Calico Skies (2016) Movie Script

(skateboard scraping)
(heavy breathing)
(keys jingling)
(engine revving)
[Phoenix Narrating] Simplicity
is when you fix complexity.
Simplicity is not
something you start with,
it is the goal, the finish line.
I've been spending all my
life looking for simplicity.
Little by little I backed
away from the fuss,
the fury,
the sweating and I traded it all
for a simple sharp scheme.
Do you remember pick up
sticks when we were kids?
I'm the one on the side.
The one you catch right away,
the one you don't need
to sweat for,
the one you easily
take out of the game.
I might claim antiseptic,
It's gonna burn
like the devil
It's gonna sting real good
You won't be able
to wash it off
It's like a bad tattoo
I guess
I should've warned you
Before I let you jump in
But we're already peaking
And it's all down hill
from here
I'm gonna break your heart
It's gonna happen
like it or not
When you least expect it
Don't know when,
don't know how
I'm gonna break your heart
Destiny's spoken,
I know it's not right
Don't try to fight,
it's going down down down
Could be I'll find another
Wouldn't that just be ripe
Or you'll run out of money
And I'll run for my life
Or the dull conversation
will simply bore me to tears
Though I haven't cried
History hasn't lied
for a billion years
I'm gonna break your heart
It's gonna happen,
like it or not
When you least expect it
Don't know when,
don't know how
I'm gonna break your heart
Destiny's spoken,
I know it's not right
Don't try to fight
I wake up.
I take a hundred milligrams
of Zoloft,
sertraline, on an empty stomach.
The pill insights an artificial
nauseous feeling in me.
I toast some bread, I
take two Alka-Seltzers.
I blend half a carrot,
a beet, a celery stick
and some protein powder
so I don't have to bother
eating anything.
(blender whirring)
2,750 feet away from my
house there's a coffee shop.
I don't know if that's
the actual distance,
Google Map says so.
I walk and have
my first espresso there.
And so that I can mingle
with people.
I pretend to lift some weights.
I buy some weed.
I only buy cookies and gummy
bears and space cupcakes.
I don't smoke, smoke smells.
Smoke is for
construction workers.
By the time I'm back home,
I am completely stoned.
I play three chords
on the guitar.
I sleep until I wake up.
No alarms, I hate alarms.
We would only really need alarms
if we wouldn't
wake up otherwise,
but we always
wake up eventually.
(moaning on computer)
Then I go grab my second
espresso of the day
at the coffee shop, and so
I can mingle with people.
When I go back home I
visit my brothers grave.
Except graves are useless.
I don't go to cemeteries.
Then I have some Xanax, not
a lot, half a milligram,
just to avoid the melancholy
stabbing me in the face
too hard.
I watch a movie.
When the movie finishes
I take Diazepam,
what all you losers call Valium.
Then I wake up in the morning.
I mean, at least this is
what I've done so far.
Why don't I just kill myself
and make it that easy?
Like hell.
(piano music)
I really like this town.
It's so nice, isn't it?
It's okay, whatever.
I love it.
It's quiet, peaceful,
very respectful,
away from the chaos of the city.
I see you here pretty often.
- You live nearby?
- Mm-hm.
Very nice community.
Don't you think so?
If the environment is clean,
the faster the conscience
gets dirty, my friend.
- Pardon me?
- Forget it.
I'm John.
I gotta go to the
store, get some hangers,
for my wife.
Can you believe that?
Hangers, what a great
plan for a Friday night.
- You married?
- Nope.
But you wear a ring.
Oh, ah aesthetics.
You wear sneakers, doesn't
mean you're an athlete.
That's bad man, you're gonna
put that right in the coffee?
What's it for?
Alka-Seltzer, I mean
it's for, because I'm sad.
I use Alka-Seltzer
for a lot of maladies.
What's a big boy like you
so sad about?
You know, I'm sorry John,
I'm truly,
banality makes me sad
I guess the most.
Look I'm sorry John,
I'm sorry, I gotta go,
I just met you,
I'm sorry, sorry, bye.
(piano music)
Good morning, sir.
I'm the new mail person.
I didn't get a chance
to meet you yet.
Mark was always on time.
Buy a watch.
I'm Ariel, by the way.
(rock music)
[GPS Voice] In 600 feet
turn right onto Dell Avenue.
Turn right.
(rock music)
Head north on Wednesday
Avenue towards Padre Terrace.
(rock music)
Turn right
on (indistinct) street,
then you will arrive
at your destination.
(rock music)
You have arrived.
Sweet beat and you
Move my body right
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
(mechanical buzzing)
[Phoenix] Ow.
- You know what man?
- Huh?
I'm getting so used to this
I'm thinking this looks
good on you. (laughing)
Are you done?
You know what, it doesn't
matter what kind of job you do
as long as you're good at it.
Yeah you're gonna recover
pretty good.
You know the process by heart.
It's none of my business but,
you need to get out once
in a while my friend.
All that mold you have
under the rug,
is going to infect your lungs.
(suspenseful music)
Once a week, but only
once a week I do drugs.
I start with Xanax which I mix
with half a glass
of pure malt whiskey,
and I chase the whole
thing with two Vicodin.
Don't get me wrong, it's
all absolutely legal,
you only need 20 bucks
and a doctor prescription.
But the wise blend of
these three guys here
have such a mystical effect,
compared to this a shot of
cocaine is a little peck.
In this state I can spend hours
reading nutrition facts
on food boxes.
They can tell you
your whole family
has been exterminated by a
group of Islamic fundamentalists
and react to the news
with a cheerful shrug.
Saturday is
for grocery shopping.
(electronic music)
(ball bouncing)
What the hell's going on
around here?
Hey, hey go out there.
Here you go, hey hey.
Catch, good catch,
what's your name?
What's your name?
- Geronimo.
- Like the Indian?
- Hi.
- Hey.
- I'm sorry for that.
- That's okay.
My son Danny gets a
little wilder out here.
Danny, I thought his name
was Geronimo?
[Luigi] I'm Luigi.
- Luigi?
- Yeah.
Wow, Phoenix.
- Thanks for the ball.
- Sure, sure, sure.
My wife Charlotte is making
home made to eat tonight.
Why don't you join us
for dinner?
[Phoenix] No, I mean, I can't.
- Ah come on, it will be fun.
- No it won't be.
You can bring your, do you
live with someone else here?
No I'm alone, I'm alone.
[Luigi] Alone, come
on guy, it'll be nice.
No, no. (stammering)
That's our house, yellow
house, see you at eight okay?
- No I wish I...
- See you tonight.
- No no, what's your name?
- See you tonight, okay.
- I wish I could but I can't...
- Okay okay.
- I can't, I don't know how...
- See you tonight.
So, Luigi's from
Italy, I'm from Belgium.
We met each other at an
airport in Hong Kong.
Now we ended up living here
in the middle of the desert.
You know we used to travel
so much.
We went to Peru, Japan, Greece.
Whenever we got a chance
to leave
we would hit the road.
Then you know the last few years
our sales are getting
lower and lower.
And life's cheap here so...
- Mom, can I have some cookies?
- Sure.
I'll grab treats for everybody.
So, Phoenix,
what brings you up here?
Or down, depends on what
direction you're looking at it.
I fly, I mean I used
to fly, fly an engine.
I was a wing suit demo jumper.
You know those guys that
jump from a plane at an event
in an aerodynamic suit
that's sponsored
by some energy drink.
I was one of those guys,
I was pretty good, too.
- Wow, what a job.
- Yeah.
And you've always lived here
in the middle of the desert?
That's something, no.
Are these the same cookies
as the old,
not that stinking crap again?
Danny, language.
They're the same
as everybody else's.
He's gluten intolerant.
It sounds like you're
a real free spirit.
I wish I could still travel,
you know,
but you need freedom for that.
You really need to be
freed from so many things.
Luigi that's not fair.
We still have our good times.
This is a quiet life,
but still a good life.
Yeah, but those days
will come back,
I swear to you they will.
He'll grow up, I save
money, and we do it again.
- She needs guts.
- Pardon?
I said that
in order to do that
what you need is guts,
(throat clearing) guts.
Do you still fly sir?
No, not anymore.
I bet that requires
a lot of dedication.
Why is it that you don't fly
Because more than
dedication it requires trust,
especially trust in yourself.
Once you lose that you,
you better quit.
You seem to me like a
very brave, blunt man.
That must come out of
self confidence and trust.
if a person has to jump off a
very high cliff into the ocean
and they just close
their eyes and they jump
well that's brave,
but if you're going to evaluate
that from that height,
with that wind speed,
and the weight of your body
you can withstand the
impact of that water.
No, that's trusting yourself
and that's very different.
Mom what does trust mean?
- Do you mind?
- Go ahead.
Danny, what trust
means is that,
although your mom
told you those cookies
were the regular cookies, even
after you took the first bite
and you knew they clearly
weren't, you believed her.
That's what trust means.
Trust sucks.
It's does.
(wind blowing)
(dramatic music)
Are you here for me, because
if you are, I was thinking.
Relax, Phoenie,
if we were here for you,
you wouldn't be standing
in that doorway right now.
[Phoenix] Okay.
You would've been quietly
positioned horizontally
a while ago don't you think?
All right, quit being
a prima donna already.
[Phoenix] Okay sorry.
Get lost, get lost
for my entrance.
Maybe you can get back here,
back here.
'Cause I got fucks to do.
This isn't organic is it?
This is shit.
I knew it.
What the fuck are you doing?
(gun shooting)
(mumbling singing)
Getting too old for this shit.
Manners. Feet on the coach?
Fuckin' animal.
- Excuse him.
- What?
[Long Haired Man] So
since you're the pro,
where's all the soft dirt
around here?
I don't want to be here
all night, I'm hungry.
It's, other side of the
driveway, right over there.
[Long Haired Man]
You dig this time.
- Do you ever have food here?
- What?
- Are you okay, you eat?
- I'm okay.
Since we came here to
this god forsaken place
we brought the delivery
for next week.
The bags are in your
usual spot in your shed.
- Okay, okay.
- Move.
(dramatic pop music)
In a dream
I see my self conscious
manner of fallacy
No care, no need
Morning Phoenix.
Luigi thought it would be nice
to fix the roof so we came
by, is this a good time?
[Luigi] I have the tools.
- Oh no.
- I'm on it.
- Oh it's not necessary...
- He's on it.
how are you?
Listen to this.
[Luigi] I'm listening.
"So gentle and so virtuous
she appeared my lady
"when greeting other people
"that every tongue
tremblingly grows silent
"and eyes do not dare gaze
upon her.
"She passes by,
hearing herself praised,
"graciously clothed
with humility
"and she appears
to be a creature
"who has come from heaven to
Earth to show forth a miracle.
"She shows herself so
pleasingly to her beholders
"that she gives through the
eyes a sweetness to the heart
"which no one can
understand who does feel it
"and it appears
that from her lips
"moves a tender spirit
full of love
"which says again and
again to the soul, sigh."
(phone ringing)
- Yeah?
- It's me.
- Oh hi Rosa.
- How are you?
I'm good, whatever.
Sometimes I think I'd rather
you tell me you're not good.
Really, I'm not good
Rosa, I'm dying, I'm dying.
[Rosa] You're so annoying,
I don't know why
I keep calling you.
Why don't you ever call me,
by the way?
I never got nothing
to say okay, that's why.
Nothing ever changes in my life.
So anyway how are the kids?
[Rosa] Well Mark joined
the school football team
so we go to the games
once a week
and a make a family night
out of it, it's nice.
And tomorrow Mary goes
to Kabul with her girls,
she's all grown up.
tell them that I said hi.
[Rosa] They know you say hi.
You say hi every time.
How about you show your face
for a change?
How about you come to
the party Saturday night?
Peter and I would love it.
The anniversary party?
[Rosa] Yeah and I
already told you should,
you can keep being
involved with the family
and stop pretending that
you're dead to this family.
I'm not coming to your party,
I can't.
[Rosa] You're useless.
Well, wow,
that's a news flash.
[Man On TV] And he's
on his way to first base.
And the Marlin's dugout
right now, yelling at Myers.
- They're not real happy.
- I tell you what.
I tell you what I don't
care if he matters or not...
- And here they go.
- Look at him go.
That's what you have to do.
(knocking on door)
[Man On TV]
The Marlins are coming out.
[Man On TV] You can't
let your big guy go down
and not do anything so
that's what you gotta do.
(knocking on door)
Who is it, who's this?
It's Macarena for the tattoo,
the new guy
from the yellow side.
I don't know noting
about no new guy guy okay?
I don't know bro, I'm the
new guy, tattoo guy, yellow.
Hang on a second,
hang on a second okay?
[Macarena] Okay.
[Woman] Hi.
It's Phoenix from the desert.
[Woman] Wait.
(phone ringing)
- Hey it's me.
- What?
Okay, South American,
I don't know,
maybe Mexican I guess,
young, at my fucking door.
[Man] Sounds like the new
guy I put in touch with you.
What the, what the,
look, I'm sorry,
I was just a little scared.
But why didn't you guys
say something to me?
[Man] Chow.
Fucking assholes.
Hang on a second.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm the new guy.
Yeah, close the door,
come on in.
(dramatic music)
(car beeping)
(dramatic music)
(knocking on door)
Rosa, really, wow,
I couldn't be luckier.
What're you doing here?
I almost gave up
seeing you alive.
Well when you give
up on your expectations
amazing things can happen,
you know?
- Look at you.
- Huh, what?
Leave me alone,
what are you trying to,
what do you want me to do?
I don't know, clean
your house for instance.
I don't want to.
Do something fun once
in a while, date someone.
I date somebody new
every week.
- Yeah we all know you do it.
- Huh?
I really don't understand
what you find in women
you have to pay for.
I really don't,
other than a good sweat,
and you can always
go to the gym for that.
But there's only one pore
I'd like to have sweat into,
I mean sweat.
I'm gonna make some tea.
So what now, we just sit
here ignoring each other?
I don't know, what
do you want me to say?
Something, anything,
just let it out already.
Fuck you.
Well some elaboration
wouldn't hurt.
If I weren't your sister,
I'd be jealous.
[Phoenix] But you are.
You know Phoen?
Everybody happens to take
a break once in a while,
but a six year break
isn't a break.
Staring, that's your plan.
Come on, come on.
I don't have any plans,
I don't make plans, I
don't have any plans okay?
You know,
I worry for you, Phoen.
Stop it.
You know what
you remind me of?
That ridiculous trophy
on your bookshelf.
You know what I'm talking about.
Who the hell cares
about a second place
you snagged in a ski
race when you were 14.
Goddamn it Phoen you're 40 and
you're living in the desert.
You won thousands
of other rewards.
- No one cares.
- I know.
- If you don't care.
- That's not true.
I'm sure that's the one thing
you dust around here
on a regular basis.
You're making as much sense
as that stupid statuette.
I'm gonna go, okay?
[Phoenix] Okay.
(moaning on computer)
(moaning on computer)
[Man On TV] Long ago,
long before the silly bacon
in everything fad got started
people actually made bacon
at home.
It's not that hard to do
and it can produce some
superior quality bacon.
Making bacon at home isn't
going to save you a lot of money
and it's probably not
gonna make anything
any more healthy than
what you get in the store
but it will be delicious.
(car pulling up)
(doors opening and closing)
(dramatic music)
Since I started working here
every man in this county
has hit on me.
Took two months to see
the color of your eyes.
When I care about
something, I take my time.
About something, or someone?
(dramatic music)
(rock music)
(suspenseful music)
(laid back music)
That one was good.
Excuse me what do you mean?
- It was good.
- Yeah.
I threw it all the way over
there next to the target,
- all that way.
- You made it there.
I mean, I just...
What, you think
I should keep practicing?
I think maybe you do.
Well I'll show you.
- Darn I gotta keep practicing.
- Let's go, let's quit.
You know, today made me
think of a good story.
You want to hear it?
Okay, so a truck driver
turns on the radio
and he hears the news of
an 18 wheeler speeding
the wrong way
on the same freeway he's on.
Well it's amazing what
crazy does he thinks.
Okay so as he's driving
he suddenly has to swivel
to the right
to avoid a truck and
then quickly steers left
to avoid another one, and
once more to the right
and left, right, left,
right, left, left.
So he turns the radio off
and he grumps,
"The hell just one,
there are hundreds."
I got it, that's a hard one.
It's a hard one,
it's so funny.
Well you know, sometimes I
feel like that driver too.
[Phoenix] Ariel.
(distant arguing)
Hey Danny, hey,
what're you doing?
Hi, hi.
Huh, how're you doing?
Hey, you know when I was
a little boy like you
I'd come up here every
summer with my parents
and spend the summer with them.
Yeah, every summer, yeah.
Oh, you see that bush over
there, right over there.
You know when you sit over
there the wind makes this noise
where the only thing you
can hear is the desert.
It's really cool.
[Luigi] What can I say,
I feel like I'm in a cage.
Have I ever told you
not to do something ever?
It's my secret spot,
it was my secret spot.
- Hi Phoenix.
- Oh, hey Charlotte.
What's up, you okay?
Yeah, I'm just, you know.
I gotta,
you know what Charlotte
actually, I'm not okay.
I haven't been okay
for a long time,
I'm not okay at all.
You know what Luigi,
it's none of my business
but you made it my business
when you fucked up
my nice walk home.
Now here's what I think,
here's my suggestion,
you have to stop whining,
crying and blaming others
for what you are frightened
to do, you have to stop.
Do you understand?
Or you're just gonna disappear,
trust me.
Oh Danny by the way, you're
not intolerant to shit.
It's something
some doctor told her.
(wind blowing)
Come on.
Hey wait, hey,
what're you doing?
Delivering your mail, sir.
- Okay, what about Ariel?
- Who?
What do you mean? Who?
Ariel, what about Ariel?
I'm asking you a question,
what about Ariel, Ariel!
(wind blowing)
Doing this to me?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Innocence, connivance,
complicity, sunbathing in the shadow.
Nomad on the river, let it be,
stay focused, stay focused.
Biologic, technologic
organic, artificial, gold.
Poetry, no results, no results.
(knocking on door)
- Did I wake you?
- No, I mean no.
I've thought about it.
I thought about it, you know?
About what?
I think we should just leave.
You know,
life doesn't last forever
and we're not exactly teenagers.
I think here the water
is too shallow.
Ducks don't float.
Fuck it, we should just go.
I know I sound like I'm crazy.
I know it sounds fucking crazy,
you barely know who I am.
Your name is Phoenix,
Phoenix Anderton,
you're 43 years old, you
have a passion for espresso
and practically an obsession
I would say for Alka-Seltzer.
play the guitar, but from
what I can hear outside
you don't tune it that much.
And you check the mail a lot,
especially the second
Wednesday of every month.
Why, I have yet to figure out.
And you,
well you,
when you touch yourself,
you use the internet like
everybody else, but at the very end
you just gaze off
into the distance.
It's something
that I find very sweet.
I mean yeah you do it in
the middle of the living room.
I happened to be
standing outside once.
Once or twice.
Well, you're full of shit.
Four times.
When you end up delivering
mail to a village
of 300 souls the day is long.
I was the most talented,
wind suit jumper in the world.
I'm sure you heard
about the feud
between the
Southern California gangs
over the control
of the Watts area?
Well six years ago they
stopped killing each other
and decided
to split the proceeds
that came out
of that area evenly,
and they needed a place
to store those proceeds.
I'm talking about cash,
guns, diamonds.
I dig for them.
Every month I get two
letters on the same day
at the same time, one
letter from each gang.
Each letter contains only
one number, a coordinate,
to delimit the Mojave Desert.
I put
the two coordinates together
and I bury their stuff for them
so I'm the only person who
knows exactly where it is.
There's no drive-bys, no sit
downs, no bullshit, no fights
and it's tax free.
Every month they both
send tattoo artists
who tattoo one number
under each one of my feet
so in case I have a stroke
or I'm incapacitated
they'd know where to
go to find their loot.
There's more money
in the Nevada Desert
than there is in banks.
Okay, you know...
One day I took my brother
for a flight
and I just learned that
my fiancee was leaving me
so I was unfocused and you
know I thought it would be fun
to take my mind off of things
but we had an accident.
I spent three months
in intensive care and,
my brother died on the spot.
So I was done flying
and I didn't care much
about anything anymore so.
That's how I ended up
with this job
and I never could find a
reason to stop doing it
so I kind of, well I moved out
here and I'm still doing it.
I have a sister I love.
I like, the blues, old guitars,
talk shows, chocolate and you.
And tomorrow I want to leave
all this sand
and shit behind me.
I want to run away with you.
Destination anywhere and I
mean anywhere, I don't care.
- I like chocolate too.
- Yeah.
Anywhere sounds
like a long enough drive
for you to learn a little
something about me.
I'll meet you here
tomorrow at three o'clock.
Tomorrow, three o'clock.
Okay, I'm so tired.
- Three.
- Three.
Get some rest.
You know,
I just took the afternoon off.
I won't do it again.
(dramatic rock music)
Give me your gun,
and then I want you
to place your hands
- on the wheel slowly okay?
- Okay.
- Amigo.
- Okay.
Go ahead.
We're gonna go check those
holes together, all right?
You know the places right.
Yeah, you're my friend?
You know who you're
stealing from don't you?
That's right.
You know you're not gonna
get away with this right?
It's okay amigo, drive.
Okay, don't don't, okay.
This is enough.
It's enough
when I say it's enough.
Well listen man I think
we should take a break
and have lunch or something
and grab the rest
of this this afternoon,
but right now I have to
go, I have an appointment.
An appointment, you know,
I have an appointment.
I have a gun.
Let's go to the next hole.
Okay, okay sure.
That's it, that's it,
it's time to go.
Grab the bag, one last
hole and then we're done.
Macarena look I have a date
and I don't want to be late.
One last one.
Coo coo, one last one.
Hey you know what, Macarena,
there's enough money
for you okay.
Now, like I said, I have a date
and I have to find out what
else she likes, you know?
Yo cabron, you're out
of your fucking mind huh?
I said one last one, grab
the bag and let's go.
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(clock ticking)
(knocking on door)
You know what, I've
been thinking about this
all day and I can't help
it, I have to say it.
There was no reason for you
to treat my husband that way,
especially in front of my child.
He's trying to handle
our situation here
and you had no right
to mistreat him.
You don't even know us
for god's sake.
You really think
this is how it works?
You keep collecting dust in here
and the only time
you resuscitate yourself
from this shit hole
you dug yourself into
and try to communicate
with the outside world
is to insult someone, really?
And you think you can do it
because you're so self
righteous and brave,
so ahead of everyone.
Well the truth is you're nasty.
You are just a bad person,
that's all.
(dramatic music)
He took my gun.
What do you want me to do?
That's how it all went
down and that's all.
In my van.
Meet me there.
(dramatic music)
(phone ringing)
[Ariel] Hey this is Ariel,
leave a message
and I'll call you back...
(dramatic music)
I'm not giving the money
back to you.
Okay, I buried it.
I dug it out,
so I'm gonna keep it.
Okay, you know that your
life is gonna be very short
if you don't
give me those bags back.
You know that don't you?
I mean,
it's narrowing down to what
maybe a handful of minutes
perhaps, if not that,
and there's nothing
that I can do about it.
There's nothing.
Do you understand that?
[Phoenix] Yes sir, I do.
So what are you gonna do?
[Phoenix] I'm gonna keep it.
Phoenix, you know
what Fernando told me
when I said I was gonna
propose you for this job,
you want to hear that?
I remember we were at a table
and we were eating octopus
and he said, "if you put
a wolf to guard your house
"you will get
all the protection you need
"but you'll always have
a wolf at your doorstep
"and a wolf
can only act like a wolf."
And I agree,
it's not even his fault.
You know I like you
but you know what happens
when a wolf bites
someone inside the house?
I do.
I believe you're a good man
and there is certain things
a good man doesn't do
and the only way to be a good
man in this fucking world
is to never love anyone,
not even yourself.
- (knocking on glass)
- Have you changed your mind?
(dramatic music)
I'm tired.
Calm down, Charlotte, no.
Oh, my god.
("Never Really Gone"
by CALICO the band)
You taught me
everything I know
How to be
a gentle man
When to start,
when to fall
And you always knew
when I needed you
On the wrong side of the sun
Heart beats faster
than a drum
Make a stand, never run
Without accolades
you just drive away
Your spirit guides me
through the light
Helps me find
that piece of mind
Even though you're not here
You're never really gone
You're never really gone
(phone ringing)
In your shadow I grew strong
With your words I carry on
(phone ringing)
I could never blame you
for leaving this crazy town
Leaving this crazy town
Your spirit guides me
through the light
Helps me find
that piece of mind
Even though you're not here
You're never really gone
Never really gone
Never really gone
Never really gone
("Sweet Beat Angel")
Sweet beat angel
Move my body right
Sweet beat angel
Move my body right
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Sweet angel
Move my body right
Sweet beat angel
Move my body right
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Sweet beat angel
Move my body right
Sweet beat angel
Move my body right
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Take me away,
I don't want to stay
Sweet beat angel
Move my body right
Sweet beat angel