Call Girl (2007) Movie Script

- Did you make a mess again?
- I'm sorry, mistress...
Hit me, but don't fire me, please.
Punish me, mistress.
Punish me.
Pull down your trousers.
- Pull them down, now!
- Yes, mistress.
And don't you dare come on my boots.
They're new
- Does that hurt?
- Yes, mistress.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Amazing. You're never late.
- Champagne?
- Of course.
No, I'm awake.
Talk to me, Neves...
You're kidding?!
He's in his apartment?!
I'll be there in ten, ok.
See ya.
Don't worry, son
Momma's coming!
Momma's here.
Don't worry, my love.
There... there...
You'll be better in no time.
Take deep breaths, my love.
That's it.
That's it, honey.
All's better.
All's better.
Sorry about that.
Didn't hear you ring.
I was sleeping...
So you usually sleep in
jeans and a tie, do you?
No, I fell asleep on the couch.
Got a plane to catch?
At what time is your flight?
I can call my lawyer, can't I?
It's my right.
Do you know how much do
those bastards charge?
- Especially for over-time?
- Yes, yes I do.
I'm not sure of his number.
I need to get my cell phone.
Easy there. Wait a second.
Wait there. Wait.
- Relax, sit there and relax!
- Don't touch me, all right?
I'll go get it, relax.
Just tell me where the cell phone is.
In my bedroom. Go through the
entrance and turn on the hallway.
- Over there?
- Yes. First door on your left.
What's the model?
- What are you talking about?
- Your phone.
Is it a new model, with a camera,
Internet and all that kind of shit?
It's a Nokia, brand new.
Uau, that's amazing. I'm not crazy
about cell phones myself...
Wanna know why?
Being a cop, it kinda messes
with you head, you know?
They put chips and shit like that in it.
It has a name... it's called...
- GPS, as I'm sure you know.
- GPS, that's it.
So you know that the GPS that's
inside your brand new Nokia,
let's us know where you
are at all times, right?
You wanna ask me something, go ahead.
I've nothing to hide, you understand that?
Everybody has something
to hide, Andrade. Everybody lies.
Everybody. Even children.
They start young...
Wanna know what I want? Do you?
My cell phone to speak to my
lawyer. Do you understand that?
We found your skin under her fingernails,
She was my wife. It happened.
She was my wife and she lied to me.
You'll see what happens when
someone lies to you...
You... are... fucked.
You're so fucked... man!
You disgust me!
All right, let's get walking, come on.
Let's go!
What the fuck did you do?
Dear friends...
This house will be...
a space of living memories.
A space of well being,
of joy, and above all,
my dear friends,
a space of communion.
And I believe so much in this project
that my father, who's right over there,
my own father whom I admire so much,
will be one of the first
guests in this house.
You should be ashamed, leaving
the ghost of your father behind.
He doesn't even talk
anymore, poor thing.
- Take it easy, Jacinto.
- Calm down.
In this house, not even the
pastry is worth a damn.
- Calm down, Jacinto.
- The hell with you!
This house... It's a hole
where they hide us to die...
Let him be...
Calm down, calm down, calm down...
Gentleman, please, calm down.
He has a right to speak.
It's his house too.
It's not mine, it's not the councilmen's.
It belongs to all of us.
He acquired that right, him and
everyone like him who fought
for our freedom and allowed us to think
and speak of everything we want.
Let me finish by saying...
that this
project will only be finished, to me,
when we have our hospital.
And I solemnly swear...
that I will not rest until
that promise is kept.
Well said.
So... Congratulations.
You have a talent for public speaking.
Thank you.
- I'm sorry but I don't think I...
- Mouros, Rui Mouros.
Nice to meet you.
Carlos Meireles.
What brings you around here?
It seems that most people who pass
by are usually on their way to Algarve.
I have this fascination
with secondary roads...
...and a problem with the engine.
Well, if I can be of use...
Maybe we'll find you a mechanic.
Everybody knows each other around here.
Everybody knows you, Mr President...
No, thanks... I quit.
You know, at my age...
If I may interrupt, you never
really quit an addiction...
you just change it for something else.
If I can be of help, Mr. Mouros...
Forget the formalities...
In this case, without false modesties,
I'm the one who can be useful.
From what I heard you say before,
you need a Hospital.
Very well, I'm sure that can be arranged.
I'm having lunch with the
Minister of Health on Saturday.
Why don't you join us? Since you're
spending the weekend in Lisbon...
How do you know that?
And what makes you think
that I need your help?
No man is an island, Mr President.
Might as well have
dinner of Friday, right?
- I'll take care of everithing with Paula.
- You also know my secretary's name?
- Hello?
- Hi!
- Hi!
- I'm waiting for you, you know?
- I'll be an extra night in Lisbon...
- Wonderful... Did something happen?
I'll explain later.
Did or did you not walked into a suspect's
apartment before 7 a. M?
What are you, a rookie?
He wanted to press charges.
- He claims you hit him.
- That's not true.
I'm sick of your quest for truth!
I need a hard evidence,
who sent what, what's written down.
Stuff you can duplicate in court.
Don't you know that?
- Can I say something, Boss?
- You can't say a fucking thing.
I don't even wanna look at you anymore.
There's a case in Alentejo.
In the middle of some farms,
heat, where cows shit.
All you need is a note pad and a pen.
I've spoken to Neves.
He's got the file. Get lost!
What, a soon to be dead woman
who wants to confess? Great, thanks.
You don't really need a cop, do you?
A secretary would do the job...
That's a lovely dress...
- Is it new?
- No.
Look who's here. 'Dirty Harry'.
Do you really need
to fuck up all the time?
Where you there? Why are you being
smart if you weren't even there?
- Can we ignore your job for a second?
- Sorry.
These guys get on my fucking nerves.
Why do you insist on having lunch at a
restaurant filled with cops?
Luisa, I'm just taking things of my chest.
Ok, there.
Anyway, moving along.
What was it that I wanted to ask?
Yes, Joo, how is he?
You're a hypocrite!
I'm asking about Joo.
What else do you want?
Yesterday at 6 a. M. I was alone in the
middle of the street, waiting for a cab.
The kid couldn't breathe. Do you have
any idea what's it like? No, you don't.
You only think of yourself.
Even with these shitty attempts
of proving otherwise. Let go of me!
And do you know what
he was worried about?
If he was sick, he couldn't go the match
on Sunday with you, like you promised.
This is worse than nothing, Vasco.
And I won't let the kid
grow founder of you.
This was the real reason you wanted
to talk to me, right? With urgency.
You're gonna save the world.
And the rest of us are just collateral
Welcome, Mr. Mouros.
Sit down, please.
- You saw him?
- Yeah, I saw him.
- And you know what to do?
- I always know what to do. Do you?
We already tried money.
But the man is sentimental.
His family lived of those
trees for decades.
Cork paid for his college.
You sound desperate.
We're businessmen.
We can't afford to be desperate.
So, whatever the cost...
We need Meireles's signature.
That land is perfect for
our Company's Project.
Location, access, dimension, water.
Midway between Lisbon and the
Algarve. Close to Spain...
What I want to know is...
What are you going to do.
To bring the man to our side?
Well, he quit smoking.
What does that mean?
That he wants to live longer
and better, enjoy life.
So, I'll give him the best
that life has to offer.
You have five new messages...
Received today, at ten... fifty... am.
Hi Cathy, It's me Thomas.
Listen, I'll be in Lisbon next month,
so cancel everything for July seven, ok?
And listen, it will be really nice if you
could bring someone with you.
Someone new, who has not been
around so much. Someone "fresh".
We know what I mean, ciao.
Received at eleven... six... am...
I hope I'm speaking to Diana.
A mutual friend gave me
your phone number.
Joo Oliveira, do you know?
I would like to speak to you...
I'll call back, sorry.
Received today, at eleven... fourteen...
It's Mouros. I've got a job for you.
I want you to be available
for dinner on Friday...
and for whatever it follows...
Cancel everything you have scheduled
because what I got for you baby,
is enough to retire!
- Thank God for these moments.
- You bet!
I envy you, you know?
- How's that?
- You're a widow.
Always complaining. Instead of one, you
have two. One here, the other in Lisbon
Why do you provide for Amlia?
Can you tell me that?
- Amlia is for fucking.
- How about Odete?
She's for fucking with my patience.
Watch... Just watch...
- Tell me later how fat you are.
- Hello, my love.
And you call yourself a caring father!
Haven't you noticed your daughter
has put on her braces?!
Oh, right. Come here. Beautiful!
Come here, my love.
2500 Euros.
This man thinks we can live
with his wages as Mayor.
If it wasn't for my shop, how would
his son be studying in London?
By the way, what's with all the shirts?
Don't tell me you're going to
Lisbon for the weekend again?!
Someone got me a meeting
with the Minister of Health.
- Maybe we'll get the Hospital sooner.
- Yes, sir. Quite the life.
And, as usual, I'll stay here,
selling clothes.
While Mr President here
is having fun in Lisbon!
- Can't stand the smell. I'm going inside.
- Go on, honey. Go on...
By the way
Did you get that for me?
Want one?
- Why? You don't need it?
- I don't fuck.
Hey, Neves...
I wouldn't give this to a dog, man.
And I fucking hate dogs.
And they give us five Euros per lunch...
Fuck this.
Look, just because you
fucked things up with Lusa,
that's no reason to be busting my balls...
Are you always like that with women?
I bet there was one, once,
who fucked you up properly.
Now you said it.
And I'm not busting your fucking balls,
I want more, that's all.
I want a big fish.
Something that makes a difference,
not this bullshit.
We look like priests listening to some
broad's confession.
Gomes is right, you know?
With all that adrenaline, you're lucky
to be playing for the good guys.
The bad ones are usually fuckers like you,
- born on the wrong side of the street.
- Catch this, princess!
I'll pass by, leave my bag but
there's that dinner I told you about...
- What time will you be back?
- Couple of hours...
I really wanted for us to
have dinner together.
Baby, so did I, but you know
how politicians are.
They only give you a sausage
if you give them the pig first.
- I'll wait for you.
- Great.
- Hey, still there?
- Yes.
- Wear that black underwear.
- I thought you liked me in red.
- No. The black one. Wait for me, ok?
- Sure.
Big kiss.
This one, thanks.
This one.
You need to look like a lady.
All right, let's go over
the script for the dinner.
Much better.
Do it again, Vickie.
- Vickie!?
- Yes, that's gonna be your name, Vickie.
Go on, do it again!
Good evening, Mr President.
No, no, no.
More Marilyn Monroe.
Happy Birthday, Mr President.
Happy Birthday, Mr President.
Then, after that cheap joke of yours,
I say "His problem is
that I'm not for sale!
Missed a line.
Don't worry, honey.
I don't miss.
You should know that by now.
Only for tonight.
You haven't earned it yet.
It's gorgeous!
But, my clients usually pay in advance.
Right, but I'm not a client.
I don't even understand
what they see in you.
Keep going...
I'll go to the bathroom, give you five
minutes alone and then I call you.
And when you're alone with him and the
guy ask"what do you do?". Your answer is?
Sorry, I'm late.
- I brought a friend, Vickie. I hope...
- Good evening, Mr President.
- How are you?
- Hello, how are you?
So, Mr President, I hope
you like Chinesefood.
I was there, I saw it.
Joseph killed Henrich...
and cut his body with a chainsaw.
Then burn it in an oven of...
- A what oven?
- Bread.
He was crazy on drugs.
Henrich's 'frau' was screaming.
Joseph locked the dogs in the
basement with Henrich's frau.
Two days.
Killed her too.
Cut and burn the body.
Buried in the same place.
I saw it.
But what place...
Look, where were the bodies buried?
By the camp's oven.
Jesus, I just love hospitals.
So, what do we do?
Nothing to it. Call the local police
for them to look for the bodies.
If they're there, find the
guy and send him to Lisbon.
Meanwhile, I'll talk to forensics.
Mein Kampf ist jetzt mit Gott
What did she say?
She wants to die in peace with God.
It is: Lisbon/Montijo - Montijo/Lisbon
and that's it...
Excuse me...
- Mr President!
- Oh, it's for me.
Thank you so much.
Ok... this is... well...
- Do you mind if I choose for you?
- No, no, I apreciate it.
Because I can see you're not sure...
This one.
This one is perfect for you.
Thank you.
A "Robusto".
It has strength...
and character.
You know, Mr Meireles...
That's how I imagine you.
I'm I wrong?
Well, I...
- Excuse me, can I give you an advice?
- Sure.
When a woman like Vickie asks you a
question, always answer yes.
As if it was an order from God.
Because Vickie is the woman
God would like to have.
If he was rich.
Rui never misses the chance
to embarrass me.
Even if he has to be rude.
The problem is, I'm not for sale, honey...
Not to God and not to you.
Now, I have to go to the girl's room.
If you excuse me.
Watch your back with him...
Remember, there's no such
thing as a free dinner!
- Fantastic, isn't she?
- Yes.
But there's something that I still don't
I think it's time for you to tell
me what you want from me.
You're right.
I'll be straight forward.
I represent people you already know.
Investors who are still interested
in Herdade da Fazenda.
Thank you.
That project implies cutting down
several Cork Oaks,
and that for me is just unthinkable.
Can I ask you something?
Your son is in London,
studying hotel management,
which means an investment
on the possibilities of tourism.
Yes, but...
That's not a question, is it?
The question is, have you noticed
your town is dying?
Our project will bring new blood, fresh
air, work opportunities, quality of life.
And you, my friend, you don't want it.
I can get you a Hospital,
tomorrow if I have to.
But you'll rather stand your ground.
And I know you love Vila Nova.
Do you understand now why I'm confused?
I don't think you understand.
- I made promises to my people.
- What are we talking about?
A few fallen Cork Oaks? The goverment
will give us permission.
All we did is your City Hall's licence.
And we guarantee the plantation of the
double of trees that fall to the ground
We're not talking about half a dozen Cork
Oaks. I know that project in detail.
We're talking about thousands of trees.
I see that you're a city man, you don't
understand about these things.
Let me tell you something.
Those trees take forty years before they
produce cork. Forty years!
But a lot of them are at their end.
Like those old men at the Home
you opened a couple of days ago.
Well, let's put it this way.
In this land, we don't draw
our municipal plans with a pencil.
And nobody, is going to talk me into
cutting thousands of those trees,
so a couple of high class gentleman can
practice their swings for amusement.
If you think progress is what they did to
Algarve, don't ever count on me. Ever.
Did I say something funny?
No, no. It's just realized why
you won four elections in a row.
Damn phone. Sorry about that
Yes. Hello.
What? When? Now?
No, I can't now...
What? That's not possible...
All right. Ok, I'm on my way out.
No, no. Please stay.
I, unfortunaly, have to go.
Affairs that demand my presence or,
in this case, my absence.
But the meeting with the
Minister tomorrow still stands.
I won't be there but
everything is in place.
What, you think is still worth it?
How do they usually say? Everything is
worth as long as your soul is in it, right?
The truth is I like you.
And don't worry about anything.
It's paid for.
Oh, I love the tie.
Where did Rui go?
Rui, he... He had to go.
Money can't buy you manners, can it?
But you, Mr Meireles,
are a gentleman, aren't you?
You'll keep me company.
Of course!
Yes, of course.
What did you say your first name was?
I don't even remember how long ago
did someone...
someone asked me my first name.
Carlos Meireles.
I believe it's important to know...
when we feel close to someone,
as in this moment.
Don't you agree?
Yes, yes.
Of course I do.
Let me just ask you one thing...
What do you do?
- I want you to forget about everything.
- Yes...
- Meetings, lunches at your in-laws house.
- Yes... Yes...
Official business.
- All that exists right now is us.
- Yes... Us...
- Can you feel how wet I am?
- I do...
- Do you know what I'm going to do?
- No.
I'm going to take care of you.
And then I'm gonna let you fuck me.
And I'll come for you.
- That's what you want, isn't it?
- Yes...
- That I'll come for you?
- Yes, yes it is...
I never met anyone like you
Do you know why?
Because there's no one else like me.
I'm an exclusive.
Has a women ever masturbated
for you to watch?
See how hot you make me?
I'm losing my mind...
I'll do anything you...
I can't wait for you to fuck me...
Enjoyed the show?
Never saw a guy come so fast. The man
is like a teenager with a mustache.
How's kissing someone with a mustache?
- Don't know.
You tell me...
You're so funny...
See this as a first installment.
Next time I'll have it wrapped, so you'll
think it's from someone who likes you.
Chantum cut, some fifteen carats?
- Twenty.
- Twenty!
Thirty thousand bucks at Tiffany's?
"Good Morning, Mr. President. "
This guy is going to go
crazy looking for you.
He's going to call me
asking for your number.
Probably has to get some nerve
to do it and call only tomorrow.
So, I want you to be available at
any time for the next couple of days.
Make yourself difficult, earn his trust,
and make him spend a lot.
Show him that his money makes you
as horny as if he was David Beckham.
Yeah sweetie...
But that was not our arrangement.
- I've got my regulars, I'm not going...
- Get rid of them!
I'm paying you more than you get
in a year of small time fucking.
I'm talking about five figures, at least,
less the money you're gonna suck him.
But you have the pictures already...
Why you don't just push
him against the wall?
No... He must do it on his own.
Be confident.
There's a big difference between
blackmail and bribery.
Those who get bribed become accomplices
and usually don't file complains...
Honey, I'm trying to help you.
Because I'm your friend.
Think about it as a kind of upgrade.
From whore to politician's mistress.
Diamonds are forever, but you, someday
you're going to be old.
And don't forget that every single
minute a new girl is born.
More beautiful and a better fuck.
Someday you're going to
look at yourself in the mirror
and realize that there's nothing
sadder that an old whore.
We're are the same, honey...
We have no scruples, no soul, no moral...
- and we don't believe in God.
- Who told you I don't believe in God?
We know that God doesn't exist.
And you know why?
Because if He existed...
He would be incompetent.
What we are is the next
step of human evolution.
- And what do I say to my clients?
- Tell them to go fuck themselves.
Quite the business night, han?
Out selling Vila Nova?
It's just that something come up...
Something come up? Son of a bitch.
You leave your bags here
and you don't even show up?
- What do you think this is, a hostel?
- Amlia, I...
- Don't touch me!
- Listen to me. Calm down.
We'll talk later, all right?
I can't stay. There's this meeting.
- I spend a week waiting and for what?
- Amlia, calm down.
If you don't fuck me anymore, you
should go. Fuck me or leave.
- Amlia, listen to me.
- Fuck me or leave...
This is why I'm happy you
never quit massaging...
It's not like you need it.
You're so relaxed...
Speaking of which,
how busy are you there days?
I just won this
huge account that's going
to demand a lot of my time.
Is there any way that I can send
you a couple of my regular clients?
It's just that...
there's this client who...
He says he wants to take care of me.
And he doesn't want me to be
with anyone else, you see?
He has money.
All done.
Don't be upset, Maria.
I know how much you helped
me when I needed most.
If you hadn't started me on the job,
I would be still living in that horrible
hostel with no windows.
But it's enough. Do you understand?
Two years of this is enough.
Do you remember the three rules I told you
about when you had your first client?
Never accept a drink that
I don't see being served.
Always leave the door unlocked.
And don't keep anything in my wallet
that can identify me.
There's one more.
Which one?
Never fall in love with a client.
And, above all, never
let a client fall for you.
Because, one day...
He's going to realize that he doesn't
want to spend the rest of his life
with a woman who blew
guys off for 50 Euros.
And those people,
those who say they love us,
are always the ones who hurt us the most.
Ok, yeah, yeah
Ok, ok. Yeah, yeah, yeah...
We have him right here and try to make
him talk some more... Ok, thanks.
- You're not going to believe this.
- Try me.
They found a third body
along with the other two.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- I'm serious.
And the Coroner already has an ID.
Joo Gonalves, a former councilman
for the environment in that shitty town.
His wife reported him missing
about six months ago.
And he didn't even bother burying
the bodies in different locations?
Fucking lazy bastard, isn't he?
There's more. They found the poor guy's
wallet at this motherfucker's house.
And stashed in a drawer, were
over 10.000 Euros in cash,
some smack, cannabis and cocaine.
You know what? This is warming up.
It's getting interesting.
- Are you ok by yourself?
- I'm not by myself, she's there.
I'll make a couple of phone calls, maybe
I'll come up with something else, ok?
We know everything, man.
Are you confessing or what?
So now you kill politicians?
What's that about?
Nothing. Same as others.
No. No. Not 'same as others'.
This one is different.
This one is a politician.
Why did you kill him?
God's will.
God's will?
You're kidding me, right?
Listen to me, just listen.
If you don't talk, I'll find out.
And if I find out, you're fucked.
You'll be so fucked, you fucking junkie.
I'm going to ask you again.
Why did you kill him?
Who paid you?
God knows.
Oh, fuck me! Neves?
Vasco, come on!
Sorry about the mess,
but ever since Joo's gone...
Things haven't been easy.
How can I help you?
Your husband's missing case file
was just reopened,
and we want to ask you
a couple of questions.
- I told everything to the local police.
- Yes, but you haven't told us.
Joo was suspicious about
corruption at city hall.
He was going to report them.
Did you two get along?
That's all lies.
Joo didn't run away with no mistress.
This people, this town, they're the worst.
Want anything to drink?
Water's fine, thanks.
- You haven't been waiting for long?
- Minister, how are you?
- You drink?
- I'll have...
Champagne. Get us two flutes
and bring them to the table, please.
Let's go in, I still have three
lunches to go to today.
The thing about golf:
It really opens the appetite.
And if you're not careful...
Do you like golf?
Well, I mean...
Golf is the best way to keep in shape!
And excellent to clear you mind,
believe me!
For all I know, you have a chance to
have a green right at your door!
But it seems that you're more
interested in that Hospital.
At our age, we tend to worry
about heart problems, right?
And the damn prostate...
Hello, how are you?
Mr Architect!
But you know what I say?
I'll rather drive to golf than go by
ambulance to the Hospital!
How are you?
So, talk to me.
Do you know how many hospitals
I had to close last year?
Fifteen! How do you expect me
to give the funds to build a new one?
But it seems you're lucky.
There's this company interested
in financing a private hospital,
and that way, it's nobody's business!
Their project will bring thousands
of people to your region,
so the Government will have
no problems giving the licenses.
And, just between me and you, Meireles,
they are friendly people willing to invest
considerably in Portugal. Do you follow?
And all they want is some land, isn't it?
But I've heard you're holding on to some
Cork Oaks, right? Tell me about that!
- Well, Minister...
- Why don't we order first?
It feels I have a kitten inside of me.
Joo suspected that the Mayor
was doing favors for money.
How do you think he
paid for his campaign?
And the ones that built the Home are the
same who built his swimming pool.
- Is that all?
- No.
Joo also told me about this company.
That's building a luxury hotel.
In protected land.
- With golf and that kind of things.
- What company is that?
I think it's called Herdade da Fazenda.
That's it, Herdade da Fazenda.
Joo was against it.
That's why they got rid of them.
Here's my card. Any problem,
don't hesitate to call us, ok?
Cell phone is in the back.
Didn't your husband have documents,
anything to support those accusations?
I don't know.
He had suspicions and
it was a lot of money.
That's why they killed him.
How come you're so
sure he was murdered?
I've told you. He was willing to talk.
And I've been threatened,
calls in the middle of night.
Sometimes, I wake up and fell
there's someone in the house.
Are you going to help me?
If they find out I've been talking...
Herdade da Fazenda?
But that's a closed file.
I even thought they've given up!
So did I!
- But our answer is still the same, right?
- Sure, of course.
Anyway, we'll talk about that later.
- Are you free for lunch on Sunday?
- Yeah.
We'll devour a stew at
Pata Negra, just the two of us.
- Done.
- Bye.
- Mr President? Hello.
- Hello, Alice, how are you?
One more.
Any news from your son?
Still trying to make a living in Lisbon,
but it isn't easy.
Young men always find a way.
What brings you around here?
I wanted to thank you for putting tar
on the road by my house.
- No problem at all, Alice.
- I brought you some sausages.
Alice, one day I'll get
mad of you, you hear?
I'll just take it because I don't want
to offend. Give us a kiss. Bye.
- Thank you so much.
- Go on, bye
- Good afternoon.
- Goodbye, Alice.
- Paula, this is for you.
- Thank you so much, Mr President.
Hold my calls and don't let
anybody in, all right?
Don't worry, Mr President. Don't forget,
your father's birthday is later today.
Oh, that's right, my father's birthday.
- I need more time, to study the facts.
- Sure.
I asked for the reports,
but I'm not making any promises.
- See about that.
- No promises.
I trust you.
But Mouros, there is
another reason for this call.
That night we were together
with that friend of yours...
- Vickie?
- Vickie, that's right.
I don't have her contact and I wanted
to thank her. She was so friendly.
She said she was going to call you.
She said she was going to...
Great, that's great.
She's very friendly. But, if you
don't mind giving me her number...
Wait a second, just a moment.
Here it is, I have it.
- Go on, go on.
- Ok, 96...
- Boss?
- Get the fuck out, I'm late.
- There's a surprise, Boss...
- Great, I hate surprises.
There's an extra body than expected.
- Two minutes to start making sense.
- Counting.
We found the body of a local councilman
who was missing for some months.
His wife doesn't know he's dead and told
us he was going to report dirty business
between City Hall and this
international building company,
with a project of 500 million Euros
for the land.
The Mayor, local son, popular guy, a
mustache, even bigger that yours,
with a nice house with a pool
and a son studying in London,
which I doubt he can afford on his salary,
There's a lot of money in
this construction license.
I want a wire on this motherfucker.
Was it two minutes?
That's funny but... if I remember
correctly, this was a murder case.
- And now you're talking corruption?
- No, It's all wrapped together.
A classic case of two crimes
fucking in the same bag.
Have you noticed the
billboards on the streets?
Those smiling gentleman
surrounded by children?
- There's going to be elections, you know?
- So what?
So if you arrest a politician
for the Party 'A' today,
tomorrow you'll have to arrest
a politician for the Party 'B'!
Or they'll talk about persecution.
Are you trying to fuck me or what?
- No, we're trying to fuck him! Here.
- Everything's in here?
We even used dots and commas,
to help you read it.
What's there to lose? If the guy
gets bought, we catch the bastard.
If it's nothing, Mr President goes
on with his life and that's it.
Call the Judge and ask for a wire
to this guy's cell phone.
But keep it out of the system.
I don't want problems with those
bastards from Economical Crimes.
And one more thing.
Be careful.
Because when you start following money...
- You never know where you end up.
- Yeah.
Now go work for a living.
Always fucking with my day.
I have a fucking ulcer,
don't you guys know that?
- Gomes! Stop fucking cursing, man!
- Fuck you, man.
Here we go!
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday, dear...
Stand up, victims of hunger
Stand up, those waiting for land
The idea already created
the flame that burns
The hard crust that buries it!
Well united we'll create
In this final fight
The land without masters
The International
Let's cut evil by the root
Stand up, Stand up
No more masters!
- Hello?
- Good afternoon, Mr President.
Hi... Vickie?!
You sound surprised.
No, I was just with some people...
I'm sorry.
Are you in a rally?
This weekend? Hum?
Call me and confirm it?
Ah, I'll have a surprise for you.
You like surprises?
You're late
Who were you talking to?
Oh... I can't tell.
You can tell uncle.
- With my boyfriend.
- You already have a boyfriend?
What do you do with each other?
Does he touch you?
I'll tell if you buy me an ice cream.
In this final fight
This land...
- You're not a man.
- You're not going anywhere.
If you were younger, I'd break that
face of yours. I'd fuck you up.
Fascist, fascist.
Let the man be, leave him alone!
Where were you?
See where that got you?
Well done, right?
You encourage him when
you know how he's like.
Are you going to ask me for a drink?
Ah, of course...
What are you having?
Vodka martini.
- Vodka Martini for the lady, please.
- How about you?
I think I'll change to... malt whisky.
Three ice cubes.
You shouldn't put ice in a single malt.
Just a drop of water.
- You have much to learn.
- Thank you.
What about my surprise?
I don't have any panties on.
You're naughty.
You have no idea.
But there's more.
- More?
- More.
I can't wait to suck your cock.
I bet you're already hard for me.
You wanna fuck me, don't you?
Say you wanna fuck me.
I want to, very much.
No, I want you to say it out loud.
I wanna fuck you hard, Vickie, please.
And don't look around.
- I wanna fuck you hard, Vickie, please.
- Lauder!
Don't look!
Louder or I'll leave.
I wanna fuck you hard, Vickie. Please.
Same room.
Meet me in five minutes.
I hope I got it by now, honey.
I'm a whore.
An expensive one.
If you need cash, there's an ATM
right by the door.
Check please.
- Fuck me!
- What?
Today must be cup day, man.
That broad with whom that fucker
went to the room is out of his league!
What the fuck, why do you
keep messing with my suit?
You're beautiful. You look like
you're going to a wedding.
Let me tell you, with that suit of yours,
you would fit perfectly in a funeral.
Do you...
- Do you really have to leave?
- Ui...
You can't imagine my day.
Weekends are always overbooked.
Help me, please.
I still have three more...
... meetings this afternoon.
And three more, later tonight.
Speaking of which, I'm late.
What if I paid you to stay
with me the whole day...
and not having to deal
with all those guys?
That's a great idea.
Do you have 5.000 Euros,
in your pocket?
Understand one thing, Carlos.
I'm not a whore with a golden
heart waiting to be saved.
And you, don't take this personally,
haven't got the money to take care of me.
Your best chance is a couple
of short term rentals.
My taste is too expensive
for a man like you.
And I'm not talking about having
dinner at the casino once a week.
Or a fur coat on my birthday.
No, honey I breathe luxury
and I sweat Perrier.
And you... you're very sweet.
But you have a mustache and
earn 3.000 Euros per month.
- How about dinner?
- What about dinner?
Can I, at least,
offer you a classy dinner?
That maybe is...
Is it a yes?
Let's say it's not a no.
I call you later.
Do you enjoy waiting periods? Is being
seated one of your favorite sports?
Then join the police.
We guarantee hours of
the most absolute boredom.
I'm going for a coffee.
Calm down.
It's been almost an hour.
And those broads run on a metter.
Ui, wait a second, wait a second...
- You're not going to believe this shit...
- Txi!
- But I think that girl...
- That's the broad!
So, isn't she a knockout?
She's what?
The whore. Didn't I say that she
would blow your mind?
That's Meireles's whore?
One thing is sure.
That mustache...
Has just spend his monthly pay on her.
So, either he's getting some on the side,
or he won't have enough greens
to pay for electricity this month.
- Hello, honey.
- Hi...
- I ordered for you.
- Thanks.
I'm so tired...
Sorry, baby, but we can't have dinner.
My client anticipated our meeting.
There's something I need
to tell you, Carlos.
The night we met...
Mouros paid me.
I was a present he offered you.
I don't know about your life
and it's none of my business.
But I know Mouros...
I know he never gives you 10,
without being certain that
he'll get 100 in return.
So you should ask yourself.
What do you have
that he wants so much?
I can approve this project he...
Motherfucker wants to buy me.
Scotch straight up.
- I have to go.
- Wait.
Why are you telling me this now?
Because you're a decent man, Carlos.
And I just want you to know what
you're getting yourself into.
I'll call you later.
Hello... How are you?
Good to see you...
What is your problem, man?
- You don't need to do this.
- Hey, I'm talking you.
Please, just give me a second.
- That guy is...
- Listen. Will you listen?
See that Lamborghini?
It's one of the seven he owns.
One for every day of the week.
He pays me 2.500 Euros, just for me to be
available every time he comes to Lisbon.
- Which is never more than twice a year.
- All right.
30.000 Euros, Carlos,
to fuck him twice a year.
It's more than you earn in a year.
The guy has strange habits.
You don't want to know.
But, for 2.500 Euros per month,
who's complaining?
Come on.
Carlos, listen to me.
You think I wouldn't rather to be with
someone like you?
A simple man, honest and decent?
See you tomorrow?
Go on, get some rest.
- Fuck it, you're drunk, motherfucker?
- No, no.
Now I am, I'm legally inebriated.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You call this late for me to watch you
make a fool of yourself?
- I know her.
- Know who? That broad?
- No, man...
- What?
What, what?
Use your head, come on!
Wait a second...
- Meireles's whore?
- Oh yes...
Are you telling me that
you know Meireles's whore?
I met her when she was just
turning twenty, man.
Beautiful, you could die
happy just by looking at her.
- You're fucked.
- I'll tell you a body, man, such fucking.
I didn't even knew
it was possible, man...
If it was that good, why did it end?
By that time, I had one thing in mind:
Get into the police department.
She had one thing in her mind:
Get out of the desk job.
And I couldn't keep up with her.
That was...
It was a luxurious animal, man.
I was saving quarters on coffee,
so you can imagine...
Then I lost track of her.
And, two years later,
I find her picture on a fashion magazine.
She was a model.
She was a model,
now she's a hooker.
That's what called a rapid
ascent of the social scale.
Once a model, now a whore.
Wait a second.
And now what?
What do you mean?
This changes everything
We have to tell Gomes.
Ui... the little boy can't keep a secret.
The case stands, ok?
All the way. Enough talk.
I'll be back in a while, han?
- It's Ins. From Vilanova.
- Who?
I came as fast as I could.
What's going on?
There were more threats.
From whom?
I don't know.
They keep at it, day and night.
They call. They saw you leave
the other day, I'm sure.
Calm down! It's a good sign...
It means we're on the right track.
I have to get out of here, understand?
If you could help...
- I need money to get out of here.
- Relax, ok?
But I'm scared, can't you see?
I'm so scared... I'm scared
- Listen...
- Really, please understand...
Calm down.
Easy... no, no, no.
Calm down.
Calm down.
My night was kinda hard, ok?
Not yet.
Maybe the police could help me out with
some cash...
Quiet. Don't move, ok?
Don't move...
What is this shit?
Is this good? Is it?
What's this?
You made the whole story up.
You just made it all up, didn't you?
Your husband found out that
you were a fucking junkie?
He found out that Joseph
was supplying you, didn't he?
And that he was fucking you
as payment? Am I right?
He found out and went to see Joseph,
didn't he? And what happen?
Joseph freaked out and killed him, right?
Did or didn't he?
It's all a lie.
All a lie.
There's no threats. Nobody was
reporting a God damn thing. Fuck!
I swear is true... I swear.
I swear is true.
He was going after them, I swear it's
true, that part is true, I swear, swear...
Don't leave me alone...
You what this? Spend it well.
I thought about what you said.
Just one more time.
Baby... I can use the help.
But I don't think your boyfriend
is gonna like the idea...
You haven't seen those Gucci boots
I'm talking about.
Ah, right... I brought you something.
Keep it.
- It's to remember that love exists.
- You're so sweet...
This would be a lot more romantic,
if you weren't asking me to fix you up
with a guy that fucks you for money.
He doesn't need to know.
And those boots...
They make a women feel valuable.
Whatever you say.
"I've got some time for us.
When are you coming to Lisbon?"
What's the matter?
You don't like my new look?
It's not that! Mr Jacinto hang himself.
Tonight. With his belt.
- What horror!
- Jacinto...
Hello. Minister?
Hello, how are you?
I mean, I don't see any relation...
Well, if you see things on those terms,
the patients in Vilanova will have to go
to the Hospital in Beja, won't they?
No, don't worry.
We'll figure something out later.
Yes. We'll talk.
Dear Mouros, it seems that
you lost your battle.
No. We'll be playing golf in
Vilanova come next year.
- ... we'll talk. Goodbye.
- Fuck this!
Nothing yet?
Do you get that feeling that, maybe,
you're working your ass off
on a guy who, maybe,
is not gonna be bought?
The Mayor is not in at the moment,
but you can leave a...
Is the guy alone?
We'll start an inquire
and that's it, right?
I'm tired of your shit!
You're wasting my time!
Do you want to be on the cover
of all the papers and magazines?
Do you want your children to see this?
On top of that, you kept your socks on!
Were you cold?
I'm offering you paradise, Meireles.
A stack of bills, an amazing lover,
your kids studying in London.
And with money, even your wife
will get off your back.
And people will carry you
on their shoulders, man.
I'll get your hospital and you'll
become the hero of Vilanova!
I'm your guardian angel!
What do I tell them?
Three magic words: "Employment,
development, progress".
And, if you want, you can add "benefits".
I like your new look.
You've cut with the past.
You look cool, dude!
Welcome to the 21st century.
I want that fucking project approved come
next city hall meeting, understood?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Isn't that the arrangement?
No. Vickie, I need to see you today.
Not tomorrow, today!
- What time will you be in Lisbon?
- I don't know...
- 25 minutes, half an hour I'll be there.
- Half an hour is impossible.
- Vickie, please.
- Can't do it.
- I have to be with you...
- What's going on?
- It's about Mouros, you were right...
- What about Mouros?
- The motherfucker has pictures of us.
- Where? At the restaurant?
No, not at the restaurant. In bed.
In bed, do you get that?
- Fucker! Look, take the money.
- What?
- Take the money.
- Come on, come on, don't say that. I...
Oh, fuck me, just what I needed.
The cops are pulling me over.
- The cops?
- I've got to see you. Tell me an hotel.
- The same?
- No, not that one. It can't be the same!
Another one, quickly, I need to pull over.
- The Neptune. Neptune.
- All right, bye.
Fuck this fucking...
just what I needed, the cops.
What's going on?
- We were this close to catching the guy.
- Meireles?
Of course. Listen to this.
On top of all, the judge is saying
he's going to close the case.
If we don't have something
in days, we're fucked. Listen!
- It's about Mouros, you were right...
- What about Mouros?
- The motherfucker has pictures of us.
- Where? At the restaurant?
No, not at the restaurant. In bed.
In bed, do you get that?
- Fucker! Look, take the money.
- What?
- Take the money.
- Come on, come on, don't say that. I...
Oh, fuck me, just what I needed.
The cops are pulling me over.
- The cops?
- I've to see you today. Tell me an hotel.
- The same?
- No, not that one. It can't be the same!
Another one, quickly, I need to pull over.
The Neptune. Neptune.
- She's part of it.
- What?
She's talking him into it.
- She's the fucking bait.
- She's what?
The bait.
All right, but how is that
going to help us?
The bait?
I thought it was you.
What is... what are you doing here?
You know how it is. They say hotels
always have the best bars.
How about you?
What a surprise.
I... conference.
I thought you were a fashion model.
Wasn't that your dream?
A fashion model.
It was.
I started as a fashion model. I ended up
on a pharmaceutical company.
The way the world turns, h?
Well, I'm late.
I have to go.
You... look... fantastic.
You... look the same.
Is that good or bad?
Wait. Let's have a drink.
For old time's sake.
- Can't do it. I'm late.
- Come on...
I haven't seen you in five years and
you can't spare five minutes?
Five. One for each year?
I'll take the stairs.
You know I'm not gonna let you go
until I get your phone number, right?
Aren't you a cop?
Find out!
It would be a lot nicer
if you gave it to me.
Wait for it.
Hello, honey!
Damn, Vickie
I've been waiting for two hours!
Couldn't you call off
at least one client? One?
You cut your mustache?
Was it because of me? You're so sweet...
No, Vickie, no, for Christ's sake.
I can't take it this way.
You know I'm fucked and you
put me in this situation.
I've been waiting for hours,
looking like an idiot...
without knowing if you
would even show up!
If this is the conversation... I'm leaving
No, no, no. Come here. Come here.
Don't leave, please.
So, go on
What's this thing about Mouros?
And why a different hotel?
Mouros, that son of a bitch,
has pictures of us.
- What?
- It gets worse... In bed...
- Motherfucker!
- Huge motherfucker...
I warned you!
He says he'll send them to the newspapers
if I... If I don't...
I don't fucking know what to do,
God damn it.
I'm completely desperate. I don't know...
I can't trust anyone...
I only feel well, I only feel calm...
when I'm near you...
Yes, honey, but things are getting too
complicated for me.
No, no, please. Please no. I beg you.
Come here, listen to me, Vickie.
Stay with me, for the love of God.
I need you. I love you... I love you...
You can't afford it! I told you that.
Love is a very expensive sport.
Vickie, no... listen!
Go on, then. Go on...
Stop making things complicated...
All you need is to sign a project?
That's all that Mouros wants, right?
Go on, then...
What are you waiting for?
All right.
He'll give me the money...
and you'll have anything you want.
Anything you want.
I'll approve the fucking project.
But promise you'll stay with me.
- Forever... always!
- I will.
- Yes.
- Always... always.
- Let's go to bed.
- Yes.
Come on!
Don't lie to me, Meireles.
I saw you with her, on the street.
- No, you didn't...
- I followed you. I know where she lives.
- I'm going to kill the cow, she's a whore!
- No you're not!
- I'm going to tell your wife.
- This is none of my wife's business.
She needs to know there's
another one. She's a huge cow.
- There's no one.
- I'll... I'll kill her.
- You won't kill anything. Shut up!
- You're a liar, you're full of shit.
I'm not a liar, you got it wrong...
Hello, Maria.
Hi, it's Vasco.
Look over there? How hot is that?
I know that piece of ass, man.
I fucked her.
Come here. Crazy bastard...
I know you.
Maybe, but not today, all right?
Another day.
You blew me, some time ago.
Don't you remember or
are you playing hard to...
You know what?
I blew a lot of guys like you.
But I can't tell you apart.
Basically, you all look the same.
Well, one blow job more won't make
that much of a difference.
Did you know impure thoughts
are a cause for acne?
How about we turn this around?
I'll pay you to get out of my sight.
It'll do wonders for your skin.
You're not following.
You're coming with me to the bathroom
and you'll suck my cock.
Do you understand, you fucking whore?
Is everything fine?
- Kinda nervous, are you?
- No.
- Are we cool or what?
- No, no.
Go home and beat on your
wife? Have you seen the time?
Go on easy, boy.
Maria, are you all right?
You're fucked, man.
You're so fucked.
Do you see this shit?
Do you see it?
Can you see this shit? Can you?
Can you see it, motherfucker?
Calm down!
Sorry about that,
it's a professional flaw.
But you don't have any
pharmaceutical books, do you?
I'm not like you.
I don't like to bring work home.
Was I that bad?
Let's say...
You were somewhat boring.
Then why are you nervous
every time we meet?
What makes you think I'm nervous?
Don't tell me you don't feel it.
Every time we look at each other.
What's this?
You fucking know what it is.
Is this the moment when you're
gonna tell me you love me?
That you love me and you
never forgot about me?
If I knew it was that, I would have
put some romantic music on.
But I'm going to kiss you,
take you to your bedroom and
fuck you just like back in the day.
You're still a sweetheart,
but you'll never make it to the bedroom.
Job well done, Mr Mouros.
Will you be reachable
if anything comes up?
As long as you got the money.
- Carlos... Carlos!
- Yes, what? What do you want?
Have you lost your mind?
How could you?
No, I came to my senses.
Have you seen what has become of this?
This town needs youth, new life, or else,
we'll had end up at the Home.
I can't believe what I have just
heard at the meeting.
You're betraying the memory of all
those old men. Jacinto's, your father's.
Did they die for nothing?
Don't you think Jacinto knew?
Don't you think my father knows?
He has known for a long time,
I promise that.
It's why he doesn't talk anymore, so he
doesn't have to tell what's in his soul.
Carlos, how about our roots?
Our memories?
The majority approved it.
Don't tell me that crap.
The majority do what you tell them to do.
Don't waste more time.
It's over.
The papers are signed,
the construction is starting. That's it.
How about the Cork Oaks?
Fuck the Cork Oaks, man!
Do you know who I am?
Meireles never told you about me?
He never told you about me?
Only as fine print.
You don't have enough costumers?
- Did you have to steal my man?
- Lower your voice, honey.
You're a whore.
Don't you think I know that?
I'm going to the stairs and scream for
your neighbors to know you're a whore.
You're a whore. I've seen you with...
My favorite top.
- Do you believe this?
- Anything you want to tell me?
Don't worry, Vasco.
You used a condom last night.
You insisted.
Fuck, Maria...
When we were together...
Did you?
I mean...
Was that why?
No, Vasco.
Or are you disappointed?
Maybe it turns you on,
the idea of dating a whore.
I can charge you, if you want.
If that makes you hard.
What are you going to ask me next, Vasco?
Have I no shame?
What to know the truth?
It's incredible how easy shame disapears.
Your first time, you cry.
You get home smelling...
of sweat and sex.
The first thing you do is take a shower.
Water burning...
And you stay there for hours.
Then... you get used to it.
And end up liking what you do.
I'm the best, Vasco.
I earn more in a day's work than in a
month working at the jewelry store.
So, you're happy?
No, I'm not happy.
But I'll rather be
unhappy in my Audi...
than sitting at the back of a bus.
What about now?
Do you still wanna kiss me?
I thought whores never
kissed on the mouth.
There's always one motherfucke
who makes us bend the rules.
You scared the shit out of me.
Hey, and where the fuck
where you all day?
I've been calling you every hour, man.
- What's that?
- Don't ask.
Check this out.
What the hell is this?
I'm in no mood for reading.
This is the license for construction
at Herdade da Fazenda.
The Cork Oaks are
going down as we speak.
And that is Meireles's bank statement,
with a single income:
3.000 Euros worth of wages.
Then this means he got
paid in cash, right?
It's a matter of time until he starts
showing off his new found wealth.
Yeah, right.
But time is exactly what we don't have.
You know the guys who get bought,
take years before they're confident
enough to spend their money.
And no money, no case.
The game is not over until
the final whistle, man.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Cash.
And don't forget to give
twenty per cent to the Party.
Accomplices are always handy.
You stay protected that way.
Ah, the code is 1945,
the year you were born.
And if you need anything else...
Mouros isn't my name,
and neither is that one.
What can I do, I'm like Vickie
or Fernando Pessoa.
I change names according to my clients...
or my inspiration.
Ah, and Meireles!
Try not to spend it all on hookers.
Good afternoon. I have appointment
with Helga at four o'clock.
What is it?
Please, tell me what happened with Helga?
What's wrong?
Helga is at Cascais's hospital.
Her boyfriend beat her up last night.
She's in a coma.
Who says the cops are never
there when you need them?
I thought it was funny,
to call a cop to change a tire.
I can't believe a woman like you doesn't
know how to change one by herself.
How do you open this thing?
What do you mean by that?
A woman like me?
And what's this thing men have
that they're the superior species
just because they have a cock and
know how to handle a fucking Jack?
What's your problem? You called
me to come and help you, right?
My problem is you, Vasco!
You're my problem.
People just don't reappear in
other people's lives just like that.
So you tell me.
Why did you call me in the first place?
I don't know.
- I wanted to be with you.
- Stop fucking lying.
So I'm the liar, am I? All right. Ok.
I'm not the one playing
around as Vickie, am I?
Or pretending that I'm someone else?
Wait a moment, did you say Vickie?
Did you say Vickie?
Fucking look at me.
Did you say Vickie?
You're after Meireles, aren't you?
Fuck, Vasco. Fuck. You...
Do you know what you are?
You're the biggest whore I have ever met.
Maria, wait a second.
Come on?
What are you doing?
No, no, don't do that.
Step outside. Stop that.
- Are you out of your mind or what?
- Get the fuck in.
Are you crazy?
You better buckle up.
- Having fun? Slow down, please.
- Do you have a wire on Meireles?
- Slow this shit down, please.
- Is Meireles on a wire?
- Slow down the fucking car...
- Or else?
Or else... I don't know, I'll arrest you.
Got that?
Keep your hands on the wheel.
What do you want from me?
What I want from you?
I need you, Maria.
Keep your eyes on the road.
I need you to make Meireles admit
on his cell that he took money
to license that project, do
you understand?
- Anything else?
- Yes ma'm.
I want you to talk him into leaving the
country with you and his money.
I wanna caught him red-handed,
understand that too.
What makes you think I'll help you?
Just because you're a good fuck?
Because it's the only way I can keep you
out of the case. If you collaborate.
Because if you don't, do you
know what happens, baby?
Accomplice, you're an accomplice.
Get that? Accomplice...
- Accomplice?
- Accomplice.
Are you kidding me?
- This has nothing to do with me.
- We have you on the wire, Maria.
We know you talked Meireles
into taking the money...
Maria, I'm trying to help you.
But if you don't do as I ask,
you're completely fucked.
And then, neither I or anyone can
help you, do you understand?
You're such a motherfucker.
I'm never gonna get rid of you, am I...
- What is that, is it...
- It wasn't a question.
I'll think about it.
In the meantime,
I want you to promise that
you'll catch the fucker who
beat a friend of mine.
It shouldn't be hard...
His name is there.
The stupid girl fell in love.
Everybody has their weak spot, don't they?
- Good night, Mr President.
- Hi.
- I'm I talking to a rich man already?
- I think so.
How much did they offer?
Let me guess. Three million?
- More.
- Five?
- Cash?
- Of course.
- Great. Did you approve the project?
- I did.
Motherfucker! Caught you now!
Open sesame!
Let's eat him rare.
Find this guy!
I thought five million Euros
would be more impressive.
It's my first time at your place.
I never bring clients home.
But now...
You're more than a client.
What's the matter?
Scared of having that much
money at hand, is that it?
It's all this shit at the same time.
Carlos, look at me.
- You know what you could do?
- What?
Open a foreign account
and put the money there.
What do you think?
We'll take the chance and spend a
week abroad, just the two of us.
- Let's say... London.
- London...
From there, you can open an
account at the Cayman Islands.
And we'll be together,
with no one to bother us.
- We can do some shopping...
- A lot of shopping...
- And go to shows at the West End.
- West End, wherever you want.
- And we can even watch Chelsea play...
- Chelsea, that's great.
A week when you won't have to think of
nothing, nothing, nothing but me.
What do you say?
I say that's all very pretty but...
How do I carry the money
through the airport?
Oh, honey. I'm sure it's not that hard.
It's only paper.
But, if you want to,
I'll carry the bag with me.
And say it's mine.
That way, you won't take any chances.
And what do I tell Odete?
You can tell her you're going
to visit your son...
I'm sure she's suspicious by now...
with so many trips to Lisbon.
Wanna try my bed?
This apartment is starting to look like a
The stupid bastard really trusts you!?
Take some, if you want.
You're arresting him
so he won't complain.
You booked the flight?
- Yes, inspector.
- Great.
- Two seats for tomorrow night.
- Cool.
Last flight. He went to say
goodbye to the little wife...
Very decent...
But I also booked...
two tickets to Rio de
Janeiro, right the next day.
- One for me. The other for you.
- Maria...
Look at me.
Come down to Earth, will you?
I'm on the other side, get that?
I can't get myself in that kind of shit.
You really won't change, will you?
Listen, what took him so long?
I was waiting in the car for more than
one hour. This fucking heat...
Because we were fucking, Vasco.
Were you?
Does he fuck you as well as I do?
Does he make you come?
What makes you think
you make me come?
When you come...
you bite your lip, right here...
Look, I'm tired. You should leave.
Let your work colleagues put up with you.
This isn't just about work, Maria.
- Isn't it?
- No.
Then prove it.
What do you want me to do?
Get down on my knees?
I want to keep the money.
Out of the question.
You can't keep the fucking money.
I'm not thinking about me, Vasco.
- I'm thinking about us.
- The money is evidence.
And you think arresting that poor
bastard is making any difference?
That's not the fucking point.
The money is the evidence I need.
You said that twice already.
Are you running out of arguments
or are you trying to convince yourself?
Listen, this is not open
for discussion, ok?
I promised I'd keep you out of the
case and that's what I'm gonna do,
now don't ask for anything more.
Stop fucking with my head!
I'm not fucking Meireles!
Yes, Inspector.
I should've known that
you'll never change.
You'll be a cop...
until you die old...
alone and poor.
And not even then will you think that you
could have had a better life.
You understand what I said?
Wanna fuck?
What do you think?
How much money do you have on you?
You're kidding, right?
What's your problem?
Aren't you the one who always
put his profession above all?
Well, I think you're right. We need rules.
If you want to fuck, you pay.
So, let me ask you again...
Do you have any money?
Or are you just a hard-on?
I'm not Meireles...
You're less.
Because Meireles, at least, pays.
He's a costumer.
How about you, Vasco?
What are you?
You tell me.
Do you really want to know?
You're my weak spot.
Meireles, I made this for Filipe.
- He loves my pasties.
- Oh, good.
- Meireles!
- Hum, hum?
Do you notice anything? Meireles?
The earrings you bought me!
- Ah, right...
- They're beautiful.
- I didn't notice. Didn't look.
- Sit down, I'll pack for you.
I'm so sorry I can't go with you...
We talked about that, didn't we?
We can't leave the girl alone. Specially
now she's starting with her exams.
I know, I know...
- Do you know what I was thinking about?
- No.
Remember our wedding day,
thirty years ago?
- Absolutely, you were wearing white.
- Don't be smart.
It's just that you looked so handsome,
thinner, like a prince.
I know Meireles.
- I know I've become demanding.
- No.
But that's because I always wanted
the best for you and for us.
And now, I don't know why, I feel you're
going to give us a better life...
...I don't know... those meetings with the
Minister of Health. Even that new look...
Meireles, we deserve it!
- Of course, of course we deserve it.
- Carlos!
Carlos, how long has it been...
since we?
Boss! We just won the championship.
We have Meireles admitting on
his cell he took the money.
- Go on, get out of there.
- There's more.
We know he's going to leave
the country.
We know the day, the hour,
the flight number,
we even know what he's eating on board.
Have you told the District Attorney?
He's leaving the country while
investigated, we don't need permission.
But I want it discreet, just the
two of you! No show-off, ok!?
I'll go upstairs and tell the director,
just in case.
Everything is tight.
- I hope there's no fuck ups this time.
- Ok.
Hey man, is it time to...
Man, I can't believe it.
No, no. Don't do anything.
I'll take care of it.
A whore is always a whore.
You can clean her up and dip her in gold,
but she'll always try and fuck you.
- Is something wrong?
- No.
Go ahead and warm up.
Hello! Sorry about the time.
It's urgent.
- Hello, honey.
- Hi.
Everything's right here.
I thought you were gonna
bring more luggage.
I have this suspicion you won't want me
dressed that often...
- Well, let's go!
- Let's go.
It's going on right now.
Here's your ticket.
Enjoy your flight.
Fuck! Fuck!
- Where's my scarf?
- I don't know.
I must have left it in the coffee shop.
I'll be right back, all right?
Yes, yes. We're moving on him right now.
You're kidding!
Oh, fuck me. Fuck!
Dr. Carlos Meireles?
Police. You're been arrested for suspicion
of corruption and traffic of influence.
- Vasco, don't.
- Don't what?
Gomes's orders.
- Dr. Meireles is not to be arrested.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- The guy is right here, he has the money.
- I'm sure this is a mistake.
- Shut up, or I'll fuck you up, listen?
- Calm down.
Call Gomes, right now!
I wanna speak to him now!
- You can't treat people like this...
- I'm so sorry, you cocksucker.
- What's in the bag?
- Calm down.
- I have no idea.
- You have no idea?
No idea?
I know what you did, you fuck!
- Louder. I can't hear you.
- I have no idea what's in the bag.
- The bag is not mine.
- Who does it belong to, then?
- This lady.
- Is it true? Does the bag belong to you?
I don't even know this gentleman.
You don't know me, you whore?
- I'm the one who fucked you yesterday.
- Calm down!
Calm down, Vasco.
Let go of me. Let me go. I'm all right.
You want the bag, don't you?
Isn't it yours?
I know what you did, motherfucker.
I know what's inside.
And it will fuck you, won't it?
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck is this?
Where's the money?
Where's the money, man? Han?
That fucking whore!
Just go. Go. Calm down!
You don't know what you're missing.
Are you going to tell me what happen?
- Do want me to tell you?
- Tell me.
Let me explain.
One: According to the judge, you guys
were over the deadline for the wire.
Therefore, all that
information is inadmissible.
Two, Meireles had a two way ticket.
Three: Tampering evidences, do you know
what I mean, should I draw you a picture?
Four: Your main witness, Ins Gonalves,
just confirmed her husband was killed
by Joseph and you knew about it.
So, you're not talking now?
Cat got your tongue?
Look, Gomes, we can talk
about whatever you want, ok?
About the rules, ethics, whatever.
But one thing I know.
That motherfucker is corrupt,
I caught him and you let him walk.
You still don't get it? This isn't a
western and you're not the sheriff!
Who fucked this shit up?
Who stoped this shit?
According to what's written here,
you're the bad guy in this film.
You fucked this case completly.
No one else. Got it?
You're not a bad guy.
The problem is, when someone has
their heart on their balls, like you,
they should at least keep their
head on the right place.
Fuck me!
You don't say anything? Ok.
You know what, Gomes? Fuck you.
A guy works his ass off and for what?
For what?
In this country, any motherfucker with
half a brain can do whatever he wants.
I'd do better being a whore. I'd still
get fucked, but at least I'd get paid.
All we do is play at being cops.
Listen, kid...
Is it?
Sure. Of course.
No, I make a note out here. Now.
Avenue, yes...
Avenue... 47...
Ok, ok, cool. Yes, yes.
We'll get him at sun light.
They identified the guy who
beat up the masseuse.
He's married and lives with his family,
if you can believe it.
Give me a good reason to keep dealing
with that son of a bitch. Just one.
One good reason to keep being a cop?
Let me tell you something, kid!
In twenty... twenty or so years
I have on the job,
I had to arrest guys that almost
made me weep.
Poor bastards who slipped up,
for love or for despair.
And I had to let some huge
motherfuckers walk,
the kind that made me wish I'd put
a bullet in their fucking brains. Got it?
And the guy today was more
of a 'feel sorry' kind of guy.
Fuck that. The motherfucker is
corrupt and he got away with it.
That's that, man!
The guy was a poor bastard who
got himself bewitched by your girl!
If there's someone who should
understand that, it's you.
You. Fuck you.
The motherfuckers are a
different species, Madeira.
Like this fucker we're gonna
arrest in a little while!
You should be a priest, you know that?
The only problem is that
you curse too much.
- Otherwise, you'd be perfect for it.
- I missed my calling!
But let me tell you, that broad
really worked you up classic style.
If we think about it, you were
saved by the bell.
Can you imagine how you would look,
showing up to Gomes,
with that little bag filled
with travel magazines?!
Listen up!
Go and take a cold shower.
It'll be good for your temper.
And meet me in front of this
guy's apartment, early light, ok?
Here's the address. Go on.
What makes you think I'll show up?
And you know what?
This world is a pile of shit.
But it would be a lot worse
if we weren't around.
Go on!
I'm not drinking that anymore.
How does your wife...
I mean...
How come she still makes
you coffee every morning?
I like thinking it's because I make her
happy with those everyday things.
With all the cuddle I give her.
But, to be honest, what makes
Clara be by my side,
it's my enormous cock.
In a good day, it comes down to my knee.
She left this for you.
Let's go!
You don't know what you're missing.
Let's go!