Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins (2000) Movie Script

- V.H.S., this is Beta! We've got the package.
- Oh, oh, oh!
- We're comin' home!
- Hey, everybody, it's here! It's here!
It's here?
Well, it's about time.
Hut! Hut! Hut!
Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut!
Aah! It's the new action-packed
Buzz Lightyear movie!
Hut, two, three, four!
All right, move it out!
Somebody put in the tape! Put it in!
My tiny arms can't reach!
Okay, okay,
hold your horses, Rex.
- Put it in!
- Gosh.
- It's stuck.
- Aah!
- Just kidding.
- Oh.
Let me take
a look at that.
Wow, a Buzz Lightyear movie.
What do you know? You don't look
so fat when they draw you that way.
- Uh-huh. Let's watch it.
- Yes, please, quick, quick.
Buzz, we're not gonna watch
the whole thing.
We just wanna see all the commercials
at the beginning.
- What?
- He's kidding, Rex.
Excuse me, Mr. Lightyear.
You ought to sign that tape there.
It might be worth
something someday.
He can sign it later!
Put it in! Put it in!
- Darn thing's jammed.
- Jammed?
Oh, I can't stand the suspense.
I can't. I just- I- Oh!
- Oh, boy!
- Rex!
Gee, maybe we went too far.
Ha, ha!Just kidding!
Ha, ha.
Good one, Rex.
Very good.
This is the universe.
I work here.
Name's Lightyear,
Buzz Lightyear.
I'm a Space Ranger.
My partner Warp Darkmatter
and I...
work out of Star Command's
Universe Protection Unit.
At 0800 hours
the report came in.
Missing: three little green men.
Last seen:
Star Command Science Bay.
Alpha mission objective:
locate L.G.M.s A.S.A.P.
We'll find and rescue
these little green men...
even if we must go
to infinity... and beyond.
Buzz Lightyear mission log. We've searched
this gaseous planetoid from top to bottom...
with no sign
of the missing personnel.
- Hey!
- Come on, buddy. Nobody ever reads those reports.
Warp, my friend...
procedure is what separates us
from the wicked forces of chaos.
Buzz, if it means less paperwork,
I'll take chaos.
Oh, man.
Give it up, partner.
This rock's
as dead as it looks.
Never judge a moon
by its crater.
- We'd better double-check the dark side.
- I'll drive.
Well, mission accomplished.
Three L.G.M.s disappeared.
We just found three L.G.M.s.
Well, I don't think these
are the three missing L.G.M.s.
Sure, not anymore.
I'm afraid these three
are stowaways. Ah, blast!
This won't look good
in my report. Hey!
Must save the lost ones!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. We'll find
your amigos, boys. Just not here.
- How can you be so sure?
- Mindlink.
- Oh, come on!
- Evil!
Now you're just trying
to freak us out.
No, it's my worst fear
come true.
Here we go.
This diabolical plot can only be the work of
the sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance...
evil Emperor Zurg!
What plot?
You think Zurg is behind
every kitten stuck up a tree!
The fiend! Why can't he leave kitty cats
out of his nefarious schemes?
We've searched half of the Zeta quadrant to
find the missing L.G.M.s, and what do we find?
A lot of nothing!
There's something really bad
behind me, isn't there?
Crater viper!
Look out!
Hmm? Crater vipers
never hunt in packs.
Tell them that!
Thanks, partner.
Looks like this moon's
not so dead after all!
Give me a minute.
It will be.
- The lost ones!
- What are you doing? Ooh!
This way.
- Warp, hit 'em from below!
- Soft underbellies, eh?
Let's see how ticklish.
Of course! I should have guessed!
A crater viper
slag monster mutant!
The L.G.M.s!
Must save the lost ones.
- Can't you just-
- Warp, Gemini split now!
Any reason you were looking to shake
hands with a beast from 20,000 craters?
The lost ones are there!
Oh, well, then I'd say
they're the dead ones now.
Let's get out of here.
Ha! I'm goin' in!
- Follow my lead!
- I hope you have a plan!
No more so than usual.
- Now what?
- Full throttle! Hit it!
The lost ones aren't in it!
They're under it!
Not... enough... power!
All right.
New plan!
- That was your plan?
- Most of it.
- Where are the L.G.M.s?
- Take a guess.
I knew it.
- Anything?
- No.
Oh! He's not gonna like this.
- Anything?
- No.
Oh! He's not
going to like this.
- Oh. Aah!
- Uh, what should I tell him?
We have proven that the little
green men think and feel as one.
We- ha, ha-
just don't know how.
Oh! He's not gonna
like this at all.
Oh! Now what?
He, uh, he didn't like it.
Evil Emperor Zurg! Hi. How are you?
The torture tank is good to go here
as you can see, and I-
My bad.
Ooh! Ow!
- Ha, ha, ha!
- We are one.
We will never talk.
Do your worst.
My plan exactly.
Blast! Laser-resistant
diabonic alloy.
Let me try.
After you.
Excuse us. Coming through.
- Get back in the ship and wait.
- No!
Now, I know this is personal for you,
but I must insist.
Okay, we're getting into a chain
of command area here, so really-
We feel the pain. Ooh!
Oh, oh, oh, right.
It's their mindlink thing.
How do you do that anyway?
The Unimind.
- Unimind?
- The mystical orb that links all of L.G.M. kind.
It's on their home world. Of course,
that's need to know, classified.
- I'm your partner. I need to know.
- Now you do.
- Anything else I should know?
- I'd say you're up to speed.
Okay, thank you.
- Tell me of your mindlink. Tell me your secret.
- Never!
Oh. I will just have to pick
your brains. Ha, ha, ha.
Where's my cranial
Aaah! Oooh!
Ah, Lightyear.
Evil Emperor Zurg, by the authority
of the Galactic Alliance...
you are hereby charged with attempted
dissection of Star Command personnel.
I shall destroy
your Galactic Alliance.
But first,
I shall destroy you!
Well, not personally.
Hornets, destroy Buzz Lightyear!
Prepare to die, Buzz Lightyear!
Not today, Zurg!
Hop on!
Always a dramatic entrance, Warp.
Let's go after Zurg!
Not today, Lightyear, for I started the
self-destruct sequence on my way out.
It is a moon of doom now.
Self-destruct in 60 seconds.
- Sixty seconds?
- All the time in the world.
Get to the ship!
Blast off!.
- But, Buzz!
- That's an order! We'll meet you in orbit.
Self-destruct in 45 seconds.
Farewell, Lightyear!
This time you shall not escape.
just watch me, Zurg!
Come on, Warp!
It's time to blow this rock!
Self-destruct in ten seconds.
- Get out of here!
- No!
- Go! - We're partners!
- Self-destruct in five...
I said, "Go!"
- Warp!
- four, three...
two, one.
Space Ranger Warp Darkmatter sacrificed
himself for the success of his mission...
for the safety
of his fellows.
I miss him very much.
Buzz Lightyear personal log.
In his crazed attempt
to destroy me...
Zurg has robbed the universe
of a good man...
my partner, my friend.
On this day I vow
no ranger will ever again...
fall in harm's way
because of me.
I work alone.
Commander Nebula to training deck.
Yeah, yeah, way ahead of ya.
Cadet Florin,
watch your tail, son!
You people try that kind of hot-dogging
in the field, and you're space dust!
- Commander Nebula.
- Ah, Lightyear.
I got something
I want you to see.
All right, we're crankin' it up
to level nine, people!
Bring it on.
Level nine? Commander?
They're only rookies.
- Come on. I train on level nine.
- I know.
Hey! Aah!
Level... ten.
Huh? Oh.
Oh. Oh. Oh, oh! Okay.
Oh! Well, I guess we
couldn't expect a rookie to-
Uh! It ain't over.
- How did she do that?
- She's from the planet Tangeah.
Of course, Tangean
ghosting powers. Excellent.
Yeah, let's see one of Zurg's robots
walk through a wall.
Ranger Mira Nova
reporting for duty, sirs.
Mira Nova?
Strange coincidence.
Isn't that also the name of the heir
to the Tangean throne? I met her once.
- You saved my planet once.
- Buzz, meet your new partner.
Sir, what you did for my people-
It inspired me to join.
- No?
- No what?
No partner. Too risky.
Look, son, I know you're
still torn up about Warp...
but next time
you're out there-
And Zurg aims for me? What's to keep
the princess from ending up like Warp?
Yeah, well, maybe it's the princess
keepin' you from endin' up like Warp.
Okay, hello?
The princess has a name!
Yeah, I'm sorry, Pr-
Mira, I work alone.
- So you're gonna stop Zurg all by yourself?
- That's the general plan.
Regulations clearly state-
I know regulations!
I wrote half of them!
As long as Zurg is gunnin' for me, anybody close
to me is gonna get caught in the cross fire.
Noted. But, Buzz, there's
one thing you should know.
- Yes, sir?
- You are not going out there without backup!
I'm sorry, Commander, but from now on,
Buzz Lightyear flies solo.
All personnel clear the launch bay.
Star cruiser 36
prepare for launch.
Crystallic fusion modules
needed on pad 14.
I'm just cleaning
the floor and stuff.
Clean is good.
Rocket away. All
personnel may return to the launch bay.
Wow! An Andromeda-class
star cruiser!
Ambassador escort
patrol is scheduled for launch at 0900.
This is just too cool.
You there! The launch bay
is for authorized personnel only!
I was just, um-
Oh, man!
just like I figured.
Guess what, pal. You're through.
He's not through
till I say so.
- Captain Lightyear.
- Buzz!
Ah, space dust.
This place is filthy...
and it goes right
to the subatomic level.
That's why this young man
is in here with his molecular mop.
- Carry on, custodian.
- Oh, yes, sir.
My mistake, sir.
As you were, Corporal.
Come on, Booster.
This is the third time this week.
You're really not authorized
to be in here, son.
Oh, I know, but I like
to look at the star cruisers.
I just want to be
a Space Ranger so bad, Buzz.
Now, don't you worry.
You'll pass the entrance exam, Booster.
- You've just got to study the-
- Space Ranger mission manual?
Oh, I am, sir!
I memorize one page every night.
I'm up to section five,
subsection beta.
" Light speed limits. More than
just a good idea, it's the law. "
- Outstanding.
- Oh, thanks, Buzz.
- Buzz Lightyear to Science Bay.
- On my way.
- Gotta run, Booster.
- Yes, sir!
- Uh, Booster?
- Yes, sir?
- At ease.
- Thanks, Buzz.
Good morning, lackeys!
- Where's my new henchman?
- They are arming him now, sir.
Does he have a flamethrower?
Remember last time.
- A flamethrower would have really come in handy.
- Tension feels about right.
Ah, how are his reflexes?
- Aaah! Not bad.
- Thanks.
A delightful blend
of man and machine...
with just a naughty touch
of Lingonberry.
I shall call you... Agent Z!
That's stupid.
- My mother used to call me that.
- He really likes that name.
Yes, he's been saving it
for a very evil henchman.
Agent Z, love it,
especially the whole "Z" thing.
And you know what? We'll save
a fortune on monogramming.
If I could just squeeze in here.
Sir, your spy drone is in position.
That's Jim-crackin'- Dandy!
Come, Agent Z.
Let us see if my spy drone
can find this so-called Unimind.
The Unimind!
We are one.
I must have this mystical orb,
this Unimind!
Launch an immediate assault
on the planet of the little green men.
- Excellent. A chance to use this.
- Ooh! The flamethrower.
What's up, fellas?
We heard about your fight
with Commander Nebula.
Now, it wasn't a fight.
It was just
a professional disagreement...
and in time, he'll admit
that I'm better off alone.
We have solved
your partner problem.
Not you guys too.
Look, I can't have a partner problem,
because I don't have a partner.
But X.R. is perfect for you.
X.R.? Who's X.R.?
Not who. What?
Witness the future
of space justice.
- X.R.!
- The experimental ranger.
X.R. reporting for duty.
Kind of short, isn't he?
Hmm? Do ya think so?
That little robot wouldn't stand
a chance against Zurg's forces of evil.
You're, uh, going
somewhere with this?
If Zurg blows up X.R.-
We can put him
back together.
And Commander Nebula
approved a robot ranger?
He hates robots.
Well, he doesn't
exactly know.
He does now! Hmph!
Oh, hello, Commander.
So you went ahead and built
that expendable ranger.
Experimental ranger.
- Unauthorized ranger!
- Uh- Ha, ha.
Well, technically,
it was authorized... by you.
We slipped it in
with our vacation request.
They always get me that way.
I keep tellin' them no bucket of bolts
can stand up to a real ranger.
He's got ya there, fellas.
We thought of that.
Artificial intelligence chip.
X.R. is programmed
to watch and learn.
- And he'll be learnin' from the best. You.
- True.
But, uh, I don't know.
I don't know.
At least give him a test run
as your new partner.
Lightyear, I already told you!
Ranger Nova is your new partner.
Why won't anybody listen to me?
No more partners!
But, Buzz!
- What's eating them?
- I've seen this before. It's the mindlink.
- His dark forces invade our home world!
- I'm on my way.
I'm on my way.
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
Zurg's dark shadow looms over the-
- Could you not do that?
- Could you not do that?
- The Unimind!
- The Unimind!
- The Unimind!
- Quickly! We must get to the Unimind!
- Get below!
- The Unimind!
The Unimind!
- Protect the Unimind!
- We are one.
We are united.
We are powerful!
We are... afraid!
Oh, no!
Hornets, move in.
At ease, little green citizens.
Star Command is on the job.
At ease, little green citizens.
Star Command is on the job.
Our work's not
done yet, X.R.!
Agent Z to Zurg.
They sent Lightyear.
That's why I sent you.
A new player.
We got 'im on the run.
We've got him
on the... run?
He's good.
But I'm better.
He's good, but I'm better.
You are learning.
Now, watch this.
They never see
this coming. Huh?
Saw it coming.
- X.R.! Gun!
- X.R.! Gun!
System malfunction.
Agent Z to Zurg.
The Unimind is all yours.
You're good, but I'm better.
The Unimind!
The Unimind!
Buzz Lightyear to Star Command.
This is a priority one mission update.
The Unimind has been captured...
and we've got a ranger down.
You can fix him, right?
- Can we?
- I don't know.
- We are not one.
- But we shall try.
Buzz Lightyear personal log.
My brave little robotic partner had been
blasted into a pile of trillium carbonic scrap.
And yet, the L.G.M.s
were rebuilding him.
Even without the Unimind, those little
green guys had the right stuff.
Then came the wrong stuff.
Their selection of auxiliary gear
was obviously nonregulation.
But perhaps there was
a method to their madness.
Maybe,just maybe.
No. They had lost it.
Wow. They really need
that uni-ma-call-it.
I don't think they have any idea
what they're doing anymore, Commander.
What is, uh, this thing?
- Uh, an arm?
- Told ya.
Blast! Zurg knows the little
green guys keep Star Command runnin'!
That stinkin'bucket head.
He did this to cripple our operation.
No, Commander.
If that's all Zurg wanted,
he could have destroyed the Unimind.
Instead, he had his new lackey,
Agent Z, steal it.
But why?
What's he gonna do with it?
I don't know exactly, but I believe
that even now Zurg is hatching...
his most diabolical
scheme yet.
This is
my most diabolical scheme yet.
Assuming that the freak show,
known as my staff...
can do one thing right!
Of course, my evil Emperor, and, uh, uh, who
better to give you the good news than, uh-
Brain Pod Percy!
Okay, hi, uh,
Mr. Evil Emperor. How are you?
You look terrif- very sinister today.
We believe that just as the Unimind
connected all the L.G.M.s...
it could hopefully
allow you to reach out...
and ensnare every innocent mind
in the Galactic Alliance.
You know, a mind slave, evil puppet
kind of scenario.
You're telling me my plan.
I already know my plan.
I made up the plan.
It's my plan.
What I don't know is how close you are
to accomplishing my plan!
Yeah, kind of
an outdoor voice there.
Okay, naturally, the first step is
to turn the Unimind from good to evil.
But, um, we don't
have any idea how-
If you want something
turned evil...
turn it evil yourself.
That's what Nana Zurg
always used to say to me...
and she was plenty evil.
Evil overload!
Nana Zurg would be so proud.
All rangers to mission briefing room.
- All rangers to mission briefing room.
- Something big going on?
- Sorry. Can't talk.
- Top secret.
Oh, so, um, you guys need me to empty
the wastebaskets or something?
Sorry, Booster.
This is Space Ranger business.
Yeah, Space Ranger business.
I don't know what Zurg's plannin'
on doin' with the Unimind...
but I plan on beatin' him
to the punch.
We're launching
a full-scale assault on Planet Z.
Whoa! Full-scale?
Buzz, listen to your trusty partner
when I say...
maybe we've overlooked a little thing
I like to call negotiation.
- X.R.?
- Follow me on this, Buzz. Two words.
Time-share. How many
of you love it? All right.
Monday through Wednesday, admittedly,
the galaxy belongs to Zurg.
But Thursday through Saturday,
it's ours.
We alternate Sundays.
What do you think?
Sweet mother of Venus.
What did you do to him?
- We, uh, fixed him.
- We, uh, think.
Get that thing out of here!
- What did I say? Come on.
You know the time-share idea
is solid, and you're jealous.
Where are you guys
goin' with the robot?
Please. Experimental ranger.
- We were looking for you, Booster.
- Yeah.
We thought you could
use some help.
Here. You'll love him.
I am lovable.
Delta Squadron
will occupy Zurg's fleet...
while Gamma Squadron
attacks Planet Z itself.
This is no cakewalk.
It's a high-risk operation.
Excuse me, Commander.
Sorry to interrupt...
but I've been studying
Zurg's planetary defense matrix.
I think a small, one-man ship-
Could slip past
the defenses unnoticed.
Exactly. A single ranger could undermine
Zurg's evil operation from within.
And with the new Alpha One prototype,
I could slip right-
Wait a minute. It was my idea.
I should go.
Sorry, but you don't have the field experience
to take on such a dicey assignment, Princess.
I am a Space Ranger.
You know what? You two
really should be partners.
'Cause you're both
pigheaded show-offs!
- But, Commander- - Zip it. The Alpha
One is still an experimental spacecraft.
Nobody's taking it!
We're doing this my way.
Star Command will launch a full assault
on Planet Z at 0800 hours.
How long do we
have to do this?
The cafeteria's a high traffic area.
This could take a while.
Hey, here's an idea.
We ditch work and do something fun.
No way!
I would never shirk my duty.
Hmph. Buzz would be
very disappointed.
Buzz? As in Lightyear?
As if there's
any other Buzz.
- You know, I used to be Buzz Lightyear's partner.
- Get out!
That's exactly what
Command Nebula said. Now look at me.
Hey, Booster.
How would you like a V.I.P. tour
of Buzz Lightyear's star cruiser?
- That would be the coolest thing ever!
- Whoa, slim! Whoa!
I don't know about that,
but it beats working. Follow me!
Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear
to Mission Control.
Ready to launch
to infinity... and-
Oh, come on, X.R.
Say it with me.
What? Oh, yeah.
- To infinity...
- To infinity and... whatever.
- and beyond!
- Beyond, yeah, right.
Soon my Zurgatronic megaray
will be fully operational!
Install the evil Unimind!
Now, load
the crystallic fusion cell.
The Zurgatronic megaray
will use the Unimind...
to spread my evil...
across the universe!
- Oh, yeah!
- You haven't won until Lightyear is out of the picture.
- Fusion cell loaded!
- Fire Zurgatronic megaray!
- Firing Zurgerrific ray.
- Zurgatronic, ya lack-wit!
Hee, hee. Sorry.
Zurgerrific is not bad, though.
Let's file it for future use.
Did you make sure that the plus end
went to the plus part...
and the minus end
went to the minus part?
Oh! That would do it, huh?
All L.G.M. maintenance checks...
have been canceled
until further notice.
Rocket Crockett
to mission ops immediately.
- Going somewhere, Princess?
- Buzz!
Well, hi. How are ya? I was, uh, you know,just
taking a little stroll, and I thought-
Ranger Mira Nova, you were about
to hijack the Alpha One, weren't you?
Why, I- Yes, sir.
Princess, report yourself
to Commander Nebula at once.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to help, you know?
And I thought this would be
the best way-
Hey, wait a minute.
What are you doing down here?
Well, I-I am on a routine inspection
of the canooter valves.
And, uh, yep, yep,
everything looks good up here.
You were about to hijack
the Alpha One. Oh, of all the nerve!
Report yourself
to Commander Nebula.
Mira, now is neither
the time nor the place.
Buzz, I just have
one thing to say to you.
- And what might that be?
- Good night.
Tangean brain squeeze. Oh!
Who authorized that launch?
That wasn't us, was it?
I know who.
It's the princess, Commander.
She stole the Alpha One
to take on Zurg by herself.
She beat ya to it, huh?
Yeah, yeah, pretty much.
Well, Ranger Nova is your partner.
Better go get her, son.
Yes, sir.
For the record,
she is not my partner, sir.
Whoosh! Whoosh! Look out
for the asteroids, X.R.
Yeah, whoosh, zoom.
Whatever, Booster.
Sorry. Ranger Lightyear.
Buzz Lightyear
to the rescue!
Shh. Listen.
Somebody's coming.
Oh, no! We shouldn't be here.
I'm gonna get fired...
prosecuted, convicted!
Ya gotta hide me!
Hmm. Odd.
Okay, husky Bob, let's go.
- You are clear for emergency liftoff.
- Roger that.
Oh, come on!
He didn't see us.
See? Just stick with X.R.
and everything is A-OK.
Wait a minute.
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
Zurgatronic megaray on-line,
evil Emperor Zurg.
You're sure
this time, yes?
Let's test it on something
before we hit Star Command.
We need a target
that won't, um, shoot back.
May I suggest Rizone, my evil Emperor?
The Planet
of the Vegetarians, yes!
Delicious suggestion,
uh, number, um, 29.
How long have you been
with my evil organization?
Ooh, let's see, uh, in total or just
since I've been a brain in a jar?
- Brain in a jar.
- Four years next week.
Fascinating. Ha, ha.
Okay, then-
Now that you mention it. I am overdue
for a cost-of-living raise.
You know, when I gave up my body,
certain promises were made.
- I was being polite! I don't really care, all right?
- All right.
Unless anyone else wants to tell me
his or her life story...
can we shoot the big gun?
Target acquired: Rizone.
- Um, more salad?
- Oh, I couldn't.
Well, I'm off to meditate
for galactic peace.
Oh, isn't that lovely?
I can feel it!
I control every mind on the planet!
It worked!
Evil rules!
Oh, this is fun!
Let's hit something else.
- Batheous?
- The fish faces?
- Test underwater effectiveness.
- Good point.
Target: Batheous.
Another planet and it's mine!
I'm not the man who knows the man!
I am the man!
About that raise, sir?
Please! Once I enslave the universe,
I won't need the likes of you.
It'll be all Zurg all the time!
24-7! Zurgie heaven!
Alpha One,
power down your engines.
Buzz, you know my plan can work.
I can get past Zurg's defenses.
Unfortunately, Mira,
the commander doesn't agree with us.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Find anything?
Bingo. Spare space suits.
Slap one on ya,jet back to
Star Command and no one's the wiser.
Uh, X.R.? Slight problem.
Oh, come on!
End of the line, Princess.
Ease off those thrusters, Mira.
You'll just burn 'em out.
Oh, craters!
Ranger Nova, that was the most outrageous
showboating stunt I've ever seen.
Kind of reminds ya
of yourself, huh?
Yeah, kinda.
This isn't going to work.
Sure it will. Come on. Just
suck it in. You can do it, big fella.
Think thin.
That's the key.
Uh, hello?
All is ready,
my evil Emperor.
Target Star Command and fire!
And so ends Star Command.
Ooh, I'm so evil!
I just gave myself chills!
Even my goose bumps
have goose bumps!
I'm a bad boy!
Simple question:
What are you doing here?
Yeah, buddy.
What are you doing here?
We want answers,
and we want them now.
- I meant both of you.
- How's that?
It's a complicated explanation, Buzz.
I think it's best we just sweep
the whole incident under the rug.
Since we're
a couple of janitors...
I can promise you that's
no problem.
I'm sorry, Buzz.
Red alert!
Hey, guys, wait up!
- What was that?
- It's headed toward Star Command.
Well, the station looks okay.
Buzz Lightyear to Star Command.
Come in, Star Command.
I don't like this.
X.R., report.
Sensors indicate "spooky. "
In fact, I'm going to have
to go with "very spooky. "
Where is everyone?
What happened? I mean,
there's no sign of a struggle.
Mmm. My scanner
is picking up some-
How good of you to join us.
- Zurg?
- In a manner of speaking.
- Aaah!
- Ohh, that's spooky.
You see, I used the Unimind
to link your fellow rangers...
to my evil!
And that's just
the beginning.
Soon, the entire
Galactic Alliance...
will be under my control.
As a robot, I'm not susceptible to mind
control, so this really isn't an issue for me.
It'll be your issue when they
rip you apart and sell you for scrap.
Good point.
Anybody got a plan?
Here's one.
- Back to the ship, people!
- " People"?
That does include me, right?
- Aaah!
- Uh-oh!
No, Mira.
Although possessed by the most powerful evil
in the universe, they're still fellow rangers.
Then how do we get past them?
Looks like we got us
a high traffic area.
All right,
let's wax 'em, big guy.
just push me-
Not so fast, not so fast!
To the launch bay!
- Good work, people.
- And robot?
And robot.
Lightyear must not escape!
If Zurg has taken over
every mind on Star Command...
that means we're the only
Space Rangers left.
- What do we do?
- We've got to take the battle to Zurg.
No need.
He's bringing it to us.
Ohh! I got a lot of red lights
blinking over here.
I don't need those lights
to tell me we're in trouble.
I had no idea a star cruiser
could pull a move like that.
And neither did Zurg.
I'll make a note of it.
We're surrounded!
The guy's an evil genius, and the best he
can come up with is a ventriloquist act.
What's next?
Evil juggling?
Farewell, Lightyear.
- They're retreating.
- But why?
Obviously, my caustic tongue
cut 'em to the quick.
I'm getting
a funny energy reading.
Mira, check the hull.
We've got a bomb!
- A bomb?
- Perfect.
At last. For too long,
Lightyear has hounded me.
But no more.
Buzz Lightyear mission log.
By launching the Alpha One
at the precise moment of detonation...
Zurg believes us
to be destroyed.
I feel I must pause for a moment
of silence in honor of my ship.
Oh, please.
It was just a hunk of metal.
- Okay, and you are?
- In serious need of some personal space.
So, Buzz, did Zurg win?
Not a chance, Booster.
I've got Zurg right where I want him.
Yeah? Well, wherever he is,
I'll bet he's got legroom.
As long as Zurg thinks I'm dead,
he won't be looking for me...
and that gives me
the advantage.
I never thought
it would be so easy.
What, the defeat of Star Command?
I always knew it was doable.
Not that.
Ah, yes,
my dearly departed foe.
Somehow, evil won't be quite as much fun
without Buzz Lightyear to kick around.
Okay, Ranger Nova, let's test
that little theory of yours.
So, nobody's ever actually
infiltrated Planet Z before?
- Never.
- Oh, man.
Listen, a spacecraft this small
won't be detected.
I'm positive.
You know, I'm pretty- I'm not a hundred
percent positive.
The seeker drones are on patrol.
This just gets better and better.
I can do this.
I just need a little elbow room!
Uh, Buzz, I think
I sat on a button.
What button?
Let me see.
" Emergency water landing. "
Oh, that wouldn't be so bad...
if we were over water!
What's gonna happen?
First, the crystallic
fusion core deactivates, and then-
Oh, man!
Rangers, condition status.
- Not good.
- Excellent. Let's roll.
What now? That?
That's not a spacecraft.
It's obviously
a weather balloon.
Let's leave the brain work
to those with the brains, shall we?
Yeah. Okay.
The Alpha One is A-OK.
But it asks that we
not do that again.
You three take the ship, find
the planets that Zurg hasn't hit yet...
and supervise
immediate evacuations.
- What about Zurg?
- He's my problem.
He's everybody's problem.
Mira, there's only one way for me
to finish this mission- alone.
But, Buzz,
that's against the rules.
In the Star Command Mission Manual
it clearly states...
that no ranger is to go
into action without backup.
I think it's section six,
subsection delta.
Actually, it's section six,
subsection gamma.
He's right. Subsection delta's
the dress code.
Incidentally, why can't we
have nose rings?
Because nose rings
are for punks, little mister.
If you can take on Zurg alone, I don't
see why X.R. can't get a nose ring.
I was just asking a question.
I'm not getting a nose ring.
Then who's getting
a nose ring?
That's why Buzz wants to ditch us!
I am not getting a nose ring.
Nobody's getting a nose ring!
It's against the rules!
Which, apparently,
don't apply to you.
Of course they apply to me.
The rules apply to everyone.
Great. Then you're not facing
Zurg alone, and we'll be your backup.
I want the three of you off this
planet now, and that's an order.
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
- Ranger Nova.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Next target, and- Oh.
Who haven't we perverted
into a twisted reflection of my evil?
A few planets in the Beta quadrant
remain unperverted.
Ah, bingo!
- Hey! Mother of pearl!
- Oh, my.
- Lightyear.
- Zurg.
By the authority
of Star Command...
I hereby place you
under arrest.
Not bad, Lightyear.
I should've
seen that one coming.
Like I was sayin',
you're under arrest.
Aw, come on, buddy.
That's no way to treat...
your partner.
You're alive?
Or am I dead?
No, you're not dead.
Not yet, anyway.
- But how?
- The exploding moon. Convincing, wasn't it?
Yeah, Zurg's fireworks
are really top-shelf.
- But, Warp-
- Ahh.
Agent Z, please.
- Of course! Amnesia!
- No.
- Evil clone.
- No.
- Android replica.
- No!
Okay, okay,
it's so obvious.
Zurg's mind-control ray.
He got to you first.
Actually, I went to him.
Evil is just so much more profitable
than good, and more fun.
I don't believe it.
The Warp Darkmatter
I trained side-by-side with...
would not work for
the most evil force in the universe.
Look, Lightyear, I've been
on Zurg's payroll since the academy.
Once I got the L.G.M.s
to spill the secret of the Unimind...
the Big Z
brought me on full-time.
My name's Darkmatter.
Who's surprised here?
One of Star Command's finest,
the perfect spy.
And I gave you
a really nice eulogy.
" He was not only a great ranger,
but a great friend. "
What a hoot!
If only you knew!
I miss him very much.
Oh, one more time!
I miss him very much.
Miss him now?
Stop mocking me!
I'll admit that in the past...
you have been
a most formidable foe...
but since you lost your dear partner,
you've been off your game.
Buzz Lightyear
may end today...
but what I believe in
will live on-
hope, freedom and justice.
Oh, that's rich! Oh, please,
please tell me you got that.
- Got it!
- Excellent! Add it to my collection.
Besides, Mr. Melodrama...
I'm not going to kill you.
No, I have a much more
delicious idea.
I'm going to take the galaxy's
greatest hero...
and turn him...
into me.
Welcome to the team, partner.
This isn't my team,
and you're not my partner.
Buzz Lightyear mission log,
final entry.
- What's he doing?
- Mission log. He's a procedure nut.
As if there's gonna be anyone
left to read his report.
Oooh! Sent packing like
a bunch of first-year rookies.
Which, technically, we are.
I don't know if anyone
will be left untainted by Zurg's evil...
to receive
this last chapter.
- Did I sit on another button?
- Shh. It's Buzz.
- As I go to my doom...
- Doom?
I pause to pay tribute to three
of the best and the brightest...
to ever come out
of Star Command.
That's me and two others!
I have taken a one-man stand
against darkness and depravity...
and I have failed.
- I was wrong.
- Keep rolling. This is priceless.
Perhaps if I had taken
a new partner...
or two...
or three...
Hot rockets!
Did you hear that?
- He needs us!
- He actually admits he needs us.
We're comin', Buzz!
Buzz Lightyear,
over and out.
Target Buzz Lightyear.
You're the evil emperor.
Megaray mega-ready!
Do it.
Hot rockets!
See, this is where
metal arms come in handy.
I don't wanna show off, but when you
have to hold a heavy guy like- Aaah!
kill Lightyear!
Have you blown a circuit?
Aww! Stung by
your own hornet, huh?
- Ohh!
- Sorry!
Target the Planet
of Widows and Orphans!
You fiend!
- There he is!
I knew that would get him.
- Haaah!
- Haaah! Hey!
Your puny Star Command laser
is pathetic!
Let me show you
a real weapon!
Oh, nice shot.
The key is to not pull the trigger,
but squeeze it.
- N-N-No driving!
- Get off!.
Look out!
- Buzz is hit.
- Rookies.
Hey, isn't that
Buzz's dead partner?
- Eject!
- Whoa!
- Aren't you the janitor?
- Yep.
Oh, this is gonna be
great for my rep.
Mira, Booster, X.R.,
can anybody read me?
Do you copy?
I can't make it in time.
It's up to you now.
Good luck.
Give it up, Lightyear.
I win.
Evil never wins.
Afraid of the dark, Zurg?
Not today, Zurg.
Evil Emperor Zurg,
by the authority of Star Command-
Section five, subsection zeta.
That's the one about the evil emperor.
You are under arrest!
Like I said,
evil never wins.
F- Firing.
You failed, Lightyear!
With that final blast I have enslaved
every free world in the Galactic Alliance!
Wherever you go
in the universe...
you will hear my voice
mocking you!
Evil rules!
Ha-ha-ha- Oh!
We're not done yet.
Booster, X.R., get up top
and take Warp into custody.
Mira,you're with me.
Chain reaction!
She's gonna blow!
Get back here!
Hey, release me!
Hey! I'm Zurg's
number-one agent!
Now, there's something
I wouldn't go boasting about.
What, you're gonna jump?
Are you crazy?
Buddy boy, we're on
the janitorial staff.
You're looking at
a couple of risk takers.
- It's true.
- No!
Don't be such a fraidy-cat.
Like we'd really just jump.
Mm-kay, Buzz, what are we
going to actually do?
The L.G.M. mindlink
was activated by a simple touch.
Maybe,just maybe-
You're doing it!
The power of good
is a strong thing, Mira.
- Aah!
- But not strong enough.
Blast! Thanks to Zurg,
the Unimind is rotten to the core.
Then let's get you
to the core.
You're gonna ghost me?
Aaah! Buzz!
To infinity and beyond!
Ah! Lightyear!
No! My plan!
My galaxy!
Unimind wave impact
in three seconds.
Curse you, Buzz Lightyear!
I'm going in!
She's a goner!
- Hey!
- Thanks for the lift, Mira.
Eh, anytime, sir.
I hope the Unimind
still works for you guys.
We are one.
Our mindlink
has been restored.
All is as it was.
To infinity
and beyond!
I can't believe
we captured Agent Z.
I can't believe he turned out to be
Buzz's dead partner who wasn't really dead.
Yeah, that too.
Easy, fellas. I know I've exceeded
all performance expectations.
It's not that, X.R.
You're almost human.
So many character flaws!
Okay. You know what? Let's just say
"amazing" and leave it at that!
Well, Lightyear,you managed
to save the universe again.
It wasn't just me, sir.
Zurg almost won. In fact,
he would have, except I had backup.
Well, of course
you had backup.
'Cause everybody needs backup.
It's in the manual.
Section six, subsection gamma.
Got the message, guys.
So, who's your partner
gonna be, son?
Don't worry, Commander.
I've made my choice.
Team Lightyear
reporting for duty, sir!
So cool!
To infinity...
and beyond!
## To infinity and beyond ##
## We're blasting through
the dawn ##
## To another galaxy ##
## Won't you come along with me ##
## To infinity and beyond ##
## Turn those thrusters on ##
##Faster than
the speed of light ##
## We will carry the fight
to infinity and beyond ##
## Good guys we can fly ##
##Far across the starry sky ##
##Past the moon ##
##And past the sun ##
## With no good deed
left undone ##
## There is a place ##
##In outer space ##
## Where you can
join in the fun ##
## To infinity and beyond ##
## We will sing this song ##
##So say good-bye ##
##Now it's time to fly ##
## To infinity and beyond ##
## Good guys we can fly ##
##Far across the starry sky ##
##Past the moon ##
##And past the sun ##
## With no good deed
left undone ##
## There is a place ##
##In outer space ##
## Where you can
join in the fun ##
## To infinity and beyond ##
## We will sing this song ##
##So say good-bye ##
##Now it's time to fly ##
## To infinity and beyond ##
##So say good-bye ##
##Now it's time to fly ##
## To infinity and beyond ####