Butter on the Latch (2013) Movie Script

One, one.
I loved it.
Well, now
I can finally sleep.
Thank you, you're amazing.
What do you mean you
don't know where you are?
What do you mean?
Your jaw hurts?
Are you in there?
Get out of there!
Get out of the house,
get out of there.
You don't know them?
You don't need your shoes,
you don't need your shoes!
You can get other shoes,
get out of the house!
They're waking up?
Get out, get out right now.
What do you mean?
Where were you last night?
You're in New York.
You went out,
Pony, you went out?
Are you outside right now?
What do you see?
I promise I'm not going
to hang up on you.
I'm coming to get you
out of that house.
Who the fuck were those people?
It's fine, totally fine.
You get to choose him or not?
And you get to choose...
No, but everybody
else does, right?
Oh my...
Oh my God!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What's going on?
I can't believe you made it.
I had no idea you were coming.
You look so much happier.
Do you see them?
What are you doing here?
I had no idea you were
actually going to...
Really, you didn't
get the email?
You look great!
No, don't lean on
me, don't lean on me.
Are you going
to the dance tonight?
Yeah, we're going
to the dance, yeah.
Do you know what
bands are playing tonight?
I don't know.
What's your name?
- Nez.
- - Nez?
- N, E, Z.
- - Nez, N, E, Z.
And my wife is Leah.
It's Isolde and Sarah.
Yeah, thank you.
So we'll see you...
- Yeah, see you soon.
- See you down there.
- - Bye, Nez.
Nice meeting you.
Nice meeting you.
So sweet.
Was he considering
coming with you here?
No way.
That would be hell.
Was it official, the break-up?
Yeah, yeah.
How long has it been since...
It's been like two weeks.
We haven't spoken, so...
Remember Simon?
Oh yeah, what's up?
He went back to London.
He also fucked me
in my ass last week.
It was awesome.
He's always so
surprising, like it was...
I don't know how he pulled
that off, it was as if
we were, like, falling asleep
and then all of a sudden...
He just
pulled a fast one on you?
That's usually how
it starts, you know?
Gain your trust and then...
- And he doesn't have, like,
an ass-fucking dick,
like, it's enormous.
I'm sorry.
No, those are
tender moments, you know?
You have to, like,
really trust the person.
You can't really just pull
that on somebody, you know?
I do trust him.
It would be nice
to be in kind of like a...
Like a formal
relationship, you know?
Like with a man
instead of a boy.
Why wasn't it formal?
He was a man, he was 30.
Yeah, but he's
still a boy, you know?
What happened?
What happened that
made it final, A,
and B, is it final?
Yeah, it's totally final.
That's what
you said a few times ago.
I'm just curious why
you know it's final now.
I just like, okay, okay.
Do you know that place
that's like 2626,
it's in the East Village,
and they give, like,
these scrubs, you know?
- Yeah.
So he was like,
"Okay, go inside,
"make yourself comfortable,"
or whatever, I'm like,
"Make yourself comfortable,
does that mean,
do you like, take
off your clothes?"
It's just a stranger, am
I supposed to be naked,
and it's a guy, what do I do?
They didn't clarify at all.
I'm like, "Well, if I'm
getting my body scrubbed,
"I probably should
be naked, right?"
It just makes sense, you know?
So I was like, "Okay, this
is all right, I understand,
this is professional, so
just go topless," you know?
And then he gives me a
scrub, but he's just this
stranger and he's scrubbing
salt all over your tits,
and then rubbing oil
all over your tits,
and was really paying
attention to, like, areas,
you know what I mean?
It was just very...
All these kids.
There's children coming.
Yeah, there's children coming.
Okay, so like, he like...
There's a part where you
rinse off the salt, you know?
So he lays me down,
and he stretches me out
in all these wacky positions,
and there's one position...
What the fuck?
He was like this, he
was like stretching me,
and using the weight of his
chest to like stretch me out
and like massage
my ass like this.
- That's completely hot!
- It was totally hot.
I was like, dude, my boyfriend
never did that before.
This is insane!
Did he speak English?
- Yeah, but like...
- But like no.
No, but that's good, you know?
Oh my God,
that is the hottest.
So then, after the scrub,
they wash you off,
you know, and then...
And then like, you know,
he's soaping up your body
and then he comes back in,
you know, professionally
wiping the salt off of
your tits, like this,
and then professionally,
under the context of that this
I don't think I can fucking
handle this anymore.
Like, I can't hold it together,
this is way too steamy.
This guy is a babe,
he's rubbing my tits,
- he's all over me.
- - What was he wearing?
These big fucking hot hands,
and he's just wearing, you know,
one of those dorky
"I am from 2626,
"I am a masseuse," buff T-shirt,
like bodybuilding T-shirt.
And then he had
this big dorky chain
around his neck, really sleazy.
And then he leans like this
and just starts breathing
into my ear like this a
little bit, like just enough
distance so you know that
like, just enough distance
so it's kind of like pushing,
and then it was like
boom, bam, boom...
- How much was he...
- Down.
How much was he aware...
Oh, just...
- Boom, bam, boom, on it.
- Doom tech doom.
- - Doom tech doom.
And then I went and
left, and I was like,
"Seven passes please."
Was the place nice?
Did it obviously...
- No, it was fucking filthy.
It's really dirty, and all
these people who go there,
I think know what goes
on there, you know?
So everyone has this
kind of guilty look
when they pass each
other, you know?
2626, you should go, man.
- I'm kind of...
- Victor, his name's Victor.
Kind of considering it.
"A dragon loves
me, and he'll take me.
"Every evening he'll
come to see me,
"and this evening
he'll come too.
"One day with a sound
like a rifle shot,
"the dragons descend on the girl
"and entwining
themselves in her hair,
"carry her away, burning
the forest as they go.
"In the dragon's
house, she brews
"an herbal drink that renders
her suitor powerless."
It's so, so beautiful.
Let me see what I can remember.
- You should sing it.
- Yeah.
It can be my bedtime lullaby.
All right, are
we okay with this?
Those of you that have
been playing for a while,
the pattern is simple for you.
Start working on getting
that shake in there, okay?
So you're, you know, you're...
That hand and this hand.
So it's not really
this, it's really this.
So you're pushing with this...
But are you into music
and other kinds of music, or...
I mean, I sung
in choir when I was young,
but I don't have a lot
of control, you know?
Well, that's practice.
You have a lot of control.
You have amazing control,
you seem like a singer.
So what are you taking?
What classes are you taking?
I'm taking
the Greeks, the Greek...
Greek singing with Christos.
That one, and maybe
a few dance classes.
I've mainly just been wandering
around the woods, actually.
She just wanted to get
away from the madness.
That's a great base.
What is this?
it's like a plum brandy.
Bulgarian, Balkan plum
brandy, slivovitz.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Wait, who was the
woman that we were talking to
earlier who was, said
that she sang with Merita?
Marianne said she
sings with Corinna,
from like 30 years ago
or something like that.
Can you do me a favor?
Can you not tell people
that I just got
out of something?
Is that okay?
I just don't want to like...
I didn't say
anything to anyone.
Well you were like, you know,
it was like an
introduction to someone.
I mean I was being
introduced to her, and then
my introduction was
like, "Oh, she just got
out of of this relationship."
I'm sorry.
I don't want to make
it into a big deal,
but I don't want to be introduced
as someone who just got...
I'm sorry, I can totally see
how that would feel
strange for you.
I'm sorry, that was
kind of insensitive.
I guess I was just
trying to open up the,
the door for you to talk openly
about what's been going on
with you, so I wanted...
Well I've slept with
like three different people
like over the course
of four years.
And like, you'd have
to be a fucking saint
to stay with someone
like that, you know?
You'd have to be
like a saint to stay...
You'd have to be a saint
to stay with someone who's
trying to get rid of
you for four years.
But it's just fucked up
because he was the one
who actually was
totally in love with me,
and I was the one
who pushed him away.
Because I didn't
just have the...
The guts to leave him.
- Yeah, I know he's in love
with you, but it seems
like it's gone on and on
and every single time, you
got to a point where...
You know what I mean.
This guy is so annoying.
Yeah, it's okay.
But I mean, do you
know what I mean?
It's fine, we don't have
to talk about it right now.
No, that's why I
want to talk about it.
I want to understand.
I feel like that's going to
help you through the entire...
Let's just drink, okay?
- Isolde.
- Let's finish these drinks.
I have to slowly be
pried open, you know.
Let's just finish these
drinks and then we'll dance.
Maybe I'll find some,
like, cute banjo-violinist
and we can all go...
- That guy plays a banjo.
Skinny-dipping in
the pool or whatever.
- He's cute.
- There's a waterhole.
- That guy is so cute.
Do you think?
- No, he's...
- He is so cute.
I'm sorry, not the timing,
the time and place.
It's okay.
I'm following you,
you're following me,
neither of us know's
what we're doing.
My name's Steph.
I don't want to be at the end
of the line, it
makes me nervous.
Did I, I have a habit of...
- Hi.
- - Hi.
This is exhausting.
It was a pleasure
dancing with you.
She put it down in
front of my father,
and just sort of looked up
at him expectantly, and as...
And he was like
As she was making
eyes at my father,
the bunny got up and ran away.
The bunny was just
paralyzed with fear.
That's it, it was fine.
You missed a good,
you missed a good pet story.
What was it?
I can't even tell it.
Which one,
the triple homicide?
Oh, now you
ruined the punch line.
My cat brutally
murdered my parakeets,
three all in one afternoon.
- Yeah.
How are you?
- Good.
- - No, I mean...
No, I mean, how are you?
Like, how are you
since everything?
New York in that
really awful house?
Oh, yeah, she's fine.
Grandma, she just needs
to switch her medications.
No no no,
that really awful house,
and you were with those guys?
Did you go to the
hospital, or end up
filing a report of any kind?
Oh, oh, I just remembered it.
Someone taught me when I was
in first grade, and it was...
A bad joke, it was
like a dirty joke.
And it was, "Why did
Raggedy Ann get kicked out
"of the, the toy box?
"Because she sat on
Pinocchio's head."
You disappeared
after our dance.
I was looking for you, I was
like, "I want to dance more!"
Yeah, cool.
Well, I'm headed to lunch.
Because they are eating.
- What time is it?
- - Lunch time.
Do you want company?
- Yeah, sure.
- All right.
Oh shit!
What happened?
It was too much caffeine,
that is disgusting.
I'm so sorry.
- You're just, "I just OD'ed.
"My body is rejecting it.
"It's like a bad transplant."
Would you be friends with
me if I was like this?
I don't think I could
be friends with you.
No, I don't think I would be.
But I think I would be
more likely to be friends
with you if you were like
that, than you would be
likely to be friends
with me if I was like...
Big set-up.
You're not going to like this.
It actually scares
me a little bit.
I think I know what's coming.
You might really not like it.
I think I know what's coming.
No, but it's worse
than with other people.
I really have to...
I cannot wait for this.
I cannot wait, you've really
built it up very, very high.
Don't look at me for a second.
I can't stop looking at you.
You'll be able
to stop shortly.
- Oh.
- Oh shit.
Hey, Steph.
- It changes your voice, too.
You are so beautiful.
Thank you so much.
I love the smacking
of your lips and tongue.
Yeah, it's really good,
it's very rodentine.
Don't I have almost like...
It's gorgeous, it's gorgeous.
It's gorgeous.
The four so it's a little
bit faster, so it's going...
Because it's a lot faster, okay?
So let's practice that, two
nines into a faster four.
One two, one two, one two three.
One two, one two, one two three.
So let's listen to it.
It's in us, you know?
And these are like,
very old rhythms
that are, like, biological.
Even the seven and the three.
And the idea, the
idea that a four...
So what do you
do when you hit someone
immovable like me and it
just doesn't even affect me?
- I'm not hitting you hard.
- - Can you?
Yeah, hit
me like it would be...
Run away!
Cool, cool.
Ouch, God.
Man, I am going to fall
asleep on this table.
I am so sleepy.
Do you want your cigarette?
I think it's the only thing
that's keeping me up right now.
What is this stuff?
What is that drink
called again, schluzo?
You didn't have that much.
No, I didn't.
How far are we?
I feel like you were the one who
was kind of leading
us, so where...
I don't know where we're going.
Maybe this way.
What do you
mean "maybe this way?"
I mean I don't,
I'm not 100 percent sure.
I need to pee.
You're absorbed.
Like in that you're no longer...
Jesus, man.
I need to pee.
Where's the, did
you bring the wine?
I have it, it's in my hand.
Did you drink all of it?
Because I don't,
because I still...
We still need some when
we get back to the cabin.
Yeah, we have
like half a bottle.
We're good and you
don't need anymore.
In fact, you're not
drinking anymore.
Don't be my fucking mom.
Because he had
a trampoline, and I knew
he had a trampoline, and I
wanted to play on the trampoline
so I took my pony over to his
house but he wasn't there.
Because I wasn't supposed
to take my pony on asphalt,
because he didn't have shoes.
You're 80 percent sure.
How sure are you?
I wasn't
doing anything because
you seemed like you
knew where you were...
This is so not where
we were before.
Sarah, this is
not where we were.
We have no idea where we are.
- Sarah?
- - Hmm?
- What do you
mean, "Hmm?" - Hmm.
We should go
back and then go back
on the big trail and
that's the route,
that's what I said before
we left, where we should go,
we should follow the big route.
But we got a little lost.
Are you implying
that I got us lost?
I'm not, like...
It's not your fault,
but we are now lost.
I should have just, like...
No, I'm saying, if
you're the one who told me
that I was leading
and now we're lost,
- it's somebody's fault.
- - Yeah, why are we,
we're looking at fucking
twigs and branches in front
of our face, we're
not on a path.
It's not funny, I
wanted to be home,
I wanted to be,
like, asleep already.
Then go to sleep.
I used to bite my
cuticles like you.
I don't...
I broke my nail,
shit, that's disgusting.
Okay, are
we going to go left,
or are we going...
I don't know how to get
out, I'm just going to go.
Okay, going to be here.
- With our fat fingers.
- - I don't want to be
with you because you
brought me out here,
and now we're fucking lost.
I'm going to find
my fucking way.
Don't, you
don't have a headlamp.
Get the fuck out of my life.
You're so fucking fake.
How are you going to get back?
Hey, I was worried about you.
Where'd you sleep?
- You look great.
Entering the
camp, they are calling her.
They telling her, you're
going to change bad life.
Not anymore, Cinderella.
That's it, okay?
But still they need
different character.
Need different,
I need the sound,
Like that.
This song, it's from city and
villages, both are singing.
Hey, what's up?
It's on backwards.
No it's not, this
is a left-handed accordion.
Let's watch this, this is
going to be something, wow.
Okay, go for it.
Depends where I am.
Various things, food services...
Custodial work.
It's guaranteed to make you
a beginner on the accordion.
He just changed the vibe.
Are you going to keep that?
No, you want it?
- I like souvenirs.
- - Of all numbers,
I would keep that number.
What are you up to?
What are you, a pack rat?
I'm a pack rat, yep.
I'm going to go back, I'm
going to walk back to the cabin.
- Really?
- Yeah.
All right.
Do you want to
walk back with me?
No, I'm going to stick
around and dance I think.
I'm going to dance.
How long, are you just going
to be here for the night?
Yeah, I mean,
I'm really tired,
but I think I'm
going to let it...
All right, okay, I'm going
to go back there I guess.
Yeah, I mean, I'll
see you tomorrow.
Okay, all right.
Okay, night.
- Hey.
- - Hey.
- How are you?
- - Good.
God, I'm just like exhausted,
I just went to the auction.
- Cool.
- I had plate 103.
- What is 103?
- - I had plate 103.
What are you doing standing
in the middle of the...
Oh, I just saw
you, I was just waiting.
Did you get anything?
Not really,
I bid on something.
Didn't get any wins?
- No?
- - No.
Cool, all right, well,
I'll see you at the cabin.
- Okay, how are you?
- - Good.
See you soon.
- Okay.
Don't push, very
piano, very soft.
Breathe here, stay.
Don't breathe here,
don't breathe with
the mouth, with the nose.
Now all the vowels.
- Hi.
Oh, that looks really good.
Yeah, you should
definitely get that.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, that looks good.
I'm going to get cookies.
I'll see you in a bit.
What is...
What is the hair symbol?
Why does that come
up in so many songs?
Let me back up a little
because you can't understand
the hair without understanding
this whole dragon thing.
In Bulgarian folklore,
there's many creatures
in nature that are either
friendly or sometimes
very ominous, and
in the snake family,
they're the ominous kinds, okay?
So there's all these creatures,
and there's also spirits
that reside in natural
things, so it's not like
the thing itself is bad,
but a spirit may go into it
and make it into a
kind of evil thing.
Like even a river or a dove or
a tree can become dangerous.
But who is that dangerous to?
There was a lot
more romance, you know?
People would do stuff
like that for courting.
The culture
itself was so restrictive
that she had to be home
at a certain time, and
they'd sing in the
streets, and it
would resonate down all the...
How long have you
been singing this music?
I'm so sorry.
You guys are kind
of, you know, a little silly.
They were presented to us.
Yeah, well anyway,
so she asked about it.
So sorry to bother you.
Let's do
the last time through
melody B into the gaida.
Okay, so it goes, let me
see if I can remember it.
- Sorry.
- - No problem.
You missed
the choreography class.
What is that?
Do you hear that?
No, no.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
There's nobody.
Are you okay?
- Mhm.
What are you doing?
Come here.
Sarah, what the fuck?
Are you okay?
What's going on?
Do you want to sit down?
Come here, come here,
come here, come here.
Come here, I'll help you,
I'll help you, I'll help you.
Sit down, sit down.
You're fucking soaking wet.
You okay, you okay?
Are you okay?
It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.
You okay?
Something happened.
I know, I know, it's
okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Lie down.
- I'm going to go back to sleep.
- - Huh?
I'm going to go back to sleep.
Right now?