Call Me by Your Name (2017) Movie Script

The usurper.
Caro? He's here.
- Professor Perlman.
- Welcome, welcome.
- Thank you so much for having me.
- Oh, my goodness.
You're bigger than your picture.
Well, I couldn't get
all of me in the photo.
That's the problem.
He seems very confident.
- Mrs. Perlman.
- Annella.
Oliver. Very nice to meet you.
- Thank you for having me in your home.
- Welcome.
Where's Elio?
I'll go down.
- You must be exhausted.
- What gave me away?
Darling, come help Oliver
take his things up to his room.
- He's already here?
- Yes!
Every single one of these will.
Elio, Oliver. Oliver, Elio.
- How you doing?
- Nice to meet you. Elio.
You must be exhausted.
- A little bit.
- Come, come, come.
May I bring your things up to your room?
- Sure. Yeah.
- My room?
Follow him.
- You're very welcome here.
- Si.
Our home is your home.
You're leaving?
- Hello.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
My room is now your room.
I'll be next door.
We have to share the bathroom.
It's my only way out.
We're being called for dinner.
We're being called for dinner.
Yeah, I'm probably gonna pass.
Will you make an excuse for me
to your mom, though?
Thanks, man.
So, this is your old room, huh?
I'll take care of the tart.
Look at this.
Good morning, Professor.
- Good morning.
- Back from the dead.
- Was I out that long?
- It seemed like it, huh?
- How are you?
- I... Well, rested now.
- Thank you.
- I'm glad.
Would you like some espresso?
I would love some. Thank you very much.
This looks amazing.
I didn't take your seat, did I?
No, no, no. It's okay. Please.
Did you...
Did you recover from your trip?
I did. Yeah, big time.
- Thank you.
- Good.
I could show you around.
That'd be great. Thank you.
Is there a... Is there a bank in town?
I'd love to start
an account while I'm here.
Let me do it.
- It happens to the best of us.
- Yeah, well...
None of our residents has ever
had a local bank account.
Should I take him to Montodine?
I think they're closed
for summer vacation.
You try Crema.
Thank you.
Is this your orchard?
These are Annella's trees.
Peaches, cherries, apricots...
Have another egg.
Oh, stupid.
No, no, no. I know myself too well.
If I have a second,
I'm just gonna have a third,
and then a fourth, and then you're just
gonna have to roll me out of here.
- Delicious.
- Darling?
Thank you.
Shall I give him Anchise's bike?
So, what does one do around here?
Wait for the summer to end.
What do you do in the winter?
- Wait for summer to come?
- Well, we only come here for Christmas
and some other vacations.
- Christmas? I thought you...
- And Easter as well.
- Thought you were Jewish.
- Well, we are Jewish,
but also American, Italian, French.
Somewhat atypical combination.
Besides my family, you're probably
the only other Jew
to set foot in this town.
I'm from a small town in New England.
I know what it's like
to be the odd Jew out.
So, what do you do around here?
Just read books.
Transcribe music. Swim at the river.
- Yeah?
- Go out at night.
- I don't know.
- That sounds fun.
All right, buddy, thanks for the help.
Sorry. Sorry about that.
It's all right.
All right, later.
What do you have there?
That should all be...
What is this?
These are the continuation
of these archaeology department...
These are archaeology?
Yeah, those are archaeology.
The rest of these should be history.
- More apricot juice?
- Yeah.
- Here, tesoro.
- Thank you.
Help yourself, darling.
Help yourself to some more.
The word "apricot"
comes from the Arabic.
It's like the words "algebra,"
"alchemy," "alcohol."
It derives from an Arabic noun
combined with the Arabic article "al"
before it.
The origin of our Italian albicocca
is al-barquq.
It's amazing that today in Israel
and many Arab countries,
the fruit's referred to
by a totally different name, mismish.
I may have to disagree
with you there, Professor.
I'm gonna talk etymology,
so just bear with me a second.
You're right in the case
that most Latin words
do find their origins in Greek words.
However, in the case of "apricot,"
it's a little bit more
of a complicated journey.
How so?
Well, here, the Greek actually
takes over from the Latin.
Latin word being
praecoquum or precoquere.
So it's, "precook" or "pre-ripen,"
as you know.
To be precocious or premature.
And the Byzantines, to go on,
then borrowed praecox,
which became prekokkia,
which then became berikokki,
which is how the Arabs got al-barquq.
That's courtesy of Philology 101.
Flying colors.
He does this every year.
It's about drink time. Let's go here.
- Ciao, Romano.
- Ciao, Oliver.
- How are you?
- All good.
Ciao, boys!
All good?
All good!
Let's see. What have we got?
- Can you start please?
- Of course!
Good morning, gentlemen.
How do you know about this place?
Go, Chiara!
No, no, no, no, no!
He's better than the guy
who came last year.
Get in there!
Much better!
See how cute he is.
Elio, water!
Perfect timing.
What's the matter? Are you all right?
- What, pinch a nerve?
- I'm okay.
Here. Hold this.
Trust me. I'm about to be a doctor.
Hey, hey, come here.
See? That's the problem.
You're too stressed.
- You just gotta relax a little bit.
- I am relaxing.
Marzia, come here for a minute.
Back me up here.
- Feel that. Right there?
- Oliver.
- It's too tight, right?
- Yeah.
- He needs to relax.
- Oliver!
You should relax more.
Okay, guys, ready?
Okay, our ball, our ball, our ball.
Twelve serving 11.
Mine, mine, mine, mine.
Go, go, go. Yeah, good.
It's yours, it's yours.
Sweetheart, Auntie Marcella and
the others are coming over for dinner.
Is Oliver staying with us or going out?
Don't know.
What a movie star!
Yes, those Americans...
Sparkling wine!
He's late.
Don't you think...
Don't you think he's impolite
when he says, "Later"?
I don't think he's arrogant.
Just watch.
This is how he'll say good-bye
to us when the time comes.
With his... "Later."
Meanwhile, we'll have to put up with him
for six long weeks.
Won't we, darling?
I think he's shy.
You'll grow to like him.
What if I grow to hate him?
Oh, no, sweetheart.
- Take his plates away.
- Very well, madam.
Elio, play something.
I don't want to.
Why not?
Because I don't want to.
Why don't you go
to Moscazzano with others?
Because I don't want to.
You're spoiling everyone's fun.
Play well, darling.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing?
How come you're not with everyone else
down by the river?
- I have an allergy. It's...
- Yeah, me too.
Maybe we have the same one.
Why don't you and I go swimming?
- Right now?
- Yeah.
Come on. Let's go.
Do we have to go right now?
- I'll go get changed.
- Okay.
Meet you downstairs.
See you downstairs.
Elio, what are you doing?
Reading my music.
No, you're not.
- Thinking, then.
- Yeah?
About what?
It's private.
You're not gonna tell me?
I'm not gonna tell you.
He's not gonna tell me
what he's thinking about.
I guess I'll go hang out with your mom.
More apricot juice, please.
That's a good boy.
Thank God you're helping me.
Sounds nice.
Thought you didn't like it.
Play it again, will you?
Follow me.
That sounds different.
Did you change it?
- Well, I changed it a little bit.
- Why?
I just played it the way Liszt
would have played it
if he'd altered Bach's version.
Play that again.
- Play what again?
- The thing you played outside.
You want me to play
the thing I played outside?
- Please.
- Of course.
I can't believe you changed it again.
- I changed it a little bit.
- Yeah. Why?
I just played it the way
Busoni would've played it
if he'd altered Liszt's version.
And what is wrong with Bach
the way Bach would've played...
Bach never wrote it for the guitar.
In fact, we're not even sure
- Bach wrote it at all.
- Forget I asked.
It's young Bach.
He dedicated it to his brother.
Hey, Professor.
Here, please.
I need help.
Just be honest.
How bad is it?
I think your insights here
are persuasive, but...
Have you been to the river?
Isn't she beautiful?
You sleeping?
I was.
Listen to this drivel.
Tell me what you think.
- Wait.
- What?
Can't hear you.
"For the early Greeks,
"Heidegger contends,
this underlying hiddenness
"is constitutive of the way beings are,
"not only in relation to themselves
"but also in relation
to other entities generally.
"In other words,
they do not construe hiddenness
"merely or primarily in terms of
entities' relations to human beings."
Does that make any sense to you?
Doesn't make any sense to me.
I don't think it makes
any sense to your dad, either.
Maybe it did when you wrote it.
That might be the kindest thing
anybody has said to me in months.
Yep. Kind.
- Hey, Elio.
- Hey.
Come here.
What's going on?
Is he trying to get it on with her?
Elio, he already succeeded?
What do I know?
I'd love to be in his shoes.
Who wouldn't love to be in her shoes?
She wants him, no matter what!
I'll come later.
Are you with me because
you're mad at Chiara?
Why would I be mad at Chiara?
Because of him.
Because of who?
Of Oliver.
Turn around.
Meet me here tomorrow night?
Wait for me!
Come on.
We almost had sex last night...
Marzia and me.
Well, why didn't you?
I don't know.
Well, you know, it's better
to have tried and failed, right?
All I had to do was find the courage
to reach out and touch.
She would have said yes.
Well, try again later.
Try what later?
I just heard
from the people in Sirmione.
They say they've come up with something.
Going there today.
- Would you like to come along?
- I would love to. Thank you.
- Smell this.
- Can I come, too?
On the condition you remain silent.
Silent as in,
"He has too many opinions,"
or silent as in,
"Just not telling anybody
"what an amazing thing you've dug up"?
Well, nothing has been dug up.
It's what has been brought out,
out of the water.
What are you doing?
Going to Lake Garda with my dad.
He wants to show Oliver
where he's dredging.
Can you tell him I came by?
He's inside with my dad, helping him.
You were amazing last night,
on the dance floor.
- He's a good dancer.
- A good dancer.
He's good-looking too.
- Want to get us together?
- No.
Come in.
Dad always sits up front
with Anchise to navigate.
She seems to like you a lot.
She's more beautiful
than she was last year.
I saw her naked on a night swim once.
Great body.
Trying to get me to like her?
What would be the harm in that?
No, no harm.
Just typically like to go at those
things on my own, if you don't mind.
I'll drive today!
Just don't play at being the good host.
Anchise, take the afternoon off.
What's going on, boys?
Oliver, come. Sit up front.
Be my navigator.
What? What?
- Dr Roseburg.
- Samuel!
- Benvenuto.
- Look who's here.
- He's grown a bit, eh?
- And this is Oliver.
Sammy! Come on!
Hey, boys.
The ship went down in 1827
on the way to Isola del Garda
Gossip has it this statue
was a gift from Count Lechi
to his lover,
contralto Adelaide Malanotte.
There are four known sets,
after the Praxiteles originals.
This fellow's at number three.
The Emperor Hadrian had a pair,
dug up at Tivoli,
but one of the more philistine
of the Farnese Popes melted them down
and had them recast as a
particularly voluptuous Venus.
Who'd like to go for a swim
before we head back?
We're all such pros. If I got my own
statue, it would probably be on there.
- I have to go. I have to go.
- Hey! Hey!
I have to go.
- Are you going, too?
- No, no.
I should stay
and do some work on my book.
Come on. How about a drink
to celebrate the day?
- Okay, maybe just one.
- All right!
The Cosmic Fragments by Heraclitus.
The meaning of the river flowing
is not that all things are changing
so that we cannot encounter them twice,
but that some things
stay the same only by changing.
Sorry, Elio.
I brought some clean clothes.
Leave the door open.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Darling, have you seen my Heptamron?
It's in German.
I can't remember where we left off,
but I think you'll like this one.
Come here, darling.
So, I'll translate, huh?
"A handsome young knight
is madly in love with a princess.
"And she, too, is in love with him,
"though she seems not to be
entirely aware of it.
"Despite the friendship..."
"...that blossoms between them,
"or perhaps because of
that very friendship,
"the young knight finds himself so..."
" humbled and speechless
"that he's totally unable to bring up
the subject of his love.
"Till one day, he asks the princess
"Is it better to speak or to die?"
I'd never have the courage
to ask a question like that.
I doubt that.
Hey, Elly-Belly.
You do know that
you can always talk to us.
My mom's been reading
this 16th-century French romance.
She read some of it to my dad and I
the day the lights went out.
Yeah, about the knight that doesn't know
whether to speak or die?
So, does he or doesn't he?
"Better to speak," she said.
But she's on her guard.
She senses a trap somewhere.
So, does he speak?
He fudges.
It figures. He's French.
I gotta go to town in a little bit
to pick some things up.
I can go. I'm not doing anything today.
Then why don't we go together?
Right now?
Yeah. Right now.
That is, of course, unless you have
more important business going on.
"That is, of course, unless you have
more important business going on."
Mind if I put this in your bag?
Yes, please.
I straightened the wheels
and inflated the tires.
Perfect. Thanks.
I fell. I was coming home the other day,
and I scraped myself pretty badly.
Anchiese insisted on applying
some sort of witches' brew.
I think it helped.
Hold this for a second, will you?
- Want one?
- Sure.
Not bad, huh?
Not bad at all.
I thought you didn't smoke.
I don't.
- So, World War II, huh?
- No. This is World War I.
You'd have to be at least 80 years old
to have known any of them.
I never even heard
of the Battle of Piave.
Battle of Piave was one of the most
lethal battles of World War I.
Hundred and seventy thousand
people died.
Is there anything you don't know?
I know nothing, Oliver.
Well, you seem to know
more than anybody else around here.
Well, if you only knew how little
I know about the things that matter.
What things that matter?
You know what things.
Why are you telling me this?
'Cause I thought you should know.
Because you thought I should know?
'Cause I wanted you to know?
Because I wanted you to know.
Because I wanted you to know.
'Cause I wanted you to know.
Because there's no one else
I can say this to but you.
Are you saying
what I think you're saying?
Don't go anywhere. Stay right here.
You know I'm not going anywhere.
They mixed up all of my pages.
I'm gonna have to
retype this whole thing.
I'm not gonna have anything to work on
this afternoon.
This is gonna set me back a whole day.
Damn it.
Shouldn't have said anything.
Just pretend you never did.
Does that mean we're on speaking terms
but not really?
It means we can't talk
about those kinds of things.
We just can't.
Let's go, American!
- Ready?
- Let's go.
Pretty much.
Oh, my God.
- Thirsty?
- Yeah.
Good morning, ma'am.
Excuse me.
Could I ask for a glass of water?
Il Duce.
"People of Italy!"
That's Italy.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Come on!
This is my spot. It's all mine.
Come here to read.
Can't tell you the number of books
I've read here.
Oh, my God, it's freezing.
Spring is in the mountains.
The Alpi Orobie.
The water comes
straight down from there.
I like the way you say things.
I don't know why you're always
putting yourself down, though.
So you won't, I guess.
You really that afraid of what I think?
You're making things
very difficult for me.
I love this, Oliver.
Us, you mean?
It's not bad.
It's not bad.
Better now?
No, no, no.
- We should go.
- Why?
I know myself. Okay?
And we've been good.
We haven't done anything
to be ashamed of,
and that's a good thing.
I wanna be good.
Am I offending you?
Just don't.
I think it's starting to get infected.
We can stop by the pharmacist's
on the way back.
Excellent idea.
So we got the government
of Bettino Craxi...
Because we don't do anything
but talk, talk, talk.
Let me speak.
We have five parties
that do nothing but fight.
Smoke and shut up!
Let them speak, him, her.
I'd like to know what they think too.
Annella, what do you think?
A five party government!
Darling, I think
it's the historic compromise...
Don't say that. Compromises are tragic.
You've changed
since you inherited this place.
What's that got to do with it?
What are you saying?
You're mad, darling.
You asshole!
- She's right.
- And you don't say anything to her.
Say something.
You're resigned.
Why don't we talk
about the death of Buuel?
Buuel was a genius.
- Know him?
- Cinema isn't the answer.
Cinema is a mirror of reality
and it's a filter.
They broadcast The Phantom of Liberty
with constant interr...
Everyone loves Buuel!
Let's hear his opinion.
He doesn't know anything about Italy!
Say something. Give us your impression.
Do you have an impression?
Darling, he's American.
That doesn't mean stupid!
Just stop.
I don't give an easy ride
to some politicians.
She didn't say that.
I'm going to go mad.
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
It's nothing. It happens all the time.
- Mafalda, ice?
- It's in the fridge.
You get used to absolutely everything.
Don't you realise
you're mixing everything up?
What are you talking about?
There's no more politics, nothing.
He's left too.
You all right?
Sit for a second.
If you insist.
- That wasn't my fault, right?
- No.
I'm a mess.
Well, the kitchen table sure is.
Where did you learn to do that?
My bubbe used to do this for us
when we were sick.
Trust me, it helps.
I used to have one of these.
- You used to?
- Yeah.
How come you never wear it?
My mother says
we are Jews of discretion.
I guess that works for your mother.
Funny witch.
Fuck, you'll kill me if you do that.
I hope not.
Hey, are you leaving?
- Where's Elio?
- He's inside.
He had a bit of a nosebleed
during lunch, and he's just resting.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Bye.
- I'll be back in a minute.
Don't go anywhere.
You okay?
Are we going out?
I don't know if I can go out.
If my mom sees, she'll worry.
- She will?
- Yeah, she's a pain.
Where's Oliver?
Don't ask me.
Where's Oliver?
- Didn't he go out?
- Would you like a smoothie?
No, thank you. We're having dinner soon.
All right.
I'm going out tonight.
- Don't make me worry.
- What are you talking about?
This is no good, madam.
- Let him do his own thing.
- Fine.
Why's she hassling me? I'm 17.
She's worried about you.
You like him, don't you? Oliver?
Everyone likes Oliver.
I think he likes you too.
More than you do.
Is that your impression?
- No, he told me.
- When did he say that?
A while ago.
Mafalda, do you know where Oliver is?
I have no idea.
This is Craxi.
I draw the center of Craxi...
- Hey.
- Hi!
It's me. Is that Marzia?
Sure it is! Can't you tell?
Is that for me?
Do you really read a lot?
I love reading too,
but I don't tell anyone.
Why not?
I don't know.
I think...
people who read are...
kind of secretive.
They hide who they really are.
Do you hide who you really are?
No, not with you.
Not with me?
Well, maybe a bit.
What do you mean?
You know exactly what I mean.
Why do you say that?
I think...
you're going to hurt me,
and I don't want to be hurt.
You're so hard.
Kiss me.
- Is that good?
- Yes.
Are you lying?
- Oh, fuck, I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
Are you mad at me? Are you angry?
What's so funny? Why are you laughing?
Leave me alone.
Fuck, that felt good.
Please don't avoid me.
It kills me.
Can't stand thinking you hate me.
Your silence is killing me.
I'd sooner die than know you hate me.
I am such a pussy.
Way over the top.
Can't stand the silence.
Need to speak to you.
Did someone have a good night
last night?
Not really.
Well, you must be tired, then.
Or were you playing poker, too?
I don't play poker.
Several hundred color slides
of our boxer and the others like him
arrived yesterday from Berlin.
We should start cataloguing them.
That'll keep us busy till lunch,
I imagine.
Beautiful, aren't they?
They're all so incredibly sensual.
Because these are more Hellenistic
than 5th century Athenian.
Most likely sculpted
under the influence of Praxiteles.
Greatest sculptor in antiquity.
Grow up. I'll see you at midnight.
Grow up. I'll see you at midnight.
Muscles are firm.
Look at his stomach, for example.
Not a straight body in these statues.
They're all curved.
Sometimes impossibly curved.
And so nonchalant.
Hence their ageless ambiguity.
As if they're daring you to desire them.
Don't forget, Isaac and Mounir
are coming for dinner.
- Also known as Sonny and Cher.
- Okay.
I'd like you to wear that shirt
they gave you for your birthday.
- Darling, they got it for you in Miami.
- I'm sorry. It's too big. It's too big.
- Come on. It will make them so happy.
- It looks ridiculous on me.
I'll try it on for Oliver.
If Oliver thinks
I look like a scarecrow in it,
I'm not wearing it.
Hey, what time you got?
It's 2:00.
- Well... Later.
- Later.
I won't be here for dinner.
Okay, Mr Oliver.
Hello, Mafalda.
Where are we going?
You'll see.
Stop it!
- How are you, buddy?
- Hey!
- It's been ages.
- It has, yes.
- How are you?
- You've grown.
- How are you.
- I'm good.
Good to see you.
Remember Marzia from last year.
- Marzia, remember Issac?
- The girl from Paris?
Good to meet you.
Want to eat with us tonight?
No, no. I have to go.
- You're sure?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Have a nice evening.
This right here is the brand-new china
that you guys so kindly sent to us.
It looks wonderful.
Come here, Mounir, Mounir.
- Come, come, come.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I can't put it on now.
They've already met me.
- Yes, you can.
- It'll look like a put-up job.
- Papa, it'll...
- Yes.
- Papa, it'll look like a put-up job.
- No misbehaving tonight.
No... No laughing.
When I tell you to play, you'll play.
You're too old not to accept
people for who they are.
What's wrong with them?
What's wrong with them?
You call them Sonny and Cher
behind their backs.
- That's what Mom calls them...
- Then you accept gifts from them.
The only person that reflects badly on
is you.
Is it because they're gay
or because they're ridiculous?
If you know as much about economics
at Mounir's age,
you'll be a very wise man, indeed.
And a credit to me.
Now, just get into this, you.
These are unbelievable. I just...
Hey, look who's here.
Sorry. I have to go to bed.
I'm sorry. I'm so tired.
Thank you.
Elio. Elio.
- Thank you.
- Good night.
Good night.
Do I know you?
Thank you again for everything.
- They're never gonna make it.
- No, no. They're fine.
I'm glad you came.
Yeah, I'm nervous.
I like what you've done with the place.
It's nice.
You okay?
Me okay.
- Can I kiss you?
- Yes, please.
What are you doing?
Does this make you happy?
You're not gonna get
a nosebleed on me, are you?
I'm not gonna get...
Off, off, off, off, off.
Yeah. Just pull it.
Or I'll pull it.
Call me by your name,
and I'll call you by mine.
- Oliver.
- Elio.
Did we make noise?
Nothing to worry about.
I don't know.
Mafalda always looks for signs.
Well, she's not gonna find any.
You wore that shirt
the first day you were here.
Will you give it to me when you go?
Let's go swimming.
Are you gonna hold
what happened last night against me?
Elio. Come here.
Take your trunks off.
Well, that's promising.
You're hard again.
Professor, I got your note.
Thank you for reminding me.
I'm gonna go into town and pick
up those typed pages today,
so maybe this afternoon
would be a good time to...
We'll look them over later,
before you leave.
Okay. So later.
You're not sick of me yet?
No, I just...
I just wanted to be with you.
I'll... I'm gonna... I'll go.
Do you know how happy I am
that we slept together?
I don't know.
Of course, you don't know.
I don't want you to regret anything.
And I hate the thought that maybe
I may have messed you up or...
I don't want either of us
to pay for this,
- one way or another.
- No, I...
It's not like
I'm gonna tell anyone.
You're not gonna be, like,
getting in trouble.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Are you happy I came here?
I would kiss you if I could.
Times change.
Thank God we had the partisans.
I know, but times have changed.
It's different.
What do you think of Bettino?
- I don't like him.
- I like him.
I'm happy, actually.
I don't know. We'll see.
Anyway, they make the rules.
Hello, ma'am.
- Tortelli cremaschi.
- Yes.
Oh, fuck.
What did you do?
- Nothing.
- No?
Oh, I see.
You've moved on
to the plant kingdom already.
What's next? Minerals?
I suppose you've already
given up animals.
You know that's me.
I'm sick, aren't I?
I wish everybody was as sick as you.
Please don't do that.
- You want to see something sick?
- Please don't do that.
You want to see something sick?
Please don't do this.
Hey. Please don't do it.
Why are you doing this to me?
- What are you doing?
- Stop.
- You're fucking hurting me.
- Then don't fight.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I don't want you to go.
God, we wasted so many days.
Why didn't you give me a sign?
- I did. I did.
- You didn't give me a sign.
You remember
when we were playing volleyball
and I touched you?
Just to show you that I liked you?
And the way you reacted
made me feel like I'd molested you.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine.
I just decided
I should keep my distance.
I don't know.
I come out here for hours
almost every night.
I didn't know that.
That's funny, I...
I thought that...
Yeah, I know what you thought.
Stop. Stop.
"For Oliver.
"From Elio."
You disappeared for three days.
I had to work.
You completely disappeared.
Yeah, I don't know. I just...
I had a lot to do.
Am I your girl?
Oliver has to go to Bergamo
for a few days.
Research at the university.
Then he'll fly home from Linate.
But what about Elio?
Maybe it could be nice
for the two of them
to get away for a couple of days, no?
What do you think?
You know you've been
our favorite student?
- You must come back.
- You sure you're not just saying that?
- Oliver.
- Thank you very much, Professor.
Oh, man.
Please, please come back soon.
Come back? I'm just going home to pack.
I'm moving here.
You're welcome.
Oh, well...
- Thank you guys so much.
- Of course.
Oliver, Oliver.
- Come back.
- It's been...
Come here, come here.
It's been amazing. Thank you guys.
Well, later, Perlmans.
Later. Later, later, later.
Tell Elio to call when you get there.
Oh, no.
Come for dinner tonight.
Bring Marzia.
Bye, darling.
- What?
- Nothing.
- What?
- Nothing.
Oh, to see without my eyes
The first time that you kissed me
Boundless by the time I cried
I built your walls around me
White noise
What an awful sound
Hand of God, deliver me
Oh, woe is me
The first time that you touched me
- Oliver!
- Elio!
Oh, will wonders never cease?
Blessed be the mystery of love
Lord, I no longer believe
Drowned in living waters
Cursed by the love that I received
From my brother's daughter
Like Hephaestion who died
Alexander's lover
Now I'm prone to misery
The birthmark on your...
Oh, God.
And I'm feeling low
Understand I'm feeling low
You hear that?
Wait, wait, wait.
No, no, no, it's this way.
Come on. Come on. You're missing it.
Come on.
Don't stop.
A kiss is not enough...
This. This.
This. You.
You are...
Love my way
It's a new road
I follow...
If you'll excuse me...
Just one second.
One second!
They'd dearly make us pay
For laughing in their faces
And making it our way
There's emptiness behind their eyes
There's dust in all their hearts
I saw them last year.
Richard Butler... fantastic!
Really? We saw them in concert too.
We hitchhiked to London.
What'd she say?
It's a new road
I follow
Where my mind goes
Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.
Did you get your passport?
You get your passport?
Yeah, it's me.
Yeah, everything is fine.
I'm at the station...
in Clusone.
Listen, Mom, can you...
Can you come get me, Mom?
How are you?
I read the book you bought me.
The poems...
They're really beautiful.
I love that... Antonia Pozzi.
I'm sorry, excuse me...
that you're sad.
I'm saying that because
I wanted to tell you
I'm not mad at you.
Not at all.
I love you, Elio.
Stay friends?
For life?
For life?
Missed you at dinner.
Welcome home.
- Oliver enjoyed the trip?
- Yeah.
I think he did.
You two had a nice friendship.
You're too smart not to know how rare,
how special what you two had was.
Oliver was Oliver.
Because it was him.
Because it was me.
Oliver may be very intelligent but...
He was more than intelligent.
What you two had,
had everything and nothing
to do with intelligence.
He was good.
You're both lucky
to have found each other
because you, too, are good...
I think he was better than...
I think he was better than me.
I'm sure he'd say
the same thing about you.
Yeah. He'd say the same thing.
It flatters you both.
And when you least expect it,
nature has cunning ways
of finding our weakest spot.
Just remember, I am here.
Right now,
you may not wanna feel anything,
maybe you never wanted to feel anything.
And maybe it's not to me
you'd want to speak about these things
but feel something you obviously did.
Look, you had a beautiful friendship.
Maybe more than a friendship.
And I envy you.
In my place, most parents would hope
the whole thing goes away.
Pray their sons land on their feet,
but I am not such a parent.
We rip out so much of ourselves
to be cured of things faster,
that we go bankrupt by the age of 30.
And have less to offer,
each time we start with someone new.
But to make yourself feel nothing
so as not to feel anything.
What a waste.
Have I spoken out of turn?
And I'll say one more thing,
it'll clear the air.
I may have come close
but I never had what you two have.
Something always held me back
or stood in the way.
How you live your life is your business.
Just remember,
our hearts and our bodies
are given to us only once,
and before you know it,
your heart's worn out.
And as for your body,
there comes a point
when no one looks at it
much less wants to come near it.
Right now, there's sorrow, pain.
Don't kill it,
and with it, the joy you felt.
Does Mom know?
I don't think she does.
- Have you been to the Gaverine?
- Yes.
- May I?
- Happy Hanukkah!
To you too.
She looks a bit weak.
She comes highly recommended by...
Her special area of study is...
I'll get it.
Elio, you there?
- Hi.
- Hey.
- How are you.
- I'm good.
I'm good. How are you?
- How are your parents?
- I'm good. They're fine.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
Very much.
- I have some news.
- News?
What, you're getting married?
I suppose.
I might be getting married
next spring, yeah.
You never said anything.
Been off and on for three years.
That's wonderful news.
Do you mind?
- Oliver.
- Oliver.
- Oliver.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Darling, when are you coming back?
I wish I was.
You caught us in the process of choosing
the new you for next summer.
- And guess what? He's a she.
- Oh, no.
Speaking of she's, I'm calling
to tell you guys I got engaged.
- Congratulations.
- Mazel tov!
- Congratulations, Oliver.
- Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Listen, we'll leave you...
We'll let you speak to Elio.
- Happy Hanukkah!
- Happy Hanukkah!
Bye, sweetheart.
They know about us.
I figured.
Well, from the way your dad spoke to me.
He made me feel
like I was a part of the family.
Almost like a son-in-law.
You're so lucky.
My father would have carted me off
to a correctional facility.
Elio. Elio. Elio. Elio.
Elio. Elio. Elio. Elio.
I remember everything.