Camera Store (2016) Movie Script

And alls he left was a note...
A note!
Know what it said?
One day there is no more time.
After 32 years of marriage...
As if that whole time,
I was holding him prisoner.
It wasn't my fault.
Merry Christmas, you sheeny
Who you doing in Cali?
What do you mean, you're off?
It's Christmas fucking Eve day.
So where you jetting to anyway?
Carmel valley tennis range.
Ooh, fancy... the views?
Screw the redwoods.
Flash a yard on the bar, you'll
get more pussy than the ASPCA.
And go for stewardesses.
They always leave.
Ho. Ho. Ho.
Merry fucking Christmas.
What the fuck are you
doing here?
Bringing Christmas cheer.
Why don't you just fuck off?
Ray, put the club down
for one minute.
I don't have a lot of time.
Oh, right, no, busy man.
Places to go.
People to screw.
Knock yourself out, Ray.
I don't work for you anymore.
Not for ten glorious years
have I had to endure your shit.
My shit.
Yeah, what about that hot pile
you plotzed outside there.
It's old news.
Bullshit, old news.
You think people in this mall
don't know?
Karly Reagan runs out on me.
Chris received day rump
shift, leaves me short-handed.
Then he gipes the night drop.
And what did I say?
I said he's just a kid,
he's young, he'll learn.
Let it go, and I let
it fucking go.
And I fed you product
below cost.
You got your money back.
What about my reputation?
Huh? My character.
Parts of that are
still fucking missing.
And you know what, jerk?
Even after you fucking
went to lion, what did I do?
I fed you serious volume.
I know.
Hey, Ray, man, oh fuck,
you're off the charts, wow.
Ray, baby, these days
you're not even on the charts.
Flat couple of years, yeah.
Oh, so you're the salesman now.
You push a product
that sells itself.
A five-year-old in a cheap
suit could do your job.
Oh, really, well, I guess this
is a misprint then, huh?
Karl Reagan, senior vice
president of sales...
Eastern seaboard.
Ray, I'm senior VP of sales
for the biggest film...
Manufacturer in the world.
You're a counter clerk.
Yeah, why don't you take that
wheelbarrow of your shit show...
And take it on down to Yorktown.
How about that?
Ray, you need to listen to this.
Because it's about you.
You blow in here at the crack
of dawn to show me...
The future.
A prototype.
Final production model.
Huh... look at that.
You wait ten seconds...
Then you get to admire the
shittiest fucking picture...
Ever taken in the history
of shitty fucking pictures.
Look at that face.
Senior vice president of sales,
I don't know.
You look a little worried.
600,000 units.
You're fucked, boyo.
So there's no shot
that I can move these.
You ever use one of these?
I hate photography.
What the fuck? The biggest film
manufacturer in the world...
For the past 100 years trying,
has never made a great camera.
They think they own the market.
Pride goeth before the fall,
my friend.
The market is people.
You don't sell
people the cameras.
You invite them
in to fall in love...
With a process or a product.
Look, Ray, I'm not you.
I'm not that smart...
But I know when to leave.
Some nip Einstein will build a
better one. It's coming, Ray.
The whole world is going
What the fuck? You're still
playing the...
"Oh, I'm only here to help poor,
old Ray" card.
You prognosticate the future
of photography, for what?
To save me? Bullshit.
To save yourself.
Jesus Christ, Ray.
I come in here bearing gifts
and what do I get in return?
A recap of what a shit I am...
And the misery of listening
to you...
Twist the very virtues
you used to believe in...
In order to justify
your paralysis.
Ray, your plan to move on, the
one-hour-photo thing, it's good.
Well, how do you know
about that?
Cafritz over at Yorktown...
Said you were thinking about
opening a one-hour-photo booth.
That fat fuck has been shaking
in his boots...
Ever since you've been talking
about it for five years.
Well, I'm in talks
with Fuji right now.
Mike Nakimura.
What, you know him?
I lit the afterburners for you.
I told Nakimura you were ready
to rock right after the first.
In seven days.
1995... the year of Ray Lapine.
But here's the catch, Ray.
The slopes vet everything
and everyone.
They're gonna want to
take a look at your books.
So whatever number the valley
gives you, you gotta hit it.
To the fucking penny.
Now, show 'em who you
really are, you get a new life.
Fuck up, you die
in this joint, Ray.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, fuck.
Operator you have
reached the offices...
Of Mike Nakimura at Fuji film
north America.
We are currently closed.
Our holiday hours are 10 A.M.
to 5 P.M.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, boss man,
how you doing, sir?
Same old Ray... different day.
Here you go, Ray...
The usual.
Hey, let me ask you a question.
When are you going to get rid
of that piece of shit...
That you drive?
You live 45 yards away
from this place...
And yet every single morning,
I see you driving in backwards?
Merry Christmas, Ray.
So what's the difference
between this place and prison?
The food's better in prison.
I told you that already, right?
Yeah, last Christmas. Hey, I got
some interesting news.
You interested?
Christmas, man...
Christmas fucking Eve, huh?
I swear to you, this is my
last one... my last one.
How long, Tonia. How many?
What, 22, 23 years?
Well, you know what, though?
At least you work
for your own pocket.
I gotta fucking bibideaux.
Doesn't even know what
real work is anymore.
Christmas Eve, where's he?
And what's he doing?
Well, as long as he
signs the checks.
I swear, next year...
You're gonna be your own man?
I catch Nakimura
today, it's a done deal.
On a holiday?
Nips don't take holidays.
They die at their desks.
And you know the
beauty is the loan.
I mean, the manufacturer is
the lender, so there is no bank.
There's no middleman.
Paperwork is a mere formality.
Need a couple of clean
references... $25,000.
You know what Nakimura tells
me? Look at this.
This new model...
Puts out 400 prints, huh.
That's per hour.
The space, I gotta carry, so.
You know, I'm thinking
the main atrium.
Heaviest traffic flow.
Cash cow.
The beauty of it is
all that cream goes...
Right in my pocket.
Eh, you know, the novelty,
What do you mean?
What do you mean, novelty?
I think it's worn off
a little bit.
I mean, those machines,
you see them.
Oh. Uh, you see one here?
No? Did I miss it?
I mean, in this
mall, do you see one?
No, I do not.
No, you do not.
That's because there isn't one.
And I'll tell you something
else. The closest one?
And I've done this
research myself.
Two miles away.
And those greedy bastards,
they just raised their prices.
No. No. Yes, it's novel enough,
novel enough to make a fortune.
But first I gotta
get through next week.
And Tonia, what do I
hate about next week?
The returns?
Ugh, the returns.
Buy something this week,
bring it back next week...
Every fucking time.
You know, little junior.
My husband Ralph of 22 years...
And aunt Bertha
just couldn't work it.
She didn't like it.
It was too complicated.
Yamma-nah, yamma-nah...
And I got to write it all up.
And you, my dear, can have
sympathy for my plight...
But you can't have
any empathy...
Because no one has ever brought
back a slice of pizza next week.
Oh, fuck it. What do I owe
you for the bun?
Eh... I got to get some
of that movie film.
You know, the kid's coming
by tonight.
Just come by later, all right?
All right. I will.
Hey, keep your blood
pressure down, will you?
Yeah, uh, blood pressure.
Look, the warden... aw, Jesus.
Ray! Ray! I've been looking
all over for you.
This fell... nearly tripped
and broke my leg...
Over the goddamned thing.
You want to put it down
and try again?
Ray, Ray, there's such a thing
as retail operating strictures..
In this state... codes?
Not to mention how it looks.
Your store.
It's an eyesore in my mall.
I'm trying to run a classy
joint here.
Just so you know, people that
use the word class...
Usually do not have that which
they purport to invoke.
No, I got no time for your
conundrums today, all right?
I got an installation
to supervise.
That's what I said.
Well, no, actually what
you said was...
"Your store," meaning mine,
Ray Lapine's store...
Is an eyesore in your mall.
Your, in the latter sense
meaning you...
Felix Potemkin, mall manager.
Now, that's exactly what you
said, isn't it, little junior?
You got no cause to demean...
You know, we should straighten
this out, all right?
Firstly, this is not my store.
I'm simply the manager.
I'm like the
financial custodian.
Like the president of a bank,
for instance.
Yes, or something like
that, that's what I am.
And secondly, this is not
your mall.
What you are is a bouffant
jerk who walks around...
In squeaky cheap shoes listening
to the musak all day...
And the carping of old ladies,
and occasionally...
You do make yourself useful when
you spread that pink powder...
Over puddles of puke
you encounter...
Before you have the janitorial
staff scurry over...
Like it's a fucking train wreck
and actual lives...
Are at stake, all right.
What you are, Felix...
No cause!
Do not interrupt me, all right?
You are a functionary.
Which is one step above
Which is a first cousin
to flunky...
Which is only a gnat's
eyelash from being the chief...
Counter monkey at a
Kentucky fried chicken.
I'm having a serious talk
with Mr. b.
Yeah, fine. Call him in boca.
See if you can get
him off the 19th tee.
Excuse me, are you Ray?
Half hour.
We open at 9:30.
Oh, no, I'm not a customer.
I'm here to work.
Yeah, all right, fine.
I know who you are, all right.
So you weren't looking where
you were going...
You got mud on your clothes...
And now you want money from me
for dry cleaning.
Sir, I'm here to work with you.
And what are you? Some rump man
sent over by employment?
Is that what, relief?
Right? And you want in?
I mean, you want to be here
on Christmas fucking Eve day...
To what, stand by the register
and collect commission...
While I spend 364 days...
No, fuck that, 23 fucking
years setting this up and now...
You're going to swoop in,
take money out of my pocket.
Is that what money means to you,
young man?
Let me tell you something.
You make a mistake.
When you make money, you're god.
I'm sorry, i...
And if you want in,
you have to ask.
You have to have the
brass clock-knockers to say...
Mr. Lapine, I want in.
Well, Mr. Lapine, I want in.
Fuck you.
But Mr. bibideaux said...
Yeah, he's in Florida.
No, he's here.
You saw him? He's here?
Well, he was at my house
for dinner last night.
He had dinner at your... I see.
And what's your name, dog ears?
And where are you on vacation
Of course.
So last night over Beaujolais
in, what, upper nyack, Mr. b...
Discovered that you're a buff,
you like to take pictures.
So he said, "hey, why don't
you go down to my store...
"Work Christmas Eve day...
"Make a little extra money
for the holidays, right?"
Is that it?
I don't know anything
about photography.
He said I could learn
something about business...
From you.
Polaroid film.
Triple pack? How many boxes?
Oh, no, I actually don't
have a Polaroid camera.
Two boxes. Very good choice,
sir. Excellent film.
That will be $72.
Oh, you know what?
Don't bother about it.
Because if you're short of cash,
I'll just take it out of your
envelope when the checks
come down this evening.
Lesson number one...
I sell film.
Did you ever see kismet?
Huh? Nah, of course,
you didn't.
You're far too young,
aren't you? Far too young.
Yep... Sean Connery and I did
that show in London... 1962.
Sean was there for his
youthful good looks.
I was there for my tenor voice.
And you know what they said?
The cognoscenti?
Pinky Steuben is going
to be a star, they said.
Not Sean Connery.
Pinky fucking Steuben.
But, as we both know,
that was not meant to be.
I mean, these days Sean Connery
could run me down...
In his rolls Royce and he
wouldn't know who I was.
Unless I told him or sang
for him.
Which would be highly unlikely
if I was lying dead...
Under the wheels of his car.
Top of the morning to ya,
me old cocker...
On this blessed
Christmas Eve day?
Oh, B's back from Florida.
Before Christmas?
Well, that don't compute.
Are the checks in yet?
Oh, well, it's a bit early,
isn't it?
Who the fuck am I talking to?
Rump man... Pete.
Well, I'm certainly glad
it's not Helen.
'Cause she looks really awful.
Ha, ha, ha.
Pete, me old cocker.
How the heck are you?
I like that name. You know what?
Sounds like an astronaut.
Now, Pete... look, I hope you
don't mind me saying this, Pete.
But I have this thing.
It... it's a salesman's gift.
I know people.
You understand what I mean?
I know people.
And I can tell just looking
at you now...
That you are going to be
a giant in this business.
Pete, you are going to
be a captain of industry.
In fact, you actually
remind me of old Bibby himself.
Ah, our nickname for our
beloved employer, Mr. bibideaux.
There is something
in the eyes, you see.
There is something in the eyes.
They are sharp.
They are very, very sharp.
Um, I need a break, but...
You're shy of funds.
A mind reader... a regular
Edgar Cayce, this man.
Hey, Ray, you don't think
that young Pete...
Do you think that Pete
is feeling Christian?
I couldn't speak for him.
Well, of course you
couldn't speak for him, Ray.
Of course, you
couldn't speak for him.
Only Pete can speak for Pete.
So what say you, Pete,
old chap, hm?
Help out a friend?
I think I've got...
I've got five dollars.
But that's for lunch.
Maybe Ray could break it.
Oh, Ray won't let you
anywhere near his register.
Guards it like fort Knox.
I, however, may be
able to help you out.
He won't let me near it, either.
Oh, he himself has said it...
And it's frightening,
to his credit.
Oh, you gorgeous, buxom thing,
welcome, valley shoppers...
To the green
at green meadows mall.
It's now 10:00 A.M.
enjoy your shopping day.
Dave? Ha-hey!
You're never gonna get it.
Oh, well, guess. Why can't you
guess? It's just a...
Penny... Wednesday.
Penny Wednesday...
From Grossinger's?
The phone book... yeah,
you're right here on page 113.
Hold on a sec.
You off your meds?
It's nothing, Dave, just some
creep smitten with my beauty.
Mr. Nakimura's office.
Ah, yes, hi, good morning.
Mr. Nakimura, please?
You said call if I ever
made it down.
Well, I'm down.
may I ask who's calling?
Yes, this is Ray Lapine.
Just for the day.
Unless I can find
some place to stay.
we have your information.
Oh, you have it. Excellent.
I didn't call for money.
I just... thought we had a love
connection, that's all.
Is there another time
today that I could call back?
Receptionist maybe
try him in an hour and a half.
Okay, that's fine. 90 minutes.
Can we commit to that?
you'll just have to try him.
Merry Christmas.
Yes, merry chr...
Tonight? You got a wife,
don't you, Dave?
You swore up and down you
And I am just stupid enough.
I'm not so stupid,
I don't know I'm dumb, okay?
Hey. Employment booth.
Second level.
Tell Lorraine that
Ray Lapine sent you.
Yeah... and why would
Ray Lapine do that?
Whatever it is, he's not
gonna let it go.
That's Ray, you see,
he's like the Irish.
He loves his misery.
Talking of misery,
are you married?
No, of course you're not,
of course, you're not.
You're a living example of that
proposition which states...
Not all men are fools,
some are bachelors.
So, you're married?
Oh, five times.
Yep. Five times married and
five beautiful wives.
Now once, on my honeymoon
with Lorna.
Lorna, French Canadian,
god, was she hot.
We were a couple.
I mounted her like a stallion.
This was not lovemaking in a
convention sense, Pete.
This was more like some
sort of nature film.
Hey. What's going on
down there?
Something new... there's always
something new.
You want to get laid and I know
you do... where do you go, eh?
Bars? Parties? Night clubs?
There are women there, Pete.
I Grant you, most of them
are married...
But there are bona fide women
there nonetheless.
And did you know the incidents
of venereal disease...
Transmission in launderettes
is low.
Extremely low.
And I am speaking
from experience here.
And you know the best thing?
No pretension... no hard to get.
It's just eye contact besides
the industrial dryers...
And two minutes later, you're
doing it on top of the Maytag.
And do you know how
they look afterwards?
Grateful. And why?
And this is the best part...
No pretension.
I thought that was
the best part.
You're a very literal soul,
aren't you.
Oh! As I live and breathe,
here is the man.
How are you, Tony?
How are things?
52 bucks, pinky. And I want it
by Monday, no more bullshit.
And you shall have it.
Any news about the checks?
They're not here yet.
B-but... why not?
Paramus, Pearl river,
white plains.
Ah, but not in Nanuet.
They weren't ready yet.
I expect they will be
by tonight, yeah?
Well, happy Christmas to you
and yours.
Drunk ass motherfucker.
Who are you, Wayne Newton?
Felix Potemkin, mall manager.
I have a friend.
No names, at the moment,
because we're just supposing...
Two perfect strangers talking
for an instant in eternity...
Neither wanting
anything from the other.
Is this a long story?
Perhaps I can be helpful
with your employment situation.
Following which you
might join me for lunch...
At my private table
in the Macy's tea room?
Are you a spaz or what?
Maybe I'm that candy-colored
clown, maybe not.
I'll think about it.
Come in. May I help you?
Mr. Lapine...
What are you doing?
Quality control...
Checking the exposure.
Grain... paper quality.
Well, aren't those private?
Let me ask you a question.
What do you think?
Oh, god.
Yeah, do you think
she's having fun?
I don't think she's
a Wharton girl.
Maybe Julliard. Oh yeah...
You recognize the guy
in that thing?
Maybe from the club?
That's Dr. Lobell.
He's a gynecologist.
Appears he is.
I don't think that's his wife.
Uh, no, I don't think so.
But that is.
Mrs. Lobell...
Well, hi there, Pete.
What are you doing here?
I'm just working for a paycheck.
Young Peter and I were
just discussing you.
Actually I was defending you
and the doctor.
I was defending your choice...
Of taking your business
to Yorktown camera.
I mean, here at bibideaux...
All we can do is offer
25 years of unflagging service.
Yorktown is cheaper.
And certainly I don't mean
that in a tawdry way.
I really have to run.
But let me just finish...
Because I was very surprised by
some of the photos...
That Peter here has
just come across.
Interesting tidbit
about our young Peter.
He likes going through
the photographs.
Quality control, he calls it.
I can't quite explain how
it happened...
But it seems as though we've
come across some photographs...
Of your husband's.
Oh, i... I doubt they're
my husband's.
Ah, how is the good doctor,
by the way?
I thought you knew.
What's that?
They have... they found
a brain tumor.
Um, how long ago?
About a month.
They've done everything
that they can, so...
Mr. Lapine...
I'm so sorry.
These are not your husband's
At all, Mrs. Lobell.
See, Peter, no,
the last name is Lapell.
I'm... I am terribly sorry.
Big mistake.
Please do tell your husband
for me and from everyone here...
I will.
She didn't let me
finish my sentence.
I'm sorry.
I'm okay, just gonna stink
for a while.
How... how did you fall in?
Fall? I climbed in,
looking for breakfast.
Not for me, Dorko.
Wow... look at him go.
And she's hungry.
Vegetarian... just like
her mama.
Poor thing, ain't had
a bite since Kingston.
You want to buy her?
She could use a good home.
Me? Bad luck. Everybody around
me always croaks.
You could trade me that watch.
That looks like something
captain James t. Kirk...
Of the USS enterprise
would wear.
Who gave it to you?
Your girlfriend?
My mother.
I should get back.
Oh yeah.
For sure, me, too.
It's freezin' out here.
Would you be a gentleman and
walk me the nice way around?
Wait up. Hold my bunny while I
put on my work uniform?
Um, I think she's okay.
Cool. I don't want to sell
her anyways.
She and me are going to Paris.
She and I.
She and I are going to Paris.
That's what I said.
They tried to steal
the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile?
See, Jo Jo and my other
brother Tommy, the fuck up?
They stole the Weinermobile
and were trying to get away...
When the cops showed
up and chased them.
It's not as if you can
hope to blend into traffic.
Stupid, huh?
Oh, it was terrible.
My one brother is in prison
for stealing the truck...
And for running my
other brother over.
I'm sorry.
No, I made it up.
Jo Jo got shot knocking
over a pink dot in L.A.
Poor Mook.
Didn't have a pigeon angel.
You ever try and run
a pigeon over?
No, I have not.
Oh, you're a liar, too.
See everybody tries to gun
them winged roaches over...
But few succeed. Why?
You come speeding up on
some unsuspecting pigeon...
Just clucking away there on the
tarmac and naturally you gun it.
It's your instinct to try to
nail that thing...
Because we're carnivores.
We crave advantage over
the weak, it's our way.
But that pigeon...
He's developed his
own set of responses...
And gun it as you may...
That little guy always flies
away at the last second.
My theory?
Every pigeon's got a teeny,
little, invisible angel...
Riding on their wings that taps
'em on the shoulder and says...
"Hey, stupid, look
out for the Buick!"
Well, they do have eyes.
Those two little holes that
are in the back of their heads.
Well, they see the car coming.
And at the last second fly away.
I liked my answer better.
Me, too.
Hey, dog ears.
I got it. I got it.
Buy me lunch later?
I got an hour.
Memories, Pete... that is what
we have in our hands.
Of course, in the old days...
The film used to come in here
like a river.
You okay there, buddy?
I'm okay.
All right, take a minute,
if you need it.
Maybe I ain't got a minute.
Polaroid film for my
granddaughter's camera.
I don't know the model.
Cost a heck of a lot
fifteen years back.
Does it like fold flat-like?
Yeah, XS 70.
Give me... this much.
But don't charge me tax.
I don't pay tax.
Pete, behind you in the shelf
underneath there...
There's a drawer there.
Pete, never mind.
Get out of my store.
Do you want to learn something,
dog ears?
Watch this.
What's your problem, pal?
I'm a fucking customer.
No, you're a fucking sub-captain
come shop my store.
See if I'm skimming the drawer.
What's a sub-captain?
Private investigator.
Get the fuck out! Go.
Back up, go, go, go.
You stupid idiot, you come into
my store with a tie clip...
Shaped like handcuffs.
You know how you get those?
You get those after your 25
years on the police force.
Don't you? Get the fuck
out of my store.
Your store... that's a fucking
You lifers work one place
long enough...
You think you own the
fucking joint.
Yeah, yeah, well tell
Eddie bibideaux...
Fuck him, from Ray Lapine.
He sent a wheezy, old cop
to shop me?
You sackless fuck!
Merry Christmas.
Bibideaux photographic.
Did you know there is a
new girl at the parrot?
Very talented.
And did you know this young
lady has no idea...
How Nelson Rockefeller died.
Tonight, gentlemen, I have
volunteered to demonstrate...
To this poor unfortunate the
exact circumstances...
Under which one of America's
And wealthiest men succumbed.
That was the valley.
I got the number.
Is the runner coming
with the checks?
She didn't know.
Oh... right.
Like it's a state secret.
Hey, Andy at the card store
says that Bibby has been seen...
In Pearl river, a great,
gRay phantom...
Floating down the narrow
Five grand.
Five grand.
That's the number.
Five fucking grand?
Yes, and we're gonna
hit it to the penny.
Oh, Christ... the company man
returneth. Five bloody grand!
Is that... is that a lot?
A lot? That is a fucking
insult, mate.
Time was Christmas Eve
We would do five grand
before noon!
When giants walked the earth.
Tell me, Pete, what is one
percent of 5000 split two ways?
It's fucking nothing, Pete!
Has Ray explained to you
our mission?
Do you know what it is
that Ray and I do here?
You sell film.
This discussion is immaterial.
Ah-ha. Film. Film.
Cameras, lenses, accessories?
Never, Pete.
Don't sell the cameras.
Sell the little crap.
That is our dictum.
And if only that
were the whole story.
But oh, no, no, no. It's much
more interesting than that.
You see, Ray and I are like
a couple of secret agents...
Posing as salesmen.
Yet only allowed to sell five
grand, imagine.
Grown men, commission salesmen
being paid not to sell.
Oh, it looks like
a camera store.
It feels like a camera store.
When in reality...
This whole fucking shop is just
a tax write off for Bibby.
Now do you understand
the enormity of it, eh?
Still, immaterial.
And you're getting loud.
Well, what was that saying, Ray?
You know, that... that wonderful
expression you once coined.
The thing about life is...
You know you're going
to be screwed.
The thing that makes
it interesting is...
You never know how.
I need a break.
Go ahead.
Last place I was staying...
Was with this guy Dave,
in the Poconos.
All he ate was lox.
Lox, lox, lox and more lox.
Like they were making it illegal
tomorrow or something.
You okay?
Mm... no.
Hey, what happened to the dress?
Funny story.
As it turns out, bunnies
love fruitcake.
Who knew?
So you...
You lost the job?
95 minutes flat.
It happens.
Had to sell the bunny, though.
To the pet store.
8 bucks.
I made 'em swear they wouldn't
feed her to a snake, though.
Hold out your hand.
What a life line.
Look at that thing.
Well, you see the way your
fingers clinch right here?
Money is important.
Also, you're a virgin.
You can tell from looking
at my hand?
From the way you were looking
at me on the bus this morning.
I'm sorry.
Oh, don't be, I was
How old are you, anyway?
I'm 19.
How about you?
Now Pete, didn't your mother
ever teach you...
About asking a woman her age?
It's very rude.
Gees, 19 and handsome
as you are...
And you never even tried it?
I'm waiting.
It was once.
Yes, there it is! I knew it.
It was the senior class trip
to France.
It was this little town.
Beautiful, huh?
It was on top of this hill.
And below was...
This valley.
And it was just full of those
purple flowers.
Oh, lavender.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, I like this story.
And, well, later that night
they, um...
They gave us this big dinner.
And it had wine and everything.
My god, even the kids drink
over there, little rummies.
Later on, my girlfriend
and I went down...
Oh, wait, wait, wait!
Let me tell this part.
Went down to those flowers.
Her idea, right?
So, what happened?
She, uh... she caught us.
She was one of the chaperones.
Um, on the trip, it was...
Well, she sat us down
And said that whatever happened
that night...
Was never going to happen
Or I wouldn't be her son.
Katy wouldn't even talk to me.
She wouldn't even look at me...
When she went down the halls.
But, yeah, it went on like that
till graduation...
And then I never saw her
again, so...
Well, geez, Pete.
That's sadder than
a Bruce Springsteen song.
My mother was right.
Making love is too important
to waste.
Know something?
I feel the exact same way.
I think it's like a gift
two people give each other.
Like Christmas presents.
Come on.
Pay up. I want to show
you something.
Are you sure we should
be in here?
Come on.
That doesn't look, um...
Probably shouldn't... okay.
My ex-boss... she owns this
All she ever talks about is how
she lost her shirt...
And the bank did this and that,
and now they gotta...
Fight it out in court.
Do you like it?
I'm gonna stay here tonight.
You wanna spy on some people?
Come on.
Okay... come here.
You see that people right there?
Oh yeah. Yeah.
You see the baby?
Okay, just go with it.
On the count of three
you're gonna blow.
I didn't mind...
The way that you were looking
at me on the bus this morning.
In fact, I liked it.
Do you like me?
I have to get back.
I'm sorry.
All business, aren't you,
Mr. Pete?
You could stay...
Uh... with me...
But your mom...
They're at Hilton head.
You really want me?
All you have to do is say
that you want me...
And I'll believe you.
I want you.
Now you listen to me.
You can lie about
the little stuff...
But not about what's important.
And don't you be mean.
I couldn't take it
if you were mean.
I have to go.
I'm sorry.
Ray... I don't like that kid.
He thinks he's better than us.
Joe college, fucking smart ass.
Oh, hey, Bobby!
Do me a favor.
Get your gun out.
Ray, come on.
No, I'm serious. Get your gun
out and shoot me.
I'll stand still,
it'll be quick.
I'm only trying to talk to
you, for Christ's sakes.
If there's a god in heaven
and he's merciful...
You will shoot me.
What's your fucking problem,
You, warden.
You know who your friend is,
And we got policies about
religious decorations...
In this mall.
It's against the constitution
or something.
Not to mention the sight
of baby Jesus here...
Offends every friggin' towel
head and sheeny...
Walking in this joint.
I forget things for you!
And what do I get?
Your rancor.
And rancor is easy, Ray.
Fucking coward.
That was fun.
My mother owned a '67 rancor.
Uh... Plesko.
With a "p".
There you are.
Check it out, well, will you?
Just make sure everything's
up to snuff.
They brought us their
memories, Pete.
And we immortalize
them in silver...
And gave it back for pennies
on the dollar.
That will be 17 dollars
and 27 cents.
Uh... yeah, we'll have
to come back.
No, you won't come back.
You won't come back...
And I will have to look at those
pictures every day...
Until I fucking puke.
You won't come back...
Because you never intended
to pay for them.
You dropped them off here
to become permanent inventory...
In the little part of hell
that I permanently oversee.
And what did I do? Hm?
I gave you the benefit
of the doubt.
I let you look at them.
Because I'm in the service
A concept that has long
since vanished...
From the American retail scene.
Am I right, Ray?
Pinky, take it easy.
So, listen to me...
You fucking little wastrel.
You will clear away
the cobwebs...
From your rotting cerebrum...
Long enough to pay me
the money that you owe.
Or, so help me god,
I will fucking top you...
And leave you for the
fucking dogs!
No, pinky, stop!
I don't want your fucking money!
Go! Go!
I want my check!
Pearl river. Paramus.
White plains.
He does that to us every year!
He does it to humiliate us...
To show us that we're nothing
but fucking plugs!
Plugs, mate!
Time for a little break.
What do you say, huh?
Thank you.
It was my husband's.
You sold it to him a while ago.
One moment, one moment.
Please, please.
You're so kind.
I'm honored.
Uh, anyway, um...
My husband said it was
worth a lot.
And he was right.
It was worth a lot.
But time moves on.
You know what I wish sometimes?
Sometimes I wish I could just...
Take the world...
This whole spinning orb, in my
hands and just make it stop...
Just for a minute.
But I can't.
I can't.
It's probably just as well.
I mean, lord knows what would
happen to the weather.
Now tell me...
Why exactly did you want
the camera repaired?
Your son did that?
I'll tell you, Mr. Steuben...
A neighbor gave him this little
camera, and...
He just ca... came to life.
I would really like to get
to meet this young champion.
No, no, no.
I don't see Randall just
taking pictures.
I see him making photographs.
That, Brenda, is why I'm going
to recommend this model.
Will that be cash?
You have beautiful handwriting.
For a beautiful lady.
Excuse me, um... Mr. Steuben.
Excuse me a second, Brenda.
Back in a moment.
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm selling the lady a camera
for her son.
It's Christmas, remember.
It's going to be $3800 min.
That'll put us over.
Kill the sale.
The fuck I will.
Kill it.
This is not the number.
The number?
I don't give a damn about...
You want to know about
the number?
I'll tell you the number.
It is half of one percent
of five thousand.
That's the number.
Now you let me go,
because she'll walk.
No, pinky, just listen to me.
She's going to bring it back
anyway, they always do.
You see the prices, I mean it's
$1,800 fucking less at Yorktown.
She don't want Yorktown!
She wants me.
She likes my handwriting.
No, no, no, no.
You want a piece? I'll give you
a taste.
Not hungry.
Well, I am.
I want to sell a camera today.
Is there a problem, pinky?
Should I come back later?
No problem at all, Brenda.
Just indulge us for a moment,
will you?
Look, I tell you what.
You take the commission.
You can have all the commission.
All the commission.
And, what's more, I will break
it down over two or three days.
Listen to me. Just kill it,
Sell her a few hundred bucks
of something.
We have to make the number.
Fuck the number. When did you
care about the number?
Listen, please, Ray.
Please let me sell a camera.
No, no, no, no.
I'm asking you.
As a friend.
Let me sell.
I know it looks like a lot...
And it's more than we meant
to spend, but...
Pinky, um...
Um... Mr. Steuben says
it's what you need.
Not just to take pictures but...
To make photographs.
Oh, nice.
So, this is the young champion,
is it?
Nice to meet you.
Nicely, nicely done, Randall.
Ma'am, my manager has just given
me a little bit of news.
I liked Brenda better.
Then, "ma'am."
It's just... it's just
a formality, um...
But, pinky, we...
The good people at Yorktown
Are doing this entire package
for $1,800 dollars less.
You don't want my money?
No, no, no...
It's... it's, um...
You see, even with our strict...
Price matching policy...
We simply, uh...
Well, we simply can't match
You understand.
No, I don't.
You said that...
Forget what I said!
Sometimes I just talk.
Come on.
We're going to take this
And get it fixed by someone
Mr. Lapine?
Sign says you do repairs?
That include pro gear?
You use a good local tech?
Ah, I'm afraid no such
animal exists.
If I can't do it, then I send it
down to the techs in Hackensack.
What seems to be the problem?
Can I give you a hand?
I gotta do this right.
It's a f30 with a digital back.
I'm hoping to rescue the images.
Four shots.
Then we should probably be able
to retrieve them.
I cycled in fresh batteries
the whole time...
I was at Walter Reed.
That should keep the chip hot,
I would think so, yes.
Yes, it should.
Make sure the image files
don't get deleted...
Because they're important.
I do understand, yes.
It's crazy, one minute...
Okay, I'm in Sarajevo, okay,
in a un safe zone...
And he's mugging for me,
you know...
Smiling for my camera.
He's... he's a funny little kid,
and um...
The next...
The round goes off like
a snap in my ear.
There's no blood, it just looks
like he's sleeping, you know...
It's just a kid, you know,
it's just a kid.
I'm sure it was painful.
Uh... I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry, I, uh... I gotta
learn to shut up, you know.
It's all right.
I gotta learn to shut up.
Can you... can you do the work?
I'm sorry.
Send it to the...
Do the work please!
Come on, do the work, please!
Save the pictures, please!
Do your job!
So, I want to send
joyous holiday wishes...
To you and yours...
From all of us here at
bibideaux photographic.
God bless.
Pete, give us a minute.
Pinky, what is it with Ray?
The boy.
Losing him... tore their
marriage apart.
Man show 'em who you really are.
You get a new life.
Fuck up...
And you die in this joint, Ray.
We spoke earlier regarding
my reference from lion.
you do realize it's a holiday?
Of course, yes, I know.
I'm aware that it's a holiday.
But this matter cannot wait
until Monday.
You can imagine him.
He was an asshole before.
Can you think of what
it was like...
To live with him afterwards?
But if it was Ray's store,
then how did bibideaux take it?
He did it the old fashioned way.
He stole it.
Not that I blame Alma.
You couldn't blame Alma.
Alma was really special,
you know.
So, Ray's wife left him?
And then...
And then remarried bibideaux?
Holy shit.
Shouldn't you be in boca?
I was.
What happened, they run out
of ice?
I quit.
Three years ago.
I'll just congratulate myself.
Ah, no, I'm sorry.
Good, no, that's good,
I'm glad for you.
I sure put you through
a lot of trouble.
Nah... you know I don't
It was a long time ago.
These days I'm lucky I remember
where I parked the car.
I saw it in the lot.
Ray! You kept it.
Yeah, it's a fucking Christmas
heirloom, of course, I kept it.
It looks like it.
Watch what you say,
I cleaned that up myself.
Do you remember that first
We were in that little place
on catalpa circle?
Not so much.
Oh, come on, come on...
You took the Christmas tree
and you planted it.
Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It grew like a weed, too.
Well, you watered it night
and day.
I froze my ass off.
It must be big now.
Got cut down.
The county.
Progress, huh?
What were you doing over in
that part of the neighborhood?
Um... I should, uh...
Good to see you though, really.
Enjoy your shopping.
I didn't...
I didn't come here to shop.
I came to see you.
What for?
The camera store, he's...
Oh, listen.
You know what?
Tell your husband, if he's got
a problem...
With the way that I run things
here, just have him come down...
Face me man to man,
not send his wife.
I got an important phone call
to make, all right?
Ray, please, just...
Just listen to me for a minute.
Oh, fuck!
It stopped! This old fucking
watch stopped!
I'm standing here bullshitting
with you.
It wasn't bullshit.
It's closed now, Nakimura
is gone, I'm...
Alma, tell me... please tell
What... what are you doing here?
Did your husband send you, what?
To, I don't know, soften me
up so don't get pissed off...
When he stuck me with another
shit bonus?
Is that what... I mean,
my entire day.
At open, I get the ghost
of Christmas present.
And now, at closing, the ghost
of Christmas past...
Comes floating in.
Who showed up at open?
Ah, fuckin', Karly.
Yeah, Karly Reagan, he was...
Asking advice, talking about
the future.
Was this long blue streak
of salesman bullshit...
As opaque and vague
as your bullshit.
It wasn't bullshit.
Please, just tell me you're
not part of this, huh?
Oh, I'm not even going to answer
that question.
Do me a favor, answer me this...
How can you be with that
miserable fuck?
Because he's not you.
Ray, come on, you gotta
see this.
Ray, would you just...
Would you just once,
listen to me?
What the fuck, man?
Nakimura and your husband?
They knew this was my
fucking idea!
Ray, I didn't know,
I came to tell you.
What, that your husband's
a colluding prick?
And where were you all
this time? Boca?
Oh, that's not fair.
Oh, and this is?
Ray, come on, take it easy.
You spineless invertebrate,
you knew about this?
You knew this was my idea.
How many fucking times have
I talked about this?
How many fucking times?
Mr. b. Doesn't tell me anything.
I swear to god, I had no idea
you were serious.
Serious? Okay.
Wanna talk serious?
You talk to Nakimura, you want
to hear serious, huh?
Pinky! Pinky, you gotta
get out here!
I was one signature away.
One kind word spoken about me
and I'm in.
You amateur cunt!
You let this happen!
I didn't let nothing happen!
You said it yourself, Ray,
I don't run this mall.
B does!
This is his work.
Fuck you, you're the warden
No! You know who your jailer
is, Ray?
Not me.
Do I keep you here?
Do I hold the keys?
Do I lock you in every night?
I try to talk to you.
I try to work with you to
make the time go easier.
And you got no cause to come
in everyday...
And demean me like I was
nothing. I ain't nothing!
I didn't make you
take this job, junior.
Do you ever think
about anybody else...
But your miserable
fucking self, Ray?
You ever think maybe
I want more? A future?
It ever occur to you that this
ain't the job that I want...
But the job I got?
You want a fucking job?
You want another fucking job?
How about peeing your pants?
How about hate?
Pinky, what the fuck?
Come on, it's over.
It's okay, Ray.
No, it's not.
It's all right, mate.
No, she's not here, mate.
She was.
Yeah, of course, she was.
No, I heard the music.
She tried to warn me.
Of course, she did, mate.
Of course, she did.
It's all right.
She's a good girl.
Yeah, yeah, you're right.
You want a stool?
Oh, bugger me!
Blimey, the uh... the
snowbird's returned early, eh?
Pinky, the store was empty.
If I was a nigger...
I'd have half the
inventory in my truck by now.
Lost our heads in the
Put on quite a show for
those Christmas shoppers, huh?
That's one no one's
gonna forget.
Yeah, well, it's that big
new machine downstairs.
It's very impressive.
Oh, yeah, yeah,
it's a real gold mine.
You're gonna need big bags
to drag all that money away.
Well, it's good to see you.
Um, um...
Did you bring some sunshine
with you?
Oh, yeah. Picking up.
Picking up.
I had a four grand SLR
about to go out the door today.
Of course, we had
to kill the sale.
Aw, don't sell cameras, pinky.
Sell the little junk, right?
Pure markup.
So, gonna hit the number?
Well, that is our goal, sir.
Well, shouldn't be too tough.
After all, it's Christmas Eve
day, you know, you would think.
You would think.
That store by Yorktown, they
got 'em out the door.
Hey, Ray.
How much you steal from me, Ray?
Yeah, that's right.
How much?
Oh, come, Ray, nothing?
You don't take a roll
of film home?
A frame?
You don't work a
little barter deal...
With some of the other vendors?
Short the register a little bit?
In 23 years, not even a
battery, for Christ's sake?
24. But no, nothing.
Why not?
Because it's my store, Eddie.
Why would I steal from myself?
Your store.
What makes you ask?
Oh, nothing, curiosity,
that's all.
Just curious.
I want 15 percent of that
You mean my machine?
My deal?
The one you put little
Karly up to fuck me.
Guess who got fucked?
Karly, Ray.
Your old accomplice.
Punk cocksucker.
Got walked out in front
of the whole company...
By two Pinkertons, holding his
copy of a noncompete contract.
As far as any aspect of this
business goes...
Karly fucking Reagan is dead
and buried. Hm?
Which leaves you and me.
Are you negotiating with me,
That machine was my idea
and you know it.
Oh, come on, my idea.
An idea is one thing,
but actually doing it, Ray...
That's what matters.
Why should I pay you anything?
He's got a point, mate.
Shut up, pinky.
You should pay me,
because it's right.
It's right.
Is it right, right?
But is it right to steal
from a man?
I don't fucking steal.
Ten percent. I'll run it.
Oh, come on, Ray.
You know it's automatic.
A monkey could run it.
I'll pay a kid minimum.
Besides, it's better to
have someone young...
Who understands these
newfangled gadgets.
Okay, Ray, just sit tight here.
You sell the little crap,
like always.
Forget about the machine.
Did you say something, Ray?
Because if you're questioning
my leadership...
If you want to go work
somewhere else...
Let me be the first to say...
It's cheaper to fire you
than retire you.
Huh, is that it?
Itching to go out on your own,
Test yourself?
'Cause there's a whole wide
world out there just waiting...
For a man of your age and skill
level to burst upon the scene.
So either you want to hike
the fuck out of here tonight...
Or I think you owe me
an apology.
I'll do it, Ray.
I apologize.
Peter, how's everyone
treating you?
You learning a lot?
That's good. I want you to tell
your mom and dad I said hi.
Bon Italia.
Uh, Mr. b., the Christmas
checks... w-when...
Down tonight, like always.
Are you all right?
attention holiday shoppers.
We thank you for
another wonderful year.
And look forward to
the next and many more.
To you and yours, from all
of us, merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, one and all!
Movie film.
What's that?
Um, I don't understand.
Three weeks back,
I sold out to Nunzio.
He takes over on Monday.
You... Monday.
But you're still gonna
come around, right?
Help him out?
Nunzy doesn't need my help.
I did my bit, Ray.
I'm free.
Of my store, this place,
my debts, everything.
And I want that for you.
I want you to walk out of here.
Forget bibideaux, you're better
than that guy.
Hold your head up and be your
best and make some real money.
Get free, Ray.
So you want...
You want to invest.
In the one-hour photo booth,
and you.
It took you five years
to convince me...
But you got me hook
line and sinker.
I want in.
You want in.
I always have.
Why are you doing this?
24 years, I work across
from you.
Back in the day,
I would watch you.
You could sell
anything to anybody.
Because you don't sell.
You give people the
The confidence to buy what
they came in already wanting.
And I think you
want to do that again.
And I want to back you.
Don't think of it as a loan.
Think of it as just a leg up,
you know, a start.
I'm not a charity.
Oh, all right, fine,
it's a loan. Business.
Whatever you want to call it,
Ray. Take the money.
Oh, well, so business now.
You have terms?
Yeah, I got terms.
Pay me back before you die.
It's very difficult
to get so involved...
With something vague like that.
Take the money, Ray.
I feel like I wouldn't be
my own boss now. It's not...
Take the money, Ray.
Fucking bibideaux fucked it all
And he came all the way back
from Florida just to fuck me.
No, Ray.
What do you know?
He did. He fucked me.
Bibideaux didn't fuck anything.
You can't get turned down for a
loan that you never applied for.
You heard the way he talked
to me, right?
What did he steal from me?
What... what does he owe me?
Cocks, I'm telling
you I can't... ah fuck.
I can't even
finish my own sentence.
I-I I can't.
Take the money, Mr. Lapine.
Are you addressing me?
I'll tell you what,
please don't.
Just take the money.
Just please.
Hey! What about me?
Huh? My sentence?
Do I get to finish
what I'm saying?
I'll tell you what, you know,
you look a little stressed...
Why don't you go ahead home?
I'll make sure that
your check...
Gets to you in the evening.
No, no, I'm not.
I'm not leaving.
Just go and scoot, scoot.
Okay, look, all day I have to
shut up and listen to you.
So now you listen to me...
Because I'm trying to
help you make sense.
Take the loan, Mr. Lapine.
And don't ever apologize
to Mr. bibideaux.
Well, anyone...
For stealing your idea.
Oh, you're trying to teach me
something about business now.
Something bigger.
You know what? That reminds me.
You still owe me
for Polaroid film.
A triple, right?
Remember? Two boxes.
And you know what? Here.
Film's no good without a camera.
Go ahead, take it all.
I haven't paid for the film.
Yeah, well, you've got
credit here.
See, with this,
it's really simple.
Just fold it like that.
Folds flat.
Put it in your pocket,
take it home.
Anybody ask you, tell
them to talk to Ray Lapine...
Because this is my store.
Excuse me, Mr. Lapine.
Pete? Talk to you for a minute?
Remember that guy I
said I knew down here?
Well, Dave, that's the guy.
I called him and I told him
that I had plans tonight and...
Everything and that we should
get together another time.
But he...
Well, it's a long story...
But he just wants to meet for
one drink for Auld lang Syne.
So I said he could meet me here.
Is that okay?
I'll see you on the bus?
He's sick, Pete, honest.
Do you still have
Dr. Lobell's photos?
Can I see them?
You know... I guess.
Oh, wow.
That's your girl
with Dr. Lobell.
That make her too low class
for you?
That she's been with another
No... well, maybe. Yeah.
See, the problem with this
sort of thing, though is...
Is you gotta figure,
does she get you?
Possible that she could give you
something, like real?
A quandary.
That is a quandary, that
I will agree...
But the choice you have
to make, isn't it?
My mother would never...
Yeah, you know what?
Please forgive me,
but fuck your mother.
I'm serious...
And fuck Wharton while
you're at it, would you?
Bring two condoms to the party.
I mean, come on.
Fucking ten years from now...
You'll be crushed under some
bullshit corporate crap.
You might as well stay here
and die with pinky and me.
You're young. You're...
You should be out there
driving fucking cars.
You know that gasoline
and perfume are the best
aphrodisiacs on the fucking
Have a good time with a good
Take out the garbage.
I gotta call the valley.
Try to get our checks in.
Good night.
Yeah, yeah, $3,867
dollars and 86 cents.
Checks on the way?
Yes, of course, pinky's here.
Yeah, fine, we'll wait.
Right. Same to you.
You know we could have.
Next year, huh?
Hey, fuckheads.
Couldn't even make five lousy
grand, you pussy-assed losers.
I'll tell you what, you
palsy-old piece of shit.
You come in here and I'll
shove that oxygen bottle...
Right up your jackseat.
Locked in, you fucking
greasy chimp.
Open this fucking gate
right now!
Them the checks?
Give me the fucking envelope.
Unlock the gate.
Get in.
What the fuck is going on, Ray?
We're closing.
Thank god for that, mate.
I'm bloody exhausted.
For good.
I'm sorry, Ray. I didn't
hear that proper.
Bibby's closing down the store.
Cashed out the retirement plan.
Your end.
Well, he can't close the store.
It's not his to close.
Ray, call the valley, will you?
There's been a
grievous error here.
Pete, how much?
227 dollars... and 69 cents.
This is some sort
of debit history.
Did you take out loans?
It's a grievous error.
Did you borrow
against your retirement?
I don't want a retirement.
You see, no, no.
I'm not retiring.
I can't retire.
I've got a shelf load
of inventory I've got to unload.
And... and who's going to
handle the returns next week?
I mean, come on. Let's... let's
cut the bullshit here.
They need us, Ray!
You, to handle the returns
and me to do the selling!
Oh, fuck.
We're not businessmen.
We're not salesmen.
We're not even fucking men.
We're a race of fucking rabbits.
It's time to close, pinky.
But Ray, you had the vision.
You had the smarts.
You could calculate any number
in your head...
And you could have taken
me with you.
I would have followed you.
And Alma would have followed
And we'd all be together,
and I would have made you rich.
Fuck, it's immaterial.
It's my life, Ray.
You know what, my old friend? I
should have fired you years ago.
I'm sorry that I didn't.
Well, if that's some sort of
apology, I don't need it, mate.
I know what I am.
I am an utter fuck up.
But why did you surrender?
You know that every
photograph has two sides, right?
The positive, and the negative.
You see that?
See that guy?
Remember him, 25 years ago?
Me? Huh?
I mean, not a bad looking guy.
Pictures don't lie about
that sort of thing, right?
This guy, me, he was real.
He was real.
He was a salesman.
He was a businessman.
A man.
And then I lost... him.
And... her.
And what is left, but
the fucking negative?
Pinky, I don't even fucking
know who I am, all right?
That... I don't know anything.
Any more.
No, fuck that! You know, I do
know one thing, huh?
We're fucking closing!
So you'll be okay?
With your check?
It could probably finance a couple
of those one-hour processors...
No check.
But I saw your envelope.
Yes, but you didn't see
inside the envelope.
There was no check.
There was a court order, though.
It seems like all my
funds have been frozen.
Well, they can't freeze it,
unless they're pressing...
Criminal charges, they...
I'm... I'm sure you
can get that cleared.
But your check... there was no
check in the envelope for you.
Now usually, Christmas staff
is always paid...
At the end of the shift.
Unless, of course,
their work isn't done.
Ah, he sent you to shop me.
See if I was stealing
or cooking the books.
You see anything?
You see me take anything?
Um, film... a brand new camera.
You gave me everything.
Oh, right. Good business
lesson there.
And what did it cost?
What did he pay you to do this?
So why? Why would a person
do that sort of thing?
The practice.
You just never know how.
Hey, junior, can we get
going before I miss Santa?
Give me a minute.
What's wrong?
What was your job in
that store with those men?
It doesn't matter.
I got her back.
Why'd you gotta go do that?
I wanted to believe you.
Penny, forget about
the camera store.
You said you weren't mean.
I wanted to listen to
all your little lies...
And try and understand them.
I was willing to do all that...
Because I am tired of being
cold... and I liked you.
And I thought you liked me.
I do.
You're a liar.
I'm a liar?
You know I saw some
pictures of you today...
That tell the whole truth
and nothing but the truth.
The man in them,
Dr. Dave Lobell.
I know his kids.
His wife.
You saw?
He was sick... dying.
Okay, okay, let's forget it.
You want to stay at my
place a couple of nights, okay.
That's what you think of me?
It's like a gift two people
give each other...
Like Christmas presents.
Let's go.
It is freezing.
Eyes in the back of my head.
Are you coming with me or not?
Stay away from me!
Oh, shit.
Well, that means you won't be
giving me a lift home then.
Thought you'd be at the parrot.
No... populated by lonely,
pathetic, old drunks.
So this is Christmas.
First Christmas in god knows
how many years...
I have nothing better
to do than actually enjoy it.
Christ, it's cold, though,
isn't it?
But I do love the snow,
you know.
Makes me think I'm a kid again.
Can do anything at all.
Do you remember Daphne?
Wife number four.
Her daughter, well, my daughter,
actually the only daughter...
That still speaks to me,
god bless her.
Anyway, she and that little
prick of a husband of hers...
Are holding some sort
of a soiree this evening.
All her kids are going
to be there.
You should see those kids
when I come.
I tell you, open the door
and they holler...
And I'll just give 'em a little,
you know, a little song...
A little shuffle.
And they love it.
Love is too small a word, Ray.
Too small a word.
So I was thinking I might
just stop by.
Want to come?
Why not?
You know the last bus left...
So wherever we go,
we're hoofing it.
I've got this feeling.
It's a salesman's gift.
I've got this feeling that
something marvelous...
Is gonna happen around
that corner.
You know what, Ray, been so long
since I've walked anywhere...
I'm not sure I know the way.
Don't worry, pinky? I do.