Cakeman (2017) Movie Script

- Where are they?
- Please...
Please don't...
- Livvy, it's a little
late to be eating cake.
- Dad...
- See.
Why don't you help your mom instead?
- That's odd.
- What?
- Looks like we missed one.
- Who's it from?
- I don't know.
- Let me see!
It's empty.
- You know what?
This'll work nicely as a storage box. Here, take
your toys in your room and get ready for bed.
(heavy panicked breathing)
(loud thunder crash) (creepy music
box version of happy birthday)
(ghastly hissing)
(distant screaming)
(nonchalant shrug off)
(girl continues screaming)
(loud grinding)
- He's coming, hide!
(distant screaming)
- Just in time...
- Livvy?
- Momma!
Help me!
(door creaking)
- Livvy?
(creepy music box tune)