Cam Girl (2014) Movie Script

So, we were saying:
chocolates, St. Valentine's Day...
old hat. We need something new.
Any ideas?
I tried something out...
I created a fake Facebook profile,
of a shy guy, a bit of a nerd,
in love with a girl
who doesn't love him back.
She said she'll only go out with him
if he gets 50,000 messages.
The messages are coming in.
Loads of them.
Let's pretend the girl,
instead of asking for messages,
wants to receive 50,000 chocolates
for St. Valentine's Day.
People will buy them.
They'll help him out,
people love this kind of story.
I think it could work.
I think this girl...
- My name's Alice.
Alice means an operation like
"Million Dollar Boy" in England.
Because it was a huge success.
We have to concentrate on the web,
the social networks,
because that's the only
market that's moving right now.
The campaign can be run
with varying costs...
it's very promising,
something new for Italy.
Okay, Giovanni and Alice stay behind,
the rest of you can go.
She chose my idea, great, eh?
- So they're hiring you?
I have a meeting with the manager,
I think so.
Have you told your mother?
- She's sent me loads of texts.
Hi. Have what you want,
it's on me.
Will you have something?
We're celebrating Alice,
the new copywriter.
Thanks, but I daren't,
the boss is already in a bad mood.
What can I get you?
- I'll have a coffee.
I'll be right back.
Much better. Martina.
Very good.
Dad, you don't have to come
and watch me training.
You'll tire yourself out
and I'll feel guilty.
It's a pleasure to watch you,
you're my pride and joy.
Don't exaggerate.
- No, I mean it.
You're the best on the team,
you're brilliant.
But if it bothers you
to see me here..
Have you decided?
- Yes. I'll take all three.
What do you mean?
That now and then you can
do some freelance work for us.
Are you getting rid of me?
Nobody's ever mentioned hiring you!
Wait a minute, all this time
you led me to believe
that I had a good chance
of being offered a job.
Then you steal my idea
and fire me?
There's no such thing as "your idea".
Anything decided in this office
remains the property
of the agency.
And times are hard.
You're really good, but I can't hire you.
I'm sorry.
I see.
My name's Rossella. What's yours?
Luca, pleased to meet you.
I contacted you because you seem
a very simple girl...
Perhaps I'm wrong,
but that's the impression you gave.
Yes, you're right. I am.
Does that scare you?
- Weird in what way?
I've realised I like people
to watch me masturbate.
Who doesn't?
I do the same thing
I like the woman to take control
and treat me like a bitch.
Do you want to try it out?
Wait here, Luca.
I'll go and get the lead
Hey. Giulia, hi!
Yes, they've given me the job.
Yes, you can tell Mum.
Yes. I start in a few days' time.
Okay. bye.
The swines, they kept me there
for two months on 300 euros a month.
They led me to believe they would hire me,
then they kicked me out.
"Times are hard,
we can't offer you a job."
I'm fed up. it's been like this
for two years now,
interviews, job experience...
and it never leads anywhere.
Look at me.
It's not your fault.
Can't you see how many people
are unemployed?
There aren't even any jobs
in call centres anymore.
Where's Martina?
What do you make of this?
What is it?
- An email from Sexy Cam.
"We are withholding your pay until
we've checked out your behaviour."
What does this mean?
- I don't know.
A client who asked me to do something
filthy must have complained.
You're not forced to do anything
in front of the web cam.
But if you don't satisfy the clients,
they complain.
And the website finds an excuse
to dock your pay. It happened to me.
What did you do?
I have never refused to do
anything a client wanted.
No one's ever complained about me.
They invent excuses
when they need some money.
It's a mess... come on.
Do you think I don't know
how things stand?
The garage is doing
much better now.
If we don't pay this installment,
they'll repossess the house!
I've always managed.
I'll cope this time too.
With debts from the garage...
I can't carry on like this,
I just can't.
Hi, Ross, did I wake you?
I'm sorry.
No, I can't sleep.
I know it's late,
but I wanted to tell you something.
I've had an idea.
Martina, what do you think?
No one will dock your pay
from now on.
I don't feel I can risk it,
we don't have any money to set it up.
I promise you you'll earn more,
we'll pay our girls 60%.
It'll be a different kind of website,
no more exploitation.
Girls will want to work with us
like programmers with Steve Jobs!
A web site with only
three cam girls?
Excuse me.
- Thanks.
Four, to start with.
No, girls, you're crazy!
I reckon she'll tell you
to piss off.
Count me in.
Sexy Cam used my photo
for something disgusting
and I didn't see a cent,
I want to teach them a lesson.
That's right, show them
you've got balls.
I can't believe this is what
you do!
Do what?
- Didn't you work in advertising?
but instead of glaring at us
because of what we do,
perhaps you could consider...
In short, it's not as strange
as it might seem.
And you could earn a lot more
than you're earning now
with those idiots
staring at your arse.
How much more?
What a gorgeous flat!
Yes. A pity my friend is
evicting me next week.
I'll be right back.
- Do you want a coffee?
1,500 Euros a month then?
For sure. If you're any good
you can make 4 or 5 thousand.
Paid under the table, of course.
I'm already being paid
under the table.
With no retirement pension,
as my mother says.
These websites usually
take advantage of the girls.
They give them 45%.
That is, when they do pay them.
I wanted to give them 60%
and protect them a bit more.
What do I have to do exactly?
Start by removing your boots.
Here, put these on.
That's what I call
"the tools of the trade".
You know I like to treat myself.
What happened to your boobs?
You mean I'm no good for the job?
You have to expect strange requests.
They'd make a pact with the devil
to get you into bed.
And don't forget, you must never
accept invitations from clients.
Right. Well?
Do you feel up to it?
Let's see how you do...
you buxom lass!
Well be outside if you need us.
Don't worry.
Hello, sweetie...
Yes, you're the first.
What an honour!
What do you do for a living
besides this?
I'm a bargirl, a babysitter.
A babysitter... that's sexy!
Very. very, sexy
It's not really, mopping up sick,
changing nappies...
I'm sure you're really good at it.
Come on. get undressed, baby.
That's wonderful!
Now touch them.
Squeeze them.
Squeeze them.
Come on!
Come on, fuck it!
40 Euros?
For such a short time?
Do you...
don't you ever feel dirty?
I'm not ashamed of what I do.
After all, it's the only skill I have.
I can't do much else.
I left school when I was 18.
I didn't feel like studying.
And then...
You might find it strange...
but I feel loved on here.
I feel I'm someone.
Loved? Come on!
You're good at screwing them,
getting them to hand over their money.
You're so beautiful,
they'd pay anything to have you.
If those swines from the agency
had given me a job...
I'd have packed it in.
But I still haven't worked out
how to live on air.
The pay's good, and it comes in fast.
And it all becomes automatic
over time.
I don't believe you.
- You should.
Just think of something else.
I sometimes read.
- What?
Cooking books, mainly.
For example, you could think
about nappies.
The dirty nappies
you won't have to change anymore.
But at least I wouldn't be
cheating on Matteo.
You're not cheating on him.
You don't have sex with them.
And if I'm not mistaken, you're
doing this to help him too, right?
I've got another question.
- This girl's a tough cookie!
How do I do a double cam?
I share a room with another girl.
- What's she like? Is she pretty?
in the dark and from the back.
Good. I reckon we have to
find a place to live.
How are you?
- Fine, you?
Fine, thanks.
- Come in.
I'm sorry about what happened
with Mrs Rosetti.
It's okay, she did me a favour!
I insisted she kept you on.
But I... I've come up with an idea.
I've opened a website of cam girls.
That's a website where girls...
Yes, I know exactly what they are.
Forgive me. I thought maybe...
I need some help with the graphics,
putting it online,
I'm not an expert
and I thought about you.
And how many girls do you want...
I don't know,
we're still looking for them.
There should be about twenty of us.
Twenty of them. I mean.
I've got an idea of what I want.
I'd like a logo with typeface,
and a damask pattern background
To start off with.
- That doesn't affect the price.
The important things
are the server and the advertising.
You have two choices:
the first, with an estimate
of about 7 to 10 thousand euros,
but that would only cover a server
for 20 cam girls,
and we'd be very cautious
about the positioning.
Then there's the second, which'd
get you off to a great start...
You could buy the servers you need
in case you want to expand,
I could work on the positioning,
and a large investment
of advertising on Google.
Such as "pay per click",
which is your best bet.
And how much would that cost me?
It depends on several things:
the key word you want to use
and how long you want to be
on Google's first page.
We're talking
from 10 to 20 thousand euros.
I can give you a better estimate
this afternoon.
But it'll still cost a fortune...
You know advertising is...
- Yes. it's essential.
We're the first to know that.
Seeing you're taking the risk,
it's best to do things properly, eh?
Have you got a lawyer?
- What?
A lawyer.
You do know you'll have to open
an offshore company?
Like in
the Cayman Islands or Panama.
Why? Is it illegal in Italy?
In Italy this activity
is considered pimping.
- Don't panic.
The company will be run
by a front man.
That's how it's done.
I know, but I'm the one managing
the money and everything else...
And you're worried if they check,
you'd be the person responsible?
Am I wrong?
- No
It's freezing!
- What's keeping her?
It's better to ask
all the questions.
A magistrate knows
that to find the person
legally responsible for a company,
he will be faced with
a pyramid structure
and he'll never get
to the bottom of it.
I see.
And how much would this system cost?
We have to open a company abroad,
our work is considered pimping
in Italian law.
Are we risking anything?
- No.
None of these websites has
ever been investigated or closed.
The fraud squad don't care.
But we'll have to pay a lawyer
to keep an eye on things.
Will the lawyer be paid
on a regular basis?
No, just at the beginning,
to get all the paperwork set up...
We'll have to pay the lawyer
out of the advertising money.
How much can you afford?
I can contribute 2,000.
At the most.
Can you contribute 2,000
like Martina?
How can I?
I'm broke.
Can we cover their share?
Where would I find it?
What a pain!
They've got some nice new stuff.
What are you buying?
A bit of everything.
Clients like a change.
Try this on.
What's wrong?
- Everything seems so complicated.
You just take my advice.
And you'll be good at it too.
Come through here.
I'll show you some other things.
Martina, aren't you buying anything?
- There's nothing I like.
What's this, an earthworm?
A dolphin!
How much do you earn a month?
- 3, 4,000...
Take these, they're cheap
and the clients love them!
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Are you all having coffee?
- Yes.
Alice, will you make me one too?
Girls I'll lend you the money,
to hell with it!
I believe in this project.
Are you sure it's no more than that?
Of course.
Girls, advertising is everything
The website will never
take off without it.
We need it to steal clients
from the competition.
Don't worry, I'll take
50% of them away from Sexy Girl.
You can convince the girls to work
for us, seeing we're paying 60%.
I'll try and learn fast.
- You get to work...
- Thanks.
As soon as we start earning,
I'll pay you back, okay?
Me too. thanks.
I know you will, I trust you.
Come on. let's get to work.
So you don't want to use the word
"sex" in your advertising.
It's too expensive.
We could only afford to be on
Google's first page for one day.
I thought we could use
simple words, like...
"Web girls", "slit", "tease".
Words that inevitably take you
to those websites, including ours.
Slit, tease...
Let's see how much that will cost.
It seems quite inexpensive.
- You see?
I reckon it's a good idea.
- Thanks.
Shall we see the ideas
for your website?
This is the first one.
This is the second one.
And this is the last one.
- I like it.
Come on. Alice!
Excuse me. excuse me!
To us!
- Partners and friends.
And businesswomen.
- Successful ones, girls!
Let's take a photo.
I have a surprise for you.
Why have you invited them here?
- They're our friends.
They're not our friends,
they work for us.
How can we start work
without them?
There are too many of them, and
foreigners, perhaps some under age.
It's too risky!
There are a load of clients
- You see!
Let me see!
Is anyone volunteering?
I like that red colour!
Are you a chef?
- Hardly.
You put that you're the queen
of the hot plates in your hobbies.
Did you read about my hobbies?
You're the first to do that.
Did you read about my hobbies?
You're the first to do that.
You're the only cam girl
to write down her hobbies.
Some write "sucking",
"blowjobs", "coming".
I don't think those are real hobbies.
Yes. good girl, go on...
Come on. I know you like it!
You're beautiful.
Now slap your arse!
Let me hear the sound,
as though I were doing it.
Let me see your arse.
Didn't you read my profile?
I leave those things to the others.
Do as I ask you! Sweetie!
I'm paying you to give me pleasure,
let me have some fun.
You don't get it, do you?
You know what, go fuck yourself!
You're turning into a good cook.
But you'll make me fat.
Don't worry, your mother
taught me to cook.
A long time ago...
And now your mother's gone.
I have to do everything myself.
Do you miss Mum?
it's like saying
I miss the air I breathe.
Yes, I miss her.
I miss her a lot.
But one fine day
I told myself I was being stupid
living on memories.
Then bit by bit...
It was really hard at first,
you know?
But as time goes by...
you get used to it, it gets easier.
don't get me wrong.
I loved your mother a great deal.
And I will never forget her,
I will always love her.
But it's a part of life.
We have to carry on, you know.
Hi. Sorry I'm late,
but I was working on your website
Thanks for the invitation,
this place is cool.
We've got off to a good start
and I wanted to celebrate.
To us!
Well... what is it
you wanted to talk about?
I'm curious.
I've had an idea.
Pay the girls and reinvest everything
to create an app.
That way, the clients
can come online from here.
Then you start spamming...
I'll see to everything,
you don't have to know.
No, I don't feel up to it,
it's illegal.
It means taking a big risk, and I...
It means earning a lot of money!
All the big companies do it,
you've got the money now...
It's not really mine.
I have to pay my partner back.
- Give it back to her later.
With interest.
It's time to speed things up
Trust me.
Here, it's yours. You've earned it.
Well done.
- Good morning.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
Can I talk to Matteo?
Someone to see you.
What are you doing here?
Aren't you at work?
I took the afternoon off.
I need to talk to you.
- About what?
Come with me.
Who the fuck gave you this money?
Calm down, I only want to help you.
You're screwing someone,
that's where you got it from!
What the fuck are you saying?
Are you mad?
Don't shout, my father's in there.
Be quiet!
Just let me explain, okay?
Take it.
Online poker!
I gave it a try...
I learnt on the Internet.
I had to be prepared, right?
You're a genius!
What do you care? As long
as he doesn't bother you.
Alice, this app is really cool!
Come here!
Has he put it online already?
I don't believe it! Let me see!
It's great, eh?
What's this painting doing
in your app?
I love Marisa Merz.
She mixes a sense of nostalgia
with great strength.
I really like it.
Do you really like it?
- Don't you believe me?
I just thought you had
more realistic tastes.
You're wrong.
This is the style I like.
Now I know something more about you.
You're back, are you?
Just tell me.
I swear I won't hurt him.
I've told you,
I'm not dating anyone.
Yes, you are!
You're dating me.
So I don't want anyone
going near you.
What if I came near you?
You know it's only because
I want you for myself?
You are my whore.
I'm yours alone.
Then where the fuck were you
two hours ago?
Why were you online
but didn't answer me?
I'll kill you if you were online
with someone else.
I'll kill you.
"It doesn't take much to reach"
a prolonged state of concentration
in which you discover various things
about your own nervous system,
and you end up transcending time,
and you finally feel happy.
I have been able to experience
this state for brief moments.
"It's like arriving at
the supporting structure of life."
Marisa Merz.
What does it mean?
That happiness lasts an instant.
Come on. let's go.
Yes. Mum. they've already
commissioned a job.
Yes. don't worry.
Mum, I'll call you back.
Yes. I'll call you back.
I said I'll call back, bye.
What's up?
- There's a guy threatening me.
I don't know what to do.
Okay, let's take a look
Don't worry, it's not
the first time it's happened.
But the girls have more experience
and they know how to deal with him.
But we'll delete him from the list.
He's a client who runs up
2,000 credits a month.
But it's not a problem.
No, don't worry, leave him on
I'll try and get used to it.
Are you sure?
- Yes.
Okay. I'll leave him in then.
- It's okay.
Is everything okay?
I like your place, you know?
Want some more wine?
- Yes.
This is the first time
I've been out with a client.
Is that so?
Alice? When are you going
to bring me my money?
When did I last pay you?
- About a month ago.
You're a bit late,
I need that money.
Of course. I'll sort it out.
Do you want to eat with us?
- No. I want to talk to you.
What's wrong?
- I've had enough of this chaos!
We're having fun,
we're having a bite to eat.
We're supposed to be working,
never mind this din!
I'll tidy up later, don't worry.
I thought it was a mistake,
a temporary problem,
but we're not working as much
as the others, in spite of the app.
Isn't the spam mail helping?
The clients reach us, but they
leave if there are no girls online.
Yes, they're watching TV
and just fucking around!
Because you pay them too much.
If they didn't earn as much,
they'd spend more time online.
They came to me
because I pay them 60%!
You'll never do it.
You earn a percentage. If they
don't work, you can't reinvest.
I'm not lowering my girls' wages.
It's against my principles!
I created this so no one
would be exploited, damn it!
It makes no sense otherwise.
Please yourself,
you make the decisions,
but this way you'll sink
to the bottom very quickly.
I just hope you're aware of that.
No! It's my home and I'll invite
whoever I want, especially friends.
It's not about having people
in the place.
It's the money we invested,
it's not working out.
If there's a problem with the website
and our money,
I'm on Alice's side.
Yes. but if we kick them out.
What will we do?
We'll work harder.
They don't do anything besides
having massages and watching TV.
What do we need them for?
We don't!
Who's that?
- I don't know.
Go and find out,
I'll tidy things up here.
Who is it?
- Matteo.
Open it.
Good morning, darling.
- Why did it take you so long?
We were in there,
we didn't hear the bell.
- What are you doing?
Have you gone crazy?
Don't you dare go in my bedroom!
When did you give up your job
at the cafe?
Who gave you that fucking money?
Tell me!
I've told you!
- Did you think I believed you?
Tell me where you got it from!
Matteo, I work on the Internet.
Me and some other girls
have opened a website.
I'm a cam girl.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Have you gone mad?
You're working as a whore!
You're a whore!
You're all whores in here!
How dare you!
- What the fuck are you saying?
You're the ones
who dragged her into this!
How much do you charge per screw?
- Get out!
Get lost! Get out of here!
Go fuck yourselves!
Girls. I've had enough.
I'm pulling out.
I'm going back to the cafe.
No more webcams...
I don't feel I can carry on.
Yes, you can.
Matteo will forgive you, you'll see.
Explain it and he'll understand,
we're here to help you.
Why, would you just
give it all up?
If I was called up
to play on the team, yes.
Basketball is my life,
not a load of shitty perverts.
Men always change their minds.
He'll be back, you'll see.
That's crap.
Men never change their minds.
I know that.
Didn't you agree to do this work
for his sake?
And now you're leaving it
for his sake.
Perhaps it's time
to do something for yourself.
I'm happy doing things for others,
it makes me feel good.
I could carry on doing this job
to help my family.
I might open my own cafe
and send for my parents in Rome.
A cafe?
We could open two!
Let's not let this get us down.
It's just a passing phase.
I'm convinced
it will all get sorted out.
Hello. Mum, sorry I'm late.
Hello, Giulia.
Shall we get a coffee?
Are you late? Shall we
walk you back to the office?
No, let's have one here, my boss
doesn't like people hanging around.
I've met your boss,
she's very nice.
She says hello.
You're working freelance then?
You told me they'd hired you.
- No, they fired me.
They had no intention of hiring me,
not even when I worked till midnight.
A friend of mine saw you online,
you work for an erotic website.
You're such a bitch!
- It's not my fault we found out.
I'd been fired,
I didn't know what to do.
I got this idea
and it's doing very well
I find it hard to believe.
Giulia told me
what the job consists of.
I went to university. I worked hard.
I really have tried!
So you took a short-cut!
Short-cut? It's a matter of
keeping my head above water.
Whatever happened to your dreams?
What do you hope to achieve?
I've given up dreaming.
And I'm certainly not proud
of what I do.
But do I have any choice?
Are you going out?
How do I look?
Like someone who should be
in front of a webcam.
What a pain!
We all decided to work harder
and you don't give a damn?
I have a date.
A date...
With whom?
A new guy. It's official,
so tell me if this is over the top.
No, you look fine.
Where did you meet this new guy?
Don't tell me you're going out
with a client!
It's against the rules.
And what's more, it's dangerous.
And you make the rules, do you?
We all made the rules.
I think the person who coughed up
the most money can break the rules.
Seeing you've not paid back
any of the money I lent you.
But Berkeley gives you a far better
education than Oxford!
Darling, California's fine for
a holiday, maybe a Master's degree.
But for a degree, choose Europe.
Either Paris or Sussex.
Which university do you go to?
I've taken a year off.
A sabbatical.
I am still deciding
what subject to study.
And what are you doing
in the meantime?
I work on the Internet,
for a website...
I'm a cam girl.
- That's how we met.
A cam girl. Interesting.
I work for television
and I'm working on a programme
called "Talking to Roy"
Can I ask you something...
- Listen.Michele...
Go fuck yourself!
You shit!
Every time I come home
I feel like an outsider.
My parents are always away,
and my sister and her friends...
they're unbearable.
I think it was my fault.
My sister's a bitch.
We don't get on
Didn't you see them?
They're useless,
they have no conversation.
I noticed...
She treated me like a fool.
Just because I don't
go to university...
and I work as a cam girl.
What about it?
I don't give a damn what she thinks.
If I take you away on a trip...
will it wipe that sad expression
off your face?
Alice, have you got a minute?
It's urgent.
What's up?
- The situation is getting worse.
You have to reinvest in advertising,
the others are overtaking you.
I haven't got the money right now.
They'll push you out of the market!
You have to freeze your wages
or you're done for.
Let me talk to the other girls.
I'll let you know.
But be quick about it
and call me right back.
Okay. I'll call you back.
You're here! Where are the others?
I'm talking to you!
Martina's out training
and Rossella's gone to Rome.
- She'll be back Tuesday.
Will you be back tonight?
I need to talk to you.
I don't know if I'll be back.
I don't know.
I have to go.
- Hi.
Listen. I've been thinking...
I'll lower everyone's wages,
including my own.
- Freeze them, you've choice.
- Ican't, just lower them.
- I'll see what I can do.
- Okay, bye.
Open up!
What are you doing here?
I don't regret it!
I did it to help you.
Spare me that crap.
- You were in need of money.
I never asked you for anything!
I had to do something.
This isn't life!
Working from morning to night,
almost killing yourself.
I worked my arse off
in that cafe!
This is what I want, and if
I have to work as a cam girl, I will.
I'm just sorry
I didn't tell you before.
You used to be proud
of what you did, you know.
What happened to you?
I've changed.
- For the worse.
I don't want you like this.
Get out!
- I said get out!
Hi. thanks for coming
How are you?
What do you want?
(D'you want to see me touch), myself
- Show me how good you are.
What's up. aren't you in the mood?
Do you need to talk?
I love you.
Come on. I'm not falling for that.
I'm just going to the bathroom.
I'm not joking, you know.
I love you and I want to be with you.
What about you?
Do you love me?
Of course I love you.
It's just that...
what would you do about your life,
your work?
And I don't think you should
stay here just for me.
Blut you're my life,
I can do my job anywhere I want.
I don't know. I think it's too soon.
Rome's a beautiful city, you know.
You haven't seen it yet.
Then take me outside,
let's go for a walk.
All right, let's get dressed.
Why are you hanging it there?
Why bother taking it to Turin?
It's better to put it somewhere
where I'll see it.
There's not been much
movement since last night.
Just as well, we're making
enough money anyway.
Why the long face, Gilda?
Have a drink.
Listen, have you ever been
in a dark room?
- You have to give it a go.
I know the club's owner.
We're always going there,
it's fun.
But... do the clients pay?
No. the owner does.
It's a way of making a bit extra.
We're on the fifth page of Google
and they're on the first?
I know.
What do you mean?
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I've dumped you.
You must find someone else.
I've received a better offer.
I couldn't refuse.
Is it the fashion to steal
people's ideas then dump them?
You gave me the idea of the key word
and I perfected it,
and now I'll use it with someone
who really wants to make money
And I don't want to make money?
You want to change the world,
but the world follows money.
What are you accusing me of
I did everything you asked.
You only went half-way,
you should have frozen the wages.
A businesswomen mustn't think
of the workers. She gets in the shit
and when you're down,
no one is going to help you up again.
You're not cut out for this.
- Don't touch me.
Forget it.
- You're back.
You see, I came back,
safe and sound.
I had a great time in Rome.
It was great, a lot of fun.
- Where the fuck did you get to?
I ran out of money.
- You're a poor wretch.
I've topped it up just for you.
And do you know why...
- I'm not going to tell you.
Go on, please!
At least the district.
There's a reason
I'm not telling you, right
Porta Palazzo?
If I tell you where I live,
you know what I want?
I want you to come here.
And break into my home.
I want you to come to my room
and take me from behind.
That's what I want.
I want you to thrust so hard
you hurt me.
Don't stop!
And even when I ask you to stop...
you carry on.
Tell me, I beg you!
Do you know why?
- Tell me!
Because I want you to come.
I love you. Gilda!
Look at me, look at me!
I want you to come.
- Look at me.
Who's there? I'm working.
- I'm back.
Who are you talking to?
I thought we were on our own!
You don't give a damn
that I'm back...
It's only my flatmate.
- We're supposed to be alone.
Don't make me turn nasty
We're supposed to be alone.
- Call me back later and we will be.
No, don't go!
I'm going to live in Rome.
That's where I'm from.
- Soon.
I came back to get my things.
I'm scared to tell Alice.
Do you know what's wrong with her?
Is she angry with me
for going away?
No, the other day she wanted
to talk to us but we weren't here.
I'll try talking to her later
Ross, there's a delivery for you.
We're transferring your call
to the answering service.
Go fuck yourself!
One more time!
Martina, take the ball!
Now leave it.
Good, very good. Well done.
You shit!
Calm down! Take it easy!
I sent you an email to explain
that I had to lower
your percentage to 40%.
I never read my fucking mail!
We work online all the time,
was I supposed to send you
smoke signals?
I read it, nine pages
of terms and conditions, you swines!
I'm sorry, I had no choice.
Give me my money, you bitch!
Take it easy!
Not so loud.
We'll have the police here.
Then you'll go to jail.
- What's going on?
Are you stupid? Haven't you heard,
we're on half-pay.
Did you know about this?
- Of course she didn't know!
When I wanted to talk to my partners,
they weren't here!
I was, but you said nothing.
- You were rushing to go out.
Or you wanted to please yourself
as you usually do!
You left me on my own,
so I will please myself, okay?
Gilda. perhaps...
- Martina, don't you start now!
- Thank you.
Where the fuck are you going.
You bitch?
Let go of me or I'll call the police
and get you all thrown in jail!
Take them away!
I'm sorry about all this,
how things have turned out,
but you did leave me on my own...
He's ditched me.
Who? That...
Mr. Absolute?
After we made love.
He's had his fun.
How the hell could you
trust a guy like him?
He was really smart.
I'm the one who's stupid.
To think an intelligent guy like him,
who's been to university...
would want a girl like me,
a cam girl...
I'm not good enough for him.
For who?
Some shithead Daddy's boy
who can't find a woman
in the real world?
No, you're fine as you are.
How am I?
Stupid, ignorant?
Is that what you think too?
I've put some coffee on,
do you want some?
I really think this is
the right player for us.
I am sorry. But I'll take it.
You're taking me off
the best player.
Take care of her.
Ok, don't worry.
Don't get me wrong.
I wanted to see you.
Not because...
I hope you realise if I could,
I would wear those 15 cm heels...
I'd be a cam girl too.
My interest in you
is purely professional.
- You're perfect for our programme.
Are you joking?
- Not at all.
You'd be a sensation on TV!
You, with your background...
your experience as a cam girl...
You could be a bomb
that's about to explode.
Get it? Trust me.
Right. Kiwi, darling?
Male or female?
- Are you kidding?
He's a porn star
of the Chihuahua world!
I hear you're good, and you'll get us
back on the first page.
It's not easy, those websites
are the most economically sound.
How much?
We'll start with 6,000.
- Good.
Freeze the wages then, and with
the little that's left over tell them
there have been some irregularities
and we have to carry out some checks.
So I have to carry out some checks?
No, of course not.
That's what you do
when you need some money.
Welcome back,
we are back on the air.
We are out of prime time viewing,
so now we can...
See who's presenting the programme?
Pass to a saucy, sinful topic.
A rather erotic topic.
We'll be talking about sex...
- She looks good.
Yes, she's beautiful.
The new means of communication
where Internet plays the biggest role.
Are you going out?
- Yes, with some friends.
Aren't you going to watch Ross?
You can tell me all about it
when I get back, okay?
I am wondering then,
what your job consists of.
What's a typical day like?
You go to work and...
- I hand out dreams.
I am wondering: how come a young
and lovely girl like you
when faced with the various
work opportunities
can choose to do this job.
How come?
What's he saying?
Because it's not a traditional job.
Because it's my choice.
I chose to do this job.
He's acting the jerk.
- I like these things.
You're an exhibitionist,
is how we'd define you.
Well, I like people to look at me.
And you've told your parents
you're a businesswoman?
I don't believe it.
I imagine the girls who work with
you will have stage names too,
or do they use their own names?
Yes, but perhaps you want to know
too much now.
I've no Intention of revealing
the names of my colleagues.
There's nothing wrong with that...
In the mean time we've sent
our reporter to find out more...
Get off!
I can't breathe...
Let go of me!
Gilda, are you here?
Are you here?
There's no one here.
Why would you work for us?
I believe I can contribute something
to your agency.
I like to work in a team.
Good. So you've worked
in a team before?
Yes, of course.
I see. And what was your last job?
Are you all right?
Yes, forgive me.
I asked you where you last worked.