Calibre 9 (1972) Movie Script

The delivery's been made.
I'll pass the word on.
We've been robbed.
The money.
Where's the money?
Where's the money?
Ugo, what a coincidence.
Looking for a cab?
I've been in for three years,
I'm not wasting my first taste
of freedom with you, Rocco.
Looking for a car?
I'll give you a lift.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Then that's where I'll take you.
Get in, on my right.
You thief.
Sit at the right hand of God Almighty.
Nicola, Pasquale this is Ugo.
Ugo Piazza.
He used to work with us
and he liked it.
You like it too.
Didn't you like it, Ugo?
You liked it, you liked it.
He liked it.
But he wanted more.
Right, Ugo?
You know
he stole $300,000
during a handover.
A briefcase full of money.
Then you know what he did?
Messed up a robbery.
He got caught
before we got to him.
His plan was perfect.
He got four years.
Then good conduct and a pardon
and here he is.
Thief, all right
He got good conduct
and got an early release.
I didn't take that money.
Are you taking me for a fool?
You were the last runner.
The money was there
then it was gone.
Did it fly away?
Money can't fly.
30,000 ten-dollar bills
can't fly away.
Do you know what it would look like?
A giant money cloud.
Rocco, you had them
beat me in prison too.
I didn't take that money
and don't know who did.
You did. You took it.
Everyone else is dead,
it had to be you.
And where were you going now?
Off on my own.
To get your money, thief.
You did a good job hiding it.
Three years is a long time.
I hope the rats didn't get to it.
Good job hiding it.
What do you want, Rocco?
The American wants you.
He wants his 300,000 dollars.
You got arrested the same day,
you can't have spent it.
He wants it right now.
If you'd given it back
before the trial, he'd forgive you.
Well, not forgive.
He'd split your head open,
break an arm, castrate you
You know what he's like.
I know what he's like
and he knows what happened.
So what do I tell The American?
That I won't see him,
I have nothing to say.
Ugo there's no way out.
No way out.
The day you go get the money,
we'll be there.
The day you buy anything,
we'll be there.
If you try to leave Milan,
we'll kill you.
As soon as you set foot on a plane.
Search him.
The American said not to hurt him.
We don't want him
to reprimand us, do we?
See you later, Ugo.
Take care.
Let's go.
Commissioner, it's Ugo Piazza.
- What do I do?
- Let him in.
Mercuri, watch this.
Piazza, just out of jail
and already visiting us.
You shouldn't have,
you could have taken your time.
This is Ugo Piazza,
a repeat offender.
He's a bad fellow but
he was pardoned and released.
This is my new partner,
Deputy Commissioner Mercuri.
- Are you here to file a report?
- I fell down.
From where, Mount Everest?
Get him a cognac.
These men need assistance
when they get out.
French cognac for you.
They were waiting for you,
weren't they?
I got hit by a scooter.
I lost my I.D. card
and my release papers.
- What do you want from me?
- A temporary I.D.
Or I can't get a hotel.
Give it to him.
Piazza and I go back twenty years.
Something like that.
I work hard to get him behind bars
then along comes a pardon
and here he is.
What are your plans?
- To take it easy.
- Just like in jail.
Now that you know how
to get an early release.
What's it like in prison?
They're all the same,
they're terrible.
He even complains about it.
They're going to close it down.
To build a new, healthy, spacious one.
A holiday resort.
They'll probably send women in,
like in Mexico.
A psychologist
will say it's good for you.
You have to be happy in there
so when you get out,
you're perfectly healthy.
I think Italian prisons
can be criticised
They're in bad shape, the state
is taking revenge on the inmates.
For example,
this talk about pardons
Too many of them.
These crooks know what they're doing.
Only in a country like this
do they forgive so easily.
Pardons incite crimes.
Tell the truth, Piazza.
Were you thinking about a pardon
during the robbery?
No, about not getting caught.
Or how much time you'd get
and how much you'd serve?
You only worry about pardons
once you're in.
What about the new law?
We can't interrogate anymore,
just collect evidence.
The magistrate does the interrogating.
It's a new policy, it will work.
Sure, it depends on the judge.
What do magistrates know
about people like him?
What will he ask him?
I know him in and out.
How he steals and smokes,
if he's smart or stupid.
What he wants, how to twist him
People like you
don't mess up robberies.
And rumours started
the day you were arrested.
I'd have kicked you out that day.
The American's men were after you.
But I can help you out.
All I want is a temporary I.D.
If only they'd got you
one less criminal.
And I would have got your murderer.
I'll be glad if they kill you.
And even more glad
if I get your murderer.
Do you need any money?
I got 30,000 lire in my shoe.
- They didn't look there?
- No, they didn't.
I know about The American's
missing 300,000 dollars.
We'd close down
if it weren't for informers.
- What do you mean?
- Don't play stupid.
You'll pull that money out
sooner or later.
Let's make a deal.
Just you and I, no one else.
Mercuri, leave the room.
- What kind of deal?
- You know.
I want The American and he wants you.
You need our help.
Thanks, but I didn't take that money.
Then beat it, you fool.
And don't call when it's too late,
you know the rules.
Wait a second.
Who do you think is smarter?
You, me or The American?
I'm not smart.
You're not at all.
The American
Come here, Mercuri.
You're new here.
The American's organisation is big.
- Do you have any orders?
They smuggle money
through a lot of hands.
I've been breathing down his neck
for years but can't get him.
I've been studying this thing.
I think your investigation
is too unilateral.
What? They're as organised
as the secret service.
The runners are given
one phone number
and it's always a public business.
Maybe I haven't explained myself.
At every change in the stock market,
every bad opportunity,
billions of lire go up in smoke.
The state is suffering because of it.
What's your point?
It isn't The American
who lays the cards.
It's also bankers and businessmen
swimming in money.
The rich don't care
about the country's economy.
They send money to Switzerland,
Germany, Liechtenstein.
So what?
In addition to The American,
let's go after them too.
Mercuri, I get the feeling
you don't like the wealthy very much.
Mr. Piazza, please.
Room 32, give me the keys.
Who are you?
Nicola, help Grandpa
with his crossword puzzle.
We'll be right back.
Let's start, I'm a genius.
If you're not in the mood,
I can come back.
The American waited until 8:00.
Then he had to go out.
Oh well, we'll do it tomorrow.
The office is in the same place.
Now we import electronic calculators.
Do you know why
we don't just drag you over there?
Because he said:
"Tell him I want to see him."
He didn't say: "Bring him to me."
Were you calling
Animal Protection Services?
I'm here to protect you.
look around but remember
Take it easy.
Be careful
this stuff isn't mine,
yours or even Ugo's.
Do you like this hotel?
Is it clean?
"4th century Greek philosopher."
How many letters?
Give me an easier one.
"Trigonometric shape."
I said easier.
Careful or you'll disturb
the hotel whores.
Be careful.
I know you're too smart
to hide the money here.
How dare you exploit us?
I'd understand a bank robbery.
But exploiting the American
is wrong.
I bet you wished The American
died while you were in jail.
But he's immortal.
The abbreviation for Foggia is FG.
The great gladiator of Tracia
is Gigi Riva.
He's a gladiator, too.
Three years in jail
and nothing's changed.
See, Ugo?
You're making a mistake.
You have to give the money back.
I said to myself:
as soon as Ugo realises
he's wrong, he'll pull out the money.
Unless he's got a plan.
If he had a plan to exploit
The American, then he's a god.
Do you know what
The American always says?
Do unto others
what they want to do to you
before they do it.
The American
is always in his office by 9:00.
But you can also come at 10:00.
Old man,
there's a madman in 32,
call the asylum.
Mr. Piazza
is destroying everything.
Call the owner,
the police, turn him in.
I'm talking to you, you old fool.
Call the police.
Fuck off
Old man, remember
this place is a whorehouse.
Who is it? What do you want?
It's really you.
It's been a long time.
How are you, Don Vincenzo?
What do you expect?
Come in.
Make yourself comfortable.
- How about some coffee?
It's already made.
I can't go without.
You haven't come around.
I know.
I'm here to talk to Chino.
I know, I know.
No one comes to visit me anymore.
But back then
when you worked for me
Ugo, come in here.
Excuse me, Don Vincenzo.
When I gave orders
You haven't changed.
Neither have you.
We're not who we were ten years ago.
Why have you come?
I'm in trouble.
Have you heard?
I've only heard the rumours
But I don't pay much attention.
Do you believe it?
What does it matter?
I didn't take that money.
So what?
All right.
What do you want?
What do you think
about The American?
I know he's an ugly beast.
I've never worked for him.
He's powerful and dangerous.
With influential friends up high
and ruthless friends down low.
Don't get on his bad side.
He's clean too.
Never been in the slammer.
That means he's hand-in-hand with
police, creditors and magistrates.
He's been a boss for twenty years.
He's very dangerous.
I know.
with you at my side
What do you want, protection?
I'm powerless against The American.
Do you need a place to hide?
Sorry, but I'm not getting involved,
it's against the rules.
I'm not afraid of them
but I'm not getting involved.
It's against the rules.
I need 100,000 lire
to pay the hotel damage.
The American's men paid me a visit.
I'll give you money.
You can always ask me
for anything.
Except to break the rules.
I don't know if you did it.
But if you broke the rules
they'll make you pay for it.
I know the money is not here either.
But The American is in his office,
and you know him.
Always on time, just like a Milanese.
He hasn't asked about you yet today.
But if he does,
I can't say you're not here.
You're rich.
You owe me 100,000 lire.
You're Rocco?
If you knew I was Rocco,
you wouldn't have done that.
When a friend asks for money,
I give it to him.
You can't walk in my house like that.
My name is Chino.
OK, Chino.
You're right.
- Let's go.
- I didn't say you could leave.
Just like I didn't say
you could come in.
Give him the money, Rocco.
Now you're asking too much, Chino.
You can talk about that outside.
The American won't like this.
Fuck The American.
Put it back where it was.
You can go now.
This isn't over yet.
I think you should go see
The American.
Are you alright, Chino?
Tell Rocco I'm coming up
with Mr. Piazza.
I had you come here because
I want you to work with Rocco.
No more being a runner.
Rocco says
you've made powerful friends.
Anyone can be bought
for 300,000 dollars.
Chino only gets 3 million lire
to kill someone.
Listen up because after today
I don't want to see you anymore.
Listen to Rocco,
we'll treat you right.
If you want to see me again,
come with 300,000 dollars in tens.
Just like it was when you stole it.
There's no point joining Don Vincenzo,
he's a nobody now.
He's a beggar now.
His days are over.
Behave yourself
and do what Rocco tells you.
Now go.
If you run into Chino
tell him he's gone too far
and I want an apology.
How are you, Ugo?
I heard you got out.
She always asks about you.
Get me a drink.
Whisky with water, no ice.
She'll be off soon.
Here you are, Mr. Piazza.
Look how much Luca has grown.
Ugo's here.
I thought you'd take
the first flight to Beirut.
How are you, Nelly?
Three years older.
Does The American know you're out?
I'm working for him again.
I don't believe it.
Well, that's your business.
You got out yesterday,
what took you so long to come?
Answer me.
I just found out I'm going to live.
Yesterday I wasn't sure.
What's your situation?
Not good,
I don't even have a house.
I hope you're not leaving already.
I'm done for the night.
Let's leave together.
Yes, they're following us.
It doesn't matter,
as long as they know where I am.
Why did The American hire you back
instead of shooting you?
To keep an eye on me.
As long as he thinks
I've got the money,
I'm safe.
Why are you staying in Milan?
- Why don't you go to Beirut?
- And do what?
Enjoy the money.
So you think just like everyone else?
You're not going up.
There's nothing between us.
I told him
we might spend the night together.
Grin and bear it.
You have to accept it.
Do you want some disinfectant?
Are you sure?
I'll be right back.
The place looks much nicer
than before.
Yes, things have changed.
It was hard.
I was free when you were gone.
It was supposed to be easier.
it was much harder.
I was really lonely.
I didn't even have you
to think about.
I'm not asking you for an explanation.
You don't owe me one.
Three years is a long time for anyone.
Can't I have a drink?
The usual?
Have you got a steady boyfriend?
No, they've come and gone.
But I've never wanted a steady one.
I don't want
to have to say goodbye to anyone.
But now you're here,
you can stay if you want.
All I've ever thought about
is when I'd get you back.
Even though it's been three years,
now that you're here
What about the left-wing extremists?
Give them a copy of the Constitution.
They know it by heart,
they always use it against me.
Will this be an everyday occurrence?
Someone reported hotel damages.
You broke mirrors, sofas... etc.
- Should I call the madhouse?
- I paid the damages.
I know, but
they won't withdraw the charges.
I'll call a lawyer. They'll
withdraw the charges in the end.
I know,
a lot has changed in two days.
It's our old friend Piazza again.
Here we are.
We're friends, aren't we?
I'm not your enemy.
Don't be clever,
this isn't a game.
I don't care about
The American or his men.
The stakes are much higher now.
Who orders the money?
Who gives money to The American,
where does the trafficking start?
These things aren't important.
Don't be such a pain,
do something good.
I mind my own business.
I heard you're with
The American's men again.
I don't want to be.
- Have you ever seen him?
- Once.
- How's he doing?
- Good, I think.
Did you give him the money back?
- Did you give it back?
- I never had it.
What did you say to each other?
- I told him the truth.
- What about him?
- The same old story.
- What?
- Same old story.
- What's the story?
He wants the 300,000 dollars.
How's it looking for you?
Let me make you an offer.
I'll give you the money.
What money?
The 300,000 dollars
they stole from him.
- For what?
- To pay The American back.
So he kills you and I arrest him.
He's worth more
than 300,000 dollars.
Jokes aside,
I could pay you for information.
Save your breath.
I'm not being an informer.
Have you already found a job?
- I'm looking for one.
- In nightclubs?
I know everything about you.
You're scrounging off
that dancing whore.
Get out of here.
And remember I'm onto you.
Go and be a parasite.
Get out of here.
You filthy manipulator.
Who is it?
How can you sleep
with that fox at your side?
Get to the point.
I'd take your place.
She's a fox.
She's matured with age,
got more experience.
She didn't waste any time.
You're too stupid to talk about women.
Talk or I'm hanging up.
You're a son of a bitch.
You're an idiot
and I'm a son of a bitch, so what?
I'll show you who's an idiot
and who's a son of a bitch.
Are you done yet?
It's tomorrow.
Be careful.
Nine o'clock sharp.
- Received, confirmed.
- I'll call you back.
All right, later.
He's in.
All right.
Tell him the gift is ready
and at the bar.
Is there a package for me?
It's for me.
- Did your friend get in?
- Yes, and he left again.
Now make sure it's all there.
It was all there.
Franois Durremat.
39, from Lugano.
Alfredo Bertolon.
22, from Pieve Veneto.
Are you happy?
We finally found crooks
from the North.
This Bertolon has a clean record.
Right, he's clean.
But he's been stopped three times
for student protesting.
Three times, he's an anarchist.
Everyone's an anarchist to you
since those students beat you up.
Look at the picture.
We know this chap.
Right, it's Pasquale.
The American's hit man.
Imagine tonight's headlines
We could arrest Pasquale.
And fill the jail with those deviants.
The American has
at least 200 runners.
Some don't know what they carry,
others know and get killed.
Or they're killed because
they think we've identified them.
Like Bertolon.
Why don't we act
on a larger scale?
Come on.
Where do I get the men?
You're new
but you know our team.
Let's get the ones
who evict people.
And who beat up students and workers.
There are enough officers for that.
Stop being a subversive.
People have had enough
of strikes and occupations.
What people?
The so-called "orthodox" ones?
You read too much left-wing material.
There are people born rich,
and people who get rich.
Which one
are you talking about?
Has a rich man ever said:
"Let's pay the Southerners better"?
Or: "Let's give them better homes"?
- The rich don't bother anyone.
- Yes they do.
What do we have here?
Rich people sending money abroad.
Of course they're bothersome.
This isn't a political rally.
There are two kinds of rich people.
We're going to fight people
who send their money abroad.
there's no red flag here.
remember property is theft."
That's right.
We need to remember
that property is theft.
All we do is provide services
to the rich.
We are supposed
to enforce the laws.
All men are equal.
Who's equal?
Have we ever clubbed a rich man?
You think the rich are always right.
And the workers, students
and Southerners are always wrong.
Does anyone want to applaud?
I will.
You may be right or wrong,
I don't know.
But this isn't reality.
You're from the country
where people steal chickens.
We're fighting The American,
a man with balls.
Nice speeches don't work,
he can do me in.
All you've done is blow smoke.
This isn't stuff to talk about
at a police station.
The American is causing a stir.
Bombs in broad daylight.
He used to be more subtle.
Now he's got a lot of men.
The more he has,
the less they control themselves.
He should know that.
He's obviously very busy.
Listen up, Ugo.
Stay away from them, it won't last.
Do you know what The American said?
He wants an apology from you.
I'm not apologising for anything.
I used to respect him
but now he's out of control.
Soon they'll be opening
an Anti-Mafia squad in Milan too.
Anti-Mafia in Milan?
- What's the Mafia got to do with it?
- Nothing.
It's not them in other places either.
They call it the Mafia,
but they're just gangs now.
Gangs fighting each other.
The real Mafia doesn't exist anymore.
When drug dealers want
to invest their earnings,
they build apartment blocks.
So the construction gangs kill them.
Where's the Mafia in that?
The real Mafia is gone.
Do you realise
you're at a dead end?
Your job is dangerous.
The police know everything.
Why don't you just leave?
- No.
- Why not?
They'd kill me.
I have 5 million lire saved,
take it and run.
As long as
you're out of this situation.
They'd think
I'm spending the 300,000 dollars.
They'd come after me.
I can't move until they believe
I didn't take that money.
I didn't join the gang again
because I was afraid.
But to find out who took it.
To be clean again.
You think The American stole it.
He had a sudden deal
and instead of delivering the money,
he said you stole it.
If that's the case,
you'll never prove it.
If that's the case
But it might not be.
- What do you mean?
- What about Rocco?
Pasquale, Nicola, or someone else
You expect to find proof
after three years?
Do you have any clues?
Thanks, Luca.
That will be all.
So if you have no clues
Right, I don't.
But to prove it was me,
the person will have to
compromise somewhere.
Then I'll get the advantage.
Rotten Italian thieves.
We found out who it was.
We're going to off him now.
Without getting the money?
The American doesn't care
about the 30 million lire.
He wants to teach a lesson.
All right, men
and you, Ugo.
Come with me.
- They're on their way.
Get ready.
The idiot is telling
the son of a bitch to shoot.
And you'd better be
the first and last.
- Shoot.
- No, that's Chino.
300,000 dollars wasn't enough,
you wanted more.
You're all wrong.
Your friend Chino won't get away.
We're going to do him in
today or tomorrow.
And even if he doesn't die,
he'll get a life sentence for murder.
Chino didn't do anything.
Chino is a hit man
who kills for 3 million lire.
He must be happy,
he made 30 million in one shot.
But now he's done and you're here.
Listen, American.
Listen to reason.
- I do.
- No, you don't.
Go ahead and say your last words.
Let's hear how you reason.
I didn't steal the 300,000 dollars,
just like Chino
didn't steal the 30 million lire.
No one knew the plan.
Rocco did.
So did Pasquale and Franceschino.
Rocco knew.
And so did I.
Yes, I did.
But why do you suspect me?
And Chino?
Don't confuse the facts,
you saw Chino the day before.
- You planned it.
- Chino is honest.
And he doesn't do things like that.
The plan hadn't been finalised
when he saw Chino.
So what? Maybe he called him.
I was informed about the plan
half an hour before.
And I was with Pasquale
the whole time.
Ask him if I made any calls.
He didn't.
Maybe you planned it beforehand.
At the bowling alley.
Did Chino know about your job?
I told him.
But he doesn't care
about other people's business.
He's got his own work.
Let's hear your story.
I see you're being reasonable.
OK, it could've been me.
But not Chino.
He'd never do something like that.
Rocco knows as much as I do
about the plans.
Maybe he had an accomplice.
What about Pasquale?
But Pasquale wouldn't have killed
his own man.
That's your call to judge.
And out of everyone,
only you know who knew the plan
and who is good enough to do it,
I don't.
And what about
the German fellow?
How do you know
he didn't have an accomplice?
Maybe he waited for
an Italian to steal the briefcase.
He's trying to confuse you.
It was him and Chino.
He's a con,
he's trying to screw us all.
Look, American.
There's one more thing
I'd like to say.
Say it.
I didn't take the 300,000 dollars.
I wasn't the only one
who could've done the job.
Not that job or this one.
My sweet boy.
What do I do with all this money?
I have to go.
Get Don Vincenzo's body
and have it buried.
- Do it in three days.
- I will.
The cemetery plot
has already been paid for.
Have a nice marble tombstone made.
Any connection between the bowling
alley death and the old man?
The bowling-alley chap was German
and belonged to The American's gang.
We've known about him for years.
How do you know?
He's new in our records.
We only know his name was Vincenzo.
You said the bowling-alley chap
was killed
- by the one they just killed.
- Well, I was wrong.
What was the shoot-out like?
Very intense.
The number of shells proves it.
You can't prove anything.
They kill each other and
we're playing with bullet shells.
What about the other man?
The blind man?
An old man
who happened to be walking by.
We can't identify him
because he had no I.D. on him.
So far,
no one's reported him missing.
Was he homeless?
No, his clothes were clean.
It's our prized
democratic public servant.
He got promoted and transferred.
Congratulate him.
- Do you want to talk?
- Yes, just for a second.
I'll be right back.
I know I owe my transfer to you.
An immediate office transfer,
Commissioner Mercuri.
It doesn't matter
if I'm here or down south.
As long as I do my duty.
I have no doubt you will.
There are no rich people or
people like The American down south.
Can I say something
without hurting your feelings?
It's hard to hurt my feelings.
Go on.
You're an old policeman.
Just a few years older than me
but a very old mentality.
And unsuitable for your position.
Feel the need to insult me?
Oh well,
my old mentality is staying here,
while your modern one
is going south to herd sheep.
Does it sound like fun?
I'm not trying to insult you.
I just have two things to say.
Make it quick because
I haven't had my coffee yet.
The American
is an effect and not a cause.
All criminals are an effect.
- Are you listening?
- Yes, I'm listening.
- Do you understand?
- No, but continue anyway.
The American and the criminals
from the South are an effect
that means that
the herds of Southerners
coming to live up North
do the most menial jobs,
the ones no one else will do.
They're badly paid, bad housing
and no social benefits.
No wonder they turn to crime.
That's enough, I get the point.
People are born criminals.
Now go where you've been sent.
Send a nice postcard.
The American wants you.
Do you think
Chino will make a deal with Rocco?
Rocco won't even make it in the house.
We spread the word
that we want to negotiate.
- Chino won't negotiate.
- Why wouldn't he?
Rocco killed his godfather
and tried to kill him.
He's cheap.
We've been here three hours.
That bastard will never come.
It's Chino.
You finally got me to kill
The American.
Come down to the station.
Shoot-out at The American's villa.
- I was out of town.
- I know, I saw you.
It's just a formality.
And you don't have a licence to drive.
Call the station, we've got Piazza.
The witnesses can identify him.
I'll put your bag back here.
I can't tell you what happened.
It's confidential.
A mass murder.
But the commissioner is happy.
You're leaving your bag in here?
Who'd steal a bag
in front of the police station?
Cut the crap and let's go.
Piazza's here.
Have a seat.
We can hold him because
he was driving without a license.
Ladies, this is Piazza.
Was he at the villa?
Was he or not?
There were so many of them.
And you said they all died.
He's alive, isn't he?
We've already told you
we just got there
and started hearing shots.
One of you said
someone took off in a car.
I said I thought
I heard a car after the shots.
Maybe someone was driving by.
We ran into the house
when the shooting started.
We locked ourselves in the loo.
Too bad you didn't fall in.
Ugo, I tip my hat to you.
Your plan was absolutely infallible.
Why don't we work together?
You'll be the boss.
I don't mean the 300,000 dollars.
You earned that.
It's yours.
I mean I respect you.
They're like two dogs
without an owner.
Piazza, you can leave.
You were out of town.
Rocco, you stay here.
You have to prove
you were playing pool.
Leave, Piazza.
I'll consider your offer.
Where do you think you're going?
You can't leave town
without permission.
Where can we find you?
At Nelly Bordon's,
Via Sant'Antonio, 18.
So you live there.
Keep on scrounging, parasite.
Start packing, we're leaving.
All right.
He's on his way.
Get ready, Luca.
Rocco is going to Nelly's house.
What happened?
You said you weren't coming today.
Where are we going?
Shoot him.
Shoot him, Luca.
You can't back-stab
someone like Ugo Piazza.
You'd better not even touch
someone like Ugo Piazza.
Don't even go near
someone like Ugo Piazza.
When you see someone like Ugo
you'd better tip your hat.
Tip your hat.