Cameraperson (2016) Movie Script

Okay, I'll get it.
You see?
Yeah, it's pretty.
Look at that yellow flower.
- There's amazing wildflowers here.
- Mm-hmm.
- Can you see?
- Mm-hmm.
Sheep don't know what to think yet.
I'll come with you a little.
Lay on the floor, grab both legs.
Grab both legs.
Shane Mosley was out there.
- Hey, what's happening? How are you?
- How you doing?
- Getting close to everybody today.
- Oh, I see. Okay.
- Nothing wrong with being close.
- That's what I always say.
- Keeps everybody warm.
- Exactly.
- Go get this kid.
- I will.
Lot of jabs. Lot of catching.
He's gonna try to floor you.
Hit him in the damn shoulders. Got it?
All right, baby. Go ahead. Go ahead.
How did that delivery go?
Was it easy, that one?
- Which one?
- The one you just did.
- The baby?
- Yeah, was it an easy delivery?
Yes, she is very easy,
although she's gonna be our fourth.
This is our fourth delivery.
- Fourth delivery.
- Mmm, fourth.
It was so easy and she delivered quickly.
She was just coming in.
How many more babies
do you think you're going to get today?
It depends.
They can come very little, and they
can come as many as you think of.
How many midwifes are there here today?
Today we are three in number.
Okay, go get 'em.
My theory is that Americans exist
to the degree they're being filmed,
or believe themselves to be filmed.
- Yeah, that
- This is the natural condition.
You see how Americanized I am now.
She sees everything around her
and she's totally blind.
That's the image of the philosopher
who falls in the well, you say?
- Yes.
- While looking at the star.
Uh, uh, uh, uh!
I didn't see the headlines.
I sort of saw .
Watch out!
Yup, and these.
- And what else?
- You gonna bring them.
Hi, y'all. Cup in my mouth.
With a cup in your mouth, huh?
You know, these guys weren't real smart.
Can you take us through these items
and tell us what they are?
All these items are the clothing
taken from James Byrd's body.
Uh, there's not a whole lot
of evidentiary value to these items.
Uh, but it's always important that things
like this be admitted into the courtroom.
One of the things that we did in
this trial was make up these booklets...
with 13 pictures to establish
specific evidentiary points.
Could you describe a couple
of key pictures in there
you felt really made your case?
There's .
There's one picture
it's about the third one in it
that, uh, shows all of the extensive
dragging marks on the body.
And one look at that picture
and you realize
how painful it must have been
and how much torture was involved.
Then there are several pictures
over in the back
where the elbows are ground in
way past the bone.
And when you look at these photographs
and you realize that for
a large portion of this dragging,
James Byrd was alive,
that he was using his elbows, uh,
to keep his head and shoulders
away from the pavement dirt,
that he was twisting his hips
back and forth
and using his, uh, heels
to try to keep his head from
coming in contact with that pavement.
And you see the degree of flesh
that's torn away during that process,
you begin to get mad.
Uh, hearing somebody talk about it
and actually looking at it
is different.
We gave each juror
a copy of this booklet,
and that eliminated the need
of showing the pictures on a screen
or showing 'em in a courtroom.
That, uh, creates, uh,
a whole lot of extra emotion.
We had all the emotion we needed
in this case without adding to it.
I need a little. Yeah, it's good.
- Beautiful.
- Yeah?
- It's okay now?
- It's beautiful. Yes, thank you.
Wait, wait. Yeah.
Keep the door closed.
Thanks, sweetie.
I want to keep that off
so I can see you guys.
- Duh.
- Nice.
Felix, are you putting
the camera lens on too?
Thanks, guys.
You guys are so good at
putting things away.
Yeah, that's the microphone.
Don't be scared.
I so high.
- I can see the whole Kabul.
- This is great.
Whoa! Najib, hold on!
Cover this eye. Cover your hurt eye.
And look out and tell me what you can see.
Describe everything that you see.
And now cover the other eye
and tell me what you see.
In this side,
I can feel a little bit of light.
And when I'm moving my Oh, sorry.
It's okay. English or Dari is great.
Tell me in Dari.
You just look at me,
even though we're not filming everything.
What, um .
What are the expenses you have
to take care of your son right now?
Um, my expenses right now are.
Pampers, wipes, clothes, shoes, food...
which is by being a single parent
is not easy and it's not impossible.
It's possible because I've been
doing it by myself for 19 months.
But at the same time, I just feel like...
with another child,
and what I'm trying to do right now,
it's not I don't feel like I can do it.
I work as a cashier. I just started there.
Just working till I get out of school.
That's all. So.
Tell me about school.
I'm studying to become a paramedic,
so, yeah.
I'm just trying to pursue my dream
so I can have better for my son.
Like I was telling you out in the lobby,
I feel like a bad person because I let it
happen a second time, you know. So.
I don't really think I can do
a second child by myself.
That's why I just feel like a bad person.
A bad female.
Because I let it happen a second time.
And I told myself not to do it,
but it happened anyways.
Okay. The only rule I'm gonna give you
is you may not say,
"I'm not a good person" anymore.
'Cause that is not the case.
Unintended pregnancy
is an unintended pregnancy.
That's all it is. That's all it is.
- So... no more, okay?
- Okay.
Okay? I'm not kidding.
Yeah, me too.
And you're making
everybody cry, number one.
And it's also happened to all of us.
We've all had unintended pregnancies.
If this clinic wasn't here,
what would you do?
Just start the sentence with,
"If this clinic wasn't here..."
If this clinic wasn't here,
I'd probably do an adoption,
but, as crazy as it sounds,
I said in my head, I said,
"Well, I would rather an abortion
than to give him
give the baby up to a family
I don't know."
Because if I want to hold it,
then that's love.
And I don't want to, you know
I know.
I'm so sorry.
You caught me.
I didn't mean to.
I was just trying to film the ground.
I was over here looking at the lighting.
The lighting's good now, Kirsten.
- Come here, honey.
- Is it okay if I film you?
It would have been our furniture in here.
There was a swing that used to be
right there, that we had.
You can see the hook from the swing.
Ah, this is fun.
Little breeze come through here?
I wonder if this .
Uh, the fireplace is confusing me
so I won't say .
Somehow I have a feeling that
when you came in the front door,
there was something here
that was a fireplace.
- Uh-huh.
- I don't know where it is.
Like this stove here.
That little stove. Was that here?
Yes, we used that.
That's amazing.
It's like magic.
Look at her hands.
Thank you so much.
Ah, this is so good!
Oh, geez.
Oh, Jesus.
Can everyone clear out of my light?
That would be great.
Our community and many others
have faced extreme difficulty
and profound sadness.
We ask at this time that we all pause
and together take part
in a moment of reflection
and to especially consider
all victims of childhood sexual abuse
and those who've endured
suffering and loss.
You are in our hearts today.
For the glory of old State
For her founders strong and great
For the future that we wait
Raise the song, raise the song
Sing our love and loyalty
Sing our hopes that bright and free
Rest, O Mother dear, with thee
All with thee, all with thee
When we stood at childhood's gate
Shapeless in the hands of fate
Thou didst mold us, dear old State
Dear old State, dear old State
May no act of ours bring shame
To one heart that loves thy name
May our lives but swell thy fame
Dear old State
Dear old State
Thank you, guys.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- That was great.
Disconnected. Gave me dial tone.
Completely disconnected.
I can hear you.
Well, we were not actually
inside the court,
but we were able to watch
what was happening inside
through CCTV screens that were put up
inside the media filing center,
where we are all working from,
all the journalists covering this trial.
So, um, we could hear...
- You all right, Kirsten?
- I'm havin' a ball.
Left! Left! Left, right, left!
Left! Left! Left, right, left!
Back in 1775!
Back in 1775!
My marine corps came alive!
My marine corps came alive!
It's hard to talk when you're running.
I don't know if you've ever tried that.
You know what I'm saying? Is that okay?
Is this really, or should I .
A little bit here more
so his eyeline stays a little bit .
There you go. Great.
The military gave us .
They gave us what's called a media card.
It's a card that tells you pretty much
what you can and cannot say to the media.
It says that you can't say anything bad
about the military.
Don't point your opinions on
on the political side of it
and definitely don't give up
any classified information
or talk about your operations.
Just tell 'em like, "Hi, I'm all right."
That's pretty much it.
You really You really can't
say anything outside of that.
Are you expected to be called back?
I believe so.
Our commanding officer has said
it's not about "if" as "when."
Mm-hmm. And are you gonna go back?
- You're not?
- No.
What repercussions do you face
if you don't?
It's possible jail time.
That's one possible thing.
- Are you willing to risk that?
- Yes.
Yes, I will not let my person
I will not let anyone send me back
over there to kill other poor people.
Especially when they pose no threat
to me and my country.
I'd hate to see you get into any trouble,
you know.
Oh, yeah, man. Me too.
- I don't want to see you in jail or anything.
- Oh, yeah.
Do you have a lawyer?
Do you have any help or...
No, not at this point, no.
Well, you know, we'll see what we can do
if you need any help.
I don't want this to be the end of this
being in touch with you here.
All right, so, yeah, stop it like that.
We'll throw it in and we'll start it.
Okay. Ready?
If you have two quantum pieces
of matter like elementary particles
that are produced at the same time,
they have certain quantum properties
associated with them.
And if you move one off
to infinite distance
or, you know, just arbitrary far away,
if you do an experiment on the other one,
then the one that's far away
will react instantly,
as if you had been doing
the experiment on it.
And yet, it's so far away
that it would take the speed of light
thousands of years to reach it.
You can entangle across time, you can
entangle into the future, in the past.
You can entangle through space.
That's what quantum entanglement means.
It means that there's another
underlying layer of nature
that we haven't discovered yet.
- I feel entangled with you already.
- Yeah.
Aha! Great!
- Can you see, you guys? Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
Thanks! Good Ping-Pong players.
Dobra, dobra!
Tell me things
you remember about your brother.
Do you ever see these things
when you're dreaming?
Excuse me?
- I haven't got you. Excuse me.
- Yeah.
No, you're you're...
- It's hurting, yeah.
- Yeah.
So... this is I am disabled.
I woke up sometimes
and I'm hearing voice saying,
"You need to do something
for women who have been raped."
And I'm saying like, "Yes, I will, I will."
It's just, we basically talk
about the fact
that actually nobody
we never go through our own trauma.
We are just putting things
inside of ourselves
by thinking this is something
what we need to do.
It's work, but it's really heavy work
because after you see thousands
of stories and putting in yourself,
what is your channel to let it go?
Yeah, it makes me a little bit
a little bit angry, yes, it does.
But I mean, I couldn't choose
where I will be born
and what what will happen, so...
How has Ramadan been?
Ramadan has been good?
This is a camp in Zalingei.
So if we can get him in the foreground
and those women chopping down the tree
in the background.
And then can we
get them in the foreground?
- They had to bring the the
- Firewood.
Yeah, because she said
they call them bastards.
She said that?
I want to change the subject
and ask if she was always
such a great dresser.
- What are you doing?
- Thomas puffed proudly.
- What's that?
- Speak up, Thomas.
I'm sorry, sir. Excuse me, ma'am.
Perhaps we could find
a grand and tall Christmas tree for the .
So, with a clink and a clank,
two flatbeds were fixed.
Look at all these lovely hats!
There's something a grandma
can never have enough of.
He could blow down a house made of bricks.
But he couldn't blow down
the house made of
God on high
And in you
There's no shadow
So thankful you've been so kind
Oh, so faithful
From age to age
Oh, you remain the same
Holy and
Holy, holy
Oh, my God is holy
Holy, holy, holy
Oh, I believe
Holy, holy, holy
From age to age, you remain the same
From age to age
You remain the same
Oh, you are holy
You remain the same
You remain the same
Worthy are you, my Jesus
I bless your name for you're holy
She couldn't let go of things.
Look at all the stuff she saved.
She didn't save one.
"Kiss me, I have a mental
disability" button.
She saved...
you know, a hundred of them.
I mean, I'm glad I have one... to film...
but, like, I don't need this many.
I think the other thing about being angry
is, like, if you were too angry,
like, you might not
you might not come back.
Like, that you .
You know,
that you could lose it emotionally
and then, like, not really regain...
But... like you wouldn't come out of it.
Say more about what you're sick of.
I'm just sick of it. I'm sick of this.
Here's the poetry announcement
for the poetry books.
I'm sick of this.
I feel like I'm going to get punished.
But I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of all of it. I'm sick of it.
I feel like I'm done.
I'm done with this,
and this.
I'm done with this...
and I'm done with this...
and this and this,
and all of this fucking stuff!
And all of these,
and that, and that.
And all of these.
Oh, my God!
I totally don't want you to see me.
I just feel like now I have to clean this up.
Now I have to figure out what I'm doing.
I have to get this back in order.
That was crazy!
- Oh, my God.
- I suppose we have the sound of that.
Yeah. Well, we got the image of it too.
Should we go downstairs
and have some bagels, people?
That's a good idea.
Mommy, I want to cover that birdie.
- You want to do what?
- I'm cover that birdie.
You want to cover which birdie?
Birdie close to Grandpa window.
Dead, dead, dead birdie.
- The dead birdie?
- Yeah.
Okay, you want to go
cover the dead birdie?
- Felix.
- Let's go.
I think we have to be Let's be care .
Let's have Grandpa help us, 'cause I don't know
where that bird is and what shape he's in.
- Well, let's see.
- I see it.
- You see it?
- Maybe alive?
Oh, I see it.
It's in pretty bad shape.
Well, Dad's got the bird.
- Dead bird.
- What happened to the bird, guys?
- I touch it.
- Don't touch it, Fizz.
Because I think there have
been bugs crawling on it, probably, right?
- Yeah, flies.
- Why can Grandpa touch it?
Well, Grandpa's
just holding it by the little leg, see?
Can you see, he's got it by the little leg?
- So should we bury it in the ground, guys?
- Yeah.
- I have gloves.
- You need gloves, Viva?
- Mommy, I wanna put on my shoes.
- You wanna put on your shoes, Viva?
- I'll take care of it.
- No, we want to come with you, Grandpa.
- You want to come with me?
- Yeah, come on, guys. Let's go.
- I have shovel.
- You have a shovel?
- Yeah.
- Where is your shovel?
- Over there.
- Dad.
- Yeah?
- Let's get .
We can bury it under a tree,
don't you think?
If we had a shovel.
Or we could put it in the china closet.
That's a very bad joke.
I think let's just throw it
over there in the bushes.
I'll put it underneath
this rhododendron tree,
and that way it will cause
the rhododendron tree to grow
because it will fertilize it.
- Okay.
- Ashes to ashes.
What's the word?
Ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt.
- Mama! Mama, hey!
- Yeah, Viva?
I want to jump on the air.
- You want to jump on the trampoline?
- I see some newspapers!
Oh, we must get the newspaper.
If on the street you see a dead man,
you cover his face, right?
Why have we to look injured
and dead people on the media?
Because that attract people
and it's good for for advertisement.
It's good for ads.
The question that I have is,
during the refugee crisis, the picture of the
boy who had drowned off the coast of Turkey,
I think that was like a very big turning point
of the public perception of the refugee crisis.
I understand you might disagree,
but I'd like your opinion on that.
When you focus on death, you say,
"It's done. It's finished."
No... There's nothing to do
except voyeurism,
except watch and "Wow!"
So here is the main problem for us.
We have to find a way to represent horror,
to represent death,
respecting the golden rule
Is there any one you would show us?
I would need to talk to the Byrd family,
but if they'll permit me, I'll introduce
I'll release something on the ankles.
What else you want to talk about?
If you want to take us
through some of the exhibits over here.
Actually, can we pull the chain out?
Can you guys pull it and show it to us?
- These two can.
- Thanks.
- Enough?
- Yeah.
- Go ahead. That's good.
- Okay.
To who?
Oh, man.
K.J., you've been dying to ask one.
Well, I just I mean, that was
kind of amazing what happened to you.
Like when you first started.
Can we, like, come back to the present?
Like, what did that just feel like?
I mean, it seemed like you were
surprised by what you felt like.
Yeah, I was surprised.
Was it surprising to you
I mean, even Yeah.
At points when you go back
to that hallway.
Don't go back to the hallway.
Just now, what happened?
Right now when you sat down
with the keys, like, what just...
- It was amazing. I saw it.
- Yeah.
What was it?
I really don't know how to explain it.
I don't know. Just .
Um .
It was an intense time.
You know? Um .
And, uh...
Um, it just surprises me that it still
gets to me after all these years.
It's just like I don't know
how to describe it other than
when you recall something
that was very intense for you,
especially if you're not, like, expecting,
you don't see it coming.
Um, you just feel this rush of feelings.
It feels like you want to cry,
but you're not really sad.
It's just, like, you know.
And you know, things just start
to cascade, you know.
You remember You remember being anxious.
You remember being angry.
You remember being frustrated.
You remember, um .
You know, all that, um
all the feelings that went along
with that with that time.
The champion, from the gold corner...
He's coming, and he's mad.
I worked fucking hard!
I worked hard, man!
Garcia against Lamont "Havoc" Peterson.
The main event.
That's bullshit! That's fucking bullshit!
I worked hard!
That was my fight!
You don't know nothing!
Don't touch me! Don't fucking touch me!
This fight ain't over.
- Yo, yo.
- What?
I'm going to talk to my mother. What?
- Listen to me.
- That's bullshit!
- I worked fucking hard!
- Yeah, I know.
- I was fucking him up!
- I've been in that position, buddy.
You've been in that position.
How the fuck you gonna rob me like that?
Hey, let me go.
You did a great job. Look at me.
You should've had that.
Don't get mad.
There's a lot of people watching.
Control yourself. Let's go in the back.
The world is watching.
Will he just tell me what it is, or .
There it is.
So, I wanted to tell you a story.
When, you know, we were making this film
about really serious stories of the war
and everything,
and when I came home to New York,
I, um
I It's hard to tell this story to you.
I I, um
I got the copy of the other movie
we were making, and I didn't watch it.
I just gave it to a friend.
And I said,
"Oh, you're going to love this movie,
'cause it's all about blueberries
and this land."
And then when she saw it, she said,
"Why didn't you tell me
it was about all these terrible things?"
And I completely blocked it out.
- So I can kind of...
- You know the story.
They are really happy that actually,
you brought these memories back,
and they stay in your mind,
because they are also happy
to see you coming back, and they are .
You can kind of record our kids now
when they are growing.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We hope we will
be able to see your kids.
And maybe if you brought kids,
they see how we are living here.
And so they can see
where their mom was filming
and what she was doing.
There must be some way we can find out.
Oh, I'd love to have
another day with your prince, Max.
We all said people love you.
Here's a jazzy little jacket.
Just try this on.
How do you like the new suit
I made for you?
No, real suit.
You want to see how cute you look?
Look, I can turn the screen around. Look.
How do you look?
- It's that me doin'?
- Yeah, that's you in there.
What do you think?
- I don't like it.
- You don't? Why not?
I'll tell you what.
Because it's got these numbers
and this face.
Yeah. Oops. There you are.
Can you see yourself now?
There you are. There you are.
That's your face.
- This one, you mean?
- Yeah.
You look pretty cute, don't you think?
I think I have something wrapped
around my head. Don't you think?
I think it's 'cause
of the numbers on the screen.
You don't have anything
wrapped around your head.
Just your hair.
What's the photo in your hand?
What place is that?
That's my family ranch.
What's the name of the family ranch?
Uh .
It's It wears down with time,
and so the big rocks coming over the hill
- on the way down to the cabin.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, let's see.
Who's this guy? Who's that guy?
- It's who I married.
- That's who you married?
- Uh-huh.
- Who is he to me?
- You know him too?
- I know him too.
I've known him all my life.
- No kidding.
- Yeah, I'm serious.
Look, here's me as a teeny, tiny baby.
With that little smile, right?
That's that little smile I do. How's it go?
Wait, show me.
Show me. How is it?
I like to smile
without opening my mouth, right?
- That's a nice little baby.
- Wasn't I a cute little baby?
Don't take a picture
when your hair is messed up.
Can you fix it? There we go.
Oh, yeah, that's looking good.
- You getting me?
- Trying to get you.
- That's good. You're helping me.
- Yeah.
Faster. Faster.
Faster. Faster.
Faster. This hat is blue.
This hat is blue.
- This hat is blue.
- This hat is blue.
- What color is this hat?
- What color is this hat?
- What color is this hat?
- What color is this hat?
- It is blue.
- It is blue.
- It is blue.
- It is blue.
It is blue.
Please be careful.
The bag may fall out.