Bus Riley's Back in Town (1965) Movie Script

ah presents me Cassie
welcome home bus I'm so glad you're home
I just wanted you know how glad I am to
see you got a tattoo to just say it I
saw it
Oh wonderful to have a man in the house
again I get so tired of females a tattoo
what possessed him to do such a childish
thing it's on his arm it's a bleeding
heart I love him I want to get one
myself you yeah can i mom can I get a
tattoo one tattoo in the family is
enough what do you want to get a tattoo
for because it's hard I was bleeding for
Laura Murdoch what do you ran off and
join the Navy
that'll do Gussie all sailors have
tattoos busk up on because Laura Murdoch
wouldn't marry him
but you anything that's why I joined the
Navy isn't no he joined the Navy because
he wanted to see the world I guess I
just better be getting off to school now
that old principal gets mad as a hornet
of all as teachers aren't there by 8:30
oh god see you want a ride no I'm sure
that early oh this is Riley I don't know
how I'm gonna like it here now I mean
there's only one bathroom and I know how
men can mess up a bathroom
I'm sorry that you feel that way Carlota
well I may decide to move well all I
require is one month's notice I'll think
about it but most men are tidier in the
bathrooms she is I don't see mom she
makes a mess out of everything she's got
her pants and her stockings up to dry
she washes her hair and doesn't even
clean out the basin Hong Kong I'm eating
my breakfast
hi when'd you get home last night
you don't remember me uh Judy right yeah
I've come by to pick up Gus
oh well no she's eating I know oh come
in she's in the kitchen
she got in last night yeah you're gonna
stay around for a while no good I guess
I'll see you later huh uh-huh bye miss
Martin what's the matter it's all right
don't touch me dear it's all right I
just had these little attacks once oh
well I'm just gonna be fine I'll just be
fine here
thank you see ya morning mrs. Riley
morning Judy sit down I'll give you some
pancakes okay hi Judy hi
good morning Judy morning Paula how's
your mother
oh she's all right you know how mom is
do I got it go the neighbors are gonna
ask us to move if he keeps that racket
up every more I see you later bye bye be
quiet still I'm here hurry up I've got a
lab testing ever see this morning and I
haven't cracked a book yet you know I
don't see how any girl could turn down a
girl like us
the man she married has a lot of money
what's money compared to bus the Sun
doesn't rise and set on bus Riley I
think he's creative him Rock Hudson
Gordon Cooper Harry Graham and George
Maharis well remember that he's human
he has his faults he's not Superman
sleep in his house
hey mommy look you're quite a girl gussy
that's prettiest power hey I think so
why Paula still stuck on herself bet she
she always was hey if you go there in
the parlor looking at bag of mine I got
a surprise why a present by bus all
right bye mrs. Riley by doing if you
never have another friend in the world
guess you'll make up for it well it's
good to be a big shot to some what I
remembered you like pancakes for
breakfast anything else yeah mom you got
any do Sam sausages sausages it'll be
so camera
always wanted account better again I
couldn't tell you I got a shower a cm to
see a quick run over to the grocery
store and get a package of those little
sausages that he likes hope you like
Christine I don't care if you are humans
and for breakfast so hurry
I gotta run an ad wanna come with me
he's gorgeous
it's nine straight up sir you're going
to make your flight
alright Simmons you can take the bags
out to the car tell Jeffries I'll be
down directly
I'm just been looking on my wife Roman
very good sir
and I got so used to the Navy after
three years mom I yeah I don't know it's
gonna feel it coming on this civilian
you know in the service they've always
got a job boy and they got some clown
over here to make sure you doing that
chair in civilian life I guess you got
to find your own way you know
responsibilities obligations
AMW garage needs a new mechanic I think
that les has just been waiting for you
to come home and take the job
no I don't want the job
plus you're a wonderful mechanic oh yeah
I see this friend of mine you made job
my name's Spence he lives here the more
teaching you want to be an undertaker
out in alarm Undertaker's anymore mom
they call a mortician
oh you think you'd be happy in that kind
of work yeah working with dead people do
that all we have to Alma we find I don't
give up and I'm just a fortunate for me
you'd have a future as a mechanic and
own your own garage someday and you
could take a night course in engineering
I'll be four or five years what's your
hurry you're young I just
I want a job they'll give me respect why
can't a mechanic have respect you know
what you think of a new super Rover see
old Spence my old clothes don't fit
think about a key to the new ones see
you later mom but Laurel Murdock got
married to an older man with lots of
money I knew you'd find out sooner or
I dreaded telling you it's okay
did anybody here happen to see Alice
Murchison's hair last night hideous
I'm convinced the poor dear is multi
I've told her I swear I did you know me
after three galleries
I said Alice darling if that isn't a wig
you're wearing you should sue your
hairdresser you didn't I did on a bride
really I've seen buildings condemned on
less provocation I'll bid spade I pass
your bid dear of the heart
no that's insufficient dear your partner
bid one Spade towards them two no Trump
me they team with a kamikaze pilot Oh
waiter yes ma'am another scotch and Soda
and tell the barkeep to spill some in
the glass this time would you care for
anything else ladies
no thank you not me it's a little early
in the day to start drinking isn't it
not to me I'm on rocky mountain time
scotch and soda - soda here little buddy
of yours is back in town yeah who's that
what's Riley that's Riley when did he
get back mmm yesterday they aren't that
nice guy buzz did you ever meet him no
boy I've heard of him but never met her
if you can start this car I'll take your
car and 50 bucks how many miles in truth
fifty thousand
it's not bad well it's got good tires
well go ahead try it what you do never
just try it
oh you pussy right when you're gonna
come work for me you just clean my
windshield off will ya
hello bus
aren't you even gonna say hello to me
yeah I'm thinking about it easy car yeah
yes have I done much damage buzz No
I saw that if it I feel he is such a
long time look well you better you
better back your car so I can sighing
blood okay but I'm sorry
buzzer it was all my fault no I it's a
it's a it's a small accident nobody's
nobody's dead
who we need to go for a cup of coffee
something no I don't think so
please wait what about the car
can I please pay for the damage no
there's no damage done
look why don't why don't we just forget
it okay I'll see her
you just heard is coming up pretty soon
heading a dress rehearsal or Lady hunt
tonight west of town
giant my holiday when one of my cats was
hit by a moving van she's lying there
not so much life she was a sight when I
first brought her here a space as an
artist he doesn't up to they look like
tourists girls come on Spencer didn't
you yeah where do you been all this time
oh yeah yes I think Spencer taught me
push what are you doing here boy
I'll have no more drinking around here
you'll have to see through the ceremony
today coming from miles Roger I want you
on your best behavior I got you a
postcard from Hong Kong how are those
Chinese girl you're back home for good
but yeah yeah I am well it's good to
hear that it's good to have someone so
lively as you are on a place like this
yeah Spence
I'm I'm looking for a job now your kid
yeah come into my office I think we can
talk better than Spence yeah but
you remember you told me once it
that you might have a job when we want
to go the Navy yeah I did didn't I did
you mean sugar I'm married I said I'd
send you the night school for a year
learned the trade didn't I'm gonna make
something myself I'd work hard I
wouldn't let you down and I'd like to
get started right away all right kid
you're hired
I'll send you the mortician school at
during the day you can help around here
I'll take care of all your expenses and
and I'll pay $100 a week guys that
that's great
look bus why don't you go home pack all
your stuff and come on over and move in
as soon as you can mmm even moving yeah
yeah sure I want you here with me
well yeah but I did I didn't know you
want me to move in I'm a lonely man
no no he showed up yet well I'll tell
him if I see okay it's a matter of us we
look like it just came from a funeral
oh yeah yeah yeah who died all right I
guess I did
oh yeah we oh I'm okay but oh I almost
just before you came in Laurel called
for me something about her insurance
company meeting particulars said you
know what it was all about he heard a
phone at home right away she said yeah
and the status changed
three years you know it even feels too
fat but nothing stands still kid nothing
I guess not
look bus I know it's none of my business
but well you went along I always figure
it out you know it's like you say
nothing stands to
got any ideas now that you're back bust
by what you're gonna do no no hi I
thought I'd everything figured out I'm
not so sure I kept telling myself how
you know the whole time I was awaited
and I was I was coming back to something
but I'm back I guess I gotta get a job
job things are pretty tight right now
yeah yeah I know how does a guy get a
job a decent job without a kind of
Jersey kitchen you were a machinist in
the Navy get a job at A&W they need a
mechanic grease monkey
FL no thanks oh you're so right maybe
you'd like to serve muffins at the
colonial - I'm sorry boss I'll go down
to the bank and suggest that they make
you president
hey do me a favor huh drop dead my name
is Wallace Slocum friends call me Wally
you'll pardon me for eavesdropping I can
offer a young man like you an important
I've known this boy quite a few years
mr. Slocum his name's buster Riley well
I'm glad to meet you pleasure
I'll be at my office in half an hour why
don't you drop in and see me then oh
yeah yeah hold on I remember now
it's not a job I'm offering you the
beep - change comes in here every day
caddy always has plenty of money what's
the card say all our slogan
so what the plaza says the game the
atomic method why don't we go for a hike
and take some pictures I'd like to but I
can't I have to do the housework can't
you let it go for a day if I let it go
I'll just have twice as much to do
tomorrow want me to help you want to
yeah I'll help okay come on I told your
father to stay out of the Laguna Juana
it's full of crocodiles maybe father not
care anymore now that hated cheese yet
juveniles from my village
I mean to make everything else he over
one hi mom
you bring me back my father but I went
back your village the one I swear I will
I brought gussy home to help me it's
your groceries for supper yes
how we gonna have meatloaf when you
think of something better than meatloaf
listen I have mr. practice tonight I'd
have time for anything
yeah bet Gus he thinks I'm horrible
he's seeing around the house all day
tell the truth I haven't been feeling so
well lately have my honey no I'm happy
Julie honey
oMG ashtrays
well I can always count on mother to
empty the ashtrays remember now it's not
our vacuum sweeper you are selling but a
new scientific method of sanitizing the
home never be sent yourself to the
housewife as a salesman never you are
offering her an opportunity to share in
the latest scientific research and to
protect her loved ones you must think of
yourself as an agent who is fulfilling
the American housewife needs
you must understand those needs the
American housewife is sometimes are very
lonely woman rattling she is your
yeah responsible yeah and it's a serious
responsibility when you approach her do
and I feel it necessary to keep smiling
in fact you need to smile at all smiles
only press anyone today we're more
impressed by Mansbridge ANSI urgency
oh I trust you have a becoming business
it well yeah excellent excellent
it's most important in this work to
create a favourable first impression oh
trying to get a manicure on Oh am I
ready I'm expecting big things of you
thank you
were there any Carlsen your husband
phoned to say that he'd be delayed a few
more days no he said he'd call back
dinner mr. Reilly call no ma'am
Thank You Simmons
I'm mr. Ogilvie please mistaken
Benji hi hey I was wondering if you
might do me a favor that is if you're
not busy tonight good
well Ellis is out of town again and I
just can't face another evening alone
with the television set and I was
wondering would you mind terribly taking
an old married lady out on the town
tonight oh no no no you don't have to
come all the way over here I'll pick you
up about 9:00 okay oh thank you so much
Benji okay
mrs. Riley
mrs. Bradley I don't know how much more
I can take
your son's disturbing my breath I'm I'm
trying to cure one of my sick headaches
Riley must be sold strippers
mrs. Riley I'll speak to him Carlotta
I'm sorry about your headache oh you're
going to be a mortician no no no no no
never know what kind of a job is it what
is it I can't tell you much because it's
very very scientific scientific yes I am
Tiffany I must tell you that you see
mother it's a whole new revolutionary
way of living I believe yes
revolutionary scientific top secret I
can tell you would you please try to be
more quiet around the house Oh Carlotta
is a very highly strung and sometimes
she comes home with nervous headaches
poor yeah all right lovey thank you
I didn't even color poorly headaches
say you got a headache today school all
right I love him car me too I'm hot
burgers okay I'm wild about convertible
I'm gonna miss the old car was one of
the few things that your father left to
us you had a thought while you were in
the shower
mm-hmm some girl she didn't care leave
her name but I'm sure it was Laurel akin
oh I'm sure it wasn't I'm sure it wasn't
a girl in laurels position does not go
around calling boys
I wouldn't shame you just don't know
what kind of girl she is that's all I
find she's not our Father
Paula you've just been listening to
gossip it's not gossip it's only common
knowledge is you sure
ouch who is the chick over there in the
blue sweater that's the new minister
hallelujah I found a way
when you fellows have
scotch on the rocks for me please
what are you doing after work tonight
sugar nothing that would interest you
stretch two beers and coke
yeah thanks now
about their nothing that would introduce
trench Nazi
it's your old girlfriend bus
hi handsome wanna lift no thanks
said all you have to do right around
pick up guys getting lift sure it's my
favorite pastime giving what have you
boyfriend always not a boyfriend he's a
friend come on
no no thanks Oh are we proud
you're just wasting time
you might as well give in what is it
Laurel please get in what for I want to
talk to you
I don't see the point I won't make a
pass I promise
I just gotta talk to you bus okay
that was a place we first met remember
you're the scrawny is life god I had
ever seen you filled out since then
some of you can I take that as a
just don't build anything out of it you
didn't used to be so careful with your
conference you used to think I was all
there was whole department store your
stuff I didn't even get to see you in
your little little sailor suit
I never saw you on your bridal gown you
did wear white didn't ya
I could I live without that remark what
do you expect I'm gonna be doing it
anyway yeah
why are we trying to prove I'm not
trying to prove anything you got what
you wanted I did it for you daddy made
me agree to marry Ellis he could have
put you in prison boss he would have I
was only 17 all he had to do was give us
consent that's all I didn't want him to
set me up in business you came back
he swore you never would I came back
because I wanted to make something of
myself but I have to start somewhere
make something of me bus chomps feel
mrs. Aiken
now let's get out of here please take me
home Pass Ellis is away and I'm all
alone I've gotta talk to somebody please
yeah I'm just miserable yeah
misery's a big club but there's one nice
thing about it and anybody can join
aren't you ever gonna drink anything
stronger than coke no just because your
father was a lush doesn't mean you have
to be you're missing a lot of fun maybe
not I would just love to see you get
turned down sometimes why don't you like
me anymore no I like you lord
I just got no hear oh yeah
I bet you haven't
I bet you're afraid to kiss me why why
should I be cuz cuz if you kiss me just
once you'd be just as hooked as you ever
say that's nectar there's no husband you
ever give you any fun I hate you couple
of minutes ago you were mad fuck
come on don't be mad
yeah I don't know oh you never let up
mrs. Griswold well these are this the
jewels Griswold residence he's a
he lives in a big estate way down there
always got 30 rooms half a bath
automobiles love I beg your pardon madam
I hope I haven't disturbed you say up
what made you think this was the
Griswold Hall
what is such a charming house such
excellent taste
thank you it's new we like it you see My
partner and i were just delivering
something to the Griswolds the results
of the latest research at the atomic
development center in the city yes this
case contains the results of several
years of scientific experiments what is
it a revolutionary device medow atomic
sciences finally turned to the American
home could I see it maybe the Griswold
specify an exact time we would have here
their money well what difference will a
few more minutes make up set I'll make
it up to him next time I see him at the
club we sometimes play squash together
Oh Riley would you mind unpacking a
product for me
do you realize madam that over half the
deaths in this great country are caused
by bacteria in the home yeah every home
is a nesting place for bacteria germs
and larvae what sad fact that last Tommy
researchers finally put it into this
unfortunate condition every home can now
be as thoroughly clean and sanitary
there's a hospital laboratory
Oh Riley would you please place one of
our nuclear miss bums moms oh never fear
madam nuclear miss bomb is the most
vital agent fighting disease in our
country today shall we uh dentistry oh
yes please do yeah
now this bomb like all bombs makes a
noise but I don't think you'll find it
too disturbing thank you calm down
are we ready now
relax exactly ten minutes this room will
be completely disinfected and then my
partner will apply our new vacuum
attachment that absorbs all the bacteria
that have been destroyed
carpets draperies furniture our atomic
mismo maybe you'd like to cut the coffee
while we're waiting if you're sure it's
no trouble
ma'am do you realize how many deaths
each year are caused by germs inside the
home I divorced the only German side
this home three months ago well more
than more than half yes each year you
know something you're cute when's your
birthday April April 3rd I have a very
interesting attachment ma'am that's
Aries they get along just great with
Aries man see I am Capricorn and
Capricorn and air is get together it's
absolutely dynamic was a Gemini they're
no fun at all yeah well I really don't
know much about that man call me joy joy
Gemini's are awful squares
you're not square are you lynx-o
why be square I always say girls round
we don't like square things do you uh
it's not there was something I believe
in he has P to it
all right now my sense to stone me here
gonna kiss me
you need to tell me you have a daughter
a little older than you think Chris as
Mary okay yeah practically a child I'd
never hard to believe I was elected
beauty queen in school really mm-hmm
my husband was insanely jealous of me
yes I bet he was
he divorced me and went to live in
California I don't get enough alimony to
have a maid I have to do all the
housework myself so too bad I get
terribly lonely at times oh yeah I can't
understand how any man could walk often
leave a beautiful woman thank you but he
did what did I do to have such a
terrible lie Hey you mustn't feel that
I thought you played volleyball on
Thursdays Judy I didn't know this was
your home forget it you have to
apologize it's happened before what I've
come home and Pam mother with a a friend
Hey look I was just trying to be
understanding I mean I'm trying to sell
something I'm sorry I missed em sir
did she buy
yeah I don't know hoping to pay for we
have to pay the grocery bill into I
I'll Thailand we're under the product
just or something okay yeah
listen you know every time I come in
this house that maid of yours treats me
like a burglar it's a very middle class
to wonder what the certain speck
say yeah let's make that it may not be
any of my business but Tim doesn't as
many guys ever ever sure oh well he was
here last Sunday but he had to fly to
Iran to see some more oil wealth yeah
say Oh how would you like to go for a
ride why it's so comfy here wow I
thought maybe you might like to change I
mean we've never been out this room
since I've been back
well there's everything here we want
isn't it funny how some people have a
little show yeah swimming yeah
bowling hmm well you said yourself that
we shouldn't be seen out together
yeah well this place has to be like a
cage yeah you know that sir it's the
thinnest watch I've ever seen why don't
you keep it
No oh go on he'll never miss it he's got
dozens oh no don't be so moral for
heaven's sakes pretty hmm yeah
it's Riley this is Riley I'm giving my
months notice but I'm moving out today
Oh what I'm sorry car light is anything
wrong oh yes mrs. Riley there's a great
deal one I cannot live in this house
that boy of yours any more he comes in
at all hours of the night and he sounds
like some wild man from Borneo and he
turned this place into a jungle and he
appears at Mahal he's not fully clothed
the school semester is almost over Carla
oh I know that but I just I just can't
risk the chance of having another
nervous breakdown all right sorry
here are the keys tomorrow
yes mom its Julie hi Julie
but um my house burned down last night I
see my mother's dead she must have been
smoking in bed again
for your friends stay here with us
you wanna rap with me yeah Judy you go
to the cemetery with bus
I hated her sometimes but I loved her
is that what life is just loving and
hating isn't it some kind of love that
leaves you peaceful inside when I was a
kid I saw newspapers and I carried out
the country club
later when I was a little older I am I
live quite at the lake and I saved all
my money because I knew one day that I'd
want to go to college thinking all the
time my father was investing until the
day came for me to go to college and I
wasn't there he'd he'd spin it all on
liquor oh bus yeah but I used to blame
him and I used to hate him because I
thought he did these things too despite
it's so hard not date them and you don't
want to hate them no I used to get so
angry at my mother that sometimes I
thought I could kill her that I realized
how sick she was and how unhappy I felt
terribly ashamed
you know it seems you have to you have
to forgive everybody
what's wrong what am i what am i doing
what I miserable why I quit my job for
one thing well get another you got any
suggestions honey I don't know anything
I just oh I hate myself every time I
leave this place why I don't know why I
just do it appear in conscience no a
Puritan conscience has nothing to do
with it I just don't feel myself much of
a man well I think you're very much of a
nice tea hmm you're talking about one
thing yeah
and I'm talking about another
for instance
yeah man isn't much of a man unless it
means something to someone who don't you
think you means something to me now we
make love over and over again yeah and I
never get this anyway because we end up
right in this role all right LLL get the
boats and we can we could take a cruise
over hey yes all right
is that your idea of getting someplace
what do you want to get I want them to
give me something like what my kids
family a whole you know I know we get
off of it please
okay sweetheart listen I'm gonna cut out
huh I'm gonna get home early
oh don't go I'm not gonna go I'm not
going through this routine over over
again you've got another girl call you
later hall will you come tomorrow maybe
maybe what do you mean maybe you're
trying to get rid of me why don't you
get off it call me all right
promise yeah I said I would you don't
call you don't you call me don't you
ever call me again
well what am I gonna do now little part
seeing you all day and being with your
mind long got nothing to do that's your
I just don't see why you can't stay with
us forever because I'm a minor I have to
live with my next of kin you haven't
seen your father's into her baby it
doesn't make any difference were your
I know that
the only way I could stay is if I quit
school got a job wouldn't be wonderful
you could Mary Beth I came to rob place
well see this is the first time you've
been home before morning never mind
never mind
ages Big Love
I love you
but you've been doing just outright
around fine we're up and down the road
just looking a little pretty scenery
want to go want to go for a come on
better change no I don't think I want to
go all right
I'm tired very tired yeah I am what come
on carnival how old are you 17
right I just wanted you were you see mom
Bobby you teen soon well you still seem
long why I guess I grew up pretty fast
taking care of mother
oh yeah
what do you think of me I think you're
the nicest man I ever met
really yes
I I guess it was the way you talked to
me that day
you know exactly what I felt as if you
looked inside and seen everything that
was there via date a mini voice no not
really I was never very attracted to
boys my own age and were they to me
and we spent like their mother
what if you like with me Judy a girl
I want to kiss you
thank you you don't have to thank me
a male model well you said you wanted
another job yeah I know about modeling
they teach you and as I said it pays
very well yeah what's his name oh I see
all right he's in the Colfax building in
the city a tenth of market he's on the
16th floor yeah yeah all right all right
yeah yeah later what was that all about
yes yeah through hey that's wonderful
bus this is all bike you belong to Oh
big shot around town named Jules
Griswold he inherited a lot of money a
couple of years ago hey yeah would you
do me a favor bust
this wasn't oh come on I cancelled all
your fuel bill with me it was $36 now
you don't owe me a cent all right when
you take the car after all yeah yeah he
and his wife are living it up and the
old have a Meier's day you know what
that is don't you
yeah it's on the edge of town yeah yeah
all right I gotta clean up though well
he wants it as soon as possible maybe
you better go now
here it is come on you two hurry up
can't keep Benji waiting at the top all
day hi there
come on honey hurry up hurry up we'll
never get there we'll drop you off at
the garage diner where it is came from
we gotta hurry on over at the club some
of our friends we have Marie
you are you like to make this some time
Judy maybe I told him to chew and I
would drive up the summer to see her oh
yeah uh Nichols I just want to walk her
out okay
see you soon goodbye bye
thank you
very young for age but she's very bad oh
she knows and she knows how to cook you
trying to tell me something
hazal first mayor the court tonight
before that's how I have to tell you
well for you not my father can't still
get his car tonight huh
I suppose he could what are you laughing
at Bertram
have him she's laughing because I don't
have a date with Stu well have you got a
date with Larry O'Brien he's new in town
Bryan Bryan good name I swear I don't
you owe us - how much have you quit
going steady with - not exactly
then why are you dating somebody else I
don't see why I have to tell anybody
where I'm doing somebody else I was just
curious that's all I just seen this sir
so Bryan came down at the king said it's
bad news he's no good
what's that right that's right well I'd
like to know who you think you are bus
Riley criticizing the guys I date
two-timing they've got a two-timing I'm
not two-timing anybody to do knows I'm
going out with other boys besides we
both decided that I'm too young to go
steady huh
well tell me something princess what am
I supposed to look for a car
I don't see why you need one anyway
Paula you know that bus makes some of
his delivers at night it was that right
well that's what you think
he doesn't make any deliveries at night
he just drives over that floozies house
and stays there until morning
what did you say you heard Paula I don't
think I know what you're talking about
ask him ask him where it goes at night
and ask him where I got that new
wristwatch to you Paula I don't care
it's been bossing you around long enough
makes me mad bus
don't let Paul upset you
is it true did she give you the watch
ya know bus
go ahead give me how tell me I'm alone
no good I never much anything no I won't
because that's what you're telling
yourself it's true you're acting just
the way you did before you live
you're losing your self-respect you're
walking around with a chip on your
shoulder I feel like I'm not even a
booby hatch I wish I could help but I
don't know what to say
so Paula she can have the car
us where you going
get a drink
but I told you always to call before
coming here
I'm sorry about the other day you're mad
at me right
Laura I want to talk to you
I want you to tell me something you
never really wanted to marry me did you
hmm there was a lot of hot air about
your old man I'm living it wasn't it
even one tomorrow
admitted its truth that's not true
exactly I did want to marry but it never
would have worked out you know that tell
me why buzz look I've got a few guests
coming for dinner why don't you come
back about midnight I'm gonna talk about
I don't love you Laurel that's not true
yeah it's true
no you do love me I still
I used to I used to think the Sun was
every morning just so I could see that
pretty face I used to think 19 so we
could light each other's arms not
anymore no I'm going I'm never coming
back oh don't go i huh
I can't respect us
I'll kill myself if you leave me
probably will be down for hours so let's
have a drink
how are you I'm fine never you see now I
what's your name again
Riley what that's right
of course this is a mrs. to olds
Griswold mr. Riley and mr. Griswold how
do you do
Riley Riley I've heard that name
mentioned in the last few days you the
Riley who lives out near Sevenoaks no no
find George that's it you're the chap
who worked on my Lincoln yeah yeah
you're a great mechanic young man you
know that why that car has worked like
magic ever since you fixed it you're a
great mechanic right I'm great
yes yes I am
buzz hi hi mom's been worried about you
I wanted to thank you for letting us
here's the card okay yeah thanks John
I'm Mario Brian white sure want to thank
you for letting us use the car it's okay
why don't you go get the car yeah is
everything okay yeah I wanted to say
that I'm sorry for everything I said
it's up that's nice
have a good time yeah
don't stay out too late and don't don't
drive too fast
no I'm talking these nicely yeah yeah
honest-to-goodness bus Riley where are
you bill I have just been worried sick
easy you're not something on me drunk
come on
I've been hot been worrying yes I'm
I was always out thinking thinking about
my mom this opposes any way of getting
rid of a damn tattoo
the coffee honest oh no well what do you
say we put on a pun you know it seems
like a long time since we Riley's just
sit around together and had a good talk