Call Girl (2012) Movie Script

This is inspired by actual events.
Incidents, characters-
- and timelines have been changed
for dramatic purposes.
to our Thursday chat show.
Tonight we have a foreign guest,
a unique star, here in the studio.
We also have
the Prime Minister here. Welcome!
But we'll start with
our foreign guest - welcome!
National Police Commissioner
Folke Widegren
Community - Social Democrats
Future - Centre Party
How bad is it?
So what would that entail,
"state custody"?
Since the school does not want Iris
to return - probably a foster home.
Or something else. Unfortunately, we
haven't heard from the foster family.
I don't understand. Surely things
can't just go on like this.
The parties concerned believe
that it would be best for Iris-
- if she were to be admitted
to Alsunda Juvenile Home.
She would live there full time
and take part in their activities.
It would provide some stability
- at least she'd be among her peers.
What do you think?
It can be difficult for them
to make these decisions-
- which is why we prefer
to give recommendations.
I think... Let's agree on that.
It can drive you crazy... She ran
away seven times this month alone.
Iris! Damn that girl...
What are you doing? Get in!
- We're all done then.
- How much do we owe?
Contraceptives are free
as of this year.
Isn't it dangerous
if they're that tight?
I mean, she's only 14.
Hello. Gunnel, Iris's mother.
Mona Lindvall. Social worker.
Iris, I'm really happy
to finally meet you.
Do you want to see your room?
Do we say goodbye here,
or how is it usually done?
You do what feels right for you.
Here's her bag and...
a copy of her birth certificate.
- For her bus card and...
- Oh yes, that's right.
- Should I... Better you take this.
- Thank you.
Bye, honey.
OK, then. This way, come with me.
- Oh, this is Krister.
- Hiya! Welcome.
Did you see the notice board
with the cleaning schedule?
It shows which days, what week,
you do the cleaning.
And of course you have to tidy
your room, keep your things in place.
No noise after 9 p.m.
We have a telephone in the office
as well, for more private calls.
It's the same line,
but a little more privacy.
Let's see... This way.
You'll have to air it out. The last
girl moved out on Walpurgis night.
You can change that if you want to.
You're gonna do just fine here.
- I just had my hair done.
- Hands off!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Hello, hello, hello!
- Hi there, sweetie!
- Hello!
Oh, you're here? That's so great!
- Hello, honey!
- We've got a line going.
- You've got great boobs.
- What a performance.
- Wonderful clothes.
- Now have a drink on mama.
- You look gorgeous.
- Not bad, huh?
- You'll get her number?
- Absolutely.
You've got the Colonel, right?
In the workshop.
- See you on Thursday then.
- Yes, sure.
- How long will you be at it today?
- Oh, about three quarters of an hour.
- Well, I'm going up.
- Remember the 10.30 bill discussion.
- Maybe you should be there on time.
- Sure.
Several types of sexual abuse
should be decriminalized
- Change the sheets as well.
- Oh, I will.
- So how's your old man doing?
- No worries.
- And the kids?
- All fine.
They're quite big now, right?
Got a light?
You go out at night, don't you?
You're causing trouble. They worry.
We have a cleaning schedule
next to the entrance.
It shows which days, what week,
you are to do the cleaning.
And of course you have to tidy
your room, keep your things in place.
And no noise after 9 p.m.
- And of course you can't...
- No way...
That's great. You know what?
Take the room next to hers, Sonja.
Take the room next to hers.
- No, no, no...
- C'mon, man. Please?
- You can go in. She's too young.
- "Too young"? I'm 19.
- Promise!
- Not a chance. Beat it.
Come on.
Got a ciggy?
- Hiya!
- You've got a groovy moped.
- Thanks.
- Can I have a ciggy?
- Where're you off to?
- Nowhere.
Can we come?
You're sweet...
- Pretty eyes.
- Cut it out.
Come on...
That's neat.
You two look ready to drop. Mona is
pissed off at you for missing dinner.
We're going into town.
Stop nagging! Would you prefer me
to call you at home?
The girls want their money,
or I'll call you at home.
And you can kiss your fruit baskets
goodbye. Idiot!
He's out,
no matter how much money he's got.
Who the fuck does he think he is?
My God, they're wild,
and it's just Tuesday. - Hello?
Yes, Haga Street. I've got a...
I've got a super sweet girl for you.
Yeah, she's plump and lovely.
You haven't met Sylvia, have you?
She has a great ass too.
No, I don't think so.
- They're firm, but still soft.
- Sylvia.
- Dagmar wants you.
- Wait a sec.
- Hi, honey. At 5 today?
- I can do that.
- I'll drop the kids next door.
- You never complain.
- He's an easy ride, right?
- He's so horny for you.
- In the workshop?
- No, Haga Street.
Sasja has the address.
- OK, we're on for 5 p.m.
- What's the house number?
- Haga Street 35. "Svensson".
- She's just wonderful.
- Oh, not him!
I've sent Maritza to Reisen.
And Erling's going up to Ulla's pad.
- Do you need me this evening?
- You'll just have to work.
I haven't got a single girl left.
Hell, I'm exhausted.
Hello, wait a second. - We had a win
with Black Daisy last time, right?
- Yes, Darling came second.
- Darling...
Sasja, will you see to the Polack
later on?
No, Sasja.
Yes, you can rely on that girl.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Thank you.
Excuse me...
Sasja Mintze is connected to Lukasz
Tyszkiewicz and Pjotr Matuszewski.
- Military attach and consul-general.
- She's one of the call girls.
Dagmar here.
So Dagmar Glans has a girl
in her stable from Z2...
- ... who has sex with our guys?
- They must have something on her.
Dagmar Glans won't know that.
The Colonel has top clearance.
Head of the Defence
Materiel Administration.
See you Thursday.
- The fighter planes and all of that.
- Viggen.
Imagine what they say
in a heated moment.
As for security
this is a total disaster.
- So what do we do with the slops?
- I'll take it.
Head of the Security Service
We neither wish to, nor can we forbid
anyone from being a housewife.
We neither wish to, nor can we forbid
anyone from being a househusband.
We strive for equal opportunities
for men and women.
Everyone knows that women
want to join the labour market.
Give everyone possibilities for
initiative, activity, responsibility.
To achieve economic independence-
- and to be able to experience
the community of working life.
- I thought you had a session now.
- To hell with the sessions.
- What will Mona say?
- What can she say?
It's not like she's my Mum.
We can get away after dinner.
Listen to this drivel: "The sessions
should create a basis for contact"-
- "and keep the personnel informed
about the girls' progress."
They can't do anything to us anyway.
- So they came to get you?
- Mum did. My old man was too drunk.
Cut it out!
That's my polish. Give it back!
- Get a grip, Iris.
- It's my turn.
OK, OK! I'm going to pee in my pants.
OK, I give in!
- This took me an hour to do.
- Serves you right.
- Did you add the extra salt?
- I don't know.
- How do you know Sonja?
- We're cousins.
So you've known each other
a long time, right?
Yeah, like, our whole lives.
- Don't... I salted it already.
- I see.
We're going out later.
Can I borrow that polish?
- But you're not going anywhere.
- What do I get?
One swig, not 15!
Don't touch anything.
Stop poking around!
- We're coming with you.
- No way.
Give me my mascara, you creep!
Mona... Did you know that Minna
and Mari go out at night...
What the hell are you doing?
Minna! Minna...
Minna, stop it!
- Iris, get a grip!
- Is everything alright?
- Get out of here, you creep!
- It's under control, Krister.
What are you making a fuss about?
Why are you doing that to her?
Got my period. Really bad.
You should be nice to each other.
Jrgen, you got a ciggy?
So where're you goin' tonight?
- Out.
- Can I come, too?
What are we gonna do?
Just dance a little.
Four? I thought you said
that there'd be two of you.
- So it's not gonna work?
- Sure it will. Come inside.
Four, that is indeed
a good number.
Are you coming, girls?
Come inside.
You can undress in there.
Here are some drinks,
and then slip out of your clothes.
Come on...
Take them off.
That's it.
It's nice if you take
each other's clothes off.
I really like that.
Very nice.
Follow me.
Very good. Just dance a little.
- See ya later.
- What? Where are you going?
- Bye.
- Bye...
The main bar.
Excuse me. You can go up now.
THE SWEDISH PARLIAMEN Government liaison officer
- Wall, W...
- No, I can't find you here.
This is ridiculous.
You're new, right?
He's with me.
- You'll be at the meeting Thursday?
- Oh, yes.
See you this afternoon.
Prejudice and taboos have long
prevented a natural and open view-
on sexuality and its manifestation.
However, a radical attitude change
has occurred recently.
The concept of incest is abolished.
Sexual relations
between family members-
- will no longer
be considered criminal.
For sexual touching, that isn't
considered to be sexual intercourse-
- an age limit of 10 years
is suggested instead of 15 years.
The concept of rape is kept,
but only for cases-
- when the perpetrator
has acted with recklessness.
- Wrong room again, Aspen.
- Right, and so are you.
They're working in there?
The sex crimes commission.
Drafting the new bill.
Oh, right...
You know, I like the view
from up here better.
If a person has sexual intercourse
with a child under 14 years-
- a fine or imprisonment for no more
than two years shall be imposed.
In limited cases, no onus
of responsibility will be attributed.
Should "lowered from 15 years
to 14 years" be emphasized?
The Minister of Justice should rather
emphasize the liberal aspect.
Indeed. Let's continue.
Finished soon?
We have a sanction meeting-
- with the Crime Prevention Council
to prepare.
The timing may be off, but the draft
for your main speech is on your desk.
- And the one for Friday is ready.
- You work even faster than I do.
Listen, do you have
any more of those...
- What do you call them?
- Just let me know.
- Whatever you need.
- Thank you.
Hey, Iris!
Your mother called
but I couldn't find you, so...
- Is that perfume you're wearing?
- Did she send me money?
Don't you think you're being
a bit too tough on her?
Wait a minute.
I have something for you.
Here... You and Sonja can go
pick out some new clothes.
- You know what that'll get us.
- Like wearing paper bags.
Alsunda Juvenile Home.
- Hello, can I speak to Iris?
- Hold on a minute.
- Iris!
- Now what?
Telephone for you.
Can you use the corridor phone?
Hi, Mum.
You gonna hang up, or what?
- Hello?
- Here's Stig.
Hello, pet. Are you coming over?
That's nice, girls. Keep on dancing.
Caress yourselves a bit.
Fondle your tits.
Oh, yes...
That's good...
Relax, it's alright.
Hi, Stickan! Quite the little shindig
you have going on, huh?
How you doing, mate?
Hi there, girls. Dagmar.
Dagmar Glans. Pleasure.
- This here is Glenn.
- Hello.
The bootjack. Thanks.
What kind of a namby-pamby bar
is this, Stickan, huh?
Bring out Jim, Jack and Johnny!
What do you want, huh?
We have...what?
We have gin and vodka and bubbly.
- We'll give bubbly to the girls!
- Bubbly, hell yes!
Get the champagne!
You're such knock-outs!
Real knock-outs!
- Hey there!
- Whoopee, what a pop and splash!
I'm tellin' you...
So where do you live? With
your parents or with your friend?
No, we...
Sonja and I...
We live at a kind of home...
well, it's a juvenile home, actually.
- Let's drink to that, then.
- Have some more.
- Cheers!
- Thank you.
- Gorgeous... You're very photogenic.
- What?
You look good in pictures.
You turn out really well in pictures.
- When's your birthday? October?
- October...Yes.
- Best edition. Me, too.
- Oh yeah?
- That's something to celebrate, huh?
- Yes...
- You've got such beautiful hair.
- Thank you.
I'm telling you.
You can take a few bottles,
when we're finished here.
But we have no place to hang out.
- To party, I mean.
- You're really pretty. Go on.
That's terrible.
But I can help you.
You can borrow my place.
Whenever you want to.
It's really very cosy.
- Really?
- Yes, sure you can.
Good God, you're gorgeous.
Come on, sweetie...
Here are the keys.
Oops. So damn pretty...
Chicks like you have the world
at your feet, huh?
Let's have a good time, oh yeah.
Just looking at the two of you
makes me relive my youth.
Sonja... Sonja, wake up.
Here, for the two of you.
You're worth it.
A hell of a weather!
- Slops from your boys?
- Call girl business.
No concern of the Secret Services.
We focus on clear security aspects.
- But Vice might have some use for it.
- Anything on them?
I think you finally have your in
on Dagmar Glans.
- Worth putting surveillance on her?
- Send my regards to Violet.
I need a trustworthy man
to take it from here.
Hi, honey!
Burton and Elizabeth Taylor
have gotten divorced again...
- Typical.
- ...after less than one year.
They first got married
in March 1964...
- I'm buying hotels.
- You capitalist!
Nygren, Head of Investigations.
- John Sandberg, CID. My pleasure.
- I know.
Sren Laurin-Wall, his official title
is Government Liaison Officer.
But what he really does
is fix women for parties.
The girls give the doorman a cut.
Laurin-Wall sends them to the rooms
and the waiting men.
You can go up now.
They said you had clout.
Dagmar Glans...
You're awake and not crying!
See what you find on her
to prove procuring.
She's gorgeous.
Not a job you can give to anyone.
A one man job.
What you look for in a bag,
was once found in a sack.
Thought you might need some help
with the cleaning?
There are some stuffed
cabbage rolls if you want.
- Jonte...
- You smell disgusting.
Don't you want to eat?
Mum, are you giving me some dough,
or must I turn into a whore like you?
- Good afternoon.
- Hi there.
We're going to the second floor.
Iris, careful with the booze.
- Far out! You have your own key?
- Mhm.
Svante, is there any booze left?
- You gonna dance with David?
- I dunno...
- We're just dancing.
- They're complaining downstairs.
So, the rest of you get a move on.
- But what...?
- Don't worry, kiddo.
You can bang her another time.
So, off you go.
- Scram, sonny.
- Come on, Tompan, let's go.
- Fucking shit party.
- No, not you, girls. You go change.
Let's see what mama got for you.
You're gonna look gorgeous!
Time for a real party.
We're gonna hit the town.
You're so hot!
Nothing to worry about.
Had oysters before?
Cheers, dear.
You're not supposed to eat that.
That blush is amazing,
I'm telling you, guys.
I tried it,
but it didn't work for me.
- Tasty, isn't it?
- Mhm.
Excuse me, where is the toilet?
The ladies' room is upstairs.
We'll have another bottle.
One for the girls as well.
What does one of those cost?
A whole lot, I bet.
Aren't you the cutest!
There's nothing special about me.
You're an extremely special girl.
Do you like the clothes?
- I picked them out myself.
- They're really nice.
Yeah. I only want you to have
the best. Nothing off the rack!
I haven't seen him for two years.
He's a wreck, drinking a lot.
Now listen to mama.
Proper language.
Good evening! Delightful, isn't it?
Great to have you home!
No swearing.
Sonja and Iris.
- Say hello.
- Welcome.
- How is Margareta?
- She's doing fine.
You are doing so well.
It's all going
absolutely marvellous.
No questions. Just smile.
Just walk around, move,
look gorgeous.
I'll take care of the rest, huh.
Good evening, good evening...
May I introduce Sonja.
How did you end up here then,
my dear?
Let me look at you.
You're a success.
OK, then. We're off.
We're going to the Grand.
That went very well.
Just show a little more skin,
unbutton a bit...
There you go.
The boots are perfect on you.
They're nice and snug
when you make love with them on.
Wait. Where are we goin' now?
Grand Royal. It's really fancy.
Actually, we're supposed to
be going somewhere else...
Do you think I'm running
some kind of fucking charity?
Do you?
A bit extra for them tonight...
Here, girls.
- But I'm tired.
- Why didn't you say so?
We'll be down here. Room 340.
Get going now, girls.
Have some fun.
- Let's get out of here.
- Not now. Keep going.
Good evening.
Put that away.
Fifth floor, please.
But we're going to the third floor.
Why'd you kick me?
Still, you didn't have to kick me.
Let's get out of here.
You're so pretty.
You're new, aren't you?
There's money on the table.
Good night, girls.
- You want to set up a bug?
- Damn it, Rundgren.
We have strong grounds.
I know what I've got here.
- Been bending the rules, have you?
- What are we waiting for?
The Security Service has known
about Dagmar Glans for ages.
We are talking gross procuring here.
- This is our chance to get her.
- It can be damned sensitive.
For whom?
For Christ's sake,
I have listened to Jenkert's tapes.
You want me to take it higher?
Your signature, please.
If bugging makes you happy,
go ahead and bug away.
So what do you want, huh?
Somebody with big boobs.
The kind that swing. Yes.
One girl gives great blow jobs,
but has a tiny ass.
- I'm in the mood.
- I'll see what I can do.
I have a rendez-vous with a girl.
Mama is instructing.
Black fishnets on.
Yeah, I promise. Bye.
- Hello?
- Can I speak to Iris?
- Wait.
- Thank you.
Iris! Phone!
- Hello?
- I need a baby-sitter.
- How soon can you come?
- Maybe we can get out in an hour.
- But I'm supposed to stay here.
- Not "we", just you.
- No, I don't wanna go alone.
- Oh, you do.
- I can't send anyone else.
- Sonja has to come.
Not today.
Glenn will pick you up in 45.
But why can't Sonja...?
- Hello?
- Hiya, Dagmar. Sren here.
Are we set for tonight?
The Swan neck too?
- There'll be a bunch of men.
- It's set. Yes.
- All the girls?
- As you wished.
- Marinelle as well?
- You can count on mama.
My little treasure, I would never
send you to a nasty fellow.
I have the finest clientele.
Look here.
- Glenn, are you ready?
- Yes.
I have to put my curlers in.
Let's go.
My dad's a cop.
Is that right? Is he good to you?
Or do you get the baton all day long?
I'm only joking.
No, there's nothing like that.
Got it? He's real nice.
- Anybody have some talc?
- Yeah, here.
It's cold, you get goose-pimples.
- Coming to Riche later?
- Depends on when we're done here.
Lean back...
- Marinelle is down there.
We'll talk over the weekend. Bye!
- Bye-bye!
- What's this...?
- Got a ciggy?
- I'm in the mood tonight.
- Any lashes for me?
- Do the Spanish act.
No! I've quit.
Oh please, I love it.
Dagmar, will we go late tonight?
I have a final on Tuesday.
- In what, my darling?
- Political science.
You are so smart, Ulla.
Now, listen up.
You take the lift all the way up.
Don't talk to anybody, you hear?
Walk to the Finnish Gold Suite
and knock on the door.
When you're done, come straight
down again. Use the right-hand lift.
Off you go.
Good evening.
There will be a fair-sized gap
in the budget after this dinner.
But we'll leave that for you -
the next government.
Gentlemen, it's time for coffee,
but more importantly...
The eagerly awaited sweets.
Gentlemen, dessert!
- We're drinking coffee now.
- But I want to dance.
Go have a coffee.
We're on break here. A break.
He wanted me to come down
right away. "I need you."
"You want me to bring the kids and
let you show them your dick?" Moron!
She's really in seventh heaven now.
- Hello.
- It's time. Get your pins moving.
Sonja... Sonja, you awake?
How are you?
Let's sleep.
Thank you. Dear friends, let's gather
around what is important to us.
Work, security and welfare.
We show the Swedish democracy's
strength and ability to act.
We must work together
to ensure women's liberty-
- arising from equality
in the labour-market.
Parents must be able to combine
work with safe child care.
Dear friends, it is all about will...
The very will to take responsibility-
- the ability to devote one's energies
to the collective-
- which is the power of democracy
and our society's strength.
The very essence
of democratic socialism.
That is what this autumn's election
is all about. Thank you.
Excuse me, can I have an autograph?
Thank you.
- Fantastic speech.
- Thank you very much.
How the hell could you approve
a bug on Glans?
In the middle
of an election campaign?
I have authority here, you know that.
Help me. What could I have done?
Aspen, there are rules about bugging,
you know that very well.
The only one thing for you to do
is to keep your mouth shut.
Who is handling the matter?
Some John Sandberg.
He is new in Vice. Nygren's puppy.
Get those tapes tomorrow
at the Security Service.
What luck! There is something
I need to discuss with you.
Thought you were the press officer,
not a police officer.
That thing with the ladies
will have to be put under wraps.
You, of all people, know what can
happen when a situation gets sticky.
Right then.
- Do you know why you are here?
- No.
You don't? I have had calls from...
Hey, fox! Keep an eye on your tail.
Roy Svensson will be heading
this investigation with you.
You're to collaborate on this.
- Svensson, Roy. Homicide.
- Vice. Sandberg, John.
- I thought this was a one man job.
- Better to have two primaries on it.
Then there are more people
to yell at.
- Isn't it on the fifth floor?
- We don't have access.
You boys lost?
- Think there's anything on the tapes?
- Shit work.
Good thing I combed my hair
for that mug shot.
Bet the Security Service guys
are laughing at us in there.
A win every time.
I'm so happy to hear that.
Yeah, I knew it.
Don't you think Gulli's ass is round?
The time is 3.10.30 p.m.
I have to tend to my new friend,
- I want to hear that I'm pretty.
- Yeah. Black fishnets on.
- What about the other one?
- You seemed to like my Swan neck.
Hi, it's me. The phone is ringing off
the hook. I really need you today.
- You'll come? Good.
- I have to go.
- Did you watch TV yesterday?
- He is weird.
He fancies Maritza, likes her a lot.
The time is 8. 12.00 p.m.
- Hello?
- I need a baby-sitter.
How soon can you come?
- Do you need me?
- Thanks, Anita.
Take care of these transcriptions
if you have the time, please.
- Good evening!
- Could we find a time...
...later this week, possibly?
Perhaps at a club.
Listen to this.
Could we find a time
later this week, possibly?
Sensitive stuff, yes,
but it's nothing to be upset about.
It's sensitive, the Minister
of Justice is buying sex.
The Security Service has that
under control. Sorry to disappoint-
- but it is hardly a secret
that he frequents whores.
You know the people
Dagmar Glans associates with.
The same girls that the ministers
bang have bubbly with drug dealers.
You stick with Glans
and it will all be alright.
Are you coming, honey?
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
A certain responsibility comes with
all the freedom you get here with us.
It becomes very difficult if you're
out running around every night.
- We have these sessions, Iris, to...
- Are we done soon?
- Where were you all night?
- Huh?
Out with some friends.
- You know, we worry...
- You know you can't smoke in here.
Iris, stub it out, please.
We worry. This kind of behaviour
can lead to...well...
- ...things like forced custody.
- Well, that is hardly the case.
We'll make sure Iris settles in here.
- Sure, but we can't ignore the facts.
- Like you jerking off in the shower?
- Why do you say that?
- Or later, when you're horny...
- ...from staring at the girls?
- Why would you say that to Krister?
You cannot continue to defend
this type of attitude.
It is obviously not working.
Oh good, Sonja. Come inside.
Iris, can I give you a hug?
Come here.
- Should we just not show up?
- You changed your mind?
You were the one pushing it.
- But do you want to?
- What do we get?
-500 each.
- That's a lot.
Gimme the towel.
- Where did those things come from?
- What?
- Where did you get all this money?
- Baby-sitting.
Platforms cost a fortune!
- We're just going to a party.
- Iris, for your own sake. Stay here.
- No!
- I said stay here!
You're not allowed to hold me,
you stupid bitch!
Do you want some?
- Alsunda Juvenile Home.
- I would like to talk to Iris.
- Is she there?
- Who is this?
She usually baby-sits for me.
- Why do you want to talk to her?
- I'm a friend. Is she there or not?
- I think you are lying.
- What?
You don't need a baby-sitter.
You think I don't know
what's going on?
You are exploiting the girls.
I'll see to it that this stops.
Yeah, sure, you do that.
It will be fine.
What the hell are you doing?
- Iris!
- It's my stuff. Don't touch it!
You must not be afraid.
You are not alone in this.
I don't need your help.
Let go of me!
And don't touch my stuff!
You wait outside, darling,
while I help Iris.
There you go.
- I have to go, too.
- Sonja can always manage.
She's not like my little Iris.
There is something else...
Well, you see, me and Sonja...
We'd like to...
We'd like to stop.
We don't...
We don't want to do it anymore.
We don't want this anymore,
keep on doing this.
You stupid girl.
- You squealed to that social worker.
- No, I promise, I didn't...
Such a bad liar. What will your
parents say when they find out?
- No, don't tell them.
- About every old man you've fucked.
- Let's tell them. Who's first? Mum?
- No, don't.
Beat it! You have work to do.
She's waiting.
Oh, and the last girl who whined
fell off the ferry to Finland.
- That went damn well...
- Fucking bitch!
There'll be four... no, five today.
One now, and then another one.
Damn it...
Then another one,
and then I have one a bit later.
- You have one on your own, too.
- And then what?
What do you mean "then"?
I told you everything now.
Then then, I mean...
The first one is here.
- Get undressed!
- We have to talk.
Talk, talk, talk.
It's just nag, nag, nag.
Don't you get it? I don't want to.
We said we'd stop!
To hell with everything then!
Now get your clothes off.
I'm not fucking kidding.
We've had suspicions,
but we can't prove anything.
The fact that they leave the home
is nothing to make a fuss about.
- It's more than these two girls.
- I've phoned the police.
But they don't do anything at all.
Well...perhaps you are a bit
too personally involved, Mona.
That can easily happen...
with these girls.
But at the same time, I don't think
that we should dramatize it too much.
- How do you feel about this?
- Well, it is difficult.
But surely,
there must be something we can do?
Don't you think it would have
a stigmatizing effect on the girls?
If it got into their records,
I mean, that they...
That they are prostituting
Yes, you might be right.
- Hello?
- Hello, Dagmar. It's Sren.
I need six chicks
for a night plenary.
- Can they be at the Grand by nine?
- You can count on mama.
He must be calling
from the Government Offices.
I also need a special.
Is the Swan neck available?
Sure, I'll make it happen.
- Well, you know what --- wants.
- Doesn't he want the same as --- ?
Perhaps he has grown tired of her.
- Well, you know what --- wants.
- Doesn't he want the same as --- ?
Perhaps he has grown tired of her.
This isn't bad,
when you need a hard jab.
If the Security Service cut
the tapes, it must be really bad.
- We'll keep this quiet.
- No fucking way.
Are you alright...?
- Sandberg.
- Is Greta there?
Well, I think she's in bed.
The time is 11.55...
Hello? Hello?
Switch off the light. Do it now!
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Ulla
Happy birthday to you
- Blow out the candles.
- Congrats, Ulla!
There are so many guys with issues.
I met this guy, who was impotent,
and I said to him:
"Give it a try with that girl, and
then let's see if you are impotent."
They can't screw their own wives.
I've thought about calling the wives-
- to get it sorted.
But I only work with the husbands.
- Who's getting married?
- I would earn more...
- ...working with the wives!
- You're gonna eat that big piece?
Hey. Listen, how are you?
I'm just fine.
Come have some more cake.
Last night, you said?
Hang on, let me check the books.
But you rented the cars yourselves.
It says so here:
"NPB - the National Police Board."
Why am I being tailed by our own?
And bugged in my own home?
- I don't know.
- This is serious.
I will put a man on it.
So that there are no more incidents.
- It will be tight with three cars...
- Go get your service weapon.
One thing is for sure. I do not take
orders from a fucking Press Officer.
This raid business stays between us.
Don't say a word about it.
For all these gossips...
Christ, what a party
we had last night, huh?
My candy queen...
- Do you want some?
- After I've showered.
- Will you take out the garbage?
- Sure.
"Bait", five letters. What's that?
Must be "snare".
"Snare", right...
What the hell. Let go of me!
What are you doing?
Let go!
And I thought you were a new tenant.
Let me go, goddamn it!
Yes, yes...
Police confirm that a woman
has been arrested, suspected of...
She is charged with procuring
and is already known by the police.
The madam's home was raided...
The confiscated material was
brought to the Norrmalm Station.
Interviews with the call girls
in question will be held-
as the material is compiled.
This house was a brothel!
Secret address book.
Can you turn the vacuum cleaner off?
Oh, you don't want your wife to hear?
Jesus, they are so nervous.
It's kind of a shame,
she is rather...attractive.
If she were not a...
She is here. - Go ahead...
You can start by looking at those.
Wait a minute...
Let's choose a nice girl
for your colleague.
Someone who would
tickle your fancy.
She would be perfect for you.
A beauty, don't you think?
How long are we going to stay here?
- They all smell very good.
- Hi, Sylvia!
Let go of me! What the hell is this?
- Do you have the time?
- Why aren't they telling us anything?
Get comfortable,
we just have to set things up.
We haven't done anything wrong.
What is the head of
the Security Service doing here?
I think I met Dagmar in a bar,
ages ago. I don't really remember...
...from Finland; everybody knows her.
- I go to university. No loans.
- I'm a beautician, my own business.
You do your best with two kids
and a man who bets.
I was a bit down and I needed money.
She said she could help me.
Dagmar and her friends talk about
this and that. I don't listen.
She came in to have
her eyebrows plucked or...
She said I was pretty,
that I had style.
She baby-sat my kids, and brought a
pineapple. They had never seen one.
If I give a man a blowjob
I may as well get paid.
- The studio clients are easy.
- We don't have to worry.
If it wasn't for Dagmar
I'd be on the street...
I'm a doorman.
I let guests in, call for taxis...
Tremendously nice men. Officials...
Clients of a different calibre.
They all pay good money,
up to five times as much.
Special things.
Men from high society,
mostly business men.
Some are civil servants,
some are army men.
A real big shot from Prison Services.
You can watch TV.
- Pillars of the community.
- Judges, prosecutors, politicians.
- Ministers.
- Ministers.
- What ministers?
- I'm not stupid. I can't answer that.
If this gets out, there is no point
in holding an election this year.
Minister of Justice demands
actions against the porn business
We made love to Stockholm's celebs!
Student, wife, masseuse
- Malicious rumours.
- Already resolved.
Unsubstantiated gossip, and so on.
Nothing which can be defamatory
for me, I hope?
Unemployment statistics
and the nuclear plant report.
What is your usual fee?
Depends on what they want.
I don't do everything.
- But you get clients from Dagmar?
- I don't get clients from anybody.
- Nice guys?
- Sure, nothing wrong with them.
They like pretty women of all ages.
What do you mean?
You're from Poland, aren't you?
Can you turn that thing off?
Have you talked to the young girls?
Iris! Iris, please wake up!
Iris, wake up! Iris...
Iris, wake up.
- Mona, come quick!
- Oh my God... Iris?
Iris, can you hear me?
Krister! Krister!
- There you are...
- She's awake... She's awake.
Things will be just fine at Holmns.
We've heard lots of positive things
about it.
"Forced custody."
What does that mean?
She's run away for the last time.
They're locking her up.
You can keep this.
I've got a place in a family home
in Tullinge.
Get out!
I'm sorry.
Down this way.
Lunch is served
in half an hour or so.
When I turn 50 this autumn,
I'll take you somewhere fancy.
Get you some descent food,
not that disgusting police rubbish.
Dagmar... We need to talk
about the young girls.
Get out of here.
No, this is unusable.
You'll have to do it again.
- Why is that?
- We're not using the client's names.
- No names? So how then?
- Give them numbers.
One, two, and possibly three.
I'm not parading public figures
based on slander from prostitutes.
Slander? The Minister of Justice
went to Dagmar's girls-
and he is not the only one.
- What about the other matter?
- What other matter?
- The young girls.
- What young girls?
One woman said that Glans
has underage girls. No names, but...
We're not rooting around anymore.
- Why not question the young girls?
- There is no time.
Time? If there are minors involved
the charge is child sexual abuse.
Rescheduling is entirely out of the
question, and it would be altogether-
- too difficult to find
these juvenile home girls.
How do you know
they are "juvenile home girls"?
Listen, take it up with Wahl.
I'm on sick-leave.
- A holiday?
- Yes, dig out the swimming trunks.
I hear it's going to be sunny.
Someone was just in my office.
Did you see who...?
Hell, I'm gonna miss her so much.
There is no one like her.
- Damn it, Sasja...
- I know.
Your legal representative, Srensson,
is here.
I love you.
Prosecutor Wahl
is taking over from Rundgren.
200000 is an entirely reasonable sum
considering the circumstances.
-200000 of my own money?
- It would be difficult to go lower.
Small potatoes, all things
considered. It is fair play.
The charge may be gross procuring
and you may well go to prison.
But... Am I to be charged, defended
and sentenced by my own clients?
Don't be too difficult. The procuring
charge may be avoided-
- if we sign over the flat leases
to the girls.
Dagmar Glans was convicted today
of gross procuring...
- You look worn out.
- I have a day with the kids tomorrow.
I've worked two double-shifts.
I'm spent.
...promoting indecent behaviour-
- by introducing men and women
for the purpose of sexual relations.
Vice prosecutor Wahl is satisfied
with the court's verdict.
But Dagmar Glans will appeal,
and remains in custody for a time.
Considering the evidence presented
I can find no reason-
- for vice prosecutor Wahl to include
client statements in the report.
They are of no importance
to the investigation.
It is now official that the Russian
modern pentathlete Onishchenko-
- who was recently disqualified
from the 1976 Summer Olympics-
had modified his pe...
What the hell, Greta! Wanna destroy
the whole bloody lawn?
You're an idiot.
Forget about it.
You're on holiday.
Glans has been convicted. It's over.
They're all getting away with it.
What you give is what you get.
Roy, listen to me. The young girls
have not even been questioned.
- Well, I have to get going.
- Sit tight...
Where did you get these?
They are from Homicide.
Don't know. They came in the post.
Do you recognize her?
A whore. Do you know
how many such photos I have seen?
She gave us names.
- Hello?
- Anita, this is John.
Have you found anything?
You're a stubborn devil.
They were inseparable.
It was terrible to separate them.
But not all girls can handle
the freedom we have here.
This was Iris's room.
- You won't mess things up for them?
- No, we just want to talk to them.
- And the other girl?
- Sonja? She has moved, too.
I'll give you the number. She usually
hangs up when you call her.
Right, this way.
Sorry, we don't smoke in here.
- Hello?
- I need a sitter. Can you come?
You seemed to like my Swan neck.
I almost only saw different clients.
- And you met them through Dagmar?
- Mhm.
She used to call us
at the flat on Bjrk Street.
She'd say:
"There's a man coming soon."
They had already paid Dagmar
in advance.
Sometimes they paid
us afterwards, too.
Except when we went to hotels.
Then it was different.
if it was somebody special.
What do you mean "special"?
Like when I had sex
with that politician...
What the hell are you on about?
Stop lying, you little wench!
Roy, get out of here. Get out now!
Let's go.
Forget about this shit.
They'd only make scapegoats
out of us.
I have only two years left
until my pension.
A peaceful toning-down
of an otherwise tiresome existence.
Don't open this can of worms.
If my dad finds out about what we did
he'll kill me. I'll deny everything.
I don't want anything
to do with this.
I feel OK now.
Do you understand, Iris?
We'll keep quiet.
The girls just had their meal.
Iris, a visitor!
You're going to have to stand up
in court.
- Will Dagmar be there?
- Mhm.
I need to go to the loo.
- You're fine with this?
- Yes. But only for tonight.
- Is she going to stay here?
- No, she's just spending the night.
No, stop!
No, no, no! Let me go! Let go of me!
- Who's gonna believe me?
- I believe you.
Who... Who will...? No...
No! Let me go!
I'm on the pier, ready to dive.
I bent forward and my trunks burst.
And I hear the neighbour say:
"Lngerud just burst."
Lngerud, the girl is witnessing.
Make room.
Why don't we have a lawyer?
Go sit in the front,
I'll be right behind you.
I call upon the defence.
My client has decided
to retract her appeal.
The new information
about these young girls must be-
- included in the original charge, for
which Dagmar Glans was convicted.
We ask for a verdict of not guilty.
If the court reaches the conclusion
that Dagmar Glans is guilty-
- the only suitable punishment
has to be a suspended sentence.
Dagmar Glans is thus given
a suspended sentence.
Be aware that a suspended sentence
means probation for two years.
This trial is now closed.
Why is everyone leaving?
National Police Commissioner
Folke Widegren
Come in.
You want me to give this to the
government just before the election?
I would be decapitated.
But you are right.
We cannot act as their plumbers.
The preliminary investigation
of Glans' criminal operations-
- found that persons
in the top ranks were her clients.
Their names have come into focus
once again, due to a tip-
- about Glans using
underage girls in her business.
I propose that the government
appoint a special commission.
- How bad is it?
- The Commissioner...
...has written a memorandum
to the P.M.
How the hell did he get
that information?
I wouldn't be doing this if it didn't
concern the security of the nation.
We will let this matter lie
until after the election.
I like this look.
- Neat hairstyle.
- Here you go.
Hello! Thank you.
The election campaign continues
across the country.
Less than one week
before election day-
- it seems to be
the tightest race ever.
We're on the air in ten minutes,
Studio 1.
- Are those supposed to be trousers?
- How do you like your jeans?
I know. Tight.
- What the hell? We're watching that!
- News.
Don't fuss.
We always watch the news.
It will not be a surprise to anyone.
We have always been liberal.
Reply from the opposition.
The family is the cornerstone
of society.
The government must create
good conditions.
Equal opportunities for everyone,
that is our basis.
Iris, you must watch the news.
It is part of the programme.
But I don't want to. Let go of me!
You are disturbing the others.
Just watch it!
Time for you to settle down!
There, there.
- I don't want to! Let me go!
- To the isolation room!
- Let go! Let me go! I don't want to!
- Come here!
- You be quiet!
- Let go!
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
How do you spend the night
after such a defeat at the polls?
You sleep. But first
we'll have some Swedish hash.
Iris Dahl? She is either in the yard
or in her room.
Do you want me to take you there?
Damn it...