Bursting Point (2023) Movie Script

We have to catch Young and Roy tonight.
Let him go!
You let yours go
and I'll let mine go.
Step on it!
His name is Ming.
He used to be an investment advisor.
He joined the force because Lehman folded.
Hey, it's normal for people
to turn to civil service after failing out there.
With a record like his...
Can he still be trusted?
His cred wasn't great at first.
But over the years,
he's improved a lot.
Miss, what's wrong?
My car broke down.
Please pull over.
Steer right.
Another officer got into debt and
borrowed money from Ming.
The cop insisted on paying interest
and Ming got snitched on.
He filed for transfer a few times,
but was rejected each time.
He's tendered his resignation.
Get out!
Get out! Go over there!
Out of the car!
Narcotics squad. Out of the car!
Narcotics squad! Move it!
Hurry up!
I'm a cop.
KT Special Duties Unit Team B sent me.
Bill, a word please.
Over here.
Who's your contact at Team B?
Wong Sir.
I'm originally PTU Zulu, PSU Four.
He asked me to fill in.
Bond Sir.
It's confirmed.
He really is on loan.
Bond Sir!
It's not adding up.
There's less than what our intel told us.
Make sure they gave us everything.
Yes, sir.
Bond Sir...
That guy said he took two bags.
I only took one.
Search his car again.
Yes, sir.
Why'd you only hand in one bag?
Because I only took one!
Bond Sir.
Found another bag in the back.
What's that?
That's not mine.
I didn't do it.
You're a dirty cop.
Consider yourself lucky.
I'm a dirty cop too.
Instead of scrounging like this,
come work for me.
Join me,
and you can have that bag.
You're turning me down?
Planning to snitch?
Bring me in first.
Bring me in!
All right.
Take him away.
Yes, sir.
Don't freak out.
It's just candy.
They're all fake?
Only this bag is fake.
The ones out there are real.
Is quitting your only option?
A good opportunity has come up.
I have a case,
and I need a mole.
A job that runs for years?
No one's going to strong-arm you.
The choice is yours.
But you've devoted years to the force.
Don't run off with your head down.
Running away isn't always the option.
You have an opportunity.
Make something of yourself.
When I finish the job,
will I get a chance...
The chance comes when the job's done.
The CCTV on 17th is down again!
Another new tattoo.
Becoming a full-time thug?
I've really thought about it.
If that's the case, let me bring you in.
And a new ride, too?
Made a killing for Cow?
I gave him a good stock tip.
But he only paid for 20% of the car.
Did you buy any stocks yourself?
No way.
Been there, done that.
I'm better at helping others.
Should I help you, too?
I hate that stuff.
Sounds like there's history there.
How much did he give you this time?
400 grand.
400 grand.
Don't need to count it?
Do I need to?
I've handled you for two years.
It's your birthday soon.
An early celebration.
I've got a raid tomorrow.
Are you celebrating now
because I may not make it back?
Don't be so sensitive.
We're dudes.
Why the cake and flowers?
Since no one's giving you flowers,
let me do so.
Are you flirting with me?
You can't tell after all this time?
Blow out the candles.
I'm afraid I'll fall for you.
Happy birthday!
- Hey.
- What?
Found the lab yet?
They're looking at two areas.
Tsing Yi
and Lung Kwu Tan.
But within these,
there are four potential locations.
Young's a prudent man.
My team won't know the address
until we arrive.
The areas are too far apart.
I'll need to send two teams.
By the time you know the address,
it's too late to mobilize the teams.
I'll investigate further.
What about Chung, the firearms guy?
I've got his minion, Water King.
He'll arrange it.
We're counting on you.
Listen up.
When we go in,
find a way to surrender.
I'm undermanned this time,
another team is helping out.
Don't get cocky.
Don't worry.
I'll be careful.
Once Cow is arrested, I'll surrender.
When the job's done,
bring your commendation
to your son's graduation.
We'll see.
Big Fai, Small Fai, load everything!
Hey, where's Ming?
Call him over to help.
Tiger, we have the guns.
Do we go north or south?
Do a few more rounds, I'll let you know.
Attention, everyone.
Location still unknown, hold your positions.
Tell all units to stand by.
Got it.
(The location is still unconfirmed.)
Cow, Tsing Yi South.
Everyone here?
We've got 34 guys.
34? I said 36!
Damn it.
We're working...
You're out of line.
Come on.
We're working here.
It's no time for games.
My mole's signal is dead.
We'll raid all four locations at once.
Bridge No. 2 traffic control,
South 2 SDU get ready.
Want some more?
You first.
Eat with us.
What's that?
We got a hot stove here.
You'll blow us all up!
For some reason...
I'm getting a bad vibe today.
Call it insurance.
Fine, insurance it is!
South 2 team 1, go go go!
OP, A1 lab confirmed.
A2 Go! Go!
OP, A1 demolition set ready.
Two targets, left.
Shit, trouble at the lab!
Damn it!
My gun's jammed!
We're surrounded!
Watch your back! Behind you!
The gun's jammed!
Al, go!
Roy, blow a way out.
Hold this spot.
Go up and subdue them!
Why are the bullets jammed?
The gun won't fire!
The guns are rigged!
Help! Help!
Don't let them get out.
SDU's in trouble!
Stay here.
I'll go back them up.
Stop resisting!
Come out and surrender!
Blow those damn cops up!
Hands up!
Get down, all of you!
Point C needs backup!
Men down! We have men down!
Ming, take the back door!
Take this!
My gun's jammed!
Get in!
We'll wait for an opening!
Don't hit Ming!
Hold this position!
Carry the injured down!
Yes, sir!
Young, fall back!
It's that damn cop again!
Protect Roy!
Blow a way out!
Roy, run!
Save Young!
The exits are blocked.
We'll blast through the wall.
Let's go!
Ming, get off!
Hang in there.
- Boss.
- Cow, hold them back!
Protect him!
Roy! Get up!
Hang in there.
Hey! First aid kit!
Hang on!
Young, we have to go!
Hang on!
Here we go.
Hang in there!
It's almost over.
Almost there.
To the hospital.
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, Bond Sir.
You're on support.
Why'd you leave your post?!
Point C was in trouble.
How could I not help?!
So many of our guys are hurt.
Quit squabbling!
Hey! Wake up!
Don't sleep here!
I'll go freshen up.
Bond Sir.
Roy survived.
But he lost a leg, and he's badly burnt.
Might as well be dead.
What do you mean?
That prick deserves to die.
Hello, Nip Sir.
How's Roy?
Still hanging on.
Come back right now.
Yes, sir.
Wait for backup to come.
I'm going back to HQ.
Got it.
Nip Sir.
How's the undercover?
Still in the hospital, but he's OK.
Is his cover blown?
I don't know.
If it isn't, we still have a shot.
I understand.
Our men's safety is number one.
But you know the situation.
I'm sure you can figure it out.
All right.
I'll talk to my mole.
See what he wants to do.
You're his handler.
Give him some confidence.
How's it going?
Come on.
Empty-handed on a hospital visit?
Watching your diet.
Didn't we agree that
you'd arrest Cow once we go in?
I couldn't get to him.
Why didn't you surrender, then?
Now you got yourself shot.
Seeing you bleed so badly
scared me.
With what happened to Young,
I really didn't know what to do.
I really don't know what to do too.
My boss...
Did I get you in trouble?
He even asked about you.
He asked about me?
He's happy with my work?
He asked if your cover's blown.
If not,
he wants you to stay undercover.
Just ignore him.
You didn't turn him down, right?
You want to keep going?
It sounds like
he doesn't want to keep his promise.
I don't want the past two years to be in vain.
You're still young.
There's always a next time.
Bond Sir.
I've been carrying this lousy record
waiting for the chance to wipe it clean.
This raid cost Young a lot of money.
I'm sure he'll produce a new batch.
Get him while he's down.
I'm afraid you'll go down instead.
After what happened with the guns,
how can you go back?
Other people handled the guns, too.
I can talk my way out of it.
Fine, even if you can,
how did Water King
know the lab's location?
All of us knew the location.
It'll be fine.
How is he?
Roy's out of danger.
But he lost his leg.
We have to save Roy at all costs.
Kawai knows we ran into trouble.
His people said
they want to talk to you right now.
Please tell Kawai-san I will
send him the deposit tomorrow.
Kawai-san said...
Money isn't the problem.
Failure to deliver affects the whole supply chain.
We'll lose our market.
No matter what...
You must deliver the shipment.
You have 10 days.
That's all Kawai-san will spare.
If you fail to deliver...
You're through.
Big Brother...
Little Brother, talk to Yagyu-san.
I'll give him Kawai's shipment.
But I'm charging him 30% more.
Young, I don't think...
If he can outbid Kawai,
we'll supply him exclusively.
OK, I'll talk to him.
Selling out Kawai-san
will endanger our survival.
In this world, no one will help you survive.
They'll just squeeze everything from you
then hang you out to dry.
If he's out to kill me...
I'll kill him first.
Everyone, we just passed the lights.
Entering tunnel, ETA five minutes.
Everyone, remember
once he gets out, hold the EU unit back first.
it's time.
Open fire! Open fire!
Get out!
Hey! Don't shoot!
Watch the pedestrians!
Careful, man.
Blanks still hurt when fired up close.
Let me do my thing.
Worry about yourself instead.
Ming! Drop your gun!
Go over there!
Hands up!
Drop the gun!
Don't move!
I'll kill him!
Ming, don't mess around!
Get in!
Way to go!
Your wound's bleeding, man.
You're good, kid!
Way to go!
Bond Sir, speedboat approaching.
Cow, stay right there.
The guns were rigged.
You dimwits!
Did no one check the guns?
The magazine springs were sawed off.
Why didn't anyone find out?!
I'm only responsible for Young's gun.
That batch was fine.
What about the Fais' batch?
Didn't you check those?
It was him!
He unloaded the guns.
Nothing has ever happened with the Fais before.
It must've been him!
Yes, Sha?
Boss, the signal went dead near South Island.
They may be there. Orders?
Keep your eyes open.
Call me if anything happens.
If it wasn't for him, I'd be in jail!
Trying to set him up?!
Whoever screwed up...
will pay the price!
Shots fired on the island!
Do we go in?
Send the Marine Police in.
I want answers.
I was careless.
Maybe it was the firearms suppliers.
All I want are answers.
I understand.
Boss, multiple boats spotted.
Should we intercept?
Hold your position.
Pull our guys back.
Copy that.
What do you think, Tiger?
I heard that
Cow lost a ton hedging on oil futures.
He's desperate for cash.
Boss Nguyen, Young just called.
It's OK, let him stew a little.
It's been a long time.
It's all there.
Nguyen, what took so long?
You've called a lot of times. In a rush?
How can I help you?
I need more raw materials.
When does the next batch arrive?
The soonest?
A Macau client already ordered it.
But since you're in a bind
I can give it to you.
For your next $300 million batch...
I want half.
As I said, my shipment's booked.
I have to compensate my buyer.
If you think I'm wrong,
wait for the next shipment.
By the way,
what happened to your brother
has me worried for you.
He was such a great sidekick.
Ever thought about taking an apprentice?
I have someone
who admires you a lot.
Give her a chance.
Let her learn from you.
Don't push it!
This is pushy?
I can push much harder!
Give me your formula
and the goods will be here in 3 days.
Just call me the moment it arrives!
Hi, Calvin.
Bond Sir.
Right on time.
Upgraded version, fresh from the oven.
I prepared two for you.
Call me if you need more.
Sure, thank you.
Ming, I left the console with Uncle Fire.
Uncle Fire!
Interpol says...
a drug maker will come
from the Golden Triangle.
Have you heard anything?
Not yet.
I'll keep my ears on the ground.
Large rice roll, please!
And some fish balls.
Extra spicy!
Watch your eight o'clock.
Joe's been tailing you.
He's been stalking me like crazy.
I'll get him off your back.
I'll leak some intel to Cow.
And as a precaution,
I asked the IT team
to plant some fake messages in the console.
If you get in a bind,
it'll save your life.
That's some James Bond stuff.
Dye your hair black
and wear a suit to sleep.
Maybe you'll dream of it.
Then I'd better sleep early tonight.
Yeah, g'night.
Yes, Sha?
Roy killed himself.
Roy took his own life.
They couldn't save him.
Bill, its done.
Narcs took Roy's body to the crematorium.
Get over there!
Chi couldn't avenge you.
But at least we've burnt this asshole for you!
Now there's one left.
Watch over your son...
So he can avenge you himself!
Don't worry about me.
Bond Sir, let him finish.
What is this?!
Do you know what you guys are doing?
It was my idea, not his.
Let him finish.
You're an experienced cop.
Don't be stupid!
You'll get the kid killed.
Don't, Chi!
You burned my brother...
I'll make sure your whole team burns to ashes.
If you mess with my team,
you'll die a worse death than your little brother!
Bond, we have intel from Ming and Interpol.
It's on your desk.
The drug lord working with Young is Nguyen.
The drug maker he sent
is a woman who named Xiu.
She has a younger brother, Han.
She used to make drugs with her husband.
His name is Zheng, who was a chemistry teacher.
Chemical drugs were popular then.
Under Nguyen's coercion,
Zheng brought Xiu into the operations.
During a police raid a few years later,
Zheng was captured
and sentenced to 10 years in jail.
He died in prison a few years later.
Nguyen then forced Xiu
to take over as drug maker.
Hurry up!
They're gaining on us.
Be careful!
Why did the cops raid my factory?
Didn't we have a deal with the new chief?
We did make a deal.
The hell we do!
Xiu, Han, go to Hong Kong first.
Go to Macau and prepare the materials for Young.
Hong Kong is his turf.
We'll be on a back foot.
I'll get someone to help you there.
Get the $70 million before giving him the goods.
Ling has been acting up lately, she...
Take your daughter with you.
It's better to have a kid with you.
No one will suspect anything.
Make it a mother-daughter trip.
Ma'am, please come home.
Miss Ling is fighting her tutor!
The tutor said Ling has taken ecstasy!
Come out!
My car!
Someone put out the fire!
Stay away!
Get away!
Get up here!
Get up here!
Let me go!
What do you want!
Are you done being crazy?
You're out of control.
If you get arrested, I can't save you!
You're scared that I'll tell on you...
It's the same old story.
I have to stay put because of your job.
I've asked you to quit.
You never listen!
I don't have a choice.
You may not have a choice...
But I want a choice!
You have no choice!
You have no choice.
Because your mother's a drug dealer!
I was so scared today.
If something happened to me,
I don't know what Ling will do.
I really don't want to leave our home.
But Ling and I,
we really need a new start.
This is our chance.
Watch over us.
Ling's OK now.
I told her we're going to Hong Kong.
This is our chance to leave Nguyen.
Yong will pick up a payment there.
That $70 million?
We'll take back what we deserve.
Wei, when will the blood packs arrive?
My boss wants to see you.
I'm waiting at the pier.
Kawai-san has something to say.
You and your brothers' lives
were salvaged by me.
I didn't think you'd be so ungrateful.
You want to sell me out now?
Want to kill me by selling drugs to my rival?!
I'm taking back your life!
Are you all right?
Are you hurt?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Let's go.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
They have us up against the wall.
We have to act right now.
But before that, I have to end those cops.
Bond Sir, Ming just sent us message that
the raw ingredients are not coming by sea.
Pull our guys back.
Bond Sir,
the blood packs at the scene of Young's fight
was RH neg, it's very rare.
We also found some ampoules on the boat.
They're for a platelet disorder.
What does that mean?
It means even without injury,
his platelet decreases naturally,
so he needs blood.
Also, the drug maker arrives this afternoon.
Suave and I are heading to the airport.
Bond, we got a call
from the district police station,
saying your ex-wife's home get messed up.
I don't know anything.
He never tells us anything when he's home.
When did you last see him?
Yesterday afternoon.
He hasn't been home since.
What do we do?
Have you found him?
Not yet.
Don't stay here.
Do you have a place to stay?
We can stay in the church.
Sha, check a car plate for me, UH6180.
Call me if you have any news.
Bond Sir, we're tailing them.
The two of them have
a young girl with them.
OK, let me know where they're going.
"I'll pick you up at the hotel at 8pm tonight."
Hello, Hung?
See you at the caf.
We haven't seen Hung in years.
Can he be trusted?
We were in the army together.
I trust him. Don't worry.
Got it. Thanks.
District police station said
the car plate is faked.
And they are finding the gangs.
Boss, that's your son.
Stop running!
We'll get you!
Cut him off!
Out of the way!
Hey, stop!
Cut it out!
Stop, or I'll shoot!
No, Howard!
If you stab him,
your future is over!
When you left us,
did you think about our future?!
I have no father!
Got anything?
Yeah, they're hired guns.
Your son got in a fight in a club
and broke someone's arm.
The problem is,
the victim is Gang Boss Wah's son.
Hey, Fire.
What's up, Bond?
I need a favor.
Tell me.
You were in Anti-triad, right?
Still have friends working there?
A few.
What's wrong? How bad is it?
It's my son.
I have no father!
There's $10,000 missing.
She met this kid online
before coming to Hong Kong.
I'm afraid of something will happen to her.
Who ordered this? I can't afford it!
I ordered it!
For my new friends...
Drinks are on me!
Ling, let's freshen up.
She told me,
she's with her mom on a business trip.
She must be loaded.
You've hit the jackpot
and got yourself a rich girl.
Make a long-term investment
and you'll be set for life.
I'd rather cash in quickly.
I want a million dollars
for your daughter and this video.
I'll tell you the location later.
Don't call the cops.
Boss, Ming and Cow are at the pickup point.
Two pallets left to load, Ming!
Have something to drink.
I'm screwed.
I'm in big trouble.
What happened?
Before the container yard raid,
I was trading a stock.
I tried making up for my losses,
but it just made things worse.
I was hedging on crude oil...
Then the war happened.
I was so pissed.
They can cause any chaos they want.
Just leave me out of it!
How much did you lose?
Let's not talk about that now.
That money I gave you before...
Can I borrow some of it back?
I'll pay you back when I recover.
All right?
Don't be so blas.
I'm for real.
It was your cash to begin with.
Of course it was.
All right, then.
How much did you lose?
Look alive.
They're coming out soon.
Kui, you go first.
Copy that.
Boss, they're on the move.
Tail the goods and see if anyone else shows up.
Keep track of as much as you can.
Stop right there.
Wendy, share our location with Bond Sir.
Take the money, exit the car,
and enter the factory.
Han, I'm going in.
Bring the money up!
I found Ling. 4th floor.
Let her go, then you get the money.
I said the million is for the video.
Leave the bag there.
Bring another million, and I'll let her go.
You heard him.
Hand over the money!
Trouble downstairs!
Bitch, do you have a death wish?
You dare hit me?
Bond Sir.
Almost there, Bill. What's happening?
I'm hearing a lot of noise.
How can you hit me?
We had so much fun!
Keep crying!
Wendy, get up there!
Wendy, take the girl to the hospital.
Send the other boys to the Serious Crimes Unit.
We'll take the siblings to HQ.
Is he dead?
Yeah, he's dead.
My daughter had nothing to do with this.
He blackmailed me, made me bring him money.
They started the fight
and he fell off on his own.
I saw your daughter push him.
She was saving me, that's how it happened.
Pull over.
I'm Bond, HK Island Narcotics squad.
From the minute you left the airport,
we've been following you.
Your name is Ying Xiu.
A drug maker from the Golden Triangle.
You came here to make drugs with Young.
Help me...
And I'll help your daughter.
I'll speak to the judge.
According to Hong Kong law,
if you become a police informer
and we solve the case,
the judge can consider mitigating your sentence.
Police station's on the left.
Your hotel's on the right.
You decide where to go.
What'll it be?
All right.
I'll help you.
But you have to help my daughter.
Don't worry.
We'll take good care of her.
Ming and Cow are
at an abandoned mall in Tsuen Wan.
Car 2, car 3, standby.
Get a move on!
Young wants to talk to you.
We can just kidnap that cop
and force him to let Ling go.
It's not worth the risk, Han.
I don't want to drag you down.
It's not that, Sis...
Do as I say.
Stick to the plan.
When they make the trade, grab the cash.
Then, run as far as you can.
If we don't run this time,
we may not get another chance.
We went through so much as kids,
and we still survived.
We'll find a way
to get through this, too.
I'm sure of it.
Fire, what's up?
I have to tell you something.
But don't freak out.
Howard's been taken by Wah's men.
I've talked to Wah.
He's willing to talk to you.
Can you come now?
I'll be right there.
I need to step outside.
Tell Sha to keep me updated,
no matter what happens.
Will do, Bond Sir.
That's Young.
Hey, Sha.
Where's Bond?
Bond Sir is dealing with something.
He just left.
Never mind then.
Let's not trouble him.
Call the others, let's go inside.
Cars 2 and 3.
Get ready to go in.
Copy that.
I don't see their boss.
If we Kill his men now,
it'll be hard to get to him later.
Check if he has any family.
While you were bringing the goods,
those cops were tailing you.
We'll end them once and for all.
Son of a bitch!
Hey, Bond.
Don't go up yet.
I called my friends in Anti-triad to come.
Damn it.
The guy from the game store.
They know each other?
Look, I'm only going because it's my son.
What if your friends come
and they get hurt?
Send them away, I can handle it.
What if you get hurt?
What could happen?
How should I know?
Do they bite?
Call me if it there's trouble.
The cop's going upstairs.
Had dinner yet? Sit down.
No, thanks.
I've shown Fire plenty of respect this time.
Are you talking to me as a father...
Or as a cop?
As a father.
We're both fathers.
It was just kids brawling
but your son took it too far.
He hurt my son real bad.
It broke my heart.
Don't you cops do any parenting?
Actually, you should've called the police.
Call the police?
If 1 call the cops,
would you arrest your boy?
If he's guilty,
I'd arrest him for sure.
You're in Narcotics.
To be honest, I'm kind of
interested in the drug trade.
But I don't have any friends in it.
Wanna be friends?
You're out of my league.
Friends don't say things like that...
I don't make friends with bad guys.
Then there's nothing to talk about.
Give me a price.
I'll pay whatever I can afford.
I've got plenty of cash!
Then what do you want for my son?
What son?
Why'd you come here for your son?
I don't know your son.
Why'd you ask me about your son?
Everyone knows
your son is a hardcore junkie.
He'll likely end up in my cuffs.
Make him pay.
Beat him for 10 minutes, then toss him out.
Will do.
Whatever he owes
I'll pay.
Being a father
is no easy job.
Sha Sir, we see the goods on the 3rd floor.
Run! Let's go!
Hang in there. Call for backup!
Car One, Car Two, Car Three!
Is anyone there?
Call an ambulance!
Hey, stop. Leave it.
But look at you.
Just stop.
Don't touch me!
What's wrong with you?
Your dad took a beating for you.
Did you know that?
Face this head-on.
Come to the station with me.
Narcotics squad Lee Sir!
- Did your son offend the triad?
- Stop!
- Did your son offend the triad?
- Stop!
And he set fire to someone''s shop. Is it true?
Did you negotiate
with the triads as a public servant?
Did you negotiate
with the triads as a public servant?
It's a dead end here!
This way!
Stop! Turn around!
Go, Chi!
Go after them!
Hurry, Chi!
Don't come out, Cow!
Don't let them out alive!
Chi, over here.
Go find an exit, I'll try this way.
They're here! Go inside first!
Go inside!
Take two guys and follow him.
It's a dead end.
I'll check above. Hang in there!
Check up there!
Damn you!
We're out of bullets!
Let's get out!
Get something to block them.
The fire's spreading, hurry!
Tat, bring that thing here.
I don't have enough to block them!
I found an exit!
Let's go!
Move it!
We have an exit!
Come up!
Kui, what's wrong?
I'm OK!
Hang in there.
I'll toss you down.
You still have a chance.
Go down!
This way.
Hang in there!
It's a dead end!
Go in first.
Don't come over.
You two get over here.
- Get up!
- Hurry up!
This way!
It's burning here. Run!
Burn them!
He's gone that way.
Down there, now!
Burn him.
Ming, you're a dead man.
Why are the cops following us?
Hey! How did the cops find us?
What's wrong?
Cow, it's Joe.
You traitor, you have some nerve!
That asshole Ming is the mole!
I have evidence,
meet me at the Big Water Viaduct.
Go to Big Water Viaduct.
Why are you so distracted?
Are you feeling unwell?
Got skeletons in your closet?
Answer me!
You're right.
I'm a cop.
Cooperate with me.
It's not too late.
Come on, stab me!
Stab me, or I'll stab you!
You bastard!
I've always been good to you,
but you stabbed me in the back.
Go to hell!
8 dead and 3 critically injured at the mall.
How could you let them go in?
I'm sorry, sir.
It was my responsibility.
Why were you meeting with a triad boss?
I've talked with the top brass.
Everyone knows you're a prudent man.
Since you're still on the case
and the handler of a UC...
You have three days.
When things settle down,
I'll replace you.
You'll be suspended pending an investigation.
Yes, sir.
Goodbye, sir.
A video of a cop committing murder.
How much is it worth?
And how much extra for framing me?
No idea?
I'll do the math for you.
Five million.
Give me some time.
Fine, I'll give you time.
Until tomorrow.
I'm here.
Where are you?
Something you want to tell me?
I killed Cow.
What are you talking about?
On the way out,
Cow got a call.
I heard him arguing on the phone
about him killing his colleagues.
Cow knew I heard it and tried to kill me.
So I killed him.
You expect me to believe that?
Cow's in the trunk of a car parked at spot 3075.
Go check out the trunk of the car.
His phone is in there, too.
It has all his chats with that cop.
Is there a phone there?
Bring it to me.
You may not believe me,
but I killed Cow.
I'm definitely not the mole.
I'm not asking for much.
I just want to keep working with you.
I get that Young doesn't trust me.
I can't change that.
But I just want to say...
I didn't betray you guys.
You don't have to tell me that.
I'll call you back.
Damn you!
Pretty exciting, right?
A cop committing murder.
That's a long jail sentence.
What do you want?
Five million.
Pay up tomorrow!
Bond Sir.
Where are you? Is everything OK?
I'm fine.
Let's meet.
Go to the gym.
Bond Sir, Sha didn't make it.
He died just now.
Sha didn't make it.
Those bastards!
I'll arrest them all.
Young set this up
because he doesn't trust you.
I transferred my data to Cow's phone.
He'll take the fall for this.
Let's end the job now.
Just like this?
We still have a shot!
You killed Cow.
You're out of shots!
Joe is blackmailing me.
The original video isn't like this.
He edited out the first part.
Cow struck first.
It was self-defense.
I believe you.
But why didn't you report it?
You were filmed moving a corpse.
I had to keep the op going.
It's OK...
Just turn yourself in first.
Bond Sir...
Let me finish the job.
Then I'll face the music with you, OK?
Finish the job?
This case will blow up soon.
You won't be the only one in trouble.
Think of how this would look.
Undercover cop covers up murder on duty.
The whole force will go down with you!
Don't make me arrest you.
Come with me.
Bond Sir, give me a chance.
Stop resisting.
I can't go back!
I'm here.
Where are you?
8th floor, spot 5.
Where's the video?
Toss the cash down, and you'll get it.
Think you have a choice?
I'm here.
How do I give you the cash?
8th floor, spot 5.
Since you're so cooperative,
I'm giving you a gift.
It's someone you'll want to see.
You two assholes ruined my cred.
The murderer's in front of you.
Are you gonna arrest him?
By the way,
I forgot to tell you...
I've already uploaded your murder video.
The police will be here soon.
Ming's going down stairwell 2, cut him off!
He's upstairs, go!
Got it!
He's upstairs.
Hey! Stop!
Stop! Serious Crimes Unit!
Watch out!
Out of the way!
Hold on.
Go into the room first.
Hey, your bathroom is leaking.
Someone called to complain, he was pretty mad.
Let me take a look.
Hey stop!
Hey stop!
How is she?
She's in surgery.
But the doctor isn't optimistic.
Sorry, sir.
I didn't watch her close enough.
Call Bill.
Bring her mother here.
Yes, sir.
How's my daughter?
Is it serious?
How long has she been inside?
Almost three hours.
You promised!
You said you'd protect her!
Go easy.
I want to see my daughter!
I want to see my daughter!
Nurse, how is she?
She's out of the woods.
But she must remain under observation.
Ma'am, please let us do our job.
Sorry, ma'am.
Wait here.
Please help me.
Don't charge my daughter.
I lied to you.
The kid who was pushed didn't die.
I'm sorry.
He's not dead?
So, my daughter is cleared?
She's cleared.
You're in the clear, too.
You don't have to help me anymore.
But if you make drugs,
I'll still arrest you.
I'm all out, asshole!
I gave you everything I have.
What more do you want?
I don't care.
Get me as much as you can.
I'm leaving tonight.
Once I'm gone,
I'll leave you two alone for good.
But the thing is...
I'm waiting for Tiger's response.
If I can rejoin the gang,
I'll double what I owe you.
Listen to me.
Don't ever come back.
Our daughter's sleeping, don't wake her.
Fine, go already.
Congrats on getting away.
How much extra should I charge
for a decade of freedom?
Think about it and call me.
Toss the phone here!
I'll stab her for real!
She's your daughter, scumbag!
Grab the zip tie!
Tie yourself up!
Good luck clearing your name!
Everything's deleted!
I've deleted everything!
Fan Kam Road.
Lik Fung Auto Repair.
A little girl's been stabbed.
Send an ambulance right away!
Hey, kid.
Don't fall asleep.
Stay awake!
Don't be scared.
("Tiger: Young is giving you one more chance.")
("Come to Chungking Mansions tomorrow morning.")
("This is the loot.")
("For Bond Sir of HK Island Narcotics squad.")
("For Bond Sir of HK Island Narcotics squad.")
The little girl's inside.
Bond Sir, your son's bail has been processed.
He may leave anytime.
Xiu and Han are still planning to go on.
I've arrived.
Meet me in shop 2046 at Chungking tomorrow.
I will, Yong.
Don't be late!
I won't.
Hung's arranged for a car at your hotel.
Plate number XZ5731.
When you get there, my guys will give you guns.
What about Ling?
I've worked it out with Hung.
While you and I are at Chungking Mansions,
he'll get Ling out of hospital
and take her somewhere safe.
Once Yong makes the deal,
we'll grab the cash.
Is Hung the guy we spotted last time?
I think so.
Send his photo to Intelligence.
Have a hit team wait at the hospital.
Yes, sir.
Bond Sir.
Joe's been Killed.
A paramedic spotted a man fleeing the scene.
From his description,
it sounds like Ming.
Show him Ming's photo to confirm.
Yes, sir.
Bond Sir,
Bond Surveillance and hit teams are ready.
Ho Sir's awaiting a briefing.
Hey, Bond.
Listen up, everyone.
Xiu is arriving.
Han and Xiu just passed A1.
Just passed A3.
A5, get ready.
The Ying siblings
will meet Young for the hand off
and grab the money.
There may be gunfire.
As long as civilians aren't harmed,
we can stay put.
If we need to act,
Ho Sir and I will give the orders.
Once the materials are moved,
arrest everyone involved in the deal
as long as we don't lose the drug dealers' trail.
Notify the hit team.
Action may happen in a crowded area.
Everyone switch to handguns.
Yes, sir.
Yong, we're at shop 2046.
Bond Sir, Hung's car has arrived at the hospital.
Do we move in?
Move in.
Police, don't move!
Those in the car, hands up! Slowly!
Hung's in trouble.
The police arrested him.
Don't worry.
I'll figure out a way.
Ling didn't commit a crime.
They won't hold her.
We came to Hong Kong
to get away.
They'll send Ling back for sure.
Listen to me.
Take care of yourself.
Grab the money and run.
As long as I work with the police,
Ling has a chance.
I know you took the men
who were saving my daughter.
I can keep working with you.
I'm in Chungking Mansions,
heading to the drug lab.
If I help you,
you must help me.
Don't send my girl back to the Golden Triangle.
All right.
I'll try my best.
The goods are here.
Can you carry all that by yourself?
Ho, take command.
I'll go and check.
It's almost time.
Prepare for the prayers.
What are you doing here?
I thought you're dead.
Send her away.
If Dad sees this...
- Tell me!
- You'll be in trouble.
Why are you here?!
My dad got him out of jail.
Now you know the truth.
Please leave.
- Liu.
- Get out!
I had a 10-year sentence.
I couldn't stand it.
I'm sorry.
Please go!
Do you know your daughter's in the hospital?
Your daughter is in the hospital!
Just go.
Go away!
Just go away!
Target 2 has arrived.
Entering via main entrance.
Bond Sir.
I see Ming. First floor, position C.
Have Ho Sir send a team to tail him.
Don't let him disrupt the op.
If anything happens,
subdue him.
Once the trade is done,
arrest him.
Where's the money?
he said cash on delivery.
Where are you now?
I'm close by.
If I don't see the cash,
you won't see the goods.
Your cash is in a car in Middle Road.
Go and get it.
Come, follow me to the lab.
We found that cop's son.
Do as I said.
Kill him.
Got it.
Sis, where'd you go?
What happened?
Yong's here, let's go.
All units, be advised.
Get ready to move in.
Young, I'm here with Xiu and Han.
Boss, hit team in position.
The cash is in the last car, plate number GH7621.
Boss' orders. We have a new player.
Behind Xiu.
The man with the beard.
Yong, the cash is in the car.
Sis, I don't know what happened.
But when this is done, I'm not leaving.
Once I'm settled down,
I'll come back for you.
Where are the goods?
I want to see you first.
I'm right here.
Boss, Young is in the open.
He's moving in your direction.
Where's the key?
Under the back of the car.
Can I get my stuff now?
Take Tiger to the goods.
Boss, Target 2 is leaving the building.
The stuff's not inside.
Convoy, standby.
On the double!
I'll stay with the money.
You guys get Young out of here.
Open fire! Boss, do we move in?
Stay put.
Keep an eye on Young.
Young is fleeing in a stolen car.
Hit team in pursuit!
How dare you steal my stuff?
You're dead!
All units, go!
Guns down, or we'll shoot!
Don't shoot!
Convoy, the goods are on the move.
Ming! Stop!
Ming! Stop!
Don't hurt them!
Is anyone else hurt?
We're OK.
Calling OP.
Send an ambulance to 20 Lock Road.
20 Lock Road.
Bond Sir!
Watch her.
Take care...
Take care of my daughter.
Take care of my daughter for me.
Bond Sir, we've lost Ming and the goods.
OP, have you tracked down Young?
We got him.
Good! Which direction?
He made a u-turn back to the scene.
Nathan Road, south towards Mody.
I want to talk to you.
What's there to talk about?
I have intel for you.
Meet me on Mody, outside KA.
OP, Young has gotten into Bond's car.
What do you want to tell me?
Will it help me destroy you?
There's not much that can destroy me.
Even if I can't destroy you,
I'll make sure you lose everything.
If you don't deliver the drugs,
you're a dead man.
This time,
you won't get away.
Watch the video first.
You really love your son.
Yet, you're wasting his time.
Get to the container yard now.
Maybe you'll make it in time.
If you get there late,
I don't know what'll happen.
Boss' car has left.
("Ming: Bond Sir, I found the factory.
I'll send you the location.")
Hey, bring that barrel here.
Hurry up! Bring it over.
You overshot it.
Come closer to us.
- Remember the ratios.
- All right.
I'm sorry.
The cops were watching every route.
I couldn't get you any blood.
I want to give you the formula.
We're family.
Pass the formula to my little brother.
Take good care of him.
The work in there's done.
Then let's take a break.
wait for Young to finish making the drugs.
Then grab everything and kill everyone.
So the mole
is you!
I'm not a mole.
I'm a cop.
You've committed murder.
Sure you're still a cop?
Since you're not a cop now.
I'll give you a chance...
To try out my stuff.
Grab the chance to run.
I can't hold on any longer.
Pass the formula to my brother.
Toss him down!
Since the drugs are gone, just kill them all!
Hang on, Ming.
Hang in there.
Hang on a little longer.
- Hang on!
- Bond Sir.
Hang in there...
Cow's death was an accident.
I didn't want to kill Joe.
I lost control.
I feel so guilty.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Bond Sir.
Hang on.
Hang on a little longer, damn it!
Just hang in there!
Everything you've ever done
has only been for you.
You never did anything for me.
We're a family.
A family...
Where's my son?
Where's my son?!
Just shoot me.
Just shoot me.
Family's the most important thing.
Your son is...
on the back hill.
"How many ordeals does a man
have to have endure in his life?"
"How many times does a man have to be
disappointed and anxious?"
"I have boundless perseverance to face
all trials and tribulations."
"I'm willing to withstand the pain in my heart,
but I vow to never give up."
"How many ordeals does a real man
have to have endure in his life?"
"How many times does a real man
have to be disappointed and anxious?"
"After the bitter rains and strong winds,
my personality shines even brighter.
"The heart of a righteous man
will stay true to his honor forever.