Calamari Union (1985) Movie Script

Dedicated to those
ghosts of Baudelaire
Michaux and Prevert who
still hover on this Earth...
I don't want to tire
you or myself-
by going through
the many reasons -
why life is impossible
in this part of the city.
We all know the circumstances
forced on us in our early years:
Crowded homes,
ignorance and hunger.
Not to mention stuffy buses -
with irregular timetables.
There are more hills here -
than anywhere else
in the world!
Loose-running kids and dogs -
make it impossible
to move in the streets.
Like lepers we hide
in the back alleys.
We are humiliated
and spat on -
as if we weren't free members
of a proud nation.
Besides, an evil old woman
kicked me in shin once -
only because I opened my
mouth in the wrong place.
I'm not a dog.
I know that you can also -
respect yourselves slightly,
if necessary.
That is why we are here today:
No more crying -
it's time to leave.
The decision is not easy.
Many of us have strong
emotional ties here.
Many must sacrifice
their childhood -
their memories
and their families.
"The branch of a rotten tree must
seek a healthier trunk. "
We have all heard our
grandparents and our parents -
talk of Eira, a place on
the other side of the city.
The streets are wide and the air
is smooth and fresh there.
That is our destination tonight.
Before we move on to
practical matters -
I want to be certain that
everyone realises -
the dangers and
responsibilities of our journey.
The floor is yours, Frank.
- Thank you, Frank.
I have organised us transport
to the extreme centre of the city.
After that it's every
man for himself.
Some will take the southern,
others the northern route -
some will attempt a break
straight through the lines.
As we are all poor
we shall now share -
the funds our society
has inherited.
The body and blood of Christ...
The body and blood of Christ...
That's it. We'll leave at six.
Frank here.
Hi. Listen, we...
Yes, I did the shopping.
Alright, I'll come right away.
Oh fuck!
This sure is different
than back home.
Isn't it, Frank?
Good day.
- Good evening.
A single room. - Welcome.
Your name, please?
Frank Merciless.
Haven't you seen enough already?
I'll check out a couple more.
Let's go or we'll get nowhere.
You can go anywhere
you want.
I don't even count.
I called Sirpa this morning.
We'll eat at five.
I'm not hungry.
I've got a full stomach.
I think I'll split. I'm free!
Good morning, Frank!
How about a cup of coffee
before we go on? - All right.
You got any money,
Frank? - No.
- I need some breakfast.
Four years ago, miss...
Hello, Frank. - Hi!
Still here?
The others will have the best bits.
The night is dangerous.
You can stumble into people
and things laying in the street -
and break your leg.
All cats are grey.
The streets lead wherever,
many have lost their way.
Dangers abound,
there is hunger and thirst.
Frank and I decided to
wait for daybreak.
If you don't do something
at once you'll never do it.
Turn yourways now or
you'll be eternally damned.
If you want to reach your goal,
you must heal yourself-
of sickness, poverty,
misery and gloom.
Taste for work is
all that's needed.
Fulfil the daily demands of
wisdom and responsibilities.
What's the time?
Good morning, Frank!
Sleep well?
Why, thanks, Frank.
Daily work would make
life more tolerable.
Work for six days
in a row!
You start, you use your talents
for deducting and analysing.
You must find the fury
for daily action!
What do you say, Frank?
Without love Frank is
but a tinkling bell.
On the other hand,
when you're very young -
you may feel that you
can afford to wait.
That you have years
ahead of you.
All lies!
- Let's take...
Frank, for instance.
He's stupid, ignorant,
can't keep his mouth shut.
His conception of morals
has the finesse -
of a hamburger.
What does he say
about his mother?
Or the Sanitation Service?
That a woman can fall in love
with a toilet seat like him -
is proof of the state of abasement
of the woman of our century!
Who are you talking about?
- Sit down, Frank.
Who are they talking about?
You, Frank.
- Shut up, Frank!
You swine!
OK, Pekka, -
we've heard that
many times before.
Last days -
have been... a bit rough.
I've been a bit mixed up.
I haven't known
which side I'm on.
What? Where?
Fucking asshole!
I thought he'd take me
straight to Eira.
But he just keeps
driving round the block.
I've got an idea,
if you don't mind.
We'll go to a bank.
I'll get a loan with you
as my security.
We'll buy a bus and drive
through the damn city!
What do you think?
Not bad.
- Fucking bad.
I don't sit in a bus. I'm me!
Who's going to drive?
- I'll drive.
We'll let Frank drive.
This old shit won't start.
Hey, Frank!
Let's go to the bank!
A decent bus costs 28,000.
Then we need gas, food and
refreshments - that's 36,500.
But we must have
it right away.
For a new customer without
any securities I really can't...
Just take a look outside.
I see.
I don't know why a man
in my position -
has to come here to beg.
I should get what
I need delivered -
to my home every morning.
If I had a home.
But that doesn't change anything.
I think we'd better go, Frank.
Go tell Frank, Frank.
Let's go, Frank.
Keep out of this, Frank.
We're ready in a minute.
OK, Frank.
I can't walk any longer.
OK, Frank.
I'm thirsty, Frank.
Two ice waters.
Sit down, please.
What do you want?
Leave everything
and come with me.
I've got a good job
and a flat here.
What can you offer?
I'll build a house
by the sea -
on the other side
of the city.
Then I'll go into business -
and build a career.
I can even think
about having kids.
They don't mean a thing.
When will all this happen?
As soon as you tell me
the way to Eira.
That kind of trip costs money.
Money's not a problem
- so far.
I'll let you know after
a couple of days.
I can't wait that long.
Sweet dreams, Frank.
Let's take a taxi.
- You got any money?
No. You?
- No.
Let's take a taxi.
- Right!
Take us to Eira.
This time of night?
That's too far...
Somewhere where we
can get a drink, then.
All the bars are closed already.
Try to think of something.
What are you doing, Frank?
I wanted to die.
I was lost...
you'd left me here.
I didn't know where to go.
You'd left me.
Why did you come back?
Go away, I want to die.
- No. Come with us.
Pity you didn't get
run over, Frank.
Don't you like me?
'Cause you're so
fucking stupid, Frank.
That was a bit too much.
I've been... thinking.
Thinking? You?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
You're OK.
We'd better go.
I could take you to
a guy I know.
Yes? What'll it be?
Hi, Frank! - Hi.
A glass of ice water.
Ice water? - Ice water.
What are you doing here?
Just a moment.
Frank's here.
Hi Frank. We can sit here.
Hi, Frank!
- Back to work!
Lazybones. - Hi.
We got this joint now.
We're trying to get us
money for the trip.
I realised I'm much more clever
than these other Franks -
so I made them work.
We'll end up somewhere.
I'm not sure, though.
This is a sure thing.
How's business? - Bad.
Our only customer was so
drunk we couldn't serve him.
I understand.
Heard anything about Frank?
Not since yesterday. Why?
- Just a thought.
Bring us water.
How are you, Frank?
- Sit down.
Nice to see you again, Frank.
How come?
Hi. - Hi.
These guys are going to Eira.
They've got no place to sleep.
- Did you say Eira?
Could they spend the night here?
- Sure, we got room.
It's OK.
Where are you going?
I told you.
Don't go.
We need a doorman.
Woman, can't you ever
Shit. He wasn't home.
I know you and your cars.
You can't fix anything.
Just wait. I'll fix you a ride
that'll make your navel quiver.
To Parliament.
We need some
street theatre now.
My mate's got cramps.
Would you bring me -
the first-aid kit from that car?
- Sure.
My mate died.
I need this car.
Some matches and
a plastic bag.
You pay these, I paid the hotel.
- OK, Frank.
That was terrible.
You're right,
we shouldn't do that.
They take it all back in
the product prices.
Where shall we eat?
- I'm not hungry any more.
I'll take it back.
- For fuck's sake!
It's a terrible sound.
The small crack of
a hard-boiled egg -
against the bar counter.
When it echoes in the mind
of a hungry man.
His head is a terrible sight, too.
In the shop window
early in the morning.
A dust-coloured reflection.
But he's not looking
at his own head.
Why should he?
No, he's dreaming.
Dreaming of some
other head -
a calf's head in aspic.
Or any other head
good for food.
He grinds his teeth -
knowing that the world -
doesn't give a damn
about him.
Nothing he can do
to the world!
He counts his fingers -
one, two, three!
One, two, three!
Three days without food!
For three days he's
been telling himself:
"This can't go on!"
But on and on it goes.
Three days, three nights
without food!
And behind those windows -
the pastries, bottles, tins.
Dead fishes protected by tins, -
tins protected by windows, -
windows protected by police, -
police protected by fear.
Such a barricade for
six wretched sardines!
I've reached the end -
of one of
the thousands of paths -
that fill my world
The evening air is cool
Daylight disappears -
behind the woods
Nothing can die away
Not flowers, not the wind
Love can't die tonight
My path winds by
And the flowers stay behind
Somewhere the wind -
plays his song
The moment of love
fades from our eyes
I guess it, too,
goes its way
The touch of a hand
Still true today
Goes by like a song...
I want a suit
to match this tie.
From my childhood I can only
remember my mother.
She used to slap me gently
with her big hands -
before putting me in bath.
- Did you like it?
I don't know.
You feel lonely in water,
especially if it's cold.
It's different if it's warm.
Or what do you say?
- Nothing.
You're doing the talking.
Couldn't life go on
without the wind?
It makes everything shiver.
All you see are
unimportant things.
Still we shiver.
I wonder why?
I am feeling sad, too.
We all feel it in our throat.
You know, although I'm still
young I used to be younger.
So did my friends.
I call them my friends -
even though they've
rejected me.
Already then, we were
tormented by fear.
They could've used our fear.
Telling us:
"This is it, we'll bury you!"
And so we were afraid
to run too fast.
What if we'd found ourselves
by an open grave, breathless.
Breathless, we would've
realised that we wouldn't -
have been able to say
anything, no breath.
They don't know how to teach
one to feel the vibes here.
We don't know the rules.
It must be the Time.
We should get ahead
of the Time.
Nobody likes me.
Everybody scorns me
and despises me.
They only tolerate me -
because my parents
are fairly rich.
I've got myself friends
by bribing them -
with candy and later,
But they still make fun of me.
"Go home Frank,
eat your porridge. "
What should I do?
Kill yourself!
Hi, Frank!
Who's he?
Never seen him.
Let's do business.
There you are.
- Thank you. The bill, please.
Hey, fella...
What are you doing here?
Begging money for
a new Mercedes-Benz.
Yeah, they stole
the other one. - Yeah.
We'll help.
Anybody got money?
No, don't.
- Really, we want to help.
Please, don't.
But give me a cigarette.
- I haven't any! Honestly!
Give me that, then.
Take care.
- You, too.
Here you are.
That's him.
Son of a bitch!
Let's go.
Bad boys are coming
to break all your toys
Bad boys are coming
to smash your plastic nose
Little girls cry when boys
tease them too much
If you go and tell your mother
I'll take you anytime
'Cause I'm a bad, bad,
very bad boy
And I won't be your toy
I'm a bad, bad, very bad boy
and I won't be your toy
It's gettin' too hot so you
take off your clothes
You come with me I don't
tease you no more
If you go and tell your mother
I'll take you anytime
Get In bed, hide under covers
with your teddy bear
'Cause I'm a bad, bad,
very bad boy
And I won't be your toy
I'm a bad, bad, very bad boy
and I won't be your toy
'Cause I'm a bad, bad,
very bad boy
And I won't be your toy
I'm a bad, bad, very bad boy
and I won't be your toy
Bad boys!
B- b-b-bad boys!
B- b-b-bad boys!
B- b-b-bad boys!
Bad boys
Make love
Any time
They like
Bad boys
Any time
They get the chance
'Cause I'm a bad, bad,
very bad boy
And I won't be your toy
I'm a bad, bad, very bad boy
and I won't be your toy
I'm a bad, bad, very bad boy
and I won't be your toy
I'm a bad, bad, very bad boy
and I won't be your toy
Hey! You there!
- Yes, you. Come here.
What do you want?
- Where are you going?
We're all going to Eira.
I'll take you there.
I've got a house in Eira.
There are no houses in Eira
- yet!
Are you coming or not?
Can I take my friends with me?
- No.
Wrong direction.
I know that woman.
I'll go in.
Don't go, Frank.
- I must.
Don't go, Frank!
Hi, Liisa.
Liisa, hi!
What do you want?
Aren't you Liisa from Alabama?
- Don't remind me of that time.
How's the little one?
I've had a bad conscience...
You swine!
Get out!
I never did tell you that...
Girls, come and help!
Damn you!
Let's kill him!
Shit! Fuck you...
They killed him!
- Dammit!
We're late, Frank.
May I sit here?
Who are you?
I'm a secretary.
A secretary?
What for?
Are these guys
your bosses?
You think powdering your nose -
and being a secretary makes
your life better?
Can't you understand
I feel pity for you?
You're ruining your life!
Every guy from the boss
to the messenger boy-
will use you.
You're just an object
for them, a door mat.
When you get older
and you looks go -
you'll get thrown out fast.
Then nothing worthwhile
will happen in your life.
You won't be worth foranything,
not even being a mother!
Slowly your life will slide...
Frank was right.
It's better to find a rich woman
than to attempt the impossible.
What're you going to do?
- Sell out the gang.
How is it done?
A rich academic widow needs
civilised company -
for a trip to Rome.
I saw the ad in the paper.
- But you aren't civilised.
She doesn't know that.
She can see it.
Follow me.
My name is Frank.
Is that so?
Well, what do you think?
Winter is coming
and we'll get nowhere.
We'll die -
of hunger and cold.
Back home one didn't quit.
Let's try once more, Frank.
Mother will forgive us.
Something's wrong, Frank.
Shut up, Frank!
We've been tricked!
No, we only came too late.
Years too late.
I'm not staying here.
Where are you going?
- To Estonia!
Take me with you!
- There isn't room for two.
Then I'm taking it.
- Is that what you think?
Don't do it, Frank!
Just don't whine.
When the warm
springtime sun
Breaks the bonds
of ice and snow
Then small white anemones
Raise their tiny
little heads
And on their mossy bed
They sit listening to the tale
The forest wind hums
In the trees
It tells them
a story of little -
fairies dancing
by the spring...
The End