Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014) Movie Script

What is your problem?
They're sick.
They're all sick.
Sir, you can speak up?
You need police, ambulance? Fire?
There's blood.
There's blood..
Mr, where are you located?
They're looking for us.
Mr, I can't hear you.
Please, speak up.
Find us.
Where are you?
Are you hurt? Wounded?
What is your location?
Again please.
Speak up. I can't hear you.
Where are you located?
The incidents in the States
were isolated.
Successfully contained.
We don't know how
it reached there.
Your inability to manage and contain
this situation is mind boggling.
Let me be frank, under your guidance we're now
standing face to face with a catastrophic shitstorm
and I am standing face to face
with incompetence.
May I have your attention please?
From here on,
the team is small.
No parents,
no family.
Anyone meeting that criteria,
please go the the exits now.
If something's go sideways,
I've never been good in sending flowers.
Pull it up.
Ground Zero was a non-profit housing
for Humanity's Project.
American tourists building shacks
for the poor.
Fatalities were discovered on site.
One anomaly.
The sample arrived this morning.
he's not a sample. He's a patient.
- Yes.
He's Patient Zero.
Mr Porter?
Mr Porter?
My name is Dr. Edwards.
We are..
on the verge..
of a global pandemic.
And you are..
the only known carrier of this virus
who's asymptomatic.
The good news..
is that it's not an airborne virus.
And the bad news is..
we have no way
of containing it.
Where is my son?
We're supposed to go
to North Carolina.
He starts school.
We have to buy books
and pencils.
Your son is dead, Mr Porter.
I think you know that.
You have..
an incredible
to do something special.
I can't help you.
I wasn't asking.
I don't know who the fuck
you think you are.
Can I try a piece?
There he is.
There he is.
Yeah. Hola, amigo!
- Hey, como ests?
What's up, bro?
What the hell
are you wearing?
What do you mean?
Kate wants me to look sophisticated.
What's so funny?
Why were you so late?
Oh the transportation,
they ran a little late.
I got like an extra $600 on them, though.
- What do you think? It's about time we..
do the whole 30 footer boat,
maybe expand the dive shot?
Let's talk business after the wedding, let me just get through this first, alright?
- Alright.
We're late, we're so late.
Kate's whole family is waiting for us.
Come on, we gotta get going.
I'm glad you can make it.
What do you mean, glad I can make it?
Marky, look at me.
I wouldn't miss this
for the world, brother. Alright?
Bro, this one's taken.
So rude.
To Marcus' brother,
wherever he's hiding.
A warm thank you.
And I'd like to offer a special toast
to those who couldn't be here tonight.
Marcus' parents.
They'll be dearly missed.
But we are all family now.
You're the guy, buddy.
You're the guy.
Marcus, you promised.
- Promise what?
Oh no. What is he wearing?
Wait one second.
I'll take care of this.
I'll be right back.
Alright, who ate all the pussy?
This guy.
Hey Josh..
- Hey.
Come on, I think you've had enough.
- Hey.
Hey Marky, long time.
Guys, guys come on.
There's water right there.
What happened to the shirt I left out for you?
And the pants?
Dude, this looks really cool.
Is it good?
Good food?
Go, go,
go get your lady, man.
This is pretty.
We're gonna..
Why don't we get some fresh oranges?
Very lucky man..
How do I say lucky man?
Tengo suerte.
- Tengo suerta!
- Tengo Suerte.
Hola amigo. Como estas?
You need it to protect you.
No, gracias.
Believe me, take it.
We need to protect from the mysteries of evil.
Seora, gracias.
She's not trying to sell it to you,
she's trying to give it to you.
- Gracias.
It's a Pca.
It's for protection,
against evil.
From Santeria.
Like a..
Central America voodoo shit.
Beheaded chickens,
Gotta love the third world.
Ah, perro.
So cool.
Yo, check that one.
Yeah, not too shabby.
Why don't you take it
for a test drive?
Yeah right.
- Hola amigo!
Marky Marcus.
Your brother and I..
your two best..
your two lifers..
your two fuck ups, who couldn't afford
a real bachelor party back home..
have conspired to pull this off.
Bro, we've been planning this
for months.
One last night of freedom
with the old crew.
And a chartered trip to a deserted
tropical island.
Full of beers, suns,
and virgin bitches.
- Beaches.
Sand, water.
For real?
- Have a good time, babe.
Wait a sec, so all that crap
about no bachelor party?
Was crap.
Hey man, hotel already loaded our bags.
- No.
Don't forget to wear sunscreen,
I don't want you sunburned in all the photos tomorrow.
I won't.
- And do not go too far north.
It's restricted waters.
Hey, if you're so worried,
why don't you come?
It wouldn't be a bachelor party
if I'm there.
Why is Penny going?
She's practically one of the guys,
you guys grew up together.
Besides, my family is having
this thing for me tonight and
it'll be terribly stiff
and proper.
She'd be miserable.
- Would she?
It's easier on all of us.
Go have a good time,
you deserve it.
You're a horrible liar.
You're beautiful.
I'll miss you.
- Okay.
There he is.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Let's keep it adjusted.
Tune time, tune time.
Three blind mice..
Three blind mice..
See how they run..
My mother used to sing
that to me.
I love children's songs.
Your children song
is a protest
against the wrongful imprisonment,
torture and execution of three Protestants
by Queen Mary
in the 1500s.
Porter, please.
You can't go days without
talking to anyone.
Please, talk to me.
Oh, you want to talk?
How's my wife?
Does she know
I'm here?
She knows about
her son?
Does she know
that he melted in my arms?
Does she?
Porter, stop.
They all ran after the farmer's wife,
and cut off their tails with a carving knife.
Porter, stop!
Don't put yourself through this.
I'm a US citizen,
I have rights.
I want to talk to the
American Embassy.
It's the US CDC law that requires
that you'd be quarantined.
You're a pandemic carrier.
We're not in the United States.
This is extraordinary rendition.
You can't just keep
experimenting on me!
Porter, you're not just
a carrier.
You're a possible cure.
You have a natural immunity
to the virus.
Try to focus on the good
that you're providing.
I've complied to everything
you've wanted.
You've poked and prodded on me
for two months.
If I don't talk to my wife
in the next 15 minutes
I swear to God, I'm gonna kill myself.
Do you hear me?
I'm gonna fucking
kill myself!
I've spoken with Christina.
She knows about your son.
She also knows that you are
here with us in quarantine.
Obviously she's worried about you.
She wanted me to tell you
that she loves you very much.
And she'll be waiting for you.
I want you to know something.
I'm not just dangerous to myself.
They are remarkable specimens.
You mean human, don't you doctor?
He's a human being.
Get up, come on.
What we have in that cage
isn't just a man.
It is the engine of a new life form
and make no mistake,
it wants to destroy us.
Don't personalize this,
Sometimes we have to harm one
in order to save millions.
The sample's in the ready position, doctor.
Good morning, Mr Porter.
It's time for your 8:30.
Jorge, prepare for another extraction.
Mark it 0713.
Bridget, I'll need a full work up
on the genome and the basic protein.
Don't you get up, Mr Porter.
Don't you move.
It's my blood you want, right?
You want it?
Take it!
Warning security breech.
Warning containment breech.
You want to shoot me?
Come on, shoot!
Warning containment breech.
Warning security breech.
Warning containment breech.
Warning security breech.
This is a mistake.
The situation has been contained.
- Hello?
The sample is still secure.
I'm sorry, Doctor. As you know
the protocol requires a mandatory
facility lock down of 48 hours.
All of the staff will be temporarily
transferred to the evacuation bunker
where we wait for
re-entry clearance.
I'm sure you understand.
We will see you in two days.
Mi amigo!
You always had the biggest crush
on her back in second grade.
You never want to admit it.
So when's the last time
you saw Penny anyway?
Alright, on your feet soldiers!
Come on!
Alright boys, man up.
Open up your hatches on 3.
1.. 2.. 3.
Come on, you're the one who taught me
how to do this.
Yeah, when I was 19.
Now I drink for flavor.
Oh yeah, that's for babies.
He's all fancy now that
he's marrying into money.
Hey, hey.
Jokes aside..
Marky Marcus.
As your little bro
and best friend.
Tomorrow night when you
wed the lovely Kate,
the single world will mourn the loss
of one of the greats.
And in honor of that,
I got you something meaningful
to help prepare you for a new life.
What is this, Joshie?
What did you get me?
What is this?
Oh, is this a bottle of red?
A Cabernet?
Open it.
- What could this be?
- Boom!
Thanks guys,
I can take care of my girl.
It's not for her, that's for you. Getting you all
loosen up for all the bending over you'll be doing.
I told these boners they
were crossing the line.
Alright, it's my turn.
But mine needs an explanation.
Do you remember when we were kids and you
went to go inside the Street Lamp Charade?
What is it?
- Open it.
So you always know
where you came from.
Oh wow.
- Watch.
That's awesome, thank you so much, Pen.
It's so cool.
This is your own present.
No, fuck no.
- Woo Woo.
Hey hey. We spent a fortune on that.
You guys know how much trouble we're gonna
get if the Coast Guard finds this on here?
Not to mention Kate's family,
how embarrassed they'll be guys.
God forbid that happens.
Mark, Mark.
We've been going north
for a while now.
We haven't seen a boat in 2 hours.
Hey, hey.
Think we're far enough away from civilization
where you can relax a little bit, maybe..
let loose?
Yeah, yeah.
- There we go. It's that kid.
There he is, come here.
Firing up from Kate's
scornful lies.
Stop with the comments about Kate, please.
It's just a joke, bro.
No, you don't like her.
I get it.
Now shut the fuck up,
because after tomorrow night,
that's my wife
you're talking about.
Marky Mark, come on dude.
When you get married,
you can't take a joke anymore?
You see what's going on, right?
They're scared that you're marrying up.
And you'll gonna leave them behind.
I'm not gonna leave
them behind.
What's wrong with wanting more
than what you grew up with?
If that's what you really want.
Is it?
- Penny.
What do you want?
Penny, come on.
That's not the..
That's not the point,
Kate gets me.
She's not like the people
we grew up with.
And what's wrong with us?
Kate just sees more for me.
There was a time when you told me
something similar.
Penny, we were kids.
I remember doing some
pretty adult things.
Hey, hey, come on.
You're with Josh now.
Josh is fun.
But not serious.
Kate's serious,
but not fun.
Maybe we both made
the wrong choice.
It was one summer.
Don't make it more
than it was.
Sorry, gotta get..
Gotta go.
Hey, she blows.
Check it out.
That's the deserted paradise, huh?
It's Never Never Land, Marky.
It's not even on the map.
Is that..
Is that a building on the northern
side of the ridge over there?
What bui.. What?
- Que es eso?
Hey, it's supposed to be virgin beach.
No.. No people.
No people.
Do not worry.
What does that mean?
- This place is abandoned.
Nobody home.
Nobody home. Nobody home.
Alright. Nobody home.
- Nobody home.
Hey, so we'll see you tomorrow.
Si, si.
- Tomorrow.
Si, si. Maana.
Fuck it, goodbye.
It is beautiful up here.
Hasta Luego.
- Hasta Luego.
Wish us luck.
Breaker breaker,
this is Eagle Eye 1.
Please advise Mr. Ares
that his son in law
is about to get high as a
motherfucker. - Hey, come on. - Relax.
This thing only go for like a mile.
You guys want to head out
by the reef?
And catch hundreds of fish?
It'll be unreal.
I hear it's not to be missed.
So why aren't you guys going?
I'm just gonna chill, bro.
We dive everyday.
But when you guys get back, we'll have
lobsters on the grill, brewskies on ice.
Get this party started.
We're supposed to be
treating you.
It's fine,
we do this everyday.
Might as well.
Hey, enjoy yourself.
Is that it? Anything else?
- I think so.
Wait, here we go.
Oh shit.
Hey, thanks.
To you and
your wedding.
May it last at least
7 months.
Come on, let's go.
Enjoy paradise, let's do it.
So Kate's dad offered me a job
at his firm.
Come on, man.
Marky, you cannot bail
on me right now.
We're finally turning a profit,
you're gonna..
I haven't accept it.
You don't have a choice?
Can we just talk about this
after the wedding please?
I've just got
a hundred things going
through my head right now, and
the one thing that keeps
popping back up is..
We are not coming home
with all this weed.
That's one problem
I can help you with.
Where are all the fish?
Let's go there.
What I need is a witch, not a doctor!
I do not need a doctor!
I need an orish!
No doctor!
What I need is a orish!
I beg...
What I need is a orish.
I beg...
What I need is an orish, no doctor.
What the fuck was that?
Calm down, just breathe.
No, get me out of here.
What happened?
It's a fucking graveyard
out there.
Penny thinks she saw something.
I saw body parts.
Baby, relax.
Probably just some fish bits
left over from a shark attack.
Wait, what did you see?
Shark attack?
Oh God.
You guys are as stone
as you look?
Give me some.
This shouldn't be happening.
The virus is attacking
faster than before.
What is that?
A vaccine?
Stop thinking small.
Why simply prevent a virus
from activating
if we can hunt it down
and kill it?
I need you to go
talk to Porter.
Keep him engaged,
can you do that?
- Thank you.
Bridget, you're with me.
- Of course.
What are you doing?
You should have left
when I told you to.
Doctor, we only have
one suit left.
All the others were taken
to the bunker.
Whoever administer the shot
gets the suit.
You trust me?
With my life.
You know what, it's your compassion
that makes you different
from the rest of them.
Is that what this is about?
Are you distracting me?
- No, no!
No, they're just testing
a virus site.
- A virus site, that's a good thing.
Maybe for you.
You and I both know,
I'm never leaving this room.
I will always
be a carrier.
I'm gonna die
in quarantine.
Jorge, hold still.
It's in. It's in.
It's okay.
Give it a minute.
Give it a minute.
Damn it.
Goddamn it, get in here
and help me hold him down.
No. Doctor, I don't think I..
- Get in here!
That is what I'm talking about.
Penny, you don't want no steak?
Nah, she's not hungry.
She's okay though, right?
- Yeah, she's fine.
Just came out of the water a little amped-crash.
Sleeping off the jet lag
or whatever.
Josh, can you come in here?
Hope she's all clean up.
Daddy don't like no
salty cooch.
The shits that come out your mouth.
Hell yeah.
How are you two related again?
Close the flap.
That's what I'm talking about.
I'm not.
Look at this.
Oh, Jesus.
Baby, I told you
to put on sun screen.
I did.
What is it?
I don't know.
Are you allergic to salt water?
No, I mean
not before now.
It's like it's on fire.
Baby, you're obviously very allergic
to something.
But I'm gonna go get the first aid kit,
everything's gonna be okay.
Look at your legs.
That's how mine started.
It's just started itching a few minutes ago
after I smoked.
Did you have some bud?
Yeah, before the dive.
That must be what it is.
We bought that stuff in somewhere, we're having
a little reaction to a different strain.
Baby, it's okay.
Relax, relax.
Okay? Papi's gonna make it all better.
You still look great.
the guy asks his wife.
He says, baby
can you tell me something
that makes me angry
and happy at the same time?
His wife thinks about it
for a second.
She says, sure.
You got a bigger dick
than your brother.
It's terrible.
It's terrible dude.
Bad attitude,
you need to lighten up.
You're getting married tomorrow.
Yeah, about that.
Take these.
Make you feel better.
There you go.
You just need a little distraction
until the Benadryl kicks in.
Now you, just relax.
Because the doctor..
is in.
Give me your leg.
That's it.
It feels good?
- Yeah.
Just lay back.
There you go.
Listen, if I had a list..
Kate would be checked out
in every box, but
for some reason, I think what if
there's an unfinished business out there?
Jesus, do they ever let up?
I mean really?
You remember that girl
from a few summers back?
The nympho.
cucumber girl.
No. -
Yeah. - No.
She.. You gotta be fucking..
Are you serious?
Does Josh know?
- No.
No and he doesn't need to know.
- Are you kidding me?
Who are you all of the sudden.
First you're gonna sabotage our business
of two years.
And then, on top of it all
you're fucking your brother's girl?
- Hold on.
Technically, he's fucking my girl.
- Super secret ex-girl childhood friend.
We were lab partners
all through grade 8.
What? We were.
I can't believe
that's cucumber girl.
The one with..
What is so funny about that?
A- ma-zing.
That's awesome, I can't believe..
Does he know?
What she can do with a cucumber?
Come on.
Why do I tell you
these things?
That is awesome, it makes perfect sense
now I think about it.
She always did like salad.
- Please do not say anything to anybody.
I shouldn't have told you that.
- What do you mean?
That's one of the greatest things
I've ever heard.
It's dark, let's go.
What did I say?
Baby, you got so wet.
No, she did not dude.
Give me a break.
Holy fuck!
Oh my god, Josh?
Josh, what happened?
I think Penny's sick.
Mayday, mayday.
Can anybody hear me?
Goddamn it.
Come on.
Come on, can anybody here me?
Hello, mayday.
We have a medical situation.
Can you hear me, over?
- I told you, the range is too short.
I got no reception.
- Nothing?
- Jesus.
Listen, Penny needs help now.
What about the dingy?
No, we won't make it for 2 miles.
The phone's still won't work,
the radio's still won't work.
There was a structure
on the northern side of the island.
The one we saw
on the way over?
Yeah, that's right.
Maybe we're not the only ones here after all.
It's worth the shot.
Alright, Josh.
Take care of Penny
and stay in touch, alright?
We're gonna go,
we'll be back soon.
- Come on.
Come on babe, let's get you back
inside the tent.
Where the hell is this place?
- Down here, come on.
Now you got all the answers.
I'm trying man,
I'm trying.
It's getting dark,
we gotta go back.
We're not going back.
Penny needs us.
Penny needs us or
Penny needs you?
What's that supposed to mean?
It means that Penny..
She's gonna be fine.
She's with your brother,
her boyfriend.
You want to go, go.
Fine, go.
I'm staying here.
I said I was gonna get them help,
and I'm helping them.
He's my brother, man.
I guess I'm just on my own now,
I should get use to that.
It's your choice.
Yeah, just another person getting fucked by the mighty Marcus Bentley.
- It's your choice.
Do what you want, man.
Mark! Marky!
I found it.
- No way.
Hey, how you doing?
We gotta leave the island.
We gotta get the dingy,
and just take a chance.
Marcus and Dobbs are out there right now.
Looking for help, okay?
I don't care.
Pen, he's my brother.
I can't just leave him behind.
He's leaving you.
Baby, I'm..
I'm gonna try the radio again.
For help, outside.
Don't leave me!
What is that smell?
Penny, get back in the tent.
It hurts.
I need air.
Get back in the motherfucking tent!
You're such an asshole.
It's locked.
If anyone's there, they obviously
don't want us getting in.
Can we..
Goddamn it.
Doesn't look locked to me.
I don't think it's here.
Hey Josh.
Josh, we're inside this
bunker type thing.
We're just gonna take a look around but it doesn't
look like anyone's been here for a long time.
What is this place?
Hey Josh?
Josh, you read me?
We're out of range.
- What?
We're out of range.
They're not gonna hear you.
Hey Josh!
Goddamn it.
Some of these stuff
still works.
Maybe there's something we can use for communication,
if I can get some of this working.
I don't know man.
- I mean..
I don't know any of this shit.
- There's obviously still power.
I fucked up, I'm sorry.
- That's alright.
I fucked up.
- It's cool.
There's gotta be some release or something.
I think I just broke it.
Fuck, I'm sorry Marky.
- Goddamn it.
It's alright, hey calm down!
- What are we gonna do?
Calm down? There's blood on the floor.
- Don't touch it!
Don't touch the blood. - There's a lot of
blood, I'm not touching. - Don't touch anything!
- Okay.
We gotta figure this shit out.
- Okay.
Wait, come here.
This is a map.
This is a map. This is a map, look!
- Okay.
This is us, this is us.
We can go down here, we can get out.
- Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm positive.
I'm positive.
Go get my bag,
get my bag.
Dude, take the axe.
- Okay.
Get my bag, we gotta get back to Penny
and Josh and get the hell out of here.
Just don't touch anything.
I'm sorry man, I'm so sorry.
- It's alright.
It's alright.
Fuck, okay.
Give me that.
Give me that.
- Okay.
It's gonna be okay,
we're gonna get the hell out of here.
What happened in here?
- It's alright.
Hey, it's gonna be fine.
We're gonna save Penny and Josh, and we're gonna save ourselves.
- Okay.
We need to get out of here right now, let's go.
- Okay.
Mark, I don't know what to do, bro.
Is anybody out there?
We need some medical help now.
Is anybody out there?
We need some help.
Copy that.
Where are you locating?
What is the nature of your medical emergency?
Yeah, yeah.
Thank God.
We're on a small Inferno
Island or something.
And we need medical help
immediately, we have
an outbreak, like rashes and
hives, bleeding,
I don't know what it is, man.
You might be in luck.
Dr Edwards, I'm a surgeon at a small facility..
Same island..
If you can get here..
might be able to help you.
Yes please, where can I find you?
Small island.. Find the..
Located on..
Don't worry, I'll have the EMT waiting for you.
Hello, is anybody down there?
I'm alright,
I'm alright.
It's blood.
Are you sure we can get out?
- Step over it, just step over it.
Just a little bit of blood.
Just a little bit of blood.
- Okay.
Look up.
Hey, hey baby.
Hey, I found some help for us.
So we gotta get going.
Hey, come on.
We gotta get going.
Get up.
man up.
Come on, let's get going.
Come on.
I'm gonna fix this, okay?
I'm gonna bring you help.
Is anybody there?
We have a friend who is very sick.
We need medical attention,
What the fuck happened
in here?
Jesus Christ.
What was that?
Go, go, come on!
We gotta get off
this island.
Go, go, go.
- Where?
Turn left.
- Where?
Stop, stop. Left.
Look at me.
Dobbs, we have to go.
It's supposed to be safe
in here.
But he got inside.
He got us.
What did you do
to these people?
I'm in control.
I can't let it out this island.
- Wait, wait.
Look, I can go get help alright?
I know a great plastic surgeon.
He did my ex-girlfriend.
Great job.
Wait, wait.
Please, please..
Hey Dobbs, calm down.
It's me.
What the hell happened?
Where is Marcus?
He's gone to find help.
We need to get Marcus,
get to the doctor
and get to Penny, cause she's
not doing so well, man.
No, you stay the hell
away from me.
- Stay away.
Thank God, man.
Were you gonna leave me back there?
No, I was coming back for you.
I wouldn't just let you down there.
You locked the door.
Hey hey..
Don't make me.
- You're gonna shoot me?
Great fuckin' bachelor party,
you are some fuckin' friend.
Guys just settle down, okay?
We just need to get the doctor.
He has it too, look at him.
He fuckin' has it too!
Who cares what I have?
They're waiting for us.
Who, who's waiting for us?
- Dr Edwards, now put the gun down before I make you.
Come on Marcus, we can take him.
- You think your brother gives a shit about you?
He fucked your girlfriend.
Right? Tell him Marky.
Tell him.
It was a long time ago,
I was gonna tell you.
I was just trying to protect you.
You should've tried harder.
I knew it,
I knew something was up.
How was I suppose to know
you were gonna show up with Penny?
I'm the one who's paying
for your broke ass to come down here.
But not mom and dad, right?
- Guys, can we please just get the fuck out of here already?
I only got enough patience for one
family fuck-up at this wedding.
One family fuck-up.
- You selfish fuck.
You just can't wait to get
the fuck out of this family?
You're goddamn right man,
you're goddamn right.
Fucking hurts!
My nose!
Let's get to these doctors, alright?
- Yeah.
Fuck you, man.
I can't go back there,
you don't know what's down there.
We got no choice.
You feel bad about what you did before,
here's your chance.
I'm sorry, okay?
I broke my nose.
It's locked, guys.
It's locked, try something.
You're smart,
figure it out.
What do you want me to try?
Okay, I'll try something.
There, I tried something.
Can we go now, please?
- Watch out.
Hello? Dr Edwards?
You don't know what can be down here.
- Hello?
I don't get it.
I spoke to someone.
Hello? Who are you?
We have medical emergency,
Dr Edwards told us to come here.
Did you come by boat?
- Yeah.
We have a power outage right now,
Edward is down on the ICU.
He's stabilizing some patients.
He wants us to go straight to the ER.
I can help you as long as we move fast.
- Stop!
She's lying!
Don't listen to her.
She's one of our most highly contagious patient.
She's the contagious one.
She's carrying an extremely lethal
strain of a flesh eating virus.
Don't be ridiculous.
If I'm gonna help you, we need to leave now.
- Show them your skin, Bridget.
We're wasting time, we have to go.
- Let her talk.
She's delusional.
- Listen, we don't have time for this.
Show them your skin,
No, no, no.
Listen to me.
Take us to
Dr Edwards.
Josh, let's go.
Come on.
It's gonna be okay.
This guy.
My name is Dr Edwards.
There's been an incident, the rest of the staff had
been temporary removed to the evacuation tunnels
until we can contain
this breach.
No, everyone in that bunker is dead.
- Are you sure?
How is that possible?
Dr Edwards, please.
Penny, the girl on our boat.
We need to get you to her now.
- Excuse me?
Didn't you respond to our stress call?
I wouldn't lower that gun.
- You don't move.
He lured you here under false pretenses,
he's gonna take your boat
and he's gonna leave you behind.
- That's ridiculous. - No.
Every one of these hazmat suits
is equipped with a small high
power radio system in the right sleeve.
It's radio, it doesn't have enough
power to reach the mainland.
It's tiny.
- Yeah? How about the beach?
This award winning scholar
gets off the island all by himself
and no one knows
that he is responsible.
You piece of shit.
- What happens to us?
What happens to us?
- That's a fabrication.
Very good fabrication, Porter.
He'd throw anyone of you under the bus if he
thought that suit is needed, isn't that right Bridget?
Josh, take his gun.
Wait, let's all just try
and use our heads.
Just think for a second.
Just think!
Did he get it from
the bunker too?
We went snorkeling in the beach,
that's all.
Jesus Christ.
Everything in that water was dead.
Did you know about this?
- Of course not.
This isn't my facility.
Maybe there's a sanitation line
that went into the ocean, maybe not.
Am I suppose to know where
they keep the fuckin' trash?
If a virus of this magnitude
was allowed to escape
and becomes a pandemic..
- Pandemic?
The guy who
created the vaccine..
will be a hero.
I'm not trying to
be a hero.
I'm trying to save lives.
- That's why Porter's so important to you.
He's the key
to the vaccine.
To your legacy.
We're all getting the hell out
of this place, come on.
You don't understand.
I don't understand?
- No, you don't understand.
Listen to me,
we're getting my brother back on that boat
and we're doing it right now, okay?
If the system keeps slushing
itself out,
it won't be long until
it reaches mainland.
We're talking about
an outbreak.
On a massive scale.
Please, we need to shut it down
Listen, I promise you we will send
the whole army to clean up this place.
No, we don't have to wait for that,
every facility is engineered with a fail-safe scenario.
Like a self destruct system?
Please, we can stop this right here,
right now.
Josh, Josh..
You go back to the boat.
You take care of Penny, she's gonna be fine.
- Okay.
Wait, I'm coming with you.
I can help.
you keep an eye on
Dr. Evil.
You, let's go.
Let's go.
Come on, keep going.
Let's go.
- Come on, don't fuck around, man!
Jesus Christ!
- Let's go.
Come on.
If we're not back when the boat gets here,
just set sail.
Listen to me.
Just get Josh
somewhere safe.
Hey, please.
We may need your help.
- Let's go, come on.
You heard him,
let's go.
What can they do for us in the ER anyway?
Dr Edwards has been working on a virus site.
- A what?
Virus killer.
If we can make it to the CDC facility in time,
they might be able to bind it.
You don't look so good,
Breathe, where's your boat?
It's waiting for us on the beach
just over there.
Wait, wait,
we can't go in there.
It's contaminated.
It's conta..
Oh God.
We still have to shut down
the minor release.
I'll do it.
You won't be able to conceal
those hives much longer.
I told you to shut up.
Do you have any idea
what's the next phase of this virus is?
Horrible blistering pain
as those hives weld up.
Followed by fever and grotesque
postuils on your thighs.
Your mid sections, your face.
And then
your tissues start necrotizing.
If you want to survive this virus
you've got to let me assess
its progress.
If you try anything,
I swear I will kill you.
I swear.
- Okay.
Lower the gun.
Put the gun down.
Thank you.
This arm.
Doesn't look like it's that advanced.
Turns out your condition is fatal.
Okay Porter.
Now you have to put
this code into the keypad.
That's it,
it's armed.
There's no turning back, is there?
- No.
Come on, let's get to the beach.
We have to clear the blast radius
before this place goes sky high.
Who are you?
I'm a doctor.
I'm here to take you to the hospital.
Where's Josh?
You must be Penny.
I already took care of Josh.
I've been ordered to
transport you.
By who?
By who!
Look, you might need a referral.
Don't you fucking touch me!
You're one ugly bitch.
Dobbs, Edwards!
We gotta get..
No, no.
There's nothing you could've done.
Edwards, where are you,
you son of a bitch?
You son of a bitch,
where are you?
Watch out!
Change of plans.
- Why?
What are the two rules
of containment?
Isolate the exposed.
Quarantine the sick.
- Exactly.
Which is why he can never leave
this island.
But he's not sick!
- Really?
Everyone else on his boat was contaminated.
- What about Dobbs?
What about Dobbs, you killed him
not the virus.
You killed him!
- I spare him from an agonizing death.
You saw what was happening to
your brother.
You can't do this!
You need to take your emotions
out of this.
I'm offering you the opportunity
of a life time.
This moment could determine
your career.
Your life.
All you have to do
is follow my lead.
Am I the only one who has the courage
to do what's necessary?
What's right?
- Porter, do something!
I'm the only chance he has
of seeing his wife again.
Your wife's already dead.
we could've stopped this virus
of its track.
You think your immunity can protect you?
That you're..
That you're some sort of god?
You're nothing but a..
A sinking ship.
You know, doctor?
Sometimes it's necessary
to harm one
in hopes of saving millions.
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
Esto es el yate "El Diablo".
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
Esto es el yate "El Diablo".
Necesitamos ayuda.
What happened to your friends?
Ay ay ay ay ay.
I thought you guys
could use a drink.
Any luck with the radio?
No, we should be in radio range soon.
I'm gonna get some fresh air.
To think..
All because of a little mouse.
At the bunker,
the pictures.
whole bunch of them.
They traced it back
to a mouse.
That's what it looks like
- What about Porter?
Three blind mice,
three blind mice.
Oh my God.
- Wait, what is going on here?
Oh my God, the water.
- What water?
Captain Maggio?
Captain Maggio?
Oh God.
Why would he want to
infect us?
We're the only ones left
who know who he is.
How much water did you drink?
How much water did you drink?
Oh God.
Oh no.
The dingy, where's the dingy?
Porter took it.
He's gone!
Where are you located, and what's
the nature of your medical emergency?