California Conquest (1952) Movie Script

In the years between 1825
and 1841,
when California
was a province of Mexico,
it was torn
by internal strife.
Britain, France, and Russia
tried to gain a foothold
in this land...
but it was the Czar of Russia
who established settlements
at Fort Ross, Kuskoff,
and Bodega Bay.
Czarist power on
the North American continent
reached its height
when Princess
Helena de Gagarin,
niece of the Czar of Russia,
accompanied by
Russian officers,
christened a mountain
in Northern California
in honor of
the Empress of Russia's
patron saint, Helena.
But the Czar
had not considered
the people of California,
who wanted freedom.
One must look at governments
with the eye of a connoisseur,
A government is like good food.
Put in the right ingredients,
and you have a dish that sits
well on everyone's stomach.
Si, Don Arturo.
The wrong things can
make a country sick,
put in a pinch of
something good here,
pinch of something else here,
another pinch here...
and what have
you got?
Freedom, Juan.
A country of freedom that sits
well on everyone's stomach.
And is the United States
freedom the kind that sits
on everyone's stomach?
The freedom
of the United States
is something
you will soon taste, Juan.
Already I have made many
of my countrymen hungry for it.
Perhaps this very night,
you will begin to cook.
What we have here
should add spice to the dish.
It is a good thing no one
knows what kind of spice
you got there, Don Arturo--
or we might never reach
the Reina de Los Angeles.
Santa Mara.
[Juan continues in Spanish]
Andele! Vamanos!
Juan, quick! Your rope.
Lets pull out
the bridge supports.
Now, we can ride
as gentlemen should.
Who were those sons
of the devil
who dare to do this
to Jos Martnez?
Who saw their faces?
They never let us get
close enough, Jos.
What about
the rest of you?
So not only they
get away from us,
but the saddlebag
with the gold, too.
The gringo lovers,
they will pay for this.
After the beautiful reception
we will give
to Mr. John Frmont
this afternoon,
we will take what that
gold was going to buy.
Let's go.
[men laughing]
Come on, you bushwhackers,
get going, get 'em inside.
You want to get paid,
don't you?
These crates have to be
unloaded before sundown.
If that is the way American
women look, Don Arturo,
maybe it is better
not to have freedom.
I'm sorry, seor,
I was in the back and I--
Oh, the American Star, eh?
S, I am Don Arturo Bordega,
Very glad to see you,
Don Arturo.
Is the gold safe?
Enough to buy all the guns in
the stock of seor Lawrence.
If only the American government
can see it our way,
we will know tonight.
Any news of Frmont?
Not a word, yet, seor,
but there are
other people in town.
Don Carlos de Reno,
Don Herectos Abrillo,
Don Junipero,
Don Fredo Brios
and his brother,
The Brios brothers.
From what I know of them,
we would be better off
without them.
It is too bad that so many
trust them, seor,
but if they--
[whip cracks]
Please, seor! Please!
My servant.
[Ernesto grunts]
That's Ernesto Brio, sir.
[Juan] Mercy, seor.
Promise, I will never
do it again, seor.
Mercy! Please!
Mercy, seor.
What is all this tumult?
You screech loud enough
to turn my wine to vinegar.
it was not my fault.
Your dog of a peon
sputtered dust on me.
You see, Juan, if this
were a land of progress,
you peons wouldn't always
be brawling.
By the saints!
Whoa, boys, whoa.
Put away that pig-sticker,
Seems like every time
someone pulls one of those
in this part of the country,
a revolution starts.
Well, what's wrong with
revolution, seorita?
They break the monotony,
and California has
a brand new governor.
I've heard that even
this gentleman would
like to be governor.
Hmm? Is that so?
Seems to me if I
were a young man,
I'd want a job
with a future to it.
Are you an
Yes, any objections?
If there are,
my blade have forgotten your
insults, Don Arturo.
Remember that...
if you should choose
to make any more.
At the right time,
I shall be most delighted
to lose my memory.
Aren't swords a little
old-fashioned, seor?
Tradition dies hard.
I wonder if we Americans will
ever understand your people.
You don't have to.
It's more important that
we understand you.
Perhaps, we shall have a good
beginning at the ball tonight?
Adis, seorita.
Everything all right,
all right, Julie?
Sure, pop.
Plates are all intact,
nothing broken.
If this territory
keeps on building,
we're going to have to enlarge
that factory.
That's sure.
Build a better gun,
there'll always be somebody
who wants to shoot it off.
Eh, long as there ain't no
ruckus, nobody get hurt.
Hey, when you gonna start
to gettin' ready for that
shindig tonight?
Pop, you know how I feel about
getting all dressed up like
a Calvary horse.
Oh, you'll wear
your best dress.
You know I always
say, "when you do something,
do it right."
You'll never get a husband
wearing them things.
What's the matter?
Don't I do a good job
around here?
What do I need a husband for?
Now, you're old enough to know
the answer to that yourself.
You wear that dress.
Hey, pop, there's something
funny going on here.
I mean, this isn't just
a ball tonight, is it?
There's something
more important.
You might as well know:
Captain John Frmont's
going to be there.
John Frmont?
The American explorer?
Been a kind of a secret.
Things're popping, Julia.
what did he want here?
I don't know, all I know is
a couple of weeks ago,
Don Esteban Mirana asked me
if I'd like to see California
join the Union,
and when I said, "sure,"
he just kind of smiled,
went on about his business.
There's something in the wind.
Hey, I've got to wait late
at the shop tonight,
and you're going
to be at the ball,
and you'll be dancing.
Maybe you could do some
listening, too.
It's a big country,
Don Esteban.
A beautiful country.
A country ripe for progress,
Captain Frmont.
And am I supposed to
represent progress?
You are an explorer,
and an American.
Neither one has ever
entered a new land to...
take anything away,
just to bring something.
Why not let the people
of California choose their
own form of government?
Technically, we are
part of Mexico.
The seat of the
Mexican government
is over 2,500 miles
away from us,
and besides, Mexico
has her own troubles.
so we are left to
shift for ourselves,
independent territory.
So, how to choose?
Elections such as yours?
The penes know nothing
of government, sir,
and care less.
The coach is coming.
[Speaks Spanish]
That's the one.
And remember,
no one gets away alive.
[speaks Spanish]
[bullet ricochets]
They're going to be
disappointed in any
valuables they find on me.
Perhaps it is yourself
that is so valuable to them,
It is a hard country
in which to keep a secret.
Perhaps you--
[gun fires]
Don Esteban!
There will be no guest of honor
at the meeting, tonight.
It gets late.
You suppose the guest of honor
has been detained?
Unavoidably detained.
You will make
a handsome governor,
and I will have a brother
in high office.
Ah, well.
The father is
Sam Lawrence.
So... an interesting
Stay away from her,
We can afford
no complications.
You had best watch your own
complications, Ernesto.
Don Arturo Bordega
is as good a swordsman as you.
Seorita Lawrence?
I am Don Fredo Brios.
How do you do?
The music is inviting.
If you would do me
the honor, seorita?
Thank you,
I don't feel like dancing.
But they say that music is
exhilarating and refreshing
as a good glass
of cool water.
Hmm, it depends on
how thirsty you are.
You have much to learn,
One never offers a
beautiful woman water,
when what she really
wants is wine.
Will you forgive my dear
for taking so long to
bring your wine?
You looking for
another duel?
When a man meets
a pretty girl,
it's automatically
a duel.
Do you know
who that was?
Not your husband,
I hope.
Don Fredo Brios.
The brother of the man
who wanted to stick a sword
in you this afternoon.
Then I'm glad he's
not your husband.
May I ask you a
personal question?
Go ahead.
Why were you wearing
horrible things you had on
when I first met you?
They cover me,
don't they?
That's the trouble.
Too well.
Don't bother
to dwell on it.
I prefer to dwell on
the way you look now.
Don Arturo,
if you can come to
the library, he's here.
You know it is important,
or I would not leave you.
Will I see
you later?
That depends, Don--
Good, then I will see you.
Captain Frmont,
this is Don Arturo Bordega,
our leader.
I've heard of
the Bordega Family,
I'm honored, sir.
We are honored, seor.
The name of Frmont means
much in California, also.
You had an accident?
I managed to reach the mission
where Fray Lindos attended me,
but, uh,
it wasn't an accident.
...Attack Arturo,
but there was no
attempt at robbery.
My uncle was killed.
[Arturo] But who?
Captain Frmont thinks
the attack might have some...
political meaning.
I can only presume there are
people in your country
who did not wish
me to reach this
meeting tonight.
Our little light
begins to dawn, seores.
I too was attacked
this afternoon.
I thought it was
merely the bandits who
usually prey on rich hildagos.
I was carrying gold to
buy guns for our cause.
They way these bandits
knew that my gold
represented guns
is the same way that they
knew that you, too,
represented guns.
Well, they could have
saved themselves the trouble.
Gentlemen, you must
understand the United States
knows the value of California,
as do the English, the French,
and the Russians.
we're very pleased
that you wish annexation
of California to our country.
But, we cannot give
you physical aid.
Arms, ammunition, soldiers,
and a fleet to implement it.
Mexico is a neighbor
and a friend,
and by treaty, California
is Mexican territory.
My country will do nothing to
rupture relations with Mexico.
But seor,
we are the people of California.
And we want the annexation.
Perhaps, seor Frmont is in
a position to say what, uh,
proposition the United States
would be willing to offer us
to, uh, well, to turn
California over to his country.
You misunderstood, seor Brios,
I did not come here to bargain.
I came to present
a few simple truths.
United States
is not interested
in your revolutions,
or in your internal wars.
When you can show
that a majority
of your people are
in favor of annexation,
my country will be willing
to discuss this thing further.
Now, gentlemen, if you'll
excuse me, I'm very tired.
My thanks, Fray Lindos.
You are either very stupid,
or very clever, Don Ernesto.
You're very stupid if you meant
what you said to seor Frmont.
You're very clever if you meant
to drive him from this room.
Well, which is it?
You question that
I am loyal to this party?
I question the integrity
of anything you do.
No, thank you.
Excuse me.
Ah, seorita,
You didn't like what happened
at the meeting, did you?
You're fit,
and ready for a fight.
Well, sometimes
the truth hurts.
He's a man of plain truths
and plain words,
this seor Frmont.
And he's here?
Yes, he's here.
He will be dangerous,
He's the only one who'll
fight for what he wants.
Take away the leader
from the mob,
there is no mob.
You must forgive me,
I want only to tell you
how beautiful you are,
and instead I bore you
with politics.
Don Arturo!
I, for one, do not find your
talk of politics boring.
You chose the most
inopportune time to,
uh, lose your memory,
and insult me before
your friends.
Here and now.
I'm sorry. Amigo?
Have you had enough, seor?
Not until
I've run you through.
Don Fredo, you must--
you must stop them.
It is an affair
of honor, Padre.
I have no right.
[Ernesto gasps]
You can deal with me now,
Don Arturo.
Isn't one death enough,
[Gun firing]
What is it?
What is happening?
Take everything
you can carry.
Juan. Juan,
are you badly hurt?
It is nothing,
Don Arturo.
Like the sting of a bee.
That is all. It--
Quick, we've got to get
the horses out and escape.
There are no horses.
They've cut them loose.
But who are these bandits
who want only guns?
If I was to bet,
and I'll wager 5,000 pesos,
you find out who
tried to kill John Frmont.
Jos Martnez.
What does it mean,
All this killing,
this stealing of weapons?
We wanted those guns to
prevent any foreign power
from trying to take
California by force,
but this Jos Martnez
seems to know all our plans
as quickly
as we make them.
Then he must be
in the pay of
one of these foreign
Yes, but which one?
We must find out,
and we must get
the guns back.
but, how is this
to be done?
The men who staged
the raid tonight were peons.
We are taught that water
seeks its own level.
A peon among peons is not
a suspicious character.
He can come and go where
he chooses
with his mouth closed
and his eyes and ears open.
This Jos Martnez is the key
to the door of this mystery.
I must get that
key in my pocket,
and then find
the door that it opens.
Why not?
But, Arturo,
it could mean your life!
I must ask you
two favors.
First that you keep
the gold here till I return.
Second that you pray for me
every day that I do return.
At least let someone
go with you to help.
Two makes twice
as big a target.
I shall pray for you, my son.
Come, I'll get your clothes.
We go slowly, amigo,
in respect of your
venerable age.
Perhaps the fine air
of Monterey
will breathe new life
into your creaking bones, eh?
Well, a peon must have
a peon's horse.
It's a lonely life, amigo.
Too bad you don't play cards.
Well, perhaps
if you dream of hay,
and I dream of
seorita Lawrence,
the night will go
more quickly.
Buenas noches, amigo.
Come out
with your hands up.
I expect an argument,
but it won't do you any good.
You're wearing those
horrible pants again.
Special occasions,
I have a long dress
that goes over these.
Where did you get
those eggs?
I swiped 'em.
I passed a ranch.
Chickens didn't mind.
what are you doing here?
I've been following you
for days.
That's a slow horse
you've got there.
Shh! Not so loud.
He's sensitive.
I'm going with you.
But don't get the
idea that you and I...
What I mean is,
well, you're only to
think of me as a man.
I think of you only
as my grandmother.
That'll be fine, thanks.
When she talks,
she doesn't make sense either.
I don't understand
one word you are saying.
I'm going to get the man
that killed my father.
And you're going
to take me to him.
You are going
after this man?
I heard you talking to
Fray Lindos in the rectory.
You have other fish to fry,
but one fish will be for me.
Then you know my mission.
You must go back, Julia.
There's too much at stake.
With a woman along...
[gun fires]
There was no one in the world
that knew more about guns
than my father.
Now that he's gone...
Well, I'm top man, now.
Julia, you are
a very nice girl,
and a very good shot,
and beautiful,
even in these pants,
but I don't want
to see you hurt.
Look, lets get this straight.
I'm no concern of yours.
Man must have
a little concern
for his grandmother, no?
Then we've nothing
to worry about.
I can take care
of myself.
Julia, I must find the guns
which were stolen.
If you insist on killing
this Jos Martnez--
We can take care of that
when the time comes.
My father always said,
"Don't start shooting till
you got something to shoot at."
You are not
coming with me.
Well, uh,
how would you like it if
I went around exposing the fact
that you're not a peon,
but Don Arturo Bordega.
You wouldn't!
Yes, you would.
Where do we go first?
The trail of Martnez
heads north.
We will go, asking questions
on the way.
Skunk like that,
we ought to just be able
to follow our noses.
You have a pretty
nose to follow.
But we will ask questions
just the same.
And I will do the asking.
You are too ready
to shoot things.
No, no!
We may have soup sometime.
And they came charging down
on my farm like as Calvary,
yelling that they're
liberating me from slavery,
and when I tell them
that I do not know
what they are talking about,
they hit me on the head
and liberate me from
my chickens and pigs.
They're wolves,
they're thieves!
You say they went in
the direction of Monterey?
S, s, seor, but I would
like to tell them where to go.
Here, amigo.
For more chickens and pigs,
and our thanks to you.
Oh, gracias seor, gracias.
Well, here we are.
What do we do, now?
One thing first,
I am thirsty.
Looks good,
so am I.
Ladies do not go
in such places.
We've been asking questions
every day
for the last 300 miles.
I'm thirsty.
My throat's like the inside
of a barbeque pit.
I'm going in too.
That place looks better,
The hotel, huh? Peons do not
go in hotels, mi amiga.
My father always said,
"Little one, hitch
your wagon to a star."
Fine star.
Anytime you want to unhitch,
Come on, amigo,
I talk too much.
It's the only way I can tell
you're really a woman.
Don Fredo!
Unexpected visitor. Monterey
is getting a little crowded.
We can't leave now,
Martnez must be around.
Did your father
ever say to you,
"The wise man who
wishes to hide
covers his face with
the mask of night?"
My father did.
We'll see to it that your
luggage is taken to your room,
Don Fredo.
Any news from Martnez?
None. He should
be here by tonight.
I'll be waiting
in my room.
S, seor.
Horses all right?
S, they are well-fed.
I don't what the
"hmm" is about,
but if you're wondering
about the dress,
I just did my laundry.
I had no choice.
Now, if whoever owns this barn
doesn't come snooping around,
we'll be all right.
It feels good
to relax.
You're tired?
You shouldn't have
done that, Arturo.
I know. It is just
you are beginning
to look less like my
But, you loved
your grandmother?
Oh, of course,
but in a different way.
Hmm. I guess that means
you love me too.
You tricked me,
I didn't want
to say that.
We have no time
for love.
All right, then.
If we do have time,
we'll talk
about it again.
That's fair.
Mmm. Maybe we have
a little time now.
Papa always said,
"Julie, when you
do something, do it right."
There'll be a right time
to talk about it again.
We going to
Monterey tonight?
Might be better if
you stay here, my Julia.
We may have to move fast,
and there's only one fast horse.
Makes sense.
You better take this.
You have
a small waist.
It would fit nicely
in a man's arms.
Remember that, and don't
get yourself killed.
He's waiting
for you.
The second floor of
the hotel, room 26.
[Man] He's been here
since this afternoon.
Let him wait.
S, s.
Adis, amigo.
Now that your brother's dead,
Who's gonna be made
the new governor?
Well, that will
be decided after
my conference up north.
Oh, maybe you, eh?
It will be good.
I'd like to make
a business for you.
Maybe you make me
a big government man.
Are you sure you were
not followed when you
stored the guns?
I? Followed?
Nobody follows
Jos Martnez.
I shall be leaving, then.
Are you quite sure
all of your money is there?
I'm always sure, sir,
when I count it.
Put up your hands,
Stand up.
Take off your gun belt.
Hurry, seor.
And be careful.
I shoot very well.
Thank you.
It has been a pleasure
to do business with you, seor.
Don't follow
too closely.
Stop him!
Stop him!
[Arturo] Quick, inside,
We're going to have company.
[Julia] Who?
[Arturo] Jos Martnez.
[Julia] Martnez?
Give me the gun.
I'll kill him.
No, no, no.
He thinks he's chasing me.
Thinks he is?
I thought he's
just out for a ride.
Say nothing. It is I,
Don Arturo Bordega,
who is chasing him.
Come out, before I waste
my bullets on you.
See, already he's
extending an invitation.
Come out
with your hands up.
In a moment, seor.
But observe the window.
[Arturo] My wife,
who's a very good shot,
might kill you.
So it might be better
if you put your hands up.
You think you can steal
the gold of Jos Martnez
and live?
Jos Martnez?
Oh, please, seor, don't shoot.
I will give you back your gold,
but please do not shoot.
My wife here is
going to have a baby.
Seor Martnez,
I made a terrible mistake.
Your gun, seor.
The gun and your gold.
If I had but
known it was you.
If you know who I am,
it makes a difference?
Would I steal the gold
of Jos Martnez,
friend of the people?
Who, me?
"Friend of the people?"
Well, you are against
the American gringos, no?
You don't
like them, huh?
Seor, I work for them
in Yorba Buena
driving a delivery wagon,
so what happens?
They rob me of my salary.
Me, that's about
to become a family man.
Your wife,
she's not a Californian, no?
No, seor, but she's
a good woman, just the same.
We are going to have
14 children.
You think
Jos Martnez's gold
will help you to have
14 children?
It's just one of
the things, seor.
How you want to
make your living?
That is a problem.
I have always been
an honest man.
Now, maybe, I shall
have to steal.
Oh, no,
I give you a job.
You're riding
pretty well.
What about your wife?
She rides better
than I do, seor.
Well, she want to have--
Oh, that's all right.
This way, when he's born,
he'll already be a fine
Oh, I like that.
Now, let's go
to the best hideout
all over California.
To the hacienda
of Don Fredo Brios.
Go and get your things.
This is a fine mess
you've got us in to.
Well, how else
could we find out
what Jos Martnez
is going to do?
I should have
shot him the first time
I laid eyes on him.
That's what you get
for getting to like a man.
You have to do things
the way he wants them.
All I can say is,
my father's watching now.
You better make sure
you really marry me.
Well, but of course,
my Julia,
if only for the sake
of our 14 children.
Now come kiss your
husband good night.
You stay on
your own side.
You know, I think maybe soon
we will know what they are
going to do with the guns
they stole from your father.
This is no small thing.
This is a well-organized plot
to terrorize my people.
You'd give a lot to be
an American, wouldn't you?
S, my Julia.
Very much.
Maybe California
wouldn't be such a bad place
to raise 14 children
after all.
Hey, Pedro! Get up.
Come on, boys.
I got news.
I just come from the home
of our leader, Don Fredo.
He's going north,
for a very important conference.
He give me a list of a man
who wants to make California
part of the United States.
We must change their minds.
[all agree]
We will change them.
Juan Junipero,
Alvarado Sabrillo,
Carlo Torrero,
Philipe Juaranez,
Francisco Valera,
Enrique Sebastiano,
Arturo Bordega.
This Arturo Bordega,
he's the leader of these men.
He will die first.
Uh, seor,
I have been thinking.
You are already
becoming famous
as a friend of
the people of California.
Soon they will have
parades in your honor,
they will make
fine music and hang flags,
and they will shout,
"Viva Jos Martnez
friend of the people."
So far,
you're making sense.
But will the people
think of you as a friend
if so many men
are killed?
Well, then we only kill
Arturo Bordega.
S, that's enough.
But the rest,
we burn their farms.
If they don't say,
"Viva Jos Martnez,"
we cut they throats.
[Crowd] Viva!
All right.
In the morning, we begin.
Go back to sleep.
[guns firing]
I'll tell you this
Arturo Bordega,
he's a ghost.
He's not here!
We turned California
upside down,
and nobody see him.
Seems to me, senor,
we waste a great deal of time
looking for this one
insignificant insect.
This "insect"
is the fly in the soup
of Don Fredo Brios, amigo.
What if does become governor
under Mexican rule?
A few months from now,
someone else will want
to become governor.
There will be
another revolution,
Don Fredo will find
himself hanging
from the branch
of a tree.
You say you don't know
nothing about politics.
Believe me,
amigo, you don't.
No, seor.
You think Don Fredo Brios,
or Jos Martnez,
fight for the small stakes?
No, amigo.
When they have
new governor in Monterey,
we will not be under
the Mexican rule.
But with big power,
many armies,
big war ships.
Oh, I did not know. I see--
Who is this big power, seor?
forget about it.
The only thing you have
to do is cut off the throat
of this Arturo Bordega
in the next few days.
Now, go and tell
your wife I'm hungry.
Perhaps my brother
was headstrong,
but, any rate, the duel
was unavoidable,
but not catastrophic
for the aims of
Princess Helena de Gagarine,
Count Russia, and the czar
of all the Russias.
The Czar has no territorial ends
in California.
Please remember that.
The people of this country
will have to choose
who will govern them.
Well, of course.
My methods simply help them
to choose correctly.
What of this
Don Arturo Bordega?
He has not yet
been found,
but a man who
continues to be absent
can hardly
do us any harm.
He's a rallying point
for the opposition.
He can always
do harm.
The matter will
be taken care of.
You say you have sufficient
arms and ammunition.
Together, we have enough
arms, ammunition, men to
seize the city of Monterey.
There will be few
to oppose us.
Jos Martnez has
done his work well.
There is a fear in
the heart of everyone.
Very well,
Don Fredo.
The untimely death
of your brother was, uh,
unfortunate for him,
but most fortunate for you.
When we have Monterey,
you will be named governor.
You have my undying
gratitude, princess.
Your ranch is close
enough to Monterey?
perfectly situated.
Make it your
Immediately following
the attack,
you'll be in the city
within an hour to
proclaim all of California
under Russian protection.
We will leave at once.
Very well.
It will be nice to be
such a close neighbor
of the United States.
There, amigos, are your new
comrades in arms.
They dress like American
croppers and rancheros.
Smart, huh?
Here's the escort
to pick up the guns.
Without Jos Martnez
they wouldn't march at all.
Because without me,
they could never have
the proper implements
to establish a government.
Guns, amigo, they are
proper implements for politics.
Now, we go back to the camp,
and wait for the orders.
Soon we'll meet
those fine soldiers alone.
I'm going to start
an argument with you.
Be very angry.
I'll explain later.
What are you
cooking in there?
Old saddles?
What's wrong
with my cooking?
You used to like my cooking,
and now you do nothing
but complain.
Can't a man complain when
he's being poisoned every day?
"Poisoned," he says.
I burn my hands over that pot
to give him something to eat,
and he says I poison him!
The stew might taste better
if you kept your hands
out of it.
Why, you overstuffed beetle!
Maybe the stew would taste
better with your gizzard in it!
Don't overdo it.
Hey, un momento,
Hey, wait a minute,
what kind of
a girl you marry?
You are right.
Instead of building
her a house,
I should
build her a cage.
That stew had perfectly
good meat in it.
Wait, wait.
Go back to your cooking.
And you, come over
before she kill you.
Saddle cooker!
The argument gives
you reason to leave.
Warn Monterey, my Julia.
Tell them to send messengers
the length of California.
Somewhere there must be men
with courage enough to fight.
Gold. You will need it
to take care of yourself.
What about you
if I leave?
Soon as I find out
where the guns are,
I will be with you,
Be careful
getting there.
When I am with
a sentry, go.
I could not sleep.
With a wife like that,
one should not argue.
She's a pretty
good fighter, eh?
Some day,
you will wake up dead.
Oh, on a night like this,
one should not speak of dying.
The night wears its stars
the way a woman
wears her jewels.
You take the stars,
I will take the jewels.
Uh, cigarillo?
[gun fires]
Pedro, go get her.
Andele, burros.
[Julia screams]
I told you,
he was shooting at my wife.
She was running away
because of the argument.
You saw it.
You get your wife back.
So, you wanted to leave me, eh?
You wanted to leave
the best husband a woman
could ever find, eh?
She had this with her, Jos.
And it has much gold.
Where did
she get it?
How should I know?
She stole it, probably.
Yes, I stole it.
You see?
Oh, let me see.
You run away, have gold,
you hit Fernando.
You think Martnez
have a mind of a child?
Cut him off.
Igna'cio, the bull whip.
Maybe he talks.
The bull whip.
Ain't that the truth, eh Jos?
Give old camarad
a taste.
Jos Martnez.
"Hero of the people."
You fool.
They think you're a murderer,
with the mind of a pig.
Put your hands up,
all of you.
Now, cut him loose.
So a woman gets
in the way, huh?
One more step, Martnez,
and you'll know just
how my father felt.
Your father?
The one you stole
the guns from.
The one you murdered.
There's nothing to shoot, lady.
We will never tell you
where the guns are.
Now, cut him loose.
Now, you Igna'cio,
where are the guns?
I do not know.
Now maybe you know?
The next one
will be higher.
S, the cellar of
Don Fredo Brios.
Julia, get the list
from Martnez's pocket.
Take the list and notify
each of the men.
That escort must never
reach the guns.
Bring all the help you can to
the hacienda of Don Fredo Brios.
Hurry, querida.
Now, turn all around,
all of you.
Throw your guns
into the bushes.
Do not try to be brave, amigos,
I shoot very straight.
And now, amigos,
Don Arturo Bordega bids you
"Arturo Bordega?"
Fernando, take your men.
Go to our friends, the Russians,
and tell them they must hurry
to pick up the guns. Quick.
S, Igna'cio.
We will cut through the ravine,
and get to the hacienda
before him.
Governor Alvarado,
ever since this
Jos Martnez
has been raiding our ranches,
we've been trying to find him.
Now we find that he's up here
in the vicinity of Monterey.
We brought a small force
of men with us,
but it is not enough to search
the entire area.
We want troops to help us.
But I have no troops,
There is only one regiment,
many hundreds of miles away.
In Baja California.
And you leave
the capitol unguarded?
There you have it, amigos.
The more of this
kind of government we get,
the more we are sure
we need a change.
[Julia] Governor!
Let her in, Carlos!
Oh, it's good to see you,
I didn't mean
to interrupt,
but Don Bernardo,
Arturo is in trouble.
A Russian force is marching to
the estate of Don Fredo Brios.
My father's guns that were
stolen are stored
in the cellar of
Don Fredo Brios.
He was the spy among us,
he knew all our plans.
but these Russians--
They'll take the guns
to an army,
waiting to attack
Arturo will try to stop
them, but he's all alone.
Oh, our force is a small one,
but we'll do all we can.
Come, seores,
we'll go and find some help.
I dare say this is the most
pleasant protectorate
we've ever established.
Thanks to your excellent
planning and hospitality,
Don Fredo.
I believe that you will find
California's hospitality
second only to its
natural resources, princess.
Our mining engineers are
already on their way here.
You think of everything.
The escort will reach my ranch
in another hour or so,
There should also be word
from Jos Martnez.
Everything goes well.
To the Czar,
who has no territorial
ambitions in California.
I have bad news.
Jos Martnez is dead.
He what?
Killed by a woman, seor.
The daughter of this man,
Sam Lawrence.
She's going to Monterey
to give them warning.
And even now, Arturo Bordega
is on his way here to stop us.
So, it is
Arturo Bordega again.
Post your men
around the hacienda.
See that no one
enters the grounds.
S, seor.
Your hospitality is
still excellent, Don Fredo,
but I begin to worry
about your planning.
You will keep sharp eyes.
You will let no one come in.
All right, vamos.
You seem frightened,
Don Fredo.
I don't like trouble.
Governor Alvarado has
no troops in Monterey,
and surely you don't think
that this one man, Bordega,
can stop us now.
When your troops are armed
and on their way to Monterey,
then I will
stop worrying.
You drink too much wine,
my friend.
It has taken the place
of your blood.
Arturo Bordega.
You will talk
more quietly, seor,
or you will not talk at all.
Now we will pay our
respects to Don Fredo.
We cannot--
Shh, shh.
The princess
is there.
You forget that
I have an invitation.
Put your hands down.
Remember one wrong move--
Whatever it is you
are going to do,
seor, you will not
come out alive.
We will both take
our chances. Move.
However, the situation
can become more-- Igna'cio!
Say only what
I've told you.
Don Fredo,
the soldiers are here.
Perhaps it is time
to move out the guns.
Thank heavens!
You see, Don Fredo, you live
too much in the shadow of fear.
I heard nothing.
Where are they?
They are camping
in the outer pasture.
Move the guns out,
Governor Brios.
You can argue
with your man later.
This is the moment,
my husband.
Don Fredo!
I could have killed you, seor,
but you are still of use.
In the cellar.
Faster, faster.
Take a seat, amigo.
No, no, no.
Over there.
Then you will discourage anyone
from shooting into the cellar.
Don Fredo!
I bring help!
No, do not bring anyone!
And do not let anyone
shoot down here.
It might hit
the powder.
There is nothing
we can do.
The whole place
would blow up.
Stupid fool.
Must leave here, quick.
Thank you, amigo.
I can get used
to anything?
Now we just sit
and wait for the authorities.
And we drink some wine.
Take cover among the rocks,
the trees, or anything.
Seorita, no Russian soldiers
will get near those guns now.
But what of Arturo?
I don't know
if he's alive.
But I'll find out.
Wait, Julia!
Junipero, you and Sabrillo and
Sorena follow Miss Julia.
She might need help.
Find 'em.
Come on!
I don't know
who you are,
but if you live here,
you must mean trouble.
You wouldn't dare!
Lady, this gun
will shoot anybody.
It's not particular.
Watch these two, will you?
I have to find Arturo.
S, seorita.
I demand my rights.
I am the Princess
Helena of Gagarine.
Shut up, your highness.
Andele, c'mon.
We have come to escort
you to Brios' Hacienda.
We must hasten.
It is more than
a mile to the east.
Forward, ho!
I don't know how long
we can keep this up.
We're running
out of powder.
Oh, Arturo,
you're safe!
Stop waving that pistol,
querida, or you'll be
a widow before
you're a wife.
Our men are down at
the bottom of the hill,
but the Russians
have us outnumbered.
I think we can even
things up. Watch here.
What are you
gonna do with that?
Sprinkle it on their tail?
No, we will send it to them
with our best wishes.
[horse whinnies]
They're going to try.
This is a good time
to start praying, amigos.
Push, querida.
If this keg goes up
while we're still pushing,
I want you to know
I love you.
[horse whinnies]
Soon there'll be a ship
bound for Russia
with many passengers.
"No territorial ambitions."
You know this
is a good time
to start thinking
about those
14 children.
we'll get married.
Of course, my Julia.
You father always said,
"When you do something,
do it right."