Burnt Grass (2014) Movie Script

- Jackson! Jackson?
- What the hell happened?
Where's Jackson?
- What are you doing up there?
Sheree Sheree
- How do you even know how it works?
What if the universe implodes?
- To my feet.
- Try the plant?
- Well, you get an A for effort.
- Babe?
- So at first I thought it
only worked with living things
like in The Terminator.
But it turns out that's
only partially true.
I mean definitely,
definitely nothing synthetic,
but anything organic works.
Check it out. I made it myself.
One of them, anyway.
- We don't know if it's safe.
It could be poisonous.
- It tastes fine.
- This is unnatural.
We got to tell someone.
- No, we can't.
- Why not?
- Because they'll take it away from us!
- Look at yourself.
Look at yourself!
- Sally.
Where did we go on our last date night?
- Captain Jack's on the lake.
- You got the salmon
and it was over cooked
so you had to send it back.
- I got the bouillabaisse.
- This is messed up.
Can you see that?
- What are you doing?
- We're just, uh, we're taking a shower.
- Yeah, but why?
- We always do this.
- No, we always do this.
- Sally. Sally!
Come on. Don't you get it?
She's you and you're her.
Your memories, your
experiences, everything.
For all we know, you're the duplicate.
- I'm not.
- How do you know that?
You're exactly the same.
You both think you're her.
- I am her.
- Do you mind making us some margaritas?
Please don't say goodbye
All the good times we shared
I thought you'd always be there
- Jack was supposed to fix that.
Now you say you don't care
I'm scared of losing you-oo-oo forever
Last time we went down this road
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But I can see that in your eyes
That this is now the
end, so girl please
Now there's things that are...