Camel Safari (2013) Movie Script

Hi, I'm James Kallarikkal,
everyone calls me J.K,
I'm the D.J over here,
it's a part time job.
The real job is studying, Like
everyone else, we also dislike that.
We, means there are 5 to
6 of us, who and all I'll tell later.
On saying, we have come
to Manglore for studying,
can figure out our attitude.
But, today is an important day
for us. One among us has loved,
the love means,
boy,running after a,Girl, etc, etc,
climbing the wall, this is
not like that as, normally found.
A girl saw a boy and got love
at first sight, going after him,
won the heart and jumped
the wall,it is a similar story.
That means a girl loved a boy! They
have come here to tell that story.
For the time being you,
hear this title song.
"The eyes and eyes met each other"
"The desire, you have started the story"
"The Gandharva tune flowed"
"The love song as a sweet rain"
"The first love in the heart,
transform ed to admiration"
"From that day onwards,
I became a follower"
"Danced with the petals of red
Mandarflowers, little had leaves on it"
"Is it the lotus where
the petals get dried?"
"Became a flower, where
the petals never fade"
"In the streams of the clouds,
became a flower in the sky"
"I became a part of the
moon in the sky"
"Like a golden feather
wafted high up in the winds"
"Like a dew drop, filled
the heart with nectar"
One girl, going after a boy and
loving. Not only on this campus,
but for the first time in my life.
This is our principal, don't know the
actual name, know the nick name'
Our old movie is there no, 'Chemenn'
not like the Parikutty, with the lost love.
Singing the song,
'Manasa Mainee and all.
He is a 'love hater'
there is a reason for that.
He was a brave heart, who
started the love at the age of 6.
A relation started by exchanging
the pencils and ink sticks.
Then match box pictures.
Stamps and water Lilly, finally
due to one and only reason,
didn't allow to copy,At the 10th
standard, she disdained him!
But, the sincere Parikutty kept
waiting, never, did she come!
Then Parikutty, decided
never to have love again.
The time, when there was
a high demand for e-comm
and coco plantation.
The rich girl had fallen
in love on hearing the song.
But, there arises a problem.
Like the movie, 'Chinna Thampi, for
the five brothers, only one sister!
Is there much needed to
get the whacking?
Decided, that no matter if one gets
the whacking, continued ahead...
with the love!
Reached, till the register marriage!
Reached a point of putting the sign also!
But the brothers had sniffed this,
reached there and asked one question!
Did he make you to
sign with your consent?
The Parikutty who was scattered,
first did not go to the sea shore,
but straight to the Abbey.
After learning and learning
became a Father!
Now, if he hears love..
After telling about us, will say what
had happened? We, are 6 of us.
Even though, 3 are females. We,
are called as' 6 men army' in the college!
She is Yamini.
A Rajput family from
Rajasthan. Immensely rich!
Honestly speaking a princess!
Why be-cos, there is no
second chance in life.
Buddy, tell about me.
Oh! This one is Siva Kumar.
We, call him 'little landlord'.
Son of a great land
lord, at Coimbatore.
Fathers, dream is to make the
son, a great English man,
by sending to England.
Sons, dream is be a
landlord. His, weakness is
'folksong' and ' minced porotta'
She, is Katharine, a poor
Christian from Kanjirappally.
As usual, 500 acre rubber estate.
Father at the club,mother social
work, her weakness is boy friends,
night life and 'Vodka'
Then, our '6 pack Hashim',
till now not even 4 packs!
Gone mad, by seeing the Dabang
movie, of Salman Khan's for 10 times!
A computer wizard, the
head master in out gang.
'May God be with us'
Now have to listen very
carefully, the speeding tipper,
as usual hit a school going
child, Fled without stopping.
The public, no one has
reacted except taking photos.
The Dhiya, who forcefully
ran in to the crowd.
After knocking down all the mobiles,
she ran. No vehicle had stopped.
Then at last she stood in front
of a car, which was speeding,
without no fear!
The car stopped!
Escaped luckily,
on reaching on time.
Is that school going
child anybody of yours?
Is it necessary, one must help
anyone, only if one is related to you?
Is it necessary, one must help
anyone, only if one is related to you?
She is our heroine, no no,
not like that. Hero..Dhiya.
Now every one is complete.
Now we will, enter in to the story.
Even though, there is no screw!
One day after the night
party, got little late.
Okay, okay I'll hold.
Daughter, not inside, outside!
Don't teach principal to blow!
My Mary! Must have
had, at least five!
My mother!
Sir, what is this?
On the night of the day,
of receiving the suspension,
Yamini had got a
call from Rajasthan.
That is the reason for everything.
Yamini's sisters marriage,
that was the turning point.
Is it? Where the boy hailing from?
From Bikaner.
What is he doing?
From America"
So that means, we
have to come to Bikaner.
Take the leave immediately, from
the college and come to the house.
When, is the marriage
going to get fixed?
Start immediately.
Yes, father, will come
with my friends.
How to get the
permission from the Principal?
That was the only problem
Finally, I told an idea.
You are the one, you are the
only one responsible for this!
Did you need any such things?
I'm not to disobey the rule,
never to wish other wives,
I'm daily coming to see you.
If one cannot love the unseen
sister, one cannot love unseen God,
that is why.
We'll meet tomorrow, bye, bye.
What? Why are you here?
You can really enjoy.
No doubt, I can arrange
the leave and all.
This, Rajput wedding for
15 days, it would be good,
if it were taken as a project.
As a study tour,
there are marks also,
don't you need marks to
reach next semester'?
What a pity, is this? A project.
Know there is no enough,
time but still can do it.
For some days, no need
of sleep and sightseeing,
in away it is also a thrill, On,
getting no time for anything.
That 'arch villain' made
our trip in to a project.
All the plans to freak
out was domed!
Then, had decided that will face it
on its course, then comes the next
'thunder bolt'!
You don't go along with them.
I alone?
You stay here, hear that?
Except me, all to Rajasthan. That
day all the songs I played were sad.
Like the saying, meant
of the mice, hit the cat!
Hey you! Give me also a screw
driver, let me also get high!
Will straight away go there!
Push strongly!
No body in here?
My God what is this?
Welcome, come all of you.
Chinna, as usual joined with the
gardeners with the folk song.
The wedding plans
responsibility, was vested on me.
But still I dedicated
some time for my 6 pack!
Quickly, our Katherine got a
company, Bhagavan singh.
Day time boozing and at night
hunting that is his routine.
Mostly, they were together. Even
other wise the drunkards are like that.
They will identify their
people very soon.
Don't simply say this and that, say
how this love story really happened?
Will tell.
Where did she meet him?
Then, did he fall?
To make him fall, had sung.
Like how the hero
sings in Tamil movie.
If men can sing, the
girls can also sing.
"Is it love? Some, thief
has robbed the love"
Is it desire? The so called
desire is stolen by the thief"
"Who is that? Who is he?"
"Does one know who the thief is?"
"From here starts the
drumming of the heart"
"From here starts the
coquetry of the young hearts"
"Who is that? Who is he?"
"Does one know who the thief is?"
"On standing at a distance will
feel like, running to reach near"
"On standing close, can't
stand before the eye sight"
"What is the name of this? What
is the name of this? Can one say?"
"Is it the desire or the
amour or a curiosity of love?"
" Does one know, who he is?
"He is the thief"
"Like the water lily looking the
the image of the moon"
"Even when half bloomed,
filled with honey inside"
"The dream I saw in my mind, some
time ago, is becoming true"
"The golden moment waited by
me is going to be complete"
"Is it love? Some, thief
has robbed the love"
Is it desire? The so called
desire is stolen by the thief"
"Who is that? Who is he?"
"Does one know who the thief is?"
There is some kind of attraction.
How cute is he? Never in my life..
What is his name?
I don't know.
But, still a nice story is it not?
You are mad! Seeing some
one, simply some sort of..
Buddy, that is love. Have
you seen Tamil movies?
There are lot of situations like that.
Only, in that, there is thrill!
We are Rajput, this
marriage must be greatest.
Bhagavan Singh, had told
in detail, how the marriage
should be made a great event.
We, really got tensed. The marriage
should be made a great event...
must be different from others.
In the case of food, how
the novelty can be brought.
The color of dress.
The ornaments and all.
The discussion went
on like that, in nut shell,
the Rajasthan journey was
just like a marriage contract!
Escaped, since there was Hashim.
The entire job was
vested on his head!
Some body come man! Help man!
The biggest tension, was on the
issue of food. How to bring novelty?
We were thinking round the clock.
Now what is the way out?
Hey every one look
here, got a super idea,
we will go for minced
Porotta, masala dosa,
Kall dosa, Chettinadu
Biriyani Ottappam.
Will you stop it man? All
this has got the same taste.
Then, all this Rajasthanls
will make us minced Porotta!
Now what is the solution?
Shall we call the Taj and do
the booking?Is that not safe?
Is Taj required?
What to do now?
What is it girl? Say.
Padippura toddy shop!
Yes, duck roast, baked pearl fish,
mapas(gravy kind of dish), fish...
with chilly, without chilly,Anguilla
fish fry, fish with coconut scrapings,
beef, prawns, the bird quail.
Enough of it.
Hey girl don't make one covetous!
How can that be
made possible here?
Who is that?
My child, there is no time left here.
Child, don't you know? Just
because of the curries of ,
Dhushyandhan., this toddy
shop is running.
All of a sudden will I get
the leave and come there?
That will not be possible.
Here, if one marries a Rajput
girl, free with four servants.
Is it, if one marries a Rajput
girl, free with four servants?
Yes, that's it!
No that..No..Don't hang the line!
When is the next train? I'll come.
As, long as I'm alive, I'll be there!
My God!
My father.
Without any previous experience,
had expired all of a sudden.
Now nobody is there for me.
Brother, will you be
there for me?Will be there.
What a baldness is this?
Anyway things have happened
like this, you be in peace.
My dear brother, even yesterday
when my father called, he had told.
While putting pepper in the duck
curry, careful that should not fall...
in to the eyes.
That is, to be put in the curry not in
the eyes, anyway you don't cry.
Even today or tomorrow each
and everyone of us, must go.
But, must go today
Vise, not tomorrow.
At this time, doing like this?
Keep it away!
Let this cash be with you,
since it is a matter related to death.
Whose? Oh! Fathefs death!
My father.
Anyway place a wreath in the
name of our toddy shop also.
Owner shall I take leave? Brother.
Go and come man.
Careful, that the price of the toddy
and the curry, never go high!
I'm not here.
Hey you! First you learn to stand by
your own feet! Then get on the cycle!
Is he drunk or is the cycle drunk?
Don't say comedy for the sake of
comedy. Tell, what happened?
I'll tell, next day on the
occasion of sheneoy event,
unexpectedly, she had
again seen Pavan.
Chachi, (sister) he is the boy
about whom I have told to you.
The one I saw now.
He is Pavan Thakkur.
Why? Did you like?
Thakkur, is bringing him up
like a prince. After him, his
dynasty should be given to son.
He must not be loosened from hand,
that is what the Thakkur desires.
He is the dream of all girls.
Thakkur is looking after Pavan,
without much contact...
with the outside world.
Always, there will be body
guards along with him.
If Pavan had noticed
Diya, then it is her luck,
Suparna Dedi told that
repeatedly again and again.
Since it is a Rajput marriage,
it is 15 days celebration,
Everyday there will be dance
and music at the brides house.
Think it is on the second day.
Yes, second day.
Yes, the second
day of the occasion,
that occasion is called sheneoy.
On that day, I was the
one who composed the song.
You composing the song? Might
have removed the shirt and might
have done some folk song.
Might have danced like
Salman you donkey!
Not that cement bag, like the one
of our Oppana music in Malabar
What is the relation between the
Oppanna music and the
Rajasth an m arriag e?
We are only creating
the relationship.
"The Kajol, the kajol like the love
applying collyrium, to the eyes...
the dark kajol"
"The Kajol, the kajol like the love
applying collyrium, to the eyes...
the dark kajol"
"Like the color of the henna, on the
hands became red as the berries"
"you are full of love towards
the beloved, his love to me"
"The Kajol, the kajoL. Like the love
applying collyrium, to the eyes...
the dark kajol"
"Hey black bug, what did you
feel on seeing the beloved"
"what will you give in hand full
to the blue mooned trickster"
" Without seeing the person, in the
mirror of the mind, will feel like
talking to beautiful faced"
"Nevencause worry nor flirt"
"Alighting, on the
chariots from seven hills.."
"-The new bridegroom comes with
the rhythm of hands clap.."
"-What will he feel
like, as he comes"
"The Kajol, the kajoL. Like the
love applying collyrium to the eyes,
the dark kajol"
"The beautiful daughter, who
has got the mole of coral-wood"
"Hanna, hanna in the hands"
"As the green leaves garlands
blossoms in the hands"
"The shade of dusk,
real shade of redness"
" For the maidens around to
tease, she became a baby girl"
"As they are coming, coming"
"The bridegroom and
others are coming to see,
wife is sitting in an intoxicating fort"
"The Kajol, the kajol like the love
applying collyrium to the eyes...
the dark kajol"
"Like the color of the henna, in the
hands became red as the berries"
"you are full of love towards
the beloved, his love to me"
"The Kajol, the kajol like the love
applying collyrium to the eyes...
the dark kajol"
Did the crows began
staying at the palace?
A guy is standing with a money cap.
Is he a money or a human being?
Look, brother in law my
name is, Dhushyandhan.,
I'm the cook at Padipurra
toddy shop, near Vaikkom.
One of our lady is staying
here, would be great, If,
I could to go her place.
Can you tell the route?
That means..How to
make this fool understand?
One of my lady child..Girl..In a
palace, in a near by staying.
Is staying..Want to go to
her place...The route"
Did you understand, man?
The route"
Can you tell the route, to go like
this? Would be fine, if you can tell,
where is it?
Are you mad or what?
My God will die here,
beating my head here!
Brother in law, did you see this?
Bhagavan house where?
So, you need Bhagavan
Yes that is it. He understood that.
Go straight from here.
Who Sita?
What ever it is.
Take the right first and then the
left, they will come to a small gully,
on the right there is God.
Only that much,
move back you cattle!
Turning its back and standing
when going for a good thing.
Child, can I ask one thing? No
need that will turn to an assault.
Look bai, this Bhagavan( God)
God is here.
Is it here?
Is it not temple?
Not this Bhagavan, one guy had
told me the route and send, is it not?
That, Bhagavan, where is it?
Why are these Hindi speaking
guys always saying 'Kaya' 'kaya',
whenever they see
any, 'Malayalee'?
Look here old man,
consider me as your own guy.
Now tell me.
Don't know..Don't know.
Tell slowly, or your
artificial tooth will go out!
My God, where will I
go and find her?
18 steps in Rajasthan, what?
No more complaints that
one had not rang this!
Hey, who are you?
Looks like human
being born out of frog!
Where are you going?
Hey mister, I will tell in Malayalam,
if you can understand that in...
Hindi it is good for you!
I'm coming from
Padipurra toddy shop,
one of my girl is inside this shack!
No, inside the 'Havelli' ( old fort)
Hey You, go man!
So, you didn't understand in Hindi,
didn't you? Move back you!
As if rice sack, fixed
with hands and legs!
Hey you go out!
No, no I will stamp on you
by bending you down!
If one comes to Padipurra toddy
shop and ask for Kangaroo...
any child will say urinating!
Now, I'll tell you a truth, I
have learned the Kalari...
(Marshal an of Kerala)
If I poke you, on your vital area!
I tell you, you will die man!
My God, I'm Dhushyandhan...The
quail bird, eggprab, duck, hen,
rabbit, chicken, mutton, pork, beef
Don't kill me!
What is this guy saying?
I will catch your legs!
Don't kill me, will catch your legs!
He is our friend, Dhushyandham.
Acha!( Hindi it means, okay I fine
but in Malayalam, it means father)
So, that is the thing, this
guy is his father is it not?
On looking will not say so.
He came to do the
cooking for the marriage.
Hey you! Have you called me, to
cook in the house of robbers?
That is because you don't
know Hindi, that is the reason.
Not because of that, these guys
doesn't understand Malayalam!
What is he saying? Okay go.
What is this? Is it tapioca? Oh!,
that was his leg is it not?
Hey you! But we will
have to meet again!
My God!
If you people won't have turned up
here.Won't have turned up means"
Two dead bodies
will be lying down here!
The one with the gun
and one with the cap!
What is this?A 'big catch' in the
kitchen, girls, please pay attention,
my name is Dhushyandhan..
That means for today onwards in
this kitchen I'll be also there, with you.
What are all your names?
My name is Chandini.
My name is Kajol.
My name is Karol.
In our places the carol is on
Christmas day. Here is it carol everyday?
What a good combination? Just like
the dark moon and the white noon.
You should not chop that like that,
see you should hold like this and slice.
The Dhushyandhan's
things went as we planned.
You little naughty! Now my finger
would have went inside the dimples!
As the things went on with
Dhushyandhan, and the wife of...
the camel keeper, the issue of the,
Marriage food was settled.
No other job is it not?
When one gets the spare time,
immediately will start playing cards.
The responsibility of this function,
is not vested on me alone,
it is on everyone of us.
What all things to do?
Have to buy the dress for her,
have to buy the ornaments.
Do we have to look in to all this? Is
this correct to simply sit like this?
On that last day, if there is
a bar set up, it will be superb!
Oh!, you have no other
thoughts, only about the bar!
Oh! The princess in the
dream world has reached.
Sister, can you come with me once?
What happened?
I want to talk to you.
What? Love!
Yes, but I have met
him only once till now.
Met once, is it not?
That is more than enough.
But I want to tell him
lot of things to him.
There is an old movie called" May
Rae Mehaboob" in that there is...
a song sung by Rafi sir.
I'll write that and give it to you.
Diya, read and learned, those lines.
By looking at Pavan's face, she
must tell the meaning of that song.
For that, she had decided to
jump the compound wall.
Hey man! Will the girls
jump the compound wall?
Why not the girls, jump the walls?
Let, this be a change, right from
the beginning of the love story...
it has been the boys,Who,
jump the walls, is it not?
It has been very long, since she left.
Don't worry, for love there is no
decency, time nor any place.
I've to tell an important thing to you.
What is that to tell?
Hey look, somebody is coming.
My heavens!
Blow the whistle man!
Looks like some one has come,
I'll tell later, have to go now,
will meet you later.
Jump fast!
Spoiled a good chance!
Big Thakkur might have seen, I
have told in the beginning itself...
that the girls,Should never
go for un-necessary tasks!
The next day when the Yamini's
father, told certain things,
We came to know it was
a task un-necessary task.
Pavan is the one and
only son of big Thakkur,
So, he has already done
the child marriage for him.
Pavan's marriage has taken
place in the early childhood days.
The big Thakkur, had already,
married off Pavan to his
best friends daughter, Poonam
in the childhood days itself.
Now, Poonam is studying in
America, as soon as, coming back
after completing the studies.
The real marriage will take place.
One more shocking truth
was told by Yamini's father,
the tragedy of Poonam's sister!
She was in love with someone
else, who was not a Rajput.
On knowing the news the brother,
Vikram singh, she was killed by
burning her on fire
by pouring kerosine.
Vikram singh, was dare
enough to do anything.
I can't understand, then
why did you guys go after him?
There is no sight for love.
Correct, there is no face for love.
That is all that in TamilNadu, here
the girls will love only after...
looking at the face.
Look at my situation!
I'll sing Piaya, will sing"
"There are lands for the snakes
and the birds, human sons...
have no space on earth,"
"To lay his head on"
You come here.
Going to give the prize now itself!
Go man!
You got a slap is it not?
Does this Bhagavan Sigh
and wife have no other job?
Their happiness is this,
though after the marriage,
they do not have the children.
How many years is it?
12 years!
12 years, where is this guy
going with the gun at night?
For hunting.
At day time it is full of drinking,
at night will go for hunting,
then how can they have children?
If I were, the person would
have started a play school here!
Wait! Why did you come last
night? What was there to tell?
I'll tell.
"The eyes and eyes met each other"
"The desire, you
have started the story"
"The Gandharva tune flowed"
"The love song as a sweet rain"
"The first love in the heart,
transform ed to admiration"
"From that day onwards,
I became a follower"
"Danced with the petals of red
mandarflowers, little had leaves on it"
"Is it the lotus where
the petals get dried?"
"Became a flower, where
the petals never fade"
"In the streams of the clouds,
became a flower in the sky"
"I became a part of
the moon in the sky"
"Like a golden feather
wafted high up in the winds"
"Like a dew drop, filled
the heart with nectar"
"The forest of time, flung the
feathers, in the winds your hair swayed"
"As the smell of flowers flows,
at the dusk, your lonely song"
"In the lonely nights, your
honey sweet rustling sound"
"In some, image of shadows, the
tune of your Gandarva lute"
"You, as an image of love
has ignited the fire in the life"
"Beloved, your song has
become the song of my soul"
"The eyes and eyes met each other"
"The desire, you have
started the story"
"The Gandharva tune flowed"
"The love song as a sweet rain"
"The first love in the heart,
transform ed to admiration"
"From that day onwards,
I became a follower"
"The eyes and eyes met each other"
"The desire, you have
started the story"
I can't understand your song, but
through this song what you tried to tell.
Your eyes have told me that.
I also want to tell.
Please tell.
Yes, Papa. Time for me to go.
Tomorrow I'm going to Pushkar.
If you come there,
I'll tell everything. Shall I go?
I'm not coming.
Hey! What happened?
I, need to meet Pavan,
I should go to Pushkar.
The moment I send
you guys to Rajastham...
I doubted it will end up like this.
Anyway, things have reached this
far, the rest will be after the interval.
Where is this Pushkar?
In the Rajasthan, some
30,000 camels, horses,
it is a big event, 'Pushkar Mela'
It is one of the rarest temples in the
world, in the month of Karthika,
(Third constellation)
during the full moon.
The petals of the Brahma ( The
creator according to Hindu Mythology)
Will fall in the Pushkar river.
When you dip and arise in the
Pushkar river, the things one...
is planning will be materialized.
Like Arnold, mister universe, other
wise no need, a Bollywood actor.
Remove the tax of the
spirit, that is all.
Hey God, after MBA, give a
good job in a big company.
God, I want to be a landlord.
I love you!
"My beloved.."
"In the beauty of the eyes,
dipped in the waters of love"
"My beloved.."
"Have emerged with the the pearls"
"Did the dreams knotted with bells"
"Adorned in the hearts"
"Mesmerized by your
golden kisses, longs for that"
"My beloved.."
"The sound of anklets,
comes in a coquettish manner"
"My beloved.."
"The rain drops falls ceaselessly"
"The autumn, kept in the hearts"
"Splashed the perfumes in the hair"
"Dressed in the fabric of moonlight"
"All alone..All alone, in
the sky where are you"
"With the love, in the sky,
all alone where are you"
"Can sit in the steps of stars"
"Can ride on the chariots of the sky"
"Can swim in the brook of the sky"
"Will, you come?"
"Can decorate on the
chest with chilling bells"
"Can search for the
smile in the silver skies"
"Can pluck the new buds of
plantains and drink nectar"
"Will, you come?"
"In the beauty of the eye,
dipped in the waters of love"
"My beloved.."
"Have emerged with the the pearls"
"Did the dreams knotted with bells"
"Adorned in the hearts"
"Mesmerized by your
golden kisses, longs for that"
"My beloved.."
"With love to that
extend, you come"
"I will come to melt
in to the light in you"
"Sesmane oil of musk is ready,
the tray of camphor is ready"
"Stone etched flowers are ready"
"Will you come?"
"The dark cloud has
reached, for applying collyrium"
"For the eyes to get washed,
the sweet rain has reached"
"To tell the tales, birds are
near by, are coming.."
"In the beauty of the eye,
dipped in the waters of love"
"My beloved.."
"Have emerged with the the pearls"
"Did the dreams knotted with bells"
"Adorned in the hearts"
"Mesmerized by your
golden kisses, longs for that"
"My beloved.."
"The sound of anklets,
comes in a coquettish manner"
"My beloved.."
"The rain drops falls ceaselessly"
"The autumn, kept in the hearts"
"Splashed the perfumes in the hair"
"Dressed in the fabric of moonlight"
Never mind if the entire
money with me is over,
I will put this hand full of bangles.
I'm getting scared,
if my husband sees.
Why have we come to this
Pushkar? Is it for honey moon?
Don't spoil my mood saying
pathi (husband) in between.
What are you saying?
Now my entire mood is gone,
should start from the first.
Does your husband
know Malayalam?
What happened?
You were the ones!
Why, are you two here?
TWO People?
By the way, who is this girl?
Is her, father and mother, here.
No problem, even if it is brothers.
Doesn't know anything
about Malayalam, then how
did you snatch this Hindi girl?
Caught, no chance now.
There are only
two things in the world,
where the language is not a barrier.
One is 'bar' the other one is..
Hey! Be careful, if her husband
sees this, will kill you!
He doesn't know
that fool, that we are here,
now you fools don't go and tell this.
Come closer little more,
if anybody asks"
Hey, guys no need of
much respect and all, sit.
On looking at the photo,
should look like the Mammotty.
You rascal, idiot!
I'm taking helmet made of cloth.
Did you see any south Indian?
No, I didn't see any Malayalee!
My God! Like walking
in the dream, running
on the sand it is not moving also.
Beat him!
Caught me!
Fooled you!
Don't beat me.
Where are you guys taking me?
No, don't make me sit on the camel
top. I don't know, how to drive this one.
My God! Where is
the gear of this one!
Hey fellows! At least
tell which is the neuter!
Vikram Singh, as that villain came,
the entire story got changed.
Anyway, the coming of a villain is
good, you guys were lacking beatings.
From now on don't show the guts to
do such things to others, hear that?
Don't know, who was beaten up.
But, one thing was understood,
he had beaten some
one who had spoken
against Pavan.
Our fright increased, but
Diya was cool.
How was the journey child?
From New York to Bombay,
there was no problem.
But the journey to the
Jodhpur was the problem.
For the connecting
flight had to wait a bit.
Father and mother
will come next week.
Well, where is Pavan?
Pavan..He is upstairs
go and meet him.
Till those people come,
you stay here.
As you wish.
Without seeing you for two years, I
was upset, do you also feel the same?
I'm not feeling well, okay tell
me how was yourjourney?
Enough of your questioning and
all..Have I grown fat or slim?
Do you know, for the,Last one
month I was on fastingmAnd work out.
You look all the same, even
now, no change for you at all.
What happened?
What are you thinking?
This is 'baang' can travel
in the world of dreams,
why friends shall we take this?
Then enjoy.
Forget all your worries and go to the
land of dreams. Drink and enjoy.
They have come back.
'They' who?
My marriage with her will be
conducted soon. Will do one thing.
Will, go from here today itself!
No not now, will wait
for some more time.
But how long to wait?
Till, getting the consent
from the parents,
after telling the father and mother
Then no need to go, and
everything will take place also.
Then what is the problem?
Okay..I'm doing it for you.
Why did you tell like that?
We, can elope now itself.
Is it not, own father?
If they don't allow?
I'll beat you, the dignity
of the Rajput is important to me.
I have already fixed your marriage,
With my friends
daughter, in the childhood.
At this years, I have
guarded you keenly,
if you disdain that, I'll not spare you!
If you men are seen
here again, I will kill you.
And tell your friend
that we are Rajput.
Enough of getting beatings. Shall
we return after ending everything?
No, anyway I will
not refrain from this.
Okay, no need to refrain, all
of us can die in this Pushkar.
Then you'll be satisfied.
What, mind your words?
After all this things happened,
look at her attitude.
She, is only worried
about her own concern.
I'm going back.
Chinna, I'm also there with you.
Hasim what is your decision?
I'm also coming.
You support her, we are going.
It is a matter for my concern.
I'm the only son of my father, if
something happens to me.
I'm goir19-
To me I feel like, what
we are doing is wrong.
Hey look Dhushyandhan.
Hey man! Why are
you in this costume?
My brother in law, how
did you reach here?
How did you reach here?
Nothing more to say, that Chandi's
husband, the one who looks like a frog,
That camel keeper, he bet me up,
with those Hindi speaking guys and,
Made me sit on the camel's back
and I was send to the desert.
Then I was struggling around this
desert with out knowing the direction.
Then this Sasi and
Velladudhan had saved me.
Are they Malayalee's?
No Hindi guys only, two
years will be wasted like that,
if one tries to learn their names!
So, I've put these names
by myself for my easiness.
Didn't I tell you, if that camel
keeper sees you, he will kill you?
Now what happened?
Now, I'm now going on with
the business of 'real' camels.
'Real camels'?
Yea, in the native place, like the
business of real estate, here...
it is the business of 'real camels'.
Anyhow, you have reached in high
places, and you are safe now.
Me, safe?
Do you know? From that
day to till date, have not seen...
even rice water for days!
You don't worry you come with us.
Saved, some how I want to
reach the native place.
We are not going
to the native place,
we are going to the
Yamini's house.
Where? That camel
keepers house?
Better than that, it is
better to live in this desert,
with the business of real camel.
You don't worry, you come with
us, we will manage your things.
Are you sure?
My God, shall I go and come?
Get lost camel!
From now on we must never split,
even if the life goes, is it not?
Everything is my fault.
It is our duty to full fill your dreams.
If we send Dhushyand, as a cook,
we can also send the messages.
A real great idea!
Wow sister!
You have become intelligent!
I didn't understand the
comedy what you told in Hindi.
That means you go to big
Thakkur house as cook for us.
My God! So, my life
is almost decided.
Are you Dhushyand?
Yes, father, mother, no,
yes acha! Escaped.
Do you want the job of the cook?
That means" My
curry..You..Yamini's sister...
When, came for the
marriage of Sonam..
Had..My curry. Telling it is
super..Gave the hand to me.
If you make good food,
you will get the job,
but food you make,
should be at its best.
Banana, and all I'll make!
Yes boss.
Show him the kitchen of the house.
You go with him.
No, that is, Saturday and Sunday...
I want the holiday
must go the church!
What and all are
you saying? You go!
What is the use of
saying it is a big palace,
No one is there to
mend a broken pipe!
How can I give this letter
to Pavan, duping their sight?
That means, I want urine.
Again what?
How will I make them understand?
That means , wants to urinate.
How to make him
understand, urinating?
That means, remove this cloth.
Don't misunderstand me..
while drinking lot of water"
At that time..Under the tree.
Like this, where is it?
Fine, wants to go to the
bath room. Tell like that.
Come, go straight, then
left and then you will find.
Understood, you guy with the cap,
don't know where will I find him.
The nail was struck on the
forehead. A door without a hole!
How to see the scene?
But, anyway, must find him
out and give this thing to him.
Who are you?
"We, two trapped in a room."
I'm the new cook who
have joined here..Cooking!
Took the charge only today.
What is in the cap?
Only my head is inside
this, then little dandruff!
Don't catch it is full baldness,
you will die seeing that!
What is this? Letter.
All because of you,
truly I'm innocent,
let me catch this white
legs and plead with you!
If you stay here for some more time,
boss Thakkur will kill you with bullets!
Door..Move, give that
cap, let me escape.
Who is this Diya?
How did you come to know?
Here...Look at this.
Came to know from this.
Don't say sorry, I can understand
the heart of those who are in love.
I was about to tell you everything,
how I saw Diya and how we met.
You should have told me earlier,
this is not, like in the olden days.
During the childhood, a past time
which our parents have done,
Do we have to ruin your life?
What ever it is.
Loving is really good is it not?
Do you remember, few days before,
a love story has happened here?
But, that love story
had a tragic ending.
For the love stories to be beautiful,
that should have an tragic ending.
Haven't you heard?
Especially in Rajput clans!
Brother, I...
Shut up! Haven't you
heard how your sister died?
When she loved some one, I've
pleaded with her saying no, no,
at last she,Made me do that! Just
imagine how a brother will feel like?
When he had to kill the,
Sister with his own hands!
Forgive me! Forgive me!
We are from Rajput clan, our blood
should not be contaminated.
When contaminated...
You will be burned alive!
So, this marriage must
take place at any cost!
Did you give?
Is this reply?
Not reply, but my train
ticket for going home.
That head shaven
fellow with ear studs,
all of you go the native,
before he kills all of you!
What happened?
You tell the matter.
Hey fellow! I came up to the
room of the Pavan with the letter.
Then, a white cockroach like girl,
came and snatched the letter.
It must be her..Poonam!
Yes, it must be her the ghost!
I knew it will happen like this,
when this idiot was send!
I will kill you man!
What, mistake did I do?
I'm worried, about
that letter which got lost.
Shall, I do one thing? Can
I write a similar letter like that?
Shut up, you idiot!
Pavan's family might
have known this plan.
That Vikram Singh, and his
men can come here, any moment.
So, there is nothing to plan.
So, you are that smart girl is it not?
Poonam, I want to speak to you.
I know what you
want to discuss with me.
After coming from a far off distance.
You have won the heart
of the Rajput son's heart...
I respect a lot on you.
I can see that in your eyes.
Will you help me to possess Pavan?
I'm not from old generation, from
new generation, I'll help you.
What, should I do?
Tomorrow, morning at 9 o'clock,
we will reach at the road,
near the desert, some how,
Bring Pavan over there.
Will reach, will definitely reach there.
I'll never forget you in
my life, how can I...
This is my devotion to the pure love.
I saw your face in her eyes!
Be prepared to go, tomorrow at 9!
I knew you'll try to escape from
here, so that is why I've locked.
You don't worry, you sleep.
I fear will that Poonam cheat us?
No, she will not cheat,
I'm sure, Pavan will come
on time as we've mentioned.
How can Pavan come
out, by duping from the
sight of this much people?
That is my doubt.
I, also doubt that, that too, this
much security is there, that...
Vikram Singh is always
there on his back.
It is almost the mentioned time.
They are here.
We're Rajputs who
wins with the swords!
A girl from madras, how dare to
take my son who is like a lion!
Burn this girl alive!
You filthy dog! Have warned you!
Vikram Singh, here, burn her!
You tell the matter without putting in
tension, what did they do to her?
Will tell, let me just rewind a bit.
I will kill you, you have
this much guts!
Leave him.
Will not leave.
Till now, have being interfering
in all the matters, not now.
Rajputs have protected the
dignity and love of the females,
by sacrificing there own life!
And not burning alive a girl
who have loved, the one and...
only mistake she had done!
I'm a Rajput, hence forth,
I'll protect the girl whom I love,
even by sacrificing my own life.!
Hey father! What is
your business in the bar?
To see you all, is it not,
here one must come?
Learn from the females man, their
guts! Didn't you have a silent love?
Speak loud as the girls!
I'll tell...
I love you.
Today, these guys will
make me to drink a wine.
Then Halwa,(A kind of sweet)
also must be there.
Put that Halwa song man!