C.H.O.M.P.S. (1979) Movie Script

- At present, your home is not safe,
even when you are there.
So protect yourselves.
Be sure you have good
locks, good security systems.
In addition, you might
consider getting a watchdog.
And I'm not necessarily
talking about a large dog.
Any dog that can bark
will make a good watchdog.
It can alert you and your neighbors.
As your police chief says,
"your police force is doing its utmost
"to combat this increase in
home burglaries in our town.
"This situation is intolerable,
"and it must be stopped."
And he's right.
If things continue,
we could soon find ourselves
at the mercy of the criminal element.
Not only in your homes,
but in your businesses,
your factories, and even in your schools.
Not one of you is safe from these hoodlums
who are invading our homes.
Right now! Fast!
- C.h.o.m.p.s., 86!
All right! That was one surprised burglar.
- In a speech to the citizens
of this fair city last night,
chief Patterson stressed the need
for all of us to work together
in an effort to halt the
alarming rise in home burglaries.
- Where is he?
He was supposed to
be here five minutes ago.
- R.j., he said something
unexpected delayed him.
- Something unexpected?
I don't expect anything
unexpected to happen
when I call an emergency meeting, sharp!
- Of course, I told him that.
- This is an emergency!
We are being flooded with complaints
that our security systems
is a pushover for burglars!
If something isn't done soon,
Norton security systems
will be left with nothing
but a big, old-fashioned padlock!
On our own front door.
- Any dog that can bark and
alert you and your neighbors
will make a good watchdog.
- A watchdog! That's all we need!
This business is already going to the dogs!
- Keep an eye on things for me, rascal.
Good boy.
Hand over that bone, Turkey.
- Monster, come on, get out of there.
Monster, come on. Come
on, monster. Monster.
Yes, you bad boy.
Now, come on, why don't you go home
and go pick on somebody your own size?
- Don't look at him.
Smart ass.
Up your poop, granny!
Oh, rascal.
You just can't keep yourself
out of trouble, can you?
Where's Brian?
- You just missed him, Casey, dear.
He drove off about five minutes ago.
Bye-bye, rascal.
Now hurry up, muffin.
- I was hoping to catch him
before he left for my father's office.
- On Sunday? Your
father's upset with Brian.
- No, he's not upset.
- He's furious.
I'll see you later, Mrs. Flower. Thank you.
- Not at all, dear.
Isn't she a lovely girl, muffin?
Muffin! Muffin, where are you, muffin?
Oh, you naughty girl!
How many times have I told
you not to disappear like that?
Naughty girl.
- Mr. Norton, I'm sorry I'm late, but i-
- I'm sorry, too, foster.
Sorry I ever hired you as
my security systems engineer.
- R.j., you're just upset.
- You bet I'm upset!
We're losing customers left and right!
- When you hired
Brian right out of college,
it was because he was
at the top of his class.
You hired him because he's brilliant.
He's a genius.
- Thanks, Ken.
- If he's so brilliant, how
come his new security system
is such a miserable flop?
- Mr. Norton, the system is fail-safe.
There's absolutely no way
anyone can penetrate it.
Unless someone's given
away the secret of its operation.
- He's right. That's why
you put it in your own office.
Why, with this one switch activated,
no one could get into this office
without setting off every
alarm in the building.
- Okay, stay right where you are!
- Let go of my daughter!
- Casey, are you all right?
- Oh, yes, I'm not scared of these guys.
- This is an office building.
There's nothing you'd want here.
- Oh, yeah? Your wallets.
Give us your wallets. Quick, the bag!
- Oh, you guys, come on.
- You're not gonna do this.
- What can you say to a man with a gun?
- How about taking off those
watches and those rings?
Everybody empty their pockets!
Go ahead, have her fill
up the bag. Go ahead!
- Sure, Brooks.
- What do you mean, Brooks?
- What did you say my name for?
- Oh, yeah, gee, I'm sorry, Brooks.
- Okay, everything goes
in the sack. Go ahead.
And, by the way, your
rings and your stuff, too.
Go ahead. Okay, sister, hand it over.
You heard me. Hand it over.
- Here. Do you want it in
your hand or over your head?
- Casey, don't push them.
- Okay, folks, see?
Everything worked out
all right. Nobody got hurt.
All right, now let's not
blow it this time, huh,
by somebody making a foolish move
like calling the cops, huh?
We're gonna be right outside this door.
Got the door? - Got the door.
- Okay, now nobody make a move.
- Call the police! I'll lock the door.
- Don't anybody move!
Okay, you, off the phone.
- Casey, do like the man says.
- Okay, nobody move. You open the door.
Okay, now stay right where you are.
Nobody been hurt, so open the door!
Nobody's been hurt so far.
Okay, stay right where
you are! And nobody move!
Okay? All right.
- Brooks! Brooks!
Come on!
- That's it! That does it!
No wonder we've had so many complaints
about your brilliant security system!
If those two clowns can
penetrate it, anybody can!
You're fired, foster!
And that means you
and your electronic junk-
- but, Mr. Norton, if you'd just give me-
- Dad, come on!
- No but, foster, and no
interference there, Casey.
I should never have listened to you
in the first place and
hired this, this loser!
- Well, I guess I'd better go.
- Exactly what I had in mind!
And you'd better go
before I call the police!
Because I just might ask them
to put you away for our protection!
- Brian. Brian, wait!
Dad, you're making a very big mistake.
I'll have you know that
Brian is just about ready
with a new security system that will...
It will be the biggest thing
to hit this industry ever.
It'll knock you off your feet.
- No, it won't, because I
don't want to know what it is.
Operator, get me the
police. This is an emergency.
- I'm gonna go talk to her.
Look, Casey. Casey, don't worry.
I think I can help you.
- I don't think so. You know
how stubborn my father can be.
- Look, if Brian's got a new system,
maybe I can figure out some way
of getting your father
to take a look at it.
You know, give Brian another chance.
Uh, how about if we have dinner tonight
and we can talk about it?
I don't think so, Ken.
Look, I'd love to,
but I really have to go over and see Brian.
- I'd love to help you,
but I can't if I don't know
what Brian's working on.
- I don't even know what it is myself.
Look, all I know is he keeps telling me
it's something revolutionary.
- Okay, drive carefully. - Okay.
- And I'll see you later. - See you later.
- Okay, take care. - Thanks a lot
for trying to help.
- That's okay.
Uh-oh, it's her again.
This ought to be interestin'.
- What's up?
- My temper. That's what's up!
I'm furious! I'll never
talk to my father again!
- Casey, slow down, huh?
- Never in 100 years!
What kind of man would
fire his own future son-in-law?
- Casey!
You mean you went ahead and
told him we want to get married?
- Well, yeah, why shouldn't I?
Casey, I thought
that we had agreed not to tell your father-
-all right, Brian, all right.
I didn't tell him. But
I'm going to tonight.
And if he tries to talk
me out of this, Brian,
which he will, I know he will,
because he doesn't think I'm old enough
to make my own decisions...
Brian, please, I'm trying to...
All right.
- Look, I don't think
this is a very good time
to tell your father about our big plans.
First of all, you know how
he thinks about Ken sharp.
- Then let him marry Ken sharp.
- And now with his business going to pot
because my security
system is malfunctioning.
- I just don't think
he's being very fair to you, that's all.
He isn't being
unfair. System isn't working.
Casey, I can't for the
life of me figure out why,
but it just isn't.
In fact, if it weren't
for this new security
system I'm developing,
and the fact that he
just fired me, I'd quit.
- Brian, when is this brilliant new system
gonna be ready, anyway, huh?
- Interested in seeing it?
- Brian, it's ready,
and you didn't tell me?
- I'm telling you now. It's
ready enough to show you.
- Okay, so show me!
Hmm, I better
check on what's going on.
- 49!
- 40 what?
- Ta-da!
Well? What do you think?
What do I think of what?
Of my revolutionary
new security system.
- Of rascal?
I don't get it.
- You will. Watch.
Well, that's the best
trained dog I've ever seen.
Brian, where's the new invention?
- That's it.
- That's it?
Rascal is it?
- Uh-uh.
- That's rascal.
Uh, Who's that, then?
- My revolutionary new security system.
- That's his new security system.
Gotta get a closer look. Huh?
Am I seeing double?
I don't believe it. I just don't!
- 48.
Watch this.
- Brian, ah, what are you doing?
- There you are. Three years of hard work.
You built a watchdog.
- Uh-uh, an electronic watchdog.
Computerized, self-activating,
mobile crime deterrent
unlike any watchdog that ever existed.
- It's fantastic. I
mean, this is incredible.
I can't believe it!
- Mm, neither will the burglars.
Take a look at this.
- I call it my canine
home protection system.
C.h.o.m.p.s., for short.
- C.h.o.m.p.s., huh? - Mm-hmm.
And c.H.O.M.P.S. Is a completely
programmed security system.
- But what can this
little dog do to a burglar?
Roll over on it?
- He can do a lot more than that, Casey.
A lot more.
- But, r.J., we need
something extraordinary
to turn things around for
Norton security systems.
If Brian really has come up
with a revolutionary new system,
we can't afford to pass it up.
- I tell you, sharp, I am not interested.
Who is it?
It's Gibbs.
Listen, Gibbs, I don't want
to go through this again!
I've had a very tough morning!
- Listen, it must be tough
having your office broken into!
Especially when you
manufacture burglar alarms!
I got the
report on the police call!
- I know what you're calling about.
And the answer is,
and it always will be, no!
I am not selling!
- Be sensible, Ralph.
- You're in big trouble.
I know what's been happening
to your newest system.
- Well, you are in for
a big surprise, Gibbs.
You and everybody else
in this business are gonna be obsolete!
Because what nobody knows
is that my brilliant chief engineer
has just come up with a new system
that is going to revolutionize
the entire industry!
- Norton, sounds like you've
stopped making security systems
and started making cock-and-bull stories.
- Stories, huh?
Well, I'm gonna put on my vice president
in charge of production.
He'll tell you.
- What, did you change your mind?
You're gonna bring Brian back?
- Not on your life,
but I had to have something
to say to that vulture.
Here, get on the phone.
Tell him I am not bluffing.
- Mr. Gibbs, Norton is not bluffing.
- Now let him worry for a while.
- So, then I tried out this doberman model.
- Oh, rascal, he's not gonna hurt you.
What was wrong with that model?
Kept chasing cars.
- That's too bad. - Mm. It's worse.
He kept catching 'em.
- Okay, pussycat, we're at the address,
and everything looks...
Green and clean.
- So that's when I decided
on rascal as a model.
Because of the surprise factor.
- I get it.
Who would ever think
of a little dog like that
of being a ferocious watchdog, right?
- Right. - Right, rascal?
Brian, how can you tell them apart?
- Well, I'm proud to say, it's difficult.
- We'll 10-22 you later.
- Hey.
What's all that mean?
- Green and clean means we're clear.
10-22 means we'll report to him in person.
- The plot thickens.
- Hey, who are those jokers?
- That I got. Come on.
- Now this, this is c.H.O.M.P.S.'
Central control system.
This is an exact duplicate
of a canine's central nervous system,
but it's activated
by this highly sophisticated mini-computer.
Plus, Casey, he's got the ability
to reproduce any sound I care to program.
Now, these circuits
duplicate all the five senses,
receiving information in the form
of sounds, movements and odors.
And breaking them down
into electronic impulses
that control c.H.O.M.P.S.'
Super hearing, super vision,
including X-ray vision.
And even super strength and super speed.
The outer shell is made up
of virtually indestructible material
I developed myself.
- Brian, you're a genius!
Oh, look, look.
Looks like rascal wants to play.
- It's one of the few things I
couldn't teach c.H.O.M.P.S.
But, now, on the other
hand, it doesn't shed,
it doesn't require feedings or walks.
It's a perfect watchdog.
- That should freak
out any burglar in town.
- Eyes right, muffin.
- Muffin.
- Best of all, he's so easy to operate.
All it takes to activate it
from house dog to watchdog is a command 21.
What's he looking at, Brian?
- Must be something outside.
- Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
- C.h.o.m.p.s.!
Oh, uh.
Uh, I'm sorry, I'm sure.
Well, it couldn't have been them.
Maybe something went wrong.
Must have been a malfunction.
Think I'd better leave him
programmed for house dog
until I can check out his circuitry.
- Sorry, ladies. It was a
dog that made us do it.
- Dog? Come on.
We gotta report this.
Now, 12, c.H.O.M.P.S.
- Brian? Brian, somebody was here.
It must have been a burglar!
A real burglar! Brian, c.H.O.M.P.S. Works!
Hope you're right, Casey.
You've gotta
show this to my father.
- Casey, I can't. I haven't
got all the bugs worked out yet.
- Bugs, please, whatever.
- Brian, c.H.O.M.P.S. Is terrific.
C.h.o.m.p.s., you're
the greatest crime fighter
in the world!
Uh, looks like rascal's jealous.
- You know, that's another thing
I didn't program into c.H.O.M.P.S.
An affection response.
I think rascal
has enough affection
for the both of them put together.
- There's the phone.
I wouldn't have
believed it if I didn't see it.
Give me a dime.
Give me a dime!
- Pockets have shrunk, I
can't get my fingers out.
Would you give me this?
There's the dime! Now give it to me!
- No! - I said give it to me!
- No, no, you promised
that I could make the report this time!
- What are you gonna tell 'em?
- Dog chopped down the tree?
They're not gonna believe you.
- It's a report, isn't it?
- Make the report.
Make it snappy. I'm freezing cold.
- You got the number?
- There's the number. - There's the number?
- Muffin?
Where does she go?
Who cares, you old bat?
- Oh, well.
Ooh, that
whistle's blowin' my mind.
- C.h.o.m.p.s., what is it?
What's the matter?
We gotta catch him!
- C.h.o.m.p.s.! - C.H.O.M.P.S., 86! 86!
- C.h.o.m.p.s.
- Somebody says, at the sound of the tone
I got 20 seconds to leave a message.
- Go ahead! Hurry up, you got 20 seconds!
Okay, go ahead, talk!
- Uh, foxy 1 reporting.
Sir, uh, we went to the
address as per instructions.
Scouting, scout, scout.
- Thank you. - Talk!
Hurry up, you're gonna lose the message!
You got another dime?
No, I don't have another dime!
That was the last dime!
Talk, for crying out loud!
Wait a minute! Where was I?
Where was you? Oh.
Hey, where's he off to?
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's super dog!
- It's her fault!
- I don't know. That's him.
He jumped right over my car.
There he goes.
I'll get him.
Oh, wonderful.
What's he up to?
There he is!
C.H.O.M.P.S.! Here, c.H.O.M.P.S.!
- 48!
It's one of those bugs I
was talking about, Casey.
Every once in a while,
c.H.O.M.P.S. Just takes off that way.
I can't figure out why.
- But you can fix it, right?
Brian, you've gotta show my father.
C.H.O.M.P.S., 21.
- Believe me, dad, you have
never seen anything like this
in your entire life.
- I don't care, Casey.
I never want to have
anything to do with Brian
or any other young
computer geniuses ever again.
Forget him and his nutty idea.
- It is not a nutty idea!
- Whatever it is, it's nutty!
Sharp is the guy for you.
He's the best man I've had.
- Look, I might as well tell you.
I've already invited Brian over here.
- Here? - Yes.
- Goodbye. I'll sneak
out before he gets here.
- Dad, stop it, dad.
Come on, please get
back here and listen to me.
- I'll use the back door. - No, you won't!
You're acting like a child!
- Show me a child with
a $5 million business
on the verge of bankruptcy.
- Stay right here.
- Good morning, Mr. Norton.
- It was.
- Dad.
Brian, come on in.
We've been waiting for you.
Haven't we?
- I want you to know I am
here under protest, foster.
-And I appreciate it, Mr. Norton.
Look, if you'll just give me half a chance
to show you what I've-
- show me, show me.
I'll tell you it's a nutty idea.
Then I can go to work,
and you can go and collect unemployment.
Where is it?
- Uh, well, sir, it's in here.
- What is it? Bells?
Electric eyes? An unpickable lock?
- Not quite.
C.h.o.m.p.s., 21!
- Is this a joke, foster?
That's your dog!
- Oh, no, sir, that's not rascal-
- that's your revolutionary development?
If I've seen that dog
once, I've seen it 100 times.
I'm going to be very calm about this.
I don't know what you're up to,
but I'll give you exactly three seconds
to get this stupid mutt off my chest!
- There's a Mercedes here.
- And each operation of this
canine home protection system,
c.h.o.m.p.s., for short,
each operation is triggered
by a numerical command.
- Oh.
You mean when I said,
"if I've seen him once, I've seen him"-
- oh!
Right, that number
triggers his karate jump.
- Well, dad? What do you think?
- It's amazing.
But, really, what can
a little dog like that do?
Even if it's an electronic dog?
- Well, for one thing, when
he's activated for watchdog,
like he is right now,
he can detect a prowler, a burglar
anywhere within his own property.
His first reaction is to
zero in on the suspect area.
Then his visual sensors
confirm his suspect sensors.
Now... Brian.
That's what he's doing now.
- Brian, what's going on?
- Prowler, I hope.
- You'd better be right, foster.
Hey, look!
C.h.o.m.p.s. Is chasing a pickup!
- Now that's what I call
an original invention.
A dog that chases cars.
Let's follow him anyway.
- Hi, Joe. - Hi, Scott, what's happening?
- I haven't had a decent
news story in weeks.
Even a garage sale would be an event.
- My favorite place to shop.
Uh-oh, ticket time. Let's go.
Never mind. We're being covered.
- Adog with a police siren built in?
Now that's gotta be news! Let's go, Chuck!
- Hey, step on it, will you?
- The mutt's gainin' on us.
Hey, he's gone. We lost him.
It's that mutt again over there!
- He took a shortcut!
- Look at him! What's he doing?
I don't believe it.
Hang on!
- Hey!
- Get down! - Duck!
- C.h.o.m.p.s.! 48!
Good boy.
- Oh, Brian, this is
fantastic! Dad, did I tell you?
Did I tell you?
- When you're right, you're right.
- What's going on?
- It's that truck in there.
- Excuse me! Excuse me!
Scott Elliott, kyol news.
- That dog started it all!
First, he pulled a Van across the road,
then a pickup came in
here without a permit,
then the battle started.
- Did he say that dog just started this?
- That's right. This is not just any dog.
This is part of a new
top-secret security development
that we are working on at
Norton security systems.
- Excuse me, excuse me.
- Can you explain the siren?
- Uh... easily.
As you may know,
Norton security systems
has long been a leader
in providing security and alarm systems
to the citizens of this city.
- Perhaps Mr. Norton, the...
- Of Norton security systems.
- The owner of this remarkable dog,
can explain just what happened.
- Yes, indeed. Now,
this is no ordinary dog.
As a matter of fact,
it represents an amazing
new invention that we call
the canine home protection
system, c.H.O.M.P.S.,
a highly sophisticated,
revolutionary security system.
- Well, I'd say that dog
is definitely one in a 100.
C.H.O.M.P.S., 86!
- You triggered his karate jump.
- Great dog.
Great dog.
- That should be mine.
- Sharp, I want you
to meet Norton security
systems' new vice president
in charge of systems development.
- And may I add, future son-in-law.
- Um, what happened between
yesterday and this morning?
- A revolution, sharp, a revolution!
In one fell swoop, this
young man has revolutionized
the entire security systems industry!
- The invention is that incredible?
- Incredible? It is beyond incredible!
It's, it's, it's-
- revolutionary?
- Exactly.
And after the demonstration
that I've arranged for tonight
at the gold key unity
store, it's in the bag!
- Well, what is it?
- You'll see soon.
Brian here's arranged
a demonstration for us
in the parking lot.
- All right.
I can't wait to see his face
when we show him.
It's gonna be terrific!
- Okay, I've set up the ladder.
- All right.
Well, let's get started.
C.h.o.m.p.s., 21.
- That is your new super security system?
You gotta be joking.
- It's no joke, sharp.
Believe me, that canine
home protection system
is the biggest thing since the lock!
- I think a demonstration will answer all
of your questions, Ken.
Now, the first test that
I've set up is to demonstrate
how effective c.H.O.M.P.S. Can be
in preventing a break-in
by a second story man.
- That little doggy is
gonna stop a burglar?
- That's right.
- Let me be the second story man.
Ken, I don't think you should-
- no, really, I, please, I insist.
- He insists, Brian.
- Okay, I'm the burglar. So what?
- Here goes. C.H.O.M.P.S., 66.
- Hey, hey, what's he doing?
Hey, hold it, hey, down, boy! Down, boy!
Hold it, Benji! Easy, easy!
What's he up to?
Hey, hold it! Hey, stop!
Down, boy! Down, boy!
Hold it! Come on, Brian, enough is enough!
Look out now!
C.H.O.M.P.S., 21!
Nice going, c.H.O.M.P.S.!
Now what do you think, sharp?
- The ladder slipped. It was an accident.
I'm sorry to have to be
the one to prove it to you.
Look, I'm a car thief. Stop me.
- You asked for it.
C.h.o.m.p.s., 56.
Are you all right?
- Never mind that. What do
you think of c.H.O.M.P.S.?
- I think I'd like to go
home now and recover.
- Carl, wait till you hear this.
I found out what the
revolutionary new project is.
It's a dog.
I know you won't believe it,
but I didn't believe it myself
until I saw, but it can do anything.
It's electronic, but it
looks absolutely real,
and it's top-secret.
Secret? Secret, did you say?
Sharp, you dummy!
It's so secret, I just
saw it on television!
- Television?
- Now, look, I want that dog.
I want that dog more
than I've wanted anything.
And I intend to get that
dog! Do you read me?
- Yes, sir.
- Your partnership hangs
in the balance, sharp.
What would Norton think
if he found out that you
were helping his competition?
Sabotaging his systems? Huh, sharp?
- I'd hate to think about it.
Um, all right, I'll get right on it.
You get on it, and get it.
- Okay.
The number.
Flight 127 from New York
now arriving at gate 36.
Flight 417 to London via New York
will depart on time at gate 47.
- Okay, listen close.
The system is gonna be
tested at gold key unity.
Your assignment is to get it.
Got it? - Yeah.
Listen, the only reason we showed up
is to tell you that we're
not showing up anymore.
That watchdog is still guarding the system.
We don't want any part of it.
- You dummies, that dog is
the system! And we want it!
Look, you want more
money, we'll double the fee.
- They said they'd offer us double.
- Ask him for triple.
- Good idea.
- Hello?
- My partner and I have
decided we want triple.
Flight 17.
- You, uh, disconnected the phone.
Give me a dime.
Give me a dime!
- I'm sorry, Brooks.
- Well, go get a dime. And
don't attract any attention.
- Okay, okay, relax.
Flight 158 from New York
now arriving at gate 53.
- What do you think you're doing?
- I'm tryin' to borrow a dime.
- I mean, with the mask.
- Oh, Brooks told me
not to attract attention.
Do you have a dime?
- 10 minutes. Yeah, we got about that.
Get down. The coast is clear.
I don't want to hear a word.
Bring the bag. We gotta get that dog.
Come on!
-All clear, Mr. Merkle.
- All right.
I want you to know, I think
you have lost your mind, Norton.
How can you tell me this
little dog will protect my store
when your security system
and five police dogs couldn't?
- Like I said, Jonathan, I can't tell you.
It's top-secret.
Just remember that I
personally will make up
any losses you might incur.
It's your money.
- Brian, let c.H.O.M.P.S. Loose.
- Okay, c.H.O.M.P.S., your big chance. 21.
All right, lock her up now.
Yes, sir.
- Foster will be monitoring this new system
from his car here,
so we'll be on top of it
every minute, you see?
- All I can see is a new
system for going bankrupt.
Well, good luck.
You, too. - Good night, sir.
This is Norton security.
We have a gold key alarm
connected at 1840 hours.
New electronic security
test in effect at the same time.
- Come on. Shh!
- Just think, in one short
day, you get your job back
and we get my father's blessing.
- Can you believe it?
- It's been quite a day.
- Mm-hmm. And we have
the whole evening to ourselves.
- Mm.
- Um, Brian, what is this?
- Oh, it's c.H.O.M.P.S' monitoring device.
I keep tabs on c.H.O.M.P.S. Wherever I go.
As long as there's no flashing or beeping,
there's no problem.
- I hear him coming. - Yeah.
Shh! Don't blow it.
Got it!
- You're the best, Brooks!
Whoa! What are these things?
Station 24, Norton silent alarm
at the gold key department store.
Okay, come on. Let's move.
Great furs. - Come on, let's go!
- Fantastic, c.H.O.M.P.S.!
- Fantastic!
- Fur thieves. - That's right, officer.
And c.H.O.M.P.S. Got 'em.
- I wonder what that
foster guy feeds that dog.
- Never mind the dog. What about us?
- Well, think of it this way, Brooks.
What more can happen to us?
- Norton, this is Gibbs.
Now here's my last and best offer.
I'm offering you a merger.
- So, you heard about what happened
at the gold key unity store?
Well, then you should
know there's no chance
of a merger or anything else.
Give up, Gibbs! And
pardon me while I hang up!
How do you like that?
The minute somebody
comes up with anything great,
all the world wants to get a piece of it.
- Gibbs has a lot to offer.
Maybe a merger wouldn't be such a bad idea.
- Are you kidding?
Besides, I've already
had another offer to merge.
- Another offer?
Really? Who made it?
- Park systems!
- Park systems?
- And they came to me.
- What do you think about that?
- I think it's absolutely fantastic.
- You bet it's fantastic!
- Parks systems, no less!
One of the biggest electronic
systems conglomerates
in the world, sharp.
In the world!
Once they see c.H.O.M.P.S. In action,
I will be able to name my own terms.
- Yeah, we'll have to work up
a really spectacular demonstration.
- It's already planned and arranged for.
- Where's it gonna be?
- The location is top-secret.
- I had to give 'em my word.
- Good thinking. This is one
time we don't want any leaks.
- Really?
- Hi, case!
Hey! - Hi!
- What a surprise!
How are you? - Ken! I'm fine.
I'm fine. Sit down. - Thank you.
Thank you.
Are you expecting Brian?
- Yeah. Who else?
- No doubt about it, he's a genius.
Your father was telling me
about the demonstration
planned for park systems today.
- Yeah, isn't it exciting?
- Oh, and big, too. Big.
Who would ever suspect we'd
hold a demonstration there?
Using park
systems' proving grounds
has got to be impressive.
- But, Casey, please be careful.
Don't go telling anyone about that.
The word is tight security.
That's where I come in.
- Hi, Casey.
Sorry I'm late.
- Hi, Brian, don't worry about it.
Ken was keeping me company.
- Thanks, Ken, but,
please, don't let us keep you.
- Sure, Brian. As a matter
of fact, I was just about to go.
- Wait a second, Ken.
Why don't you stay and have lunch with us?
- Let him go, Casey.
I'm sure that Ken has a
very important luncheon date
that he doesn't want to miss.
- Oh, right, thank you
for reminding me, old pal.
I'll see you around, case.
- What was that all about?
- Just decided I didn't like him.
He's a creep.
- For your information,
that creep had a lot of
nice things to say about you.
I still think he's a creep.
- And I say you're no gentleman.
- Can you believe it?
The most important day of my
life, and we have an argument.
All I said was he's a creep.
Well, he is a creep.
You know, except for these
mysterious malfunctions,
you don't give me trouble whatsoever.
Maybe I should whip up an electronic Casey.
That'd solve all my problems.
All right, listen.
For safekeeping, I think
I'd better leave you
programmed for watchdog.
C.h.o.m.p.s., 21.
For all I know, she's having
lunch with him right now.
Double trouble.
Uh-oh, dog catcher.
What a setup.
Got you!
Bye-bye, baby.
- What do you say, ai? How
many mutts you got today?
- Got a Blackjack, old buddy. 21.
- What a day, foster! What a day!
After we do this
demonstration for park systems,
the sky's the limit!
I gave the office the
whole day off to celebrate!
- That's terrific, Mr. Norton.
- What's the matter, foster?
It's c.H.O.M.P.S.!
- No.
- He malfunctioned again. - No.
- You lost him. - No.
- He short-circuited. - No, it's Casey.
- Casey short-circuited?
- You could say she did.
We had a misunderstanding.
- She didn't mention it to me.
- Well, it was a stupid argument.
Look, I've gotta go talk to her.
- But, but the demonstration!
- I've gotta see Casey first!
- Foster! The demonstration's
more important!
- Not to me, it isn't!
I'll be right back.
- Well, I'm not waiting.
If he thinks I'm going to sit around here
and twiddle my thumbs
while a multi-million dollar
contract goes down the drain,
he is sadly mistaken.
Gotta handle a fortune
like this very carefully.
- Parks systems' proving ground?
- Good. I'm gonna make it
my business to be there, too.
- This could work for us, Carl.
- Norton has closed shop for the day.
The plans for c.H.O.M.P.S. Are in his safe.
- Oh, I get it. Who needs
the dog if I've got the plans?
- Right. - That's a good idea.
With Norton at the proving
ground, this should be a snap.
Even for those two clowns
you've got working for you.
- I'll take care of it.
- You can depend on it.
- It's all such a silly
misunderstanding, Casey.
- Yeah, it was. I'm sorry.
Look, I didn't mean half the things I said.
- What about the other half?
- The other half? - Mm.
- This is the other half.
Your father's already gone.
I thought you said
he was gonna wait for you
to go to the demonstration.
- Yeah. Maybe he took c.H.O.M.P.S.
- I don't know. Why don't you find out?
- C.h.o.m.p.s. Is gone.
What now?
What's that mean?
- It is c.H.O.M.P.S.
- Brian, if that's
c.H.O.M.P.S., then my father-
- took rascal. - Yeah.
- Casey, he can blow
the whole demonstration!
- Oh, Brian.
- C.h.o.m.p.s., 21!
21? Hmm.
He must be old enough to vote.
-All right, Mr. Norton,
this is the test set up by park systems
for your canine home protection system.
Out there on that concrete apron,
we have placed six explosive devices,
one in the path of each of the carriers
which I remotely control.
But only one of the
explosives is live, however.
Now, the devices explode
when this antenna is pushed over
by the front axle of one of the carriers.
And your dog's job will
be to locate that live mine
and move it safely out
of the path of the vehicle.
Now do you think your system can do that?
- Norton canine home
protection system can do that
or anything else you and
your engineers can dream up.
- Okay, let's proceed.
- Rascal better be okay.
Let's hope
they haven't started yet.
- Okay, c.H.O.M.P.S., 21.
Come on, boy, this is your big chance.
Maybe I got it wrong.
14? Hey, c.H.O.M.P.S., hey.
Terrific, terrific.
Watch him. He's a killer!
That's all a part of his
deceptive appearance.
- Closed for c.H.O.M.P.S' day.
- Closed for c.H.O.M.P.S'
day. Is that like mother's day?
- No, it's not like mother's day.
- All right, all right, shut up and listen.
The plans are in Norton's
safe on the third floor.
I'll disconnect the alarm system
so you can get inside the office,
but I have to reset it so the
disconnect won't register.
You got that?
- Got it.
- Okay, when you get
the plans and knock twice,
and I'll disconnect again.
- You can count on us.
- Okay. Just make it fast.
You go right up there.
Can't you drive any faster?
Casey, I'm
going as fast as I can.
- All right, all systems go.
- Okay, c.H.O.M.P.S., go and get that mine!
Go on, c.H.O.M.P.S. Go on!
- Sharp said the safe
was behind a wood panel.
- Wood panel?
Wood panel.
- If he works on numbers,
something's not computing.
- Oh, he has plenty of
time yet to find the live mine.
He probably got a fix on it
as soon as he hit the field.
- Is that a wood panel?
- That's a wood panel.
He also said the button
was behind the desk.
Is this it? - Hey!
That's it.
We did it.
Give me the stuff.
- They gotta be in the office by now.
If your father
had only waited for me.
Come on!
- This wouldn't be some kind
of a practical joke, would it?
- You must remember
that what you're looking at
is a revolutionary new
concept in security systems.
C.h.o.m.p.s. Has indeed passed over
the first four of the dummy explosives
without the slightest hesitation.
I promise you he will be zeroing in
on that explosive any second now.
Magic fingers.
Magic touch.
- Dad! - Mr. Norton!
- Dad! Dad! - Mr. Norton!
Mr. Norton!
- Casey, foster! Glad you made it!
C.h.o.m.p.s. Is just
zeroing in on the explosives!
- Explosives?
- Right. I had him programmed for watchdog.
Neutralizing the explosives
should be a cinch!
- Rascal, stop!
- Rascal?
- C.h.o.m.p.s., 21!
- How's it coming, Brooks?
How's it coming, Brooks?
What'd I say?
- It's not what you said.
It's where you said it!
- Go! Go, boy, go!
- Hey! Hey!
Fantastic, c.H.O.M.P.S.! Fantastic!
You're a hero! You saved rascal's life!
That was great, c.H.O.M.P.S.!
Great! You did it!
- That dog is a menace!
- Gibbs! What are you doing here?
- I keep asking myself the
same question right now!
You were spying!
Admit it! You were spying!
- I wasn't spying!
And even if I was, it
wouldn't make any difference.
You're a competitor!
- I still say you're spying!
You don't know it yet,
but you're almost out of business!
- What does he mean by that, Mr. Norton?
- Out of business?
Didn't you see that fabulous demonstration?
- I think you better explain yourself.
Norton, I don't
have to explain anything to you.
Pussycat to fat
cat, I've contacted my men
and everything is going
according to plan at Norton's.
Operation plans is a cinch. Over.
- Operation plan?
- This thing's too tough.
- We're gonna have to blow it.
Where is that?
Would you give me this? You
keep your hands off my stuff!
This is very delicate!
It could blow us from here to kingdom come!
Set the timer.
Pussycat to fat cat, hello? Over.
- Pussycat.
- Dad, they're breaking in to
get the plans for c.H.O.M.P.S.
Call the police. Come on,
Brian, we better go stop them.
- Fat cat, huh?
- We have exactly three
minutes before that thing blows up.
Three minutes!
Don't open the door!
We have a 459
alarm at Norton secure...
Look, I know it's my own
building. Just get here!
- Now you've done it!
The alarm! You were
supposed to signal by knocking!
The window.
That window!
Climb onto that wall! Come on!
Hurry, Brian!
- What's going on? And,
sharp, what are you doing here?
- Brian, I'm glad you're here.
I just stopped by the office,
and the alarms went off.
Something must be-
- Sharp, we
gotta get out of here!
Excuse me.
- Wait a minute! You're pussycat!
C.h.o.m.p.s., 21!
Go! Go!
Go, boy! - Come on! Come on!
- Come on, let's see if the plans are safe.
- Okay.
- Up against the car.
- Turn around. On the car!
Lean over and spread 'em!
- Do you know today is c.H.O.M.P.S' day?
- Casey, back!
- Oh!
Oh, Brian, poor c.H.O.M.P.S.
- I'm afraid it's too
late for that, rascal.
- Brian. Brian, look at his eyes.
- His eyes.
His tail!
There's still a spark in him.
Casey, I didn't put that
sound in his computer tapes.
I think, I think maybe I can...
I can!
And old c.H.O.M.P.S. Is
looking better than new!
- Well, with Gibbs and
sharp out of the way,
we will be back to number one in no time.
When do you think we
can get into production
on the new system, Brian?
- Oh, within a month, I hope, sir.
- That is incredible!
And I think
I've solved the problem
with that malfunction, too, sir.
At least it hasn't shown up for a while.
- Has anybody seen my muffin?
- Uh, no, sorry, Mrs. Fowler, I haven't.
- Oh, well, this dog whistle
always brings her back.
- What's happening?
- A whistle.
That's the cause of the malfunction.
A whistle!
Well, I think I'd better go home now.
What's he up to now?
Oh, shit.