By Chance (2018) Movie Script

[One Year Ago, Japan]
I am...
going on a business trip to Fukuoka now.
Are you?
For the last time, I want to see you again.
All the pictures of us being together,
I'm going to send them to Takeshi.
If I do that,
you being the wife of a CEO,
I think...
that won't happen.
Where are you going this late at night?
I'll be fine.
[A Month Ago, China]
I don't believe anything happens by chance in this world.
Even luck
is a gift for those who work for it.
Today, the result of my dissertation will be announced.
I thought it was going to be the last day of my life as a PhD student.
But that day
has changed my life
because of an unexpected email.
Student Yu NaNa, after assessment,
your dissertation has been judged as "unqualified."
Hope you will work hard and try again.
Five years!
Five years!
[Time really flies. I wonder where the rest of the school mates went to. It was still another unforgettable night.]
[Email header: Are you still alive?]
I'm a Japanese named Aida Takeshi.
Please tell me if I'm dreaming?
You look exactly like
my ex-fiance.
I know that you're not my girlfriend.
Just once, I want to meet you.
I'd like to invite you
to my old memories.
What is this? Sexual harassment?
[You look exactly like the person I'm thinking of. Although I know you are not her but I would still like to meet you because I really miss her.]
[Japanese Onsen]
What? You're in Japan now?
Are you alright?
Are you sure you'll be alright?
Yes, I'll be fine.
Tell me. Do I look like a driver?
It's no big deal. Don't worry.
I have already confirmed the information countless times.
Okay, I'll go meet her.
I really can't do anything about you. What if something bad happens?
So what if anything happens.
I bought the most expensive travel insurance.
If you can't get in touch with me, just call the insurance company.
My beneficiary is you!
You'll be the winner then.
Okay, that's it.
- Bye bye. br - Hello? Hello?
You haven't told me the address yet.
How are you?
You are... Miss Yu NaNa?
You speak Chinese. Are you Chinese?
I can't believe there are Chinese here.
I'm Aida Takeshi's secretary.
My name is Akira Wang.
[Akira Wang, Secretary General]
Yes. Please, come this way.
Sure, thank you.
Maybe I should take a taxi to the hotel.
I understand you've already received the information we sent you.
Do you still have questions?
It's just written information. How can I believe you?
Miss Yu NaNa, the invitation, visa, plane ticket
and everything else were issued by our company.
If there is a problem, our company would be in big trouble.
Please just get into the car.
Turn East Media and DF Entertainment presents
Producer Wu Xiaosu and Liu Qinfeng
Director: Liu Defu br Writer: Mayumi Komatsu
Starring Nan Sheng
Starring Terada Takuya
Starring Li Yunrui
Starring Tian Xiaojie
Starring Xu Feng
[By Chance]
It's so pretty.
Mr. Takeshi won't be here?
That's right.
I will take care of you for this period of time. If you need anything, just let me know.
But I really want to know what he looks like.
I'm only just to take a photo as his ex-fiance?
That's right.
It can't be that he really doesn't have a photo of his ex-fiance?
My apology. This is a personal question.
I'm afraid... it's not convenient for me to reply.
[Hotel Reimei]
Welcome to our hotel.
I will get your suitcase first.
This way please.
She looks exactly the same.
Are you sure she isn't Ryoko?
Are you okay?
This is pointless. It's not too late...
Treat her with respect,
This would be interesting.
Did you see? How is this possible?
I miss you, Ryoko.
It feels so good.
NaNa, you can go and soak in the onsen first.
Were you speaking Mandarin just now?
That's right.
You are awesome.
Over here... there are
always many Chinese guests.
Can I go to the onsen now?
Okay, I will make the arrangement for you.
Thank you.
Can I ask you a question?
How much does the room cost here?
Are you handing over the hotel?
I won't allow it.
As a vice president, it's a huge problem if the CEO changes.
You know... this is too sudden.
You should go back to the company in Tokyo.
I'm not interested in management. You know it.
The price of taking a few photos
is this hotel?
How envious! Who does she think she is?
Help me!
What are you doing? Leave now.
I'm sorry. I was in a rush.
Why do they have this kind of stuff here?
Is this an inn that robs guests?
Scared me to death.
I'm going to die.
It's fine now.
It's fine.
I'm sorry.
Everything is my fault.
Please go back to your room now.
What's going on here?
I'm getting more curious about her.
It's fine now.
It's fine.
I'm sorry. Everything
is my fault.
Come in.
Are you alright?
That was too risky.
You are not acting as your usual self, CEO.
Ryoko really loved this place.
Ryoko's gone,
but she still remains everywhere.
But... after time has passed,
I can't find her anywhere.
And gradually, Ryoko
will vanish.
About tomorrow,
please take care of it.
Stop it! Why do you take a photo without telling me?
Why don't you like getting your photo taken?
Because I don't look cute in a photo.
But you are cute.
I don't like it, okay?
What happened just now? Seriously...
I'm very sorry.
Please help me to thank that gentleman
because I was scared out of my wits.
I will relay your message.
We will take the photos starting from tomorrow.
Please put on this dress then.
That's right.
What kind of person is Ryoko like?
My apology.
Take a look at this contract.
We guarantee that we will not use your photos anywhere else.
Our company will pick up all your traveling expenses.
With regards to any other requests that you have,
of course, my boss is agreeable to them.
After the task has ended, regarding the stay at the inn and other matters,
you can be free of worries and arrange your tour schedule in Japan.
Okay, thank you.
I'm leaving then.
Sorry, this is for you.
[Yu NaNa]
I really love this town.
Why don't we live here in the future.
You are the one who I really love, Akira.
You know that, don't you?
Let's run away together.
The more Takeshi looks at you, the more he is getting blinded.
Hard to tell if this is really a coincidence.
I don't know what you are talking about.
Are you stupid? Move aside.
Yes, four of you?
Thank you so much. We'll be waiting for you.
What's wrong? You look depressed. Did something happen?
do I look like an idiot?
Did someone tell you that?
- That little girl did. br - Oh.
By the way, Tomomi-san. Did you hear it?
Hear what?
Takeshi promised that girl to give this hotel.
I know.
Then how can you stay so calm?
The new CEO may fire me.
That's possible.
Don't worry. Since I'm a son of a rich family,
I'll buy this place and have you manage it.
Thank you so much.
I appreciate your concideration.
You know, Tomomi-san...
- What do you think? br - Of what?
The girl named NaNa.
She's bright and cheerful, so I like her.
She's adorable when she smiles.
- You think? br - Yeah.
This was my fiance's dress.
Please take good care of it.
Hello, I'm Ryoko.
I will be ready soon.
You're so beautiful.
Your dress size is the same as hers.
It's hard to believe how much you look like her. If I say you're Ryoko people may believe it.
What do you mean? I don't understand.
You are very beautiful.
Thank you.
This is a gift from me.
Thank you.
Where is that chauffeur?
I will bring you out today.
Where did he go then?
I want to return his clothes.
I will pass this to him.
No need. I will do it personally.
It's because I want to personally thank him.
And this too. Please hand this over to Mr. Takeshi on my behalf.
Thank you.
I'll hand this to Takeshi personally.
[We're leaving now. NaNa-san gave Tomomi-san a memo addressed to you, CEO.]
It's not her. Ryoko is dead.
[Hotel Reimei]
Good morning, Takeshi.
- I heard NaNa-san left me a memo? br - Ah!
Yes, right here. Here you go.
There is an old saying in China.
A goose feather sent from afar, it's not a trifling gift but with an important thought behind it. [T/N: It's not the gift that counts but the thoughts behind it.]
It means that a gift from far away,
it's like a goose feather and just as valuable.
Although you prepared a contract, I can also tell that
you have a camaraderie with me.
But I should go through it again.
It seems like the wage was not enough for yesterday.
I almost died at the onsen yesterday.
Fortunately, your chauffeur came to help me.
Thus... regarding part of my wage,
please give this to your chauffeur as employee's benefits.
If not, I will ask you for a higher wage.
Thank you, NaNa.
She is an interesting girl.
You know, Takeshi.
Every tree sways whenever the wind blows.
Where did that chauffeur go?
Miss NaNa, it has been tough for you.
Not at all.
It's just a minor matter and you are even escorting me to the inn.
It's too simple, right?
By the way, when should we book your flight home?
It's not urgent. I would like to stay for another two days.
If I made any mistakes, please forgive me.
Where is your boss?
It's Akira.
We have completed the photo shoot today.
I'll stop by at the main office tomorrow.
Miss NaNa, I wonder if it suits your taste.
It's very delicious. Oishi.
Thank you very much.
Hey. Who did you say was stupid yesterday?
You are Chinese?
Yes. Where are you from?
- How old are you? br - Twenty eight years old.
What's your profession? It's not right. Looking at you, you are still a student, right?
Why should I tell you?
Before they change the big boss,
should I give you some advice first?
I'm the Second Boss of this inn.
Second Boss? Why didn't I hear anyone talk about this?
Fine. No matter what,
you have the right to know that I'm the Second Boss here.
Right? If I'm the boss,
you will be the first person I would sack.
Chibibo-san, you are being rude to the customer!
NaNa-san, I'm terribly sorry.
Forget it, Tomomi-san. You don't need to apologize.
She is not cute at all.
NaNa-san, would you join me for tea?
[Hotel Reimei]
What? Cousin?
That's right.
Who was that person just now? He said that he was the Second Boss.
We are friends who grew up together.
Really? He's so full of hot air.
I believe you must resemble Mr. Takeshi, right?
If Mr. Takeshi were to hear you say that I resemble him,
would he be happy?
I'm going to take a walk in the town tomorrow.
Good idea.
This place is very beautiful.
Of course.
Hey. Are you really going to give the inn to her?
I've already told you.
I really don't understand you.
By the way, didn't you say you are going to the head office for a meeting today?
I told Akira to go.
He did very well.
I wouldn't know what to do without Akira.
I suppose.
But... you must remember this.
A remarkable secretary will make his boss look bad.
Are you okay?
It's you. Your coat is still with me. Do you still remember me?
Don't you remember me?
The coat?
Wait for me. I'm going to get it for you.
What happened?
It's nothing.
It doesn't seem "Nothing" at all.
I'm returning this to you. Thank you for your coat.
Did you just come back from work?
I want to go to the town to take a look.
Join me? Give me five.
Every person sways when the wind blows.
It's not wind,
but a storm.
Wow, you surprised me.
What's wrong? Don't tell me you are interested in NaNa-san.
How can I be? I hate the type who is ignorant.
Then why?
There are many things that happened lately and Takeshi seems more cheerful.
I suppose.
[Hot springs for hands]
[Souvenir Shop - Glass Forest]
Buy one, get one free.
Is this pretty?
Come here now.
How much is this?
It's 700 yen.
It's too expensive. Tell her.
I'm sorry, but could you give us a discount?
Sorry, I'm afraid we can't.
Don't you know how to bargain?
You really can't reduce the price for this?
This is already "Buy one and get one free."
No.1 Popular Item! br Buy one, get one free
Hi, good looking guy.
Thank you for reducing the price for me. This is for you.
What did you say earlier?
Discount in Chinese is...
You are asking what's the word for bargaining in Chinese, right? It's "tao jia huan jia."
"Tao jia huan jia?"
"Tao... jia... huan... jia".
"Tao... jia... huan... jia."
If you go to China for holiday, I will be your guide. Okay?
Okay. Let's go.
Did we run just to see this? Just for this?
It would have been such a pity if the sun had already set.
You can come here again tomorrow.
You're too busy. Take it a little slow.
How do you say "busy" in Chinese?
- Slow? br - "Man."
Those words sound the same in Chinese.
"Mang," "Man."
No. "Busy" is "man."
Slow is "mang."
You are too "mang." Take a little "man."
Perhaps, if you walk slow, too,
you will lose something even more important.
Precious thing? Like what?
Buy one, get one free.
It has already been five years.
Why am I like this?
After all this time
I'm waiting for you
My dear, you know that you're
the reason to my happiness, you are
I was clearly feeling sad but could be that I was too busy at that time
and I felt like I suffered.
I can't be like the people here who live such a slow pace of life.
Do I feel blamed?
This time there's no...
That's right.
It's only when I've been falsely blamed or taken advantage of that
I would feel like crying.
Why are you back so early today?
I have already completed my work in the office. The Chairman is also not there.
I think he must be with that woman, Yu NaNa.
NaNa and the Chairman?
Akira, you are a step too late again.
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
I'm talking about that night a year ago.
Getting married? Didn't you say we would run away together?
Stop it.
Ultimately, it's because of money.
We can work hard and save money.
Wake up!
Please don't do anything for Takeshi to misunderstand.
It seems like it wasn't that long before the wedding ceremony...
Where are you going this late at night?
It's okay. I will be back soon.
Give me the key. I will drive you there.
No, I'm fine. Don't you worry.
I'm fine.
From then on, Ryoko never came back again.
That night when it rained, you called Ryoko out. Right?
Did you threaten her and want to ruin the wedding ceremony?
Frankly speaking, I don't like Ryoko, too.
She is just a vulgar person who likes money but Takeshi has fallen in love with her.
NaNa is not Ryoko.
She is even more not suitable for you.
Tell me then, who's suitable for me?
How would I know? Perhaps, she should find someone like you, too.
A vulgar person who loves money, too.
Please don't disturb Takeshi again.
I'm going on a business trip to Fukuoka now.
I see...
I hope to see you for the last time.
Stop it already!
You can't even grant my last request?
I'm leaving now.
I just want to be with you for the last time.
All the memories we have together,
I'll take to my grave (keep in secret).
I'm sending Takeshi the photos of us being together.
If I do that,
no matter how kind Takeshi is, he will never forgive you.
Regarding the status as a CEO's wife,
it won't happen.
What are you doing here? Didn't you have something to do?
Yes, I have completed it.
I didn't expect to return your coat at this time.
Thank you very much for accompanying me for the whole day today.
Please translate for me.
NaNa-san asked me translate
that she had a good time today.
Oh, okay.
Akira, did you translate correctly just now?
Why did he leave just like that?
I translated according to what you said. Didn't you want to thank him?
But I didn't finish saying what I wanted to say.
I don't know what his name is.
Did you lie to make him misunderstand me?
Please don't do anything for Takeshi to misunderstand.
What misunderstanding? What misunderstanding do you think he would have?
This is not what I meant.
Forget it.
Didn't you want to know his name?
He is Mr. Aida Takeshi.
Everything's fine.
It's okay.
This is my fiance's dress.
Please take good care of it.
I'm Aida Takeshi.
Hello, Aida Takeshi-san. Nice to meet you.
My name is Ryoko.
Akira has told me about you.
You were his classmate in university.
Yes, I was.
Thank you for having me today.
My pleasure.
He told me he is bringing a classmate from university.
But he didn't tell you're so beautiful.
What's wrong with you today?
What's going on?
She asked for the Chairman's name.
I only did what I ought to do.
Akira, leave Takeshi now.
Why are you still with him?
Are you doing this for money, too?
What's wrong? I can't?
[Yu NaNa]
Hello. I would like to meet Takeshi now.
Okay. I will make the arrangement.
It's because I want to say goodbye to him. Could you relay this to him?
Thank you.
That's right.
I would like to request that you help me to continue to take care of this inn.
What? Why?
Because I think that you are most appropriate for this place.
It's okay.
It's Akira.
NaNa-san wants to see you, CEO.
In the end, did she find out?
She asked me your name.
She also said that she's leaving tomorrow.
I understand.
Tell her that I will see her.
Hello, Mr. Aida Takeshi.
This is the first time we are meeting. Please show me guidance.
My apology.
Why are you apologizing?
What are you sorry for?
Mr. Akira, please leave first.
How will you talk to him?
It's okay, you can leave.
What I did in the afternoon,
I don't understand why
- I did that br - I don't understand what you are saying.
You wouldn't understand what I'm saying, too.
Frankly, about what happened during the day, I believe that for every visitor here,
it would be something unbelievable.
When you wanted a pack of medicine for the headache,
someone gave you medication for the feet.
But this makes perfect sense, too.
Frankly, I'm a very, very simple person.
Okay, I'm leaving.
Thank you very much for everything for this period of time.
This place will be boring.
Are you okay?
Sorry, can you leave me alone?
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Thank you for taking care of me.
It's my pleasure. Thank you for coming here.
NaN-san, come back whenever you like.
Okay, I will.
You don't need to worry about the inn anymore.
I already spoke to Tomomi. She won't sack you.
Seems like you don't know me.
Tomomi-san, tell her.
For someone like me in Japan who has an identity and status,
how could I be sacked?
Okay, then.
Anyway, thank you very much for this period of time.
I'm leaving.
I will take you to the train station.
No need. Let's say our farewells here.
I can go to the train station on my own.
Akira is still more of a gentleman.
Every trip will become a story.
In every life there are moments when we pause.
If we treat life as a journey,
then there are times when we have to stop to take a break.
At that moment,
it's like the darkness right before dawn.
It's only when the sun rises,
it will then end the cold and bring warmth.
Only the early morning can wake up the sleeping night.
Isn't it an unchangeable cycle of life?
Every darkness brings pain.
We need to endure the pain
in order to understand the true meaning of a journey.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Why are you in such a hurry? Didn't you say to slow down?
You're too busy. Take a little slow.
If you go too slow,
maybe you will lose your most precious things.
So... what's your most precious thing?
One plus one!
Your kindness
The color of this sunshine
You are like that gentle caress
Perhaps, I could
see you again.
And to tell you I'm sorry.
Perhaps, I could
hold you again.
What are you saying?
Your journey
My heart waits for you
My dear, you know that
If you come to China, I will be your guide.
Let's go.
You once said you will not change
through the wealth, the poverty, with your company
I cannot be apart from your
Those yearns
I loved your kind heart
Every year has moments
that change from day to day
From now on
My heart waits for you
My dear, you know that you are
The reason to my happiness
Do you still remember what you once said
Hey. Eating sushi?
- You're Chinese? br - Yeah. Where are you from?
- Beijing. br - How old? br - 28.
Of course! I've known how to ride since I was a kid. I'm really good.
Waiting for you
My dear, you know that you are
The reason to my happiness
Do you still remember what you once said
Love without change
Through the wealth, the poverty, with your company
Trom now on, I cannot be apart from your