Camino (2008) Movie Script

That was your mother.
You must go straight away.
- I've nearly finished.
- Forget about that.
I don't think there's time.
Through this Holy Unction
and His most tender mercy,
may the Lord help you
by the grace of the Holy Spirit.
That, having cleansed you of all sin,
He may comfort you as you go forth
upon this journey and grant you
- His salvation.
- Amen.
May God be our succour at all times,
who is our loving Father
and desires our happiness on earth
and for all eternity in Heaven.
Someone's crying.
We're all crying, dear.
With joy, and envy.
With envy because you're going to Jesus.
I want to be with him now.
Do you want
to tell him how much you love him?
Yes. You help me.
Jesus, my little girl
loves You very much, more than
anything in the world.
Don't you, my love?
She is very weary
and can hardly speak,
but You know that
with every heartbeat
she is saying she loves You.
- Aren't you, my love?
- Yes.
He, too, is so looking
forward to being with you.
Now you have to open the window.
It's raining, my darling.
Now you all have to help me very much.
Are you frightened, sweetie?
but you are.
Why, love? Why should I be afraid?
Because I can see an ugly face.
A very ugly face.
Know what we're going to do?
We're going to call your...
Mr. Meebles isn't there. He left.
I don't think so.
A fine guardian angel
he would be if he left now.
Well, he's not there any more.
Don't be silly, why would he leave?
Because the black one has come.
Blessed be God.
And says: break a leg, everyone.
Blessed be His holy name.
Blessed be His most sacred heart...
and His most precious blood.
Blessed be Jesus
in the most Holy Sacrament of the altar.
Isn't Daddy coming?
Daddy can't wait to be with you.
I hope he doesn't get muddled
because they're already
coming to get me.
Jose Maria, Alejandro,
come to help her,
don't leave her alone,
she's still just a child.
Lead her to the Gates of Heaven
so she doesn't go astray.
Mummy, do you think
that in this state
they will let me join them?
You're already in.
Darn it!
it burns, doesn't it?
And what conclusion
can we draw from that, Elena?
You gotta be careful with hot things?
why did Begona get burned?
The movement of her hand
was turned into heat.
That's right. Which means energy
is neither created nor destroyed,
merely transformed.
They've come for her.
Oh, yes.
Get your things, quickly now.
They won't jab me, will they?
Still harping on about that?
Begona says they may
take a blood sample.
Even that wouldn't be
so serious, would it?
Mum, please.
I'll tell you what:
why don't you ask Her?
It's nothing, lassie, you'll see.
Just a pinprick.
There, there.
This injection will ease
the inflammation where it hurts.
Wouldn't it be better
for her to have an X-ray?
Keep still, for heaven's sake,
you'll break the needle.
I have patients younger than you
who don't make half as much fuss.
Look, Mum.
What I wanted to show you.
Nice, isn't it?
And simple.
Yes. It's pretty,
though I wouldn't wear it.
Come on.
Have you taken the water in?
How are you, precious?
Lord, we beseech Thee not to forsake
us and that Thy love be always among us.
Make our home Thy dearest task
and our hearts Thy tabernacle. Amen.
Mummy's going to make me a copy
of a great dress we saw. And I love it.
- And we're going to improve it.
- Yes!
And what does
this pretty dress look like?
Ah, it's a secret.
Mummy, don't you dare tell him.
No, I promised her
it'd be ready for her birthday.
You've plenty of time, then.
It's red, with straps
and a short skirt...
- Silly me.
- Eat up now.
And what present
would you like from me?
Let's go on an excursion.
All four of us.
Where to?
It doesn't matter.
Goodnight, Yeye.
Lord, you looked me in the eye,
you said my name.
My boat I have left on the sand.
At Your side
I will seek another sea...
Do boys go there as well?
That means no, I guess.
There are only three girls,
but we have a great time.
What's this club all about?
Like a cookery course.
We've only just started.
But do you play anything?
They read us things
and give us talks...
- And brainwash you.
- Not at all.
But there aren't many of us.
If you came...
It's free, you know.
I can't.
Wednesday I go to the shrink.
- Why?
- I'm going through pre-adolescence.
What's that?
An illness I've got
but my mother suffers.
Does the psychologist help or what?
No, but my mother says while I'm
with him, I don't get under her feet.
Forget the cookery club
and join the theatre with me.
- You finally joined?
- Yes, my cousin persuaded me.
You and you.
And you.
Blimey, what did I do?
Wait here and we'll talk
when mass is over.
And you, get rid
of that chewing gum.
I ain't got anything.
Carry on like that and you just
might be repeating your course, dearie.
What's this theatre thing about?
Nothing, just
a cultural centre I go to.
Do boys go?
Elena, why don't you and me go
and sound it out?
I can ask my mum to go with us.
Oh yeah, to hold our hand
in case we get lost.
Have you chosen one?
What do you think?
"Mr. Meebles."
"Mr. Meebles"
is a wise fellow who knows
"everything about everything
but he has a problem."
This story sounds familiar.
Look what I found.
It looks really cute, Mum.
But it's a kiddie's story, love.
- Yeah, but, I dunno...
- This one's got pictures too.
I'm sure mummy
will let you choose today.
After all the trouble
it took me to find it!
Not again?
You can return the favour one day.
Come on! Let your body speak.
Release your body, move it!
Let it express itself!
Move your asses!
Come on... freedom!
Don't be shy.
You too!
No, she's come to see her friend.
Come on, get into pairs.
- Of two?
- No, of five.
Stop clowning around, Cuco!
Let yourself go, she won't bite.
But she's groping me.
What's wrong with that?
- She's my cousin.
- For God's sake!
Okay, sit down.
Jonathan, let Begona show you.
Oh, to be twelve again, eh?
Hormones all over the place!
That Begona's cracks me up!
Okay, very good.
We need to decide on a play
for the end of term.
Mr. Meebles!
- What?
- It might work as a play.
Oliver and Benji!
Mr. Meebles is a very wise man
but he has a problem.
What problem?
Something simple, there aren't
many of us and five are white.
Count me in, mate.
If possible a story
that ends with a kiss.
- Not too corny like you lot.
- My goodness!
Cinderella, then.
- A bit sad, isn't it?
- At first, but not at the end.
I'm going to find you a soul.
- Ever heard of the Opus Dei?
- Beg your pardon?
Did you know you can become a saint
fixing a washing machine?
It's Saturday.
How come you're in?
Can't, my mother's got
her Circle this weekend.
- Circle?
- You know, retiring to a retreat...
I wouldn't mind retiring either.
You mothers who boast
of having a Christian home
must begin by sowing
the seed in your children.
When you supervise them
you are sowing seeds.
And when you choose their friends too.
Above all, instil in them
the practice of prayer.
I know that one of you is making
a good job of this.
Let me tell you
of a beautiful thing your daughter
told me in confession, Gloria.
Apparently, you took her
to the doctor
for an injection.
Yes, she's terrified of them.
Well, it seems, that just before that,
she'd asked Our Lady, who she adores,
not to stop her having the injection,
but, she said, for the strength
to accept God's will.
To accept God's will
without complaining.
And she was rather ashamed because
she cried a little in the end.
Isn't that so, Gloria?
You keep an eye on her, she's
very special and if I'm right
she'll follow in
her sister's footsteps.
A fabulous lot of books
we're collecting, aren't we?
My father used to take me to a place
with lots of stalls
full of second-hand books,
and he'd let me choose one.
It's funny but I remember
one story book that had
a pink cover, really twee.
The times I read it to my sister!
You talk a lot about your family.
That's normal, they're my family.
Your family is here now,
and it is large and very important.
- Yes, but...
- We show little love for God
if we don't detach ourselves
from what we leave behind.
Let me confess something:
our former families are very selfish.
All they can say is that
little sentence "we miss you",
as if that helped us.
That's to be expected...
Exactly. And the devil,
who is no fool,
uses precisely the people
we love to keep us
away from the task
God has charged us with.
"Whoever has God lacks nothing.
God alone is enough."
How wonderful.
This gets a blue label.
You're right, Ines,
and I'm so grateful
that you make me see more clearly.
Oh, this one, what nonsense.
This man wrote well,
but always about grotesque things.
This is for you, for always.
Mum, think they'll let me join
the theatre group?
Bernadette was your age
when the Virgin chose her.
She was in love with Antoine,
- the miller's son.
- Who told you that?
They made her a saint
because she gave him up
to enter the convent.
No, sweetie.
She renounced all
in order to have all.
Is it too hot?
No, it feels like
there's a thorn in my neck.
We're seeing the doctor
tomorrow, don't worry.
And offer it to the Lord.
Never waste a chance
to tell Him you love Him.
They rehearse every Friday
and at the end of term
they're giving a performance for the
parents and anyone else who wants to go.
You've a lot
to study this year...
and you have cookery class
on Wednesdays.
What if I get up an hour earlier
every day to study?
I'll start tomorrow, promise.
You can't do everything.
Maybe right now theatre
isn't one of your priorities.
What if I drop cookery?
We don't really do
anything interesting.
To be honest,
it's a bit of a drag.
I'm sad to hear you say that.
No, it's just that...
When your sister felt
the call she had doubts
because God also asked her
to give up a lot of things.
Like Bernadette.
And what did she do?
She asked her Guardian Angel
to help her make the right decision.
That's what we'll do now with yours.
Let him be the one to decide.
- What do you think?
- Good idea.
And he must be fed up of us
calling him just "guardian angel".
I love you very much, Mum.
And I love you, my darling.
- Give Daddy a kiss when he gets in.
- Yes.
Guardian Angel,
dear companion night and day,
leave her not alone,
lest she go astray.
Do you think Cinderella
will work as a play?
God bless you.
- I was just thinking about you.
- That's exactly
why I'm here.
Didn't you realise?
Where were you?
No place, I suppose.
But why were you looking for me?
I have a problem.
Well, you're not the only one.
I've got one too, young man.
That's impossible.
You know everything
and can do everything!
Yes, that's true.
But I know what yours is:
you've set your eyes on someone.
Actually, I don't know
what's wrong with me.
This has never happened before.
Maybe when you think
of that person
you get butterflies in your stomach?
Yes. And I can't sleep.
Look among the audience.
Maybe there's some little girl
who can help us.
You just have to invite her
to come up on stage.
Everything's fine.
You have a contracture,
here in the neck muscles.
Nothing serious.
Let's tell uncle Rafael.
No, he's a gynaecologist.
- Trust this gentleman.
- I'll give you
some exercises to correct
a slight curvature of the spine.
Once a week,
in the afternoon, after school.
That'll soon clear up the trouble.
Will I be able to do drama?
You can live a normal life.
Let's see, this place is open
- on Fridays.
- Perfect.
- Wednesdays as well, I think.
- Much better. Wednesday's
much better.
You decide.
She's joining the drama group
after all, the sly bitch.
- Why do you say that?
- She doesn't care about drama.
She's just after what she can get.
- Maybe they won't take her.
- They will, she's pretty.
The number of auditions
I had to do! Because I'm ugly.
You're not ugly, Begona.
Yeah, because of my braces...
- Your cousin's really cute.
- He's sweet.
Comes from having
a mother who works
- in a cake shop.
- Ah, really?
Near your house. He's there every day
till his mother closes up shop.
Have you decided on a play?
Ugh, don't remind me!
My cousin Cuco has suggested
the yuckiest thing.
- I'm sure it's something nice.
- For whoever plays Cinderella.
I bet you I get lumbered
with being one of the Ugly Sisters.
Why do you call him Cuco?
Dunno, we always have.
But what's his real name?
His name's Jesus.
I prefer Cuco.
What a crappy day!
Obviously, instead of anisette,
we'll add the juice of two lemons.
Well, one is enough actually.
Maybe someone here
has the vocation to be a cook.
- Or an artist.
- Or an artist. Why not?
People say "so-and-so
is a born artist",
to underline the fact
that vocation is not achieved
by personal effort, but is received
from the very start.
To be more exact you can say
"so-and-so has been called
to be a great doctor",
because vocation means a calling.
Let's grate the peel
and add it to the eggs and sugar.
Is that all right, Mercedes?
That's fine.
Vocation is often clear
but may need to be discovered
with help from other people.
Let's beat the mixture.
Are you all right?
Yes, yes, my back's
bothering me, but I'm fine.
Shall we ask your mother
to come and pick you up?
No, I'll go home on my own.
Ah, okay.
I add it now, don't I, Mercedes?
And there's a vocation
we all have just by being born:
to be saints.
We must love God
because He loves us
and has created us to love Him freely.
We must show Him our love openly,
without shame.
If we love someone
and don't tell them,
what is the point of that love?
I don't know if I should
give you another pain killer.
- You'll soon get over it.
- Give me that.
I should have come to pick you up.
Sit up a little
and let's get your nightie on.
Your socks first.
You're soaking!
Don't cry, my darling.
Lift your legs up, dear.
Come on, don't be lazy.
- Do as Mummy says.
- Come on!
I'm trying to but I can't.
I'm so sorry for being such a burden.
Hold your breath.
Her spinal column is fractured
- at the third vertebrae. Look.
- But the little girl
was already X-rayed.
And no-one noticed?
I don't understand it.
Mum, I'm scared.
Let's pray to the Virgin
to give us strength.
No, not strength.
I'm going to ask Her outright,
if She doesn't mind,
to be spared any more injections.
- You're Camino's father, right?
- Yes.
She hasn't had a fall or a knock...?
Not according to her,
and we haven't...
She must be in a lot of pain.
We must operate immediately.
There's a very high risk of paralysis.
We were expecting the call.
Just a minute.
- Hi, titch.
- You're hard to get hold of.
You're worse than
a politician, always busy.
I always have things to do.
I've a surprise for you:
I spoke to don Francisco,
our spiritual director,
and he's dedicating
tomorrow's mass to you.
Everyone at the house
will be praying for you.
When are you coming to visit?
We miss you ever so...
Goodness... Oh, I've got
so much to tell you...
Put Mum on.
Bye, Nuria. And don't worry
about the operation.
Well, I'm sure you're right.
How nice.
Don Miguel Angel sends his regards.
He's charming.
Now don't you worry.
Do you want
a word with your father?
We'll call you when your sister
comes out.
Thanks, love, God bless.
She had to rush.
They were waiting for her.
I didn't get to ask her
if she wanted her guitar.
I don't think she's got time.
There are more than
18 men and women in her house.
She lives with men as well?
Pet, she isn't in a convent,
she's in the world.
Watch out!
- Do you know how long they'll take?
- No. They'll tell you when she's out.
This is as far as you go.
Entrust yourself
with all your heart.
Jesus is with you.
What year are you in?
- Fifth grade.
- Fancy that, fifth grade!
- I bet you have a boyfriend, right?
- Will I dream?
- Do you dream when you sleep?
- Sometimes I have nightmares.
What you have to do is think
of something you like ever so much.
Now count backwards from 10 to 0.
Off you go...
Ten, nine,
eight, seven...
six, five...
For the Prelate in Rome,
for our whole family
that its faith might grow daily
thanks to Your divine intercession.
For Camino... Fernandez,
sister of one of our numeraries,
who is at this moment
being operated on in Madrid,
and for future vocations.
And we ask You, Lord, to give us
the grace to be, each day,
a little less unworthy of You.
- Lord, hear our prayer.
- And let our cry come unto Thee.
Let's turn her over.
- On the count of three...
- Disconnecting.
One, two... three.
- How's the operation going?
- Fine.
Jesus is with me.
NO EXI We can't.
What's the time?
Now then, move your hand.
I want to go home.
We are in a hurry!
I want to celebrate my birthday with
my friends, like I do every year.
- When is your birthday?
- In spring.
There's still a month
and a half till spring.
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday, dear Camino,
happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, darling.
Thanks, thank you all.
- What a pretty dress.
- My Mum made it.
In secret, so it'd be a surprise.
She hasn't even tried it on yet.
And her classmates sent her
a very nice letter.
Everybody loves you a lot.
Well, I'm off.
Save me a piece of cake.
What is it, love?
This is the first birthday
you haven't filmed me.
You'd better go
or you'll be in trouble.
Camino, guess who's come
all the way from Pamplona.
Where's my little birthday niece?
Eleven whole years!
Hello, auntie.
Marita, what a surprise.
Hello, Jose.
For you.
You shouldn't
have bothered, really.
It's not a present, eh.
It's a loan.
Sit down, you must be exhausted.
Tell us about Nuria.
Do you see her?
Of course.
Once a month,
without fail, she comes to my house.
And busy as she is,
that makes it all the more commendable.
- It does.
- And she knows you're alone, right?
Me? Alone? Nonsense.
- I'm with Jesus at all hours.
- That is so true.
You're in for a big surprise.
- You won't recognise your room.
- Why not?
Would you like to stop off
and give thanks together
- before we go home?
- Okay, but there's something I fancy.
Turn here, Dad!
Since when were you
so fond of cream cakes?
Good grief, what a woman!
The story of her life in 5 minutes.
Look what she gave me, it's her son's.
She's separated and the husband
doesn't want to know about them.
Let's go home
now, Dad,
- and have the cakes.
- I bought hot cross buns.
It seemed more appropriate
with it being Easter.
Don't you like it?
Or what?
It's just that... this bed
must have cost you a fortune.
- And redecorating...
- No, pet, they've given us everything.
And if Nuria comes,
where will she sleep?
Look what I've got for you.
A strongbox!
Yes, but it's more than that.
That's your office, isn't it?
You don't know what CGS stands for?
"Camino's Greatest...
It has a tune that
stops the secrets escaping.
Can we try it right now?
Got a little secret, have you?
Maybe a crush on someone?
Tap it, tap it.
Do you know why I wanted
to join the drama group?
Good night,
What is it, love?
I'm not surprised
Mummy fell in love with you.
What about Nat Science?
Old "Penguin" has made us memorise
every single category of animal.
Just to annoy us.
I'm sure that's not why.
So what if the octopus
is an ovipidous invertebrate mammal?
She's battier than before
they removed her gall bladder.
She's out of her head.
I can't wait to get back to school.
And your cookery club must be
up to fried eggs by now.
How's the drama group?
Friday it's the final auditions
to see who gets what part.
- You're still in time.
- If there's a part for a cupboard.
So, play a cupboard.
One year I played a tree and didn't move
for an hour because there was no wind.
I dunno.
Learn a few lines of the person
you most fancy playing.
I'll say you're coming. It'll be worth
it just to see Elena as Cinderella.
She's like a squid on heat
but la-di-da with it.
She's only there for my cousin.
- I bet he's happy. She's so pretty.
- No way.
He says he likes your hair.
And the best bit is...
- What?
- In grammar class, we have to learn
all the types
of pronouns and adjectives,
and if we get a single one wrong,
we fail the whole year.
Bit much, don't you think?
I'm gonna suggest she buys a "friend".
Does that hurt?
Mum, do you think you can fall in love
with someone you've only spoken to once?
That only happens in films.
Yes, but when you met Dad,
did you used to get
butterflies in your stomach
- when you thought about him?
- Don't be daft.
I remember Giuseppe a lot.
- Who?
- Giuseppe,
Nuria's friend. The actor.
Oh, yes.
He went back to Italy
and never wrote to her.
Odd, don't you think?
Nuria checked the mail every day.
- I felt sorry for...
- Aren't you exaggerating a bit?
Begona says I'm still in time
to audition for the play.
Let's not rush things, love.
In rehab they say I can start taking
my collar off for short spells.
Dad can drive me there.
- We'll ask him when he gets back.
- I already have.
Oh, well, who am I
to stick my nose in, then?
What can I wear, to look nice?
- Your new dress. if you like it.
- Of course I do.
It's lovely.
I just didn't remember.
Come now, it's not good
to be so vain.
What time is it?
Do you know what time it is, lazybones?
I must get ready for the auditions.
You can't go to any audition.
- But I thought...
- You're not going
to school and you want
to go to drama class?!
You're a cripple!
No way, watch.
It's all right.
- And what is that?
- What?
- What's that you're wearing?
- A dress, ducky. You blind or what?
"You said..."
Oh, yeah.
You said I could go as well.
To the ball.
And I always keep my word.
What a totally
- appropriate necklace.
- Cool, innit?
Stop, stop, stop.
Listen, Elena, darling.
There's nothing in the script
about that necklace being "cool".
Keep your hair on.
After, I'll say it proper.
- From the start.
- What, again? Blimey!
Just start again.
I've cleaned all the floors,
I've polished
all the silver and I've fed
the chickens.
- Then wash the cat.
- Oh, sure. And what else?
I wouldn't ask if we weren't
so worried, Rafael, but...
we can't see
any improvement, really.
Yes. Yes...
No, she's been lying down
all afternoon.
I can't tell you how grateful we are.
All the best, Rafael.
Rafael has managed to fix things.
Tomorrow the head of neurosurgery
at the Carmen Hospital is seeing her
and it's covered by our insurance.
From what he's been told,
he thinks it's something serious.
He can't understand
why we never said anything before.
I was thinking of Alejandro.
We have to pray hard
for Christ's will
to be done, not ours.
Hand it over,
you can't have anything.
Are you giving it to me or not?
- Bloody...
- Forgive me,
I tried to give it
to you but couldn't.
I don't have much experience
of being ill.
I'm so sorry.
How could they have missed it?
The tumour presses down
on the spinal cord.
It provoked the fracture
in her cervical vertebrae,
and is now the cause
of the paralysis in her upper body.
But she's only just been operated on.
I know, but we've no other choice
but to remove it immediately.
- Why are You punishing me, God? Why?
- Don't say that, love.
- What have I done to You?
- You're talking nonsense.
God is your father, and He's doing this
because He loves you, Camino.
He loves you deeply.
At least we know
what's wrong with you now.
This doctor is the best
and when they remove
what's causing the trouble,
you'll be as right as rain.
I know.
I won't say it again.
Shall we offer your operation
for all the children
suffering in the world?
Let's see this little girl's
blood pressure.
- Are they going to cut my hair off?
- Just a bit
at the back.
You won't even notice.
They said she'll spend the night
- in the ICU.
- Lucky you.
They treat you like royalty there.
I wish all nurses were like you.
I know Mari Angeles
was a bit rough with you.
Her husband's left her, poor thing.
Oh, how awful.
Well, we know her name
now and can pray
- for her.
- Of course. We should pray
even for our enemies.
No food or drink...
She has the contrast X-ray
first thing tomorrow.
bring me my music box, please.
It's in my bedside table.
I don't think you need it here.
The thing is...
Mum sometimes mentions the guardian
angel and I have weird dreams.
I think it bothers him
that we talk about him.
Oh, sweetie.
She needn't worry.
Today, I'm going to tell you a story.
Oh, yes.
About Cinderella.
But go straight to the end,
I already know the sad bit.
Of course, my little gift from heaven.
Mum says I'm not a gift,
I'm a precious loan that sooner
or later you'll have to give back.
Daddy, I really wish this was all over.
Right, let's prepare
our evening scrutiny.
Got your new motorbike?
I used it for the first time today.
What about the old one?
I'll try and sell it
or maybe give it away.
Get one with a sidecar
and take the wife out.
She'll look great in a helmet.
it seems everything went fine.
She said she spent the whole
operation eating cream cakes.
- She's still very groggy.
- I'd like to stay with her tonight.
- No, not in the ICU.
- But yesterday they said...
One of you can go in for a moment.
Thank you.
If she has a good night we'll take her
to her room first thing tomorrow.
How are you feeling, sweetie?
They won't let me stay, love,
so I'll be in the other room, counting
the hours until I can be with you.
Do you remember "Gethsemane"?
So you know how lonely Jesus was
there, waiting for His hour to come.
Even His disciples fell asleep,
although I'm certain
that somewhere in Jerusalem
the Virgin was wide awake,
praying for Him.
Where was St. Joseph?
Wasn't he His father?
Try to get some sleep.
Now we're going to invoke
your Guardian Angel
so that he can protect you
and watch over you through the night.
Guardian Angel,
dear companion night and day,
leave her not alone,
lest she go astray.
Oh, no, no, it's true!
It's just no use.
No use at all.
I can't believe, not any more.
There's nothing left to believe in.
Nothing, my dear?
- Now you don't really mean that.
- Oh, but I do.
Nonsense, child.
If you'd lost all your faith,
I couldn't be here.
- And here I am.
- But...
Come here, dry those tears.
You can't start an adventure
looking like that.
- Adventure?
- Embarking on adventures
is stealing time from death.
- How could I...?
- You're well on the way
because you have faith.
Faith in love.
But I'm ill.
You're not ill, you're a person
who has a problem.
Like me.
- What's yours?
- Well,
the truth is I'm nothing
when you stop imagining me.
That's why we have to take advantage.
- But I'm so ugly...
- Don't talk nonsense.
By the end of the story you won't be.
So let's get a move on,
even miracles take time.
- Yes.
- And keep it a secret.
If you tell a dream,
it's not easy
to make it come true.
Where the devil did I put...?
Here it is!
- How would you like your dress?
- Red!
Of course, how absent-minded of me!
What were the words...?
Oh, yes!
Salacadula, menchicapula,
Daddy! Mummy!
What's the matter?
Baby Jesus came to fetch him.
It's a day of joy, not sadness.
He was so happy to leave.
And you let him go?
You don't know how excited
he was to leave, Nuria.
I couldn't refuse him.
The Lord surely has
more ambitious plans for your brother.
Did you let him go, too, Daddy?
- What's going on?
- Put this on.
You can't go outside like that.
But... Daddy.
- Come on!
- Where are we going?
- Yeye.
- Don't call me that!
And don't be so physical.
The Lord surely has
more ambitious plans for you.
Long live Sacred Jesus.
Daddy! Mummy!
I'm really glad you're here
with me, Mari Angeles.
- I've brought you back your rosary.
- No, you have it.
Unlike some people,
Jesus would never desert you.
My aunt Marita lost my uncle
many years ago,
but she says she's never alone.
You're an angel.
Do you know what I think?
That angels are like energy.
They're neither created
nor destroyed;
merely transformed.
My sister's out of intensive care,
recovering very quickly.
I'm so happy to hear that.
Do you think I could get a train
Thursday and come back on Friday?
I could sleep at the hospital,
give my mother a rest.
Know what I've heard?
The Prelate is coming here
for a General Council meeting
and will make a surprise visit
to one of our houses.
- Not here?!
- Yes, it seems like a dream to me, too.
Everything must be spotless,
just in case.
- I can't believe it.
- We'll be pushed for time.
- When are you going to see your aunt?
- Next week.
Very good.
It's a rhabdomyosarcoma.
A very aggressive form of cancer
and extremely serious at her age.
Very few people recover.
I think you should know that.
We're going to start
treatment to avoid it spreading.
- When?
- As soon as she regains her strength.
I'll take care of everything.
Rest assured she's in the best hands.
We'll do another scan in two weeks.
Well, the gentleman is entitled
to his opinion, but, believe me,
the best children's oncology team is
in Navarra. They're highly specialised.
They treat people
as people, not as mere patients.
Yes. Even so, it's a private clinic
and right now we can't...
I believe you should be
thinking of the girl.
Of course, but taking her away
from home now, weak as she is...
I doubt she'll like the idea.
Doubt, Jose, you said it.
As you doubted
your other daughter's vocation,
or when you lost your son,
or when you fail to support Gloria.
What is all this...?
You must broaden your vision.
As I see it,
you and Gloria are privileged.
It is not Camino
He has chosen, but you two.
Christ has visited you
with the Cross before.
He is putting your love
for Him to the test,
fathoming your innermost depths
to be sure you are both worthy of Him.
And I'd say it's mainly you
He is testing, Jose,
because Gloria's attitude
through all this
has been exemplary, superhuman.
God is doing a wondrous thing
with this little girl
and whatever He intends for her
is for her good.
You're giving me an injection.
- I know.
- Well, you know more than me...
With the catheter,
you can't feel a thing, sweetie.
No, no, it's very unpleasant.
Isn't it?
You complain all you want.
Shout if it bothers you.
Aaaaahh! Rebel,
- send us all packing.
- I won't hear of it.
You have to be up to what
the Lord expects of you.
He loves you, that's why
He requires more of you.
That's fair, isn't it?
Oooh, that one's green.
Must be mint.
It can't be because it tastes horrible.
That's normal, you get a taste
in the mouth almost immediately.
Are you okay, dearie?
There, there. Here we go.
My vision's clouding.
Try a bit harder,
you know how brave you can be...
Nearly done, petal.
For the Pope, the Church,
the Institution,
for those in need, for sinners,
for unbaptised children.
Just a little more, darling.
Go ahead and moan!
Long live Sacred Jesus!
Did you say something, love?
Long live Sacred Jesus,
may He be loved by all.
Shall we say the prayer
of Sacred Jesus?
No. Tonight I'm committing suicide.
- Stop talking nonsense.
- The devil's here.
He can't be here because you
and I are in the grace of God.
Behind you, covered in flies.
We'll sprinkle your bed
with holy water.
No, it bothers him and he'll get mad.
Let him get mad. That's what we want,
isn't it? We have nothing to fear.
He who is shepherd, is shepherd. He
who is calf, is calf. I am a shepherd.
Daddy is a shepherd.
Uncle Rafael too.
- I don't think he is.
- Yes, he's a shepherd.
- What about me?
- No, not you.
- So I'm a calf?
- You're not that either. You're nothing.
- And what do you shepherds do?
- Look after the calves. And sometimes...
we vomit.
Good morning, ladies.
Pax, aunt Marita.
In aeternum.
What a terrible thing
to happen to your sister.
I don't know what to think.
Haven't you been to see her yet?
This has all coincided with us being
snowed under with work at the house.
I imagined so.
Mum says Camino's
behaving like a saint.
If she were moved here,
I could be with her.
Your father's too stubborn...
I already told your mother
I can help them,
but Jose insists
she's better off there.
He has faith in the doctors
treating her.
He never had faith in anything.
Let's be honest.
That's why he can't bear
seeing you so happy
and fulfilled.
You don't know
how much good you're doing.
Ines sends you a very special greeting.
Staying for lunch?
We should be setting off now.
- But you've only just...
- There's so much to do.
Right then, go!
You got what you came for,
didn't you?
Off you go, then,
I have things to do as well.
I'm so glad to see you, Bego.
How are you?
They've finally found
what was wrong,
- haven't they, love?
- That's the main thing.
Last year I had
two operations for bunions
and my feet are like new.
When the weather changes...
So, what's the gossip?
How's the play coming on?
All right,
a bit naff...
But you must get better for the day.
We're reserving a seat
for you in the front row.
How's everybody doing?
How's Elena?
She's the absolute pits.
But because she's got boobs,
she's playing Cinderella.
- I'm sure it'll be a big success.
- Next week, after the rehearsal,
a group of us are coming
to see you. if you want.
- Here?
- Well, if you like
we can meet in the bar.
it's just... well, look at me.
Don't worry, we're all coming
dressed up too, so you can see
the costumes.
The prince's is the best,
- my aunt's making it.
- Is he coming?
- How could he miss? It was his idea.
- You're joking?
I think he fancies you.
He wants to bring you a letter...
Look, the appetisers.
Later on we'll lift you up
and change your sheets.
No need to lift her up,
she's about to levitate
all on her own.
- You look happy.
- You're going to be, too.
How so?
Because I'm going
to pray hard for you.
You'll see.
Look, sweetie, the tests
aren't very conclusive,
so the doctors are recommending
radiation therapy.
It's a much less aggressive
treatment than chemotherapy.
But, to be effective,
it has to be done
in the operating theatre.
Okay, but if they need to cut my hair
any shorter, they'll have to wait
until after Friday.
Why's that?
They're coming
to visit me, remember?
Mum can give me a special hairdo.
Apparently, there's a better place
where they carry out
this sort of operation.
In Pamplona. Your sister's over
the moon about you going there.
Don Miguel Angel
has given us a lot of help
with all the formalities.
I'm not going to die,
am I, Daddy?
Honey, what's given you that idea?
It'd be a shame
to die now, when everything's
beginning to turn out right.
Camino has come to say goodbye
because she's going to Pamplona
to undergo a long treatment.
She wants to tell you
she misses you all
and promises to be back
before the school year is over.
Isn't that right, dearie?
We won't interrupt you
any further.
- The letter. The letter.
- Oh, yes, yes.
And if any of you want
to write her a letter or something,
you can send it there.
How long do you think it takes
a letter to get
from Madrid to Pamplona?
I don't know, love.
It depends.
If it's marked "Urgent", a couple
of days, if not, a week or so.
That long?
But sweetie, you've only just
told them to write to you.
Give them time.
Maybe somebody
already has one written.
Ah, right.
And I'm sure
it'll be marked "Urgent".
Pity Daddy has to travel alone.
I hope he's not held up,
he's bringing our things.
And the film camera.
Let's hope he remembers.
You know what he's like.
Thank you.
Could we visit the chapel
before we settle in?
You can even attend mass.
At 8 o'clock. But the chaplain
can also give her communion
in her room.
If any post arrives,
you'll tell us, right?
Sweetie, you do go on!
It comes at 12 o'clock.
Your mother can ask here.
You should have come here
from the start, lazy.
I'll tell you all
about this place later.
I was so looking forward
to seeing you!
You look so pretty!
- How's everything?
- Fine. Here we are at last.
How's Aunt Marita?
Hello, Dad.
Nuria, love!
How was the journey?
How's Camino?
- Exhausted. Have you eaten?
- I had a sandwich on the way.
- And you two?
- No, I haven't left her side.
Well, I'm leaving.
- Stay a while.
- I can't.
Shall I go with you?
No, I should have been back
at the house some time ago.
I've got something of yours,
in the car.
Give it to me some other time.
I have to dash.
All right...
I imagine your sister
was over the moon.
She hardly saw her.
Camino's been asleep all afternoon.
Mum, go down to the cafeteria
before they close.
- I'm not really hungry.
- Go on, dear.
Let's go down together.
All right.
I'll be back in a jiff, then you
can go. You must be tired as well.
You found it.
Mummy said you were asleep.
Where's Nuria, Daddy?
She had to leave.
No, you don't understand me.
She talked about
the father all the time,
as if you didn't exist.
She's changed.
Well, Nuria has chosen
a different life.
The main thing is that she's happy.
Let it play.
Why doesn't Nuria love you, Daddy?
She does love me, dear.
You see, Nuria was only 18
when she told us she was leaving.
And you let her go, too, Daddy?
- She was crazy about Giuseppe.
- Wasn't she just?
He forgot her.
Not a single letter.
But that won't happen to me.
Come on.
I made an arrangement
with the Virgin.
If I get the letter I'm expecting,
I'll never complain again.
And what did She say?
That if I start now,
the letter will get here quicker.
It must be a very important letter.
Ring Begona and make sure
she's got the hospital address right.
- Didn't Mummy give it to your teacher?
- Yes.
But now we know the room number.
I've got a better idea.
I'm going to tell her
to put "Deliver by hand" on it.
Sometimes letters
get lost and never arrive.
Thanks, Mr. Postman.
Does it hurt?
No. Not at all.
Keep it, so it doesn't get lost again.
Good morning.
I wanted to give some things
to my daughter Nuria.
- She's not in the house at the moment.
- I see...
- When could I...?
- I'll see she gets them.
Very well.
- Please tell her I'll ring later.
- All right.
And this, please.
I can't take that without permission
and there's no one
- here at the moment.
- Yes, but I'm sure
you'll do me this small favour.
I have to go back to Madrid tomorrow.
My Lord and God,
I firmly believe that You are here,
that You see me, that You hear me.
I adore You with the deepest reverence.
Forgive me my sins
and give me grace
in this moment of prayer.
Do you want to pray
for something special, sweetie?
Yes. For people
who don't have faith in love.
Spotless Virgin and mother,
St. Joseph my father
and holy guardian angel,
intercede for me.
Oh, good, you're here at last.
Don Luis is the chaplain here
and has come to pray with us.
- You must be Jose, the "missing" person.
- Don Luis will come whenever he can.
Your daughter deserves it.
Allow me...
Allow me to congratulate
you both and bless you.
Despite her illness,
actually, thanks to her illness,
this little girl
is taking Jesus very seriously.
You can be thankful.
Her defences are very low,
but she's happy.
And so she should be.
How pretty!
I hear you like looking
in shop windows.
they've always attracted
my attention, yes.
- It's silly, but as you know...
- There you have something else to offer,
another opportunity to tell God you're
prepared to sacrifice all for Him.
When I get the bus,
I always stand,
even if there are empty seats.
That's beautiful, Ines.
This is for you.
What about your companions?
They all seem very happy.
Anything you might have seen
or they might have commented...
The other day we did say we'd like
to listen to some music,
for a while on Sundays,
or after study perhaps.
None of us will lose
our vocation over that.
Vocation is never lost. if anything,
it gets thrown out of the window.
We'll open the neck from the front
and we'll have to put her
in a cast to totally
immobilise the head.
It is rather cumbersome
but she won't be uncomfortable.
It'll be a long operation
but we'll insert a portacath as well.
Know what I don't like
about your films?
- What?
- You're never in them.
- Well, later you can film me.
- Include the Virgin.
where are the flowers
- I brought?
- We took them
to someone more deserving.
That way He'll be closer to you
during the operation, won't He?
It's normal for you
to ask for a miracle.
It's only human, you're her mother.
But think that He is her father
and we must accept His will.
Let us put ourselves in His hands.
He is all-knowing
and we poor souls
know nothing.
I'm so ashamed
of having been so weak.
Oh, I'm weak too.
Weaker than anyone.
That's why I pray.
I pray and pray and pray.
Let's go.
Everything went well.
Poor little thing.
these, that, those...
Very good, Anita.
Those are the demonstrative pronouns.
Which room?
- 208.
- Ah, yes.
You enquired yesterday.
And the day before.
- How is your little girl?
- She's recovering splendidly.
Yesterday she ate some soup
and a chicken breast.
12 o'clock.
Yes. Time for the Angelus.
I long for those chimes every day.
That's Jesus, who is nearer
to you every moment.
I don't know.
Maybe the same thing
will happen to me as my sister.
You're still very young,
but perhaps, who knows?
So what could I do?
Love Jesus.
That's what I do.
- Haven't they finished?
- Is it for Camino?
No, it's the anaesthetist's note.
I'll give it to Marita this evening.
Go when you like.
Nuria's trying to get away after lunch.
There's something I want
to talk to you about.
My sister's more than happy
to lend us the money.
And we must keep our worries
hidden from the girls.
What else do you want to keep
hidden from them, Gloria?
Well now, Jose.
I can imagine how hard
it must be for you to leave her.
But that's God's will, right?
The important thing now
is for your daughter to see you both
more united than ever,
rallying around her.
I've seen so many marriages
break up
in the face of adversity.
It's the best gift
you could give her.
Your little girl was telling me
that you've been making a video.
Yes, well...
it's not video, it's film.
Well, you can be sure that everything
you are taping will be a document
of great worth.
This little creature
is carrying out the mission
of an apostle without realising.
Have a good journey, Jose.
This should get rid
of that headache.
If you need anything, just ring.
- We don't need anything, thank you.
- There are blankets in there.
Whoever has God lacks nothing:
God alone is enough.
Exactly what we were reading.
"Let naught dismay thee,
nor daunt thee,"
God changeth not, all things pass.
"God alone sufficeth."
Doesn't it give you goose bumps?
Did they take a photo
of St. Teresa when she died?
I think you can tell
if someone's going to be a saint.
That's why they take a photo.
Like with Bernadette.
It has to do with people who die
in the fragrance of holiness.
What did Bernadette smell of
when she died?
- Flowers.
- When she went off to the convent,
did you know she stopped by the mill
to say goodbye to Antoine?
And what he said to her?
"Goodbye, Bernadette,
I will never marry."
And she left.
- Without a word.
- And they'd never spoken before that.
Doesn't that
give you goose bumps, Nuria?
You were a long time.
She's still hoarse.
Her throat's raw from all the vomiting.
It's been an awful week.
My love,
I've brought you something.
How nice you smell.
I smell awful.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm rotting.
Come on, tell your dad.
Has something happened?
Remember the nurse
from the other hospital?
She's made up with her husband
and is coming to visit us.
I'm very glad.
- Well, I'm not.
- How come?
When I pray for others,
He answers my prayers,
but when I pray for myself,
He doesn't.
- It's not fair to say that, darling.
- I'm not asking Him
to cure me, or to take away
this unbearable headache,
or to let me walk again,
or to give me my hair back...
One thing, that's all I've asked
Him for. I've always loved Him.
- Why doesn't He answer me?
- That'll do. We're offending Him.
If He loved me,
He wouldn't do this to me.
Camino, you're not to say that.
Well, you know what?
I'm not going to love Him either.
That's enough.
We're offending Him.
Now we're going to thank Him
for everything He does for us.
Thank Him for what?
I thank Him every day
for our daughter's illness.
Don't argue, please.
God knows
I don't really mean it.
I know, love, I know.
Let me get the chaplain
and the three of us can confess,
right now.
Don't you think?
if God is good and generous,
and just, and I love Him
with all my heart,
why doesn't He want me
to get better?
Where's the problem?
Well, you see, sweetie, the doctors
are doing everything they can.
The thing is,
your case is very difficult.
You have a very serious illness
that little is known about.
- We have to be... patient.
- If God can do everything
and knows everything,
what's His problem, Daddy?
I don't know.
I wish I knew the answer.
Maybe He's jealous.
But I don't want to die without Jesus
knowing how much I love him.
Do you think He doesn't know that?
Daddy, get me out of here.
You can.
No, sweetie, I can't.
If I could, you wouldn't be here now.
Daddy, get me out of here.
The two of us can run away.
And where do you want us to go?
To Vienna.
Vienna? Why?
I'll need the dress.
Go on, buy it for me.
I can't go like this.
Let me know when everything's ready.
are you going to let me go too?
Promise me you'll get well,
otherwise the doctor
won't let you board the plane.
I don't want to go by plane,
silly, or by car or by boat.
So how do you want me to take you?
What are you doing, Jose?
Taking flowers to our daughter.
And right now I'm going to Madrid.
Now? Why?
To get the dress.
The red one, with the straps,
the low neckline
and the short skirt.
The shop on the corner
of Nunez de Balboa and Hermosilla.
Let's hope it's still there.
I'm doing what I can, too.
- I'll come straight back.
- Yes.
But don't leave
without reading her
the story.
You promised
and she's expecting you.
"Mr. Meebles is a wise fellow who knows
everything about everything..."
- Shall I read it some other time?
- Go on.
"He does all sorts of magic tricks
and is always ready"
to accompany you
on a thousand adventures.
- He just has one small problem."
- "He doesn't exist."
- Did you know already or what?
- Yes. So did you.
Not there, Mummy.
- What?
- Don't put anything on the armchair.
Daddy, film me.
- Now?
- Yes, now. Quick.
Here again.
- Yes, I'm here again, sweetie.
- No. The one who laughs at us.
Let's call on the Virgin
to come right now, shall we?
Why's he laughing, Mummy?
What's he laughing at?
- Don't be afraid.
- I'm not. He can't do anything to me.
Tell him we don't want him here.
- He says we should pray for him.
- No!
We must pray for our enemies.
The nun said so.
Are you still filming, Daddy?
Holy, immortal God,
protect us from all evil...
It's all right.
He's gone.
God is here now.
Of course He is.
He has always been with us.
No, you don't understand.
He's here, in the room,
sitting in the armchair.
Film Him, Daddy.
Lord, protect her every moment.
Take me to Vienna!
Sweetie, how can Daddy
take you to Vienna?
How else?
In his arms.
We'll deliver it
to your house as usual.
Thirty. You could celebrate
a wedding with all this.
All you need now
are the bride and groom.
- Is that your son?
- Yes. Say hello.
Are you going to be
- a baker too when you grow up?
- Him? No way.
All he talks about is the theatre.
My daughter's very fond of it, too.
Is she?
Aren't you in the group
- that's putting on Cinderella?
- Answer, son.
Yes, it's on the 26th June.
It must be really something.
All this rehearsing!
You can come if you like.
To be honest... I'd love to take
my daughter, she wanted to be
in it,
but unfortunately she can't...
Are you Camino's father?
The girl who's in Pamplona?
Yes, how did you know...?
Is she okay?
Or is it true that she's...?
The truth is she's very sick, yes.
We're all hoping for a miracle.
Oh, yes, my niece told me.
On the house.
We were going to see her
at the hospital, but since she left...
Say hello to her
from the boy who plays the prince.
You can be sure I will.
I'm on my way there now.
- Your name is?
- Cuco.
- Cuco?
- His name's Jesus,
but we've always called him Cuco.
Bye, Jesus.
Jesus, you don't have
a letter, do you?
I want to tell you something, Gloria.
Don't worry, she's resting.
You know that the Prelate
has spent a few days in Spain.
I know, Camino and I have been
praying hard for you all.
Well, I've had the chance
to mention your case to him,
and he wanted to know everything,
down to the last detail.
He feels there's something extraordinary
in your daughter's behaviour.
The father wants saints,
as well you know.
It is the best service we can
render him and, therefore, God.
Examples of lives dedicated
without reserve, in real life, today.
Can you imagine the positive impact
your daughter's example
could have on young people,
boys and girls of her own age?
We may be talking of the first girl
from the Institution to be canonised.
But that doesn't depend on us.
Of course not. It is God who
chooses us, not we who choose Him.
But we can help, smooth the way.
- How?
- By doing what is most difficult:
allowing God to be the one to act.
I mean, the very miracle you've
been praying for might be just that.
Needless to say, Gloria,
the father requires us
to be very discreet about this.
The fame for holiness
must be spontaneous.
Ah, and he suggests that if she
voluntarily sought admission with us,
that in itself
would be a very valuable thing.
- I understand.
- Gloria...
The devil has a lot at stake here.
And if we are right,
you can be sure he'll be back
to tempt her a third time.
I just spoke to don Miguel Angel.
He's coming from Madrid
tomorrow to be with you both.
I don't get it. And she was
beginning to put on some weight!
That was the cortisone,
but the metastasis has appeared
in her meninges.
That's why she's losing her eyesight.
She's improving...
Believe me,
there's nothing we can do.
Look, the Lord is wiser
and if He chooses to take her,
it's the best thing for her.
The whole staff of the clinic
are shocked by the news.
Don't let her see us cry.
Let her see us happy.
And I think
the best thing is to tell her.
- Not keep anything from her.
- I can't...
Offer it, Gloria.
Offer it.
You've been a long time, Mum.
I was getting impatient.
How are you, sweetie?
- Fine. Or rather, excellent.
- Why's that?
Look what they brought me.
From reception.
- Shall we open it?
- Yes, yes, right away.
You're burning up, darling.
It's only a slight temperature.
What a lovely smell.
Who's it from?
Your friend Begona.
Let's see.
You'll love this.
It's about Jesus.
Put it where I can see it.
Of course.
Show it to me, please.
Camino, love.
We have a treasure in our hands.
You more than anyone, but me too.
Neither you nor I are going
to let it go to waste, are we?
No. I can't wait to tell Daddy.
Me too.
Sweetie, do you want to cry?
No. Why?
- That'll be Daddy.
- Yes.
He must be about to arrive.
Yes, speaking.
Yes, I'm his wife.
He has left us,
and just when this family
most needed him.
But Jose Maria's death
has not been in vain.
His departure to Heaven makes us feel
even closer the presence of Christ.
It is His way of stripping us
in order to make us immensely rich
in His richness.
God, our true father, asks of us
today, more strongly than ever,
that we adore Him and sacrifice
ourselves for Him and that we never
lose faith in His love.
Because without Him,
who is almighty and all-knowing,
we are nothing
and have nothing.
Yeye is jealous of me.
That's exactly what I was thinking.
And yes,
I am jealous of you.
I'm jealous of
the enormous faith you have
and I'm jealous because...
you're going to heaven.
That's why I'm jealous.
Do you want me to pray
for you to die as well?
Do you remember the stories
Daddy told us when we were little?
I used to love them.
The last one he read to me
is in my bedside table drawer.
You have it.
I just can't wait!
- What day is it today?
- The 25th. Friday.
They're coming for me tomorrow.
I must be wide awake.
Yeye, could you do me a favour?
Put the letter where I can see it
all the time.
Kids, good luck to you all.
In the theatre
you don't say good luck.
- So what do you say?
- Where's the prince?
That was your mother.
You must go straight away.
- I've nearly finished.
- Forget about that.
I don't think there's time.
I'll get ready and go.
- You can take my umbrella.
- Ines...
Maybe I should get a taxi to
the hospital, unless you consider
- that inappropriate.
- Goodness me, girl.
Who am I to say
if it's appropriate or not?
Excuse me.
Do you realise, all you
here present, how privileged
we are?
We are not in a hospital room,
we are in the ante-chamber to Heaven.
It is Jesus who is calling you
because He needs you there
more than here.
How can you go to the ball if you don't
know how to dance? And what's this?
A dress, innit?
You blind or what?
I'll kill her.
You said I could go...
Oh, yeah.
You said I could go
to the...
to the...
To the ball.
Well I always keep my promises.
Oh, darling,
what a totally appropriate necklace.
Don't say it, don't say it...
Totally cool, innit?
She said it.
Anastasia! Griselda!
My beautiful daughters,
come and see this.
Aren't I just
gorgeously gorgeous, Mother?
And me?
Isn't it true that the prince
will faint at my feet,
dazzled by my beauty and style?
That necklace is mine, Mummy.
She stole it from me!
She's a dirty thief.
And she's made that dress
from my curtains.
I thought it looked familiar.
My dears!
That's quite enough!
Let's be off or we'll be late.
Good night, Cinderella.
Hell! It's not fair!
I won't trust anybody ever again!
Mummy, my time has come.
Yes, my darling.
Through this Holy Unction
and His most tender mercy,
may the Lord help you
by the grace of the Holy Spirit.
That, having cleansed you of all sin,
He may comfort you
as you go forth on this journey
- and grant you His salvation.
- Amen.
No fairy godmother, no transformation,
straight to the ball.
Cuco, do what you have to
but bring me Cinderella!
You lot, help me put the throne
with the back facing the audience.
Come on.
What are you doing?
You have to go on.
You go on alone.
But we need you.
Without Cinderella we can't finish.
Come on!
You go, with that tacky costume. Or put
on your baker's apron. It suits you
down to the fucking ground.
Shame old "Baldy-locks"
didn't come to see you.
Someone's crying. Why?
We're all crying, dear.
With joy,
and envy.
With envy because
you're going with Jesus.
Yes, I want to be with him now.
Sweetie, do you want to tell Him
how much you love Him?
Yes. You help me.
my little girl loves You very much,
more than anything in the world.
Don't you, my love?
She is very weary
and can hardly speak,
but You know
that with every heartbeat
she is saying she loves You.
- Aren't you, my love?
- Yes.
He, too, is so looking forward
to being with you.
Now you have to open the window.
It's raining, my darling.
Now you all have
to help me very much.
Are you frightened, sweetie?
No, but you are.
Why, love?
Why should I be afraid?
Because I can see an ugly face.
A very ugly face.
Open the curtain.
Go on!
Go on!
Come on, dammit!
He left.
Don't be silly.
Why would he leave?
Because the black one has come.
Blessed be God.
Misses Anastasia
and Griselda Gremein...
Break a leg.
Daughters of the widow
of Monsieur Gremein Gremein.
What about Daddy?
Isn't he coming?
Daddy can't wait to be with you.
I hope he doesn't get muddled because
they're already coming to get me.
Jose Maria, Alejandro,
come to help her,
don't leave her alone,
she's still just a child.
Lead her to the Gates of Heaven
so she doesn't go astray.
Mummy, do you think that in this state
they will let me join them?
You're already in.
Hello, titch.
It's as if she were no longer with us.
- I have to go now.
- Don't go.
I've no choice.
I always knew this story was crap.
How can you say that?
I could never have dreamed
of such a nice ending.
I know You love her very much.
More than anyone else in the world...
though it's hard to believe anyone
could love her more than I do.
I know the best place for her
is in Your arms.
It smells of flowers!
are you happy?
Sweetie, are you happy?
I've never been so happy.
I think we should take
a photograph, don't you?
She looks so pretty.
She said she would die on the 26th,
the anniversary
of Don Jose Maria's death,
and she did.
This girl fulfilled
everything she promised.
No, not everything.
But we'll do it for her.