Call Me King (2015) Movie Script

(clanking, whirring)
(children's playful shouts in distance)
Do you know why most nations,
countries, civilizations fail?
It's their inability
to recognize the examples of
those who came before them.
You see, things have a way of...
repeating themselves, General.
It's shown that the average age
of a civilization is around...
200 years.
Countries like Great Britain...
they exceed the average,
while others are just
now reaching that age.
Each of the great
civilizations of the world,
they've passed through a series
of ten stages.
From birth to decline,
and ultimately, to their death.
It's ironic, isn't it?
The first generation throws
off the shackles of bondage,
only to have a later generation,
through apathy and indifference,
allow themselves to be enslaved.
Which brings me back...
to my previous question.
do most civilization fail?
- (passing horn honks)
(cocks gun)
(door creaks)
We were known as The Strap Set,
enforcers of the Costa syndicate.
Let's work.
When the established order was disrupted,
we would inflict punishment to the letter.
It was a necessary evil, General.
We... were necessary.
(automatic gunfire)
(gunfire continues)
(gunfire continues in distance)
That was quite a show you put on.
I'm actually flattered
that Angelo would send
his prized attack dogs to pay me a visit.
Don't flatter yourself.
Rules were broken...
decisions were made, and
orders were carried out.
This whole messy business today
could have been avoided.
But you...
chose to swim in waters
too deep for you.
Don't talk to me like you're
one of us-- you're not.
I'm a member of the syndicate,
and therefore protected,
- but you, you're just an errand boy.
- Pardon me.
This is phenomenal bourbon.
You know, it starts off clear-- they put it
in wooden barrels so
that it gets its color.
The longer it cooks, the deeper the flavor,
the darker that it gets.
But if left too long,
it becomes unbalanced,
loses its integrity.
Is that what you are... Feris?
I mean, you got to be
to pull off some stunt like this, huh?
You expect me to take this lying down?
- (cocks rifle)
- (chuckles)
I don't care how you take it.
It doesn't negate the fact
that product was delivered in good faith,
based off our previous arrangement.
Now, the shipment
was received...
but the funds...
were not wired.
Why is that?
You know how it is--
these things take time.
Angelo is getting impatient in his old age.
Or perhaps a little show of power
is to keep up appearances, huh?
Perhaps the wolf
has lost its claws.
You better be sure, papi.
Taxation without representation.
Hey, Feris.
Pay your bill.
You'll live longer.
(cell phone buzzes)
Hey, I'm taking care of business here.
I'll call you back.
(car door closes)
Hey, breh?
Yo, how many more stops
we got to make today?
Got one more.
I promise this one gonna be quick.
We'll be in and out of
there in about five,
seven and a half minutes tops.
It's all part of the plan, gentlemen.
Fear equals respect.
Respect equals power.
Simple math.
(car engine starts) (tires squealing)
(coughing, retching)
(thumping continues)
(thumping continues)
You test me again, huh?
My supplier's the best in town.
See for yourself.
Half of the shipment are marked
and ready for street use.
The other half covered by special papers
with the serial code's still intact
for legal distribution, no problem.
You never let me down.
Money's all there.
Ten percent commission as always.
The rest I'll wire you.
There's no need.
You and I both know
if it's not correct...
(guns cocking)
...I'm gonna find you,
put a hole in your head.
Just joking around.
Everything's in order.
Let me know if you need anything more.
Good afternoon, Mr. Costa.
I'm your new CFO, as per
your father's request.
If you would just direct me towards
your books, I can get started right away.
What the fuck is this?
Every other day he sends
another one of you fucking guys down here
to break my balls.
I swear to Christ, he's got to
be running an affirmative action
campaign down there. He's got...
(short laugh)
he's got a million of these
assholes running around.
Run and go tell my father I
don't need him or anybody else
to babysit my fucking money, all right?
I'm a big boy. I handle my own affairs.
With all due respect, sir,
your current spending habits
are attracting a lot of unwanted
attention from the IRS.
That's attention that your
father wants to go away.
I don't know you,
and whether or not you
work for my old man...
how the fuck
am I gonna trust you?
I work for every major organization
including your father's. I
have a PhD from Harvard.
Business and economics.
My firm, my reputation
are impeccable, sir.
Who the fuck you think you're talking to?
You ever look down your nose at me again,
I'll blow that Harvard-educated
brain of yours all over
my marble floor without batting
an eyelid, understand?
Now run and go tell my father if
he has something to say to me,
come tell me himself.
Shouldn't send a monkey
to do a man's job.
Now get the fuck out of my sunlight.
You're ruining my tan, asshole.
(man speaking French)
But in this world...
loyalty, honor
and discretion
are our most valuable commodities.
Without them,
man is like a wild animal,
clawing his way through the forest,
cutting a path to his own destruction.
Before our exile, brother,
there were many who
thought like you do now.
Willing to sacrifice everything
for the ones they love.
But like with all sacrifice,
there is no action
without consequence.
I love and respect you,
but there is no longer
a place for you here.
No, wait.
(brass knuckles clatter on floor)
(exhales heavily)
The shipment arrived
intact and on time--
L.A. Harbor, Pier 13.
It's registered under a Michael Donaldson.
Any problems with our
associates in customs?
Nothing unforeseeable.
The customary bribes were in order.
It's business as usual.
Notify Khalil.
Have him to move the rest
of the previous inventory
to the foreign buyers.
We'll need to make room
for the new shipment.
The planes are scheduled to arrive
within two hours.
We already have vehicles waiting for them.
What would I do without you?
(man groans)
Be only half as powerful as you are.
These buyers can be a
bit difficult to sell.
Are you sure that Khalil is up to it?
I have all confidence in him.
After all,
he is my son.
He is.
Fine, then.
I'll be in the car waiting.
Get rid of the body.
I don't know why I put up with you.
You constantly disrespect me.
You never want to go anywhere,
at least not with me.
Yo, can you just try to stop bitching
for, like, a half an hour?
All right? Just until this game's over.
Hmm. No.
What I want is for you
to just be real with me.
(scoffs) Damn, Zho, come on.
For once in your pathetic life
just tell the damn truth.
You a good-looking chick.
A little darker than what I usually go for,
but based on your SAT scores, I figure...
Fuck it, I...
I'll make an exception on the
account that you're smart.
See, everything was cool in the beginning.
You know? But like most females, you...
you got comfortable.
And started running your
fucking mouth too much.
Never content
with the way that things are.
See, you want to turn me
into somebody I'm not.
So, yeah, you-you...
you got a hot little body...
but you don't use it to its full potential.
I mean, baby, your sex game is...
But you don't give head, I mean...
what the fuck kind of girl
in this day and age doesn't give head?
Like, are you fucking serious?
That's disrespectful.
So, yeah, I...
I fucked some other chicks.
Not on a personal level, but...
just to help out.
You know, where you might be a little weak.
And to answer your question,
do I care?
Yeah, of course.
Do I care about
saving this relationship?
Not really.
(exhales shakily)
Fuck you.
See, the truth hurts.
You are all quite familiar
with our reputation for being
ahead of our competitors.
In simple terms, we deal the best product,
shuffle the bullshit,
cut the debt.
Now, I am prepared
to offer you a most generous proposal.
A proposal that will stand
for the next ten minutes,
at which point all deals must be final,
or the offer goes into remission.
Ten minutes...
Fuckin' ridiculous.
Three containers,
each filled with 30,000 AK-47s,
courtesy of Kalashnikov himself.
The cargo will be sent by boat, not by air,
and remain intact bonded with
seals and paperwork attached.
No one will touch it.
Now, the catch is you must
purchase the entire container.
Now, I'm willing to let 'em
go for $20 million a pop,
granted you all say "yes"
to this deal, not now
but right now, seven minutes and counting.
Let me put it to you in terms
you can understand, all right?
It'll be like
comparing curried goat to oxtails.
I mean, why do it?
They both taste good.
(speaks Arabic)
(Arab buyer chuckles)
you have a way with words.
You told him to fuck off?
I sent him there to help you.
How many times are we gonna
have this conversation?
I am sending Dwight back.
You extend every courtesy.
Do what you have to do,
but you fix this.
(phone beeps)
Kids today.
They got no respect for anyone.
I'm sorry.
It's not a problem, boss.
(revs engine)
He's a good kid.
Sometimes he makes it very difficult
for me to carry out your orders.
So the deal holds.
Good. He'll take care of it.
Maybe this will cheer you up.
- There he is.
- Top shelf.
Courtesy Feris.
Look out for this kid.
He'll be running the
entire city one day.
- Neat?
- ANGELO: Always.
(sighs) You know, every man dreams
of having a son.
Somebody to, uh, remind the world
that he was there one day.
(scoffs) I don't know. I thought I...
Thank you.
I thought I did everything
I could to make him a man,
but I spoiled him.
Gave him too much, made
him earn too little.
kid's a goddamn punk.
He'll get it going. He just
needs a little bit of time
for him to learn the ropes.
ANGELO: That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
Dwight, Nick's waiting for you.
- Deal still holds. Okay.
- You got it, boss.
(Angelo sighs)
(sighs) It appears...
I have a tumor...
in my brain.
It's inoperable.
They tell me, in a very short time,
it'll be difficult for me
to do the simplest things,
make the simplest decisions.
I got six months.
(laughs airily) A year at best.
I'm sorry, Angelo.
Ah, that's okay.
But be that as it may,
business continues as usual,
and I need someone I can
trust to take care of things
when I step down.
Oh, I mean, Nicholas--
he's a good man at heart.
I mean, he might be a little
rough around the edges,
but you know...
What I'm trying to say here
is that I'm offering you a chance
to run things for whatever
time I have left.
I need someone I can trust,
someone I can count on to do things right.
I'm not gonna bullshit you here.
You'll never be truly
accepted by the other bosses.
They'll hate you,
and probably everybody who works for you.
I don't know.
I kind of like what I already got going on.
I see no reason
why I should put my men
in an uncomfortable situation.
I'm asking you this...
as a favor to me,
to take care of things
until my son is more capable.
For me.
You do what I ask.
I humbly...
Let's have this drink.
(loud, overlapping crowd chatter)
What's up?
It's all here, every penny.
What do you have?
My man, same thing she's having.
You know I trust you, right?
- Um...
- You know you ain't got
to tell me that every time we meet up.
You know me, right?
I like to keep things thorough.
Friend or no friend,
I can't afford any mishaps.
I feel you. I feel you.
So, how's Soo?
Worse than ever before.
Believe it or not,
I like her better when she was with you.
You made her happy and kept her on track.
Now she's getting high
and drunk all the time.
Always with the wrong people.
I feel like I'm... I'm losing her.
You know it's a gift and a curse, Li,
what we do, you and me.
We make plenty of money, but
we always lose who we love.
I guess we are the same
in that regard, huh?
Business is easier to cope with.
Personal shit is always complicating.
Complicates things.
You are probably right.
Besides, I'm way too much
woman for you to handle.
I didn't say all that.
(phone rings)
Tuggs. Yeah.
Where is it? I'm on the way.
What's up?
I... I got a little
something to take care of.
I'll see you later.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait.
You're not right. Let me roll with you.
I appreciate it, but...
I'm good. I got it.
Be careful, Li.
(birds singing)
How have you been?
Never better. You?
No complaints.
What can I do for you?
I came to say good-bye.
I plan to restore what my
father has taken from us.
So, that's what all this has been about
from the beginning?
Reclaiming your birthright?
Freedom from exile
for all of us.
Then we go home.
What makes you think I want to go back?
I've got everything I need right here.
Why would I throw it away to
go back to a broken land,
face countless enemies?
(scoffs) Heck, no.
War is a young man's game.
Yes, but it is a game of strategy
where good players use technical instincts,
a sense of what's likely
or possible,
and what's not worthy is discarded.
In chess, the rules are fixed,
but the outcome is unpredictable.
Inexperienced players
often fear the knight.
Its characteristics are "compel respect."
it surprises even the most weary player.
My father is of no concern to me.
In all probability, he's dead by now.
By his legacy remains.
The atrocities that he and Simone committed
cannot simply be erased.
You see what can be gained,
but have you considered what can be lost?
And even if you manage to get back,
without your father's blessings,
you can never repay his debt.
It's a noble, worthy
gesture, Rhyis,
but an impossible one.
Good luck, son.
(door opens, bell jingles)
- (sighs)
- (car door alarm dinging)
(dinging stops)
(sings low, indistinctly)
(engine starter whirring)
Um, n... n-n-n-no.
Do not do this to me tonight.
(engine starter whirring)
Come on, come on.
Shit. Wow.
(phone beeps)
(seat belt clicks)
Ooh. Ooh.
Excuse me!
Thank you.
My car, it just broke down,
and I hoping I could get a ride real quick.
I know you don't know me, but I-I
only live one district away,
and it doesn't look like you're in a hurry.
It'll only take a second.
It's cold.
(chuckling): Help a sister out.
Thank you.
LEENA: It's like being on two
different planets with that guy.
It's like one minute he
wants to be with me,
and then the next, he's
saying stuff to piss me off.
And he still pretends to care.
God forbid I interrupt one of
his stupid basketball games.
Trying to have a real conversation,
something substantial.
God, I swear,
I don't even know why I
put up with him so long.
Oh, your mind's wasted.
This time, I'm seriously done.
I think.
Why... why are we pulling over?
I'm still a few blocks away, sir.
- Shut up.
- (gasps)
You're pathetic.
All you little girls are the same,
running around bitching and moaning,
waiting for some less-than-average man
to validate your existence.
If this is what you intend to
be about ten years from now,
then I suggest you go home,
you choose the best dress
from whatever bargain basement you shop in.
Go out on the town,
find a complete stranger
to have your way with,
and then take this gun,
put it in your mouth,
wrap your lips around it
and pull the trigger.
'Cause it's better to be
dead than be what you are--
a disgrace to your own persuasion.
Get out.
I don't want to be like this anymore.
I want to be different.
Tell me how to be different.
Be at this address, 9:00 a.m.
sharp tomorrow morning.
Do not be late.
If you're serious about
wanting to make a change,
I'm willing to offer it to you.
But you must make the decision on your own.
The walk home will do you some good,
give you time to think.
Keep the gun for protection.
(door closes)
There are moments in time
when a man must choose his own path.
And I had chosen mine.
I quickly outgrew the council
of old men and looked toward the future.
Knowing that no matter what the cost,
my brothers would follow.
We were kings
forging an empire built
primarily on three things--
and loyalty.
(cell phone rings)
Hey, breh?
I'm gonna take this phone call real quick.
I'll meet you downstairs.
So, what the deal?
What's up with the big celebration?
For ten years,
we have worked under
the Costa syndicate.
And the reason that we are here today...
we are on the verge
of running the whole shit.
Because we held each other down.
I want to make a toast.
To my bredren.
Salut Mon frre.
That's what's up, big bro.
But what's the big news?
I mean, I know you didn't
call us all the way down here
to tell us that we got each other's backs.
I spoke to the old man today.
He expressed his gratitude
for everything that we've been doing.
But he also mentioned expansion.
Let me, uh, say it
a little less... eloquently.
Angelo is stepping the fuck down.
And he's giving me the entire shit.
Get the fuck out of here!
Are you serious?!
See, that's what I'm
talking about, cat daddy!
Congratulations, man!
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
So, how'd it go down?
I mean, how did it happen?
Why you?
I mean...
I'm just saying why didn't he choose
his son Nick or somebody like that?
He has his own reasons.
Personal mainly.
But be that as it may,
come tomorrow,
I will be the first black man in history
to run an Italian syndicate.
I don't like it.
More power, more situations.
I mean, shit like this...
It just don't feel right, Rhyis.
Shit, I say we move on it.
I mean, you spilled blood for the old man.
Shit, we all did.
I mean, come on, man, this
shit is long overdue.
All right, don't get me wrong now.
We can't go forth with this
without expecting some blowback from Nick
and the rest of the cartels.
We should expect nothing less.
I'm not saying that we
shouldn't consider this.
I'm just saying that, you know,
maybe we... maybe you should just sit back,
take a little time and think this through.
It is already
we stick tight.
We watch each other's back.
And I promise
in due time...
our plans
will be revealed.
Pardon me.
They took to the shit
like babies to bathwater.
Thanks, Pop.
Yeah, I appreciate that.
Uh... (clears his throat)
yeah, I'm gonna have
to get back to you on that.
Yeah, all right.
Take care.
Yeah. (clears his throat)
Yeah, um...
you know, just a buyer
having second thoughts
about the price point.
Ain't nothing I can't handle.
Remember the first night
you came out on the block with me?
Hell yeah.
15 years old.
I tried to keep you from following me.
But you wouldn't listen.
Even back then you had a mind of your own.
So I gave you a strap
and I said...
"Leave fear and hesitation where you stand.
"If you follow, do so
as a man ready to die."
15 years, you did not hesitate,
not for one split second.
But just now...
when I asked you who was on the phone...
you did.
Breh, I didn't.
Things are gonna get a little tight
around here.
Angelo decided to step down.
And I am gonna have to depend
on you and the rest of the Set
to keep shit stitched up.
I promise you...
there was nothing irregular
about that conversation, breh.
Everything is good.
And you know I got your back like always.
No question.
That's the third time that you denied it.
No kiss on the cheek, brother?
You've been a salesman for too long.
That hustle...
that's for the customers.
You give me a call when you're ready
to cut through the bullshit
and tell me what's really going on.
Why you so shy?
I'm not shy.
She is not shy.
She's seems shy. Don't let her play you.
- Oh.
- It works. Don't hate.
See, I like this right here.
It's like a two on one. Really?
Yo, where the fuck
is he going, man?
We just got here.
Oh, oh!
Now, give me a kiss.
(car horn honking in distance)
(low, indistinct chatter)
...and they go out to the living room,
so all the stockings, they're
hung up on the chimney.
- Hey, yo.
- Right?
Hey, Pop.
Come in. (laughs)
Uh, if I, uh,
knew you were coming, I'd
have cleaned the joint up.
- Can I get you something?
- No, I'm fine.
- You want... anything?
- Yes.
What is this?
Is this what you do with
the money you make?
Not all of it.
No. (laughs)
I'm working on some, uh, some...
some big things.
Big plans.
And, uh, you know, with
your condition and all,
I-I figure you're gonna be
stepping down pretty soon,
so I'd better start
planning ahead, right?
I have some things I need
to discuss with you.
Important things.
Ladies, let's go.
(snaps fingers)
- Let's go.
- What?
Go ahead.
(woman groans) Excuse me?
You're right.
I will be stepping down.
I suppose I don't have any
choice in the matter though.
Rhyis will be taking my place.
- Not you.
- What?
I know it's hard for you
to accept right now,
but he's more suited to lead.
He's been with me every step of the way
and he knows how to get things done.
And I don't?
Order has to be maintained.
That's the only way this
organization's gonna survive
when I'm gone.
This "order" that you speak of
is a fucking illusion, Pop!
What, you think because you
hide behind these rules
it somehow makes you honorable?
What kind of man turns
his back on his own son?
You brought this on yourself.
I tried to teach you, but
you wouldn't listen.
How can I trust you with, with
any kind of responsibility
when you can't carry out one single order?
You trust me because...
I'm your flesh and blood.
You know... the other bosses?
They laugh behind your back.
They laugh at the shell of
a man that you've become.
Everyone knows it.
You lost your balls a long time ago, Pop.
But I haven't.
If you ain't willing to give
me what's rightfully mine,
might as well be dead to you.
Then consider yourself dead to me
because you're not getting my spot.
Rhyis will be giving you your orders.
Deal with it.
You made it.
The suspense must have been
killing you, no doubt.
I guess, um, I was curious.
I have never seen a woman so strong
and obviously in control.
Hold your head up straight.
Never lower your eyes to me or anyone else.
It's a clear sign of brokenness,
and, quite frankly, it
makes me uncomfortable.
I'm sorry, I'll try not to...
"Trying" is a word invented by the weak.
In any case, it's not your
fault you're this ignorant.
It's your mother's.
You're a product of your upbringing.
You were born into an era
where men have neatly defined
your existence as a woman.
And you embrace it with open arms.
No disrespect, miss, but you
don't know anything about me.
Are you always this disgustingly apologetic
before you speak your mind?
I never filter my response to anyone,
because I don't have to.
I do what I want to do when I want to do it
and with whom I want to do it with.
I own everything that you see here,
and I take what I want.
I'm offering you the same.
Uh, like, what?
Uh, a job?
It's more like a lifestyle.
Wealth, power
and, most of all, respect.
You don't have to live this way any longer,
like an empty cup waiting for
someone else to fill it.
Do you still have the
weapon that I gave to you?
Vincent will explain all that
you need to know for now.
And if you make it out of here alive,
I'll take it as a yes.
(phone ringing)
(phone beeps)
- What?
- KHALIL: Hey, breh.
It's me, man.
Look... um...
I just want to apologize
for last night, man.
It was cause for celebration
and I ruined it.
And I'm-I'm sorry.
(woman panting)
I mean, I can hear that
you're feeling better.
- Hell, I mean, at least she is.
- Get to the point, Khalil.
(quietly): Easy.
Okay, man, look.
It's Pop.
He's here,
in the city.
What? You mean Angelo?
No, man, Knight. Our real father.
He's the one who's been supplying our guns
- since the beginning.
- Stop. Stop.
Look, man, I've been working
for him for a while now.
I've been doing some
real serious deals, man.
I'm talking black Wall
Street level deals, breh.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Have we not had this conversation
more times than none? I told you
- to watch for him, if he ever...
- Yeah... yeah, I know, man,
but Th-this is our father, man.
Look, man, I thought that you would
be happy that he's around now.
You don't know him.
You don't know anything about him.
I'm telling you for your own good,
stay away from him.
I was supposed to meet him in an hour.
Yeah, no, he owns a restaurant
somewhere in the northern district.
Send me the address
and stay put until I get back.
And no matter what,
don't reach out to him for any reason.
(phone beeps)
(bell on door tinkles)
My son.
It's been far too long.
May I...
offer you something to eat?
20 years since you walked
out on my brother and I.
Left my mother alone to die.
And all you can offer me
is some pain Au de caf?
Your mother used to say that to me.
It meant,
when our time comes,
we must embrace it fully.
What the fuck are you doing here?
Last time I heard,
you was running from some
small-time boys in Haiti.
I run from no one.
It was merely a means
to keep you and your brother safe.
But I felt it was my duty
to protect my family.
Was it not?
Since when have you been
concerned with family?
(chuckles dryly)
All this time, I thought that you were
a selfish, black-hearted
And it comes to find out you as
sympathetic as the rest of us.
Despite what you may think of me,
I'm still your father, Rhyis.
I'm still Papa.
I believe a greater show
of respect is in order.
Respect is earned.
I'm not giving you any.
Who do you think
put you in the position you are in today?
How do you think you were
able to move up the ranks
in Angelo Costa's organization so quickly?
It has been by my hand.
Not your own.
Not of your doing.
That's pathetic.
Even for you.
You sit there
and you try to take credit
for the moves that I made
to cement this business,
and after we've grown up
and I'm running shit,
you want to snake your
way back into our lives
by using Khalil to make you rich.
Is that about right?
I understand your resentment to me... some instances, it may
even be warranted, but...
I am not your son.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm your enemy.
So if I hear that you crossed a line
and interfered with my family,
I will not hesitate
to pull the trigger
and dead you right where you sit.
(speaking Italian)
(inhales sharply)
No, no, (speaking Italian)
No, Angelo!
(sobbing, speaking Italian)
(sobbing): No. No.
- Bonjour.
- Bonjour.
Bonjour, bonjour.
Bonjour, monsieur.
(pounding on door)
Li! What the fuck you doing here?
The fuck is this?
What's up?
(choked up): I am done.
She is your responsibility now,
- just like before.
- Nah, nah.
Li, Li, I can't... I don't
have time for this right now.
I can't do it.
I don't have room for anybody else.
I can't do this right now, Li.
- You gotta take her.
- I'm sorry!
I can't do a goddamn thing with her.
(crying): You're the only
one she ever listens to
and you know it.
I'm trusting you,
so don't let me down.
Li, look, I-I can't right now.
Li! Li, Li!
Stop playing!
All right, get up, Soo.
I told you to stop messing with that stuff.
I trust you're settled in.
I am.
Not that I had... much choice.
There's always a choice.
The difficulty lies in
knowing which one to make
without knowing what the
consequences will be.
Did Vincent explain to
you what a "fixer" is?
A person who fixes things
by eliminating them.
I was 16
when I completed my first assignment.
They were mostly political,
paid for by the Haitian government.
But now, they're of a more personal nature.
This weapon belonged to me.
I expect for you to handle it
- with care.
- I will.
I will.
I have a job for you.
It pays $250,000,
half up front
and half when the assignment is complete.
Wow, that... sounds great,
but I'm not ready.
I-I don't even know how to hold a gun.
Don't worry.
If you're a quick study,
that's more than enough time.
Have the rifle assembled
and ready within an hour.
We'll begin immediately.
Best get to work.
"...your head." He says, "Head?
I couldn't find the head."
(men laughing)
Hate to interrupt
such a festive occasion,
but some of you might have heard
that my father's dead.
Now, he told me, effective immediately,
he planned on shutting down
the dealings of all
munitions in our district.
Planned on taking the
organization in a new direction.
Now, I can only assume
that those who killed him
had the most to lose.
I don't got to spell it out for you, do I?
Now, he's dead.
So whatever hedge of protection
my father placed over Rhyis and his crew
is null and void.
I'm asking you, humbly,
for your blessing
and manpower to take him out.
If Angelo's boys really did kill him,
he brought it on himself.
He got sloppy.
Put his trust in the wrong people.
Forgot where his loyalties lay.
You should've stepped in a long time ago
and sat your old man down.
Maybe he'd still be alive.
Maybe not.
NICK: I can understand your
feelings on this matter, Feris.
But whatever misunderstanding
you may or may not have had
with my old man...
(wipes hands together)
it's done.
I'm offering you a chance to help me
make this thing right for both of us.
I don't like it.
We can't make drastic decisions
based on facts that we don't know.
That's not the way things are done.
Besides, these Haitians,
they're fucking savages.
I mean, they wiped out Feris's
men, sombreros and all,
in less than ten minutes flat.
War? War?
They fucking love war.
And war is bad for business, gentlemen.
Now, look, it's a shame
what happened to Angelo.
A real shame.
But the truth of the matter is--
we cannot do anything about that now.
He's right.
The kid's right.
We owe it to him.
We owe it to ourselves.
I know there's some of you who...
didn't agree
on how Angelo ran his district,
but that's beside the point.
This is about principle,
about respect.
It's about preserving
everything we've built...
...everything we stand for.
Order must be restored.
Otherwise, we lose face with our associates
in the international market.
You do what you got to
do to make things right.
Take whatever you need.
A salute.
- To Angelo.
- To Angelo.
- To Angelo.
- Angelo.
Pour me some.
Thank you.
(door closes)
Do you know why she brought me here?
Yeah, out of mutual respect.
She thought it'd be cool
for you to come here,
think things through, clear your head.
You know I'm the only one
she trusts around you.
That's not it.
It's because she doesn't care.
She won't answer my phone,
she won't return my calls.
She hates me now.
Ah, she don't hate you. She's just pissed.
But, you know, I can't blame her,
because you have been doing some
fucked up shit lately, Soo.
I didn't mean for things
to turn out this way.
I was only trying to forget
about what happened to our parents.
It's too painful to think about it.
Yeah, well...
somebody you love get killed,
it's hard to forget that.
It just goes away for a little while.
Look, if you going through
something, anything,
know you can talk to me.
I'm here for you.
Soo, Soo, Soo, what are you doing?
You said whatever I needed.
Hey, girl, not that.
No, no, Soo, stop.
Soo, wait.
Soo, stop.
- Please.
- No, Soo, Soo.
- No.
- Stop, stop.
Stop, stop, Soo.
What, you won't even touch me now?
The... the reason I don't touch you is
because I do respect you, Soo.
You deserve better than this.
I'm sorry.
I... I-I can't.
I'm sorry, I...
I just wish someone would tell me
how to make things right with my sister.
Soo, listen to me...
(bullets ricocheting)
(gunfire continues)
Okay, you're gripping it way too tight.
So take a breather...
(inhales, exhales)
...and just relax and let
it come back to you.
It's too far.
I can't... I can't keep it steady.
All right, lean on your elbows.
Take aim, focus.
Shoot the target in the heart,
and he still has three seconds to react.
Shoot him in the head,
and you'll penetrate the nerve center,
neutralizing him on contact.
The kill point is right behind the eyes.
Remember that.
There's more to consider
than controlling the weapon.
If you breathe or your heart beats,
then your body is subject
to the slightest of motion,
causing you to miss.
Try again.
Inhale and exhale slowly.
You must match your breathing
to your heartbeat.
And when you have complete
control of them both,
at your most stable moment,
(Leena gasps, chuckles)
Okay, let's try it again.
- Let's go.
- LEENA: All right.
I'm-a let y'all go ahead and talk.
Papa's back.
So what happened?
Don't worry about that.
Whether he told me, you told
me, gave me the information,
you know the outcome's
still the same, right?
I don't expect you to feel
about it the way that I do.
- That's good.
- No, that's great.
That's my cross to bear.
But I am telling you...
to stay away from him.
'Cause I have never seen
that man do anything
that didn't serve him.
Well, you know me.
I don't sweat the petty stuff.
I pet the sweaty stuff.
I'm-a go get some air.
I'll be back.
You fucked up this time,
you fucking Haitian.
- Rhyis!
- You good?
Yeah, I'm cool.
Hey, you bleeding all over my floors, man?!
Or is that pasta sauce
leaking out your ass?
Fuck you!
Who you work for, huh?
The Koreans?
(chuckles) No.
Angelo Costa, the man you killed.
What'd you say?
He brought you into this organization,
made you who you are.
And this is how you repay him?
Yeah, but that doesn't matter now,
'cause you and your whole fucking crew,
they're dead! (laughs)
They're fucking dead!
Hey, enough, man!
I don't fucking believe him!
Fucking bullshit!
I don't believe him!
Well, they obviously did.
I mean, who else could get close
enough to Angelo to kill him,
make his own men believe it was you?
That coked-out, basehead,
mayonnaise motherfucker.
We got to move.
'Cause one thing's guaranteed:
there'll be more of them.
Yo, what about Zho and Grimm?
They'll be all right by themselves.
We get to the safe house,
and then we regroup.
Yo, I got to make a stop, man.
You go ahead; I'm-a catch up to you.
What are you talking about?
We got now, together.
It's okay, man; it's cool, all right?
I just got to check on something.
All right, I'll be there.
So how long have you known Simone?
We met eight years ago in Germany.
I was guarding a high-level politician,
and she managed to get close
enough to take his life.
So I had respect for
her; I had to meet her.
I can't believe people
actually do this for a living.
Throughout history,
power has always been a
very important commodity,
and there are some who
would even kill for it.
What is that like?
Taking a person's life?
You'll know soon enough.
What are they talking about down there?
The less you know, the better.
They don't like anyone
knowing their next move.
Including me.
But who is the guy?
I mean, come on, he's got
to be somebody important
for them to keep him so secretive.
Knight is Simone's partner.
He stays hidden.
There's none more ruthless
and more powerful than him.
In our profession, he's a legend.
Wow. (short laugh)
I can't believe it.
All countries have instruments of war.
Knight and Simone just
happen to be the best.
I just have one more question.
The other day at the office,
if I had said no to all of this,
would you have killed me?
I'm glad I didn't have to.
Let's be glad. (chuckles)
(gun clicks)
Man, this shit used to be so simple.
Used to be able to take all the risks
with everything to gain, nothing to lose.
Everything is fucked up.
I assumed the responsibility...
...when I took the throne.
The old man didn't deserve this.
He was just as dirty as the rest of us.
He's a good man.
I'm gonna set that straight.
I guarantee it.
Yeah, you-you are.
Hey, look, you know I got you all day.
Why don't you tell me something?
Why you do it, huh?
We was good the way shit was.
Why you say yes to that shit?
I felt I owed it to him.
Well, you know it's good to
care about nobody or anyone.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, man, you...
you of all people should know that.
You already know that.
Shit's easier that way.
Shit's hard enough that
we got to keep track
of motherfucker in our own crew.
Yeah, man, you didn't think
people knew about that shit?
Look, I know he's your brother and all,
but you got to admit...
he's been acting strange lately.
I mean, where he at right now?
Where the fuck is he at right now?
It's a personal matter.
My brother, just like everyone else,
has his own shit to deal with.
But I trust him with my life.
Always have, always will.
I know you do. I do, too.
- Yeah, what?
- But I'm saying if it was anybody else
outside the crew, they'd
be dead right now, Rhyis!
They would be.
Look, I'm just...
just so know, man, I'm just saying
when I ain't got no weight on my hands,
I do the most fucking damage.
I'm just saying I...
I'll take that burden for you, man.
I do that as a sign of respect.
Grimm, I appreciate your respect.
I do.
Your sincerity, integrity.
But if any Strap Set member
would ever lay a hand on my brother,
I'll put you in a body bag.
Yeah, man.
That's understandable.
Got you.
I'm sure somebody else in the same position
would do the same thing.
It's family and all.
Look... Soo Yun...
she was with me when
Nick's boys attacked me.
So she died 'cause I
couldn't even protect her.
You're responsible for the lives you save
and for the ones you lose.
I know, that's the way...
that's the way she gonna look at it.
Now I got to deal with Li about this shit.
Hey, man, but I'm like, "Fuck it, man."
Let it be.
And for you...
you, too.
I'll let that shit be.
You're certain it was Costa's men?
One of them said Angelo's name.
Said he was hit by us.
But that's bullshit.
Now I know that there's
some kind of protocol
for this type of thing.
But we got to get them before they get us.
(Khalil sighs)
There is an old saying
that when a snake is provoked,
it will strike with its venom.
How certain can you be
that he is not involved?
This show of strength
may easily be a byproduct
of his own arrogance
and foolish pride.
Look, man, I know that you and Rhyis
have differences.
And, yeah, he can be a
bit abrasive at times,
but he wouldn't kill the old man, no way.
No, this wasn't in retaliation.
This was an all-out act of war.
And I need you to stand with us.
It's all been arranged.
But know this.
There will come a time when you
will have to make some tough decisions.
And I need to know
that I can depend on you
to do what is necessary.
Of course.
I'm with you, Pop, all the way.
No question.
Ah, good.
Merci petite.
is the safe house?
What up?
Glad to see that you made it through.
I have a serious situation.
Yeah, I went by the club, saw the bodies.
(door slides opens)
Figured y'all be here.
Where's Khalil? Is he good?
Ask him.
He's on his way.
I've just gotten word
that things are moving a bit faster
than previously... anticipated.
The job has been moved up.
She'll be ready.
A bit rough around the edges,
but ready nonetheless.
I hope she was the...
best choice.
In any case, the most logical.
No father.
A college degree,
but drowning in debt.
A severe case of depression
and a desperate need to be accepted
by anyone who will listen.
Especially men.
I've left her with Vincent.
She seems to have taken a liking to him.
Did you have any difficulty tracking her?
Once we found her workplace,
it was easy enough.
I had her vehicle incapacitated.
It was crude, yet effective.
We gave her a ride, handed her a weapon.
It's very seductive-- the gun.
Shows us who we really are.
After that, it didn't take much convincing.
I know that when the time is right,
she'll pull the trigger.
Nick and his boys will be waiting
for us to come to him.
Yeah, well, we have to expect
that they'll outnumber
us at least four to one.
Okay, so what's the next move?
They'll be waiting.
So we need someone to lead them back here.
Take advantage on home court.
That's me. I'll do it.
I can move a lot faster on two wheels.
Plus... I got some shit I got to handle.
Now, you know we can't touch him, man.
If we take out Angelo's son,
no one else in this city will
ever do business with us again.
That rule no longer applies.
We set our feet,
lock and load.
If anyone gets a shot at Angelo's son,
you take it.
Nobody leaves here except Strap Set.
Hell yeah.
(gun clicks)
You ever have some pussy so good
it make you want to go to war like this?
(cell phone ringing)
(phone beeps)
Meet me at the top of the district.
(phone beeps)
Look, I know you're upset,
but I need you to understand something, Li.
I did do everything in
my power to protect her.
These motherfuckers,
they just came out of nowhere, a'ight?
I don't even know how they found me, but...
I don't know how, but... they knew.
I trusted you
with the one person left in this world
that mattered to me
(crying)... and you let her die.
Those men came for you.
You're the one should be dead, not her.
I thought you were different...
different from other men.
I trusted you with all my heart.
But it's a pity...
in the end, you're all the same.
You only care about money
and power.
Are you serious?
I mean, have you seen
where the fuck I live at?
Look at my face!
I don't give a fuck about
no goddamn money or power!
All I care about is my family.
Soo... and you are my family.
I loved your sister.
I pushed her away so I could keep her safe.
You brought her right back to me, Li.
You did.
So you're just as responsible
for her death as I am.
Yeah. And you want to kill me?
Fine, then.
Do what you gotta do.
I will.
(Li sobbing)
(revs engine)
(TV playing indistinctly)
(phone buzzes)
Yeah, hold on.
- Nick, it's Tony.
- (turns off TV)
Talk to me.
Got it.
(phone beeps)
It's showtime.
Okay, gentlemen, our guests have arrived.
Let's work.
Grab the case from the trunk.
Head across the street.
Take the elevator to the roof.
Assemble the weapon
and wait for further instructions.
(automatic gunfire)
Shit, Grimm, you good?
Yeah. Give me...
Get inside. Right behind you.
You good?
Fuck, man.
This is a fucking
- $900 blazer, man.
- Man, come on, don't worry
about that shit. We'll get
you another one, all right?
I'm saying this is iguana, man.
Can't just buy this shit off the rack.
(door clangs)
Ain't no exits this way, motherfucker.
And you know I never liked you.
You walk around here,
thinking you run shit.
So motherfucking smooth.
And look at you now. Huh?
You know, I don't really
care much for guns.
I'm, uh...
...more of a purist.
And I've waited a long time
to kill you myself.
(blades clanging)
(body thuds)
Come on, you motherfucker!
Come on!
(drops axe)
(automatic gunfire)
Let's go!
Come on!
Get out here, you black motherfuckers!
(gunfire continues)
You want this?
Let's go! Bring it!
You can't fucking touch me!
None of you motherfuckers can touch me!
- You think you're fucking tough?
- (camera whirring)
Get the fuck out here!
You want this?!
- I'm right here!
- Wait...
(over earbud): ...for my signal.
None of you motherfuckers can touch me!
Come on! I'm right here!
I'm right here!
I'm right fucking here!
Missed me, bitches!
You missed me, motherfuckers!
Get ready to fire
on my mark.
What type of coked-out rat bastard
-piece of shit
-Wait for my signal.
Kills his own father?
Pull the trigger right now.
I didn't have much choice in the matter.
Couldn't very well let you
take over, now, could I?
Well, it won't matter after today, will it?
You have no fucking clue
what's going on, do you?
Do it now, or they all die.
Do it!
How disappointing.
Make sure she doesn't leave the roof,
unless you're throwing her off of it.
This is personal.
Between me and them.
It's got nothing to do...
GRIMM: Got you, I got you.
- Relax, relax!
- I'm good! I'm good.
- No.
- I'm good.
He's cool, man, he's cool.
Look, I'm gonna find out where
- that shot came from, huh?
- RHYIS: Go.
Stand up.
(cocks gun)
I'm ready.
(gun cocks)
Take the rear exit to the building,
leave town today and never come back.
When I fired the weapon, you didn't flinch.
You're strong enough to
make it on your own now.
Thank you.
(loud crack)
Pop, what are you doing, man?
Your people attacked us instead of them.
They were instructed not to harm you.
Please understand,
your brother left me no choice.
I tried to reason with him,
gave him every opportunity to join us.
But he would not listen.
Wh... Pop, wait.
Papa, wait.
He threatens everything we've worked for.
There can be no other outcome.
When Rhyis is gone, you
will take his place.
No, I will not let you hurt my brother.
(Khalil groans)
I'm sorry, my son.
One day, you will see things my way.
I thought I told you to stay
the fuck away from my brother.
Death shouldn't be rushed.
A real killer... savors it like fine wine
and enjoys the aroma.
I suppose you're wondering
how I knew where you were.
Khalil came to see me last night.
He was concerned for you
all, asked for my help.
Don't blame him.
Young people are impulsive,
often making rash decisions
that can prove costly.
I'm guilty of it myself.
You see, I should have killed you
when you threatened me before.
If the hammer is light...
the nail will rise back up.
(bone snaps)
All... that I was...
you have... have become.
that I have...
you... now own.
My power...
is... is yours...
to do...
as you see fit.
Each of us lives an eternity,
dying only after our forever,
only unconscious of our ties.
No longer separate...
...or together.
I couldn't let him do it.
It's dislocated.
My father taught me a valuable lesson...
that no one can love or hate
with more passion than family.
A war had been fought between he and I,
but from his ashes a new
inheritant had been formed.
He bestowed upon me all of his authority.
Long live the king.
And with it...
I'll be in touch.
...control over the weapons
trade in 18 territories.
That is an interesting story, my friend.
But I fail to know your point.
The point is-- we supply over 75%
of your employer's munitions.
So you can choose to continue
to do business with this organization
or find yourself and the men you
work for in an extremely...
vulnerable position.
Starting now.
Of course, that choice is yours.
What about Knight and Simone? no longer the face
of the organization.
I am.
I'll be more than happy to
show you our new inventory.
Right this way, General.
Now, I'm prepared to make you
a most generous proposal,
a proposal that will stand
for the next 20 minutes,
at which point, the offer
will go into remission.