Cam2Cam (2014) Movie Script

# I have shed off
# All of my skin
#To let go of
# My inhibitions
# What you see is what you get
# I am exposed
# I am stripped
# I'm stripped
# I'm stripped
# Emotions worn on a sleeve
# Run only skin deep
# Stripped
# I have shed off
# All of my skin
#To let go of
# My inhibitions
# No facades
# Or pretenses
# I am exposed
# I am stripped
There you go.
Hey, you.
What are you doing?
Hello, there.
I'm, uh, your new upstairs
and tonight I'm having a,
well, a "welcome me" party.
I can't.
There is gonna be champagne.
And there's cookies.
I baked cookies!
Okay, bye-
Hey, Emilie, it's Lucy.
Look, I don't know what kind
of game you're playing,
or if you even gave me
the right number.
Just call me back, okay?
- Sorry for disturbing you
That's okay.
You missed a hell of a party.
Well, not really.
Good night.
Wait, uh...
Do you want to come in?
Ah, it's late and all.
No, please.
Are you sure?
All right.
Are you all right?
Is someone out there?
It's not a boyfriend, is it?
Well, I guess that wasn't him.
When I'm nudging you,
you should answer.
Sorry about all that earlier.
It was just meant to be
a bit of harmless role-play.
But you do have to admit,
you did make it harder
than it needed to be.
A monkey.
Can I hold him?
Aw, hey there.
I don't think he likes me
very much, does he?
Oh, you're a little cutie pie,
ain't ya?
What's his name?
Hello, Stitch.
You're a cutie, ain't ya?
How rude of me.
You don't know my name.
I'm Russell, by the way.
- I don't need to know
your name.
No one's who they say they are.
Online or off.
What do you want?
Nothing much, really.
Nothing you haven't already
I want you...
to take your clothes off.
And I'm gonna shoot you.
I must say,
you have a very sexy
chat history, Lucy.
And so do your friends.
Who was it...
Lonely girl.
Now she was interesting.
And nearby.
- You can't just go through
my computer.
I can do whatever I want.
I mean, after all, I'm you.
Go ahead.
If you want to leave,
take them.
It's okay. Come on.
It's okay.
Look at me.
Next time,
I'm gonna stop you with this.
You got that?
Get up.
Are you trying to upset me, huh?
Is that what you want?
Now, you're gonna stand up
and you get over there
and you act fucking sexy!
Please stand up!
Do you think I like this?
Huh'? Huh'?
Do you think I like this?
Eh'? Eh'?
Do you think I like this, hmm?
Look what you're making me do.
Do you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna out
your fucking head off!
That's what I'm gonna
fucking do!
Get up!
Get up, yeah.
Come on, that's better.
That's better.
Come on.
Don't do that.
Don't do that.
All right, come closer.
Come on, come closer.
Come on.
You're doing good.
Shh, Shh.
Why are you doing this?
Because I'm a freak
and an ugly piece of shit.
- Please,
I didn't mean to say it.
Of course you did.
They all do.
Come on.
Before Lonely girl starts asking
the wrong type of questions.
You can put your clothes
back on.
You did good.
No, really.
We're done.
It's okay, put them back on.
Whoa, there.
No shoes in the pool area.
- And you are?
- The lifeguard.
Even more dangerous.
I know you.
Queen Semiramis.
Past life.
Or was it Pellinki?
Oh, Marrakesh.
That'll be 50 baht, please.
Pool fee.
Um... I have, uh...
a half-melted chocolate bar
and one, two, three small coins,
knock yourself out.
- Hey, how about something
to relieve the terminal ennui
of human existence?
Good luck with that.
The rental office is which way?
- There's only one available
room up there,
and you don't want it.
- Why not?
- Bad karma.
I'm used to it.
- Fearless.
I like that.
- The spirits will protect you
if you make offering.
Do the spirits take Visa?
Hey, I've got an extra bed.
Problem solved.
Don't mind him.
He's a total slut,
but a mental virgin.
Come on,
I will show you around.
You're gonna love it here.
- This is Pigboy,
our resident sleaze.
- He wants to anger-bang me
in the most awful way.
Be super nice and he might take
a month off your rent.
Maybe two.
Here, everyone has a secret.
Or will.
Her name was Lucy.
She lived here only a few weeks.
Poor girl.
American, like you.
- Thai people have a thing
for ghosts.
They seem them everywhere,
especially the foreign ones.
I don't know why.
Maybe they just enjoy
seeing us dead.
What happened?
To Lucy?
Someone she met online.
A typical freak.
How many?
- Pardon?
- Victims.
Three, four.
Depends who you ask.
All of them headless.
I'm sure he's got the head
mounted on a wall
where he goes to jerk off
every night.
Sorry, I excel in bad taste.
I got this idea
for a social networking site.
It's called Assbook.
You know, like Facebook,
but just for dogs.
Only pictures of dog's asses.
- What else do you know about
the American girl-
Are you okay?
Yeah. Shit.
- I think you just earned
a couple of months free rent.
I'll take it.
You're so very badass.
- I'm picking them up.
I'm picking them up now.
I'm picking them up.
Just calm down.
- Yes, I'm doing it.
Please stop.
Stop it!
Stop it.
Didn't I say sorry?
You want money?
- There.
There's your money, okay?
Oh, you really must try this.
Good, no?
I agree;
it's violently awful.
You can always tell
the Americans.
They smell like breath strips
and hand sanitizer.
That's harsh.
Wait for it.
They want to see Thailand,
but god forbid they touch it.
You're kind of awesome.
- And you're kind of cute
when you smile.
You should do it more often.
Except for right now.
Hi, lady!
I have a massage.
Welcome to massage.
Ignore guys like that.
10 baht, 10 baht, 10 baht.
- Don't speak. Don't stare.
Don't smile.
Isn't that right, sweetie?
- I don't see you
ignoring them.
I'm a professional.
You're a scammer magnet.
Big difference.
Okay, okay. Just moment.
Little trick you should know.
That was amazing.
Works every time.
Except the one time it didn't.
- Ow!
Watch it, asshole!
Hey! Hey!
What the hell's your problem?
You bumped into me.
I said what's your problem,
- What's my problem?
- Yeah.
- Shut up.
Shut up. Shut up.
Shut up. Shut up!
Shut up.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
- It's called
a thousand-year-old egg.
But I think it's not so old.
That is so disgusting.
But this...
is beautiful.
You want it?
- No, no, no, no.
- I want you to have it.
- No, no, no,
it looks much better on you.
So, why Bangkok?
Excuse me?
Of all places, why here?
- I decided to take a year off
from grad school
and see the world's best places.
Then what?
- Then onto a boring degree
in animal husbandry.
- Somehow I think there's more
to you than that.
I made a promise to myself
that I was not going to do
the expected.
Like what?
You know, the usual-
marriage, babies, death.
How do you make your money?
Like, how do you pay your bills?
As in, do I have a job?
I'm an online friend.
Sounds a bit porn-y.
Can be.
Doesn't have to.
Sometimes a friend
is just a friend.
It's called Cam to Cam.
You should check it out.
It's tons of fun.
Naughty or nice, you decide.
And, best of all,
there's no contact of any kind.
No touching.
No nasty STDs.
You can perform for money
or just chat.
No pressure.
Sometimes I just play
the violin.
I'm not the performer type.
That's what they all say.
Come, then, the night awaits.
I-I should go.
- Oh, no, princess.
You need a drink.
That obvious, huh?
. Hey, you! Stop!
Hey, you! Stop!
Oh, my God,
this guy was totally into you.
- No, he wasn't.
You're so crazy.
He was watching you
all the time.
- Thank you
for showing me around.
I-I owe you.
I have to unpack.
- Room 504,
if you change your mind.
- You know, there's a reason
people like her
go for fresh meat like you.
Every night you go out
on the piss, and for what?
You wake up after the clubbing,
the blow, the internet hookups.
You wake up and you realize
none of it's real.
It's all just a dream.
And the worst part is,
it's not even your dream.
It's the dream of whoever
you said you were last night,
when everyone thought
you were the shit.
You're back to being you.
And you fucking hate it.
I mean, that's why you came
to Thailand in the first place,
You came for that
adrenaline boner
that only new blood can give.
And when it's gone again,
it's gone.
- You sound like
a bunch of vampires.
I wish.
Just do yourself a favor-
And do what?
Watch yourself.
- Look, it's not like that
with me.
She's just showing me around.
Good night.
Oh, my God!
- I check to see
everything okay.
Everything okay?
What are you doing in my room?
- I thought you still out there
with your lesbian girl.
Get the fuck out of my room.
Cool at night, I work then.
Too hot in day.
- Okay, just please,
get out of my room.
- I fix your rail,
and put new brace.
And I wouldn't lean on it.
I won't.
And, you see?
A new air-fan blade.
I put there.
Brand-new one.
I'm in my pager number.
You want it?
- Not today.
Maybe-maybe tomorrow.
Oh, okay. Okay.
Sleep happy-
Allison, it's mom.
Where are you'?
Why didn't you return my calls'?
Hey, Allie, this is Kevin.
Um... where are you'?
H's like 10:30 right now,
and We were supposed to meet-
- This is to notify you
that We will be terminating
your service as-
Oh, my God.
Okay, whatever.
Please don't kill me.
Please leave me alone.
Please leave me alone.
Go away!
Please leave me alone.
Where's Merit'?
- She's up in her flat,
being all weird and shit.
She basically told me
to fuck off.
Are you sure she's okay?
In what way?
- I mean, you talked to her,
- That's kind what I'm saying,
Aw, you worried?
- No.
No, it's just, with the whole
online stalker thing...
- They got him.
- What?
- Oh, yeah, Jade saw it
on the news this morning.
Russell Adkins, his name was.
He was packing two hatchets
and a Taser.
Sweet, huh?
Where is he now?
- Why?
You want to meet him?
- No, I'm just-
I'm just curious.
He's dead.
He kill himself
when the police try to stop him.
Why would you say that?
- I don't know,
your expression, maybe?
- No, I'm just... glad
he's in hell where he belongs.
I'll see you around.
Mam, are you home'?
Rest in peace, Lucy.
Oh, screw this.
Who is it?
It's me, Mike.
What's going on?
- You all right?
- Yeah, why?
- You just didn't seem
like yourself earlier.
- I don't think you know me
well enough to make that call.
I'm very intuitive.
Can I come in?
You'll find we're a pretty
tight-knit group here.
We look out for each other.
Being so far away from home
and all.
We like to get up
in each other's shit.
But then, I guess
you already knew that.
Ah, you come to appreciate it
after a while.
We're like family.
If, by family, you mean a-
a wasps' nest.
Did you know that Russell?
- Yeah. We all did.
- Because you didn't think
of mentioning it until now.
He was a freak job.
But, then, you meet
a lot of freak jobs
on a website like Cam to Cam.
- Freak jobs don't cut up
their playmates.
You'd be surprised.
Russell was like one of those
hard-core-gamer types.
The ones that always
have to be on level 10,
even when everyone else
is playing on level 5.
Do you know what I mean?
So, what you up to later?
Oh, I'm sorry,
did you have to be somewhere?
I'm leaving tomorrow.
I'm going back home.
I need to let management know.
- Oh, wow.
Sorry to hear that.
I thought you'd be here
for at least a couple of weeks.
You know,
I barely had a chance to say hi.
- Yeah, just a lot of
family things, change of plans.
But I'd wait till morning.
You definitely don't want to
interrupt Pigboy
during cocktail hour.
- Good advice.
Thank you.
- Well, seeing as it's
your last night in Bangkok,
can I at least buy you a drink?
- I'm just really busy
with packing...
I've, uh, taken a hostage.
Beggings more my thing, anyway.
Please, don't make me beg.
I promise you,
it's not a pretty sight.
- I can't.
I'm sorry.
Coffee, then?
I'll have you back
in half an hour,
and you'll know every sordid
thing there is to know about me.
And more.
Half an hour.
It's one of those places
you really have to see
before you die.
- It's called Wat Arun-
Temple of Dawn.
It's best seen at dawn.
Well, maybe next time.
- I really hope
there is a next time.
Can I ask you a question?
Here we go again.
- Why do you take off your
clothes for total strangers?
It can't just be
about the money.
- Listen, Allie, you've got
to understand something.
Anyone, the instant
they log on to a social network,
any social network,
it's like...
it's like they're standing naked
in the middle
of Grand Central Station.
- Come on, that's a little bit
of a stretch, don't you-
- There are eyes out there,
Thousands of them.
And they see everything.
You have no idea.
The world is watching,
and they're not all out
to friend you.
You either control the game
or it controls you.
There's no in between.
I'm just sorry your sister
had to learn that the hard way.
How did you know that?
That Lucy was your sister?
Someone dropped it in my bucket
this morning.
That, and a whole lot of other
cool shit about you.
- You hacked me.
You asshole!
I could've, but I didn't.
The girl in the photo, in the
tutu, that's your sister, right?
That's Lucy.
- I'm out of here.
Oh, come on, Allie, wait.
Come on, look, it turns out
we have a whole lot in common.
Stay away from me!
- Jesus, Allie,
why are you running?
I'm not gonna hurt you.
That was Russell's thing.
He was the sick,
self-loathing psychopath.
- I mean it!
- I'm the nice-
I mean it.
Okay, Allie.
Why don't you put that thing
Didn't you ever see the film
about the guy
who got his hand trapped
in the boulder?
It took him all bloody day
to cut one arm off.
Okay. I'm stopped.
All right?
I'm not going anywhere.
You came all this way
to find out what happened.
Don't you still want to know?
- I know you're a bunch
of bottom-feeders.
I know that some shit named
Russell killed my sister,
and now he's dead.
Or is there more to it?
Oh, come on.
You and I both know
there's more to it than that.
If you knew you could find out
what he did with Lucy's head,
you'd do anything, right?
Whatever it takes?
I mean, that's why you came
to Bangkok, isn't it?
To make her whole again
no matter what'?
Or did that tempting
little piece of French ass
make you forget all about it?
Yeah, I thought so.
She has that effect on people.
I should know.
- Did you have something
to do with-
Lucy's death?
I just didn't know it
at the time.
What did you do, Michael?
We all just... kind of...
lost our heads.
What did you do?
- If you want to know the truth,
all of it,
meet me there at dawn.
I know, right?
How poetic.
Temple of Dawn.
- Tell me now.
- Can't.
I need the light of day.
You'll see why.
And no police.
Or all secrets...
stay buried forever.
Hi, Allie.
I was getting worried.
- I'm just into
doing my own thing.
My own way-.
- Are you okay?
- You know What I mean?
Marit, what's wrong?
- Do you think Pm hot'?
- Marit?
- Most guys do.
Marit, can you hear me?
- Girls too.
- What the hell is going on?
Especially girls.
Marit, stop!
What about you, Allie'?
Do you think Pm hot'?
Do you like me now'?
Come on, Allie.
Aren't you just a little
- I'm just into doing
my own thing.
My own way-.
You know what I mean?
Do you think Pm hot'?
Who's there?
Who's there?
What about you, Allie'?
Do you think Pm hot'?
Get back!
Get off of me!
Why did you do it?
Why did you kill her?
I'm gonna take your fucking head
off, bitch!
Talk to me, or I swear
I'll fucking kill you!
You set me up!
I've got nothing to lose.
Tell me why you did it!
Talk to me!
Jesus, Allie, what happened?
I came like you asked.
Right, and that was good.
Listen, I-I-I've done some
fucked up shit in my time,
but I'm not a killer.
You have to believe that.
- I don't know
what to believe anymore.
You came back.
You trusted me enough to come
back, and that means something.
That matters.
- Give me what I asked for,
right now, or I swear to God
I'm going to the police.
Y-you can't.
You won't.
You know better than that.
. Okay"
What was I thinking?
That you'd be cool about this?
It all started off as a game.
A-a way of punking our clients.
Scare them into thinking
they're gonna die.
It was just a bit of fun.
I mean, who really gives a shit,
Bunch of low-life farangs.
Thinking they can demand
whatever the fuck they like
'cause this is Thailand, right?
And that's what naughty boys
and girls do in Thailand.
Fuck that shit.
Fuck 'em all.
Your sister...
Lucy wasn't like that.
She was just curious.
What happened?
We'd seen her about.
She kept to herself, mostly,
and-and we just thought we'd...
thought we'd play
a bit of a head trick on her.
You know, frighten her a bit.
But then...
fucking Russell.
Fucking Russell
with his twisted...
Thank God he had the good sense
to die when he did.
Is Marit part of this game?
You mean Emilie.
Emilie Tindermans.
That's her real name.
Or maybe it's just one of many.
She's the master bitch.
The brains behind everything.
Thinks we're all just
her little tools, and we are.
We are.
You don't get that kind of a
mind inside that kind of a body.
Not without making some serious
pact with the devil.
She had me whipped, for sure.
But Russell...
she fucking destroyed him.
I mean, he was a head case
to begin with.
He had this whole thing
about women and rejection.
But Emilie...
she sent him
right over the edge.
Now Jade, on the other hand,
she didn't so much
want to fuck Emilie.
She wanted to be Emilie.
I'm sure you can appreciate how
Emilie gets inside your head.
That's the real game for her-
total fucking domination.
Is that why she was killed?
Because you guys got tired
of the game?
Nice try.
She texted me 15 minutes ago,
said you were on your way
over here.
- Not possible.
- She's not dead.
- I saw her body
in her apartment
right before I put a hatchet
blade through the super.
- You're lying.
She's not fucking dead.
Call her.
Go ahead, call her.
That girl at the pool.
- Jade?
- She was there.
- No, that makes no sense.
Jade worshipped Emilie.
- Don't you understand?
The game is over, Michael.
You've been played,
and you don't even know it.
- No, no.
We're all in this together.
We're like family.
I just listened to myself.
We need to find her!
- You don't find Jade
unless she wants to be found.
I've got get out.
I've got to get out of Thailand.
- You can bet
your passport was frozen
the minute the cops came
to the apartment.
- No.
No, no, no.
This can't be happening.
she had it all figured out.
We'd be out
before the shit hit the fan.
She had us catching some random
flight on your plastic.
It didn't matter where.
Lam so beyond fucked!
Don't you get it?
I came here for one reason-
to find out what happened
to my sister.
And now I have blood
on my hands, Michael!
So don't talk to me
about being fucked!
- You.
You have to help me.
I don't know what to do,
you have to help me.
What do I do?
- Tell me where my sister's
fucking head is!
I can't do time-not here.
If you knew what went down
in Thai prison-
- Michael,
we're both doing time!
- No, that's not an option!
- It depends on how long!
I have to go home!
- I can be a friendly witness,
or I can be
an extremely hostile one.
It is up to you!
- You just don't get it,
do you?
You just don't know
when to let go.
Like it even matters.
It's just a fucking head!
Who travels halfway around
the world for a fucking head?
Am I wasting my time or not?
You want it.
You really want it.
It's your life.
I hate this place.
I hate it.
Brings out the fucking worst
in me.
Is this where Russell lived?
It was abandoned.
No rent. No hassles.
His perfect little playhouse.
You coming?
Over here.
They said I couldn't
keep a secret to save my life.
It's down there.
What you're looking for
is down there.
I don't see anything.
It's there.
We need a-a plan, Allie.
So how do we make them believe
that I had nothing
to do with it,
that I was just
an innocent bystander?
How do we do that?
I need to know.
Okay, o-okay,
well, let's think.
What about that exchange
student, the American one,
the one with the sex case
and the murder?
She got off, didn't she?
And it was looking pretty bad
for her-
I mean, really fucking bad.
Except she did like four years.
Four years.
Not me. I can't do that.
I can't do time.
I can't-not here.
Allie are you listening to me?
I'm freaking out here.
Just stop for a second
and listen to me!
No, I-I've got to go,
I'm f-I'm feeling kind of sick
all of a sudden.
I'm not kidding, Allie.
I've got to get out of here.
What am I even doing here?
I've got to go home-now.
Right fucking now.
I can't do this.
Allie, I can't do this.
Allie. Allie!
Listen to me!
Allie, listen to me!
Allie, I can't do this!
# I have shed off J
# All of my skin J
J To let go of J
# My inhibitions J
# What you see is what you get J
# I am exposed J
# I am stripped J
# I am worth all J
# Of your respect J
# And will never settle J
# For anything less J
You're awake?
I need you to tell me
what happened.
What were you doing
at the river house?
Did you fall into the river,
or were you pushed'?
Do you remember
who pulled you out?
Emilie Tindermans is dead.
We found her body last night,
along with the building manager.
- Several witnesses saw you
attack him.
We know about the others.
Russell Adkins, Michael Shanly,
Emilie Tindermans-
they are all dead.
This we know.
We want to know why.
Did you flag her passport?
- Why would I flag the passport
of a dead woman?
We have her body,
and we have the videos
from her computer.
She's not dead.
- They have been altered to
make it seem that she is alive,
but we are not so easily fooled.
We will, of course, run prints
and a DNA test to be sure.
You'll be too late.
You'll be... too late.
Excuse me.
Allison Westbrook?
You have a good day.
Dear Allie,
I hope this brings you some
small measure of peace.
I will never understand
why you sacrificed so much
for such a pointless thing,
and yet somehow,
{love you ah' the more for it.
I will remember you, Allie,
in this life
and in all my lives to come.
Yours forever, Charlotte.