Butch vs. Sundance (2023) Movie Script

I am Charles Siringo.
I am a Pinkerton detective.
I am the law.
I have sworn an oath to rid the west
of any and all known outlaws,
who break the law in my dominion.
I am currently on the trail of an outlaw who shot down a young girl
in cold blood during a botched robbery,
That man ... is Robert Parker,
also known as Butch Cassidy.
With my associates Tom Horn
and Detective Chas Schumacher,
we have managed to arrest or eliminate
many of Cassidys known relatives
as well as his fellow outlaws who call themselves
the Wild Bunch.
Now Cassidy has teamed up with a new protg
Harry Longabaugh, also known as the Sundance Kid
and his longtime belle, Etta Place,
an equally cunning outlaw in her own right.
The three of them ambushed myself and Tom Horn
in a hail of gunfire.
With any partnership there is sometimes
a knotted rope that can slowly unravel.
That knot for Butch and Sundance is Etta.
With Tom Horn dead, theres no time to wait.
They must be stopped.
Dead or alive.
There it is.
Yeah, I see it.
This plan of yours better work, Butch.
Itll have to work.
Them rail ties are gonna slip right under that cow catcher
and theyll be forced to stop.
Otherwise itd derail that train.
Stop the train!
Thats it, gentlemen.
Dont do nothing stupid and nobody gets hurt.
We had a bet to see if you guysd stop the train on time.
He won.
Now go on and git!
Lets go!
Morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Now theres no need to be alarmed.
You all behave yourselves
and you will get to where youre going today.
Youre fast, Sundance...
but Im willing to bet Im faster than both of you.
Whoa, whoa, hold on now.
Dont you know this mans reputation?
I dont even know who this man is.
This here is Detective Chas Schumacher.
Another Pinkerton?
What the hell is it with you and all these Pinkertons?
So, detective, what is your reputation?
Why dont you answer the question
for Sundance, Mr. Curry?
What happened? Wheres Ben and Laura?
Son of a bitch killed em both.
You have a choice, gentlemen.
Drop those guns and live.
Or if you think youre faster than me,
you can die right here and now.
Either way, I get a keen reward for both of you.
But Im willing to bet you aint faster than
a gun at your head, are you, Mr. Schumacher?
Drop it.
Kindly take your seat.
Whoa! That had to hurt.
Etta, you find the safe?
Yeah, its in the next car, just like you said it would be.
You, uh, you got the coach, Butch.
Yeah, wasnt the plan there Sundance, but I got it.
Youre doing great.
Everybody just keep doing it just like this
and well be out of your hair in no time.
Lets go, darling.
Were headin back to Robbers Roost after Folsom.
A bunch of detectives waiting for us. Ambushed us.
Put a bullet in all of them.
This son of a bitch shows up
and puts Laura and Ben down in cold blood.
Ladies first.
I see you.
Got it?
Five hundred dollars in diamonds.
I just want to see you wearin em.
Come on.
Lets go, Butch.
We gotta help Curry.
No, we do not.
Then go without me!
Suit yourself.
Wait, just shoot through the chains.
Im not running around with shackles
hanging off of me, Etta.
Well, then good luck to you, Curry, because were leaving.
Come on.
Wait, wait. Harry, we are not leaving him.
Dont call me Harry.
Here you go, morons.
Hurry it up.
Thank you.
Curry, dont.
Theres children on this train.
All right, the coast is clear.
Go. Get out of here.
Thanks for helping me out back there.
Its twice now, but dont go thinking I owe you.
I dont.
Sorry about Ben and Laura.
They knew the risks.
They were your friends, Curry.
You want to survive in this life,
its every man for himself.
Whatd yall steal, anyway?
Were about to find out.
Lets open her up and see what we got.
Have some patience for once in your life.
All right, yall, here we go.
What is that?
Im not going to ask you again.
This is whats going to set us up for the rest of our lives.
A banker friend Fred told me about this months ago.
Its a combination to a safe, address to a mine.
Are there diamonds or not, Butch?
No. There were never any diamonds.
Damn it.
Let me finish.
We need money.
We need money now.
Were going to have plenty of money.
After this, we aint going to have to worry
about money ever again.
Oh, dont give me that happy horseshit.
I cant believe that you talked me into
another one of your moronic schemes.
I want to hear this so quit your belly aching
and sit your fancy ass back down.
Lets hear it, Butch. You better be good.
Says the guy we sprung twice from the law.
So the reason they put something like this in a bag like that
is proper people know what theyre looking for.
Regular folk, crew on a train. Dont give another thought.
Just think its a regular coin bag.
I aint heard nothing good yet Butch.
Okay. Well, this combination is to a safe
at the Pleasant Valley Mining Company.
Yall heard of it?
They struck it rich in gold.
And the mines owned by the U.S. Treasury.
The U.S. Treasury uses gold to back up their paper notes.
So youre talking about stealing gold?
Oh, yeah. A lot of it.
Every six months is a shipment of gold,
20, 50 gold bars from Utah to Washington, DC.
Each bar, $100,000.
You believe that?
Hell, yeah. Fred told me.
Hes a banker. Ive known him for years.
Never steered me or Mike or... Alice wrong ever.
Yeah, the banker that gave you up
and then steered Charlie Siringo and Tom Horn on to us at Folsom.
Remember, we were counting on Fred doing that.
That was part of the plan.
Oh, I remember killing Siringo.
And I remember you killing Tom.
But old Fred still gave you up, didnt he?
But that dont matter right now.
Hey, lets get back to the gold.
So all this gold, it ships out by the end of the week.
Of course it does.
The way I see it, we got the combination to a safe.
We got the address to a mine.
Its that simple.
All we got to do is break into the mine, find the safe,
load up the gold bars.
And we spend the rest of our days not having
to do another robbery ever again.
Go anywhere we want, no law chasing after us.
Hell, I mean, even one gold bar each
set us up for a long time.
Im in.
But this better be real Butch.
Id stake my life on it.
Might come to that.
Harry, what do you think?
Why didnt you tell us about this in the first place, Butch?
Because I knew you wouldnt go for it.
Oh, you got that right.
Theres no way in hell I was going to rob a train
for a damn piece of paper.
This is real. Im telling you.
I know it.
So you in or out?
Hell, no, Im not in.
Im not risking my neck based on some yellow-bellied banker
spinning tall tales about a pot of gold in some mysterious mine.
It could be a trap for all we know.
We need money right now.
And were going to have it.
Do you know anyone, anyone who can confirm this?
I told you, Fred told me.
I dont get a damn what Fred told you.
I want proof the mine exists.
Well, theres only one way to find out.
We have to ride out there and see.
Yeah, we do, darling.
Were going to be out there with the law looking
all over for us and we dont even know if the thing is real.
Of course, youre gonna take Butchs side.
Im not taking anybodys side.
Im just trying to think rationally.
Im going to step outside and see how I quit your hollering.
Nobody moves. Nobody dies.
Ive shot five people all at once before.
Four would just be practice.
I acted like you knocked me out so you idiots would escape.
And I could follow you here.
I didnt really want to risk killing all of you
and having an innocent casualty on the train.
Because Im sure thats a tough wound
to carry around with you all your life.
Isnt it Butch?
Oh, you havent heard about that story, Miss?
About how Butch Cassidy killed a young girl
in a botched bank robbery?
Thats why he quit loading his gun for so long
until it was necessary to kill again.
Rest in peace, Tom Horn.
And I also heard about the little heist youre planning.
Wheres the note?
Too bad none of yall will ever see that come to fruition.
Dont shoot.
we dont need another dead lawman on our hands.
Ill take that note back now, Curry.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going?
Were in this together. Were partners.
I told you its every man for himself, Butch.
Dont make me kill ya.
You cant pull that job off by yourself,
youre going to need help.
Thats plenty of gold for all of us.
Get out of my way.
What the hell you do that for?
He was about to kill you.
I could have talked some sense into him!
Theres no talking sense into an animal, butch.
He would have killed all of us if he had the chance.
You know what? Im done.
Im done with you.
Sick and tired of your foolish schemes,
constantly hesitating to pull a trigger on a man,
and you cant even find it in yourself to thank me
for saving your life again.
First with Siringo, and now Kid Curry.
Hell with you, butch. Were leaving.
Come on, Etta.
Guys, I think that we need to talk about this a minute.
Were getting in a little over our head here.
What are you going to do? Kill me?
I dont want to.
But I also dont want you putting a bullet in my back
when I walk out that door.
So drop your gun and slide it over to me.
Currys gun too. Nice and slow.
Etta, mind getting that gun?
It was nice knowing you, partner.
Weve got to move.
They got me in the shoulder.
Yes? Can I help you?
Hello, Fred.
I cant believe Sheriff Beck gave those horrible men
the location of poor Alices ranch.
What kind of animals could do that to such a sweet old lady?
And thats why theyre dead.
Yes, they deserved to die.
But you gave Horn and Siringo the location of my ranch.
Now I dont know that I can trust you anymore, Fred.
I am so sorry, Butch.
I was afraid they were going to kill me.
And they would have.
But honestly, I was counting on you giving them up to me.
You were?
The less you knew the better, Fred.
I did leave a little something for Horn and Siringo
to find at my ranch that led them to come look for me.
You sly dog.
Id say you killed those ruthless lawmen.
You still betrayed me, Fred.
I know.
I know and I intend to make it up to you.
That note I gave you a few weeks ago about the gold mine?
Im planning on riding
to the Pleasant Valley mine as well.
But before I do, I want to make sure that its real.
It is. I promise you.
And Ive got something to make up
for giving those men the location to your home.
When you go to the mine, I want you to ask
for Hank Urich and tell him youre looking for a job.
Hanks the manager there.
Tell him youre my good friend
and that you worked as my assistant manager
here at the bank.
Ill shoot him a telegraph that youre coming.
And why am I getting a job there, Fred?
Whats that going to do for me?
I havent told you everything.
Well, please do.
The gold is there, but its heavily guarded.
Youre going to want to steal it
when it gets put aboard the train going to D.C.
But theyre constantly changing the schedules.
The times, the days, what train itll be on.
If you get a job there working with Hank,
itll save you a lot of guesswork.
Youll know what train the safe is going to be on.
Its usually on the second or third freight car.
Okay, Fred.
So you want me to send that telegraph off to Hank?
Telling him that Mr. Santiago Maxwell is coming for a job?
Please do.
You got blood on your shoulder.
This was my favorite shirt.
Someone tried to spring Curry?
Sprung be more accurate.
Who do you think, Charlie?
Tell me you killed that son of a bitch.
Sundance, along with his little girlfriend Etta Place,
and Butch Cassidy.
They rob a Colorado southern rail,
freed Curry during the process.
I made play, let them all escape.
You what?
I was in complete control the whole time.
I didnt want to risk there being any innocents
getting killed in a gunfight on a train.
I see that.
I let them escape, I followed them,
I got eyes on their hideout.
Then there was a confrontation
that didnt really seem to go to my favor
seeing as how I got shot and all.
That bastard Sundance owes me a new shirt.
Put that back.
Go on.
Oh, but there is some good news.
Seems your other acquaintance, Fred,
over there at the "Du Boys" National Bank,
provided Butch with some sort of a note or something,
something about a gold heist.
And while I did not receive said note,
I am willing to bet you we pay old Fred a visit,
hell cough up the fine details.
Where does this leave us with Sundance, Chas?
It appears that he and Cassidy had some sort of
a falling out over the train robbery,
and Sundance killed Curry.
Sundance killed Curry?
I thought Sundance freed Curry, under your custody, Chas.
Curry tries to make off with this bank note
while Butch and Sundance are arguing,
and then Butch tries to stop Curry,
and then Curry pulls a gun on Butch,
and then Sundance shoots Curry.
Dead, right there.
And? Go on.
Everybody knows that Butch Cassidy
had the combination of a safe etched
onto the handle of his pistol.
And seeing how local law enforcement
in "Du Boys" has always been...
Du Bois.
Well, seeing as how they have a longstanding
friendly relationship over there,
Im going to bet you that that safe
is at the Du Bois National Bank.
But Sundance...
Sundance took Butchs pistol after the argument.
He did?
Why do you suppose hed do that, huh?
We go wait on the bank,
we get the information on this gold heist
which Butch is planning with Fred,
and we nab Sundance and his little girlie,
when they show up all at the same time.
Its a skillet shot.
I like it.
You like it?
You sure Currys out of the way?
Dead. Buzzards probably got him by now.
Lets go.
I dont like this, Harry.
Whats not to like?
You let Butch take the chance on that mine,
and if it dont exist, or the gold
is a farce like I think it is,
its no work for us.
But if it does exist, if there is gold, and he gets it...
Then what?
We take it.
What? We rob Butch?
Shh, not so loud.
But yes, we take it from him.
Youre kidding me, right?
Butch has screwed us over twice now.
Those bags from the Folsom train robbery
turned out to be mostly paperwork
with little payroll money at all.
Shoot, hes a lucky Kid Curry didnt kill him for that one.
And then he has his risk our necks for a bag of rocks
with a piece of paper about a mine filled with gold
I never heard of before?
Well, you dont know everything, Harry.
Hey, I know enough, and Im sure I would have heard something
about a gold mine in Pleasant Valley.
Im sorry, I cant do that to Butch.
Yeah, thats because you like him.
Oh, come on, Harry.
Oh, you like him, dont deny it.
Well, I am, and I dont like him.
Im here with you, arent I?
Then why you keep taking his side of things?
Im not taking his side.
Im just against your idiotic ideas.
You have a temper, youre impatient,
and you think you know everything.
Oh, and Butch is just the sweetest,
nicest gentleman in the world, isnt he?
Hell, you heard Chas Schumacher.
Butch Cassidy is a kid killer.
You dont know that.
Well, Ive been thinking about it,
and its starting to make perfect sense to me.
It took his stepmother being murdered for him to kill a man.
You notice how he didnt kill
any of those other lawmen at Folsom?
Just Tom Horn, because it was personal,
because it meant something to him.
Yeah, that little goody-two-shoes act,
its all for show.
He is a dangerous outlaw, Etta, and not to be trusted.
So, Im sorry to break it to you,
but hes not the great fella you think he is.
Well, I dont think hes a great fella.
Then the hell with him.
Lets let him rob this mine,
and if he gets the gold, we take it from him.
Everything okay over here?
Yeah, fine. Mind your own business.
Or maybe...
Maybe youre waiting to see if there is gold,
and if there is, youre gonna run off with him, huh?
Buy a house, start a family, raise some kids.
Yeah, I think Im on to you now, Etta.
And I noticed from the start, the way you look at him,
the way you listen, the way you touched his arm.
Yeah, you like him.
Hell, you maybe even love him.
You are absolutely insane.
Or an idiot. Im not sure which.
But I cant even believe
that you would think something like that.
Where you going?
Away from you.
I need some fresh air.
Walk out that door, dont bother coming back.
Dont say something you dont mean Harry.
Oh, I mean it.
Goodbye, Harry. I wish you well.
Yeah, well, I wish you well, too,
because I wont be here when you come crawling back.
And if I ever see you again,
and youre together, you better watch your back.
And nobody crosses the Sundance Kid!
What are you looking at?
There you go.
Just as you predicted.
Are you Fred?
Yeah, you definitely look like a Fred.
Um... who might you be?
Sundance Kid.
Oh my.
Are you here to rob us?
I already did.
But Im not here to rob you today.
Im here because my friend Butch sent me
to grab a little spending money out of his safe.
Um... He didnt say anything to me about it.
Well, it was very last minute.
Gave me his gun.
The combination.
He didnt have anything to write on,
and Ive had so many combinations in my head.
I can understand that.
Well, Ill let you in the back and do what you need to do.
I guess this is some traveling money for Pleasant Valley.
Safe room is straight back there.
Thank you, Fred.
Butch always had good things to say about you.
Bring it on.
Oh, for Christs sake.
What are you doing here?
I see youre hanging out at the Seven Rivers Warriors Gang.
You know theyre dangerous, Mike.
Not as dangerous as I am.
Besides, its numbers.
Well, I found you.
I heard your heart beating.
Clever. Youve always been clever.
Went to the ranch first, thought youd be there.
Every time I would be there,
I just think of what could have been.
I loved your mom.
You aint changed, Mike.
Im not the same man, though.
Lets agree to disagree, okay? Were good at that.
You hear Charlie Siringos still alive?
Nine lives.
Some could say the same about you.
Im here about a job, Mike. Gold.
You know, hiding out from the law, you gotta not be found.
The way to do that is with a lot of money.
Butch, Im not a bank robber.
God almighty, Ive never been a bank robber.
I wouldnt be good at it.
Im not good at threatening people.
I aint asking you to rob nobody, okay?
The best cattle rustler I ever known.
And thats what I need from you.
Its a small favor and a big reward.
Who big a reward?
I tell you this, after I get this gold,
I aint gonna have to be Robert Parker no more.
I aint gonna have to be Butch Cassidy.
You, too.
Put our past behind us, we can start anew.
You know what?
You got me. Im in.
Lets do it.
Detective Siringo, youre alive.
Indeed I am.
Wheres Sundance?
The safe room. Back there.
Stop what youre doing.
Raise your hands and turn around, slowly.
Nice to see you again, Sundance.
I thought I killed you.
I dont die.
Me neither.
Get his gun, Chas. And the belt.
Youre just as predictable as every other petty outlaw.
Youre right about me being clever.
But never petty.
Walk to me.
Caught you, didnt we?
You first, Chas.
Put it down.
Drop the rifle!
Im sorry, boys.
I just want to see if I can get away with it.
Cant blame a boy for trying.
Sundance Kid! Remember that name.
Get him, Chas.
Hell with you, Fred.
Well, Mr. Maxwell, if Fred speaks this highly of you,
I say I have no other option than to offer you employment.
Thank you, sir, Mr. Urich.
However, you look like youve seen your way
around some hard labor.
While I do like working in an office as such,
I also prefer working outdoors mostly.
Now tell me, how familiar are you with dynamite?
Very familiar, sir.
Ranch I worked on in my youth,
we had to clear a path through some hillage
for safe travel for cattle.
So youre not only experienced the implementation of dynamite,
but you are acutely aware of the dangers of it as well.
Uh, oh yes, sir.
Look, Im going to be honest with you, Mr. Maxwell.
I just started an expansion tunnel,
but there was a cave-in.
I lost several men.
Should you feel the urge to give that endeavor another go,
perhaps you have some compatriots
that could assist you?
I could hire you as assistant manager, pay you a little more,
and I would pay your men handsomely as well.
Oh yes, sir. I know some fellas now.
Splendid. I had a suspicion you would.
Excuse me, Mr. Urich.
We have a man from Davenport Steel here to see you.
Thank you.
File these invoices alphabetically for me
in my absence, wont you?
Yes, sir. I can do that for you.
Ill just be a minute,
then Ill take the outside and show you the expansion tunnel.
Sheriff Beck around.
No, sir. Im the new law around here.
Sheriff Jeremiah Mills.
What can I do you gentlemen for?
Charlie Siringo. Pinkerton detective agency.
Nice to meet you, Sheriff.
Well, I know you, sir.
And, uh, might you be Chas Shoemaker?
Oh, Ill be damned.
Two legendary lawmen.
And who might this unfortunate little bastard be?
Harry Longabaugh. The Sundance kid.
Well, Ill be damned.
Makes sense you get him here.
Him being one of Butch Cassidys boys.
Butch Cassidys one of my boys.
I imagine youre looking for a place
to lock him up for a while.
We are, sir.
And Im hoping that we can use your office for a spell.
Well, you go right ahead and make yourself at home.
We thank you.
Im going to run over and get something to eat.
You boys hungry?
-Yeah. -Not you.
-Im fine. -Im fine as well.
Are you sure?
Maybe later, Sheriff.
Well, all right. Ill leave yall here.
Enjoy that meal.
Oh, I will. Not you.
Put him in there.
Little bit of advice.
The next time you shoot a man in the heart,
you make sure hes dead.
Well, Ill be sure to shoot you in the head next time.
Well, considering your poor aim in the bank just now,
Im not too concerned.
Soon as that sheriff comes back, well go talk to that banker.
All right.
What do yall want with that banker?
None of your business.
Youre talking about little Fred, right?
Maybe I can save you the trouble.
Like were going to trust anything you have to say.
Try me.
Fancy me grabbing my ledger,
yet neglecting a writing utensil.
Almost done, sir. Just a few more.
Excellent, Mr. Maxwell.
Always a pleasure doing business with you.
All done, sir.
Know your alphabet.
Excellent. Excellent.
Now, lets go look at that little project of ours.
Follow me.
Im guessing you need information on that gold mine.
The one Butch is planning on robbing.
See, you heard just enough back at the cabin Chas,
but you dont know all the details.
See, that banker has been helping Butch out for years.
What makes you think hes going to tell you anything?
We can get anything we want out of that banker.
How do you think we found out about
you and Cassidy and that Folsom station job?
See, thats where you fellas dont give
Butch Cassidy enough credit.
Butch told Fred to give up the location of the ranch.
Didnt you think he was awfully convenient
that Etta told you he was heading
right for the Folsom train?
Thats right, smart guy.
You played right into Butch Cassidys little plan,
and youre probably about to fall
into another one of his little traps.
Youre not going to pull that trigger.
You need me if you want Butch Cassidy,
because you dont know what big fat lie
that bankers going to tell you next.
You expect me to believe that youd double-cross your partner?
Not my partner anymore.
Why is that?
-Charlie-- -Hush!
What happened between you two?
He started moving in on my woman.
Youd dissolve a partnership...
over a woman?
My woman.
And that train robbery.
Supposed to be diamonds on board,
instead it was a bag of rocks.
I told you they would all turn on each other.
A woman.
Its the truth, Charlie.
Its in line with everything I observed at the cabin.
-Bah... -And that note I told you about.
Fred gave Butch written on that sheet of paper,
its the combination to the safe
with the Pleasant Valley Mining company, Utah.
And its loaded with gold.
Thats right, and Butch is going after that gold.
Look, I can help you get him.
The bounty on his head is twice the one thats on mine.
And heck, if you want, we can even let him get the gold first.
Enlighten me, what exactly do you want in return?
You let me go.
You get Butch Cassidy, you can keep the gold if you want.
I get my freedom, and I get my woman back.
And youll never see me again, I promise you that.
Whats got into you?
Gold fever?
I wear the same badge as you, Charlie, in case you forgot.
Just askin.
I think we should play along with Sundance.
Let him think were going to let him go.
We use him to get to Butch.
We arrest him, bring them all in.
We renege on our deal with him,
we get the bounty for all of them.
Etta Place, too.
Then you get to see him hang by their necks.
I know thats important to you.
Or alternatively, we could
send Sundance in to kill Butch.
Then we kill Sundance and Etta.
Win either way.
The reward is dead or alive. I didnt write that.
Its dead or alive. Yes, sir.
I own the towns saloon
and Sheriff Mills come in and says
you met arrested the Sundance kid.
We did.
Did he rob you?
Oh, no. No, but he and his girl Etta Place
were having an argument in the saloon
when I was serving him up some whiskey.
Something about gold and double crossing Butch Cassidy.
But Etta left in a mighty big huff
and Sundance told her never come back.
I told all this to the sheriff
and he told me to come over and tell you men about it.
He was right to do that.
Thank you, son.
You can go now.
There is something about this
that just doesnt sit right with me.
All right.
Well do it.
You gentlemen think over my proposal?
Come here.
We got a deal.
Were leaving first thing for Pleasant Valley in the morning.
You better get some sleep.
You too, sweetheart.
We never sleep.
Yes, sir?
Weve come to know that you provided
to Butch Cassidy information.
Information about a certain gold transfer
at the Pleasant Valley mining company.
Dont look at him.
Yes, sir.
Now, youre going to tell us everything.
And if you even think about trying to set me up in an ambush
like you did at Folsom,
I promise you I will string you up in the desert
and let the buzzards eat the flesh off you
while youre alive.
No need for such an extravagant threat, Detective Siringo.
Ill tell you everything I know.
Whoa, boy.
Bob, you in here?
Keep your hands up.
Now turn around nice and slow.
Wheres your gun, Butch?
Long story.
You come by yourself?
Yeah, its just me. What you so on edge for, Bob?
Took you long enough to find me.
Sometimes it takes a while, but I always find my man.
What do you want?
Well, first off, Id like to know
what happened at the Wilcox train robbery.
-Why didnt you show up? -I got sick.
You got sick.
Got stuck on a crapper all day.
Why would I turn that money down?
Aint exactly leaving a lot of luxury around here.
Yeah, I guess you aint.
So why are you here?
Youre gonna make things right.
Youre gonna do a job for me.
What kind of job?
Gold mine.
No, no, move, move.
What is it, Deputy?
Its what the fellow youve been looking for.
Appears someones planning on stealing some gold.
So, what do you think?
I like the part about the gold.
How long we gotta work at this place for?
Give it a day, maybe two.
Just gotta figure out which train the golds gonna be on.
What happened with Sundance? Wheres he at?
We, uh, had some problems.
What kind of problems?
Dont shoot, boys.
Part of the problem.
Come on in, Etta.
That water good?
It sure is.
So is it true?
What you said about Cassidy killing that girl?
It is.
He robbed a bank in Sweetwater,
Little girl just got caught in the crossfire.
Cassidy killed her in cold blood.
You say that like he meant to kill her.
Might as well have.
So, is Butch back to loading his gun after killing Tom Horn?
Back to loading your pockets unless you stop him.
Oh, we will.
Might even load our own pockets.
What? Talking about the reward.
Drink up.
Youre no good to me if you die of thirst.
Im so glad youre okay and...
I want in on this gold heist.
All right, then. But not too sure what you could do.
You aint exactly used dynamite before.
No, but you mentioned that invoice?
With the details of the gold shipment and the train?
Yeah, I did.
Well, I can help with that.
How so?
Well, youre not the only one, Butch Cassidy,
that can come up with a clever plan, you know.
Trust me.
I do.
Looking good, boys.
Good morning.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Right on time.
-Good morning to you. -Morning, morning.
This is the gentleman I told you about.
-Robert. -Robert. Yeah.
Everything alright, Mr. Goldman?
You seem like a good kid. Got an honest face.
Thank you, sir.
A face like that you could probably murder someone
and get away with it.
Yeah, well, Mr. Urich and I,
we werent exactly up front with you.
God damn mine has been a calamity of madness
and one thing after another.
I mean, the first team we had in here was 20 guys
and hell, we lost them all.
Then we had another group coming in
and trying to get them out and that went to hell.
Couldnt get anyone to go near the rock for weeks
until a few days ago.
These boys came through town and offered their services.
Offered to blow the whole thing up for us
and get us back on track.
They blew themselves up before they even got to the cave?
No. U.S. Marshals came.
-U.S. Marshals? -And arrested them.
You see, they were wanted outlaws on the run.
I guess they just wanted a little taste of that good life.
Want to steal our gold, you see?
And as you boys know, we make a lot of gold here.
We dont advertise, but we ship it out to
the U.S. Treasury up in D.C.
They use it to secure their paper notes.
So when you showed up out of the blue,
I certainly had cause for concern.
You got no worries with us, sir.
I assure you were just here to blow that cave up for you
and get you back into business.
Were two hired hands traveling from town to town
just looking for honest work.
I trust you.
Him? Not so much.
Well, frankly, boys, Im out of options.
I guess Ill let you guys get to work.
Thank you, sir.
Are you sure this is going to work, Mr. Maxwell?
Thats not a lot of dynamite.
Its not about too much or too little dynamite.
Its about what you want to do with it and where you place it.
Everybody clear out the area.
Best you turn away from that there.
Three, two, one.
That looked and sounded spectacular.
Would you like to inspect it, sir?
As a matter of fact, I would.
Kudos to you boys.
You know, you did exactly what you said you were going to do.
For a fine days work.
Thank you, sir.
You know its comforting to have a man of your skills on my team.
You could go far with the company
if it was of your choosing.
Well, thank you, sir.
I think Id like to take you up on that offer.
Both of us would.
I guess Ill see you boys tomorrow, bright and early.
Sounds good.
Im ready.
All good?
Yeah, were all set, boss. Lets go.
I know youre out there, Butch.
I dont know what youre up to,
but we know where youre going.
You pushed me too far!
Soon, Ill get my reckoning.
What do you see?
I see Cassidy.
Watching us.
Oh, yeah.
He was always a coward. Never mind him.
Were an hour away from the train station.
We gotta go.
What are you doing?
Lets call it a loyalty test.
See if youre a coward, too.
If I can truly count on you.
Wheres Chas?
I sent him on ahead to the train to get a jump on things.
You cant always rely on just luck and faith.
Thats a problem with you outlaws.
Youre always two steps behind the law.
All set.
Lets get it done.
The gold will be on the train when we get there.
What I saw is just Siringo and Sundance.
I dont know where Schumacher is.
It doesnt mean Siringo doesnt have a posse
wanting to ambush us before we get to the train.
He doesnt want to bring anyone else with him.
Its personal for him.
He wants Butch all to himself.
The one that got away.
Remember, dont want nobody getting killed.
Keep your eyes open for him.
Yeah, yeah, we know how you work, butch.
Lets get that gold in that train and in that safe.
-Give me my gun, Siringo. -Not on your life.
-We need backup. -I can handle it.
-Give me my damn gun, Syringo. -So you can shoot me again?
Not likely, son.
What about that loyalty test? Huh?
Im on your side, Siringo. Im still here.
Take a shot, Butch.
Waiting for the right one.
Bobs getting away!
Where are you going?
You Bob Meeks?
Whos asking?
Im the Sundance Kid.
I knew it.
I knew you liked him.
You always took his side.
You drove me to him.
You have no one to blame but yourself.
Etta, the train.
Come on!
Put it down, Mr. Longabaugh.
The wagons not here.
Must have loaded the safe aboard then left.
Golds on the train.
Everythings going to plan. Come on.
I shot Bob Meeks.
I would have shot Butch, too.
He got the upper hand, didnt he?
That was quite convenient.
The gun.
Trust me?
I have to use what Ive got to get what I need.
Theyre getting away.
After you.
Whoa, whoa.
Mr. Goldman, is there a problem, sir?
We need your help, Marshal. Theres trouble ahead.
Get yourself into town.
Get to safety. Lets go.
I uncoupled the train.
just as they all boarded the caboose.
Still have to be careful.
All right. Whats next, Butch?
Well, the way I see it, weve got two options.
We can let them bring the fight to us or we can take it to them.
I say we just kick them in the balls.
Yeah, well...
Either way, weve got to find the safe
thats got the gold in it.
All right, lets find that safe.
We go car by car.
You lead the way.
Wheres Chas?
Hes waiting.
Well, its either in this car or the next.
Whoa, you smell that?
Oh! I found it.
Good eye.
Ill get to work on this.
All right, Im going to go keep the engineer company.
because hes going to figure out he has half a train soon.
You let me know if theres any hundred gold bars in there.
Oh, I will.
Shh! Shh! -
Its me. Its me. Im not going to hurt you.
I promise.
Im not going to hurt you, Etta.
I would never hurt you. You know that.
Ill take my hand away.
Where are the others?
Somewhere between here and the middle of nowhere.
Well, howd you get here?
You know me. I have my ways.
Wheres Butch?
Im not going to hurt Butch either.
Etta, look, whatever happened between us,
I just want in on this.
I know I was wrong.
I should have believed Butch about the gold.
I shouldve listened to you.
If you want to run off with Butch, you do it.
I aint going to stop you.
I dont believe you.
Youre just going to kill him.
Have I ever lied to you?
Im not going to hurt him.
I just want some of that gold.
Now theres gold, right?
Third freight car. In a safe.
-Thats where Butch is? -Yeah.
Where are you headed just now?
The engineer.
Go tell him hes without a brake car.
Well, Ill go with you.
And then after that, well go see Butch together.
Nicely done, Sundance.
Give it up, darling.
Chas, get her.
Now, you go get your friend.
Bring him to me.
You heard what she said?
Golds in the safe in the third car.
I heard. Go get him.
All right.
Youre a liar!
Every man for himself, darling.
Im going to follow him.
I still dont trust him.
Dont move.
Its over, Butch.
You cant win.
Siringo and Chas are in the first car.
Thats smart, disconnecting the train.
But see, we think a lot alike.
I figured youd do that.
So Siringo and I, we climbed our way
all the way to the top of the train
and made our way to the locomotive.
Thats something I always wanted to do.
They have Etta, Butch.
And if you care about her like I think you do,
youll come with me.
Glad to see youre doing the right thing, partner.
Here he is.
Butch, Im so glad youre okay.
Butch Cassidy.
Big bad boss man of the plains.
Dont looks so bad to me.
Howd you manage to hook up with these buzzards?
Whatd they promise you?
My freedom.
Youre a fool to trust them, Sundance.
Cant you see theyre just using you?
Look what theyve done to Isom.
Isom Dart wasnt a friend of mine.
Just another no good cow thief like you.
What about Alice, then, huh?
Horn and Siringo, they murdered her.
She had never hurt nobody.
You murdered a little girl.
I dont see any difference.
Whats so funny?
Memory is a harsh mistress.
What does that mean?
That means you didnt kill that little girl.
I lied about that.
It made the bounty more attractive.
I thought you knew that.
But clearly, you have been living
with the burden of it all these years.
How about that?
I whittled you something.
Whats this?
A chess piece.
Knight takes pawn. Checkmate.
What, you just think theyre going to let you leave?
Theyre going to kill the both of you.
Not that you even cared for Etta anyhow.
The only person you ever cared about is yourself.
Etta always deserved somebody better than
some fancy dressing, reckless guns-a-blazing
loudmouth such as yourself.
I never loved Sundance. I only loved you.
I love you, Etta.
I knew it from the first moment I ever saw you.
Watch out, Butch!
I got him.
Go get him.
Smell that?
Theyre playing us.
Son of a bitch! You got my girl!
Wait a minute.
What is wrong with you, son?
Forget about your plan. We kill them now.
Forget about this dead or alive stuff.
I want them alive! You understand, Mr. Schumacher?
Well kill them. We get the gold.
The gold? There you are.
Again with the gold.
Every time you open your mouth, it seems to be about the gold.
Whats gotten into you, Mr. Schumacher?
Shoot a fellow detective in the back?
I will if I have to.
Then its time for you to die.
I dont die.
Stay back.
All right, Deputy. You can move up by the locomotive.
I want you to find out where the explosion came from.
Im gonna circle around by the caboose.
And these men are extremely dangerous.
Anything they say is not to be trusted.
-Understand? -Understood.
And we do everything by the book.
Sundance, what did you do?
They werent in there were they?
Please, Mr. Siringo, tell me they werent.
Im sorry there, but my cattle got a little ahead of me.
I did not plan to stop the train.
I never forget a face.
I put you in prison.
Yeah, well, thats true.
And, you know, it didnt work out
quite the way you wanted it to, did you?
But you know what, Siringo?
I did my time.
And youll see more. Trust me.
Charles Siringo?
I am.
U.S. Marshal Louis Pike would like to have a talk with you.
Hes here?
In the train car.
Good, thank you.
Charlie Siringo.
Marshal Pike.
How are you, sir?
What brings you here?
What you got going on here, Detective?
I have a situation. Myself and my associate,
Detective Chas Schumacher,
were in the process of apprehending
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
They were trying to rob a safe in the third car of this train,
a safe filled with gold
bound for the U.S. Treasury Department.
There was no gold in that train car.
I intercepted two guards who were tipped about a robbery.
Whered you find this?
We got a tip.
We found it in this office, in Cheyenne.
Looks like we got us a real Pinkerton.
No, thats impossible.
Maybe you ought to check the other coaches.
What do you happen to know about a gold bar
found in Schumachers jacket?
No, sir. I know nothing.
I know nothing about that.
I assure you, I have no idea how that got there.
Your partner was shot and killed.
We found a U.S. Treasury gold bar on him.
That does not make any sense at all.
I have no idea how Schumacher got a hold of that gold bar.
Mm-hmm. We also found, in your office,
an official document from the U.S. Treasury.
Right here, right there,
it has the location of the Pleasant Valley Mine,
with todays date and time.
Do you know what else?
The combination to the transportation safe.
Theres something going on here, Marshal.
I have no idea what it is.
I assure you, I had nothing to do with this.
What game is this, sir?
You are under arrest, Charlie Siringo.
-For what? -For robbery.
For possession of stolen goods
belonging to the United States Treasury Department
and for the murder of Alice Cassidy.
No, no.
Now, put your damn hands behind your back.
Do it! Do it now.
This is...
This is trickery.
Here we go.
This is trickery!
Do you know who I am?
Deputy U.S. Marshal William, arrest this criminal.
And please, do not go easy on him.
Adioski, you son of a bitch!
What took yall so long?
Oh, Marshals taking forever
to get Siringo in and out of there.
You come here, darling.
Im sorry about everything.
I got you a present.
Thanks for remembering to get that for me.
Of course.
What are yall doing out here in the middle of nowhere?
Waiting on old Kid Curry to rise from the dead!
I got to hand it to you, Butch, I didnt think
this cockamamie plan of yours was going to work.
Of course, Im almost dead because of your bad shooting
back at the church, Sundance.
Oh, quit your whining. I missed you by an inch.
Watch them hands, butch.
I dont know how yall pulled your parts off
with Siringo never caught on.
Its all a matter of whos listening
and whos telling the tales.
Im not risking my neck based on some
yellow-bellied banker spinning tall tales
about a pot of gold in some mysterious mine.
Hey, I know enough.
And Im sure I would have heard something
about a gold mine in Pleasant Valley.
Yeah, come to think of it,
it was hard to tell when you were acting back there,
Harry in the saloon.
What do you mean, darling? I didnt mean a word.
And I noticed from the start,
the way you look at him, the way you listen,
the way you touched his arm.
Yeah, you like it.
Hell, you maybe even love it.
What about Bob?
What about Bob? Hell live.
-But he shouldnt have. -I second that.
Well, like I said, dont need no more blood on our hands.
Dumb old Bobs got a big old mouth, but just what we need.
And Butch forced me to pull off the heist.
Then his partner Sundance shot me
and him and all those Pinkertons
went to get the gold on that train.
Butch and Sundance are dead.
One of them set off some dynamite.
Blew them both to bits.
The Wild Bunch is dead?
All of them?
Well, good riddance.
Any trouble with the miners?
Lets get that gold in that train and in that safe.
Dont move.
That gold aint going on that train.
Whoa, detective.
How may I help you?
Well kindly put aside two gold bars
for me and my partner, Mr. Schumacher, here.
Consider that insurance policy that you
and your man get off this station live.
Take the rest of the gold and ride into Pleasant Valley.
Dont stop for nobody.
Anybody gets in your way, you shoot them.
You got it.
Ill ride in the town and let the sheriff now.
Two Pinkertons hijacked us at the train station.
One had a handkerchief over his face.
Called the other one Schumacher.
How was old Mike, Curry?
He planted everything in Siringos office
for the Marshals to find them and then...
He hemmed and hawed about the dead bodies,
but he got the cattle in place.
Golds loaded up and on its way.
Oh, thats the last time I dig up
a couple of corpses for anyone.
Yeah, well, youre not going to have to do
a lot after this, Mike.
-Now, the cattle ready? -Yeah.
Yeah, he did.
You know, I was really worried that you two
were going to kill each other before you got off the train.
-Smell that? -Gunpowder.
You son of a bitch! You got my girl!
And I aint having it no more!
I was thinking about it.
I still am.
Now, who planted that gold on Schumacher?
Because Marshals were just supposed
to find the gold nearby, right?
I had a gold bar handy that I stashed during our fight.
Siringo killing Schumacher wasnt part of the plan,
so I improvised.
My girl.
Well, Ill be seeing yall.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You forgetting something, Curry?
Is there something weighing down your coat there?
You forgot to divvy out amongst your fellas.
-Thats right. -Yeah, I forgot about it.
Yeah, sure you did.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, darling.
Everybody get what was coming to them?
Yep. Everybody did.
Well, I guess well be seeing you then.
You aint never gonna see me ever again.
Im headed down to Mexico and Im gonna drown myself
in tequila and senoritas the rest of my life.
Go on then.
Be well, friend.
I dont need friends, I got gold.
But its been a hell of a ride.
Now take care of yourselves.
You, too.
And you.
I almost felt you meant some of those wicked things
you were saying about me.
Well, maybe a few.
Dont look at me.
Its not working?
Did I do it?
Yeah. Its time to make a change.
Well, I gotta get off before the sun sets.
I dont like it,
but I gotta mourn the both of you for a little while.
It shouldnt be too long.
Excuse me for a minute.
Excuse me.
Got your share?
I sure as hell did. Thank you, son.
Now you can disappear.
Be anyone you want to be.
Dont ever bother you ever again.
You know, you havent been right a whole lot,
but you were sure as hell right about the outlaw life.
Just not cut out for it, you know?
What you want to do now?
Id just like to be as close to Alice
as I can until my time runs out.
Fair enough?
I love you, Dad.
I love you.
Youve been a hell of a good partner in all this, Butch.
It was a good plan, too.
Well, I couldnt have done it without you. Or Etta.
Or the rest of the Wild Bunch.
Except next time, man...
Dont got to hit so hard when were just pretending.
What are you talking about? I wasnt pretending.
You hit me with a damn tree branch in the alley.
I aint playing with you, butch.
You cant even ride.
So what you gonna do now?
Heard South Americas nice.
South America?
Yeah, Bolivia.
You heard of it, aint you?
Oh, Ive heard of it.
I wasnt expecting it, but Ive heard of it.
Heard its real nice. Might end up there.
Well, maybe if we decide to come out of retirement,
might be fitting for us to partner up again.
What do you say?
Id ride with you any day.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Lets vaminos.