Call of the Unseen (2022) Movie Script

[bird chirping]
[bird chirping]
[dog whining]
[metals clanking ]
[chime ringing]
[chime ringing]
[brushing sound]
[dog barking]
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping]
[alarm clock ringing]
[popping sound]
[car honking]
And the-
If you take a look at those,
you'll notice that
they sort
of merge
like in a book-
I mean, it's not a book.
I mean, it could be a book
but it's not quite a book.
I'd love for it to be a book.
I really like stone.
It's hard. It's solid.
It's hard to break.
- This building looks familiar.
Are these all local places?
- Yeah. I like painting
what I see.
- So you like buildings
and stones?
- They're steadfast.
They really don't go anywhere,
always know where you have them.
- Pragmatic.
Have you visited to any
other galleries today?
- A few.
But by far, this one
is the best one.
[clears throat]
Do you think there might
be a possibility
of me
being able to exhibit
anything here?
- I don't see any inkling
of originality
in them.
They are as lifeless
as those stones
and buildings that
you're so
fond of.
To be honest, Ms...?
- Westbrook.
- They're nothing.
I don't see any evidence in them
that you will ever paint
anything else.
[chair scraping]
[door closes]
[bell chime]
- I can't understand why they
didn't want your paintings,
You make such pretty pictures.
- Maybe that's not
what it's about.
- I was talking to Bertie
in 4C just the
other day.
Do you know what she said?
- Mom...
I'm lost here.
- Hmm. Don't worry, honey.
- I don't know what to do.
- Why don't you come over
and bring your pictures?
We can hang them
here on my wall.
And I'm sure Bertie would like
a few one on room too.
[inhaling sharply]
[bell rings]
- So, you've been studying
the great masters.
So that maybe one day,
you could become one yourself.
You studied the brush strokes,
the colors, every little detail,
until you could almost
smell the paint.
But are you worthy,
mental barrass?
Do you have any originality
of your own?
Or are you simply
pay a limitation
to those who've gone before you?
Those who have already
earned their accolades
of artistic brilliance through
unique originality.
Are you, in other words,
simply a bunch of
mindless drones?
- [echoing] I don't see
any evidence
in them
that you will ever paint
anything else.
- Well?
[scraping sound]
I'm going to show you
how to let go and explore
aspects of yourselves,
that every single teacher
you've previously had
has allowed you to neglect.
Release your inner being.
It's time to wake up.
[intense breathing]
- It's time...
Wake up!
[pressing buttons]
- You wanted to see me?
- Yes. Come in.
It appears we have heard
a few complaints
from some of your students.
Apparently, they find
you a bit raw.
- Well, you know how they
are like, Philippa.
You do realize that
I'm doing exactly
what you hired me to do?
If they don't like it, well...
- About that,
please refrain from bringing
your grotesque
paintings into school.
They're the staff of nightmares.
You scare away the students.
What do you called that
kind of art anyway?
- A slow yet inevitable
descent into madness.
- Oh, ever the tormented artist.
- I can only paint
what comes
to me.
[background chattering]
[background chattering]
- Honestly Thomas,
you need to snap out of it.
As you very well know,
our finances are dependent
on the number of students
we enroll.
We can't afford to lose
a single one
of them!
- And I can't keep working
full time, Alice.
I paint all night and
I work here
all day.
It's too much.
- I hear what you're
saying, Thomas.
But we simply can't reduce
your schedule.
- Art doesn't just appear
out of thin air.
I need time for my own work.
- You are not a vagabond
artist anymore.
You have responsibilities.
Finish what you started.
- [laughs] Okay,
so tell me this.
How am I supposed to
find inspiration
that I need in order to inspire?
- Creativity is the quality
you lack the least.
I'm sure you will come
up with something.
[turning pages]
That would be all.
- It's like a whole other world.
I can't even imagine.
I only paint what I see.
- So do I.
- I guess I don't get out much.
- True art, honest art,
that's not taken lightly.
It can carry you away
to unseen places.
- Mr. Arkwright,
would you help me?
I mean, I know you
are busy and all,
but this would mean
so much
to me.
- Look Mya, I have a class
I need to prepare.
Come to my studio
tomorrow morning.
Lantern Alley 14.
- [chuckles] I'll be there.
[eerie music]
- Oh!
- I'm sorry.
It was open.
- [exhales]
- I...
I had another dream.
- The visions,
they've become so much
more vivid,
more real.
The sudden line has been blurred
between what is sleep
and what
is not.
- What do you think they are?
These dark shadow people
in your visions?
- It feels like they
are coming
for me,
to pull me away
or maybe...
Maybe I'm just going mad.
I see you brought your
work to show me.
Is there anything in here
that represents the new you?
- Honestly?
I don't think so.
- You sure?
Not a single thing?
[chair scraping]
[rustling paper]
[burning paper]
You can't keep hitting your head
against the brick wall.
- I know.
[fire burning]
- But it's just like
nothing ever seems
to be good enough.
- Can you see the
fire behind me?
- [sniffing] Yes.
- No, you don't.
Because I'm standing
in front
of it.
But you can feel it.
And if you can feel that
was just unseen,
then you can paint that
what is unseen.
If you can show people
what they can't see
with their naked eye,
or even concede of,
then you, as an artist,
will be seen.
I don't expect reinventing
to be an easy ride.
They will be thirsty trying
to drag you down.
And then, you must fight back.
Again and again.
[deep breathe]
- Alright.
Let's get to work.
- Having a third eye can
provide enlightenment.
When you see the world
through a lens,
you might discover things
you, otherwise,
might have missed.
So, you have quite journey
ahead of you.
But I'll guide you.
- Really?
- Yes, I promise.
Now, if you'll allow me
I need to get back to work.
- Of course.
Thank you.
[eerie music]
[brush scraping]
[eerie music]
[thud sound]
[eerie sound]
[eerie music]
[eerie music]
[bell rings]
[thud sound]
- Where's Mr. Arkwright?
- He's not here?
- Was he here when
the class started?
- I guess he wasn't. Why?
- You don't care?
- No, not really.
It's better this way.
No one to bothers us.
- I mean,
the only reason he's
a teacher is because
he couldn't make
it as an artist.
- Those who can't do,
they teach.
[birds chirping]
[door opening]
- Yes?
[door closing]
- I'm here to ask about
my missing teacher,
Mr. Arkwright.
- Well...
While we are all troubled
by his sudden absence,
I can't say that I'm
all that surprised.
He has a rather unhealthy
to be consumed by his art.
- I need him.
You're not going to do anything
try to find him?
- Well, Mr. Arkwright...
[sharply inhales]
Seemed to feel that he didn't
quite belong here
with us.
Perhaps, this is for the best
for this institution.
[door opening]
[rings doorbell]
- Mr. Arkwright?
[dogs barking]
Are you there Mr. Arkwright?
[dogs barking]
[door opens]
[door creaking]
Mr. Arkwright?
Mr. Arkwright?
Anybody here?
[piano playing]
- Welcome to the
police authority
automated service center.
You must register before
you can make
a report.
- Your registration
has been saved.
This console is for ongoing
investigations only.
Please use console NR 1 through
3 to submit a
new report.
[piano playing]
You must register before
you can make
a report.
Your registration
has been saved.
Please enter all information
concerning the missing person.
The mail contains information
not corresponding to
public records.
Please enter personal
identity number.
- I do not have that.
Oh, come on!
- Your report is incomplete
and cannot be processed
via the automated
service center.
You need to contact the
police authority
manual telephone service.
Please wait until an operator
is available.
[piano playing]
- At least one of the
required fields to
report are empty.
[angry banging]
If you need assistance,
press help.
[telephone rings]
[telephone rings]
- Hello?
- Manual reports. How
may I assist you?
- I am trying to file...
I'm trying to report
a missing person.
- Do you have the case number
for this investigation?
- No, I mean I'm reporting
it now.
- So this will be a new report?
- Yes.
- Have you fill out
the report form?
- No.
Yes. I tried to use the machine.
- Ah, you already completed
your report?
Let me see.
Sorry, I can't find
any registration.
Might be a delay in the system,
it happens sometimes.
- But I even registered twice.
- Well, that is unfortunate.
A double registration.
We might have the
inconvenience of
a duplicate in the system.
If that is the case,
the file is transfered
to manual processing
for file merging.
Let me connect you.
- No, wait!
[call ends]
- File Merging, how may
I be able to serve?
- Uh... Hi.
So, the other guy told me that
I might have made a double
and then I was connected to you.
- Yes.
I see here that you registered
today at 14:23,
and then again at 14:26.
- Yes.
- I could just merge the two
for you.
- Yes, please.
- However, there is a deviation.
- There is?
- They are not identical.
- What is the difference?
- One states that you live
on Middle Street,
and the other one
on Jiddle Street.
- Jiddle Street? Really? No!
Is there even such a street?
- I'm in file merging.
Would you like me to connect you
to the map services?
- No, no, no.
I just must've type wrong.
- A common mistake.
Well, your registrations
are now merged
and you are all set to
file your report.
- Thanks.
So my professor,
Mr. Arkwright...
- Allow me to stop
you right there.
- I'm in file merging. I
can't take your report.
Would you like me to connect you
to manual report?
- Yes, please.
- Manual Reports.
How may I assist you?
- I'm trying to make
a registration.
My name is Mya Westbrook.
My personal identity number
is 616-097-442.
The name of the missing
person is
Thomas Arkwright.
- Quite correct.
I have it all here in your
registered report.
We've moving so fast with
this new technology.
- Yeah.
- Was there anything else?
- No!
- Have a lovely day.
[call ended]
- If you need assistance,
press help.
- The one person that could
help me is gone,
and no one seems to care.
- Well, you should let the
handle it.
It's their job.
- Like they would do
anything about it.
- You've done all you can.
Just let it go.
It's just makes you upset, dear.
- Someone has to do something.
- Maya, you've never been
an adventurous type.
You couldn't go chasing
after him.
It's not in your nature,
I know you all too well.
- Well maybe you don't.
[door closes]
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping]
- Excuse me?
Excuse me?
- What do you want, girl?
- I was wondering if
you might be
able to
take me to the lighthouse?
To the island with
the lighthouse?
- Got business out
there, do you?
- Yeah, I have to go there.
But actually as soon
as possible,
if possible?
- Sure, why not?
I guess you got your chartered
party salted then.
- My what?
- We can't get harbor clearance
unless you got
a properly submitted
and processed chartered party.
Try one of the consoles
at the Harbour office.
- [laughs] I'll be right back.
- I'll be right here!
[birds chirping]
- No.
- Welcome to the Harbour
service center.
- Be nice.
- Please pay fee before
- Here it is. Applied,
approved and
paid for.
- The storm's coming.
No one's going out today.
- But I have to go.
I really have to go.
I spent my last money
on this paper.
- Check the storm clause.
It's in your contract.
- "Unsuitable weather
other conditions..."
What am I gonna do now?
- Go home and batten
down the hatches.
[clinking sounds]
[thud sound]
[birds chirping]
[eerie music]
[thud sound]
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder rumbling]
[dragging sound]
[water splashing]
[thunder sounds]
[water splashing]
[water splashing]
[water splashing]
[water splashing]
[water splashing]
[metal sounds]
[door opening]
- Get out of the way! [laughing]
No light! No light! [laughing]
- You bloody thieving goblin!
Come back here with that!
You filthy creature!
Hey! Run after it!
It stole the bulbs. I
have to have
it back!
The lighthouse has to be
repaired before dark.
- Okay, okay!
- Run! Run, girl!
- Hurry up! It's about
life and death.
- Give that one back.
- What?
- What you took, give it back.
- What do you want?
- The light thing.
- Hey!
Stop right there and
give it back!
- Okay, you can have it.
- No! What did you do!
- [sighs] Okay.
[door opening]
- Do you have another one?
- Its got away?
- It threw it all
into the water.
- It was the only one.
We must find it!
Otherwise the lighthouse
cannot be lit tonight.
There must be light!
Yes! Here it is!
I knew I had it here somewhere.
- Are we going diving?
- No.
- Uhh, no?
- You lost it, you dive.
- Well actually, it wasn't me.
It was the creature.
- You ready?
- I guess?
- Good guess.
- Actually, I'm not sure.
I'm not sure I'm ready for this.
- You will be fine. Get going.
Come on, Mya. You are
such a strong girl.
[Suspense Music]
- You okay down there?
- It's hard to see anything.
[breaths heavily]
I found it!
- Yes! Hurry back.
The sun is setting.
- No. It was just a rock.
- Oh! Keep on.
- Oh, here!
- Yes?
- Uhm.
- Another rock?
- Yeah.
[exhaling sharply]
- Oh! I think I've found it.
[stuttering] I can't reach it.
- Are you okay?
[metal sounds]
- I can't hear you!
Can you repeat that?
Have you found it?
Little girl.
[Dogs barking]
- I got it.
I got it. I got it.
I'm coming up now. Okay?
[heavy breathing]
[Ship Honking]
- Ah!
- You have to hurry up.
- Yeah, yeah. I know.
This should work.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Shut up!
Do you wanna do it yourself?
- No.
- No? Then just stand
there and be quiet.
Come back with the flashlight.
I can't see anything!
- It's coming towards us!
- I know, I'm working on it.
It's not working!
Can you stop nagging!
Ow! [laughs]
Look at the light!
[Both laughing]
- Thank you, Mya!
[both laughing]
[Foreign Music]
- What brings a city girl
like you out here?
- I'm looking for someone.
Someone who's gone missing.
But he had this visions...
And in these visions he would
be chased and haunted by
this strange shadows.
- Shadows?
- He would paint everything
that he sees.
This strange looking city...
- I've never heard
about anything
like that around here.
Some things are best
not to medled with.
It's better to stay
where you're safe.
I have my lighthouse,
and this is
my fault.
As long as the light shines,
and it keeps the world is safe.
No need to travel anywhere,
No need to travel
far. Just stay...
Listen, listen, Mya.
Why don't you stay here?
I can't stay here.
I have to find my teacher.
- Stupid rocks.
[Rock Growling]
- I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry I used you
for breakfast.
- Breakfast?
- Sitting.
I mean sitting.
- Is it morning already?
- Yeah.
- It was summer when
I fell asleep.
You hurt, little one?
- No.
[low growling]
Wait up!
- Ages ago,
before the ice
there were many of us here.
Crashing a blanket of ice.
Very long time since
I saw any of
my kin.
And you don't know
where they gone?
- You miss them, don't you?
- I miss having someone
to talk to.
- Yeah, I know the feeling.
- You lost someone too?
- My art teacher.
I believe he was taken
by something.
Far, far away.
- There are strange
things about.
One has to be careful.
- But I have no clue where
to go from here.
Not in the slightest.
- Perhaps I can help you
find your friend.
- Thanks!
And I will help you find yours.
[crashing waves]
My parents gave me
a lot of freedom
when I was a kid.
I think, maybe even too much.
Like, whatever Mya would do,
Mya wouldn't go wrong.
I wish they would have known
that all I really need
is was for them
to sit down with me
every now and then,
and just take me in.
- Taking my drawings
for instance.
Sit down and show
me how to improve
by me watching them do it first.
they just made me feel
pretty transparent.
Like at the end of the day,
They didn't truly care.
- Don't think people care
about me either.
They don't bother staying
long enough.
Knew some humans long ago.
Then I went to sleep
for a while.
When I woke up,
their short lives had ended.
Was alone again.
- I think my family was
trynna protect me
from the world out there.
But what they didn't know
was that it only made
me unprepared.
Made my skin too thin.
- Rocks doesn't have
thin skin problems.
That me?
- Well, I was tryna make this
realistic as possible.
- Looks boring.
I look in water and
see reflection.
And it looks like that.
Take your time.
Try different.
- You were listening!
Thank you.
Good night.
- Good night.
[Rock's Humming]
- Go away!
Damn it!
- Nasty robbers, dumb birds.
- What do you looking at?
- Not sure.
But I don't remember this
being here yesterday.
It's carved in to the rock.
- Looks very old.
- Somehow, I think this
is where I need
to go.
To find my teacher.
Are there any other people
on this island?
I mean, I've met one.
At least one.
Over at the light house.
- People are here.
They come and go in their boats.
- Boats?
- You leaving?
- Woah, not right away.
But, uhm,[clears throat]
could you take
me there?
To the boat people?
- Perhaps, yes.
- Anything interesting
over there?
- No, nothing.
Let's just go.
- By this way.
- Well, this looks
like a nice place.
- I supposed.
You mind going alone?
- You're not a people
person, are you?
- Humans worry me.
- But I'm human.
- You are special.
- Thanks.
Okay, well here we go I guess.
I mean here I go.
See you soon.
- Beyond the salt water, is
actually a salt water.
- Mr. Arkwright?
[Continue talking in distance]
[Drunk Singing]
- Excuse me?
Excuse me?
I was wondering if any
of you might know
where I can find this place?
- Oh, let me see what
you have there.
- Oh, that mountain there...
- The coast across the
sea, to the east.
Could be.
- Could be.
- Is there a possibility,
by any chance,
or any of you want
to take me there?
- [laughs] Sure.
The sea is our domain.
We get you there.
It's a long journey tho,
expensive that is.
- Well, I don't really
have much money.
So, I was hoping maybe...
- That you could
travel for free?
- [laughs] Like you get food
for free in
the store?
- Well, It's not really
the same thing.
- So, as nice sea folks,
we let anyone travel for free.
We have fuel, and the
food and the water...
- Oh, no!
Oh no!
Oh no!
- You saw them!
Why not tell me?
They were my kin.
- I'm sorry.
I only thought it was
gonna make
you sad.
- Yes.
- I was trying to protect you.
- Protect from what?
From truth? Like
your family did?
- No...
Yes. You're right,
I shouldn't have.
Please, stay!
Come on, I need you.
I need your help.
- You need.
- I mean I want us
to stay together.
Don't go!
- [Echoing] You've
done all you can.
Just let it go.
It's just makes you upset, dear.
You've never been an
adventurous type.
You couldn't go chasing
after him.
- I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
- Perhaps.
I've always known.
Did not want to accept.
that my old friends
are lost forever.
Once we were mountains.
Proud and tall.
Time passes and rocks
weather away.
I am the last that remains.
- All the fisherman
take me
oversea without any payment.
Since I don't have anything
of value ,
I mean I don't know what to do.
- What do people find valuable?
- Shiny objects?
- Black birds like shiny things.
- Do they have a nest
around here?
Maybe we can go there.
- They keep through the dark.
In old mines below.
- Mines?
There might be more
things that value
there in the mines!
- And birds. With sharp beaks.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You know, perhaps, you
should go in first.
I mean, they couldn't hurt you.
- The tunnel is too small.
Needs a small person
like you, to
get in.
Small like a bird.
Also, have no fingers.
- Right. No fingers.
- For picking up small
shiny things.
- Well then.
- Good luck.
[Suspense Music]
[Bird chattering]
[crowing ]
[Suspense Music]
- [Shouts]
[Egg cracking]
- There!
- Cutlery?
- This is worth nothing to us.
You'll have to find some
other way across.
Perhaps, if you start swimming.
- Take your time.
Try different.
- Hey, girl.
We're leaving on the Jenny,
8 o'clock in the morning.
Be on time.
- I'll be there!
- Mya! Listen to me,
don't go out
to see.
Please stay here. Stay
where you're safe.
Stay indoors.
It's dangerous!
- But why...?
- Listen to me now,
you're stupid.
You are so stupid now, Mya.
You stay here with me.
Mark my words, girl.
It's too dangerous.
- I have to go.
- Mark my words!
- I'm sorry!
- Mya!
- Thank you for helping me.
I'm sorry about your friends.
I just wish I could've
help you more.
I have to go.
I really have to catch the boat,
if I'm ever going to
find my teacher.
- You should not be
sorry, little one.
When I met you, I was alone.
And no one talked to me.
But I am no longer, I
have found
a friend.
- Oh, I need to show
you something.
- You made new one?
You make progress.
- Yeah?
Well, I was tryna focus more
on the idea of the shape.
Rather than the actual shapes.
- The pebbles of the mind
have been rearranged.
- I'll really gonna missed you.
- I will remember you.
[Rock's Humming]
- You okay down here?
- Hm! Yeah.
- I think you need to use
some other clothes.
It can get quite cold out here.
- Thank you.
- It used to belong
to my daughter.
- Well, isn't she here anymore?
- She was claimed by the
sea some years ago.
- I'm sorry.
- Maybe I'll see her again
somewhere, somehow.
So... If you...
Just come up if you
need anything.
- Sure.
Thank you.
- Good. Good.
[Waves Sounds]
[Camera Sounds]
- Sometimes when the tide
is at its lowest,
things like this appear
out of the sea.
- What is it?
- Some left over of them.
Ancient civilization,
perhaps. Who knows?
- Have you ever tried
to go sure?
- No, we keep our distance.
Are you running away
from something?
- No, not really.
I'm looking for my
missing teacher.
- Your teacher?
I have never heard of a student
chasing after the
teacher before.
Usually it's the other
way around.
But what do I know?
The schools are few and
far between
out here.
Why do you need this
teacher of yours?
You seem capable enough.
- He helped me change
my perspectives.
Who's taken away to
some strange place,
with weird buildings.
- Well, there are stories.
Told among sea folks.
Very old stories.
This speak of some ancient
Thousand of years ago.
Perhaps, even more.
People who hid behind masks
and speak of ancient rituals.
I believed the place you
are searching
for is
what remains of that.
As I said, we are careful
to stir clear
of it.
- Speaking of stirring,
you would like to see
the wheelhouse?
[Suspense Music]
- No, no, no!
- Stay here!
[Monster Growling]
[Suspense Music]
- [Echoing] My daughter,
she was claimed
by the sea some years ago.
Maybe I'll see her again,
somewhere, somehow.
[Ship Beeps]
- Don't expect reinventing
to be an easy, right? [Echoing]
They will be there tryna
drag you down.
and then you must fight back.
Again and again.
[Suspense Music]
- I have seen this image
in my mind so many times.
For so long.
Why did you bring me here?
- You brought yourself here.
[Suspense Music]
- Do you value your life
in its current form?
Is it all you've
hoped for?[echo]
- Well...
- Why do you cling into it?
- I have responsibilities.
- To your employer?
- Yes.
And to...
- Those who benefit
from your teaching?
- I've painted my whole life.
And now I pass on my knowledge,
each every year,
to new disciples.
- What about your
to yourself?
- I do what I can to
the time
I have?
- What if time was not an issue?
- What if you were
no longer bound
by such trivial matters,
as eating and sleeping
and providing for yourself?
- I expect I should
not live long
without such "trivial matters".
- What if you didn't have to.
- What? Not have to live?
- Free yourself from the
limitations of
the body.
Liberate your imaginations.
- This is madness.
You are all insane.
- When our bodies are
by ink,
our minds are set free
from this materialistic
A thought no longer
lives in you,
but without.
Free for all of us to share.
A collective mind,
free to roam the earth
and the stars.
And without bound by time.
Imagination will be
able to find us.
The iron veil of the world
will be lifted,
and we shall become one.
Unseen and free
to embrace the dream
of dreamers.
- We offer you freedom.
Think it, and it shall be.
Flow with the currents
of time and space.
Step asure, wherever and
whenever you wish.
Free the creative essence
that lives within you.
Become one with a limitless
- And all I have to do
is give up
my life?
- Your lack of vision
holds you back.
Let go of your inhibitions.
Is this not what you teach
your disciples?
- Yes, but not to give up
your life for
your craft.
- Without artistic freedom,
are you truly alive?
- Why me?
Why me?
- Join us and all existence
will benefit
from the artistic skills
that you have spent
a lifetime perfecting.
- This is where you belong.
You are one of us.
- Let us show you what
we have offer.
[Suspense Music]
- Their spores rained
down from the stars.
Becoming one with
the very essence
of the universe.
Harnessing the power
of the eether.
[Suspense Music]
- Half a billion years
ago, they arrived.
Evolved, and so did
their knowledge.
They made the machines that
this city rests on.
A gateway through
time and space.
A door to ultimate freedom.
- They create a life?
- No, they worked on it.
- Like an artist who transpaint
into amazing works of art.
They transformed life
into wonderful
and powerful creations.
- But why are you
hiding out here?
You and your masters.
This place...
is feared by people.
- It serves us well.
Creation is a delicate matter.
It demands the world's
greatest minds
with the most tender of hearts.
Only humans worshiped
the mountains.
When they came here and
we're too generously
gave us the power to create.
They did not grasp
the consequences
of their actions.
When mountains come alive
and rule the earth,
evolution stands no chance.
We needed a restart.
A hundred millennia of ice
put things back in place.
- And you did it?
You caused the Ice Age?
Killing all those living
mountains just
like that?
- We needed to protect life.
- By crashing half the planet?
- You are an artist,
are you not?
Have you ever crumpled up
a piece of paper with
a sketch
on it?
Regret and discarded
your creations?
- It's not the same.
It's really. It's just
not the same thing.
To undo something that has
been done in
real life
is not the same.
Now take me to Mr. Arkwright.
[Suspense Music]
- Mr. Arkwright!
Are you alright?
What's wrong?
- Wrong?
- I've come to take you home.
I fought for my life
to come here.
I left my home, I left the
city. I almost drowned.
I got lost, I almost got eaten.
I could have died coming here!
- But you didn't die.
- No, I didn't.
But I almost died.
- No! You lived.
but perhaps, for the first
time in your life,
you are truly alive.
- I don't understand!
- I'm not coming back.
- Why?
- Because, what they offered
me is will
not end.
I have felt a calling
through my paintings
for quite sometime now
but I didn't dare.
I thought they would hurt
me, but I was wrong.
And now I know I belong here.
- Even though if it costs
you your life?
- This isn't the end.
I'm simply becoming a
part of something,
which lies between what
is and what
is not.
- Perhaps, you might bring
some sanity to
this lot
- Remember what you've seen.
Remember this place
and all you have been through.
You won't bring me back,
but you carry something
far more valuable
inside of yourself.
Allow your experiences to
feed your imagination.
Become something new.
- It's time to leave.
- I'm sorry I was selfish.
I mean, this is...
You deserve it.
- Remember what I told you.
- I will.
- What would you do now?
- Go back and finish
what I started.
I mean, after everything
I've seen...
- Incredible things,
beyond anything I could've
ever imagined.
There just so much
more I can
do now!
I just didn't realize it.
- You are no longer the girl
that came to my studio.
Lost and confused.
- No.
- I have to go.
It's time to move on.
Perhaps, we'll meet again.
When some have formed,
when these mountains
have turned
to dust.
Perhaps we already have.
[Suspense Music]
- You are free now.
You no longer need to
rely on anyone's
permission or support.
Not bound by expectations
or fleeting trends.
Now you float free,
on the currence of imagination.
[birds chirping]
- Hello?
- Hi, Mom!
I just wanna let you
know that I'm back.
- Mya! I have been so worried!
- You shouldn't be.
I can take care of myself.
- Where have you been?
- I went to find someone.
And I did.
I found myself.
A new me.
- I don't see any inkling of
originality in
them [echo].
They are as lifeless
as those stones
and buildings that
you're so
fond of.
I don't see any evidence in them
that you will ever paint
anything else.
Something else? -Mya.
- You did watched over
me and guide me.
Just like you promised.
Maybe from your perspective,
none of this has happened yet.
Or maybe it already
always has
Thank you, Mr. Arkwright,
for setting me free.
- you'll be okay now.
- I'll take it from here.
[Engine Starting]
All these visions now
for hidden
for me.
Very deep down inside of me.
I've found somebody,
to guide me
Someone that leads
me to my truth.
I need to know more,
I'm on my way.
Distant nation come see.
But my heart can
hear it calling.
They told us, we
didn't belong.
Kindred songs meant
for something new.
Defy the weather!
On the open sea.
A savage shore
reaching out for me
Exploring passages
you don't know.
Pitch black, like the
eye of the
I need to know more.
I'm on my way.
Distant Nations come see.
But my heart can
hear it calling.
They told us, we
didn't belong.
Kindred songs meant
for something