California Dreams (2017) Movie Script

Oh, my God,
I can't do this again.
I can't do this
and keep losing weight,
it's affecting my health.
Oh, my God.
Oh, when things
are starting
to look better,
I can't believe this.
Mike was right,
if it wasn't for bad luck,
we wouldn't have
any luck at all.
And when things are starting
to look better now...
Oh, Bucky's got a job,
and Timmy's pregnant.
Oh, maybe things
are going to be better.
I sure hope so.
A little better?
Get out of the car, fucker.
Open the door
and leave it running.
Get the fuck out of the car.
Get the fuck out
of the car!
I can't be what
you all want me to be.
And you can sign a document
saying I'm nuts,
but that's
just a piece of paper.
Our parents came
to this country
escaping persecution,
poverty, and hunger.
Hunger, Harold.
Who's going
to kiss my boo-boos
and comb my hair
and giggle at my jokes?
If you're perplexed
and you don't know what to do,
ask yourself what would Dog do?
And I'd do the right thing.
I'm doing the right thing,
you do the right thing,
and everybody
will be all right.
Now remember,
I love you, brother!
Hmm. Why do I want to go
to Finland?
Honestly, the only memory
that comes into mind
is I was watching
those stupid infomercials
of the Girls Gone Wild.
I know it sounds crazy,
but they were interviewing
this one girl
and she was Finnish,
and it was like,
from there I was dead set
on just meeting a Finnish girl
and going to Finland.
I don't know,
that's the only memory
that really comes into mind.
And just the accent,
I don't think there's
a more beautiful accent
than a Finnish girl's accent,
just the way they talk
is really beautiful.
Just melts my heart.
Hi, my name's Cory Zacharia.
I'm going to be doing
a monologue of The Outsiders.
Johnny, who plays Ralph--
Or who Ralph Macchio plays.
And this is the scene
where he's in bed
in the hospital
talking to Ponyboy.
You know, I'm going to tell you
something, Ponyboy.
The doctor says I can't walk
anymore, not even with crutches.
He said my back's just been
shattered, my spine...
I won't be able
to walk ever again.
You know...
You want
to know something, Ponyboy?
I've talked about killing myself
all the time, man.
All the time.
And, uh...
It ain't fair.
Sixteen years,
it just isn't long enough.
Hell, I don't think
I'd mind so much
if I would've done more,
seen more, you know? Damn.
You remember
that time, though?
Remember that time
when we were up in Recaville?
Hell, that was
the furthest away
we've ever been
out of the neighborhood.
I mean, to a certain extent,
I've thought about suicide,
but, like, I think for me,
to actually
carry through with it
would be, like, really tough
because I don't know
if I truly,
truly would absolutely
want to die, you know?
They say
this great line in this movie,
you know,
"Death is the only adventure."
Yeah, I don't know
if that's always true.
I don't know,
I think life is an adventure.
So-- But acting
is what I want to do
for the rest of my life,
'cause it's, like,
kind of the only thing
I'm really good at.
So I knew this porn star girl,
her name is Jackie. She's crazy.
And, like,
I texted her a whole bunch.
Well, not a whole bunch,
but a few times.
And she never
responded back.
Do you know how many guys
she probably talks to?
She's like, "Could you
pick me up my bath oils?"
Hey, player!
Uh, bro, I think
you're confused.
No, I'm not him.
I'm not him.
Don't you run,
you son of a bitch!
You're under arrest. Halt!
All right, bro.
Halt, you son of a bitch!
Don't you move.
I'm not.
Don't you move.
All right. I'm not moving.
Damn. What is that, bear mace?
Don't you move!
Give me your hands.
Fucking A.
I think you have me confused.
Give me your hands.
Like, I think you're mistaken.
Henning, what's going on?
Hey, everything, man.
We can do it, we can shoot
the fucking movie, man.
Are you serious?
Yes, man, I mean it.
Fucking, I found some money.
I drove from Bellington,
I met some people,
and I got wasted with them,
and fucking they offered me
money to produce the movie
with the fucking American
actor Cory Zacharia
and be the bankroll.
Do it, man.
To organize some cash.
Yes, I mean it.
I don't have much time.
They wait for me,
I need to get in the car.
You have some cash,
can you organize
900 bucks
for the plane ticket yourself?
'Cause you need to be here,
then we get the cash.
You're talking really fast,
man, you know?
You're saying
a lot of stuff all at once.
I know
you've got to get going--
Nine hundred bucks,
can you organize it?
I have not so much time,
what I said,
I need to go in this car--
I'm sorry, guys.
I need to go in this car,
we go and party,
all the stuff.
I cannot call,
the battery is dying.
Can you just organize
900 bucks?
I will try and do
my best to organize it,
but I don't know how
I'm going to do it right away.
Sell your stuff,
sell your weed, everything.
Focus on getting the money,
getting the cash,
find the cheapest flight
on the Internet,
and, Cory, one really,
really, really important thing:
Cory, listen to me, just shoot
a fucking monologue of you.
It's really important for me
that you do this
so I can send it
to the producers right away
and they can see that
you're the best actor
I know from America,
great guy,
like James Bond, you know,
I love you, Cory,
but you need to deliver, bro.
Can you do that for me, Cory?
Yes, I will do my best,
but if I can't,
I don't want you to be upset.
I want to talk to you more
about this later.
You do everything,
you fucking get your fucking
shit together, man.
Be Uber driver, I don't care.
All the bitches--
That type girls--
Everything, rock 'n roll.
We go crazy together, we rock
the world, okay? I love you.
All right, I love you too.
And you do everything.
Promise me, man.
What? Just...
Yeah, yeah, are you there?
Promise you what?
Good, good, I trust you.
I love you, bye-bye.
All right, I love you too.
Ciao, ciao.
See you, ciao.
Yeah, great.
Ciao, see you soon.
See you soon.
So how am I going to...
come up with that money?
I got a pretty interesting phone
call from my friend in Germany.
Remember I told you
about him? Henning?
He told the girl to pretty much
get me my passport?
Oh, yeah.
Or-- Remember, I told you?
Um, well,
I talked to him today,
and, um,
he said pretty much
he can cover me
out there for everything
except the plane ticket.
To where?
To go film and act
in Germany.
In, like, Berlin.
Well, what do you think
about that? Can I still go?
Oh, heh,
I don't think so.
You really think we have
the money, Cory, to do that?
No, we don't.
Let's-- Well, if...
The thing is, is that
the plane ticket's 900.
I think--
Well, the thing is,
is that I think
he's still trying
to get money for it though,
is the thing, but--
It's not going
to happen, sorry.
Nine hundred dollars,
that's pretty much
what I get every month
to live off of, Cory.
Both you and me, though...
Give me a break.
both get that much.
It's not going to happen.
You know, I could probably make
that money quick.
I can't believe we've got
to go over this now.
I just don't-- I feel like
you're doubting me or something,
or you don't think I can do it.
I'm not doubting you,
I'm telling you we don't
have the fucking money.
And I've never been
out of the country,
let alone hardly
the freaking state.
The Subway
might be promising,
I'm going to apply there.
I think they said
if you just, you know,
come in and fill out
the application, and--
You know, even the pizza place,
I haven't even turned
the Little Caesar's
application in that I have.
And, you know,
that would be cool.
I mean, there's a lot of other
places I could go too.
Yeah, well,
go to 'em.
And honestly,
I think you should have
probably a better resume
written up.
You've got to interview,
you've got to go in there
with confidence, you gotta...
You've got to know what
you're talking about,
look 'em
straight in the eyes.
You've got to,
you know, want that job.
Well, Mom, you know I have
a lot of skills, you know?
I can wash dishes--
I understand, Cory,
but unless you're
pressing that to 'em,
they're not
going to hire you.
Well, maybe I could
work something out.
Like, if I get
part-time work,
I'm just thinking, you know,
if I get part-time work,
and I make the money, you know,
we could maybe pay off a few
bills before I leave
so you're not so stressed out.
I'll bring this up to him
and see what he says.
When actually does
he want you to do it?
I think as soon as possible,
I think he'd like me
to come out there
next month.
That's not enough time,
Cory, come on, now.
But I don't know
how I see that happening.
You know, I mean--
We don't have-- No, it's not
going to happen next month.
That's what
I was worried about.
So can you say your name
and where you're from?
My name is Patrick Llaguno.
I live in Valencia, California.
I was originally born
in the Philippines.
And how long have you
lived out here, Patrick?
I've lived here in Valencia
for, like, almost...
Almost 10 years.
Actually nine years.
And what do you do for a living?
I currently work
as a parking lot attendant
at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
And how long
have you been doing that?
For about eight years.
Um, the first monologue
I'm doing is from Forrest Gump.
It's in the scene where
Forrest is at Jenny's deathbed,
and Jenny asks Forrest
if he was ever scared
when he was in Vietnam,
and it is his response.
"Well, I don't know.
"Sometimes it would stop raining
long enough
"for the stars to come out
"and then it was nice.
"It was like just before
the sun goes to bed
down on the bayou."
I remember when
I was 7 or 8,
I remember watching this film
and being such
an impressionable mind,
there was a point
where I actually thought
that Forrest Gump
was actually a real person
because I was just so in awe
and fascinated by this,
you know,
this life that he led,
and I remember trying
to go pore through
these encyclopedias
and newspapers, back when
I was in the Philippines,
trying to find out
more information
about this fascinating man.
And then
a couple of years later on,
I found out it was
actually based on a novel.
That's when I realized
how very powerful cinema is
to make you convinced
that for that moment
that this person was real,
and ever since then,
you know...
You think Forrest Gump
was a lonely character?
I don't think
he was a lonely character.
I mean, he was always
a very loyal person--
to his mother, to Jenny,
to Lieutenant Dan, to Bubba--
no matter
how much they treated him
or take him for granted.
Have you ever
had a girlfriend?
Not yet.
It's funny because I promised
myself if I ever turned 25,
you know,
I should start dating,
and it's been almost more than
three years after that,
I still haven't-- I'm still
not in a relationship.
So what's been going on?
How you been?
Pretty good. You know,
still working at Six Flags.
Yeah. Are you talking
to any girls?
Uh, I have female coworkers,
We talk from time
to time. Yeah.
CORY: Really?
Have you ever asked
a girl out, though?
No, not yet.
Have you ever kissed
a girl?
If you haven't even
asked a girl--
Have you ever kissed
a girl, though?
Only my mom or my grandma but...
a girl that's
not related to me, nah.
Do you think you'd be pretty
smooth with the ladies? Like...
I don't know,
I'll have to find out
when I do get up to--
On a date.
You know.
I may surprise myself.
If you don't mind me
asking you, Patrick,
I'm kind of curious
do you want to have sex ever?
I mean, like, would you like
to have sex, or...
Oh, most definitely.
Well, well, I mean,
what I'm asking you is,
do you want to get married?
Or do you just want to--
Yeah, eventually.
Yeah, I do want to get married
eventually, you know?
Would you have sex
before you're married?
Listen, listen, I don't mean
to ask you a personal question,
I'm just saying
that I've had sex.
I mean, if I was to have sex
before marriage,
you know, we might
do it with protection.
Do you think
you'd be good at sex?
I don't know. I mean...
I don't know, like I said,
I might surprise myself.
I don't know
what will happen,
but when that time comes,
we'll see, you know.
Um, well, I'm kind of
curious then. Would you...
Do you want to be in love then,
before you have sex?
Or would you have sex
if you weren't totally in love?
I would rather fall in love
first before I have sex.
Oh, wow. Huh.
Would you ever have oral sex
with a girl?
Do you know what that is?
Oh, yeah.
All right.
Yeah, I wouldn't mind.
Especially if we're going
to have sex before marriage.
What kind of--
You know,
as long as it's not,
like, penetrating,
you know what I mean?
Like, as long
as our virginities
are still intact,
I mean, you kind of
penetrate, you know?
I mean, but you know,
it's not-- It's not--
My thing is, like,
going into her, you know--
It's like...
Her vagina?
I mean, not just oral sex,
you know, there's also
mutual masturbation and...
We could even--
Hey, you know, who knows,
maybe if
I come across this open,
more curious woman,
we might even sixty-nine.
You know...
Yeah. I know.
And all without, you know,
my penis touching her vagina.
No, I know what sixty-nine
is all about.
Believe me, that's...
Plus, you know, my household
is pretty much all female.
My grandma, my niece,
my cousins, and my nanny.
Well, you've kissed
some girls,
but they were all
related to you.
I don't know...
I actually hooked up
with a cousin of mine.
Second cousin,
or third cousin?
Yeah, well,
she wasn't really related--
Don't repeat this, Patrick,
you know, like, I really--
No, but you know
what I mean.
It's like, not one of
my proudest moments in life,
and I just feel like,
you know, we just kind of,
just like--
Don't you think sex is
just supposed to be
real hot and heavy,
where it's just like,
you just go for it sometimes?
You're more into,
like, courting a girl
and like, giving her
kisses and flowers
and chocolates
and cupcakes, you know?
And respecting her.
And respecting, heh, yeah.
"I didn't do anything.
"I'm a nice man.
I mind my own business.
"So you tell me that's that
"before I beat
the hell from you.
"I have so much strength in me,
you have no idea.
"I have a love in my life,
"it makes me stronger than
anything you can imagine.
I would say that's that,
mattress man."
Let's do it again, Patrick.
Really pissed off.
MIKE: I want you yelling.
"I didn't do anything.
I'm a nice man."
Louder, Patrick!
"I mind my own business.
"So you tell me that's that
"before I beat
the hell from you.
"I have so much strength in me,
you have no idea.
"I have a love in my life,
"it makes me stronger than
anything you can imagine.
And I will say that's that,
mattress man."
"I didn't do anything.
"I'm a nice man.
I mind my own business.
"So you tell me that's that
before I beat the hell from you.
"I have so much strength in me,
you have no idea.
"I have a love in my life,
"it makes me stronger than
anything you can imagine.
And I will say that's that,
mattress man."
So when was the last time
you worked, man?
It's been a long time.
It's been, like, eight years.
Eight years?
I don't think I've worked
since I was 20.
What have I been doing
with my life
for eight years though,
Like, when I look back
at it now, dude, I just think
I let a lot of time
really pass.
And like, you know, and
I can't ever get that back.
I really wanted to be more
established, you know?
The last time I held a job
was eight years ago
at Toys "R" Us.
But you want
to know something cool?
Is that I got that job
all on my own, man.
I did. I was pretty
persistent, and, you know,
I went in for an interview,
they liked me,
and I got hired.
Thank you
for doing this too.
Yo, man, I'm gonna be talking
about this one forever.
What is this thing?
Something keeps popping up.
Pro PC Cleaner?
You know what that is?
Yeah, just put...
The X?
All right.
And then it'll say quit
and then hit
the gray.
And then that's it.
All right.
So I put, um, my objectives
is "to find employment,
utilizing my skills,
and learning new skills."
Um, "I am flexible,
and excellent time management,
willing to work weekends."
Hang on, I think I should put
a period there.
What's another good--
Would "hard worker"
be all right,
or is that
the same thing?
I said "hard worker,"
"reliable," "team player."
What else did I--
Do you press enter
to do that thing?
Ooh, "efficient" is
a good word.
I feel like I'm so close
to spelling this word.
Cory, do you want me
to get you the dictionary,
just so you have it right?
Well, it really
doesn't matter right now,
I can just make a rough copy--
I know, but I think it's better
that you have it right on there.
I think you should.
Is it I-N-C-E-S?
E-X-- Experience?
No. It did it for me, though.
Here. Right here.
Right here, bubba.
Right here.
Where? Oh, where your thumb is.
All right. Hang on.
R-E-- Yeah.
N-C-E, isn't it?
Oh, hang on.
Yeah. No, I thought it was--
Oh, yeah, N.
Is that a C-E?
C-E, I got it.
All right, that's...
Gosh, I feel like it takes
20 minutes to look up a word.
I know, exactly.
It helps, though.
I'd rather take
the extra 20 minutes
than show 'em a resume
or application
that doesn't look right.
Doesn't look good. Yeah.
All right. Uh...
"Team player, have had
cash register experience..."
Can you start with
"I am a team player,"
or just team player?
ELIZABETH: Just-- Yeah.
All right.
ELIZABETH: Assertive, you know?
Yes. Team player--
Oh, no, the computer went out.
Has it been going out on you?
ELIZABETH: You serious? Did it?
I couldn't remember because
it took forever to set it up.
ELIZABETH: Did you plug it in?
Yes, I plugged it-- No.
The battery went out, Cory.
I didn't plug it in.
I know, but I had enough
battery life.
No, that battery--
Hey, Eclipse, come here.
Come here, mama.
She's in the way.
You have to plug that in.
I know, I know.
I can't believe I did this.
I can't either.
You know that that thing
only lasts maybe a half an hour.
All right,
while you're doing that, Cory,
I'm going to start this
another minute.
All right.
One can't discredit
the importance of a writer.
The creator of ideas.
The true mastermind.
I am a stimulus package
for the way I create many jobs.
I speak the lines before
an actor touches the script.
I give the director
a direction to go.
I produce ideas the producer
must make possible.
I write the angles
before the cinematographer
sets up the camera.
I am a storyboard
the production designer
must build from.
I provide a voice
before sound is heard.
Forget CGI,
forget pyrotechnics.
I am the special effect.
The seed that provides life
to a film.
A bible to which
everyone will follow.
I am the screenwriter.
All right,
so can you introduce yourself
and where you're from?
My name is Neil Harley
and I am 24 years old.
I am from Las Vegas, Nevada.
I'm doing a scene from
Harold & Kumar
Go To White Castle.
At this point in the movie,
they're literally
looking over a cliff,
White Castle
right in front of them,
it's just-- It's on a cliff,
and Harold's ready to give up,
but Kumar re-inspires him
and shows him just how important
getting to White Castle is
what they've been through.
Okay, whenever you're ready.
The train,
the train, the train.
So how long have you been
working at Wendy's for?
Two weeks.
Do you always want
to work at Wendy's,
or what's, like, a goal?
I don't think anyone
that works in fast food
ever wants to stay there.
Some of them
you can just tell
that they've been there
too long,
and they're just like,
"Fuck, I'm stuck here."
What do you want to do
after Wendy's?
Well, hopefully
I'll be able
to maybe move out
to California
maybe when I get
my creative writing degree,
I can actually
send in some scripts,
maybe get something produced
into a movie.
Or a TV show,
or a video game.
Any one of those is fine,
as long as I get to write
a very good story
with interesting characters,
that's what matters.
Because after all, you know,
like, in a way,
the writer is the most important
person on a movie.
Because you have the writer,
they actually write the script,
and then everyone else
is doing what they're doing
based on
what the writer does.
"A giant brainstorm
traveling at light speed,
"one minute in a fast car
with gadgets and gizmos,
"the next a quiet restaurant
with a couple in love.
"One minute a space battle
with strange-looking aliens,
the next one,
Earth with drunk humans.
"But in my head,
I keep it to myself.
"At some point,
it must go on the paper.
"The only way I can take
the audience somewhere.
"The places
I have always loved going.
"My imagination,
"given so much by what I saw
on screens big and small,
a tradition so special
I must keep it alive."
There was a time
in my life when, you know,
I was just barely starting
to get reacquainted
with, you know, longtime friends
who I consider family.
Um, I was in a Taco Bell,
and it was
on the other side of town,
and they had brought back
that dollar cravings menu,
and they had a cheesy bean
and rice burrito,
and it was very significant
because it was
the very first burrito I had
that really just got me
into Taco Bell.
Like, my friend introduced it
to me one day,
he let me have
the rest of his,
and ever since then,
it's, you know...
I mean, people who know
my Taco Bell obsession,
if you want to call it, think,
"Oh, it's all about the food,"
but no, it's 70 percent food,
but, you know,
I still have fond memories
of going there, hanging out
and just, you know...
Do you ever worry about
your body image, kind of, like?
NEIL: Oh, yeah.
CORY: Really?
There are so many ways that,
like, you know,
being a big person
affects you.
In terms of
your clothes, like,
you actually have
to spend more on your clothes,
like, the bigger the size,
the more it costs.
I heard about that!
Because you've got to use
more fabric or something?
More material.
Funny, I was swimming
just where she was killed
just a few hours before.
It could have been me.
I should have stayed around,
I missed all the excitement.
Excitement? Bunny's dead.
"So you think
this is just about the burgers?
"Well, let me tell you,
it's about far more than that.
"This is about achieving
what our parents set out for.
"This right here is about
the pursuit of happiness.
"This is about
the American dream.
"Now, we can stay here,
get arrested,
"and end our hopes
of ever going to White Castle,
"or we can take
this hang glider
"and make our leap
towards freedom.
I leave the decision to you."
What's going on, Henning?
How are you?
Man, I'm calling you
from Deutschland.
What the fuck's wrong with you?
Why you don't pick up the phone
when I call you 10 times?
I'm sorry, man. I just...
And I would really prefer
if you, like, call me,
latest at the end of the week
and tell me
that you have the money.
Because I'm sure
you don't have it yet, right?
Yeah, I don't have
the money yet.
Is it so difficult?
CORY: I don't know.
Dude, I know, I know.
I'm going to get the money
somehow, all right?
I will,
I'm going to make the money,
I'll start working.
I feel bad, I'm just trying
to help my mom,
I'm trying
to help my brothers...
The producers are not
interested in knowing about
your fucking private life
over there.
You sound like a plane ticket
is easy to get,
but it's not, you know.
That's a lot of money,
If you want something,
you go for it, man.
You want to come
to the fucking country,
you want to be in a movie,
we shoot next month, you know?
CORY: Yeah.
HENNING: Cory, I need
one fucking thing from you.
You do the fucking video
for me, I can show it
to the producers,
and it's all I need, man.
Do you understand
that the producers need
to see that
you can act, right?
So make the fucking video
Henning? All right.
Hi, I'm Cory Zacharia,
and this is
my, um, audition tape,
and I'm doing a monologue
scene from The Outsiders.
Ralph Macchio's part, um,
he was, uh, Johnny.
This is the scene where he's in
the hospital talking to Ponyboy.
Nurse, get my mama out of here,
I don't want to see her.
I don't even want to see her.
She hates me.
You know,
Doc says my back's shattered
and I'm never going
to walk again.
You know, you remember
that time up in Orcaver-- Ville?
That, um, you know...
Remember that time
up in Oroville,
we just stayed up
all night doing fi--
Hang on. I totally forgot.
All right, I'm starting
the tape over again right now.
I'm just...
Hi, my name is Cory Zacharia,
and this is my audition tape.
I'm gonna be doing a monologue
from The Outsiders.
What do you think
the craziest thing
that's happened to you
when you've been out in public?
Uh, a lot of women
profess their love to me,
they'll whisper in my ear what
they want to do to me sexually
and things of that nature.
I'm not there for that.
I feel somewhat sorry for 'em
they don't know me as the man,
nobody knows the man inside
the shell of this appearance
of Dog the Bounty Hunter.
So I don't pass judgment
on anybody,
but it's pretty bizarre.
If you could play any role,
what's the dream role
you'd want to play?
My dream role to date
would be the reenactment
of Duane "Dog" Chapman's
life story.
I feel like there's nobody else
on the planet
that could play it
as well as I did.
I spent years
studying this man.
I would love an, just...
I would love to have
an opportunity
to play his life story.
And what do you do
for a living?
What I do is I run
a very successful
self-storage business
out in Castaic.
All Locked Up
is the name of the company.
That was the word.
Do people ever
give you a hard time
you're an impersonator?
Yeah, not only that, some people
think you're a fake Dog.
There's always haters
no matter what you do.
Well, yeah.
But that's on
the minimum side.
The majority side
is positive-feedback people.
And I'm known to be, number one,
a very gracious person.
You know me.
You seem very generous,
very gracious.
It isn't all about the money,
it's about the experience,
it's about...
When I walk into a room,
and there's a thousand people
in the room,
999 people are staring at me.
The one that isn't is blind.
And that's a real, real crazy
thing to contend with.
Because there's an energy there
that I can't even describe.
You'd have to be, like,
the people that get up on stage
in front of hundreds
of thousands of people
can feel that energy, and it's
a very positive experience.
It's something
that I don't crave,
but it's something I invite,
whenever given the opportunity.
That's what I was saying,
the larger the crowd...
the more I'm into the feeling
of this is right for me.
It's affirmation of
I'm doing the right thing.
Heh, I've had a pretty
creative life, a lot of fun.
I was actually a child model--
I did some commercials
for companies
such as Sunoco Gasoline,
Sinclair Gasoline,
I got a gold medal
in the Junior Olympics.
I surfed big waves in Hawaii
from '71 to '76.
I've been successfully married
for 35 years,
my wife and I are
kind of connected at the hip.
I've had
a very fulfilled life,
and it's
kind of an exciting life.
Thought you were going
to get away, didn't you, bro?
Nobody gets away
from the Dog.
the fugitives run
and here I come.
With thunder
and lightning.
I see a man inside there
that needs to get out, Cory.
You can't go running amok,
getting high on meth
and doing
all this shit that you do,
and running and not showing up
for your responsibilities.
You've got to be more
responsible, Cory.
Now is the time
to change your life.
I'm here to change your life,
Cory. Do you understand me?
I need to change your life.
And you're going to come out
and you're going to thank me.
I love you, bro.
We're going to get through this.
You know, no one wins
this battle with ice.
It robs you of your life.
Use me as an example.
Ask yourself,
what would Dog do?
And remember,
I'm here for you.
I love you, brother.
It's important as actors
that we bring
our most relaxed self,
right, to our partner
and to our scene.
So I'd like to just take
a couple of seconds,
a minute or so.
We all have different ways
of warming up,
we all have different ways
of calming ourselves down.
Some of us pray,
some of us sing,
some of us stretch,
some of us make weird sounds.
Whatever it is that you do,
I'd like everybody
to please stand up
and take a little bit of time,
and don't worry about what
you look like or sound like,
and let's just get going, okay?
Take a little time.
"What makes you think
you can talk to me like that?"
"Brad stares at her."
"I've never stopped dreaming,
Mr. De Palma."
"I'm just fucking tired
of dead women on my beat."
"Maybe you care too much."
"Crystal's blood
isn't even dry yet.
Someone has to give a shit."
All right.
Great, wonderful.
All right.
Lots of questions, right?
Sort of an interesting scene.
All right, so choose partners
and let's break into teams,
and spend a little time
with the scene.
Thank you.
Would you like
to be my partner?
Thank you.
"What makes you think that
you can talk to me like that?"
"I think
I'm the law, baby,
so I have every right to talk
however I damn well want."
"Yeah, well, I have never
stopped dreaming, Mr. De Palma.
How's that?"
"Well, I'm just fucking tired
of these dead women
"always showing up
on my beat, you know?
I've got to be the one
to solve the crimes."
"Maybe you just care
too much."
"Crystal's blood
isn't even dried up yet.
"No, I think someone's
got to give a shit.
Hm? Does that
make any sense?"
That was good.
You are getting better
and better.
You're good at improvising.
No, no. Heh.
I try my best.
But if you're going
to grab my arm,
then, like, grab it.
Well, I figure
we're just, you know--
Oh, yes.
I mean, I'm waiting for
the real shebang, you know?
The real--
Yeah, the real deal.
"You just bullshitting with me?"
"Are you fucking around?"
"Are you covering for someone?"
"Well, a girl like you
is a dime a dozen.
"And you know what?
A girl like you
looks like she would know
a thing or two."
"Yeah, well, Crystal was
just one of those girls
"looking for something better.
She had dreams."
"She had dreams?
What about you?
When did you stop dreaming?"
"What gives you the right
to talk to me that way?"
"I think I have every right
to talk to you like that.
WOMAN: "I'm sure you do."
"You know what I'm tired of?
"I'm just tired of this fucking
stuff always going down,
"these dead women always
winding up on my beat.
I go to try and find some
of the information, you know?"
"Maybe you just care
too much."
"You know, maybe I do
care too much.
But it's someone like me
who's got to give a shit."
"That's right. That's right.
"I'm the only one
on the police force
trying to solve this crime."
I had these silly dreams,
and I have
these dreams all the time
about my book,
and my book, uh,
becomes a bestseller,
it, like, goes on Oprah,
and the next thing you know,
somebody calls me up and says:
"Gosh, we want to make
a movie about your book,"
and I'm going,
"Oh, my God, me?"
And then the next thing
you know, lo and behold,
I get to write
the screenplay,
and it just escalates.
And, um, there I am,
walking on the red carpet.
How long have you been
living in your car for?
Two years, September 17th.
The worst two years of my life.
I just want out of this car,
this car is a prison.
It's my salvation
and it's my prison,
because without this car
I would be living
on that corner.
I drive by,
I see people on park benches,
I see people in the most
precarious situations,
and I think for the grace of
God go I, that could be me.
I'm a fortunate
homeless person,
if you can imagine that.
This mess, this squalor,
a dog in the car,
I haven't seen the back seat
in I don't know how much,
I must have
about $150 worth
of laundry to do,
my friends look at me
and they-- They're amazed.
They remember when I had
a beautiful four-bedroom house
and I was an immaculate
and a wonderful cook
and a grand hostess, and...
I have this dream every year...
right around Oscar time,
what a coinkydink.
And it's the same darn dream
every time,
to the dress, to the man,
to remembering
to pick my skirt,
I have a big red dress,
and I don't want to fall down,
and there I am,
holding Oscar,
and I write my speech.
The thought of achieving
such an honor,
and, um, to be--
If you're
in front of the world,
and to be, uh, chosen
for the best
by all the people
that, uh,
are in this industry,
it's just
the most unbelievable feeling,
and I thank everybody,
and I do the standard stuff,
and thank all the people
that helped with the movie,
and the actresses
and the Academy...
So name me 10 things
that you want
in your perfect girl.
All right.
Beauty, a blonde...
a full chest--
I mean, I'm a guy--
Um, heh, nice skin...
Someone very bubbly.
I like bubbly. Um...
Okay, now ask me.
What would be 10 things
you like first?
Number one,
he's got to be humorous.
Number two, he has
to be smarter than me.
Number three, he's got to be
taller than me.
Number four,
he's got to have
great blue-green eyes
or hazel eyes, or--
I like blue.
He has to have hair.
I can't do bald.
I'm sorry, bald just
does not work for me.
Um, he has to like to cook.
He has to love me
He has to understand me,
he has to be a communicator,
he has to be compassionate.
And that's 10 already.
That's 10.
You could probably
make the list more.
Yeah, but then I would be
They say that life is
an adventure,
but we all know that
it's the journey that counts.
And tonight my journey
is complete with this Oscar.
I'd, uh--
I'd like to thank
the cast and the crew,
and everybody who helped,
everybody who encouraged me.
I'd like to thank our director
and our producer
who, um, accurately portrayed
a very sensitive subject,
me and what I went through.
You know, this isn't
exactly how it went,
but it's pretty darn close
to how it pretty much went down.
She was like...
Oh, fuck.
"You want me to suck your dick?"
"Well, yeah."
I didn't know
what she wanted to do.
And you had had
a blow job before that?
Yeah. Yeah.
But then--
So here's the crazy thing.
So she gives me one,
and then, um--
Did you come
pretty quick?
Not super quick,
but kind of fast.
And then she, like, goes out
and takes a walk or whatever,
and she's like, "Hey,
you can chill or whatever."
So I just chilled back
and she came back and was like,
"You want another one?"
Just like that.
Just like that.
And she was like, "Oh, I just
totally creamed my panties..."
So she gave you
another one?
You probably lasted a little
longer on that one, right?
Well, she wanted to give me,
like, another one
right away before.
She didn't want to fuck, though?
No, I think she did.
I think she did, but she was
just happy with that.
I know.
Do you still see her?
Not so much anymore.
I'd check in on that.
That's the crazy thing,
you know?
I-- I--
You should call her up
and be like:
"Are you having
another garage sale?"
No, I know, right?
"Can I help?"
When you're messing around
with married chicks, dude,
you get looked at
a certain way.
You're right.
Believe me.
You've got a hit on you.
Well, this one guy wanted
to beat me up one time.
Why, his wife
sucked your dick?
No, but if
she had me alone,
she would have freaking
had her way with me,
I can tell you that
right now.
So how old were you? You were
18 when you lost your virginity?
And how old when you
got your first blow job?
Probably 18.
I-- All right,
all right, you know,
I did actually have
one experience with a guy at 18.
So the first time you lost
your virginity was to a guy?
I can't--
No, no, because when I was
telling you about
my second cousin, she--
We really weren't, like,
super, super intimate,
but like...
she-- She was cool.
So you didn't
have sex?
Not, like, seriously,
because I think she was
on the rag or something,
but she like, gave me
a little bit of a blow job.
Just a little bit?
I don't know, that was, like,
a bizarre experience in itself.
So wait, you didn't lose your
virginity when you were 18?
No, I did.
But to a guy?
I'm not here to judge you.
No, I know. Kind of,
but then I think
I had another experience
that I can't really remember
because it was a while
after that.
What happened
with the guy?
I never talked
to him again. Never.
How did it go down
that day though?
That was the first time
I smoked pot,
and I went to school with him.
And I didn't know--
He was, like, a drug dealer?
No, no, no, he was
my friend in school.
Just your homey?
Did everyone think
he was straight?
Yeah, that's the crazy thing.
He had girlfriends
and everything.
I think I found out
that he was bi.
Later on.
Well, obviously.
So like,
you got really baked
and he was like,
"Let's fool around?"
And you were just, like, cool?
Like, are
we talking sex?
Yeah. Yeah.
So that was
your first time having sex?
No, well, I can't remember
if it was my first time,
because I think...
I think that was,
now that I think about it.
Did he have sex with you
or did you have sex with him?
Yeah. But he--
See, I didn't suck him,
but he sucked me.
Which was crazy.
But not crazy because
I didn't want to do that--
Did you fuck him?
How was that?
I didn't like it.
Did he fuck you?
How was that?
I didn't like it.
Which did you like better?
Probably, you know,
you don't really want
to mess around
in your rear end.
But, you know,
it was whatever at the time.
What did you like
better, though?
You fucking him,
or him fucking you?
Yeah, no--
You fucking him was better?
But you say it
so intensely, like...
I don't want
to think of it like that.
You were making love.
Well, I went to
a mental hospital afterwards.
I'm sorry, man.
Because of that?
Well, it was my second time
in a mental hospital.
Because it fucked
with your head a bit?
Yeah. Yeah, it did.
Did you go on your own will,
or did someone tell you to?
No, I went
on my own will.
The first time,
someone told me to go.
Who, your mom?
No, some teachers at school.
They, um...
Did you tell your mom
about the guy?
Yeah, and that's what made me
want to go to the hospital.
Why, what did she say?
She wasn't stoked
about it.
Because it was a guy
or you had sex?
Because of both.
Did you ever see the guy again?
Not even at school?
You must have seen him
at school.
No, because
I had graduated school
when this happened already.
Oh, and he was younger?
No, he was
a little bit older than me.
By, like, a couple months.
Do you feel like
he took advantage of you?
No, because you want to hear
something crazy?
The first time I went
into the mental hospital...
I'll tell you about it
if you want to know.
I don't really want to talk
about it too much...
Well, I had a problem
with cutting myself.
And there was this guy
in there
that I talked to
in the hospital,
because, you know,
life was kind of hard
for me growing up in school.
A lot of people made fun of me
and called me names and stuff.
I'm sorry, man.
No, it's all right.
It's whatever.
I've got buds now.
Um... But, uh...
Just because
you were different?
Yeah, I think so.
A lot of people had always said
stuff because of the way
maybe I carried myself,
or a lot of it
because it was the way
I talked, for some reason.
And I tried to work on it
and change it, but, you know,
it's like, one of those things.
Can't change for other people.
No, I know, but I wish
I would've talked
differently or something.
Fuck that, man. You are you.
You've got to do you.
Yeah. No, I agree. I agree.
Fuck 'em, right?
What are they doing?
You're making a movie.
They're not doing
what I'm doing.
Um, but the first time
at the hospital,
um, I talked
to this one guy there,
because when I was talking
to the girls there...
It always comes down
to girls.
Do you like girls?
A lot. For sure, for sure.
You're not a little confused?
No. No.
I've always had this one fantasy
of this one girl, Elvira,
you know that vampire girl?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
She's my fantasy lady.
Hi, my name is Cory
and I was calling
to see
if you were hiring at all.
No, but--
Are we hiring?
No, I'm sorry, we're not.
Are you sure?
Because they said--
This is Taco Bell, right?
Is this the one
on J and 17th East,
right next to
the Stater Brothers and stuff?
No. This is--
All right. Do you know
if any of the Taco Bells
are hiring, by any chance?
Because I turned in
an application,
and they said that most of
all the Taco Bells were hiring.
Would I just have to go back in
and check with them?
I'm sorry to tell you this,
but we have,
like, five new people.
Oh, really?
So you just already hired?
All right, well,
I'll follow through anyway
at the other Taco Bell.
Thank you very much.
This is Del Taco,
not Taco Bell.
Oh, this is Del Taco?
I'm sorry about that,
I got the numbers mixed up.
Thank you very much.
All right, bye.
So why don't you
have a job?
I mean, you haven't had a job
in a long while and, you know,
when are you going
to get a job?
I mean, I know
it's hard for you right now,
before you start
to hit rock bottom...
I think I'm already
at rock bottom.
That's no joke.
Bro, I've been known to find
money just off the street.
That is
a very true story, man.
I found
a $20 bill, like,
two or three $5 bills.
I found money with my friend,
but she kept most of it,
but it's whatever.
And then I found
just another 10 spot, dude,
chilling right next
to the bus stop.
Bro, just like...
And then
this one dude is like:
"Hey, what did you find?"
Like, really loud.
He's like, "Are you going
to buy weed with that?"
And I was like-- I did
wind up buying weed with it,
but I wasn't going
to tell that dude, you know?
He was just, like,
some random guy on the street.
But that's kind of
how I'll get money sometimes.
You want me
to look at it?
Please real quick,
and then I'm going to read you
something if you don't mind.
Um, let me just read you this.
I'll get back to that later,
because I don't want to.
It says,
"For the following question,
"state your answer
in terms of bills and coins.
"For example, 4.59
would be four dollar bills,
two quarters, one nickel,
and three pennies."
Cory, are you seriously
asking me this
after I've had,
like, three margaritas?
I have to.
I have to, it's important.
Well, this isn't a good time.
It's important,
but look at what time it is,
and look at how many margaritas.
No, I'm not going to be able
to do this until tomorrow.
Fifty-eight, 59, 60.
Thirteen, take away 20.
It's almost-- Not quite 14.
No, like, I think
it's 31 or 32 cents.
I think it would be $6.32.
Cory, listen, I've had,
like, five margaritas.
You want me to use
the calculator real quick?
I mean, I don't think
that's cheating.
Go ahead. No.
They don't care.
Mm. Did I tell you
I filled out
an application
for Taco Bell too?
Yeah, but did I tell you
how much I hate Taco Bell?
Sorry to say,
but they don't even use
real beans over there.
Sorry, but I can't stand
that place.
No, I know,
but it's money.
Think they'll drug test me?
I don't care.
Cory, what would you do,
if they ask you right then
to take a drug test?
What are you going to do?
If you go in
and they say,
"Yeah, we're thinking
about hiring you,
but you've got to go right now
to go take a drug test."
What are you going
to do?
What are you
going to do?
You know weed's going
to be in your system.
That's gonna keep you
from getting a job.
So what are you going to do?
That's what I'm wondering.
Wondering that, and with
your brothers, believe me.
No, if weed's in my system,
I could be like:
"You know what?
I was walking by one day,
and, like,
someone was smoking it,
and I breathed it in."
And honestly though--
Oh, Cory. Seriously?
Yeah. I think if
I gave myself until now,
in two weeks-- It's out
of your system in two weeks.
I don't believe that
whole month thing.
It takes a month.
It takes a month, I heard.
Well, like I said,
by the time I get a job.
I stop now.
I mean, by August--
Constantly say you're stopping,
No, I know. I know.
and the next day you smoke.
At the end of August, um--
You know, because
I really am, though.
I know I'm saying this,
I've said it a lot, but--
You know, we're going
to lose our place.
No we're not, Mom.
If you don't get a job, you are.
Yeah, we are.
Yeah, we are.
I'm just glad I've never been
convicted of a felony,
because that would
make it a lot worse.
You got a DUI,
that's pretty bad.
No, they didn't make that
a felony though.
The DUI was not--
ELIZABETH: Get it together, man.
You know...
Get it together.
Stop smoking the weed,
help me out here.
We need to get a job.
CORY: I'm not smoking the weed.
ELIZABETH: Like real quick.
I know. I know.
ELIZABETH: You know?
If I could do it,
I'd do it.
I know I can do this,
I know I can.
I told you.
I know you can do it too.
All right,
I just told you,
you said
you don't like Taco Bell,
but that might
bring a paycheck in.
And that will just mean I could
help pay for more of the rent,
and you know,
I could help you out.
Yeah, but honestly,
if you're going
to be eating the food there,
which you probably will--
I'm not going to eat it,
I swear.
I'd rather--
I'd rather...
Do you think I'll really
ever be an actor, though?
Honestly, what do you think?
Do you think...?
Sometimes I feel like
you kind of...
bum me out from
not wanting to act--
Or wanting to act.
Like, I feel like,
I don't know.
Do you want me
to act anymore
in film, or no?
Or movies?
I wanna know.
Come on, little foots...
Come on...
What's going on
with him, huh?
What's going on with him?
Hey, Tulip...
Can we tell him, huh?
Can we tell him?
You made it through
a rough spot, didn't ya?
You made it through.
You're tough.
He's tough.
Dang, I didn't think
this piece of--
"Boy, oh, boy
"I think I wish
I should have been born a toy
"A toy for my love,
Not so much for my mom
"I'm 27, already wishing
To go to heaven
"Living one day at a time
"I just got done smoking,
Blowing my last dime
"Hopefully, one day
I'll be out of this desert dust
"So my brain does not
Turn into rusted, rotten mush
"One day I will escape
"To that beautiful Finnish
"All those beautiful Finnish
Girls are waiting for me
"All I need to do
Is cross that blue ocean sea
And they'll be excited to talk
To me, Cory Z."
Hello, Henning?
HENNING: Yeah. Yo, Cory...
Hey, what's up, man?
What's going on,
you superstar?
Um, nothing really much.
Hey, man, I wanted
to call you up and tell you.
I don't want you
to be upset or anything,
because I don't want you
to think I haven't been trying,
but, you know, I didn't
wind up getting the money
to come out there to see you.
So, um...
Are you fucking joking?
What do you mean
you don't get the money?
I thought you were working?
I've been having
to help my mom out a lot,
I've kind of been
under a lot of pressure--
Who cares about your mom?
You know, I--
That was
a huge opportunity, man.
I mean-- Yes!
And I organized you
a feature film,
main role, in Germany--
I mean, like,
I thought we were friends.
It was
a huge opportunity for you.
I put my hand in the fire
and I lied to everybody--
Henning, don't get so upset.
Shut up, Cory!
I'm not upset, man.
We are not friends anymore,
you fucking cunt,
if you fucking cannot even
make fucking 800 bucks,
you fucking
loser asshole, man.
Hang on,
that's really not cool, man.
I'm trying, you know?
What, you're trying, you cunt?
You don't have
to try anymore, man,
you have to try to bring
your passport
to the fucking post station
and you send it to me,
and then I own your fucking
passport that I paid for, man.
Henning, I'll pay you back
for the passport,
or I'll send you
the passport, man, I just,
you know, I didn't want to have
to call and tell you this.
Okay, please, please never
call me again, bitch, you know?
I thought you--
Really, I thought
you can be somebody
but you're nothing, you know?
You're nothing.
You know, Henning,
I would never talk to you
like that, man.
That really hurts.
No problem, yeah.
I know you're upset,
I know you're upset.
Okay. Cory, Cory, fuck you.
Come on.
It's gonna be all right.
Dude, you didn't hear
what he said.
He said, like,
"Fuck you, man."
He didn't mean it.
Whoa, 50 bucks.
"Dear Mom,
"I never did
get that job at Taco Bell.
"Honestly, I didn't even
ever turn in the application.
"But the good news is, is that
"I did come into some money
"and it's actually
kind of a lot.
"So I'll have enough now
to help you
"pay off some of the bills,
"and I'm really excited
"because I can go
to Germany now
"and film with my friend
Henning in Berlin.
"There are so many places
"that I would
really like to see.
"Prague, Munich,
"um, Dusseldorf,
"I think, uh,
Amsterdam, probably,
"and, you know,
it might be really cool,
"'cause maybe I could go
to Finland
"and meet
a really nice girl out there.
"I'm really
actually kind of nervous
"about the language
that they speak in Germany.
"Well, you know, German's
not easy to understand.
"But I'm picking up on
a few words here and there,
like 'danke'
and also
'wo ist die toilette.'"
"I think
that's how you say it,
"and that means
'Where's the bathroom?'
"So I think
I'll know enough to get by,
"and a lot of people I think
speak English out there.
"I just wanted
to write you, Mom,
"and say thank you
for everything,
"and always being there
"and putting up
with all my shenanigans.
"I hope everything
is going to be all right.
"Ich liebe dich, Mom.
"That means
'I love you' in German.
I'll tell you,
we all have our bad days.
I mean, eight years, yeah,
that's a bit of a stretch, but--
DRIVER: You know?
It's embarrassing though.
But I'm going to Germany,
I'm going to Berlin,
I've never been
out of the country before.
And I think everything
is going to start
falling into place now for me.
Oh, it's going
to be exciting.
I think you're at the crest
of revolutionizing your life.
Those are good words.
Yeah, you're definitely
exploring new territory.
You're on
the new frontier.
See, man, you're kind
of like Rocky.
You've got
these impossible odds,
you've got people telling you
that it can't be done, I'm sure,
and you have your own inner
demons to deal with, you know?
It's like Rocky, who was he
to take on the world champ?
Yet he does,
and he perseveres.
It's kind of like you,
you're persevering.
I mean, you're telling me
all of this stuff,
yet at the same time,
here you're going to be
on this jet airplane
on the way to Germany,
doing what most others
will never do with their lives,
and here you are, doing it.
I mean, you are
your own Rocky, man.
That's kind of how I feel,
though, you know?
Like, I'm sort of
up against the ropes,
but, you know,
I can fight the Russian
and beat him, you know?
Sure, that's
Rocky III, though.
Well, still, you know,
all of them
were pretty darn good.
Yeah, they were.
You know, Germany's got
some great filmmakers,
from the German new wave.
CORY: Oh, really?
DRIVER: Oh, yeah.
Like Volker Schlondorff,
and Wim Wenders,
and Rainer Werner Fassbinder,
and Werner Herzog.
CORY: I know Werner Herzog.
DRIVER: Good stuff. You do?
Yes, he's really the only one
I know out of those names.
I mean,
you had German Expressionism
in the '20s.
Murnau, and Fritz Lang,
and just incredible
silent features...