Butterfly Man (2002) Movie Script

- Show me how to go this place.|- (THAI Pai-tang-non-ja)
- No, go to this way?|- (THAI Mai-chai-pai-tang-non)
(THAI 163/2 Ban-Kok-Putsa)
Can anyone here speak English?
I'm looking for this village...
Seem to have lost my way.
No problem you are here.|This is Ban Kok Putsa.
I have important news to tell you...
I've come a long way...
"Amazing Thailand", 6,000 miles.
Another continent, another culture,|another planet.
Great feeling to be leaving England behind.
Don't know what to expect...
but hoping for something new.
Thailand was Kate's idea|to develop our relationship.
But driving from the airport,
Bangkok didn't quite seem|what we had expected.
Somehow I'd imagined something|a little less... concrete,
less western.
Twenty baht, huh?
Hey, want to look here, madam.|Have everything you want.
Check this.
Come on, Kate.
- What're you doing?|- I thought you needed a bed.
Can't you just wait a minute?
So let's dump the bags...|then go shopping yeah...
You want room? Have room here.
I'm going out.
Going out where?
Don't know... somewhere... outside.
Meet some locals.
By yourself?
For a couple of hours, yeah...
- What?|- Nothing.
Give me a break.
You want a break, fine, have one.
but I won't be here when you get back.
- Come on Kate. You're tired...|- Well, you noticed.
You've been acting funny|since you been on the plane.
Yeah... well, travel does that|to some people.
And after all I am a woman...
Tell me about it.
Maybe we should just forget it.
What do you mean?
Never mind.
No, what do you mean?
Adam, just go out and meet your locals.
If you've got something to say Kate,|just say it.
Adam just leave it.
- No... what have you got to say.|- Right.
I don't fancy you anymore.
You've brought me all this way|to tell me that.
No, Adam. I've brought myself|all this way to relax.
And you are just irritating...
and so heavy.
Yes Sir. I can take you.
A helpful guy in a tuk-tuk offered|to show me around...
VIP Massage, Good for you.
...but gazing at girls in a goldfish|bowl isn't really my scene.
And the endless rows of watches,|CDs and designer labels...
only reminded me of|what I'm trying to escape from.
So I wandered off down|an old railway track...
and got my first taste of Tom Yum soup|and Thai wisdom.
Farang, farang. Sit down, sit down.
Farang? What is farang?
Farang mean foreigner. You farang.
If you think good, speak good,|do good, happiness come.
If you think no good,|speak no good, do no good,
problem come.
Chork Dee. Good luck for you.
Adam, I had to cash my cheques,|here is your share...
sorry, its so bulky but you should|get yourself organised next time.
You see, I meant it.|Better we go our separate ways -
maybe this trip will make a man of you.
See you on the flight home.|Kisses, Kate...
PS. Don't come looking for me.
For a moment, Kate's note was a shock...
then there was a weird sense of relief...
so when I heard her laughing,
it was as if I hadn't known her at all.
Let's get acquainted.
You want to bought me.|I see you look me, madam.
I have everything you want. Check me.
Day 2|Break up with my girlfriend on first night...
going to take a bus south.
Inside. Chaweng. Chaweng.
Yeah, I'll take it.
I'm really sorry. Was that your dinner?
I'm sorry. Here. Um...
(Out... Mai-ao. Mai-ao. )
Um... you have small money?
No, I haven't. It's... it's ok.|Mai pen rai.
You speak Thai?
Oh, just phrasebook stuff you know.
Mai pen rai-no problem.
Isn't that the first thing you learn|when you get here?
Sabai, sabai.
Sabai, sabai. What does that mean?
Take it easy...
Come on. You want to play or not?
I'd love to but I don't think|they gonna let me.
Sorry, enjoy your food, yeah.
(OUT Puchai Khon Nee Loe Dee Nor. )
(OUT Jai Dee Duay. (Good Heart)
Let's go. Finally.
Come on. Your serve.
Where you going handsome man?
sit down.
- No no, I'm just...|- Do you want to drink?
- No no, I'm not stopping.|- You got lady?
No... er... no no no, got no lady.
You want to go with me?
No... er... well, I'd love to but as|I say I'm just looking around, yeah?
If you go with me,
good for you and good for me.
I take care.
No charge for you.|I give for free. Lor (Handsome).
Look, maybe I come back. Yeah...
- Are you sure?|- Maybe.
- Sure?|- Sure. See you later yeah?
I don't have money.|My family is very poor.
Yeah, baby. That's sweet.
Excuse me sir. How old are you?
Yeah, Sorry,|can I have like er... local beer,
- Thai beer, or something?|- No... no, no, no.
Try some of this local grog,|recommended.
Sharpens vision, mildly hallucinogenic.
Sounds like a bit in contradiction?
New boy in town, ah?
Yeah, just been acquainting myself|with the local customs.
No, no, no, I'll get these.
I'd be careful carrying that|lot around if I was you,
specially if you're having a couple|of these, ha.
Yeah, well... its my divorce settlement.
Ah... not another broken marriage?
Yeah, Unbelievable, first night.
That's no world record in this place son.
This place does strange things to people.
Sounds like the voice of experience.
Oh yes.
So what do you do,|like work here or something?
I've got my finger in a few little pies,|you know.
It's a great life.
Come along, chin-chin.
Oh... fuck me.
Have you tried Thai massage yet?
Man, you see,|the beauty about Thai massage...
apart from its health benefits...
is that you can just lie back, relax.
For one whole hour...
some beautiful young woman|is going to pay your body...
the biggest compliment its ever received.
And it's Unconditional.
- But you've got to pay for it?|- Of course you have to pay.
So it's not exactly Unconditional then is it?
I'm talking about the emotional stuff.
No need to get all anxious|about "satisfying your partner".
I bet your girlfriend never touched you...
without expecting something in return.
And you pay 200 baht for an hour -
I mean, what's that,|the price of a Big Mac?
You know you'd pay ten times|that in England,
that's if you could even find|a genuine massage!
So it's not an excuse for sex?
Oh no, no, no,|this is a spiritual experience.
Why don't I take you down to Sao's?
This wouldn't happen to be one|of pies you have your finger in?
You could say that,
and a very tasty pie too, I may add.
Hey get it Joey?
Throw away, Jimmy.
Here, did I tell you to be careful|of backstreet blowjobs with ladyboys.
No, it wasn't the first thing on my agenda.
I don't care what you are,|if you are a faggot or anything.
I don't care.|But you've got to watch them ladyboys.
Oh... I love you long time.
Yeah, I'll show you what they do, right.|Undo your pants.
- Fuck off.|- Come on.
Undo your pants is a scientific|demonstration.
- You're having a laugh aren't you?|- This is essential information...
which you need to know|for your well-being on this island.
God Almighty
Listen, so they undo your pants...
and then they'll pull them down|round your ankles, right...
and they start giving head,
oh... yeah... enjoy... you're counting stars.
and what happens...|they've got their hand in your pockets.
Catch me...
So you know the language then, Joey?
Oh well, you gotta know the essentials.
You know, like Mao-drunk,
Ting Tong-crazy
and Fun Dee-sweet dreams.
You gotta watch the tones, you know.
For example, you can describe|a woman as suaay-beautiful.
But if you pronounce it suay,
it means bad Luck.
I guess you could say some of them|around here are both.
Look at this honey, mate?
Hallo, massage!
Thanks, Sao.
Me no have.
Hairy arms? Glad to hear it.
What do you think?
Yeah, are these all the girls?
I can see you're a man|of discerning good taste.
Come on inside.|We'll see what we can find in there.
Okay. Thank you very much.
- Nice to meet you.|- Bye.
Em, this your birthday present.
I had him sent here from England.
- Hello.|- Hello.
So what do you think?
Yeah, great. I'll try one of these|Thai massages then.
Khob Khun Krub.
Fun dee!
- Hi.|- Hi.
Where you come from?
From England.
Oh. England have snow.
Yeah, sometimes.
Where do you come from?
Isaan upcountry.
Long way. Very beautiful,
have mountain, have lake,|have fishing.
I like fishing.
I Used to fish when I was a little boy.
Mother and baby sister.
Ah... lovely faces.
No father, eh?
Lie down, please.
Thank you.
How long you stay in Thailand?
Just a few days.
I could stay a lot longer if I like.
Can I take you out for some dinner?
Cannot. Working.
What time do you finish work?
Um... Midnight.
Okay, well I'll come back then.
Cannot. Sleeping.
Can I see you another time?
Um... tomorrow morning, 10 o'clock.
I'll show you island, OK?
OK. See you.
This is another planet.
Thought I knew what life was in England...
but this is a whole new reality.
I don't know if I can quite hold it together,
but I'm sure I'm not the first.
Hallo, massage. Hallo, massage.
Em, Em.
Come on in. I'll catch you.
Cannot, I shy Adam.
Come on.
Day 3. Em taught me|how to pay respect to Buddha.
No problem.
You Farang, you on holiday.
Okay, I like you.
But cannot do like this. Hom better.
Hom is a Thai kiss.
A sniff, which I haven't quite|gonna hang on yet.
Thank you for showing me little Buddha.
Tomorrow I show you big Buddha.
Thank you.
(OUT - Thai Lung. Pla-muk-suk-ru-yung? )|Are the squids cooked?
I thought you didn't kiss like that.
It's OK.I watch Hollywood movie.
The kiss was everything. But it wasn't enough.
Darling... you buy me drink?
Sure. What would you like?
What'd you like?
I want cola.
You forget me?
Okay, Two cola.
- And me.|- And me.
- And me.|- Five cola, that's it.
Short time 1,000 baht. OK?
Small money for farang.
How much if I want you all night?
Love me, longtime, 2,000 baht.
It's too much.
No. Good price for Farang. OK?
Well, I didn't come 6,000 miles|to play Connect 4!
Bye bye, handsome man.
I know it was the booze|and flirting which took me to Noi's bar.
But at the time it felt like something else,
affecting every action,|every thought and word,
something more intense, more real.
Walking Noi home|I knew that eyes were watching Us.
I was doing something crass...
but I went ahead and did it anyway.
Why am I doing this?
Oh... fuck.
I met this girl and|I shouldn't be doing this with you.
Customer often feel confused,
They love his wife, but come to me.
I'm scared that if me and this girl|make love it'll mess things Up.
So wait... in Thailand,
boyfriend and girlfriend|they should wait Until marriage.
Yeah, But I am from England|and we have sex before...
before we even leave school.
Sure. Everyone loves sex.|But you have to ask yourself...
"How do I feel in the morning?"
How do you mean?
How you feel afterwards?
Um... Think about eating junk food.
Taste good|but afterward your stomach... ah...
Same-same sex.
If your heart feel happy it's ok.
If your heart feel bad, it's no good.
Heavy heart or heavy balls.
It's Up to you.
So why do you do this work Noi?
How can I find job|which pay me same money.
I Use my body and I also Use my head.
One day I want to buy my own land.
But how can you make love|with some of these Ugly, old men?
I choose customer. And I choose you...
because you are jai-dee and good heart.
- Can you stay long time.|- No, I have to go.
We make love one time|but you give me two times.
Mai-Pen-Rai. Thank you.
This morning|I desperately needed to see Em.
I know I've fucked up. But did she know?
Your friends are always joking.
Maybe I'll wait around Until Joey gets back.
You have lady in England?
No. Finished.
- You have lady in Thailand?|- No.
Are you butterfly man?
What is a butterfly man?
Someone who go from lady|to lady to lady.
No, I don't think so.
You meet lady last night?
No, I meet you last night.
After massage, where you go?
I went dancing,
drinking and then walked back|to my bungalow, alone.
No problem.|You're on holiday, Pinnochio.
The moment I lied I could feel the effect.
Tham-nai-na? (Why? )
Mai-pen-rai-na, Em.
Joey-yak-kouy-dauy-na.|Joey wants to talk to you
Hi, ya.
- How are you?|- Mao (Drunk).
Are you OK?
So what are you doing here?
I come to see you Adam.
Yeah? Great. So er...
What you want to do?
You want make love?
Yeah.|But maybe we should take our time.
You know get to know each other,|do other things first.
You don't like me Adam?
Yeah, of course I like you.|I more than like you.
So Adam, make love to me,|mai pen rai.
My birthday begin five minutes.
I think I need to lie down.
Must've been too much sun... or beer.
- I go.|- No. Please stay.
- Better I go.|- But it's your birthday.
You know what?
I'll come and see you tomorrow?
OK tomorrow, you sleep now.
"Resort takes no responsibility|for anything lost or stolen from bungalow
We have safety box for valuables. "
So why don't you show me this before?
Not my problem.
So you are saying you didn't see anyone.
Hallo Massage.
Em, can I speak to you, please?
Butterfly Man, no problem.
Me, helicopter woman.
Where is my present?
Em, I've got a big problem -|can I speak to you alone please?
Sit down.
Can I speak to you over there?
Where is my present?
Look, Em. The reason|why I haven't got you a present...
is that all my money's been stolen.
After you left me last night,
Someone must have come in my room|and taken my bag.
I just wanted to know if you saw anyone?
What you saying Adam?
I don't take your money.
- No, I just wondered...|- I don't take your money.
No. I'm not saying you did.
Em, you have work now.
Got to work now. Better you go.
Okay. I'll see you later.
No. Finish now. Don't come back.
No dad, they've taken all my money.
So you're telling that|you can't help me. Fine.
Stop the watch. Bastard.
One minute, yes?
No. 60 second is 1 minute.|63 second is 2 minutes.
So, you pay for two minutes.
180 baht sir.
I have 117 baht. It's all I've got.
Have you ever invited|any Thais to your bungalow?
A bargirl maybe?
I should confiscate this|but we like to help the tourist.
We will contact your embassy.
You should be ready to leave|the island tomorrow lunchtime.
No, wait. If you just give me few days|to sort it out.
I got some friends on|the island who can help me.
- Hi, excuse me, are you British?|- Yeah, what about it?
Look, I'm really sorry to bother you|but I've had all my money stolen...
I'm just wondering|if you can help me out?
Sorry mate, we're flying tomorrow.
All right, how about a drop of water?
All right, you can have it.
alright|Cheers. See you later
Hello, Sao. I've come to see Em.
Em sleeping.
Em! Em!
Quiet, ladies are sleeping.
Just a few minutes.|I want to apologise to her.
Nothing to apologise for.
It's funny, isn't it?
You know? When the sun shines,|it is "Hallo massage",
"Handsome man", always joking.
Now you are all gone very quiet.
You think we are stupid people.
Thai are not stupid. You see.
Huh... Whatever.
Em. Em. I know you can hear me.|I need to speak to you.
- Leave my girl alone.|- OK.I'm going.
You're right. I'm a butterfly.
Wait! Adam!
For you. Buddha take care.
I'm sorry that I lied to you.
I was with another woman the other night.
I know.
Can I make things good again?
No. Better we finish now.
Today I started selling my clothes.
The old man in Bangkok|had been talking about Karma.
Maybe I got what I deserved,
But making my peace with Em|seemed to have changed my luck.
Gin-kao-kon-kha. (Eat)
Puchai lor jai dee na.|(Handsome man with good heart)
Buy cola for me?
Noi! Got no money for drink I'm afraid.
Joking, joking, I know.
Whole town talking about|crazy farang who lost his money.
Here. For you.
What's this for?
Good Luck, Adam.
I've been looking all over town|for you, man.
They told me down the massage|you've had your money stolen.
Yeah. 'fraid so.
Bad one.
Come on, I'll get you a beer.
I might have a little job|you can do for me if you're interested.
Yeah? A bit of couriering work.
Pay you enough to get you back|to Bangkok.
Maybe a little left over|to do some shopping.
Courier work, sounds a bit dodgy.
There's a few of us westerners|who have businesses here.
Every ninety days right|we need to get our visas renewed.
So this means go all the way down|to Malaysia on the train,
crossing the border,
then hanging around|another couple of days...
while the passports are stamped.
Well, the thing is, there's someone,
on the next island|who has the necessary stamp.
So what you've gotta do is hop over there.
Wait around for a couple of days|for the passport then come back.
I'll pay you 1,000 Baht Upfront|4,000 on delivery.
Why don't you go yourself?
Like I said I've got a business|to run here, you know, we all have.
So me and my colleague|we've chipped in 250 baht.
"Good for me, good for you".
Why don't you just Use a local|it'll cost you a fraction of that price?
Hey, I'm trying to do you|a favour here, man.
You know I need the job doing|quickly, not sabai, sabai.
You know I had you down as a reliable|conscientious young lad...
in a bit of trouble, you know... but...|if you're not interested...
No, no, it's not that|I'm not interested, but its...
just that it isn't legal right?
Let's just call it a convenience service,
bypass a lot of red tape, save a lot of time.
What about the police?
You're only hopping on|and off a boat, aren't you?
You're not crossing any national borders.
Anyway the police know us,|they like having us here.
We make money for the island.
So long as you keep yourself|to your self, you'll be fine.
Are you in?
Come and meet Bill,|he takes care of our admin stuff.
Hey Bill. How is it going?
This is the kid I told you|about to do the couriering work for us.
Good, good. Let's go in the office.
Swing that hip.
All right. Let's go.
I want this back in two days.
Where do I go?
When you disembark you take|a songthaew to "Jungle Resort".
At "Jungle Resort"|you give this package...
to "No Name" no one else. Got it?
- "No Name"?|- That's right.
"No Name" - No papers, no problem.
Yeah, well, if it's all the same to you,
I think I've changed my mind.
I hope we're not going|to have trouble with your boy.
No. We made a deal.
Shook on it.
Isn't an Englishman's handshake his word?
A little bit before my time.
Anyway, it's no big deal, isn't it?|I'm sure you'll find someone else.
Okay. Time out here.
I don't know where you found|this timewaster...
but you've got two minutes|to sort this situation out -
two minutes. Speak to him.
What are you trying to do to me here son?
You know, you're right, its no big deal.
But we did make a deal.
And to tell you the truth|I get a little of pissed off...
when people start wasting my time...
and I know Mr Kincaid certainly does.
And I tell you something else.
He is not adverse to his hand|in at the old Muay Thai Boxing.
He is an ex-champion, you know?
We made a deal. It's too late|to start going back on it now.
So what if I just fucked off.
Mr. Kincaid has some friends|who very high places.
You wouldn't even get back|to the mainland.
Fine, whatever. I'll do the fucking run.
Are we all friendly again?
I want you to double my fee.
Ah, how much did you agree?
1,000 Up front, 4,000 on delivery.
Nine more when you get back.
I want you to be on that boat|at 10.30 tomorrow morning.
I'll call later, Bill.
I'm sorry to get heavy-handed|with you in there,
the thing is,|Mr. Kincaid is a big guy round here.
He likes a bit of a show, you know.
I know you'll be back.
Yeah, sure.
look|I want to see Em.
A friendly word of advice for you ok?
forget her.
I mean she's a sweet kid|but you know this is all she knows...
and you're nothing special -|you're just passing through.
If I was you I'd pick Up my money|and head straight back to England...
before this place really fucks you up.
Jungle Retreat.
Good morning Sir.
Welcome to the Jungle Retreat Health|and Beauty Centre.
Would you like to come this way,
I would be pleased to tell you...
about the full range of service|that we offer.
Actually,|I've come to see someone called...
"No Name". Is this the right place?
Certainly, No Name is in the steam room,
Would you like to follow me?
The steam room. Please sit down.
Thank you.
Are you waiting for something?
No. I'm waiting for someone.
There's no one here.
I'm looking for someone called "No Name".
That'll be me.
It's funny, I pictured some|middle-aged Thai guy with a pony-tail.
- You sound disappointed.|- No, not at all.
You must be the postman.
Thank you.
They'll be ready tomorrow.
Yeah... Follow me.
Where do I stay tonight?
I think we'll find a space|for you somewhere.
In the meantime,|feel free to Use the facilities.
Oh and tonight's "Full Moon".
So you are welcome to hang|out with me if you are Up for it.
Hey man, get me a beer.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Are you butterfly man?
I can't do this.
- Why not?|- No.
How are you feeling today?
I'm quite impressed actually.
I don't remember last guy to turn me down.
May be I'm getting old.
No. Not at all.
I think you are absolutely gorgeous.|It's just... you know...
some experiences leave an after taste.
And it's that taste that really|matters. Don't you think?
Anyway, give my regards to the boys.
I think I just pick Up my cash|and be on my way.
Good Philosophy. Take it easy.
I want you to take a look at these.
Hey, I know this lady. Work bar.
Do they all work for western men?
Yes, think so.
She work for German,|She work for Holland.
And this girl she work for France.
Well these passports|have been stamped with visas...
to allow these women to go to Europe.
Many lady she want to go to holiday|in Europe.
Yeah. But these are not going|on their holiday, are they?
I'm gonna take this one OK?|You keep these safe for me.
- Hello, Sao.|- I'll get Joey.
No. That's all right. Joey can wait.|I've come to see Em.
Em working.
Well, can you go and get her please.
Em not here. Em working outside.
Massage outside.
New boyfriend prefer private room.
How long will she be?
Hey, Adam. Welcome back.
What did we agree?|Was it 9,000 Baht in the end mate?
Yeah, all in good time,
I want to see Em before I leave this island.
- Where's the package?|- No problem. It's safe.
You tell Em that|I'll meet her at Big Buddha at 5pm.
I'll return the package|when I've spoken to her, alright?
I don't know.
I think he wants just|one more chance to win back...
his sweetheart or some shit like that.
You know how crazy|kids get over these Thai girls.
Yeah... I know, I know.|But it's not just the kids.
Okay, same same as before.
But these come as sweets.|Kao-jai-mai?
- Yeah? Understand?|- Yes.
You pay your respect to the buddha|you Give the kid one of these sweets.
At you signal we'll come to collect him. Ok?
Em! Em!
How are you?
Happy to see you.
I thinking about you too much.
Listen, Em.
I've got something very important|to say to you.
I want you to come to England with me.
Farang always say this.
Come to England, come to Holland,|Come to Germany.
Yeah, well I'm serious.
- Do you have a passport?|- No.
Are you sure?
Don't Understand. What does it say?
Someone's made a passport for you|and its got a visa for Europe.
I think you'll make a trip abroad quite soon.
They're taking other ladies from the island.
This is a crime against you,|do you Understand?
This is a crime against women,|poor women.
It's called human trafficking.
Human trafficking?|I never hear this word before.
Okay. Imagine a man, a farang, right,
Any man offers you a job in England.
Maybe a waitress.|Promise you good money,
more money than|you can get in Thailand.
Money that you can send back|to your family.
And you say Okay. And he says...
you have to pay|for your own flight and visa.
You say, well... how... how can I do?
He says he will lend you the money.
Em, lend you the money.|May be 50,000 Baht.
And you come and work|for him in England...
and pay him back from your earnings.
So you agree, you come to England,|maybe with other Thai lady.
And when you arrive, some people,|they take you to the workplace.
It's not a restaurant or a bar.
It's a... warehouse, big empty building.
No waitress job, no bar job.
You are going to work as a prostitute|and there's no escape.
They'll lock you Up,|they'll drug you and beat you.
And if you do go away|where can you go?
You have no friends, no money.|You're in hell.
This is human trafficking!
Can we pay respect to buddha?
You take one?
Adam, Me not good.
I have big shame.
At bungalow I make you sleep.
You want to make love?
Joey take your money.
You make me sleep with you.
He wanted me to make love to you?|I can't believe I've been so naive.
You lie to me, same same all farang.
You are not special.
You know, my mother and baby sister.|They need money.
Before Sao my boss,
but now Joey my boss.
He speak to me not good.|What can I do?
I cannot stop work now.
You've got to get off this island.|These people have plans for you.
No, Adam. I need job.
I'll help you.
- How?|- I don't know.
- You don't have money.|- I'll find the way.
My village at Isaan.
You write me. Maybe I see you one day.
- Sure?|- Yes.
Em, promise me one thing.
If someone offers you a job|In England, Germany,
or anywhere overseas, you don't take it.
Don't think about how much money|they say you can get. It's trap.
These people will hurt you,|do you Understand?
I stay in Thailand.
You have to go now.
This way.
Go now.
You have to say more than prayers.|Where is he?
He must know something is Up, eh?
See these,|packed with tranquillisers for me.
Do you know what,
I hate this island and I hate this country.
This is one fucked Up twisted place.
Maybe I'm just not cut out for this, eh?
Very sad about your darling?
You mean Em? What's very sad?
Em no do massage anymore.
Hey my friend. Look!
I can work for farang but what I saw today.
No more!
Don't you think that you overdid|it a bit with that honey?
Where is Em?
Finish now.
Listen to me, listen to me.
I'm going to get you out of here.
Cannot, Adam.
Me, bad woman.
No good for you.
No good for you, no good for me.
I'm getting her out of here.
Well, you gonna need a stretcher, son.
That's if her boyfriend doesn't mind?
What do you mean?
She hasn't told you?
What's he talking about?
She's my girl now.|I'm gonna show her the world.
Romantic, eh?
Oh... fuck!
It's enough of the heroics. Passports!
They're not here.
Where is my package?
It's down the road. I'll take you there.
A little damp... should be alright.
I think I'll clear off now. 9,000 Baht, yeah?
Maybe we oughta wait.
I think I'll pay you|after we put you on the night boat...
whiskey set. Nit! Gecko!
Let's do a brake.
This is very serious.
I can pay.
Lung. Noo-Mee-RUang-Kab-Farang.|I got in trouble with falang
Okay, I can take you.
- Are you going to be all right?|- Sure.
Thank you, Noi.
Good Luck, Adam.
Are you ok?
Yes, I'm ok.
Listen Em. I'd like to see your village.
My village very poor.
No money. No McDonalds.
Not all Farang eat McDonalds.
My village no have Farang.
Is that a problem?
Me not your wife, Adam.
I want to sleep.
Big pain.
That's true. I'm not her husband.
I always thought marriage was something|you did once...
you knew someone long enough...
and figured out that|they would be a good partner for life.
I don't really know this girl,
But what I do know is this moment|will never come again.
I know it's a crazy idea.|But can you do it?
No problem. Can do.
Captain wants to ask you something.
What are you doing Adam?
I want to see your village.
I know you one week.
Yes, I know you one week.
Can you stand Up?
So Em. Do you want to take this crazy|Farang to be your husband?
Adam, I only speak a little English.
I no go to school.
I like you.
I believe you have a good heart.
You save me same same in the movie.
But when you marry Thai lady -
You marry my mother.
You marry my family.
I want a man take care|of me and my family.
Can you do that?
Can do. I'll take care of your mama.
And baby sister.
And your baby sister.
Okay. Tonight I marry you.
So Em, do you want to take Adam|to be your husband?
Adam is my darling.
And Adam,|can you take Em to be your wife?
Em is my darling.
Okay you are now married.
Is that all?
What more do you need?
Big pain Adam.
She's bleeding. She's bleeding a lot.
Get the towel Get the towel,|quick quick
Easy. Easy.
Okay. Okay.
- How far are we from the mainland?|- Maybe one hour.
- Have you got the radio?|- No have.
Just hold on, Em Okay?
We will get you to the hospital very soon.
Promise me...
you take me home to my mother.
Yes, I promise you, okay?|I'll take you home to mother.
We could have gone to the police.
But what good would that do?
I knew what Em wanted.
I Used the cash in Bill's|wallet to buy an old pick-up...
and then I made a long journey north.
So you kept your promise.
(OUT - Thai language -I regret to|inform you that your daughter is dead.
The police|in Surat Thani have launched...
a murder investigation against|a western mafia.
Your daughter was killed|by the western mafia.
We carried the coffin to a clearing|in the forest.
It was a simple ceremony.
The monks laid flowers|and then blessed Em.
This evening family|and friends brought food...
and drink to mama's house.
As I looked around all|I could see were kind faces -
People take care of each other here.
I'm beginning to learn what family means.
Today some children|were playing on the road.
They greeted me with smiles and laughter.
What will become of my new family?
The promise I made to Em to take care|of mama and baby sister...
could conveniently be forgotten...
Perhaps it's difficult to believe that...
I can make my home|in a poor farming village.
But this is the heart of Thailand.
And as a western man.
I still have a lot to learn.