Call Me Mrs. Miracle (2010) Movie Script

Back to the WN YJ News
for an update on the weather
and how it may affect retailers
this season.
The high today
is a crisp 32 degrees
with temperatures falling
to the low teens by tonight.
But our Weather Center predicts
that no snow is expected in the city.
It looks like this season
is gonna be a disappointment,
not only for those hoping
for a white Christmas,
but also
for retailers everywhere
as families cut back
on nonessential items such as toys.
The one bright spot
is this year's must-have toy.
Intellytron, the talking robot,
is breaking sales records
all over the country.
Not since Tickle Me Elmo have
we seen a toy fly off shelves
as quickly as this.
Now we'll check back
with our man on the street.
And perfect.
How's your cereal?
Would you
rather have French toast
or eggs or something more fitting for
the most important meal of the day?
No, thank you.
Dad and I always eat cereal
for breakfast.
He doesn't let me have Megapuffs.
He says the first ingredient
in this cereal is cavity.
Oh. Uh...
Mm-hm. Um...
How about scrambled eggs?
Sound good?
All right.
So I have a good idea.
Tomorrow's Saturday.
Why don't we go visit Santa?
Are you past that?
Aunt Holly, I'm 10.
Right. Sorry.
It's just when your dad
and I were kids,
there was always a present under the
tree that nobody could account for.
Grandma and Grandpa didn't buy it. It
was always just there, waiting for us.
Weird, right?
I need to get to school early,
so I can get some extra help
on my math homework.
Well, I can help you.
My teacher doesn't want you
to "help" me anymore.
Yeah, math has changed so much
since I was your age.
Can we just go?
Aye, aye, captain,
warp speed ahead.
Star Trek?
No? Never mind.
Hang on. Hello?
Hi, Lindy.
Yeah, of course I have time
to get your dry cleaning
and your coffee. Uh-huh.
My dad and I,
we always go ice skating
at Christmas time.
That's a good idea.
Ice skating at Rockefeller Center.
Then we could decorate the tree,
bake cookies and go shopping.
I love Christmas.
Cooking and shopping?
You know I'm a boy, right?
Some of the best chefs
in the world are men.
What I meant was
we could go to a toy store,
and get some ideas
for boy Christmas presents.
I already know what I want,
Intellytron. Can we go look at them?
All right, but you never know
what's gonna be under the tree.
Have a great day.
Don't forget how special you are.
God bless you.
That's strange.
He said he wanted to see me
right away?
Did he say why?
All right, I'll be right there.
Thanks, buddy.
Hey, hold up.
Hey, can you hold up?
# Dashing through the snow
On a one-horse open sleigh #
# O'er the hills we go #
Hi, can I get a tall nonfat latte
with extra whipped cream, please?
Okay. I know, nonfat, whipped
cream? You must think that's odd.
It's for my boss.
She hired me
to be the marketing manager.
Now she treats me
like I'm her assistant. Here you go.
# Jingle bells, jingle bells #
It's empty. You're all out of bucks.
Uh... Okay. I have cash.
Um... Hang on.
Here, let me get it.
No, it's okay. I have it.
It's fine. Don't worry about it.
Look, just let the cute guy
buy the coffee.
I have to get to work.
I actually am a personal assistant.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, you're welcome.
I'll buy yours tomorrow.
If you decide to come tomorrow.
If not, I'll wait for another time.
Not wait like I'm stalking you.
I mean wait like a normal person,
who sounds like a crazy person.
Ahem. Jake Finley.
Holly Wilson.
Nice to meet you, Holly Wilson.
You too, Jake Finley.
Uh... Your dress is...
Thank you, I designed it myself.
It's reversible.
You can wear it during the day.
Then you flip it inside out, wear it in
the evening if you have a date. Heh-heh.
Did that sound like
I was asking you out?
Because I wouldn't.
Not that you're not someone
I would date.
It's just I was explaining
about the dress,
and I'm gonna go now.
See you later?
It's a deal. Heh.
It's a deal?
What am I, a game show host?
# One-horse open sleigh ##
Morning, Betty.
Morning, Jake.
What's the mood like in there?
He's been his warm, fuzzy self
all morning.
He gave me a big hug
and asked me all about my cats.
That bad? He's still mad
that I hired a store Santa.
You know how he feels
about Christmas.
I sure do.
I tried sneaking this
into the break room.
Betty, you got that number yet?
He refuses to use the intercom.
I'm on it.
Go on in.
Wish me luck.
Ahem. Good morning, Dad.
Are you aware
that the Intellytron is the hottest,
most sought-after toy
of the Christmas season?
I believe that during these tough times
people are gonna go back to basics.
Old-school toys like train sets
and board games.
So with your experience of two
months as manager of the store,
you decided that the hottest toy
should be unavailable at our store.
Why do people send
Christmas cards?
To be nice?
Look, Dad,
when you made me manager,
you said that I was in charge.
People don't wanna buy plastic toys
that break the first hour.
Those toys are a waste of money.
That waste of money
is our profit margin.
We depend on Christmas revenue
to balance our bottom line.
Toy sales are an essential part
of that plan.
So sales, that's all that matters?
When I was a kid, you used to say
that if you treat people with fairness
and respect, the sales will follow.
Ahem. While we're on the subject
of Christmas,
I would like to revive the tradition
of Finley's employee Christmas party.
I think it's important.
Concentrate on bringing in
customers and sales.
I am convinced we're gonna sell out
this toy department by Christmas.
Christmas is in 10 days.
I hope you're right.
I'll resign.
I'm willing to stake my job on this.
You just did.
Is she looking for me?
I told her you were downstairs
delivering sketches.
Thank you.
I cannot lose this job.
How are things
going with Gabe?
Well, I fed him sugar for breakfast,
helped him fail a math test,
embarrassed him
in front of his friends.
Eh. Kids are resilient.
Have you heard of Intellytron?
That's what he wants for Christmas.
What every kid wants.
It should be easy to find.
David's brother is coming to town
this weekend.
I was thinking that you could...
No. No, thank you.
First of all, I have no time to date,
and second of all, David's brother is...
Getting a divorce.
Isn't he the one who pawned
his wife's ring for Mets tickets?
Like I said,
he's getting a divorce.
Ha-ha. Thanks, but I'll pass.
Right now,
Gabe is the only man in my life.
What ever happened to Chaz?
That tall guy with the Porsche?
Well, it wasn't his car
or his real name.
Ooh. That happened to me once
in college.
Tad Hamilton... Oh.
Holly, finally you're here.
There you go.
It's cold.
It's eight blocks
to your favorite coffee place. I tried...
Speaking of Holly being late,
I need everybody to stay late tonight
to help me get ready for tomorrow,
when I'm going
on the Home Shopping Channel
to showcase
my new Average Woman dress line.
Every Woman.
It's not your Average Woman line,
it's your Every Woman dress line.
I said that.
Every woman deserves
a Lindy Lowe dress.
Now available in several
department stores and online.
I know your marketing strategy.
I paid for it.
Right. Um...
I have to pick up my nephew at 6,
when the after-school program closes.
Your what?
My nephew? Gabe?
I told you about him.
My brother Mike
was deployed overseas...
Okay, everybody.
We all have to stay late tonight
except for Holly,
whose life is more important
than ours.
I assume you will be at the studio
tomorrow for my television debut?
Of course.
I'm excited about it.
It's gonna be great.
Well, let's hope so,
considering it was your idea.
Have you had a chance to look
at my sketches for the dress design?
I run an entire company by myself.
I barely have time
for my own basic needs,
and now you want me
to mentor you?
I hired you for marketing,
not designing.
You're right. I'm sorry.
It's not a horrible idea, this little
black dress of yours that's reversible
and goes from day to night.
I mean, it needs a great deal of work,
and it's obviously not couture,
but it's not a horrible idea.
Thank you?
Got you, you little weasel.
Good morning. And welcome
to Finley's Toy Department.
May I help you?
Help me?
Are you shopping for your children?
Boys or girls?
No, I...
We have a huge selection
of classic toys, so you follow me.
I'm sorry. Um, uh...
Who are you?
"Mrs. Miracle. "
Actually, I'm Mrs. Merkle, but
they made a mistake on my name tag.
I kept it because it sounds so hopeful
at this time of year, don't you think?
Ahem. I'm Jake Finley.
Oh. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Can I interest you in some puzzles
or game boards?
Oh, and we have Slinkys.
This is Finley's Department Store.
Oh, my. I am so silly.
Of course. You're J.R.'s son.
So you know my father then?
Oh, only by reputation.
No. See, I've never had the pleasure
of meeting him,
but I am so glad to have met you.
Oh, I see you have your coffee.
How did that go?
Ahem. See, I'm the store manager.
The manager?
Oh, isn't that wonderful.
You must be so proud.
And the funny thing is,
is I don't remember getting a call
from Human Resources about you.
Oh, well, I'm just here
to help you save Christmas.
And the toys are
just flying off the shelves.
Actually, the biggest one of all
are the train sets.
Train sets?
Well, how many have you sold?
That's right.
Oh. Have some Christmas cookies.
My mother used to bake them
just like this.
The stars were always my favorite.
Oh, I must bring a plate of these
to your father.
Uh... No. Please don't do that.
Well, why not?
My father doesn't
celebrate Christmas.
Could you excuse me for a moment,
Oh, sure.
Okay. I'll be right back.
All right. Heh.
Gloria, do you know anything
about this new employee?
I thought you hired her.
Yeah. She was standing outside
this morning
wearing that name tag
when we opened.
Could you do me a favor?
Could you call HR
and see if they sent her?
I will, yes.
I think she might just be
a confused old lady
who wandered in off the street.
You think so?
Now, come on. Her name is Miracle.
She says she's here
to save Christmas.
Unfortunately, we may need
a miracle this Christmas.
You have no idea.
# Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh #
# Over the fields we go
We're laughing all the way ##
A complete second set,
just ask for shipping and handling.
"Luke's galactic sidekick"?
Intellytron, a technological marvel
with state-of-the-art technology
can now be at your command.
Intellytron is unstoppable with
an arsenal of futuristic weapons...
Future, come on.
Able to destroy his enemies
on land and water,
he will spring into action
at the push of a button.
With Intellytron,
you have the ultimate weapon.
There's no way it does that.
I came from the future
to join forces with you.
Who'd even wanna play with that?
If you don't need anything,
I'll be going.
That will be all. Thanks for
staying late to finish that report.
Sure thing.
Good night.
Betty, I threw these Christmas cards
away this morning.
Did you take them out of the trash?
No, I didn't.
Well, I...
I don't understand.
Never mind. Good night.
You remember what day
tomorrow is, right?
Of course, how could I forget?
Christmas shopping in the city.
I need extra lunch money
next week.
I had to borrow from the office today.
I forgot to give you
your lunch money?
Again? Oh, I'm so sorry.
How are you supposed to learn
when you're too weak
to concentrate?
No big deal.
Well, other than that minor fiasco,
how was school today?
I know how hard it is
to start at a new school,
and I know
you miss your friends
but I promise you that every day
it's gonna get a little bit easier.
You told me that last week.
What's this?
Oh, this is vegetable brown rice.
What are these green things?
The green things?
That's zucchini and spinach
that I put in the sauce.
See? You get to eat what you love,
and it's still good for you.
That's what the Healthy Kids
Recipe Book calls win-win eating.
Peanut butter and bananas?
All right.
No, no, wait, wait.
Let's look at the window.
Oh, look at all the toys.
Okay, see, these are the toys
from my childhood.
Oh, you see that jewelry box?
I used to have one just like that.
I loved that jewelry box.
I wonder if it plays music when the
little ballerina goes around inside.
They don't have it.
Intellytron. Why don't they have it?
They'll probably have one inside.
Let's go look.
Okay, you ready?
Could you help us,
Well, hello.
Welcome to Finley's.
"Mrs. Miracle"?
Oh, no, actually, it's Merkle,
but you can call me Miracle.
Well, my nephew wants to look at...
How did you know?
Everybody wants that for Christmas.
So do you have one?
Not one.
But we do have
some tried-and-true toys.
Toys that have withstood
generations of children.
Come on with me.
Let's go to the fun zone. Ha-ha.
Go ahead.
Attention shoppers,
welcome to Finley's.
Santa's Workshop will be open
until 4 p. m. Today.
Santa's Workshop is located
on the fourth floor.
Toby wants a bone.
Hmm. Scratch my belly.
Meeting the love of your life
depends on the effort you put into it.
Look around you.
You work here?
You shop here?
Is that your son?
No, that's my nephew.
His mom passed away
a couple years ago
and his dad, my brother Mike,
was deployed overseas
so he's been with me
for a couple months.
Oh, that's great.
It's not great.
That's a horrible story.
It's great that you have a nephew.
It's okay.
Thanks again for buying me coffee.
You're welcome.
You know when you'll be
getting Intellytrons?
No, honey.
But, you know,
Christmas is about a different gift,
one God gave to us
many years ago.
Right. That's right.
You just have to remember
that Christmas is
about that very special gift.
And anything else you get
for Christmas
is just like extra powdered sugar
on a Christmas cookie.
I still wanna know when you'll be
getting in some more Intellytrons.
Come here.
Let's go tell Santa.
See him way down there?
Go tell him
what you want for Christmas.
Go on, go tell him.
I hope you don't mind,
but I suggested to Gabe that he tell
Santa what he wants for Christmas.
Oh, thank you.
I wanted to get a picture of him sitting
on Santa's knee to send to his father.
You know,
the store Santa was Jake's idea.
Well, thank you.
Must be hard on kids whose
parents serve in the military.
Especially at Christmastime.
Yeah, it is.
We don't expect his father
for another nine months.
Oh, my.
Oh, excuse me.
Gabe is lucky to have you.
You love him, and he knows it.
Your efforts will be rewarded.
It's a great opportunity
to reach a wide audience,
so don't worry,
you're gonna be wonderful.
And being on the Home Shopping
Channel expands your customer base.
You're gonna sell a million dresses.
I think you're right.
I'm a natural for television.
I should have done this
a long time ago.
Why didn't you recommend it
I did, but...
Oh, Gabe.
Lindy, I'd like you to meet somebody.
This is my nephew, Gabe.
Nice to meet you.
I pictured you bigger.
Is that what 10-year-olds look like?
I guess so.
Are you sure?
Um... Hey, Lindy,
another way to expand your sales
would be to market
to larger-size women.
Why do you keep bringing that up?
The plus-size market
is not built for high fashion.
Well, I'm not talking about plus-size
so much as normal size.
Your dresses only go up
to a size 10,
but because of the cut,
they only fit a size eight
and most women wear a 10
or a 12.
When I start designing for women
who have let themselves go,
it's the day I am out
of the fashion business.
Is that what I look like?
I thought I looked younger.
You look really nice.
Well, thank you, young man.
Goodness, is that your lunch?
It was in my purse.
I believe I sat on it on the subway.
Oh, well, lucky for you,
I brought just enough for two.
Is that ropa vieja?
My grandmother used
to make that for me on Christmas.
She said, "Buena comida es el corazn
de la familia, " which means...
"Good food is the heart
of the family. "
You speak Spanish?
How long have you worked here?
I have worked for Finley's
Department Store for 30 years.
That's a long time.
Oh, Mr. Finley Sr. Must be
very good to his employees.
He is. We don't see much of him
since his wife died.
He used to be on the floor
working with us the whole day.
He used to throw
the most amazing Christmas party
across the street at Vincenzo's for
all the employees and their families.
Well, Mr. Finley Sr. Is
a very handsome man.
Have you met him?
No, no, no,
he just sounds like he's handsome.
I called HR...
Heavenly Resources?
Human Resources.
Oh, right.
Right, that's what I meant, yeah.
They never heard of you.
Well, that's not so surprising.
I mean, they hire so many people
at Christmastime,
but I'll straighten things out.
Thank you.
This close to Christmas,
we all have parties to attend.
That means we need
the perfect dress to wear.
We're lucky to have fashion designer
Lindy Lowe on the show today.
Welcome, Lindy.
For the first time,
we are offering Lindy Lowe
designer dresses, size zero to 10,
to the general public
at affordable prices.
Tell us more about
your new Every Woman line.
Thank you, Clair.
I am so happy to be here to offer
a bit of sophistication and flair
to the average woman
who ordinarily would not think
to dress with any real style.
I think what Ms. Lowe means
is that all women want
to dress like fashion models.
We all wanna make heads turn,
don't we, girls?
Right, we all want to look like we
just stepped off the cover of Vogue,
as unlikely and delusional
as that sounds.
I'm in so much trouble.
Lovely evening.
"Mrs. Miracle"?
Miracle, Miracle...
We do not have an employee
at Finley's named Miracle.
And I pride myself on knowing
the name of every employee,
including seasonal staff.
Actually, it's Mrs. Merkle.
But they made a mistake
with my tag,
so I just kept it
because it has a nice ring to it.
I still don't recognize the name.
Well, I wouldn't let it worry you.
We're all getting older.
They say the first to go
is the eyes,
then the mind comes
close behind,
and, suddenly, you and your teeth
are sleeping in separate beds.
I beg your pardon?
You used to spend your days
working alongside your employees.
Now you don't come out
of your office.
You can't expect
to know all your employees
if you don't interact with them.
And they miss you.
What department do you work in?
I work for your son, and he's doing
a marvelous job managing this store.
Where is my son?
He was supposed to be here at 6:30.
Oh, you didn't get the message?
I'm sorry. No, he had to cancel.
He's doing inventory.
Well, then, good night, Mrs. Merkle.
Good night.
Mrs. Merkle, do you need a ride?
No, thank you. I have a ride.
But I have a feeling
that Gloria could use a ride.
Mr. Finley has offered
to take you home.
You live six blocks away from him.
Did you know that?
How do you know where I live?
Well, goodness, you've lived
in the same place for 30 years.
Come on, honey, hop in.
Well, I guess it will be okay.
That's awfully generous of you,
Mr. Finley,
but I wouldn't like to take you
out of your way.
Gloria. Gloria Martinez, right?
I remember you.
You've worked for me for a long time.
You started in the shoe department.
What an amazing memory.
Well. Heh.
Yes, sir.
I have worked for you for 30 years.
I remember you. You used to wear
your hair down and curly.
Well, please, after you.
Good night.
Bye. Good night.
There's a nice caf for dinner
at 77th and Madison Avenue,
in case you get a flat tire
in the area.
Was that my father's car
pulling away?
Oh, I believe so.
We had dinner plans tonight.
Frankly, I'm happy to get out of it.
I don't know if I could stomach
an entire dinner of I-told-you-sos.
Well, you followed your instincts,
and that's a wonderful quality.
If you plan to run this store someday,
you'll have to trust your own judgment.
I don't think
my father is ever gonna retire.
Thank you for all the hard work
you've been doing.
Your Christmas spirit
has been contagious around here.
I do love Christmas.
Gloria tells me you used
to give a big Christmas party
for all of your employees
across the street.
Yeah, we did.
We don't do that anymore.
My mother,
she died on Christmas Eve,
so my father thinks it's disrespectful
if we celebrate.
I don't think so.
In fact, I miss celebrating Christmas
with everyone.
You love this store, don't you?
Yeah, it's like a second home.
Well, why don't you stand up
for yourself? Tell him how you feel.
Well, you're a Finley too.
Has anyone ever told you
that you can be very nosy?
Oh, yes, every day.
Sometimes twice a day.
I'm gonna catch a cab.
Or you could walk home.
It will relax you and clear your head.
Yeah, I suppose you're right.
The city is beautiful this time of year,
vendors selling roasted chestnuts.
Maybe I'll grab a bag, huh?
He's wrong, you know.
Ahem. I beg your pardon?
Your father is wrong
to think that celebrating Christmas
is disrespectful to your mother.
Celebrating anything in her memory
honors her.
Good night, Mrs. Merkle.
Good night.
Roasted chestnuts. It's a tradition.
You wanna get some?
Jake, again.
Holly, again.
We keep running into each other.
It appears that way.
Three bags, please.
You live around here?
No, we're coming back
from ice skating.
Oh, nice.
When I was your age,
Thank you.
My mother used to buy me
a bag of roasted chestnuts,
and we'd go for a ride in a carriage
around the park.
Can we get a ride? Please?
Well, I don't think we have a choice.
Down Fifth Avenue, please, sir.
Okay, careful.
Thanks. This is so cool.
I wish it would snow.
It's not Christmas unless it snows.
I don't think that's gonna happen
this year.
See that?
That's the only toy Gabe wants.
The only problem is
Santa can't seem to find one.
Oh, that toy could cost me my job.
I decided not to stock it in the store.
Why not?
I think kids should have toys
that spark their imagination,
you know? It's...
When I was a kid,
I had these plastic toy soldiers
I used to play with in the backyard,
in the dirt, for hours,
fighting imaginary battles,
defending imaginary castles.
I played with the same
green and yellow jump rope
for an entire summer.
I was afraid that was gonna happen.
It's been a long day.
My apartment's just around the corner.
You could take my car service home.
Oh, it's okay. I appreciate it,
but we can take the bus.
I live in Brooklyn.
I have a car service that I pay for
that I never use.
I am sure they make fun of me
behind my back.
You'd be doing me a favor.
Okay. Ha-ha.
Seeing Christmas
through the eyes of a child,
it's kind of like living it
all over again, you know?
Well, here we are.
You live here?
Finley as in
Finley's Department Stores?
I just put that together now.
It's okay. It's a common last name.
All right, big guy, here we are.
Just hop right in, okay?
Well, thank you, again.
You're welcome.
Good night.
Good night.
do you wanna go out sometime?
I'm not really dating right now.
Between Gabe and work, I just...
I don't have any free time.
Me neither.
How about Monday night?
Well, I don't have anybody
to watch Gabe.
I haven't left him alone for a night
since his dad went away.
Then why don't I bring
dinner to you? Both of you.
That would be wonderful.
Monday night? Chinese food?
That's my favorite.
Mine too.
All right, then.
Thank you.
Good night.
There's nothing like roasted
chestnuts to bring people together.
Mrs. Merkle, you're in early.
I like to get a jump start on my day.
Oh, I like your hair like that.
It's very festive.
Thank you.
I always used to wear it like this.
I don't know why I stopped.
How was your weekend?
The strangest thing happened.
Mr. Finley drove me home
Saturday night,
and we got a flat tire
right in front of this little coffee shop,
so we decide to go in
and have dinner.
We have a lot in common.
My husband died
the same year his wife died.
Imagine that.
Good morning, Gloria, Mrs. Merkle.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Finley.
How was your weekend?
I made myself a new scarf.
What do you think?
Oh, it's lovely.
And how was your weekend?
It was very nice.
I ran into Holly Wilson and her
nephew, Gabe, on Saturday night.
Oh, great.
Did you make another date?
Oh, sorry. Is that too nosy?
Actually, I did, yes.
I am taking dinner
to her apartment tonight.
Oh, and I know a great restaurant
with takeout Chinese food.
Of course you do.
See you later.
What's up?
Ugh. I'm trying to find an
Intellytron for Gabe for Christmas.
It's all he wants,
and they're sold out everywhere.
Oh, here.
You gotta go on SuchHotStuff. Com.
Where you can find sold-out
and hard-to-find stuff.
I got Donny and Marie concert tickets
there last month.
Did you just say Donny and Marie?
Don't judge.
You think they're gonna have
an Intellytron on here?
Yes, but they'll be selling
hundreds over cost.
I don't have hundreds over cost.
Hey, how did Saturday go
at the Home Shopping Show?
I don't think there were many sales.
And she managed to offend
most of the viewers.
And I'm pretty sure she's gonna
find a way to make it my fault.
In my office. Now.
Ugh. I cannot believe I let you talk
me into going on that stupid show.
People with taste don't buy clothing
off the television.
Their main audience is
probably prisoners or shut-ins.
It's all part
of the new marketing plan.
I thought it would expand
your client base
and reach out to women who never
shop in the designer department.
Well, you were wrong.
Women who shop off the TV
don't wear nice clothes.
They wear prison jumpsuits
or robes around the house all day
and then they call it a housecoat.
You should visit some of the shops
where we've expanded your line.
Take a look at your buyers beyond
the designer shops on Madison Avenue.
Get to know your core customers.
You want me to go to a retail store
and look at people?
Ordinary people?
Ugh. What is this? Another one
of your marketing "ideas"?
Only one week till Christmas.
Sales are steady,
but there's no way we sell this out.
I wouldn't worry.
Most people wait
till the last minute to go shopping.
What are you doing here?
You never come down here.
Elevator is being serviced,
I had to use the stairs.
I have to pass through the toy
department in order to leave the store.
It's nice to see you, Mr. Finley,
out of your office.
Oh, hello, Gloria.
Mrs. Martinez.
Hello, Mr. Finley.
Awfully quiet here, isn't it?
Sales usually pick up late afternoon.
Mm. It's 5:30.
He means closer to 6.
Most people like to come late.
Thrilling for them to see if they
can get here before we close. Ha-ha.
Let me walk you out, Mr. Finley,
so you don't get lost.
I have no intention of getting lost.
You remind me of a literary figure.
Really? Who?
Excuse me?
As a Finley's store employee,
I was disappointed to learn
you canceled the Christmas party.
The reason I took this job.
Canceled 20 years ago.
But they still talk about it.
Apparently, it's off the hook.
It's an expression they use today.
Jake is trying to reinstate it.
He mentioned it.
Jake should worry about sales,
not parties.
Sales are great.
We're gonna sell out the toy store.
You sound very confident.
I am.
I'll tell you what,
you sell out the toy department,
and I will throw a huge party.
I will plan the whole thing.
Yeah, well,
I wouldn't get started just yet.
What are these Christmas cards
doing here?
I threw them away,
then they were in my briefcase,
and now in my pocket.
It's easy to get confused at our age.
I hear ginkgo biloba boosts memory.
Nothing wrong with my memory.
Well, read the cards, because people
miss you and they care about you.
This is absurd.
So I used my degree
in design marketing
to get a job with Lindy Lowe.
I'd really like my own dress line
one day.
Well, then you will.
I will?
Mm-hm. Positive thinking,
it's my new thing. You just think about
something you want and then you get it.
Sounds simple.
How's that working out for you?
I don't know yet.
I just came up with it, so...
I should go check on Gabe.
How long has he been with you?
Two months.
My brother got called up in October.
He didn't have to go
because he's a single dad,
but he's the kind of guy
who does the right thing.
He's that guy, huh?
Yeah, he's always done the right
thing. He was a great big brother.
When Gabe's mom died,
he went through a rough time,
but managed to
pull himself together and...
He's just become
the best dad to Gabe.
They're lucky to have you to step in.
He's a great kid.
I'll be right back.
Gabe was excited after getting
an e-mail from his father,
so it took him a while to get settled,
but he's asleep now.
Here you go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So after church service, my brother
and I would sneak downstairs
when our parents were asleep.
And we would open our presents.
No, you did not.
Uh-huh. And then
we would rewrap them
and open them again
the next morning.
And you'd pretend to be surprised?
Yeah, I actually got pretty good at it.
Tell me about Christmas
with your family.
My mother died Christmas Eve
20 years ago.
Freak accident. Snowstorm.
Two cabs collided. It...
My father and I, we haven't
celebrated Christmas since.
I'm so sorry.
You know, since then,
he's really just
shut himself off
from everything and everyone.
Every Christmas Eve, we get
on a plane to the Virgin Islands
and don't come back until
after New Year's.
It's been the same thing
for 20 years.
He calls it a vacation.
It's really just an escape.
I have no idea why I just told
you that. I never tell anyone that.
Well, it's good to say things out loud.
Helps put them in perspective.
How did you get so smart?
Let's see what our future holds.
All right.
That one.
You first.
All right.
"Your efforts will be rewarded. "
That's what Mrs. Merkle told me
the other day.
Okay, what does yours say?
Secret. Ahem.
It's a secret.
I can't tell you
or it might not come true, and...
Okay, fine.
Maybe if I whisper it.
Can we go shopping tonight? I wanna
get something to send my dad.
By the time we get home
and you finish your homework,
it's gonna be pretty late.
But it's almost Christmas.
I have my own money
from my allowance saved up.
What about tomorrow night?
We'll see.
"We'll see" usually means no
with my dad.
Really? I'm starting to sound
like a real parent.
We'll go shopping before Christmas.
Thursday, okay?
I promise.
Oh, and by the way,
I heard on the radio
that Toy Central is getting
a shipment of Intellytrons.
Really? Hmm.
Thanks for letting me know.
Have a good day.
Okay, great.
Do you want me to wrap it for you?
No, it's for me.
Oh, excuse me,
but could you help me find a dress?
I wanna go to a Christmas party.
Oh, I don't work here.
I'm just looking.
Well, you look so familiar.
I'm Lindy Lowe.
The designer?
Oh, wow.
Oh, I am so honored to meet you.
Wow, what a rock. Ha-ha.
See, my problem is I work all day,
and I wanna go to the Christmas party,
so I need a dress
that goes from day to night.
my dresses are sold here,
but I'm not sure
they'll be in your, uh...
Well, your dimensions.
Oh, that's a shame,
because my friends and I would...
Well, we'd look great in your styles.
I mean,
they're flattering on any figure.
Oh, yes.
You know what you should do,
you should look around.
Most women don't look like you
or the fashion models
on the cover of those magazines.
No. No, see we're more the...
You know, the lovable variety.
Bye-bye, now.
Oh, bye.
Well, I just called Toy Central.
They got a shipment
of 20 Intellytrons today.
That's great. Oh.
They sold out in six minutes.
Holly, stand up.
What size do you wear? Hmm.
A six.
Carol, stand up.
Oh, you are considerably larger
than Holly.
What size do you wear?
A 10, I guess.
Okay, a 12.
All the women in the office, stand.
Huh. Call the factory.
I have a wonderful idea.
I want Lindy Lowe dresses
to be made in sizes zero through 16.
What a fabulous idea you just had.
Yes. I'm taking a huge risk, but
sales have been horrible this season.
I don't know if large women
care what they look like
but if they do, let's exploit them.
Oh, and, Holly,
call the Home Shopping Channel.
I want to go by on Thursday
to film a new spot.
I will.
And on a whim,
I'm throwing in your little black dress.
This is either
the smartest decision I've made,
or the stupidest decision
you've ever made.
Your job is on the line, Holly.
These are your ideas.
That's fantastic news.
Your first step as a dress designer.
I'm gonna call the show,
and I'm gonna order three of those
little reversible black dresses.
That's very generous of you, Jake.
You know, you actually are
my target consumer.
Advocates are saying the Intellytron,
this season's hottest-selling toy,
heats up and explodes if you play
with it for more than an hour.
Can you hold on?
Only a week to go until Christmas,
people are headed to stores
to return the Intellytron robot.
Jane Binkow for more.
Yeah, I'm listening.
I'm out in front of Toys-A-Plenty as
angry customers line up for refunds.
Turns out I was right
not to stock the Intellytron.
Looks like we both have
something to celebrate.
As you can see,
there will be trouble ahead for
retailers selling the Intellytron robot.
A special bottle
for a special occasion.
Shh. We don't wanna
wake up Gabe.
To black dresses
and exploding robots.
All right, here we go, and...
Oh, no.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Yeah. I own that, and I have,
like, three hotels on my property,
so you owe me,
like, a billion dollars. I'm sorry.
Okay, you are seriously good
at this game.
You are both ruthless
and power hungry.
And you now have all my money.
Well, I'm gonna take that
as a compliment.
It's because I have the lucky thimble.
The what?
This is, like,
the Monopoly power piece.
Whoever has this thimble
wins the game.
I'm actually gonna call my company
Thimble Designs.
I like that.
Me too.
You know,
you and I should go on a real date.
Fancy clothes, fancy dinner,
the whole thing.
What do you say?
Well, Gabe does have a friend
who offered to have him over
for the night.
All right, well, what do you say,
this Thursday?
I'll send the car around.
Three, two, one and action.
It's less than a week
until Christmas.
The rest of this week, you can order
one of these gorgeous dresses,
designed exclusively
for our Home Shopping customers.
They are now available
in size zero to 16.
A new highlight is a little black dress
that is reversible.
And goes from day to night
in a flash.
This is like owning
two dresses in one.
So you have until 5:00.
Pick up the phone and call now
to get your very own Lindy Lowe.
It's called the Every Woman design
because every woman
should have one of my dresses
in their closet.
Just in case
you do get invited somewhere.
Oh, thank you so much for waiting.
I'm so sorry.
Gabe, I was at the studio
with my boss.
No big deal.
It is a big deal.
I promise
it's never gonna happen again.
It's Thursday.
We were supposed
to go shopping tonight.
It's not gonna work tonight, it's late...
You promised.
I know I promised, but sometimes,
adults make promises
that they can't keep.
Even if they really wanna
keep that promise,
sometimes life
just gets in the way.
That's not fair.
I know it's not fair,
and I'm really sorry.
My dad never breaks his promises.
I wish he were here.
Me too.
Miss Wilson,
your car is waiting for you.
It's Thursday.
Just a minute.
No, no, it's fine.
I completely understand.
No, I still have time to cancel.
We'll just do it another night.
Okay, bye.
You look horrible.
It hasn't been a very good day.
I didn't sleep very well last night.
I'm pretty sure Gabe hates me.
And I forgot about this date I had
with this great guy.
Not to mention I'm sure
I'm gonna be fired today.
None of my ideas worked.
She has every right to fire me.
Well, she wouldn't fire you for that.
She fired the girl in the showroom
for wearing too much orange.
This is Holly.
What do you mean he's not there?
Where is he?
I'll be right there.
Attention. I have an announcement.
It's Gabe. He's not at school.
I dropped him off, but he left.
What do I do?
Call the police.
Excuse me.
They did. I gotta get to the school.
Or go home, see if he's there?
I have to find him.
But I am about to make
an announcement.
Gonna have to make it without me.
I can't. It's about you.
Okay, I get it. Sales are lousy,
it's all my fault, and I'm fired.
Right? Never mind. I quit.
He's only 10 years old.
No, he's never done this before.
He's a responsible kid.
Can you hold? I have another call.
Gabe, is that you?
Mrs. Merkle from Finley's?
Gabe's there?
What is he doing there?
Never mind. Have him wait,
and don't let him out of your sight.
I'm on my way.
Finley's Department Store, please?
I thought it was best to call you
so you wouldn't worry.
Thank you.
I can't believe you did this. You
took the train here all by yourself?
You could have been killed
or kidnapped.
Don't you read the newspaper?
Well, you shouldn't. It's terrible.
Why did you do this?
I had to. Three more days
till Christmas, no more time.
That is not a good enough excuse.
Your father trusts me to take care
of you. You're my responsibility.
You scared me to death.
I'm sorry.
Well, you're still in trouble.
Let's go. Get your stuff.
There's gonna be consequences.
I'm in charge of you, so it's my
responsibility to punish you and...
You're grounded.
Hey, hey, everything's okay.
He's safe now. Everything's okay.
He came here to buy...
I was afraid I'd lost him.
Sometimes kids do silly things.
It's not a big deal.
This is a huge deal.
He could have been kidnapped
or killed or...
Yeah, but he wasn't.
He's fine. He did something wrong,
he's never gonna do it again, are you?
You don't understand,
this is my fault.
I should've known.
I should have taken him
shopping myself, and I didn't...
Holly, this is not your fault.
Yes, it is,
but it's never gonna happen again.
I just got fired.
You lost your job?
Yes, I'm gonna get another job that's
gonna give me time to focus on Gabe.
He needs me, so from here on in, I am
gonna be the best aunt in the world.
Why don't I come over
and we talk about this?
No. Please don't. L...
I told you when I met you
that I don't have time for dating.
I just think
you might be overreacting.
You don't understand. I took this on.
I promised my brother
that I would take care of his son.
He's on the other side of the world
and depending on me.
Come on.
Dear Mike, I miss you.
It turns out
I'm a poor substitute for you.
I never knew
being a parent was so hard.
And love isn't enough.
You have to listen and really hear
what your kids are telling you.
You have to watch and
really see them for who they are.
It's not just about feeding them
and getting them to school on time.
I wasn't listening or seeing well
enough, and Gabe almost got hurt.
I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
Merry Christmas, big brother.
Don't worry about anything at home.
Gabe and I are doing great.
Be safe. I love you.
Oh, Jake.
Your father wants me
to give you your plane ticket.
And when will that delivery be?
Great. Okay.
I gotta go. Okay, thanks.
What is it?
Mom died 20 years ago.
She wouldn't have wanted us to stop
celebrating Christmas.
It was her favorite holiday.
Not open for discussion.
We are going on vacation like always.
We don't go to the Islands to lounge
on the beach, snorkel, or to sightsee.
You can't bear to be here
during Christmas.
I will not discuss this.
I'm not coming, Dad.
I'm not a child.
I'm not running away from Mom's
memory or Christmas anymore.
Do what you want.
Authorities apprehended
the Santa impersonator
before he committed
another robbery.
And in other news, tomorrow is
Christmas Eve and still no snow.
Looks like it's not going to be
a white Christmas after all.
Now to Jane Binkow with an update
on the Intellytron disappointment.
The legal and financial issues for
Intellytron continue to mount tonight.
The line outside this toy store wraps
right around the block
as angry consumers return
the faulty robot.
We have one
of these concerned consumers now.
Tell me how you feel
about the defective Intellytron.
I didn't buy one, personally.
See, I work
at Finley's Department Store.
My boss, Jake Finley,
didn't stock the Intellytron.
Mrs. Merkle?
Mrs. Miracle?
Mrs. Merkle?
We should turn back to
a simpler time, when toys were safe.
And playtime was filled with
creative wonder and imagination.
Finley's Department Store is
dedicated to its customers.
And tomorrow,
in honor of our military,
Finley's will give a portion
of the proceeds of every toy sold
to children whose parents are
in the military.
So come be a part of the real, true
meaning of Christmas and give back.
Remember, the happiest people
are people who bring happiness
to others.
That's a Finley's guarantee.
Well, that is a wonderful message.
Mrs. Merkle.
Back to you in the studio.
That was Jane Binkow
in Manhattan.
Here's hoping all you shoppers
will be marching on down
to Finley's tomorrow
to help support this noble cause.
When we return...
Holly, you left before I had a chance
to tell you my big announcement.
A thousand of your little black
dresses sold in an hour. A moderate hit.
Beginner's luck, of course.
My dresses sold out
in sizes 10 to 16.
You were right.
Fat people do care how they look.
Okay, so you're not fired.
But I would like to talk to you
about developing your dress line.
I think, with my help,
you could be somewhat successful.
There are things
I wanna talk to you about.
I'm gonna call you back.
I'm in the middle of something.
I thought you'd gone to sleep.
I wanted you to wake up
to a decorated tree.
We should have done it days ago.
I'm sorry.
I know it's not Christmas yet,
but I wanna give you this.
Dad told me you like to open your
presents before Christmas gets here.
He told you that?
You did this for me?
I wanted to surprise you and get you
that jewelry box we saw in the window.
That's why I went into the city
Sorry I scared you.
I love you so much.
I love you too.
Good morning, Mr. Finley.
Good morning, Mrs. Merkle.
I saw you on the news last night.
I was standing on the street,
minding my own business,
and this reporter asked a question,
so I answered it.
Well, I like your idea about
supporting the military.
That wasn't my idea.
You thought it would be hard for
children with parents in the military.
And that Christmas would be
especially hard for them.
I guess you're right.
Well, I try to make a habit of it.
Toy department didn't sell out. I'll
be handing in my resignation today.
This is my last Christmas at Finley's.
Oh, no.
Oh, don't be silly.
You are the future of Finley's.
I told my father I would quit
if we didn't sell out.
He's not happy with me, I don't think
he'll have a problem accepting.
Your father is a stubborn man.
Have you spoken to Holly?
I don't think that's in the cards.
Didn't even get a chance to give her
her Christmas present.
She'll come around.
It's Christmas. It's a magical time.
You just have to take a leap of faith.
That's strange. They said
we weren't gonna get any snow.
Well, you know those weathermen.
They never get anything right.
Wow. It's beautiful.
Miracles happen every day.
Gloria, what's going on here?
I got here very early,
they were already lined up.
They saw Mrs. Merkle on the news.
Thank you for
supporting our troops.
And reminding us
of the real meaning of Christmas.
My pleasure, dear. Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Next, please. How are you?
Did you authorize
a portion of sales
go to support children whose
parents serve in the military?
Uh... Yes, I did.
As you recall,
I'm still the manager of this store,
and in this department,
I make the decisions.
Good job.
Don't stand there,
there are customers to ring up.
Remember customers?
They're the people who buy things.
Okay, here we go. Okay.
Here we go.
Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, the toy
that made me become a lawyer.
Yeah, personal injury.
Thanks for bringing back the meaning
of Christmas and supporting the kids.
It was my son's idea.
Let me ring this up.
The Nativity story. That's what my
dad would read every Christmas Eve.
Really? What a coincidence.
"Now when Jesus was born
in Bethlehem of Judaea
in the days of Herod the king,
behold, wise men from the east
came to Jerusalem saying:
'Where is he that is born
king of the Jews?
For we saw his star in the east
and are come to worship him. "'
Oh, good night.
Good night, Mr. Finley.
Good night.
And thanks for all your hard work.
Merry Christmas, you two.
Merry Christmas to you.
See you boys later. If we don't get...
That was quite a day.
People really responded to your idea
of getting back to basic toys.
And it didn't hurt that you decided
to authorize that donation.
You were right
about a lot of things.
Well, it turns out I'd
rather be happy than right.
Guess this means
I'm not fired?
I never really planned on firing you.
In fact, I'm thinking it's time
I turned the store over to you.
I think I'd like to retire,
work on my golf game.
You've never played golf.
That's why I need to work on it.
I came here today
to bring you something.
Come on, I'll show you.
What's this?
It's a present bought for you
a long time ago.
It's the train set your mother and I
bought for you before the accident.
This is the XL Express.
This is what I wanted.
They don't even make this anymore.
This is a collector's item.
You've held onto this
all these years?
Every time I wanted
to throw it away,
I heard your mother's voice
telling me:
"Hold onto it. Hold onto it. "
I realize now she was telling me
to hold onto Christmas.
Can I help you?
I know you're closing.
I just got into town unexpectedly.
I need to buy a toy for my son.
He wants some robot, but I just
heard on the news that they explode.
I've been away for a while and I can't
go home without something special.
How about a train set?
It's a perfect toy for a boy.
I couldn't take that from you.
No, please.
Take it.
You saved my night.
How much do I owe you?
It's on Finley's.
Customers come first.
Thank you. Thank you.
Merry Christmas. I won't forget this.
Merry Christmas.
You have your mother's heart.
The man needed a gift.
It's Christmas Eve.
Come on, Dad. Let's go home.
That's curious.
That's Betty and her husband.
Where's that music coming from?
Don't know.
# Laughing all the way #
Come on.
# Bells on bobtail ring #
# They' re making spirits bright #
# What fun it is #
Merry Christmas to you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
# Oh, jingle bells #
Thank you. You too.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you, and you too.
This looks like the parties
your mother and I used to give.
Oh, hi, guys.
How about this party, huh?
Oh-ho. The bar is open.
I told Mrs. Merkle we could
throw a party if you sold out.
I never thought
it would actually happen.
Leap of faith.
Where did you say
she came from?
I have no idea. Ha-ha.
She came to me and said she was
gonna help me save Christmas.
Well, I guess she did just that.
Wait, don't you have a plane to
catch? What about your vacation?
I'm not escaping anymore.
Merry Christmas, Dad.
# In a one-horse open sleigh ##
Merry Christmas, son.
Excuse me, just a minute.
Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.
Mrs. Merkle,
thank you for organizing this party.
And merry Christmas.
Thank you, sir.
And merry Christmas to you.
Thank you.
Feliz Navidad, Gloria.
Feliz Navidad, Senor Finley.
"And lo, a voice
out of the heavens sang:
'This is my beloved son
in whom I am well pleased. "'
Who is it?
I don't know.
Am I dreaming?
No, son, I'm really here.
What happened?
I got really lucky.
My commander drew names
for the Christmas lottery, and I won.
Here, son, this is for you.
I can't believe it's you.
All your Christmas wishes
seem to have come true.
I love when that happens.
That doesn't happen every day.
And what's that?
That you get something back
that you cherished,
that you thought you lost forever?
I'm a lucky guy.
And it means more when you
have someone you care about
that you can share it with,
don't you think?
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you, dear.
# Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way #
Hear that music?
Finley's Christmas party is back.
You have to come.
My brother, he's here with Gabe.
Well, bring them. Bring them both.
I don't know if I can.
I need you here. It wouldn't be
a Christmas party without you.
# Bells on bobtail ring ##
I wanna go skating at Rockefeller
Center, haven't done it in years.
Hey, you made it.
Yeah, I heard there was a party.
Hi, Gabe.
Train set.
Finley's guy.
This is Jake Finley,
and this is my brother, Mike.
Of course you are.
It's a pleasure.
You throw a great Christmas party.
Gabe? Oh, come here, sweetie.
Excuse us.
Hello. I'm Mrs. Miracle.
Hey, I'm sorry about the other day.
I was worried and upset, and...
No, please, don't think anything of it.
Here. This is for you.
For me?
Go ahead, open it.
It's my lucky thimble.
This is perfect.
You look absolutely beautiful.
Thank you.
Oh, sweetheart, I'm so glad
you've got your Christmas wish.
What do you mean?
Well, you prayed for your father
to be home for Christmas.
How do you know about that?
Well, I must have overheard you.
But I didn't say it out loud.
Oh, my goodness, it's so late.
I've gotta run.
Can't you spend Christmas with us?
I would love to, sweetheart,
but I have to move on.
See, there are other little boys
and girls who need me,
and you're with your family now.
I wish my mom were here.
Me too, sweetheart.
Your mother is so proud of you.
You knew my mother?
I know her like you know her,
in my heart.
Oh, sweetheart.
I have to say goodbye.
Merry Christmas. Oh.
Merry Christmas, Mrs. Miracle.
Bye. Thanks.
Where did Mrs. Miracle go?
She said she had to move on,
that other boys and girls needed her.
She said that?
Of course she did.
Merry Christmas, Holly Wilson.
Merry Christmas, Jake Finley.