Camion (2012) Movie Script

Marcel, you there?
Yeah, Germain
I'm here.
Are you loading up?
No, I'm already at the sawmill.
Is there a long wait?
No, it's real quiet.
It's faster this morning.
Rivard's the one doing the loading.
Good, I'm on my way.
All right. See you in a bit.
- Face the other way!
- Careful!
Can you hear me, ma'am?
Can you hear me?
Come with me, sir.
Just over there
to the patrol car'.
Take your time.
I was on the right side.
I didn't see her coming.
Is she all right?
Is she gonna live?
That's all I wanna know.
They'll take her to the hospital.
They'll do everything they can.
Don't worry.
Backside in first.
Watch your head.
Samuel? Hello!
It's Germain.
Could you call me back
when you get a minute?
I'd really like to talk to you.
Right. Bye then.
12.. 30 a. m. OK...
There are two neon lights out
on the 18th floor
and about a dozen on the 19th.
They've been out for a while.
Change them as soon as
they burn out next last week time, OK?
There's a couple on the 20th floor,
in the meeting room.
Password's show last week
was kick ass.
No, I finished up too late
at the bar.
- When was that?
- Friday.
Remember the guy
who got up onstage at the end
with the guitar with three necks?
- That was awesome.
- Totally!
My sister's out of control.
She's, like, dating
two guys at once.
And they're both in the same band.
Neither one of them
suspects a thing.
She takes turns going out with them
two or three times a week.
She's always doing stuff like that.
Don't they talk?
I don't know how she does it.
Wouldn't surprise me
if she made up a name
or if she's pretending she's me.
We're twins.
What are you doing now?
Do you mind giving me a ride too?
No, no.
So, how was it, handsome?
- God, I love you.
- What are you talking about?
You love me like a mother.
No, I love you for real.
When did you call?
I just checked my messages.
I don't really use
my home line anymore.
Well, I was in a pretty
serious accident with my truck.
I'm all right.
But the woman
in the other car is dead.
She died at the hospital.
No, a woman from Maine.
Near Basley, Marker 31.
I'm at the end of my rope.
I don't know what to do.
It's times like this
I really miss your mother.
Don't talk like that.
Jacob hasn't been showing up
for work much these days.
Are you two going out?
Are you nuts? Of course not!
I don't know, the other morning...
That was just one time.
Doesn't mean we're going out.
Are you like your sister?
What do you mean?
Nothing. I don't know.
How long's it been
since you kissed a girl?
I don't know...
Not that long.
You're really stuck, aren't you?
Like a rock.
Not a rock. A tree branch
swaying in the breeze.
You could be right.
Fuck, you're beautiful.
That's pretty close, isn't it?
I don't know anymore. Try it.
Well, it's just as ugly.
This isn't working at all.
Maybe let it dry a little.
The boss is giving me my time off.
- Is he?
- Yeah.
I think my dad
will be happy to see us.
It can't hurt anyway.
Same old Sam. Always worrying
about other people.
I'm a bit concerned about him.
This is a waltz that talks about
the swamps and the Cajun identity,
both of which are facing the same
threats, says Thomas Michaud.
The Americanization
and industrialization
of our culture
the wetlands, our resources...
Thomas Michaud
is nevertheless optimistic.
We're going to save our culture.
We're going to save
our fishing industry
and the coastal wetlands.
We're going to save it all.
I have complete confidence
in our community
and in nature itself.
Nature's very resilient.
It can't be killed off.
What are you doing
in this hellhole?
Hey, first... Hi!
Dad was right.
You're actually living in a motel.
Why not?
It's as good a home as any.
It must be costing you a fortune.
I pay by the week. Works out
almost the same as an apartment.
Well, your truck's
actually not beat up too bad.
But she got you good, all right.
It's more like I got her good.
Come on
don't say that, Germain.
She was on your side of the road.
So what are we doing with it?
Have our pal at the scrapyard
junk it and sell the parts.
No way. We can fix it up.
Your insurance will pay for it.
Don't bother.
It isn't worth it.
It's just an old truck.
Are those for me?
Actually, they're a goodbye present.
I'm leaving, Marlene.
- Really? Where are you going?
- Back home.
I wanted to give you something
to remember me by.
You know I'll never forget you.
I'll miss you.
I'm sending everyone goodbye texts.
Pretty high-tech, huh?
You drove straight here?
Without stopping at Dad's?
I wasn't up to it.
You know, you could've called and
saved yourself a 12-hour road trip.
The only thing Dad knew was that
you were in a motel in Saint John.
Lucky you didn't head
to St. John's, Newfoundland!
Fuck! I thought
I gave Dad my cell number.
If he had your number,
he would've called.
He isn't the one
who sent you, is he?
You could've called around.
There can't be that many motels.
You wouldn't have come
and you know it.
Anyway, it won't kill us
to spend some time together.
There's around 30.
Thirty what?
I swear!
It bit me right here, and here.
- A shark? A real live shark?
- Ask Sam. He was there.
No, no. Don't get me involved.
Tell me the real story
and I'll dance with you.
Good luck getting the real story.
OK, the real story...
I used to drive a truck
in the States.
And I'd always sleep
in the loading dock
to be first in line
the next morning.
One night, while I was asleep,
a bunch of black guys
bursts into my cab
and starts beating up on me,
I mean really pummeling me.
But I always kept a baseball bat
under my pillow, just in case.
So I swing and bash one of them
right in the head.
So hard the bat breaks.
Then they jump me.
One of them pulls out a knife
and stabs me.
The cops are pretty sure
the one I clobbered is dead.
Pretty fucked up to think
I might've killed someone.
- I know guys who have.
- You do?
Anyway, I can't work anymore,
but I get insurance money and stuff.
I can do whatever I want.
I do miss playing
the guitar, though.
Was that true?
Nice story.
Not bad, huh?
All right, I'm going to bed.
It's not early. It's midnight.
And you're not the one driving.
Bye, girls. Good night.
Nice to meet you.
Good luck.
Try not to wake me up
when you come in.
Good night, gramps!
Listen to this song.
It's amazing.
- Who is it?
- Richmond Fontaine.
- Is it old?
- Shut up!
Listen. Listen to the lyrics.
- I can't understand a word.
- Jesus, you don't let up!
He said.. "I was there for a week.
We hired an immigrant. "
Got it?
"Sprawl" means "big, spread out. "
I fucking love this!
It's awesome how he says..
"A janitor. " Like you, bro.
Why are we listening
to such a depressing song?
I could've written this.
That's exactly
what my music would sound like.
The next couple days
will be depressing enough.
No need to add to it.
If I wrote it
would you list didn't write to it?
Sure, but you didn't write it.
It's just somebody else's song.
So what about that girl last night?
- So now you're gonna pout?
- I'm not pouting. I'm listening.
- Dibs on the bedroom in the back.
- No! I already called dibs!
You snooze, you lose.
What are you two doing here?
Holy shit, Dad.
The cleaning lady on strike?
Don't start.
I can't afford one anymore.
Hey, Dad.
Sam told me about the accident.
That sucks.
So all three of us
are out of work?
- I'm not out of work.
- A fucking janitor!
That's a student job.
Come on in.
Are you hungry?
I don't have much, but...
No rush. We'll unpack
and settle in first.
Hey, Sam! Your room's
even smaller than I thought!
What are you doing tomorrow?
I don't know. Sleeping in.
For a change.
What about you, Dad?
- Nothing.
- What do you mean "nothing"?
Just that I got nothing to do.
Jesus Christ, Dad!
How come you're not out hunting?
I didn't feel like it this year.
You look forward to it all year.
I'm tired.
My stuff isn't ready,
and my heart's not really in it.
I thought maybe we'd spend
the week at Luc's cabin.
Is it moose or deer season?
You still got a gun license?
- You bet.
- Deer season.
So let's go.
No. I'm not doing
anything tomorrow.
What about your truck?
What are you gonna do with it?
Sell it for scrap metal.
I'm done with trucking.
I'm too old for it.
I'm too old to start over again.
No more hunting,
no more cleaning lady,
no more wife, no more money,
no more truck...
Your life's just a bowl
of fucking cherries.
You wait until you're my age.
That isn't how you raised us.
Just wait.
Jesus, if that's what it's like
to get old, shoot me now.
Where's your rifle?
That's the way it is.
Come on!
It's not very fast, is it?
I can't get it back.
I can still beat you.
You never won at this.
The blue ones go faster.
You gonna whine about that again?
OK, let's swap.
What's up? This is a first!
Come on, let's go.
I'll show you.
Hit restart.
And we're off!
- Seven, six, five, four...
- Keep it down.
Three, two...
It didn't make any difference.
In the wake of this clear victory,
this utter bloodbath...
I'm going to bed.
Good night.
- Already dressed?
- I'm going out for a bit.
Hold on, don't tell me.
You're going...
This is a tough one.
The suspense is killing me.
You're going to see Rebecca!
Of course I'll drop in
and say a quick hello.
And of course you'll get up at 7.. OO
and put on a nice shirt
and head over there
first thing.
It's none of your business.
Germain, I wrote up
a to-do list for you!
Vacuum the floors
tidy up your crap...
You're about a year behind
on the wood for the stove, right?
Find a job, other than driving
a truck, naturally.
Close up the cottage.
I'm sure that's not done.
Get a haircut.
Oh, and find yourself a lady friend,
but that can wait.
If you don't want to go hunting,
let's at least
go see your salt licks.
I'm gonna go buy some groceries.
You're on unemployment, but your
fridge looks like you're on welfare.
Come in.
- Hello!
- Hi!
What are you doing home?
Nothing. Alain and I
are here to see Dad.
Right, how is he? Any better?
Yeah. Well...
as long as we're around anyway.
This isn't a good time.
Etienne will be back any minute.
I don't think that...
No problem.
We can get together after lunch.
Are you free?
Not really. Mom's watching the kids
so I can get groceries.
And I have class tonight.
I don't know what to tell you.
Call me when you go
grocery shopping. I'll tag along.
I'll even push your cart
if you want.
I don't know if that's
such a good idea.
We can talk, can't we?
I'd like to catch up.
It's been a long time.
Don't leave me hanging.
Holy shit, Al!
Back from the fucking dead!
Jesus Christ, Big Marc!
They told me you died.
Nobody told me you got skinny.
Thin as a pancake, man!
A pancake!
You're not dead, you bastard!
So it would seem.
- But you banged yourself up.
- I'll tell you about it.
Staying at your dad's?
Yeah, me and Sam
came to take care of him.
It's pretty depressing over there.
Yeah. I haven't seen him
since the accident.
I used to run into him around town
at church...
You go to church?
Every Sunday.
I gave you that shot.
I know!
You're not drinking enough.
The more you drink,
the better you play.
Up yours!
Do you enjoy taking advantage
of a cripple, fat so?
I take whatever comes my way.
It's just too bad
more women don't come my way.
That and a job
would be a winning combo.
- How much did you lose again?
- 80 pounds.
It's a low ball.
You poor man!
I'd like to see the woman who died.
I won't be long. I'll be gone
before her family gets here.
Take your time, Mr. Racine.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Your little guy
sure has a big appetite!
You have no idea!
So you don't have any kids?
Or a girlfriend at least?
No, and no. Neither.
I don't know. It's like...
Come on, Sam.
Why don't you have a girlfriend?
Do you have...
Do you still
get nosebleeds a lot?
You used to get them
all the time when we were kids.
No, I haven't had one since...
Since then.
Well, I guess I'll head home.
No, sit down.
Let's wait for it to stop at least.
Are we having fun yet?
You want me to push your cart?
There's this...
God dammit, I love
being with you, Becca.
I think you're getting
a little lightheaded.
You looked so beautiful
there with your kids.
They're sweet, aren't they?
I'll never find anyone
as beautiful as you.
When you broke up with me, you said
we'd get back together one day.
That was a long time ago.
I was 18.
It was 18 years ago.
You went on with your life.
I went on with mine.
But I didn't go on with my life.
You're not being fair.
I was born to be with you.
You said exactly the same thing
18 years ago.
I still believe it.
Go get some help, Sam.
You need to let go.
It's not fair.
It's not supposed to be this way.
There's not even
a good reason for it.
Time would've...
It's not fair!
I don't understand any of this.
Samuel Racine?
I'm going home now, Sam.
Bye, Sam.
You see that?
That should be here.
- Yeah?
- That's busted.
I'll have a look up top.
Where do you wanna start?
The body or the engine?
What's going on, Alain?
Your truck.
We're gonna fix it up for you.
No way. I killed a woman
with that truck.
It belongs at the dump.
You've been a truck driver
for 45 years.
You know that's part of the job.
Come on, Alain...
Get-this through your head.
I never want to see
that truck ever again.
What's wrong with you?
I got a nosebleed last night.
You still get those?
I went to the hospital.
The hospital?
For a runny nose?
Come on, Sam!
You're still doing it all wrong!
This is way too high!
A cord has to be 4 feet high.
Germain, come on.
If you'd helped out
when you were kids,
you'd know how to do this.
Jesus, we spent every fall
chopping wood!
Are we wasting our time here?
God dammit! We're busting
our asses, but nothing...
Sam found you three jobs yesterday.
One as a substitute,e
milk-truck driver
one to haul loads to the States
and one to La Romaine.
I already did my stint
in James Bay.
What's all this?
You went to the job centre?
No, I just asked around.
Bruno's looking for someone
to plow snow this winter,
clear some roads and driveways.
Stop moping around and use
your unemployment to your advantage.
Clear snow in the winter
and do odd jobs in the summer.
You'll be retiring soon enough.
It's not like you need a new career.
- You guys think it's so simple.
- It's not simple. It's logical.
You're not in my shoes.
No wonder we're a couple
of lazy bastards.
So did you get lucky with Rebecca?
No, don't be stupid!
I just wanted to see her again.
I'm messing with you.
Check this out.
Remember that time we went,o visit
Uncle Jack in Lawrence
and that guy on the bike got hit
by a truck on the bridge?
We'll never know if he died.
If he isn't dead
he's gotta be close.
It slammed right into him, remember?
I replay it in my mind
sometimes... Wham!
His helmet flew into the air.
What? You didn't see any of it.
You were asleep.
- Oh, I saw it all right!
- No!
- Fuck, I saw it!
- I'm telling you, you were asleep!
But you heard the story
over and over.
- No.
- Yes!
I was sitting up front with Dad.
You and Mom were asleep in the back.
Remember, Mom got upset because
you said you wished you'd seen it?
Fuck! You're absolutely right!
She chewed me out.
That's crazy!
I've been telling that story for
20 years and I believed every word!
I'm sure it's not
the only story of yours like that.
Industrial funnel for sale
Wood exterior
sheet-metal lining.
Can hold up to 15 kg
of dry materials.
Asking $100.
For sale.. four winter,r tires
P225/75 R15
with Winter-brand wheels.
$350, phone 736-6826.
For sale.. shotgun,
two barrels, practically new.
Valued at $400.
Call 992-0997.
You're nuts!
Thanks a lot!
Help me with this, would you?
To make it worth your while,
you usually
have to start out earlier
and stay at the cabin
for a couple of days.
We got nothing else to do.
That's why we came.
We can spend the whole week here
if you'd like.
If we're gonna do it,
might as well do it right.
I can fire a gun pretty good
with my left hand.
You know... a gun.
- How do you know?
- I go to a shooting range.
Like in the movies?
With those giant earmuffs?
When you're hunting,
keep your mouths shut!
And let's pick up
the pace a little.
Hunting sure is a shit load of fun.
Did you hit him?
Slowly! He's gotta be close by.
Don't scare him.
Come on, Dad!
Yeah, JC, go get the truck.
I'll gut him while I'm waiting.
You'll see. I'm about 500 feet
north of the shelter.
What are you doing?
He... He just popped out
right in front of me.
We've been tracking him
for a half-hour. I hit him good.
We were tracking him
to see where he would die.
And I should take your word for it?
Just look at the trail of blood!
It's not my problem
you only nicked him!
I'm the one who killed him.
God dammit!
The bullet's near his heart.
Wanna call the game warden?
Be my guest!
Get out of his face, man.
Back off, you son of a bitch!
Back off or I'll shoot!
Nobody move!
Guns on the ground, assholes!
Let's talk about this calmly.
We're not animals.
Put your gun down!
Now you listen to me!
We don't need this, all right?
This is our buck!
The law is very clear on that.
You know what the law is?
You can't claim a deer that's
being hunted by someone else!
Especially if it's already hit.
Secondly, you have no business
pointing a rifle at my son!
If I were you, I'd get out of here
pretty goddamn fast.
And never let me catch you pointing
a gun at my father again. Fuck off!
Get going! You can pick up
your rifle at-the gate tomorrow.
Feels strange having a gun
pointed at your face.
There's a lot more going on here
than in the city.
I wouldn't go that-far.
You're shaking.
That's it, Dad.
- It's gonna take a while, huh?
- Yeah.
We should sell it and use the money
to open our own garage.
You're a riot.
Laurel and Hardy.
Laurel and Hardy Auto Repair!
I'd have to put
a few pounds back on!
I'll help you.
And here I thought you were dead.
Holy cow, he's so long!
- That's one hell of a moose!
- He's fucking huge!
He's licking the floor!
Let's turn him around
to the other side.
His tongue is sticking out.
What are you watching?
The time Dad shot the moose
back behind the house.
I didn't know we had this.
I don't remember
having a video camera.
It was Joe's.
Wow. There's Mom!
Hey, this is a library book.
"March 25, 1990, Samuel Racine. "
At 5 cents a day...
Twenty years...
That's about 8,OOO days.
How much does that come to?
8,OOO times 5 is $400.
That's expensive.
I don't think I even read it.
I gotta work Monday.
I don't want to.
You're going back?
I thought you would quit.
Nope. I have to get
on the road tomorrow.
I'm staying.
Are you serious?
I'm gonna move into the cottage
and start an auto-repair shop
with Big Marc.
You'll go crazy.
Think about it for a second.
You think I'm better off
in my motel room?
No, but you and Dad
living in the same town...
Dad's all right.
Well, I think I've got everything.
If you need anything,
let me know.
Depends on what.
- I made you some CDs for the road.
- Will they last the whole trip?
If you drive like you usually do,
it'll be just right.
Have a good trip back.
Drive careful.
There's no snow to worry about.
Odd for this time of the year.
Quit that crappy job, would you?
Well, it's been fun.
Thank you.
- Hi!
- Heard you bagged a deer, Germain.
Yeah, me and the boys
brought home a buck.
On our first day. Pretty lucky.
I ran into your youngest
the other day.
We're getting up there, huh?
It's like they grew up overnight.
Seems like just yesterday
they were babies. It goes so fast.
They're really great kids.
No question.
Cecile raised them all by herself.
But they still turned out
exactly like me.
That's what I told Alain.
Just like his old man!
So are you retiring?
I really should work
until my pension kicks in.
I don't think I want to go back
to working in the woods though.
That's what Alain said.
If you want, I'll put you second
or third on my snowplow list.
From the first snowfall
until April.
You'd have plenty of work.
No trucking roads
or trips to the States to deal with.
A driver with your experience
doesn't grow on trees.
I could even find you some work
here and there in the spring.
They're rebuilding that road.
It's your call.
That'll take
a couple of years for sure.
It's incredible. He melted away!
He's this skinny now!
I didn't even recognize him.
It took me a few minutes.
But I gotta say,
Big Marc may be a good mechanic,
but he's not the hardest worker.
True enough. I know him.
We're not starting up anything big.
A few days a week...
Here's our card.
Not the most
original name, is it?
Hey! I came up with it!
Well, nothing to pat you
on the back for there.
Good then.
Hold on, I've got more.
Pass them around.
- Will do.
- See you soon.
- Bye for now.
- Bye!
2.. 15.
I need an inventory of
the toilet paper and paper towels.
Please leave it on my desk.
There seems to be a leak
only I don't know on which floor.
On Tuesday, temperatures across
Quebec will reach 5 ^C to 10 ^C...
...more of the same
with winds from the southwest.
What's going on, Dad?
It's 2.. OO in the afternoon!
I got nothing else to do.
I'll make you another list
if you don't get cracking.
Turn that off.
TV's a waste of time.
It must be cold at the cottage.
It's not so bad.
I keep the fire going all the time.
Are you gonna run out of wood?
Not if we skip winter this year.
- You wanna come over for supper?
- No.
Then come help me bring the dock in.
I need a hand.
Once the snowfalls
it'll be too late.
We can do that.
We can put the raft away too.
You want a beer?
No, but I'll have
a glass of cognac.
Come on, come on.
Keep going, keep going!
Those wheels are old.
They were Regis's grandfather's.
Were they?
- They're awfully sturdy.
- You said it.
Made to last.
The wood will rot
long before the wheels give out.
I'm putting the strap
back in your truck.
Wanna stay for a coffee?
- Why not?
- Come in for a few minutes.
- Shit!
- Jumpy!
This is Marion. She subbed
for you when you were off.
I'm replacing Jacob tonight.
- I'm Sam.
- Hi.
Sam's been here for 239 years.
I actually quit today.
No way! Shit!
Works for me.
I'll get more hours.
I'm petrified...
You rock, dude!
Why are you scared?
I might finish my bachelor's
or find a new job.
University's a good idea.
I don't know.
I haven't really thought it through.
How's everybody doing?
Don't forget about the big draw
for the magnum!
Still lots of tickets left.
See Julie at-the bar for yours.
There's not enough guys
on the dance floor!
Let's go, fellas!
Come dance! Come on!
We had a routine
going with Jacob.
Usually, after the break,
I'd go help Sam on the 30th floor,
lend him a hand.
Now maybe you can do that.
Sure thing.
Lend me a hand with what?
Just a hand. In the big office.
No problem, I'll come help you out.
I'm going for a smoke outside.
And we have to throw you
a farewell party!
I've never had sushi, I swear.
Why not?
I've never eaten seafood either.
But you're from
the Gaspe Peninsula.
No, we're upriver from there.
It's not the same.
Tomorrow, before our shift
I'm taking you out-for sushi!.
Go ahead.
Yeah, here too.
Just light flurries.
How about you?
Yeah, I know.
Translation by Shonda Secord
DVD by Global Magnetique