Calon Bini (2019) Movie Script

This morning, I will announce
the results of your test...
...after taking the National Exam
and School Exam.
I hereby state that...
...all of you...
...has passed!
We passed!
Wait a minute! Calm down!
Remember that you should all...
...donate your uniform to your juniors.
What's wrong with this kid?
Donate your clothes to me.
It's still good, ma'am?
Why should I give it to you?
Because you will not have any use for it
anymore, and I want to use it as a mop.
Oh God, but why?
Gotcha, I'm just kidding.
Now, give it to me.
Ningsih, could you sign this, please?
I did that already, right?
Don't get marry yet,
I'm going propose to you.
Out of the way!
You crazy!
Get in line.
Get in line!
Just look at her.
How could someone like her exist?
And that duck-face.
-Bending her hips so hard.
Look at her hair.
Is that some kind of trend or something?
To think that she's got no brain.
We would be better models than her.
-Will you miss this moments?
We have just graduated,
I don't know what I would do next.
Watch out, Ji!
Who is this guy?
Whose bike is that?
Oh, it's Sapto.
Here comes the circus.
What is it?
What are you talking about?
Take off your helmet.
-Look at that.
-And he asks you to hold on to it.
Who does he think he is?
Finally, after waiting for 3 years...
What's with him?
Would you be... future wife?
-Whatever you do...
...I would never marry you. No!
-Poor you, Sapto.
-Just quit it, Sapto.
But I love you.
Just go out with me.
Who are you?
-A beautiful girl.
-I don't want to! Move!
Oh no, Sapto!
What are you doing?
Money tree.
-Yes, sir?
-Oi, Gung, how's it?
What were you doing?
You can't even take care of small things
like this.
To think you ask for a position
at the office.
I don't care. Do what you must.
The important thing is that...
...Sapto and Ningsih will be married.
Otherwise, give back everything.
I just want to be with Ningsih, Dad.
I want no one but her.
Do it, or I'm gonna bite you.
Are you crazy?
Dad, Mom, and you, Nah.
All of us have to decide on a good day
to express our gratitude...
...Ningsih has graduated
from high school.
After that,
-Ningsih shall get...
You'll get married, Sih.
Don't shake your head like that.
When you have married later on,
trust me,
you will nod in agreement.
-Isn't that right, honey?
-Just like me.
-It's great, right?
Nope, uncle.
I don't want to get married yet.
I want to go to school
until I get a master's degree.
-Jeez, Sih.
You already went to schools.
Elementary, junior high, and senior high.
Listen, Sih.
Women just belong in the washing room,
kitchen and bedroom.
You'll get used to it in time.
Just trust your aunty.
So just accept
Sapto's marriage proposal.
Yeah, Sapto, the village chief's son.
You are actually lucky, Sih.
Even though Sapto
is not a handsome kid,
he could be someone you show-off
wherever you take him.
Everyone knows
that he's the son of the village chief.
I haven't think about marriage yet.
I want to work so I could some money
for my school funds.
-Why would you do that?
-This is not the age where women...
...couldn't achieve
their dreams anymore.
We all should reach for the sky.
And then boom,
you fall and get hurts, is that it?
I won't fall, uncle,
because the dreamers never give up.
You're hallucinating, Sih, delusional!
You never had a big dream, right, uncle?
Sapto's family has already prepared
How big the dowry you ask?
How long the party goes?
It's all up to you.
Whatever that you want.
-I want gold.
Then we all have agreed...
...that Sapto and Ningsih
will get married, okay?
Yes, sir?
Uncle, can I take the rice now?
Yes, all done.
Did you hear that, sir?
My brother said everything's done.
Thank God, it's done.
Of course. I really want to.
But I'm in a predicament, Sri.
I'm hanging up, Sri.
Talk to you later. Okay.
I'm getting old.
I can only pray the best for you.
I want...
...for you to live well.
Unlike your mom and dad.
We only know how to grow rice.
I want...
...for you to live happily.
Even if I'm not Sapto's wife,
I definitely can make you
and dad happy.
I don't want to be a burden to you
about college.
But just pray for me, please.
All right.
-Peace be upon you.
-And peace be upon you, too.
Hey, what's going on?
Are you guys waiting for me?
What for, sir?
I came here to have my engagement
with Ningsih.
Marriage proposal, right?
What's the matter, ma'am?
Why are you crying?
What's going on, ma'am?
Please stop crying.
You don't have to cry like that.
Instead, you should be happy. Right?
Chief, haven't you heard?
Ningsih has moved to Jakarta, Sir.
What should we do, Honey?
Ningsih, Dad...
Where is Agung?
-Just call him!
-So careless.
Anyway, Sih,
if you want to stay here,
...the field on the west is yours
that is if you want to be here.
The field on the west is not ours.
How about the east one?
Not ours.
Which one is ours then?
We rent all those paddy fields.
None of them belongs to us.
Take me to the station!
-Come on, man. I'm the chief's son.
-I'll pay whatever it is, okay?
Hey! Don't!
Hey, it's is dangerous if we keep going!
It's okay!
This is more crucial.
In the name of love.
You crazy!
Why didn't you tell me
that the brake is not working?
You cricket!
Take care of yourself, Sih.
Yes, mom.
-Put on a brave face, okay?
Okay, dad.
Ticket! Where's your ticket?
It's okay, sir.
I'm the Chief's son.
Ningsih's future husband!
No, it's not okay.
Who's Ningsih, anyway?
-You can't come in without a ticket.
-Go away.
-Let me go inside.
It's just for a moment.
No, you can't!
Go and buy the ticket first.
Go on!
Excuse me!
Hey, you!
Hey, you can't come in!
Send me letters, okay?
Yes, mom.
Bye, Ningsih!
I'm chasing my dream riding a train!
Don't forget about me, Sih!
Wait for me, Ningsih. Ningsih!
Hey, who are you really?
Carry on.
-Carry on.
-Carry on.
-Carry on.
-Stop. Hey, you've got it wrong.
-What are you doing?
-Why should we stop?
Just for a moment!
Brother, how could you?
What do you mean?
You said everything was done yesterday.
What is it?
Your daughter, Ningsih.
My daughter is on her way to Jakarta.
What's it to you?
-Ningsih went to Jakarta?
I'm screwed!
I have received advance money
from the chief.
And I've used it to buy gold jewelry.
What's with you, Mas?
It's your business.
Let's go.
-Mas -Your business!
I'm broken-hearted, Sih.
But I promise you.
I will stay love you forever.
I'll wait for you to come home.
Gosh, so cute.
To the bottom of a ravine, huh?
What is taking her so long?
Where is she?
Are you alone, Miss?
I'm Ningsih.
I'm Barjo.
I'm that, Ningsih.
Yes, I am Barjo.
That's me, sir.
So you are Ningsih?
Mr. Barjo?
-How could you know that?
-Huh? You've mentioned it twice.
Oh yeah, I forgot.
Jo, is she the one
that you have to pick up at the station?
Yes, she is.
I'm Ningsih, sir.
I'm Gempol.
-Let me take your bags, Miss.
-No need for that.
-It's okay.
-No need, sir.
-It's okay.
-No need, sir.
Ningsih, just let Gempol
take your bags.
You just follow me.
Oh I see.
Okay, then, take them all with you.
This way.
Wait here.
-That's my son.
Are you the girl from Yogyakarta
Yes, ma'am.
You are Sri's friend, right?
Now, starting today, you'll work for me.
My name is Prawira,
and she is my wife, Andini.
I'm Ningsih, sir.
Sri works for my friend.
She has done well done works.
Let's hope you do as good as she does.
Yes, ma'am.
Don't use it to wash your face.
Are you the new girl?
My name is Ningsih.
I'm Marni.
This is our room.
You'll sleep on the top.
I knew it.
Upstairs is Mr. Prawira
and Mrs. Andini's room.
Next to their room
is Mr. Satria's bedroom.
He is Mr. Prawira and Mrs. Andini's son.
Over there is granny's room.
She rarely comes out and rarely talks.
Every time she talks she is just angry.
She's grumpy.
Her time is near.
Let's share our tasks.
Your job will be cleaning the upstairs
and downstairs,
water the plants, wash the dishes
and the laundry, and cook foods.
So what's your job, then?
Well I'm watching over you of course,
because I am the senior.
Oh God.
When it comes to women,
it's beyond everything.
What should we do, then?
I feel sorry for Sapto
that he has to suffer this.
Honey, dinner's ready.
Mother still doesn't want to eat
with us?
It seems that way.
Why haven't you talk to her?
I wonder,
why is she keeping her distance from us?
'I won't live long.'
That would likely be her answer.
I just don't get it.
'I won't live long.'
I don't understand.
Excuse me, sir, ma'am.
-Dinner is ready.
-We'll be right there.
Let's go, Hun.
Marni, Ningsih.
Yes, ma'am.
Who cooked these?
Come here.
Yes, ma'am.
Starting from tomorrow,
you cook for us.
Whoa. Ningsih really enjoys her meals.
Even when she's eating like a pig,
she's still pretty,
Where's the car key?
Always prepare three sets.
The last one sets it here for granny.
Yes, ma'am.
When does granny eat, ma'am?
I've never seen her eat here.
Whenever she wants to.
But does granny eat, ma'am?
Marni said, her time is near.
Sorry, ma'am.
-Where's Marni?
-Marni is cooking.
that was my fault. I was out of line.
-Yes, ma'am?
-Why are you cooking?
Just let Ningsih do it.
Yes, ma'am.
Thanks, honey.
Sir, ma'am, can I take a picture?
-Where do you want to take it?
-Let's take a picture.
One, two...
How about this one?
Thank you, sir, ma'am.
My daughter and my son-in-law
are the same.
They don't care about me.
Then why should I care about them?
Yet we are getting older,
and eventually, we can't do anything.
When that happens,
who will take care of you?
My grandson, of course.
Bambang has just taken to the ICU.
Just check out the group chat.
-What's the matter with him now?
-What happened?
It's the Chief.
-Yes, sir?
-Don't mess with me.
Don't try me.
My son is starting to lose his mind.
He's going nuts here.
Huh? Isn't he crazy already, sir?
-Hey, Agung!
-Watch your...
-Hello, Chief?
-I'm having lousy reception here.
-The chief.
-The chief.
I hope he isn't around.
Hop on, let's go.
Darling! This always happens!
Take your time.
Granny won't be home anytime soon.
Oh I see.
Marni, why do the vitamins seem like
they've never been taken?
Mrs. Andini told me to clean your room.
Are you sick, granny?
Should I bring your meal here?
That way you don't have to go
to the dining room.
I've finished cleaning up, granny.
Excuse me then.
Oh God.
Serves you right!
To reduce the sugar... can use fruits
for the pudding, ma'am.
But you can't use them
for all kinds of pudding.
You can also use cinnamon.
Don't use artificial sweeteners,
it's not good for your health.
Oh I see.
And because Mr. Prawira
is taking diabetes medication,
he should keep an eye
on his blood sugar.
And he should go easy on rice.
Sir, I'm sorry sir, I'm...
It's okay.
Let me do it.
You want a cup of coffee, right, sir?
-Then excuse me.
-Yes, sir?
Don't put too much sugar.
Yes, sir.
Good morning, granny.
What's the matter?
Ningsih is unbelievable.
It's been a long time
since she sends me a letter.
Maybe she's busy over there.
Jakarta is a bustling city.
Why did you let her go to Jakarta?
If you had married her to Sapto,
you wouldn't have worried
about her anymore.
-Shut it!
-He's right, brother.
You would've been rich by now.
You would've had land everywhere.
You would even have had
your own graveyard ready by now.
-Land to bury you!
-After you!
Honey, what's that?
Postal service.
-Mr. Maryadi?
-There's a package for you.
-Yes, thank you.
-Is it a letter?
-Of course! It can't be money, can it?
Open it, then.
What is it?
It's Ningsih!
Who is this?
I don't know, maybe her employee.
Ningsih is rich.
She's rich now.
Now pack your things.
I'll rent a truck,
and we'll go to Jakarta.
-To Jakarta?
-Let's go!
The young master is not home right now.
-Who is that now?
-Looking for someone, miss?
-Does Satria B live here?
What's the B stands for?
If it's Satria Baja Hitam, then no.
It's Satria Bagus who lives here.
-It is just Satria B.
-It is Satria Bagus.
Could you ask him here, please?
What's going on?
Yes, sir. There are women outside.
-He's right, sir.
-Who are they looking for?
They're looking for Mr. Satria.
What's this? What do you need?
I don't know about the others,
but I was told to come here by Satria.
-Me, too.
-Who contacted you?
-Of course, Satria.
Satria is not here.
Satria is studying overseas.
Here's the proof
that I have chatted with Satria B, sir.
Could you please open the gate?
We are not criminals, sir.
No, it's not like that.
Let them come in!
Gempol, open the gate.
What is this, Mother?
Open it.
Where's the phone? Hand it over!
What is this, Mother?
It's not appropriate for you
to play a prank like this anymore.
What is wrong with you, Mother?
Do you want a ruckus?
Tell them to buzz off.
-Hey, my cell!
-It's over.
You girls were lied to
by my mother in-law.
You should go.
-But my phone!
-It's over there.
Pol, get her phone.
I have cup of ginger tea for you.
I'll put it over there.
But don't drink it all, Granny.
It's still hot.
But don't drink it too slowly, too.
It's not good when it's cold.
So, it should be on time.
Just like falling in love.
Have you ever feel lonely?
...sometimes go and meet up
with my friends... get rid of my loneliness.
But the truth is...
There are many kinds of loneliness.
And not everything can be rid of
in the crowd.
As time goes by... friends are gone, one by one
...I'm getting lonelier
because my friends aren't that many now.
Until it's my time to leave.
Aren't we all are waiting
for our turn, Granny?
It has nothing to do with our age.
So, have you ever felt lonely?
Many times, granny.
How could young people
feel lonely many times?
How come older people still feel lonely?
The one who should be lonely
is old people like me.
Because you've tired
of pretending, right?
We young people have
a lot of energy to pretend.
We pretend to be happy.
We pretend not to feel lonely.
We pretend that live is fine.
But the truth is... Geez.
You sure talk a lot.
Here's your ginger tea, Granny,
you may drink it now.
Don't just stand there, take a seat.
Don't sit there, sit over here.
No, Granny, or Marni will be mad at me.
Is this Marni's house?
Sit down.
Let me massage you, Granny.
Satrio Bagus is... only grandchild.
And he is the only one who doesn't mind
to keep me company in this house.
Now he's studying in America.
And I...
I'm lonely.
He was the only one
who talked to me all the time.
We would have long discussions.
He is my only friend.
Tonight I'm going to meet my friends,
come with me.
-Come with me, okay?
-Okay, then.
Yes, ma'am!
-Yes, ma'am!
-Is my mom still in Satria's room?
-Yes, ma'am.
My husband should have yelled
at my mother that loud.
Surely she's angry.
How's her feeling?
Forgive me, ma'am,
but it'd better
if you ask her that yourselves.
Ningsih, come.
-Yes, granny.
How's the matchmaking app
that I told you about?
You did it, right?
It successfully made a scene.
Go on, just read it.
Your boyfriend?
No, granny.
I'm sure it's your boyfriend.
Sih, do you want to get married soon?
No, Granny. Of course, not.
I want to make
my father and my mother happy first.
I want to give them a better life,
with my hard work.
-Let me see it.
Let me see.
-No, granny.
-It's your boyfriend, right? Let me.
No, please don't, granny.
I don't want to eat then.
Me, too.
But I don't know his name yet, granny.
I only know his account name.
"Jejak Langkah".
Where's his picture?
There is no picture of him.
You are right.
But he was the one who told me...
...that whoever it is,
everyone has wings.
They just need a good reason
to spread their wings and fly away.
It's sweet.
Get my grandson home now.
I have found a future wifey for him.
Why Ningsih, mom?
Sorry, ma'am, I slipped.
-Why not?
-Ningsih is only a housemaid.
He's an ordinary human like us.
Ningsih is the right woman for Satria.
Mom, you don't have the right to decide
the future wife of my son.
I know Satria better than you two.
Me? The father of the boy, and she said
she knows him better than me? What?
Ningsih, Marni, take care
of the house, okay?
Especially you, Marni. Don't oversleep.
Yes, sir.
Don't let strangers come in.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Okay, then.
-Have a nice trip, sir, ma'am.
Come, let's take a look.
That's a swimming pool.
Look closely.
That's a three-story house.
-It's nice, isn't it?
-Ningsih is rich now.
Attention please.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Right now,
I'd like want to remind you again...
...that my wedding with Ningsih
is around the corner.
So please,
prepare what needs to be prepared.
Isn't that right, uncle?
Here's the thing, Sapto.
As I see the situation here,
that wedding thing...
-...let's just call it off.
That way you won't get more dizzy.
He's gasping for air.
He's right, Sapto. Just forget it.
The future is not written in stone.
So don't get your hopes up.
God, my heart hurts!
I will let my father know about this.
This is betrayal!
This is coup d'etat!
-So beautiful!
I don't have this ones yet.
He just took them.
Do you have a girlfriend?
I don't know.
Do you have one or not?
Your granny have someone stored for you.
Oh my God, granny.
It's no longer the time
for arranged marriage.
Your granny really is weird.
You know what?
She uses a matchmaking app.
She must have her friend
taught her that.
Your granny is a drama queen.
So who is this girl
that she's got for me?
She's a housemaid.
-Who's she? Marni?
Well who?
Yes. Please wait.
This is nice.
I invited your uncles.
Puji and Rahayu are here, too.
Wagiyo even comes along.
Oh no. Your house is really big.
Grandma, where is Grandpa Puji?
Your grandpa, he's over there.
He's on the gate.
How can he get stuck there?
How did you people get in there?
How come he's up there, dad?
I also climbed up the gate
because I couldn't open it.
Dad, that's an automatic gate.
Just jump!
Gempol, please help!
-How did he get up there?
-Help, please.
Just jump!
Don't be afraid, just jump!
Jump, dad! Come on!
-Oh my...
Don't be a cat! Just jump!
Your house is really nice.
-What's going on?
Don't push me! What are you doing?
You're just like a barrel.
Who are those people?
Maybe the previous owner of the house.
Why didn't you put your picture instead?
It doesn't make any sense
when you put someone else's pictures.
-Silly, girl.
Thank you.
It's for my black magic ritual.
I'll watch over the candle.
You again?
Oh my.
Ningsih, you're great.
Your friend is a village chief.
It's a chief.
Who is he?
What's going on?
Why are there so many people here?
My parents come to visit.
Which one is your mother?
Ma'am, let me introduce myself.
My name is Barjo,
your future son-in-law.
Oh no! She fainted! Sih!
Yes, sir?
I'm in Jakarta.
At my niece's house.
Her house is huge.
I'm hanging up. I'm going for a swim.
One, two, three...
What are you doing?
I'm about to swim.
-Did you forget?
-You can't swim.
-Oh yeah, I forgot.
Well I'm going to see around then.
That's great.
It's inside out.
Let's take a selfie.
Gosh, who are these people?
Sih, who are those people?
You're great, dear. I'm proud of you.
This is amazing!
Your house is awesome.
This is the one
when they say a real luxurious house.
-Dad, mom, this is actually...
please prepare dinner for the guests.
Is she your friend?
Could you make a coffee for me?
No sugar, and add a bit of salt... get rid of the cold.
Make it fast.
Your friend is pretty.
Who's the old woman?
It's her, this one.
She's previous owner of this house,
which was bought by Ningsih.
Before she could find a new home,
Ningsih lend her a room to rest.
When she finds one,
she will move there.
-Oh, I see.
-Your daughter is awesome, isn't she?
You're awesome! Awesome I tell you!
Granny, I feel bad.
Just let them have fun.
You're happy
if you see them happy, right?
That lady... We met her earlier.
This lady is a good cook.
This thing, when you bite it,
and it hits your front lips,
the meat slides in smoothly,
just like that.
And that's because she's a good cook.
When she's in our village,
let's ask her to cook it for us.
One thing for sure,
Ningsih is the only friend I have.
Oh I see.
You are Ningsih's friend?
That's why she stays in here.
I'm Ningsih's mother, Ngatina.
My name is Granny Endah.
I'm Maryadi.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Maryadi.
Sih, these are the last ones.
Do them all by yourself, I'm tired.
All right.
Oh God.
Yes, granny!
Granny, I will tell them the truth
No, don't do that.
They will go home for sure
if you do that.
But, granny...
Here it is.
Have a drink.
Well, well, well, well, well.
-Do you want some?
-Yes, mom.
It smells so good.
This feels like heaven.
You're the one
who are like heaven, ma'am.
Drinking ginger tea,
surrounded by friends what heaven is.
Uncle, come on, wake up, uncle.
Wake up.
Ayu, wake up, please.
Puji, where are my parents?
They sleep upstairs.
What? They sleep upstairs?
-Yes, sir?
Why are you so quiet?
You spaces out. What's the matter?
Everything's fine at home, right?
Oh God.
Dad, wake up.
Why did you sleep here, dad?
Because I'm sleepy, that's why.
Grandpa, wake up.
Wake up, grandpa.
Mom, wake up.
-Please wake up -I'm still tired.
Mom, go and take a bath please.
Grandma, wake up.
Who are you?
...what did you do to my house, huh?
Hey, you!
Who do you think you are?
You yelled at my daughter,
the owner of this house. Who are you?
Dad? Are you Ningsih's father?
If I am, what's it to you?
-What are you going to do?
These people are Mr. and Mrs. Prawira.
Nobody asks you to talk.
Sorry, ma'am, but this is absurd.
Sih, tell your family.
Aren't you ashamed?
What's actually happening?
What is going on?
Is it not clear yet?
Ningsih is a housemaid here.
So, you are a housemaid here?
A mere housemaid?
Where's Mother?
I am here.
Mother, why did you let them
do this all?
Granny is not in the wrong.
This is my doing.
Granny didn't do anything wrong.
Answer it!
Answer me first!
Is this true, dear?
Yes, dad, mom.
I'm just a housemaid
at Prawiras' house.
Only a housemaid?
I'm dead.
I have wanted to tell...
...since yesterday, dad.
I'll take full responsibility
on this.
It's better for you
to leave this house, Ningsih.
I never take my medicine
for a long time.
You didn't know about it, right?
Only Ningsih who knew about it.
And only she who can make me
take my medicine again.
Do you know
why I didn't take those medicines?
So that I can die faster.
Why should I live in this loneliness?
All my friends are gone.
The one and only friend I've got
was Satria.
My lovely grandson that you sent abroad.
Since Ningsih came,
I got a new friend.
But Ningsih has promised
to take care of the house.
Nothing's broken, right?
It's okay, granny, it was my fault.
In the future,
when you are as old as me,
you will understand...
...the reason I let Ningsih do all this.
You leave now.
Get out of here!
Bring all your family with you.
All of them.
Yes, sir.
All of them.
Whose is this?
Whose is that?
You embarrassed me by going to Jakarta.
Hang in there.
There is good news from Agung.
Ningsih is coming home.
-Really, dad?
-Is she really coming home?
-I know you are happy.
But don't overreact.
I haven't brush my teeth yet.
Watch out for that post.
Told you so.
Okay. Go ahead.
Get down, we are here.
Let's go, we are here.
Ningsih, how are you?
How are you? I missed you, Ningsih.
-Stay here!
-Yes, ma'am.
I'll be waiting, Sih.
I could wait for you for two months.
What's one night?
How was it? Did you make it?
-Praise be to God.
-That's good.
It seems like Sapto and Ningsih
are a match.
They look good together.
However, chief,
I need a new cellphone.
This one is dated.
Of course, you need to keep up.
Don't use old cellphone.
I'd like the one
with touch screen feature.
Buy the new one.
The most sophisticated.
-You're right.
-That's it.
That's what I called loyal supporter.
Good job, Sapto
I cooked this one, ma'am
I sent those pictures to you...
...not for bragging, mom.
But I just wanted to show you...
...that I'm happy to work
at a luxurious house, mom.
You show off!
You put the family to shame!
Proud of being a housemaid.
With that pictures,
I didn't meant anything.
But all of you came.
So you didn't want us come?
So you're shy...
...that the village people
came to visit you, is that it?
-Get out of my house!
-Go away!
-Why are you mad, brother?
Your daughter was the one
who sent pictures...
...of that luxurious house,
when the truth is
she's just a housemaid.
My wife and I are fools.
We didn't go to school.
But my eyes are not blind.
My ears hears fine.
Now pack your things.
I'll rent a truck,
and we'll go to Jakarta.
-To Jakarta?
-Let's go!
Everything will be taken care of.
Hubby, ask Ningsih for money later on.
Money to run for village head.
-Am I right?
-Choose me!
Did your brain move to your knee, Gung?
Just because you want to be
the village head,
you were willing to sacrifice Ningsih,
your own niece?
You are my little brother.
Do you understand?
Think about it, Gung!
How come you don't wanna be rich?
If you both don't want it,
then just live your poor life.
I'm fine with being poor!
I am not ashamed
that my daughter is just a housemaid!
It's way better than you two who
only after things that you can't gave.
When you have a daughter,
you should use her.
Not just for...
You better watch your mouth!
Are you trying to throw your drink
at me?
-Get out!
-Get out!
You will regret this.
-Oh my God.
-That guy is so handsome.
We have to let Ningsih know.
I did over there already!
I've spread them.
But not the west next to it.
Hey, slow down.
You ruin my paddies!
There is a handsome guest.
-At your house...
-There's someone...
-Let's go.
-Who's he?
-I don't know.
-Who is it?
-Sir, ma'am.
Who are you?
Are you Satria?
I remember you from the picture.
What's up? Do you need something?
I want to fix your wings.
Even if I have to,
I will lend my wings for you,
Are you...
Who's this?
I'm Satria, sir, Satria Bagus, ma'am.
I've known Ningsih for a long time.
And it turns out God has a unique way
to bring us together.
Yes, ma'am.
Everyone has wings.
They just need a good reason
to spread their wings and fly away.
I don't want you
to stop chasing your dream.
And now you have me.
I want us to chase it together.
You were my only friend at that time.
Then you were gone.
But, Grandmother,
-I went to chase my dreams.
-Yes, I know.
Then Ningsih, the kind-hearted girl,
came along.
She has taken your place
to be my friend.
But she also left.
You have to bring Ningsih back.
It has to be you!
-...that's impossible. I'm just...
you are my reason to smile every day.
What is this?
It's even more complicated.
Save it!
I just want to accept
Sapto's marriage proposal... you won't dream too much.
...I don't want to marry Sapto.
You, get out of here.
-Leave this house.
-But, sir...
Ningsih is not the one for you.
She's just a housemaid.
Just go away, okay, go away.
Get out.
My wings...
...can't be fixed anymore.
And I shall never deserves your wings.
It's over.
Go away right now.
Get out of here.
You just make a mess.
If you want to run away...
...don't got to my hotel.
Go to someone else's hotel.
So the employees won't tell me.
It reminds me of our own marriage.
But right now is Sapto's marriage.
-Where is Sapto?
-You're right.
-Where's he?
How could you?
Dad, why did you leave me?
Hurry up!
And he wants to get married.
Hello, Village Head.
This is more like it, right?
You can have your own field.
You don't have to do other's field.
That's right, brother-in-law.
You can also buy a new motorcycle.
What more do you want? Am I right?
I don't want to do this, mom.
You can do it, Sih.
I promise
I won't go to Jakarta anymore.
But I want to go to college first.
He's here.
Come on.
Behave yourselves.
Hold your horses.
-Go on, uncle.
-Oh okay.
In the name of God.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
We are gather here today... bring our family closer.
Just make it fast, okay?
He can't wait anymore.
You know me so well, daddy.
Because this is an engagement event,
please prepare put the ring on.
Uncle, I just want to get married
I have brought
a wedding officiant with me.
Why are you facing there?
-The event is here.
-All right.
-The event is here.
-Over there?
Yeah, why are you facing there?
All right, I will move.
Let me introduce myself.
You don't need to introduce yourself.
I know who you are.
Oh yeah, please, have a drink.
I'll drink first.
-Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you, too.
Who are you?
Satria, that's Ningsih,
she is your future wife.
What? You can't!
I propose to her first. Right, Dad?
I'm here to propose to you right now.
What's this all about?
What's the meaning of this?
How much carats of diamond ring
that you bring?
I don't bring any ring.
But I bring this.
You crazy.
The ring is huge.
It's probably just a box.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
So rude.
I brought this for you.
Oh my God. It's just a pair of shoes.
It's nothing.
There's a lot of shoes
in the Gede Market.
This is not a mere pair of shoes.
This is wings.
And I promise you... will fit on your back.
But... only met my daughter,
-That's right.
And he just brings a pair of shoes!
I've known Satria
from a long time actually.
And I have fallen in love with him
since a long time ago.
You can't do that, Ningsih.
Your soulmate is me,
the mighty and rich Sapto.
-Am I right, Dad?
Dad, Mom,
I can be happy, can't I?
Of course! You have to!
What do we now, uncle?
I don't want to lose
for the second time.
I want to get married with Ningsih.
What are you trying to do really?
Wait, sir,
I don't know what you are talking about.
You have embarrassed me!
What are you doing?
Don't mess with me!
Just hit him, Dad!
You have humiliated me.
Careful with your land certificate.
I will not sign it.
That's a different case, sir.
I will burn your family card!
My hands have been long
since they slapped someone!
Move! Go home.
Your father wants to say something.
He's accepting
Satria's marriage proposal.
She's right.
Dad, mom.
I accept your marriage proposal, Satria.
Thank you, sir.
-Thank you, sir.
This is God's way.
But Satria has promised
to finish his study first...
...and you should go to college, too.
We have to go to save our butts.
Where to, Honey?
But his future son-in-law is rich.
Do you have any money to return
the village head's advance money?
-Of course not.
-Well, let's go then.
Honey, look, this is the woman
that I told you about before.
So, I saw her in a train.
She always smiled
when she saw with her cellphone.
And from the look on her face,
it looked like that she's really happy.
You'll go to New York this time,
not as a student.
You are a future husband and my son.
-So don't make me embarrassed, okay?
-Okay, Dad.
You're really lucky, Sih.
It's like a fairytale.
Don't call her "Sih," Mar.
I mean, Miss Ningsih.
While Satria is finishing
his study in New York,
Ningsih will stay here.
She will take care of our house
and take care of us.
Take good care of me, okay?
And I will take care of granny.
You don't have to take care of me.
You'll go with Iyok to New York.
And both of you could take care
of each other there.
And my spirit will follow you both.
Ningsih will go with me?
Crazy Sapto
He failed to get married
Crazy Sapto
Who are you calling crazy?
Failed marriage?
Don't you know that this is Ningsih?
Crazy Sapto
Ningsih, where do you want to go to
for our honeymoon?
Borobudur? Jakarta?
Not there!
There are a lot of crazy people
in Jakarta.
Especially those are who watching this.
For our honeymoon,
let's go to the moon, okay?
How's that?
You want me to kiss you?
All right.
Barjo, sir!
And action!
Why did I let Ningsih... Oh no.
Okay, don't look at the camera.
Ma'am, could you move
to the left a little?
And... Action!
And then boom,
you fall and get hurts, is that it?
You never had a big dream, right, uncle?
You never had bla... bla... bla...
-You're right.
And... action!
I've known, dear...
And action.
I promised...
-Two take one -Action!
I can just pray...
And... action!
Hey, I'm going to fall!
Wait, he's going to fall for real!
Wait, no, I'm going to fall!
-Oh God.
And... action!
Sorry! My fault.
And... action.
Even though Sapto
is not a handsome kid,
he could be someone you tell-off...
It's "show-off."
And... action.
I deserves...
-Why don't just prepare the food?
Not food!
Send out pictures.
House, and...
There are a lot of crazy people
in Jakarta. Especially...Sorry.
And... action.
-Go away!
-Why are you mad, brother?
-Your daughter...
...was the one who sent pictures
of a Lux house...
-Wait, what was it?
-Luxurious house.
Take two.
And... action.
Ji, look out!
Hey, look out!
Your house is awesome.
-This is the one...
You said the wrong words.
You said everything was done yesterday.
Stop. Where are you going?
Now pack your things.
Let's me prepare...