Bustin' Loose (1981) Movie Script

[ Car Horn Honking ]
[ TV: Static,
Indians Whooping ]
[ Water Bottle
Bounces On Ground ]
[ Whooping
Continues ]
[ Gunshots, Ricochets ]
[ Door Creaking ]
[ Door Creaks, Closes ]
[ Dog Growls,
Barks ]
[ Growling Continues ]
[ Quietly ]
Candy ?
[ Sniffing ]
There goes
my goddamn dinner.
You couldn't pull that job off
last night; how you gonna do
this one in broad daylight ?
Last night they had a dog.
Today I got you.
What is wrong with you ?
I don't want to do this.
There's a cop over there.
- That ain't no cop !
- How do you know ?
He don't piss like no cop.
What are you worried
about, man ?
Just keep your nerve,
that's all you gotta do.
Trust me,
and you won't go wrong.
Come on. Come on back.
Come on, come on, come on.
To your left
a little bit.
Come on back.
I don't think I can do it.
Man, don't tell me that
stuff now, man.
- Just hang in there.
Don't lose your cool, okay ?
- Come on back. Come on. Ho !
[ Crash ]
How's that ?
Don't worry about nothin'.
I got the tape readouts.
We got it made.
Just put on the cap
and the jacket.
[ Mumbles ]
Come on, man, they're
getting suspicious.
Slide over here.
Come on, hurry up !
This guy's
a real meatball, man.
Hurry up, man.
I'm talkin' about El Tubbo.
You know what I mean ?
Okay, hurry up.
What's the matter ?
Keep your cool.
Hey, 20 bucks tip if you
get me out of here in
30 minutes, all right ?
Hey ! What's happenin',
brother ?
Hey. I ain't
your brother.
You ain't my brother.
What is you, my mother ?
[ Laughs ]
East, uh, Philly store.
All right, come on.
...requested for
next year's program.
The spokesman went on
to say that aspects of
last year's program...
are still under
And on the subject
of funding,
we now go to our reporter
Inez Pedroza in the field...
where she has this
rather shocking story about a
children's home about to clos.
The Claremont Children's Home
on South Street...
was closed today after 38 years
of continuous operation...
because of
drastic budgetary cuts in
the city's welfare department.
Now, so far
all of the children
have been relocated,
with the exception
of eight in the home's
special education unit.
Watch how I handle this.
Hey, blood,
what's happenin' ?
My man !
Outta sight.
Good to see you, man.
How's it goin', man ?
Lookin' good.
Good. Hey,
East Philly store, huh ?
Yep. Check it out.
75 Hitachis ?
Man, that's more than we did
all last quarter.
We're kickin' ass, man.
I'll bet you are.
Want me to
run that through ?
Uh, no, I'll handle
my main man right here.
Thank you, I appreciate that.
Everybody wants something
Japanese nowadays, man.
Cars, radios,
they're even eatin'
Japanese food.
You know,
raw fish, shit like that.
Tastes worse than chitlins.
Uh, this number
doesn't compute.
Doesn't compute ?
- [ Bangs On Monitor ]
Try it now.
- [ Typing ]
- Now it's jammed.
- Jammed ? Damn. It's gonna
take them a week to fix this.
I mean, a black man
can't stand a week off.
You know what I mean ?
You gotta help me out.
I don't wanna
hold you up.
Luke, give him
whatever he needs.
Whoo ! You're all right,
brother. I mean that.
You got soul.
Outta sight.
All right, soul man.
Here, have a cigar.
Thanks, man.
- Nice man. I'd like to
introduce you to my sister.
- Love to meet her.
- You disco ?
- You kiddin' ?
Get down ! All right.
She'd love that. Later.
What kind of problems
are we talking about ?
The children
in the special unit
have very unique problems.
There's blindness, lameness,
learning disabilities.
One of them--
One of them was even forced
into prostitution in Vietnam...
at the age of nine.
Fifteen minutes !
Big tip !
All right, come on.
Get 'em on.
Know your job !
Know your job !
You got to know your job !
[ Laughs ]
Marvin !
What the hell
are you doin', man ?
Let's get the hell
outta here !
Take it easy, man.
Be cool.
This is a score of a lifetime !
We gonna get five, ten thousand
apiece, baby !
You mean five to ten
in the pen. Let's go !
Just take it easy.
You know how to move
and haul, right ?
Well, just get ready to
move and haul our asses
outta here.
Here you go, my man.
[ Chuckling ]
No hard feelings,
right ?
All right, let's move it !
Load that big-screen TV !
[ Exhales ]
Now this bimbo wants
the floor demo out there.
So what's the problem ?
Give him whatever
the East Philly store needs.
Just mark it down.
-At least check the registration
to that truck out there.
-Truck registration ?
Wait a minute ! Do I have to
take this kind of abuse, man,
because I'm black ?
'Cause I bet you don't
torture the white people
that come in here !
Hey ! I'll bet he don't
torture the white people that
come in here. Do you ? No !
We don't see television
anymore !
O-O-Okay, just calm down.
We're having a sale down
at the East Philly store--
a "Before The Riot" sale.
Black people gettin' a chance
to buy a television for the
first time since the '60s,
and this guy
wanna mess it up !
Well, I'm movin' this ! If you
wanna help me, you help me !
[ Manager ] Okay--
Get outta my way, man !
I'm mad !
See what you did, man ?
Now give me a hand with this.
You've embarrassed me enough.
Are you gonna fall for that ?
[ Truck Engine Starts ]
- [ Tires Screech ]
- [ Glass Shatters ]
Marvin, no !
What are you-- Shit !
Jesus ! M--
What ? What--
What you gonna--
Wha-- Wha--
Huh ? Wha-- What're you--
Huh ? What ? What it is !
What it looks like !
No, no, no, baby !
What you gonna do ?
- I'm gonna knock you out !
- Well, shoot your best shot,
baby !
[ Door Buzzer ]
Hey, if it isn't
Miss TV Personality of 1981.
Bad choice.
Come on, let's go.
I'm not
going with you this evening;
I'm staying with the children.
Vivian, don't you think
you're carrying this thing
just a little too far ?
What are you gonna do
with eight kids ?
Well, I am planning to
take them to my aunt's farm...
just outside
of Seattle for starters;
that'll give them a home.
Do you really think you're
going to get permission to
take those kids out of state ?
Come on, Donald, nobody cares
about those children. They
won't even know they're gone.
Besides, uh, I--
I already have permission.
Why don't you give this up ?
I thought you would be willing
to help me with these children.
How am I gonna help you get
eight children 3,000 miles
across the country ?
Charter a jet ?
But you can get me a driver
to drive that old bus
we have in the back.
Th-That wreck ?
Well, yeah.
Vivian, get serious.
Sweetheart. Oh, Donald.
I've never been more serious
in my life.
I need your support more
than ever before, darling.
Please, you've got to help me.
Mr. Braxton,
in my 30 years on the bench,
I have never seen
a criminal record equal
in intensity, length...
and downright antisocial
uselessness as your own.
"The sale of counterfeit
bus passes at the age of five;
"conspiracy to impersonate
a truant officer;
Oh, that. Tha--
"a dishonorable discharge...
"from the Army motor pool;
on Christmas Seals--
Can I see that ?
a chicken franchise" ?
Oh, I can explain that--
you have already spent
three years in a home
for juvenile offenders,
six years in state prison,
and four years on probation
under the guidance of that...
gentleman over there.
Now, before I pass sentence,
do you have anything
to say for yourself ?
[ Clears Throat ]
[ Feedback, Thumping ]
- [ Whistles ]
- It's on, it's on !
Your Honor, I'd like
to make a confession.
- I did it on purpose !
I wanted to go back to prison.
- You-- You what ?
I mean,
doesn't it make sense ?
Anybody that'd hold up
a store in broad daylight,
stay 45 minutes,
- must wanna go back to prison.
- Braxton, you are talking
about five to ten years.
I know that, Your Honor,
but I want you to give me
20 years !
I gotta have 20 years !
I can't go back on parole,
not with that man !
The man's a racist !
He's an animal, Your Honor.
I mean, he looks black, right,
but he ain't black. He's as
white as you are ! No offense.
I'm telling you, he treats
black people like dog poo !
Yeah ! Four years I've been
on parole in his hell !
It's worse than being
in the Ku Klux Klan,
being under that man !
Your Honor, you gotta help me !
You can't allow me--
The prisoner will come to
order !
Please send me
back to prison !
Three meals a day !
And let me sleep and rest
and get my hair done !
Let go of me !
What do you mean,
"let go" ?
Ten years probation !
Case closed !
No ! Not probation !
Oh, no ! [ Whimpering ]
Get that man
out of my courtroom !
- I'll get you for this,
you dirty rat !
- Get him out of my courtroom !
I'll get you for this !
[ Sobbing ]
Please !
Viva America !
[ Judge ]
Get that man !
God bless the Queen !
Get him out !
Whew !
Great show,
[ Grunts, Panting ]
One hell
of a performance.
Well, you know,
us actors must do
what we do.
You can pull that stuff
on Runzuli,
but it don't go down
too well with me.
So, I will see to it that
you do that five-to-ten...
unless you do
a little acting for me.
What are you talkin' about ?
You understand ?
Yeah, yeah. What--
Okay, now, you listen carefully
and I'll explain to you exactly
the role you're going to play.
[ Laughing ]
is it gonna make it ?
[ Joe, Groaning ]
Oh, god !
Well, Joe, how's it look ?
It's a piece of shit !
[ Laughing ]
Everything's rotted away, man;
it ain't gonna make it
out of the garage.
Unless you know somebody
from Mario Andretti's
pit crew.
We can get it
to the junkyard.
We have until Friday.
[ Chuckles ]
Didn't you hear what I said ?
Yes, I heard, but everything
has been arranged for Friday.
I have money set aside in
case you need anything, and
I'll give you my business--
Something wrong,
Mr. Braxton ?
No. I thought you said--
Hey !
Uh-- Yeah.
Uh, sweetheart,
th-this man is
an expert.
Now, if he says
it's not possible,
it's just not possible.
Donald, I thought you were
going to get me someone to
drive us to Washington.
Look, sweetheart--
Don't tell me what's possible
and what's not possible.
Vivian, just--
Get your expert
to fix the bus !
Vivian, let me explain
to you what's going on !
I'm serious, Donald.
Hey, look, I got
a job interview to go to,
I am serious, Donald !
and I know this is personal--
Y'all look real nice together--
but I gotta split.
- Hey, Braxton, you trying
to make me look bad ?
- I ain't tryin' to do nothin'.
I told you to tell her--
You told me to tell her
the bus don't work !
Donald !
What's going on here ?
Ask your old man.
You know something,
Braxton ?
I'm gonna
burn your butt.
You are ?
You're gonna burn that checkup
on me, 'cause I ain't going back
to the joint for you or nobody.
I took care of that, man.
You take care of your
I'll see you Friday.
Fix your hanky there.
Miss Lady,
nice meeting you.
Braxton !
Donald !
Let me just try to explain
to you what's going on.
Oh, never mind !
Look, I'm trying my best
to help you !
This scheme is impossible !
It's not gonna work !
There's just no way !
[ Typewriters Clacking ]
Hey, man, I wanna
talk to you later.
Hold it, Joe. You know
darn well you don't have
an appointment for today.
Who needs an appointment ?
Goddamn ! Whoo !
I'm not going
through that.
Go through
that one time with me.
You disrupted the place last
time; you're not going to
put me through that today.
Baby, you do it !
Jump back ! Oww !
Mr. Kinsey.
James Brown !
Get down, boogie !
Joe Braxton is here again.
[ On Intercom ] Well, send
him right in, Miss Thomas.
I've been expecting him.
James Brown !
Oww ! Oww !
Go on in now.
Shit ! Boy, if I had
some gravy, I'd sop you !
Goddamn !
[ Knocking ]
- Hey, come on. You ain't
mad, are ya, brother ?
- [ Both Laughing ]
Ain't no hard feelings
on my part, you know.
[ Laughing
Continues ]
Did I get you good,
or did I get you good ?
You're funny, man.
I never knew you had a sense
of humor, you know that ?
Miss Thomas, would you get
me the 35th Judicial Court.
Judge Antonio...
- Runzuli ?
- Donald, what the fuck you
doin' ? That man don't play.
I didn't like that little
game you played on me, and
this is the payback, Joe.
Hey, man, I was havin' fun
with you. I thought you--
It was fun. Ha ha !
You know, like, a joke !
Hey, look,
I'll tell you what.
I mean, I'll,
uh, wash your car and,
you know, clean your house.
I don't give a fuck--
pet your cat.
But you can't ask me to fix
a bus and go to Washington
with a bunch of funky kids !
Look, let's
turn it around, Joe.
Let's look at it from the
other direction; now, what
would you do in my position ?
If I was in your position,
man, I'd give me a break !
Give you a break.
[ Chuckling ]
Tell you what I'm gonna do--
As a matter of fact, I'll tell
you what you're gonna do.
- Okay.
- You're gonna fix that bus,
you're going to take
Miss Perry and those kids
all the way to Washington,
- and you're gonna be on your
best behavior. You got that ?
- All the way. I got it, man.
And if you
screw this one up,
it's your ass.
Okay. I know--
I know what you want.
I'm gonna take care of it.
[ Backfiring,
Gears Grinding ]
[ Backfiring Continues ]
All right, children,
here's our bus.
[ Loud Backfire ]
Look at that ! Yuck !
If it makes it outta Philly,
I'll faint.
the observation deck ?
I'm takin' my tape deck.
What a crate !
[ Kids Chattering ]
our point system now.
I want you to get 39's
and 40's all the way
to Washington.
[ Kids Together ]
Yes, Miss Perry !
This is Mr. Braxton,
and I want you all to
get in a line...
and introduce yourselves
as you board the bus, quietly.
[ Door Buzzer ]
Samantha, I want you
to be in charge
for the moment.
Lead them all on the bus
for me, please. Excuse me.
[ Boy ] Is he the driver
or the porter ?
Looks like the janitor to me.
schizoid personality
with homosexual tendencies.
Get on the bus.
You didn't tell me you were
gonna come see me off.
I don't tell you everything.
Miss Linda. I'm the lady
on this trip, and I'm
gonna be a great actress.
Get on the bus !
My daddy used to
have a bus !
I don't care what
your daddy does !
I don't wanna hear it !
Get on the bus.
[ Linda ] We went all around
the world. You shut up !
Hey, brother !
What the hell's the matter
with you, man ?
[ Boy ]
He's blind, stupid !
Help him on !
Why don't you
zip his pants up
if he's blind ?
Get outta my seat !
I can drive !
Tell him, everybody !
Harold loves to drive !
He's always driving !
I don't care !
Drive your ass to the back
of the bus. Do that !
Hey !
You leave Harold alone !
He's our pal !
How come you ain't
takin' me fishing ?
What ? Take you where ?
You promised
to take me fishing !
[ Boy ] Before this
trip is over, I'm gonna
have to kick your ass !
You couldn't kick your--
[ Muffled ] grandma's ass !
I can kick yours right now !
Get on the bus.
On the bus, please.
Get on the bus,
and watch your language !
Hell of a group, man.
your travel permit...
and your return bus ticket back
to Philly.
Bus ticket ?
Thanks so much.
Behave yourselves.
Fifteen days, Braxton.
You got that ?
Yes, sir.
You got fifteen days
to get back here.
And Miss Perry
is a lady.
[ Spits ]
Anybody can
see that, boss.
[ Girl ]
You still got last year's
dirt wrinkles on.
Did your mother ever
tell you to take a shower ?
[ Squirts ]
Hi, sailor.
My name's Annie.
What's yours ?
My name's Joe.
Excuse me.
Up the stairs.
Let's get in.
Come on.
[ Vivian ]
All right, children--
[ Continues, Indistinct ]
Fifteen days.
[ Hits Bus ]
You're all heart,
Hey, mama, grab hold of this.
Make yourself useful.
[ Vivian Coughing ]
There'll be
no smoking on this bus,
Mr. Braxton.
Hey, no, no. No good.
Wait a minute.
You don't
throw out my cigars.
I don't feel like
smokin' right now.
[ Grinds Butt Out ]
Take care of yourself,
You all right.
Bus. Fifteen days.
Miss Perry ?
Yes. What ?
Oh, Donald.
Thank you.
[ Engine Cranks,
Starts ]
[ Engine Backfires ]
[ Loud Backfire ]
[ Screams ]
[ Backfires ]
[ Girl Screams ]
[ Kids Arguing ]
Get off of me !
Make me.
Get off !
Martin ! Martin !
Stop that, please !
Go sit in the back.
Ernesto, move over there.
Quickly !
Now, listen, children, this
is going to be an extremely
difficult trip for all of us,
and it is not
an excuse to get out of
doing your schoolwork.
Get your workbooks out,
Miss Perry,
mine fell out the window.
So did mine, Miss Perry.
Hey, let me drive.
Get your hand off the wheel
before I tell Miss Perry !
I can drive !
You can't do nothin' !
This is a hijack !
What ?
Hijack, bro.
I don't give a damn what
it is. Hijack off !
I can drive !
I'm serious !
Back of the bus !
Where you keep
your money, chump ?
Yeah !
I keep my m--
Damn, you thief.
Yeah ?
You the bad one
in the group, huh ?
Yeah, that's right.
I can kick ass
when I have to,
and I can see now you and me
is gonna get it on yet !
I can kick ass too. You know
what I was in prison for ?
[ All ] What ?
Get your ass
to the back,
You're crazy !
or I'll stick you
in your ass !
Stole my wallet.
Martin, you'll
share a room with
Ernesto and Tony.
I wanna room
with Joe.
Annie, you and the girls
will room with me.
All right, uh,
Harold and, uh, Julio--
I ain't staying in a room
with Julio; he always makes
me bump into furniture !
If you could see,
you wouldn't bump
into any furniture !
I can see ! I just
can't see furniture !
I don't wanna sleep with Linda,
'cause she snores
and keeps me and
Dakota awake !
At least I don't
talk in my sleep !
Hey ! Uh, I'd like--
Ho ! My key, please,
Miss Perry !
I'd like to go to my room. I'd
like to-- You know what I mean ?
[ Kids Laughing ]
That's enough.
I want you all
to go to the bus
and get your things.
And I want you all
to behave like young adults.
You behave any differently,
I'll be very disappointed
in you.
[ Cheering, Screaming ]
Uh, Miss Perry,
what time are we
leaving in the morning ?
Can I have the key
to my room, please ?
There are no more rooms
available in the motel,
Mr. Braxton.
You'll have to sleep
in the back of the bus.
Wait a minute.
You gotta be joking.
I'm sure you'll be
quite comfortable.
But there's no shower;
there's no bed;
there's no TV on the bus.
Mr. Braxton, I think
it would be marvelous if you
read a book for a change.
"Marvelous," my ass.
I ain't sleeping
on no goddamn bus !
- What did you say ?
- I am not sleepin'
on no goddamn--
I'm not sleepin'
on no bus !
I am not sleepin'
on no bus !
[ Snoring ]
[ Banging On Bus ]
[ Vivian ]
Mr. Braxton !
[ Banging Continues ]
Mr. Braxton, wake up !
Mr. Braxton !
[ Snoring Continues ]
[ Grunts ]
Mr. Braxton !
[ Fabric Tearing ]
[ Head Bangs On Wall ]
Mr. Braxton, why are you
sleeping on the floor ?
[ Muttering ]
I put it over the pillow...
Isn't the back seat big enough ?
and I couldn't--
Listen, never mind.
Listen, we're in trouble.
Maybe the rest of them
will run away !
No, you don't understand.
I need you to get up and
come look for them for me.
I ain't no truant officer !
I ain't goin' chasin' no
damn kids ! I drive the bus !
What did you say ?
I said,
I am no truant officer,
I drive the bus !
You wouldn't do a damn thing to
help those children, would you ?
You're swearing !
Never mind ! Nobody !
Nobody but your little old,
pathetic, selfish self !
My little old, pathetic,
selfish self deserves
three hours sleep tonight,
and, damn it, I'm gonna
get it !
All right, I'll
go look for them.
Good idea.
But may I
impose on you...
to just keep an eye on
those children in number five
while I look for these boys ?
No, no, no, no.
I'm no baby-sitter.
I drive the bus.
Would you like me
to call Mr. Kinsey,
Mr. Braxton ?
What room are they in ?
Number five !
Number five. Right.
Number five !
Number five.
Number five.
Mr. Braxton.
Yes, ma'am.
Number five.
Now. Number five.
Number five.
[ Banging On Bus ]
Ohh !
got the bathroom locked,
and Dakota has to go pee !
Yeah. Right.
Take her to the bathroom
in the woods !
Bears pee in the woods.
I ain't goin' in the woods !
There's snakes in the woods !
That's wonderful.
[ Banging Continues ]
What ?
Dakota has to go pee !
[ Banging ]
Okay. Okay !
You, me and Dakota,
we go pee.
[ Rhythm And Blues ]
Hurry up!
Don't wake me up no more.
You understand ?
[ Kids Yelling ]
What the hell's
goin' on ?
[ Yelling Continues ]
Stop !
Stop it, Linda !
No ! No ! No !
- You've got to let her in
that bathroom sometime !
- Well, I'm not gonna--
- Hey, fool !
What's the matter
with you, man ? Hey !
He loves to play with matches !
He burned his house,
his mother and the family car !
- No, I didn't !
- Yes, you did !
Sit down, man !
[ Screams ]
[ Electricity Crackles ]
Hey ! What the hell's
the matter with you guys ?
You tryin'
to kill yourself ?
Get back ! Pull that out !
You guys
want something to do ?
Okay, I got something
for you to do.
[ Girls Together ]
Wow !
[ Samantha ]
Where'd you learn
to do that ?
Huh ?
Now we gonna play
a grownup game.
- Can I light it ?
- No, you cannot light it.
We're gonna play
strip poker.
I'm not.
What ?
Hey, that's my favorite.
- Mine too.
- We get to keep
the clothes, right ?
Oh, yes. Winners keepers,
losers weepers.
All right !
- This is serious business.
We gonna get down, jack !
- Uh-oh.
Straight. Straight !
To the left. To the left !
Now spin it to the right !
All right, stop. Straight.
To the left ! To the left !
Stop ! Stop ! Stop !
I'm a mean driver !
[ Pop ]
[ Boys Continue Yelling ]
Spin it to the right!
All right, stop it !
Straight !
You got it !
All right.
Let's go.
I can drive,
Miss Perry !
I said, let's go, Harold !
Really ! Watch !
I'm winning !
What is the big idea ?
[ Joe ] Gimme my pants !
You don't gimme my pants,
I'm killing Dakota !
Children, gimme--
[ Kids Yelling,
Muffled ]
- Mr. Braxton !
- Aah !
What do you think you're doing ?
Where are the children ?
What's going on here ?
They were--
There they are.
Why are they
in the closet ?
We just--
- And why are you
half-dressed in here ?
- It's, uh... Halloween ?
[ Yelling, Laughing ]
Let's have some french fries.
French fries ?
I love them !
I know ! They're greasy,
just like meatballs !
[ Yelling, Laughing Continue ]
[ Vivian ]
Donald. No--
No. I am not
coming back, Donald.
I don't care
if you call out
the SWAT team--
Operator, yes,
just a moment, please.
Just a moment.
Fifty-- There.
Yes, hello ?
Hello, Donald ?
I'm not being unreasonable.
He's lying !
he is lying ! He--
He's a liar !
Go away, please.
Please, go away.
He's a liar !
He's a self-righteous,
pompous liar !
I don't care
what he does.
Miss-- Miss Perry.
- Go away, please.
- The kid's havin' a barbecue.
Miss Perry !
Miss Perry !
Ohh !
what the hell's wrong ?
What are you, damn crazy ?
- Jesus Christ ! Je--
- No ! No !
- [ Joe, Anthony Yelling ]
- [ Joe ] Get away from here !
Get away !
- Don't hurt him ! Anthony !
- No ! No ! No ! Help !
- Oh ! Anthony !
- No !
- Stop it ! Stop it !
- No !
[ Screaming Continues ]
Don't anybody move.
- What the hell's goin' on ?
- [ Vivian ] It's only a child
that's a little disturbed.
It's only a child.
He's a little disturbed.
[ Screaming Continues ]
Anthony !
It's all right.
It's all right !
It's all right.
It's all right.
[ Anthony Screaming, Crying ]
It's all right.
Calm down.
Who's gonna pay for this ?
[ Vivian ]
Please calm down.
Everything's fine.
Miss Perry !
[ Vivian Continues,
Indistinct ]
Here's $20.
That'll cover any damage.
That's about
a dollar's worth of hay.
Please gimme a break, will ya ?
She's burning !
No, no, Anthony.
She's burning !
You mustn't think that--
She's all right.
She's burning.
She's all right.
Please believe me.
She was on fire.
No, she wasn't.
She wasn't.
Um, I, uh,
I paid this guy.
I don't know
what's happenin'.
I didn't mean to--
I didn't hurt him.
I just threw him
back, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what's
goin' on, okay ?
It's a fire. He's a--
He's-- I never seen that.
[ Anthony Moaning ]
She burned up !
It's all right, Anthony.
Come on.
She's all right.
She's burned up !
She's all right.
What ?
Stop the bus.
Dakota has to go
to the bathroom.
Dakota don't need to go
to no bathroom.
Don't you like her ?
I don't like Dakota
or her mama.
She likes you.
She does ?
Stop the bus !
I don't wanna stop the bus !
I want you
to stop the bus !
Shut up !
Oh, gee, why don't you
stop the bus ! Stop the bus !
Damn !
There's two bathrooms.
You're gonna stand in line ?
Why don't you use
the other bathroom ?
Somethin' wrong with you ?
[ Kids Talking, Laughing ]
[ Joe Mumbling ]
[ Annie ]
Miss Perry, what's
the farm gonna be like ?
Well, I haven't been there
in a long time, Annie,
but I'll tell you,
I spent the best days
of my life there.
Is there fish in the lakes ?
Well, there were
a lot of fish then.
I don't know if there are
anymore, but my dad and I used
to go fishing all the time,
and I didn't catch one fish;
he caught all the fish.
I never been
fishing in my life;
Joe's gonna take me.
Can Dakota climb trees ?
Can Dakota climb trees.
Come on.
Samantha, did you ever
climb a tree ?
You never climbed a tree ?
I used to climb a tree a lot.
I was a little tomboy.
- I fell out once. Look what
happened to me. Ohh, boy.
- Ooooh !
I cried like a baby.
I'll tell you one thing,
my mother surprised me.
Instead of a beating,
she gave me a big hug
and a kiss...
and a huge slice
of blackberry pie.
[ Laughs ]
That took care
of the crying.
Do I cry.
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Kids Together ]
It was a dark
and stormy night.
Two men
were sitting in a graveyard.
- One wanted to--
- [ Samantha ]
No ! No ! Giants !
Two giants were walking--
Ho, ho, ho !
[ Banging On Bus Floor ]
Shit ! Damn kids !
[ Banging Continues ]
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Harold ]
Let's do it again !
[ Kids Together ]
It was a dark
and stormy night.
Two men were sitting
in a graveyard.
One wanted to tell a story,
and this is the story
he told.
[ Banging, Screaming ]
[ Banging,
Screaming Continue ]
- Hold it !
- [ Whistle Blows ]
[ Screaming Dies Down ]
Listen to me.
I'm gonna take that whistle
and stick it up your ass...
if you don't shut up
when I turn around !
I mean it ! I'm finished !
I gotta drive this bus !
Now, shut up !
[ Engine Starts,
Gears Grind ]
[ Engine Revs ]
[ Gears Grinding ]
[ Kids Yelling ]
We're stuck !
[ Yelling Continues ]
[ Vivian ]
Stop it ! Calm down !
We're stuck and we're
in trouble. We have to
try to help Mr. Braxton.
What can I do ?
I'm going to, um,
go out...
and, um, I want you
to sit here,
and when I say
"Kick it over,"
you turn it on...
and put it in gear,
and I'm gonna try to put
something under the tire...
and we'll get it
to movin'. Okay ?
All right.
And we'll be out of here
in no time.
[ Chuckles ]
No problem.
Move your foot
out of the way.
Get 'em out of the way !
[ Vivian ] Children, let's try
to keep ourselves together.
I'm not playin' !
[ Kids Giggling, Laughing ]
Shut up !
[ Laughing Continues ]
Jesus !
- [ Grunting ]
- Look at Joe !
Look at that !
[ Laughing Continues ]
I'm gonna kill 'em.
[ Engine Starts ]
Hey !
Stop !
[ Samantha ]
He looks like Godzilla !
The Creature
from the Black Lagoon !
[ Laughing Continues ]
[ Engine Revving ]
[ Gears Grinding ]
I'm sorry, Mr.--
It's okay.
I'm awfully sorry.
I tried to--
to get the--
the bus going.
What did you--
Well, here.
I mean, I really--
No, listen to me.
Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! Ho.
Is it out of gear ?
Is the bus outta--
Yes, I think it is.
Uh, I saw a farm
back there.
You're a mess !
I'm sorry--
Can I ask you
a question ?
Just try to clean yourself
up a bit, will you ?
Oh, I certainly will.
If I see a toilet,
I could use it.
No, no, no, no.
Oh, more. Thank you.
Uh, don't shift nothing.
Don't do anything.
Just leave it like it is,
because it's straight now,
Yes, I will. Yes.
and we... wanna keep it...
that way. Okay ?
Right. Right.
Please hurry back,
Mr. Braxton.
[ Thunderclap ]
Get back, children.
Get back inside.
Joe Braxton's my name,
and woodsman's my game.
Fuck with me.
The bitch send me
to get a motherfuckin'
piece of push !
Well, I don't take
no shit from nobody !
I'm Mrs. Braxton's
favorite son ! Joe, baby !
Try me one time, you understand.
Get me workin' on the motherf--
Bitch gonna
have to be saved.
"And so Sir Gawaine
and the Green Knight...
"crossed the mountains
at night, torches
lighting their way,
"paying no heed
to Lancelot's warning...
"that the forests
were filled with
frightening white ghosts."
Miss Perry !
- [ Julio ] What's that ?
- Fire.
- Who are they ?
- Miss Perry, take it
easy. It's all right.
Everything's all right !
Take it easy ! Please be--
[ Tony ]
Fire !
Well, you weren't
lying, were you, boy ?
You got a bunch of kids here.
- What are we gonna do
with you, boy ?
- Is that you, Joe ?
- What are you doing ?
- He's blind ! He's blind !
All the kids are blind !
All of them !
I'm taking them
to the hospital.
I'm just tryin' to
take them to the hospital.
They need an operation.
[ Joe ]
Look, can I talk to you ?
They're very sensitive.
they're all blind.
You're kiddin'.
No, all of them.
All of them.
Oh, that's terrible.
Except for her.
We're going to the Ray Charles
Institute for the Blind; they're
gonna have miracle operations.
You saw it on Oral Roberts.
They probably ran it here.
It was on TV.
Get up behind the wheel.
We'll help push you out.
You're a wonderful human being.
And a great American.
[ Groans ]
[ Klan Leader ]
You guys,
get behind the bus !
- Let's go, boys !
- [ Engine Starts ]
Come on, let's go !
Boys, come on, let's get
these people out of here.
All right,
hit it up there !
There's children in that bus,
boys ! Let's go !
- [ Grunting, Shouting ]
- [ Engine Revving ]
- Heave !
- [ Gears Grind ]
Heave ! Heave !
[ Grunting, Yelling ]
[ Laughing, Yelling ]
[ Laughing,
Yelling Continues ]
[ Klansmen Shouting ]
[ Kids Laughing, Yelling ]
Shee-it !
I don't think we should...
tell anybody about this.
[ Slow-Tempo Pop ]
Just when I needed you
You had your arms
Around my life
You understood
Said you could
I never dreamed
You would
Be there when I needed you
You were the only
land in sight
You seemed to be
All I need
Somebody sent me you
And I
Somebody somewhere
Heard me cry
Somebody gave me you
When I
I needed you
Hey, look at that !
Fishing !
- [ Kids Chattering ]
- Hey, Joe, you promised
to take me fishing !
No, I didn't.
Yes, you did !
No, I didn't !
I wish you'd stop
lyin', man !
Okay, I'm gonna
take you fishin'.
Really ?
Yeah !
We goin' fishin' !
Hey !
[ Kids Yelling,
Applauding ]
- All right !
- You can't do that; we don't
have fishing equipment.
You're looking at a man
who can catch a whale
with a toothpick.
You kiddin' me ?
We're goin' fishin'.
[ Samantha ]
Ooh !
This is one of God's
creatures, baby.
Nothin' to worry about.
They called Joe
"The Old Man and the Sea"
back in Philly...
'cause I can handle it.
Now I'm gonna
show you suckers what
fishing's all about.
Don't put your shadow
on the water there, son.
Now, I gotta bite.
Shh. Gonna see it !
Oh, shit ! Damn.
I saw it !
I saw it !
[ Joe ]
I had a fish, now.
Come on.
It was right in there.
[ Humming Jaws Theme ]
[ Joe ]
He's on !
Mr. Braxton !
[ Kids Cheering ]
[ Joe Hooting ]
Whoo ! Look at that !
[ Girls ]
Eww !
[ Joe ]
Samantha !
[ Kids Screaming ]
[ Vivian ]
Get her !
Grab onto him !
Grab onto his shoulder !
Put your hand
around her neck !
[ Kids ] Come on !
[ Indistinct Screaming ]
[ Screaming Continues ]
Joe ! Joe !
I can't--
I can't swim !
Miss Perry !
Miss Perry !
Mr. Braxton !
Mr. Braxton,
don't drown !
[ Kids Yelling ]
[ Yelling Continues ]
I can't swim !
I can't swim either !
- [ Screaming ]
- [ Gasping ]
Wait a minute.
Stand up !
Stand up.
It's only four feet
of water.
You knew it all the time,
didn't you ?
You !
[ Kids Laughing ]
- [ Laughing ]
- You knew it, didn't you ?
- [ Joe Laughing ]
- [ Kids Laughing ]
You knew it was only four foot !
You wanted me to get in there !
[ All Kids Laughing ]
It's not funny !
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing ]
- [ Laughing ]
- I believe
Somebody sent me you
And I
Somebody somewhere
Heard me cry
Somebody gave me you
When I
I needed you
Somebody sent me you
Somebody somewhere
Sent me you
Say yeah
Somebody gave me you
Gave me what I needed
I needed you
This is the way
it's supposed to be
if you're trying to fix it.
See ? Look.
See, the hood's down.
It's gotta be like this.
This is prettier than that one.
You've got to put that one down
so it looks a little better.
How am I gonna
put it down if I'm
fixing the spark plugs ?
Why don't you--
Take a hike !
You have to put it down.
I don't think he likes
your picture or you.
Joe ?
What do you want now ?
Whatever you want.
Joe don't want
nothin', okay ?
Come on, I'm pretty.
Don't you like me, Joe ?
I like you a whole bunch.
You're real pretty.
Now, leave me alone.
Then, you could take me
to your room and--
Don't do that.
What the hell's
wrong with you, man ?
You think you can say
anything to anybody ?
Nothing !
Don't you like me ?
Yeah, but don't mean I want
to go to bed with you !
Why not ?
You think everybody
who likes you goes
to bed with you ?
Yeah, they do.
Well, that's sick !
Jesus Christ !
Most men always--
I don't care
about "most men" !
I'm not "most men" !
You can like people
without makin' love to 'em !
Don't you care nothin'
about yourself ?
I just thought that--
I don't care
what you thought !
But every other time...
when I ask somebody...
they all--
Well, they're wrong !
It's wrong !
[ Crying ]
Please-- Please don't tell
Miss Perry. She'll--
I'm not gonna tell nobody !
Just don't do it no more !
You're a kid, man.
Do something
with your life.
Look, you're an artist.
Do some art or something.
[ Crying ]
You're really good.
Y-Y-You could--
If it were smaller,
I'd put it in the bus
on the dashboard.
W-Would you really ?
I really would.
I think
it's beautiful.
And I think
you're beautiful.
[ Sobbing ]
I'll make you one then.
Okay ?
Ciao, Annie.
Oh, Jesus.
Joe, I--
I'm not a social worker.
I'm not !
I only wanted--
I just drive the bus !
Don't stall !
Pass it underneath, stupid !
A short rebound to Parish.
Ah, shit ! That ain't real.
What wild basketball !
Rebounded to Maxwell.
He puts up a four-footer
and scores against the Lakers.
Get down, come on, bro !
[ Joe Hooting ]
Man, somebody guard
the white boy.
[ TV Continues ]
Hey ! Hold it !
Who is it ?
It's Vivian.
Who ?
Miss Perry, Joe.
Just a minute, please.
Let me fix it up
a little bit.
Hey, listen.
I-I just stopped by
because I saw the light--
It's all right.
Don't worry.
Listen, Joe, it's all right.
I'll talk to you in the morning.
No, it's fine.
[ Clears Throat ]
Hey, come on in.
[ Coughs ]
Excuse me.
How ya doin' ?
How are you ?
I'm good.
Yeah. You weren't
at dinner.
I didn't expect you either.
Ow ! Shit !
What ?
[ Chuckles ]
Don't set yourself
on fire, for God's sake.
No, ma'am, I'm sorry.
I didn't want to
disrespect you with a cigar.
Oh. Thank you.
Come on, sit down, please.
I was watchin' the game.
Who's winning ?
Uh, the Celtics
are kickin' ass.
Is that your team ?
No, 76ers my team.
What's up ?
I, uh--
I wanted you to know how much
I appreciate what you did
this afternoon with Annie.
I really do.
Oh, hey,
you know I wasn't--
Listen, it could have
gone either way.
But I acted like an ass.
You handled it beautifully.
The kids love you and
you're doing a terrific job.
I want you
to know that.
Yeah, uh--
Thank you.
I have to get back.
Got a lot of paperwork
to do tonight.
Can I help ?
Well, you might.
Hey, you wanna
watch the game or somethin' ?
I really can't, Joe.
I've gotta get
this paper--
[ Knocking ]
Donald !
What are you doing here ?
I'll be damned.
[ Donald ]
Oh, that's good.
That's real good.
What are you doin' here ?
What the hell's
goin' on, Braxton ?
It ain't what you think
it is, man. We was--
I really don't
appreciate your asking
that question, Donald.
- Vivian.
- What are you doin', man.
The lady loves you, man.
Donald, man, come on.
Come on. Come on, Donald !
Vivian !
Jesus Christ.
Come on.
Hey, man, come on.
Hey !
Look, just go away.
Listen to me, okay ?
Look, Braxton,
you are hangin' on
by a thread !
[ Knocking,
Door Opens, Slams ]
[ Donald ]
It is highly illegal.
It is against the law.
[ Vivian ]
Don't tell me
about the law, Donald !
Falsifying records.
Blackmailing an ex-con.
The issue is not arguable !
[ Snoring ]
[ Knocking ]
[ Vivian Whispering ]
Joe ?
[ Knocking Continues ]
[ Knocking ]
Joe ?
[ Knocking ]
Hmm ?
[ Groans ]
[ Knocking Continues ]
[ Groans ]
It's Vivian.
Okay. Okay.
Joe, I'm sorry. Please,
get dressed quickly.
[ Mumbling ]
The children are
already on the bus.
We're leaving now.
Please hurry.
Put your clothes on
quickly !
Okay. Yes, ma'am.
Miss Perry ?
Where are my clothes now ?
Miss Perry ?
[ Muttering ]
I'm gonna lose my job over this,
that's what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna lose
my goddamn job.
Joe ! Kinsey's on your tail !
Come on ! Hurry up !
- Come on, Joe ! You can
take him ! Come on, Joe !
- He's comin' !
You can take him !
Oh, Miss Perry !
Harold. Harold.
He can take him !
It's not a race.
It's not a game we're playing.
Mr. Braxton, please,
pull over to the side.
He can take him.
[ Door Buzzer ]
Now, look,
I have really had it.
I have really had it.
Donald !
I want you and these brats
and Braxton...
to get back on that bus, turn
this thing around and let's go !
You have got to stop--
Come on !
I don't want to hear it !
I am not going back !
[ Vivian, Donald
Continue Arguing ]
Miss Perry, the bus is moving !
Oh, my god !
Stop it ! Stop it !
Stop the bus !
[ Vivian, Kids Screaming ]
[ Tires Screeching,
Joe Screaming ]
Hurry up !
[ Kid ] Help us !
[ Joe ]
Stop the bus !
[ Donald ]
One of the kids
driving that bus.
Harold !
Harold ?
Which one is Harold ?
Harold is the blind one.
- Holy shit !
- I ain't goin' back
to Philly ! I ain't goin' !
Reel me in !
Turn !
[ Joe Babbling, Screaming ]
- [ Mumbling ]
- Help me !
Come on !
- [ Car Horn Blaring ]
- [ Kids Chattering ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
[ Samantha Screaming ]
We're gonna crash !
[ Joe ]
Oh, shit !
[ Gasps ]
[ Samantha ]
Miss Perry, Miss Perry !
Miss Perry,
did you see that ?
Wait ! Stop !
[ Harold ]
I ain't goin' back
to Philly !
You don't own me !
I ain't goin' !
Please !
Please, don't !
[ Vivian ]
It's all right.
It's all right.
Donald, please.
I'll handle him.
It's all right.
He told us
he's gonna take us.
Harold, we'll
work out something.
He told us !
I know he's gonna
take us back !
Harold. Listen to me !
It'll be all right.
We'll work out something.
No, it won't !
We'll work out something.
Please, calm down.
He always--
Why do we gotta go back
to Philadelphia ?
'Cause we don't wanna go back.
They'll send us to Coolidge !
All the teachers there are mean.
No one likes us !
We don't want to go back !
We don't want to.
Please, sir, don't let them
take me back to that place.
All right, children,
get on the bus.
No, Vivian.
No !
Don't make me
do this.
No, Braxton.
Braxton, you get
the hell out here !
Damn it !
[ Door Buzzer ]
[ Engine Starts ]
Where your wallet at, man ?
Wait a minute.
Look, look, look.
Listen to this.
I took your wallet,
and I put it in Donald's pocket.
Now I've got his wallet,
and I'm giving it to you, man.
Jesus Christ !
Look, if you
get caught on the highway,
you'll be all right.
Hands on the car.
Let me explain
it's not mine, will ya ?
We've got a live one.
Will ya give me
a chance to explain ?
Says he's
a parole officer.
Hey, call in.
Have 'em check out
a Joe Braxton, 456321.
Just stay right there.
You got it.
You got it
all by yourself.
[ Harold ]
Told ya I could drive.
Truck coming at us !
Watch out ! [ Laughing ]
Open your eyes
to your feelings
- Show me that you care
- This is it, children !
Just like the stars
in the heavens
Home !
[ Kids Cheering ]
Love is everywhere
Look at that house ! Oh !
I had forgotten how big it is !
[ Indistinct Chattering ]
Oh, Miss Perry !
I seen that !
[ Kids Hooting ]
[ Indistinct Chattering ]
Open your eyes
to your feelings
Your heart
will let you see
And let me say
that I love you
God bless you and me
- [ Laughing ]
- [ Piglet Grunting ]
[ Laughing, Chattering ]
[ Grunting ]
Hey !
[ Mooing ]
[ Mooing ]
[ Neighing ]
[ Giggling ]
Is he getting on ?
[ Clucking ]
[ Speaking Gibberish ]
[ Striking Match ]
[ Match Ignites ]
What are ya doin' ?
playin' war.
[ Clears Throat ]
Why are you tryin'
to set it on fire ?
I guess it got blown up.
Hey, man, I know what
happened to your parents
was an accident.
I know you didn't mean
to do that, Anthony.
It wasn't my fault.
[ Sighs ]
I was standin'...
near the curtains...
and I was playin'
with the match...
and... they caught...
and... I tried
to wake up my parents,
they wouldn't wake up.
And then the fire
started spreading...
and I just couldn't--
[ Crying ]
Oh, Joe !
I didn't mean it.
I know you didn't mean it.
It was an accident.
You understand ?
An accident.
Nobody means to do
stuff like that.
But you gotta
throw it away now,
leave it in the past.
It's gone.
Your parents would
want that, Anthony.
You gotta try now.
You gotta leave
that stuff alone.
[ Sniffling ]
I love ya, Anthony.
[ Sobbing ]
I love you.
You've been walking.
Man, I was down there
by the creek.
I went over there.
I was over there fishin'
with Julio, right ?
Yeah ?
And then I went down this way.
There was a creek down there.
That's for you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Big old trout in there
like that !
What'd you do with it ?
I didn't do nothin'.
I didn't have my pole then.
We was over there fishin'
in a river that had salmon,
but they wouldn't bite now
because they're spawnin'.
Lotta memories
in this place for me.
It's a beautiful place.
See that tree there ?
I fell outta that tree.
Remember I talked about
this scar I had ?
What you doin'
in an ugly tree like that ?
My cat ! My cat !
It got stuck up in the tree.
I went up to get--
That is a rock egg.
And that's for you.
It's magic.
It's laid by the rock bird.
You mean I can rub on it
and make three wishes ?
You can make as many wishes
as you wish.
[ Horn Honks ]
[ Horn Honking ]
What is Miss Perry doing ?
She's robbin' the bank.
I'm gonna drive the getaway car.
[ All Laughing ]
Perhaps your bank
in Philadelphia could be
more helpful, Miss Perry.
Good day, Mr. Schuyler.
And thank you for nothing !
Hey, look at that car !
Yeah !
What kind is it ?
I don't know,
but it's bad !
Honey, you forgot
your lunch.
Oh !
Thank you, dear.
All right.
What's wrong
with Miss Perry ?
I don't know.
Get in.
Vivian ?
What's wrong ?
What's the matter ?
I have a problem
that I want to work out,
and I need to do it
by myself.
[ Joe ]
You can't work problems
out by yourself.
Maybe I could help.
I want to help you !
Just tell me the problem.
If I can't help you, I'll
say, "I can't help you."
But what's the matter ?
I didn't get
the money.
What money ?
I didn't get the money.
I'm gonna lose the land,
the house. I'm--
This is your house.
What are you talkin' 'bout ?
I needed $15,000
to pay the taxes,
the mortgages.
They're gonna
sell the place !
I don't qualify.
I don't have a job.
I cannot get the money.
Everything I...
dreamed is... gone.
What do you mean, gone ?
I lost the dream, Joe.
What you talkin'
'bout, you lost ?
What are we, losers ?
I ain't no goddamn loser !
Well, do you have it ?
Can you give it to me ?
Do you have $15,000 ?
No, I don't have it !
If I had it, you'd have it !
I don't have shit, but me !
But I ain't no loser, and
don't you tell me I am !
And they ain't
losers either !
I did something
once in my life !
I'm somebody,
and you ain't gonna
take that away from me !
Hey, guys, come over here.
I gotta tell you something.
Miss Perry couldn't pay
the bank, and we're going
back to Philly !
[ Kids Groaning,
Chattering ]
Aw, man !
[ Chattering Continues ]
[ Boy ]
Aw, it's not even fair !
We don't wanna go back !
Shut up !
Go take a hike !
Shut up !
You guys
are somebody, man.
And you stop this shit !
The woman put her ass
on the line for you !
And you don't think nothin'
but yourselves !
What ?
We're not losers.
We're not losers.
She tried.
[ Bus Engine Revving ]
"Dare to be rich."
[ Snickers ]
"The Trapezoid Approach...
To Personal
Economic Security."
This sounds very familiar.
I know this.
[ Crowd Laughing, Applauding ]
In what way does your
trapezoid differ from
the pyramid schemes...
that we've been reading
about in the papers ?
I'm glad you've asked that.
I'll bet you are.
Now, the pyramid
is based on the triangle,
which has three sides.
But the trapezoid
has four sides !
And it is that fourth side
which guarantees,
and mathematically,
the enrichment...
of all those
who participate in it.
- [ Crowd Murmuring ]
- Does that answer
your question, sir ?
Yeah, thank you.
are there
any other questions ?
I have a gentleman
in the back row.
Uh, Mr. Professor Renfrew ?
My name is Millard Gregg,
and I'm from Texarkana.
I have a few questions
about that tra--
tripi-- trapezoid ?
Now, you say if I give you
a thousand dollars,
by this afternoon
my money will double ?
Maybe even triple ?
Triple ?
[ Chuckling ]
Oh, my god, sir.
Why, some people--
Mr. Munjak here--
have seen
their bank accounts
grow twentyfold...
in under a week through
the trapezoidal method !
Twentyfold ?
Yes, let's hear it
for the gentleman !
[ Applauding ]
And he don't pay no taxes ?
- That is right !
- Hot damn !
I don't wanna miss this !
Now, I'm gonna give you
my thousand dollars...
'cause you're at the top
of the trapezoid.
That's right.
And then I'll sell my share
to two other people,
and they give you half,
and give me half.
That's right.
And then this thing
doubles and then splits.
And then you get money from
that side and that side and
that side.
That's right !
My god,
my wife and I this morning
said a prayer... to God.
I really can't.
I mean, this is
on the up and up ?
That's right.
Then you won't mind
if I collect the money ?
I'm one of these people.
You people don't mind, do you ?
Uh, Dwayne, would you
let the gentleman
take your chair...
momentarily ?
[ Joe ]
Well, thank you, Dwayne.
Don't mention it, brother.
You know, my god, look at this !
Thousand-dollar bills !
You know, you can live
a lifetime and never see
a thousand-dollar bill.
I haven't seen one of them
since-- Well, hell.
Mmm, my, my.
Look at that.
Ain't that nice !
This is gonna be real fun here.
I can tell we gonna have
a real good time, all the way,
me and you, huh ?
You wanna get started ?
Samantha, pass me
a piece of corn.
Ernesto, you want this ?
[ Boys ]
Come on, pass me the corn bread.
Can I have some greens ?
[ Sighs ]
[ Girl ]
Pass me some greens.
Aunt Beedee,
I'd like to borrow
the truck for a little bit.
I want to run into town
and see if I can find out
what's goin' on.
[ Indistinct Shouting ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
Thank you. Thank you.
Dare to be rich, sir.
- Dare to be rich, sir.
- Everybody's doin'
what they gotta do.
Yes, sir.
Yes ! Dare to be rich !
Now, who next
will dare to be--
The gentleman
in the cowboy hat !
Yes, you, sir.
Uh, Mr. Munjak !
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
[ Mumbling ]
Yes, indeed.
Everybody dare to be rich.
Assist our new associate.
[ Joe ]
Dare to be rich.
- You bet.
- Everybody's supposed to dare
to be rich one time in life.
You get two people,
and they get two people...
and you split up like that
and just dare to be rich !
Having fun, turkey ?
Oh, yeah.
I am, I am.
Dare to be rich !
You better dare to haul ass
when we get you outside.
[ Renfrew ]
And now, who's next ?
Who will dare to be rich ?
Martin, isn't that the car
we saw at the bank ?
[ Harold ]
What car ?
The Rolls Royce.
Yeah, let's trash it !
No, let's steal it.
Wait !
I've got
a better idea.
What ?
[ Renfrew ]
As you know, we will not be
returning to this area...
for at least three weeks.
So, ladies and gentlemen,
while Miss Beasley...
pins these two remaining names,
I would ask those of you
who have not yet joined us...
in the trapezoid, to consider
seriously the thought
of coming along with us.
[ Joe ]
That's right, 'cause
he'd never lie to you !
'Cause easy come, easy go.
'Round and 'round she goes.
Joe !
Where she stops, nobody knows.
I'm telling you, Miss Johnson,
you did a wonderful thing !
She's in the trapezoid !
Let's hear it for Miss Johnson !
Yes, sir. Why don't you
take care of that, Dwayne ?
And look it here !
Here's another lady who
wants to join the trapezoid !
What are you doing ?
There she is,
ladies and gentlemen !
You got a thousand dollars ?
How many shares you want ?
What ?
Now, don't ask me.
I sold the bus and
bought this outfit,
and I'm trying
to make us money.
Yes, ma'am, $300 !
You sold the bus ?
Here's $15,000 for the kids.
Take it home !
Don't worry about a thing.
Next time we come to town,
we gonna jam.
You sold the bus ?
Everybody wants to be
in the trapezoid !
Yes, I sold the bus.
You remember high finance !
You gonna die poor !
Dwayne, would you go, please ?
I wanna ask you--
Did you say someth--
Don't ask me nothin'.
The lady thinks the pentagon's
better than a trapezoid.
Oh, my god !
[ Renfrew ] Ladies and
gentlemen, just keep calm !
You sold the bus ?
Yes !
Everybody keep calm !
My associates had
a slight altercation,
but, uh--
Now, wait. Don't crowd !
What are we runnin' for ?
They got guns !
[ Tires Squealing ]
[ Joe Indistinct ]
Halt ! I warn you, sir,
I'm trained in kung fu !
[ Screams ]
What have you done ?
[ Gunshots ]
[ Screams ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Vivian Screams ]
- [ Vivian Screams ]
- [ Gunshots ]
- [ Gulps ]
- All right, wise guy.
Where's the money ?
I don't have the money.
All right--
[ Munjak Groaning ]
- [ Groaning, Gun Fires ]
- You check that out.
I'll guard the door.
[ Screaming ]
[ Gunshots ]
I'll fix this
young lady's wagon !
Wait a minute !
Are you gonna hit me with
a plunger ? Are you crazy ?
[ Groans ]
[ Grunting ]
- [ Mock Japanese ]
- [ Indistinct Yelling ]
[ Joe Muttering ]
- Just put it down !
- [ Sword Swooshing ]
You think you're bad,
don't you ? You're messin'
with Joe Braxton, baby !
Joe B--
Oh, shit.
Kill him.
[ Joe Screaming ]
[ Raft Inflating ]
Money !
Leave him alone !
You want the money ?
I got the money !
Come and get it !
Get the money !
Come and get the money !
Frank, we need water !
Get up, please ! Let's go !
Tell Samantha
Dakota can go pee now.
Come on !
[ Vivian ]
Let's get outta here !
They're gonna kill us !
Come on !
Where's the money ?
Never mind that.
Let's just get outta here !
Wait a minute !
You burned the money ?
They're gonna kill you !
Just get the truck !
Meet me out front !
[ Screaming ]
Yeah !
You stinking bastards !
[ Groaning ]
Jump in ! Hurry up !
They're catching us !
[ Yelling ]
They're catching us !
Jump in !
Slow down !
Jump in ! I gotta
turn the corner !
Don't turn !
I have to turn !
Jump in !
No !
Come on, th-they're coming !
Get up ! Get up.
They're coming.
Joe ! Get up !
Hurry up, get in !
Are you okay ?
I'm fine.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks for what ?
Thanks for what ?
Thanks for the help.
It was real nice of you
to throw the money away.
Well, you're welcome.
You're welcome,
Mr. Braxton.
You're a fuck-up !
I have asked you not to use
that kind of language to me !
Bullshit !
Did you want me to sit there
and watch you get killed ?
That's real nice.
Fifteen thousand dollars !
He had a gun !
He would have killed you
for $15,000 !
Killed shit !
That ain't nothin'
but a meatball !
Do you think I could sit there
and let 'em blow your life
away for nothing ?
It ain't for nothing !
I'm tryin' to help !
It is worth more !
Your life, Joe,
is worth more to me
than $15,000, you fool !
[ Crying ]
Here. The money.
Here, take what's left of it !
Here ! Take it !
Take it ! There it is !
I don't want it !
You can have it !
Here, take it !
Listen, Vivian.
Leave me alone !
I don't want the money.
I don't want
the money.
[ Crying ]
I don't want
the money.
I didn't do it for me.
Goddamn, I didn't--
Ain't nobody ever told me
I was worth no $15,000.
My daddy used to say,
"Boy, you ain't worth
a quarter for two of ya."
You say that to me...
you set me on fire.
[ Rooster Crowing ]
What the hell is that ?
Where'd you
get it from ?
I don't know.
It's not mine.
Well, then,
whose, whose car--
[ Schuyler ]
Good-bye, children.
Good-bye, Linda.
I hope you feel better.
You must be Miss Perry
and Mr. Braxton.
Uh, what's wrong ?
What are you doing here ?
I'm Gladys Schuyler, and
this is my husband Alfred,
whom I believe you met.
Yes, but...
what's going on ?
Well, these children
have told us about all
the wonderful things...
that you did for them.
Hitchhiking 300 miles
in a snowstorm when
your bus broke down.
And sitting up all night
for a week with little Linda
when she had the fever.
Helping Harold learn
Italian in Braille.
Molto grazie.
[ Stifled Laughter ]
[ Gladys ]
You people are terrific.
You know, these are
really wonderful children,
and they deserve
every chance they can get.
[ Siren Approaching ]
[ Siren Blaring ]
All right, Braxton,
this is it.
Officer, this man is
in violation of his parole.
I'm his parole officer.
I'm taking him,
this woman and these brats
back to Philadelphia.
-What's going on here ?
-You heard me. I'm taking these
people back to Philadelphia.
Do you have a warrant
for my arrest ?
Well ?
- I'm not going back.
- She's staying.
Who the hell are you ?
That's Mr. Schuyler,
our town mayor.
All right, now, look,
this woman has violated
at least 20 federal statutes.
Number one: kidnapping.
[ Alfred ]
You want a legal battle ?
All right, I'm gonna get
on the phone. I'm gonna get
a warrant for his arrest...
and her arrest--
[ Alfred ]
Hold on a minute, friend.
Before you get off the phone,
all these children will be
registered in the state.
And I'm having
the farm transferred back
to Miss Perry in her name...
with a big enough loan
so she can operate it properly.
[ Kids Cheering ]
But this man is still
under my jurisdiction.
[ Joe ] Donald...
take it easy, man.
I'll go back with you.
[ Kids, Vivian Protesting ]
I gotta go back. I did
something. Don't worry.
Please don't go, we need you !
We have a reason
for you to stay.
"Dear Mr. Braxton, we,
the children of this house,
"pardon you for the crimes
you have done...
"because we know...
"you is sorry...
you did them."
You have to read it.
"We wish that when
we grow up we're fine
people just like you.
"From this day on,
you are off parole...
and nobody can
stop you no more."
[ Joe ]
This is real
I just-- I did
something wrong,
you know,
and I made a deal
with the government...
[ Linda Crying ]
Don't go back.
Shh, don't cry.
All right, Braxton,
let's go.
I'll give you a minute
to say good-bye.
Hey, stop it. Don't try
to drive no buses.
[ Harold ]
Hey, big momma, come here.
Come here.
Hey, man, you're
gonna make me cry.
[ Kids Laughing ]
No more swearing.
[ Laughing ]
I love you.
I ain't no loser.
I'm a tough
Puerto Rican.
[ Laughing ]
You better
believe it, man.
[ Engine Starts ]
Get out.
Go on back home.
[ Laughs ]
Joe's back !
[ Kids Cheering ]
- Open your eyes
to your feelings
- Joe !
Show me that you care
Just like the stars
in the heavens
Love is everywhere
Open your eyes
to your feelings
[ Kids Cheering ]
Your heart
will let you see
And let me say
that I love you
God bless you and me
Open your eyes
to your feelings
Your heart
will let you see
And let me say
that I love you
God bless you and me