Cake (2022) Movie Script

[man] Um... I don't know.
It does not make me feel "Bim! Bim!"
[woman] He's saying when we see the cake,
our minds should go "Kawa! Kawa!"
Aw, babe.
That's why I love you. You get me.
If it's the design that is the issue,
I can tweak it to what you...
No, Tomiwa. It's not about the drawing.
It's the cake.
is not giving us that "Boom!"
feeling that we want.
That what?
That "Boom!"
You know, when you see something
and your heart goes "Gbosa!"
- You get?
- Um, if you want...
Tomiwa, just...
Can we talk?
Just give us one moment.
You're getting angry.
They're getting on my nerves.
Just stay calm,
and please be nice to them.
I'm trying.
But they're wasting time.
And what's with all the weird talk?
Just ignore their behavior, Tomiwa.
But I really think
that they can be good for us.
I mean, you should have seen the car
that they came in here with. I did.
Just, if you look, maybe you can...
It was really nice.
You see,
at Cakey Bakey, we're only happy
when our customers are happy.
How exactly would you like
your cake to be?
So, we want a cake,
that can actually show how
deep our love is.
- Babe.
- I love you, baby.
Love you, babe.
Love you plenty, babe.
Why don't we show this lovely
couple our website?
Now, if you go to our website,
you'll see that we have all types of cakes
with different designs
and flavors and all of that.
So when you're ready,
just get in touch with us.
My boss,
he can make you the cake of your dreams.
Aw, she gets us, babe.
Babe, just like you get me.
So, we'll visit your site,
and we're just hoping
something will scream "Hush!"
Of course.
Thank you for coming.
Ciao, ciao.
Thank you, Mfon.
You're so good with people.
It's like your village people
are pursuing you.
I'll send you back to them
if you try that nonsense again.
When you guys are done, you can lock up.
I'll still be around for a bit.
I have some work to do.
Okay, no problem.
So we've packed up everything
and Jimoh has already left.
That one.
I'm not surprised.
He probably got an alert that
they were sharing free food somewhere.
Thank you so much
for the hard work today, Mfon.
But you should leave, too, before you
get stuck in New Year's Eve traffic.
See you tomorrow?
I was thinking
that if you're still working,
I can stay and help.
Nah, don't worry. I'm good.
No, no, I don't mind.
I can spare a little time to help you
with whatever it is you're working on.
I'm fine.
You know we have a lot to do tomorrow.
You go home, rest.
Should I bring some
of the remaining sandwiches
so that you have something
to snack on while you work? Just...
so that you will not get hungry later on.
Good night.
Happy New Year, Mum.
I miss you.
I promise I'll make you proud.
This year,
I'll marry the girl of my dreams
and settle down,
like you always wanted.
I'm sure she's looking down,
smiling at you,
proud of all your achievements.
I wish she were alive to see this.
You know, she paid 60% of
the cash to get this place.
I didn't want her to, but she insisted.
Said she had a good feeling about it.
That it might bring me good luck.
Maybe even a wife.
Well, may her prayers
for you come to pass.
- Yeah, a wife? Yeah, right.
- Mm-hmm.
Don't joke with her words, oh.
The woman you marry
might be closer than you think.
Please go and check on Jimoh.
Let him not destroy the equipment
before we reopen tomorrow.
I swear, if Jimoh does anything stupid in...
I'm sorry. I thought you were open.
I saw the sign outside
and just came right in.
No, no.
Yeah. I mean, yes, yes.
We're... We're just moving in.
We're good to go.
Welcome to Cakey Bakey Bakery.
Thank you.
Are you sure you're ready?
Cus I want to order a lot.
And then if it's nice,
I just might be your best customer,
because I always send things to my clients
for, like, birthdays, holidays...
Can you do that?
Yes. Yes.
Great. So what I want for 40 cakes
would be... um... the...
Wait, what, 40 cakes?
Yes. You said you could do two packs
of 40 cupcakes before the end of today.
Oh. Yeah. Yes.
Okay, great.
Yeah. My name is Tomiwa Akinlolu.
I'm, I'm the owner of this bakery.
Wow. So I'm talking to boss man himself.
I'm Chalya Walshak.
It's nice to meet you, Tomiwa.
It's a very deep, I'm...
It's a pleasure to meet you.
And um, good to have you here.
So when can I come back for pick up?
No. You don't have
to worry about that at all.
We do deliver them to your house,
or anywhere you want, really.
In fact, for being a first time customer,
and the first customer
to come to this address,
we are going to give you 30% special
discount on any order you make henceforth.
Oh, my goodness. Really?
Thank you.
I should give you a hug.
Can I? Is that okay? Yeah?
Thank you.
Thank you.
[Radio] What's up, Abuja? We're the EDK.
Hey, hey what's up ABJ? We are live
across the capital on New Year's Day.
Good morning to you.
There's a lot to look forward to
on the show today. Keep it on
Sound City Abuja!
The boss.
So, um,
well done, guys.
I know it wasn't convenient
coming here today,
the first, not with how late
you closed yesterday.
So, thank you.
It's okay, Tomiwa.
You don't need to thank us.
We're with you 100%.
Boss, what she just said, I don't
I don't understand.
Because I went for a night shift.
They didn't finish till like 4AM.
After I got up, I was already up by 6.
As I speak to you, I don't understand
Yes, Jimoh. We get it.
You worked hard, huh? Thank you.
Actually, I have a surprise
for both of you.
Your bonuses.
God bless you, Tomiwa. Thank you.
The Boss!
It's been a great start for... for Cakey
And also personally, for me too.
I'm opening a new chapter in my life soon.
Boss, I understand.
You see this chapter you're talking about?
This particular chapter, I know
there will be babes everywhere.
- Yellow babes.
- Shut up!
Who asked you?
I'm just following what you said.
You said new chapter.
Anyway, we pray
that Cakey Bakey has a great year.
- Amen.
- Amen, oh.
And also my New Year's resolution.
Jimoh, we're not doing
New Year's resolutions.
It's okay, let him talk.
My New Year resolution, I want a car.
I want a car.
I've trekked a lot in my life.
Everything, my leg, everything hurts.
And you, Mfon. Want to share?
This year,
I will no longer let
anything hold me back.
I will go for what I want.
No time to waste.
Because, you know,
my pastor says that if you can see it,
then you can achieve it.
And I can see it clearly
in front of me now.
Wow, that's... that's the spirit.
So, um, let's come early on the fourth.
We have a lot of things to do
to get things going.
No problem.
Chalya will be coming in that day,
so everything has to be perfect.
Boss, what did you say? Chalya is coming?
You see this news? This is exciting news.
I'm excited.
And to Cakey Bakey,
to us, may we have a great year.
You always said I would know my wife
when I see her.
I've seen her mom.
And she's
Today's my day, Mommy.
Wish me luck.
[Mfon] Jimoh.
What's all this?
- Mm?
- Hmm? You say?
Why is this whole place stinking of food?
- What are you eating?
- It's Bole.
I don't even care what you're eating.
Are you supposed to be eating here?
Wait, what is the problem now?
I will stop this work
because of you people.
I will just resign.
I will resign and stay at home.
Better clear this food. Stop eating here.
If I stay in the kitchen, Boss will
ask me why I'm eating in the kitchen.
I stay here, you're also asking me
why I'm eating here.
What is the problem?
You people should allow me.
Good morning, guys.
Good morning.
Sir, good morning.
What's smelling here?
- Jimoh...
- It's...
It's chicken...
No, no, no, no.
We can't have that here today.
I told you guys, important people
are happening... I mean, coming here today.
So, what is all this?
Let someone go and get air freshener
and spray this place, please.
Why are you still standing there?
Go and get air freshener
and spray this whole place.
- I am just...
- Go! Go, go, go.
Hi, Tomiwa. Happy New Year.
Happy New Year to you too.
And I wish you the same. Thank you.
I am about to upset you a little bit.
You can't upset me, Chalya.
I want to move up the time for a meeting
from afternoon to this morning.
Oh, um, okay.
This morning?
I'm sorry. Something came up.
I'll explain when we see.
I hope I haven't disrupted your day.
No, no, no, no. So,
so what time are you looking at then?
You should see me in like 15 minutes.
Is that okay?
Oh. Okay. Okay.
- See you soon.
- Great. Thanks. Bye!
Tomiwa, do you have a minute?
I want to talk to you about...
Mfon, just handle things.
And I'm not available to anyone
apart from Chalya when she comes.
Alright? Thank you.
Jimoh, what's wrong with you?
Are you...? What's your problem?
Won't you leave for me to...
Will you go and return this thing back?
We'll get used to...
I will fight you in this place.
Go and drop this thing back.
Sir, should I spray it?
No, just drop it there.
Okay. Okay.
Are you okay?
Sir, what happened?
Can't you see there's something edible
But I asked you
and you said I should spray it.
I said, put it there.
What is your problem in this life, Jimoh?
Even if I say you should spray the place,
is it on things people are going to eat?
Sir, now you confused me.
I hear you very well.
Okay, let me take it away.
Come on, leave that thing.
- Let me go and...
- Leave it!
- Let me go and...
- Leave it now!
Am I interrupting something?
- Ah, Auntie Chalya.
- Hi.
Auntie Chalya. Let me go before it...
Leave it.
- How's the family?
- Very well. Thank you.
Go and do that stuff
I told you to help me do.
You no tell me to do anything.
The stuff I told you to help me do,
go and sort it out now.
Auntie Chalya, Chalya.
- Hey, Chalya, please.
- Thank you.
Have a seat.
Do you know what Boss asked me to do?
Because I've checked the kitchen and
I haven't seen what he asked me to do.
What are you talking about?
I was inside Boss's office now, he said
"Jimoh, go do what I said you should do".
I've been looking for it,
because I already confused.
It's like something is wrong with you.
When you were inside probably
shining your teeth at that Chalya,
you don't realize you should ask him
when you were in his office.
You now came outside to ask me.
Get away from here!
But wait, Mfon.
How did you know I was smiling
at Auntie Chalya in Boss's office?
If she had her way,
she'd order snacks every day.
That's how good you are.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
And thanks for your continuous
It's nothing. You're amazing, so.
I really appreciate it.
It's fine.
So anyway, the reason...
Are you sure you don't want
anything to eat, even tea?
No, I'm fine. Really.
Yeah. So what I...
I want to show you something.
I'm in love with you, Chalya.
Did you say something?
Forgive me, I,
I, I can't take my eyes off this.
I'm engaged.
My fianc, Theo,
proposed to me on New Year's Day,
- right there in the car, at church.
- You...
I'm engaged.
I entered the new year an engaged woman.
Tomiwa, can you believe?
God is so good.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
That's why I moved up our meeting,
actually. I want us to discuss ideas.
You obviously are going to bake my cakes.
And my head has been all over the place
thinking about the perfect cake.
But then I knew if
I come here, you'd wow me.
Another thing is I'm traveling
to see my mom this weekend
and I know she would want
the details for everything.
So we have to make something spectacular.
Are you okay?
You seem a bit off.
No, no, no, I'm fine.
I'm just a little tired.
And I brought more work.
- Sorry.
- No, it's okay.
Let's just, uh,
let's discuss your...
- Your stuff.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Great.
So I'm thinking the cake could be like...
They're spending
a very long time inside there.
Tomiwa and that Chalya woman.
You know Boss has
a lot of space in his office.
So you know,
they could be running one or two.
You are very disgusting.
I don't even know why I talk to you.
What's wrong with you?
- But wait.
- May God forgive you.
And you, what is on your mind?
What is your business with
what they're doing in the office?
He's not...
you need to see the way Boss
was shaking in the office.
When he saw Auntie Chalya.
Boss that is strict and stoic normally,
he saw woman and started to shake.
I was so disappointed.
If you really think about it, nobody
would see Auntie Chalya and not shake.
Do you see the beauty? The nose?
Thank you so much. I love the designs.
I'll let you know what my mom and I
decide on flavors. Yeah?
- Auntie Chalya, bye-bye.
- Bye, Jimoh.
Don't forget my gift.
Are you okay?
Are you sure there's...?
Sir, please don't be upset,
I just want to ask a quick question.
That time in the office,
when you asked me to do something,
what was it?
So you don't even know when to shut up.
Talking, talking, talking. Be quiet.
So I shouldn't tell him what I...
Jimoh, stop it.
Who took my cheese?
It's in the lower part of the fridge.
Who put it there?
Why did you guys touch my stuff?
Have I not warned that if I put something
somewhere, nobody should touch it?
Do I have to write it out in giant letters
before you guys behave yourselves?
You put it there yourself.
On the 31st, you moved it
because you said you don't like it
being too close to the freezer area.
Did something happen with your meeting?
I'm good, don't worry.
whatever the issue is, just know that
sometimes when things don't work out
the way we want,
that's just God's way of letting us know
that there is a better way.
We just need to open our eyes and see.
Mfon, there's a woman outside looking for
She said she discussed
with you about cake.
Okay, I'm coming.
Does anyone here
know any reason why these two
should not be joined in holy matrimony?
Speak now or forever hold your peace.
I hear you, Mom.
I know what you're trying to tell me.
I need to fight for my future.
I need to be smarter.
I won't let you down, Mom.
Are you okay?
You haven't come out of your office
since morning.
I'm busy.
Okay. Is it something I can help you with?
There's a singles seminar
at my church this evening.
Remember the last time that
I invited you, you said next time.
So anyway, the theme for the seminar
is recognizing the one,
and there's going to be food and music.
Our youth pastor is a very fun guy.
It's going to be very interesting.
I'll have to disappoint you again, mm?
Next time, I'll try. I promise.
Thank you.
I appreciate the invite.
Is there anything else?
I don't want us to leave the front door
unattended for too long.
You should know me better than that.
I locked the main door
before I came in here.
Um, which would you prefer as a surprise?
A bouquet of flowers
or a box of chocolates? Or both?
I like both,
but either one is okay with me.
It's the thought that counts.
I'm just trying to see and
understand what appeals to women,
so that I know how to approach Chalya.
Thanks for your help though.
Hopefully this time,
the cake will be perfect.
Florist Flowers?
Ah, yes.
Good afternoon.
I would like to order a bouquet.
To be delivered tomorrow morning.
I'll text you the address.
Do you get also the chocolates?
Ah, perfect.
I want the biggest box you have.
How much is it going to cost?
Oh, okay.
Just send me the account details.
Okay. Thank you.
Make sure it's all beautiful. Alright?
[Chalya] Hello?
Hi, Chalya. It's me, Tomiwa.
Of course I know it's you.
I have your number.
Oh, sure.
Um, sorry to bother you, but I...
We just realized that
it's been six months since we opened
the bakery, which means six months
since you walked into the bakery
and became a loyal customer.
It's six months already?
Wow. Time flies.
So we have a special way of
celebrating anniversaries
for customers, six months
and above, with a special lunch.
That's cool, thanks. But you don't
have to bother with all that, really.
Oh, no, no, no. I insist.
You've been a good friend of the house,
and it's the least I can do.
You refer people to us.
You've been so, so wonderful to us. So,
it's nothing crazy.
I'd really appreciate it if you can...
We would really appreciate it
if you can come.
When is it happening?
It's tomorrow.
Sorry it's short notice, you know...
You know how busy we can get sometimes.
Tomorrow is too soon, Tomiwa.
I don't know about that.
I know. Please.
It's just something small.
It's even going to start...
It's not going to start that early.
Like one p.m.
I'd really... we'd really love to have you.
Alright, but it's just because it's you,
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Okay now.
Wait. Hold on.
Since I'm making the sacrifice to come,
can you make me brownies? Please.
Yeah, sure, sure.
Anything you want.
You're the best. See you tomorrow.
Alright, then. Bye.
Oh, well done.
But why are you making those?
We still have a few in the show glass.
I know. These are not for sale.
They're for someone.
Does that have anything to do
with the flowers that were delivered
and why we're closing early?
I have a special lunch date
planned for Chalya and I.
I knew that you were friends,
but I didn't know that you were dating.
- We're not dating. Yet.
- Well, that's the...
But today,
that will change.
Uh, I will leave this place in your care.
I still have a few things to do,
and I want us to close at one.
Thank you.
Mfon, what do you think?
Boss should learn dance steps
from these people.
Like Boss and his girlfriend.
She's not his girlfriend.
Stop spreading fake news.
Okay? Mfon, Boss and his girlfriend to be.
Since you want to correct me.
If Boss should learn
moves from these people,
once he throws them for Auntie Chalya,
she will go crazy.
But wait, Mfon.
Boss is supposed to meet
with Auntie Chalya today.
If I was Boss,
once I see Aunty Chalya,
I will first look her in the eye,
I just tell her, "Baby,"
"I can't breath without you."
I'll go near her and smile.
Will you just shut up?
Shouldn't you be working?
Focus on your work.
What are you guys still doing here?
You should be leaving.
Sorry, I... We're supposed to leave now?
You two were supposed to leave now.
I told you already that we should
close by one. It's already past one.
So, wait.
So, Boss told us to leave and
you let me stay here and waste my time?
I forgot.
I forgot.
Sir, this Mfon is a very wicked person.
Jimoh, let's start packing
so we can go now.
No, no. Just leave everything.
I'll handle it.
- No, but the...
- No, no, no.
I'll handle everything. Just leave. And...
Sir, should we move?
Sir, I'm going to change. Goodnight.
I'm coming.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You told me this place
should bring me luck.
I need that today.
I was going to apologize for being late,
but it seems I'm the first to arrive.
You won't believe what happened.
All the other customers,
they canceled last minute.
All of them?
Yeah. I mean, one of them just left.
He said he had an emergency.
In fact, I had to do
a takeaway pack for him.
I'm so angry right now.
I had a lot planned. I mean, see.
How many of us were you expecting?
About ten.
It was just meant to be
an evening of laughing, you know,
eating, chilling
with customers-turned-family.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
I mean I can understand
if you want to leave,
you're all dressed up and all.
Oh, no, I didn't...
You know what? I'm here, so might as well.
Let's celebrate this anniversary.
Thank you so much, Chalya.
You always come through for me. For us.
Cakey Bakey.
I go over and beyond for this bakery,
Tomiwa, now where is my award?
I must warn you though, I can't eat.
Not in this dress.
Well, not too much, actually.
That's fine.
Even if it's just snacks and wine,
I think that's okay.
This is so good, Tomiwa.
Are you going to share
your secret with me?
Trade secret.
Thank you for staying back, Chalya.
You don't know how much it means to me.
Everyone that canceled
missed out on a fantastic time.
Thank you for doing this.
You know,
My mom had this saying,
"Don't be something to everyone,"
"but be everything to someone."
- Wow, your mom is so...
- Was.
- Oh.
- She's late now.
Forgive me. I had no idea.
Your mom was a very wise woman.
And may her soul
continue to rest in peace.
Thank you so much, Chalya.
You see, there's been something I've been
trying to tell you for a while now.
it just always seems like the...
Hi. No, I didn't. How can I?
Are you at Vanilla now?
Okay, I'm just, I'm 10 minutes away.
You'll see me now.
This was so good
I completely lost track of time.
Theo and I have a date,
and I'm literally running out of time.
Did you still make the brownies?
Oh, thank you.
Theo is going to be so thrilled.
I... I made them... They're for him?
Yes, he's absolutely obsessed with this.
What do I owe you?
No, you can take it, free.
Tomiwa, you spoil me.
Thank you so much.
I have to go, bye.
She showed up.
Hi, baby.
- How are you?
- You look so good.
Thank you. You look beautiful.
Thank you. You look so sweet yourself.
Thank you.
I got you brownies.
- Same place?
- Uh-huh.
Because you love them so much.
Yes, yes. Nice.
you didn't raise a quitter.
This is a reservation-only restaurant,
So? How do you know
I didn't make a reservation?
Did you?
Or are you meeting someone?
I'll have to ask you to leave, sir.
You're blocking the doorway.
So you want to chase me?
Am I disturbing anybody?
Please see this gentleman out.
Okay, sir.
Sir, you have to leave.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
Mfon, what happened?
What else?
I'm sure it's that Chalya person.
It's like something happened at the date
How am I supposed to know?
But you just said "I'm sure it's that
Chalya person."
Leave me alone, Jimoh. Leave me.
Talk to me.
You know you and Boss have a rapport.
Just tell me about it.
And so?
Does that mean
I'm following him everywhere?
Am I a monitoring his spirits?
Look, leave me, Jimoh.
Leave me. You disturb me too much.
Or did she reject him?
all I know
is that God is in control.
Because I said it now,
you're saying "all I know."
I know your prayer
is to spoil this relationship.
I know.
Dear customer, the number you have
dialed is not reachable...
Um, Mrs. Aromire just left.
She's finally decided to go with all black
for the color of her 60th birthday cake.
Here's a sketch I made
based on what she said.
She also said "do we do chops?"
And I told her no,
but I really think that we should,
because a lot of people keep asking,
and we already bake snacks,
So it really shouldn't be
a big deal to diversify.
That's good.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Can I speak frankly?
I think that you are not seeing
what is right in front of you
and that is what is frustrating you.
So what you really need to do...
What was that?
These bank messages and
their nonsense new banking things.
So what I was saying is
I really care about you
and your mental health and that's...
I can't process everything
you're saying right now.
My head is full.
Can we pick us up later?
Thank you.
Dear customer, the number you have
dialed is currently switched off.
Please, try again later. Thank you.
Jimoh, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
No, I was just thinking about eating it.
No, Jimoh.
So, I can't?
No, you need to learn to leave things
that are meant for other people.
Look, Jimoh, focus on your life.
Mfon, what's going on now?
What's with all this attitude?
What happened in Boss's office?
Why do you do like this?
Wait, I hope it's not what I'm thinking.
Mfon, you're still on the Boss's matter?
I said it.
That is why you're acting like this.
Mfon, don't you know Boss's mind
is in Auntie Chlya's purse?
Let me tell you. Since the first day
he saw Auntie Chalya,
he hasn't being himself.
He hasn't. To today.
Who is even asking for your opinion,
You talk too much.
You're always talking. Focus on your work.
Oh, now I talk too much?
Why won't you at least understand me?
Because sometimes when I talk,
it's as if my mouth stinks.
Like I don't know what I'm saying.
See, let me tell you. It is only God
that can remove Auntie Chalya
from Boss's mind.
If you don't know, now you know.
See, Mfon, there's something I need to
tell you.
I don't know if you've taken a mirror
and looked at yourself, from head to toe.
Mfon, you're a fine babe.
If you see how fine you are,
everyday, you will praise God.
No now. If Boss had good eyes,
he'd have started making advances since.
No, I'm telling you the truth.
Don't overthink it.
On a normal day, If I was complete,
I'd have made advances too.
Stop, stop it.
Go and do your work.
Go and do your work.
- You have plates to wash.
- You're blushing.
For the very first time,
you're smiling around me.
Go and wash plates.
Please, can you help me check our customer
book for Chalya's home address?
I think we've delivered something
to her home before.
Yes, yes.
As you said it, I just remembered.
Let me help you check.
I'll get it.
We don't have it.
I think that when we delivered
something to her,
we wrote her address on paper
and then we lost the paper.
Okay, you guys should take care.
Okay, sir.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Jimoh, so you still took this bread?
Jimoh, I'm going to report you.
You are playing with me. Mm?
Boss hasn't gone far.
I'd just take the book now and show him.
Stop it.
It's not because of this small thing.
This small thing
that you will now turn into a thief.
You are stealing.
I will just advise you.
If I were you, I'd tear that page out.
Hi, Tomiwa.
What are you doing here?
I didn't know you know where I live.
Are you okay?
Please don't tell me
I forgot we had a meeting.
Did we have a meeting?
I had just been trying to reach you.
Your number was unreachable and then
it was switched off.
Anyway, I had some ideas
for your wedding cake design.
I was delivering something
in the neighborhood,
so I just thought I'll drop by.
Yes. You guys delivered
something here once.
That's how you know my house.
Yeah, that's...
That's it.
Um, can I call you or maybe
come over to the bakery later?
I really don't feel good, today.
I just want to sleep.
- It's fine.
- Yeah?
Maybe we can reschedule.
I can come up some other time.
No, you don't have to.
I'll come over to the bakery.
- Yeah?
- Okay.
This looks painful. When did it happen?
It's fine.
It's nothing really.
Alright, then.
I should get going.
- Thank you, Tomiwa.
- You'll call me, yeah?
Yes, sure. Yeah. Thank you.
I really appreciate the wahala.
Come here.
Stay here.
Well done, madam.
- Thank you, sir.
- You're doing well.
Thank you.
Just tell your man to mind
how he's driving, huh?
And arguing with the police.
No, we could have avoided all this.
Normally he doesn't drive like that.
But, I've heard.
Thank you. Thank you, officer.
You're free.
Let me get your stuff.
This one that you're squeezing
your face and crying shoulders.
What are you proud about?
Don't you know that we can
detain you here for more nights?
Proud like how?
- Did I say anything?
- Jeez.
Let's just go.
I pity you.
- We're thankful.
- Just thank God for your madam.
The police said that you were speeding.
And that you broke traffic light law.
You were running lights?
Did something happen?
Tomiwa, we're really worried about you.
Who is we?
I am worried about you.
There's nothing to worry about, Mfon.
I'm fine.
Thanks for coming to help.
Thank you.
Don't you think that Chalya babe
is messing with your head?
What makes you think she had anything
to do with what happened then?
Then what happened?
If it's not about her,
it's that cake you're always working on.
Yes, I know about your secret projects.
I don't want to talk about it.
I'm tired, I just want to rest.
Thank you.
You know that saying "what you're
looking for in Sokoto is in your sokoto?"
I think that situation is about you and I,
and I don't know how you've never seen it,
but I guess that's the thing with guy's,
Somebody be right in front of you
and you're busy looking somewhere else.
And I've prayed about it, and
I really think
that this is the right time.
Tomiwa, I have always been there for you.
That Chalya
is not the right person for you.
I know you well, she doesn't.
And so I'm scared.
I'm scared that
if you keep going about things
the way that you are right now,
obsessing over her like this,
you could really hurt yourself.
And I know you're going
to want to argue with me,
but please, just let me finish.
Why are you wasting time
with somebody who doesn't see your worth
when you have me by your side?
Tomiwa, you... You're the answer to my
You're the man that I want to spend my
life with.
I'm in love with you, Tomiwa.
Please, say something.
The Chalya cake is finally perfect, Mom.
Once I convince her
we're meant to be together,
it'll be a gift to her.
A new recipe named after her.
Then I'll ask her to marry me.
We'll travel,
a two-week honeymoon,
a resort by the sea.
We'll have a girl and a boy.
The girl will be named after you.
Of course.
I told you I'll make you proud.
Nurse Mary!
Good morning, Mr. Akinlolu.
How are you feeling today?
I'm feeling a lot better, Doctor.
Thank you.
Okay, so, your test results showed
that the food poisoning
came from the bacteria found
in the unpasteurized milk
that you told us that you used.
Yeah, um...
It wasn't on purpose.
I didn't know raw milk
could be that dangerous.
But I've learned my lesson now.
Well, I'll like to suggest that
you stay in the hospital for two more days
so that we can observe you.
Seriously, I'm feeling quite good.
Let me go home and rest.
I'm more comfortable there.
Well, we can't hold you,
but please ensure that you take some time
off work to rest properly.
And also to give your digestive system
time to settle.
- Okay?
- I will.
I promise.
Alright, then take care.
Nothing, I'm not really...
Jimoh, I don't care.
Mfon, what happened?
Or is it Boss's sickness that has you all
worked up?
It's just a little stomachache.
Jimoh, It is more than that.
There's a way that things have
been going wrong for Tomiwa,
like, since his mother died.
And I don't like it.
You have noticed how he has
been acting strange recently, right?
Instead of concentrating on work,
he's busy concentrating on other things.
Mfon, you don't listen.
Hope it's not what I'm thinking,
because of this Boss
and Auntie Chalya matter?
You see? That's I don't like to discuss
things with you.
I talk about one thing, you're saying
something else.
What are you doing here?
Good morning to you too.
Sorry. Good morning.
Sir, but you called us
and said the doctor told you to rest.
What is it now? At least let me breathe
first, before you start bombarding me.
Sorry, we're just worried about you.
You still look weak.
Yeah. I'm telling you he was there.
Oh, my God. No way.
- You're kidding me.
- I'm not joking.
Hi, good morning.
Good morning.
Welcome to Cakey Bakey Bakery.
What would you like?
Alright, see,
I've heard a lot about you guys.
They say your bread is the ish like...
Yeah, so we have different types of bread.
Let me tell you what we have.
In the front,
we have our butterscotch bread.
Then just behind it
we have our chocolate bread
and we have got wheat bread
and normal white bread as well.
We even have sardine bread,
but that's not available at the moment.
Wow, you guys don't play.
Alright, so Ify, you dragged me down here,
so the floor is yours, you buy, we go.
I want the chocolate bread,
but I also want the sardine bread
because I haven't that.
So, can we come back for that, please?
Okay, alright. So tell me,
how long is that going to take?
I can't say at the moment,
but let me just check with my boss.
We've stopped making it.
Sir, since when?
Shut up your mouth! Who is talking to you?
So since that bread is not available,
let me recommend our chocolate bread.
It is really, really good.
Once you bite it,
it just melt in your mouth.
And you can have another one of it
and I'll even give you
10% off your total bill.
So... Excuse me, what's that guy's problem?
- Yeah.
- Why is he so rude?
My boss hasn't really been feeling
very well,
so he's not really himself at the moment.
So let me just pack your order for you.
Yeah. Yes, please.
Oh, you're going to love this.
It's our take on Pain au chocolat.
You bite it, it melts in your mouth.
You will love it.
It's just, give me a moment.
What does Chalya even see in that cheat?
How can she be staying with the abuser?
He's ruining her life.
Are you okay?
Why do you keep asking me that?
Sorry, I just...
Maybe you should go home and rest.
You really shouldn't be at work yet.
I am fine.
I need to take this.
Okay. But please, when you have time,
there's something really important
we need to discuss.
Hello, Chalya.
Hi. Tomiwa. Did I catch you at a bad time?
Your voice sounds...
No, no, no, I'm... I'm fine.
Just, just a busy day.
How are you doing?
Are you feeling better now?
Yes, thank you.
I've been meaning to call
about my wedding cakes
or come over even,
but there's just so much to do here.
Do you want to come today? I'm available
No, it's... Actually something else came up.
My fianc's birthday is tomorrow
and we're having a little get together,
so I want to surprise him with a cake.
It's short notice. I know. I'm sorry.
I'm serious, Jo. Keep my space.
I'll be there early.
- Guys, I'm off. Later.
- I'll call you back.
Tomiwa, please wait.
So, you're going home to rest now, right?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Please make sure
you get some sleep as well.
Happy birthday, Theo.
I wish you the best.
Hello, Tomiwa.
How are you feeling now?
I'm fine.
I feel much better now.
Oh, thank God.
I can even hear it in your voice.
Please can you send Jimoh to my place
with, um, two cake boxes?
The biggest sized one
and the smallest one.
Whatever orders there are,
you just send them to us.
We can handle it.
You should be resting.
Just send Jimoh to my place.
Thanks, take care.
But, Tomiwa, I...
Mfon, someone is asking...
Mfon, what happened?
get me our largest cake carton
and the smallest one.
- Do we have a new order?
- No.
Yes. Just bring them for me. Stop asking...
No, I'm just asking if we have a new
Stop asking me questions, bring it.
Why didn't you send Jimoh like I asked?
Oh, I don't mind bringing these.
Plus, I wanted to check on you.
So who's taking care of the bakery?
Don't worry. There's much
that's going on there right now.
Are you sure that you're okay?
Because you're still looking a little...
You shouldn't have come.
You know I'm uncomfortable
leaving Jimoh by himself.
Don't worry.
Okay, so Jimoh and I,
we actually have a deal,
and I told him that if I come back
and I find everything in order,
I'll buy him lunch, whatever he wants.
And you know he likes...
I'm actually busy.
I know you have stuff to do,
but your health.
I don't have time for this, Mfon!
I am fine.
Go back to the bakery. Focus on your job,
that's what I'm paying you to do.
Stop trying to babysit me.
You're not my wife or mother.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
You probably don't remember me.
I'm the guy from the bakery.
The baker guy, right?
Come on, man.
You were so weird the other day.
What's your deal, man?
I brought your cake.
Surprise cake from Chalya.
She made you do that?
Nice one, man. Thanks.
Thank you.
And this is extra special just for you.
Wow, nice. Nice, nice.
Extra special. For me.
Oh, my God, this is so sweet.
Thanks, man. Thanks.
This is lovely, man.
This is really lovely, man.
It's a bonus cake.
- A bonus cake. Wow.
- Oh, bonus cake. Bonus cake.
Thanks. Thanks.
It's because Chalya is such a...
She's the best, my best customer.
- Yeah.
- And you,
you're the one who...
It's a special cake.
You deserve it.
- Yeah. Thanks, thanks.
- You're really cute.
How about you eat it?
It's freshly baked.
Sure thing.
You'll enjoy it more.
- Okay. Alright.
- Okay. Okay.
Where is Chalya?
She's, uh...
- Good guy.
- Oh, my God. No.
Please, dear. Take this away.
The cake is amazing.
Thank you so much for coming
through. I appreciate it.
You're welcome.
What's up?
Sorry I have to do this here,
but there's something I've been meaning
to tell you for a while now.
Maybe even from the very beginning.
The beginning?
Not long after I met you.
I've been in love with you for months now.
I know we're meant to be together.
We have good chemistry.
We look out for each other.
The feelings are there.
So, I'm wondering why
we've never taken the next logical step.
Tomiwa, stop.
What in God's name are you talking about?
What chemistry?
Chalya, I've dreamt about us
and if you would just give me,
give us a chance.
There is no us!
I buy stuff from you, and that's it.
I don't understand. Was I being too nice?
Did I give a wrong impression?
Where's all this crazy idea coming from?
So, you would rather be
with someone who beats you?
Beats me?
Who beats him?
He abuses you, I saw the signs.
That day at your house. The arm braces.
Tomiwa, I take kickboxing classes.
That was just a little accident
I had that caused that.
But he's cheating on you.
At the bakery,
the girl with the purple hair.
He came, I saw them.
That is Theo's niece, Tomiwa.
That's his niece.
And what about the other times
at the restaurant?
I saw him abuse you.
Even the other day,
he pushed you into the car
as you were leaving your house.
How do you even know these things?
Look at the restaurant, we were just...
I was trying to stop him from...
- Yes.
- No.
- No, don't do that, please.
- Yes, babe, babe.
Just one.
No, you're going to embarrass us.
- One. Come on, now.
- Babe.
If you want dessert, order
from the restaurant, please.
- Just one. Wait, just one.
- Don't eat the brownie.
Oh my God, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
I'm so sorry.
Let me get someone to clean that.
I'm sorry.
Look what you did.
- You see?
- Me?
Come on now.
Now you have to tip extra, you know?
I will, but just allow me have one.
The house...
that... look, he...
He just hit an insect off my arm.
What's are you on about, Tomiwa?
You need to understand.
Theo has never abused me, and I love him.
And nothing is going to change that.
Please, your attention is needed outside.
You should leave. You're obviously crazy.
Spit it out.
- What?
- Spit it out!
What the?
Did you swallow it?
Did you eat from the small cake?
Did you eat form the small cake?!
Who else ate from the small cake?
Bro, chill now. Come on, chill!
The cake is in the kitchen.
Oh, my God.
Baby, what? What happened?
What happened?
Babe, what happened?
Somebody get ACV, fast.
- What?
- ACV.
That's apple cider, right?
ACV. Right now.
Baby, what happened?
Are you mad?
Are you mad?
Do you think I'd allow you touch my wife?
Please, I am begging you.
She's been poisoned.
Poisoned? How?
Me, me, me, I did it.
I poisoned the small cake.
Please, let her have this ACV,
It's a matter of life and death.
Are you mad?
Bro, look,
we need to save her first, okay?
Baby, baby.
You know what?
You know what?
Let's just take her to the hospital.
Ifeoma, get the door!
Get out.
Out. Out!
You're crazy, man!
You better pray.
You better...
You better pray.
Where is Tomiwa?
You have a visitor.
Stop looking at me and move.
We don't have time.
It's 20 minutes.
Thank you, sir.
Hi, guys.
Sir, good day.
Good morning.
Thank you for coming.
I was worried you wouldn't.
Well, Jimoh said you wanted to see me, so.
I'm glad you're here.
Jimoh. What's with the suit?
Sir, I know you're also shocked by it.
If you see the way everyone
has been looking at me in this place.
The first time I came,
you should've seen the way everyone looked
at me. Like I have no sense.
Like as if I'm jobless.
I said "okay, what do I do to be useful?"
I raised money and rented this suit.
What do you think?
Well, it suits you.
You look very respectable.
Like, you like it, right?
a minute, please.
No, please excuse Mfon and I for a minute.
Like, I should excuse you two?
You want to discuss.
So, Jimoh said you
I did.
When I heard what you did...
I prayed about it
and I realized that I couldn't
leave Jimoh alone.
And I couldn't let the bakery fail. So...
Thank you, Mfon.
I really appreciate it.
always been a pillar of strength for me.
I admit I messed up.
I thought Chalya was what I wanted.
What my mother would have wanted for me.
That I...
I almost killed an innocent man
with my obsession.
You warned me.
But I didn't listen.
I was so wrong.
All this while what I needed
was right in front of me
but I was too blind to see it.
I can't believe it
took me being locked up to
realize how important you are to me.
You were the only person
I wanted to share today with.
Today makes it one year
since my mother died.
It's been a year already.
No, I am...
Visiting hours were over
so they weren't going to let us in.
So I had this old fashioned ring
in my car.
I put it on and persuaded him that I was
your wife and Jimoh was your brother.
So they let us in to visit.
I hope you don't mind that I did that.
That you're my wife?
No, not at all.
In fact, to celebrate this
the first thing I'm going to do
when I leave this place in a few months,
is to bake you the perfect cake.