Calling Sahasra (2023) Movie Script

I somehow feel scared.
Am I scared?
You have already done it before.
I too was scared first time.
I don't know Karthik,
if someone gets to know...
Who will know, unless you tell?
Still, this is a very safe place.
You think all this is happening
without the knowledge of Police?
They will receive what they should.
Still, none other than the people
registered like knows about
the existence of one such concept.
-But... -Hey, stop all this.
Do you have anger over your wife?
-As much to kill!
-But you can't kill her, right?
You'll get caught if you kill.
Let go that anger right here.
Your mind will be peaceful.
[Brakes squeal]
What will exactly happen now
after we go there?
Welcome to Lucifer, the place
where your dreams come true.
No, please!
Please, leave me.
This is yours and this is yours.
Enjoy the hell.
It's ok, go.
Come on, go!
[Phone chimes]
[Door creaks]
No, no! Please leave me.
Please leave me.
Please, no! Please!
[Sara] 'To Mr Ajay, my name is Sara.
You may not remember me.'
'But, I can never forget you.
The help you did is such.'
'What if you were not there that day?
Thank you. Thank you so much.'
'I don't know how else
do I say than this.'
'That's because pages aren't
enough to say in words.'
'Words aren't enough to say
from heart.'
'I came to your house to meet you
in person and say this.'
'But I'm writing this letter as
you were not there.'
'I like letters a lot and thus I'm writing
a letter to a person for the first time.'
'I wish to meet you if you come
to Hyderabad.'
'Thanks again.'
'Yours truly, Sara!'
Keep it there.
This is fine.
But why isn't this one sealed?
-I don't know, sir.
-Alright, keep it up there.
Hello everyone, welcome to my
channel 'What's new with Ariyana'.
I'm going to tell you a new fact
like every week.
You know what that is?
Red rooms!
Only the people knowing about
dark web will know about this.
Basically, they torture and kill
the people who are kidnapped.
While killing so, they live stream that
video for those registered in the group.
These red rooms are not in
some other country.
They are in our country, our state
and somewhere around here.
We are now going to know about
a person who survived from red rooms.
So, let's go.
Come on move.
-Excuse me sir! Sir, please!
-Who are you?
-No sir, I'm an YouTuber.
I came to know you are the one
and only who escaped from
red rooms and came to know
about that.
What exactly happened there
on that day?
-No, no please. No!
-[Gunshot] -[Groans]
Diya! Diya!
Please understand.
Leave me.
Are you scared, sir?
No problem, tell me.
My channel has 5000 subscribers.
All of them will stand in your support.
-They've killed 6000 people till date.
They'll kill me too.
But I want to be alive not to live.
But for them.
Sir! Sir!
By the way I'm not scared.
That's because a guy scared has no pain.
And a guy in pain will not be scared.
Lord Vinayaka, what's my mistake
that I look like an uncle to all?
-You know my age is just 22, right?
Lakshmi sister, how many times did
I say not to laugh seeing me?
Come on, sir. If needed, make me work
free without paying salary for two months.
But please don't call me as sister.
I'm losing my prestige in all.
See, you are elder to me
and are feeling so.
I'm just 22 and how do I feel, sister?
Wait Lord, how if you too play
games with me?
Lord, I'll give you a bumper offer.
If none calls me uncle for the whole day,
I'll come to Kanipakam by walk.
I'll come. Yes, I'll come.
-I'll come for sure. -[Door bell rings]
-Huh, you can't go now.
-You go and open the door first.
I'll come back.
-Hello uncle!
Good morning, my name is Divya.
We recently shifted the next house.
-Who came?
-Hi aunty!
My name is Divya.
We recently shifted the next house.
-Uncle, is yours a love marriage?
Sister, will you stop a bit?
See, all are calling me aunty
just because of you.
-Lakshmi sister, you wait a bit.
-What's wrong, uncle?
Hey, who is uncle? Who?
-What is your age?
-I'm just 26.
I'm just 22. That means you are
elder sister to me.
She is your elder sister.
So sister, I'll go out if you move aside.
My brother is arriving.
Did she move into the next house
or come winning the world cup?
She's been announcing to
every person seen in her way.
Why does he look to be 22,
twenty years ago? Huh!
-Hey! -What?
-Get up!
Madam! Please come.
-Thank you! -It's ok!
-How was the journey?
-It went well. Shall we go?
I'll get the car.
You be right here.
[Deflating tires]
Change it fast, man.
Hey, follow that car.
Hey, overtake!
Overtake that.
[Brakes squeal]
How did you find they
kidnapped, brother?
When someone looks at us and
don't respond after we smile at them,
that means they have some problem.
But the same repeats two to three times,
it means they are in some problem.
Thus I got doubt and checked
the vehicle number and came
to know another vehicle is
there on that number.
Most important than all is, the guy
doing mistake will react ahead of us.
Wow, you are superb brother.
You should've become a Police.
You unnecessarily came into
the software job.
-Brother, take care.
[Door bell rings]
My heartbeat is not normal
yet, brother.
-No idea, what would've happened
if you weren't there? -Huh!
-Are you fine, sir?
-I'm fine, how are you?
I'm good, sir.
-I kept the room cleaned for you.
-Give that bag, I'll keep it in.
-Oh, no problem.
Come, brother!
-If you get ready, let's both go
to the office. -Ok!
Brother! Shall we go?
May I have your attention please?
Meet Mr Ajay Srivatsav,
our new cyber security professional.
-People call him Kevin Mitnic of India.
-He's my brother.
Ajay played a key role in
the development of many Apps
related to female security in
our country.
Now he is working on a new App.
You wait uncle, I'll introduce.
Brother, here!
Lakshmi sister, John brother,
Rahul brother, Jyothi sister...
Hey, you stop it.
I'm sister to you but not for all, right?
-Hi I'm Meghana.
Hi, this is Sailaja.
-What happened to him?
-Even his sister's name is Sailaja.
-She died recently.
They killed her very brutally. I never
saw such incident in my long career.
Yes sir, correct.
"There are just your memories."
Hey man, is she your sister?
I'm asking you, is it your sister?
-"It's there in the name."
-[Cell phone rings]
"You are the..."
Son, did you get any information
about your sister?
I didn't know, mom.
"My childhood memories of you,"
"are wrenching my heart."
I'm sorry about your sister, Ajay.
-Take a new number on
the office name. -Ok!
-Office will pay the bill.
Don't share your personal number
with anyone.
-Ok sir!
Here is your SIM card, sir.
It'll be activated in four hours.
-Thank you!
-Thank you!
-Hello Latha sister! -Yes!
-He is my brother.
-Hello sir!
We need new SIM.
-Your full name, sir?
-Ajay Srivatsav! -Ok!
Why does look older than me?
Sorry sir, I'm getting a system error.
I think it is power failure and
will check it.
-Will you select the number manually?
-Brother, I'll select.
-Hey, I'm the one to use that.
-Brother, I said will select fancy number...
Oh damn, why did you keep
bucket there?
Sorry madam, I didn't notice.
One minute sir, I'll check
if here are extra SIM cards.
-See, sister!
Oh damn! Sorry sir, there are
no extra SIM cards.
-If possible, will you take tomorrow?
-Ok, cool!
-Ok sir!
-Bye Latha sister!
-Hey, let's go.
'Is everything ok at office?
Are you eating in time?'
Everything is ok in office.
I'm also eating in time.
Still, Lakshmi sister is taking care
of everything.
-'Did you think about what I said?'
Please don't ask about that now.
Let's talk later. Ok?
'Huh, you always postpone like this.'
My mom is great.
I'll talk later. See you then.
-'Fine, see you.'
Hello everyone, name of the App we are
going to develop together now is 'Rescue'.
In sensitive cases like rape,
kidnap and abduction,
Police will have very less time
to save the victims.
Our Rescue App will be a great help
in such critical conditions.
For example, this App has
a panic button.
When this button is pressed,
App collects all IMEI numbers nearby
and pushes all that data to
the Police control room.
Number can be tracked through
IMEI number.
So based on that criminal can be easily
zeroed down and victim can be saved.
-Great Ajay, I'm waiting to see
the App ready. -Sure Sir!
So team, let's make our society
a safer place.
Why exactly did you feel like
doing this App, brother?
If such an App already existed,
sister would've been alive now.
Oh God, Police!
Hey, why are you turning this way?
I don't have a licence, brother.
Then why don't you take it?
Oh no!
Route will be good, brother.
-Hey, it is because of you.
-How can you talk like that?
-Traffic is getting jammed, remove it.
-Give that eggplant.
What is this bumper offer today, brother?
All routes are closed.
-Stop fighting and pick up those first.
-Make it fast.
Shooting is on sir,
take a different route.
Hey, stop for once. Take it in.
-Good morning sir, please tell me.
How can I help you? -Morning!
I need a new SIM.
Ok, I'll show you the numbers.
Please select, sir.
Those SIM cards are to be returned.
Why are you taking them out?
-You first go and give water to customers.
Psst, what's this?
-Sir, server is hanging.
-I'll tell you the numbers manually.
-Ok sir!
-Thank you.
Sir, can you give me your
Adhar card?
Where are the SIM cards
taken out from the unsealed box?
I didn't know and gave that to
a customer, Sir.
Those were the SIM cards
to be returned.
-They won't even get registered.
How did you give them? -Sorry Sir!
Why did the power go? Power seems
to be there outside. I'll check, brother.
-It tripped, brother.
[Cricket commentary playing on TV]
-Hey, I'll go to sleep.
-Ok brother!
-Brother, give me your phone.
I'll play game. -Here!
[Cell phone rings]
-Hello! -'Hello Sahasra!
Sahasra, where are you?'
'Why was your phone off for
so long?'
-'Without saying a single word, you...'
-Excuse me! -'No, Sahasra...'
-Who is Sahasra?
My name is Ajay.
I took this number today itself.
'What's that Sir?
This is Sahasra's number.'
'Give the phone once to Sahasra.'
I already said, I took this SIM
today itself.
It might have been Sahasra's
number earlier.
-So, please understand.
-'Hello, sir!'
-Who called, brother?
-No idea.
I think this number was of
a girl earlier.
-Some other girl called.
[Cell phone rings]
Brother, a call again.
-'Hey, who are you rascal?'
'You first give the phone to Sahasra.'
Hello, you listen to me first. My name is
Ajay and I took this number today itself.
-So please understand and
don't disturb. -'Hello!'
Who is this Sahasra, brother?
Why is she having so many fans?
Who knows how many calls will
we receive the whole night.
You asked for phone, right?
Here, take it.
Oh no, I can't handle so many calls.
-I think it is better that you too
switch off the phone. -Ok!
[Thunder rumbling]
[Phone chimes]
[Cell phone rings]
Ajay Sir!
[Phone chimes]
Why did you take this number?
Same text came even in the night.
'The number you are trying to call
right now is currently busy.'
-It'll be good, wait. Shut up!
The previous girl withstood for 10 minutes
and you are screaming in just 7 minutes.
I don't like this.
When you burn in this way
it smells so great.
[Cell phone rings]
Hey, shut up!
Hey, I don't like this girl.
She's screaming just in 7 minutes.
Send another one.
Darn! Can't they wait
for even ten minutes?
Hey, look!
Look back side, back!
-Hey, go to a side and play.
-Brother, I'll play right here.
Come on! Yes!
[Phone chimes]
-Brother, you got a message.
-Read it out.
What's this? Who sent you text saying
'why did you take this number'?
No idea, I too don't understand.
The same came thrice already.
When I call, the number says to be busy.
-Give it here, let's call again.
Game will get disturbed, brother.
Please call from that landline.
Fine, tell me the number.
[Cell phone rings]
-Brother, you got a call.
-Give it here.
-It got cut.
-Fine, give it here. I'll play.
You go on and redial, brother.
Hey, look backside. Look, man.
Hey, see he is coming.
-[Cell phone rings] -Huh, call again!
Won't you let me play?
-Hey, go to a side and lift it.
Number is ringing here. -Ok!
-Hello, who is this?
-Who are you, sir?
Why are sending texts to
my number?
Who exactly are you, sir?
You are talking nonsense
without saying your name.
Why are you texting to my number
without knowing me?
[Echoing] Brother! Who is this fellow
saying you are sending texts?
[Echoing] What's this brother?
Are you calling to your own number?
How could it be possible, man? How can
messages come from my own phone?
There will be chances as such,
it seems.
At times, when we call someone it
connects randomly to someone else.
That is called as a cross connection.
Same way, for messages sent by
someone, due to bugs in network
and software at times there's
chance of showing our number
instead of the sender's number.
[Line ringing]
-Say, man.
Our MD's niece Swathi is coming
to our house in some time.
I may be late to come home.
Please call me once she reaches home.
Fine, I'll inform once she is here.
[Door bell rings]
-Please be seated.
Satya just called saying you'll be here.
I'll inform him once.
Just a minute!
By the way, you are...
Miss Swathi!
Hey, who is it idiots?
Who is that?
[Door bell rings]
Is this Ajay?
-May I?
-May I sit?
-Did Satya say that I'll be coming?
If you don't mind, can you please
inform Satya? My phone is switched off.
Actually Satya said you'll be coming.
But, so fast...
Oh damn!
Miss Swathi!
-Oh no!
There, inside...
In the room...
Here, here.... No!
-Miss Swathi!
[Door creaks]
-Hey Satya, Swathi...
Swathi, man!
-Hey Satya, Swathi and here...
-What happened, brother?
A guy here with a knife and
Swathi's hair...
-Where's she, brother? No where!
-Believe me, man.
-Hey wheel chair outside.
-Wheel chair? -Come, I'll show.
Hey Satya, I saw the wheel chair
right here.
A wheel chair!
Where is it brother?
Hey, come here.
I saw Swathi right here, behind this.
Hey, Swathi really had come.
Swathi came two times.
She sat here once.
And then... What?
-Satya! Hey Satya!
[Door bell rings]
-[Snaps finger] Hey, are you Ajay?
-Not here. Sit here.
By the way, I'm Swathi.
Satya must have told you.
Yes, he said you'll be coming.
[Snaps finger]
-What are you doing?
-I'll inform Satya once.
-What's wrong?
It is very cold. Don't you offer tea
or coffee to guests coming home?
One second!
-[Door bell ringing]
[Satya humming a song]
-Whom do you want, Kiddo?
-What, me?
I'm asking you, Kiddo.
Whom do you want?
Kiddo and me?
-[Satya weeping]
-What happened?
Everyone called me uncle till date
and none called me Kiddo.
That's why you are my friend.
You are my best friend.
Uncle informed you'll be here
for ten days.
By the way, which job are you
here for, friend?
I applied as designer for
a premium clothing store.
They asked suddenly to join
and thus I had to come here.
Once I settle in the job,
I'll shift to PG.
-Ok guys, see you in the morning.
-Yeah, good night!
I think he felt jealous as she
called me Kiddo.
-Hi, good morning.
Good morning Swathi,
when should you go to office?
I should be in Hitech city by 10:30.
I've been trying so long for cab
and it is not getting booked.
Our office is in Kondapur, which is
adjacent. So, brother will drop you.
Oye, don't you help normal people
and help only the girls in rain?
-In rain?
-Nothing so, you come.
I've been searching the entire
house for you.
What are you doing alone here?
I'm not alone.
What's this like kids?
You are alone, right?
I said, I was not alone.
Mr. Jagan, shall we go?
Will you too come?
-No, I'll sit here.
-Ok, be seated.
-Sir! Sir!
-Did you find any details about
them, sir? -Not yet!
If we know, we'll come and inform.
You just don't torture us like this.
Why do you say so, sir?
Look, distance from your house
till here is 4 Kilometres.
If you come walking... [Laughs]
Sorry limping here for 4 Kilometres,
it'll take 40 minutes for you.
If you come by cab instead,
you'll reach in 10 minutes.
But you got to pay money,
to come by cab.
Even this case is similar to you.
You are limping and coming instead of
paying and thus even the case is limping.
You give money for once and see
how the case dashes ahead.
There's not much difference
between me and you, sir.
I stopped as I couldn't do anything and
you are stopping as you are not capable.
Whom did you say incapable, rascal?
Don't yell, sir.
Everyone will get to know about you.
It is not that I can't give money.
But, I'm stopping as
I don't feel like giving.
See you, I'll come again by walk.
Sorry, I'll come limping.
-Thank you so much, Ajay.
-It's ok!
Oh damn!
Oh no, sorry dear.
I didn't notice as you came suddenly.
-Did you get hurt?
-Nothing happened, right?
Why don't you talk, dear?
Did you get hurt?
Shall we go to hospital?
Take this money.
Take, dear.
What are you saying?
I don't understand anything.
It seems, he saw you somewhere.
Me? Where did you see?
-He must've seen in rain.
-What's this rain nuisance?
Take, dear! Give me some flowers.
-Thank you!
-Fine, I'm getting late. See you.
Careful, dear!
-Come on, give.
You take it yourself.
Huh! Sir doesn't even know how romantic
is the feeling of giving flowers to a girl?
-What's so romantic in that?
[Cell phone rings]
How did this radio get switched on?
-Fine, I'm getting late and will talk
in the evening. -What?
-Get lost!
[Engine starts]
Is anybody there?
Who are you? What do you need?
-Sara here...
-Sara... Who is Sara?
I got a letter from the same address
with the name of Sara.
Was there anyone staying here
before, with the name Sara?
Address is the same, but there's
nobody here named Sara.
-Ok, I'm sorry.
-No problem, it's ok.
-Thank you.
-What man, what are you thinking?
-Hey! Nothing!
By the way, how is the office?
Very good, but they gave a big
assignment right on the first day.
-What's that?
-You know heroine Anjali Thakur, right?
-Yeah! -I should design a costume
for an award function she's attending.
-And that too in a day.
-Very good chance, why not do it?
Opportunity is good,
but I'm not getting the thought.
I don't exactly know her likes
and dislikes.
So, I'm not sure if I can carry
such a huge responsibility or not.
Responsibility is not a burden
to carry.
Still, if you do what she likes
you'll be a tailor.
But when you do in a way
she likes, you'll be a designer.
To achieve something, we shouldn't
do as everyone likes it,
but do in a way to be liked by all.
[Snaps finger]
Why did you go silent?
Nothing! You turned me into a designer
from tailor with just one word.
Good one!
-Shall I tell you something?
-You know, I saw you before already.
-Before means?
I mean, you helped a girl in rain
and I saw that.
So, you were there that time?
No, I saw that video.
-Which video?
-Don't you know?
That video is in YouTube with
the name 'The Real Man'.
-Hey, have you gone blind?
-Hey, move it out.
-You came and dashed first, idiot.
-You first pay money and leave.
-Hey look there.
-[Indistinct chatter]
-She looks great, dude.
-[Indistinct chatter]
-Is this road your dad's property?
-Clear the vehicles first.
-Hey, you stop!
-Hey, you first come to the Police station.
-Come on, let's see.
-Hey, clear first.
Thank you!
Thank you so much.
[Cell phone rings]
-Oh, I'm sorry.
-It is ok.
There is some problem in
this application.
-Hey thank you. Thank you so much.
-For what?
The help you did was so great.
I'll tell it all later.
By the way if I was in your place,
I'll design for her similar to
how I design for my mother.
That's because my mom is
the most beautiful woman to me.
Good night and thanks again.
Come here, dear.
Give me two flowers.
Thank you!
Who are you?
Hi, my name is Ajay.
I came for Sara. Is she here?
Who is Sara?
-This Scooty is of her. -Oh this,
I bought from a girl in second hand.
-Still, who are you? -It is very
important for me to know about her, sir.
-Please understand. -Name of
the girl selling me this Scooty is Anshu.
-But it is not Sara.
Yeah, I think I have her number.
Let me check.
'The number you are trying to call
is currently not reachable.'
'Please try some time...'
Oh no, damn!
[Cell phone rings]
Tell me, Swathi.
You come down urgently,
we must go to a place.
-You come first and will tell then.
-Ok, I'll be there in few minutes.
-Is it your boyfriend?
-Why did you ask so?
I got doubt as you called like
having a right over him.
Nothing so, I called normally.
-Did he say to come immediately
when you called? -Yeah, why?
Nothing, they ask for reasons
to meet while in friendship.
And if in relationship,
they search for reasons to meet.
-It is for that.
-Fine, let's go.
-Do you know Madina?
-But let me search on Maps.
-Are you ok?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
In fact, very confident after
talking to you.
Thank you.
Turn right.
Turn right.
Turn right.
Turn right.
What's this? Are there so many
right turns in Hyderabad?
If so many rights were there in someone's
life, his life would set right already.
Turn right.
Hey! No!
You have a right.
Oh damn!
Nothing happened to you, right?
Are you ok? Sir!
What happened? Is it an accident?
Did anything happen?
Nothing happened to me, sir.
I came without noticing.
How can both come without noticing?
Are you drunk by chance?
-No Sir!
-Fine, take care.
-You drive.
-Sir, ok for you?
-Fine, you drive carefully.
-Sorry again.
-Thank God, he is fine.
But why are the Maps showing
'you have arrived'?
-You watch the road and I'll see
Maps on my phone. -Ok!
-Hey hi!
This is designed for the function.
Hey, what happened?
Ajay, I got the contract.
-[Cell phone rings]
-I'm so sorry.
-It's ok, shall we go?
Yeah! Congrats!
-Why is Sathya not here yet?
Someone else might have called him
Kiddo like you and he must've halted.
-Hi Sir, how are you?
-Hey Swathi! -Yeah!
I'm good, how are you?
Why are you here?
Come on sir, you got me the job
and did you forget again?
-So, you got the job. Great, congrats!
-Thank you sir.
-Sir, meet my friend Ajay.
-Namaste! -Namaste!
Ajay, meet Mr Shiva. Sir has a job
consultancy by the name 'Consult'.
He helped many. You know what?
Sir goes to orphanages, picks bright
students there and then get them jobs.
-Oh, that's great work Sir.
-It is not as much she's saying.
I'm just doing the best I could
in my limits.
You're doing it, Sir.
Many are stopping just at the thoughts.
By the way, I saw you before already.
-In that YouTube video.
-Oh that one?
-Shiva Sir, come we are getting late.
I have an urgent work.
Why don't you do one thing?
Why not both of you come to
my house one day?
-Sure sir!
-Ok bye.
-Bye Sir! -Bye!
[Satya whistling]
Who is that man?
What brother, why did you
come so late?
-Oh no, I came late right?
-Let's go.
Anjali is my favourite heroine.
Next time, I too will come with you.
Then, I'll take you first
after the contract is signed, Kiddo.
Thank you.
Fine, but who is the favourite
heroine of Sir?
Should you stop the car to know
the favourite heroine?
Where are you going without saying?
-To my favourite heroine!
Whose house is this?
Where did he go?
He went to meet a girl he knows.
-For the help you've done...
-No problem, sir.
You don't know this, right?
Brother saved a college girl when
he first came to Hyderabad.
I don't understand how to
thank you, sir.
There's nothing in this.
Take care of the baby.
-I'll take leave, dear.
-Brother! -Yes!
-One minute!
-Bye brother!
Bye sister!
-Uncle, bye!
-Get lost!
I know you are good man,
but are you really so good?
-Why did you say so?
-Sathya said everything about that girl.
Taking so much risk for
an unknown girl is great, boss.
-I'm impressed.
-We don't need to be a relative to save.
Still, anybody in my place will
do the same.
I may fall if you impress me
so many times. Take care.
I'll catch you from falling.
Go and sleep. Good night.
Oh no!
When a beautiful girl is talking
about falling in the midnight,
why are you talking about sleeping?
Will Sir have no feelings at all?
Sleep too is a feeling. I'm sleepy.
So, good night!
Huh! I'm saying all this to a person
not knowing about flowers and romance
and I should blame myself.
-What is this?
-A flower!
That is you and...
You know, there's no relation
between flowers and romance.
Flowers are given to girls to remind
that you look so beautiful and
to let you know your heart is
so sensitive.
Romance is not visible to the eye.
It is felt by the heart.
Just the lust exists in romance
visible to the eye.
There's no love, but in romance
felt by heart there's only love.
-Good night! -By the way,
why did you give me the flower?
Is it because eye saw it or
the heart felt it?
[Cell phone rings]
There's some problem with
this application, I'm so sorry. Bye.
"Is it true or a lie?"
"Maybe this is a trance"
Why are you here?
"This felt like a story happening"
"Oh no, does heart know already?"
"Is this apt to be so after
knowing it already?"
"Your looks drizzled every day"
"They dazzled as pearls
in the heart"
-What's this dress and what's this bus?
-We must do everything in life.
"They showed so many colours
touching me"
Hey, what are you seeing idiot?
"They turned into a rainbow now"
"Is it true or a lie?"
"Maybe this is a trance"
"This felt like a story happening"
-Give me your phone once.
Why did you give immediately
when I asked?
Will there be no personals in
your phone?
What will I have to hide from you,
whom I feel is my own?
You learnt great to talk.
I learnt to actually talk only after
meeting you.
"Loneliness none can come into"
"That is owned by just your thoughts"
-Shall I credit two months' salary?
-"Some unknown happiness"
-Why sir? -There is another
girl working along with you, right?
"It filled completely in my heart"
"Shall I remain in your eyelids
as a dream?"
"I'll be the lullaby putting
you to sleep"
"Everything is possible when
you are with me"
"Is it true or a lie?"
"Maybe this is a trance"
"This felt like a story happening"
"Oh no, does heart know already?"
"Is this apt to be so after
knowing it already?"
"Your looks drizzled every day"
"They dazzled as pearls in
the heart"
"They showed so many colours
touching me"
"They turned into a rainbow now"
"Is it true or a lie?"
-"Maybe this is a trance"
-[Phone vibrating]
"This felt like a story happening"
Hello! Oh no!
I'm feeling really happy.
Finally after waiting for so many years,
your marriage is taking place.
But still, one should be lucky to
marry the one they love.
In fact, I like love marriages a lot.
That's because, even my parents'
was a love marriage.
When you like love, why didn't
you fall in love for so long?
-Brother and love, no chance at all.
-Say Ajay, didn't you love?
That is...
What's this, brother? How did TV
switch on even power is off?
Brother that is you right?
This video... Yes!
This... this is me.
Ajay, what exactly is happening?
[Cell phone rings]
-Hello sir, my name is Suresh.
I'm calling from Dr Copper water bottle
Company. Is Sahasra madam there, sir?
How many should I tell repeatedly?
My name is Ajay and this is not
Sahasra's number.
-Sop please don't call me and disturb.
-Who is this Sahasra, brother?
-No idea, man!
This video was from last time when I came
to Hyderabad. Still, how come this video...
[Cell phone rings]
But still, how is the CCTV footage
playing here?
-I don't know.
-[Cell phone rings]
-Hello! -Hello Sir, I'm Suresh.
I just gave you a call, right?
I already said my name is Ajay
and why did you call me again?
I called for you now, sir.
For me? Then why did you say
for Sahasra before?
-Yes sir, for both of you. Your name is
Ajay Srivatsav, right? -Yeah!
But, how do you know my
full name?
Come on sir, it was your wife
who filled the form.
-My wife?
Your wife is Sahasra Srivatsav, right?
-Ajay! Ajay!
Here are the details you asked for, sir.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Sahasra Ramalingan!
[Cell phone rings]
-Tell me, man. -What happened?
Did you find anything, brother?
One minute, even Swathi is calling.
I'll put on conference.
-Hello Ajay, did you get any details.
-Her name is Sahasra Ramalingan.
-I got her address too.
-Then what? Did you meet and talk?
No! It seems, she is not staying
there now.
I gave them my number. They said
to call once hostel owner is back.
Brother, by then I'll search on
Face book and Instagram.
Good idea, I'll search in LinkedIn.
Hey, I'll call you back.
Lakshmi madam!
Lakshmi madam!
Lakshmi madam!
-What are you doing here?
-Nothing, sir!
-Fine, go home. -Ok!
[Cell phone rings]
Sir, listen to me. You don't go.
Sir, please don't go.
Sir, please don't go.
Continue straight.
Sir, I remember.
You got a call that day.
Continue straight.
What is this? Who sent you the message,
'why did you take this number'?
At the down about
exit on to this airport.
Brother, I got three profiles on
the same name.
Check the first exit.
[Phone chimes]
Brother, that girl is dead.
Your destination is on the right.
That girl is a ghost, sir.
[Phone chimes]
-Sahasra! Sahasra!
-Hey, you were on the bike that day?
You already tried to kill me, right?
Why did you come back again, idiot?
Who sent you, rascal? Hey!
Who are you, rascal?
Who are you, idiot?
Why did you come here?
-Move, rascal!
-Oh no! Ajay!
-How many came? How many?
Who sent you?
-I don't know.
Ajay! Ajay!
-How many came to kill me?
-I came seeing the message.
Who said I was here?
-You rascal!
Oh no! Oh God!
You hit me, rascal?
Hey! Hey!
-This fellow died, brother.
[Phone chimes]
[Yelling] Sahasra!
Who are you?
[Phone chimes]
Mr Ajay!
So, you ask me to believe
you are saying the truth.
Yes sir, you'd understand it
by checking my phone.
Oh no!
Why are looking seriously, idiot?
You did a murder and stain
came in.
We got to wash properly to
remove that.
-Say what?
-Dead body is identified, sir.
Name of the dead is Ramu.
There are many kidnap and
abduction cases on him, sir.
What, a kidnapper?
What are your links with
a kidnapper, idiot?
What rascal, will you hit me?
I don't think manhandling is
a bigger case than a murder case.
[Phone chimes]
'Leave Ajay', whom are you
making to send the messages?
Is it from MLA or a Minister?
Look properly, that is the message
coming from my own number.
Huh, why are you saying
the same again?
-His phone number...
-Come on, say.
His phone number is not
activated on any network, sir.
Then, these messages?
What exactly is happening?
[Cell phone rings]
Hello! Hello, tell me.
[Cell phone rings]
Who is it?
Why do you call and not talk?
Hey, are you playing crazy dramas?
Look there once.
That's a call coming from my number.
I'm still unable to believe. How can
a call come to a number not active?
Who is this Sahasra? If she's really dead,
how are all these messages coming?
All this happened when we went
to know about the same, sir.
In the process of saving ourselves,
The person dead is a criminal.
Either you did knowingly or
unknowingly, you did a murder.
This is a cognizable offence.
But I can do one thing.
As there is no link between you
and the guy you killed...
I can leave the case open and
let you go.
That's because none other than my
person saw you at the murder spot.
Three of you don't go out of
Hyderabad without informing me.
-Ok sir!
-And Ajay...
If you know any detail about Sahasra,
inform me immediately.
Sure sir!
-Ajay, I'm believing you.
-Thank you!
-Take their details and send them.
-Ok Sir!
[Cell phone rings]
Sir, you came for Sahasra madam
in the morning, right?
Our owner is here.
Can you come now for once?
Oh no, is it paining?
[Screaming in pain]
-No please!
Just one more time.
Louder, shout more louder.
-Who are these?
-I don't know, sir.
Find out!
-Ok sir!
-Not just about them.
-Know that you shouldn't ever say
'don't know' about anyone else. -Ok!
-Mr Ajay!
-It is me, sir.
One of my laptop was left
with Sahasra.
Madam stayed here six months ago.
She suddenly left one day and
hasn't returned again.
-Did she say you anything?
-No, sir.
-Actually, I'm getting late.
So, that bag... -Ok!
-Give Sahasra madam's bag to Sir.
-Please come, sir.
That top bag, sir.
Are you Sahasra?
But you said Sara?
-Excuse me?
-What is her name?
My name is Sa... Sara!
Good morning everybody,
my name is Sara.
I wish to say one thing to those
who are in pain feeling lonely
by losing everyone they like.
There is great loneliness right
in the word, 'alone'.
I love my mom a lot. My mom
died when I was just ten years old.
I grew up in orphanage alone
from then.
We shouldn't stop in life and
lose as we lost the loved ones.
My mom said me one thing
before she died.
For our loved ones to be with us
even after they die,
we shouldn't stop loving them.
I still feel, my mom is with me.
That's because, I didn't stop loving her.
Remember one thing.
To win is to show.
To lose is to accept.
Don't accept the defeat.
Win and show to this world.
Thank you all!
-Hey Anshu!
-Excuse me, what is her name?
Who exactly are you?
What happened to you?
[Phone chimes]
Your name is Sara, right? Why is
it Sahasra Ramalingan, on papers?
Sara is my mom's name, sir.
I get a feeling my mom is with me
when everyone calls me so.
-Thus so...
-Great idea!
-Sahasra... Sorry Sara, all the best.
-Thank you, sir.
Hello good evening and
Namaste, Hyderabad.
You're listening to Hyderabad's No. 1
FM Radio station, super hits 93.5 Red FM.
Keep listening with fun and joy.
I'm your new RJ Sara.
Climate looks very cool outside, right?
Along with that, today is
world happiness day.
So, share your happiness with us.
That's because sorrow diminishes
by sharing and
happiness enhances by sharing.
So, let's see who is the first caller.
-Hello, tell me. What's your name?
-My name is Kavitha, sister.
Tell, what do you wish to share
with us all?
I got job today in an MNC, sister.
Even the salary is very huge.
Oh wow, that's really
a great news Kavitha.
-Did you say this to your mom
and dad? -No, I didn't say yet.
My father is an auto driver.
Even mom worked
in everyone's house for my education.
They got me education by
working so hard.
If I tell this to them by phone, I can just
listen to their happiness, but can't see.
Thus, I won't say until I go to
my village.
-So, when are you going?
-Tomorrow morning, sister.
You know one more thing?
I'm going in AC bus for the first time.
That will take me faster to my village.
Madam, you are alone.
Should you go anywhere?
I must go to JBS.
No problem, I'll go.
No problem, please come. If needed,
we can share cab charges. Please come.
-Please come.
-Say now, sister.
-You are so good, Kavitha.
You should always be happy.
Hello! Kavitha! Kavitha!
I think line got cut. Anyways, let's wish
our Kavitha's parents to always be happy.
This beautiful song for her
and for you all.
-Who are you and what do you want?
-I'm Satya and you...
-My name is Sa... Sara!
Some other person drove that car
a few days ago, right?
Oh, it must be my brother.
His name is Ajay. Why?
He helped me a lot and so
wanted to say thanks.
Brother doesn't stay here.
He does job in Bangalore.
Shall I give you his phone number?
Psst! Oh no!
-Can you give me the address?
-One minute!
Here is his card.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
I'll take leave now.
[Cell phone rings]
-Hello, is this Sahasra?
-Yes and you are?
-My name is Devi, dear.
I saw your photo in marriage
website and am calling you.
-Can I talk now?
-My photos?
I mean, it seems your friend
Anshu uploaded them.
She gave me your number too.
I saw your photo while I was
searching matches for my son.
I liked you a lot, dear.
Don't know why, but I felt you close.
That's why I'm talking in singular.
Please don't mistake me.
Oh no, I won't.
But, I don't know how do I react now.
I've got nobody to feel close
like you.
-I'm an orphan.
-What's that, dear?
Anshu said me everything. Still,
I need a daughter like daughter in law.
Hello, what happened dear?
I don't know what to talk.
Talk whatever you wish to,
only after seeing my son's photos.
I'm sending them to you right away.
-Is it ok?
-Not that...
You have a look first, dear.
-Fine, dear.
[Phone chimes]
-Hey, what are you doing?
I spoke with mom,
but I too didn't see the boy.
No problem, boy looks good.
Why have you done all this?
Huh! I spoke to Devi madam,
got to know everything about them.
I liked them and felt correct and
then I gave them your number.
You did a great thing. What can
I say right away so suddenly?
What else, say yes if you like or
say no if you don't.
Huh! Still, I can understand by
seeing that happiness in your face.
-You liked him.
-Nothing like that.
Shall I tell you one thing? She needs
a daughter like daughter in law.
You get a mother like mother in law.
Listen to me and say ok.
[Phone vibrating]
'I sent our guy your photo.'
'I gave him the number
and asked him to meet you.'
'Where should I ask him to meet?'
Retro Cafe!
-Hello mom!
-Tell me, dear.
I'm waiting here and he didn't
come yet.
Oh, is it? He is not lifting my
phone too. I'll do one thing.
-I'll send his number to you. You too
try calling him. -Ok mom!
[Deflating Tires]
Oh no!
'This number can't be reached right now.'
'This number can't be reached right now.'
Madam, any problem?
You need any help?
Nothing, my Scooty tire got
Oh no, there's no puncture shop nearby.
Where should you go?
I'm going towards Hitech city.
Get in if you're coming that way, madam.
-Enough to pay me just fifty rupees.
-It's ok, I'll manage.
No problem, get in.
Even my fare will come down.
We can share the cab bill.
Please get in.
-One second, I'll take the keys.
No! Hey!
Who are you?
Where did you bring me?
Hey! Please leave me.
Please, where am I?
It is a waste of screaming any louder.
Who exactly are you?
Who are all these?
What exactly is happening here?
-I too am brought here like you.
So, you are... Kavitha?
Yes, how do you know my name?
Kavitha, I'm Sara.
That day you called to radio station
and spoke with me.
Sister! Sister, I don't even know how many
days is it since they brought me here.
-But, I just know one thing.
-What is that?
People going out from this cage
will not come back again.
-We can just listen to the screams.
I feel scared when I listen to those.
I want to live.
No Kavitha, you don't be scared.
We shall do something.
I should be alive at least for
mom and dad.
I should see them at least for once.
Sister, they'll take away.
Do something.
-Kavitha, nothing will happen.
-Do something, sister.
-They'll take away, sister please.
-Kavitha, don't fear.
-Please don't harm her.
-Sister, save me.
-Take me instead.
-Sister, please!
-Please leave her.
-No, no!
They are very, very valuable to us.
If something happens to them,
I'll push you in.
What do you want now?
-I should leave her, right?
Leave her.
-Get her.
-Sister, don't leave me and go.
Sister, I'm scared.
-You don't be scared, Kavitha.
I'll come for you. -No!
-I'll definitely come to take you.
Sister! Sister, no.
Don't leave me and go.
Sister, don't leave me and go.
What, you thought to have
saved her life?
Huh, you did grave mistake.
The guy who selected her would've
killed without giving any pain.
The guy selecting you would've
shown a hell.
I swapped you both as you
made a mess.
I'm now sending her in your place
and you to her client.
Poor girl would've died normally.
But now as you made mess,
she will be tortured and killed.
-Oh no!
Meet you in hell.
Don't harm sister.
Please don't harm sister.
Hello, how are you feeling now?
These don't even know how to
treat a patient.
I'm sorry.
By the way, I'm Dr Sharat.
That means I'm not really a Doctor.
But, I wished to be a Doctor
from childhood.
I have money and also bought
the degree.
I passed Doctor Degree with money,
but I failed as a Doctor.
My first operation itself failed.
My licence got cancelled.
From then, I'm fulfilling
the desire like this.
But you don't worry.
Nothing will happen to you.
That's because I saw how to do
this surgery in YouTube. Yeah!
'At least for mom and dad I have to live.'
'I must see them
at least for one last time.'
Oh no, a grave mistake took place.
Yes, this is perfect.
What, should you speak?
What, should you say anything?
[Screaming in pain]
Hey! Oh no!
Hey, let my operation finish.
Stop, don't go.
[Screaming in pain]
I want her. Alive!
[Cell phone rings]
This girl is so beautiful.
Should all this happen to her?
-Brother in law!
Why are you all like that?
You put up her photo in frame.
By chance, did you like her?
Why do you look at me so,
brother in law?
Did you forget?
It was the girl whom he liked from
the photos sent by mother in law.
She also said her to be
the daughter in law.
Son, as you've been deleting when
I'm sending you photos in WhatsApp,
I kept photos in your bag
without your knowledge.
Behind the photo of the girl I liked
from them, I've written her number too.
You meet her for once, son.
Somehow, I liked her a lot.
Son, did you call her?
Fine, wait I'll call back.
"No tears roll down when heart
gets harder"
"No tears roll down when heart
gets burnt"
"No tears roll down when heart
gets evaporated"
"No tears roll down when heart
is on you"
"No tears roll down when heart
gets harder"
"No tears roll down when heart
gets burnt"
"My beloved, forgive my heart
as a waste"
"My beloved, curse my life"
"Meet me in my next births"
"Be the Goddess in this temple"
"My beloved, you turned into
the sky"
-"My beloved, listen to my call"
"This dreaded thing happened
because of me"
"I am a waste"
"I feel my life is a waste now"
"I am like a corpse now"
"No tears roll down when heart
gets harder"
"No tears roll down when heart
gets burnt"
'I didn't wish to meet you.'
'I didn't wish even to
go away from you.'
'I wanted to be with you.
But I'm in you now.'
'That is enough for me.'
'But, if you are like this...'
Is she Sahasra? I know her.
We both met.
-Oh no!
-I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sir.
-Oh no!
-That's ok.
-I'm really sorry, sir.
-That's ok!
-Did you come here for job?
-Oh! Did you study in Missionary school?
-Yes, sir!
-I grew up there and studied there.
I didn't know there's one such
orphan school.
That is running from a long time.
But you are...
Oh, I'm Shiva. I have a job consultancy
agency by the name 'Consult'.
I go to all these orphan schools,
pick bright students and get them jobs.
I even consult the Companies.
-If you don't mind, I can help you.
-Yeah, sure!
My team will contact you.
Thank you so much sir.
-Bye, bye!
-Bye, sir.
How many if we let go like this?
-We should stop somehow.
-I got an information about Lucifer.
-I'm on it.
-What is that?
Hell is with the heart dead and
human being alive.
I won't leave those showing me hell.
So many people are missing.
But, none knows anything.
Not even a single complaint
is registered.
How will we know even if
a complaint is registered, brother?
It'll be a news even if one
goes missing.
And what if so many go missing?
That should become breaking news.
But nothing happened so.
That means, we are missing
something right in our thinking.
Actually, there's an App called Lucifer.
They run red rooms through
that App, kidnap and take
everyone there and kill them.
They've even taken Sahasra
like that and killed her, sir.
Lucifer! We don't even know
there's one such application.
Don't worry Ajay, I'll take care of it.
-But you be careful.
-Sure sir!
-Take care.
-Thank you.
I should somehow win
chicken dinner today.
-[Cell phone rings]
-[Humming continues]
Mom, you don't lift the phone
when I call.
[Humming continues]
Why did you take my phone?
I didn't know about your
phone, Ajay.
-I thought you were innocent.
I didn't expect you to lie. -What?
I really don't know how your
phone came here, Ajay.
Still, the lies...
She anyways went away from
me physically.
You wish to erase her even
from my heart?
[Thunder rumbling]
Brother, what happened?
-How did that phone come...
I took it from there and kept
it here.
I said a lie Ajay.
It's a lie to hide the truth by
pretending not to have anything
though I loved you so much.
I'm innocent, Ajay.
Because, even now...
I wish to hold you and...
I'm saying the truth now.
Instead of driving someone away
from you, I'm going away myself.
Swathi! Swathi, stop.
You know everything,
but I'll tell you one thing brother.
To know about a person,
we should see with eyes.
To know the heart, you must
look into the eyes.
If you'd seen at least once into
Swathi's eyes, you'd have known
about her love and her value.
Why do we all be like this, brother?
We wish those we love not to
feel bad because of us.
But we ourselves give pain to
those who love us.
Sahasra is no more and will
never come back.
But, Swathi is definitely the reason
for that. Definitely not!
Swathi, stop.
Brother said so being in anger
and how can you leave like that?
One goes blind in anger and
cannot listen to truths.
Today's anger may turn into
hatred in future.
What are you saying, Swathi?
Why will anger on you turn into hatred?
-Brother likes you a lot.
-That is my problem, Satya.
I loved him. But, he just liked me.
Oh no Swathi, what's the difference
in between the both?
Likes change with time, Satya.
But, the loved one will never change.
You like being called like this, right?
You both be careful.
-Get her in.
-Get in, rascal.
-No, Satya!
Hey, who are you rascals? Hey!
-Leave me. Ajay!
-Get in, rascal!
-Come on drive!
Hey Satya!
-Hey Satya, what happened?
-Brother, Swathi!
[Tires screeching]
Leave me.
Swa.. thi...
You don't say anything.
Just listen to what I say.
When I was in your heart,
I'm not in front of you as a human.
Now I'm in front of you,
but I'm not there in your heart.
Yes, she is there in your heart.
She is the truth and I'm a lie.
You should believe the truth
that I'm a lie. She needs you.
Brother, what happened?
Satya, Swathi! Swathi!
They took her away, right brother?
-Hey, where is my phone?
-Even your phone is missing, brother.
-Come on man, we shall go.
You first move.
[Door bell rings]
Ajay, what are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
Satya, why are you just watching?
At least you tell him.
Say rascal, say where is Swathi.
Suman said everything to me.
I've installed Rescue App
trial version even in Swathi's mobile.
What can I hide after you know
so much?
Reason is very simple, Ajay.
My needs are more and income is less.
So, it's ok about wherever
I get the income to fulfil my needs.
Rascal, you play with human lives
for fulfilling your needs?
Look Ajay, you must've watched
a lion hunting deer in Discovery Channel.
Half the people watching that
feel poor deer must live.
The other half will feel lion's huger
should be fulfilled.
Which is correct from these two?
Is it for the deer to live or
lion to fulfil hunger?
Killing to live is the justice of nature.
And when killing is not wrong,
how is it wrong to show that?
I didn't come to listen to the philosophy
you say, I came to listen to the truth.
That girl will not live even if
I say the truth.
But I will be alive if I don't say.
That's because you don't know killing.
You cannot kill.
Oh no, Kanya!
Not because I can't kill...
I'm stopping as I don't want to kill.
Ajay, this is not correct.
She has nothing to do with this.
It is pain if we get hurt and when
our loved ones are hurt, it is sorrow.
What's the relation with this
to Swathi?
Every minute you waste from now is
the same important to you as it is for me.
Husband, what is this?
Satya, at least you tell.
I'll tell. I'm telling.
I work from outside.
I'll not have direct contact
with them.
My work is to identify all those they
wish to kill and register them on the App.
So, Swathi now...
Even Swathi's pictures would've
been uploaded in to bidding.
Pictures of everyone kidnapped
so are uploaded on Lucifer App.
Everyone registered in the App
can see those photos.
Bidding will start.
There will be three levels in this.
First is to watch the torture
taking place.
Second is to select how to torture.
Third is to come directly and
Person bidding the highest
amount will have this option.
Then, how do we know where
is Swathi now?
What happened?
-What to do now?
-There's nothing to do.
Even if we wish to do something, we
should bid the highest amount than others.
Even that is not possible at times.
-Fine, say where would they be?
-Not just me, none knows that.
There's no link between
one another in this App.
You say no for everything,
what to do now rascal?
Remember one thing, whatever
happens to Swathi there will be
the same you'll undergo.
-Not so brother, this rascal...
-Satya, no!
Leave him. Don't harm him please.
I'm so sorry. I had no other way.
-Ajay, there is a way to go there.
-What is that?
-Take that laptop.
Husband! Husband!
-Ajay, open the door.
-Brother, Police!
Ajay, open the door.
-I said open the door.
Hey, take the laptop.
Let's go.
What exactly is happening, brother?
Who killed that fellow?
Who else other than us know that
he is a member in Lucifer?
-Hey Satya!
-What happened, brother?
This is our Manager's phone.
This has all details related to Lucifer.
If we give this to the Police,
they'd search and find, right?
What you are saying is correct.
But, there is not so much time for it.
Ajay, last time I said to be
working on a clue, right?
-That worked out.
-What is that?
Every time they kidnap, they send
invitation to come to a particular location
to the person who bids the highest
in third level within 48 hours.
They leave client's vehicle at that
place and take them in their vehicle.
But the shifting location will
be just one.
I came to know that shifting
location, through a lead.
If my estimation is correct, that shifting
takes place in the next two hours.
If followed carefully,
we will reach their destination.
What if they don't come or
miss out, by chance?
It will not miss and I won't let
that happen.
My target will never miss.
Brother, to be on safe side once
to the Police...
To the guy showing hell to so many,
I'll show the real hell
and what is to chop.
[Brakes squeal]
They are here.
We could reach till here and
how now?
If they come to know we are
following them, we'll get caught.
If we don't follow, we can't get them.
-Hey Ajay!
Brother, what shall we do now?
They are coming.
This one!
The code!
Welcome to Lucifer, the place
where your dreams come true.
These are your rooms.
-I'll go that way.
Enjoy the hell.
Where am I?
What is happening?
Silence! Ajay is there.
-What is this?
Welcome to Lucifer, Ajay.
Shall I tell you an interesting fact?
We killed your sister.
I've a family.
Today you are going to do something
which you never did in your life.
Go straight to that wall.
Or else, you are at loss.
-Please don't harm me.
-Take the gun.
-I said, take the gun.
-Now shoot her.
-No! Sir, please.
For your loved girl to live, you should
kill the girl in front of your eyes.
What you have is just
ninety seconds, Ajay.
Once the game starts, even
the machine to Swathi's head will start.
Screws on both sides of head
will come closer.
If you waste time without shooting,
those screws will crush her brain.
That too slowly! But, it may take
about 15 seconds to die.
But she will see hell for those
15 seconds.
Like this! But because this is
a fair game, there are rules in it.
There are 10 keys on the wall in
Swathi's room,
which can open the lock of the equipment.
If that lock is opened by chance in these
90 seconds with the right key,
she will live.
But you have got just three chances.
If you fail even the third time...
So make a choice.
The game is live.
And the game begins now.
You don't worry. I'm here.
-Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
I'm sorry sir.
They said to let me go by killing you.
Save her if possible for you.
[Empty gun clicks]
Why are you so selfless, man?
[Clicks tongue]
I forgot to limp in a hurry, right?
Also, learn not to say
don't know once again.
Boss, this reporter got doubt on you.
Deal very carefully.
I didn't know there's one
such orphanage.
My target will never miss.
Welcome to Lucifer and
I'm the Lucifer.
This is not just a business.
It is an emotion.
Previously when I faced such a situation,
I killed my own wife to fall out.
Sir, almost all of them died.
-We have no option to get out.
-Oh no!
-Destroy each and every proof. Now!
-What now, Shiva?
-We have an option.
-What is that?
-We should say to be the victim.
We should say to have been
You think they'll believe if
we say so?
A lie has more value than truth
in this world.
We should make them believe
if truth is said.
But, it is enough to just say a lie.
I don't feel this is so easy, Shiva.
Thus, adding sentiment to a lie
will work stronger than cement.
It is a lie that we both are kidnapped.
-They killed one of us is...
-What? -Sentiment!
Still, why would one of us die?
Sorry Diya, I don't have a better
option than this.
How can you do this to me, Shiva?
I loved you more than my life.
You shouldn't love more than
life, Diya.
That's because, they'd ask for
that life itself.
Oh no!
-Shoot me! Shoot me!
You bloody, shoot me I say!
How do you think I'll be quiet
once again?
That too because of a girl?
Because of this phone?
If everyone I killed turn ghosts,
how many must come and
how many phones are required?
Sahasra died long back. If she is in
this phone by chance, let's kill her.
She is dead.
What, idiot?
What idiot, are you getting angry?
Why are you laughing, rascal?
Are you not scared to be dying?
I already knew that you are Lucifer.
Hey Satya!
What happened, brother?
Details of everyone they kidnapped
are here in these year wise folders.
But just details of Shiva and Diya
are not there in this.
-They might have got missed, brother.
-No! No chance at all.
People committing crime
so organised will be very particular.
Thus I got doubt and hacked
their Consult website.
Details of all orphans who applied
for jobs in it are matching here
with those they kidnapped.
-So, they are targeting only orphans.
-That means...
-Shiva should be the Lucifer behind this.
They've killed 6000 people till date.
Then how?
Only option is me going there.
That is very dangerous.
He may kill even you.
I already lost the girl I liked.
Now, I can't lose even the girl
I loved.
Brother, take this air tag and
your location will be known.
Oh no!
I'll accept you're great, idiot.
How much time is there for
the Police to come?
30 Minutes, or 15 minutes?
That's enough to show the hell.
Pack everything and send away
the clients.
We shouldn't get caught even
if this place is found.
And get that bitch.
Death means not just to lose
the life.
It is to lose our loved ones
in front of our eyes.
And us being unable to do
anything even by watching that.
Seeing the way you hit,
you too look to be a psycho.
I liked you. I'm giving you time
of 120 seconds.
Come and save her.
Your time starts now.
Time up!
Hey, stop!
What'll you get by killing me?
And if you leave me,
I'll give you a life.
Hey, Kavitha!
I'll give you Kavitha.
Yes, Kavitha is still alive.
The person because of whom you
came here died for saving Kavitha.
Get her.
'Don't be scared, Kavitha.'
'I will come for you. I will surely come
to take you with me.'
I'm the Lucifer and I'm the one
who decides when and who to die.
[Phone chimes]
Thank you. Bye!
Ajay, can you hear me?
Ajay, get up!
Swathi! Swathi! Swathi!
You thought I'd die so fast?
Bring it fast.
'Sir, it's been many days
since we got this letter.'
'It was in the post box,
so I couldn't see it.'
'Sorry, sir.
I missed it as I was on leave.'
'It's okay.'
'And yes, you are sending
the letter anyways,'
'then why are you giving
a wrong address?'
'I didn't expect to meet him.'
'I didn't want to meet him either.'
'If we are destined to meet,'
'He will bring us together.'