Camp Courage (2023) Movie Script

A house of my dreams...
I understand your sorrow
and how you bear it
because I lost a brother myself.
I'm sorry. Accept my condolences.
What a pretty horse. Beautiful flowers.
Peaceful sky,
you could write "peace" and draw a dove.
Grandma, it's my drawing.
Yes, of course. Sorry.
What are you expecting from the camp?
You want adventures?
What kind of adventure?
Will we go to the mountains?
Well, of course.
- Need a hand?
- No.
We're leaving tomorrow. Really early.
I hope I packed all the right things.
- For how long are we going?
- For a week.
We can put the big towel here.
I don't know
what to expect in the mountains.
Nobody knew anything,
it was all so unexpected.
And Milana woke up and asked,
"Is it war, Grandma?"
I told her, "No, Milana."
Our building had a basement.
I would bring her food down there,
dress her in warm clothes.
And where could we run then?
She went through a lot.
So much suffering and pain.
But thank God we were together.
She is my sunshine.
She lights me up
and keeps me from falling into darkness.
Keeps my soul young.
Milana, is this our bus?
Maybe we will meet someone we know.
Hello. You're Olga, yes?
- My name is Yana.
- I'm Milana.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Anya.
Really nice to meet you.
- Let's go?
- Get your seat.
Everyone! Please say "cheese" and wave.
I'll take a group photo.
- You managed to leave through Ukraine?
- Yes.
- Are you from Mariupol as well?
- No, I'm from Kyiv.
We used to live in Crimea
but left before the Russian occupation.
Look at those mountains.
I want to climb them!
So beautiful.
Do you think you'll be able
to handle this week with your leg?
I can handle it!
Wow, it's just going to be two of us here?
A new day in a new camp.
Milana, meet my daughter Viktoria.
Over there you can practice your balance
by walking the line.
Because you are the smallest one,
you go first.
I'll go second.
I'm feeling kind of scared.
Don't be scared,
there is a climbing harness. It's safe.
Oh yeah, sure it's safe!
I've seen lots of movies
about this scary stuff.
- I am afraid.
- Those movies are fake.
You don't have to climb the whole thing.
You can just climb a little bit.
I'm not going to climb.
I'm afraid to fall down.
I don't want to do this.
I'm scared. I want to go home.
I want to go home.
Let's take a walk.
No. Leave me alone.
I want to go back home.
I want to go back home.
Do you see the kids climbing up?
Milanochka, enough.
No one is forcing anyone.
I wish I had stayed home.
It's ok, sweetheart.
Let's sit down. All right.
Everything is all right.
I don't want people to see me like this.
When she started crying,
you first need to make her feel that
someone is there but then leave her alone.
She has closed herself off
and is becoming more shy.
She's ten years old now,
she's brave,
but this age is very difficult.
Developing self-confidence
is so important during adolescence.
I understand. Kids learn only from us.
God, save me.
I should jump there somehow.
My grandma
would never in her life try this.
Thank God!
I am putting you under house arrest.
Six years. Period!
My hands are shaking.
My heart is pounding.
Better help me take it off.
Don't rush.
Be careful, don't twist. It hurts again.
It hurts here again.
It's either cramps,
or something is wrong with the leg.
No, Milana, there might be something wrong
with the prosthetic that needs fixing.
I'm going to bed.
"Black Saturday" is what Mariupol
residents call January 24th, 2015.
In this hell,
Olga Ivanovna lost her daughter.
That day, the young woman
brought her daughter Milana to work.
She died in front of her daughter.
Milana was found in the rubble.
Her leg was crushed by debris.
Milana, wake up!
When are we going for a walk?
Good morning, Sunshine!
It's a bad day.
It's a good day.
It's bad.
We make our own moods, my little bunny.
Grandma, mind your own business.
I know about my business.
Let's not make everyone wait for you.
You are already awake.
Is it bad
that I just want to brush my hair?
You know,
we shouldn't have come here then.
You don't need to be rude to me.
All right?
In that case,
put your prosthetic on yourself.
I am going downstairs
for my next activity.
I love you.
I'm probably too weak or sentimental.
But when the bandages came off
and I saw it with my own eyes...
I can't imagine the pain
and how a child endured it all.
At first, she kept asking for her mom.
I don't know.
Every second, you could say.
And after the surgery especially.
This suffering,
what's been happening to her,
it's hard to describe.
I would tell her, "Milana, when you're
allowed to go outside,
I will show you the brightest star.
Your mom lives there.
She's always watching you,
and she is happy to see you succeed."
I'm sorry.
- What do you think?
- It's a beautiful bouquet.
Let's keep going?
You're going to jump?
Great job.
And not scary at all.
After she recovered
from the third surgery in 2021,
we were in Mariupol.
The psychologist told me, you should take
her to see where her mom is buried.
And I was afraid of that to be honest.
You know, I expected something different.
I thought she would be hysterical
or overwhelmed, but no.
She said, "Hello."
Calmly took everything in.
I am very happy
that at least Milana survived.
She's a continuation of my daughter.
Milana is ten years old now,
she's in a transition period.
I've been with her for 8 years now,
since the tragedy.
All the hospitals.
Everything that she went through.
I was there and saw it all.
We were very close.
But now that she's entering adolescence,
I'm afraid of making mistakes.
I'm her grandma, not her mother.
So I'm asking for advice with this.
Thank you so much!
Grandma says, "Don't run, Milana!"
and that gets on my nerves.
There are problems with this prosthesis.
It pinches sometimes.
I'm always trying to get used to it.
It's so funny
when Grandma tries to put cream on my leg
because it tickles.
When it tickles,
I forget about everything that's happened.
Grandma always protects me, though.
She's like my second mom,
a best and most loyal mom.
I'll give this little bouquet to Grandma.
Maybe she will forgive me.
Her leg hurts.
So, Milana,
are you coming with us to the forest?
No, I want to go back home.
I don't want to. My leg hurts.
I want to go home.
I want to go home.
Why is no one helping me get down?
Tomorrow, will you at least take
the funicular up to the mountain with us?
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm going to stay home for the whole day.
That's fine.
Can I hug you?
Nod if it's okay.
- Look, don't lie to me again.
- The water is fine. Come on in.
- Can I help you?
- No. Oh, it's like ice!
Do you need help?
Do you want to sit up here?
No, I'm ok here.
You guys will just push me off.
- Guys! Don't push her off.
- Help her up.
Milana, climb on with us.
Hi, cows! My cute ones!
Are you going to chase me?
I'm not scared of you.
I love you, God.
I am grateful for everything.
That Milana and I are here now
and our friends are here now as well.
God, give us happiness! Amen.
What a height! Look!
It's going to shake again. Are you ready?
Are you stressed? Your hands are shaking.
Just relax and imagine
that you are underwater in this cabin.
It's not scary underwater.
It's just a walk.
If you'll go, I'll come too.
Okay? So we need to put on a harness.
I won't go!
What's wrong with Milana?
She's scared. What can I do?
- Where is she going without a harness?
- Andy, the guide, is with her.
How the hell are we going to get down?
On the carabiners.
I don't have a carabiner.
This guy is my carabiner.
I wonder where my grandma is.
She didn't come?
Oh my God. What are you doing here?
I'm so proud of you. You are brave.
Let's live here.
I don't want to go down at all.
I hope for peace.
I want peace so very much.
Everywhere in the world.
And in Ukraine.
We will always remember
those we have lost...
The old and the young,
all the innocent people killed.
We honor and remember them forever.
We're going to live on...
enjoying the sun and the sky.
It's so beautiful here.
There are many beautiful places
in Ukraine also.
Let's go, kitten.
Hold on and I'll steer.
Good luck!
She will go on with her life.
She'll face the good and the bad.
And I am happy for her,
may she live to be happy.
And may all the children be happy.
And that the rumble of war will end.
So that they can be free.