hot shower won't fix.
Get out of there.
My baby better shine, too.
And don't forget my rims.
Y'all not washing fast enough.
Y'all heard. Snap!
Hey, hey, hold up.
Hey! Bring your black ass over here, bro.
Hey, yo. Stop flinching.
What I tell you about that?
You're not cut out for this.
No, he not quitting.
I bet I could make him quit, goddamn.
Number 4,
why you pledging this frat, man?
Why you getting your ass beat
for this shit?
Because of brotherhood.
You don't even know
what you talking about, man.
Brotherhood! Scholarship!
Leadership! Compassion!
Why are you here?
Why are you here?
You don't even know, do you?
Man, get back to them bubbles,
man. Think about it.
Get your ass...
who, who, who, who
who, who, who, who
Who, who, motherfuckers
who, who
who, who, motherfuckers
who, who
who, who, motherfuckers
who, who
- who, who, motherfuckers
- who, who
- That is true, my god!
- Yeah.
Paris is the first place I wanna go to
when I graduate.
It's gorgeous.
Girl, what you wanna do in Paris?
There's plenty to do in Paris.
- Like what? What they got we don't got?
- The Eiffel Tower?
Statue of Liberty. Next.
The Louvre.
The Smithsonian.
You've never even been to the Smithsonian.
They even got a waffle house in Paris?
Paris is the culinary center of the world.
That's a no.
They don't have a waffle house.
Don't you want
to go to the motherland?
Visit your family, Zimbabwe.
Negro, please,
I am not from no Zimbabwe tribe.
My family's from chi-town
by way of Louisiana.
You're right. Hold on.
No. Don't answer it.
- Come on, let's eat first.
- I have to, babe.
- Seriously?
- Hello?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. I'll be there in 30 minutes.
I'll be there in 10 minutes. Yes, sir.
Okay. Right.
Day's not even over yet.
Can I borrow 40 bucks, babe?
Don't ask why,
but I promise I'll pay you back. Please?
- You're a goddess, okay...
- Mm.
You better not pull this shit
on my birthday, you hear me?
I won't, I promise.
Okay? I love you.
Hey, man, $37.
What's up, man?
All right.
I'll be there, man. What's up?
All right. Bye.
- Thank you.
- All right.
Yo, man, I'm not risking my neck
for a bunch of fuck-ups, man. I'm out.
Yo, square, come on, fool. Let's go.
- No, we should go together.
- Man, shut up.
Yo, what is he doing?
Ain't nobody's girl
ever last through hell week.
So, Ron.
You a virgin?
Man, why you asking me that?
No, like, you're super-religious,
you won't drink, so I'm assuming...
Yes, I'm saving myself for marriage
and I don't drink.
Holy shit!
- Yo, how you do that?
- I pray.
- Hurry up, man, we late. What's up, bro?
- I know, I know.
- At least you got the beer.
- Shit, where your backpack?
- I forgot it, bro. Let's just go.
- Yo, yo, yo.
Your man said he won't drink
and he a virgin because he pray.
- Better pray we make it on time.
- Shit.
Hey, Edwin.
Not tonight, Toya.
What you mean not tonight?
You know you want me in there.
I know you want me in there.
- You want me in there doing this to you.
- Come on, man.
- Stop playing.
- No, no.
Just 'cause you're some president
of some fancy fraternity
don't mean you could be out here
treating me like a ho.
You having a party up in there,
let your girl in.
I said get, girl.
Okay? Get. Come on. Come on.
Oh, hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Who this?
New pledges?
It's, um, Dwight.
You a football player?
I said get out of here.
Don't make me say it again.
I'll see you later, Dwight.
Come on, y'all, we out.
Excuse me.
Yo, what the hell you looking at, man?
Shit's supposed to be in your bag, man.
How many times I gotta tell you?
Where the rest of your boys at, man?
They already here, man.
Just get in the fucking party.
Go on in, get on some ho's, man.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
Like that dress, I do. It fits you.
- That shit's ready, bro.
- Let's do it fast, bro.
- There it go, goddamn.
- Let's do it, bro! Let's do it.
Ready? Ready?
Feel it, boy!
Yeah, we knuckin' and buckin'
and ready to fight
I betcha I'mma throw Dem thangs
so haters best to think twice
see me, I ain't nothin' nice
and crime mob, it ain't no stoppin'
they be like Sadaam Hussein
Hitler and Osama bin laden
like they steady gum poppin'
and I am actin' a fool
I wish a hater would get crunk
up on this crime mob crew
now enough is enough, boy
rough and get stuffed, boy
This ain't so bad.
Tell me why we're pledging again.
This right here.
- Yeah, right here.
- Oh, finally, finally.
Give me that, give me that.
Make yourself scarce.
Knuck if you buck, boy
knuck if you buck, boy
knuck if you buck, boy
knuck if you buck
knuck if you buck
knuck if you buck
- Hey, look, I got a girl, you know? So...
- Hold up, hold up.
Who's talking about being your girl?
I just wanna dance.
All right then.
So, does your girl go to school here?
Uh, yeah. She's a fashion major.
What sorority? Maybe I know her.
Oh, no, she's not the sorority type, so...
Then I wouldn't know her.
My name? Oh, my name is Zurich,
and you're angel, right?
Impressive, considering
all you do in class is sleep.
Oh, we got a keen observer in the house.
You be watching me, huh?
Very sharp, sharp lady.
Save your bullshit lines, boy.
- It takes some brains to get with me.
- Get with you? I...
I thought we was just dancing.
Thank you for the dance, but I gotta go.
Yo, big Cee, I got you, boy!
Hey, don't be forgetting the pot
that we're mixing!
I'm hitting that tonight.
- I got you, bro.
- Yeah? Come on.
Yo, hey, pour that shit in here, bro.
- Yeah!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right, what you making there,
big homey?
- And who the fuck are you?
- Yeah, look here.
This here is lambda juice, all right?
A recipe privy to those who make it
to the ranks of lambda dog.
Now bounce, mutt.
The hell you looking at, four eyes?
Go do some push-ups or something.
Here, bro.
Nectar of the gods, my dude.
- Hit the spot, big Cee.
- Yeah.
Good to see you, boy.
Hey, bro!
Hey, it's time to clear.
This ain't for no GDI's.
Now, who you calling a GDI?
That's what you are, right?
- A goddamn individual?
- Not for long I ain't.
Boy, you ain't Greek yet.
You know... what time... it is!
Like that.
Fuck them other niggas
I ride for my niggas, what
I die for my niggas
fuck them other niggas, what
Like that.
Yo, if we make it through hell night,
that'll be us up there.
I'mma make these niggas
put his name on the wall
and everywhere I go
I got Mr. magic here
because I know
that nigga don't care
Any fuckin' where
make 'em bleed is the motto
that I live by
if you fuck with me
it's a must you die
them niggas might go run
but them niggas can't hide
it's like shootin' yourself
it's a suicide
Klc rock the beat
hittin' hard like dirt
niggas in the nolia
know him as big hurt
just like soulja slim
he'll put you in the dirt
and have your picture
on front of a t-shirt
and when I make moves
I got a hundred niggas with me
just in case a nigga
out there tryin'a get me
all my niggas
is down to squeeze the trigger
that's why I'm down
for my motherfuckin' niggas
Tighten up my line!
To repeat!
Piss-poor preparation
promotes piss-poor performance!
Piss-poor performance promotes pain!
This motherfucker shows up
with two cases of beer.
No sense of discretion at all.
Let him leave.
Go be an eta since he love them so much.
Spit the packet.
Phi beta kappa, first Ameri...
First American college fraternity to...
First American college fraternity...
- Come on, let's go.
- First American college fraternity...
Breathe. Breathe, number 4.
First American college fraternity
Relax. Relax. Go.
Phi beta kappa,
first American college fraternity
organized at the college
of William and Mary in 1776!
I can't hear you, bro. Louder!
Men and women are members
of this honorary scholarship society!
Is it me or are you talking like a girl,
number 4?
Black fraternities play a major
role in the cultural, structural
and civic life of their communities, sir!
- Are you better than me, number 4?
- No, big brother, sir!
Then why are you talking
to Dean Richardson, huh?
- No GDI talks to the Dean!
- Yes, big brother, sir!
Ain't no room for ego in here.
Nigga, is you dumb or is you deaf?
Get your ignorant ass out of here, bro.
- Hell you smiling at, number 3?
- Nothing, big brother, sir!
- Your daddy was a lambda.
- Yes, big brother, sir!
- And your granddaddy, too, is that right?
- Yes, big brother, sir!
I give a fuck?
That don't mean you walking
into my frat that easy. Pop out!
Bring me the wood.
Leadership, scholarship,
compassion, brotherhood!
Leadership, scholarship,
compassion, brotherhood!
I wanna be a lambda, big brother, sir!
Eat that shit. You wanna be a lambda, huh?
Don't wince!
You eat that shit.
Stop moving your chin.
Don't touch my hand.
You wanna be a lambda, huh?
You blocking me?
I am the Dean of pledges.
This is my line and every bruise
above the neck leads to suspicion.
You want me to rip that fucking brand off
your chest? Get the fuck out of my way.
Get back in line.
Pop out, number 1.
Find out what just any people
will quietly submit to...
And you have found out
the exact measure of injustice
and wrong which will be imposed
upon them...
And these will continue
until they are resisted
with either words or...
With blows or with both.
Fuck, my ass hurt.
Check him for hemorrhoids.
I said my ass,
not my asshole, clown. Shut up.
I'm serious.
Hemorrhoids ain't no joke.
People get them all the time.
Let me get some of that water.
Y'all niggas is nasty. Don't nobody
wanna be drinking y'all backwash.
- Don't be bumping me, nigga.
- Let me get some Epsom salts.
- Where your buckets, man?
- Under the sink.
Z, have you seen your back?
God damn, z.
They gave you that slave beatdown.
Shit, bro.
That's how we all gonna look
on hell night.
Hey, he asked for it.
We all got beat tonight because
he fucked up all day long, man.
- Don't feel sorry for his ass.
- Some was from you
- not waiting on us, though.
- What?
Look, we need to come together as a team.
The spit on your face ain't get that...
- You think you slick? I'll beat your ass!
- Whoa, whoa.
What's wrong with you?
You don't know me like that.
How about we all just set our clocks
for 9:00 P.M., okay?
We sit in the car and wait
until we get our instructions together.
Stop complaining, man.
All of you.
We can't take it this time, we ain't
gonna make it to no damn hell night.
You know that, right?
It's a rite of passage,
we gonna earn this shit.
What did I tell you about this "we" shit?
I wouldn't be with none of y'all niggas
if I didn't have to, all right?
Get that shit straight.
Yo, who that?
Leave that at the door, boy.
- Dean of pledges. Line up.
- Oh, shit.
Greet Dinerez.
Greetings, Dinerez the great!
You are the epitome of lambda phi!
The perfect lambda phi that shines bright!
Taking us to hell night and back!
Sit. Sit.
You boys did well tonight.
Didn't make me look too bad.
Start calling your big brothers,
'cause the brothers gonna be there
on hell night
to see what the new line is made of.
You have any questions, you ask them.
They're all out in the real world
making power moves.
The brothers gonna be your new family now.
They're gonna have your backs for life.
Move forward to persevere.
All right. Thank you, doctor.
- Greetings, big brother.
- None of that big brother stuff.
- Sorry. Doctor.
- None of that doctor shit, either.
I'm still doing my residency.
Just Malcolm.
Got you, Malcolm.
How's it going for y'all?
- We hanging in there, big brother.
- The rest of your line brothers?
You got each other's backs?
Yeah. Yeah, sure do.
Anybody been to the hospital yet?
Everyone is fine, big brother Fred.
Good. Just stay focused, all right?
It'll all be worth it at the end.
- You boys keeping things discreet?
- Yes, sir.
What are the principles of the fraternity?
Leadership, scholarship,
compassion and brotherhood.
All right.
'Cause that's something you're gonna
have to live by the rest of your life.
Call me any time.
Look at me.
Greetings, big brother, sir.
How's the season going?
My season going well.
- Trying to be in the league like you.
- There's more to life than football.
Focus on your scholarship, your family.
What's your major?
- Biology, pre-med.
- Pre-med?
If you need me to put a word in,
let me know.
Uh... that'd be great.
That'd be great.
I could use some help like that.
Well, one thing at a time.
Just keep your mind
on getting through hell week.
Yes, sir.
No funny business. Get in, get out.
Happy birthday.
Let's go, let's go!
Oh, my god!
Did you do this?
I bet he bought it at Walmart.
Zurich. Hey.
Good morning, professor. I can't chat,
though. I'm headed to cast my vote.
Well, it's a beautiful morning, isn't it?
How's the paper going?
It's good. It's good. I'm on it.
All right, I will catch you later,
Hey, if you're gonna cast your ballot,
student union's this way. Come on.
- Walk with me.
- You keep me on my toes, professor.
Seriously, man. Talk to me.
Are we talking about the paper or...?
Well, I don't know. Are we?
I'm going through some things right now.
Yeah, I know.
And you should know
that I am here to help.
For what, so you can look down on me
like my girlfriend? No, no.
No, thanks. I'm...
I'm not quitting.
Did I say anything about quitting?
Say what, professor?
- You're injured, aren't you?
- No, I'm fine.
I can tell by your breathing
you have an injury.
And the way you're holding your side,
it's your ribs
and you should get it looked at.
Appreciate it, I am trying to keep my head
low and make it through hell week, okay?
Mind over matter. That's it.
I ain't no leader.
You know, you don't always choose
to be a leader.
People gravitate to you.
You can't run from it.
Well, I'm not anybody, okay?
And who am I to change anything?
I want you to take that passion
and lead by example.
You light the torch that leads
your brothers out from the underground,
back to what your fraternity
was meant to be.
You see it through, Condoll.
Morning. Good morning.
Morning, morning. I have to go.
I'm gonna go cast my vote.
Zurich, you take care
of that extra assignment.
Yes, ma'am, professor Hughes.
Great day for a student body election,
am I right, professor Hughes?
- Mm.
- Energy, fresh blood...
Long as it's not on our hands.
Good day, Dean Richardson.
The struggle may be a moral one...
Or it may be a physical one...
And it may be both moral and physical,
but it must be a struggle.
Lambda lambda phi till we die
lambda lambda phi till we die
Lambda lambda phi till we die
lambda lambda phi till we die
lambda lambda phi till we die
- Lambda lambda phi till we die
- louder! With more enthusiasm!
Y'all sound like a bunch
of weak-ass puppies!
Lambda lambda phi till we die
- lambda lambda phi till we die
- yeah. Yeah.
Now show me what you got!
Who, who, who, who, who, who
That's right.
What you doing, number 1?
My nigga, he ain't got no rhythm.
Hey, get that shit right, number 1.
- Lambda!
- Lambda!
- Lambda!
- Lambda!
March on beat,
or there won't be no probate show for you.
All right?
So get! It! Right!
Yo, stop, stop, bro. That's enough.
- Yeah, fall out. Fall out, man! Fall out!
- Shit.
- Go there.
- Hey, right here! Here!
- Go, go, go.
- Yo, yo, yo!
- Ball, ball, ball.
- Right here. Right here.
On your knees.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
- What are you boys doing out here?
- We're just practicing football, officer.
We've been watching you boys
for a while now and...
Tell me
what you're really doing out here.
we're just a bunch of fraternity brothers
practicing for a step show.
That's all, sir.
So much for your code of silence, huh?
I was a fraternity brother myself.
You get up out of my woods and don't
let me catch you here after hours again.
Yes, sir.
Come on. Thank you.
- Oh, man.
- Sorry.
It'll be all right though, man.
It's just a sprain.
Thanks, doc.
I like the sound of that.
Well, as long as you don't drop the line,
I'm squared away.
I'm not gonna drop... square...
Oh, that was... that was you trying
to be funny, right? Like a joke?
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah. Feel that, though.
- Ow. Man.
- Ooh. My bad.
Billy, don't leave me again.
I won't.
Yo, what the fuck are we watching?
Put the game on, man.
Yo, keep gulping that water.
Don't spill that shit on my floor, boy.
- You ain't never see this?
- No.
It's actually a good movie, bro,
if you ignore that romantic shit.
This vampire saves this girl from dying,
'cause he love her,
but the thing is, he used his own blood.
I will return.
Yo, c.
How is that better than basketball?
Hey, don't throw up
on my fucking floor, boy.
Hey, ain't nobody say y'all niggas
get out of your line.
About to teach you mutts a lesson.
I am.
Stick your hands out.
I got it, bro.
Any of you thinking about quitting yet?
Hey, hey, hey.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
Hey, go upstairs, read about the
history of the fraternity. Come on. Snap!
What took you so long?
Chill out, I'm here.
Hey, y'all. What's going on?
Hey. This is my girl candy.
Hey, everybody.
Hey, candy.
Y'all stupid.
It smells in here,
like y'all been working out.
Shit, I'm about to work you out.
Get your ass upstairs, girl.
- Get that ass upstairs.
- Boy, stop.
I'm gonna be back.
Hey, candy.
We got plenty of brews.
Lambda lambda phi... founded 1902.
Fraternity quickly established
chapters where?
Hell, he is putting in that work.
Bro, he knee-deep in that pussy.
Stop. We need to read this history,
so we don't get our ass kicked.
Shit, what does it matter?
We gonna get our ass kicked anyway.
Wake up, bro.
No, no, no. No, sit.
But not relaxed.
Who wants to fuck that girl?
So, none of y'all want the pussy?
Well, guess what?
You ain't got no choice in that matter.
Hey, yo, e.
Game on, bro.
Oh, hell, no, no.
Number 4, you first.
Get up. Snap! Get up!
Keep studying, keep studying.
Took you long enough.
Come on, get in here
before the club closes.
Ow. Stop, stop. Hold on.
Boy, what's your problem?
Damn. How about we just cuddle?
Cuddle? What?
Look, I see you can't do this.
Look, I won't tell the boys on you,
all right?
And besides, I don't wanna give you
the final blow
that sends you to the hospital,
because, boy, I will. I'm that good.
- Oh, you're that good?
- Yes, I'm that good.
Well... what's it gonna be, Kunta?
What you know about Kunta Kinte?
Boy, don't even get me started.
- Ow, ow. Ow.
- Ooh.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
Why do you let him treat you like this?
Who? Edwin?
Nobody makes me do nothing
I don't wanna do.
Then why are you doing this, then?
Your girlfriend know
about this part of pledging?
Who says I have a girlfriend?
Oh, boy, please, I know your type.
Okay, Mr. puppy eyes, go to church,
respectable-type nigga.
You wanna fuck...
But you gotta have a girl to do it,
or you feel ignoble.
You ain't no different than me.
I love fucking, okay?
I just don't need to prove I got respect
by doing it with one man.
- I'm free.
- Mm.
Do you even know what that means?
I ain't ignorant.
You do not have to go to college
to know stuff.
I learn from life.
- I'm gonna write me a book one day.
- Yeah?
Mm-hm. Full of fancy words.
All the white women in Oprah's book club
gonna be reading my shit.
- Okay, I see you.
- Mm-hm.
All right, so you need to start
making noise.
- What do you mean?
- Ooh.
What are you doing?
Would you start making noise? This is
the show or they gonna suss you out.
Yeah... fuck, stop.
Okay, you need to get those ribs
looked at.
You might have a hairline fracture
or something.
Where do you learn this stuff?
I'm serious.
What's your name?
Just Toya?
You know, my pops used to go here.
You're doing this 'cause your pops did?
No, he dropped line.
What does he think about you pledging?
All right, now you better start
making noise.
Come on.
Look at you, all up in Toya's shit.
Toya, damn. God damn.
Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop.
Look, I'm sweating,
and we didn't even do nothing.
Thank you, Toya.
- For real.
- Boy, get your ass out of here.
Come on, let's go.
You gotta get out of here. Go.
Where's the bathroom?
Go. Next!
So, where'd we leave off?
It's not so bad.
Community service is good for everyone.
Now, all this work got me hungry, man.
Get that out of my face. Get it out
of my face. What's wrong with you?
- You ain't hungry.
- I don't want no dog food, bro.
Oh, it's dog food, huh?
- You a nasty motherfucker.
- Line up, line up, line up!
I want you all to hear this.
Don't forget you all been touched.
You are following in the footsteps
of the most prestigious black men
in American history,
and thus far, you've done good work.
Yes, sir, Dean Richardson.
Number 4, step forward.
Your father must be proud of you.
Yeah, he is, sir.
Your father didn't cross line back
in the day, but you will.
You are in the good hands of generations
of tradition and honorable brothers.
Thank you, sir.
Make me proud.
And that goes for all of you.
I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul.
He seems really nice.
So, that's the one.
Remember, I was telling you.
- Girl.
- There is nothing like some fresh dick.
No, but those new lambda Pledgees
are fine as hell. Did you see them?
- Yes.
- Right.
- Girl, you don't discriminate.
- Mnh-mnh.
- What lambda you ain't fucking?
- Oh, girl. And it was wild.
Hi, excuse me.
Did you say that you slept with...?
- Excuse me. Can I take your order?
- Yeah.
- Excuse me.
- Oh.
What is your name?
It's right here.
Did you say you slept
with the lambda dogs and their Pledgees?
None of your business.
Did you come here to order or what?
- Or not?
- Was there a guy named Zurich there?
Was there?
- We're not hungry.
- What you mean?
- Bye. Have a good day.
- Bye.
- Head back to campus and study. Yeah.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Did she just walk up to me?
- Kimberly, go.
- No, you need to go talk to that girl.
She is not the one that needs talking to.
Come on, let's just go.
Come on. For real.
Hey. What's up, babe?
Mm. Uh...
What, I stink?
Sorry. They have us busy all week.
- I ain't showered, so...
- Did you sleep with another girl?
What are you talking about?
What girl?
Some girl named Toya was up
in what-a-burger
talking about how she slept
with the whole line of lambda pledges?
- Well?
- Well...
Well, it ain't true.
Okay, okay. Um...
All right.
There was a girl there,
but I didn't sleep with her.
Other guys did, but I didn't.
Look, you gotta believe me.
Look, I've come this far.
And after that, I'm all yours.
I done told you.
Do you remember when we met last semester?
How we stayed up all night,
talking about our hopes and dreams?
- I couldn't wait to get to know you...
- Please.
- Don't try and talk me out of this.
- Zurich.
We're done.
Please don't do this.
Why are we doing this?
- Why are we doing this?
- Dog.
- Hold on. Hold on.
- Hey, z.
Z, the car waiting.
Your bro's calling.
Come on, the car waiting.
The car waiting. Come on.
We gotta go, dawg.
Z, you breathing heavy. You all right?
I'm fine.
Everybody good? Square, you good?
- You holding up?
- I'm good.
- Don't be scared.
- Shut up.
- Hey.
- Fuck you, man.
- What you...?
- Ain't talking to you.
Let's get this ass-whooping going, guys.
Pick it up.
What are y'all doing?
I don't wanna see any ass
on the fucking floor. Do you hear me?
- Yes, big brother.
- Yes, sir.
On your feet.
- Greet your big brothers.
- Greetings, big brother.
Pain is the mind-killer. A little evil
that disseminates from the inside out.
We must learn to face and control it.
Hey, quit, number 4.
Move forward 'til I say stop.
Let's go, mutts.
Turn around.
Don't remove
your motherfucking blindfold, mutt.
Turn the fuck around!
Y'all think this shit is a game?
"If there is no struggle,
there is no progress.
Those who profess to favor freedom
and yet depreciate agitation,
they want rain
without thunder and lightning.
They want the ocean
"without the awful roar
of its many waters."
I hope they're done with us for tonight.
Look at crack baby eating
chicken wings like it's crack and shit.
Leave him alone.
Man, he's hungry.
Yo, I'll bet you ain't had
no chicken wings in your life.
Just Sushi and shit.
Yo, wait, wait.
You'll get a bucket of Sushi for $9.99?
- What you trying to say, frank?
- I'm saying you ain't no real nigga, bro.
Yo, both of y'all just shut
the hell up. All right? We need to...
We need to be focused.
Man, shut the fuck up, man.
And tell me something
I don't know, nigga.
Call me a nigga in that tone
of voice again, bro, or any one of us...
Don't touch me.
Get that hand out my face.
- Get out.
- No, no, no. Come on.
- Yo, what's up?
- Yo, z, z, z.
Ain't nobody scared of you, nigga.
Ain't nobody scared of your shit.
- Hey, yo, yo, yo.
- Fuck you.
What the fuck you doing?
Supposed to wait in the fucking car
till the brothers call you. You know that.
What's wrong with number 4?
He's having trouble breathing
going on two days now, sir.
Bro, you good?
Can't breathe.
Can't breathe.
Yo, we done with y'all for the night.
Number 3...
Take him to big brother Malcolm's.
- I'll take him.
- Shut up.
My orders are for number 3 to take him.
- You hear me?
- All right.
Yo, man, we been here
for over three hours, man.
Brother Malcolm should be done
with his shift soon.
I can't wait to be in a residency at a...
Big hospital like this.
Look, man, don't talk.
Just concentrate on breathing, all right?
- Nigga, I didn't know you cared.
- Nigga, please.
You love me, nigga. Just say it.
Nigga, I hate you, all right?
- Ow. Stop. Don't make me laugh.
- Then breathe. Breathe.
- I'm trying, if you'd shut up.
- Hey, pass the preparation h
for them hemorrhoids, all right?
Oh, fuck.
- Oh, shit.
- Let's bounce. Follow my car.
- All right.
- Yo...
Are you comfortable, bro?
- Am I comfortable?
- Nigga, you good?
Yes, nigga, I'm good. I got this.
All right. We out, man.
- That nigga scared the shit out of me.
- Came in like Batman, nigga, from nowhere.
Yeah, you've got a fractured rib.
It's the swelling in that area
that makes it hard to breathe.
What does that mean?
There's no way to put a cast
on a fractured rib. It's vulnerable.
Rest and it'll heal on its own
in about... six weeks.
What about hell night, man?
I seen this a dozen times.
You gonna be fine.
All right? I got painkillers
to get you through.
Just stay away from blows to the ribs,
or you'll end up on the operating table.
I'll talk to Fernander.
Now, let me get those painkillers for you.
This is Rochon.
Leave a message after the beep.
It's z.
I just wanted to...
- Is she in there?
- Yeah.
Go on, then. Go get your woman back.
I'll come with you, man. I got you, bro.
- All right, man.
- Come on, let's go.
- Wait. Hold on, hold on, hold on.
- What?
Let's roll, man.
Bro, you sure?
Look at her.
- I don't wanna ruin it.
- Right, I dig you. We out.
Let's go.
- Let's roll.
- Come on.
I think we should talk to Dean Richardson.
What? You wanna quit now?
Dude, are you...?
Are you not aware of what it's like
for a guy like me?
What are you talking about?
You're the smartest dude I know.
Look, this place your parents got
for you...
After graduation, it'll be straight.
You don't...
You don't need a fraternity.
What's my name?
- What are you talking about?
- You call me square...
But what's my real name?
That's what I thought.
But after hell night...
Ain't nobody gonna mistake me
for a square.
I'm not pledging for what I can get
after school...
I'm pledging for what I can get now.
I'll be a brother,
and I'll have earned my respect.
So, you go talk to the Dean alone.
You hear me?
I do.
It's Ernest.
My real name is Ernest.
Late papers arriving at my office tonight
after 8 P.M.
Will be docked a half grade.
Every day after that,
they will be docked a whole grade.
Come on.
We're in business.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Did you hear me?
- Zurich?
- Yes.
I heard you.
What's up?
Do you have a paper for me?
Come in.
Sit down.
So, how's it going?
It's tough, doc.
About to lose my mind.
It's like the minute night falls,
I get sick to my stomach, you know?
Look, I would not have recommended you
if I didn't think you had what it takes
to be a part of my fraternity.
And there is a proud...
Proud tradition of my frat,
and hopefully...
This will be yours soon.
Yes, sir.
I'm glad you came by to see me.
Now, you could come by any time,
but today, you don't wanna keep
your line brothers waiting.
Look, you don't know how it is, doc.
I am not that old that I've forgotten.
Humiliation builds humility,
and one more night is not gonna kill you.
This I know.
That is when pledging was above ground.
It's not how it is anymore.
After hazing became illegal,
it went underground, and...
Look, with all due respect,
Dean Richardson, I just...
I don't think you understand
that we need a change and we need it now,
because the lives of our students
and the honor of this fraternity
is at stake.
So, you know, we c...
You thought you was just gonna walk
into my frat, Zurich?
You come in here and tell me
I don't know something?
- That I don't understand?
- No, sir. That's not at all what...
Look, you are merely facing
what other men have met.
- You know your poems?
- Yes, sir.
On your feet. Give me see it through.
"When you're up against trouble,
meet it face to face."
Lift your chin and say short is pain
for me and take a brace.
"When it's vain to try and dodge it,
do the best that you can do."
"You may fail and may conquer.
- "See it through."
- See it through!
Now get out my office
and cross them burning sands,
and I will see you on the other side.
- Hey, yo, z not with you, man?
- No.
I barely made it here from practice.
He got... he got that paper due.
- I'll try calling him.
- Please.
"If we ever get free from
the oppressions and wrongs heaped upon us,
we must pay for the removal.
We must do this by labor, by suffering,
by sacrifice and if needs be,
by our lives and the lives of others.
- He coming or not?
- He dropped.
No, man, he'll be here, all right?
Call him again.
- Hey.
- Hey, girl.
- I got some apple pies for y'all.
- Let me get that.
What's up? Where's Zurich at?
- You ain't got no burgers to flip, man?
- You ain't got nowhere to be?
Yo, yo, yo.
You got a boyfriend?
- What's that got to do with you?
- You know.
We'll be done tomorrow.
- Bye, boys. Have a good night.
- Hey. Thank you for the pies.
You're welcome.
- We gotta go now.
- No, hold on. Just a bit more, all right?
- Yo, dude, what the fuck, man?
- Glad y'all could make it.
- Come on, bro.
- My fault, my fault.
What's up, boy?
- What's up, boy?
- What's up?
- Man.
- What up?
- I thought you dropped.
- Yeah.
Let my boys down? Are you crazy?
- No.
- Motherfucker, man.
Did he just cuss?
He just cussed, man.
Z, can you just get in the car?
Okay, hold on.
Can y'all come here, real quick?
- Come here.
- What, man?
I just... come here.
I just want us to take a moment
to remember where you're from.
Can we do that?
You know I'm from here. Let's go.
We are not from here.
We are not from here.
Detroit, New Orleans, D.C.
Where you from again, square?
- Indianapolis?
- Indianapolis.
We are not from here.
Nor are the brothers of this fraternity,
I ask you again,
do you know where we are from?
We come from kings and queens, man.
Not slaves.
You, you, you, you. Kings.
After we cross them burning sands,
we will act as such.
We are gonna treat each other
with respect,
our pledge brothers before us
and our pledge brothers to come.
With respect, honor, dignity.
All of that, man,
because we earned this shit.
I love y'all, man.
Can I get an amen, brothers?
- Yeah.
- Amen.
- Right.
- Shit.
Let's ride, man.
- Who, who
- lambda phi
who, who - lambda phi
who, who - lambda phi
who, who - lambda phi
who, who - lambda phi
who, who - lambda phi
who, who - lambda phi
who, who - lambda phi
who, who - lambda phi
One who's willing to aid you,
one whose advice has always paid you,
one who debates you
when others have played you,
that's what I call a brother.
One who's been there
when life seems rotten,
one whose ideals are not forgotten,
one who gains a lot more than he's gotten,
that's what I call a brother.
That's what I call a brother.
One who's willing to aid you,
one whose advice has always paid you...
Yo, get off at that exit right there, man.
Any of y'all hungry?
Give me that.
I got it.
You handle that pump
like you handled Toya?
Ernest, you gonna answer frank?
I'm gonna be real,
I didn't smash Toya.
I didn't do it.
- I'm still a virgin.
- What?
Hey, yo, I tapped that, yo.
Right. Of course. Sure you did.
I sure hell did. I was like,
"boom! Boom! Boom!"
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait. Hold up, hold up.
Answer the question, Ernest.
I wanted to...
Toya's smart. If I was her,
I wouldn't touch square either.
- Whoa, what do you mean?
- Give me a second.
She's grand, noble, sublime.
- She's what?
- Sublime.
The last word. Sub...
Sublime. You know what I mean.
Dear lord. Hell night, here we come.
It's on now, we ready
it's on now, we ready
it's on now, we ready
it's on now, we ready
it's on now, we ready
it's on now, we ready
it's on now, we ready
- it's on now
- it's on now
I'm about to Cherish
everybody knows
that my damn name's Zurich
- hey
- come through
you know this shit, we earned it
chilling with my nigga square
I mean his name is Ernest
Yo, turn off the lights, man.
We are in the middle of nowhere.
Yo, turn them off.
We at the right place?
- There supposed to be a bush?
- Leave me alone.
Why are you always asking
and never doing?
Not now. It's not the time.
How am I supposed to know if I don't ask?
It says we're in the right place.
All right, I'll call Dinerez.
- Hey!
- Shit.
We in here. Get out.
Square, get your...
Link up!
Oh, shit.
What y'all fools scared of me for?
Huh? Face forward.
Link up!
Let's go, goddamn.
Lambda lambda phi till we die
lambda lambda phi till we die
Get, god damn.
Lambda lambda phi till we die
Y'all some ugly motherfuckers, boy.
Lambda lambda phi till we die
Come on.
Lambda lambda phi till we die
Uh-huh. Fix that face.
Lambda lambda phi till we die
Said fix that face, number 1.
Lambda lambda phi till we die
lambda lambda phi till we die
Welcome to hell night, fellas.
Let the party begin.
Get in here. Let's go.
Let's get in line.
You wanna be a lambda, huh?
You earned this shit?
Is you ready?
You don't wanna be a lambda?
Eighty-six! Eighty-six!
Face forward.
Look at them. Look at them.
Let's get those hoodies off.
Get those off.
Come on. Come on.
Give me that shit.
Get it now, boy.
What, you think you're tough, huh?
You ain't shit!
Link up.
Greet your big brothers.
Greetings, big brothers!
You don't want this shit.
- You don't want this shit!
- Yes, big brother, sir!
You stay with me.
You all wanna be a lambda.
- Let's go.
- Harder!
- You wanna be a lambda.
- Learn your shit.
Let's go.
- Could you believe that shit?
- Yes, sir!
Thank you, sir!
- You wanna be a lambda?
- Yes, I wanna be a lambda.
- Come on, square.
- Not so tough now, are you?
Ain't talking tough now, are you?
Fix that fucking face.
Eat that shit.
Stand up straight!
You better stop moving,
or I swear to god...
You son of a bitch.
Get your bitch ass up.
Mind over matter, y'all.
Mind over matter.
You gotta put your hands up.
Get his ass.
Get your ass up, pussy!
Who told you to get up?
You wanna be a lambda?
Scream that shit!
I wanna be a lambda, sir!
Let's go, number 3!
Let's go, number 3.
Let's go, number 3.
That's what I'm talking about, baby.
That's what I'm talking about, baby.
Get the food ready. Get that food ready.
Run it. Run it.
Run it again.
- Run it.
- Louder.
Come on.
Off line bros.
Let them enjoy their last meal.
Fall back in line. Let's go.
Let's go.
On your knees.
Eat the dog food.
I said, eat, god damn.
Finish your food, boys.
Boy, you'd better eat that food.
I'm gonna beat your ass
worse than your mama did.
We gonna drop your ass if you don't eat.
Get your ass up out of here, man.
The hell you doing?
That ain't yours. This is yours.
This motherfucker think he a hero.
Look at that, look at that. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah!
You ain't tough, boy!
You ain't that tough!
You ain't that tough!
You ain't that tough!
Not talking tough now, are you, boy?
You think you're gonna be the tough guy?
Get up, frank.
What's wrong with him?
Get up, man!
Keep him on his side.
Keep him on his side.
Come on, z. Hold his neck.
Hold his neck.
- All right.
- Okay.
He's alive, but he...
We need to get him to a hospital.
Ain't nothing I can do for him here.
Has he moved his body?
Don't do nothing. Don't do nothing.
Fucking take him and dump him
at the emergency driveway.
You dump him and you leave him.
Don't wait. They'll take care of him.
Watch out for cameras, cover your faces,
cover your plates.
Has this happened before?
Take your fucking boy and go.
- Go, go, go!
- Yo, we need to get out of here,
- fast!
- Baby, it's all right.
Just dump him. Come on.
Come on, go. Go, go!
Z, get the car.
Go get the car. Go!
Calm down.
- I can't do anything without the car.
- Go!
Watch his neck.
On the count of three,
on the count of three. One, two, three.
- I got his head.
- Watch his neck.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Drive, man!
- I'm trying.
I'm trying.
How is he?
No, he's good. He's good.
- Faster.
- I'm trying.
- Go faster.
- Trying!
Let me drive.
Keep the car running.
Keep the car running!
- Let's go. Now.
- I got him.
Hey, man.
All right.
Come on.
They're coming. We gotta go! Come on.
Look, man, they're coming! We gotta go!
Come on!
- Yo, let's go. Get in the car!
- Come on, man.
Yo, Ron, z, let's go!
What are you doing, man?
What's his name?
It's frank.
Frank, can you hear me?
Was he shot?
Paging Dr. Vann to the or.
Patient didn't make it.
Traumatic aortic rupture.
He didn't have a chance.
Has someone contacted the university?
We've already contacted the university,
and someone will contact
the boy's parents.
We're gonna need a consult tonight.
The police are on their way.
Hey, pops.
I'll go through the fire
I'll go through the fire for you
it don't even matter
what it requires
I'll go through the fire for you
it started with a "our father"
more than ever
I need you now, father
fear don't live far away
them yesteryears
ain't where they are today
who going to be the saints
of the modern day?
Mistakes are tuition that we gotta pay
from whom much is taken
much is cherished
lord, deliver us
hoping that we get the message
this diamond is just a stone
this building is just for show
a wonderful piece of paper
that could be atop the throne
going through tribulations
this hunger won't let me go
this hunger won't let me go
this hunger won't let me go
seen so many faces
that live and die by the cold
I'll go through the fire
I'll go through the fire for you
it don't even matter
what it requires
I'll go through the fire for you
in search of golden wings
and a chariot
if Jesus died on the cross
why I gotta carry it?
I know the struggle is our heritage
certain pieces of pain
can't be parented
don't wanna fall in the same place
my parents did
the sins of the father inherited
sometimes I feel my life
is an experiment
I'm driven
but god's will is steerin' it
I focus on the role
heavy is my eyelids
in a world where power
is parallel to violence
it won't change
if we remain in silence
see it through
look inside for the guidance
humanity is where the honor
and the pride is
for those who can't no more
tears, I'm gonna cry this
now I decipher
who my tribe is
and live a life to know
what the other side is
this diamond is just a stone
this building is just for show
a wonderful piece of paper
that could be atop the throne
going through tribulations
this hunger won't let me go
this hunger won't let me go
this hunger won't let me go
I've seen so many faces
people die by the cold
I'll go through the fire
I'll go through the fire for you
it don't even matter
what it requires
I'll go through the fire for you
Oh, oh
oh, oh
yeah, yeah