Butter (2020) Movie Script

[keyboard clicks]
Most people would say
the website is where
this wild ride began,
but for me, it started
two days earlier
in front of the TV,
watching the news.
Some airlines want to penalize
overweight passengers
charging them for two seats
if they can't fit into one.
Yes, we think it's a great idea
for the comfort of everybody.
It's also for the benefit
of the larger people.
They'll be more comfortable
with two seats, and
it's only fair to
charge them double.
Look, I get it.
It sucks to be next to
the fat guy on the plane,
but nobody's more
uncomfortable than that guy.
Squished into that tiny seat,
and knowing nobody wants
to sit next to him?
The humiliation
is payment enough.
[sniffs deeply]
Hi, honey, dinner will be
in about ten minutes.
Is everything all right?
[upbeat music]
[plays saxophone]
Honey, that was so beautiful.
Mom, I've asked you
a thousand times
not to sneak up on me.
Okay. Well, I didn't
mean to interrupt.
I just wanted to let you know
that your dinner is ready.
I'm not hungry.
But I made your favorite.
It might make you feel better.
Baby, it's really beautiful.
I hate it when
she calls me baby,
but, it's better than Butter,
which is what all
the kids at school call me.
-[message dings]
-[Anna] Hey, handsome.
Perfect, sweet, sexy, Anna.
I'd met her on this
online social app.
Hey, beautiful.
I fall asleep listening to
your song every night.
Never had anyone write
a song for me.
When am I going to hear
you play it in person?
Soon, very soon.
[Anna] I've been waiting.
When is soon?
[Butter] When I figure
out the perfect place.
Such a romantic. I can't
wait to meet you, JP.
I just signed on to say hi.
I got to run, tons of homework.
-[message dings]
-[Anna] Yeah, me too.
I got to finish reading
Jane Eyre for comp class.
[Butter] "I would rather be
happy than dignified."
Of course, you know Jane Eyre.
Is there anything
you don't know?
Ah, sweet dreams,
my mystery man.
[Butter] She was the
prettiest girl in school.
Naturally, I didn't tell
her I'm the fat guy
with the oversize desk in
the back of your comp class.
Want to chat? Yeah, right.
I told her my name was JP,
and I was the captain
of my soccer team
at a private school.
Anna loved that
I listened to her.
And now, three months later,
I was pretty sure she loved me.
If you love me like you say
You'll do
Let's not discuss
mom's food art.
When it came to feeding me,
mom bounced between whole
grain and whole fat,
vegetables and cupcakes,
hope and resignation.
She loved to feed me,
but felt guilty.
Like she was a bad mother
for letting me get so big.
Growing up, Dad said
my big frame was
[imitating Dad's voice]
built for playin' football.
But when I started growing out,
he didn't know what
to do with me.
He eventually stopped
talking to me altogether.
I still tried to trip
him up though.
Anything you see in there?
Any concerts?
Dad was a star quarterback
for the Arizona Sun Devils.
He took a hit to his head,
causing him to go
blind in one eye,
which destroyed any hopes
he had of going pro.
Cardinals are never going
back to the Super Bowl
if they play like this.
Oh wait! Wait, wait.
Don't go. Don't go.
I need both of your opinion
on which picture I should use
for my new real estate
site. Okay? Alright?
Okay. So,
there's this one,
and this one, and this
one, and this one.
Alright, so, this one,
see, I could put like
a little house there or like,
maybe my logo. And then,
this one is, I want,
you to let me sell
your house.
And then this one, I'm,
raising, the roof of a house.
And then this one
is standard. Like,
you know, what you would expect.
This one.
No, no, that one.
[clears throat]
Okay, eat up because we
don't want to be late
to your doctor's appointment.
Ma, will you hold my phone?
Another awesome side
effect of being
423 pounds is
-life-threatening diabetes.
-[knock on door]
Good morning. Good
morning. [chuckles]
There they are.
My favorite family.
Mom, come here. Bring it in.
-Good to see you.
-Hi, Dr. Bean.
-Good morning.
-Hi, Doc.
You know, they tell
me not to hug
but I can't help it.
I'm a hugger.
You know, it is what it is.
Alright, so, man,
lot to catch up on,
first of all,
how's your day going?
Stung a little bit,
but other than that,
feeling pretty good.
[clears throat dramatically]
Yeah. Um,
I've been a little tired
the last few weeks.
That's a little high but--
We've been cutting
back on sugar.
Oh yeah, but the diet's
on track, Mom.
Huh? Good carbs. Lots
of veggies and protein?
All right, looks like we're not
in a danger zone just yet.
Weight's up a little bit
since school began.
A little bit.
Okay. You know what?
You and me both.
I gained weight when
school to begin.
It's a stressful time of year.
Listen, sometimes
we take a step back
before we take a step forward.
I just wanna be able
to play the sax
without getting tired.
Is there a little lady
in the mix there?
You can tell me.
Dr. Bean knows all about
this stuff, go ahead.
Is there anyone to serenade?
-Maybe after I lose
some of this.
I'm serious, listen.
That's what I'm
talking about, man.
It's your personality.
You're so fun,
And you're funny,
and your music,
That's what the ladies
are going to care about.
More than anything else.
What's right in here.
Okay? But first got
to love ourselves
-before we love the ladies.
-Okay, Doc.
All right. Hey, patience
is a virtue.
-The weight's going to come off.
-All right.
You just keep doing
what you're doing.
See you in a couple
of weeks, oh--
Let's do it the way kids do it.
-All right.
-All right.
Boom. Wait, did I do that?
-Yeah, you got to--
No, no, I always--
[both] Boom!
Ahh! I love that.
Give it to me, Mom.
Boom, all right. Mom gets it.
Holy shit, man.
Sorry, Mom. You remember
Tucker, right?
From FitFab.
Oh, my goodness.
Wow, you look amazing.
Tuck, what happened?
You look like you
lost a hundred pounds.
Thanks. It's a good feeling.
What about you?
Are you losing...
Uh, how is
your diet going?
Do I look like I'm
sticking to the diet?
Well, just keep workin' on it.
Got to find something
that works for you.
Yeah. Yeah, I'll do that.
Tucker Smith, are we ready?
Uh, Ready.
Later, Butter, good luck.
Wow, he looks great, doesn't he?
-Can we go?
-Sure, baby, sure.
Tuck had been my bunk mate
every summer for three years
at FitFab, Fit and Fabulous.
I guess he knows what
fabulous feels like now.
Me, I'd given up on that dream.
I'd pretty much given
up on myself.
My mind is filled
with ghosts
And more than most of all
my love's gone wrong
My mind should be the way
Most people say that
I should just move on
My mind is focused on
Things past and gone where
I have no control
Hey, Professor.
Professor Dunn was
the music teacher.
Everyone called him
the Professor
because he played with
the Boston, Philadelphia,
-and the New York symphonies.
-Hey, Professor.
He had the highest degree
from Julliard.
He was the coolest dude I knew,
next to Dr. Bean.
You pick your electives
for next semester yet?
Well, I'm still between
underwater basket weaving,
and leprechaun hunting.
Yeah, if only your comedy were
as impressive as your music.
At least the comedy,
you're willing to share.
Look, Professor, I told you.
I'll come jam out with
the brass band boys
-anytime you like.
But the school band,
that's just not my style.
I only ask that
you think about it.
You're a rare talent.
I miss having you in my class.
I'll think about it.
Alright, you're going to
be late to first period.
You better run.
Do I look like I run?
Well, walk fast then.
[reluctantly] All right.
[bell rings]
Anna, pay attention.
Please read from where
we left off yesterday
in Chapter 17.
I have, for the first time,
found what I can truly love.
I found you.
I love that every day
started out with
seeing my Anna.
Anna McGinn was perfect
in every way.
Got my existence about
you and kindling,
and pure powerful flame
fuses you and me in one.
Honestly, Jeanie, go to hell.
You don't need to take
that shit, Jeanie.
You're a joke.
You're literally
gonna call me a slut.
Anna, you can talk dirty
like that to me anytime.
[boys laughing]
Which asshole was
talking about my Anna?
Asshole was right.
Jeremy Strong.
The way he leered at her
made my skin catch fire.
You are such a bitch, Jeanie.
And he was going after my girl?
Anna! Anna!
I, um,
-Well, I,
Well, spit it out, man.
I just wanted to make
sure you were okay.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Yeah, she's fine, Butter.
Why don't you waddle back
to the big and tall section?
Didn't know Anna
had a new boyfriend.
I wasn't sure you
liked them so big.
[students laughing]
He's cute. He is cute, right?
Two double Bounce burgers
fully loaded,
double order
sweet potato fries,
chocolate-cherry shake,
and an apple pie.
No, make that two.
Will that be all?
Probably not.
That's it for now.
I couldn't remember what
anything had tasted like,
but I had to keep eating.
I ate to feel satisfied.
I ate to relieve my pain.
I ate to forget.
But now I'm going higher
than I've ever been
Baby please don't
let me down
'Cause I'm coming alive
I tasted more of it coming up
than I did going down.
Online, Anna was there,
ready to fill me in
on the cafeteria.
The fight was over some
most likely blog
about West Scottsdale
High students.
Most likely to win
a million dollars,
or to be a doctor
or a stripper,
or a warthog, who cares.
Anna had been voted
most likely to have
a white-picket-fence life,
and Jeanie most likely
to get divorced, twice.
These facts lead Jeanie
to call Anna a slut.
[Anna] So I told Jeanie to go
to hell and then walked away.
And this big kid stopped
to ask if I was okay.
It made a big scene, and
everyone was staring at me.
Oh wow! How did
that make you feel?
[Anna] I was embarrassed,
for the kid and me.
[Butter] But it seems
like the kid was looking
out for you. That's nice.
Yeah, I'm just
shook up from it.
And really pissed at Jeanie.
I mean, BFFs should
treat each other better.
[Butter] I think you should
apologize to Jeanie.
What? She started it.
Maybe she was hurting inside.
Take the high road.
She is your friend.
Hmm. I'll think about it.
I feel like I can't
talk with her
the way I can talk with you.
You really understand me.
Anna, you better not--
Urgh! Got to run.
Momzilla on the prowl. Ciao.
My category had definitely
drawn some attention.
The comments from strangers
were mostly nasty
but some of the posts
from West Scottsdale High
students were almost proud.
"I once saw him
eat an entire large pizza
without taking a breath."
"I bet he weighs
500 pounds! Top that!"
Top that? Seriously?
It was like I was their mascot.
Our Yeti can eat your Yeti.
Then I saw this.
A tub of butter! No puking!
Bullshit! That was
not what happened.
It was the summer
before my freshman year.
I had just returned
from FitFab.
I'd lost 16 pounds and wanted
to keep the momentum going
with diet and exercise.
-You want any bread
with that salad?
-No thanks.
You sure? We bake it fresh
daily in the kitchen.
I said, no, thanks.
Oh, come on, one little
bread won't kill you.
A nice warm, [sniffs] toasty,
sweet, salty.
-You sound like a porn star.
-What'd you just say to me?
Will you just tell me what
I owe you for the salad.
-What you owe me is an apology.
-I owe you?
You treat all your
customers like this,
or you're just getting off
on torturing the fat kids?
Hey, Brian, everything
all right?
What, you got a problem?
I think he was supposed
to look tough,
but with the electric
green hairnet,
I couldn't bring
myself to be afraid.
[diners laugh]
-Did he pay?
Got to go to work now
Got to go to work now
-Got to make it hurt
Got to make it hurt
[tires squeal]
Now who's going to be sorry?
Now what is this fat-ass doing
at a salad bar anyway, huh?
-Not payin' for a thing.
-I didn't take the food.
Well, we can't exactly put it
back in the bar now, can we?
Okay, fine yeah,
I'll give you the money.
We're not robbing
you, Sasquatch.
[chuckles] You can
keep your wallet.
Then what do you want?
We just came out here
to give you your lunch.
You called in backup
to give me my salad?
Oh, I think you're gonna
like this a whole lot better.
I'm not hungry.
I don't care.
Yeah, I'm not eating
that, obviously.
So, unless you're gonna hit
me over the head with it,
I'm just gonna, I'm gonna go.
Look, if you don't eat this,
I'm gonna make high
school hell for you.
Go eat yourself,
if you can find it.
Get him down.
-Come on!
-No! [whimpers]
Come on, guys, pin him down.
Get off me, what the
hell. God! Let me go.
-Eat it.
-No, I'm not going
to eat plain butter.
Oh, I would've
brought you bread,
but I guess you
don't like bread. Eat it.
Hold him down.
Come on, hold him down.
Eat it.
-Eat it. Come on. Eat it.
Slow down. I'll eat
it. [breathless]
Good boy.
Get him up.
Finish it.
Eat it.
BOYS: [chuckling]
Finish it.
Jeez, that was hardcore.
Kid, what's your name anyway?
His name's Butter.
BOYS: [laughing]
Hey, boys, come on. Let's go.
[playing saxophone]
[knock on door]
You left this at school.
-Your mom said I could come up.
-May I come in?
-I guess.
So I heard there was an incident
in the cafeteria,
with Anna McGinn.
-What happened?
-Nothing, it was stupid.
You want to talk about it?
There's nothing to talk about.
You know, you can tell me.
What's goin' on?
I'm never going to
fit in, Professor.
I got no friends.
The kids just look at me,
judge me the way I look.
I'm just a freak.
Many kids feel the
same way that you do.
Oh, bullshit.
Look at me.
You wanna lose the weight?
Then do it. Huh?
The way you play that sax,
I know you have the discipline.
I know you're trying
to help, Professor,
but you don't know
what it's like to...
live in this body.
I have rehearsal with
the brass band boys
down at Rogan's tomorrow
after school.
Come by if you feel
like playin'.
-I'll think about it.
Listen, if you ever need
someone to talk to, I'm here.
Thanks, Professor.
Give me some love.
[door opens and shuts]
Is he going to be okay?
Well, he'll be fine.
Some sort of an altercation
at lunchtime.
Kids can be so cruel,
but he just stays to himself.
I just wish he would
make some friends.
Yeah, it was probably
his smart mouth
that got him into trouble.
I really don't know
what happened
but uh...
try to get him into
band next semester.
Thank you.
[gentle music]
Camelback Mountain
was my mountain.
I loved it when Dad and
I used to come up here
with his telescope.
We'd stargaze, and Dad would
quiz me on the constellations.
He was an astronomy buff,
an amateur historian,
a certified public accountant,
and a perfectionist.
Good luck being his kid
and failing at anything.
Of course, the one
thing I never failed at
was playing the saxophone.
Something Dad didn't
care about.
He could keep his
stupid telescope.
I'd rather have my music and
our mountain all to myself.
[plays saxophone]
With every note I unleashed,
I allowed myself a new
beat of self-pity.
G, parents who give up on you.
A flat, people who stare at
you, but don't really see you.
B flat, kids who would
rather watch you eat
than hear what you have to say.
B, I need to be listened to.
A reckless idea began
to take shape in my head.
I will not be ignored.
Setting up a website took
me less than 15 minutes.
By the time I began typing on
I felt committed, like
there was no turning back.
New Year's Eve. It was
exactly four weeks away.
And the last day of the year.
There's poetry in that.
-[message dings]
-[Anna] Are you up?
Are you there?
Hey, I'm here.
Guess what? I did it.
I apologized to Jeanie,
and she apologized too,
and now we're back
to being BFFs.
Thank you for giving
me such good advice.
That's why I'm here.
[Anna] Hey, here's my new
favorite song by Bedon.
It reminds me of you.
Can't wait to listen to it.
I have to meet you, JP.
Have you thought about when?
[Butter] I thought of
Anna's perfect lips
and dark eyes,
I desperately wanted
to kiss her forehead
the way my dad kissed my mom's,
but I knew she would never
accept me the way I was.
I knew we could never meet.
Are you there?
New Year's Eve.
Oh, but that's a month away.
[Butter] It'll be here
sooner than you think.
[Anna] Okay, a New Tear's
meeting is pretty romantic.
I better go before
my mom catches me
after Internet curfew.
Until New Year's.
[knock on door]
Hi, baby. Just checking
in on you. Are you okay?
I'm fine, Mom.
Just want to be alone.
[tapping keyboard]
Ignore me now, assholes.
[upbeat music]
-[girl] There's Butter.
-[boy] Yeah, check him out.
Feelin' like dynamite Ohh
[girl] Oh my God,
there he is. [chuckling]
Morning, Butter.
I'll take that. I gotcha.
Sure, no problem.
-Oh, go ahead.
-No, it's okay.
I didn't mean to cut.
Seriously, go ahead.
We were in band last year.
I'm Penelope.
I'm sorry.
About what?
Your final meal.
I got to go.
Holy shit.
That would feel so good
Hey, did you see that
fat-ass kid's website?
If that slob goes
through with it,
I'll eat a stick
of butter myself.
I know the guy. He's
way too big of a pussy
to kill himself.
Guy's a Sasquatch.
He's gonna embarrass himself
to death by not showin' up.
I bet it's impossible
to die from eating.
What if that kid was right?
That you can't die from eating?
I will need to make
my menu deadlier.
Jeremy's comment was enough
to set fire to my veins,
but it was the gut-check
I needed.
On New Year's Eve,
I would get the last word.
They could call me Sasquatch
and fat-ass and Butter,
but nobody was calling
me a liar.
You are a total badass.
Legendary, bro.
I'm Trent. This is Parker.
-I'm Butter.
We know.
And pretty soon,
everyone's gonna know.
Look, you know, I know I
put it out there and all,
but I don't really want
the parents or the teachers
to know about it. So can we--
No, no, no. That's not
gonna happen, okay?
Anyone who narcs on you,
is gonna hear it from us.
What about the tattletales
who already know about it?
Good point though, Butter.
Maybe you should
password protect it.
You know, keep out
the tattletales.
Yeah, man, I will come
up with a password.
Make it margarine,
and we'll spread the word.
Margarine, spread, nice.
Good one.
Later, Butter.
[band music playing]
[audience claps]
Hey, listen, Yardbird. We want
to hear something original.
-It's time for a break.
-You can't hang, Professor?
Well, it sounds like it might
be time for a solo then.
You got somethin' original?
-I might have one.
-I'd love to hear it.
Uh, give me a spot.
[plays saxophone]
[audience clapping]
Wow, man!
That was, that was
absolutely beautiful.
Nice, kid.
What do you call it?
Anna's Song.
Anna McGinn?
Okay. Okay.
You know, I know a little
somethin' about love.
Yeah, what's up with the ring?
My late wife has been
gone about 20 years
but I, I like to keep
this close to my heart.
And here we go.
I'll have what he's having.
No, he won't. He's underage.
I had to call in huge favors
just to get him to play here.
Plays like a man.
You should at least give
him a sip of yours, Dunn.
It's a rite a passage.
Yeah, a rite of passage
that'll get me fired.
Besides, this stuff here
will kill you.
Alcohol, it could
actually kill you.
That's a deadly idea.
I'll add a bottle of vodka
to my New Year's Eve menu.
So what are you doin'
New Year's Eve?
Well, we'll be playin'
here. Come join us.
I don't really like
playing in front of people.
I feel like they're, judging me,
the way I look, not by my music.
Well, if you play a song
like you just played,
people don't see you.
Hell, they don't
even really hear you.
They, feel you.
You feel me?
There you go.
I had completely lost
my appetite for food.
It was replaced by all
the Internet attention.
Everyone wanted a piece
of my final meal,
giving food suggestions.
A fruit cake, a pile
of mashed potatoes,
and the occasional
crackpot suggestion
like chocolate-covered
The comments supported me,
and I imagined each of those
smiling faces at school
could be the start of
a new friendship, or even more.
-The possibilities
were downright yummy.
-[cell phone rings]
Go on again
to your Doc Beans?
Same. What are you up to?
On mission 50
of Fours and Sixes.
You need to get out more.
[Tucker] No, I just need
to get out of Arizona.
And go where?
-[Tucker] The Institute.
-[Butter] The Institute?
Was he kidding?
Everyone from FitFab
knew the Institute
was where fat kids went
in, zombies came out.
It's a boarding school
for fat kids
in a far-off land
called Chicago.
It was a place you
got shipped off to
when your parents
could no longer
stand the sight of you.
What are you doing here?
Tuck, are you crazy?
The Institute is for
lost causes and rejects.
You don't even need to go, man.
You're losing the weight
on your own.
Look at you, you're doing it.
My mom and I went to visit,
and it's not as bad as
everything we heard, okay?
I mean, sure they're strict
about diet, exercise
and weigh-ins.
But, other than that,
it's just like school.
Yeah, but you can't go.
Listen. I've been having
a really hard time
staying on track,
so I could use the help.
You don't know what it's
like to be homeschooled
and only having friends
a couple of months out
of the year in summer.
That's what makes me wanna eat.
Plus, I'd really like to go
to college a normal size.
They would never even know
I was fat in the first place.
Fresh start, you know?
You want to go to college?
Yeah, who doesn't want
to go to college?
Oh, really?
I thought you were dying to
get away from your parents
and the Scottsdale skinnies.
College will just be more
of the same, you know?
I mean, I thought high school
would be different,
but no, total bust.
-That's 'cause you don't
make an effort.
Look, I get why you didn't go
out for the football team,
but why not take band
again this year?
'Cause it's just classical music
and kids don't even know how
to play their own instruments.
You don't take a chance
on anything
because you're afraid
of being disappointed.
That's why you eat because
it never lets you down.
Well, everything is
disappointing, Tuck.
How am I supposed to stop
everything from sucking?
The only thing that
sucks is your attitude.
The person you're most
disappointed in is yourself.
Just spare me
the FitFab speech, man.
Do you really have
to go to Chicago?
You'll be fine. Okay?
So you get it?
Why I'm going to the Institute?
I think deep down inside,
I was angry at Tuck
for getting skinny.
Besides, who was I
to call him crazy?
With my whacked-out
suicide plot,
I was probably going
straight to hell.
Tucker, he was just
going to Chicago.
Hey, Butter, Butter.
Get over here, man.
We got your bench.
-What's going on?
-Have a seat.
Yeah, we all moved your bench
so you can sit with us.
We didn't all move it.
Quit your crying, dude.
Wait, so what's the deal?
We just thought that you
wouldn't wanna sit alone.
We're a pretty fun group.
Yeah? So what's on that menu?
The menu?
I got some leftovers in here.
No. No. No.
The menu.
Oh! Umm,
I haven't really thought
about it yet so,
Well, tell you what, I put
a twenty down that
says you won't go
for the crickets.
Yeah, I read a bunch of the
suggestions on your website.
-You're betting?
-Nice, Parker, seriously.
Real subtle.
What! Everybody's betting, dude.
Well, I've put $50
that he won't even
go through with it at all.
I got better things
to do on New Year's.
Look, guys, I'll,
I'll make a list
and post the options
for the menu.
But no one's gonna
know the final menu
until New Year's Eve.
So you're really gonna do it?
You bet.
I'll believe it when I see it.
You're gonna see it?
I thought you had
something better to do
on New Year's Eve than watch me.
Oh, that's a burn, Jeremy.
Yo Nate, meet Butter, dude.
What's up, man? I'm Nate.
Hey, Butter.
You know, I've always wondered,
how fast is your 'Stang?
Zero to 60 in under
four seconds.
Damn! That's a beast, man.
You'll probably
take Parker's 'Vette.
Yeah, in Parker's dreams though.
[crowd laughs]
Kids at school stopped
caring about my website
when there was much
bigger gossip at hand.
Everyone wanted to
know how the fat kid
cracked the cool crowd.
Trent introduced me to
someone new every day.
Hey yo, Butter, what's
up? What's up, man?
Have you guys ever
tried dick pills?
What? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[upbeat music playing on radio]
I posted updates listing
which food suggestions
had made the short list.
My peers argued whether my
final sip on this earth
should be Coke or Pepsi.
The two faces of my fellow
students were so different.
I genuinely convinced myself
those vultures online
were not the same kids being
so nice to me at school,
and they couldn't possibly
be the same people
who invited me to go bowling.
It's not just bowling, Butter.
I don't really bowl, though.
Eh, bowling's not the point.
We just hang out
with our friends
and have a good time. Plus,
Trent knows the bartender,
so she hooks us up a beer.
-It's true.
-Yeah, but I don't even
know if I can go.
-Go where?
-Oh, bowling.
Bowling! Oh, we're in.
See, that is what
we'd like to hear.
Let's go, girls.
You know, on second thought,
bowling could be fun.
Count me in.
-[pins fall, light applause]
-Go Parker. Okay.
Okay, show-off.
Why, oh why, did no one tell me
bowling was such
an incredible sport?
I love the way you
move your hips
I love the way you
lick your lips
I love the way you
work your body
Yeah baby you a hottie
Show me what you got
girl drop it low
Too much power, you know.
I'm too strong.
Butter, you're up.
Gutter ball.
No. No, it's not a gutter-ball.
It's a, it's a butter-ball.
[all laugh]
[laughs] Butterball.
[all chanting]
Butterball. Butterball.
I thought I might melt
right into the floor.
Then something
strange happened.
Trent embraced me, then turned
me to face everyone.
That's when I realized
they weren't mocking me,
they were cheering me on.
That was the power
of Trent's approval.
There you go, Butter.
[crowd cheers]
There you go.
Oh, oh! He's got moves.
-That's-- Oh!
Nice moves.
Oh shit.
I'd work on that one though.
Yeah, maybe a little bit.
Umm, I'm Anna, by the way.
Oh, I'm, I'm Butter.
Butter, I know.
So what are you, what
are you doing here?
Oh, Trent and Parker invited me.
Oh, I know, I know. I just,
meant, you know, you don't
normally hang out with us.
Yeah, I think they were
just more so curious
about the website or
the menu or whatever.
You know about
the website, right?
Yeah, but you're not actually
gonna do it though, right?
Parker thinks so.
I mean, the guy's been grilling
me about the final menu.
He's taking bets.
Boys are demented.
Yeah, we are.
Butter, beer run, bud.
It's your round.
Yo guys, beer's on me.
Ohh! Ohh!
Phew! That was some
good bowling.
-I know.
This is a slick ride.
Yeah, that's mine.
Alright, we'll see you
tomorrow at the mall?
-Yeah, you got it.
-Alright, dude. Good to see you.
-Yeah, man.
-All right.
See you, bro.
-Click it!
-Click it!
All right.
Hey, Butter.
Thanks for coming.
You got some great dance
moves, by the way.
Why, thank you. You can call me
Butter Baryshnikov.
Ha! And you're funny. [chuckles]
We should all hang
out again soon.
Yeah, why not?
You've got me
running in circles
I don't ever wanna
slow down
Let's just keep spinning
spinning spinning
Just keep going
round, going round
You got me
running in circles
Can't keep your
feet on the ground
Baby, your breakfast.
Come on, you gotta eat it, baby.
Remember what Dr. Bean said.
Protein, veggies.
Ma, I'm going to be
late for school.
Wait, are those new clothes?
Yeah, Ma.
Where'd you get 'em?
At the mall, with friends.
You look really nice.
So who are these
new friends of yours?
Will you stop treating
me like a baby?
Frank, there's something wrong.
What could be wrong?
He's got friends,
maybe eating less.
He might lose some weight.
No, he's not eating
anything at all.
He won't talk to me, and he
stopped playing his sax.
Don't ask me, Marian.
I don't understand him at all.
Bowlin', hangin'
out at the mall,
hope you're enjoyin' yourself.
Having a blast.
Get your bony hand off my car.
You really think
they're your friends?
You know, Parker's
just keeping you close
to increase his odds.
He figures if you guys are
friends, you'll let them in
on how this litte show of yours
is going to go down,
and he can win some bets.
Dude, what's your problem?
Are you intimidated by me?
What do you think I'm
gonna take your place?
Well, even if you do,
I guess that spot will be
back open in January, huh?
And even if you don't
go through with it,
[sighs] they'll be done
with you after New Year's.
I got a question
about your list.
No, no, no, not that list.
I think you need like
a, like a bucket list.
-A bucket list?
-Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
A bucket list.
That's great! Good idea.
Like, you know, like
cool shit you want
to do before you,
you know, kick the bucket.
Yeah, yeah. I mean,
I could probably
stand to try a few things
or do them for at
least one more time
before I, well, before
I, you know--
[both] Yeah?
I would like to kiss a girl.
[loudly] Dude, you've
never kissed a girl?
[hisses] Hey, not
so loud, asshole.
Calling me loud? Can
you bigmouth over that?
Shut it up.
[in low voice] Never?
I have. I have. It's just,
well, it'll be nice to do
it at least one more time.
Any particular girl?
Anna McGinn?
Okay, good luck, dude.
No one could pry open
that clamshell.
It's true, the clam
is closed for business.
But I heard, last summer,
Jeremy had her mouth wide open.
Wah, wah-- Full sin.
No. See, I wouldn't
believe anything that
scumbag has to say.
[locker door shuts]
Hey, Jeanie. Where's Anna?
Who knows?
She's probably overslept
'cause she was talking
to her stupid
Internet boyfriend.
She's dating someone
on the internet?
And get this.
She doesn't even know
what he looks like.
Hey! That's a, little creepy.
Creepy, and so 1990s.
-Yeah, but it's not like
it's any of our business
though. Right?
Ooh! Come on.
We're going to be
late for class.
-See you later, dude
-Later man.
Butter, I know you feel like
you might be a little too
big to get with Anna.
I mean, look at it this way.
You gotta be better looking
than that troll face
she's dating on the internet.
I mean, come on, like
this, this is good--
Oh! God! Watch where
you're going.
Why don't you watch--
Oh, sorry, I didn't
mean to run into--
Forget it.
The hell are you starin' at?
A liar.
What'd you call me?
Was it a lie?
It was a prank,
and you fell for it.
So what's with the password?
-Well, if you don't have it,
I guess you don't get it.
-What a dick!
Don't you have someplace to be?
Why don't you could go
blow your instruments?
Or better yet,
you could blow it out your ass.
Excuse me.
I expect a lot more from you.
Professor, I--
[machine beeps]
Huh! Maybe step off
and step back on.
[machine beeps]
This is good news!
409, congratulations.
[shouting] Forty pounds!
Forty pounds! You disappeared
before my very--
Where did he go?
I can't see him. Is he,
[chuckles] That's great.
What are you doing?
Tell me everything.
What, are you, what,
are you exercising a lot?
-You must be eating really well.
-He's not eating.
What do you mean, not eating?
What, you're not eating?
-Not at all.
-Not at all? What do you mean?
No, I'm eating.
Of course I'm eating.
-No, you're not.
-I'm just not overdoing it.
Okay, I've just been busy
with school so, stuff so,
Oh, stuff. Stuff!
-As in, a lady.
-Is there a lady?
-No, there's no lady.
-Is there a lady?
-There's no lady.
-Some lady stuff goin' on.
-There's no lady!
-There's no lady, Mom.
There's no lady.
Okay, don't tell
Bean, all right?
There's no lady.
I'm proud of you.
Mom, there's no lady.
There's no lady, Mom.
but there is something else
that I wanted to ask you.
Um, have you heard of this
place called the BI?
It's an institution in Chicago.
No! No way.
Hey, whoa, buddy, calm down.
Good God, no reason to raise
the blood pressure
over some school
in Chicago, alright?
Always mind the ticker.
Yeah, I know Barks Institute.
Okay, I had no idea you had
even heard about it.
Everyone at FitFab's
heard about it, Ma.
It's a fat camp legend,
and not in a good way.
Okay. I didn't know that.
But, you know, someone
at your dad's work
has a daughter who went
there, and she loves it.
So I just thought
that maybe the doctor
had some literature for us.
No, I have some contacts there.
I'm happy to get them
to mail something to you.
I'm just curious. You know?
And I mean, if you're
not interested,
you're not interested,
but, you know,
No. I'm not interested.
[phone rings]
I have to take this.
I'm sorry. Just--
I'll meet you in the lobby.
Are you okay, buddy?
Hey, Doc, if I want
to treat myself
with some big Christmas dinner,
Yeah. [chuckles]
It's not like I could die
from just one meal, right?
Hey, that's not a funny joke.
Are you, do you seriously
worry about that?
you have a bigger chance
of chokin' on a Turkey bone
than you do fatally overeating
over the holidays, okay?
I promise.
Alright, I'll see you next year.
-Thanks, Doc.
Doc's answer was
unexpectedly helpful.
I could eat fast to increase
my chance of choking.
Combined with the alcohol,
I now had two deadly ideas
for my New Year's Eve plan.
We still on for New Year's?
[Butter] Of course,
countin' down the days.
[Anna] Do you have
anything planned for us?
'Cause my friend Parker
is having a huge party
and there's gonna
be a band, and his
parents are out of town,
so there will be alcohol.
We could meet there.
Sounds like fun. I'll be there.
So excited! I got to run.
Can't wait to meet
you, JP. I'll send
you the address later.
Jeremy was right.
If I couldn't go
through with my plan,
this party was over.
And I'd be damned
if I was ever going
back to that long table
in the back of the cafeteria!
So I had a job to do.
Strawberries, I was
definitely allergic to them.
When I was a kid,
I gorged myself on
strawberry pie
and stop breathing completely.
-Come on. Come on,
Butter, come on!
Some doctor at the picnic had
to stab me with an epi pen.
[screaming in pain]
Those were the last
strawberries I ever ate.
Now I'll add them
to my final menu,
which was getting
deadlier by the day,
and New Year's was
just 10 days away.
-What's up, man?
-Hey, what's going on, man?
-Let the Christmas
vacation begin, dude.
Yeah, the whole crew's headed
back to my house, all right?
What's everybody's
still doing here?
Let's party.
[crowd cheers]
Dude, you live here?
It's a little cozy,
but we get by.
Fight like a title
Stand like a champion
[crowd cheers]
What's up, fellas?
-Two fresh's, please.
Yeah. Thank you, fresh.
-Coming at you. Cheers.
Hey, who's that?
Oh! Uh, Brian?
He's Jeremy's older brother.
Yeah, their parents
live out in LA.
Only come visit here
a couple of months.
So, it's pretty much just
them two out here.
That explains a lot.
Hey, yo. Cheers.
Everybody, school's
out, let's party.
[crowd cheers]
But seriously though,
whoever ordered Hawaiian pizza,
consider yourself fired.
[laughter and chatter]
Hey, don't be trying
to cut in line.
You know, I think I can hold it.
Do you have any fun plans
for Christmas break?
Eh, not really.
Aunt and uncle come over
for Christmas dinner, but--
We're going to Miami
to see my cousins,
but my mom says
no phone or laptop,
so I am just gonna
be bored to death.
And half my vacation,
I'll just be doing homework.
Homework? You do
realize the semester's
over, right?
Not for me.
I blew it on that
final paper for comp,
so I have to make it up.
You know, if you want
help with that,
I can work with you.
I aced mine.
Uh, yeah, that would
be great, thanks.
Yeah, I mean, if you want,
we can like after the party,
go to the coffee
house or library
and go back to your
place or mine or--
-Okay, what?
-Okay, this party's
kind of lame.
You wanna leave in 10?
We can go to my place.
-Um, yeah. Yeah.
[door closes]
No, no one else saw that.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Hey oooh na na na na na
Oh hey hey
Holdin' hands as we walk
under the stars
Oh man, I like that guy.
-[engine revs]
-Yeah, me too.
It's like the lemon and
the golden fits your brain
It's cliche but
I swear we are...
Ooh. Let's see what you
got on your playlist.
You have Bedon?
Nobody knows them.
One of my faves.
[music plays]
Baby baby
Look how we've grown
Hey, you want to see
somethin' cool?
Will it keep us from going home
to work on that stupid paper?
[laughs] Yeah.
Then yes.
All right, crank it.
[engine revs]
Oh, my God, Butter.
I'll slow down, hold on.
I wanna make you whole
I'm not exactly wearing
my hiking boots.
Hey, do I look like
I can hike a mountain?
-Oh. You okay?
This is beautiful.
I mean, God, look at,
look at this city.
Look at all the lights.
You know, I love
the smell of nature.
Don't you love
the smell of nature?
I guess.
You guess?
Oh, you know what else
I love the smell of?
I love the smell of gasoline.
Do you like the smell
of gasoline?
What? You think that's weird?
Maybe a little bit.
What? That is not weird.
Okay, fine.
then you tell me something
weird about yourself.
Got a secret you never
told anybody else?
I don't really have any.
Hey, come sit.
Come sit. I don't bite.
Oh, no, no, no. You don't need--
You are cold,
I can see you shiver.
Oh. [giggles]
God, look at the moon.
It's gorgeous.
Yeah, it is.
This is like the perfect
make-out spot.
Oh, no, no, no.
No! Sorry.
-Not with...
you-- I'm sorry. That, that,
I didn't mean it like that.
That came out... sorry.
No, no. It's fine.
I just-I don't know you
very well, you know.
And I, I have a boyfriend.
Yeah, yeah.
The Internet boyfriend.
How did you know that?
Jeanie said something about
it at school the other day.
Everyone kind of thought
it was a little weird,
you met a guy on the internet.
What? Were they
making fun of me?
Ah, maybe.
But that's what
your friends do. Right?
Make fun of people.
Judge them.
Talk about people
behind their back.
No, Butter, my friends,
No, my friends don't
make fun of people.
Anna Banana.
-Okay. Fine. Jeremy's a jerk.
-Oh! No question.
But the rest of them have
been nothing but nice to you.
That's not really fair
of you to say.
It's because of
my website, though.
Right. But whose fault is that?
You created a website,
and then you published it
for the world to see,
and now you're mad
when-when people notice you,
or maybe feel bad for you.
I don't think it's sympathy
when Parker's taking bets
to see how much I can
eat before I puke.
Or how long it'll
exactly take me to die.
No, that's Parker.
He does that.
You're not the first person
he's bet on to die.
I mean, last summer, he bet
a hundred bucks on Trent,
that he would drown
if he held his breath
under water for four minutes.
Yeah, but am sure he doesn't
actually want Trent to drown.
So, they don't actually
think I'm gonna do it?
No, Butter, no one does.
I mean, don't you think
that somebody
would have told on you by now?
I certainly would've.
I mean, that is--
that's messed up.
If people thought you
were actually going to die
and they never said
anything, don't you think?
Uh, I'm really tired,
and I have packing to do,
so maybe we can, work on
this paper another time.
[door opens]
What are you doing in here?
Don't touch my stuff.
Well, you haven't been
playing it for weeks.
I can't remember a time
that you didn't pick
this up every single day.
Once when you were 11,
and you had strep-throat
and I took it from you
and I locked it in
my bedroom closet,
and you were so mad at me.
Are you mad at me now?
What's going on with you?
I'm just going through
some stuff.
But I don't see you
doing any homework.
I don't hear you
talking about Tucker
and the brass band boys.
You're, you're hardly
eating anything.
Mom, you worry way too much.
Mothers worry more than anyone.
Hold on, baby hold on
Will this madness
be here to stay
[phone rings]
How can we make a living
-Yo, what's up?
-Agent Butter,
your mission, should
you choose to accept it,
is to meet Trent Woods
and Parker Johnson
in the high school parking
lot at 0900 hours.
Excuse me?
-Dude, just play along.
Come alone, and bring
your big girl panties.
Maybe two.
Oh. And Butter,
[both] Prepare for Awesome.
-Agent Butter.
-Sorry, what the hell are those?
What's with the pails?
They are not pails, Butter,
-they're buckets.
We're on a mission to
complete your bucket list.
I don't even have a bucket list.
-So I made a list for you.
-Wait, what?
Do you swear to complete
every item on this list
without question and with all
the courage you can muster?
What? No, no, no.
I'm not swearing shit
till I see the list.
-I told you he'd want
to see the list.
-Dude, come on, man.
You're taking all
the fun out of it.
Okay, fine. Yeah, whatever.
Yeah, I swear.
Just tell me what the first
thing on the list is.
Number one,
defend the 'Stang's honor in a
race against Parker's 'Vette.
Okay, tell you guys, what.
Instead of a race,
how about you guys
get in the 'Stang,
I open her up and show you
what she can really do.
-Yeah, it's acceptable.
-Okay, let's go.
Oh, wait, wait.
Most important part.
This is for you.
Yeah, yes.
It's yellow.
-Makes it just--
-It brings out your eyes.
-Oh, yeah. I wonder, why.
-Oh. Because you look so good.
I know...
One, two three,
four, five six
[shouting] Yo! Take it easy!
Who's got their big girl
panties on now, bitches?
-Oh, my God!
This is insane!
[shouting] Dude, 400
horsepower, let's go.
I had four wheels
under my feet,
two friends at my side,
and this single thought
in my head.
For the first time since I
decided to face down death,
I felt really, truly alive.
[engine revving]
Oh, I know you're not trying
to make me jump off this cliff.
Number two, take a plunge
into the Salt River.
No way!
Yeah. It seems safe-ish.
I'll jump if you jump.
-[winces] Ooh.
-You know I've, uh...
-I've jumped this like
12 times, you know.
And plus, I hate the feeling
of being wet. You know?
Hey, besides, it's
your list, dude.
Forget it.
-That's for you.
Uh, you know what you
assholes can do?
[both] What?
Cross it off the list.
What? Dude.
[loud splash]
-Butter, are you--
[water churning]
[chuckles] Dude.
Dude, that was awesome.
You nailed it.
Let's go.
[panting and grunting]
-Butter, that was awesome.
Dude, shut up.
He's hurt or something.
Are you all right?
-You alright?
-Tip him, here.
That was awesome.
You were amazing!
You crushed it.
-Legendary, bro.
What's next?
This girl,
this girl's got it all.
Like, she doesn't know
what she's doing,
but she knows she's doing it.
Dude, this is a mom with wings.
You don't want to do
a mom with wings.
You are the man.
We-- It looks great.
Been working so hard
to fill my needs
'Cause I got bitten by
a hand that feeds
And I'm burning
cash like gasoline
I'm back to the grind
All I wanted to say
Is I've been walking
this line for too long
And all I wanted to say
You know the time has come
You're going to miss me
when I'm gone
Don't miss me when I'm gone
Awesome day, Butter.
-Bucket list almost complete.
-Wait, almost?
-Dude, Anna McGinn.
-Oh. Yeah, right.
Dude, I'm telling you,
she likes you.
She's just holding out
'cause of this
internet boyfriend.
Yeah, so long as he doesn't
show at the party,
she should be all yours.
Wait, you're still going, right?
You know, to my
New Year's party,
before, you know, before.
Yeah, sure. I'll be there.
All right, man.
Any shred of hope I had
that Anna was right,
that none of them
really expected me
to go through with
my final meal,
disappeared with
that single word.
Oh! Look at that.
That is beautiful honey.
[all exclaiming]
Wow. Looks delicious.
Looks great, Mom.
Merry Christmas.
Oh. Since it is Christmas,
don't you think we should
maybe say grace first?
Would you like to lead us, baby?
I'll lead.
For what we are about
to receive,
may the Lord make
us truly grateful.
Good food.
Good meat.
Good Lord, let's eat. Amen.
Christmas spread would
have fed an army,
or, once upon a time,
me and Uncle Luis.
This year, he's on his own.
As the days loom
to New Year's Eve,
I just wasn't hungry anymore.
Hark the herald angels sing
Glory to the newborn king
Peace on earth
and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled
I just couldn't help
myself when I saw it.
Sorry, honey.
Thanks, Ma.
Listen, baby, before you open
the rest of your real presents,
could you serenade us with
a couple of Christmas songs?
Ma, I'm tired.
That's just the Turkey talking.
He barely ate.
He's just being shy.
It would be so beautiful.
Please, baby, just for me?
Okay, Mom.
[plays "Silent Night"
on saxophone]
Was it too much to ask
for Dad to suffer through
one Christmas song?
[gasps] Ooh!
[engines revving in video game]
[switches off video game]
Hey, I was kicking your ass.
Sorry dude, nature calls.
Hey, did you see the new
promo for Fours and Sevens?
It looks pretty awesome.
No, I haven't seen it.
Here, let me show you.
[toilet flushing]
What are you doing?
Uh, I was-I was trying
to find the promo
for Fours and Sevens.
What is that?
-What do you mean, final meal?
-You know, it sounds like--
Yeah, Tucker, I know
what it sounds like.
You're not doing this
final meal garbage
and killing yourself.
No, Tuck, of course I'm not.
Then what is it?
It's, it's not what you think.
Then give me the password.
That's really embarrassing,
and I don't want you to see.
Swear it.
Remember the FitFab oath?
Say, I Butter, swear
I'm telling the truth
and I'm not going out in some
weird Internet sideshow.
I swear to work on myself
before I give up on myself.
I Butter, swear
I'm telling the truth
and that I'm not going
out in some weird
Internet sideshow.
I swear to work on myself
before giving up on myself.
Thank you.
So I leave for BI
in a couple of days.
Yeah, I know.
And you better stay
in touch so I can tell
if you're going all...
Stepford on me.
And you better stay
in touch too,
-so I know if you're
not, you know...
Trust me, Tuck, I,
-You're the first
person I'd call.
All right, and if you need me,
I'll be in first place.
[engines revving in video game]
Well on that street
You bought your scar
from my way down
Had my fortune told
And that green-eyed gypsy
Oh so shakes me
She says that the pain
is what makes me
And I thought I could
do right by you
Thought I could do
some right by us
And oh my love
I am so sorry
Sorry's all the things
I always owe
And I have grown
so good at those
And I...
Merry Christmas. I just
got back from Miami.
Happy holidays. I missed you.
How was your vacation?
Uh. Not so great.
I don't suppose you know
anything about writing
persuasive papers?
Don't you have friends at
school who can look it over?
Well, this one kid was
going to help me,
but I think he was more
interested in me than my paper.
Sounds like you got a stalker.
Don't be jealous.
Trust me, I am not interested.
-[Anna] He's big.
-[Butter] Big?
Like big hands, big feet. Big--
I mean, he's huge.
Like one of those
people you see on TV
who can't get out of bed
or leave their house.
[Butter] Sorry that
fat ass freaked you out.
What a loser.
He's not a loser.
He's this really
nice, funny guy.
And everyone likes him--
he's just obese.
I feel bad for him.
But I wouldn't like
him, fat or thin,
because I already have you.
Oh, yeah? What if I'm huge too?
[Anna sniggers]
Yeah, right.
Like you can be fat
and play all those sports.
I could be covered in zits
or have one arm,
or three eyeballs.
Well, I'll see for
myself soon enough,
just one more day
until the big reveal.
[Butter ]
Yeah, until the one-armed,
zit-covered Triclops
crashes your friend's party.
[Anna] Tough to play
the sax with one arm.
But any guy who writes
a song for me
and plays it the way
you do is sexy, no matter
what you look like.
-[Butter] I'll see you
tomorrow night.
-[Anna] Goodnight, handsome.
All of a sudden,
it was New Year's Eve.
It felt like no time had passed
since I posted my plans
for the world to see.
And yet, everything
was different.
I looked thinner. Maybe
even below 400 pounds.
[upbeat music]
[woman singing
in French]
Well, if I'm going to go out,
I'm going to do it in style.
[upbeat music]
Wait out here
I'll be back
for you, my dear
The party is over
But we still got us
plenty of beer
Hey, what's up, Butter?
-You look so nice.
-He looks good, bro.
-Yeah, at least he's
got the suit on.
[Anna] Hey, Butter,
Lookin' sharp.
Yeah, Happy New Year.
-Where's your drink?
-Where is...
-[noisemaker blares]
Never mind.
It's really warm
and crowded in here.
-You want to go outside?
-Yeah. [laughs]
-[noisemaker blares]
I'm stuck.
-I got you.
-You got to be kidding.
You think Parker really cares?
Oh, God, oh, god. Okay.
-There we go.
-Graceful as always.
You're a drug to me my dear
Jeanie. Jeanie.
Ooh. [growls]
-I love this.
-You are wasted.
-No, you're wasted.
I'm going to need you
to control all this
before JP gets here,
so you don't embarrass me.
-JP, Shmae-pee.
He's not coming, is he?
Truth be told,
I didn't like that song.
Oh, God. Oh, God!
Oh. Gross!
-Just lay down.
-All right.
[Anna] You're fine.
She's fine.
That was, uh, rude.
The part about your boyfriend,
not the barf.
Yeah, he's the guy from
the internet, right?
That's right.
I forgot somebody
told everybody
that I met JP online.
At least she's nasty
to your face.
Not just behind your back.
Ah, you're doing it again.
You're trash-talking my friends.
So you're gonna
recognize this guy
when he shows up?
Yeah, I will recognize him.
-How's that?
-I just will.
You know, I can't explain it.
You'll know because he'll
be some four-foot-tall guy
with acne.
Or one arm and three eyeballs.
Inside joke?
Yeah, kind of.
I know everyone
thinks I'm crazy.
But I just know him, you know?
And even if he is four-foot
tall covered in zits,
I wouldn't care.
At least I'll get over it,
or whatever. [chuckles]
But I fell in love
with who he is,
not what he looks like.
Wait right here.
No. Where are you going?
I'll be back
for you my dear
All right, Jeanie.
Come on.
Let's go dance.
-Hey! Whoa-whoa-whoa. Whoa!
-What's the rush?
John Belushi.
Sorry. I just got to
grab something out of
my car, real quick.
Well, hurry up, Butter.
We're getting in the pool.
-Jeanie just threw
up in the pool.
-Hell, no.
-Oh, man.
-That pool's seen way worse.
-Yeah, you're right.
We have alcohol.
Hidden behind the window
and the door
Searching for signs of life
But there's nobody home
I had no idea.
I wanted to tell you
for the longest time.
It's just, well,
JP plays the sax too.
Right, yeah.
[noisemaker blares]
What's wrong?
Oh. Yeah. No, it's, I'm fine.
I'm just gonna jam
out a little bit.
Guys, guys.
Butter's gonna
play with the band.
It was good living
with you oh-oh
It was good ah-ah-ah
[plays saxophone]
I had never played better.
And each note was
pitch perfect.
[plays saxophone]
It was just how
I'd pictured it.
All of them seeing me
for the first time.
Rooting for me to live,
instead of rooting
for me to die.
I'd given West Scottsdale High
another reason to celebrate me.
And maybe even another
reason to keep me around.
[plays saxophone]
Guys, cut it.
Come on, Butter.
[plays saxophone]
Oh, shit.
[murmured conversation]
Anna, just please,
let me explain.
That you're JP?
You're a stalker, and a pervert.
Anna, just let me
explain, please.
You're a liar.
You're a disgusting liar,
and I hate you.
Did you hear me?
I said, I hate you.
Just give me five
minutes please.
Five minutes. I can
explain everything.
[cymbals clang]
What's going on, boys and girls?
Butter and banana
Just get lost, Jeremy.
Is he bothering you?
No, you're bothering us.
Hey, just back off.
Hey, man.
Why are you always trying
to run away from me? Huh?
Well, it's a lot easier if
you don't have five friends
pinning me to the ground.
Someone can hold a grudge.
Hey, Anna. Did you know I gave,
Butter here, his nickname?
Just shut up and go away.
Look, dude. Yeah.
Anna's way out of your league.
It's too bad for you too,
because, she has
some serious talents.
Hey, you know what? It's 10:30.
Aren't you cuttin'
it a little close? Hmm.
Don't you have somethin'
you gotta do tonight?
[laughs] Right?
Oh. Where are those
butterballs now? Huh?
[throws a punch]
[all gasp]
Jeremy, are you okay?
Anna, what do I do?
Honestly, Butter,
I don't care what you do.
[all chattering]
Butter, wait!
I've been in love
you know it's true
Well, since that day
I first laid my eyes on you
Love is a crazy game, baby
It's how I feel
Makes you all so high
But it takes
so long to heal
So please, yeah yeah
Won't you stay with me?
'Cause since you gone,
It's all pain and misery
Honey, please, yeah yeah
Won't you stay with me?
'Cause since you gone
It's pain and misery
I didn't want to die.
I just wanted
the unbearable
pain to go away.
[crowd] Ten, Nine,
Eight, Seven,
Six, Five, Four,
Three, Two, One.
Happy New Year!
[heart beating]
[throbbing heartbeats continue]
[rhythmic beats continue]
[beats intensify]
[echoing beats]
[beats stop abruptly]
I woke up in heaven.
A face identical to
Anna's took shape.
The face of an angel.
Baby, you don't have
to talk, it's okay.
Welcome back, son.
I just need you to nod
that you... understand me.
And you know,
you're in a hospital.
[groans] Uh-huh.
And you're going to
be just fine.
Just fine.
It's okay for him to sleep.
It's normal to be
very tired at first.
He's good.
[machine beeping]
Morning, sugar,
or afternoon,
as the case may be.
It's from Penelope.
You sure got a lot of friends.
[machine beeping]
Professor Dunn brought those by.
[gasps] Honey,
I love you so much.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
It's okay.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
It's okay. It's okay.
You can't have the knife.
Why not?
Because you can't have
anything sharp yet.
Hi, again.
Where should I put these?
Let me,
let me take 'em and get
'em some water, okay?
-Okay. Bye.
Do you mind taking this away,
I'm not real hungry.
Of course.
Thank you.
Happy New Year.
New Year's was the day
before yesterday.
You've been out for two days.
-I shouldn't have said--
-I'm sorry to treat you--
You should go first.
I was here when you woke up.
I know.
I saw you.
Thought you were an angel.
How are you feeling?
Two days of sleeping,
and I'm tired.
I mean, is it really sleeping
when you're in a coma?
I'm just happy I'm here.
Yeah, that's, um,
kind of my fault.
I called the police.
Thank you.
Sounds like it would
have been my funeral,
if it weren't for you.
-Isn't that what you wanted?
-It's complicated.
Anna, I'm really, really sorry.
-I didn't--
-Wait, wait, wait.
There's something I-I,
need to say before
I lose my nerve.
No, you can say anything to me.
That's just it. I don't...
feel that way.
I look at you and I see--
I know what you see.
It's fair.
But you're no better.
I mean, you hate it when people
size you up from the outside,
but that is exactly
what you did to me.
You didn't even know me,
before you found me online,
and started talking to me.
And you, you only knew
what I looked like
and you already liked me.
Based on nothing else.
I did get to know you.
Do you really think that?
Because I feel like
the person I got to know
doesn't exist at all.
There's a reason why I don't
post pictures on the internet.
It's because--
When JP liked me,
without a photo,
I thought that he was taking
as much of a chance on me
as I was on him.
I get it.
Let's say JP was real,
but he looked like me.
Would you still have given him
that kind of a chance?
I see you, and you're
someone I just met.
I don't know you well enough
to trust you or confide in you.
Sometimes I feel like,
JP was the only person
that I could really talk to.
This morning, before
I came here,
I sat at my computer
for an hour,
waiting for him to come online.
You didn't believe I was JP?
I didn't want to believe it.
But then I realized,
if I wanted to talk to JP,
I would have to come here
and talk to him to his face.
What do you want to say to him?
That I hate him,
and that I will never
forgive him,
and that he doesn't deserve me.
But what I really want
to say is goodbye.
-[knock on door]
-Hey, awake!
Welcome back, my friend.
Whoa. Those guys
are creepy, huh?
[chuckles] I'm kiddin'.
Welcome back, man.
All in one piece?
-How're you feeling?
-Yeah, I was just
trying to talk...
A lady. Oh.
Are you,
Your lady?
Okay. [mumbles]
Um, I was just leaving.
Anna! No, wait.
-[door closes]
Yeah, she's, she's
definitely upset.
I get it. Maybe for
what you did to her?
I know I'm upset too.
So, should I leave too?
No, I'm kiddin'. [chuckles]
Is it true that this
wasn't all an accident?
-Doc, I'm sorry. Alright?
-Hey, you know what?
Save the apologies.
I feel like you're gonna
be giving out a lot of those
in the next few days.
You can take mine and maybe
give it to your lady too.
Okay? But I do need you
to promise me one thing.
You're never gonna put me
in this position ever again.
Yeah, I-I promise.
You know, your mom
and dad, they,
you caused them a lot of pain.
Look, we are extremely glad
that-that you're still here.
But, uh, you know,
you can talk to us.
There's no shame in that.
Thanks, Doc.
[laughter on TV]
...tried to remove
the roach, but,
only managed to pull
out two spiky legs.
Hi, honey.
-We brought you your backpack.
-Oh, thank you.
No laptop?
I don't think that's
a really good idea just yet.
Come on, Mom.
If the hospital doesn't
think I'm gonna kill myself
with one of these pens,
how am I supposed to
do it with my laptop?
That's exactly what you did.
[receding footsteps]
You know, not everyone finds
this as funny as you do.
Now while you're here
in the hospital,
your mom and I think
the focus should be
on getting you better.
But until then,
I thought you would
like to have this.
I've missed hearin' it
around the house.
[scornful] Yeah, right.
[sighs] You know, your grandpa
taught your Uncle Luis and
me how to play football.
In fact, he was our
coach all the way up
until high school.
-Did I ever tell you that?
Well, then, and
his dad taught him
how to play baseball.
So, when you,
picked this up, I, uh...
You could coach me in algebra.
No, I think I missed
the chance to be your coach.
But, if it's not too late,
I would like to be a fan.
I'd like that.
[mellow music]
Why are we so,
How come we're not more alike?
You and I?
We're not that different, son.
I still go to the mountain too.
[kids chattering]
What's that?
-Well, this is a saxophone.
-What's a saxophone?
Well, it's an instrument.
You use it to make music.
What kind of sounds
does it make?
[plays a low note]
What's your name?
Well, people call me Butter.
Why do they call you that?
Because he makes
that saxophone there
sound as smooth as butter.
No, he doesn't. He makes
it sound like farts.
-[plays a low note]
As entertaining as that may be,
can I steal you away?
I know what you're going to say.
Well, I know you've
been read the Riot Act,
but, I came to help.
I spent over an hour
talking you up
to that gentleman today.
Who is it?
Well, he's at Julliard.
He's also a phenomenally
talented saxophonist.
And, he'll be in
town next month,
and he's willing
to hear you play.
Now, if he likes what he hears,
he can recommend you for
an audition to Julliard.
But I wasn't applying for
colleges until next year.
I don't even know if
I'm planning to study music.
Yeah, well, it sounds to me
like you're not planning
much of anything.
Your parents told me
they weren't sure
if you were coming
back to school.
So I took it upon myself
to make this call.
I mean, it's just an idea.
It's, it's completely up to you.
But, I think he'd be impressed.
You have an immense talent.
I mean, you know,
symphony of flatulence
-Let's go get some Jell-O.
-Let's go get some Jell-O.
-I hope they got sugar-free.
What I think is even better
is that they're really focused
on the whole student
-and making sure that
they're all,
-Okay, fine.
I'll go, I get it.
I did something crazy.
So, I don't blame you for
wanting to send me away.
Send you away?
What are you talking about?
Yeah, to the Institute.
What, you told him he
would go up there alone?
No. I-I, we didn't
talk about it.
I mean, I just assumed that he--
Assumed what?
We would never send you
up to Chicago all alone.
I don't understand.
Where would I live?
With us. We'd all...
move to Chicago together.
Yeah, a lot of my clients
do business in Chicago.
And, you know, it would
only be for about a year.
And there are plenty of houses
that I could sell in Chicago.
I could even use my new sign.
We'd move?
All of us?
We're not forcing you.
Okay? We're just,
gathering information.
Do you think I should go?
Well, that would be your choice.
-[knocking on door]
See you in a little while.
I'm Dr. Jennice.
I'm a psychiatrist.
-So, are you here to
see if I'm, crazy?
-Not really.
But, kind of.
It's my job to make sure
you're safe to go home
before we can
legally discharge you.
Charlie Parker.
My favorite Charlie Parker
song is "Chasing the Bird."
You have good taste.
Its theme contains
two simultaneous
interlocking melodies
played by the alto sax
and the trumpet.
Only one Yardbird ever played.
Yardbird, I heard
he got that nickname
because he would listen to
bands from the yard of a club.
Yeah, I've heard that one too.
But, actually it was because
he loved eating chicken.
And they called them
yard birds back then.
Could you imagine a world
without Charlie Parker?
What do you mean?
He tried to take
his own life too.
And cheat the world
out of his music?
Same could be said for you.
You almost cheated yourself
out of a productive life.
And for the first time, I'm--
I'm glad I'm still here.
You have a lot of admirers
on your website.
I still have a website?
Well, actually,
your mom shut it down.
But she did print
several pages first.
For what? My scrapbook?
Do you know that people
can get into trouble
for bullying someone into
doing something dangerous?
-Even over the internet.
-I wasn't bullied.
"Only a guy with
an ass as fat as yours
could eat all
that in one sitting."
Okay. So some kids are jerks.
But that doesn't mean all
the comments were that mean.
"You're so stupid
for trying this,
I hope you do die."
I-I know what they say.
But you're only reading
the negative comments.
Why don't you read some
of the positive ones?
Because there aren't any.
Bullying can take lots of forms.
Sometimes it can
look like encouragement.
It's not their fault.
I mean, it's nobody's
fault but my own. Right?
I just felt so beat up
at home, at school--
Most of all, by myself.
I scheduled
an appointment for you
to meet Dr. Lang,
a psychologist.
You understand
how important it is
for you to start therapy,
to have a plan.
Think it'll help with my weight?
Do you know how much you weigh?
423, no. Uh, 409.
At least-- No, it might
be a little less now.
You weigh 372 pounds.
That's impossible.
I was 409 at
my last appointment.
They weighed you while
you were in a coma.
That's like 50 pounds
since Thanksgiving.
Lucky you.
Most of us gain weight
during the holidays.
I think we're good.
By the way,
what's your favorite
Charlie Parker song?
Same as you, "Chasing the Bird".
[door closes]
Come on fly with me
Take a ride with me
And it feels so good
to break away
Drink champagne
music all day
Come on fly with me.
Get high with me
So high
What, no funny face?
Because you're not
a baby anymore.
Mom, you know I can't eat these.
It's a new recipe.
Low calorie comfort foods.
I thought that...
you and I could go through
it and find some things
that look good to you.
They smell awesome, Mom.
Mom's pancakes were
from another world.
I wondered how she managed
to make them taste so sweet
without any maple
syrup in sight.
It was more than food.
It was a message from Mom
that she messed up too.
It was a promise to do better.
And that tasted greater
than anything.
You know, it looks like there's
a pretty good line-up
at the jazz fest.
We should get tickets.
That'd be great, Dad.
-[knocking on door]
-Come in.
[door opens]
Thanks, Mom.
I don't think you should go back
on the internet quite yet.
Mom, I'm just going to play
games and stuff, okay?
You got nothing to worry about.
I knew you were suffering,
but I didn't know you didn't
want to live anymore.
You could have told me.
Mom, you can't blame yourself.
I'm trying to stop
tormenting myself.
I want you to know that
life can and will get better.
And you are not alone.
There are so many
people out there
going through bad times,
and there are
so many people here,
that love you.
I love you, Mom.
I love you too.
Can we just start over?
I would love that.
[both sniffling]
Oh, my wonderful son.
[soothing music]
[laptop keys clacking softly]
Dear Butter, thank
God you're okay.
We are so sorry
for what we did.
We care about you,
and want you to know
we take full responsibility
for our stupid actions.
We didn't know you were serious
when you posted your website.
It grabbed our attention
and we thought we could have
some fun making some bets.
[Trent] But as we got
to know you, we enjoyed
becoming your friend.
[Parker] We realize now we
should have taken it seriously
and reached out to you.
Dude, you got
a great life ahead.
Butter, we're really happy
you're still here
and hope you get well soon.
Trent and Parker.
I've got patience
I can wait
But you've been
taking all damn day
I've got no more
time to waste
-You better show up
Know what you need to say
What's in the bag?
Books for school.
We started back today.
I'm not going back.
I thought you were done with me.
I mean, that goodbye--
I said goodbye to JP.
That's what I get for meeting
a guy on the internet.
They still teasing you
about that at school?
No, I'm already old news.
And me.
Am I old news?
Oh, no. [chuckles]
You are all anyone
can talk about.
Some people actually
thought you died,
because you didn't
show up today.
And then some theater kids
called it a performance art.
Performance art?
-Performance art.
Are you sure don't want
to come back to school?
Why would I want to?
I'm just going to
go back to being
that same nameless
loser I always was.
-Whoa! Hey.
What did I say about talking
about my friends like that?
Wait, friends?
Yeah, we could be.
We just need a reset button.
So hi, I'm Anna.
Nice to meet you, Anna.
I'm Marshall.
Ah, pleasure to meet
you, Marshall.
-The pleasure's all mine.
I think you should come
back to school tomorrow.
I don't know.
I don't think
I'm ever gonna fit in.
Professor Dunn saved you a spot.
And I will be there
to support you.
I'll think about it.
-I promise.
Reach out
It could be better
than a fantasy
I keep my eyes on
the prize, baby
I keep my eyes on
the prize, baby
I got my levels out
of place last night
it was a long one
Looking for a quick fix
looking for a shortcut
Hey, welcome back, Marshall.
Hey, what's up, Marshall.?
Hey, Marshall's back.
-Oh, hey, man.
-Hey, Jeanie.
-Hey, Marshall.
-Glad you're back.
-Hey, Penelope.
When I think of you
I think of us
Hey, I'll see you
in class, okay?
Hey bud, so you are back
in band with us, huh?
Yeah, yeah. I got new
reeds and everything.
-Got the sax all set up.
-[Penelope] I'm so excited.
Got me singing ayy-ohh
Do you know how
Jupiter got its name?
-The Romans knew about seven
bright objects up in the sky,
the sun, the moon, and
the five brightest planets.
They named all of them after
their most important guys.
Jupiter being the largest,
was named after the King
of the Roman gods.
I guess that does make sense.
Why is that?
'Cause bigger is better.
Nah. No.
You okay, there?
Yeah. [chuckles]
I had forgotten just how
beautiful this place is.
Your dad used to bring me here
when we were first dating.
I love it.
I brought Anna here once.
Oh, it wasn't like that.
I mean, we're just friends.
She's an awfully pretty girl.
Totally not my type.
Of course not. Ha.
I'm sorry I didn't talk
to you about it all before.
I know how hard you tried.
I'm sorry too.
Would you play us something?
For you?
Of course.
Oh, thank you.
[plays saxophone]
I spent an awful lot of time
blaming other people
for my problems.
But when it came down
to making the decision
between life and death,
it was my own mistakes that
pushed me over the edge.
Doc Bean was right.
There is no shame in talking
with someone to get help.
Mom, Dad, and the professor
were there for me.
But I told the lies that
backed me into a corner,
which led me to make
the biggest mistake of all.
But I survived that mistake,
and the payoff was
this second chance,
a big cosmic do-over.
I could audition for Julliard.
And possibly secure a spot
at the most prestigious
school of music in the country.
Or, next year, I could
attend the Institute
with the support
of Mom and Dad.
I felt comforted by the
fact that I had options,
frightening, risky,
intimidating options,
but they were my options.
My opportunities
to choose from.
I will never back myself
into a corner again.
[plays saxophone]
When you're feeling
in times of doubt
Your head's in the clouds
You look around like
where's the ground
Oh you wanna feel it now
Am I running out of breath
But don't count your steps
Count your blessed
forget the rest
Look at all
the good instead
But when you fall
in troubled times
Just know that
the sun will rise
Uncountless times
Open your eyes
and celebrate tonight
Let the love flood you
Just look around
you got people who love you
People who love you
People who love you
Just look around you got
people who love you
Trouble shows up
And we need
our family around
Come running now
it's safe inside
this is our house
If the rain starts
coming down
Oh just dance
among the crowd
Let it flood let it flood
Let the love fall around
When we fall to our knees
Oh we just begging
for relief
Clear your mind
open your eyes
It'll be if you believe
Let the love flood you
Just look around you got
people who love you
People who love you
People who love you
Just look around you got
people who love you
People who love you
You light up in the dark
You are the glory
And a priceless work of art
I see
I see a shining star
You're the light
through my window
From afar
And don't you forget
The only thing that matters
Is your heartbeat
going strong
Don't you forget
That nothing else
can matter
'Cause you know
where I belong
Oh-oh take me there
Won't you take me there
Won't you take me home
Oh-oh take me there
Won't you take me there
Won't you take me home
We light up the sky
Heaven knows there's
no such thing as goodbye
Because love
Love can never die
Love can never die
We'll forever
be bonded you and I
And don't you forget
The only thing that matters
Is our heartbeats
going strong
Oh-oh-oh don't you forget
That nothing else
could matter
'Cause we know
where I belong
Oh-oh take me there
Won't you take me there
Won't you take me home
Oh-oh take me there
Won't you take me there
Won't you take me home
Oh-oh take me there
Won't you take me there
Won't you take me home
Oh-oh take me there
Won't you take me there
Won't you take me