Burton and Taylor (2013) Movie Script

Never, never.
Never, never, never.
Liz! Liz! Liz!
Okay. Ladies and gentlemen,
we're here to announce
our theater company's next production.
Nol Coward's comic masterpiece,
Private Lives,
starring none other than
Miss Elizabeth Taylor
and one of the greatest stage actors
of all time,
Mr. Richard Burton.
Liz! Liz! Liz! Liz!
Liz, does this mean marriage
number three for you and Richard?
No, I can assure you that Richard and I
have entered into this venture
for purely creative reasons.
And it seemed to me that since
Richard had, not so very long ago,
spectacularly re-conquered Broadway
in Equus and Camelot,
then I really ought to
cash in on the fact that...
Well, I was pretty certain I had
his phone number somewhere at home.
Richard, can you confirm that?
What, that she had my phone number?
No, we want to showcase a great play.
We believe it's long overdue a revival.
So absolutely no plans
to get back together again?
But you don't mind people thinking that?
Er, people can think what they like.
We're actors
about to do a play together.
But the ad in today's New York Times,
which I gather, Miss Taylor,
you designed yourself,
that kind of begs the question.
- Yes.
- It's just an advert.
A heart with an arrow through it
and the words "together again"?
Well, of course it says that.
That's the whole basis
for Private Lives.
I mean,
it's not like she's used a photo of us
and the words "twice spliced," is it?
That would have made no sense
in the context of the play.
- Liz! Liz! Liz!
- Liz! Liz! Liz!
The car's this way.
- Richard?
- Can I...
- You okay?
- Okay.
Come on, let's wait in the lobby.
God, it's a bloody circus.
Why didn't you tell me
you were going to put
an ad in the paper?
I felt like a bloody idiot.
And the wording? It didn't occur to you
it might cause a bit of a stir?
It was last minute, Richard!
I just suddenly thought,
what a great idea!
To get people talking.
Which it has done.
The pre-sales
have gone through the roof.
You know,
plenty of people told me not to do this.
Well, nobody's said
a single bad word to me about it,
so you must just have wussy advisers!
I ignored them. I go my own way.
You know that.
Sure I do.
Well, don't let me regret it.
I'm ready now, Chen.
Daddy! Daddy!
- Maria.
- Hi.
Liza, how are you, love?
Thank God you made it. We were worried.
What are you wearing?
It's a mink. Is it too much?
- No.
- I just...
I didn't want to seem
like an old codger.
Richard! Richard Burton!
Mom's been celebrating a lot.
See you later.
- Where were you?
- Sorry I'm late, I'm... Technical stuff.
What, for a poetry recital?
Can't they just twiddle
a few knobs on the night?
We're charging quite a lot of money.
Can't afford any cock-ups.
Thank you. Here we are.
No, I don't. I told you on the phone.
- Sure you did.
- I very occasionally...
That's what I imagined you'd be doing.
All the same,
I'll have a Tab if they've got one.
Oh, I love this one.
- Let's dance.
- I can't. I can't...
Richard! It's my birthday.
I get what I want!
You get what you want anyway!
No kidding. Watch and learn.
Ah! That's better.
- Whoo!
- Oh!
Don't you just want to sit down
for a bit?
No, I don't!
I am 50 years of age, Richard,
and I just announced it to the world.
I wanna get drunk and dance a lot!
# Love to love you, baby... #
Thank you.
Thank you.
Now this one I do know!
Oh, for a glass of vintage
that has been cool'd a long age
in the deep-delved earth.
That's a vodka, right?
No, no, no, I've had enough.
I don't want to be half cut
for the recital.
I couldn't bear that.
- Hello, Pockmark.
- Hello, Lumpy.
Been a good night. We played a blinder!
Mmm. Thank you for coming.
I wasn't sure you would.
How long has it been?
I was trying to remember.
- Five years.
- God.
Yeah, thank heaven for the newspapers!
Oh, Christ, this bloody neck.
I swear, Elizabeth,
at times I'm like a cripple!
I had to do these fight scenes
in Camelot.
Some nights I hardly had the strength
to pull my sword out of its sheath
and wave it around a bit.
How very unlike you, Richard.
Stop it!
You've the mind of a collier!
I'm gonna do King Lear next.
I spoke to a producer
who says he'll back it.
You'll be fantastic.
- Well, I'd better...
- Don't. Stay.
Stay here. Just stay!
Not anything else. Just...
How do you fuck, anyway?
You can barely move.
There are ways and means, my love.
Do you remember that train
we took to New York?
We just lay there and let
the rocking of the carriage do the job.
You know, I really should go.
No! No, no, I meant it, Richard.
I meant it!
I'll make some tea
and you can read a book
and then you can sleep.
What's she like?
Your new girlfriend, Sally.
Do you really want to talk about that?
Well, just... What sort of woman is she?
I'm interested.
She's lovely.
Hmm. Good.
Victor's a lawyer.
He's Mexican and he's charming.
Somebody told me she was like Sybil.
My wife Sybil?
Yeah. Your ex-wife.
Who told you that, anyway? She's...
What? What's she like?
- I'm sorry. I...
- Go to your room!
It's 3:00.
I had an idea about doing another play.
A Coward.
Elizabeth, I swear to God,
if you don't shut up,
I'm gonna climb out of this bed,
get in my car
and drive back to the Dorchester
in my bloody underpants!
Oh, Christ.
I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
- Elizabeth.
- I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry I'm late.
- It's quite all right.
- Was there a problem?
- No.
- Hi, I'm Elizabeth.
- John, nice to meet you.
- Hi. Hi, John.
- Kathryn.
- Hi, Kathryn! Hi. Hi, Jane.
- Hi.
Hello, Richard.
Hello, Elizabeth.
Okay, let's make a start.
If you want to pull up some chairs,
we'll have a little read.
Oh, uh... Thanks.
I got you a present.
It's tradition!
The producer always buys the star
a little welcome gift.
- Sorry, everyone.
- It's fine. We got ages.
- Chen, I need my Coke.
- Oh. Right here.
Open it.
- Oh, it's beautiful.
- Isn't it?
- Yeah, it's gorgeous.
- It's Cartier.
So, if we could get started...
We break for lunch in 20.
Of course.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Your cardigan.
- Thank you, darling.
- I'll leave your bag up there.
- Thank you.
- Here's your readers.
- Thank you. You can all go, babe.
Come on, guys, let's leave them to it.
Christ, if we have that many
turn up on our first night,
- we'll consider ourselves blessed.
- Hmm.
Great. So...
Can I first welcome you all...
I am so looking forward to this.
Can I just say that?
A great director, great fellow actors,
and a play which I'm sure
will do none of us a disservice.
Well, it seems to have passed muster
so far in its life.
I know. I can't wait to read it.
- Well, I'd rather assumed you might...
- What, read it? God, no, no.
I always make it a rule never to look
at anything until I'm starring in it.
Keeps it fresh.
What, you've never read it? Ever?
I mean, you didn't think
it might be a good idea
just to take a glance
before we got going?
No, I told you,
I like to keep things fresh.
That's why rehearsals
are called rehearsals.
Don't lecture me on the bloody theater.
Okay. Tell you what.
Let's take lunch now, come back at 2:00,
prompt and start over again.
How does that sound?
- See you later.
- See you later.
I'll see you after lunch,
I'll take some air.
Great. I'll just get my bag.
- See you later.
- See you after lunch.
Did he seem okay to you?
- What?
- Milton.
Bailed kind of early.
I think he'll be fine.
- He has an excellent reputation.
- Good, good.
'Cause I trust you so much on this.
I mean, I'd never fall out with you
about the theater.
"The world's greatest stage actor."
At the launch. That was me.
I put that in.
- Thank you.
- Don't thank me. It's true.
So, I got us a table at Sardi's.
The best table.
And the linguini and clams
are still to die for.
- What? You gotta eat lunch.
- I can't.
I'm meeting Sally,
back at the apartment.
I'm seeing Mike first to sort out
some business, but she's joining us.
Oh, I...
Is she staying around? Sally is?
For all the rehearsals?
Well, what did you and I do
when the other was working?
That was us, Richard.
No, no, it's great, I mean...
No, I just assumed that she'd,
I don't know,
have other stuff to get on with
back in Europe, but...
No, it'll be lovely for you
to have the company.
Yes, it will.
Well, I'd better go.
I'm only just around the corner.
Thank you for the scarf.
Any more news on the Lear deal?
- No. I'll chase it up this afternoon.
- Good, if you could.
"Thou shouldst not have been old
till thou hadst been wise."
Elizabeth. Of course she hasn't read it.
I mean, that's our girl.
That's what she does.
Doesn't mean it isn't irritating.
Well, so what, though?
She just works differently to me,
that's all.
You know, when we did Cleopatra,
I'd come straight from the Old Vic.
I went over to Hollywood
and she walked out onto the sound stage.
She was just tits and make up.
And then we had our first scene together
and she did nothing.
Nothing. No voice,
no movement, no performance.
I thought she'd had
a bloody stroke or something.
And then I saw the rushes
and I was acting Antony.
But she was Cleopatra.
She just sort of bleeds into a role.
Like osmosis.
- Hard to rehearse around.
- Impossible at times.
But God, she's good, Mike.
She's so bloody good.
Anyway, this last scene's
a bit of a worry.
I'm afraid I won't be able
to carry her on.
Cordelia, Lear. "Howl, howl, howl."
How will I do that?
My arms are bloody useless at times.
Then don't take it on!
Three hours on stage every night...
No, no. No, I've made promises.
To myself.
I must do it.
What's the matter, darling?
Are you hungry?
Not a bit.
You're very strange all of a sudden
and rather cruel.
Just because I'm feminine, it doesn't
mean I'm crafty and calculating.
I never said you were
either of those things.
I hate these half... Sorry.
Can I take the line again?
Well, sure, go ahead.
I hate these half-masculine women
who go banging about.
I hate anyone who goes banging about.
I should think you needed
a little quiet womanliness after Amanda.
Why do you keep on talking about her?
That's good. That's a great idea, Rich,
holding the lighter away from her.
Works for me!
Let's go back to Amanda's entrance.
- Oh! That's me.
- Great, Rich.
- Whoa!
- That's great, darling.
- Ooh!
- You okay?
You were wonderful.
- Thank you.
- No, it was... No, it was...
Well, you were just funny.
- You all right, love?
- Course I'm all right.
- You eat enough at lunch?
- Probably not as much as you did.
Chen, can I have my chair?
Okay. From the top.
When everybody's ready.
- Do you want these?
- No, I'm fine. Thanks.
Elizabeth, that's your cue,
from off-stage.
Off-stage? Oh, well, if I'm off-stage,
can't somebody else do it?
No. It has to be your voice
and you are answering him. So...
Oh, okay. Okay, honey. Sorry. Hang on.
- Honey, what page are we on?
- Page five.
Five. Hang on.
Okay. Here we are.
- Mandy!
- What?
Come outside. The view is wonderful.
- I'm still damp from the bath.
- Bath.
Wait a minute.
I shall catch...
What's that?
Er, can we just take a break?
Yeah, I need to talk to costume,
because it says here
I'm wearing a negligee.
- And I don't wanna look...
- Can I have a word, love?
What are you doing, Richard?
- You sound really smashed.
- I am not! I'm fine.
What have you taken?
Beyond the Coke. The always-open Coke!
Which, given that you can drink me
under the table, Elizabeth,
I can't imagine is solely responsible
for the way you're behaving.
Some pills.
I have to take certain pills
for my tummy.
You know all the trouble
I had in Puerto Vallarta.
It was after that,
and then some years ago...
Just don't take any more of 'em.
You're making a spectacle of yourself.
Yeah, you might think about...
No, I'm fine.
What a place!
- You know, it's Rock Hudson's.
- Oh!
- He's letting me borrow it.
- It's fabulous.
No, it's an apartment. This is fabulous.
You come to Grandma.
There isn't a single book
in the entire apartment.
Dad, stop it!
A television the size of
the Odeon Leicester Square...
We wanna eat you!
Gee, look at these two,
it's like they've never seen one before.
We've never seen a nice one before.
You two were horrible.
Yeah, well, you'll be pleased to know
that we're going.
- Okay, bye-bye.
- Bye-bye. Bye, darling.
We're gonna see you again
before we lose you to this extravaganza.
Say bye. Bye-bye.
I love you. Don't worry about... Okay?
- Goodbye.
- Oh. I need to put him to bed.
Oh, girls?
- Yeah?
- Hmm?
- You all right for cash?
- Yes, Daddy.
- All right.
- Come on.
What are you doing?
I'm getting a drink. Do you want one?
Could this be one of
your little occasions?
- I came here to work.
- I know.
- But that doesn't mean...
- Elizabeth! This is serious!
We open in 10 days.
You're not remembering the words,
your cues, any of the business.
- We both know why that is. Don't we?
- I'm not doing that anymore.
Not since yesterday morning,
as a matter of fact.
I'm not taking anything...
except the bare bones.
Because they do... They can befuddle me,
Richard, it's true.
They can befuddle me
so, for the sake of the show,
I'm putting my health to one side
and, well, you can expect a different
Elizabeth from hereon in, I promise.
Okay, good.
Well, let's work on some scenes.
It's the third act that needs the work
but let's just start from the top
and mark the action.
You have no idea, have you?
You stand there and you tell me
that I have to pull myself together.
This is difficult, Richard.
This is a difficult situation.
Well, I wasn't going to say anything,
I wasn't going to say anything,
but, no, well, what could I say?
I never see you to talk to. You just go!
After every rehearsal,
after every fitting...
- Elizabeth...
- No, just disappear
- back to your apartment.
- I have to work!
This isn't how I planned it.
I see.
I just thought
we'd spend time with each other.
I was looking forward to that.
Weren't you?
That we'd get to see each other again
and have fun?
I don't know what to say.
I don't.
I don't know what to say.
You have a... You have a God-given gift.
You can do it anywhere,
on stage, on film...
- What?
- I'm just a dumb broad.
You're not dumb. Don't say that.
It's not true
and it makes me angry when you say it.
Okay. I'm not dumb.
The stage is not my home and I...
Well, this play is hard, really hard,
and I'm isolated
and I thought you'd be there
to back me up.
I am!
Really, I am. That's why I'm here now.
To help.
And I will.
- I just didn't want to disappoint you.
- Disappoint me?
Just learn your lines, love,
go on stage, say them,
and you will electrify.
And irrespective
of what happens here tonight,
the entire run of this show
is already sold out,
guaranteeing both stars a pay day
somewhere in the region of $1 million!
...outside the Lunt-Fontanne
Theatre, massive crowds wait
for a glimpse of Elizabeth Taylor
and Richard Burton.
...is the first time
Taylor and Burton
have been on stage together...
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to this evening's performance
of Private Lives.
We would like to take this time
to remind you
that all photography of the performances
is strictly prohibited.
We hope you enjoy
this evening's performance.
We go up in 10 minutes.
Where the bloody hell is she?
- They're parking up.
- What?
People are parking
on the side of the road
and in the middle of it,
hoping to get a glimpse as she goes by.
- It's caused gridlock.
- Oh, Christ!
Ladies and gentlemen...
Will you fetch me the Times crossword,
And possibly get the kettle on.
Oh, and a couple of sleeping bags also.
It's going to be a bloody long night.
Ladies and gentlemen,
unfortunately, this evening's
performance of Private Lives
is delayed for another 25 minutes.
It is now 45 minutes
till act one beginners.
- 45 minutes till act one beginners.
- Hi, Gino.
- Hi.
I'm here, I'm here! I'm here!
I'm so sorry I'm late. Here, here.
Here, Chen.
I'm so sorry. I'm so, so, sorry.
I did my make up in the car.
I thought that might help.
- Thank you.
- Not at all.
In these situations,
we gotta all pull together.
You're a bloody menace!
You should have come out.
Everyone was calling your name.
And I signed so many posters
for Virginia Woolf.
- Virginia Woolf?
- I know. For that. I was so fat.
Anyway, can't talk. Got a play to do.
- A parrot?
- He's called Alvin.
What is she? An actress or a bloody zoo?
Thank you, Jess.
- Sibyl?
- Yes?
I've brought the cocktails outside.
Hurry up.
I can't find my lipstick.
Never mind. Send down
to the kitchen for some cochineal.
Don't be silly.
Whose yacht is that?
The Duke of Westminster's, I expect.
It always is.
- I wish I were on it.
- I wish you were, too.
There's no need to be nasty.
Yes, there is, every need.
I've never in my life felt
a greater urge to be nasty.
And you've had some urges in your time,
haven't you?
If you start bickering with me, Amanda,
I swear I shall throw you over the edge.
Try it, that's all, just try it.
It's intermission,
ladies and gentlemen.
20 minutes till act two beginners.
What a start, Rich.
I set 'em up, you knock 'em down!
Did you notice her at supper
blowing all those shrimps
through her ear trumpet?
What are you thinking about?
Oh, nothing in particular.
Come on, I know that face.
Poor Sibyl.
Yes, I suppose she loves you terribly.
Oh, my God. What have we done?
- Rich, listen.
- Didn't you hear them?
When Sibyl was mentioned.
They reacted like it was my wife Sybil.
Richard Burton! We did it. You did it!
A standing ovation,
five, six, curtain calls.
I knew this play would be a hit.
I knew it right from the off!
- What's the matter?
- Couldn't you hear it?
Richard, I heard laughter
and I heard cheering.
- That's usually a good sign, isn't it?
- They were laughing at us.
- No, they were not.
- They were!
They didn't think
they were watching a play.
They thought they'd had
an invite into our lives,
to see us happen in front of them.
Stop it! You're overreacting.
Well, okay, maybe there were a few
that were more interested in us
than in the show, but you always
get that on the first night crowd.
You get the rubberneckers.
But they were not the majority.
And the majority loved what we did,
they loved it!
Mike to stage door, please.
And I'm proud of you, Elizabeth.
You're phenomenal.
There's no one like you.
Thank you.
So stop worrying. Okay?
And let's go wow.
The party. We've got a club in town.
The whole place. And a band.
I'm sorry. I've made arrangements.
Later, perhaps, I could...
But people will be expecting it. Us.
Rich, Sally's brought the car around.
Are you going to be long?
- Or do you want me to ask her back?
- No, no. I'm coming. Thank you.
No, it's fine. It's fine.
I forgot.
You do what you gotta do.
I'll see you.
Hello, love.
We've got a table booked.
Thou art a soul in bliss,
but I am bound upon a wheel of fire
that mine own tears
do scald like molten lead.
You loathsome,
loathsome man.
They're not the best I've read.
Elizabeth, please.
Critics deserve nothing but our pity.
To be so close to art
and yet to contribute absolutely
nothing whatsoever towards it.
It's like being a eunuch at an orgy.
Yeah, but how can they say those things?
They're cunts.
That's a more prosaic version
of what I just said.
Christ, Elizabeth!
You don't need their approbation.
- Approbation!
- No, don't... Don't do it to yourself.
No, no, no. Listen to this.
"Miss Taylor plays Amanda Prynne
"in perhaps the strangest voice
this side of a Disney cartoon.
"She squeaks, peeps, swoops and then
pauses as though speaking Pinter."
I just want their fucking manners.
Do you have a handkerchief?
- I don't deserve that.
- You don't. You're right.
Let's not forget, they weren't exactly
gushing about me, were they?
- Yeah, well, they all like your voice.
- Of course they do.
It's the theatrical equivalent
of a big cock.
Everyone likes it. Doesn't make you
a great lover per se, though, does it?
- Here, have some of my burger.
- No, I'm on a diet.
Two of those bastards said
I was spending more time
in the green room than on stage.
Sod them!
None of their business.
But you're right.
You shouldn't have to endure it.
And nor should I.
- Nor do we have to.
- What do you mean?
Let's cancel the run. Right here. Now.
Spare ourselves any more pain.
Either from these idiots,
or from the ones who plonk themselves
down on the front row
and treat us like a bloody freak show.
But we can't just cancel.
The theater'd sue us.
Why don't we pay them?
I think I've got enough in
my current account. What about you?
Wouldn't entirely clear us out,
would it?
We pop in later today,
we bid a fond farewell
to the other actors and that's it.
We go our separate ways.
Sounds like bliss.
No, I won't give them the pleasure.
Richard, we're gonna do this play.
And we're gonna make people laugh,
we're gonna make people applaud.
And we're gonna make
a pile of money while we do it.
And no one, not them or anyone else,
is gonna stand in our way.
- Sibyl!
- Yes?
I've brought the cocktails
outside, hurry up.
Considering what
a hell she made your life,
I think you're very nice about her.
- And yet I'm sorry for her.
- Why?
Because she's marked for tragedy.
She's bound to make
a mess of everything.
If it's all her fault,
I don't see that it matters much.
You're a vile, loose-living
wicked little beast
and I never want to set eyes on you.
This is the end.
Do you understand?
Finally! And forever!
- You're not going like this.
- Yes, I am.
- You're not!
- Oh, yes, I am, let go of me!
Very enjoyable.
Never had much of that, anyhow.
Quite insufferable.
I expect it's because you're drunk!
- Keep going, you two!
- We love you, Liz!
- What the hell was that?
- What?
You were mugging for the audience.
- I?
- You were. I saw you.
- Oh, Elizabeth, costume...
- Shut your mouth! I'm talking to her.
Don't you dare speak
to my friends like that!
And don't you dare think that
you can tell me how to play my role.
They loved it. The audience loved it.
They adored that
they were in on the gag.
And the audience, may I remind you,
are the ones who are paying our wages.
Or rather, they're paying my company,
who are paying your wages.
Fuck off!
- Richard. Rich!
- What?
Don't storm off like that.
Don't go off like that.
- When you still haven't apologized!
- Bitch!
- You bully! How dare you!
- Get off. Stop it!
- Don't you raise your hand to me!
- Well, stop fucking hitting me!
Only when you've fucking apologized!
- We're fine.
- We're just talking.
I'm sorry.
You're right. I was unprofessional.
It's all we have!
To rise above the rubbish in the stalls.
Richard, I was unprofessional,
you were rude. Which is much worse.
We do not treat those around us,
those who look after us, like dirt.
That is inexcusable. And you know it!
So, please, do the right thing now.
Or I am going to spend
the entire final act of this play
in full conversation
with whoever in the front row
wants to join in with me the most.
Chen? I...
I'm so sorry about that outburst.
My tone, I don't know what came over me.
It's fine, Rich.
Well, it won't happen again,
I can assure you. Sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Would you like some supper afterwards?
I was wondering
if you'd care for a late supper.
What about Sally?
- Is she not in tonight? She usually is.
- No. She's busy.
- I think she might have gone to the Met.
- So's Victor.
- Gone to the opera?
- No. He's busy.
Oh, well, all the more reason, then.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- So sorry I'm late.
- You're not.
Miss Taylor, Mr. Burton,
compliments of the management.
Oh, how lovely.
Thank you.
Can I get a Tab as well, please?
And some iced water?
- Of course, sir.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Menu, ma'am.
This is lovely. Very intimate.
- Menu, sir.
- Thank you.
I got a round of applause
when I came in.
I notice you didn't.
- What?
- Bizarre.
I mean, all these years,
they're still interested.
You'd think they'd tire, but...
Are you gonna be like this all night?
Just drifting off?
No, I was just thinking
of that restaurant in Rome.
- Alfredo's?
- Mmm-hmm?
Remember at the height of Le Scandale,
we were holed up in that little flat,
half the world's press on our doorstep,
cameras everywhere
and the Vatican telling us
we were morally reprehensible.
Then one day, you said,
"Sod it, let's go and have
some fettuccini at Alfredo's!"
Sure did.
We went down the Via Veneto
and into the restaurant, and bang!
Boy, did we go public!
Every day.
I think we're ready to order, please.
I like this.
I can be quiet with you.
You can't with Victor?
Sure I can. I'm saying, though,
it's also true of you.
Geez, can't a guy
take a compliment anymore?
Feeling's mutual, love, I promise.
It's funny, isn't it?
What's at the heart
of a good relationship.
I mean, love, obviously,
but that's a catch-all, really.
A sort of collective noun
for all the other bits put together.
The question is,
what's the critical element
around which everything else clusters?
- Er, passion?
- Maybe.
- Sex.
- Hmm. Important.
That's not bad.
Being able to trust
one's most abject self to the other,
in the knowledge that
they'll tread carefully on your screams.
I always did feel like that with you.
That's what bound us? Trust?
I always thought it was my tits.
Yes, well, they clearly had a role.
And they are still magnificent,
by the way.
- May I say that?
- No, you may not!
They're not yours
to talk about anymore.
They'll always be mine.
So are we gonna have pudding
or go straight for coffee?
Richard, listen, listen, listen, listen.
I wanna say some things.
I've wanted to say them for a while.
I nearly did at Rock's,
but I don't know,
you seemed kind of frail.
I am kind of frail. I mean, it's a...
It's a worry.
I mean, it's the thing
that concerns me about Lear.
I'll be fine with the words
but it's the physical demands...
I'm not talking about acting, Richard.
I'm talking about you and me
and why we're doing this.
- $70,000 a week.
- That is not true.
Elizabeth, please.
Can I say something,
now that it's on my mind?
There's a couple of things which have
crept in over the course of the run.
They're tiny things,
but your first entrance, for instance.
You're now playing it very confidently,
which I think is
losing some sense of
Amanda protecting herself,
- which she undoubtedly is.
- You're giving me notes?
I'm trying to talk to you
and you're giving me acting notes?
- No...
- Jesus, Richard! What are you doing?
- Why did you ask me out tonight?
- What?
Why did you ask me out
to supper tonight?
Why did you do that?
Because I wanted to see you.
You're my ex-wife.
It's perfectly natural for me
to want to see you, isn't it?
Fine, in which case,
I'll take that note.
Where did my Antony go, remember?
The man who would've risked
everything for me.
Who did! He tossed it all against
the rocks so he could be with me.
Where did he go, Richard?
Tell me where my fucking Antony went!
Thank you.
- There's still no sign.
- We need to start.
Or we'll still be here at midnight.
- Rich, we can't be certain.
- She isn't coming. I know she isn't.
Go get ready, love.
You'll be wonderful. Trust me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
due to a sudden illness,
Miss Taylor is sadly indisposed
and the role of Amanda will be
played tonight by Kathryn Walker.
Five minutes' standby
for Mr. Burton.
Mr. Burton, please standby.
- How's it going?
- How do you think?
I'm Richard Burton.
I don't play to 50 people!
Christ, Mike, don't ever put
that woman's back up. Not ever!
- What did you say to her?
- I gave her a note.
And this is hers, back to me.
This is La Taylor saying,
loud and clear,
"Don't you forget, boyo,
who the star of this show really is!"
It was a great show, Rich.
You and Kathryn, you really...
What's the matter?
We're gonna go dark.
Just until Elizabeth gets better.
I've spoken to Zev and the numbers,
tickets coming back
and phone calls, I...
People really wanna see Liz, Rich,
so it seems crazy.
We're gonna take a break.
As soon as she's well again,
we'll pick it up.
Okay, folks, please strike this
and reset for act one.
We are back on the road.
Todd, can you get on
to resetting the doors?
- I'm here, I'm here. Hi, Gino.
- Elizabeth.
Hi, babies. You go with Auntie Hayley.
Hay, can you see,
I'm going to see Uncle Rich.
Hi, honey, I'm sorry I'm late.
Elizabeth, apologies,
I didn't realize you were already in.
- What is happening?
- Nothing.
I... Richard's on his way,
Mike called from the airport.
Airport? Where's he been?
Can someone please tell me
what the goddamn hell is going on?
Honey, let's go to your room, huh?
We can talk better there. Come on.
It's okay, come on.
Can you guys give us some space, please?
Peter, take the dogs out.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
- Come on. Come on. We'll be outside.
- Just... Thank you.
Guess they got an exclusive.
It wasn't in any of the others, so...
He got married in Vegas?
Why would he do that?
I wondered how you were feeling.
I'm on the mend, thank you.
I do wish you'd told me of your plans.
I was a little surprised
to read of them in the newspaper.
I'm sorry.
Events rather overtook us.
We'd always intended it, you know that.
And then the break.
Seemed like an ideal opportunity.
I've no doubt it was.
Isn't that what you say
a performance must always have?
Some danger?
Not parrots.
You really can be more irritating
than anyone in the world.
Hmm. I fail to see what I've done
that is so terribly irritating.
- They want us to fight. Don't you see?
- No, I don't, why should they?
Primitive feminine instinct.
It's what...
Warring females, very enjoyable.
The end. Finally and forever.
- You're not going like this!
- Yes, I am!
- You're not!
- Oh yes, I am, let go of me!
You're a cruel fiend.
I hate you and I loathe you.
- Great work, Rich.
- Wonderful.
I hope I didn't hurt you, did I, Rich?
At the end of act two?
You seemed to wince.
Only on Nol's behalf.
You're slurred again.
You swallowed half the lines.
Christ! What a bloody shambles.
- It's okay.
- What's going on?
- Elizabeth!
- Leave her! She's poorly.
We're getting her
straight back to the apartment.
- There's nothing wrong with her!
- She's sick.
Really? Well, if she is,
take it from one who knows,
she's got it from a bloody bottle!
Can you blame her?
You treat her like shit.
She finds out you're married
from a newspaper article.
You criticize her as an actress.
- What?
- You!
I have never criticized her
as an actress!
She is peerless as an actress. Jesus!
You call that acting, out there?
It's like a bloody pantomime dame
tripping over all her lines.
I know she can act.
I know better than anyone!
Which is why I'm not gonna
tolerate that anymore!
In which case, maybe you'll
leave her alone once and for all.
Because Miss Taylor was fine
until you took this job.
She was well until you decided
to come back into her life again.
Now, why you did that,
only you can know for sure,
but from here, it looks like
it was for one reason only.
To break her heart.
What did he say?
Did he ask if I was all right?
He didn't say much.
But I told him.
I think it's disgusting
the way he treats you.
You said what?
Get out.
Get out. I said get out!
Get out! Get the fuck out of here!
Chen! Chen!
You okay, Mr. Burton?
Never, never.
Thou art the thing itself.
Unaccommodated man is no more
but such a poor, bare, forked animal
as thou art.
Ah! Congratulations.
- Hey! Great work, Rich!
- Thanks, Jess.
- You were terrific, thank you.
- Thanks, John. Likewise, likewise.
Rich! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- For what?
- I finally got to act with my hero.
And he was everything I dreamed of,
and more.
You were brilliant. Really.
See you at the party?
Uh, well, we'll see.
Well done.
Yes. And you.
- There's a party I...
- I know. Kathryn said.
- Yeah, I imagine you'll...
- No. I don't know. I might call in.
You're quite an actor.
- Elizabeth.
- What?
I... I will, I'll try and come
to the party.
Ladies and gentlemen, for the last time,
Act One was 43 minutes,
Act Two, 44 minutes
and Act Three, 46 minutes.
There will be no call on Monday.
Thank you and good night.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- You really shouldn't do that, you know.
- Richard, I bought you a present.
I wanna hang it up.
Yes, the thing about hotels, love,
is that they come with the pictures
already provided.
Yeah, copies. Not originals.
This one had its own seat in first
all the way from Madrid.
- What are you wearing?
- Dior. Don't you like it?
No. I mean, why are you dressed,
as it were, like an overripe tart,
when we're about to start exercising?
I thought maybe
we could screw afterwards.
Mmm! I can taste Jack. Lucky Jack.
Right, Francis, you old bugger.
Get us going.
Elizabeth. Elizabeth, come on.
# I get no kick from champagne
Right, start with side bends. Ready?
# Mere alcohol,
it doesn't move me at all #
Ready and one, two, three
and one, two, three and one, two, three.
We're supposed to do 100 of those.
- What?
- Well, I imagine you work up.
We don't have to break any records
at the outset.
Right, next,
jog on the spot for five minutes.
Without stopping?
No, love, after 30 seconds,
they encourage you to have
another Jack Daniels
and ring room service
for another hot dog.
Of course you don't stop.
Are you ready? Okay.
Knees up.
- What are you doing?
- What do you mean?
What are you doing?
Richard, I'm holding my bosom.
It's bouncing up and down.
Richard, I'm 40 years of age.
They're 40 years of age.
They've gained a certain elasticity.
You are so gorgeous.
Your tits are gorgeous, your arse
is gorgeous, your legs, your belly.
Did I mention your tits?
Let's just screw.
We can be extra-vigorous.
- Stop the car, will you?
- What?
- Stop the car. Stop the car!
- What's the matter?
I'm... I'm gonna walk. I need some air.
I'll see you at the apartment.
Tell Sally, will you?
Now there's a surprise.
I went to the party.
Chen said you hadn't shown up, so...
No, I'm... I'm glad you came back.
The way it's all ended, it...
Not how you planned it?
- No one made you do it.
- No, you're right.
I chose to.
You need help, Elizabeth.
You know that, don't you?
I say that as someone who...
No, I know, you've got your help.
I understand, and I'm happy for you.
No, I am. Really.
- I'm sure Victor would...
- Oh, we'll see.
I love you, Richard.
I always will.
- You want me to say it, don't you?
- Yes, please.
Of course I love you.
Don't say any more.
I just wanna hear the first bit, okay?
We're addicts, Elizabeth, you and I.
It's what King Lear's all about,
that's why I wanna do it so much.
About the need we all have
for drugs of one kind or another.
Without which we'd crumble.
What drugs?
Kingship, power, love...
- Love is not a drug.
- Isn't it?
I don't know,
but you can have too much.
Until just a sip
takes you beyond and ravages you.
I'll always love you, Elizabeth,
as long as I live,
but us, together,
it'll destroy me.
I can't do it.
That's what I wanted to say to you.
All I had to say, but...
That's why I did this bloody job,
to ask your forgiveness, because...
your love, I know,
is total and unqualified
and it makes a mockery
of all my bombast.
I can't do it anymore.
I can't match you, Elizabeth.
I'm not as brave as you.
And I'm sorry for that.
For not measuring up as a man.
You're Richard Burton.
You're every man there ever was.
I know,
and I have known,
for a while.
I just didn't want to admit it.
I'm gonna miss you.
- I'm gonna miss you.
- No, no, no, love.
I couldn't manage that, either.
I love Sally, Elizabeth.
My time is with her now.
But I need you in my life as well.
I can't ever be completely apart
from you again.
Right, so you want me close but not...
Not too close?
I'm sorry, I'm bloody hopeless.
Yeah, you're bloody hopeless.
- What about another play?
- Oh, God! No!
At least, not together.
Yeah, well, I think I'm ready
for a break from the stage.
I'll come and watch you, though.
And whatever you're in.
You're the greatest actor
I have ever seen, Richard.
Likewise, Elizabeth.
What a King you'll be.
I'm worried, you know. About my arms.
Carrying on Cordelia at the end.
- Oh, you'll be fine.
- They're so weak.
The nerve damage is...
Richard, you can do it. Look. Try.
Try now.
- Lift you?
- Yeah, just take me over to the couch.
- But Cordelia's...
- What? Thinner?
No, no. She's younger.
I mean, she's waif-like.
Come on, you can do it, come on.
Yay! You see, you see?
You can do it, Richard.
- Yeah, it's okay.
- You see, I know you.
- Better than you know yourself.
- Yeah.
- You wanna say the lines?
- No, not at the same time, no!
- I'll never do it.
- You'll be fine!