C Kkompany (2008) Movie Script

Welcome to "Karan Banaye
Karorepati" (Karan makes Millionaire).
This is a show where I, Karan Johar,
will ask you 20 questions.
And you'll take home
10 million
There's always victory
and defeat on our show.
"Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham",
(Sometime happiness sometimes sadness)
So lets see that our first contestant
tonight brings what with him.
You're about to get shocked
when you'll hear his name.
Please welcome from Mumbai
Akshay Kumar!
Is this real Akshay Kumar?
Come on please.
You're welcome at the hot seat.
I never dreamt that I would
get a chance to sit in front of you.
No, no.
You're my favorite director.
Thank you.
I've seen "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna"
I must compliment on your good taste.
So Mr. Player, shall we start the game?
First question for 1,000
on your computer screen.
Who's the father of India?
- Gandhi Jee
Mahatma Gandhi Jee
Can I complete the question?
Who's the father of India? We all
know it's answer.
But what was the name of his cook?
Your four options are on
your computer screen.
A) Hiten Bhai Shah
B) Pravin Bhai Patel
C) Chong Pa
or D) None of the above.
Sir, is this question for 1,000?
Of course. Why?
I thought you asked me the
last question first.
You have a good sense of humor.
But this is the question.
I would like use a life line.
For last one hour, you've
been stuck with the 1st question.
You've used all of your
lifelines as well.
For God's sake, choose one
of the options.
All right.
A) Hiten Bhai Shah
Computer, quickly lock
A) Hiten Bhai Shah
Wrong answer.
Right answer is D) None of the above.
You should've know that Gandhi
Jee used to do all his work by himself.
It's too difficult for me to
earn money even in dreams.
I got name of an action hero.
But I'm a re-action hero.
I've been attracted to the
underworld since my birth.
Although I'm a sissy No. 1 but since
college days I used to stay around gangsters.
It was my passion to use their
name and collect their news.
That's same passion is
still in fashion.
But in the form of my job.
Ajob where no matter your
personally doesn't look impressive
but your voice should sound
like a gangster.
So that's how encounter specialist
Chawla has killed
Chikna Ayub in the middle
of the road.
That was possible only with
the help of you passionate audience.
That's why I say, "If you want to
sleep with peace, stay awake. "
I am Akshay Kumar, and you're
watching "Khalbali" (Chaos)
Ravi will you come at side,
I need to talk.
Could you arrange for the money?
It's difficult.
The amount is big.
They're asking for a guarantee.
Why do you want that much money?
- Ravi, it's personal.
Underworld has not only given me
job but a girlfriend as well.
If you want to...
- ... sleep peacefully.
- stay awake.
I've got all the details on Dubai.
Yes. You said that my brother isn't having
good relations with Dubai's gangsters?
That's why I've decided that we'll
escape and go to Dubai.
Have you arranged money?
It's almost done.
Just it needs to come in my hand.
What are you saying? You mean
within a week we'll be in Dubai.
Finally the day has come.
I'm going to the real
world from underworld.
This crime reporter fell in love,
that too with a don's sister.
That's why today I need
money so desperately.
Who doesn't?
One of my friends does too.
I'm Ramakant Joshi.
Prakash Bhai, it's him again.
Yes speak.
In 1970 what was the price
of Huggies Diaper?
In 1970 Diaper's price was
60 paisas.
Write it down and don't
call here again.
In 1978...
- What was the price of the price
of 4th standard book?
It's was 3.40 rupees.
Write it down and stop
calling here.
I'm Ramakant Joshi.
In 1998 what was the price
for horse for the wedding?
It was 3,000
Including grass for the horse?
- Yes including grass.
That's how retired accountant
Mr. Ramakant Joshi alias Dude..
closed biggest account of
his life.
In so much details, who's
account you made?
From the birth of my son till his
wedding, whatever money I spend.
All the details of that is
in this file.
I want to claim all this
money from my son.
From your own son?
You don't know that ungrateful rascal.
My son Purshottam, is like TV's
daily soap.
Sadness, Difficulties and Pain
are guaranteed everyday.
I was thinking...
You are free all the time.
Why don't you help me
out at my site.
I have less manpower.
You'll spend good time.
I too will keep on having
your advice.
There should be someone who
could criticize the owner.
Listen, there's call from the site,
the watchmen hadn't come.
I know, tell them I know that.
That's why I'm trying
to convince father...
I made him a civil engineer.
He's constructing his
own building.
But for father, he doesn't
even have a square feet space.
To fulfill his needs for
his education,
I didn't got his mother treated
in a private hospital.
Now when he's earning by himself, father
has become a burden for him.
We can make a case on
this basis.
Because there's no such law...
- Why isn't there a law?
When after father's death, son
has right to have father's wealth.
Why can't a father has a right
to his son's wealth while he's alive?
I've been an accountant
for 35 years.
No matter what happens.
Before I get debited from this world,
I'll get all my credit from
Purshottam Joshi.
And that too with all the interest.
You're babbling like always.
How are you?
I have the life membership here.
That same property issue.
Sometime when we'll be free
I'll tell you about developments.
Also we'll have a couple
of cups of tea.
Tea? Hadn't you quitted?
For some time.
Why are you here?
I mean, hasn't Porshotum's
account settled?
Yes but lawyer says
case can't be established.
These lawyers are liars.
Don't worry, we'll definitely
do something.
Dude had the problem
with his son.
But Lumbodar had with his life.
It looks as she comes to
drop two kids.
What did you say?
I told you to not bring Papa.
Before getting at other,
first look at you.
Who won't laugh.
Now even Ayush feels ashamed.
Don't get mad at me.
Thank me that I haven't
told Ayush what you do as job.
When he'll find out, you'll
loose the remaining respect.
This is Lumbodar Jha's little family.
Unhappy family.
God was a bit reluctant
to give them height.
And Lambodhar's wish to
touch the sky stayed a wish.
Whatever anyone says,
but size matters.
You, everything is fine. Right?
How are you bro?
What did you say?
No, just that you're in the
queue everyday, that's why I said Hi.
Why didn't you say Hi
to any of all other people?
- What are you doing?
In the frustration of being short,
he became too aggressive.
Specially, he used to loose
his mind when he saw tall people.
But Lambodhar's fight wasn't
limited to tall people
his fight was with his
own fate as well.
Look Mr. Jha
I've seen your horoscope
Everything seems fine but
If you want to bring some
change in your life
you will have to add a letter
@#$% after your surname.
Yes, after Jha "@#$%"?
Yes, after Jha "@#$%"?
- Yes.
To go up in the life,
we had a common ladder.
The class of "Art of Living".
We learnt to live our
lives right here.
Our class of the art of living was
one bottle of wine
and three glasses.
What better way could there
be to live the life.
Have this.
Wash your hands sometimes.
Haven't your parents taught you that?
They did. That don't ever
pee on your hand.
You had the full peg due.
He didn't wash the hand.
So he said that, I'll have to
add "@#$%" to my surname.
After Jha "@#$%"?
So Lumbodar, if you finalized
your name, shall we call with new name?
- It was ajoke man.
They use to say, what Pandu
will do when the fate is "@#$%"
Bad, bad.
Now I'll have to loose respect
to change my fate.
Gayatri always threats me that she'll
tell our son about my job.
It was a mistake by marrying that woman..
- Don't repeat that mistake.
Find a woman
who loves you.
A woman who takes care of you.
A woman who'll earn money for you.
Yes dude, just that we'll have to
make sure
that these three women never
meet each other.
That was good.
If I get some money, I'll leave the
job and start my own business.
Same story here.
I need money.
The day when I get it.
Next day, with Priya...
Take off.
Dude, it's being too loud.
Is it loud?
It's not loud.
Do you know what loud is?
The latest?
My son has offered me
ajob of a watchman.
That's loud.
Dude, this Purshottam has
been being too much.
I'm having a great idea.
Some day we should
give him a good beating.
Why some day. I'll smack him
tomorrow under his ear.
It's too long since
I've smacked someone.
Under his ear?
You Lumbodar?
I don't think you could
reach under his ear.
It was good.
But seriously dude, we need to do
something about Purshottam for sure.
Hey, after Jha "@#$%"
pass that bottle.
That's was too good.
They've asked for a Khokha.
Do you know what Khokha is?
It means 10 million.
It must be a mistake.
I think the didn't ask for
Khokha, it must be Coca Cola.
They called from Dubai.
They have all the information about
us, when and where do we go.
I'm so scared and you...
To prevent people to sense after
earning so much money.
We still live in a middle class
I don't know how did the call.
It's a sin being a builder
in these days.
- Yes
I suggest you should
go to the police.
That miser Rasiklal made
the same mistake.
The owner of Swarglok Construction
is living in Heaven.
I want to stay some more
years on the earth.
I must do something to
arrange this 100 million.
He said he'll call again.
Hey chicken, I didn't call to
say Hi, Hello.
When are you going
to give money?
Look, I'm Porshotum's father,
Ramakant Joshi.
Actually Purshottam doesn't
have that much money.
What did you say your name was?
Ramakant Joshi
Did you use to live
in Irani Wadi?
Yes, but...
- Joshi uncle this is Ghazalur Rehman.
Your "Ghazlu"
Hey Ghazlu?
Ghazlu son!
After all these years.
Yes, do you remember me?
How can I forget you?
You were always a bad boy.
But you'll become this
big don, I never thought.
That too an NRl?
Uncle, no just...
Leave all this. Tell me
do you still like Ghazals?
How can't I?
Just two days ago I arranged
a program of Jagjit Singh.
What are you saying?
- Of course.
For first three songs, I had to
put gun on his head
then later on he gained
his mood back.
You didn't change a bit.
How many time I told you
not to do such risky jobs.
How can't I?
There's a lot ofjob satisfaction in it.
Job satisfaction?
But it went wrong today.
Why? What happened?
I called at your home.
Forgive your Ghazlu.
It was a mistake.
Why are you apologizing?
I can understand.
If someone bothers you,
do tell me.
Those two have been bothering.
Who two?
One arthritis, and
second asthma.
Uncle, I meant if someone
like me is bothering you.
No, we are not so important people.
Anyway, if such thing happens,
I'll surely tell you.
Uncle, now I'll put down the phone.
My respects!
Long live son.
Papa, hadn't you handled this,
I would have lost my 100 million.
How could I let your money go?
It's my job to keep the watch.
After all I'm the watchman.
I'm telling you, Porshotum's face
was really watchable.
Just like a Kodak moment.
He said, "Papa you won't smoke
borrowed cigarettes anymore".
Awesome dude.
Just Hi Fi.
You made such a wonder voice.
He must have threatened.
Of course, I didn't even see him
scared this way on his honeymoon.
But uncle, your son turned
our to be more sissy then you.
I would have thought twice.
But he was ready to pay
100 million instantly.
He was ready to pay?
Why are you joking?
He said he won't even go to police.
You should've seen him talking.
Uncle one minute.
- Yes.
Is he ready to pay 100 million,
and he won't go to police as well?
In uncle's file, Porshotum's account
is around 100 million, isn't it?
Why don't we?
Why don't...
Scene is going louder.
I threatened him on phone and
dude is showing a pack of cigarette.
It should be enough.
So leave this idea behind.
You guys are thinking about
actual extortion. Aren't you?
Not extortion. It's investment
that I made on my son.
Dude, accept that sometimes
you loose your investment.
We have this golden chance
to earn some money. Yet you are...
Look guys, if I don't get to get
married with Priya
my life too will be just like yours.
I too need money.
But we're not criminals
who extort like this.
He's right.
He's absolutely right.
It's better to loose investment
then to loose hard earned respect.
I think I achieved my money back when
I saw scared face of Purshottam.
Anyway dude, the name was
mind blowing. Wasn't it?
Ghazalur Rehman
- Mind blowing
Where did you get it from?
- Some cricketer of Bangladesh
What are you saying?
Actual name is Fazal but he
changed it to Ghazal for the effect.
What happened then?
- Then what?
Then don went to jail.
In jail he had everything.
Fridge, microwave, TV...
And that TV changed don's life.
Did he use to see religious channel.
No, he used to see Balaji's serials.
You mean, serials like "Kyun Ki"?
Yes, for four years don didn't
have anything to do.
Just TV and don.
So since then he got addicted
to Balaji's serials.
He didn't even leave the
repeat telecasts.
It got wore when he
got out of the jail.
Like dons of Dubai has this
trend of inviting film actors and all.
Same way, our don had this wish
to invite TV actors on the parties.
Does TV star come?
Of course, with all their heart.
Some of the strugglers, don made
the stars of the Balaji serials.
That's why our don Dattu is
also called "Dattu Satellite".
I'm telling you all this
because you're new.
Got it my "Kable Ke Klank"?
(Cable fault)
Wow, you're cursing in "K",
it's amazing.
We have to.
That's why Ekta is only
with our company.
See, it's going to be a party
today. Wine, food and all.
Take him upstairs, get him ready.
Then you get dressed
and come to the party.
Do you see that?
See how big people are
here in Dattu don's party.
It's great.
Don't tell me later that
I didn't get you meet with them.
See Hiten Tejwani with his wife.
Tell me how old he is?
He must be younger then you.
No 30, it's 300
In real?
Not in real, in serial.
How much it will cost if we ask these
actor to dance at my son's wedding?
Will they dance in the wedding?
When Hrithik and Shahrukh can
dance, why can't they do?
That's true.
I'll do one thing.
I'll put this in Dattu don's ears.
It will be done for free.
While working with Balaji's,
my pulsate has gone low.
They make us work
for 16 hours.
These Balaji's have become too much.
I'll see to that.
When these poor people ask to
increase their pay,
they are threatened to get
their ages increased in serials.
And I'm in such a condition
that I've fainted twice
on the set working day and night.
Your sister Priya can't be seen.
She must be here somewhere.
Here she's my sister Priya.
She teaches people
to stay starved.
Brother, I'm a dietician.
People who say that your
serials are popular among women only,
should come to our home and see.
Brother is the biggest fan
of all of you.
Are you interested in serials too?
Yes I do
But in cereals and pulses.
We should thank you
that I got a chance in Balaji's serial
because of you.
I need to talk to you.
This year we two are participating
in show "Nach Baliye"
If there's a way to win that show...
She means, some setting.
Tell me the name ofjudge.
It will be done.
Do you see that Shorty
with the don?
Mr. Jawley, encounter specialist.
He's the most important
man of the don.
Just think, one of us wants
to wear the uniform.
I have to keep an eye on the
party of Dattu don.
That who comes and who goes.
A big thank you for coming
to my party.
How can't I come to your party?
Consider my party as well.
If Parwati and Tulsi comes to
your party,
then your life will be set.
Dattu Bhai, why do you pull my leg?
Dattu Bhai, I want to talk
for 2 minutes.
You know, I've been having
some problems with Balaji's.
I asked for some increase in money,
they're talking about replacing me.
They're saying that in serial
they'll show my accident
and showing plastic surgery, they'll
give my role to some other actress.
For last four episodes, my face
has been behind bandages.
It will be fine if I agree to their conditions.
Else there will be some other face.
It's not right.
It's now only you who
can do something.
Don't worry.
I'll talk to them.
It's Dattu Bhai's word.
Come, now I have to make
an important announcement.
Everyone was asking me why
this party was given.
So I tell you that my sister
Priya's marriage has been fixed.
This chick always shows
attitude when I come to the mall.
Should I eat her?
Follow her, I'll take care.
I'll definitely slaughter her today.
I've been waiting for long,
you said it's urgent.
What more can you give me?
What happened?
My brother has fixed my marriage.
With whom?
Since brother has chosen the
guy, you can take a guess.
Girls go to another home from
home after getting married.
And I? I will go to another gang
from one gang after marriage.
Isn't our saved money enough?
No that's not enough.
We're going to a new country.
We'll have to start from zero.
We should do a proper planning.
You keep on planning.
And something I'll have to
do family planning with someone else.
People like you...
Before marriage "I loved"
When it come to marriage,
"What have I done?"
It's said the first wedding invitation
should be given to someone special.
What's this joke?
It's you who has been
doing joke with me.
You made me have those dreams.
Dreams about our marriage.
Dreams to get me out
of this world.
All those promises.
Whenever I ask about money then,
"Don't worry babes, it's done"..
Now you don't have to do anything.
I'm getting married.
That too with a gangster.
It's true, that I really love you.
And it's also true that people
get blind in love.
I couldn't see that you're
not even worthy of love.
People like you, can fall in love
but can't keep up with it.
Wedding is on 30th of next month.
You should come.
At least you can have
that much courage.
You are "Akshay Kumar" by
name only.
Bloody Coward.
He got homework from school.
To write 200 words on
"My father my hero"
If he writes only 10,
it would be enough.
What do you mean?
You start this always
in the morning.
Don't make me speak
in front of the kid.
Other kids' fathers are doctors,
engineers or at least clerks
but you?
Stop this. You always
bring this up.
Then do something to
shut my mouth.
You tell people it's marketing,
are you ashamed?
It's too much.
Yes, it is too much.
You parents trapped me by
showing your half photo.
I've been taking it since then.
Wherever I go, people ask
me what my husband do.
And I have to keep my mouth shut.
O my bad fate!
I even feel ashamed while
going out with you.
I take all this on me.
Yet you're saying it's too much.
That's my shirt.
Why do you run away
whenever this comes up?
If you're brave, why don't
you tell him?
Tell him what's yourjob.
He'll be very happy
when he'll find out.
He'll get the first prize
on his essay.
People will come in lines
to see you.
People will buy tickets to
see you.
I have the 8th wonder of
the world in my house.
You wanted to know
what your Papa does.
Now tell me. You'll go with
me or stay with him?
He didn't do a favor by saving my
money from Ghazalur Rehman.
He saved for his own son.
I'll tell him about the flowers.
Why there's plastic flowers
on your mother's picture?
We don't have to change
them everyday.
They'll look fresh when
we wash them every Sunday.
Yes, why should we spend every month
60 rupees unnecessarily on flowers.
This picture is not going to
smell the fragrance anyway.
You should be ashamed.
I've told you many times that money
isn't Porshotum's. It's mine.
But still dude.
To solve our problem, we
get money from Purshottam?
Not happening.
You tried everything to get money,
did it work?
That doesn't mean that we...
- Look
Sometimes you can't do thing by
seeing right or wrong.
But you have to see the
time and situation.
You say, Purshottam will change.
He's a dog's tail, he won't change.
I will get the money now,
and I know the method is wrong.
Some people only understand
the wrong method.
But still dude.
100 million isn't small amount.
At last moment if Purshottam
falls apart and goes to police.
and files a case.
This is Mumbai Police
It won't spare us.
I'm saying, we don't
have to do a robbery holding a gun.
All we have to do is to
threaten him on the phone.
Yes, that's true.
Last time I called as a single
gangster and he was too scared.
Imagine when we call him as
a whole gang...
I'll call him right away.
- Hey you ass.
Calm down.
He's right,
we should
call him with a gang's name.
Not with any other gang's name
but with the name of our own gang.
Then what we should
name our gang?
We should think of a name
that should scare the shit out of him.
Brothers think.
How about "Bol Bachan Company"?
No brother, we shouldn't involve
Mr. Bachan to our mission.
I got it. We should name it
"Extortion Mithr Mandal"
Dude, we're talking about a gang's name,
not for temple donation campaign.
It has been two days. I wasn't
that confused to name even my son.
What's the difference?
It's aboutjust a phone a call.
Name anything, A B C D.
One minute.
We can't use "D". It's copyrights
are with someone else.
But we can use "C"
"C"? Meaning?
For numerology reason we can
spell company with a "K"
If the serials and films get hit
with "K", why not our gang?
Brothers, there's a reason behind "C"
- What reason?
It's the name of our own homes.
See, we all live in society's
"C" wing.
That's why "C Kompany".
It's a good name.
Lets lock it.
Lock it.
"C Kompany?"
Hey, constructor, if you cut the
line without hearing me I'll kill you.
Yes, speak.
Listen carefully,
if you want to be at peace.
Look, sir,
actually you might not
aware that
Ghazalur Rehman,
you must've heart the name.
Actually Ghazlu bro is our
family friend.
If he finds out...
One minute.
He's threatening with
Ghazlu's name.
Put down the phone.
It was a call from
some gang again.
He disconnected as soon as
heard Ghazalur Rehman's name.
God give long life to
Ghazlu brother.
You dare take fight
with C Kompany. You...
I'm calling from the C Kompany.
Your family friend has been dead.
The guy we cut the throat
of is Ghazalur Rehman.
If you don't pay 100 million,
you will face the same...
No, I'm ready to pay
but it will take some time.
Listen, he's ready to pay
but wants some time.
We must get the money
before 30th of next month.
Before 30th.
We must get the money before
30th of the next month.
Or as soon as the month
ends, here your life will end.
Did they kill Ghazlu?
Do you know any other gangster?
Who's this C Kompany?
I never heard about them before.
Did you hear about Ghazalur Rehman?
- So?
I would advise you not to
take their threat lightly.
These guys are very dangerous.
Pay them as early as before 30th.
And get yourself saved.
Aki is right.
Look son, you can earn
more if you live.
It seems, I will pay to
pay them 100 million at all cost.
Today's drink, in the name
of Khokha!
Did you see the breaking news?
See that, it's a blast.
Our TRPs are sky rocketing.
Who are the people behind
this gang?
Who's name is being told
as "C Kompany"?
Who's the guy who's throat
has been cut in this DVD?
What's the motive of this
brutal murder?
Isn't this C Kompany trying
to make their name in Mumbai?
There are many question.
But no answer.
The scene you're seeing at your
TV screen is from that same DVD.
I forgot the DVD there.
Think, we are having a free publicity
for the career of our company.
People spend millions for that.
There's nothing to worry about.
Who's behind C Kompany, nobody
knows except us.
Media has this habit.
They'll run this for two day and
forget about it.
29th is still too far anyway.
But police won't forget.
As soon as the investigation
starts and they'll reach us..
The matter has become
too big.
Too big.
You're needed to tell
about the C Kompany.
Who are them?
They live in the building.
Have you seen the news
on TV?
Your channel broke that story.
Since morning commissioner
and Dattu Bhai have been asking.
Dattu Bhai has called you.
Her marriage has been fixed.
Do you know that?
On the 30th next month.
Did you find anything about
C Kompany?
No, sir, I've been after that
since morning.
I've contacted all informer in
my network.
But no information.
Me too.
No news.
But I think whoever is behind
this C Kompany...
is an old rice.
It's not old. If he were, he
must have shown himself.
He must be someone new.
Kill them.
No Bhai
If you pay any attention to them,
they'll earn respect.
These gangsters are like
Himesh's songs.
Which come and go
every other day.
You're like Rehman.
The small time crooks like this...
These small time crooks
grow by the time.
I say, before they grow their wings,
we should finish them.
He' right.
Find out who they are.
Go and kill them in their area.
Don't you know that my
marriage has been fixed?
I've stopped seeing strangers.
I have arranged money.
Say it again.
I have arranged money.
Everyone's looking.
I'm facing my part of hell
right here.
How God can be cruel?
It seems we will have
to evacuate the building.
Court, agitation, police,
we tried everything.
But who listens to a common man.
We make small homes
with such hardship.
Builder Patel with the help of
underworld wants to demolish
the building so that he could
construct a shopping mall.
It seems right to snatch your
right rather then to beg for it.
If we had some relations
with some gangster or a company.
We wouldn't have gotten
to such condition.
With just one phone call,
it all could have been solved.
If we make a call, we can
shoot two birds with a stone.
But uncle, if Aki finds out.
- He won't if we won't tell him.
We have to make just a call.
Patel builder is not going
to listen with just one call.
If we want him to listen...
- We'll have to make another DVD.
Will you open a library
by making these DVDs?
He has connections with
We must plan something for that.
He's out. Do as we planned.
Make first call after 10 minutes.
And 2nd call after half an hour.
Be careful, we should sound
I'm calling from C Kompany
Listen carefully,
or I'll finish you.
Are you threatening me
with the Kompany crap?
Shut the phone, you don't know me..
Don't shout.
I'll call you again after half hour.
First save yourself.
There's a bomb under your car.
C Kompany has planted
a bomb under my car.
I don't even know why?
Please look into it.
I just survived.
He will call again.
Don't take tension.
Just tell me where
that call came from.
They're new and famous.
They should've been shot.
This incident of bomb is related
to C Kompany.
You must remember that
this the same C Kompany
who to spread their threat
around the city,
made a DVD of a murder.
Phone has been tapped.
Was that from a mobile.
- No it's a PCO
Someone played ajoke with you.
It's just a cracker.
Don't take it as ajoke.
We wanted to prove that
when we can plant
a cracker in your car,
then it's not difficult
to plant a real bomb.
Return the papers of that building
and get yourself out of that case.
You have only two days.
If you don't return the papers,
next DVD will be yours on the TV.
Think carefully, I won't call
you again to convince you.
why shoot him. he already seem
speak respectfully, that's someone else.
I cant be don't.
I have seen this Uncle
at Akshay's place.
did you saw anyone calling from here?
I think we have lost him.
don't worry, slowly. don't worry.
take long breath, hey fat,
call the taxi.
brother, slip.
your slip.
no. no.
Kaka, here's your slip.
what slip?
eat before getting expire.
the luck was bad,
today if those C Company guys would
I would shoot them..
say some thing?
I have live my life in fear.
but today I have seen the death from
very near.
now no fear remains.
for the first time I feel like I am alive.
if he would be in P.C.O. in your place,
would he be alive?
I would understand if the call was only
to scare them but real boom?
your brain is like your height.
what hey.. I could see our photo
in news paper.
the DVD matter was just wiping out
from public.
and you bring one more item?
we are again in breaking news!
we didn't realize that could go that
way. we were only trying to help.
get one thing that DVD didn't on air
because of us.
but it was a mistake, but you plan this
whole thing.
this time police wont take it lightly,
and now Dattu Bhai have seen you too.
Shit man, you brother...
me what brother?
that would be your idea!
listen what he is saying..
but for whom we have done all this,
did he get benefit from it?
I seem like some occasion in
Radha Bai Chol.
but for people here its like occasion
for them.
after many money those people seem
and they got this smile because of
underworld gang C. Company.
let's us speak with the secretary of
this chowl.
so Patel Builders have taken back the
how you feel of getting your place back?
if feels like we didn't getting only our
place we get back our respect.
we are happy, we cant describe in words.
if C. Company wouldn't help us we would
be lost.
we could be on road.
I would call them Robin Hood
of underworld.
well wisher of poor.
where every they live we wish them
best of luck.
and its our pray that police never
caught them.
that was the secretary of Radha Bai Chol,
who is giving calling them Robin Hood.
zee news Mumbai.
our chowl has become ours again.
I have lost the hope for this place earlier.
why you are carrying when every thing
is all right?
everyone is crying here. but for good.
God, is watching everything.
Patel has taken all the expense for
the chowl.
what would I do, I was about to die,
so before that..
try to understand our problem Dattu Bhai,
no one knows about C. Company.
you tell me in this situation how we
can trust that you will protect us?
we are working together from many years.
I have build so many mall and buildings
under my hand.
no one has ever dare to come in front
of me..
today this happen and you..
its true Dattu Bhai..
but your other property is also taken
with illegal way.
think if this C. Company reach there then?
don't know next time its Bobby Sutli.
that's why Dattu Bhai, we have decide..
we will not invest in you any project.
if I say any thing wrong you kill me,
because C. Company will not spare me.
sorry Dattu Bhai, but the time has
changed now.
you drunk, talking about Bhai?
Yadav, control.
they are right.
this C, Company, destroyed the relation
of 10 years.
Bhai Balaji..
not at this time.
hello. one minute.
you Fat.. yeah Bhai?
treat him well.
all right Bhai.
yeah speak.
you have said that my face will be
behind the plaster.
yeah yeah. why are you crying?
what else I could do?
in today's episode plaster is going to
remove from my face.
and then have chose other actress
instead of me.
they have replaced me.
don't cry.
let is go, Dattu Bhai your word has
nothing to me now. nothing..
forget the C. Company now even serials
company is not scare of us.
I mean its all right.
take out the car, I am going
to show them.
what is Dattu Satellite.
because of you I got Ravand's roll,
thank you very much.
the serial has surprise not only Dattu Bhai,
but the whole country..
what ever you say I am number
one fan of your serial.
I got your 1000 complains.
your serial story is not going ahead.
in your serial women sleep all dress up.
cant understand who is sister,
who is mother.
all look like same age.
in your serial back ground music is like
boom, like war.
tell me one thing in your serial
name of characters..
why its Area Man and Area Veer?
all those Suresh, Pravin are dead?
that much plastic surgery never done
in the whole world.
but in your serials.
did I said anything to you?
no. right?
sorry Dattu Bhai, for serial popularity
we have to do it.
do it, what ever you want to.
but what ever I told to.
you have to do it too, I want Sakshi Gee
face behind the plaster.
but her plastic surgery has done.
I don't know that.
I want only Sakshi Gee in that roll.
if any thing went wrong, I will straight
because it is the matter of my words.
you understand? I am going.
because if the matter of my words.
nice title for new serial.
and its starting with K. too.
I welcome you all.
who is C. Company?
freedom fighter or terrorist?
that is today's point.
you think those guy has worth of
those awards?
who help you by threatening people.
you think its right?
see Mr. But we never went to C. company
for help.
we went to police, government and
social workers.
we request all of them.
but only C. company has listen our
so I take it as, that normal man..
has lost the faith from law?
I know we have some issue in our system.
but if every one go to underworld
for help then..
to give some one justice, threaten others.
when few builders with help of underworld,
wanted to kick off from our house
no one did any thing.
and when one underworld gang bought
us back our own house.
then you are talking aboutjustice.
tell us.
I think who make blast in trains and bus
those are terrorist, not who help people.
since those gangsters help few.
you are taking them as angels.
this is how you take this issue,
Bhaghat Singh, Sukh Dev and Raj Guru
has fight.
to British law they were terrorist,
but for Bharat they were freedom fighter.
for us C. company is freedom fight,
and always remain the same.
and this is not only mine, its the voice
of 150 terrorist.
we will be back after the break.
we have seen breaking news of C. company
but like you have seen.
other news channel in catch this news.
so I also, for my channel.
going to start a show which will be
the biggest reality show.
in this show local public will tell
there problems.
and we will se who is going to
solve those problems.
Government or the C. company?
for the first time..
this reality show..
it don't look good.
yeah sir.
so what.
what people watch news channels?
for news? no.
our stories are more sensible then the
that's why they watch it.
but who will anchor this program?
reporter from our news channel, who else?
you can see the publicity for the show
is on its top.
its saying that this show will be the
biggest reality show ever.
the thing is how right is to involve
underworld in public problems.
specially when government is also
but what ever they say, local public
has became fan of it.
underworld will help people.
Bhai log will solve the problem of
local public.
any thing can happen in this country.
C. company v/s government.
great idea.
better then serials.
we will watch this program. definitely.
you will be world famous in Mumbai.
your channel guys are expecting so much
money because of us.
every thing will be waste.
we are not doing any thing.
government will do it.
Purshottam is giving us the money,
that's it.
its will be the biggest flop show ever.
I welcome you, in this biggest reality
show ever.
everyone wants justice, but local public
they lost there fait from the justice.
but now your one call, we will ask the
question with government or the C. company
you elected government.
or those who you have given the name
of Robin Hood.
we are about to see who will bring
the justice.
the first complaint from Mumbai.
you are welcome in our show.
so what is your problem?
my husband use to work in relay, in boom
blast he has expired.
but I didn't get any thing from
government as they promised.
why, what was the reason?
the officer told me that this boom blast
happened at 5.45
and my husband duty was till 6 O'clock.
how come any officer leave the office
before time?
that's he refuse to give any thing.
even he has stop the provident fund.
and I have to leave the railway's place
its a big punish for leaving 15 minutes
I have one kid, where I would go.
no income nor any help.
its been two years I am visiting
government offices but no benefit.
government didn't do anything..
I hope C. company would do something.
I thought my problem is big.
but its just nothing in front of this.
now what will happen.
but we should try.
yeah. we should.
yeah its only a phone call.
but dude this time no P.C.O.
yeah no. never..
Khancha card?
by this we wont be trace.
the number and from where we
are calling.
give it to me.
all real Bhai log use same khancha card.
so we are also going to call like Bhai log?
listen on thing.
if it work like that then its ok, or
this C. company is closed.
load the khancha card.
give it to me.
hello compassion department.
I am calling from C. company.
C. company?
listen, you have 24 hours if the
cheque of Asha Tervadi..
and the provident fund didn't reach.
then why her husband left the office 15
minute earlier..
you will go to him up for asking him.
you are very punctual right. note it.
your time is starting now.
get me the file of Tervadi.
yes sir.
how do you feel Mrs. Trevadi?
I want to tell you that the thing
government couldn't do in 2 years.
C. company done it in 2 days.
and because of them I got the money
and also..
they offered my the job in my husband's
anyone could say c. company criminal
or thief..
but for me they are God.
long live C. company..
long live.. long live..
C. company..
why don't you talk to C. company about
it will solve definitely.
as you can see that c, company is
getting very famous.
we have come to know that c. company
is popular then Amitabh and Sachin.
how c. company people look like,
for this painting competition is arrange.
Brother union leader is here.
I am Saloni Singh from Zee news Mumbai.
Bhai those three people.
Chobay, leader of taxi association.
great him.
Patil, leader of Daba association.
great him.
She is Mangla Bai leader of working
women. great..
greetings sir.
you told them every thing?
tell everyone. and open your eyes
and ear.
and any news from c. company.
immodestly you have to inform me.
now go.
go.. go.. go..
I don't understand, we have so many
informer but no one has c. company's info.
those three unknown persons.
from where they are going to get the news?
those are the informer who live in
between local people.
and that local people's local
company's information..
only these three can give.
today C. company..
read something else..
Balaji's three actor in comma.
keep her phone on silent.
we cant buy it love with money that's
but it needs lot of expense.
he is the same who host Government
or C. company?
yeah he is..
you have become celebrity..
my brother is in tension because of
C. company.
he is not paying attention to any thing.
its good for us.
to get fled.
Dubai's visa will come tomorrow, you
give me the money I will book the flight.
if we book earlier we
can get more discount.
yeah I am getting the money.
trust me.
but on 29th.
you mean you are getting the money
just one day before the marriage?
but we will have one day.
people get fled from marriage stage.
you think you are Phrithvi Raj?
if we didn't get the money before 29th
then its over.
we have one problem.
you phone lines are always busy..
yeah sir.
if our problem in your program..
not even you I have to take my problem
to the show as well.
I am Shrikant Varma..
our area is residential..
and they opened a club there, so its
a problem.
we have lost our peace and we scare
of gangsters..
no one wants to mess with them.
and because of c. company we are
prepare to fight against them.
so my request is that we want to close
this club with the help of c. company.
Bhai he is talking about our club.
now we will see.
get our guys ready.
I don't think we can solve this matter
on the phone.
we will do what we have decided.
its about to close C. company.
yeah. I feel like, I am getting retire
second time in life.
its better we are getting retire
from work.
other we would be retiring from life.
anyways for a while..
I become useful for people.
it better then feeding pigeon like other
old men.
where are you brother?
we are waiting for you.
I am in the class.
what in bar?
listen carefully.
I have speak to Dattu Bhai politely.
that close the club.
but he didn't get it.
that's why,
one minute..
yes Sir?
you don't have any problem?
if you have then tell me.
no sir.
you don't know that...
yeah brother..
I think it wont work like that.
that's why I have to go personally.
don't do it.
tonight at 11 that Dattu's club will see
the 12 o'clock.
listen.. hello...!
what happen?
he threaten Dattu Bhai by calling him.
tonight at 11 o'clock he is going to
shut down the club.
now we are gone.
this C. company will drown us in to
the sea.
they can come any time.
get ready,
yeah I am ready.
where are you going?
who are you?
I have told you to close the club on
the phone you didn't get it?
that's why I have come with the
lock myself.
here is it, lock it.
take it, lock it..
who the hell are you?
C. company.
C. Company.
father is dying with darkness and
son is power house?
C. company?
you don't know how to spell C. and
C. company...!
I am also C. company.
me too.
we were only there?
since when they join!
who are those people?
take out the gun..
go inform the Bhai.
Bhai C. company's guys are there.
you are all ready?
how many?
you see by yourself.
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
go ahead..
go ahead C. company.
I didn't know so many people would come
on C. company side.
go ahead C. company
we are with you.
God safe us.
these are local people like us,
once you do something for them..
they never forget.
close it.. close it..
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
I am get him right now.
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
come.. come..
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
close the Dattu's club.
close it.. close it..
today C, company is highlight every where.
people is asking government for resign
because now people took C, company
as government.
they say C. company is doing
all the government's work.
see, you were saying go to police.
the matter is in parliament now.
police still doesn't know who is being
C. company.
thank God we agree to give them money.
just once we give them the money.
we will be in peace.
thank God we told every thing to
Dattu Bhai.
you are watching T.V. in this
sit.. sit..
just now I met with commissioner.
they will transfer me if I could find
out about the C. Company.
there will be transfer..
it will.
but not your, it will be C. company's
direct up.
so did you find out about them?
its a small builder,
name Purshottam Joshi.
they are going to take 1 crores on this
the news is confirm?
this kind of chance come no so often.
you don't worry,
you Joshi Kaka and Lumbodar are
C. company?
whole country are after them, that's
I never wanted to tell you this.
but what will happen tomorrow
don't know.
don't know if we get the money or not.
but remember one thing.
I am not coward.
but you were telling me that Brother
and the Chavle Sir will be there.
and you just to prove me..
you are getting married day after tomorrow.
if not tomorrow then never.
if I would go back then I will lost
my respect.
but anything could happen there.
if every thing work like we planed.
then all good.
in next birth don't be a gangster's sister.
the bag should be the same.
all we have to do is replace the bag
and run.
don't be too smart.
he could be here any time.
who ever find it bring it to the counter.
I am about to lose 1 crores.
here's Purshottam.
see here's Jable comes.
I am to distract him.
you just replace the bag.
I am Akshay, I am here to cover all
when you shoot the C. company.
I will shoot you.
I mean with camera.
shoot me when I shoot them.
yeah you don't worry.
by the way you came alone?
no. mine and Dattu Bhai guys are
every where.
now they wont spear.
Dattu Bhai is also here.
but I cant see him, where is he?
where we want to send the C. company.
see you then.
all right.
you are taking care..?
its here.
yea no problem, both of us are here.
today C. company will be in our hand.
there wont be any problem.
nothing will go wrong,
we have to fulfill the mission, carefully
move.. move..
see he is running.
catch him.
that little..
catch him.
once I get him I will show him stars
on the earth.
catch him.
that way.
catch the bastard.
get lost.
if you cant shoot then what I do?
put the phone down.
don't let him go.
take it down.
I am.
get this thing down.
yes I am.
my shouldn't be Dattu Satellite, it should
be Dattu Doordarshan.
now I have to do something.
hold it.
it came down already.
they run away.
this bag is empty.
but I have seen them changing the
yeah C. for clever.
they knew we will put eye on them.
changing bag is all drama.
to make us fool.
bag is with Purshottam and C. company
will be there.
Sharvan Kumar..
who is this?
your father, C. company.
where is the money bag?
C. company took it.
who are you guys?
D. company.
D. company, here C. company, there
D. company.
I think A to Z are after me.
what are you doing here?
I told you to wait at airport.
I couldn't stay there, I was thinking
about you.
now lets go from here or all of us
will be dead.
only once I get them..
now we got the money, we have to find
both of them and fled.
I was looking for you.
Lumbodar has stuck there, we have to
do some thing.
we have to something.
the rascal is stuck.
Priya call me right now.
hurry up.
who is firing?
Dattu Bhai..
we are gone.
those who become pain for the
challenged the power of Dattu Satellite.
those are you?
yeah.. you?
I have asked you so many time
who this C Kompany is?
You don't know that.
Hey you old man.
I was me who brought
you in the taxi.
And this Shorty!
Closed down my club.
Shut down the club.
What are you looking at?
Shall I shoot you?
No, it's not his fault.
It was all my idea.
I wanted to get money
from Purshottam.
No, it's not their fault.
It all happened because of me.
No, brother, I love Akshay,
we were going to get married.
It's enough about
your crap.
Now tell me.
What should I do with you?
The same, that a gangster
does to another gangster.
That's good.
The same, that a gangster
does to another gangster.
You're too brave.
Bhai, from now on
C Kompany is shut down.
Yes, closed.
But my eyes are open now.
I found out today that the strength
is not in the age or height.
It's in the intensions.
It seems now that the
matter of C Kompany
must have to be settled.
I agree that
the guy who could go to that
extreme for you, can keep you happy.
It's a guarantee from Dattu Satellite.
Dattu Bhai has found
out about the C Kompany.
Along with he also taken
care of the B Company.
It was a big mistake
at our end.
After the plastic surgery
last week
the face of the woman
we showed to you
was not Kulwadu
of your house.
Your home's Laxmi is her.
Dr. I won't forget your favor.
If I get another life today,
it's all because of you.
Just because of you.
In the flat No. 102
of C Wing
The roar of the old lion
is again can be heard.
After all dude got the bumper
draw of the lottery.
Lambodhar's finally achieved
his dream of touching the sky.
If you want to do ajob at his office
you need to have height over 6 feet.
Small family, happy family.
Finally I and Priya got married.
And it was a different marriage.
Half guests were from police
and half were from underworld.
But film is still remained my friend.
And in the special news today,
another work of C Kompany...
In a land grabbing matter of Mumbai,
C Kompany made the mafia step back.
It was a great problem for the government
to get the land released from these mafia.
Dattu Bhai we shut down
that C Kompany that day.
But I don't know how people
are getting their problems solved.
He's right.
Why would we still operate the
Isn't that you who's making calls?
- If you are then tell us.
Why I do that?
If you're not doing that who's making
these calls in the name of C Kompany?
Hello, I'm calling from C Kompany.
The work should be done.