Calber Island (2024) Movie Script

- The
Bennett boat factory
closed permanently last week...
Fifth economic
revitalization program.
- I don't see anything, Wilma.
- All right,
it's time for another set
of great classics,
starting right now.
- Hold on.
- Only on 105...
- Hey!
Give me that.
What is that? You can't
shoot that on public streets.
Get outta here. Get outta here.
Don't worry, Wilma.
It's nothin'.
- Todd.
You and Barkley on
call tonight, right?
- Yeah.
- Need you in.
They're saying the storms
are gonna be serious.
I'm waiting on a possible
evacuation order.
- Copy.
- If it don't look great,
why don't you come on back?
- Oh, I really,
really hate kids.
- Hey, Todd.
I wanted to talk to you.
Coffee's on the house.
- I'll pay for
the coffee, Wanda.
I'm surprised you're still open.
- Glad I got
my generator last year.
You got one up at the house?
- Yeah.
So, what did you want
to talk to me about?
- I had a
break-in last night.
- You know almost
everyone's evacuated, right?
- Check the window.
- That shed belongs to a
cop. You know that, right?
- That guy's crazy.
I saw him last week.
Watched him flip out just
'cause his lawnmower backfired.
- Bet your aunt's freaking out.
Guys, think how the
island's on the news.
- Hey, check this out.
Hey! Halloween's not
till next week, bro.
- Todd, you on here?
I left you three voicemails.
What happened yesterday
wasn't your fault, Todd.
You and I both know that.
Mayor Kraus was pitching
a hissy fit, though.
Seems his sister
didn't make it out.
Put me in kind of a sticky spot.
Todd, can you hear me?
Tell you what.
You deserve some time off.
Why don't you...
- Hello?
This is the kind of crap
I'm really getting sick of.
Oh, okay! Look, look,
look, look, look!
I'm letting her go.
Hey! Okay, cool it, would you?
You're a couple of those
Hofsteder kids, aren't you?
She said she had you in school.
- You.
- I what?
- You utter your speech in
the language of the books.
- Right.
- Oh, my God.
- All we desired of you was
a safe place to overnight.
It is plain that we
are not welcomed here.
So Gabriella and I
shall be leaving.
Come, Gabriella.
- All right! Stop!
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Come back.
What are your names?
- My name is Sofia.
My sister is called Gabriella.
- Look, enough jokes, okay?
You're good actors.
I'll give you that.
Just tell me who
puts you up to this,
and I'll give you a ride home.
And how did you get into my
house? 'Cause it was locked.
- The window was open.
- You came in up there?
- I did not intend
to awaken you.
Water came out. It
was not expected.
- Are you hungry?
Hogan, I'm sorry I
switched you off earlier.
You there, Chief?
- All active personnel.
Please switch over
to our new channel.
- Fred, wait!
I really wish you wouldn't
have smashed my phone.
Your family must
be looking for you.
- I have never seen a
storm like this before.
I believe it shall be difficult
to travel before it passes.
- Yeah, well, I got
news for you, kid.
You're on an island now.
Just stick here for a
while with the rest of us.
All right, um...
And food.
Where are you?
Come on.
Come on. Make some noise.
Make some noise.
- They heard you coming.
- Who?
- The ones who came before us.
- Hogan, are you there?
- Todd.
- Chief!
- Todd?
What's going on over there?
Your phone's going
straight to voicemail.
- Yeah. No, I, uh...
I broke it.
- Listen, Todd. I
saw your shed yesterday.
- Look, Chief, I'm calling
because someone out
my way threw a knife.
Okay? There was a kid out
there and he almost hit her.
Do you know what
could've happened,
if I wouldn't have
been here and heard it?
- Todd,
this is Calber Island.
Who was it?
- Well, how should I know?
I mean, how many people
are even left around here?
I meant the kid.
- There's two of 'em.
I've never seen them before.
- Come on down
to the office, okay?
Your shift don't
start till noon.
It's just me here.
- Copy.
- Slower.
- Figured someone should
be on the scanners.
I told the volunteers
to hit the road, Monday.
Only guys I have left are
Jack, Pete, and Barkley.
Pulling him off duty was
the exact right call.
If you hadn't done
it, I would have,
and I probably would've
put him on probation,
if I wasn't so short-staffed.
- Well, then why am I on leave?
- Mayor gave me no choice.
What was Fred thinking?
On duty.
He smelled like a dorm
room on game night.
- It was Tom's memorial
service up at the museum.
- There was a funeral
back in March.
- This one was for the family.
- All right. Where
are these kids at?
Apparently, the girls
are not missing persons.
Yeah, my first thought
was Sarah Hofsteder,
with her whole
off-the-grid nonsense.
- If I hadn't personally
thrown her and her six kids
off the island, I'd
have thought so, too.
- Oh.
- I don't think I've
ever seen two kids
so on the edge before.
It might be something the
three of you have in common.
- The older one says she
saw somebody out there.
Hiding earlier.
Then she clammed up and I
can't get a thing out of her.
- I can make some calls, but
I doubt we'll get any answers.
At least till the
bridge opens up.
- How long on that?
- A lot of damage.
Hopefully in a couple of
days, they'll get some boats
out here to get more
people to the mainland.
You wanna talk about it?
- We already did.
- That wasn't it.
- Look, I heard him on
the radio last night.
You know he could've gotten
over before the bridge went out.
- I told him to get on out.
His old man's probably
rolling over in his grave.
Don't do that to yourself.
It don't lead anywhere good.
You've got a home here, and
it was what Thomas wanted.
- A home?
I used to have friends here,
Chief. You know, people.
Now all I've got is a half-paid
mortgage, a leaky roof,
and Tom's pissed off relatives.
- Well, when they're all dead,
we'll gather around
and read their wills,
and they'll get
what they want then.
That's just how it goes.
- Did that sound like that
was coming from Kathy's place?
I'll stop by and take a
look at it on my way back.
- You're not on duty.
- Just a neighborly check-in.
Hello, Kathy?
- It's a shame.
She should've never
have been here.
I could've gotten everyone over
the bridge who wanted to go.
But no.
Todd's mad he didn't get
a memorial service invite.
- How did you know?
Or ignore me. That's fine.
What's that you got there?
And where did you get this?
- She plucked it from
the pocket of that man.
She's very skilled
at such things.
- Is that so?
What did you see out
there this morning?
The knife in the woods.
Whose is it?
I get it. I do.
We'll just...
Take a little
break or something.
Actually, you know what?
How about a game?
Kids like games, right?
It's the map game.
We'll each take turns saying
all the places we've ever been,
and I'll go first, okay?
I'm from Jacksonville,
right here.
After that, I went to
Paris Island, right here.
Then a lot of other places,
but mostly, all the way over
to here.
And then I came
all the way back.
To right here.
Calber Island.
Your turn.
- English.
- Why did you come back?
- I had to.
- Why?
- They said that I
wasn't in a good mindset.
What would happen if I
took you home right now?
- The outsiders would find us.
- Who are the outsiders?
Yeah, I guess that depends
on your point of view, huh?
People in the woods.
Are they the outsiders?
- What happened to it?
- Trade.
Something from me, for
something from you.
- You first.
- The bridge to the mainland
went out a couple days ago,
during the storm.
It broke.
Slid right into the water.
I made a decision to bench
one of the guys in our unit,
and you don't even
know what that means.
I told one of our guys to stay
home and not come to work.
Because of that, people here
think that they
could've gotten over.
So, they spray paint the
shed and do other things.
It makes 'em feel like they
did something about it.
See, I moved here.
Everyone else was born here.
I'm not the same as them.
- I knew you were an outsider.
- Then why do you stay?
- Was your turn.
- The ones in the jungle.
Very dangerous.
Of the clan that
killed our parents.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
Did you go into a
restaurant downtown?
Through a window?
Here you go.
Do you...
Do you need anything else, or...
- Sofia?
- I don't like it.
- But life
has its storms.
Full of thunder and
lightening without the rain.
In the moment, it may
not seem like a blessing,
but sometimes, storms
like these are pointless,
only if you don't
let them change you.
- I'm sorry about yesterday.
I didn't realize you
lost your parents.
- It was long ago.
Gabriella remembers not.
We lived with our uncle.
- You know, I lost
a good friend, too.
Not that long ago.
- Your parents?
- It was Lieutenant
Barkley's father.
- The angry one.
- Yeah.
Hey, I tell you what.
How about today we go out?
We can relax a
little, go into town.
There's just one thing I
need you to do for me first.
- Trade?
- What are you supposed to say?
- Sorry, I took your key card.
- Good job.
- Cheryl's boy
said he'd be back by now.
- Hey, Todd.
Mind if I join you folks?
- Sure.
- See, she's afraid after
what happened to Kathy.
She said there are other
people on the island.
- "Other people"?
- Yeah.
- What happened to Kathy
is under investigation.
And Zeke Dawson?
He's been known to pull a
stunt every now and then.
He's probably just
pulling his mom's leg.
- Where did Cheryl
last see them at, Hank?
- That's the funny thing.
He said he was going out
to take algae samples,
but I know he was huntin'.
- Aww, dad gum it.
How many times am I gonna
have to bust that boy
for hunting off season?
- Oh, I didn't mean
to get anybody in trouble.
- You just tell Cheryl
I'll come by later, okay?
- Here you go. Two
shakes for you, Hank.
- Ah. Thank you.
- And Hank?
- Yeah?
- Tell Cheryl to stay as
close to home as possible.
That's probably where
Zeke's gonna show up.
And have her ask him to stick
with taking algae samples.
Maybe he can help get
this stink out of the air.
- All right!
- Ghost stories, coming
out of the woodwork.
- Yeah. Let's, uh, talk
about something else.
- All right.
But it breaks my heart,
every time I see the guy.
- Not me. You remember
him before, right, Todd?
- For a while, yeah.
- Wanda.
They pumped a quart of
water out of his lungs.
The man flat-lined
for six minutes.
- Hey, I thought locals
couldn't smell that
stink in the air?
- Mm. I'm used to it.
The tourists sure do.
You don't still
smell it, do you?
- You kidding me?
This place smells like a toilet,
between the boat
factory and the algae?
At least the factory's
not an issue, anymore.
Hey, is the museum gonna open
up when the bridge is fixed?
Tom was always really
in favor of that place.
- Not to mention the 20 jobs.
Oh, you're not aware of that?
That raft washed in with
the storm, on Monday.
- This is that boat that went
missing a couple weeks ago.
What was it? The...
With Triangle Charters.
Got any propane
tanks back there?
Take one, please.
- I saw somethin' last night.
- You know you don't
have to believe
everything Joe
prints in that thing.
All right, Ethan.
What'd you see?
- Barbarians.
Like, like the guys in
the "Gladiator" movie?
- "Gladiator"?
- Yeah.
- He had face paint,
and uh, animal skins.
Where'd they come from?
- Zeke went missing
this morning. Did
you hear about that?
- Yeah. He'll turn up.
- No. It was them.
The barbarians.
People are gonna pin that
on you, too, you know.
- "Too"?
In addition to what?
- The bridge.
Lotta stuff going
on around here.
Anybody talk to any
of the county folk?
- The reason the county
folk live out there
is because they don't
wanna be bothered.
They have everything they need,
and they can come to
town, if they want to.
- Don't worry.
I believe you.
- Have we done well?
- Yeah.
- You can
pick up your propane,
around the back there.
Just make sure you show
Jackson your receipt, okay?
- Huh. I don't know.
Should we give it to him or not?
Fred told me what happened.
You just couldn't stand
to let him help, could ya?
Mr. High and Mighty,
huh? City Boy.
Has to do it all himself.
- City Boy has a
survival instinct.
Fred didn't have much of any
kind of instinct, at the time.
- Right. I guess that's
why Thomas favored you.
Your odds were just better.
- I don't want you sleeping
in the shed tonight.
Might be dangerous.
- Do you not learn
to fight here?
- Most people don't.
- Did you?
- I was different.
You wanna see it?
- Yes.
You could not have
fought with this weapon.
- I used a gun.
- It is delicate.
- "Delicate"?
- I will begin making a
stronger one for you, tomorrow.
There are tools in the shed.
I should look in on Gabriella.
- Go upstairs.
Watch it!
- Todd!
- Sorry.
What the blazes are
you doing out there?
Barkley heard shooting
and called me over.
- Yeah. It wasn't me!
- It wasn't you?
- No.
It was a hunting rifle.
- Look, I saw him.
It was just like Ethan said.
- Ethan?
- What'd I tell you, Chief?
- Easy, Todd.
This ain't loaded.
Fred picked it up outside.
- Was it Zeke that you saw?
- No.
- Zeke carved this exact
signature into a tree,
behind my fence line.
People are getting
more and more upset.
- Hogan, how long until
that ferry's up and running?
- They say the
closest available boat
is still in the panhandle.
- What about, uh,
local airboats,
or jet boats, or
whatever's out there?
I don't know what's
going on around here,
but I'm telling you, Hogan,
I saw a man I've never
seen before, okay?
He literally had had scars
and paint on his face.
He was like something
from the past.
- Sometimes, the symptoms
of stress can resurface.
How long has it been since
you talked to someone?
- Sofia talked about a
group of people out there.
The ones that killed
their parents.
- If the girls are saying
someone killed their parents,
shouldn't you be
asking more about that?
- Oh, come on. Have
some pity, Hogan!
I mean, how many times should
they have to relive that?
- Todd.
People are talking.
They're looking for
somebody to blame.
When that ferry opens up,
you might be having
a different problem.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Try to get some
sleep. All right?
I'll have Pete drive
by, every now and then.
- What?
- Cheeseburger does not agree
with Gabriella's stomach.
- I'll be right there.
I shouldn't have let
you eat such rich food
when you're not used to it.
I'm sorry.
Zeke Dawson!
What're you doing?
- Do you not want me to
make you a new sword?
- Sure.
How's Gabriella?
- Better.
- Sofia...
I've gotta ask you something.
- Vikings?
- The ones who came before us.
My people were trapped
in a land they did
not mean to come to.
We sought a new world,
but we got lost.
Stuck, somewhere.
- How long ago?
- 20 Generations.
But they were there,
long before us.
Lost, with nothing to conquer.
Until we came.
- In your home,
they're not the outsiders.
You are.
How many are there here?
- Five.
Three others died
on the journey.
- That's a pretty
specific number.
- It was a pretty long voyage.
- "Voyage"?
"Voyage"? You came
here on a boat?
- A Peacemaker brought us.
- "Peacemaker"?
"Peacemaker"? That's, uh...
They never knew
you were onboard.
- One did.
- What did he look like?
He didn't hurt you?
- We sailed west.
Then the storm came.
They killed the outsiders,
to prevent them from
swimming to land.
- So, uh...
So, what are these vikings?
What do they want?
- It's just their way.
They have never known
anything different.
- Will you
stay until I fall asleep?
- Trade.
Something about me, for
something about you.
- Story?
- Sure.
- There was a shepherd.
His brothers were at war, and
when he came to visit them,
a giant challenged him to fight.
- Wait.
How do you know that story?
- The books where your
language comes from.
- That was one of the books?
- He fought the giant
with three smooth rocks.
Your turn.
- Okay.
I'm coming up blank.
Maybe your sister's got one.
- When I was only a little
older than Gabriella,
I remember a man.
He was hungry,
and stole a basket of fish
from an important man.
They said he would
be sent away for it.
My uncle and my father,
they both tried to stop it.
But they couldn't.
We all assumed he'd
be killed by them.
- The vikings?
- But three weeks later,
they returned,
and killed many in our village.
- Including your parents?
- People began to say
that the man had led them
back to us, for revenge.
But I did not believe them.
- Is...
Is he the one that
hid you in the boat?
For your uncle's sake?
- They were friends.
I believed he would protect us.
- Do you remember his name?
- You have
read the books?
- What other books did you find?
- Lots.
Most had the same title, though.
- What was it?
- "TV Guide".
You do not have
many friends here.
- No.
But I'm used to it.
- My whole life,
I was afraid of the books.
It changed the ones who read it.
- I bet your uncle read it.
- Perhaps change is what
scares your people, too.
- Change isn't
always a bad thing.
Sometimes it's great.
- Listen. He's not a bad guy.
He's just not...
I don't know.
Thinking straight.
I mean it's not bad, but what
if he acts upon it, you know?
Keep the change.
- Fred's never sat
around here before.
- Well, he does
have a point there.
- Hey, Wanda. Your
daughter on the mainland.
She has a boat, right?
- Yeah. It's
just a little putsy thing.
- Seats four people.
That's four people rescued.
10 trips?
That's all it'll
take to get everyone
safely to the mainland.
- Uh, rescued from what?
- Oh!
- Hm.
Oh! Sorry.
- You in, Hank? It's
just for a couple weeks.
It's, uh, like a
little vacation.
- I don't take vacation.
- Wanda's going.
- Well, yeah. When the
ferry service gets here.
- No, no, no, no. Sooner.
- You're telling me you
want me off the island?
- Yes.
- What about my car?
- You can come back
and get it later.
Uh, rescued from what?
- I'm not gonna answer that.
You got anything
going on later today?
- Uh...
I was gonna go to Rob's place
later, mow his front lawn?
You know, seeing as he's
stuck "Being in a evacuee."
- I was gonna go out and
look for Zeke Dawson today.
Wouldn't mind if you came
along, just as a witness.
In case I come across something?
I don't need any
more accusations.
- Yeah. Sure.
- Zeke!
- Zeke!
- River is the only
fresh water around here.
I don't think they're
gonna get too far from it.
Hey, why'd you stay on the
island near the storm, Hank?
Why didn't you evacuate?
- I don't know. Just
didn't know where I'd go.
- What's the furthest
way you've ever been?
- Farthest?
- Yeah, you ever go anywhere?
- I went to Naples, once.
- Naples?
- Yeah!
- Hank, that's like
an hour from here.
- Yeah. Well, never
had nowhere to go.
- What about before
the accident?
- I don't know.
- You don't remember?
- Nah.
- That puts things into
perspective a little bit.
- Like what?
- Most of us here, we've
lost someone or something.
You've lost everything you have,
and you're the
happiest guy I know.
That's gonna take
a while to fix.
Town our size might
not survive the wait.
- What if they don't fix it?
- Winds
continue across the state,
with a threat for fire.
The howling North winds
have backed off some,
Wednesday morning, but
they will pick back up,
Wednesday afternoon.
- Yeah. Anyone there?
- Todd, I need you
to come down to the beach.
- So, the
fire danger is extreme.
Please use caution and do not-
- Yeah. I'm on my way.
I have to go to town.
Keep the doors locked, okay?
- Boy, I tell you.
When I catch these jokers,
whoever they are...
- Hey, the raft in the paper
came in Banker's Cove, right?
- Yeah.
- They've had high algae
levels here lately.
Higher than usual.
You know, if a boat
were to wash in...
- Could be.
Let's go.
Barkley was all over town today.
I think he talked to every
last person on the island.
- Yeah, I saw him.
- If I was you, I wouldn't be
going out much for a while.
I'm getting old.
I can fire Barkley,
I can write reports,
but the one thing I cannot
do is stop an angry mob
from storming your cabin,
looking for that Dawson kid.
- Thinks they're in my house?
What? Like, logged
up in my attic?
Is that the rumor?
- Come on, Todd.
You know what he's up to.
Fred is trying to
pressure you out.
And everything he's saying
is just fertilizer
for the grapevine.
The problem is,
nobody knows that.
Everybody thinks you're crazy.
Especially talking about
barbarians in the woods.
- I know how it sounds.
- Then why do you
keep saying it?
- Where did the girls come from?
And the arrow? You saw
it out there yesterday.
- That arrow doesn't
prove anything.
And the backwoods
people on this island?
They're just weird.
They could be from anywhere.
- I just don't think
it's a coincidence.
- "Coincidence"?
- Yeah, I mean, Calber Island.
This town.
It's an artifact.
A fossil. I mean, it's
just evidence of the past.
No? You don't think so?
Who's gonna pay for those
bridge repairs? The state?
We're losing our
industry, Chief.
I mean, even Wanda's leaving.
And now, some
ancient viking clan
gets spat out the
Bermuda Triangle?
They shouldn't exist today,
and frankly, neither should we.
I mean, what're we
even doing here, Chief?
And I don't just mean
me. I mean all of us.
Thomas may have been
wrong in his methods,
but he was right
about one thing.
This town is dying.
Whether we like it or not.
- Look at that.
The mainland is so close.
You can see the lights.
But it might as well
be 100 miles away.
I used to fish down here.
There's an inlet that opens
up, when the tide is right.
There's a sandbar.
Used to trap the fish
in shallow water.
- He could've washed in
and gotten stuck there?
- Oh, man.
- So you do
smell that, huh?
- I don't know how,
but I'm beginning to think
you might be onto something.
Oh, man.
One time, I helped
my granddaughter
research a report on
vikings, for school.
And I remember reading
that, sometimes,
they would leave a man
behind, to guard the dead.
- Guard them from what?
- People like us, I guess.
What? What the?
- Hogan!
What part about "Keep
the door locked"
do you not understand?
- You saw them again.
- He killed Hogan.
- This is unlike them.
They fight in groups.
- Yeah, well, they're
in new territory, now.
We might not have long,
before they start to feel
comfortable here, too.
- Todd!
- Not a good time, Joe.
- Look.
I respect your sense of duty.
And I'll give
you, a situation like this
could take a toll
on a guy like you.
- A guy like me.
- Mm-hm.
- Exactly what kind of guy
do you think I am, huh?
Am I crazy?
Am I dangerous?
- Look. No one said dangerous.
- Fred, we've gotta talk.
- Now Zeke.
- Yeah, well, something
else happened last night.
- Listen, I don't care about
what happened last night.
- That's what I'm
hear about, okay?
- No one's heard from
Hogan this morning.
Not on the radio,
not on the phone.
10 years, I've
worked on this force.
- I don't wanna
tell you like this.
Fred, I do not want
to tell you like this!
- Tell me what?
- Hogan's dead.
- He's dead?
- He's dead.
Last night.
- It was you!
- No.
- Stop it, Pete.
- Stop what? The
channel was open.
We all heard him put you
out of the squad car.
He just couldn't take the
competition and finally snapped.
And now it doesn't
even matter anymore.
Whatever it takes to
make him look right.
- You said that? Is
that what you said?
- Pete!
I didn't say you killed anybody.
- Right. You just said
whatever it takes.
- Look. No
one is coming for us.
It's time we take this
into our own hands,
before someone else dies.
- That's a great idea. Let's
see what that leads to.
- Yeah, you know you're
sick. You know that?
I never came to
Calber Island for you.
I came for him, and I thought
you'd be grateful for it.
Thomas set me up is all he did.
- That's the first thing
you've said that I believe.
Setups were my old
man's specialty.
Or didn't you realize that?
Knowing him all of
what, two years?
- Oh, you're just
here to spite him.
- I thought you'd take my side.
- Yeah, you have no idea
what it was like out there!
- He's dead because of you.
- That's right!
- Him and his big dreams for me.
- He's dead because of
me and I have one thing,
One thing that I can do
to make it up for him.
He asked you to do something
and you did the exact opposite!
You know what he wanted for you?
He gave you enough to
last you for years,
and all you care about
is one leaky-roof,
roach-infested house!
- Exactly what he
wanted her to do.
- That's not all he
meant, and you know it!
This place is trouble for you.
It's trouble for everybody.
Go ahead and take it.
Have it your way, Fred.
You and this town were
made for each other.
- What happened to Hogan?
- Left the body on the
Peacemaker. Banker's Cove.
- You found the Peacemaker?
- It's bad.
- You'll have to
make a statement.
- I'm asking you one more time.
Get yourself from the
mainland, before it's too late.
- Yeah, and Hank. Conway.
Who else?
- Pip.
- Uh-huh.
- Joe.
- Yeah.
- Mark and
Cindy are staying.
So's the whole east
side of Main Street.
We won't need more than
two or three round trips?
- How it go again?
- "I've lived on this
island, 60 years,
and I'll be darned
if I go anywhere!
For a storm, or a flood,
or a war party from the Crip!
- But life
has its stories.
Full of thunder and
lightning, without the rain.
- Wanda's place is
closed. She said forever.
I was at Porky's this morning.
And Jackson said
you killed Chief Hogan.
Which, you know, I said he was
probably mistaken and such,
but I, I don't think
anybody believed me.
- I gave Fred the house key.
- Wait. Are you leaving, too?
- In a manner of speaking.
Look. Vikings know
what a boat is.
Soon as we start bringing
them back and forth
from the mainland,
they're gonna want one.
Somehow, I've gotta keep
their eyes off of that water.
- Well, maybe you could talk
to 'em. Work something out!
- Yeah, sure. Maybe.
- Listen. You're the only
one I can ask of this, Hank.
Make sure they get off.
If you can get help, send
back here for the rest of us.
- I don't think anybody's
gonna believe me.
Why don't you do it,
when you get back?
- You can do this,
Hank! You can.
Tell them whatever
you have to tell them
to get them moving, okay?
Tell them that I've gone crazy.
That I'm coming after them.
I don't care. Just get help.
Send back here for the
rest of us. Real help.
Take Sofia and Gabriella
and don't come back.
You hear me?
- Yeah.
- Give me just one second. Okay?
- Yeah.
- Here.
This is for you.
But I thought you
had need of it?
- No.
I just really wanted to see
if you could make a sword.
It's time for you and Gabriella
to leave Calber Island.
- The end of an era.
When your way of life
changes, trouble comes,
but it pushes you out, into
the best part of your story.
- Sound like someone
else I used to know.
Hey. One more trade.
When I was your age, I
didn't have much of a family.
Managed to push away
anybody that I did have.
They said military school
would straighten me out.
So, off I went.
A bunch of rich brats.
I never started any fights,
but I sure finished them.
So I was always in trouble.
Anyways, I wasn't popular.
None of that stuff.
So I graduated,
and I didn't know
where to go home to.
So I joined up.
Served under a man
named Thomas Barkley.
Took me under his wing, and
I don't know why he did,
he never told me why, but
he treated me like family.
He would say that my
life was worth something.
That it mattered.
That my future mattered.
That my decisions mattered.
Nobody had ever talked
to me like that before.
People in this town say a
lot of things about Thomas,
but the truth is,
he was a good man.
He loved his wife, and
his kids, Fred and Elaine.
He worried about them every day.
Fred, most of all.
- Fred Barkley does not
know how lucky he is.
- One day, I was in
a really tough spot.
Sniper had me in his crosshairs.
But Thomas picked him
off from a good ways off.
By doing so, he gave
away his position.
That should've been me.
Thomas would've came home,
if he wouldn't have
fired that shot.
Anyways, I came home and
they read his last wishes
and everybody found out
that he gave me the house.
He should've gave it to
Fred, but he gave it to me.
- That was cruel of Thomas.
Why did he do that?
- Because he was done enabling.
Sometimes, what's
best for us, hurts.
I mean, sooner or later,
the house won't be worth
two nickels, anyways.
That was a really
big one about me.
- Are you saying goodbye?
- I'm gonna find the
one from your village.
If you're the judge of
character that I think you are,
he may be our best chance
of getting through to them.
You girls are gonna
be okay. I promise.
Truck's all yours.
- Hank. We thought maybe
you were next next!
- "Next"?
- Where is he, Hank?
The Peacemaker turned
up this morning.
Todd could be in
a lot of trouble.
= I need another boat. We
have to get to the mainland.
- Sofia told me about you,
and I want to trust you.
Do not think that you'll
do the same with me
as you did to Zeke
and those teenagers.
Why aren't you with Hank?
Where's Gabriella?
- I should've said goodbye.
- What did he say?
- "The storms are like
lightning without rain."
- Where is he?
- I don't know, and
that's the truth.
Todd told me to take Sofia
and Gabriella to the mainland,
and to send help.
- Why?
- 'Cause nobody believes him!
- Look, I can think of
one way to get 'em out.
- Hey. You leave them alone.
- Give me the keys, Hank.
- Listen. They'll be fine.
They can't leave
the island, anyway.
- I gotta go get help now.
- Hey!
I thought there were two?
- You get to the docks.
Gabriella's your responsibility.
I'll catch up, if I can.
Go. When I say go, you go
and you don't look back.
You hear me?
- Hey Jack. Did
you check the radar?
- Pete. It started a fire, man.
It's not good.
- Hey, let's get
the water truck out.
Get the kid inside somewhere.
- No. I have to take them back
to the mainland and get help.
- I was
afraid of the books.
It changed the ones who read it.
Perhaps change is what
scares your people, too.
- How did
you get in here?
- Why do you all have
so much trouble with windows?
- You think
they'll have any trouble?
- Did Todd
send you for help?
- Yeah.
- Go get it.
- What about the girls?
- We'll take care of 'em.
Jack, you two.
- No, I'm good. I'm good.
- Nobody flies solo.
We stick together.
That's the rules.
- Hey, come on.
- Gabriella!
- Hey
- Oh, God. No.
- Thomas.
- No. You should
take your energy.
Listen to me.
Birdie and Elaine will be okay.
- What?
I don't worry about
'em. They'll move on.
But Fred...
Stubborn, like me.
Loves the status quo, far
more than it loves him back.
Nothing this side of
death lasts forever.
Promise me you won't see
him waste his life away.
You need a home and
he needs a future.
I gave him a little
help getting started,
but life has its storms,
full of thunder and
lightning without the rain.
In the moment, it may
not seem like a blessing.
But sometimes, storms like these
are pointless, only if you
don't let them change you.
Humble yourself under it.
- He did it for you, Fred.
All for you.
Why do you fight it so much?
- Today, after
enjoying more than 140 years
of township status, hundreds
of residents are protesting
the state's decision
not to rebuild
the Calber Island Bridge.
The bridge was destroyed
during a mudslide
that occurred two weeks ago.
Next up, meteorologists
across the state
are all talking about a...
- Guess where I am.
- Naples.
- Seattle.
- No way,
Hank. Good for you.
- Yeah!
I wanted to try Tokyo, but they
said I needed a "passport"?
Are the girls okay?
- Yeah.
- Is Fred okay?
- Yeah, he will be.
You know, I really wish I
wouldn't have given Hank
my truck keys.
That a girl.
Trip time.
Maybe we can go 50
miles an hour this time.
- No!