Cabin 28 (2017) Movie Script

We got a serious matter on our hands here,
three murders and a missing girl.
Right, yeah, so I hear.
Terrible thing, that,
just, uh, just terrible.
I'm interested in your
whereabouts that evening,
anything you might've seen
or heard, that type of thing.
So I know you mentioned to the officers
that you were at the bar with your wife.
Was anyone else there?
My buddy, Bo.
From what I understand, he used
to run with the Candy Bandits Gang.
I mean, are you comfortable with
bringin' a guy like that into this town?
We've all made mistakes, Deputy.
As far as I can tell, he regrets his past.
A lot of us do.
Here we go!
- Mom?
- Hmm.
Why did we move here?
You haven't figured that out yet.
Do you want to go back to the trailer?
It's just this town.
Well, you're almost 18.
You'll be old enough to leave then.
You're gonna kick me out?
You know what I've been through.
I'm the only one that does know!
You should trust me to do the right thing.
For all of us!
Boys, stop it!
Get inside.
Got room for one more, neighbor?
Justin, did you
bring your magic kit today?
Ah, well Ricky and Greg are here.
I bet they'd love to
see your latest tricks.
Come on in!
How, uh, how do
you manage all those kids?
Years of practice, huh.
Johnny and the girls, they
usually fend for themselves.
It's those two I have to keep an eye on.
Hmm... Hey, um,
and I don't mean to, uh,
overstep boundaries here,
but all the time you've been here,
you've never mentioned their dad...
We separated a while ago.
Oh, sorry to hear that.
Things just weren't working out.
You can't help someone that's drowning.
They're just gonna pull you down with them.
Eventually I asked
myself, do I sink or swim?
You all right?
I'm fine.
Is my wife here?
She's inside.
You come here now.
I feel kinda bad about what happened.
You feel bad about it?
Well, yeah, that's my wife.
Now, that might not be
the perfect marriage,
but I'm tryin' to make that work.
You got that?
Hmm, oh, I wish my baggage gave me so much,
uh, I don't know, clarity.
Well, maybe don't think of it as baggage.
Call it "life experiences."
Yeah, well, if life keeps
going the way it's going...
I'm gonna have to swim away myself.
You tell your mom?
I just wanna make sure you're all right.
I am.
I guess when we say yes to someone,
we say yes to all their problems.
Don't I know it.
He's always had a
bit of devil in him, you know?
Mmm, I'm sure that's what
attracted me to begin with,
but now since Bo's been
staying with us, hmm...
Now, I'll go see my wife.
You just, uh, you carry
on with the porch now.
Good girl.
Well, speak of the devil!
Good afternoon, ladies. Sorry, I,
I didn't to mean to interrupt
your little chat, now.
Got my buddy, Bo, here, Sue.
He's got a real nice surprise for you.
What are you doing here?
I told you I'd be home later.
Oh, come on, I just wanna
spend all the time I can
with my beautiful wife, now.
Yeah, of course.
We're all gonna go to the
bar for a drink. Sue, uh...
Would you like to join us?
Oh, I'm sorry, Bo, I
gotta look after the kids.
Let's go.
- Oh, come on now!
- Come on, let's go!
You, go!
Uh, I'll just leave these here.
Thanks, Bo.
Sue, um, thank you.
I'll see you in the morning, yeah?
Hey, what were you two
talking about back there?
Chit-chat, nothing major.
Bullshit. I heard my name being mentioned.
Yeah, you're my husband.
I can't talk about you?
No, you cannot.
You don't mention my name to
that woman, you understand?
You've got no right to tell me what to do!
You all right?
Come on.
I thought we'd have a full
house tonight. Apparently not.
Looks pretty full to me.
Where's Johnny? I told
him not to go out tonight.
He's staying at his buddy's place tonight.
- Dana?
- Yeah.
He has some stuff going on
and Johnny said he was gonna help out.
What stuff?
Uh, um,
I don't know.
Whose is that?
It's mine.
What's the problem?
Are you going away again?
Just for tonight.
I'm gonna stay with the Coopers.
They're good people, churchgoers.
All right, that's fine.
Well, it's dark, at least take the car.
Thanks, Mom.
Looks like it's
just you and me, kiddo.
Can we make some popcorn?
You know, I get so caught
up with everyone else,
we don't always talk...
Just us.
How are you?
I'm fine, Mom.
You know, when I was younger,
I had dreams. Oh, lots of them.
I dreamt...
That you'd have a better life than I had.
All of you, that...
That I'd be a better mom.
That I wouldn't make the
same mistakes my mother made.
Two out of three ain't bad.
I guess...
Some dreams don't always come true.
Sheila doesn't understand
why we moved here.
Why did we?
Oh, because sometimes...
Other people back you into a corner.
Oh, you put up with it for a while,
but eventually I said,
"You know what?
"It's time to do things on
my own terms."
Oh, I wonder who that is.
Johnny, we're gonna have
words tomorrow, mister.
don't you check the children?
Who is this?
Are you okay, Mom?
Just a wrong number.
I, um, I'm gonna head to bed.
Stay up if you like.
Would you put the trash out?
You used to
really be scared here.
You're still afraid!
it now, I mean it!
coming to get you, Barbara!
it. You're ignorant.
coming for you, Barbara!
Stop it!
You're acting like a child!
They're coming for you!
Look, there comes one of them now!
- I'm getting out of here!
- Johnny!
Who is it?
Look, I'm, I'm sorry to bother you,
I, I lost my
wheels just down the road.
Uh, okay, so what do you want?
Well, well, I need some help.
There's a mechanic in town.
They probably have some
kind of all-night service.
Well, sorry to say,
I can't afford that, besides,
now, now that wouldn't make a difference.
How come?
Because I don't have a car.
You said you lost your wheels.
Well, that was as far
as my last ride took me.
You're a hitchhiker?
Guilty as charged.
Have you ever hitched?
My dad always told me it was dangerous.
Now, your daddy
sounds like a smart man.
Is your daddy home right now?
I was looking for a ride into town,
but I can see there's no car out here.
That doesn't mean we don't have one.
But... But you don't have a garage
and there's no vehicle around back either.
How long have you been outside the house?
What do you want?
I was thinking...
Perhaps your kind daddy could, well...
Put me up for the night.
I don't...
I don't think we can do that.
Okay, fair enough.
Uh, can you just let me in
for a minute to make one phone call?
Who do you wanna call?
A friend of mine,
he's in the next town.
Perhaps he can pick me up now.
I can't let you in.
Okay, okay, listen now.
How about I give you his number
and you can call him for me?
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
Come on, now,
it'll only take a minute.
Now, now listen, his name's Dee.
Just tell him where we are
and that, that I need a lift.
What's the number?
You got a pen?
Hang on a sec.
- Got it.
- Good.
The number's 555...
- You got that?
- Yeah.
Now, now you just call Dee
and tell him I'll meet him
at the Backdoor Bar in town.
All right.
What's your name?
Did you hear me?
Yeah, I hear you real good.
So what's your name?
Well, my name's Marco.
All right.
I saw a flying saucer.
You mean the kind from up there?
or its counterpart.
It was shaped like a huge cigar.
Your guess
is as good as mine, Larry.
But one thing's sure,
Inspector Clay's dead.
And somebody's responsible!
What do you
think will be the next obstacle
the Earth people
will put in our way?
Well, as long as they
can think, we'll have our problems.
But those whom we're
using cannot think.
They are the dead,
brought to a simulated
life by our electrode guns.
You know, it's an interesting thing
when you consider, the
Earth people who can think
are so frightened by those
who cannot, the dead.
Well, our ship should be
regenerated, we better get started.
Oh, forget about the
flying saucers. They're up there.
But there's something
in that cemetery...
I called your friend.
He says he'll meet you at the bar in town.
Okay, good, thank you.
Listen, it's quite a
walk to town from here.
The landlord's place is
about a ten minute walk away.
Maybe he'll give you a ride to the bar.
Okay, well, we'll try that.
Wait a second.
I... I meant me.
Uh, okay.
Good night.
Good night.
What's all that racket about?
There was some
really creepy guy at the door.
Well, what guy?
Some hitchhiker.
I didn't let him in,
I just talked to him through the door.
He kept asking if he could use the phone.
I know it doesn't sound that bad,
but it was really, really creepy, I swear.
I think he'd been hanging
around outside the house.
Wait here.
Where are you going?
Whoever's out there,
you better get the hell off my property!
Mmm, just as I thought!
There's no one there now.
There was someone here, I swear.
You believe me, don't you?
Oh, sure I do.
It was really creepy.
I don't think I can go to bed yet.
Well, how about I make
us some hot chocolate?
That would be nice.
That guy could've gone to
one of the other cabins.
I wonder why he came here.
Who knows?
People are strange around this town.
They all have agendas.
Lots of secrets in Keddie!
Kind of like this family.
What do you mean?
When were you gonna tell me
about Sheila and the baby?
Is this the right time
for this kind of conversation?
I deserve to know!
I'm not a little kid anymore.
You're right, okay, um...
Sheila did fall pregnant
and that's why she moved away for a while.
- I asked her not to tell you about it.
- Why?
Well, I didn't wanna encourage you
down the same path, down my path!
Gee, thanks!
No, that's not what I meant.
I don't regret having you kids.
I just, I don't want
you to grow up too fast.
Look, we'll talk more about this tomorrow.
I'm going to bed.
You coming up?
Yeah, after I finish this.
You feeling better now, honey?
Still a bit creeped out, but I'll be fine.
You know, it's an
interesting thing when you consider...
do you make of that?
Modern women, yeah,
they've been that way
all down through the ages,
especially in a spot like this.
You know,
I'll bet my badge right now,
we haven't seen the
last of those weirdies!
Send the big one
for the girl and the policeman.
I'll turn on the dictorobitary
so we may converse with them.
you like to see?
Next time you try
that, I won't aim at the board.
a headstrong young man!
What if we do develop this solaronite bomb?
We'd be even
a stronger nation than now!
Who is it?
You never called him, did you?
You never called my friend!
What are you doing back here?
Shouldn't you be waiting at the bar?
Answer the question!
You didn't call him, did you?
I did!
- You're lying!
- I'm not!
Do you know how I know you're lying?
Because I cut your
phone line an hour ago.
What is it, what's wrong?
Mom, that guy came back!
Oh, right, I...
No, Mom, don't, he said he cut the phone!
- What?
- He was telling the truth!
What the hell is that?
It came from the window,
someone's out there!
Look, it's probably just some
drunken hobo playing a sick joke!
Oh, my God!
Don't worry, stay calm!
Mom, Mom, we're not alone.
Mom, Mom!
Come on!
Who's there?
It's okay, boys, Mommy's here!
I'm gonna get help.
Stay beneath that bed!
Do not come out under
any circumstances, okay?
- Take this.
- What for?
I'm going to the landlord's cottage
- to call the police...
- No, Mom, don't leave us!
I'll be back straightaway.
Mom, I don't think I can...
Tina, you are strong!
All right.
Just keep the boys calm.
I'll be back before you know it.
All right.
Mom! Mom!
Run, run!
Come on, you piece of shit!
Come on!
Barricade the door!
Tina, it's me, open the door!
- Mom?
- Yeah, it's me, come on!
- I'm trying!
- Come on!
I'm trying!
Come on!
I'm trying!
- Come on!
- I'm trying!
Tina, it's me, open the door!
- Mom!
- Yeah, come on, open the door!
Come on, man!
You good?
I'm great.
God, then I'm not!
Hey, will you come on?
I'm coming, my cigarette won't light!
It's 'cause you got it
on the wrong way, fool!
Oh, yeah.
Hey, you think we're safe from your mom?
Well, yeah, all the lights are out.
Come on!
If she tells, if she tells my parents
that we got drunk, I'm dead meat!
Hey, will you relax?
Look, we hit my room, we're home free.
Hey, Dana, hey, you still with me?
Yep, I'm 100%, dude!
Hey, yeah, those extra beers
weren't the smartest idea!
Hey, who needs logic
when you got fake IDs?
Shh, shut up!
Next one!
Yes, now you
gotta be quiet, okay, man?
Yeah, jeez!
- Shh, right, come on!
- Okay!
Ah, God!
You all right there, buddy?
Yeah, I'm good.
You're doing this
really impractically...
Shh, quiet!
Okay, come on!
Okay, just...
You in?
- Yeah.
- Good.
And how'd you swing a joint
like this all to yourself?
I thought you'd have to share a room
with your brothers or something.
Whoa, whoa.
Well, you know, I went with the
emotional blackmail angle on my mom.
Had to be done.
Growing boy needs room to grow.
Yeah, room to whack off, more like.
Look at this, ow!
Hey, you, uh, you want a drink?
Yeah, you bet, why not?
Thanks, man!
Hey, you're, like, set
for life down here, man!
Yeah, almost, just need a TV set.
Yeah. All I want is a car, you know?
Any car.
No more hitchin', go to the drive-in.
Pick up a couple of girls, maybe.
You, pickin' up girls, really?
- Uh, yeah!
- Well, how old are they, 80?
Hey, man, I'm not picky at my age, you know?
Say, uh, you got a bathroom?
It's about to get Niagara Falls
in these drawers, you know?
Yeah, upstairs, but
you'd better piss outside.
- Why?
- I don't want you waking my mom, okay?
'Cause you're both gonna
get us in trouble! Come on!
Okay, nature it is, then.
And keep quiet, okay?
Remember, low profile!
Yeah, man, you the boss.
- Shh, go on!
- Okay, hold my drink.
Let's see, can you give me a boost?
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Here we are.
We gotta find a better way
to get in and out of your house, okay?
Right, go, go down there.
- Shh!
- Sorry!
No, don't open it...
No, no, I won't.
Are they still out there?
No, I don't think so.
Then where are they?
Come on, man!
Oh, you have got to be kidding me!
Is that a radio?
I think so.
They're coming, get me the bat!
I want you to stand there.
I'm gonna count to three
- and then I want you to open the door.
- No, Mom.
Just do as I say, okay?
You ready?
Oh, my God, Johnny!
Johnny, I'm sorry, sweetheart!
- Johnny!
- Oh, sweetheart!
Sweetheart, sweetheart?
I'm so sorry.
Johnny, are, are you okay, honey?
Are you okay, Johnny?
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry!
Johnny, Johnny, I'm so sorry.
Tina, Tina, help me get him up, come on!
Mom! Mom! Mom!
Get up, Johnny!
Go on!
Pick it up!
Go for it!
Tell you what,
I'm gonna give you a fightin' chance!
Now, we're even!
Pick it up!
Give it a try. Come on,
hit me, right there, hmm?
Knock me out!
Guess you just don't have it in ya, do ya?
Give me the bat.
No, Johnny!
My God!
Help me!
Help, help!
Help me, please, please call the police!
They're in our house!
Please, help me!
Why won't you help me?
Come on, you piece of shit!
Drive, drive!
You have to drive me to
the Sheriff's office, please!
You have to help me, they're in our house!
They're in our house,
they're going after my family!
Please, sir, you have to help me!
Okay, okay, calm down, now.
We'll get you to the Sheriff's office.
Thank you, thank you!
Okay, just calm down.
Don't worry, as soon as we get
you to the Sheriff's office,
I'm sure they'll drive you
back to your family at Cabin 28.
Make sure everything's all right.
How, how do you know where I live?
Say what?
I never told you my address.
How do you know where I live?
No, no, no.
No, I wanna get out!
Greg, Justin, oh...
What have you done to them?
We're gonna get through this.
We're gonna get through
this, sweetheart, we are!
Together, hmm?
We're gonna get...
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
Nobody's coming
For you
There's no happy ending
For you
Hit him!
No, no...
No, no...
No, no, no!
Mom, Mom!
No, no, no!
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no!
Please don't, please don't!
No, no, no!
No, no, no, please
don't, please don't!
No, no, no, no!
No, I'm pregnant!
I'm... I'm sorry, Mom.
I've, I've let you down!
Tina, you would never let me down.
Never let me down, it's okay!
Go on, just do it!
Taking things back
to that Saturday night,
what time did you go down to the bar?
Uh, well, let's see now.
Uh, we left the house in the, uh,
in the afternoon, my wife and I.
Uh, John was, uh, he kept, uh...
We were in the bar until
around 1:00 in the morning,
but like I said, it wasn't real crowded,
but it was, you know, fairly busy,
but I, I didn't really
notice anything, uh, unusual...
Except for one individual.
Well, he came in around, uh, 10:30, 11:00.
I never seen him before.
Can you give me a description of this guy?
Yeah, uh, he was, uh,
in a T-shirt and jeans.
Uh, he was wearin' a
buck knife, uh, long hair.
5'7", 5'8", uh, extremely long hair,
uh, tied back in a, in a ponytail,
and that individual,
he certainly didn't look
like he belonged, you know?
- He was a white man?
- Uh-huh.
And about how old?
Uh, I'd say, uh, early 20s, 24, 25.
And he had a buck knife?
Well, he carried that all out in the open,
so I, I figured he was, he was
ready for trouble, you know?
Okay, so what time did you,
uh, go home from the bar?
Uh, we left the bar around, uh, 2:00.
You go straight to bed?
Yeah, yeah, I went to bed,
uh, woke up around 3:00,
you know, stoke the fire.
Nothin' unusual
woke you up, you just...
I usually stoke the
fire around 3:00, Deputy.
Was your wife still in
bed when you got back?
Yep, she was a dead head.
Sleepin', slept right through.
Um, our problem now is, uh,
sorting fact from fiction with the kids.
You know your stepson,
Justin, was there, right?
Of course, I do, Deputy.
Obviously, we're
trying to determine what,
if anything, he might have seen.
Um, has he tried to describe
or recreate anything?
Yeah. Yes, he did.
He tried to recreate it
at my place yesterday,
uh, the wife watching,
I watched him go right through it.
So, he, uh, you know, he's tellin' Casey
to, uh, uh, hold his arm,
like he's, uh, got a knife,
trying to stab it, but,
but from what I understand,
um, those folks were killed
with a hammer, so I...
I get to thinking he was
just play-acting, you know?
Was he in a position the
following morning where,
if the deputies had left
the door open for a moment,
he might've looked in there
and seen the female victim?
Uh-uh, no way.
Security was real tight that morning,
so, you know, I get to thinking
whether or not he saw anything at all.
Do you think there's a
possibility that he could have?
Well, I know that he does sleep light,
and he does have trouble
sleeping sometimes,
but hell, look at this now.
Just put yourself in their position.
You're lying there next to your buddy
and you're giggling and this and that,
well, hell, sure,
of course he could've been awake that night
and, uh, he could've noticed something
without me detecting him.
Uh, the fact,
the fact that, uh, those kids were in there
and, um,
the person that did this,
person or persons,
I was just wondering, why didn't
they bother with those kids?
Now that's overkill, right there, you know?
You know, Deputy,
you know if I was, uh,
if I was gonna kill somebody,
I'd go in there blam, blam, blam,
just, just get the job done, get going.
There's no sense in going
any further than that, right?
You get in, get going, get the job done...
Well, it just, uh, people go that far,
it does make you think, uh,
why didn't they hurt those other kids?
That's, uh, something we've
been trying to find out.
And then we got the other
factors involved as well,
uh, got the missing girl...
why would somebody wanna snatch her?
Now I've been thinking about that, too.
Now, I know that girl is
the father's favorite kid.
Now I've never met the father,
it's just what I've heard
from a few conversations now,
but apparently, he lives
in Connecticut, so they say.
Now, just hear me out, Deputy.
Maybe, just maybe,
the father was there that night.
Maybe those boys tried to stop him,
so he had to take them out, too.
Hell, we even
thought that maybe Dana did it.
Do you know, that boy
is mentally disturbed,
and both those boys are, uh...
They've been experimenting with drugs.
That's a very well-known fact
around Keddie, get that down.
What kind of drugs, um, weed or...
Well, I don't know, weed,
pills, maybe more, I don't know.
Okay, so if you think
they were into heavy drugs,
do you reckon it could've
been a drug-related hit?
Shit, now that's
the thing right there!
But dealers dishing out street justice
typically just use a gun.
I mean, a hammer was a
big weapon in this case.
You know, uh, uh, my hammer's missing.
Is it now?
Yeah, I usually keep
it out front the cabin,
but, uh, I haven't found that.
This is another thing I've
been thinking about, Deputy.
Now, why don't you think about this?
This guy, now maybe he could've walked
past my cabin, yeah, now if he done that,
well, hell, he could've taken my hammer,
but why in the hell not my hatchet?
I would've thought that was a
much better way to kill somebody.
Gets you thinking.
How can it be done,
getting in and out
without anybody noticing, hmm?
Strangest damn thing I ever heard of.
Sure is.
is there anything else you can tell me
to help with the investigation?
No, I can't think of
anything at all, Deputy,
but, but if I do, I'll,
I'll be sure to let you boys know.
After all, I am a veteran.
Well, you knew that, right?
Bo too, uh...
Hell, that's how we met.
I know.
Oh, um, one more thing.
How well did you know Sue?
More my old
lady's friend than mine,
but, uh, from what I understand,
she didn't have a real
good handle on that family,
if you know what I mean.
No, I don't,
you're gonna have to explain it to me.
Yeah, don't worry about that now, Deputy.
It's all over, hell,
she was a nobody.
What's so funny?
Well, you know, I'm,
I'm kind of a nobody myself, Deputy.
Nobody ever took me seriously
or, or give me a sideways glance before.
look at this now.
All important and informative...
Maybe now I'm kind of somebody, right?
I heard you talked with Marty today.
Sure did, got it all on here.
Better give me that.
Uh, okay?
I didn't get a great
feeling about that guy.
I think we should pursue it,
at least talk to him some more.
Let's not be too hasty.
We got a few other lines
of inquiry to exhaust
before we point the dirty end
of the stick at a buddy of mine.
Well, we gotta bring in his friend, Bo.
We'll bring him in, sure,
but we gotta be careful here.
We're gonna do everything by the book,
but there's a point where, you
turn every stone upside-down,
you can make a helluva mess in this town.
What are you saying?
Once you start pulling on that thread,
a whole lotta things that hold
this town together unravel.
We could end up with a lot of
guilty people, you understand?
Well, what about Marilyn's kid, Justin?
What about him?
Well, he says he saw the murderers!
He's just a kid,
there ain't much weight
to what he has to say.
I heard the Department of
Justice is comin' to town.
That's right.
Well, we, uh, we all good there, or...
We've got some understanding
friends in the Department.
They won't be pulling on any threads.
let's grab some lunch.
You coming?
So Marilyn had
already left the bar earlier?
So it's just you
and Marty left at the bar?
Did you walk home?
That's right.
You have to walk past Cabin 28
to get to 26 down the road there.
Did you see any activity
around Cabin 28 at that time?
Nothing unusual.
No lights, cars, traffic, anything?
See, that's what I find surprising.
You see,
I'm a very light sleeper.
If there'd been, uh, screaming and stuff,
I'm sure I would've heard it.
You didn't hear anything that night?
Nothing at all.
When you got back to the house,
was Marilyn still up, or in bed, or what?
No, she was up.
Okay, then, I guess that's it.
Wanna thank you for coming in, Bo.
No problem, Sheriff, always happy to help.
I've walked a mile
over it to see you
Just to see this
For myself
I drown in tears like an ocean
I'm so restless
Yet helpless
Someone help us
Through the night
But little did you
know Little did you know
Sometimes life just bites you
When there's no one
there to ease the pain
To kiss the sting away
How'd you sleep
without some regret
Did you forget
To care
How do you walk
with heavy shoulders
My feet are boulders
My heart is broken
But time has spoken
Just walk away
But little did you
know Little did you know
Sometimes life just bites you
When there's no one there
To ease the pain
Little did you know
Little did you know
Sometimes life just bites you
When there's no one there
To ease the pain
To kiss the sting away
Kiss the sting away
Oh, where, tell me where
are the daisies half so fair
As in Paddy's land?
That's me daddy's land
And he said to me, "If
it's beauties you would see
"Take a trip right
down to old Dublin town
"Now, their eyes and their
sighs win the hearts of all the byes
"There's no lily
fair Nor a rose so rare
"That could equal one of
those sweet Dublin Daisies"
Sure, they'd win your
heart Those Dublin Daisies
With their roguish
smiles And eyes aglow
With their witching
arts They'll set you crazy
For they come from
Where the shamrock grows
Hark! Can they spark?
Aragh, meet one after dark
Beneath the Irish moon
You can learn to spoon
And kiss, talk of bliss
Faith, and let me whisper this
They're the kind that burn
Make your poor heart yearn
And squeeze, if you please
They're the colleens that can tease
Sure, you'd want to
say, "Take me heart away
"And divide it up
Amongst those Dublin Daisies"
Sure, they'd win your
heart Those Dublin Daisies
With their roguish
smiles And eyes aglow
With their witching
arts They'll set you crazy
For they come from
Where the shamrock grows
They will win your
heart Those Dublin Daisies
With their roguish
smiles And eyes aglow
With their witching
arts They'll set you crazy
For they come from
Where the shamrock grows