Bury Me an Angel (1971) Movie Script

Had she cried?
Has she showed any reaction?
Just tinkers with that bike.
Just isn't right, Annie.
Who knows what's right?
I married Arnold, the
kids were just little.
There mama had run off
and my Davis had been dead for a year.
Thought I was doing right.
You were.
We had good times in those days.
Arnold worked pretty
hard, but he'd find time
to take us to picnics up
to Crystal Lake.
Kids loved it.
We were so close in those days.
Then Arnold died.
And the kids grew distant with me,
in a world of their own.
And then Danny going like that.
Dag's completely shut off now.
Like it's all been my fault.
That's silly talk, if
it hadn't been for you,
those kids wouldn't have had anything.
I don't know, maybe I
offended God some way.
Hello Dag.
Hi Bernie, Dag.
Yeah, okay.
Hey remember that carburetor
I laid on you a while back?
Yeah, well I need it.
Can you bring it over?
Well now if you can.
Okay, I'll be out back.
Hello Dag.
Hi Bernice.
Just know something's in her.
Of what?
That's what scares me.
Not knowing.
Thanks, Bernie.
What are you doing?
Getting ready.
For what?
I don't know yet.
You going on a put?
Can I go with?
Well maybe, I don't know yet.
I'll let you know, Bernie.
Uh, I wanna go with.
Oh I said I'd let you know.
Hey Dag, will you look at me?
You have
just won the jackpot
and now I crown you Mr. And Mrs. America.
You will spend four glorious weeks
touring this grand America,
staying at all of the best
places and flying first class!
And that's not all, folks, we
want you to have a good time,
so here's a check in the amount of $5,000.
How about that?
That should buy a lot
of wonderful memories,
wouldn't you say, Mrs. Sanders?
And remember, if you're an
American, living in America,
you're a winner, everyone's a win...
Dag, Dag, Dag you awake?
Go on Lester, I'll catch up, go on.
Shh, me and Lester are going off
to sleep with the Liberty Bell.
You've got to cover for me, okay?
And don't tell Annie.
He'll catch you, he'll
put you in jail, Denny.
No they won't, me and
Lester's got it all figured out.
Just don't tell Annie.
Dag, don't be upset, it wasn't my fault.
Jaime wouldn't give me the marbles.
It ain't may fault he's stingy.
Don't cry, okay?
Here, I got a special one
for you, the best one he had.
See, it's special for you.
Annie don't have to know.
It'll be our secret, okay?
Annie wouldn't understand.
We don't want Annie to feel bad
'cause she can't afford
to buy us stuff, do we?
Tell you what, let's hide
these things in your room.
She snoops in mine.
You're a great sister, Dag.
I love you.
I love you.
I stole it for you, Dag.
For you.
Dag, it's me, Bernie.
Hey Dag, come on, open up.
You alone?
Just me, Dag, and Jonesy.
Just old Jonesy, Dag.
Come on Dag, open up.
- Well...
- Hey, ain't that the bike...
That's the bike that Dennis gave me.
I guess you got
something figured out, huh?
Well I guess so.
How you gonna find him?
Track him.
Well any way I can.
I guess me and Jonesy better go along.
I don't need anybody along.
Nobody said you did.
Any reason why we can't go?
Denny'd want us to.
I'm going.
Me too.
Well suit yourselves.
Far out, I can be ready anytime.
You know what this guy looks like?
Yeah, I know.
He's about 510", sort of on the thin side
and has a nervous walk, long, dark hair.
You know him?
I'd know the cat if I'd seen him though.
'Bout you guys?
Guess not.
Sorry Dag.
Yeah sure, thank you.
What do you want, Weasel?
I hear you been looking and asking...
If you've got something to
say, just say it right now.
I got something to say,
what I wanna know is uh,
what you got to give me for it?
Look, you little ass, I'm
not gonna fool around with you!
Hey, cool it, cool it man, put me down.
I was just putting you on a little.
Wow man, you sure got no sense of humor.
Well just none whatsoever,
so just, who's the guy?
I don't know.
Wait, wait, I don't know,
but there's a guy Denny
used to hang around with.
He knows everybody, everybody
has to abide, he'll know...
What's his name?
Preacher, he lives
down at Dead End Street,
by the hot dog stand everybody goes to.
Thank you, Weasel.
I'm looking for a guy called Preacher.
I guess you'd be looking for me.
Name's Peaceful Preacher,
though folks seem to
forget the first part.
Well I'm Dag Bandy,
Dennis Bandy's sister.
Sit down.
Feeling weird all day, kinda heavy.
I guess I knew you'd be coming by.
Well there's some
things that I wanna know
and uh, Weasel said that
you'd know the answers.
Everybody wants to know the answers,
but just your own, not
the ones I'll give ya.
What do you mean?
Well I answered all your
questions before you ask 'em,
just to forget it,
but that's not the answer
you're looking for.
You're right, I want my answers.
Honey really, forget it.
Hunting the man down
makes you think of the
reasons you're hunting them.
It gets to eating at ya.
Look, it doesn't matter.
Does it matter you have no cause?
No cause?
You know Denny stole
that bike you rode up on.
Well I thought you were Dennis' friend.
I am, but that doesn't change the truth.
The truth, what kind of truth?
Come on, let's go
inside and talk it over.
Come on.
Oh, I've got everything I need now,
so if you uh, still wanna tag along,
I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 7:00.
Okay, don't be late
because I'm not waiting.
If you've got a minute,
I'd like to talk to you.
Well I don't.
Dag, you're all I've got left.
Don't do anything you'll regret.
I know how you felt about Denny,
but you've just gotta keep on going
and do what's best for you.
Annie, why don't you ever
look at me when you talk to me??
You've changed, Dag, it's in your face.
It frightens me.
So maybe if I don't look,
I won't know it's there.
Okay, that's fair enough.
Dag, it's not your fight.
Well it's like you said,
Annie, I'm the only one left.
Annie, Annie you awake?
Well Jonesy, not the ride
that's gonna kill you, man,
it's gonna be Tomin.
I gotta say it, Dag, man,
you wouldn't even place
at the country fair.
- County...
- Yeah.
Hell, you're being polite,
they wouldn't let her
make tacos in Tijuana.
Shut up, Bernie.
What is this?
- What man?
- I'll go along
with your silly game, what?
I think it's a tampoon, man.
Oh man.
Ah, Jesus Christ, it's moving.
Kill it, man, kill it!
- Yes dear?
- I don't want you
- to feel responsible...
- Oh.
- For this, okay?
- No.
I'm ODing.
Hey, don't die,
Jonesy man, don't die,
here, talk into the mic.
Give my medal to mother.
Here mother.
Oh, you shouldn't have, Jonesy.
What the cornbread hell
is going on here anyway?
You people ever knock?
Well never you mind, officer,
you're too late for dinner.
Yeah man, we don't give handouts either.
You punks got any I.D.?
I.D., I.D., I.D.,
I.D., I.D., what's I.D.?
He means some identification,
something that proves you
are who you think you are.
Right, right, I.D.,
why didn't you say so?
You guys sure talk funny.
In my day, all we said was
I.D. and that's what you meant,
- identification...
- Shut up, bush head!
God man, you are so rude.
My mother wouldn't even dig...
All right, golden locks,
let's see yours now, huh?
Dag, huh?
That's right.
Well that
sure is a funny name.
Not really any funnier than Pig.
You jokers got
a permit for that fire?
In the desert, you've got to be kidding.
Listen sister,
this is state property
with rules and regulations
that must be adhered to.
Now that means that there ain't no camping
outside of designated areas, huh?
Oh, well that's really too bad.
Um, my bike stopped running on me.
Can't see to fix it 'til morning.
And what in the hell is that?
My exhaust pipe.
You got a permit for that gun, girlie?
No, I stole it off a dead cop.
Get off your dead
ass and get over yonder
and empty them bags for me, ya hear?
Look ass,
unless you've got a warrant
for that last remark,
you'd better leave because I'd just assume
you never walked away from here, pig.
Now why don't you just go on
and get out of here right now?
Get your hands off my goddamn hat,
you son of a bitch!
By God, I'll be back in
the morning with my partner
and I better not catch you here neither.
You bunch of pot headed sons of bitches.
Go home.
Sorry you had to eat and run, man.
Yeah, especially since
you didn't even get to eat.
Hey man, since I scared the pig away,
I won the hand of the fair dame, so okay?
So you take your pack
and you put it over there behind that tree
- and no peeking.
- Oh, all right.
Hey man, what the hell?
I challenge you...
Oh, right on, Douglas.
Who, us?
No, him, you over here.
You, over here.
Now the first one that says one word
gets buried alive in their sleeping bag.
Now goodnight.
Can I help you folks?
I'd like a draft, please.
Me too.
I'd like a bottle.
Make it cold.
Is that kid drunk?
No, we've been riding for a long time
and he's just tired.
You know Lou, we haven't
had any rain in a whole month
and that damn ground is harder than hell
to dig those damn post holes.
How'd you do, hos?
Well I done six yesterday,
but I'm still waiting for rain.
All right.
May I have another, please?
Do you get
many strangers around here,
like in the last week or so?
No, we deal
with mostly local people.
Oh, well would
you remember a stranger
if he, you know, were in here recently?
I would
remember a stranger, yeah.
He's about um, 5'10",
long dark hair, mustache.
We haven't had anybody through here
that looks like that in a month.
You folks seen anybody
5'10", long hair, mustache?
There's your answer.
Friendly game or
can anybody challenge?
Put up your money.
Hey Arty, how about giving
my buddy and I a drink?
Hey, you know you sure
are too much for one man.
How about if I buy you a drink, huh?
Hey uh, uh, what's his name?
Scotty, can I have two beers please?
Listen, why don't I buy...
That's very nice, kid,
but why don't you take a walk home?
I'm buying her a drink.
Hey look, I just ordered
the lady a drink, do ya mind?
Why not, you buy her a
beer, you want my place too?
Sure, why not?
Oh come on,
why do you wanna fight
for that road tramp for?
Fuck off, cow.
Hell, she can't do that to my Marge.
Go away, go away.
Oh, what is this, Jonesy?
Nope, it's too big and
it's too dirty to be mine.
Lord, Lord, look at them Levi's,
they is plumb filthy.
We'd better suds these clothes up
'for the master beat the tar outta us.
I don't know if it's right, for real,
we're gonna help, do ya hear?
Oh, look at that, mm.
Oh now listen, I want
you to take them clothes
and I want you to beat
them on your favorite rock.
All right, Devita, beat, beat!
Son of a bitch.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Hallelujah, sister, hallelujah.
Stop it, stop it!
Hey, what's wrong, Dag?
Hey Dag!
Hey Jonesy, leave her alone.
Dag, you okay?
Hey Dag!
You just leave me alone.
Chicks sure can get weird on ya, man.
She's all right,
Jonesy, leave her alone.
Where's Bernie?
Um, back at the river.
Hey buddy, I'm really sorry
about freaking out on you.
Forget it.
What's next?
We've gotta cover more desert area
and then after that, ski towns.
But, but they'll be
empty, it's off-season.
Right, and that's
probably what he's thinking.
He's gotta take a rest before
that last haul up to Canada.
That's what the Preacher said.
Um, I didn't know anybody lived here.
We uh, we didn't mean to break your lock.
Course you did, how
else could you get in?
Now that you're in, you might
as well have dinner with me.
Well would you mind if
we brought the bikes in?
It's awfully windy out and uh,
the sand'll get in the engines.
Of course, uh, you can put
them in front of the bar.
You can put your gun over there too,
that is if it's detachable.
Oh, well I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
Oh you didn't.
I thought maybe you were.
I wouldn't want your energy
expelled on me by mistake.
Something's wrong.
Good thinking, Jonesy.
You get much business out here?
Did you grow up here?
Well what brought you?
That's what makes you
uneasy, because I know.
Here, put this on the table.
What she saying in there?
It's what she's not saying, man,
that broad is really weird.
Oh uh, sure smells good.
Let's hope it tastes good.
Thank you.
Hey you know, it does
taste good. What's in it?
Cannabis sativa.
I saved a few rolls for smoking.
I put the rest in the stew.
Do you like it?
Yeah, sure.
I never had grass stew before.
Hey tell me something,
what's a chick like you doing
out here all by herself?
Well what do you care, man?
You get lonesome?
I deal in witchcraft, so um,
I came to the desert to find curatives.
You mean, you're a witch?
Can you tell fortunes?
What about tea leaves?
My mother used to think
she could read tea leaves.
I assure you, my powers are real.
I'm not the crystal ball type.
It's just that I choose to
use them in a different way.
I work with the spiritual
powers of the Universe
in much the same way as the Indians do.
Can anybody be a witch?
Because not everyone believes.
You think I don't?
On the contrary, I think
you'd make a good witch.
You have strong psychic powers.
But first you'd have to
get rid of your anger.
It's negative.
Well what the hell is
that supposed to mean?
It's so obvious.
What's so damned obvious?
Your anger.
You think vengeance will
relieve it, but it won't.
In fact, you might find your
own guilt is the real cancer.
What kind of crap is that?
Merely observation.
Girl on a bike,
the gun,
it's terribly phallic.
The way you clutch the gun.
You're afraid I'll go on, but I won't.
Anyway, the fire's dying.
Hey just between uh,
just between you and me,
you really think you are a witch?
I mean, could you prove it?
I don't like to be tested.
Well skip it.
I just thought maybe,
uh, you could help me.
I could, if I knew more.
My uh, my brother was shot down
and uh, I saw the man.
How's that?
- Why was he killed?
- For no reason.
For no reason, uh, he was
crazy maybe, but I saw him.
I um,
I see him all the time.
I don't uh, I don't have to be dreaming.
His uh, his face is always right there.
The blast
and um, the guy is uh,
the guy is staring at me.
And uh, my brother is laying there,
a bunch of goddamn pieces,
like he never even existed.
He's just a bunch of pieces,
just a bunch of, pieces,
all over the floor,
like he never even was,
and I can't stop seeing it.
I can't stop seeing it and
I can't stop feeling it.
And now I've gotta kill that,
I've gotta kill him because
it's all that I can do.
Now I have to kill him.
Are you on this
death ride out of revenge too?
Dag's a friend of mine.
I came along for the ride, help out.
And you?
Was it because of friendship or adventure?
Work was a drag anyway, wasn't it?
Hey Tama, why did you say that?
Because he couldn't.
He wanted to, but he was
afraid it would sound wrong.
I just wanted him to know it doesn't.
What does matter is that you're
all involved in a reality.
All you're doing is
creating more injustice
to lay on top of the heap.
Are you ready to pay those kind of dues?
Yeah, I'm ready.
You're ready?
You're just about to start living.
Don't you know this hunt
is only taking the place of your brother?
When he was alive, he was
your reason for living.
Now this hunt is the reason.
That's just about
the craziest piece of
shit I ever heard, lady.
Yeah, I thought you
were our friend, lady.
I am.
That's why I'm telling you the truth.
Whose truth?
The truth that's told by
you, seen through your eyes?
Well that doesn't make
it true for me, man,
that kind of crap goes down all the time.
Schools, churches, politicians
all preach you the absolute truth,
but truth depends on
what country you live in,
how much money you've got
and where you buy your facts.
I saw my brother die.
Now that's the truth.
I saw the man's face.
Now that's the truth.
I feel and my guts are
rotting with that truth.
You asked for my help,
I can only give it.
Oh goddammit woman,
you're just being evasive.
I can only tell you what I know.
Well I'll tell you what I know,
you're a goddamn phony like
every other crystal ball queer.
You, you're really full of shit, woman.
You come on strong like some hot psychic,
but when the big test comes,
you just blow a lot of hot air!
You talk a good rap, but it's just rap.
You were just goofin' on us.
Why don't you try some
construction around here
instead of destroying everything?
Are you pulling a number on us, lady?
You're just a goddamn fake!
A cheap imitation!
That creep was probably here last night.
She probably balled him.
Are you gonna help us or not, lady?
I'll bet she dug it too!
I meant to burn you.
You meant for me to feel your pain.
I can't.
Keep it, I've got another.
Hey Bernie, Jonesy, get up!
Come on you guys, let's split.
I'll tell you what, Ken,
I'll hang this one over
the side of the door.
Maybe it'll sell quicker that way.
Wait a second, wait a second,
take a look at this.
Now that's beautiful.
What do you think about that?
You've gotta be kidding.
The last time I hung a painting like that,
it never sold, remember?
They damned near laughed me out of town.
You can just take that
one back to the school.
Well you know, I thought
if anybody had class,
you'd have class.
This is fine art,
but I can see you have
no class at all, Harry.
You don't like that?
No, I don't like that.
Besides, who said I had class?
What the hell?
Now you got customers.
- Hi.
- Hi there.
Could I help you folks?
Yes, three coffees
and one donut, please.
Well I'll let you have a bite.
I'll take it.
Thank you.
Hey, I said one.
Look, you can't keep donuts.
Well they'll be stale by morning.
Far out.
Someone might as well eat 'em.
Well thank you.
You kids just uh,
riding through or are
you looking for work?
Well, we don't know yet.
You get many tourists this time of year?
Nah, I don't think
we'll see anymore tourists
'til the snow falls.
Come to think of it, we didn't
have much of a summer anyway,
it's too cold.
Any tourists in last week or so?
Yeah, there was this one young guy
through here on a motorcycle.
I think he said he was heading north.
Uh, he had uh, long
dark hair with a mustache?
He's about uh, 5'10"?
Yeah, that sounds like him.
Is he uh, a friend of yours?
Yeah, we're uh, trying
to catch up to him.
When was he through?
When the hell was that cat?
It was Wednesday,
came up to the school looking for work.
Mr. Armstrong gave him a job over there.
When did he leave?
He hasn't left yet.
He's uh, finishing up
some art tables for me.
Think he'll be there tomorrow?
Oh, I don't know, tomorrow's Saturday.
He'll be there Monday though.
Is he a friend of yours?
You uh, teach at the school?
Well just on Friday, art classes only.
Well listen uh, I'll tell you what,
if you see him, would
you do me a favor and uh,
don't tell him that you saw us,
we're gonna try to surprise
him and catch up with him.
You on your way to Canada?
Yeah, sooner or later, I guess.
Oh, that's okay.
Bye bye.
Thank you.
Hey listen, um,
I don't know if you'll be
able to find a hotel open.
You know, all the lodges
are closed until winter.
Well we've been sleeping
in bags for a week
and I'm really getting to love it.
Okay, um, if it gets too cold,
I live straight down
this cross street here,
a little cabin on the right by the lake.
You're welcome to stay if you'd like.
Well thank you,
but I'm growing hair
on my chest for Canada.
Good luck, you'll need it.
Pretty strange folks,
man, I don't know about this place.
I'm gonna have to give up
the art tour and move on.
I think you're right, Ken.
Do you know where the
principal's office is?
That door over there.
Okay, thank you.
But the principal doesn't allow guns
on the school grounds.
I think he'll let it go this time, okay?
This door right here?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
You relatives?
Uh, yeah.
Did you see that gun?
I wonder what they're
gonna do to Mr. Armstrong.
I hope they don't hurt him.
Me too.
She sure looks scary.
S'cuse me.
Uh, just take a seat and
I'll be with you in a moment.
I don't have time to wait.
Oh my goodness, uh, young
lady, I am very sorry but uh,
guns are simply not permitted
on the school grounds.
I'd like to see the principal.
Well uh, might I ask your business?
Maybe I can help you.
I don't think you could help
a cripple across the street.
I'd like to see the principal
about private business
and I don't want any crap from you.
Well, one
simply does not barge in
and expect to see the principal.
I mean uh, Mr. Armstrong is
a very, very, very busy man.
Now did you have an appointment?
Lady, I think that you'd
better tell him he's got company.
Well, if you
will just wait one moment,
I will see if he can see you.
I'll wait 10 seconds.
What in Heaven's name
is going on around here?
I have a couple of
questions I wanna ask you
and I want some straight answers.
Like what?
You hired a fellow
to do some handy work for you Wednesday.
Where is he today?
I have no intentions
of answering anything
without some explanation
of this outrageous entry.
Young lady, and I presume
that you are a young lady,
your manners and training are atrocious.
We try to teach our students here
to have a better understanding
and acceptance of authority.
Look buddy,
I've come a long way looking
for my friend and I'm tired.
Now don't give me anymore bullshit.
Bull, a friend, well,
why didn't you say so?
Yes, I did give him a job,
but he's not here now.
There wasn't enough paint for the hall
so he's gonna come back on Monday.
Where's he staying?
Well goodness, how should I know?
All I know is that he left
the school last night,
heading north.
Are you sure he's gonna be back?
Well I should say so,
he hasn't been paid yet.
You don't think he'd work for three days
and go away and not come back for his pay?
What's up north from the school?
Well there's uh, some
timber and a few cabins
and some turkey ranches.
Oh yes, maybe he's up there
in one of those abandoned cabins.
Oh, you think so?
Well Mr. Armstrong,
you're an absolute doll.
I wish I had known you when I was young.
I bet you've shaped a lot of young minds
into your splendid way
of thinking, haven't you?
Thank you.
Oh shut up and call the police.
Now what?
Wait 'til Monday.
How come?
We could comb these hills
all weekend and never find him,
I wanna surprise him the
way he did my brother.
Yeah but what are we gonna eat?
Well Jonesy, there's gotta
be a pool table in this town.
Well all right.
That'll be 10, sweetheart.
You sure are something,
Dag, I can say that.
Hi kids, how'd you make out today?
Well everything is just wonderful.
We're gonna surprise our friend on Monday
and we just picked up some change.
Well that's wonderful.
What are you gonna have for dinner?
Oh let's see, I'll have
uh, taco, chili and beans,
straight chili, French
fries, homemade soup,
pie ala mode, fried chicken, cut the mayo.
Me too.
Uh, got any gravy?
Tons of it.
Good, I'll have some of that too.
Okay, how about you?
I'll have steak and eggs,
once over easy and coffee, please.
- Hi Harry.
- Hi.
It's really getting cold.
- Hi.
- Howdy.
- Hi.
- How'd you do
inside the school today?
Yeah well um,
Mr. Armstrong and I had to find
our own communication level
that we could both relate on
and it turned out to be about chest high.
Yeah, he is kinda short, isn't he?
You guys ordered yet?
- Mmhmm.
- Mind if I join you?
- Sure.
- Sit.
Oh, it's getting cold.
Hi Ken.
Hi Bernie, how are you?
Did you hear we were
at the school today?
Yeah, I heard about it all day.
I don't think those people
are ever gonna forget it.
Far out, maybe we'll make the yearbook.
Yeah, maybe.
Hi Ken, what'll you have, the special?
Uh, yeah, yeah, but
forget that special coffee,
give me some good coffee.
you were an art teacher,
today you're a comedian.
I make more money.
You eat here a lot?
It's the only place to eat,
everything else is
closed during the summer.
Never did learn how to cook.
Neither has she.
Oh, thank you, Bernie.
And I'm really glad
you people came through,
I was going stir crazy.
That's fine, thank you.
Where you guys camping?
Well, we found a place
up by the river today.
It wasn't too cold either.
Uh yeah, we'd better be getting back,
we left some things at camp.
Yeah, we should.
Hey well listen, uh,
maybe I could show you around town.
You're kidding,
I thought this was it.
No, it's a beautiful little town,
you just have to know where to do.
Well I'd really like to,
but we should be getting back.
We have a lot of stuff back at
camp we have to take care of.
Well you guys could
probably take care of that,
couldn't you?
Yeah sure.
Go ahead, Dag.
- Come on.
- Okay, where do we start?
We started.
Hey Harry, would you put
that on my bill, please?
I'll pay tomorrow.
Why don't you come on in?
Well what for?
Oh we can have a glass of
wine and we can play my gazebo.
Is that all?
Well that's up to you.
Hey wait a minute, wait a minute.
Hey, I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to scare you.
You didn't, it's me, okay?
Don't go, please?
Listen, I've gotta go.
Don't you understand, man?
I don't understand.
Well I'm sorry, but I've gotta go.
I'm going in.
If he comes out, kill him.
Yeah, I'm going with, you stay here.
Jonesy, in case something
happens, all right, stay outside.
Sure, anything you say.
Okay, let's go.
Bernie, split.
Go on!
I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill you for my brother!
Lady please, look, I can
explain that, I
I was his sister, man, how
do you explain that to me?
I didn't go there
to kill him, I swear to God,
I didn't go there to kill
him, I just went to scare him.
I wanted to get my bike back...
That's no reason to kill someone!
I didn't mean to do
that, he slammed the door
and a gun went off and I just,
I didn't mean to kill him,
I just wanted the bike back.
A lousy, goddamn bike
that you killed for,
but you'll never see it!
I just wanted to get
the bike back from him and
you know that he stole it, wanted that,
he just was gonna get it sooner or later.
I uh, I'm just the one
that happened to be there...
You're just the one that
happened to kill my brother.
I haven't, I haven't slept one night,
I haven't passed one day
that hasn't been filled with your face!
My brother was everything
in the world to me,
and you just walked in and
took everything that I had.
Do you know how important
you've become to me?
No, please!
I don't mean anything to anybody.
Please don't, don't kill me.
Well go on then!
Go ahead, but you remember this,
I know about you and your brother.
You got some last little
piece of crap to say, buddy?
You say it.
Yeah, you were sick, you were sick,
you and your brother were sick!
Say it.
No, murder is...
Quiet, Jonesy, goddammit,
you're scaring me!
I've gotta bury him.