Caller, The (2008) Movie Script

Any idea why all the traffic?
Construction, probably.
I'm sorry I'm so late. Traffic.
I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of ordering
for everyone. You know what they say about sausage...
Why don't we pass everything around and everyone
just help themselves.
-These are great numbers.
-Great numbers
You are confident they'll be accepted?
-Good answer
Great numbers - 15 percent, 24 percent, 32 percent.
Just great, don't you agree?
Absolutely, we were just saying they are great numbers.
And we've got the right people where we need them.
No one is going to want to be a spoil-sport, all the players
even the foreign policy guys, everybody benefits too much
to throw a wrench into this one.
As you may have heard, there has been
some trouble in that area of the country.
Misunderstandings really, but Jack here -
His group wants to make sure that we
have everything under control.
We do, right?
-So, we're all friends here...
One last time because Jack hasn't been present in the past
and he needs to hear this. Before we send these out-
Is there anything you want to tell us that is not in the
I'm glad to hear that. The level of
exposure were anything to go wrong
would be unacceptable.
Our position on this one is you break
it you're on your own to fix it.
Take me to the office.
I'm finished. You can lock up.
Buenas noches.
Wait, hold on.
-I gottta take this. What's up?
-We've got a problem
IMF, World Bank- everyone somehow
got the wrong numbers
Do they know the source?
No, but we do..
They were sent out electronically
by the guy you trust so much.
The one with the unbelievably good numbers.
Oh, and get this - attached to the
email with the numbers shock
was a short video clip.
It shows what happened to the locals
who were having trouble understanding us.
On this one, the really good numbers
guy really fixed our wagon.
Unless right now you say otherwise
I'm gonna buy some art.
I'll buy some art
So why did you want to see me here?
Is this about my gallery's fee?
Saw your annual cover with my painting on it.
What did you think?
Thought it looked good.
Made it look like you guys weren't
just a bunch of scum bags.
I've noticed from the society pages
you've been spending a lot of time
with that expensive girlfriend.
Does she know your career peaked a
year after you got out of school?
Maybe she'd find it romantic if
you were broke. You want to find out?
Which brings us to my original question.
To what do I owe the honor?
We've got another situation where
we need someone like you.
Someone with roots in the community.
We'll take them all.
-So what does my lawyer say?
-You'll have to let me handle this
You don't need surround-sound on this, you know
-You'll have to drive.
-I'll have to drive?!
Yeah, I got a place in Red Hook where we can do it
Does the guy I'm driving know what he's doing?
Hey, soldier, get your photo taken
Did you think you'd get away with it?
No, I knew I'd get a call like this one
So leave this world with a little dignity.
Be in Red Hook at midnight
-Tell them I need a couple of weeks.
-A couple of weeks?!
Yes. Tell him I can make it more
easy for him down the road
when I'm gone or more difficult,
depending upon what I leave
for people to find.
Tell him I want to make a deal
for two more weeks, then,
as he's requested,
I'll meet him in Red Hook.
I'll get back to you.
-Is this Detective Turlotte?
Who's this?
Detective Turlotte, I would like
to engage your professional services.
Will you call me at my office on Monday,
I'm in the yellow pages.
Have a good day.
-I'll pay you five times-
-your advertised rate starting
immediately. Two weeks.
That's all, then you're done.
Two weeks? That's all?
And it's not your agency I want to hire,
Detective Turlotte, it's you.
Do I know you? Is that why you're
using that Dick Tracey device?
Right to the point, good.
We have so little time
Regrettably, I must keep
my identity a secret.
It's nothing personal. It is a question
of unacceptable risk.
What I suggest is that I be called
"John Doe."
-Oh boy.
-It's very simple really
if you knew my situation you'd understand my calculations
I want you to keep an eye on someone. Watch him.
Tell me what you see.
-What, he run off with your wife?
-No, it's nothing like that
Let's just say he's planning an event
that will be disadvantageous to me.
-What's this guy's profession?
-He's a kind of hired gun
with a lot of blood on his hands.
That's all I can say right now.
No, no, I must also tell you to
watch out, Detective Turlotte.
Your life could possibly be in
danger and I'm sorry about that.
I'm just an eye, that's all I am, an eye.
I know a lot of good ears, why don't you let me partner with
a good ear?
No. I understand your limitations and I want you, Frank.
Here's the contact information I can provide.
The name of the man is Jimmy Stevens.
He's staying in apartment
32 at 840 West 58th Street.
Do you have that?
-We'll schedule our conversations-
-by phone in the early evenings.
Will this work for you, Frank?
I am waiting for your answer, Frank.
Detective Turlotte?
Detective Turlotte, if there's a problem- if it's the money-
A green canary...somebody lost their canary
I'll do it
Just write down the address and I'll tell the messenger.
Okay, we'll take care of it.
Mr. Stevens, there's a taxi outside.
You want me to hold him for you?
No thank you
Have a good day
Frank, what do you think?
The subject appears to lead a very monotonous, simple
What do you mean? You think his life is boring?
-Did you get the photos?
What do you think?
You're absolutely right.
I don't see anything very interesting
Personally, I find myself drawn
to some of the little details.
He lights a cigarette and then
puts it out almost immediately.
-Maybe he's trying to quit.
-Not a chance...
Look at the way he does it.
It's not haphazard.
He repeats it down to the smallest detail. It's like a ritual.
So what?
Well it's interesting,
a nervous habit like that
with a guy who otherwise acts so smooth.
Look at the way he tears his cigarettes
apart after he takes two puffs.
That's all you've got for me,
notes about how the guy smokes?
Notice the expression on his face
when he talks to the children
I don't follow you
Doesn't it seem strange to you
the way he looks at them
when he's talking to them?
No. So what?
Well, Mr. Doe, it just seems
curious to me that a guy
who dresses with such sophistication
should be spending so much time
talking to children in the park.
What do you mean by that?
I just thought it was worth mentioning. That's all
-That's all?
-That's all, Mr. Doe. That's all
And like all ruthless contract-killers, your Mr. Stevens
is close to his aged mother.
-How do you know it's his mother?
-It's an assisted-living facility
I called it. She has the same last name.
Do you want me to keep working for you?
Yes, but I need a lot more.
Can you make contact with him?
You know, say you're someone else
and gain his confidence.
Do you think that's possible?
Well, I said I was only an eye
At these prices, I think I can ask
for you to expand your job description
a little don't you think, Frank?
Yes Sir, Mr. Doe.
I'll talk to you later
Excuse me. Hello?
This is my usual bench.
Do you mind if I sit here?
That's -
-What are the chances?
-Odd, isn't it?
-Enjoying it?
-I'm fascinated by it
I think it'll be very helpful to me.
-In what way?
-Well, because I like to study birds...
Frank, I hope you really have
something of value for me this time
He invited me to dinner.
And he called me "old friend."
-What did he talk about?
-A lot of things.
I made him think I was a birdwatcher,
so he starts talking about birdwatchers.
He says the best ones use their
ears as much as their eyes.
And you should do the same thing
when you try to practice-
the art of memory. He said he
remembered being here on 9/11
not by what got repeated
ad nauseam on the TV-
but by the smell of the smoke.
You seem to have listened carefully
No, no, I'm forgetting a lot.
I told you, I'm an eye, not an ear
-Did he talk about his work?
Then that's everything you've got for me?
Are you kidding?!
Didn't you hear what I said?
The guy invited me to dinner!
That's got to be the jackpot.
Okay, Frank, but don't take it
easy and get sloppy on me
Watch out
We have... very little time.
Good bye, Frank
Hi sweetheart. I'm at work.
Me too.
What kind of trouble? It's the propeller.
Yes. It's not serious,
just have Mark take a look at it.
It looks like another week.
Yeah, it's screwy, with the amount of money
this guy's paying me something's
not Kosher but I don't know
what it is yet. The client is going
to call me in five minutes.
The subject just came home.
I gotta to run. I'll call you later.
-Anything new for me?
What would you say if I told you I'm looking at him right
through a window.
You're looking at who...?
At the Pope! Who do you think I'm looking at
-You mean to say you're-
-That's right
I've got my camera planted in a
window across from his living room
-As we speak?
-As we speak, Mr. Doe
Is there anything interesting going on, Frank?
The subject is on his couch
talking to someone on the telephone
You'd think he was looking right at me
I'm not paying you to find out
he's talking on the telephone,
that's hardly a newsflash! Can you
tell me who it is he's talking to?
Give me time. I'll find-
Basically, you don't have
anything new?! That's it?
You know Mr. Doe,
you are starting to bother me!
-I am?
-Yeah, that's right. Mr. Doe.
This is what you get for your dough, Mr. Doe,
that is, until it leads somewhere
and because you won't tell me more
I've no idea where it's leading...
so you'd better get used to it
or find yourself someone else,
are we clear?
What strikes me is watching this
guy is so dull it's interesting.
It's like I've taken acid and
I'm watching bacteria grow
on linoleum for days.
You're wrong, Frank.
You'd better try harder
I happen to know right now,
while you're looking at him,
He's arranging a murder
I met a traveler from an antique land who said:
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone...
Here it is
That's fine. Thank you.
And you can take that, too
-It's good to see you.
We're going to have a little fun
tonight, Frank.
You don't have anything against
having a little fun, do you?
-Not at all, in fact-
-I'm going to go have a cigarette
-Will you join me?
-I quit years ago
Good for you. Keep me company, would you?
I'm sorry, sir, I 'm afraid I can't
let you smoke that out here in front
Of course....
Would you believe it? They have
customers who are worried about
being poisoned by my cigarettes outdoors!
Fear sells.
It's so damn depressing...
And the thing that's particularly
hard on me is that I get paid
to be an optimist, but recently
I've been letting my melancholia
to show...
You know you've got a very
strange way of looking at me.
What do you mean you've been
allowing your melancholia to show?
Well first tell me what it is you
were thinking when you were observing
me like that.
Alright, I was just wondering
why someone would light a cigarette,
put it out and start all over.
-I don't know.
-You don't know? That's rich
Let's go back inside
-ls it all birds that interest you?
But I tend to concentrate on a
particular kind of bird
for a period of time, and then on another.
What are you interested in now?
-Peregrine falcons.
I don't know. Maybe because they're predators.
Predators are the fastest birds,
the most majestic.
Do you think that's true among humans,
that predators are the most majestic?
No, not from what I've seen.
Peregrine falcons are also survivors.
In New York City they were
practically extinct by the 1950s
because they digested so much DDT.
The shell of their eggs became
so fragile they'd break when the
mother tried to keep the eggs warm.
Now the Peregrine falcons are coming back.
Care to taste the wine now, sir?
You can leave it here.
I think we'll just let this breathe for a while.
So how does optimism pay?
My impression is that optimism pays quite well.
My job has consisted of predicting
future energy needs
for what are euphemistically known as
"developing countries."
And based on those predictions,
international financial institutions
then fund construction projects
to meet the anticipated demand.
The greaterthe anticipated
demand the largerthe amount
of construction. A wall is supposed
to exist between our research
and the companies that would
profit from distorting our estimates.
but in practice that wall does not exist.
Beautiful legs...
As a result, the countries are never
able to pay back the loans
and instead they become even more at
the mercy of international capital.
Try the wine.
-What do you think?
-About what?
-The wine.
-Oh, It's very good
They wanted me to make it all up...
but they didn't want to know
that I was making it up.
They didn't want to know what they knew.
And I didn't want to know
what I know.
What changed? Was it your memories
What hasn't changed is fear,
but I think I've found a solution
to that fear.
Even though it's a personal one.
And your bout of melancholia?
It disturbed their sleep.... perhaps that's all it did
Then why bother?
I have to make a phone call.
This may take a few minutes.
I won't be too long.
Just enjoy your wine until I get back.
The gentleman left a note foryou, sir
Sorry, I don't have time to explain.
I have to leave immediately.
Meet me tomorrow evening at the bench.
-I'm sorry about last night.
-What was that about?
It was just instinct. I felt I was in danger
-In danger?
-I felt someone was following me
Come on!
Listen Frank, I get the feeling
someone is watching
my every move.
What are you talking about?
You're being watched?
There are one or more persons
who are paying careful attention
to everything I do..
You know what they want from you?
-Yes, I think so.
It's too late for that. Listen,
about last night - that was my treat.
I'll see you soon.
-Wait. Tell me what's happening.
-I can't now.
I promise I will when I can
What do you have for me, Frank?
The subject thinks he's being watched.
-He is.
-Yes, I know
Not by you, Frank, by others.
They'll make contact with him soon
That means time has ran out,
Faster than I had hoped. So incredibly fast
I had hoped you would have been
able to spend more time with him
and tell me who this person really is.
But that's impossible now.
It's too risky. I'm sorry about this.
There is one last thing you can do
for me to fulfill your contract.
A meeting will take place this coming Thursday
at midnight in Red Hook.
The murder will take place down near T Street.
-Do you know Red Hook?
-The Hook?
Yeah, I know the hook. Thursday?
I can find out more about this guy, Mr. Doe
No. Stand down, Frank. I'd like you to stay away now.
Did he tell you anything about his work?
- No.
-You're lying
Mr. Doe,
this guy is not a professional killer
He is, Frank, I tell you he's guilty!
Mr. Doe, the guy is guilty of a lot of things, I'm sure,
but being a killer isn't one of them.
-He's guilty!
-What are you guilty of, Mr. Doe?
You're the one hiding your identity.
Is it the same thing Jimmy's guilty of?
Anyway, it doesn't matter what you think anymore
Just be at the meeting. That's where
your presence can really make
a difference. Until then,
lay off, spend some of the money
I've wired to you. Enjoy yourself.
A final payment with a bonus will
be wired into your account
after the meeting. Good-bye, Frank.
I won't be coming back again, Mom
They only serve Rattatouille here
with noodles. They overcook it here
-It's overcooked everywhere.
-Everything is coming apart...
And you, you're like a cow's cud,
like used chewing tobacco
-Very used, yes.
-Molly used you
-Why do you call her Molly?
-She used you
She sends you a kiss. She'll
come to see you when I can't
You never came to see me.
It's not you who are there
-It's not me?
-You are not there.
Who's not there?
The big ugly duckling, he's not
there. All around are little ducklings,
-Tire you out, don't they?
Little ducklings are so tiring.
She's here, the big dipper!
She's not going to get me, is she going to get you, ugly
Take your carotene!
Around here they know.
Take your carotene and your life won't waste away.
You will be infinite.
I hear you're in a bind, son.
I hear it all, you're going to be
happy because you have your harpy.
They're going to finish you, aren't they?
Really? Then you will have a
beginning, middle and end.
Have some noodle soup.
You always were a wet noodle,
weren't you?
And what is a noodle, Mom?
A noodle? It's the mind of a man
who is totally alone.
Totally, and he doesn't
even know it. Alone.
What's that?
My little finger just told me the big
ugly duckling is no longer all alone,
is that true?
It's true, Mom. I am no longer all alone
My love, as they watch without understanding,
I struggle to reach the death at their hands that I have
planned for myself.
Before then I must see you.
I will contact you again through
our beloved Lila. Jimmy
Excuse me. Do you know this man?
I have something to give him
Yes, it's Jimmy. Jimmy lives with
Eileen on the fifth floor,
but he's away. She's his
"sophisticated lady." See you!
-Eileen Brahm?
I'm a friend of Jimmy's
-Where is he?
-Where can we arrange to meet?
I've got trouble, trouble, trouble.
Holding this man of mine.
Say it seems there's trouble
every time I speak my mind...
Thank you.
You must be a new friend of Jimmy's.
-Why new?
-Because I know all his old friends
We've known each other a short time.
How did you know it was me?
Everybody else here is a regular
I don't know why he's worried about you
Really? I know why I worry about him. Do you worry about
-Because you like him?
Something like that
Let's be straight with each other,
shall we?
You're wasting your time talking to
me if you're looking for Jimmy.
I don't know where he is.
That's okay
First time I met Jimmy was at the club
He was with some associates.
Jimmy was the one that looked lost.
That evening, Jimmy didn't miss a song.
He kept coming back to hear me sing.
You really are a masochist
Maybe so, but that's not why I keep coming back.
There's a story about the painter
Delacroix who wrote to his friend
Chopin, the composer,
"Last night when you played,
I heard the blue note."
And when you sing I hear the blue note.
The blue note? That's nice
It's more than nice, it's sophisticated
That's how I became his
"sophisticated lady."
You know besides me there's a much younger woman
in your friend's life.
The little girl
Yes, her mother works
housecleaning in the building.
Her daughter and I became friends and then when Lila met
it was like they were lost souls.
It's very sweet how important
they are to each other.
Here it is.
Will you come see me again sometime, Frank?
Did Jimmy ever mention his work to you?
No, never. Good night, Frank
I brought you a sandwich
with extra mustard
And how did you know that's what I wanted?
You're easy to read. I gave her your
letter. I read it before I did
-You read it?
-You didn't seal it
-That's your excuse?
-I didn't have to tell you
Did you talk to your Mother
about what was in the letter?
Are you kidding? It would
be really bad if she knew
What exactly?
That some guys were looking for you.
She'd say that's what happens
to people like you.
Like me?
She thinks you're nice.
It's because of you that l
can afford to go to my school,
but she says there's something wrong with you.
If she found out guys were
looking for you she'd say,
"That guy has it coming to him."
What do these guys want to do to you?
Do they want to teach you a lesson?
Would you mind looking after her for a moment?
Sometimes she really gets to me.
How's business?
I retire in six months. You think
you can you find a place for me?
Call me when you get your gold watch
You've changed, Frank.
I did that little favor you asked me
to do. Where did you find this guy?
His information is classified above
my rank. That tells me something.
It tells me you should drop it. You're
just a little private dick.
You might get it chopped off like
one of these guys here.
-Did the guys show up?
-No. She's been missing you
It's because of her! These guys
don't like to have someone see them.
What if they wanted to punch you?
Well, what about it?
It's not the same if nobody knows
or if there is some person who sees it
That's true
I got this book for my birthday
Why are fairy tales always for children?
Fairy tales don't interest you grown-ups?
Perhaps fairies don't want to live with us
But they do live with us.
See that old woman? She's a fairy!
You know, I was wondering about her
You want to tell me a story?
You promised me a story about Lulu.
Is Lulu real?
You said you found him again
because you saw his name
-Yes. I did in a newspaper article.
-With his picture
Well, why doesn't he recognize you?
We were about your age. Look at me now.
You know when you see somebody
you haven't seen for a long time
you don't always recognize them.
It was his family name that
I recognized - Turlotte.
Why doesn't he recognize your name?
Because my mother changed
our name. He kept his.
It's all he has left of his family.
What happened to them?
Well, that's a story I don't want to tell you
Tell me the story you want to tell me
It's a sad story and it's a happy story, too
Tell it to me
It was a long time ago,
at a time when men had gone crazy
What were they doing?
With their planes,
they were shooting at people
Did you go there?
Yes, we walked
You and Lulu,
did you make it to Salsparello?
-So, it was thanks to Lulu?
Did Lulu do anything else?
-Tell me
Not today, I'll tell you tomorrow
Okay, see you tomorrow, Mr. Jimmy.
Mr. Salsparello!
Lila, would you tell Eileen to
meet me tonight at the Oasis
at closing time, okay? Thank you.
You look happy sitting there.
It's because you're here
Why did we stop enjoying the city one day?
-Yes, why?
Because they are stronger than us?
Not stronger. Almost stronger
Why don't we get away to Diego's place?
They would find me. Even there they
would find me. It's finished, Eileen.
I don't want to run.
So you're going to wait for them?
-Have you thought about me?
-I never stop thinking about you.
You know that. I've arranged everything
Aren't you afraid of what they'll do to you?
I was afraid for a very long time.
I think the thing that frightened me
the most was that I would be
reduced somehow, to a thing.
But I'm not afraid anymore.
You said they were almost stronger. Why "almost"?
Do you remember what I told you when we were at Diego's?
Every word.
You said that your love for me made
you feel that there was something
Stronger than everything else.
You promised me the rest of the story about Lulu
Without your friend that man
would have died in no special way
Without your friend that man
would have died in no special way
That's right. In no special way
You're very lucky to have a friend like that
Yes, I am.
You know I'm not going to be here tomorrow.
Where will you be?
I'm going to be with the men who are looking for me
Who are they? Are they friends of yours?
They're the people I have to leave with
Is Eileen going to be with you?
Yes, in the same way that you're going to be with me.
You know, Lila, I am very happy to have met you
and very proud to have gotten to know you
Good afternoon..
What do you want? Are you the new doctor?
-I am a friend of your son.
-Who has a son? I have a son?
-I'm going to stuff that empty shell.
That shell, that empty shell,
just look at his Michelle, his Shelly!
Of course you lean, you're not standing upright,
you are leaning on a cane that's
like a dog cut from paper.
She never gave him vitamins,
everybody knows that.
You're worried about him?
If you were a mother you'd know.
I make you his mother. I assign you
I sign all the papers. Like that.
Like that. All the papers signed. Like that.
No... not me
I'm not worried about anything.
I don't have a worry in the world,
but that guy - he's finished.
Beginning, middle and father. His goose is cooked
Don't pretend to be an idiot.
I can't stand your "really"? Really?
-No, I just meant-
-You mean nothing, zero!
It's me who speaks and I say he
is no longer all alone. Ugly duckling
Yes, he is no longer alone
Ugly cooked goose, but not alone
He has Eileen
Not some her, some "one." You get it?
No you don't get it! Leave! Out! Out!
You won't get him. Now that he
has someone on his side!
You won't get him!
Are you looking for something?
This was in the newspaper a couple of months ago
I know. I saw it the day it appeared
So you've been following me since you saw it?
That's right
And you're John Doe.
You've been playing with me this
whole time. What's the game?
What do you want from me?
What is it you want?
Why are you doing this?
Is it the money you wired me?
It's dirty, isn't it? You're setting
me up to be the patsy, the fall guy, right?
-No, that's not it.
-Why then?
Why did you get me involved with this?
The meeting will take place tonight
in Red Hook down by the water
Not a chance. You're on your own.
Hey soldier boy
Just drive
Isn't it late for you to be up?
My Mom is working at a cocktail
party on the third floor.
You have your doll
He doesn't need her anymore.
He has his friend, Lulu, who's
going to be there tonight.
Some people are bothering
him but with Lulu he's okay
Who is Lulu?
Lulu is afraid of nothing.
He once watched another man die!
Can you believe it?
What did you say?
Are you deaf?
What are you doing, Frank?
Tell Joe I had to borrow his boat
Joe ain't going to like this
Go get him, champ
It's time my friend.
Let's take a walk over there.
I knew you'd be here.
It changes everything
Stay still
This is 911. What is your emergency?
A man's been shot here in Red Hook
A man's been shot! Did you get that?!
South of T Street. Send an ambulance!
Will you stop!?
Where are you trying to go?!
Right there, there, here
Look through there
It's a whole family
Can you see them?
It's Beautiful.