Cafe Society (2016) Movie Script

Original text from Matmanamane
At dusk, the hills of Hollywood,
light barrier often beautifully saturated Technicolor tones.
The homes of the stars, late 30s,
was said to sumptuous, were.
At cocktail parties and dinners, the upper crust of the film world
chained drinks, peddled rumors,
doing business and exchanged gossip.
No feast of the Most Hollywood was successful without Phil Stern,
an all-powerful agent,
and his lovely wife, Karen.
Brilliant, dynamic, Stern was invariably surrounded by his court.
I saw Paul Muni on stage in New York
and I detected the first that go well in film.
I knew long before everyone, he was an actor.
- You've got the idea. - I knew he would fit.
What quality do you view him?
Slowly, with this glass.
The party is successful, what do you want!
Excuse me.
- A telephone call, Mr. Stern. - For me ?
I answer. I expect a call from Ginger Rogers.
I told him that I would be here.
She was disappointed by his manager, so who knows?
Phil Stern to the device.
Phil, it's Rose.
Rose ?
This s ?? s.
You've unearthed here?
Your housekeeper gave me the number.
What is happening ?
Bobby leaves the jewelry Marty.
He'll go to Hollywood.
I was hoping that you find a place in your agency.
Who ?
My son.
Your nephew.
It is expected that Warner dug up the rights of the book.
Bette Davis would be perfect.
If they are right, we'll talk.
Meanwhile, to wrap up, it's like turning a damp squib.
- Well, I finished it. - Hang up, talk.
He does not know anyone down there.
But damn, why did he come?
I do not know what to do for him,
and this appeal will ruin you.
I have to leave you.
Ginger Rogers tries to contact me.
Two weeks later, a taxi from the train station
stopped in Hollywood before the Ali Baba Motel.
Pulled out a young man full of hope to build his life:
Robert Jacob Dorfman.
Bobby Dorfman, du Bronx,
away from home for the first time.
Son of a poor jeweler, Marty Dorfman,
and his whiny wife, Rose,
quarreling about everything, especially about Phil Stern.
It is not Jewish, this man.
What about you ?
Are not you an example.
Not you pray, you fast not,
and you is not got the noggin of a traditional Jew.
T'es idiot!
Then came the ?? s younger sister, Evelyn, the teacher,
married to Leonard, the nerd,
the teacher, the Communist.
"Religion is the opium of the people."
It raised big questions.
Un "human being".
The perfect companion for Evelyn.
And finally, the older brother, Ben.
To sum up, Ben was a gangster.
Bobby loved
and wanted to see in its operations that supply restaurants.
But in addition to providing bars and nightclubs,
Ben led a less blameless life.
In short, a glorious day on Wilshire Boulevard,
Bobby Dorfman heads to his office Uncle Phil Stern.
Hello, I just see Phil Stern.
- You have an appointment ? - Yes.
I'm Bobby Dorfman, his nephew.
He is in a meeting.
Sit down.
Monsieur Dorfman ?
It will not be available today.
We had to deal with an emergency.
Can you come back on Friday?
It's in three days.
Yes, 19.
Thank you.
Much love to Sid
Stern had to go to Acapulco.
It was a promise for the birthday of his wife.
It goes from Mexico to Chicago for business!
In 3 weeks, impossible to see!
M.G.M., Ginger Rogers, Ronald Coleman...
That's why Phil Stern is someone.
He will come back, then make yourself a reason.
I'll pass your brother. He came to eat latkes.
Take the handset.
So old, you're already bored?
I spent 3 weeks, never again.
It's nice but it's not New York. I do not know anybody.
The danish are called "rolled sugar" and serves coffee first,
barely seated before the orange juice.
I'll give you numbers.
Toni White, Klondike 0079.
She knows lots of girls.
I know you're shy. No need to talk.
Just give $ 20.
She knows champions.
Never. It's not erotic, commercial exchange.
It's ugly, but sometimes we do not choosy.
Good bye.
This is a nice, that's fine.
But Uncle to the nuts poses.
He is busy.
You know what that means, you.
He eats with Fred Astaire and Gary Cooper.
Delicious. Buy yourself a hat.
What do you mean ?
1 500 $ ?
So go to Florida a few days.
I refuse this money if you did something wrong.
We think buying a nightclub, it would reassure you?
As long as everything is done properly ...
- You'll know when? - Have to see if the owner sells.
We try to convince him.
If asked politely, people listen.
At Ali Baba Motel,
at the corner of Grace and Yucca streets.
Room 222, Bobby Dorfman.
22 h 15 ?
That sounds good, 22 h 15.
No matter, really.
Blonde, brunette ... what she wants.
Well, I will wait.
It's that room.
Your friend was wrong chamber.
Slim ! Sorry.
Hello, come in. Sorry.
What you damn?
Sorry, I hurt noted.
I live here, everyone will know.
- I look like a professional? - And how ! Are you kidding?
Where were you ? I went to bed.
I popped, sorry. My name is Candy.
Delay, wrong room ...
I'll take it.
Serve yourself.
You know, I do not usually.
I can tell you a secret?
I never charged, we are in the same boat.
I'm your first customer?
I might screw up ...
Toni sent me a beginner.
For the moment.
It do not mind taking that path?
I have to work.
My acting career does not take off.
Maybe, but think.
I have no money.
Listen ...
No need to lie, I pay you.
No, I'm ready.
Not on my conscience, is too much.
That's fine. I decided.
Thank you ! You believe the dentist?
No ! You are not a fatso frica.
You are tense and suddenly too.
I'm not afraid to sleep, I go out a torrid history.
But I never paid.
In this regard, you pay in advance.
There is nothing erotic to it mechanically.
Take them and go.
You not want to try me?
I'm so alone that would have been enough talk, but I'm exhausted.
I'm not pretty?
Yes, it will. It's me, I have a headache.
Here there are so many beautiful girls.
They land everywhere dreaming of cinema.
You do not want me?
I'm not in the mood, sorry. This happened.
Oh no, do not cry.
Well, come on! If this is so serious, we go.
I just want out.
You're not made for this trade.
So say !
I was a little late,
but here, it is you who stand back.
You tense up me. Give me the bottle.
We undress and go to bed
I can not, it's too mechanical. Here, your $ 20.
No, I'm leaving. Sorry I ruined everything.
It's me, I should not have. It's not my style.
Nothing to do with your physical, do not take offense.
- You do not want? - If you insist so much, let's go!
Let's go.
Here, take the money.
So your name is Cindy?
This is Candy.
Candy ?
It's a real name? Is Candice?
No, not a real name.
But it's exciting, right?
If one wants.
My real name is Shirley.
Shirley Garfein.
Are you Jewish?
Yes and so ?
A Jewish whore. It exists ?
Oh, I'm good ! I'm not a career!
Take notes and go, please.
But what is it?
Nothing, I can not ...
But are you sure?
Very. Nice to meet you. Thank you. Do not tell anyone.
- Really sorry. - It's nothing.
Down the hall.
Between !
Sorry to all these setbacks.
What hell, Howard Hawks at Chicago.
It's okay, Uncle Phil.
tell me.
Rose said you want to live here?
I could not work with my father.
It was mind-numbing. I want a more interesting life.
Hello Paul.
What a mess. Adolphe Menjou wants to release the film.
I tell you this Friday. You will be poker?
We will speak again.
I am appointment.
Incredible past two weeks.
This city is fueled by ego, Ben.
Me, it's Bobby. Ben is my brother, it says.
What we will not care ...
What can I do for you ?
A moment.
Absolutely. Yes.
Friday lunch at the Brown Derby.
Harry leads. Joel McCrea would be ideal to lead.
Absolutely, Friday.
And do not cancel under a phony pretext.
What do you think of Joel McCrea?
It's a big movie star.
He knows how to give the drama a light touch.
Ample range game.
What do you want to do ? You settle here?
Do you have an idea to run me? Perhaps here in the agency?
Here, like what?
What remain.
I really need a job.
We have nothing for now, anyway Mail.
Mail, that ...
Okay, for starters.
If a vacancy occurs, I warn you.
There is nothing now?
you work for me.
We can find you a title.
A horse, it can be used.
Anything goes.
You know people here?
No one.
Living in the hotel, it is fatal.
Karen and I invite you to dinner.
It organizes parties.
of lunches. You will know friendly people.
Vonnie, you can come?
I'll find something to occupy you.
It's very nice, Uncle Phil.
Stops with "uncle". This is Phil.
Let the discrete piston.
Here's my nephew ...
He just arrived.
Help him to identify, know the city.
It is a little lost.
It could be this weekend. Saturday ?
Yes Perfect.
Great. Enchanted.
On leaving, leave me your details.
She looks kind.
Dear Evelyn, a few words to say hello.
I'd call but between parents, you and Ben,
long distance calls will ruin us.
Ben sent me in, I'm doing.
I work for Phil.
In fact, he will invite me to dinner, introduce myself to people.
His secretary will show me the city this weekend.
She is very beautiful.
Dear Bobby,
It's raining today.
Very nice, but a little melancholy.
Leonard sees the poignancy of life:
accept that it has no meaning,
and even rejoice in that absence of meaning.
Beats me, but mom summed it by saying:
"Live each day as the last.
"One day it will be."
- Thank you very much. - It's natural.
- So ? - So...
Where to start ?
The villas of Beverly Hills, the stars mansions razzle-the ?? it?
It's okay with me.
The house of Spencer Tracy.
One of the most beautiful, not too hast thou seen.
And then, who is it?
I do not know.
A bit pretentious, no?
Really ?
They make me all the effect of the Taj Mahal.
I see very well.
That's the home of Joan Crawford.
Breathtaking. And this car!
- I saw one day. - That is true ?
This is a client of your uncle.
- How is she ? - Magnificent.
One immediately feels the star from another planet.
I can not imagine what it feels to be on another planet.
That must be fun time.
But I prefer to stay on land.
The house of Robert Taylor.
If you could live in one of these houses,
which would it be?
It would not be in Beverly Hills.
Why not ?
I love living on the coast.
My apartment is near the ocean, I often contemplate.
I pity those who need these palaces to feel important.
I say that now.
I like the girls here, ambitious ...
You wanted to be a movie star?
I loved to play.
In high school.
Where it was ?
I imagined in Hollywood, in a house with swimming pool,
paving with the beautiful people.
From the first.
But I grew up a bit and ...
I understand how this life was absurd.
Delightful, charming,
indifferent to the lure of an attractive city
who worshiped celebrity and record revenues,
Vonnie the subjugated,
even if he dared ask if she had a boyfriend.
To quote his brother, the great philosopher:
"It matters that it is better to ignore the answer."
Meanwhile, he performed small tasks of his uncle,
and only the thought that she would be free the next Saturday
and he would see
gave him a motivation.
- And now your two beers. - Thank you.
What a great movie!
- I loved it, and you? - Of course.
J'adore Barbara Stanwyck.
It's nice here. You were right, it's a greasy spoon.
Not like the Brown Derby or Chasen's,
where to make his entrance, sitting at the right table,
next to Mr. Goldwyn or James Cagney.
You heard Mr. Goldwyn talk?
a variety of comic Looks.
He has a terrible accent, it's very funny.
That surprised me.
What are you thinking about ?
The fact that ...
you're very beautiful.
Thank you.
It better not.
I'm with someone.
How is he ?
Doug is a journalist.
I thought, as you have lots of free time ...
He travels a lot.
But I love spending time with you, if it suits you.
You're lovely, are you already said?
You remind me of a deer caught in the headlights of a car.
Thank you.
If I was your boyfriend, I would not be traveling.
Or I'll emmnerais.
I hope it embrace you and all that ...
It's personal.
I ensure your wellbeing.
- Thank you ! - That is true.
- What would I do without you ? - I dunno.
Sweetheart !
- You know Karen. - It was only crossed.
Phil made your praise.
He wanted to invite you to a lunch for a long time.
Thank you very much. I am very grateful to him.
I may be good news.
I thought I saw Joan Blondell. It's possible ?
It is there.
It is said that Louis is an ink blood
because his new film will be a furnace.
Spencer is unheard of. As always, no?
They do not review their money.
Gentlemen, welcome Bobby Dorfman.
Comment va ?
Mike talked about the fiasco that awaits MGM
Howard, Rad, Steve !
It's not the best news of your life?
Howard Fox, Bobby Dorfman.
He won two Oscars.
- Congratulations! - Thank you.
My name is unknown, I am writer.
Rad Taylor, Bobby Dorfman.
Rad and Steve are New Yorkers, like you.
Steve manages our law firm.
Right, I manage their law firm,
but I have a question, Phil:
you said that I would see Greta Garbo. Where is she ?
It is impossible.
She wants to be alone, it is well known!
- Bobby, who would you like to see? - Babe Ruth.
Aside from all of us.
She sleeps as she wants, she will not have this role.
You saw her in a swimsuit?
It has huge thighs. No MGM thighs
Your faithful reporter Hollywood called you as promised.
Yes it's me.
You're lucky that your boss does not prompt you to these sauteries.
That's all you hate.
We talk about the medium, place names, one stabbed in the back ...
But there are faces you saw on the screen.
Me ?
I'm between boredom and fascination.
I would rather we eat tacos in your little Mexican bar.
If you were here, we could laugh together.
No, of course. Go ahead.
We'll talk later.
Look good, I Appear.
It's fascinating, I recognize so many celebrities.
Seek unknown 10 years.
No ! It's you ?
That's me, next to DW Griffith.
I grew up here but I married an inveterate New Yorker.
Exact. What are you doing down there?
I have a modeling agency.
Oh yes ?
There are more beautiful girls in Hollywood or New York?
This is what will determine your choice?
No, it's curiosity.
There's more here.
You may find wrong one for you.
Alas, the most beautiful for me here someone already has.
It's life !
Hence the success of musical Rodgers & Hart.
I'm tipsy. I never mix champagne and bagels.
Welcome to Hollywood.
What is your branch?
Trivial tasks. But I do not see a great future.
- We met down. - Absolutely.
Our New York friend like no return.
The unrequited love kills more people than tuberculosis.
I believe you !
- I am joking. - I know, but ...
If you return to New York always lonely,
call us and I will introduce young goddesses
who feel as alone as you,
despite their dream measurements.
Thank you, I will take you perhaps literally.
If you are bored, come to the projection
a film in which I had the good idea to invest.
- Does that mean? - Obviously. Thank you.
Take your friend, if you tear her lover.
There you are ! I was looking for you.
I have good news.
You are free tonight ?
I wanted that party something.
- What? - My promotion.
And my increase. I will read the scenarios.
It's fantastic !
I'm delighted for you !
Just a projection. I was invited by a ...
largest producer.
it can be returned?
Of course, but I was hoping to offer you champagne.
Having dinner...
Wednesday ?
Yes OK.
done deal.
We will go in a very classy place.
I would have me dressed up, all that. Why not...
at your home ? I'll cook.
You know how to cook ?
No pheasant or blown, but ...
spaghetti and meatballs?
Yes, very well.
You will make me listen to your jazz records.
My mother made the spaghetti.
But do all Jewish overcook
to be sure to kill the microbes.
I prefer your side.
It was his first private screening at a producer,
and the film was good.
He would have liked Vonnie sharing it with him.
But she told him early on that she was somebody.
Sorry for the delay. It was driving badly, it's crazy!
Punctual or late, you're still beautiful.
I'd like a glass of white wine.
It is the light of the candles.
I took my decision.
I'll talk to Karen on his return to Toronto.
His mother is much better.
That's really what you want?
I can not go to hide,
stealing moments in hotels and dark bars.
I'm in love with you.
You've told me, but I fear I have the impression of breaking
ton couple.
To be honest,
my relationship with Karen was long and rather successful.
The I would leave if I had not met you?
Probably not.
But I met you.
Of course I want to be with you. I hate this double game.
I know it is unfair to make you undergo that.
You were so understanding.
Too understanding, actually.
I love you, Vonnie.
C ?? My heart is racing when you tell me that.
Joy, hope. No anxiety.
Yes, joy.
I am so excited.
Dare I kiss you?
Dare to.
Dear Bobby,
So you met a girl crazy you are.
You wrote that it was a small journalist friend.
My advice: do not be discouraged.
Send her flowers and perseveres.
Even very sensitive to gift a woman like touches.
To the wise...
As for Ben, he invests in nightclubs.
What does he know of the club management?
It is entangled with the unions, but he knows coax.
Ben Dorfman, Benny for short.
Ten typewriters stolen this weekend!
Always in trouble with the police and has been since the school.
In his Jewish neighborhood, most of the children studied.
Many became doctors or lawyers.
But not all. Some Jews became bullies.
Harry Cantor owes me $ 6,000.
Grab them, you will have the third.
If it is this week, eat a good steak at Duffinetti.
He refused to chain, like his father, menial tasks.
His buddy Abe touched 20 cents an hour for lugging heavy boxes.
Him $ 50 "maintenance" fur in the neighborhood tailors.
Tony Rondalino taught them to steer craps players.
Being illegally, they never wore complaint.
Ben shared the winnings with Tony.
One evening he was in his car with Tony.
He had been able to afford it!
A guy can not calm
put his gun through the window and killed Tony.
The statement, in the street, passing by violence.
He eventually buy the club La Terra.
He wore beautiful costumes,
but basically it remained Benny, the street urchin.
Welcome back.
I envy you. New York miss him a lot.
Without me, my agency may decline.
I have no doubt about it.
Good luck to all.
She comes to my house to cook spaghetti this week.
I tell stories ...
If I need wine, music, candles ...
Oh, she loves you if she sees you as much.
Steve and I are with you.
- Add new. - You too.
Bobby, I can not come tonight.
Because of an unexpected emergency. Let go.
But I had prepared everything, opened the wine to breathe.
I'll catch up, I promise.
My gift to our first year.
Look ...
A letter written and signed
Rudolph Valentino.
This is paper.
The first year of paper.
I found an incredible gift shop.
I can not, Vonnie.
To leave Karen.
It was you who wanted to ...
We should no longer see.
I'm sick.
I thought I could tell him ...
But we've been married 25 years, we have children.
You do not have to justify yourself.
I want to stop this double life, you do not deserve that.
Karen non plus, moi non plus.
It's not that I do not love you ...
This is too difficult.
And why continue ...
I understand. You were going to tell me that, right?
Something like that.
Look, I know ...
neither of us can do ...
forget what happened.
I will keep the secret, if that's what worries you.
I never talk to us ...
My God ! You're okay ?
It's too late for dinner, right?
Having dinner ?
It's okay ?
I do not want to abuse your kindness.
You do not abuses. What is it ?
I not stop crying, it's silly.
Tell me.
My boyfriend left me down.
Sorry. It's certain ?
Yes, it's all over.
I sympathize. What happened ?
I offered a gift to celebrate our year paper.
A letter from Valentino, gorgeous,
signed and written by Valentino.
This is adorable.
He can not leave his wife. I know I did.
- It could not last. - I did not know he was married.
- You give me a glass of white wine? - Of course.
If it has not evaporated. He breathes for hours.
Sorry, that happens in this motel. It will come back.
I had no idea he was married, but ...
I never feel those things.
This is one of your charming qualities, your naivety.
Thank you.
You had to really love it.
He was wonderful.
I'm sure.
I will forget.
To be honest...
I'm torn.
I pity you, but I'm glad you're free.
But by pure selfishness.
I always knew what you felt for me,
and it flatters me.
I fell in love when I saw you.
A real movie star.
I do not want to fall in love.
It just happened, let yourself time.
I'll get over it. I am less fragile usual.
But I was not expecting it at all.
That is the risk, with a married man.
That's what my roommate.
But chamboulait me.
It is incredibly alive ...
and really exciting.
You made imaginative, for this gift.
A love letter to Rudolph Valentino, touching.
I was too.
Next year, I will offer you perhaps a letter
of your favorite actress Barbara Stanwyck.
It's cute.
Vonnie was saddened by the end of his story,
but Bobby was not at all.
He had set a wonderful mission
try to make him forget his lover.
And she put hers.
They were going every weekend to the sea
and cinema almost every night.
- I'll be there.
- Go on then, I trust.
They frequented the big cinemas in Hollywood
awesome, beautiful,
and not too expensive.
With time,
Vonnie succumbed to the charm of Bobby and his touching attentions.
And what began as a good-friendship
morphed into true love story.
Going to live in New York.
Pardon ?
Here: wife and me are going to live in New York.
We will have a nest in Greenwich Village.
I will find a job, I spoil you.
It will be wonderful. Frankly,
I am disappointed with what I saw here.
Like you, I dreamed of a house with swimming pool, fascinating stars,
but it is a boring, hostile, fierce.
Come on, we got married and we will live in New York.
Greenwich Village, with poets and painters?
It would perhaps not rich, but we would be together.
My brother wants to associate myself with his nightclub.
I know nothing, but Ben's a good guy.
And I learn quickly.
A night club, it's better than depressing office.
And even with your boyfriend, you had feelings for me.
That is true.
We'd pair in New York.
It makes you want, really.
What is it ? You seemed annoyed on the phone.
You want a drink?
No thanks. What's on your mind?
Wait a second...
You're feeling good ?
Why this question ?
Lately, more you smoke, you drink more.
You're irritable even at the office.
I do not feel good.
I hope you are not ill.
I need to talk, Bobby ...
to someone you trust.
You can talk to me.
We are family.
So what does it happen to you?
I decided to leave my wife.
I changed my opinion many times but the conclusion is:
I love another woman and I can not live without it.
I'm not expert but these things happen.
Not to me, usually.
I had never deceived.
Never looked at another woman in 25 years.
You know Karen, she's great!
Formidable !
It's true, I agree.
Mais il ya un an,
this apparition, the angel ...
fell from the sky.
I was spellbound.
It is a commonplace, I know,
but when it's the right person, you know, I swear.
Yes, that is correct.
It's the right one !
And this woman love you, I suppose?
I think so.
Although I have mistreated for a year
telling him that I was leaving Karen,
but I could not, and then and then if not.
I will not repeat the same thing and give it
false hopes.
I have to act. Provided that it has none.
No, if she loves you ...
She is much younger than me.
So what ? Regardless, if there is love.
I am consumed with guilt towards Karen, who has never disappointed me.
She is bright, cheerful, faithful.
- It worked well in bed - Very good.
But with the other, it's fantastic!
Good, but ...
people go through crises and rely.
I'm sure she also.
Karen will want for nothing.
She will have half of my goods!
If I can do anything ...
I needed to talk.
It oppresses me a long time.
Sorry it has weighed you. Do not hesitate to talk to me.
Thank you.
So is it true?
You homesick?
Yes, I need to leave Manhattan to feel how I am in New York.
I can... ?
This is understandable. Many people arrive here
and decide to leave.
You have a girlfriend there?
I hope, and if it works, get your 10%.
Why ?
I have presented Vonnie.
I think she'll marry me and come to Manhattan.
Phil Stern could not believe his ears.
He worried that Vonnie do meet someone,
but would never bet on his nephew.
He was in love with his secretary from the beginning.
Veronica Sybel.
I have a degree in literature and theater.
And yes, I type in the machine.
He was crazy about her face,
and, fascinated
by his charm and his ability to take things in hand.
The following month, he was very eager
and even take risks.
I want to send fifty roses.
That's fifty ...
Yes, fifty red roses.
And on the map, write ...
"Thanks for a wonderful weekend.
"I told you you would not get seasick, with me.
"I love you. Philip."
Instead, send a hundred red roses.
You are amazing.
- No it's you. - Thank you.
I really wanted.
We imagine in a nice apartment in the Village ...
Who would have thought when I arrived ...
I know.
Everyone's life is so unpredictable.
It's funny,
my Uncle Phil, your ex-employer,
so dynamic, confident, confided to me.
It is extremely unfortunate, these days.
He had an affair and is very loving.
But he could not leave his wife.
However, as it is very in love with each other,
he decided to leave Karen
and think marry his mistress.
He suffered tremendously
because he loves and respects his wife but can not live without the other.
I did not ask if it was a star.
- What is it ? - He left his wife ...
He tried and given up a dozen times, but now,
he can not live without the other, he said.
What is certain is that it is very much in love.
What are you thinking about ? You look...
Sorry. No, nothing.
What are you thinking about ?
To nothing.
Oh no ...
I jostles you, with my old song about marriage and New York.
That's it ?
That's it.
It is a sacred project.
That is true.
Very good evening.
We talked about it a thousand times.
Everything changed.
Will talk elsewhere.
Or ? Our dark bar? No way I work.
I said to Karen.
You got an early, given the situation, right?
What do you mean ?
You're really living in New York with my nephew?
You are aware ?
Who told you ?
Secrets do not last here.
Ours, though.
You changed your mind ?
Hello, Louis.
- What's new for the MGM? - Surely this weekend.
I love you. Our history is worth nothing?
I do not know what to think, I am lost. Is it any wonder?
And you can send me packing.
It will kill me, but at least it will be clear.
You leave her, then no, then so, then impossible.
I never pushed it to you or even asked to leave.
And that's it, you did it?
How to react ?
I lacked guts, but the thought of losing you ...
It is a white ermine.
The studio makes us wear fur in this weather!
That's right. Thank you.
It was not easy. But if it is so difficult,
why should ...
You've forgotten to Bill Powell.
- Sorry ? - William Powell, Paramount.
He does not seem interested but I raise tomorrow.
I do not want you to work here.
I want to marry you and take care of you for life.
You took your distance so fast!
And who the hell? My nephew ?
It's nice, but no future.
You said yourself that you could love two people.
You also love? I do not believe it.
Believe it. I love it.
You love me, me.
I do not know. I believe.
I do not know anymore. I'm really lost.
- We always have lunch on Thursday? - Absolutely.
I'll take Judy Garland. An adorable kid.
It could represent.
That is true ? Take her so.
I met with Billy Wilder, I know.
On Thursday.
I will not beg you. I love you.
I love you for over a year.
I acted like I could, sometimes awkwardly.
But when the c ?? ur talking about, we sometimes made mistakes.
Think of my proposal. I want to marry you. Now.
I will die if you refuse.
I go talk to Karen.
You did not tell him?
I told him that we would speak of an important topic this evening.
Charlie, we need to talk of John Ford film.
Vonnie was perplexed.
Two men loved him.
One was dynamic, prosperous, tireless.
The other, younger, obviously adored.
She opened by her roommate, Rosalind,
who raced in favor of marriage with Phil Stern,
then hesitated, finding Bobby endearing
and passionately in love with Vonnie.
Sorry, I thought there was nobody.
- Drink a glass. - No thanks.
We are family, we can drink together.
You have problems ?
I do not have a lot of family, since I left Karen.
That's it ? It was not too painful?
Nice going, with Vonnie?
It's okay.
But she's a little anxious lately.
She said why?
Marriage, New York ...
So I do not insist.
But she loves me, I know,
and she wants to marry me,
because there is no better matched than we are.
Do not look so dejected.
I'm sure it will work out.
But you could have been more careful with Karen.
Do not give me a cautionary tale!
I know act at the right moment is vital.
In business, do not act too soon.
- I know ... - Remember well!
If you marry him, I rely on my 10%.
Okay, done deal.
I'm not asking you who is elected. A beautiful movie star?
Not at all.
I'm not superficial.
Not attracted to the chic junk.
I appreciate the background, righteousness. What do you think?
I have not hinted of such. I thought about Hedy Lamarr, she loves you.
Like all your clients.
This is what makes your brilliant success.
A gift. I have it framed.
A love letter to Rudolph Valentino.
In our first year, that of paper.
What a surprise. What are you doing here ?
Marry me me, or my Uncle Phil?
I'm marrying Phil.
How nice to be together for the Seder.
I admit, selfishly,
it is that you came back to Hollywood.
Here we are together again.
Your brother has taken under his wing!
Phil reached out her hand. But he did not like, there.
I was sure of it.
If only Phil was in New York. It would come tonight.
I would like to know his new wife.
Not you, Martin?
Not really. You know what I think of your brother.
It is not Jewish, this man!
What kind of man sold off his wife after 25 years
to fall in love with a secretary 25 years?
Unfortunately, many men choose their secretary.
Bobby says she is superb.
The physical is not everything!
And righteousness? And faithfulness?
You're not a Miss but I stayed.
You drank enough.
Love is an emotion.
The emotions are not rational.
We "fall" in love.
foot is lost.
I have known many wonderful women,
but the moment I saw your daughter, I knew that it was made for me.
A stroke of luck!
If my taxi had not broken the glass wall of a restaurant,
I would never have known Leonard.
He drank coffee. It was dark on him.
I have nothing spilled.
Bobby, you met.
It is so extraordinary?
She is adorable.
Once these pimbches stars?
She grounded. You appreciate it.
It is suitable for Phil.
Dad was right.
A woman, not a car that trade against the latest model.
Our neighbor turned his wife for a vulgar stripper
then broke his teeth.
It's crazy.
We live near a maniac. I'm afraid of him.
He pushed Leonard.
Not pushed.
He is angry, he pushed me.
I told him that he was blocking the driveway.
Some are dipping not the blows.
This is not the style of Leonard. He prefers to reason with people.
Accept the postulate of a common humanity,
otherwise the jungle and wild animals.
What is needed is the first bump.
Before the other.
You like working for your brother?
I am very lucky. Thank you.
On your return, you were like a lost soul.
I like working at night club, it's animated.
He's like a fish in water, customers love it.
Not like the one before.
That scoundrel who eventually steal.
Seen no more.
Bobby found his worldly friends Rad Taylor and her husband Steve.
They came to the club and boasted with beautiful mannequins Rad.
She persuaded Bobby to redecorate
and rebrand the club in addition prissy.
The Tropics? I just love it !
It's stylish, cosmopolitan and trendy.
It's thanks to you.
Soon the club was known to have the driest martinis
and the prettiest women in Manhattan.
The beauties attracted celebrities and sportsmen in sight.
Socialites mingled with politicians.
These people drew Press
and a flourishing reputation.
Bobby was increasingly at ease among the rich and famous.
He discovered the workings of the Caf Society,
which included some central figures in the underworld of New York chic.
The Rhinebeck, almost every evening, commanded the best wines.
In appearance, the ideal couple.
But he slept with ?? s heart of his wife.
Crowned heads came from all over Europe.
Count Henrick Van Goren millions playing backgammon.
His wife, the Countess Van Goren,
Chickie was actually Sherman, of Passaic, New Jersey.
And the ring finger of Suzy Bancroft
was only 41 carats.
And who says elite scandals said to newspapers,
as Tom Price, genius of Wall Street,
married to the very large and wealthy heiress Linda Ray Harmon.
He squandered his fortune in horse racing and dancing.
But one day, hunting,
she took him for a deer.
Bobby knew all shook their hands, joked,
listened to their stories, sad or gay,
on magnums background Piper-Heidsieck.
He discovered life
and finally, Rodgers & Hart were right.
It's beautiful here, and you have done so much for me.
Come on, do not be suddenly Schools ?? urante of sentimentality.
She hates affection.
But your friendship meant a lot to me.
And you brought me a great financial advisor.
You juggle with millions, I am far
but at this rate, I'll apply to your golf club.
To register, you must be a lawyer or broker,
and uncircumcised.
Anyway, I owe you everything.
I can not thank you enough for introducing me
the wonder of wonders ...
my wife.
What synchronicity!
He would even compare you with an air of Gershwin, and there you are.
Stopped !
Hello dear. So that martini?
Excellent! I was talking about you.
Bobby had found a wife.
After all kinds of flirtations and disappointing adventures
a night club, a group came on.
He noticed a young stylish blonde.
Is Veronica Hayes.
Just divorced.
Her husband left her for her best friend. A shock.
Gosh ...
She's great.
It made us so much trouble.
Go back to her morale. You introduce me?
- Veronica, you look beautiful! - You too.
- Delighted to see you. - Likewise.
I present Bobby Dorfman. This is his club.
Effectively. First visit?
Yes. The press is right, there is electricity in the air.
Is not it ?
- Welcome. - Thank you.
Gosh ... Single?
- Yes ! - It's a crime.
So it goes ...
Excuse me.
What are you doing later?
Later ?
It is already late, it is 1 hour 30 minutes.
I finished in half an hour.
Usually I'm in pajamas at 2 am.
I love pajamas.
What side of the bed?
Calm down!
It is more insistent than you.
Come on, you two ...
Like jazz music?
At 2 am?
At any hour of the morning.
Your first name is Veronica?
Do you ever called Vonnie?
Not really.
It's a nice name.
But you like jazz?
I really like.
It's fate.
Who does not like jazz?
A woman I knew.
It's horrible.
It's divine.
I would take a good scotch.
I have one regret: not playing an instrument.
- I knew a musician. - Oh yes ?
Saxophonist, very talented.
He played sad songs with such feeling.
As you draw tears.
It's a beautiful gift.
I would have married without the drug.
I do not like drugs, plug it into the air.
I tried a little with him.
We smoked hashish and I tasted opium.
So say ! How does it do to you?
I did not like. I'm not prone to addiction.
It was.
Yet not as m'moustillait.
- Kif? - Hashish.
- You say "kif"? - It was him.
You married a musician?
A stock broker.
You divorced.
It's him. My best friend was better in bed
- Really ? - I imagine.
Had to keep the kif.
I learned too late that he was enough of a few drinks.
And what do you do in life?
I work in the mayor's office.
- In what ? - Public relations.
Nothing against the Democrats?
My family is a Democrat. We are Jews. It goes with.
Very folk!
That touches my rebellious side.
In Oklahoma, we were forbidden to attend.
You are usurers!
We control everything, actually.
I had never seen a Jew before living here.
I do not have horns.
I find exotic Jews mysterious.
It would not bother me, your horns.
That is true ?
Come on. We're going to my house.
I will not sleep with you.
Jewish or not, one hardly knows.
Take a drink or two.
No thanks. You have to be patient. But finally !
It's true what they say! You are more insistent.
It makes our charm.
- I spent a great evening. - Me too.
You call me?
Without fail.
I'll call you tomorrow.
As is tomorrow, I call you in 15 min.
So I'm going home.
Good night.
Throughout the season, they saw every day.
It was a great summer.
Thank you, Rad. It is the last.
Then one Saturday afternoon, a few months later,
she told him ...
I am pregnant.
You are collapsed?
No, it's wonderful.
What is next?
I would like to keep this baby.
If you do not, I'll go to Mexico, they do it better.
Vonnie, we will not go to Mexico but ...
Niagara Falls, on the contrary.
- You sure? - Yes of course.
When we treat of the little bastard, he can deny.
You called me Vonnie.
You never do not say that.
If I did, it's the champagne.
This is the name of your ex-girlfriend.
Is. Two Veronica.
What about you? I'm lucky.
Marry me or not?
- Yes of course. - Good.
Right answer.
- We have a baby! - I love you.
The wedding,
who just stood for mayor two months later,
was a joyous moment.
But as the saying brother Bobby: life does as its head.
What do you want ?
Could you turn down the radio, just a little?
No need to turn it off, but my wife has a headache.
I do what I want with my radio. Give me a break !
She has only occasionally.
Turn down.
Call a doctor!
He gave her a cure migraine but is tenacious.
I work hard, and I listen to my radio, whether you like it or not!
You misunderstand.
I ask you to turn off. Tone down the volume a bit.
I will not call the police.
You think I'm afraid the police?
I have the right to listen to the radio!
What can I do? It has the law on his side.
I'll tell Ben to talk to him.
Ben is angry, I do not want any trouble.
Do not escalates things.
It is he who is poisoning.
Someone has to lift her braces!
Forget it, it's not so serious.
It is not you who have migraine!
Bobby called Veronica and baby Susan.
In the fall, they found the perfect house on the Hudson.
The police came to talk to him
and last week, drunk, he damaged our car.
When Leonard speaks in him, he threatens.
Oh yes ?
I'll say two words.
Leonard does not want trouble.
But this must imply that we will not let us do
and must stop poisoning us life.
He accuses us of imaginary things.
He threatened to shoot our dog.
He is a mad !
My husband even imagine that it will eventually listen to reason,
but it is endless!
Shoot the dog?
I think he is armed.
There is a guard in a sawmill.
Joe Wojehowitz.
- Joe Wojehowitz? - Who ask for it ?
You are Joe Wojehowitz?
Yes. What?
Joe, rising. We are going for a walk.
- Why ? - We want to discuss.
- What? - Monte!
What are you doing ? Let me go !
It was the Caf Society, and Bobby Dorfman there was deep:
the millionaire playboys like Buddy Winslow Fain,
who offered what he wanted,
luxury models of the cover of every magazine
The best seats for shows and sporting events.
The politicians,
who cleaned the streets, the quadrilles and taxes
As donations poured in.
Norton Lockerbee and minor fiance, dancer Cherry Grace.
And Remsen, which it was said
they had stayed in Berlin with Adolf Hitler.
And of course, many senior associates Ben color,
some would inevitably one of the tabloids,
their blood drenching the pavement following a cranial ventilation.
Bobby knew the All-Manhattan.
His wife Veronica rarely accompanied,
having succumbed to the joys of motherhood.
Then one evening,
the past made her entrance.
Can I help you?
Yes. My nephews should be there, it is the owners.
Monsieur Dorfman ?
Bobby, yes. Or Ben.
Bobby is there. I moved you?
I signed a big contract.
Champagne! Then we will drink for good.
Fred, glad to see you.
You know Vonnie.
We stay a few weeks. Do we see.
This is a golden share. During his skyrocketing.
Enjoy. I did not tell you.
- Say what ? - Here.
Thank you, Marvin.
People say about you.
Oh yes ?
Table 4.
Everybody knows me.
Robert! How are you ?
You know Vonnie.
And I want you and Gloria Craig Bennett.
Sit with us.
I would, but I have in the world.
I see it !
Your club is known throughout the country.
Come on.
Five minutes. You're going to offend us.
Five minutes.
- Hey! - What a look!
That is true.
The contract that I signed for Irene Dunne at Universal.
I love it.
How is she ?
It is amazing, I assure you.
It has a good, Irene Dunne. Sorry, honey.
- Tell. - No, go ahead.
We met Irene at Cocoanut Grove.
We were with Errol Flynn and one of his sublime "discoveries"
as he calls them.
And so...
His reputation is not famous,
but we love it, it's lovely.
He welcomed us off Catalina on his yacht, a dream.
Irene, is ...
a bit stilted,
very properly. Divine, but as it should.
We were at Busby Berkeley.
It is proposed to Irene a cigarette puff.
She looked like she was undressing.
She was mortified.
Then Errol present her little starlet.
Irene asks her if her daughter.
As dry, Errol looks at her and says:
"This is my granddaughter."
I almost died.
In London, he was mobbed.
I did not know, but that's a hero to the English.
- I love London. - A city so refined ...
Is not it ?
I prefer Paris, as you know.
And Venice. We dream to buy a pied-a-terre.
Bob Montgomery and his wife did.
You know them ?
They are charming. A wonderful couple.
Little Bobby ...
Great success, Robert.
I always knew you'd make.
I formed this kid to be agent and he preferred New York.
I understand perfectly.
Please excuse me. It's packed tonight.
We stay 4 or 5 weeks.
And congratulations, young dad!
Frank, serve me a scotch.
- And your wife? - She's fine, thank you.
We can not see it.
She's a homebody, since our daughter.
A classic.
Once mothers, while the indifferent.
You see what I mean.
Because hormones.
It does not always come back.
Now I see all the layers.
I deny that it is I who have told you.
The prosecutor's office is seriously considering
If your brother
... and its associates.
That is to say ?
I do not know yet,
but it is possible that the situation is complicated.
I wanted to warn you.
Thank you. Can you intervene?
Alas, the mayor is incorruptible.
What Does the accused?
Racketeering, extortion, tax evasion ...
Perhaps worse for Ben.
My advice to your brother:
slip away some time.
He loves Havana.
I will tell him, thank you.
Thank you for letting me know.
Are you searching something ?
You. I wanted to say hello.
Are you kidding me ?
What do you mean ?
You hear what you say?
You've become everything you laughed you, that you hated.
You know...
time goes on, life goes on.
On change.
Your sales pitch on simple living ...
It would be comical if it were not sad to cry.
You're not really the same either.
No, you're right.
Life goes on ...
it grows.
Lunch with me.
For you drink of me names, sumptuous evenings of stories?
No, I will silence the Hollywood wife
if you promise not to reproach myself for choosing Phil.
Go back in time and let us walk.
There's nothing stopping us.
I have free time.
I really want to know what you're getting.
Anyway, you still
staggering beauty.
I have not seen our neighbor for a while.
It must be on the move.
Normally it watered his lawn. She abyss.
And his mail piled up.
There would be a problem?
He may have had a heart attack.
It would not be bad. He deserves to die!
Take that back immediately.
I call the police?
I think not. It does not concern us.
Of course yes.
It is responsible for his neighbor,
even the worst marmoset.
I would drop in your place.
What are you talking about ?
You're hiding something ?
I'm worried, Leonard.
Why, Evelyn?
There are things going on that I do not?
I may have made a mistake.
What are you hiding from me?
When we saw the baby Bobby,
I told Ben that the neighbor bothering us
and the police did nothing.
At Ben?
I was afraid of him!
We have a child.
He was quick-tempered,
he drank, he was mean.
He was looking for us to mess it was guardian, so armed.
He could explode anytime!
You did not tell Ben to threaten?
Or hurt them?
I asked Ben to talk to him.
You had tried, but ... you're so well behaved!
I was hoping Ben tells him that if he did not calm down ...
He tabasserait?
He beat up?
I just asked Ben to tell her to stop.
Otherwise what ?
Ben is a thug, a gangster.
He sent him to the hospital?
I do not know, Leonard.
And I do not want to know.
It's immoral.
Immoral !
Is it fair that this poor guy
finds himself in the hospital, all messed up?
It is delicious.
And I love this place.
It reminds me of our Mexican greasy spoon.
That is true.
This is not the Brown Derby or a rout in Busby Berkeley.
You do not croiseras Fred Astaire.
Tell me about your wife. It intrigues me.
She is adorable.
What is her name ?
- No ! - I assure you.
- Stopped. - She say otherwise.
- I'm flattered. - You can.
Life is a comedy
written by an author sadistic.
I loved you and you married my uncle,
what makes you ... my aunt.
Tante Vonnie.
I still have a crush on you, Vonnie aunt.
I'm here.
Sweetheart !
What is that ?
Flowers ?
- I can not believe it. - Why ?
In what honor ?
I had not offered you flowers for a long time.
You're all perky, this week, and flowers?
You won the lottery? You feel guilty?
A husband who spoils his wife is suspect?
No. I love them.
You did well.
I love you.
Thank you.
Phil is busy, Bobby seized any excuse to see Vonnie.
He made her visit Manhattan, Coney Island.
And when she spoke dinner she had promised him to Hollywood,
he found him in a city kitchen.
I hope I have. This is my recipe,
but I'll have so much vaunted, I hope it will be good.
If this is not successful, you will go again in the kitchen.
Or you drown them in cheese.
This will be impeccable. I know the Pugioni in a while.
- Long time. - How many ?
Long time.
For me, forever. Glad you finally cooked for me.
Good wine.
What a great idea.
Do not lie.
It was scrumptious.
Absolutely delicious.
Vito, tell him.
- Delicious. - Thank you. Would he lie?
- Would I lie? - Without no doubt.
Where are we going now? Not want to go.
Vito, any advice?
You can play craps in Brooklyn.
You are in luck?
Unbelievable !
The dice are loaded!
This is a false beginner.
I continue like this?
Yes, if it works.
New York is really great.
And I know. I travel a lot.
I know you've talked about.
Why live elsewhere? Hollywood does not lack spice,
but nothing equals Broadway or cheesecake home Lindy.
You then ...
Sipping wine in Central Park, we did not sleep.
You always had a poet side.
I am not with everyone.
It was necessary that I choose.
Looks like my brother: "The alternatives are mutually exclusive."
Yes, I loved you and I loved Phil.
I was with him for a year and a half
and you were ...
left but adorable,
young, romantic, a little lost.
Next to a large man.
It was hard.
Our future was uncertain, I do not want to lose you.
I thought
if your career is not taking off, you'd like me and would be unhappy.
How to know ?
I never stopped thinking about you.
Not a single day.
I always dream of you.
I am the wife of Phil.
It is wonderful to me, he loves me, he messed up his life for me.
I am loyal to him.
Yet you dream of me.
You're happily married, you have a child.
- You said it. - I know.
But we are alone in Central Park.
The light reflects off this building.
As part of the investigation into Ben,
evidence and spies abounded,
resulting in the charges, including premeditated murder.
I am appalled. It's such a horror!
I am against any form of execution.
Thank God, the body of the neighbor was not found.
What does it change ?
We are unassailable, but what moral weight!
Ben had to talk to him, that's all.
Come on, you wanted it the threat.
He warns.
He warns, not let him do evil.
What's the difference ?
"Hello bro?"
Leave me peace.
He had to deal with this maniac ...
It was becoming intolerable.
You do not kill a man because he listens to his radio too loud.
She did not realize. Ben and other crimes to his name.
This is another problem.
Meanwhile, we have blood on their hands.
Good God !
Keep your biblical morality.
Calm down. Take an aspirin.
Here is the name of a good criminal lawyer,
Jake Murray.
It is a Cador.
Thank you very much.
She is devastated. It will crack.
She gets on my system.
I did not need that.
What did you think, Rose? It was a notorious mobster.
It is not capable of killing.
My father knew that it was a schemer, but the truth is much worse.
We have an excellent criminal lawyer, and I know one:
my old friend Peter Bryce.
No Jake Murray?
Bryce never loses, but we also take Murray.
Bryce did not acquit perhaps, but avoid his chair.
The trial took place as planned.
The evidence against Ben Dorfman was overwhelming.
He was found guilty of all charges,
including premeditated murder.
Despite the efforts of two lawyers overpriced,
he was sentenced to die in the electric chair at Sing Sing.
The Brolian father taught me Christianity.
Today we talked about the Six Ps.
"Lord, do not rebuke me in your wrath.
"Do not chastise me in Thy wrath."
That's right ?
I am stunned.
We did not care about that crap but when the end approaches, it helps.
You do not want to be buried in a Jewish cemetery?
For Jews, no life after death.
Maybe, but I do not believe my ears.
I need to know that everything does not end there.
I need to believe that a part of me remains.
We all have a soul.
That's right ?
First assassin.
And now, Christian.
What have I done to deserve this?
What's worse?
There you explained.
The Jews have no life after death.
We all fear of death.
But it does not abandon the religion that we were born.
I'm not afraid to die.
You're too stupid to understand what it means.
I'm not saying that I like the idea.
And I repulse death with all my strength.
But when the Angel of Death will take my last breath,
I will go.
I complain.
I swear.
You hear me ?
I will go complaining to me.
Whose ?
You will do what, idiot? A letter to the Times?
I will complain of silence.
Because all my life I prayed tirelessly
and I never got an answer!
What are you talking about ?
No answer is also an answer.
It's stupid that Judaism does not offer life after death.
They would have a lot more customers.
In late July, Ben was executed at Sing Sing.
Converted to Christianity, he wanted to be cremated.
Ben wanted his ashes scattered in Manhattan.
Bobby scattered them to an institution
where Ben had spent many evenings of fun.
Bobby's friends, Rad Taylor and her husband,
came to his aid
that he bought the club and directs.
The scandal and the aura of gangsterism
did not inflame the passion for the club.
Investors sent him to California
to consider opening a club in Hollywood.
This time he could afford the luxury hotel
where Rad and Steve liked to stay.
Of course, he contacted Vonnie.
It is precisely here that I took your hand
and you told me about your little journalist friend, Doug.
I remember.
Then, you open a club here?
No, Hollywood already has great clubs.
No way to measure me at Cocoanut Grove.
Phil and I will make a brief stay in New York, returning from London,
to spend Christmas with Willie Wyler.
They want Christmas Eve together.
I guess I will not see you.
It is perhaps better that way do more.
Each time...
it stirs emotions
I start to dream ...
You too, no doubt.
And dreams ...
remain dreams.
Some feelings never die.
Is it good or bad?
While a beautiful twilight enveloped New York,
the year came to an end.
What do you say ?
We see that I'm pregnant?
Not at all !
In fact, you always kept your silhouette girl.
That is true.
You help me ?
Can I ask you a question ?
You ever been wrong?
Why do you ask me this ?
I dreamed that when you were in Hollywood,
you had sex with your ex-girlfriend that bears my name.
The dreams remain dreams.
This is the most united couples I know.
It is the perfect harmony. Indulge your secret.
Our secret ?
Tell them.
We have common interests,
like the same movies,
and children.
- Those of others. - Here !
Time flies, a new stage
in this bewildering journey to where?
Or ? Why ?
We had a terrible year.
Turn the page, move on.
You're right, yes.
I thought of the relentless nature of time.
Socrates said: "An unexamined life is not worth living."
But when examined, it is no picnic.
10 !
9 !
8 !
Happy New Year !
- Happy New Year. - You too. I love you.
Happy New Year. Good evening.
Happy New Year, Bobby!
You have a faraway look.
- Really ? - What are you thinking about ?
In anything, just the fact ...
we change this year.
It's certain !
Happy New Year my love.
With you, every year is new and happier.
Thank you, that's really sweet.
What are you thinking about ?
In anything, all is well.
You look pensive.
That is true ?