Byomkesh Pawrbo (2016) Movie Script

Oh no!
Let me keep it here.
Receive the call, Mr. Ajit.
- Greetings, Mr. Byomkesh.
I am Sasadhar Bakchi.
I am Ajit speaking.
How are you, Mr. Ajit?
I am fine.
Byomkesh isn't at home.
He has gone
to the literary meet.
Shall I.. Will he be at home
in the morning?
I would like to meet him.
- Sure..
You can come.
I will inform him.
Thank you.
I will be there at around 11 a.m.
Sure. - I will hang up.
- All right.
Sasadhar Bakchi,
from Writers' building gave a call.
You should have attended
the literary meet.
He may start writing books
very soon.
I may look after the book store.
His speech
might have started by now.
Maybe everyone is listening
to him with rapt attention.
Everyone is listening
to his speech in awe.
She is just a kid.
I don't treat them as human
whoever hurt kids like her.
It's up to you.
You can't blame that
I didn't warn you beforehand.
Give it to me.
Hey. Don't do that.
She is Binti,
her mother.
Go to mother.
What are you doing!
Thank you very much.
Go and take care of your daughter.
Come with me, dear.
Mr. Gopen, search house number
three and six properly.
You will get to know
about other girls.
All right.
I will look into it.
Shall I book a car for you?
I need clean clothes before that.
How was your speech?
- It was wonderful.
Was there enough audience?
Yes, there was a huge crowd.
Did they like your speech?
- Yes, they loved it!
I am starving, Satyabati.
- I will arrange the dinner.
I guess the discussion
was about Kurukshetra.
What do you mean?
Mr. Sasadhar gave a call and he
will be coming in the morning.
Is he the chief secretary?
- Yes.
Byomkesh, you are quite renowned.
Why do you think so?
Is the arrival of chief secretary
a sign of being renowned!
A government car
in front of this rental house.
For whom has it come? - It's
for the guy staying upstairs.
It's a foreign car.
- Look how it's shining!
Whose car is this?
- Don't touch it.
You could have called for me.
It's all right.
Here is a cup of tea for you.
- Yes. Thank you.
What can I do for you, sir?
The name of the place
is Santalgola.
After second world war
the American soldiers
sold their arms and ammunitions
like hand grenade,
rifle, revolver
to the locals while leaving.
- All right.
This happened a long ago.
Yes. It wasn't a problem earlier.
After the country is free
some people think
that they can do
whatever they wish.
These illegal arms are
being smuggled to different places.
This is leading to rail
robberies, murders.
A few men were arrested but..
- The arms weren't seized.
Mr. Byomkesh, the West Bengal
Government wants you
to take the responsibility.
The scars of Tevaga revolt
haven't healed yet.
The matter is pretty sensitive.
- Oh.
I am lighting up a cigarette.
- Sure.
Buying arms isn't that easy.
Yes. For that reason..
A list of all
the wealthy people
is prepared.
Nafar Kundu has a rice mill.
Badrinath Das owns a tea garden.
Biswanath Mallik
has a sawmill.
Jamuna Das Gangaram
is the owner of a rice mill
but his actual business
is pawning.
Thank you.
Police is suspicious about these
four businessmen
along with a few distinguished men
from Santalgola.
What about searching
their residences?
We don't have any proof.
These are all
renowned personalities.
They control the market.
We can't get any information
regarding the arms smuggling.
The situation will turn worse
if we can't stop it.
You make the arrangements.
I will go there.
The tea was really good, ma'am.
- Thank you. - Bye.
There is an officer named
Sukhamoy Samanta. - This way.
He will take care of you.
Call me if you face any problem.
I will leave now, Mr. Byomkesh
and Mr. Ajit. - All right.
Wish you all the very best.
- Thank you.
Shall we prepare to travel
to the mountains?
Yes. Forest is also there.
Am I included in this trip?
- This is a government issue.
This trip is quite risky.
- Is it so?
It isn't risky for you.
How can it be risky for me?
I will come along with you
to Santalgola.
Handle her now!
Are you fine, sir?
- Yes.
Spread the fertilizers properly.
Work fast..
Hey, Sadananda.
Where are you going?
I am going to Kolkata.
- Oh!
When will you return?
- Within a few days.
You are going to Kolkata
very frequently nowadays.
I am supposed to get on
the down train.
I am getting late.
I think he is very busy.
We will have fun, Mother.
- Don't trouble me.
Hey, good morning.
Leave that.
- Why?
A detective is coming
to investigate.
What are you saying?
He can't catch you.
Mr. Byomkesh.
I am Sukumar Samanto, Inspector
of Santalgola police station.
There was a trunk call
from Writers' building.
Come with me.
Let me have a look.
Pronotosh. - What?
- Look.
He is Byomkesh Bakshi.
He will prosecute the criminals
very quickly.
I am really lucky to be with you.
- Come.
This is a small hilly area.
It's a cakewalk for a detective
as great as you.
My presence here has caused you
trouble, I believe.
What do you say!
I am a mere cop.
I'll retire from the post soon.
You are the seeker of truth.
Get in.
Should I spend my time in these
or should I perform my duties!
Get me a cup of tea.
Let's go.
These parts were previously part
of Bhutan.
This is Dooars, right!
- Yes.
In maybe 1864 or 1865 the British
took over this place.
This place was in the news some
time back. You must've read it.
Yes, the farmers had revolted
against the tyrants.
Greetings, sir.
Greetings, ma'am.
Greetings to you all.
- Yes.
- Y-Yes, sir.
Keep in mind that these people
shouldn't face any difficulty here.
Y-Yes, sir. - She will take
care of your food. - Okay.
Oh my goodness, ma'am.
You've got such a pretty face.
What's your name? - Basanti.
- She is a very good cook.
Let's start work from tomorrow.
Don't you think you are getting
too excited, Mr. Samanta?
You've already made it known
to everyone that I'll be here.
If we have to begin the search,
I have to let everyone know.
Will letting everyone know help
us in the search? - Definitely!
The police is baffled
with the matter.
The people would like to check
his capabilities in that case.
Anyway, take rest.
I'll have a word with you later.
Did you search for it?
I've searched every
nook and corner.
There's nothing to be found.
There's absolutely nothing.
Oh, by the way. Don't take any
step without informing me.
They are powerful business men.
The merchant association here
is very powerful.
Kindly, keep this in mind.
Rude! - He is cunning.
He is as sly as a fox.
Let's go.
- Salute, sir.
Wow! There's a writing desk
and fireplace too.
This is beyond imagination.
Ma'am, what should I cook
for lunch? - Say it.
As of now, get us tea.
- Okay.
Don't add much sugar to it.
- Ajit
what do you want
to have for lunch?
Don't you get good mutton here?
- Yes, sir.
It's available.
- Prepare that.
Satya tell her to get good mutton
for this author. - Yes.
You go.
I'll see to it.
Sir, my brother has sent this
for him.
- Here, show it to me.
Wow! This is wonderful.
- Let me see.
This is excellent.
- I'll visit the station now.
Should I accompany you? - No,
you take care of your lunch.
Why do you want to visit
the station all of a sudden?
The station is far off.
How will you reach there?
A lot of news do the rounds
of the station, Satya.
It is the gateway to the crime.
When we came in, I had observed
that the guard has a cycle.
I'll leave now.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Oh, you are going for hunting.
Yes. I am going
to Bagmari jungle. - Oh!
Some of my goods will arrive
from Calcutta.
Keep it in the godown
separately. - Okay.
Tea will be exported tomorrow.
Get the booking done properly.
- Yes, okay.
You say it's okay
but you end up messing it.
You all are hopeless bunch
of haggards. Hey! - Yes.
I'll go now. - Have you got
a matchstick? - Yes.
He is a powerful man, it seems.
- Yes, of course.
He is Mr. Badrinath Das. He is the
owner of B N Das tea estate.
My, goodness.
- Thank you. - I'll leave now.
Hey, Basanti.
- Yes, ma'am.
Tell me of places we can visit
We have beautiful mountains here,
surrounded by forests.
There are splendid tea
estates. This is a beautiful place.
Doesn't it scare you
to return home
through the forests, all alone?
Yes, there are wild
elephants, rhinos
snakes and cheetah.
- Elephants!
However, I don't fear them.
I fear the human beings here.
Murders and other crimes
are regular affairs.
The police officer doesn't do
anything about it! - Police!
Don't talk of the police officer.
He goes about feasting on food
here and there.
You think he'll work!
You are laughing, you idiot!
Nyara would've bashed you up.
- Why? - Give me.
Nyara's newly wed wife was
having a shower.
Amrito climbed up the tree
and passed lewd comments.
He is crazy!
You roam about at odd hours.
Don't you feel scared?
Whatever! - Hey, this implies
you aren't afraid of ghosts!
Hey, let's go..
- Yes, let's go.
Let's go..
Come on, let's go.
Hey, Amra.
- Amra, come along.
Hey, you didn't answer me.
- I am not afraid of anything.
What I've witnessed would have
frightened you all beyond words.
A ghost resides in this forest.
What is he saying!
Rubbish! - What do you mean
by rubbish! I've seen it.
There's a pitch black ghost
riding a black horse.
His head is covered up.
He goes about with a booming sound.
I've seen it twice.
I am not afraid of anything. You
all are cowards. - Really! - Yes.
Take this stone and go to the tree
at the entrance of the jungle
behind Sadananda's residence.
Here, take it.
Go. Make a mark there.
- Go.. - Go..
- Go..
Now it'll be fun.
Let's go..
Keep God in mind and go on.
He has been trapped now.
He'll learn a lesson now.
- Amra.. - Hey, Amra.
Hey, Amra.
How much would you charge for it?
- The vegetables are so fresh.
What are these?
Aren't those squash?
Yes, ma'am.
- Yes. Let's go that way.
How much is it for? - Two anas,
ma'am. - Hey, Satya. - Yes.
Don't buy things in such huge
quantities. It'll be wasted.
The roller mill has worn out.
We need a new one.
Basanti, where's the market
for spices? Is it that way?
It's that way, ma'am.
- Come along with me. - Go.
Oh my! Here they are.
- You go ahead. - Okay.
Hey, if you are done shopping,
go back home with Ratan.
We have work to finish off.
We'll be back soon.
Oh. Don't be late.
Come back soon.
I am sorry.
I-I am sorry.
Are you from Kolkata? Isn't
he Mr. Bomkyesh Bakshi?
- I am Juthika Mallick.
I am Mr. Biswanath Mallick's wife.
Is it done?
- It's impossible.
Sir, which way is
Jamuna Das's rice mill?
Go straight and then take a
right. - Thank you. Let's go.
I had to inform you.
He is Mr. Byomkesh Bakshi. This
is his friend, Ajit Bandhopadyay
Come. Have a seat.
- Have a seat.
Have a look at this.
Someone has threatened me
through this letter.
I received it by the morning mail.
I don't mingle in any matter.
Why have they targeted me?
I am aware of all of your
He isn't the only one.
Every reputed man has been
threatened via letters.
Badrinath Das, Biswanath Mallick,
Nafar Kundu and everyone else.
Do all the letters say the
same thing? - Yes it's the same.
I don't have any arms,
Mr. Bakshi. I am a businessman.
I religiously follow
Lord Hanuman. - What?
Why do you feel the letter
is concerned about arms!
No, this topic is discussed widely
You go on.
You are in no way involved
in dealing with illegal arms!
No, sir. - That's it.
There's nothing to fear.
There are so much going on about
arms. What if they kill me?
I don't mingle in any matter,
What if I search the mill?
Search every nook and corner.
Lachman, get the keys.
There's no need of that.
You've been running this business
for a long time.
You won't be stupid enough
to hide illegal arms here.
Come, Mr. Subhomoy. - However,
what am I supposed to do?
Follow Lord 'Hanuman'.
Is this a blackmail
or warning letter?
Even if it's blackmail,
who is writing these letters?
It might be the one
selling the illegal arms.
That's possible only if they have
bought the arms.
What is the reaction of the other
men who received the letters?
They don't seem much
bothered. - It's but obvious.
Everyone is aware of my presence
owing to you.
Ajit, do you think they'll keep
the arms now!
No, I don't think so.
- They'll have it moved to a place
that is not easily discoverable.
Yes, now we'll sit idle. We'll
gorge on good food and read novels.
We don't have much work other
than that. Right, sir? - Yes.
By the way,
I forgot to inform you.
The merchant's association
has arranged for a program
in your honour. - Light it.
Everyone be there. You'll get
introduced to each other.
It's around 7 p.m.
- You would be there, right!
I'll see if I can be there.
I'll have to go to Bagmari.
Where is that?
- It's about two miles from here.
It's a village by the jungles.
There has been a murder there.
He was a mad man.
I'll be back soon.
Hey, where's your car?
It's broken down.
I'll leave now. - Yes.
The handwriting in the letter
tells me it's you.
Yes, however the bait failed
What would've been the case
had the bait not failed you!
It would've taught them a lesson
though others might've suffered.
Rice, sir. - What fish is this?
- It's 'Bronali'.
Basanti got me to buy it
from the market. - Serve it.
Isn't it delicious!
- Wait, let me taste.
This is delicious.
Have your food and doze off.
- Serve a small portion.
There are so many jackals around.
They have been howling all
night. You slept peacefully.
I didn't hear any jackal.
I guess you didn't have
a good sleep.
No. - It's obvious.
- I feel scared.
You all will be going around
as soon as it's day time.
Should I serve this, ma'am?
- Yes, serve this.
That's it.
I feel bored here!
There's a program
in the evening.
It has been arranged
in the honour of our guest.
You come with us today.
You'll like it.
"The night will fall
upon the soil."
Nafar Kundu is always present
in all issues.
I don't trust him at all.
You mean he might write
those anonymous letters. - Why not!
He is not human, Mr. Byomkesh.
You've no idea of things
he deals in.
Mr. Biswanath, come here.
Come, introduce yourselves.
This is Mr. Biswanath Mallick.
- You are here.
He is a reputed business man.
- How are you?
He is Mr. Byomkesh Bakshi.
- You..
This is my wife, Juthika.
You must be Satyabati.
"The grounds will break, tonight."
I've heard you've been threatened.
- Yes, I threw it in the dustbin.
I've got nothing to do
with arms!
I run a mill.
Do you doubt anyone?
"The grounds will break, tonight."
We went to Kolkata
few months back.
We watched the movie 'Spellbound'
by Hitchcock, at Metro.
It's a brilliant movie.
It stars Gregory Peck
and Ingrid Bergman.
They are such great actors!
Yes, you are right.
- I feel suffocated here.
I don't like it here.
I hail from Baghbazar.
Then I give priority to my duties
as a wife.
My husband is always
busy with his work.
The beats of the tom-tom
makes my heart skip a beat.
"Where does the king
get his jewels?"
"Where does the king
get his jewels?"
What's the matter!
- Hey!
I can't do it..
"Where does the king
get his jewels?"
"Where does the king
get his jewels?"
"Where does the king
get his jewels?"
I was waiting for you.
Where is Mr. Mallick?
There he is.
If it wasn't possible for you,
I could've constructed
the boundary wall.
You should've given it a thought
before promising me. Right!
Don't worry. I'll get it done.
- I've to worry.
It's been a long time. I don't
like shabby properties unlike you..
Who is it?
Are you Mr. Byomkesh? Oh!
Greetings. I am Nafar Kundu.
You've been here
with your clan.
It's good. Did you get it?
Did you find any arms?
No, I didn't find it yet.
I'll soon lay my hands on them.
Are you a cop?
- I seek the truth.
Yes? Seeker..
- Yes.
He is rich but illiterate.
He is exactly so.
Damn my fate!
My car hit the boundaries
of his tea estate.
I've promised to repair it.
I lack time.
Wherever he'll spot me..
Nafar is his ally.
He is a crooked man.
It's not easy to track arms.
It's been really tough.
He said he'll investigate.
I too allowed him to do so.
Who fears him!
- Sukhomoy didn't have a word
with me at my place.
Let him come to me.
I'll let him know
who is what!
The fragile man from Kolkata or
the powerful man from Dooars!
"Women, come out."
Badrinath loves hunting, isn't it!
He says he hunts birds.
He had been to Bagmari
jungles, yesterday.
What! - Yes.
- The murder took place yesterday.
Badrinath might export arms,
hidden in sacks of tea.
He might do that.
"Women, come out."
Maybe that's what makes you
prioritize the station.
Do you know the trouble is,
It's all uncanny till now.
It's translucent.
It's not clear.
How do you plan
to solve it?
We need a major clue.
Else it's..
- It's tough.
Do you suspect any of these
four men?
Answer me who told Yudhisthir
of 'Ramayana'?
- Answer me.
It was Markandeyo.
It was during the forest episode.
Come to think of it!
Ages ago, in a cave, sage Vyas
and Ganesha wrote it down.
It's strange.
There's a difference
between the two caves.
One is located at Basar near
The other is located at Managram
at the Himalayas. - Yes, Managram!
It's called Lord Ganesha's cave.
It's there on the way
to Gomukh.
They are situated at two
ends of the country.
It's obvious it will be so.
It's the great 'Mahabharata'.
The whole India..
- Mr. Byomkesh..
We are residents of Bagmari.
We have resorted to you
in times of distress.
One of our friends Amrit..
- I'll leave. murdered in the jungle
two days ago.
Yes, Mr. Sukhomoy had gone
to investigate the matter!
However, we seek help from you.
Actually, Amra has been shot.
- Yes.
He has been shot at a spot
behind Sadananda's residence.
If you could..
I am here on a different case..
we are partially responsible
for Amra's death.
How are you all
responsible for it?
None of you have seen
the ghost!
No, only Amra saw it.
Balaram allowed him to roam about.
He wandered about in the forests.
Who is Balaram?
He is Amrita's maternal uncle.
He used to stay with his
maternal uncle.
Does anyone in the village
own a horse?
Does anyone own a gun?
- No. - No.
Potol, you mentioned
Sadananda's house. Who is he?
He is a miser. He doesn't
contribute towards festivals.
He frequently visits Kolkata
with a trunk.
You think the gun is a stolen
one, Byomkesh!
Since no one in the village owns
a gun, this is possible. - Yes.
Go right from the next road.
- Go right..
Mr. Balaram..
Who is it?
- Come fast.
Wait.. I am coming.
It's Mr. Byomkesh Bakshi
Greetings. Have a seat.
Hey, everyone.
- Yes.
Get him a glass of water.
- Okay.
Ma'am, come here.
- I got to know
Amrit used to roam the forests.
You never stopped him
from doing so!
I have tried to stop him
multiple times.
He is an orphan. How much
can I take care of him!
Moreover, he was mentally ill.
Thank you. There's no need
of that.
Potol, let's go to the spot
where Amrit was..
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Let's go.
Come along..
Did Amrit work for a living?
Yes, he worked as a labourer for a
few days in Badrinath's tea estate.
Then they kicked him out.
- Why?
He was a mentally ill man, sir.
His words might've offended them.
This is Sadananda's house.
The forest behind this house..
I have warned him so many times.
There might be wild animals.
Don't roam about at night.
He never paid heed
to me.
Didn't Amrit tell you
of the ghost?
- Ghost.
Yes, he told me of it.
However, I didn't believe him.
He said a ghost is visible
on a black horse in the forests.
He told me once or twice.
Potol, which way is it?
It's this way. Come.
His corpse was found here.
This is the stone I had given him.
That's the tree.
Be careful, there are thorns.
- Okay.
Aren't these 'Manasa' plants?
- Yes.
- Let's go..
Isn't Sadananda home?
Sir, he's gone to Kolkata.
What might these be!
These are imprints
of a horse's hooves.
It's the ghost!
If it be a ghost how can it leave
imprints, Potol!
When did Sadananda go to Kolkata?
Sir, he's been away for more than
seven days.
Let's go.
The post mortem report
will tell me
he was shot with which revolver.
This will further tell me whether
it's linked to illegal arms.
Black market, black ghost
and black horse.
There are many horses here,
at few places.
Where is it?
The horses are worked
in the mills.
They are there in Nafar's mill
and Badrinath's tea estate.
There is Sadananda.
There he is.
Yes, say.
Sadananda, Amrit is dead.
- Two days back
he was shot
at a place behind your house.
What was he doing there
behind my house?
He told us he has seen a ghost
rider in the forest.
He said he isn't scared.
We are cowards.
We challenged him to make a mark
on the tree there.
He agreed.
Have you seen the ghost rider,
Mr. Sadananda?
I didn't see anything.
- Yes.
I'll leave today.
Don't worry.
I'll look into this matter.
- Keep an eye on everything.
If need be, let me know
- I'll leave, Mr. Balaram.
Did you observe Sadananda?
What is it?
- Where's his trunk?
- Sadananda..
- Sadananda..
- Slow down. Don't touch him.
Potol, call for Sukumar Samantha,
It's a hand grenade.
Be careful, Ajit.
You all don't come in.
Be very careful, Ajit.
It might be dangerous inside.
These are herbs.
Have a look at these,
Be careful.
The door is locked from inside.
The trap was set at the entrance.
This implies..
They got into the courtyard
via the branches of this tree.
They crossed the courtyard
and reached the entrance.
The grenade has been so planted
that it would've
gone off
on opening the door.
This is a booby trap.
The horse was outside!
- Yes.
He entered the house on a horse
by jumping over the wall.
Then he sets up a booby trap
at the entrance.
Is anything fishy!
- It seems so.
Illegal arms,
hand grenade, bullet
two murders
and a ghost rider.
There's a trunk too.
Didn't Sadananda have
any relatives?
He has a sister.
She doesn't visit him.
She stays out of town.
- Does she stay in Kolkata?
I don't know.
What did Sadananda
do for a living?
He dealt in herbal
He used to work for Nafar Kundu
He lost his job after a legal
case against him.
Why a legal case all of a sudden!
We don't know that, sir.
Do you know if Sadananda
frequented the racing fields?
The books at his house
says he did visit the racing field.
How did he have so much money
to visit racing fields!
Take a left, sir.
- Yes.
Ajit, we have to visit
Nafar Kundu tomorrow. - Yes.
- Yes, sir.
Where are you?
- The goods are ready, sir.
Why have you got this here!
Go and hide it in the sacks
of rice. Go.
It will be exported by the train
in the evening. Go..- I'm going.
Are you doing good?
- Yes.
Did you know Sadananda Sur?
Yes, how won't I not know him!
He used to work in my mill
and steal my money.
Sir, you are falsely accusing me.
I didn't steal your money.
You didn't take it?
You didn't take it?
Did the money vanish in thin air?
Go away from here.
- Hey! I despise your money.
You'll suffer for this sin
of yours.
There's no use, threatening me.
- You don't know me.
I'll avenge this.
- I'll hit you with my shoes now.
You idiot.
Don't pay heed to Sadananda.
What did he say against me?
He might've told I'm a wicked
man. I am a horrible person.
Pay heed to me, he is the one
to write those letters.
Is it so?
- Yes.
However, Sadananda died
yesterday. - Oh!
He has been killed
by a hand grenade.
Therefore it doesn't seem that
he wrote those letters.
Oh no.!
Are your goods carried to the
station via horses?
- Isn't it a black horse?
The horses are white.
There are two of them.
White horses!
- Yes.
Let's go.
- Okay.
The man who owns white horses
might borrow a
black horse as well. - Yes.
It reminds me of knights
on black horses.
It reminds me of Scotland
and Sir William Wales.
Yes, you are right.
We know someone here
who owns a black horse.
Sukumar Samanta.
- Yes.
What motive might he have
to kill Sadananda?
He is a cop.
A cop's role is vital
when it comes to illegal arms.
It won't work this way.
We need to free our minds.
Let's review the case from the
beginning. - Okay.
First Amrit is murdered.
He wouldn't have died had he
not gone to the forests. - Yes.
His murder wasn't planned.
Then Sadananda was
murdered. It was pre planned.
Yes, but he wasn't home.
Therefore, his murder was planned.
You are talking in riddles.
- Okay, I'll put it simply.
Assume the man got to know
Sadananda isn't home.
He rode a horse and then entered
the house over the wall.
He set up the grenade at the
entrance. It's a booby trap.
Sadananda will return home, open
the door and then die. - Fine.
I believe Amrit caught
sight of the assailant
while he was leaving. Therefore..
- Why would anyone kill Sadananda?
Come to the point.
What if I say Sadananda
dealt in illegal arms? - How?
The trunk that went missing
might contain illegal arms.
One man visits racing fields
in Kolkata.
What might be his
source of income?
He earned by dealing in
illegal arms! - Yes, maybe.
It's complex. Damn!
Will we get a ride back home?
Byomkesh. - Let's go.
- H-Hey..
I hope we don't get malaria.
Oh no! Rain would be troublesome!
You do weird things!
- Quiet!
I know you are daunting.
Why did you drag him along?
What if something fatal
had happened?
Hey, everything will be fine.
What do you mean by everything
will be fine!
There's grenade, bullets
and ghosts all around.
We would've been better off
at the house at Harrison Road.
I had asked you not to come.
You were adamant.
Had I not been so, you would've
to seek the truth, being hungry.
What's wrong with you?
Two days back I saw it clearly
at night, without glasses.
The ghost's kids were alive
were playing in moonlight.
I saw that too. Who
might be this person?
Sadananda knew him.
Do you realize how Sadananda
is gaining importance
in the matter? - Yes.
The books from racing fields,
shoe shop in a Chinese market
and perfume has been
found. Where is the trunk?
It might be somewhere around
It might be somewhere else too.
Who knows if he returned
with the trunk or not?
Oh! - Yes, that one.
Keep it here.
Oh, what luck! - Good morning.
- Good morning.
I am Monotosh
Bhattacharya. - Yes, I know you.
What is going on! Sadananda
died in all of your presence.
I mean the grenade exploded
while you all were there?
No we didn't witness it.
We did hear it.
- Oh! - You knew him, right?
Yes, why won't I not know him?
He got off here, from the train
in the afternoon.
I enquired how his visit
to Kolkata was!
He was a witty man.
He replied people don't visit
Kolkata. They just go.
The same man will die some time
later.. - Yes..
Do you remember what he carried
while he went to Kolkata?
Yes, I do. He had a steel trunk,
bedding and bag.
He always carried these things
while travelling.
What did he carry on
returning? - Returning..
No, he didn't have the steel trunk
while returning. Why do you ask so?
Do you know what his trunk
Oh, the trunk was..
Nafar Kundu's sacks..
- Mr. Manotosh, come here please.
I've got work. Give me a minute.
I have some work there.
- Yes.
Check it well.
There mustn't be any mistake.
Nafar Kundu's sack..
- Softly. Speak softly.
Let's go have tea.
- Keep the sacks there.
Let's go.
Two cups of tea, please.
- Okay.
This tea is from my plantation.
Have it. You'll like it.
Good morning, Mr. Bakshi.
- Good morning.
What brings you here?
Are you looking for arms
at the station? - No.
We both have come out
for a walk.
Of course. You are a guest
in our state.
You will have a good trip
at the State's expense and return.
It suits you.
By the way someone got murdered
here. Do you know of it?
You got it wrong. - Two
people have been murdered.
A boy named Amrit
and Sadananda Sur has been killed.
Do you know them?
- By Jove, no.
I don't mingle with these
cheap idiots.
I should consider that you have
nothing to do with illegal arms.
Do you know Nafar Kundu? Do
you know Jamuna Das Gangaram?
You don't know anyone.
Yet you're here to investigate.
Mr. Bakshi, Nafar Kundu's good
pass by the railways.
No one cares to check it. Okay.
Good day, Mr. Bakshi.
What about your sacks of tea,
being sent to Kolkata!
Is it checked?
Your attitude speaks otherwise.
We'll leave, Mr. Das.
Mr. Ajit.
- Yes.
When will the case end?
- End!
We are beating about the bush.
We didn't even start.
In the forest episode, do you know
in which river Kunti put Karna in?
It was Ashwa river.
Strange! We are dealing
in episodes of horses too.
It was river Ashwa
in 'Mahabharata'
and it's a black horse here.
I'll go mad.
He doesn't have time to talk
to me.
I have asked him to get me
hair oil ever since we came here.
Look at him. He has set up
his world in the bottle of perfume.
I will go to Kolkata.
I'll go alone.
What? - You'll leave us
here in this unknown land!
What will I do now?
A well-stocked mind is free
from boredom.
There are many books here,
Read them.
You'll have a good time.
I have been appointed by the
government for this case.
This is my responsibility
towards my nation.
If you refuse, I'll lose all
respect. Do you wish for that?
Did I mean that!
It would've been different
had you had an ordinary job.
Have a safe journey.
Okay! Don't make us worry.
What should I tell Mr. Sukhomoy?
What should I tell him
of your whereabouts?
Tell him I have gone
for hibernation.
Come this way.
You have to provide me
an information.
Did anyone by the name
of Sadananda Sur, come here?
He is from the rural areas.
He has a mole on his cheek.
He has been here even
few days back.
- Where did he come to?
A man with a mole on his cheek
has been visiting us
for the past few months.
Whom did he meet here?
- He used to meet Gulab.
- Come along. - Okay.
"The heart lusts and craves
for you."
"The heart lusts and craves
for you."
"My lord, if you don't visit me"
"I shed tears and feel saddened."
"Don't reject a loving heart."
"Don't reject a loving heart.
Let the eyes meet."
"My young body craves for you."
"The heart lusts and craves for
you. My young body craves for you."
"The heart lusts and craves
for you."
"You are a jolly person, sir
and so am I."
"You are a jolly person,
sir and so am I."
"Elope with me, sweetheart.
Elope with me, sweetheart."
"I'll sway my hips to the tunes."
"I'll sway my hips
to the tunes."
"I'll sway my hips to the tunes."
"I'll sway my hips
to the tunes."
"Let your heart be as deadly
as snake venom."
"Let your heart be as
deadly as snake venom."
"Your love.."
"Your love has trapped me."
"The heart lusts and craves
for you."
"The heart lusts
and craves for you."
"The heart lusts and craves
for you."
"My lord, if you don't visit me"
"I shed tears and feel saddened."
"Don't reject a loving heart."
"Let the eyes meet."
"My young body craves for you."
"The heart lusts and craves
for you."
"My young body craves for you."
"The heart lusts and craves
for you."
Wow! What a performance!
- Great!
No one visits at this hour
without informing, sir.
Yes, I need something
from you.
Tell me, what you want.
Sadananda mentions you
quite often.
Who is Sadananda?
- Sadananda Sur.
He has a mole on his cheek.
He visits me.
He comes with a friend
named Dinesh.
Mr. Dinesh Baral!
- Yes.
It's Dinesh Baral who is regular
at the racing fields.
How do you know Sadananda?
He is doing all these here.
His wife gets cross
whenever he bets on races.
Oh my God! He is a married man!
- Yes.
He is such a wicked man.
- Why?
Yes, who tells the truth
to a mistress like me!
Sadanand lied to me.
He said he has only a sister.
He said he has no one else
for family. - Yes, he has a trunk.
You'll be staying here,
Yes, for a day.
Move aside.
What's the matter!
- There's always some issue.
We are fed up. We have
to manage it somehow.
Anyway I am here for you all.
- I'll leave, sir.
Then it will be done.
- Yes, you needn't worry.
It will be as you say.
- It will be either four or five.
- I was thinking of it too.
I'll leave, sir.
- Yes.
Whom did you bet on?
- Yes?
Whom did you bet on? - I am
a happy go lucky person.
I bet on the horse who stood first
last time.
Black Prince was better.
No, Dinesh advised me.
So I played double gamble.
Who is Dinesh?
- Dinesh Baral.
You bet on a horse
abiding by Dinesh's words!
He and his jockey,
both are wasted. - Jockey!
It's his friend.
He mingled with..
Where is Dinesh?
I didn't spot him around.
Where he must be!
He lays intoxicated, by the stable.
However.. - Hey, mister.
I owe you.
Who is it?
- Police.
Answer me properly.
Do you know Sadanada Sur?
Yes, I know him.
He was regular at the
racing field, right?
Yes, he visited once or twice
every month.
He used to bet on horses.
He used to bet on the horses
as per my suggestion.
He used to lose sometimes.
He won too.
How did he get the money?
If you try acting over smart
you'll end up in jail.
How did he get the money?
I-I don't know, sir.
I'll tell you.. He got the
money from a friend of his.
Which friend? - His
name is Badrinath Das.
Sir, he got Sadananda
here. - Badrinath Das!
How long has he been visiting
this place?
Why should he come here?
The race course was home to him.
Y-Yes, sir.
He was a reputed jockey.
The horse performed excellently
under him.
Y-yes, he left everything
behind and went away, suddenly.
He returned
about five years later.
He owned tea plantations by then.
There was another man
from Sadananda village.
He races two horses.
He comes here too.
His name is Biswanath Mallick.
He'll return soon, right!
- Yes.
Had it been that I could've
you via phone, everywhere!
How would it have been?
You are reading too much
of Arthur C Clarke.
It's science fiction.
People will be on the phone
on the move!
Wouldn't it have been great?
- It would've been great.
Then the wait would've been
worth it.
Good morning. - There he is.
- You are done with hibernation!
Yes, it's done.
Did you start writing? - No..
I'll have tea. - I'll make tea.
- Should I make tea for you too?
Yes. - Here you are.
- My goodness.
You mustn't be getting
it here. - Oh! I feel relieved.
Did you find out something?
- Everyone seems to be a suspect.
Badrinath was a jockey.
He introduced Sadananda
to the racing fields.
Dinesh Baral met him
via Badrinath. - Oh!
He said he doesn't even
know Sadananda. - Wait.
It's not the end here. Biswanath
Mallick has two of his horses
running the races.
- What are you saying! - Yes.
Who knows who is concealed
where like Meghnad!
Where did I visit?
- Kolkata.
No, I mean what did Satya tell
You had asked her to tell Sukhomoy
that you are hibernating.
What's the matter!
- Something had taken place!
- Yes, hold on. He's here.
Someone is asking for you.
Hello. - Hello, Mr. Byomkesh.
This is Biswanath Mallick.
Are you busy? - Yes
say, Mr. Mallick.
Can you meet me today
at 4 p.m. at European Club?
I need to talk to you.
Good shot!
- Thank you.
I called you here for something
I don't know if you are
aware of it.
Are you talking of the two horses
that run the races?
My goodness!
You surprised me.
How did you come to know
of it?
There are many things we need
to find out, Mr. Mallick.
Now tell me. What do you
want to let me know?
I.. - Mr. Mallick, have you joined
the cops?
You're finding arms
in European Club!
I don't know why Jamuna
is not here yet!
I think we can't talk here.
- Give me tea.
There's a desolated cemetery
nearby. We can have a word there..
Hey, you seeker of truth. Did you
proceed with the investigation?
Do you need more chances? - You'll
get to know when the bomb blasts!
Let's go.
This isn't very well-maintained.
This cemetery has a history.
You didn't bring me here to tell
me of the history, Mr. Mallick.
You're right. - I don't
know how to convey it to you!
Sadananda met me before going
to Kolkata.
He said something which I didn't
pay attention to, back then.
Now, after his death, it feels..
He said he saw a black horse
in the forest.
- He saw a bodiless man
on the horse
dressed in black.
Do you believe in spirits?
- No, it's not that.
What exactly he witnessed..
- Who owns black horses here?
I have four horses.
One is chestnut and the other one
is white. The rest two..
They are at the racing course
in Kolkata.
Yes. - Here only one person owns
a black horse.
That's Sukumar Samanta.
That's not a ghost, Mr. Biswanath.
It's some human being.
To ride a horse
in the forest darkness..
It's quite difficult. - Yes.
- If the man is experienced..
Do you know why Badrinath Das
gave up being a jockey?
He lost a race on purpose
for a large amount of money.
He came here and bought
tea estates with the money.
He settled down here.
He introduced Sadananda
to the racing fields.
Isn't the friendship weird?
No, it's not weird if they
have a give and take policy.
They may be of use to each other
while dealing in illegal arms.
I should've informed
you earlier. Come.
Thank you.
Do you wish
to let Sukhomoy Samanta
of Badrinath Das?
How strange it is here!
It's sunny one moment
and raining the next.
I hope everything's fine. - You
all have a word. I'll be back.
You aren't available these days.
You aren't reporting me
of your whereabouts.
Sadananda Sur was killed by a hand
grenade, right?
Yes, I know, you've been
to Bagmari.
I had asked you not to go
anywhere without informing me.
Why? Who do you
think you are?
I am a police officer
here. - Yes, maybe you are.
You have no right to dictate me,
The government has appointed me.
You are not helping me at all.
You are continuously causing
hindrances. I am warning you.
If I find you behaving awkwardly,
I'll have you fired.
Hey, why should I cause hindrances?
You investigate as you
wish to. Investigate.
Who has horses in this village?
- Horses..
Badrinath Das, Biswanath Mallick
and Jamuna Das own horses.
Who owns a black horse?
- I own it. Why do you ask so?
Don't you know why? A bodiless man
roams the forest on a black horse.
Forest.. - I hope you understand.
I suspect you too.
Where is Amrit's post mortem
Yes. He has been shot
with a bullet of point 38 calibre.
Excellent! It's
point 38 calibre.
Ajit! Wasn't it used during
the wars? - Yes, of course.
Do you know of Sadananda's sister?
I'll have to ask.
- Ask Sadananda? - No, why him?
I have to find out.
- You must.
Both Sadananda and Amrit have been
killed for illegal arms.
Is it due to enmity?
- Amrit had worked
for a few days for Badrinath,
and Jamuna.
He used to be kicked out
due to his weird behaviour.
Sadananda was into business.
He used to sell digestive pills.
Nothing more than this..
It's an ancestral house
yet the condition is pathetic.
Despite this, Sadananda used
to visit a place in Kolkata.
Despite having courage and desire
visiting the place
is beyond your economical limits.
How did Sadananda manage such huge
amount for entertainment?
'Jhalmuri'.. - Here you are.
You asked for me?
I need to have a word with you.
I don't get to leave
this place so..
Yes, say. - I couldn't
tell you, that day.
Sadananda has a relative here.
It's a few stations from here
at Ramdighi.
The trunk you mentioned
might be with them.
What do you mean by relatives!
- No, it's okay.
His name is Prankesto.
He is Sadananda's brother-in-law.
What kind of a human being is he!
He didn't even visit here
when his brother-in-law died.
It made me really cross..
There he is, no sooner
than I spoke of him.
Is it him?
- Yes. He is Prankesto.
Sadananda's brother-in-law.
He is a line inspector. Just
a minute. Hey, Mr. Prankesto.
What's the matter! You didn't
come when Sadananda died.
The police burnt his dead body.
Why should I come?
Don't I have work!
The one who was here, died.
Would he return!
He is speaking rubbish!
Hey, move on.. We are late.
How strange! He doesn't mourn
his brother-in-law's death.
Where does this man stay?
- He stays at Ramdighi,
near the junction.
- Oh. Fine. We'll leave. - Okay.
Is Mr. Biswanath Mallick here?
You all wait for some time. Sir
has gone out. He'll be back soon.
Who are you? - Yes?
- How long have you been here?
I have been here since
donkey's years.
You must be knowing Sadananda Sur.
- Yes, I do know him.
He used to visit sir, at times
to sell pills for dyslexia.
When did he last visit
this place? - Last..
How does he run his business?
- The business runs..
He borrowed Rs. 1,000
from sir, few days back.
He respects sir, a lot.
Who asked you to speak
so much, Nilkantha?
Go, get tea for them.
You can't find the arms!
I believe they are still
at Santhalgola.
Search the places you wish to.
Yes, I was thinking of doing
the same.
Did Sadananda borrow money
from you?
Nilkantha speaks too much.
Yes, he begged for money.
He said he owes money to people
in Kolkata and is unable to pay.
I told him I can give him the
money but he has to return it.
He used to carry a trunk
to Kolkata.
Oh. He used that to..
Before I came here, the trunk was
used to..
May I say something?
Get a search warrant.
The truth will be revealed.
Mr. Biswanath, the problem is
the arms aren't in the houses.
Have you read Mr. Bipin Lahiri?
'Gulmohar' is the king of trees.
The banyan tree is blessed.
The running forests has set up
a trap, laden with uncanniness.
Darkness prevails on the land
even during the day.
The nights are cautious.
That's great.
Search the forests.
Employ people to do so.
I'll co-operate with you
on all terms. - Make it fast.
I might search the forests
tomorrow or day after.
- This place is beautiful.
Do you find something new,
Mr. Ajit?
No, I was studying
the 'Mahabharata'.
I didn't lay my hand on something.
'Mahabharata'! That's great.
It's one of my favourite books.
I haven't informed you
but my wife wishes to meet
you once again.
That can be done, any day.
- Satyabati would love to meet you.
Are you free this evening?
- Today evening! - We can meet up.
Thank you so much.
I pray to God that you rescue
Santhalgola from this.
It is possible only if the arms
are in the jungles.
I'll see you in the evening.
Wow! This Bengali man has
distorted his name.
He has written it
as Badri. N. Dos.
He has distorted the name
beyond fixation.
Hey, mister.
Greetings, Mr. Badrinath.
I had to inquire
regarding few things.
You were a jockey at the race
course! - Yes, I gave that up.
What! Why? - It's my wish.
- Did you know Amrit?
Yes. - Did you know
Sadananda Sur? - No. - Is it?
Do you have a black horse?
I have two brown and three
white horses.
Horse is my favourite animal.
The day Amrit died
you had visited
Bagmari jungle for bird hunting.
Listen, Mr. Bakshi.
If I aim at birds, they die.
If I wish to kill human beings
they die too.
I had gone to the forests
to hunt birds. - Excellent.
By the way, let me tell you,
we are getting the search warrants.
I have a mouser pistol,
Mr. Bakshi. It's licensed.
I can aim in the dark too.
I never miss the target.
Exactly like it didn't miss Amrit
that day.
Good bye, Mr. Bakshi.
Sir, few men are like waste
to mankind.
The man was a jockey at the race
course, once upon a time.
He aims perfectly.
It's easy for Badrinath to ride
a horse in darkness.
Don't you think the missing
pieces are fitting in too easily.
That's good.
Since it's fitting in, why do we
need to search the jungles!
No, I just mentioned it
to Mr. Biswanath.
It's such a huge forest.
I can't dig up the forest
to search for arms.
There are four people
associated with Sadananda.
There's Badrinath Das, Jamuna Das,
Nafar Kundu and Biswanath Mallick.
There's rice, mutton and
sweet dish. - Wow! That's great.
Is it fine?
- The night's made.
Why are you treating Mr. Mallick
so well?
If I don't manage the internal
affairs how do I search
for the arms outside?
She'll get a partner to chat with.
We would be free to concentrate
on the case.
You are capable of these
things! I'll get up.
It would be a sin not to sleep
now. A hectic episode is up next.
Hectic episode! - Yes. - The
Pandavas have set out already.
They have disguised themselves
and adopted pseudo names.
Sir. - Hey, the food is delicious.
- Excellent.
Have you made it all? - No,
Basanti helped me too.
I am totally fed up here.
- Enough..
I at least got something
to do.
Mr. Byomkesh.
- Yes.
Now you have to visit
our place. - One..
Yes, we can visit it. However, let
me be done with the investigation.
It can be done later.
Let us go out somewhere tomorrow.
I-I am ready for it.
This is such a wonderful evening.
Won't there be some music!
Yes, this is a great proposal.
- My wife sings very well.
She has been trained in music
under a British governess.
She doesn't sing if you ask
her to. You need to request her.
- Now it is your choice.
"There's sunshine on the mountains
and a breeze that calls to me."
"There's a heart that beats
forever. It says, come be free."
"Hey lady, open the doors.
He is waiting for you."
"The heart flows with time.
He is waiting for you."
"Hey lady, open the doors.
He is waiting for you."
"The heart beats to the rhythm
of the southern winds."
"Oh what dreams adorn your eyes,
"Hey lady, open the doors.
He is waiting for you."
"I know not where I wander.
Your light shines true for me."
"You hold my hand through
darkness and say, come be free."
"My beloved.. Where is my beloved?
Where is my beloved, they ask."
"The hearts bond over care."
"The hearts bond over care."
"He touches me in my dreams
and enchants me."
"he enchants me."
"Hey lady, open the doors.
He is waiting for you."
"The heart flows with time.
He is waiting for you."
"The heart beats to the rhythm
of the southern winds."
"Oh what dreams adorn your eyes,
"Hey lady, open the doors.
He is waiting for you."
"Hey lady, open the doors.
He is waiting for you."
I don't know what goes
on, on your mind!
Suddenly why do you want
to search the jungle tomorrow?
I'll be ending the hibernation.
- You speak in riddles again.
Okay. I won't speak in riddles.
Tell me the Bengali term for the
flora called 'Somigach' locally.
'Somigach'! - Yes. - Tell
quickly. - It's a thorny plant..
Are you off to somewhere?
- Yes.
We are going to Ramdighi.
I've got some work there.
What are you doing here?
I am here for your client.
- Who?
I am here for Nafar Kundu.
He was exporting sacks of rice.
One of the bags burst out
and it had two kilos of opium.
- Two kilos of opium!
I am here regarding this matter.
It's good that I met you.
Tomorrow we'll search the jungle.
I believe the arms are there.
- Jungle.. - Yes.
We'll return late, tonight.
It'll be almost 10 p.m.
We'll begin it tomorrow,
early morning.
Kindly don't let everyone
know of this.
Fine, I'll arrange for it.
He'll tell it to everyone.
- That's exactly why I told him.
Let's go.
- Oh!
Where are you off to?
- We are going to Ramdighi.
We want to question Ramakrishna.
Yes, we'll be searching
the Bagmari jungle tomorrow.
The arms are there!
Do you have any idea about it?
- No.
I was commenting casually..
When will you return?
I'll return late tonight.
I'll leave now. - Okay.
Two tickets to Ramdighi, please.
- Three anas, please.
Has the third world war began,
Mr. Nafar?
You've exploded the bomb.
Damn the fool.
This man vexes me.
He'll rot in jail
for a few days.
That's Mr. Badrinath.
- Oh, no.
It's good that we met you here.
We'll search the jungles
Be careful.
- Why?
It'll be tough for the hunter
to accept himself as the victim.
You are here too.
Mr. Nafar Kundu has been arrested.
I guess you know that. - Yes.
Are you off to somewhere?
- We are going to Ramdighi.
Oh, why?
Sadananda's sister
and brother-in-law stays there.
- We want to enquire.
We'll return late, tonight.
We'll return around 10 p.m.
Isn't it so Ajit!
Yes. Oh, by the way,
we'll search the jungles tomorrow.
It should be kept a secret,
keep in mind.
Good. I'll help
with the search too. - Okay.
I'll leave. I need to collect
a 'challan'. - Okay.
The centre stage has been lit
The main characters are all
present on stage one after another.
Some have worn mask and some are
disguised as knights on horses.
Why were we discussing the plant
locally called 'Somigach'?
Where did the Pandavas
hide their weapons during the war?
We are near Bagmari.
Where have we stopped?
Byomkesh. Hey, where are
you going? - Excuse me.
Hey, Byomkesh.
Go to Ramdighi and enquire
Prankesto. - Okay.
Ask him where the trunk is.
Don't be afraid.
Yes, you..
Mr. Prankesto.
- Yes.
I had to have a word with you.
How have you been?
Yes, I am good.
- I am Ajit Bandhopadhya.
I am a cop.
- What!
The death of your brother-in-law
is sad.
You must be in pain.
- Yes?
Yes, of course.
Will all of Sadananda's properties
be handed over to your wife?
- Properties.
- S-Sheila.
- When did he come here last?
Hey, you.
I can't remember anything.
He was here about 10 to 15 days
This way.
Mr. Byomkesh.
You are here.
- You are here.
Pay attention.
The three men, Jamuna Das,
Badrinath Das, Biswanath Mallick.
Their bungalow, and business
should be under strict
surveillance. - Okay.
They all know we'll be searching
the Bagmari Jungle tomorrow.
I am not at Santalgola today.
The criminal will go the jungle
tonight to get his arms back.
Get back the arms from the
jungle.. - Arms from the jungle!
Why would a man roam about the
forest on a horse in darkness!
Gather the rest of your friends
and get divided in small groups.
Keep an eye on their homes
and workplace.
Keep an eye on the visitors too.
Go for now. I'll instruct
you further.
Be careful while doing this.
- Okay. - Go.
We are leaving, Mr. Byomkesh.
- Let's go..
Why are you getting nervous?
Answer my question properly.
Didn't Sadananda leave behind a
trunk before leaving for Kolkata?
- Yes.
Trust me, I don't know anything.
I have digestion issues.
I can't remember anything
due to cataract in my early years.
You are changing the topic.
Why are you getting nervous!
Where is the trunk?
My husband is a coward.
He gets scared by strangers.
Speak to me.
If someone dies, are we supposed
to take its responsibility!
Sadananda didn't leave behind any
trunk ort anything else.
You may leave now.
- We too are close to the cops.
- Yes, Basanti. Tell me.
Someone is asking for sir.
Someone is here at such odd hours!
Okay. Let's go.
I'll see to it. - Okay.
Yes, say.
Mr. Bakshi is here?
- He's not home.
He has gone to Ramdighi.
When will he return?
- He'll get late.
Should I convey any message?
Tell me.
No, thanks.
Mrs. Bakshi.
- Yes.
I am sorry to disturb you.
I know Mr. Byomkesh and Mr. Ajit
are not home.
Mr. Badrinath was here.
What did he say?
He came here and asked
for Mr. Bakshi.
He enquired when he'll return.
Why are you standing here!
Come in. Have tea. - No..
Thank you.
I am here to ask you
to stay indoor
until Byomkesh and Ajit returns.
Keep the door locked.
Why do you say so?
Is anything wrong? -
No, nothing is wrong.
It's better to stay indoors.
- Let them return.
Hey, when did you come?
It's a jackal.
- What's the colour?
It's black.
Jackals are never black in colour.
- Right, they are brown.
The quick brown fox..
- Yes.
I met the assailant in the jungle
some time back, Ajit.
It's not that only black horses
will appear black.
In the dark, we might mistake
a brown horse to be black.
Mr. Biswanath.
Hey, Mr. Byomkesh. Say.
Did you get back your arms
from the dead tree?
We have started searching
the Bagmari jungle.
Yes? I don't deal in illegal
arms. I've men for other work.
I'll keep an account
of your men.
First, tell me. Didn't Sadananda
Sur see you hiding the arms there?
What? I'm right!
When he started blackmailing you,
you shut him up with bribes.
You didn't lend him money
like a kind man.
I don't get you.
What were you doing in the jungle
last night?
I was at home.
I met your wife
in the guest house.
Yes, but the time doesn't match.
You left home around 10:30 p.m.
Potol and their friends saw you.
You entered the jungle
around 11 p.m.
You return with all the arms
around 11:30 p.m.
You might've not noticed,
Biswanath Mallick.
A group of boys kept
a check on you.
What are you trying to prove!
You met another bodiless
ghost rider.
Police officer Sukhomoy Samanta
witnessed it.
The black horse belongs to it.
Nilkantha, hit him.
Hit him.
Halt. Hands up!
This is why they say
that every fox
must pay his skin to the furrier!
Mr. Shukhamoy, all the
smuggled arms are kept there.
Hey, check the entire place.
- Hurry up!
Had there not been the 'Manasa'
plant beside that dead tree
and had Mr. Ajit Bandhopadhay
not been a litterateur
catching you would have been very
difficult, Mr. Biswanath Mallick.
What was my contribution
in all this?
Getting one man arrested won't
ensure you victory, Mr. Byomkesh!
You can't suppress our protests
by just arresting me.
Your idea of independence
is flawed.
And so is your concept
of a republic.
Trying times are inevitable.
Concentrating on your situation
would be wiser, Mr. Biswanath!
Hey, take him away.
- Hold on!
How was Amrito becoming a
problem for your movement?
You can't justify
an innocent man's death
by citing political reasons.
Politics that gets people killed
has always been unacceptable.
And it will be so in future as
well. Please.. - Take him away.
Amrito couldn't recognise the man
who was riding the black horse
despite seeing him.
It was Sadananda Sur
who saw Biswanath Mallick hiding
the weapons on the tree at night.
Sadananda had started
blackmailing Biswanath
after seeing him
hide the weapons.
The story surrounding
Rs. 1,000 being lent.. - Yes.
...wasn't exactly given as credit.
The money was paid
to keep smuggling a secret. - Oh!
Sadananda took some of that
money with him to Kolkata
for a little shindig.
He took the rest of the money
in a trunk to his sister's house.
He had planned to take it
back from his sister
as and when he would need it.
But Biswanath Mallick
had grown suspicious
and wanted to clip
Sadananda's wings.
There was always
the risk of people
knowing that he smuggled weapons.
Thus, Biswanath Mallick entered
the forest one more time.
This time his plan was to set a
booby trap in Sadananda's house.
When Biswanath was coming
out of Sadananda's house
after setting up the booby trap
it was probably then, when things
started going wrong for Biswanath.
After that we started looking
for the black horse.
Mr. Shukhamoy, nobody in this area
has a black horse except you.
Thus, I was a little apprehensive.
I also got to know that Badrinath
Dos worked as a jockey in Kolkata.
Thus deep in the forest
in absolute darkness.. Careful..
Who else but Badrinath Das could
ride a horse with such ease?
But it was not that I hadn't
suspected Biswanath Mallick!
Amrito was murdered
in this very forest.
And Sadananda died
while entering his house.
In that case, was Sadananda
involved in the smuggling of arms?
There were hoof marks
on the ground
near Sadananda's house.
Thus after hearing
about the black horse
and it's rider with amazing
equestrian skills I had felt that
the forest might
have a connection with all this.
But if that was so, where did
all the smuggled arms go?
'Mahabharata'! - Exile!
- Bravo.
The Pandavas had hidden
all their weapons
inside a tree when they were
sent on exile. Inside a tree!
I was going through a book
one afternoon.
And that was when I found
the clue I was looking for.
The tree mentioned in
'Mahabharata' was a tree of thorns.
You must be aware that beside
Sadananda's house was a dead tree
and beside that tree
was a thick shrub.
It might have been a coincidence.
But with that clue in mind,
I told everyone
that a search would be
carried out in the forest.
In fact, Ajit had helped me out
a lot in this regard.
Ajit and I boarded a train,
to go to Ramdighi.
The entire thing was planned
to serve as a bait
so that the people in Santhalgola
think that I'm out of town.
If the culprit had really hidden
the weapons in the forest
then he would go to the forest
that very night to take them out.
Was that the reason why you
got off from the train? - Yes.
You didn't go to Ramdighi!
- No.
I had asked Potol
and his friends
to keep an eye on all
the mills in the area.
By the way, thanks, Mr. Shukhamoy
for letting me borrow your horse.
But the horse wasn't black,
was it?
A fox in the darkness at night
made me realise where I
was making a mistake.
By Jove!
- Wow! Hail The Almighty!
Thank you!
- Hello.
Yes, give him the phone.
Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
He is right in front of me.
It is the Chief Secretary.
Greetings, Mr. Bagchi!
Congratulations and thank you,
Mr. Byomkesh.
Only you could have
solved this case.
The Chief Minister has thanked
you as well.
He wants to have you over for tea
once you return.
Thank the Chief Minister
on my behalf. - Of course.
See you once you are back in
Kolkata. - Of course, see you!
Sir, we are ready.
- Oh! Come with me.
The program is about to begin.
First anniversary of our
When our civilisation became
it didn't just become independent
from the tyranny of the British.
In fact, it was our independence
of thoughts and choices.
We must keep one thing in mind!
Independence should not
make us autocratic.
The rationale behind
is instilling qualities like
honesty in one's self.
Giving in to greed
and the desire
to gain power is
not independence.
Honesty is of utmost
if you want to build the country
of your dreams
and equally important
is self-control.
The deeds of today
will decide the fate of our
civilisation will be decided.
One must not forget
the main ideals that
make up our civilisation.
Neither must anyone
forget role of nature
society and culture
in shaping our civilisation.
One should not part
with one's values
even if there is a price
for it in the market.
Hope Rabindranath lives on in us.
'Where the soul is without fear
and head is held high..'
'Where knowledge is free..'
'Where the world has not been
broken up into fragments'
'by narrow domestic walls..'
'Where words come out
from the depths of truth..'
'Where the tireless and striving
'aims towards perfection..'
'Where the clear stream of reason
has not lost its way'
'into the dreary desert
sand of dead habit..'
'Where the mind is led
forward by thee'
'into ever-widening thought
and action..'
'Into that heaven of freedom,
my Father, let my country awake.'