Calm With Horses (2019) Movie Script

I'm told I was a violent child.
Usually to myself.
Whether it was knockin'
my head against the wall or...
mauling at my own
fingers till they bled.
Anyone who got in
my way was fair game.
I have this memory
of someone holdin' me.
Just holding me.
Just fuckin' willing me
to stop screaming.
I don't know why I'm screaming.
I can hurt people
but there's no hate
in any of it now.
Don't go thinking all violence
is the work of hateful men.
it's just the way a fella
makes sense of his world.
Get in there and hurt
that uncivilised fuckin' animal.
Is he going to
make this awkward?
I don't think so.
He knows it'll go
easier if he takes it.
You know, but he's still
saying he didn't do anything.
Sayin' he thought
the bed was empty.
He's in there now
waiting for you.
Look, I've locked his
mammy in the bathroom
so she won't cause any bother.
How easy should I go?
don't kill him.
Who said, "To be
sure, the dog is loyal."
But why, on that account,
should we take
him as an example?
He is loyal to man,
not to other dogs...
- Kevin?
- Martin Luther King, Jr?
Are you scared, Kevin?
Ah, bring it on.
Watch out, Kevin.
You're in trouble now.
How's things, Arm?
I don't want to keep Mammy
in there too long, now.
Fair enough, so.
Up, Fannigan, look up.
Look up.
I didn't do anything!
I didn't even touch her.
All right.
Well done yourself, Tom.
You don't scare that much.
You're the man of the match.
Come over here now
before someone gets hurt.
Thank you to all
our players tonight.
My TV now.
Most people know to
stay on the right side
of the Devers family.
I'm what you meet if
you ever find yourself
on the wrong side.
But every now and then,
you'll come across a fella
who just doesn't
know any better.
It wasn't always like this.
I used to box.
Dympna would rock up with
his seven sisters to watch.
Watched me get
me eyelids ripped,
the jaw broken...
the nose broken.
I never got knocked out.
Dympna said, "If you
come and work for me"
and me two uncles...
you'll never suffer
more than a scratch...
I said, "Okay".
He said, "You can come live
with me as well, if you want".
I said, "Okay".
People say they're
trouble, the Devers.
But I say all families
have their problems.
This is my family...
and this is how we
deal with our problems.
Last night, Dympna
invited the whole crew round
for drinks at the
Devers family home.
They were allowed to
stay the night if they drank,
snorted or smoked away
the means to get
home in one piece.
Like they always had.
Problem was,
this time...
Fannigan got completely
pig-eyed drunk...
and when everyone
was sleeping...
he wandered up to the bedroom
of Dympna's younger sister...
and tried to climb
in under her sheets.
Charlie was set to
turn 14 this week.
The Devers don't
care about blood.
They say it only
makes you related.
It was loyalty.
Loyalty made you
part of the family.
How do, Brando?
You found a job yet?
Grand. I'm the CEO
of this feckin' couch.
Well, we've had a
sudden vacancy open up.
You interested?
No, I'm okay, man. Thanks, D.
- Nice plasma, Arm.
- Thanks, Brandon.
- There's the men.
- Well, ladies.
How's my little sis?
- All right?
- Get off.
What's with the plasma?
I thought Charlie might like it.
Well, aren't you the
thoughtful one, Arm.
I've already got a TV.
Eh, say thank you.
I don't want it.
Okay, okay.
All right, I'm hungry.
Arm, stick the TV in your
room or get rid, yeah?
How are you, Mrs. Dory?
Ursula around is she?
She is, of course.
Ah, sure look it, I
brought over a plasma.
Who had to pay for that?
It's all right. Just let him in.
I won't have this one
bringing stolen
goods into my house.
Ah, fuck it.
How do?
- Hiya, Douglas.
- How's my boy?
He's well enough.
What's with the plasma?
For Jack.
He doesn't watch telly.
Are you listening?
He can't cope with it.
Ah, sure kids love TV.
Stop that, you.
What's the craic, Jack?
Maybe he doesn't recognise you.
Been a while.
Go buy your mammy
something nice.
A fuckin' sense of humour.
Be with you in a minute.
I was thinking I could take
monkey boy to the park.
Down to the park?
You won't get him
into his trousers.
Ah, sure I'll
take him like this.
Don't think Jack'll be
too bothered, will ya?
I'm serious. Serious,
I'll take mine off as well.
- Yeah, bit of solidarity there.
- Douglas, Jesus Christ!
- What are you at?
- There we are now.
He's going to see
the horses later
so don't be gone too long.
I thought you wanted me
to get him out of your hair
for a bit.
Eh, actually no, that's...
That's not why I asked you over.
It's good news.
Jack has been accepted
into a new school.
A special education place.
And there's going to
be some costs involved
so I just wanted
to let you know.
And well, if you're able
to contribute something,
You know, I hate asking
'cause if I could
afford the fees myself,
I wouldn't be fuckin'
asking ya to begin with,
but I can't so
there you go. It's...
It's a fantastic
place, really it is...
perfect for Jack.
What about the horses, though?
Yeah, I mean, the
horses help, sure, but...
Excuse me, can I
have that, please?
But, eh... Can you
put your fucking
trousers back on
when I'm trying to talk to ya?
I was the same at his
age. A late developer.
That's reassuring.
I told you I don't
want the telly.
It's for Jack.
Sharp as fuck.
Would you turn it off?
It's all right.
Would you fucking
turn it off, please?
- I'm fucking... I fuck.
- Jack, it's all right, please.
If I take the plug
out with the disc in it,
- it fucks up the drive.
- Fucking take it...
I don't give a
shit. Turn it off.
Shhh, it's okay.
- Make yourself useful.
- I fuckin' turned it off!
I know but open
the door, please?
It's okay.
You're okay, Jack, you're okay.
It's all right, Jack.
The TV's off.
The TV's off, Jack.
I'm comin' to get ya.
All right, Dympna?
Where are you, big man?
I got a call from Hector.
Stop that!
Stop that.
Sorry, D.
I said I got a call from Hector.
You know, he sounded
mad but wouldn't say why.
I think Mammy told
him about Fannigan.
We need to swing by and
see him. Where you at?
I'm with the young lad now.
I asked where you at?
The park.
Over on Drummond Rise.
All right, I'll see you in ten.
Good man, Jack.
- That one's Ursula's road.
- Yeah.
- We're not dropping Jack home?
- No, no time for that.
Don't answer that, whatever
you do. Don't answer that.
She's after money.
It's some special school
for the young lad
there, you know.
look it, maybe it's
something we can talk about
at some point, you know.
Arm, Mark my words,
listen to me when
I say this, yeah?
She will take you for a
fuckin' ride if you let her.
Personally, I care for you
too much to see anyone,
anyone take advantage of ya.
She's a fucking fake, her.
She knows how much
you care about him.
Just wise up,
here. Wise up, Arm.
- Wise up?
- Yeah, wise up.
Fucking dogs.
Leave the kid here, yeah?
You're all right.
Just stay here. Just
play with something.
I'm just going round the corner
to talk to the nice man, now.
Arm! Fucking hurry.
You're late.
Let's make this quick.
Maire's waiting for me.
That widow of yours.
She is one lucky lady.
We heard about this fella.
What's his name?
- Mmm.
- Fannigan. Yeah.
What he did to the young one?
Yeah, she's okay.
Took care of it.
Actually, it's taken care of.
Well, I suppose that
must be the reason
you chose not to tell us.
She's a child, Dympna. A child.
If you couldn't handle it,
you should have called us in.
- It's fucking handled, okay?
- Is it now?
- Yeah.
- I don't know about that at all.
And Paudi certainly
doesn't know about that,
and as far as he's concerned,
retribution hasn't even started.
But I've convinced him
to step back for a while.
Give you a second chance.
To do what?
To amend yourself.
We understand the Arm
here has given him a taste.
But we think it's now
time to finish the job.
No, we don't do that.
Not into that sort of business.
You know what I'm sayin'?
It's time to get
into that business.
If you know what I'm saying.
The muscle? Young Armstrong.
If what happened to that child,
happened to your
young fella outside...
would you leave
the matter as it is?
This is my business.
I'll fuckin' sort it,
- you hear me?
- Your father, God rest him,
would never have
let it end there.
He'd be ashamed to see
what you're doing
to the Devers name.
Heh? He'd be embarrassed of you.
If you can't control your side,
everything falls apart.
And we're done.
How much does Fannigan
know about us, ha?
About our end of the operation?
This is simpler than you think.
Get that half-wit to do it.
Sort this out, nephew.
For all our sakes.
Well, what do you think
you're gonna fucking do?
What we shouldn't have to.
Look what I found?
I think the little lad
was getting scared
out there by himself.
All that screamin'
and shoutin' going on.
What you been up to now, ha?
We took care of it. We're
taking care of it, Paudi.
We came in to
investigate, didn't we?
What's that? Ha?
What are you saying?
I can't make head nor tail
of what this fella's saying.
What's he on about?
Just, eh... quiet.
The quiet man.
Just like his daddy.
If you grow up
to be big and strong
like your daddy,
maybe you can
come and work for me.
But be warned...
if you step out of line,
I'd have to come
along and I'd have to...
I'd have to cut
your little nose off.
And I'd have to come
and cut off your little ear.
As long as you're a good boy,
there's nothing to worry about.
Isn't that right, Dympna?
I'll have to be getting him
back to his mother now...
Mr. Devers.
Come on, Jack.
- Come over here.
- Some fucking zoo, isn't it?
Where the hell have you been?
I lost track of time, sorry.
Don't you ever let him near
that fucking drug peddler
again, do ya hear me?
- Drug peddler?
- You take him
where you say you're
going to take him
- and you answer my phone calls.
- Right.
Or on your head
be it. I mean that.
Come on then.
Paula, would you mind
him for one second, please?
Come over here.
Just fucking come up
here and talk to me now.
- What?
- Come on.
- Come up and fucking talk to me.
- What about?
We need to talk
about the school.
Not now, Urs.
The school's in Rochestown.
Where the fuck's Rochestown?
Will they have
horses in Cork too?
No, they have better
support for Jack.
Let's be honest, now.
This is all about you.
- You're a fake.
- What?
You're a fake.
You know how much
I care about the boy
- and you're just trying...
- How fuckin' dare ya?
If anything, this is about you.
I don't want him
to be around you...
'cause of the
things that you do.
I work.
Fuck off.
Beatin' up junkies until
they shit themselves
is not investment
banking, Douglas.
You were never like this
before, you know that?
Before them Devers
got their hands on ya.
And now, you're just
their fucking lapdog.
Look it, I'm not
going to pay you
to take my son away from me.
- It's not fuckin' happening.
- Is there a problem here?
Just came to see the horses.
You all right?
I mean, she can't
just take off...
can she?
She can't just
fuckin' steal the lad.
Steal him?
Yeah, I don't know.
Can she do that?
Have you considered
the possibility
of playing hard to get?
- With my boy?
- Yeah?
Like, in Switzerland, right?
They have this thing, right,
where you're only allowed
to own one goldfish at a time.
You're not allowed to
own multiple goldfishes.
Just the one.
It's the animals cruelty.
And it's the same
with the Guinea pigs.
What's that got
to do with my son?
Well, just consider yourself
lucky you're not Sweden...
ish, Switches...
Yo, do you mind gettin'
a drink, please? Thanks.
- Go!
- You're the man, Needles.
- I've been wanting to talk...
- Just take your shot.
- The Fannigan...
- Take your shot.
It'll be all right.
We'll sort somethin'
out, Dympna.
I didn't get the joke,
lads. What's so funny?
I just... I didn't hear
it. What's so funny?
Dympna? What's the problem, man?
No problem.
Having a great time.
Great time, bro. What'd
you call me? Dympna?
- Yeah.
- Mmm.
It's Mr. Devers to you, yeah?
Actually, it's Mr. Devers
to everyone, yeah?
Mr. fuckin' Devers.
The fuck you lookin' at?
So, Mr. Devers, you're
having a good time?
Right? Look at that.
Will ya fuckin' get up,
like? Come on, big man.
Fuckin' get up!
You're the one, Arm!
- You're an animal.
- That's my boy.
I need you to find Fannigan.
Can you find Fannigan for me?
Find him and keep an
eye on him all night, yeah?
- Will you do that for me?
- I'll do that.
Will ya do me that favour?
Arm, let's go.
Come on, boy, eh?
Yeah? Let's go now.
Fuck the lot of ye, yeah?
Hey, it's not like they
were going to fuckin'
call the Guards, is it?
Like, even if they
did, even if they did,
what the fuck are the
Guards going to do?
Useless cunts.
You know, if only the Garda
would be a bit more
Perry Mason with me,
who knows? But... anyways...
Yeah, all right?
Which one was Perry Mason again?
The lawyer fella in Los
Angeles, what's the...
Was he not the fella
in the wheelchair?
You're thinking of Ironside.
- Ah...
- Ah...
I am, sure.
What was his name?
- Who, Ironside?
- Yeah, Ironside.
Yeah, Ironside.
That's the character's
name, Ironside.
- The main character.
- Yes!
The fella... The fella
in the wheelchair?
I don't know why
the fuck you'd name
a wheelchair-bound
fella Ironside, but...
You're supposed to say,
"wheelchair user" now.
Fuck you and your
wheelchair user.
Fuck them, anyways.
The wheelchair-bound?
No, fucking Hector
and Paudi, Arm.
- Wake up, here. Take it.
- Fuck off.
- Take the fuckin' thing.
- No, I'm all right.
Take the fuckin'
thing now, will ya?
- Come on.
- Fuck.
That's it.
Yeah, well he just won't let
this fuckin' Fannigan thing go.
They're not letting it go.
Hector's one thing...
Paudi's a different breed.
Paudi is a different breed.
Here we go.
- Fuck off. No!
- To the two bros.
- No, I'm all right.
- We're bros, ha?
Come on, take it.
Yay, there's a good boy, eh?
You fuckin' prick.
- Urs?
- Jesus Christ!
You're not with Jack.
Did you not see him?
Wasn't he tethered
to a lamp post outside?
He's with me mam. Is
that all right with you?
- I suppose.
- You suppose.
Suppose you leave us alone, now?
You're the horse fella.
You could say that.
This is Douglas.
Jack's daddy.
Right. Well,
Jack's a lovely kid.
Ursula too, right?
What's your name?
Sorry. Rob.
That's some fucking
accent you have there, Rob.
So, why aren't you at home, Rob?
Well, part of my Masters
involves work
placements and that.
- And you chose to come here?
- Not exactly.
I was at a place
in Cork for a while.
Roches... Rochestown.
- Rochestown.
- Rochestown.
Yeah, Rochestown.
They have a great school there.
Especially on the
psychotherapy side.
Well, I guess after a while,
I needed a change.
You know how it is.
So, I put in a transfer
request and, eh...
they sent me here.
And yourself, Douglas?
What does a guy in his
prime do around here?
I'm retired.
Douglas used to box.
- Hey.
- Yeah, he was... He was...
He represented the county
in amateur at one stage.
That's fucking great, man.
How come you gave it up?
I killed a fella.
What's the craic, Ursula?
Who's this handsome cunt?
Glad to see your
business is going well.
Yeah. Give Jack a
hug for me, yeah?
Bye, Rob.
Bye, Rob.
Jeez, you're a fucking
mess. Will you come on?
Sorry, lads,
I think he's going to puke
there, you know? Thanks.
What? What is it? What?
There's one thing
left to do, buddy.
We have to do it.
We need to sort this tonight.
If we leave it any longer...
we're gone.
Not Fannigan. Us. We're gone.
- I don't know, Dympna...
- Eh?
You know the money
thing we were talking about?
- What money?
- For Jack! For Jack!
Get him whatever you want.
I'll get you whatever you want.
You're my bro. You're my bro.
I love you to bits,
you know that.
- Yeah.
- I fuckin' love you,
- do you hear me?
- My bro.
I fuckin' love ya.
Fannigan's going to be in
Margaret's till closing time.
You follow him home,
past the cliffs, ha?
Past the cliffs...
You make it look
like he did it himself.
You make it look
like he did it himself,
do you hear me?
Eh? Now take one of
these. Take one of these, ha?
Take one of these.
- Please...
- Come on.
- One of these. Wake you up.
- Yeah.
- Give me that.
- Okay?
- Give me a minute.
- Outside, eh?
You're okay.
Jesus, Arm.
How's things?
Turn round.
Hector and Paudi found out
what you did to young Charlie.
I hope you knew
they always would.
You are not them, Arm.
- Ha?
- You are not them, Arm.
All right, jacket.
What do you want with my jacket?
- Give me your fuckin' jacket.
- What do you want
with the jacket?
Jesus, Arm.
Ah, no. Fuckin' hell, no.
Give me your jacket.
- Take off the boots.
- What?
Take off the shoes.
Dympna said this'd
be the end of it.
Take off your shoes.
And the rest of the clothes.
- Billy, fuckin' come on.
- Is this happenin'?
Ah, no, Arm.
Ah, Jesus, are
you doin' this, Billy?
- Oh, my God.
- Trousers. Come on.
Oh, my fucking God.
Hold on, no, no, no!
I'm in the fucking nip!
No, no, no! The joke's
gone too far, now.
I'm not puttin' up with this.
No, I'm fuckin' outta here.
It's nearly over now.
It's nearly over.
This isn't you. Please.
Did anyone see ya?
- No.
- No one?
Are you sure?
He's definitely dead?
I was careful.
What did it feel like?
Just ignore me. I'm
just... Ignore me. It's...
You need to lay low.
Don't speak to anyone
for a few days. Anyone.
Don't go anywhere.
I'll take care of
Hector and Paudi.
- This isn't you.
- It's nearly over now.
- It's nearly over.
- Please.
You're to leave tonight, Billy.
You leave now, you
never come back.
I never will. Thank you, Arm.
You won't regret
this, honest to God.
No popping into the
mammy's for the boys.
You leave now and you never...
You never fucking come back.
I won't, I swear. Thank
you so much, Arm.
Everything good, yeah?
Yeah, grand.
Any chance I could
borrow the car?
Goin' a bit mad up
there in the room.
Where are ya goin'?
Ah, just clear the
head, you know?
Remember what I said, yeah?
Thanks a million.
You're a natural.
Very good.
There you go. You got it.
Just like that.
You good?
That's it. Stay relaxed.
Yes, that's it. Well done.
Well, hello again.
So what is it you're after now?
I wanted to see
Jack ridin' a horse.
There you go.
- Come on.
- Hiya.
You disappeared off last night.
You were doin' grand without me.
Come on. Let's go.
Well done, Jack.
- That was very good.
- Great.
- You were very good.
- Session finished
a while ago, Douglas.
I've got a retirement
group coming in now.
Well, I am retired, right?
Do you want to touch her?
Do you mind?
Go for it.
It's easy.
Come on.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, go for it.
There you go.
Why don't you have a go?
I'm all right.
Rob will look after you.
Yeah, if you want.
Go on.
Bet you're just as
good as any of the kids.
Go on, show Jack.
Ah, fuck it.
There you go. Look.
- Just stand on the block.
- Right, yeah?
- Grab hold of the mane.
- Fuck. It twitched.
- The mane?
- Yeah.
- Throw your leg over.
- Won't hurt it?
- Not at all.
- The horse?
Go for it.
- There you go.
- Fuck.
- All right. I'm up.
- Good girl.
- You all right?
- You know, I think so.
Not so sure about
my nuts though.
- All right.
- There you go.
Whoa, whoa.
Oh, fuck.
- Let's go for a walk.
- What the fuck do I do now?
Holy shit and fuck.
I can hold the hair?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Yeah, she won't mind.
Yeah, it's pretty easy.
It's like ridin' a bike,
but without a bike.
A fuckin' hairy bike.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What do you mean, whoa? What?
You want to take the reins?
- Reins?
- Yeah.
Come on, let's go.
Right rein.
There you go. We're
gonna go straight down here.
Look at your daft daddy.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Go on.
So, are you planning any
more unscheduled visits?
Didn't think there'd
be any harm to it.
Good boy.
That's just Jack's
version of eating a burger.
Would you pass the red sauce?
Don't be smiling
like that neither.
How are the plans coming
along for the big move?
Eh, actually I'm heading down
there for the day tomorrow.
I've got an interview
for a job at the school.
Classroom assistant.
Unlikely I'll fuckin' get it,
now, to be honest, 'cause...
if I did, it would, eh,
cover the lion's
share of his fees.
Hear that, Jack?
You'll have to call your
mammy, "Miss Dory".
I know you will.
You do realise, though, I'm...
I am thinking about what's
best for him in all this.
But no, you're right,
I am thinking of
myself a bit too.
I fuckin' hate it here.
The looks I get...
- The whispers.
- What do you mean?
thinkin' that I'm somehow
to blame for the way Jack is.
I know them Devers women say it.
Ah, come on. You
can't really blame them,
can you, Urs?
What does that mean?
Well, in a town like this,
there's nothing else to do.
Do you really think I
would have smoked
or fuckin' snorted
or did whatever when I
was pregnant with our son?
No, I meant gossip.
- Right.
- There's nothing for them to do
- but gossip.
- Okay.
So, you need someone to
look after Jack tomorrow?
Yeah, I suppose but I'm going
to leave him with my mam.
Don't leave him with
that downcast cow.
- Douglas?
- You know,
they say dogs take on
the traits of their owners
and Jack's smarter
than any pup, so...
Just imagine what a
miserable fecker he'll grow into
if you keep leaving him
with that pinch-faced...
You know, you...
You only ever see her that way
'cause you make her
that way with your...
- My presence?
- Yes.
Never been told I
have presence before.
You're so stupid, you know that?
Look, let me take Jack tomorrow.
I'll take him the whole day.
Just him and me. No
Dympna, no Devers, no..
No nonsense, right?
I don't know.
I don't think you could cope.
- It's not that simple.
- Let me show ya.
Jack loves it here.
Don't ya?
He still loves it here.
Let me show you what I can...
I can take care of him.
I'm tryin', Urs.
Won't be like last time.
What would you do?
Ah, we'll find some
sort of trouble to get into.
Won't we, Jack?
That's what I'm afraid of.
All right, fine,
would you just...
Just keep an eye
on him, will ya?
And be patient.
Yeah, I will do.
You remind me of yourself
sometimes, you know that?
I miss you.
You know all this stuff
with the Devers, right?
That's not you.
Hearing that a lot lately.
Come on, hey.
Tell us about your new woman.
Is it true about her money?
Her Ballinbracken toy boy.
Fuck that.
Hector, the gold digger?
Now, you...
- Oh, is it a secret?
- Are you tellin' her?
I'm tellin' ya,
Hector's new widow,
she's got a rake of cash,
man. A rake of cash.
How much is a fucking
rake of cash, like?
I don't fuckin' know. A
rake of cash's a rake of cash,
Needles, fuck sake, man.
So, you don't know
how much exactly
- the mad widow woman has got?
- No, I don't fucking know
how much exactly but it's
enough for good old Heck
to do away with his
self-respect, you know?
Spruce himself up
beyond recognition.
I mean, that's how
much we're talkin' here.
It's a lot. Recognition.
- I understand.
- Do you know what I'm sayin'?
I know what you're sayin'.
All right. Okay.
So, em... we'll just, em...
What do we do? What
do we do? All right.
All right, listen to me. This
is what we're gonna do.
- Mmm.
- Okay, so...
- We'll follow him...
- Mmm.
Out to Ballinbracken.
We'll take her cash.
We'll just take her cash.
Ah, and then...
Yeah, well, you have to
plan a getaway, D, 'cause...
Because you got
Hector on your tail, now.
- You've got Paudi on your tail.
- Why the fuck Mexico though?
Yeah, but it's a cliche
and a cliche is a
cliche for a reason.
You don't go to
fuckin' Mexico though
when you're
escaping from Ireland.
Do you know?
You don't... I mean,
the Yank fugitives do it
because of the border, you know,
it's only over the
border, but like,
that's why-That's
why they do it.
But for us, it's fuckin'...
It's flights, and...
fuckin' visas and accommodation
and fuckin' stopovers in...
What's it... Fuckin'
Atlanta and stuff.
So, stopovers.
So, where would you go then?
I wouldn't go to Mexico.
Yeah, but where
would you go then?
Eh, Brazil?
Where the fuck is Rochestown?
Yeah, Cork.
- It's in Cork.
- Yeah.
It is in Cork.
I mean,
makes more sense
than fuckin' Mexico.
- Mexico...
- To be fair.
It does make more
sense, to be fair.
Makes more sense.
Yeah, now, salutations
and cead mile
fuckin' failte to ye all.
- Hey.
- To me family.
Whom I love so much.
And to friends.
I see Dympna has brought
a fair few fiendish-lookin'
skins with him here today.
Always been a good judge
of character, our Dympna, ha?
Forget about the boys,
Heck, what about us bures?
Oh, no, the bures too.
We couldn't do nothing
without the boys,
and we couldn't do nothin'
without the bures neither.
Fuckin' right.
Will ya join me up here, please?
Come on, girl.
Come on.
Go on, sweetheart, your
uncle's waiting for ya.
Good girl.
It's all right. We Devers,
have been through
some tough times
and we've the scars to prove it.
But we're out the
other side now, yeah?
And we're here now,
celebrating young
Charlie's birthday.
"So, I say, 'Fuck 'em all!"
And let's tear the absolute
arse out of it. Slainte!
It's good, huh?
I fuckin' love the
pair of ye, eh?
Yeah. Good lads.
You're loyal skins.
That's what you are, fuckin'...
You did the right
thing, young Armstrong.
Shhh, the fuck's sake.
You did right by your family.
Tell me, now.
Must have taken a lot
to do what you did, ha?
I know.
I know.
it had to be done, ha?
We welcomed that man into
our home. Like took him in,
treated him as
part of the family.
We let that
disgusting piece of shit
across the Devers threshold
and what did he do?
Now, we trusted
him, what did he do?
Paudi thinks you let
Fannigan off the hook.
What do you mean?
Paudi is of the opinion that
that man should have undergone
a fair amount of
pain and sufferin'.
He suspects that you were...
perhaps a little too
merciful in your methods.
He wants to see you.
Hear it from the
horse's mouth as it were.
He needs to have
his mind put at ease.
But that's just
fuckin' Paudi, right?
What do you want?
- This is Jack.
- Hiya.
That's my boy.
- One candy floss, please.
- Okay.
Hey, let's play a game.
Can you say it?
Candy floss.
Jack? Candy floss.
A couple of words.
Then you can go back
to being normal
again, I promise.
Fair play to ya.
Fuckin' take it.
- Hello.
- How are ya?
- Want to have a go?
- Yes, please.
- All right, three Euros, please.
- Three Euros.
Thank you.
- Shootin' a couple of targets.
- All right, so.
Now, all right?
Jack? Jack, look.
Look what's... Will we
try and win something?
All right.
That was shite.
Thanks. I missed.
I'll do it again. We've
got three of these, right?
- Now.
- Thanks very much.
Right, watch this now.
Okay. There you go.
- Your barrel's crooked.
- Sure, you'd say that.
Good boy.
This one's for the young lad.
Your turn now, Jack.
Ah, come on, Jack.
Come on, now.
Come on.
Come on, it's fun.
Grab it.
Ah, come on, Jack.
Hold it. Give me your hand.
Gimme your hand now.
Put your other hand
around here. That's it.
You have to hurry up, now...
Just give me a fuckin... Sorry.
The lad, he hasn't
eaten. Come on.
I don't need this today,
Jack. We're havin' fun.
Jack? What's wrong with ya?
What's wrong with ya? Shut up.
Stop it.
What? Stop it. Shut up.
Shut up, now.
Stop it. Shut up!
Jack, for fuck's sake, now.
Shut the fuck up.
Just be fuckin' normal.
All right?
Control your kid, will ya?
Fuck yourself!
Fucking shit.
Jesus, Douglas, what happened?
It's all right. Douglas?
Douglas, what's
the matter with you?
You know what you said
the other day, Dympna,
about the money?
After Fannigan was done?
Really? Now? You want
to talk about that now?
We don't have
time for it. Come on.
Let's go.
I need that money.
I'm not followin' here.
I don't feel up to
it today, Dympna.
Maybe we could
leave it for today?
No, no, no,
there's no leavin' it.
We've to go to the farm today,
yeah? Paudi's waitin' for us.
And if you don't wise
up, you'll get fuck all.
Grab the fuckin'
bag. Grab the bag.
All right?
Douglas, what the fuck happened?
You can't be around
here now, Urs.
You just left Jack.
- What did you do to him?
- It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter?
Look, I'll tell you
everything, right,
but not here, eh?
You have to go.
- I'm not goin' anywhere.
- Ursula, please.
I'm going to make this right.
I'm going to make it all right.
I can't do it now.
- Stop walking away from me.
- Let's go, big man.
There's no fuckin'
time for this.
Douglas, I know
something's goin' on with ya
and every part of me said
not to come runnin' after you
but here I am.
Okay, I'm listening.
- Just talk to me.
- Arm.
Urs, go home.
This is not loyalty.
It's servitude.
- I told you to fuck off, you!
- Dympna!
Ah, go on then.
- Go on.
- Let's go.
Go traipsing off with this
lot, like you always do.
I'd watch that plank in
your eye if I were you.
What's it go to
do with you, June?
I won't have you
reproaching poor Arm here
for a minor lapse of judgement,
when sure isn't it your fault
the child is the way
he is in the first place?
You've said what you
wanted. Had your little tantrum.
Why don't you fuck
off home, sweetheart?
Let's go, big man.
- Come on.
- This isn't your family.
Fuck's sake, Arm, come on.
Get the fuck in the car.
Fuckin' hell.
Uncle Paudi. That's a
fine cunt of a day, eh?
Sit down.
Hector tell ya about the dog?
Dog? Dog. Eh...
One of them's ate a wasp.
It's a habit they've had since
they were pups, you know?
Think he must have
ate one that wasn't dead.
His tongue's all fucked
up and he's wheezing
and stuck lying
down since yesterday.
Be a shame to put
such a loyal animal
out of action, you know?
Sure, as the good
Lord himself would say,
"That's fuckin' that".
Well, fuck that goon Hector.
Can't believe he didn't
tell you about the dog.
All that man cares about is
his little bit of
stuff stuck away
there in Ballinbracken.
- Still out there, is he?
- Jesus Christ,
I think his brain's
turned to shite.
He has this unconscionable
stack of sprays and perfumes.
Bathin' himself
every second day.
He has...
- He has his little clippers...
- Mmm-hmm.
For his toe-toes.
A clipper for his toe-toes.
Can you believe that?
He forgets to feed
the fuckin' dogs.
So, this business
about the molester...
- You mean Fannigan?
- Fannigan.
Another loyal skin
no doubt, hmm?
We're fallin' fuckin'
down with loyal skins, ha?
Didn't Hector tell ya?
Dealt with.
Dealt with?
Arm took care of Fannigan.
He's dead, Mr. Devers.
Fannigan won't
bother no one no more.
Well, you took your
fuckin' time, ha?
Better late than
never I suppose, ha?
Sure, maybe a seasoned
killer like yourself,
you might be able to
help me with the pup, ha?
Help him on his way?
Come on, the pair of yis.
Grab that scatter gun in
the corner will you, nephew?
Pretty wound up, isn't he?
That's the other fella.
He's in a bad way
what with his brother
being fucked up, you know?
That gun loaded, Dympna?
Give it here to me so.
Right so.
Shut up, you!
Ah, the puppy, ha?
The poor little puppy.
Gonna put you out
of your fuckin' misery.
I'm gonna put you down.
Poor puppy... Shut up, you!
Put the poor little
puppy down, ha?
Gonna put you
out of your misery.
Oh, Paudi, what the fuck?
Get in here, the
pair of yis, ha?
- Whoa, fuck, no!
- The pair of yis,
- do ya hear me? In here now.
- No!
Okay, Paudi, what the fuck?
That's it, now.
Just St...
You'd choose a
child-molestin' fuck
over your own
flesh and blood, ha?
Fuck it, you told me
you took care of it.
You told me you
fuckin' took care of it.
- Sorry, D.
- Shut the fuck up, you.
- Shut the fuck up.
- I couldn't do it.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Arm took care of nothin',
and you took care of nothin'.
Too busy down the hairdressers
gettin' the blondie colour
put in your hair.
No one took care
of nothin' only me.
'Cause I'm the only
one. The only one
- who cares about this family.
- He fuckin' told me
he took care of
it. You fuckin' lied!
You fuckin' lied to me.
I lied.
- I lied to him.
- I'll do it next time.
You know I would
have taken care of it.
I'll do it. I'll take
care of it next time.
Just put the gun down.
Oh, boy.
- I'm sorry, D.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Fuck off.
- I couldn't do it.
Fuck you.
Here. Take care of it
now, why don't ya, ha?
Finish the job now,
like a good boy, ha?
Make your daddy proud.
Fuck you.
- What are you doin'?
- Ah, for fuck's sake.
Shut the fuck up.
- I couldn't do it, D.
- Shhh.
Shut the fuck up.
What are you doing?
Ya fuckin' lied.
- I know you...
- Shut the fuck up!
- A child molesting fuck.
- Yeah.
Interfering with one
of our own children.
And you let the hired help here
leave him off down
the road laughin'
with his cock in
his hand, is that it?
Fuckin' did. I...
This is family business, Dympna.
Family business and
that's down to you.
That's down to you.
The Arm here, pullin'
the wool over your eyes.
And your daddy turnin'
in his fuckin' grave.
Show me what
you're fuckin' made of.
Fuckin' run.
Fuckin' run.
Fuck you.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Ah, come on!
Speak and leave a
message, whoever you are,
ya big fuckin' sham.
this is Ursula,
sorry I'm not here
to take your call.
Just leave a message
and I'll get back to ya.
Urs, it's Arm.
I hope I'm not
disturbing ya or anything.
I wouldn't pick up
the phone either...
I suppose.
I just thought I'd
say sorry and...
Haven't forgotten
about you and...
just give me a
small bit of time,
small bit of time, now...
and, eh...
goin' to get Jack that money.
Goin' to make things
right, you know?
Maybe I'll tell Jack.
Just tell him I said goodnight.
All right so.
Your brother went fuckin' mad.
- Ya heard from him?
- What?
Paudi? No.
Who's there?
I'm comin' in, Heck.
Whatever this is about,
we can go somewhere
and talk about it because...
An acquaintance
of yours, Hector?
He is, by and by...
He's a friend of a
young relative of mine.
My nephew.
Douglas, Maire. Maire, Douglas.
He used to box for the county.
The carriage would
suggest so, all right.
Hector not tell ya
I was comin' over?
Well, now he did not.
Sit down, please,
the both of you.
You have intruded right
into the middle of our
nightcap, young man.
I was just about
to serve a toddy
to Hector and myself.
Can I fix you one?
A what?
Do, dear, yeah.
And, em...
Cut us a few wodges
of brack while you're at it.
Whatever you have
to say, say it low.
She's to be kept out of this.
That brother of
yours lost it, the mink.
Took a couple of pot-shots at me
as I was gettin' the
fuck out of Dodge.
Why would he do
something like that?
The useless cunt was
supposed to disappear.
You fuckin'...
Settle down, man.
You fucked this whole thing up.
I'm takin' this old
one's money, Heck.
You're goin' to sit there
quiet and let it happen.
No, you're gettin' outta here.
It's only a matter
of time before...
Here we are now.
Your toddy is not too strong.
It only occurred to
me in the kitchen.
You must have driven
across the country,
and will soon be
driving back again.
So I made it mild.
So this lad is
not your relative?
I'm sure I know you
from somewhere.
No, no.
Can I ask what the
emergency was?
Eh, it seems there may have been
an accident on the farm.
- An accident?
- Mmm.
We may have to go now,
my dear. Immediately.
Hector, what's the matter?
Take another step yonder
and I'll break both
your fuckin' ankles.
Oh, God in heaven!
He's bleeding.
Hector, what is this all about?
Sorry, Maire,
I'm in your premises
under false pretences.
But if I am, then so
too is the sidling cunt
in the jumper.
- He's after your money.
- My money?
That's not true, Maire.
He has you wrapped
round his little finger.
It's what his kind does.
Just take the money if that's
what it takes for ya to leave.
I am not what he
says I am, Maire.
Jesus God!
Just go and get the money.
Arm? Hey, Arm?
- Dympna?
- Where are you, buddy?
Where the fuck are ya?
Okay, things got outta
hand back there, man,
but it's all calm now, yeah?
I got Paudi to calm down and...
I just need you to
come back in, man.
Remember you're my bro, eh?
You'll never see me again.
I'm done. I'm leaving.
You know it doesn't
work that way, buddy.
Not with him, ha?
You know, Paudi's
asking questions
about Jack and Urs.
What do ya mean?
What I mean is...
if I can't tell him
where you are,
I'm gonna have to
tell him where they are.
I don't wanna do that, man.
You know what he'll
fuckin' do to them, eh?
No, Arm!
Oh, God!
Do ya hear that?
You go anywhere near my Jack,
and Hector's dead.
Dead, you understand?
Is that where you been
hidin'? At the widow's, eh?
I'm here all right.
Arm, just stay there, yeah?
- No one else has to get hurt.
- You thick fuckin' daft cunt!
- You fuckin' loaf!
- Arm?
Now, get a move on.
I'm sorry, Maire, please...
The money won't help you.
It's not for me. Hurry up!
It's all in there. Now,
take it and go, please.
- Douglas?
- Douglas...
won't make it right.
You're hurt?
Whatever mess
it is you're in, son,
no amount of money
will make it right.
Whoever you gave it to,
you'll only be involving
them in all this.
I can't...
I can't...
I can't turn up with
nothin', you know?
Can't keep givin' them nothin'.
I know you.
I thought I recognised you.
You're that boxer.
I remember you from the papers.
The way they talked about you.
You were only a boy.
So was he.
It's a hospital we
should get you to.
- No.
- A doctor, at least.
You have to think of the others.
What others?
The people in your life.
Your family?
Is this really what
they want from you?
Stolen money?
You've done nothing yet.
Nothing that cannot
be turned back.
No, it's too late.
You're right.
But it's okay.
It has to be.
He's gone.
Now, I'm sorry, Maire.
You have to get out of here.
Someone bad is coming.
Yeah, it's me.
Yeah, what do you want?
I got your message.
Is everything all right?
Fine, now.
Right, so what do you want?
How's Jack?
He's fine.
He's asleep.
Maybe you could
tell him, tell him...
Maybe you could tell
him I asked for him?
Sorry I haven't
been around, Urs.
You're never out
of me hair, are ya?
In a useful way.
A better way.
You deserve better.
Everyone deserves better.
Maybe it should be the other
way around altogether so.
What does that mean?
Look, I'll leave you to it.
No... Douglas.
- What does that mean?
- Nothin'.
I mean...
Ah, you'll have better.
Soon enough, when you're
out of this fuckin' place.
You'll find a way.
Now, you need to
go and do your thing.
I get that.
I get that.
And I know ya...
- You won't have to wait long.
- Douglas?
I... Douglas, I got the job.
You got the job?
Yeah, yeah.
- The job in Rochestown?
- Yes.
Rochestown in Cork?
Yeah, yeah, I did.
I'm so ha... I'm
so happy for you.
All right, yeah,
I'm sure you are.
No, I mean it.
I am.
I am.
I've been a kid
throwin' a moody.
You know?
You know what I mean?
Doing a Jack?
Jack's better behaved than you.
Urs, I love you.
Jesus Christ...
are you drunk?
Yeah, a little.
All right, so...
Well, eh, I...
We love you too, Douglas.
Look, I'm going
to leave you to it.
Okay, well, em...
Well, I'll speak to
you tomorrow, so.
Yeah, yeah.
All right, I'll speak
to ya tomorrow.
Goodnight, Douglas.
No, these are going
back in the box.
In the box, please.